Ferguson Cop Points Gun At Journalists: “I’m Going to F***ing Kill You!”

by | Aug 20, 2014 | Headline News | 340 comments

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    Editor’s note: If you were to aim your weapon at someone for no reason and threaten to kill them, how long would it be before police showed up at your door to arrest you? The problem with our system of “justice” is that law enforcement officials seem to be above the law, with no accountability whatsoever. Threaten, maim, or kill someone if you’re wearing a badge and chances are you’ll get off scot-free without so much as a citation for your conduct. 

    Until agents of the government who break the law start being carted off in handcuffs this behavior will continue… and likely get worse.

    The following article has been contributed by Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars.

    Shocking footage out of Ferguson, Missouri shows a police officer pointing his gun directly at protesters and press while remarking, “I’m going to f***ing kill you!”

    The scene was witnessed by Infowars reporter Joe Biggs who was also filming the incident. The clip shows a Ferguson officer with his gun raised pointing it directly at a citizen journalist who was live streaming at the time.

    “Oh my God, gun raised, gun raised,” states the journalist, before Biggs remarks, “gun pointed.”

    “My hands are up bro, my hands are up,” states the journalist before the cop responds, “I’m going to f***ing kill you, get back, get back!”

    “You’re going to kill him?” asks another individual before the journalist asks, “did he just threaten to kill me?”

    When the cop is asked for his name he responds, “go fuck yourself.”

    Another clip shows the officer pointing his gun as protesters demand he lower the weapon. A second cop intervenes to make the officer lower his weapon as more irate demonstrators demand to know the officer’s name.

    The officer’s response to people asking for his name almost immediately prompted the launch of the Twitter hashtag #officergofuckyourself.

    Biggs live tweeted the incident, while Infowars reporter Mikael Thalen also had guns pointed at him during a separate incident.


    The Huffington Post’s Ryan Reilly also witnessed the incident.  

    Other observers called for the officer to be barred from ever being allowed to carry a weapon again.

    Some even called for the hacker group Anonymous to uncover the cop’s identity.

    Biggs took this photograph of the cop at close range.


    The incident is certain to stoke huge controversy given that authorities in Ferguson have repeatedly broken promises to de-escalate tensions amidst continued unrest.

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.


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      1. We don’t need people like this guy on any police force in the country.

        • But this is exactly the type “they” want on local police forces.

          It used to be I didn’t understand how cops who are supposed to protect us can be such bad people. Now I understand that is it not that they are bad people, they are just not very smart. The test they take, to see if they are qualified to be a policeman, makes sure that most cops do not have a very high IQ.

          Now I understand that these “not so smart” police are simply doing what they are told to do and they are told to scream, very loud, at everyone and they are constantly trained to act that way and they do not think very much about whether it is right or wrong, they just follow the orders.

          I can not think of anything more dangerous for a supposedly civilized society than to be policed by humans who are not very smart.

          From a young age I never liked Cops and I didn’t understand exactly why, but now I get it, now it all makes sense. Most cops are not very intelligent and they are in a position of authority and that is a bad combo.

          The only thing that can protect us from bad cops is a federally mandated rule that says all LEOs must wear body cameras and have cameras mounted to their cars. And facts be known Cops should be happy to wear these cameras. I bet if the cop in St Louis had a camera on him it would show that he did what most people would do in that situation. That kid was not unarmed, he had two HUGE arms, and it appears he had not problem using them to hurt people.

          • There have already been problems with police forces that are supposed to be mandated to use body and/or dash cams when on duty. They either turn them off or deliberately sabotage them when the mood suits them.

            The problem with this is that there is little administrative punishment required to be imposed when officers sabotage the equipment. If a citizen damages or destroys public property, the citizens suffers the consequences. The police? Not so much.

            The way to make the body and/or dash cam system work is to summarily fire any officer whose vid record is compromised for any reason. The word would spread very quickly and the incidences of police malfeasance against the citizenry would drop like a rock.

            • If any government agency wants to do some recording and storing of information (like the NSA is constantly doing) that might actually do some public good they need to have a device that LEOs check out and wear at the beginning of their shift and turn it in at the end of their shift. Upon checking it in all of the data is automatically uploaded and saved for 3 years.

              The recording devise should be sealed, tamperproof, have no on/off switch and if the officer covers the lens up or messes with it in any way he/she is off work for a month without pay for the first offense, 6 months for the second offense and fired and banned for ever from ever being a LEO in any jurisdiction in the U.S.

              Do I think they will ever do this?
              I do not think there is not a chance in hell LEOs and their masters will ever allow this, because LEO are among the most corrupt, scum sucking, POS that the world has ever known. Leos are the jackboots who do the dirty work for the elites and in exchange they are get their “perks”.

              btw- I would love to be proven wrong about how I feel about LEOs. I would love to be shown that all LEOs would happily wear a device like this. It would make the world a better place.

              • Off Topic…

                Federal Reserve Vice Chairman: Bank Bail Ins Are Coming To the United States

                Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve Stanley Fisher:

                “As part of this approach, the United States is preparing a proposal to require systemically important banks to issue bail-inable long-term debt that will enable insolvent banks to recapitalize themselves in resolution without calling on government funding–this cushion is known as a “gone concern” buffer.”

                “Alarming, that none of the stories covering Mr. Fisher’s speech mentioned the bail-ins”

                DailyPaul dot com

                  • KY Mom,

                    Thanks for the links!

                • KY Mom

                  We know how to look this stuff up for ourselves. We’d rather just hear your opinion on subjects rather than links.

                  • KY Mom supplies a lot of good information that some here would never see.

                    Are you the judge and jury of what gets posted to SHTF? Are your fingers broken? Don’t like how and what someone posts, then scroll….

                    And just who are the “we” you are talking about. Could be just you and your shadow?

                    There is an abusive, ignorant stalker posting under “anonymous” following Braveheart, me, and several other posters. Is it now KY Mom’s turn for your abuse?

                  • But she “responded” under a comment made by Race and her response had absolutely nothing to do with what Race had said. She only responded there so she could get her “off topic” comment near the top of the thread instead of scrolling down and starting a comment on her own. We’re not children who need to be spoon fed this information. Do you honestly think that as preppers we don’t already know most of this stuff from looking it up for ourselves? It’s insulting to our intelligence. I completely understand when someone provides a link every now and then to an article out of the mainstream, but come on. These links from her are constant day in and day out. I usually just scroll past her name, but jeez this is getting old.

                  • anonymous, f#$% you! back off from KY Mom.

            • With the technology we have there should be a live feed or the video can be sent and stored on a server somewhere

              • Live feeds from Ferguson for those interested:

                http: //ukshepglp.wix.com/fergusoneventtracker

                • Video of the entire Powell Shooting. The one that occured a couple miles down the road from Ferguson a couple days ago.

                  WARNING! GRAPHIC FOOTAGE!

                  https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-P54MZVxMU&bpctr=1408586728

            • Gus Hayes, sadly what you say is true and I’ll expand on it. There are federal and state supreme court rulings that say that law enforcement has no duty whatsoever to protect any citizens or to uphold the rights of law-abiding citizens. THEY SERVE THE GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC. THEY ARE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, NOT PUBLIC SERVANTS. IF YOU EVER GET INTO A SITUATION WHERE YOU’RE CONFRONTING A DANGEROUS CRIMINAL, YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN, YOU WILL HAVE TO HANDLE IT YOURSELF, YOU WILL HAVE TO BE YOUR OWN ‘FIRST RESPONDER’. FORGET ABOUT DIALING 911. That move is totally useless. If anyone forces their way into my home, I’ll do whatever I consider necessary to counter it, and I’m not considering any legal restrictions concerning self-defense. I won’t be dialing 911 either.

          • Heck. We’re governed by those that “aren’t that smart”. Why would your average cop be any different?

          • It is not the cops that are rioting,looting,burning and attacking people. Now who dat is be?

          • I can not think of anything more dangerous for a supposedly civilized society than to be policed by humans who are not very smart.

            I can not think of anything more dangerous for a supposedly civilized society than to be subject to criminal ghetto scum who are not very smart.

          • “The only thing that can protect us from bad cops is a federally mandated rule that says all LEOs must wear body cameras and have cameras mounted to their cars.”

            The only thing that can protect us from bad cops, is AGGRESSIVE PROSECUTION and CONVICTIONS when they break the laws they have sworn to uphold.

            The only thing that can protect us from bad cops is to force them, under threat of prosecution, to not only ENFORCE the law, but OBEY IT themselves.

          • Lower the standards to get white trash cops. Lower it some more to racially balance the police force.

            Lunatics running the asylum comes to mind.

          • If Mikey was recorded slamming the door on the officer and grabbing for the gun. If that was released a few hours after Mike was shot. The riots might not have happened.

            Multiple cameras in cop cars!!! The cost is cheap. Especially compared to the death and destruction.

          • Wrong ,THE only thing that will protect the people are themselves. Fight fire with fire, or burn.

        • Sadly, we have guys like this on EVERY police force in the country!

          • Way to generalize.

          • Fox News has just reported that the officer has relieved of duty and suspended indefinitely. They didn’t say whether it was with or without pay.

            • The KKK Arrives in Ferguson to Support Their “HERO” Cop who Shot the Black Thug.

              “We are setting up a reward/fund for the police officer who shot this thug,” the South Carolina-based Klan group stated in an email. “He is a hero! We need more white cops who are anti-Zog and willing to put Jewish controlled black thugs in their place. Most cops are cowards and do nothing while 90% of interracial crime is black (and non-white) on white.”

              Link: http://therawfeedlive.com/2014/08/kkk-arrives-in-ferguson-to-support-their-hero-as-the-hate-heats-up/

              I say bring in “Hell’s Angels,”Biker Gang,- They will show these Cops how to kick some ass.

              • Great… Ignorant white people joining the fray against ignorant black people. Say no to Sharpton, say no to Jackson, say no to the Black Panthers and say no to the KKK. I have no use for any of them.

            • The KKK Arrives in Ferguson to Support Their “HERO” Cop who Shot the Black Thug.

              “We are setting up a reward/fund for the police officer who shot this thug,” the South Carolina-based Klan group stated in an email. “He is a hero! We need more white cops who are anti-Zog and willing to put Jewish controlled black thugs in their place. Most cops are cowards and do nothing while 90% of interracial crime is black (and non-white) on white.”

              Link: http://therawfeedlive.com/2014/08/kkk-arrives-in-ferguson-to-support-their-hero-as-the-hate-heats-up/

              I say bring in “Hell’s Angels,”Biker Gang,- They will show these Cops how to kick some ass.

          • I find it quite ironic that many on this site would shoot a person who would want to have a share in their preps if the SHTF, but the cops should be polite, courteous, say please and thank you to the filthy, vile, corrupt looters. Many here have stated that they should just nuke certain countries, but when it comes to pointing fingers at cops who are over stressed, underpaid, ridiculed and spit on, the cops should just roll over and die.

            Every night there is tension in the air in Ferguson, the media stirs up more agitation among the psychos and now tax evader Holder is going to save the day. Wake up people, the cops have a rotten job but someone has to do it. If it was my neighborhood, I would stay out of the chaos and hope the cops would have enough fire power to stop the criminals in their tracks. I say bring in the tanks and see the roaches scatter.

            • Swinging:

              Great post.

              Wonder what each of us would do if we were shoved in the middle of that insane asylum in Furgeson as a cop.

