Financial Analyst Warns of Next Crisis: “Literally, Your ATM Won’t Work”

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    This article was originally published by Bill Bonner at Bonner and Partners. It has been sourced via Zero Hedge.

    Today, we’re running an urgent warning from Bill. It’s about the violent monetary shock he sees coming. This may sound strange… But the catastrophic scenario Bill outlines below is potentially a much bigger threat than even the out-of-control national debt. Please remember this warning when you go to the ATM to get cash… and there is none.


    While we were thinking about what was really going on with today’s strange new money system, a startling thought occurred to us.

    Our financial system could take a surprising and catastrophic twist that almost nobody imagines, let alone anticipates.

    Do you remember when a lethal tsunami hit the beaches of Southeast Asia, killing thousands of people and causing billions of dollars of damage?

    Well, just before the 80-foot wall of water slammed into the coast an odd thing happened: The water disappeared.

    The tide went out farther than anyone had ever seen before. Local fishermen headed for high ground immediately. They knew what it meant. But the tourists went out onto the beach looking for shells!

    The same thing could happen to the money supply…

    There’s Not Enough Physical Money

    Here’s how… and why:

    It’s almost seems impossible. Hard to imagine. Difficult to understand. But if you look at M2 money supply – which measures coins and notes in circulation as well as bank deposits and money market accounts – America’s money stock amounted to $11.7 trillion as of last month.

    But there was just $1.3 trillion of physical currency in circulation – about only half of which is in the US. (Nobody knows for sure.)

    What we use as money today is mostly credit. It exists as zeros and ones in electronic bank accounts. We never see it. Touch it. Feel it. Count it out. Or lose it behind seat cushions.

    Banks profit – handsomely – by creating this credit. And as long as banks have sufficient capital, they are happy to create as much credit as we are willing to pay for.

    After all, it costs the banks almost nothing to create new credit. That’s why we have so much of it.

    A monetary system like this has never before existed. And this one has existed only during a time when credit was undergoing an epic expansion.

    So our monetary system has never been thoroughly tested. How will it hold up in a deep or prolonged credit contraction? Can it survive an extended bear market in bonds or stocks? What would happen if consumer prices were out of control?

    Less Than Zero

    Our current money system began in 1971.

    It survived consumer price inflation of almost 14% a year in 1980. But Paul Volcker was already on the job, raising interest rates to bring inflation under control.

    And it survived the “credit crunch” of 2008-09. Ben Bernanke dropped the price of credit to almost zero, by slashing short-term interest rates and buying trillions of dollars of government bonds.

    But the next crisis could be very different…

    Short-term interest rates are already close to zero in the U.S. (and less than zero in Switzerland, Denmark, and Sweden). And according to a recent study by McKinsey, the world’s total debt (at least as officially recorded) now stands at $200 trillion – up $57 trillion since 2007. That’s 286% of global GDP… and far in excess of what the real economy can support.

    At some point, a debt correction is inevitable. Debt expansions are always – always – followed by debt contractions. There is no other way. Debt cannot increase forever.

    And when it happens, ZIRP and QE will not be enough to reverse the process, because they are already running at open throttle.

    What then?

    The value of debt drops sharply and fast. Creditors look to their borrowers… traders look at their counterparties… bankers look at each other…

    …and suddenly, no one wants to part with a penny, for fear he may never see it again. Credit stops.

    It’s not just that no one wants to lend; no one wants to borrow either – except for desperate people with no choice, usually those who have no hope of paying their debts.

    Just as we saw after the 2008 crisis, we can expect a quick response from the feds.

    The Fed will announce unlimited new borrowing facilities. But it won’t matter….

    House prices will be crashing. (Who will lend against the value of a house?) Stock prices will be crashing. (Who will be able to borrow against his stocks?) Art, collectibles, and resources – all we be in free fall.

    The NEXT Crisis

    In the last crisis, every major bank and investment firm on Wall Street would have gone broke had the feds not intervened. Next time it may not be so easy to save them.

    The next crisis is likely to be across ALL asset classes. And with $57 trillion more in global debt than in 2007, it is likely to be much harder to stop.

    Are you with us so far?

    Because here is where it gets interesting…

    In a gold-backed monetary system prices fall. But the money is still there. Money becomes more valuable. It doesn’t disappear. It is more valuable because you can use it to buy more stuff.

    Naturally, people hold on to it. Of course, the velocity of money – the frequency at which each unit of currency is used to buy something – falls. And this makes it appear that the supply of money is falling too.

    But imagine what happens to credit money. The money doesn’t just stop circulating. It vanishes. As collateral goes bad, credit is destroyed.

    A bank that had an “asset” (in the form of a loan to a customer) of $100,000 in June may have zilch by July. A corporation that splurged on share buybacks one week could find those shares cut in half two weeks later. A person with a $100,000 stock market portfolio one day could find his portfolio has no value at all a few days later.

    All of this is standard fare for a credit crisis. The new wrinkle – a devastating one – is that people now do what they always do, but they are forced to do it in a radically different way.

    They stop spending. They hoard cash. But what cash do you hoard when most transactions are done on credit? Do you hoard a line of credit? Do you put your credit card in your vault?

    No. People will hoard the kind of cash they understand… something they can put their hands on… something that is gaining value – rapidly. They’ll want dollar bills.

    Also, following a well-known pattern, these paper dollars will quickly disappear. People drain cash machines. They drain credit facilities. They ask for “cash back” when they use their credit cards. They want real money – old-fashioned money that they can put in their pockets and their home safes…

    Dollar Panic

    Let us stop here and remind readers that we’re talking about a short time frame – days… maybe weeks… a couple of months at most. That’s all. It’s the period after the credit crisis has sucked the cash out of the system… and before the government’s inflation tsunami has hit.

    As Ben Bernanke put it, “a determined central bank can always create positive consumer price inflation.” But it takes time!

    And during that interval, panic will set in. A dollar panic – with people desperate to put their hands on dollars… to pay for food… for fuel…and for everything else they need.

    Credit may still be available. But it will be useless. No one will want it. ATMs and banks will run out of cash. Credit facilities will be drained of real cash. Banks will put up signs, first: “Cash withdrawals limited to $500.” And then: “No Cash Withdrawals.”

    You will have a credit card with a $10,000 line of credit. You have $5,000 in your debit account. But all financial institutions are staggering. And in the news you will read that your bank has defaulted and been placed in receivership. What would you rather have? Your $10,000 line of credit or a stack of $50 bills?

    You will go to buy gasoline. You will take out your credit card to pay.

    “Cash Only,” the sign will say. Because the machinery of the credit economy will be breaking down. The gas station… its suppliers… and its financiers do not want to get stuck with a “credit” from your bankrupt lender!

    Whose credit cards are still good? Whose lines of credit are still valuable? Whose bank is ready to fail? Who can pay his mortgage? Who will honor his credit card debt? In a crisis, those questions will be as common as “Who will win an Oscar?” today.

    But no one will know the answers. Quickly, they will stop guessing… and turn to cash.

    Our advice: Keep some on hand. You may need it.


    Bill Bonner

    Further Reading: Unfortunately, many Americans suffer from what psychologists call “willful blindness.” That’s why Bill has taken the extraordinary step of assembling the full, shocking details in a special report. To get full details on what Bill calls the Great American Credit Collapse, read on here.


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      1. I don’t need no stinkin ATM! I have my EBT card and i’ll be laughing all the way to the walmart while the rest of you suckers are waiting in lines at the bank!

        • Anon, I won’t have enough in the bank to worry about when TSHTF plus I’m debt-free.

          • right on

          • Here is a good chunk of why our country is bankrupt. Since 1996 the DoD Pentagon has lost, squandered, misplaced, stole, and can’t account for $8.5 TRILLION DOLLARS (with a T) that Congress appropriated in annual DoD budgets. Like I keep saying these F-N Psycho Military Genocidal Goons in charge of the money flow, needs to be hung then shot. Their budgets cut in half, and half of all military bases wold wide shut down. Cut all VA Pensions in half until these thieves pay the money back. Time to rat on your

          • Take the Great Depression:

            The man who was in debt up to his eyebrows and the debt free man with no real assets ended up in the same position a few months later.

            The only protection is lots and lots of money in excess of any debts you may owe, and money in a form that will remain *your* money and not just be confiscated by those with more power (i.e. government) to use for their own purposes.