              Not knowing from one minute to the next if you are going to get shot, get urine thrown on you, get spit on, called every filthy name in the book

              If even one of the “professional animals” imported into Furgeson would show up in your neighborhood acting like they are you would have a rifle pointed at him in a flash.

              Think those policemen want in the middle of that mess, wondering if they will be alive to make it home to their own family.

              The MSM and their ‘commie comrades’ are so ginned up over this cop, so pleased they can infuriate their viewers.

              I have had one speeding ticket in my life and deserved it. I didn’t argue with the cop. He was just doing what he was paid to do. I have never lived in a town with all the racial tensions; and I am fortunate for that.

              Eric Holder going to comfort those poor parents of that hoodlum. Where was he when the border agent was killed with one of the guns he authorized to be sold to the drug gangs. He is the biggest criminal of all.

              Bet your life he was sent down there on a mission….stir up as much shit as you can….

              Dread the day of the funeral; Al Sharp tongue is to give his rabble rousing eulogy.

              • Pissed Off Granny,

                My sentiments exactly, I couldn’t have said it better. The truth is the truth and all the red thumbs in the world can’t change it. Bravo to you.

              • I sort of agree with the whole its a dirty job but none of the other cops were doing this. They kept there wits. This officer needs to do a different job.

                • But you never know what this cop might have gone through 5 minutes earlier.

              • @P O Granny, “Eric Holder going to comfort those poor parents of that hoodlum. Where was he when the border agent was killed with one of the guns he authorized to be sold to the drug gangs. He is the biggest criminal of all.” That was well said.

                • But the BP officer was white.

              • If I was a cop in Ferguson, I think I’d be more focused on looters and violent thugs, and leave the non-violent protesters to their constitutional right to protest.

                In my mind, IT’S THE FOCUS OF THE POLICE THAT IS WRONG in Ferguson. All eyes are on peaceful protestors, because they aren’t as dangerous as the thugs on the rampage in the background. The police are simply picking on the easiest targets.

              • Swingin and POG.

                I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for saying what many of us feel but just can’t express in words.

            • I find it ironic that many do not see the forest because of the trees….
              Do not fall into the “trap” being laid….Federal Martial Law Would be put into effect if, or when, some respond to this travesty….be aware, and be ready…and do NOT be fooled…

          • This is the problem that a lot of stupid people in positions of authority have.

            Think about it. We have all been exposed to idiots who, when asked questions that they cannot figure out the answers to, get angry to the point of violence. Couple that with the impossible position that most of those officers have been put in, and you have a recipe for disaster. This poor guy just couldn’t admit that he didn’t know the answers that the reporters were asking; that is his fault. Being put in a position where he had to have contact with the press; that is the fault of his superiors.

            The local LEOs need a better Personnel Dept.

          • So Mark…your racism allow the killing of people who are not part of your race? The problem is some blacks sadly share the same racism about whites and this is the exact reason as a nation we are screwed by the corrupt elites in charge.

            p.s. My comment is not about the kid who got shot since if the officer was truly in danger for his life he had the God given right to defend himself just like any other human being.

            • Exactly. Until we can learn to understand each other we will never get past the whole race issue. By that I mean both sides need to know how the other side sees them and instead of circling their own wagons, actually try to understand the other side’s viewpoint. Honestly, there are generations of mistrust that have to be overcome, and each side has legitimate reasons not to trust the other. It also has to be between the regular people without interference from those who profit from continuing the racial divide. From there, maybe we can have an honest discussion about how to move forward. Sadly though, I have no hope that this will happen quickly. It likely will take many more generations to eradicate the cancer of racism.

        • This cop isn’t even a pig, he’s a psycho lunatic.
          I’m surprised he isn’t carrying a machete.

          • I think he was just scared and totally stressed out. If he was, he didn’t belong there and needed to be relieved of duty.

            • Fear is what is in his face. I agree ^^^^^

            • Confederate: I agree with you cause stress on it’s own is a killer and not excusing that officers actions one bit,can you you imagine no relief due to manpower,people screaming all around an at you,hungry,tired,feet hurting over the misguided actions of your fellow cops and damn who wouldn’t want to be somewhere else and this is sorta what happened in ’69 at the Democratic convention in Chicago,but those cops were actually fighting with people. I think this whole thing is being sensationalized by our media who probably couldn’t give a rat’s ass for the truth of what went down cause the cop and the kid both F—– big time;kid’s dead,cop looking at loss of job and or prison cause both started that day with NO IDEA of this which is why I hope each and everyone of us takes the time to teach your family how to survive “police encounters”and pray always for we ARE living in “the last days”. DONT STOP PREPPING.

              • I totally agree with you.

              • I got my powdered milk on a gamma seal bucket today. The rice goes in buckets tomorrow. Added 10 lbs of raw honey to my shelves.

                • 2 red thumbs? Really? What, people don’t like powdered milk, or is it the honey they don’t like?

                  • Red thumbs are just confused about the measurement of honey in lbs. or being “raw” ? That’s all I can figure sixpack. Keep whack’in and stack’in

            • Yah gotta wonder what went on before the tape started rolling. Generally speaking cops are easy to provoke, since they take crap from just about everybody the meet, day after day. We’re reading that the ROE down there has them basically hog-tied, even when they are shot at and have bottle of piss thrown at them. Stressed out much?

              • Hey Old Coach, I am wondering the same.

                Seems this is a chance for the “no respect” crowd to show their true colours and raise hell, they think without consequences.

                And it is good “news” if journo’s and cameramen can get footage of the worst in people coming out. Lets face it, if it was a totally peaceful, quiet, orderly protest it would get a few lines on page 6 of the local paper.

                The more it is reported, the more out of control it gets – gives the morons their 5 minutes of fame.

                On a more somber note – I am thinking this is a cold, hard, brutal look at what our future holds (yours and ours). Things are more or less running on an even keel now but gradually a tipping point is coming and when it does this will be the situation in damn near every city and town across our countries. I see where Ferguson has a population of only 21,000 (approx.) – look at the mess that has been caused in such a small town. Move that to Chicago, Detroit (Sydney or Melbourne in Aussie) and I am starting to think bugging in (in a city/large town) is not such a good Plan A after all !!


                PS – a joke for eppe ……. 🙂

                We heard here in Aussie a shoe store in Ferguson was looted last night. Not a single pair of work boots was stolen …….

                • Now that was funny….

                • Hi Aussie….I agree, but I fear it is far more than a few minutes of fame some are seeking….and, by some, I do not necessarily refer to the folks rioting and looting….
                  Be Well and Be Safe

          • Solitary, anyone who points a weapon at me will be taking a ‘dirt nap’.

        • Kinda lost it a bit huh? Recovery area is over there buddy. Go take a break. Stress compromises training. After being called Honky MF white trash cop for two weeks……go figure.

        • This is precisely the type of psycho personality the tyrannical system looks for to fill their police ranks.
          These are a species of human being that have very low self-esteem; Narcissus; and lack empathy; and will not hesitate to kill. They should never be allowed to carry a firearm much less a badge. I fully believe in order for a person to be allowed to become a commissioned Police Officer, they must be screened very selectively and undergo a full psych evaluation twice a year.

          • …and be drug and steroid free.

        • Apparently this ‘cop’ has been ‘relocated’.
          (from ZeroHedge site)

          In the aftermath of recent violent events and now that even the US Attorney General has arrived, one would assume that the Ferguson police had at least some “sensitivity” training about how to approach protesters, especially those “armed” with cameras. Not in this case. The footage below out of Ferguson shows a police officer pointing his gun directly at protesters and reporters while screaming “I’m going to f***ing kill you!”

          The controllers don’t like it when one of their ‘own’ loses control…and it’s all captured on video. The pen used to be mightier than the sword, but the video footage conquers all…or does it?

        • Please understand my outrage…

          My father and other members of my family were police officers; “NONE” of them would point a firearm in a persons face and act like this guy.

          Has an Americans we deserve better than what we are getting out of our public servants.

          Police are NOT nor should they ever be the judge, jury and executioners.

          Today we have people in power that hold the values, traditions and faith that founded this nation in contempt

          If the people of the United States of America have become so complacent, that they are willing to allow the continued abuse of power by those who have taken an oath to serve, then this nation is over!

          • FreeIllinois, I agree. I have relatives in GA who used to be in law enforcement but quit back in the 90s when this militarization crap first started. They all told me they signed up to help people, NOT to terrorize people. They were “old school” and were totally against the idea of turning police officers into government thugs. When TSHTF, today’s breed of cops will be overwhelmed rather quickly. Despite their weaponry and high-tech gadgets, they don’t have the numbers necessary to control this country, even if they received help from UN “peacekeepers”.

        • Free.. Get use to it.It is the norm.

        • Just to be a devil’s advocate,

          Quite a few of the journalists in Ferguson have pointed their cameras at cops standing by while their town goes up in flames and violent thugs commit mayhem at will, effectively telling them ‘If you take any action, we, the media, will destroy you. We will inflame the public, get the sheeple aroused, and loose the attack dogs of leftist media and government on you, your families, and your livelihood, and there is nothing you can do about it, except shoot us, which will only be further used against you. We will print lies, half lies, and refuse to print the truth, because we hate you.’

          • “journalists in Ferguson have pointed their cameras at cops standing by while their town goes up in flames and violent thugs commit mayhem at will, effectively telling them ‘If you take any action, we, the media, will destroy you.”

            Is that really what is being inferred? The narrative now is that the police are allowing the looting and violence to go unabated, while they bee-line in on peaceful protestors. Perhaps capturing police on camera actually DOING THEIR JOB, instead of sighting in on everyone else, might make them look like they are doing their jobs.

            The only reason cops think that a camera pointed at them would a bad thing, is because they know they usually act like thugs and don’t want that recorded.

            I’ve seen many video clips where cops did their job righteously, and were praised for a job well done. Those who do the right thing, generally don’t hide from the light…those that do the wrong thing, do.

            Or to put it another way, “If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear.”

            That little phrase works both ways too.

        • Just imagine if you point you M4 at them. What do you think the response would be? Myself, I may have felt danger looming and the finger just got closer to the trigger. If you lower your I will lower mine. Quid Pro Quo???????? I also understand the stress they must be going through for so long, yet the fact remains, you are still just and employee of the CITY, and justification can used in self defense of situations such as these. Caution always prevails, yet vigalence is a MUST….

        • Rioting negroes who get arrested should be considered for convulsive electroshock therapy and frontal lobotomy.
          Evidence from 1930-1940 demonstrates how valueable these are for calming violent people. It is even said that such rioters are happier and more docile after such theraputic measures.

      2. With that face he either is from TelAviv or some ISIS recruit from a shit hole of some muslim tribe being hired by his masters in TelAviv and Ryad (Saudi Arabia).

        • He got his Police Training from Israel security exchange program. How to handle and treat crowds like dogs.

        • He does kinda look alot like maybe hes a cousin of NuttYahoo eh…What everybodys now privy to is the end results of several years of Mossad and IDF(israeli army) used to Train usa cops. Recall ever since 9/11 one favorite theme spewed 24/7 by TV msm news shows in america, especially Fox tv news, was a constant call for Israel type training because no airliners has been skyjacked that belong to israeli airlines?

          THEN…It got switched to 24/7 calls by same tv news shows, for, Israel type terrorist trained cops in every usa airport…THEN TV news calls for israeli mossad/IDF trained cops at every public school in america…Then why not add usa shoper Malls to it too?

          All the while, while daily tv news were “Floating the Ballon” idea of Mossad/IDF trained usa cops, guess who was being sent to Israel for several week long training sessions…usa cop shops and swat teams were.