          • So you used the funds that you could have bought precious metals with, to improve the balance sheet of a bankster? FYI, Warren Buffet, George Soros & Co., are all screaming in the OTHER direction, maxing out their debt to acquire real assets, and the creditors be damned! They know that, when the inevitable HYPERinflation hits, they will easily be able to pay off the FIXED $$$ AMOUNT of the debt instrument with hyperinflated $$$, and THEN be “debt free”! JPMorgan-Chase is buying every Silver Eagle it can get its hands on (because there are as yet still no reporting requirements on their purchase or sale!), the Chinese, Indians, Russians, etc., are ALL raking in whatever gold and silver they can, right NOW, and you are “debt free”? Good luck with that.

        • Anon: EBT cards are administered by banks and credit agencies not the government. When the banks start shutting down or limiting edebt that will include all types, Those cards will all stop working. And panic and anger will follow.

          • I’m thinking Anon was being sarcastic. nobody is that dumb

              • “Ten dollar bills in number ten cans” is as good advice today than it was when mushroom first offered it.

                Drain your accounts to the extent that you CAN. Pun intended. 🙂

                • The wife and I only keep enough in the bank to pay the bills, the rest is all taken out in cash. We’ve also found that this leads to saving more – a cash payment requires cash in your pocket (not in the safe). A trip to the safe requires a second trip to the store to purchase, to go back home and pull out cash gives a person time to think and question if the purchase is something really required.

                  My worry is that w will get stuck with this cash if there is a collapse, and it will end up as toilet paper. Not sure how much is good to keep in cSh compared to physical metals (which we keep also)

                  Time will tell, but at this point bad planning is better than no planning.

                  • Not as drastic but follows your logic and works extremely well. Leave your credit cards at home. If you want something bad enough to go home to get your credit card and return then you really want it and are ready to accept paying for it.

                    I used this many years ago when money was tight. Rarely did I ever get back to a store to buy something that caught my eye.

        • People are starting to lose their sanity already.

          Earlier this evening I witnessed a woman completely lose her mind because the gas station ran out of sprite. The cashier told her that there was 7up in the cooler, and I swear to the Lord, this lady acted like a toddler, freaking out and said “I don’t want 7up”, grabbed a hat tree, selling hats and pushed it over, grabbed a stack of magazines and threw them all over the floor and stormed out.

          It’s getting worse out there, from what I see in my area.

          • Lowes in my area is always out of product. I used to get upset, now just accept and justifies why I prep. Stock up on everything and materials you will need in the next to 5 to 10 yrs out. And trade that soon to be worthless paper fiat money in exchange.

          • Mountain.

            People are getting crazy. Watched a car drive up on the side walk to get into a parking lot because the traffic was too slow.

            There will be people who are very vocal and act out their frustration. It is the quiet ones you must be very careful of because they give no warning.

            If we have WROL, I will not tolerate those who yell and scream and act stupid. I can assure you my reaction to them that do, will be most unpleasant.

            • These examples of impulsive, undisciplined behavior are due to what is now years and years of watching, and being indoctrinated by, certain TV shows which portray characters who engage in similar behavior for effect, for comedic purposes, for societal influence purposes, for propaganda purposes to break down American society’s standards of behavior, and to encourage the “monkey see monkey do” crowd to emulate what is essentially anarchist behavior.

              It’s all Communist influence attempting to bring us down from the inside. Period.

              Don’t watch the TV shows you know I’m referring to, and certainly don’t let your minor children, especially teenagers, watch them.

              • Its also all the other frequencies – wifi, cell phone, smart meters, etc. Messing with our brains.


            • well did they come close to hurting anyone if not who cares they just helped traffic a little

          • Same here Mountain. What once was rare to see a 5 year old tantrum in a 40 year old body. Now its everyday that I see multiple displays of wacky, off meds, unexplained behavior.

            “Civil Insanity” is increasing. Most of these freakos drive vehicles. That IS SCARY !

        • You are probably right: anything paid to black people will be the last to be shut down. Gotta keep those trips to Walmart happening and those family-sized buckets of KFC chicken flowing.

          They will clean out all the white people and the middle classes first because, as they say, “you can’t get blood from a stone” and most blacks have zero assets and zero cash.

          • plenty of “white people” on welfare, zero assets, and a high exposure to debt. Sadly, I’d even argue a bigger issue is the so-called “upper middle class” considering their huge debt exposure as they try to keep up with the jonses, so to speak.

            Continuing to play into the elites divide-and-conquer tactics only furthers their ends, not ours. Focus on the issue.

          • FT, NOBODY will be cleaning me out as long as I have the means to protect my preps.

        • Read the article dumb shit not just the headline.

        • The damn money is stored in the atm somewhere. Hook up a chain and pull the fucking thing down the road or blow it open. If the bank guard wants to die over it, so be it.

          • We put money in to pay bills. If they try to keep any, God help them. It is mine.

            • zero,

              I think you are missing the points. If there is a run, the point is eventually the money will run out, so hook a chain to the atm, drag it home, blow it open, and there won’t be a dollar in it. Point two, if you put your money in a bank….it is no longer yours, Point 3, they don’t give a sh*t what you think or do, they will have done locked the doors and went home.

              • I haven’t missed any point. Only venting frustration. It’s better to vent than to blow up and waste someone before it’s time.

                • so when is it “time”..?

                  • I guess as soon as a man snaps. I’m sure I will at some point. I do want my violence focused on the right, deserving people though.

          • People do that occasionally, they usually find out those things are much tougher to open than they think. Sometimes someone succeeds, most of the time they end up leaving it seriously damaged but unopened.

        • If I were you, I would not be bragging about having an EBT card.
          You are part of the problem.

        • You can count on EBT cards ending before long.Time for bums to earn A living.When the stock market crashes so will the EBT cards.

        • cash..? for how long..? until its completely devalued and replaced in a pennies-on-the-dollar buyback/reissue (see Venezuela). Trade will always be >cash, and for long term savings (as long as you already have liquid trade assets…) then metals. Don’t get me wrong, for short term crises, cash is a good thing. But that’s VERY short term

          Paper dollars will buy less and less until a mountain wont buy a single hard good like wheat or TP, then you’re eating or wiping your ass with them.

        • “I gots my EBT card and I be laughing all the way to the walmart while the rest of you be waiting in lines at the bank, yo!

          • DO NOT COUNT ON THAT! What makes you think an EBT card will hold up when everything else is falling down down down?????
            What’s going to happen when those EBT cards don’t work anymore? OUCH, all the poop will then hit the fan…

          • you could be the second one shot I volunteer.

      2. Unfortunately like my grandfather before me,
        all the cash I have in the world is carried
        in my wallet.

        • The wallet is a good accounting system. Many years ago, when I was single, I would cash my paycheck and put it all in my wallet. I would pay bills. When my wallet was empty, I was done spending until next payday. There was zero credit.

          I think that was a good system.

          • Archivist, that was a damn good system. I’ve never had any kind of credit card or loan don’t need them. Most of my cash is in a safe with the old combination dial lock. i keep my copy of the combination well-hidden and I’m the only person who knows it. I use cash only for all my preps. Since I’m debt-free I can buy more supplies at one time than I could have otherwise. In this economy I would be the biggest damned fool to out and get a loan or credit card. If you’re in debt now, work on becoming debt-free before the house of cards come crashing down. There is a real advantage and an awesome feeling to being debt-free.

          • Hey all,

            What’s the concern so many have regarding credit. It’s all a game and when the music stops, it’s not like they’re going to lock you up in a FEMA camp because you can’t pay your credit card bills. Even a mortgage is going to be of little concern. IF it all goes down at a reasonable speed the banks won’t have time (or employees) to foreclose so we’ll all just keep living in our houses. Whoever is in charge of cleaning up the mess is certainly not going to allow 95% of America to be evicted from their homes. I don’t fear my credit… considering getting more. Why not?

            • America could become a very large debtor prison.

          • “I think that was a good system.” Yeah, unless you lose your wallet. 🙁

            I have two wallets. The one I put in my pocket in the morning has my debit card and whatever cash I expect to use that day. I only take a credit card if I expect to make a major purchase and want the protections that using it affords.

            If I lose my wallet, and I have, I visit my banker and he issues a new debit card while closing the old debit card out.

            I also have the debit card overrun allocated to my credit card rather than to savings; which limits my liability if I lose it, or if its stolen, and keep what cash I have in the bank in a savings account which cannot be accessed directly; but requires my debit card and password to access.

            ID theft is a growing phenomena. Protect yourself. 🙁

            • I keep my wallet in my pocket with the button fastened. In over 50 years of carrying a wallet, I’ve never lost one.

      3. Same here. Is this when a “barter system” will take over?

        • Pretty much …

        • It’s very good to learn a trade: agriculture, husbandry (including how to slaughter and prepare animals for meat), electrical, mechanics, carpentry, plumbing, welding, etc. It’s very sad, but the under thirty crowd will miss out because most are into computers and technology.

      4. This is why I stash some gas in cans and keep my truck no less than half full. I use a bank that is federally insured FDIC so I’m not worried if I don’t get my $ I will take it back out in owed tax payments. When we go to court I will tell the judge that my federally insured bank went bankrupt and I could no longer withdraw my$ so the $ I’m owed by the FDIC will go toward the taxes I owe on my property and I will keep track myself I will let my accountant handle the rest don’t worry Uncle Sam. I don’t borrow $ ever I don’t have any loans to pay for the simple reason I don’t want to pay interest. I go without and save when I get the funds I do what I gotta do. Like for instance I’m having a new driveway sidewalk and front steps and fence on 2 sides of my property gonna pay cash for it all. I needed this work done for over 5 years now I got the cake to do it. I said to my wife hunny I can get a loan through the credit union and just pay it. She said why do you want the bank to make $ I said your right I’ll just pay whatever. Now this will be paid for and I can focus on saving to buy a new f150 in 5 years I know my truck will make it with minimum repairs to pass inspection. Yep gonna pay cash for it too. This is how I do without being a slave to the banks. The banks are predators and will loan people $ without sufficient means to pay it back. A$20,000 loan to pay back working at Wally’s is gonna take the rest of your life and will be $35,000 in the end with interest.

        • When they were setting up Bank Bail-in laws around the world a couple years ago and here in the US, they took that into account and FDIC will “not apply” to this situation due to some loophole they wrote in.

          You might want to check that out. But think about it. The fund is not big enough to cover the failure of a large nation bank let alone many banks. They only have so much funding and when the banks gobbled up the small and medium sized banks after 2008 they all became mega banks. They know the FDIC can’t handle it so that is why they wrote the loophole.

          • Took about all my cash out of the Credit Union chunks at a time. The CU emoloyees made me feel like I was robbing their bank. They just didn’t want to let go, of all those brand newest Hundred dollar bills. Drooling $5 hr. Peons.. what’s ledt I’m the bank is to be used for buying Silver via bank wire. Watch Silver below $16 today. Pay attention pays off bigtime.

      5. This is something I think is very real, sure doom and gloom of bombs, terror attacks and EMP’s could happen too, but after 2008, this seems a lot more probable than just conspiracy theory.

        So my question is, for those of us suckers that manage credit wisely, have debt but manage it. What happens when it all comes to a screeching hault? I don’t think there’s enough repo-men in the world to handle all the defaults headed our way.

        • They did during the Great Depression. Banks in the Dust Bowl area ended up owning most of the farms and foreclosure and bankruptcy auctions were a constant thing.

          It won’t be any different this time, maybe you will end up a renter in the property you used to own if the new owners don’t evict you in favor of someone else who can pay more.

      6. Yup, you gotta have a stash of cash. The only thing I find wrong in the article is the assumption that you ‘have’ to have cash for everything. I do not dispute a credit crisis is possible, but a person with a Debit card and $1000 in a checking account does not need cash because this is NOT a credit situation. The retailers gets paid right away. There is an exception, of course, if the banks are failing – but if that is happening on a large scale then you won’t need cash – you will need beans and bullets. Without functioning banks your employer won’t have a business payroll account to pay you out of, and you won’t have an account for the electronic deposits to go to. Now multiply that times all the government electronic payments – then add in the fact that retailers, distributors, trucking companies, gas stations, etc won’t be able to pay their employees either. So the author thinks you will need cash? But where would you spend it?

        • We have my husbands check electronically deposited and use it for everything that needs paid (rent, groceries, car insurance, utilities). We don’t have any debt. It took a looooooong time to pay off $90,000 in student loans, but we did it. He has a couple business credit cards, one he uses for gas, the other hotel and overhead. We pay them off in full every month. But we use our personal account to do so.

          This is a good system for us. It works as long as you don’t go off and start opening credit cards like a nut. I live not owing anyone. If the system goes (rather, when it goes), we won’t be caught with huge debt and no way to pay.

          We are concerned about rent. We could bug out in the RV but no idea how we’d store all our preps. Houses here are not cheap, $500,00.00 gets you a three bedroom track home. No way!

          • $500,000? Your living in the wrong part of the country, or that’s a REALLY nice neighborhood. My 3 bdrm home cost less than 100,000 though it’s an older home, but even newer homes can be had for less than 150,000 in a nice neighborhood in my neck of the woods.

      7. If such event makes me closer to hang the banksters and to enjoy their rope dance I’ll be very happy. The international criminal financial enterprises must be cleansed using overwhelming violence.

      8. The ‘tribe’ of sociopaths have decided to end the white man and make everyone else slaves (and replace God with themselves); this is near its fruition and we will see in late 2015 after the Greek funding crisis, a rate hike in the US. In 2016 the economy will collapse and someone like Rand Paul will step in as President saying ‘oh i predicted this’ when he is a bankster shill like all politicians in the west. He will disband the FED (owned by bankers, but now it needs to be disbanded so the IMF global bank can take over). So all this ‘end the FED’ BS serves them too. The next President will be the one to withdraw America from the world as it becomes a third world country, and the BRICS nations will take over in the completed global order of Communism. This does not end the story for Americans, as they own the guns out of all nations, and so must be killed (through starvation, pandemics and war versus Russia. Not ISIS. They are run by western bankers after we refused war in Syria. Even Orwell warned us of perpetual wars designed to wear us down, so the rich could get richer).

        Jade helm and FEMA camps are a distraction- they can’t keep us all walled in; it’s just much easier to kill all of us. Actually, we will be killing each other for food etc… Whilst they look on as the evil puppet masters and laugh. Why do you think they let the ebola guys in? They’re not that stupid – it’s a test run to see how much we as the public will take and get the kill ratios sorted out. And boy, will the public take a lot of sh*t. In fact, there is no organised resistance, as most groups/all have been run by them or are infiltrated. The net is on lockdown after the FCC ruling this year, so the 1st amendment is down. Most of what Google gives you on the net is disinfo and lies peddled by merchants, as the Google engine blocks real info. The 2nd and 4th amendments have come under attack this year too. Not that it matters much any more that we have these amendments – we’re too late in the game for anything to change.

        Expect also to see in future, the antipope Francis end up dead in 2-3 years, the last pope so to speak. The mark of the beast already exists, they just don’t tell us about it – this one’s a tricky subject so I will just leave it at that. Plus whilst I could buy the browning out of formerly white nations, they just want to kill almost all Americans due to the gun issue. They are going to take no chances. And any ‘rebellion’ will actually be fronted by them and serving their purposes. God is the only way out of this one.

        • I don’t have a problem with there being fewer white people, it is the type of non-white people we tend to get that I don’t like: we end up with the fattest and stupidist ones on welfare. They are very hard on the eyes.

          I am happy if all the brown-outs look like the hotties of Brazil, or we get awash in Thai women or Vietnamese women – hell, who am I kidding, any women from Asia are cool with me.

          It seems even with the blacks the hottest and prettiest ones inevitably come from the French speaking countries, and the bull dyke ones and the heifers come from the English-speaking former slave states. What were the slave masters up to?