          Now in recent negroe Nobel Savages riots and lootings americans everywheres can see the direct results of what you get After such Mossaad trained cops get cut loose in public…You see a Police State…And very soon You Will realize that we ALL are now considered expendable Palestinians in the way of what the “master Race Tribe” desires for America…Deny all you care to, but solid proof, yutube videos, many web articles as well as jewish Israel state newspapers articles Has Confirmed such usa cops training BY Mossad and IDF to be in fact, True.

          Still wondering Why lately so many usa cops act so…”Us VS Them” attitudes?…SEE: the real true facts and videos on State of rabid Israel Aparthide and mass murder thats been ongoing since 1948 to clear out “Un-desirables” of palestine so jewish settelers aka zionist talmudic jew whacko self chozens can bulldoze former homes and rebuild jew ONLY settelments homes there.

          Just wait for the Real massive Immigration troubles in america and every white nation of europe to occure when israel jewish Erretz Israel Plans go full swing!

          Their true goals are to Kill off as many NON jewish goys and arabs etc as possible…Then cause all the remaining ones left alive to Leave asap as immigrants into euro nations and usa…That way ziojews can finally have ALL the mid east lands promiced to Abraham, as long as all 12 tribes israel KEPT thier covenant(they didnt its gone) and strictly OBEY God…Otherwise NO deal on abes land promices will occure period. Page after Page of the bible speaks of these issues and demands God made for His promices to be fullfilled…They screwed up royally one too many times, God created a NEW covenant…Rest is History..

          Except for zio jews of course who conviently ignore that new covenant of christianity and Jesus Christ as Saviour/Messiah/Lord…That Must act as if it never happened or how else can they keep doing what they do to steal ALl mid east lands for their greedy ownership?

          Picture a couple Hundred Million more refugee immigrants flooding into euro nations and usa eh…All mid east folks!…Unless of course enough americans finally Get it and awaken to reality proven in jewish newspaper articles, yutube videos Galore, and far too many writeings by talmudic jew rabbis who love to brag in said articles and writeings and books of their true future plans…Go on and remain in deep denial like some are here…That wont make it go away since Truth shall always prevail as that too is a God promice! and once revealed He also promiced it shall be shouted from EVERY Rooftop!

          Theres simply No stopping this massive wake up call going on today…Why else do ya think fed govnt and its zio master race controlers are so damn paranoid of reg avg folks like Us?…Because once you get several hundred Million awakened folks…It’s time for the BIG Boot Out to begin folks!…This time around its going to be Global boot out too!…Stick around awhile longer and you can witness it all unfolding Live.

          Welcome to the Mossaad/IDF Trained police State of the Jewnited Snakes of AmeriKa folks! JSA for short..

          • You really are on target TG. What was described above will take place and sooner than everyone believes. Sadly many folks simply don’t understand the true nature of these ZIO species.

            • Well now TG, lets see you cry about THAT anonymous response, nutboy.

      3. Those of us awake are aware that all of this is designed to divide and conquer. Please everyone not awake do so and release all hate in your hearts and send only love to each other. We can win, but only through displaying love toward one another. We are all one!

        • Ancient Echoes…. There is time to love and there is time to kill. I am afraid love phase is over.

        • I’ll bet you have a coexist bumper sticker. We are NOT all one! Learn to live with it. It’s reality even if you don’t like it.

          • We are all one. We are all capable of the same acts of kindness and the same acts of hatred. We all handle it differently though. And as to the the hating on the coexist bumper stickers I do not understand why people hate them the way that you do. Even if it never happens that does not mean that we all should not be striving towards a peaceful coexistence. I’m not ignorant enough to think it will happen any time soon, but I strive towards it in my own personal life amyways. Do not mistake that for weakness. Do not think that I would let anyone harm myself or family in the name of coexistence. But until that peace is broken I always try to coexist peacefully with those around me. Part of societies problem is all of the people who say “that will never happen” and carry on with out any deeper thought as to whether or not actually can.

            • OasisDenied: Thank you for saying it better than I did. Perhaps all those that say that peace cannot happen, think they have to change everyone, when all they have to do is change themselves and the rest will just happen. I am proof.

          • They just need to have one big battle of “Bad Asses” held once a month in NFL stadiums around the country, Let the Cops, Blacks, Biker Gang, KKK, Jews, put them all in the NFL Stadium Coliseum, and let them battle it out. Chains, pipes, 2×4’s with nails. Sell tickets to help pay off the National Debt. Fight to the death or surrender, then send in some Tigers to eat the dead, just like the Romans did. It was quite a days sporting event I hear. Then once a year have the Superbowl of death-offs. That should relieve some stress out there.

            • Running Man …

          • No I don’t but only because I have not been able to find one, but yes I agree with the sentiment and have worked very hard to adhere to it’s principles. It is not easy but then nothing worth doing is.

          • Wrong, there are people all over where I live that have those ‘coexist’ bumper stickers. That’s their fantasy land. Right on that we are NOT all one. All groups on this planet have always been divided by language, borders, and culture as Michael Savage says. That’s the way it’s always been.

        • Please see “Cops Gone wild” article at Paul Craig Roberts’ website.

        • I agree with your sentiments, but I also realize that I need to beware of those who may hate me for the color of my skin too. Hate takes too much energy. I would much rather spend my time doing good for others. However, all I can tell you is to watch your back. Sometimes the very people you are trying to love will stab you in it when you are not looking. Always be prepared to defend yourself.

      4. That officer is probably an avid Glenn Beck listener and uses words like “commie” and “liberal” as snarl words.

        Fuck #OfficerGoFuckYourself

        • @ The Universe
          You obviously don’t listen to glenn beck or you wouldn’t have made such an ignorant statement. He constantly is promoting nonviolence unlike this fascist leo is doing.

      5. Dear LEO’s in the US of A…… Please keep in mind that if you are an American and live in the USA, disobey your ZOG handlers. We are Americans, don’t see yourself as IDF and us as Palestinian kids and women and unarmed men. Killing innocents is easy but don’t be like hired ISIS monsters who were created by your ZOG masters and enjoy the killing.

        At the end remember….Don’t push it since there are still good Americans left in this country and they armed much better than you thugs. Never under estimate the power of armed law abiding population who are being pushed to the limit and they start to push back.

        • There’s no honor in “serving and protecting” anymore. The establishment is just out hiring mercenaries for their corporate ends. A cop is just some rich thug’s bitch.

        • Can we say dezinformatsiya people? The trolls of the modern wannabee Caliphate learned it from the Stalinists, but as a policy of subversion and domination it can be traced back to Mohammed the Pedophile. Assuming of course that the Holy Book of Islam truly represents his teachings.

          • Huh?

          • Stalin was a Jew same as Lenin. Just be be clear even though I have no idea what BS you are talking about as usual.

            • Stalin was born in Gori, in what is now Georgia, to Georgian parents. Given name Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. Parents Besarion Jughashvili and Ketevan Geladze. Educated first at Gori Church School, later Seminary of Tiflis. Both obviously Christian. Being a sociopath, he did badly at the Seminary and was thrown out.

              I just mention these things to save other readers the chore of looking them up themselves, although it would take no more than 60 seconds to do so.

      6. Getting pissy out there…

        • Arrogant Pigs

        • Holy Shit, I go on a two week retreat and all the sudden parts of Missouri are falling apart. I’m thinking I should have stayed for another week!

          Anyway, I was pretty much without news, etc the whole time so I’m trying to play catch up now. Seems to me there are two lessons to be learned here.
          1.) never trust a thug and his thug accomplice (for obvious reasons)

          2.) never trust a city cop (because they will shoot anything that moves and blame you.) Lets be honest here, no one is surprised by this. We have been talking about the militarization of the PD for years.

          Well, I’m glad to be back on SHTF. I guess we will see how Missouri plays out.


          • Ghost Rider,

            I thought you said there were two things?

            • Should have been taken out right then.

              • The main distinction to be made here is that the bundy ranch supporters didn’t get this type of treatment from over 200 armed LEOs and federal agents. Both the bundy supporters and the oppressed blacks in Ferguson have a gripe, but you can see the difference in the way both situations were handled.

                The Bundy Supporters were stopping an alleged injustice from occurring in the moment, while these black hooligans are just simply off the reservation destroying their own neighborhoods to protest something that none of them really care about (otherwise, they’d be up in Chicago, New York, and St. Louis protesting nightly against the black on black murders and drive by shootings).

                If they came together in an organized fashion, made a plan that wasn’t so jungleized, and made a firm and resolute stand without preempting violence at their aggressors, it would be a different story.

                As it stands now, both the black protesters AND the militant commie pigs are in the wrong. Its hard to have sympathy for either side of that coin!

                • @ Sterling Silver,
                  Well thought out, cogent statement.
                  Thank you.

              • The cop looks like he was pulled out from behind a desk that he was occupying until retirement and thrown into the street, unprepared and scared. Most cities have so much financial burdens that they have reduced the size of their police forces. I don’t know how many cities these days that have the front line professional man power to handle something like whats going on in Mo. Most would be calling up reservist, desk cops and asking for help from precincts that never have to deal with the likes of Ferguson. Everyday that goes by the stress level rises, if this doesn’t calm down soon there’s going to be an historical event.

                With the agent provocateurs now present in the crowds ginning up the protesters anything can happen. Watch out in your cities for the agents of anarchy to be preparing to hit the streets with the slightest provocation. They do want confrontation, it furthers their cause.

          • I’m not surprised by this. This is like 80% of the LAPD right here.

            Get rid of all the bad ones around here, you got no police force.

        • ‘Until agents of the government who break the law start being carted off in handcuffs this behavior will continue… and likely get worse.’

          Bullshit! Until they are toted away in body bags is more on the mark.

          • FuckingPissed says:
            Comment ID: 3208814
            August 20, 2014 at 12:50 pm ‘Until agents of the government who break the law start being carted off in handcuffs this behavior will continue… and likely get worse.’

            Bullshit! Until they are toted away in body bags is more on the mark.

            ‘Until shuck young brothas who break the law start being carted off in handcuffs this behavior will continue… and likely get worse.’

            Bullshit! Until they are toted away in body bags is more on the mark.

        • eppe..It has benn pissy for many years. Some people are just waking and smelling something other than roses.

      7. Well, that’s poor timing on the officer’s part. He didn’t get the memo that His Majesty the one and only (thank God) Eric Holder will be in town today. So, this poor whitey policeman is TOAST….or is he? We’ll see. Remember, Holder said we are all a bunch of COWARDS!

        I wonder if Holder has an aversion to lead poisoning?

      8. Unbelievable, this is why I live in the country.

        Leave me alone and I’ll do the same.

        The day of “protect and serve” is long gone. A cop comes over today and will begin by shooting your dog because he can get away with it, even if he happens to be at the wrong address.


        If it were me I’d get an honorable job…

        • Funny you should say “protect and serve”…

          Most, if not all, patrol cars don’t have that on them anymore…

          Gee, I wonder why, could it be a sc ruling…

          • Jerrytbg, you’re right on the money. There are federal and state supreme court rulings that say LEOs have no obligation to the public whatsoever. They protect and serve GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC. THEY ARE NOTHING MORE THAN GOVERNMENT THUGS, TODAY’S BREED OF COPS. They have been brainwashed by the feds with all of this ‘us vs. them’ BS which will eventually prove to be a backlash to them.