      9. The ‘tribe’ of sociopaths have decided to end the white man and make everyone else slaves (and replace God with themselves); this is near its fruition and we will see in late 2015 after the Greek funding crisis, a rate hike in the US. In 2016 the economy will collapse and someone like Rand Paul will step in as President saying ‘oh i predicted this’ when he is a bankster shill like all politicians in the west. He will disband the FED (owned by bankers, but now it needs to be disbanded so the IMF global bank can take over). So all this ‘end the FED’ BS serves them too. The next President will be the one to withdraw America from the world as it becomes a third world country, and the BRICS nations will take over in the completed global order of Communism. This does not end the story for Americans, as they own the guns out of all nations, and so must be killed (through starvation, pandemics and war versus Russia. Not ISIS. They are run by western bankers after we refused war in Syria. Even Orwell warned us of perpetual wars designed to wear us down, so the rich could get richer).

        Jade helm and FEMA camps are a distraction- they can’t keep us all walled in; it’s just much easier to kill all of us. Actually, we will be killing each other for food etc… Whilst they look on as the evil puppet masters and laugh. Why do you think they let the ebola guys in? They’re not that stupid – it’s a test run to see how much we as the public will take and get the kill ratios sorted out. And boy, will the public take a lot of sh*t. In fact, there is no organised resistance, as most groups/all have been run by them or are infiltrated. The net is on lockdown after the FCC ruling this year, so the 1st amendment is down. Most of what Google gives you on the net is disinfo and lies peddled by merchants, as the Google engine blocks real info. The 2nd and 4th amendments have come under attack this year too. Not that it matters much any more that we have these amendments – we’re too late in the game for anything to change.

        My previous comment may have been deleted. So I will just summarise and say that its too late to change anything and any resistance will be derailed. Its best to keep things local and not rely on the internet/government etc.. It’s literally that bad and we’re at 11.59pm. Western people have been subverted, with materialism and free love without parenthood and responsibility, whilst the bankers have waged unholy wars. We are living WW3 against humanity which is a series of small wars, topped off by a big global one. And they’ll get us to kill each other, whether by cops vs locals, blacks vs whites, a civil war or even an international one. Have your back. God is the only way out of this.

      10. Your ATM card won’t work. When did John Brunner first point out that little feature of a networked finance system? 1977? 1979? Welcome to the 20th century Mr. Bonner.

      11. Michael Snyder, in connection with his story about the FDIC B of E position paper, Resolving Globally Important, Systemically Important Financial Institutions, told us in April 2012 to get our money out of banks.

        I leave just enough in a prudent local bank to hold a checking account open. I make a deposit when I need to pay bills.

        Is the financial system going to fail? Good. Let it. Remember though, even if you have a wad of them, you can’t eat FRN.

      12. I have been stashing away cash and precious metals, silver, brass, and lead for a couple years now. Have also been stashing away barter items such as alcohol , first aid items, seed banks, food, fuel, generators, and solar systems. It’s all collapsing sooner than most realize. Anyone that can do basic math can see we can’t keep doing what we have been doing. Those who prepare now will have a better chance of surviving and even thriving during the coming collapse. Make sure you have plenty of the two most important precious metsls, brass and lead, to defend your preps. A close network of trusted, like minded people will also be very beneficial in defending your preps.

        • Amen brother!!!

          The wheels are a turnin”…

        • Texasprepper
          Well done. I have also been putting THINGS away for a rainy day!;-}
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      13. “Who run Barter Town?”

        “Two men enter. One man leaves.”

        • See the look the water dealer had on his face when Max ran his Geiger counter over his water? Obama gets that same look.

        • Master Blaster!

          • Confederate:
            Master What?????
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • That was the name of the two creatures running Barter Town in Mad Max. Watched it this past weekend.

      14. Should this happen it will get ugly fast.

        What you put away today will be worth more than
        all of the gold that’s missing from Fort Knox…

        • I’m ready, got a box full of pizza coupons and a 100 “I am approved for credit card” letters: I can make it for years. I am so tired of this.

      15. Texasprepper, you hit the nail on the head. I only leave enough cash in the bank to pay a couple of bills and some occasional online shopping. The rest of my money is in a safe in my home [private banking]. I buy all of my preps with cash. I’m very well invested and brass and lead for defense of my preps and have a ‘ventilation team’ ready and able to do the job [full coverage insurance]. I never use credit for anything. No loans, no credit cards, nada, zip, zilch, nothing. Don’t want them, don’t need them. I’ve always even bought transportation with cash from a private owner, never from a dealer. I’m debt-free and I love it. I can buy more preps at one time than I would have been able to otherwise. I won’t let a stinking credit card bill or loan payment interfere with my prepping which is my No. 1 priority to me. I’m going to keep stacking as long as these FRNs will still buy something. If you’re not prepping, you’re inepting.

        • Ben Franklin said it best. Those who fail to prepare, are preparing to fail. These are words to live by, especially in these times.

          • Texas:
            You and Ben nailed it.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • I wonder why I’m now Anonymous?????
              S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Texas, that’s pronounced Al-kee-haw.

        • Brave
          off topic
          Heading down to Readyville Tn. south east of Murfreesboro, on Wed. to look at a house and 17 Ac.
          Wish us luck!

          • Sarge, good luck and I hope it fits your needs. I haven’t looked at the country auctions online in the last 3 weeks; will start looking again this week. As long as things stay ‘normal’, my next trip to GA is still in July.

            • As long as things stay normal … guys just can’t quit can you ……I have proof that things will be status quo for many years and here it is ….
              The ptb know EXACTLY when it’s going down and the fact that they are now instituting a new Freon for cars tells me nothings going down otherwise why not keep the current Freon being used as it won’t matter anymore if the shtf

          • Sgt. Dale,

            Hope the house and 17 acres are what you are seeking.

            Praying that it work out ok.

      16. Interesting!! no credit cards, no debt cards, for the people to buy things. That will hurt everyone to some degree as far as buying things. I like cash and I have had people just look at me when I use it.
        I only use a credit card, only when I have to and I always have the cash to pay for what is charged on that card before I use it. One less thing that TPTB can use to watch me. no credit card debt.
        So there is a credit crash?? What are the governments of the world going to do. Everything they buy is on credit and all the services they pay for is on credit, ask any hospital, nursing home, ECT. Well-fair checks, EBT cards, SSI cards, link cards are nothing more than a government issued credit card. Tell me what company will except them and stay afloat for very long. If they except them they will go under faster than the Titanic.
        Cash is KING and that is the way it should be.
        Credit has caused more debt problems in the last 40 years than the first 200 years of this country.
        Look at the debt score board over 18 trillion of barrowing money from our Kids, Grand Kids and Great Grand kids, because the government has a line of credit and they keep jacking it up higher and higher every year.
        So IF a CRASH comes we as a nation brought it on to ourselves by putting clowns and fools in Washington and for me Springfield that are going to destroy a once great nation. Our children are NOT going to have as good of a life as we had, what a legacy we are leaving them!;-{ It’s time to purge Washington and put some real Country loving Men and Women in there. I might be to late so hang on we are going to be in for one heck of a ride…..
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      17. “Socialism (lit. “gouvernement in French) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”

        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        And, why yes, dear reader you are indeed correct! It has NEVER worked, it CAN never work, and it WILL never work. But… I’m sure Hillary and her troupe of flying monkeys will get it to work soon…

        • @Test
          “Socialism (lit. “gouvernement in French) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”

          – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

          Brillant! Yes it always fails.

      18. Personal Liberty asked a few weeks ago “How did the government arrive at that figure of 223,000 new jobs created? It was composed of 252,000 full-time jobs lost and 437,000 part-time jobs gained. Did you know that? Of course not. Because the media never reported it. Tell me what’s good news about 252,000 full-time jobs being eliminated, while they are replaced by 440,000 horrible low-wage, part-time jobs (the kind that cannot feed a traditional family without food stamps)? By the way, those 252,000 full-time jobs lost were the biggest drop in full-time jobs in a year. Did you know that? Of course not.

        Because the media never reported it. Tell me what’s good news about 252,000 full-time jobs being eliminated, while they are replaced by 440,000 horrible low-wage, part-time jobs (the kind that cannot feed a traditional family without food stamps)?

        By the way, those 252,000 full-time jobs lost were the biggest drop in full-time jobs in a year.

      19. More great work from Obungler and the left:

        1. Lower Unemployment? Because 92 Million Americans Have Dropped Out of the Labor Force Millions of Americans have given up looking for work. And the Obama spinsters are gleefully touting unemployment numbers that don’t reflect the nation’s economic realities….