            • Sad but true BH…

              I’m wondering why they picked This incident…
              When it’s coming out that this guy was just another wannabe gangsta thug…you’d think they would have learned after martin…

              And just like the martin case, the media is showing pictures of this thug when he was younger…

              No need to worry about this going hot though, beyond testing procedures, it’ll get real interesting when they pass out the 40cal AR platforms…

      9. What a joke. Both sides are wrong here. You have a police department that is too over the top and you have people trying to take advantage of a bad situation. They are looting and destroying there own community. I hear a lot are from out of town, but in this event if the people only protest during the day it will not give the bad people the ability to hide in the group and loot late at night. Both sides have to calm down and wait for the facts to come out.

      10. This cunt tree is beyond phucked. It is too late now cause you dumb assessment sat back watching football and America’s got no talent. All I can say now, get ready to fight for your life.

        • I would certainly agree the “couch potato” mentality and action, or inaction has got to go…and it should have left the building 20+ years ago…

          But when it comes to talent and something worth fighting for, this young lady certainly fits the bill..


          The purity… in mind, body and soul…is so exemplified, it’s almost beyond comprehension.

      11. Forget it this county is gone.

        • Fight to the last man s tanding..Make them earn it.

      12. Only a matter of time now. Scary shit, and were worried about a journalist in Iraq? We got bigger problems at home.

        • Jon, That American Journalist who was killed in Iraq, was murdered by the barbarians who were hired by the same ZOG masters of this cope and many like him.

          • The reporter Foley, was an idiot of being where he was. Expect the worse, and hope for the,… well he got the worst. This is a teaching moment. Don’t go into the lions cage when the lion is in there.

      13. Make no mistake, they will kill you. And they WILL get away with it. why?
        1) He resisted arrest.
        2) I feared for my safety.

        • “Make no mistake, they will kill you. And they WILL get away with it. why?”

          3.) qualified immunity

          4.) prosecutorial discretion

          • Thats is your typical f’ing thug pig cop. Oh but je’s just a good ole boy, right. Or maybe he is just one bad apple.

            They all f’ing suck and are mentally delusional. I notice too this cop appears to be older, not some young gunho punk right out of the military. So IOW, he has been around a while, which debunks the excuse often heard that the older ones weren’t like the younger newer ones. We need another revolution. People should learn where all the leo in your county live, what there names are, and what they look like. Because when SHTF, those cowards probably won’t be in uniform.


              From the Annals of Police Militarization: EPA Shuts Down MRAP Transfers July 3, 2014
              You may be interested to know that about two weeks ago the EPA notified DOD that ALL engine powered equipment transfers to ANYONE ANYWHERE was to stop. This includes to fire departments, police, other government entities including GSA and including foreign military sales. This should be shutting off the conduit of MRAP crack to law enforcement. But as they are “special,” who knows? Fire or cop the minimal miles per year isn’t doing diddly in the pollution level. Perhaps the smoke from the fire I’m going to put out might be a large issue? Right now, as Obama closes the Army, a HUGE quantity of great low mile/hour stuff is available. In reality this should be going into storage yards of THE NEXT WAR.
              Link: http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2014/07/robert-farago/from-the-annals-of-police-militarization-epa-shuts-down-mrap-transfers/


                If your City or County has an MRAP, file a well written complaint to the EPA that the Pollution coming from the MRAP in your area, needs to be investigated and these MRAP vehicles need to be recalled since they do NOT MEET EPA EMISSION STANDARDS in your City, County and State.

                Put the COPS Panties in a Bunch and threaten the EPA if they fail to confiscate the MRAP Vehicles or demand they be taken off the roads, that you will file a LAW SUIT against the EPA for failing to Obey or Enforce the EPA Laws. We all need to play by the RULES, so should LEO’s, NO exceptions. Know how to Play the Game to WIN!!

                • Yup! If the EPA can confiscate private vehicles for being on the roads without their approved pollution controls then it needs to do the same to the government. Use the bureaucracy against itself!

                  • I understand the point but lets be careful we dont do anything to give credibility to any of them…EPA included…they ought not be telling anyone what to do( and rest assured they wont be doing anything to help out the people by whacking the govt thugs with their army toys)they are nothing more than another unlawful/unconstitutional ABC agency that has no legit power or say so…and yet they get away with all their crap…Id love to see some of that hardware used on the EPA/USDA/FDA ect….hate all those commie pigs…especially the federal ones…just sayin….

              • So if we can’t drive military vehicles in the United States due to emission issues how the heck we gonna train our military? F18 next? Holy hell we can’t fly the F117 either. Have you seen the smoke trail behind a C135? Ground ’em all! Get with Telsa and see if they can fab us a really big battery for the M1 Abrams.
                Sarcasm off…

                Not gonna happen.

            • I read that Who,a good article and a great site.On a side note,Mac,perhaps consider listing em on list of other good sites,they certainly have you listed as a recommended site,cross pollination is a good things when it comes to information.

          • Of course! Just like the cops who threw a grenade in this innocent family’s house and disfigured the baby. They got away with that too. According to Paul Craig Roberts’ website, the city and/or police dept do NOT have to pay for the medical bills and the courts said what the cops did was OK. (Stormed an innocent family’s house and almost killed their baby).

            Cops said they thought the family had drugs… they didn’t. And even if they had of had drugs, where do all the drugs come from? Our fucking government!

            • Anon,the city insurance will pay huge in the baby case and settle out of court,a jury gets it will be 10 times the award.The bad part is a child potentially disfigured for life(hope I am wrong there)and no one on swat team fired/jailed ect.,not one on team trained in use of flash bangs(which is law).I said it before and will say it again,patriot hackers,screw with these folks personal lives and finances,keep off the street and let em try and rebuild their identities/credit ect.,not hurting anyone then!

              • What they need to do to financially reimburse that Baby that had the flash Bang thrown in his crib is to, confiscate the entire SWAT Teams police Pensions in full for life to reimburse the Baby for life. Cops are Dirty Thugs.

                • Who,on upside babies are tough little critters,I really hope this kid not only heals completely but has a chance to grow up in hopefully a better world.

                  • Warchild, what REALLY needs to happen is to identify the members of that SWAT team, discover where they live, and do a SWAT-style raid on each of THEIR homes. I would even add the police chief’s home and the judge’s home to that list for raids. Give them a dose of their own medicine. That’s the only language they’ll understand and maybe send a message to other SWAT teams around the country; if you’re going on a raid, DO YOUR HOMEWORK CORRECTLY AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT FRIGGING ADDRESS BEFORE DOING ANYTHING. SWAT personnel are so incompetent they can’t even plan a raid correctly.

        • Good ol’ “I felt threatened.” Works for just about any cop situation. However, with the above video, the press asswipes are instigating for anything they can. They are as much to blame as the cop in this situation. Don’t be fooled, many of these “peaceful” demonstrators are armed and I too, if a cop, would be a little worried about being bum-rushed in a crowd like this.

          When I was eighteen I was jumped by 3 black thugs outside of a McDonalds joint. Had to resort to “unfair play” to get out of that one. It wasn’t a very fun event I can assure you, for either party.

          • This isn’t about “thugs”… The black guy was large– true– which may frighten a lot of you. I didn’t like the guy either! However, being large is not a crime. ALL THEY DID WAS STEAL A BOX OF CIGARS! I didn’t like the guy either! However, this is not about disliking someone… this is about our TREASONOUS GOVERNMENT WHICH IS KILLING US LITTLE BY LITTLE!@!!

            There was a story awhile back about this homeless person who stole a candy bar from a grocery store and the cops tracked him down, where he was hiding under a bridge or whatever, and the guy ended up being murdered by the cops!!! Over a f– candy bar!! When will people wake up? This isn’t about race, for God’s sake– this is about our country being taken over by an extremely dangerous element of psychopaths who want total control! They plan to chip us and put us in FEMA camps!

            The other day, Alex Jones was saying how they are already putting the blacks in these FEMA camps and we already know they are targetting the returning VETS. They are purposely withholding medical treatment for VETS because VETS know what’s happening and they are afraid of the VETS and in some cases simply murder them!!! and I have heard they plan to incarcerate the homeless at some point.

            “First they came for the gypsies, but I wasn’t a gypsy and so I said nothing. Then they came for the Jews but I wasn’t Jewish and so I said nothing… and then they came for me.”

            • The only thing wrong in your comment is this time the JEWS are behind this plan to control every single non jew and to destroy them.

              • The they came for the Joos, and I said “take all of them, and there goes another one scurrying, catch him.” That should solve about 7 of 10 Big Problems in America.

            • Why don’t the cops do to the looters…what 1 cop did to Michael brown…after all they are taking more than a box of cigars…

          • @ Gonetoolong,
            Good observation.

            @ Anonymous,
            Ease up sparky.

        • Anyone want to bet on whether the meddling POS Holder gets involved with this incident, in addition to his meddling, unwarranted investigation into the death of Mike Brown?

          I guess Holder and the FBI have nothing better to do since he refuses to investigate criminal bank executives, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS and host of other “nothing to see here, move along, not one smidgen of corruption” scandals coming out Obola’s administration.

          Since it looks like a white officer on a white filmographer, I’m betting NOT.

          • Navy Vet…I for one will not forget 22 Navy Seals that were sent to their deaths

            • The minute I heard the news that their copter had been shot down HIT popped into my mind. I talked with both of my sons shortly after the news came out and they both said that it was their first thought also.

              • It was one of the most saddening moments in Navy Seal History. More Seals died on that day then in the whole history of this brave organization. Their families were never given any details and in some cases were threatened by …well, we know who…for speaking out. I commend you and thank you for your service..

                Live Free or Die
                nothing else matters

        • Don’t forget bogus assault on an officer charge too.

      14. If the end game is near the police state might as well go ahead and declare martial law. If they are able to successfully control the population with an all out crackdown on free speech, then it’s game over. We the people lost our most important right after the right of self defense. Could they be that stupid and desperate to maintain their stranglehold? The handwriting on the wall says their actions taken so far dictate their plans.

        • Game over?..crack down on free speech?…this game will not be over until officergofuckyourself, others like him, his bosses, globalist, fucking lackeys like the NBPP are fucking taking a dirt nap. When they start showing up at my door to try to dissolve my God Given Rights…My response will be to deny them and take it from their cold dead hands!!!

          Live Free or Die, brotha

          • Talon1776, AMEN to your comments. If he had come to my door pointing any kind of weapon at me, I would’ve had the business end of “Bertha” pointed at him. It’s not game over until we take our country back.

            • What is “Bertha” ?

            • Sure you would. You would shoot a cop and go to prison right? what a load of hillbilly hot air.

              • Anonymous, it’s not hot air. anyone who forces their way into my home won’t exactly be “Welcome Wagon”, etc. Whatever POS that will be will be shot by me in self-defense of my home and that is my right, moron. It doesn’t matter who it is. To answer your previous question, my beloved “Bertha” is a 12-ga. pump that will be loaded with 00 buckshot.

                • It wasn’t MY previous question about your shotgun brain surgeon. Let me point out for you and your mental giant friend pissed on granny there is more than ONE poster using the handle anonymous on this board, Jesus, there really is nothing stupider than an old hillbilly.

                  • {SIGH} It’s a real problem with people posting under the name anonymous here. A lot of good people have posted here under that name, but occasionally we get a troll that can’t come up with a better name for himself so he uses that same name. No wonder he’s a troll.

      15. This is wrong. He should be taken off the street right now. He needs to talk to someone, to work on anger.

        The turd Gov. in Mo. has all ready convicted, and want the cop prosecuted? WTH. They haven’t even indicted him yet. This turd wants to hang him now.