        2. Record 90 Million Americans Not in Labor Force Just after Labor Day, the Bureau of Labor statistics reported more than 90 million Americans age 16 and older were not in the labor force in August, the highest level recorded since the Department of Labor began collecting the data during the Truman administration three years after the end of World War II….

        3. Labor Force Participation Rate Craters: 92,898,000 Americans Not Employed The U.S. labor force participation rate continues to crater, despite the apparently contradictory numbers being pumped by the Obama Administration….

        4. Americans’ Participation in Labor Force Hits Low Not Seen Since Carter Administration The percentage of American civilians 16 or older who have a job or are actively seeking one dropped to a 35-year low in October, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics….

        5. Record 92,269,000 Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Matches 36-Year Low A record 92,269,000 Americans 16 and older did not participate in the labor force in August, as the labor force participation rate matched a 36-year low of 62.8 percent….

        6. Labor Force Participation in 2013 Lowest in 35 Years The average annual labor force participation rate hit a 35-year-low of 63.2 percent in the United States in 2013, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)….

        7. A Record-Breaking 56 Million Women Unemployed; Black Unemployment Rates Twice as High Record-breaking unemployment numbers continue to undercut Obama’s claims of a healthy economy. And black Americans are taking the worst of it….

        8. Women in Labor Force Matches 24-Year Low While President Obama and the left continue the meme that pro-life Americans are waging a “war on women” because they support abortion restrictions, the real “war on women” is surging at kitchen tables throughout the nation, courtesy of the Obama administration’s policies….

      20. Posters here have repeatedly mentioned storing at home their PM’s of choice. Others have posted the storing of rolls of Nickels and copper Pennies for their metal values. Of course 90% coinage has its place in your financial preps. Let me throw this out: how about adding rolls of post-64 quarters to a stash of small denomination FRNs. No one knows the exact conditions of a financial crisis. My thought is the conditions of any financial crisis will in fact evolve from Day One as Banksters, the FRB, and Government force all manner of controls and policies on the US financial systems. Having stashes of those listed above both at home and away from home could be a life saver. Most importantly: it is not IF but WHEN this occurs. You must be ready. Just MHO.


        • I’m saving all coins. In the past, when a currency is revalued and replaced, the coinage remains the same because of the cost. They don’t count on anyone having more than a handful of change anyway. Therefore, if the dollar was revalued such that you had to turn in $100 of old dollars to get one new dollar, your coins would be magically worth 100 times as much as before the revaluation.

          • Best words on the page. But, have you seen the new quarters. Got one yesterday and when I held it I had a sad laugh. Basically, feels like the weight of a silver penny. Archivist, looks like TPTB are one step ahead of you. In a few years the cost of coining a quarter will probably be like the cost of a penny. They can just pass some round-off law and eliminate the coin altogether!
            I would like to hear more of your “in the past” scenarios but think those are probably for systems where the physical coin was worth something? Maybe like if we had a $10 coin?

            BTW, I view selective disablement of bank accounts as more of a risk. Get targeted. Get all your money frozen. Already in place.

          • new quarter is zinc or something! So, what past system are you saying? Maybe where coins were worth $20 apeice?

            BTW, system already exists to selectively freeze your money.

            • Any past currency. If you have a stock of quarters, and the government issues new currency and requires you to turn in 100 old dollar bills to get one new dollar bill, four of your quarters will be worth one of the new dollars. In other words, the quarters don’t get devalued or reissued.

              So it’s preferable to have cash in coins instead of paper. Plus the coins will always have melt value. Even the zinc pennies are over half a cent in melt value. Nickels are around four cents, and last year passed seven cents. For melt value, nickels are your best bet.

      21. I want to know, COULD you melt coins into bullets? I know its illegal, (as if that mattered in SHTF,) but would a cupro-nickel 9mm bullet be too hard and damage your barrel? I know pre 1982 solid copper pennies would be soft enough, but lack the weight of a fmj lead slug. (Not to mention the realitively high melt point of copper.)

        Anyone on the forum know enough metallurgy to opine such endeavors?

        • Lead is the best to melt into anything, you can melt it over a campfire to pour into a mold for bullets. Other metals have too high of a melting point and cannot pour properly to make a solid projectile in a home operation. For those who would say with a furnace and high temperature molds it can be done but if you have that you will more than likely not have the need of resorting to less than desirable materials. That being said you could melt into blocks and machine if you should choose to. But you cannot use a solid sided bullet. Look at a barnes bullet for example,
          What you do not see inside a completed reload is that there are many biting lines that extend outside the nominal diameter of the bullet itself this allows for the rings to bite into the rifling while preventing the bullet from distorting due to the fact that a solid non lead bullet does not compress the same as a lead or lead filled bullet does. This technology is very difficult to master and if I am not correct I believe that the Barnes company actually uses a hot stamping process and not a pouring technique. These machines are definitely out of the question for anyone of us who regularly read here. I have seen
          places that do specifically machine bullets but they are very expensive.
          The other thing is that weight makes a very big difference in velocity. The lower the bullet weight of the same diameter makes for a faster bullet. That is why you can find 115 grain bullets for 308 I have even known a guy who used 85 grain bullets. But your rifling twist rate in your firearm determines what will work best.
          Putting high speed bullets through a low speed barrel will cook it just as fast as putting things that are too hard through it.
          More people do more damage to their rifles by high speed shooting than anything I have ever seen outside of neglect.
          That being said the British Army used to use a nickel jacketed bullet in the early part of the last century. It worked very well. A lot of the wear on the older rifles was blamed on it though.

        • I think in a SHTF scenario barrel damage will be the least of your worries

        • “LOST”
          Lead melts at around 700, and copper melts at 1,000 degrees. When TSHTF you won’t care what the slug is made of.

          • I would think when shtf, taking care of my primary weapon to insure good function and accuracy would be very important. Besides if we’re down to the point where we’re having to find anything that will melt to put in our guns….well…maybe it’s just time to go back to knives, clubs, and axes, and good luck finding gun powder at that point too.

            • In the movies they melt their murdered sons lead toy soldiers to mold the ball that dispatched his sons murderer.
              May that forever dwell in the realm of the imagination.

          • Pure Lead is to soft for modern powder loads and works very poorly.(Strips into it groves and tends to melt, so it flies wildly) Fine for the Old Black Powder days.

            • Funny, we old-time rifle shooters use pure lead with smokeless all the time. No, it doesn’t “strip”. No, it doesn’t “melt” unless you fail to use proper wads between powder and bullet. Some guys (not me) can shoot MOA groups with the right rifle and the right loads. Paper-patching bullets was the state of the art in the 1870s and 1880s, and it works well ONLY with pure lead bullets. Some modern experimenters have pushed paper-patched bullets to 2500 fps, too.

              Not that it matters. After TSHTF you will have two chances at finding pure lead – slim, and none. Scrap lead is always alloyed with something, usually tin and antimony, but such as calcium (car batteries) or arsenic, (shotgun shot).

            • I have my legal limit of black powder – that’s all I’ll admit too.
              I have over 15,000 percussion caps for my .54 caliber smoke pole. I cast balls once a month. I’ve got just under 7000 right now…..and enough lead to make about 10,000 more. I can make about 30 of the .530″ balls from a pound of lead.
              It’s an old weapon by todays standards, but still deadly out to 150 yards with open sights. Not optimum, but it WILL reach out that far with amazing accuracy and consistency. Most of my smoke poles are modern reproductions of the fur trader era. My rifle, for instance, has a barrel that was made in 2012. It only looks old. It’s not. My father, brother, our wives and I practice on private land and we pluck our lead out of the soft dirt back stop after rain storms. We re-use the lead. My wife can drill a standard poker card at 150 yards with open sights 4 out of 5 shots. If SHTF, I’m putting a rifle in her hands ASAP.
              I’m not worried about credit. The car ain’t worth a thing if SHTF – come and get me. The house – well come and take it – I dare ya. The credit card company – WTF they gonna do in a SHTF situation?
              Don’t worry about the money system collapsing or the credit companies/banks. Once SHTF happens – it’s God, guns and bullets – but not necessarily in that order.

          • Sorry Sgt, but you do care, A LOT. In the old smothe bore guns the ball fit very loose in the Barrel, some you even had cloth wadding around it. In the breach loaders the slug fits very tight, to allow the pressue to build up so you can get higher V. Above a very low speed the slugs strip past the rifling and fly very wildly. So you must harden them with Tin and At. Above a somewhat higher speed you must put what they call a gas cheak on it to keep from allowing gas to pass and melt the slug etc,. Above that you need a Cu Jacket. It goes on and on as you get higher speeds.