        If this goes thru, and the cop is railroaded because the Gov. is play the game to get votes. You will see a big change in law enforcement, and it AIN’T going to be good.

        Maybe it might be time that the LEO’s start protesting? If this bullshit goes through.


        • Maybe they should all call in with blue flu, and watch the town burn down….

          • I have watched, day after day, year after year, the MSM slowly strangle the US and the Constitution; doing the dirty work of the players behind the scenes.

            Judging by most “talking heads” on the MSM they are complicit in the destruction of this Republic.

            I wonder if there is anyone here that has, at one time or another, wished they could tear the lying tongues out of “lookin out for the folks” O’Reilly, Sharpton, Beck, Hannity, CNN talking heads, etc., etc.

            I, for one, cannot find myself wishing anyone of them well.

            Any patriotic cop in the country knows and sees what these lying “turds” are really up to. Disinformation and inflamatory remarks to get a civil war started in this country is their goal.

            • POS I have posted this comment here before : “If the media lies the media dies” quote from one of my prepper books (can’t remember which one) and I can’t agree more. I often make the request of everyone here to keep track of the communist animals on their local networks blowing smoke up their asses everyday. This way we can round them up when TSHTF and ensure they receive everything they deserve for ignoring their main function of looking out for our republic.

              • I mean POG, I apologies again Pissed Off Granny. This would not happen if I wasn’t so fucking lazy and typed your name in full.

            • You are right Granny but whose fault is it.Hell I amm 77 yrs old and I am ready to rumble.The reason the country is in the mess it is in is because of it stupid people.

          • EPPE
            Just what I was thinking. Every body hates us until they need us then we are gods. WTH. Believe me when I say they need us more than we need them!!!

            • Sgt.,to that I reply stop with stopping citizens defending ourselves with unconstitutional laws,for that matter,end most of the laws and this bullshit will stop itself.I will always if needed welcome a fire truck/ambulance if someone needs help,from what I have read/seen in recent years the cops would be the last people I would call if problems arise.

            • sgt dale, how friggin arrogant are you? Believe me, NOBODY ever thinks of ANY cop as a ” God”, you’re freakin’ delusional.

              • The God part rubbed me a little wrong as well. Does have a strong tone of arrogance. I certainly don’t ever see the LEO’s as gods. Interesting.

                • Starting to see more clearly??

              • Anonymous and BJ, I’m also against today’s breed of rogue, thuggish, out-of-control cops as much as you 2 are. I do share your concerns. But you’re both wrong about Sgt. Dale. he is one of the old school cops who don’t believe in any of the BS that’s taking place. He’s one of us and will stand with us when the time comes. I’ll be proud and honored to stand with him.

                • Bertha….your entitled to your opinion…..but you’ll see one day.

                  And as far as old school….the rogue cop in the video didn’t look like a spring chicken to me.

              • Anon? & GTL
                It is just a term and I used a small “g”. I have had people just hate me for my uniform. But when their little girl went missing and I found her they hug me and cried on my shoulder. I had a baby boy stop breathing and because of my training I brought him back. These folks today think I walk on water. I always tell them the Good lord gave me the knowledge, I just used it. This is just a very short list of thing that I have had happen to me and know these folks love me.
                god might have been a little too strong, but you got my point.

            • Atta boy there sarge….now you are starting to be truthful and show your true colors. Your kind just can’t help it…..oh the arrogance!!

              And for the record PIG……I don’t need you or your kind….EVER!

            • Really Sgt dale. And who is going to pay your paycheck? I can tell you any taxes collected from me and given to law enforcement is a waist of my money. Due to their holier than thou attitude, as demonstrated in this video, I will never call the cops. I don’t need more problems, like dealing with a cop with a god complex.

          • With cops like this aggravating the situation things might just get better.

            Here is a great example of what’s wrong with law enforcement. If they have one bad guy, everyone else covers up for them. There are cops defending this guy who is out of control His life is not in danger from journalists but he’s pointing his gun at them. Anything goes as long as its a cop breaking the law.

            It is so bad here they had a cop that worked at the high school that finally, after he molested over 200 kids, his co workers (other cops) finally turned him in. It made me feel that there may be hope, at least there is a limit to what their conscience can handle.

            These people messed up by turning it into a racial thing because everyone is tired of the cops being out of control, thinking they are above the law. You want respect you have to EARN respect.

        • I need to ask you a question Sgt Dale…since you are a LEO. if your Chief orders you to enforce a unconstitutional request…what are you going to do?

          • He will follow the order. But he will lie here to you and say he won’t….because all cops lie.

            • Most all laws are illegal, and just put in place to raise revenue or to suppress freedoms of expression. Cops just serve their masters for a Paycheck.

              • They are only color of law

              • WW
                Think about what you wrote. Laws are what makes things illegal. so how can a law be illegal?
                Just asking?


                • God’s law…not your NIV version either, supersedes all other man made laws. Then there is the constitution that is in place to protect mans God given rights. If the constitution gives no basis for a law, than that law is null and void…meaning it is illegal and only a public policy or corp code = color of law.

                  There is God, then Man and then the state. Meaning I am above a cop, I am above the state and I am certainly above the federal govt.

                • When tyranny becomes law..
                  Rebellion becomes duty…

                  Thomas Jefferson

            • BJ – I think Sgt Dale would not follow that order. Of course I don’t know him personally but he seems pretty sincere with what he writes. I do agree with you though, most cops probably do lie and probably would follow what they are told to do. I don’t feel the police are out for my best interest anymore, that’s for damn sure.

            • I have known many cops, from the Officer Tannyhill whom I used to watch and talk to as a child (small town and he would try to catch speeders while us local kids would hang out with him, God bless him where ever he is) to the child porn promoting RCMP H$%%!*# who used to be in Sturgis. They run the whole gambit. Not all cops lie. How many of us do not have a criminal record because of police officers knew that we only needed a stern talking to and a chat with our Mom’s (who would give it to us worse)?
              There are many who got picked on in high school and got the badge and the gun to lord it over us who may or may not look like the pricks who picked on them. I almost was shot by that guy. Then there are the ones who live work raise their families and want to see the world a better place, leave it better than when they inherited it. Men and women who pick up the uniform knowing that they want to contribute. Most of you here do not know what I am talking about. Many of you are patriots, but have never sworn an oath.
              The first time you put on a uniform, you feel the weight of generations before and after. Sure the light gets kicked out of you eventually, but there are many who never want to allow such a thing as Fergusson MO to happen on their watch.
              Do I agree with all cops, H$%% NO. Do I think that there are good ones, YES. Unless it burns you, take it to the LORD in prayer. Lay off SGT Dale.
              He risks his job, his friendships, and his reputation to post on this site.
              He is doing this for you. And Me, and You, and You.
              I have never spoken with the man.
              I have never met the man.
              But, I would trust him as a fire team partner any day
              over any keyboard commando who has never used any of his gimmic crap he bought online.

              • @SCTV,
                With all due respect, you have been conditioned and do not understand natural/common law, the bible, or the constitution.

                Your comment “trying to catch speeders” was all I needed to hear from you to come to this factual conclusion.

          • TALON
            I have answer this several time. No I will not and tell him why.

            • You already follow unconstitutional orders and practices????

              How can you even defend yourself and say this…..it’s a lie!

              And you already proved this to me and anyone else who read what you wrote in prior conversations on this site……at least to anyone who isn’t a half awake sheeople pretending to be a prepper who understands true law and the constitution.

              • BJ If the laws were unconstitutional. They wouldn’t be laws. Your not thinking.

                • Are you serious? or being a smart ass???

                  If your being serious, you perfectly describe the ignorance of most between color of law and true law and why cops and most civilians have son easily been conditioned as they have. You are weak minded at the moment……….study up grasshopper, you will be held accountable.

            • That will be your last day on the force..if they allow you to leave alive or incarcerate you for disobeying a direct order from the messiah.

              Mene Mene tekel upharsin

              Live Free or Die..will see what choice you make

            • That will be your last day on the force..if they allow you to leave alive or incarcerate you for disobeying a direct order from the messiah.

              Mene Mene tekel upharsin

              Live Free or Die..will see what choice you make

        • Fuck that thought process .These murderers needto pay with their lives

          • Sam When you going to startmaking them pay. Waiting….

          • sam druker says:
            Comment ID: 3208813
            August 20, 2014 at 12:50 pm Fuck that thought process .These murderers needto pay with their lives

            Fuck that thought process .These ghetto apes needto pay with their lives

        • Pig,

          I wasn’t there when the shooting happened, but the point is that the public does not trust there to be a fair investigation of a LEO. Internal affairs my dick. Cops are not going to investigate cops. The universal response is “internal affairs has reviewed the tape and determined that the pig acted appropriately”. FUCK YOU SGT. It’s the hypocrisy. Pigs are supposed to be the guardians of justice. You are likewise held to a higher standard.

          You shit boys always have huge balls with unarmed protesters. But at the Bundy ranch pigs skedaddled at the fist sign of a militia response. You fucking queers.

          • From your post, Acid Wretch, you are unable to make a fair investigation of the facts, either.

            Stop drinking your bong water.

        • Sgt. Dale. You are making this issue way too simplified. This is not about anger mgmt, this is about a change of culture, political environment and the constitution. I am sure you and I and many others on this site are aligned with the purpose of the LEO agencies and is simply to server and to protect the people but these agencies are only protecting a few elites on the top of the food chain and their satanic agendas.

          The net is this is not about a 18 years old , 6.4″ black teen who stole a pack of cigar in MS, this is about controlling and if needed killing the people regardless of their color, race etc.. . I like to hear your side of the story and your stand as a LEO.

          • @ nonmouse
            WTH type of BS are you spewing. Progressive communist liberal BS. Cops are the way we maintain peace in this country. You see how these crowds are looting everything is sight if its not protected. Would you prefer we not have any cops?
            There’s nothing new under the sun. This exact type of mentality existed in the 60’s. Anti establishment, anti authority etc…. We purged it out of our systems back then and will do the same today. “And this too shall pass”

            “This is not about anger mgmt, this is about a change of culture, political environment and the constitution.”
            1. Change of culture. BS. We’ve been seeing this exact type of “riot” since the 60’s. Theme and variations, that’s all. Like the man said : “hamsters doing what hamsters do”
            2. Political Environment. Yep it’s changed. Mostly due to Progressive harpies spewing their liberal idologies thinking if they keep spewing eventually everyone will cave in and believe it’s true. You might want to put your seat belt on. The progressive train is fixing to get derailed.
            3. The constitution hasn’t changed.

            “The net is this is not about a 18 years old , 6.4″ black teen who stole a pack of cigar in MS, this is about controlling and if needed killing the people regardless of their color, race etc..”
            I guess you live in some Norman Rockwell fruity world. 70,000 Mexicans have lost their lives in the drug wars. They, gangsters, are pouring into the US and practicing their craft here. It’s a miracle we haven’t had a judge cut up and turned into soup. That’s what they do in Mexico by the way. Do the math. If you don’t have someone to enforce the laws, this country will end up like Mexico. I can’t for the life of me understand why liberals can’t wrap their heads around the fact that cops are people and prone to making mistakes. Why sensationalize every single “mistake” authorities make unless there is an agenda to undermine authority.

            • @redneck101….”WTH type of BS are you spewing”. Nada…was just asking a simple question from the Sarg. I am not sure why you labeled me as someone who is against enforcing the laws. I am not…actually I am pro law and the law enforcers BUT if you perceive the current state of the agencies who supposedly are enforcing the laws is legitimate then we have nothing in common. You stated: “I guess you live in some Norman Rockwell fruity world”. NO I AM NOT. However the drugs and the drug cartels are being supported by the current state of the law enforcement agencies HQ’ed in DC. Hell they even get their guns for free. So the outcome of our brief conversation is I am more concerned about citizens like you. Why? Because you are the type who will sellout the patriots in heartbeat when TSHTF.

              • @nonmouse
                Your statement: “However the drugs and the drug cartels are being supported by the current state of the law enforcement agencies HQ’ed in DC. Hell they even get their guns for free.” You seem, based on many of your posts I’ve seen, to be one of those “Progressives”. On the Free Guns item, I believe your referring to Fast and Furious. Funny how the progressives/liberals are the ones to pushed this little gem. It’s not the agency’s, it’s the current administration holding them back. You know the Liberal/Progressive administration.

                As far as you statement saying i would sell out the patriots….I won’t sell out anybody unless they go wrong. You know like the progressive/liberals/communists.

                I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.
                – Abraham Lincoln

                Good luck to you if it does HTF. You’ll need it.

                • @rednek101…Good luck to you as well if and when it hits the fun. Just don’t label everyone with some liberal/progressive label. My advise however is read more history and research more. Until you pass the first test I must keep you at rednek101 but you you may reach the 102 level at some point.

          • Anon.
            My side of the story. Let me put it to you this way. You are at Wal-mart, and you see a young man push a shopping cart into a car, and then laugh and walk off. You say something to him and he runs over to you and punches you in the side of the face knock you down and then he kicks you. He then turns around and starts to leave and then you say something to him. (you are armed) The young man now runs at you and you know what he has already done to you. You know this time he will more than likely beat you to death or near death. You mind tells you that if he dose that your family (wife and kids) will be with out you for ever. You have two things you can do. Try to get away or stand your ground. Now you know that he has already put an major ass woop’n on you so what do you do. That is the question you have to answer.

            For me he will get as much cooper and lead as I can give him. It is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.

            Here is something else you have to think of. LEO’s have to make a split decision whether to take a life if they feel that their life or a innocent persons life is in danger. Or great bodily harm to them or you.

            I hope I answered your question. This is something I have see and thank God I didn’t have to make the choice.

            • Sarge…THANK YOU. I agree with you that the self defense is a God Given right for both LEOs and regular people. My question was specific to the LEO on this video….As LEO I am sure and I hope we are in agreement that under no circumstances a LE officer should even point a gun to an unarmed citizen stating I am going to …..kill you even under stress. That was my main question since if all of the LEO’s act like this thug then there would be no difference between America and some banana republic dictatorship. Thanks again Sarg for your respond. Stay Safe.

              • Anon.
                this guy should be taken off duty and placed on leave until they figure out if he is able to do his job right.

            • I would also defend myself,the problem is then the cops/da/system then fuck with me and perhaps jail me,to keep the prison cartels fed,fuck that noise.I will make a deal,I won’t call,police leave me alone as I will leave others alone unless attacking me or others who can’t defend themselves(and yes,I know coming to others aid will probably get me killed,sad part is,perhaps by cop who misreads the situation!).

              • WD
                The system F$%^ wit everybody. Cops to your just don’t see it or hear about it as much.

            • Fuck you sarge! It’s too god damned easy to say I’d rather be judged by 12 when you’re a fucking cop and know you’ll NEVER get to that point, douchebag.

              • Anonymous, you and BJ are the douchebags. Back off from Sgt. Dale!

                • BJ, go stick something up your own ass, you commie bastard. I can hold my own in any situation.

                  • Brave, I believe this is the same user who used your name. They seem to be using BJ’s as well. Working to stop it. Thanks all and apologies for the inconvenience if your name has been annexed by this individual.

            • Cops make a split decision, do they take another Thug off the street, shoot his ass and get away with it. All in a few seconds. Bang Bang Freeze!!! Then throw a knife down by him clutching the knife to get a few prints off of. Then radio in for the coroner.

              • WW
                Y0u watch too much T.V.

        • Sgt.D, I saw that this morning. What a sorry ass POS that governor is. Hell I thought Slick Mick O’Malley was bad. Another chickenshit Nixon. Hope they tar and feather his ass.

            • Good Job Maddog!!!! The Truth is coming out.

            • I don’t believe that story is totally true either. First this is watered down beings that is a re telling of a story several times over by humans. Also pigs dont say please.

                • BJ
                  Have you seen the medical report on the Cop yet? I haven’t! Why is the other guys story true and the Cops story not true? I’ll bet that the cops story is more true than the little kids story.
                  If the Grand Jury indicts him the next thing they can indict is a ham sandwich. Takes nothing to get an indictment.
                  If they do take this Cop to trial I’m going to get the Blue Flu and I hope everyone else in Mo gets it to and then you can take care of your self when the purge begins. Good Luck!

                • I don’t need you or your kind. And when SHTF, I damn sure don’t want to be around or involved with any one associated with the state or the state mind set.

                • sgt dale, the sooner we’re rid of your type the BETTER! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

        • Thats a dirty cop pumped up on roids, probably got some back door handouts going on too. The name. We need the name. Then he can be searched out and linked to having more than his fair share for a small minded fat pig.

          /like I said a few posts back, theres some hinky shit going down in Ferguson. Cops are too reactionary. Cops too aggressive w/ reporters. And the gov and lt gov are throwing their own under the bus.
          Theres more going on, deep down. Waitll the smoke clears. Were gonna find rats everywhere along w/ buried stories and dirt mounds.

          • Sarge, good evening. Those 2 morons anonymous and BJ pissed me off with their attacks on you. I wonder what kind of song would they sing if those same rioters in Ferguson had come to burn their homes down, possibly with their families inside? I know you’re one of the good LEOs out there and you struggle to do what is right. If we ever get to meet, coffee and dinner will be on me.

            • TRGH
              Ignorance is bliss! Let them blow off steam. One day they will grow up.

          • Calgagus, if that same band of rioters had come to burn down your home, possibly with your family inside, what kind of song would you sing in the aftermath?

            • The name of the song is “CHICKEN HEART”.

              • anonymous troll, the song is actually “The End Of Obama-supporting Communist Trolls like You and BJ”.

        • “Ain’t going to be good” you say……LMAO

          The end of cops would be a great thing for freedom / liberty lovers.

          END THE CORP

          • The day the cops disappear is the day hate-filled losers like you will swing and sun-dry from the tree in their own front yard. You want a reset? Natural law? Be careful what you wish for.

        • Sgt., LEOs should all resign and settle in as an unorganized militiaman and don’t try to organize the unorganized. Bring along your heavy weapons, but don’t bring your rates, ranks and BS.

        • Perhaps he has anger issues,let him talk to someone,after he is fired,this is the kind of BS is why folks view most cops as the enemy.I will say do not know what he did/didn’t go thru a few minutes earlier but with all the cops there take a break,hell,few days back citizens were having peaceful demonstrations for most part excepting a few assholes and cooking out in the streets and even feeding/talking to the cops,both sides need to take a deep breath or soon this will get truly ugly.

      16. I say enough of this, take the shot mister police man and lets get this rodeo going..

      17. reporters have a real knack at getting the response that they want from who ever they have their cameras on. And if they don’t get it they have been known to hound their subjects to death. remember the little princess Diana and the arab friend of hers who were chased by reporters until their car crashed.

        Who committed murder in that case and walked away scott free protected by their little press badges?

      18. Pointing weapon directly at journalists and/or citizens and bystanders is an “aggressive act” and willingness to engage in immediate CQB…..or at the very least shows a complete disregard for the safety of others. A negligent discharge will definitely result in an injury or casualty.

        Military personnel are trained to keep weapons in a “low ready” or “high ready” position which allows them to react quickly and effectively to any threat. Doing so allows them avoid “flagging” their own battle buddies, any friendlies, or locals showing no immediate threat

        Officer “Go F___ Yourself” evidently does not know safe handling of a firearm. Needs some remedial training and the personal attention of someone who can correct his major malfunction.

      19. It’s all fun and games till they start shooting. What’s the difference between this and the Bundy ranch? People’s rights are being violated. Where are you? I’m sure if something like this happen to some white plantation owner, You’d be there supporting them, defending their constitutional rights. But not the inner city youth, probably one of the most victimized cultures on the planet!
        The answer is obvious to me.

        • The assembly was armed at Bundy and snipers had their sights on LEO.

          First shot – game on.

        • The difference is that the people at the Bundy ranch were not looting, burning and destroying property. If this were a case where these people were taking a defensive posture against the police where the government was in the wrong, and were not being destructive than it would be seen differently. As it sits, this is just the typical free for all that people with nothing to lose engage in when they have the chance. Sadly though, the people with a legitimate gripe that are NOT participating in the violence are getting drowned out by those whose only goal is to pillage and destroy.

          • No, letting Cattle graze on public land, that’s not destruction of property, or stealing. Gimme a break!

            The intelligence level of this site just got downgraded.

            • Public lands?….aint any such animal…its either privately held or its the govts…in our world today privately held is almost an extinct species…and govt isnt supposed to have much if any lands…they slap the word public on it when they really mean govts…shows how outta kilter things they be eh?…and besides,you can not steal from a thief,govt is the biggest thief going so take back all you can,even if its just your cow eatin some govt grass!

            • No, it’s grazing cattle without a permit, technically. Not destruction or theft.

            • Considering that cattle have grazed that land for over 100 years, I fail to see how it equates to someone robbing a store then burning it down. Given the choice, I would rather have Mr. Bundy’s destructive cattle illegally graze on my lawn than Ferguson “protestors” break into my house, steal everything they can carry off and then burn it to the ground. Grass grows back. Buildings and possessions do not.

              • See! You’re all so eager to stick up for some rich WHITE plantation owner, However, when a BLACK kid gets murdered, in the city, the people protesting are looters, rioters, provocateurs… There is always collateral damage, ” A Hungry Mob, Is a Hungry Mob.”

                If YOU PEOPLE are so willing to protect the Constitution, remember slavery, That our rich founding fathers Said all men are created equal, except for our slaves.

                The Revolutionary War was was fought by the poor, so rich people wouldn’t have to pay taxes to other rich people. Over land they stole, looted and burned. Ask a Native American what the Declaration of Independence Means to them. Land Grab Maybe? Genocide?

                A piece of paper cannot give you freedom! You must find it within yourself. You are all slaves to information, technology, materialism, and money. The Dollar, Gold, Slavery.

                The more I read, the more discouraged I become, Because If you are the resistance to tyranny, You are doomed.
                Ignorant, Bigoted, with no real answers and no unity. Just more fabricated information, to serve your own self interests.

                • First off, I do NOT support the police mowing down anyone of any race without just cause. As I do not know all of the facts of the case yet, it is impossible for me to know if this was justified yet. However, the evidence I have seen seem to point to the possibility that it was. If he assaulted the officer first and the officer was looking at him as a suspect in that robbery (as some reports I have seen suggest) and he was also charging the cop then the cop was justified in shooting him based upon the information he had in front of him and the threat he posed. If he was running away, which the autopsy does not support, then shooting him would not be justified. In neither case was the looting and property damage warranted. Protests, yes but looting? Never. All I ask you to do is forget your emotions and deal with the facts in a concrete and logical manner. This is how I deal with life and it usually keeps me from sounding like a fool.