            • That has not very much to do with the lead content of the bullet and more to do with the actual rifling. In some of the older rifles the rifling is 1:60 my Pennsylvanian long has 1:48 which is what I still use cloth and bore butter patches. My old ww2 rifle has 1:24 and newer fast paced rifles have 1:9.
              You must remember that the older firearms were used with lower velocity powder, hence the slower twist rate. Modern rifles use very fast high pressure powders that push the bullet through the rifling if it is too soft. But in many cases when as the good man mentioned before, you are using the sizing dies to properly form your bullet you can put gas checks on them and it greatly increases your stability. The man who mentioned sub MOA with pure lead is correct. As with any reloading you have to experiment with what you have to get the best results.
              Not every thing is about getting more power.
              I would rather hit with 1800 fps every time than miss spectacularly at 3200.

            • Just to add to what I said earlier, in the 1950s Col. Harrison (then with the NRA) successfully fired cast alloy bullets with a gas check (not jacketed) at something above 3000 feet per second. He wrote a book on the subject that is still the primary authority on cast bullet shooting in rifles. I myself have a linotype bullet load for my K31 Swiss that has gone 2350 fps with no trouble at all, and shot close to MOA from a totally original milsurp rifle. (I know exactly how fast it goes, the Chrony told me.) This summer I plan speed it up some, just for grins, to see if can get past the velocity of the fully jacketed military round. I expect that I will.

        • Yes,, you can use copper bullits, also sintered Bronze or silver, in the event of Werewolves, But why would you? The clad coins are worth approx $20.00 face per Lb. The Ni cladding is NOT going to melt. It’s melting points higher than iron, no way ae you going to cast it. Same issue with 5C pc. That’s how Nickel got it’s name, prople thought it was Iron that “Old Nick” had trod on and made it useless, because it would not melt. The new Zn/Cu pennies are worthless for bullets. they are very low density and wouldn’t fly well.
          Just take your coins and buy Lead, Tin, and At. Cheaper/better. One old trick, you can reform 22 brass filled with Lead into .223 slugs. See U tube.

        • Lost:
          A little off topic,
          In my new attempt in using everything possible to load in my shotguns. I have found that fired (spent) primers from rifle and pistol, large and small with a few shotgun primers in the mix will make nice holes in one gallon water jugs at 25 yards.
          As far as nickel If it will melt it will make a bullet but you are going to have to have a lot of heat to do it. Plus you have to size and lube the slug I’m not sure that the dies will cut them to the right diameter. You are also talking about a almost steal bullet when you use nickel. You might want to look at to make bullets with, some aluminum that is what a Winchester silver tip is. I would stay with lead, cooper or a mix of lead and cooper.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      22. When shtf commenses, do people think that I will give then food for federal Reserve notes. Think I will in line at the local bank ATM’S. Ha, ha aha, a. That won’t be bothering me when shtf hits, paper money will be the least of my worries.,only the unprepared idoets will be standing in line trying to pull cash to pay for food at the grocery store that has systems that are down. From the moment I hear that people are lined up trying to pull cash, I am already out of the city, we all know what comes have less than 3 days to clear out of the city, this is what my scientist friend told us to do and we will be listening to him and following his advice. For the folks who ready in the middle of nowhere I envy you guys, more power to you.and for the women who like to call me a loser because I won’t take mg hard earned cash and throw at you, have fun with 1O,000 blacks in you area, a winner I am, see you later ladies. I have been known by my friends for acting like I an broke a the time to Gauge womens reaction and behavior toward me. Even with my good looks, I men’s nothing to them. I have been called cheap, loser, joker, laughed at. They have no clue that I have My own business…women and stupid un prepared dumb f….k head men, will be going to the bank demanding cash.


        This loser was told by the scientist that to expect when the cash, water and food runs out..the loser took responsibly and turned action into movement and secured his future investing in food, steak, lead and brass and water..the lower went to the red necks, the local preppers, made plans war gamed the entire city area and the senario, startled them with the scientist data, told them to tell others, they already knew about it and had heard even worst..


        Remember the banks ordered the MRE’S.

        This is why the banks of we remember past articles on this site telling us that the banks ordered survival MRE’s to give to employees who will be forced to fortify them selves in the bank while Jade Helm 15 soldiers kills out the maurading masses going ape sh…. in city all over. Now we see the pieces coming together..this loser ladies, will be in the remaining 3-5, million, the fittest, lost athletic, must brutal, most prepped, most skilled allied with red necks and other preppers..i am literally laughing my azz off at you bitches, has a a, ahaa haha a, your f…..k….d..We preppers won’t be standing in line for ATM’S..WE ARE THE 3-5 million survivors..that’s us my fellow shtf – effers..We are literally surfing on the SHTF EVENT HORIZON, THE VERY POINT OF NO RETURN..what happens next the the agenda 21, via implementation.

        Scientist- they won’t even know what hit them. Women, they are completely screwed..the air will be un breathable, from the rotting decayed stinking bodies, you have to leave the city, it’s going to be that bad. When it sinks in, when the non preppers realize what just happened, it’s already too late, they turn against each other, divide 5,000,000 by 49 states, equals over 100,000 per city, in other case lower numbers, you get the picture. It’s going the bad, bad, bad, bad, really bad, it’s going to be real bad.

        Me- so Houston has a 5-7,000,000 population, only 100,000 people survive in Texas alone. And a lot less in other states combined So it’s that bad.

        Scientist- when I heard these numbers, I left the city. 350,000,000 in the country, this is severe hell that coming..

        Me- sh…t, we are f…k…d..i have to leave the city..

        6 months ago..

        Fat office manager I share office with over heard me taking about shtf.

        Her- you don’t know crap that not going to happen..your a loser, my daughter is married to and Indian doctor, who makes 500k, a year, she just had a baby. He is getting ahead,unlike you, glad that my daughter never married a loser like you, your are a loser show read all that nonsense on the internet pathetic.

        I don’t work for this woman, but her office is next to mine..she felt a need to insult me, telling me that is a loser..folks this is the level of stupidity of most people, that why they will be storming the banks. They are idoets.. yes my fellow preppers, I am and idoetic person. Guess only time will tell.

        • dude, you have women issues. We get it, you are prepared but the rest of your rant…WTF

        • Hey not all women will be screwed . Some of us are actually preparing for a shtf episode . So stop with the women bashing .

        • H/C/K/SHTF – you are NOT a loser … you will be one of the last ones standing … that makes you a WINNER.

      23. My funds have been locked more than once.

      24. Technically, they can lock the funds of most people on the entire planet while sparing their own. Satellite TV (which I have) makes it really convenient for them to target you by posting a movie in the guide and when you go to watch it – it’s an entirely different movie. They scramble crap all of the time to confuse people. If you and your neighbor subscribes to say, Direct TV – it doesn’t mean that you will be viewing the same programming on the same channel at the same time. Sometimes, you could be watching something and they flash some f*d up thing in an instant and you are like, wtf???

        These demons are sheer evil. They toy with us constantly and think it’s just so funny all the while. They love when we fall into their traps. They gloat and dance the Israeli dance which is a shame to the land of Israel/Palestine.

        Money IS the root of all evil. I don’t care so much about money anymore. I just want to be able to live as God intended. Living with the land and not violating it. Living in bliss. Never having to partake of or witness real violence, death, starvation, torture, suffering, etc.

      25. I’m 48 years old and never had a credit card. I got all my money out of the bank back in 2002 when I caught them siphoning bits of it here and there, and never looked back. I keep a visa gift card I can reload with money for internet purchases. My husband and I get paper checks and cash them at their respective banks, and keep our cash with us. At one point he had a job where they would ONLY deposit his money into an ADP account, forcing us to use their card. I would never go that route again. You are at their mercy when they mess up your pay date or the amount owed to you. And in a SHTF situation, don’t expect those deposits to continue!