                • Ignorant,bigoted with no answers?…you really neednt be so hard on yourself…

      20. Eventually everyone gets what they deserve and deserves what they get. The media has been in bed with the politicians for many years. the media has slanted the news to benefit the libs. I dislike the media, I dislike jungle bunnys & and I dislike parasite cops. Fuck them all. Its a Win Win Win in my opinion. Never anything good happening when any of those three groups are present. As for voting. Voting does about a much good as ugly ass Hillary putting on make up.

      21. I can understand someone wishing to dispose of the mainstream media, but these guys sounded more alternative….. ;-]

      22. From the financial news…

        Car Repos Soar 70% As Auto Subprime Bubble Pops; “It’s Contained” Promises Fed

        “The auto loan subprime bubble may be the latest to burst (after student loans) as the rate of car repossessions jumped 70.2 percent in the second quarter, with much of that increase coming from finance companies not run by automakers, banks or credit unions.”

        “The surge in delinquencies and repossessions is being driven primarily by borrowers with subprime and deep subprime credit scores.”

        The Obama ‘recovery’ – “77 million, or one third, of Americans face debt collections.”


        • The same tactics the parasite Zio Jooos used with home loans. Give loans and foreclose homes. Now give car loans and repo the cars and sale for more money. And dumb Americans fall for it each time.

      23. “To protect and serve…”


        It is quite obvious that does NOT include your or I.
        What is going to happen pretty soon is open season with full martial law and it’s ALL by design. They have added the ingredients, stirred the pot and the soup is almost done.

        Same as the deliberate breach of our southern borders bringing in thousands of illegals. Nothing is by accident, it only appears that way.

        Keep your eyes and ears open this Aug 31st…word has it that the ‘Purge’ is about to begin around midnight in cities all over the country. Do an internet search for Aug 31 purge and you’ll get a lot of hits.

        • They said this throughout a different city this last weekend. Nothing ever materialized. I do concur that it is worth being aware considering how fucked up many Americans at large are today.

        • To Protect and Serve…. Their Slave Masters…

        • issa is coming across the border, have been for a long time. And then there are other commies, all ages, no discrimination there, commies all.
          Do not pass Go. Go straight to your stockpile of weapons of cached across the country: md, rpgs, sks, aks, ars and other pos.

      24. NEVER. TRUST. COPS.

        • @ Npgh

          No No…. it’s, NEVER TRUST ANYONE.

          • Ghost you are damn right

      25. This guy needs to be taken off the line. He did himself in. The other cop hasn’t been charged yet. We’ll have to see how that turns out.

        • As kula has stated..this was terroristic threatening…This maggot needs to be arrested. A badge doesn’t mean you are above the law..

      26. The police only care about filling quotas and colluding with private prisons to criminalize men for petty crimes such as using drugs and slapping heavy sentences on the citizens.

        Here in Canada, we have a right-wing extremist government which adopts Republican policies, and they are always tough on crime, yet they do little to stop organized crime or investigate the amount of financial scandals in the Senate, and even worse, the law enforcement is in solidarity with the public school boards and child services. No wonder the cases of child abuse are skyrocketing these days because the government sector is not held accountable for their actions.

        When the police acts in the interests of public sector workers and the government, something is terribly wrong.

        The Ferguson lockdown may be the preview of a continent wide martial law from Canada to Mexico.

        • I would say more likely continental civil war.

        • @Canadian Truthseeker, would you please define EXACTALLY what is a “right-wing extremist”? You say it as if that were a bad thing. And while you are at it, Would you define EXACTALLY what a “left-wing extremist” is and why you don’t mention them at all. Afterall, it does help if there is common definetion for the word.

          • Last time I checked, Canada was heading down the tubes to communism.

      27. That SOB was zoned out. He was looking right through the people as if they wasn’t even there. He should have been escorted to a supervisor/CO (Lt. or above) after being disarmed and taken off the streets. A follow up report written, suspended and evaluated to see if he was fit to return later on for duty. The most important thing: remove all duty/issued weapons from his possession and prohibit access.

      28. Fuck that thought process .These murderers needto pay with their lives

      29. So if I do this its called brandishing a firearm and I go to jail. When a cop does this he’s walked away by another officer. Do they see that this is wrong? Why won’t the good cops get rid of the bad ones? It makes it hard to stand with them when they do this crap.

        • Don’t “peacefully assemble” while unarmed.

        • Armed Patriot,..you are aware that all police forces are (1) unconstitutional per the posse commit at us act and (2) they are all federalized…right?

      30. I just heard from someone on TV stating: ISIS is here in the USA. Shit watching this cop, I believe it. The only difference is the outfit and the beheading… but don’t worry that will follow soon. Eliminate the elites worldwide if you want to survive.

        • You need to check out the movie “Bounty Killer”. Great B movie on hunting TPTB after they have raped the people and stole all wealth. Marie Death ain’t bad to look at either. Have fun.

      31. And yet, these douche waddles can’t figure out why the general mistrust/hatred is so rampant. Lock and load people!

      32. Cops have their lies down pat and their Lieutenant will swear to it.

        1. They pointed what looked like a gun at me. (Camera)
        2. They were going for my gun. (Put their hands up)
        3. They were resisting. (Asking a question)
        4. The lunged toward me. (Walking)

      33. We are the only teeth the Constitution has.

      34. something about that last still photo.
        the female(?) in the back to the left of him is she smiling, something about that look on her face, is she hearing what he is saying?
        was he pulled back away from the group more than two times?
        the female cop (as was mention in another article) and the white shirted male cop.
        The overexcited cop film clips were a pretty wild thing to see. All it will take is one person like that on either side of the matter and it ALL goes to supper shit! Nice to see the other 2 cops keeping him in check.
        make note now, as to how close things are and how quickly they can develop into something REALLY bad..

      35. Looks staged to me. I know there’s provocateurs on both sides out there in Ferguson, but it doesn’t matter. Staged or not, real or not, TPTB will get their NWO Martial Law by hook or by crook. Today Ferguson, tomorrow your city or town….

        • In LA… LEO’s don’t stand a chance and neither does any other fucker opposed to Liberty and Freedom…we are legion..we do not forgive..we do not forget..expect us

      36. Back in the 1960’s they gave flowers to cops and national guardsmen, while whacked out on colorful drugs. We should form a ‘Sergeant Peppers Hearts Club Band’ and kill em with free love and flowers! The sixties culture helped get us where we are today, so it can certainly help get us there tomorrow. Peace

        P.S. Wanna stop the wars, return the draft. Everyone’s a militant when their skin is in the game.

        • Yes, back in the 60`s the cops didn`t shoot you when you walked twards them..and to reach for their gun to stick a flower in it.. Let me know how that turns out. I`ll be standing off to the side over that way..

        • Thanks for nothing hippie. The 60’s were a failure. Anybody who could have made a difference got shot. While the hippies just sat around in drum circles.

      37. Ultimate prepper’s kit…Free Gift
        Phil 4:9 “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus”. That’s Phillipians 4:19. Now notice, God has obligated Himself only to the extent of our needs. That would include food, clothing, shelter, companionship, love, and salvation thru Jesus Christ. It would not include the multiplicity of luxuries that we have come to think of as needs.
        God has promised that His grace is sufficient for us. Today is the time to develop a relationship with God. If your going to hoard..Put God first and hoard luxuries because God promises to provide your needs. Unbelievers who stockpile cashes may not live to use them. Many of these cashes will be given to Christians.
        Isa 45:3
        “I’ll go ahead of you,
        clearing and paving the road.
        I’ll break down bronze city gates,
        smash padlocks, kick down barred entrances.
        I’ll lead you to buried treasures,
        secret caches of valuables—
        Confirmations that it is, in fact, I, GOD,
        the God of Israel, who calls you by your name.
        Don’t fear them who can kill the body..I spent too many years living in fear…Bought a good mountain bike and am enjoying riding the trails. Don’t let fear destroy what God has given you.

      38. Just to add to the chorus: This officer has no business carrying a badge. There is no excuse for how he behaved and what he said. If he can’t handle the heat (and he obviously could not), then get out of the kitchen.

        We all understand that the situation in Ferguson is very high pressure and very stressful, to say the least. We all support the police who are doing their level best to calm down the situation and maintain law and order.

        But this particular officer should not be there and should no longer be entrusted with a badge, a weapon, and arresting authority.

      39. Terroristic threatening,
        Is a FELONY

        • Tell that to the St. Louis representative in the Legislature who said unless Darren Wilson is arrested and convicted there will be riots all summer.

          She committed a felony, too.

      40. this cop isnt helping matters any

        In light of the horrific situation in Ferguson, an op-ed ran in today’s Washington Post, chillingly titled, “I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.” Not “obey the law.” “Don’t challenge me.”

        I’m an American Citizen. If You Want to Remain a Cop, Don’t Violate My Human Rights, thats how I feel about it

        • VRF, my position is simple. I’m an American Citizen. I work for a living and pay taxes into the system just like anyone else. I never go around having bad intentions toward anyone else. I treat people the way I would want to be treated. Never approach me with any kind of bad intentions toward me and you’ll be just fine. DON’T TREAD ON ME and you will live.

          • TRB: Reading your post reminds me of the greatest movie of all time “Stripes”. If you only added this” If any of you homoes touch my stuff then I’ll kill you” , we could call you the PSCHCO.

            • Braveheart:

              Isn’t it gratifying to know you have a “commie” fan stalking your every post?

              Anon’s attack on SGT. is beyond the pale.

              Ignorant ass. I notice IT doesn’t mess with WWthunkit and Jack O Hearts, when they post comments that Anonymous should be all over with his/her scathing remarks. Know why?

              They would tear anonymous a new %$#hole.

              Anonymous, you are a slinking coward.

              • It’s unfortunate that you claim anybody who stands up to hate and ignorance is a coward granny. I hope God holds a special place for you and your friends in hell.

              • By the way granny, your friends are MORE than welcome to jump into the fray to defend you and your fuhrer them guys any time they like, I’m sure they read my comments to you both ALL the time.

              • Howdy, Granny. braveheart can certainly tear a new #$%hole in the troll.

            • Troll, my post makes perfect sense to all of the good people here. It’s you commie idiots who don’t understand plain English.


        And having relatives in Law Enforcement.

        I would say this Officer should be reassigned somewhere else.

        He seems very close to loosing control.

        I am glad to see the citizens saying do not throw anything.

        REMEMBER KENT STATE Shootings 1970 if I remember right ?

        When you forget your past you are destine to relive it again in the future*************

        And here we are again now FOLKS **********************

        • I think this officer was BULLIED while growing up ?
          Got slapped around a lot too.

        • He has been removed from duty and was sent home.

          Of course, none of the looters have been removed from duty or sent home.

      42. I see a cop do this and and I think about some rifles,then I`d look around for some nice positions to..sight see from.
        Then, I`d have leave and come back shortly and look for that nice shiny face. Then outline it with a certain x shape.
        If they want to threaten my life like that, I have 0 intentions of letting it pass. Simply pick my time and place. As a cop, they are generally going to do what they say..soo, he just made it him or you.. take your pick.

      43. I’ve told you people cops are rotten hundreds of times on this site.

        Do you listen ? Nope.

        I’m done.

      44. wow, so when are police not human like the rest of us? A brother of theirs has been accused of murder when all he did was protect himself. The governor of the state that this officer lives and works in, just threw officer Wilson under the bus to keep a bunch of moronic trouble makers happy. the president of the United States has sent his right hand man to serve “justice”, in other words make a conviction happen. The news media has Officer Wilson tried and convicted. I’d be pissed too.

        • oh
          so that’s why Offices Douche Bag is having a bad day ????

          or maybe it’s because of the little incident involving the
          corrupt Ferguson Police Dept that was exposed

          you know
          the one where they arrested the wrong guy
          and then four of them beat the crap out of him in a jail cell
          and then they charged him with damaging public property
          because his blood got on their uniforms

          that incident
          were any of them charged ?
          even disciplined ?
          one went on to become a City Council member
          and the corrupt DA and police chief turned a blind eye

          yeah Ferguson
          quaint little “Mayberry” of Missouri

        • Police are not human when they treat our lives as less then theirs. End of story. As to the Fergy Mee-ser-ah events,or rather the original event. I can`t say that I have enough info to say who is innocent and who is guilty. Now the after effects are not so hard to discern. The leo forces are very guilty of stomping all over everything around them.
          The looters, it should be a shoot on sight when they are exiting a busted up store front with goods in hand. The protestors, need to be left the Hay alone.
          We have lost our National balance, so to speak,and to a large extent our , leave me alone or you will get slapped attitude. I find it very sad that these days the lawless seem to be the most politically active… but I wander in my ramble.. 😛

      45. ISIS is beheading our journalists ..Obama Rushes Off To Golf Course After Giving Statement On Beheading…

        So is it really any wonder we are at where we are at this time with who we have on the golf course..uhhah i ment in the White House

        • This is what should be done to ISIS.



          PIGS GO EAT, EAT, EAT………………….


            This is what we need for negroe riot control.

        • VRF…but he is in contact with the ISIS leadership….Remember these sub humans were created by the ZOG’s incorporated to destroy Syria. This is all planned. For the ZOG’s he and many like him are only poor souls in a wrong place to be captured plus why ISIS, Al Qaida and all of the Jew made terror organizations never attack the Israel but only little Palestinian babies and unarmed men and woman are being slaughtered by ZIO Jews?

      46. The attorney general told the group, “change is coming,”

        be careful what you wish for..this “change” isnt going to be what we want.. its going to be what TPAB need , for their agenda to move forward

      47. Yeah, according a to a friend, when some terrorist group beheaded a Russian citizen years ago, the Soviet Union sent a box to the terrorist group with the head of their leader in it… Russians don’t take no shit. At least, they used to not…

        But our government? Only when it hurts big business– they they fight back.. otherwise, they don’t give a crap. All talk.

        • Gotta love the Russians!

      48. Throughout the country there are psychos like this that belong in the zoo with the other animals. There are good law enforcement officers still around. Let’s hope that anyone out there only gets these policeman that want to do their job, and do it well.

        The earthquake precursors have been somewhat quiet for a couple of weeks, but recently it has begun to pick up. The areas to really watch are an arc from Guam to the Kermadec Islands from a high 6 to mid 7 range. From northern Japan to the Andreanof Islands in Alaska. China to Pakistan, including Mynamar. Mexico to Argentina, especially Central America. All of these seem to point to a possible low 7 to high 7 range. As more precursor earthquakes occur the picture should get clearer. These above areas should be on alert until Sept.5.

      49. The Night They Drove OLD DIXIE DOWN!!!

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

      50. He looked pretty scared, did anyone notice if he had pissed himself!

        OK……you guys back there have the close up of the little fat mans face, press charges or file a complaint at the least.

      51. The press has not always been kind to the police. They get more attention for their story if add a few details. The young man was reported to be a good kid on his way to college, but this was not true. The black community became angry when the tape was released showing Mr. Brown committing a strong armed robbery. The press has made this situation much worse by distorting the situation. The officers reaction was inexcusable but you have to figure he was impacted by the course of events.

      52. Remember, this cop is likely dead tired and using steroids and stimulants.
        Loosing it it predictable.

        As a matter of police policy, any officer involved shooting should require mandatory blood draw and test for drugs, alcohol, steroids, and stimulants as part of the investigation and public reporting of the blood test results.

      53. This Democratic focus group operation to get Missouri Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill re-elected in November is getting out of control.

      54. The cops I feel sorry for are the good ones. Yes we still have some great guys…especially in many rural county sheriff’s departments…Trust me on this, I know some of them.
        They are people we REALLY NEED ON OUR SIDE!!!

        Get to know the neighborhood cops. Make sure you know who the good guys are. Know your enemy!!! KNOW YOUR FRIENDS!!!

        When it’s time to take out the trash, we will have help!

      55. WWHTI, do molotov coctails burn up MWRAPS? Brave post.

        • South. May melt the tires.. lol

      56. The officer seemed as though the stress of the situation was getting to him, he seemed scared and unable to cope with the situation at hand and another officer had to whisk him away.

        From a psychological stand point, Not everyone is up to the task of handling stress in those extremely stressful situations.

        However, there are no excuses for him to be running around there waving a rifle and sweeping everyone and threatening to kill people who were not presenting a threat.(even if the media was provoking him to act out)

        The kind of behavior displayed is a liability to public safety and the taxpayer.

      57. My friend wanted to be a cop in California but he couldn’t pass the Psych eval…I told him he failed it because he was stable.

      58. “Biggs took this photograph of the cop at close range.”

        Isn’t that cute, Danny Devito has a second job!
        I see he has the same attitude he carried on the sit-com “Taxi” as well.

      59. onething most folks don’t realize. the Police lawyers judge systems are not to protect the innocent. Its a revenue generating industry. The more crime the better It behooves the parasites in the law business to have as much crime as possible. They actually want crime. If everyone was like me and my family the cops judges lawyers ect would starve to death. If everyone was like my family we wouldn’t even need anyone to pick up the roadside litter. its possible in a all white society for there to be no crime and no need for law enforcement. It never will occur in mixed or black society. Bringing in all the illegals that are crossing our southern borders will only cause more harm & hasten the demise of the USA.

      60. when it really goes off…

        a verbal threat of violence for invading a zog dhs gestapo piggies personal safety space is going to be the least of your worries for you and your family.

        they will kill everything in their path that looks like a threat like they did during hurricane katrina in new orleans.

        “SHOOT EVERYTHING ON SIGHT, cause i’m going home to my family at the end of my shift!” – will be their motto of operations.


        • Well, JOH…..The target plan would be to not let them to make it to their homes and family. Except the ones who side with the law abiding citizens and the freedom loving Americans in the US of A Vs their ZOG handlers.

          • just a few suggestions…

            * everyone just needs to be aware that there are outer security rings of high ground “sniper over watches” , “flying predator air drones” , “helicopters with snipers” , “k-9 security perimeter screen patrols” and “transportation choke points” surrounding all such domestic terrorist events.

            * i advise all “Patriot Operators” to just avoid them in general and operate outside the security zones only in small operations no bigger than 9 man teams and travel over land as much as possible avoiding store business public building security and traffic cameras.

            * cover your faces(ski masks or other) , hands(surgical gloves multi layers) , an hair(wear hair nets or shave it all off). leave no physical dna or body fluids (sweat, urine, feces) behind, bag it all and carry it out of the operation area.

            * if you are going to become a zog resistance “Patriot Operator” do it right, educate yourselves as best as you can on proper operations procedures, evidence clean up, and escape and evade protocols(have multiple safe defensible area catches of weapons, ammo, first aid, food and water).

            * there is a huge web library on-line to self educate if one digs deep enough for resources.


            • Breaking: Special Ops Contractors & Former Navy SEALS Deploying to #Ferguson

              Asymmetric Solutions is a Division of Applied Defense Technologies. The St. Louis-based company is staffed by combat experienced SpecOps vets, including: Army Green Berets, Army Delta, Navy SEALs, SEAL 6, and Agency SOF. The company offers a real-world training environment with exceptional instructors on self defense from criminal violence.

              On Tuesday Assymetric Solutions tweeted out that they were being deployed to Ferguson, Missouri.

              * … this is why you get educated in proper Patriot Operator field craft.


        • Going home to their family perhaps,they act as you portray many will be going home in a urn/body bag/coffin.

      61. “a pig in fear for his life becomes a killer.”


        • @ Silas – He almost or did lose his eye, his eyeball was removed from his socket, from what I heard and read. Horrible.

          • Yes, I’ve read Dr. Seuss books too.

            Now try to educate yourself, by that look at video footage of said officer chatting with another near Mike Brown’s corpse. No nursing of any eye wound. No blemishing, or bleeding.

            More sad facts.

      62. There’s a man with a gun over there, telling me I got to beware!!

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

      63. Is poplar alternative news writer “Michael Snyder” a israel zio-jew shill?

        repeatedly he writes articles hitting at the heart of conflicts around the world and he continues to ignore the isaeli zio-jew mossad jewish secret police elephant in the room with him.

        Why Aren’t Americans Taking The ISIS Threat ‘To Drown All Of You In Blood’ Seriously?

        … link attached

      64. i would have to say stress was on his face and caused his actions. when in the marine during the 70’s i took riot training, and even knowing it was just training you still felt alone and singled out by the mob, very scarey.true he might need a break from the situation. but it sounds to me like he just wanted some room between the shouters and himself and other leo’s.

      65. I have to admit threatening to shoot a journalist would be somewhat tempting. Just not as a cop…in uniform….on duty….with witnesses…while being filmed is south of stupid.
        The press is driving the looters and perpetuating the problem.

      66. It seems like the video shows more people with cameras than police or protesters.The camera crews walking up to police and shoving it in their faces and saying “we’re not doing anything” reminds me of when me and my brother were little and he used to wave his hands around my head and face and say “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you”. Then when I finally had enough and punched him in the face and he went and told on me so I got in trouble for being a dick… Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like asshole cops either,just saying. I know there is bigger things going on here but thats how I think some of it is going. Dont beat me up folks. I like this site.

      67. Another boomer died today.
        Seems that generation’s clock is ticking.

        Just saying.

        Dead boomers aren’t much fun.

        • Dead puppies aren’t either. So?

      68. Was this guy Ferguson PD or another agency? I don’t excuse what he did and he was an A1 asshole but you try having these fucking press and agitators in your face for a week, every night and see how well you handle it. I’m surprised someone from either side hasn’t killed someone on the line. They need to shit or get off the pot over there.

        Why the hell hasn’t the pd released the officers injuries? Unless the DOJ is stonewalling it, like they tried to stonewall the video

      69. Well,it’s a start,hopefully,not too late a start: ht tp://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2014/08/20/police-officer-suspended-for-pointing-rifle-at-protesters-threatening-them/ ,will see what happens long term,that is what really matters but to get this guy off duty immediately for moment most important thing.

      70. Indian Meat Pies

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        Serves 8 to 10

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

      71. If that reporter had been in my state, he could have been jailed for inciting anger in a law enforcement officer. The reporter should have not been talking that way to an officer of the law. It pissed me off just listening to him run his mouth.

      72. Stress can and will get to everyone, he apparently reached his limit and needs a desk job and counseling. Luckily he did not pull the trigger.

      73. Seeing this, reminds me of those old history movies that I used to watch in History class, back in the day. Germany and the falling apart of it. Where the dictator(Hitler) was on some kind of vacation spot, with the beautiful scenery in the background, while certain kinds of people were being beat up and killed by the thug police of that time. All of it kind of reminds me of now! Our president, our fuhrer at Martha’s Vineyard, or golfing or whatever. While these thug police are beating people up and killing them. While most of America is struggling to make a living and our fuhrer is living it up!

        • @ Carolos ~ Wait until Obama has his civilian police force, (cough), Brown Shirts…..

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