      26. When TSHTF; debt, ATM, banks, taxes,having cash on hand is the last things to worry about, the main thing is staying ALIVE. Who is going to be working at all these places absolutely no one, they will be trying to stay alive also. Just remember YOYO; “your own your own” period! This cash on have thing after the crash what will it be worth hell a can of corn may be $1000.00 who knows and who gives a shit I sure don’t. I have the can of corn I sure am not going to take CASH for it its worthless now what makes one think it will be worth anything after the crash. We need to get real, our lives depend on it.

      27. I have witnessed shtf breakdown in many countries, particularly in Africa. The veneer of civilization quickly disappears like a stage set. It will happen fast and leave most people stunned. Police and soldiers will only be interested in critical infrastructure and protecting financial institutions. They will leave most neighborhoods to burn and rot.

        Government’s first instinct in this situation is survival, so they will be busy keeping their show on the road and will not have time or interest in what is happening to you.

        • Reminds me of what happened in the LA/Compton race riots. Pretty bad when police and news people just watch a person being beaten to near death and do nothing.

      28. The atm doesn’t work,damn,thumb sore from loading extra magazines!My firearms/bow/crossbow/hand tools/different stoves ect. work,I am fine.Hout,would consider that fat women who insulted you as a food source when things go very wrong,she would dress out nicely am sure!

      29. Come shtf the cost of my services will double. I’m gonna take advantage of the crisis. Not gonna let it go to waste. This is why having skills that are always in demand pays. Can’t work for free people. It amazes me that people will persue education in stuff that will never pay just because it’s their passion. They are fools and dreamers IMHO. The colleges do not care if you can survive in this world the professors are gonna survive off your tuition $.

      30. Oh shit!!!! that that mean we are going to have murder, death, kill in this country ???????????????

        Or world wide ??????????? :-0

      31. In today’s monetary system of debt and credit creation, they no longer devalue currency by reprinting it at higher denominations. In fact, they have actually removed any denomination above $100 from circulation. Therefore, saving coins to counteract devaluation no longer works.

        Instead, they devalue the currency by price inflation. Your clad coins will devalue along with paper…maybe not so if they are gold or silver…hard to tell what precious will be valued at.

        The reason to keep some cash is simply the fact that paper currency is the only type of money 99% of people recognize.

        When the stores are bare and you go to the potato farmer down the road to buy some spuds, try and get him to believe your silver dime is worth two bucks and those two FRNs in your other hand are worthless paper. See which hand he chooses for payment. Only 1% or 2% of the people value precious as money. It’s wise to keep plenty on hand if you think a total breakdown is coming.

        Refer to the archives for Mushroom’s suggestion on where to keep your FRNs.

        • PMs are for long-term wealth storage, international trade and high-level transactions. I agree, your typical moron on the street would not know the worth of a gold coin compared to a $50 bill. I would not walk around with gold coins and try to buy stuff. Instead, you keep that stuff as part of your ‘booty’ and use it for the big stuff: buying land, houses or a business. People at that level will understand its worth. For the moron on the street in an shtf, you probably could get pretty far trading McDonalds toys or air time minutes for mobile phones or half an hour with the neighbor’s daughter. For crass, low-level people, use crass low-level barter and trade currencies.

      32. Believe it or not I read an article in Baron’s that said the fed can still pull the economy out of the fire.

      33. I try to keep up with the latest in “off grid” currencies to keep prepared for when TSHTF. My basement is filled from ceiling to floor with bright orange bottles.

        I think I’m a Liquid Tide millionaire.


      34. I could care less it an ATM machine didn’t work. I don’t use them and I don’t keep that much money in the bank.
        Now when this happens I’ll bet you won’t have rioting!
        But if it was an EBT card they will burn the city down!

      35. Wrong very wrong the ATMs will always work; they really don’t want u to have any savings and the faster u get your money the faster u can spend it.

      36. Alot of talk about eating people why use them as a one time food source enslave them to work crops and produce items like wine clothes ect you will want to put your self at the top of the serfdom kingdoms like a guy told me once you can only sell cocain once then you have to get more but a woman or labor from a slave you can sell over and over

      37. Convert you FRN’s in useful items while you still can.
        Items that you need and force multipliers.

        JH15 starts on the 15th of this month. Flint, Michigan is already started with their war games.

      38. The more I read, the more I suspect that those who have left the USA over the last 5 years have done so because they were informed by a relative with inside info about an event in our very near future! Those of us that not been able to leave, will have to deal with those who are not prepared!!

        Prayer gives guidance and wisdom when things start to unravel in this world!! Having a plan will eliminate panic!

        Stay Safe!!

      39. There will be plenty of the 9 to 5 401 k ers that wont be able to feed cloth protect themselves sheeple that will gladly give themselves to slavery for survival and here in indiana we have hundreds thousands of acres of fields that farmers will need workers to work or are just abandon for the taking to work people will be an asset you can not do everything

      40. No cable or internet people will be back to basics eat sleep drink and have sex and lots of work. Also fish mox antibiotics will be upmost valuable cus people will give anything when sick and dying

      41. Would you want to dig up just 1 acre of potatoes by hand or pic an acres of green beans you will be busy just guarding them

      42. I thought in the event of a financial collapse the dollar would become worthless or worth even less than the .038 cents it’s supposed present buying value is presently as compared to the 1913 dollar bill. If the collapse means a falling prices housing market, then can I buy a cheap halfway decent house for say a few thousand FRN’s? I’m not talking about a ramshackle shack that’s rotting away.

      43. The best way to deal with this problem is to reduce your need for cash or credit. If you can grow some of your own food, produce some of your own power, pay off your bills, pump your own water, etc. then you will have less need for cash. Now your stash of greenbacks will go further and this will buy you more time to figure out how to survive the mess our politicians and low information voters have gotten us into.

      44. Sad but true. Funny too.

      45. I believe, personally, that we need to reinstate the barter system. At least get it started.

        Is there anyone or any entity doing this yet?

      46. what will have value in a SHITF situation depends on who you listen to. Best advice is to diversify.

      47. Living in the country I dont get into town every day but when I do I have lately seen people physically attack others or I have seen raging arguements going on. The whole mood of society is changing Beggers are more common and more aggressive Over all crime is up and we are being over whelmed with non english speaking people every where. Every month for months 30 illegal kids are being dumped on the system locally. Hundreds of them to date. They need everything and dont speak english. Drive by shoot ups of neighborhoods are common now at night. Society is rapidly becoming more violent.

      48. During SHTF it won’t even pay to rob an armored car because the money inside will be worthless. But if the armored car is transporting the Swedish women’s beach volleyball team, well then.

      49. Disneyland forces American workers to train their foreign born replacements and then lays them off. Abuse of the H1B visas continues unabated.

        • The President stated that he would put an end to outsourcing when he first ran for office. Interestingly its now importing.

          One would think that if the physical location of your employment like a power plant or railroad could not be moved overseas then you did not fear being outsourced with foreign labor. Now no one is safe.

          Remember the chosen reply when the above is brought to the attention of the stone Democrats regarding such a thing happening with their savior in office, “Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush,Bush…………………..Bush.

      50. Welcome to the Plantation. Just shakin’ here boss.

        • Prophet,
          as long as yer mind is still right…

      51. Just me, your busted, it took me a little time to see that your are and agency azz clown. You have indirectly discredited David Hodges recently, and now Jbird jumps on, to call me a women basher. I talk to real scientist who have talked to other real govenment scientist, who have told him that women prepper groups will not survive with men who are preppers. These are statistical fact of life, and the preppers on this site know that survical of them and thier children will mean a blood gun battle with roaming thugs, and military thugs. Women stand no chance of survival in this EMP end game, they only survive because we men will stop the threat, and save them for the hell that awaits. I am good looking and can speak for myself and i can honestly say that i have no problem getting women. Since my maturity and since expericing shtf personally in my life, i have been doing alot of listeing to womens conservations. I have news for you, 99% of the the 100,000,000 women both young and old will not prep no matter what you tell them, much less listen to people like me. I am currently single by choice.







        I cannot tell you about the stupid irresponsible and stupid, lazy women i meet daily, my make friends complain about this crap weekly and i have to listen to it, you damn right i am going to take about it here. I low, Low, very low Tollerance For Bu…..s…..t. I am not here to pay their bills, not am here to pay you car note, of your other bills that you have incured because your stupid and are a FRICKIN LIABLITY. So screw these frickin liability women. Yet you feel that my hard earned money to fix your problem, wrong and wrong again. From what i was informed of, my money will continue to go into food, water, lead, brass and seeds, and a future location for post shtf.

        Your father tells you to stay away from thugs, you go out behing his back, get knocked up by a black drug dealing gansta dread locks. Go figure, Just me, shut the hell up, you are and ideot.


        For the men who are new preppers to this site who have young children and didn’t find out until recently who vamped up your prepping bigtime, you did the right thing, i am on your side, get at it, prepare for the big one because this time you will be ready for the worst. I have the outmost respect for you newly awaked men, who have decided to read this site and take action. Its not entirely impossible for me to meet a woman and suddenly i am not have a kid. If such a thing happened, that would be scary, but you know that Daddy is one bad azz muscular martial artist, prepper who has all kinds of resources and location, and what to do when shtf comenses, thats the differnce with me and the tipical ideot hitting on other stupid women at the local bar.

        Birds of feather, flock together.


        For the prepper women who read this site, i have mentined this before, SUPPORT YOUR MEN, STOP THE DAMN WHINNING BECAUSE HE IS TRYING TO PROTECT YOU AND YOUR CHILDERN, DAUGHTER, ETC. THIS IS WHAT RESPONSIBLE WOMEN DO. For the women who read this site and prep, continue to prep, because i have 2 female friends that are serious preppers and they are also armed and have admitted to me that they dont know if they can really defend themselves without men. I told them to get with men who prep.


        ONLY DATE MEN OR MARRY MEN WHO PREP. MEN WHO DO NOT PREP ARE DEAD MEN, STUPID MEN, AND THE SAME BITCHY WIFE, WILL BE BLAMING YOU AND RAISING HELL BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO FOOD AND WATER WHEN THE BLACK GANSTA DRED LOCKS RAPIST, MURDERING THUGS SHOW UP IN YOUR LOVELY NEIGHBOURHOOD. So just me, dont talk crap to me buddy, you cant speak on my behalf. Jbird assuming that you are ligetimate and not a agency azz clown, more power to you. My advice to you, is to continue to prep and make sure you are allied with men who are preppers to protect you post shtf. Go on bash me all you want, talk all the crap you want, you think i am a fool, think again. Damage control will get you no where on this website.


        and Constructively.



        • HCKS, I couldn’t have said it better.

        • Hicks. What I was trying to say is that every time you post you seem to get on a rant on women being stupid, bitchy, etc. And you are always saying that you are good looking and have money and not going to waste it on women. You almost make it sound like it’s a dating site. Yes 85% of the women are no where near as strong as men; however they we can still shoot a gun, work a garden, etc. Will they need help, yes…but everyone will at some point. Just saying. Other than that I like reading your posts.

      52. been working gun shows lately and many here see what’s happening. This isn’t going to be the cakewalk .gov thinks it will be.

      53. Interesting article! (Over a year ago, I was chatting with a guy I didn’t know- about prepping in general. (I very rarely ever do this- by the way), and what he told me:
        “This is how it will happen: the banks will announce- say- on a Friday afternoon- that they have a virus in their systems, and that all banking will be suspended for the weekend while they fix this. But on the following Monday, everything will be back to normal.
        This is your 48 hour warning to get out of Dodge- because on Monday, everything will remain shut down! You have 48 hours to get out- after that, you will not be able to!”
        The reason why I have remembered this, is because of the confidence in his voice when he said it! I have no idea how-and where- he got that information!

      54. Hello Friends, i want to say a very big thank you to Marce, i am Mr Leroy Fred from US i want to share a testimony of how my life was change by an ATM BLANK CARD, i was a very poor man even to eat was a very big problem for me and my family i seek for jobs in different place but could not get one my rent and bills was too much for me to pay so i had to go to a one bed room flat because of the high rate of poverty i became frustrated until one certain day when i was checking through the internet i saw many different testimony of different people but to one man on how he gave them a blank atm card that changed their life, because of the high rate of poverty that was affecting me i had to apply on it too they told me everything needed for me to do and they sent the atm blank card to me which delivered to me within 3weeks that changed my life all i want to say is thank you to Marce for helping me so if you are suffering and need a change of life i will advice you to contact them now at their email: [email protected] and your life will not remain the same.

      55. Kinky, your aquaintance is right on the money. It’s a possibility that it could go and take that course, it’s what happens in the next three weeks that rally scares the crap out of us preppers. I have to admit that I am worried so I prep..i am prepped and I may still not survive and be with the the 3-5 million. What is the chance of survival for women who do not prep, much men?.zero is the answer. Women will do anything to get the cover of preppers to avoid the physical attacks on them.. A zero percent chance of survival.. this is what the government war game of calapse shows them, that they engineered in a country outside the US to Guage what will take place here. Unarmed women and children pay the ultimate price in real war and in post shtf calapes..Out of 3000 people, only 12 will survive in just 3-4 weeks..neighbourhood against neighbourhoods, men against women, rape, murderor, killings, all kinds of bad things went down. When banks and ATM’S do not work, grocery stores will not be giving away free food or water..Try 340,000,000 without food and water.. in the great depression the population was 35,000,000, yet 15,000,000 died form starvation and violence. During that time 25% of the people of America fed the other 75%,they wrr farmers. We did not rely on food from third world countries. Now 1% of the people feed the 99% and the 99% get over 50% of the food from third world countries, now the cabal is using bio weapons in about animal food supply, weather wars to engineer California purposely to destroy the food supply and then they have drained out all of the ground water supply purposely to cause mass genocide and force relocate the population to use the as excuse to exterminate 90% of Californians..see, this will show you their plans, good luck sleeping from now on. With prepps, you have time to eat, drink your water and time to think about the next important course of action, this means your life in now on the line, you will have to leave your area, then again that may not be the right thing to do. Picture that you made it home and the grid is down and you have no water, no food, nothing. Do yo think that by going Next door that the people in that house hand you over a months supply of food or water they have nothing they are not preppers…so ideots I’ve just me, and other agenxy azz clowns think that hey can’t come on this site, and offer a calming type is relaxation type of atmosphere on this site thinking that we will just relax, and watch football and other crap, and all is well, think again..

        • “Try 340,000,000 without food and water.”

          You do know that at least a hundred million of us DO live in places that have abundant food and water?

          There are twice as many deer in Michigan than people, probably.

          Down here in Alabama there are fruits and berries and other edible foods growing in abundance, most of the year.

          “in the great depression the population was 35,000,000, yet 15,000,000 died form starvation and violence”

          I think you got your numbers mixed up here…half of the population DID NOT die in the Great Depression. It might have been 5-6% tops. Which is a lot of people, but still. A more apt comparison might be Germany after WW2….cause that’s what this place will look like after WW3.

          “We did not rely on food from third world countries. Now 1% of the people feed the 99% and the 99% get over 50% of the food from third world countries”

          The “99%” are not as fucked as you imagine. Yes, it is a horrible situation for anyone trapped in a big city, but country folks WILL survive. There are many of us who have farmer genes still running strongly through our blood, with plenty of experience, who can pick it up on a large scale at a moment’s notice, and teach others too.

          “in California purposely to destroy the food supply and then they have drained out all of the ground water supply purposely to cause mass genocide and force relocate the population to use the as excuse to exterminate 90% of Californians”

          No, it’s not for “mass genocide.” It’s simply to drive people away from the West, which is undefendable in WW3, and relocate them eastward, while also sending plenty of rain to our heartland to boost crop production. The past few years in Alabama have been amazing growing weather.

          “so ideots I’ve just me, and other agenxy azz clowns think that hey can’t come on this site, and offer a calming type is relaxation type of atmosphere on this site thinking that we will just relax, and watch football and other crap, and all is well, think again..”

          I feel you on that bud. Folks need to quit being such spoiled, oversensitive children, and focus on the facts and information being presented, and think logically about that, instead of always getting rubbed the wrong way and being a professional offense taker.

      56. I was just listening to a couple of interviews a guy by the name of Jim Rickards did on Fox and RT and the guy makes sense that in the event of an emergency you simply won’t be able to go to your local ATM or Bank to get cash.

        His stand is, physical precious metals, no more than 10% of your portfolio and cash on hand at home in a safe that could get your through a month to 3 months. 6 Months would be best, but obviously that is not doable for everyone.

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