FEMA Will Send Presidential Alert Today: What You Can Expect

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Headline News | 45 comments

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    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (known as FEMA) will be sending out a presidential alert today, and no one can opt out. Here’s what to expect when the first test occurs around 2:18 pm Eastern Time.

    With the push of a button and at the direction of President Donald Trump, an alert will be sent to all cellphones across America at 2:18 p.m. ET on Wednesday.  According to NBC News, the alert will simply read: “THIS IS A TEST.” The message is scheduled to be the first trial of the “Presidential Alert” system, a new way to notify Americans across the country of national emergencies.

    FEMA initially announced that the system would be tested on September 20, but later pushed it back to October 3, citing the “ongoing response efforts to Hurricane Florence.” Reports of the new alert received a flurry of online backlash as many upset leftists Americans jumped to the conclusion that the messaging system would be used inappropriately by the president as his own Twitter-like feed. But Trump appears to be bound by a 2015 law preventing that from happening. Congress enacted the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System Modernization Act to limit the scope of what can be considered a valid emergency alert.

    “Except to the extent necessary for testing the public alert and warning system, the public alert and warning system shall not be used to transmit a message that does not relate to a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster or threat to public safety,” the act states.

    FEMA oversees the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) system, which has sent out 40,000 messages to cellphones since its launch in 2012, warning people of everything from local severe weather to Amber Alerts, which are sent out to notify the public of missing or potentially kidnapped children. The “Presidential Alert” is a new type of WEA notification meant to be used strictly for national emergencies. Unlike other alerts, people with cell phones cannot opt out of the messages, theoretically giving the president a direct line to the mobile devices of around 95 percent of Americans. (To opt out you would have to get rid of your cell phone.)

    The only other way for a United States cellphone user to not get the “Presidential Alert” is to have their phone switched off, not be within the range of an active cell tower, or be with a wireless provider not participating in the WEA.

    The government solutions director for OnSolve, an emergency notification service that works locally with FEMA, said the system is powerful because of its reach and immediacy. “The [wireless emergency alert] is pretty much sent instantaneously,” Don Hall said. According to Hall, there is not much room for a personal message from the president within the alert’s current 90-character limitations. “There are plans for the FCC to extend the character count to 360 in May 2019,” Hall said. “But as of now, you can’t say a whole lot with 90 characters.”

    So there shouldn’t be any fears that Trump will use this as his own personal social media account, however, the alerts still annoy others because of the potential for government to use them to get propaganda messages out.


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      1. the system was implemented, what… 2012? First conceptualized in the 1980’s..? I love how libs are losing their minds thinking the current sitting president is texting them personally `>.<'

      2. This is a conditioning drill. There is no technical reason to perform this test.

        • Maybe to see it it actually works in the event it is critically needed someday?

          The same way you might want to test fire a new gun instead of waiting till your life depends on it before trying it out?

          • The government never made a weapon or system that they didn’t succeed in using eventually, and usually against or for reasons it was NOT explicitly stated as intended. What you have be thinking now is if this is aimed at wireless communications…what is the most recent upgrades to the systems that have happened? Um…5G anybody? Why is this important? I don’t know, maybe you should youtube search for the truth about the 5G secrets the industry doesn’t want you to know about….but the techs do and make videos on youtube to tell you what it is all about. Who do you believe, the PR mouthpieces for the industry and the Government, or the techies installing this stuff? Now then, why would FEMA do a nationwide test? Come on now people…think….suitable cover excuse to test the actual reach of cell signals and strength….Anyone living under the towers notice anything new since the 5G upgrades, or do the sleep disturbances and headaches just suddenly show up and you dismiss them as stress?…Watch the youtube videos and LISTEN to the techs….they have nothing to gain in making the videos, so why would they LIE?

          • Pish tosh! They know darn well what works and what doesn’t. They want you to salivate at the sound of the buzzer.

        • The technical reason is that it’s never been done before. They don’t know for sure that it will work until it’s tested.

          • exactly. Its a completely different system than the other wireless alerts.

            • I just received my text and it seems to work just fine.

              • I didn’t receive my text.

                And my phone was turned on and I was waiting for it too.

                I guess I don’t count for very much in the scheme of things.

                • I guess it means that you’re an anonymous Anonymous. That would be a good thing I would think if you really want to be who you say you are.

              • same here…..received message and then off.

              • same here…..received message and then off.

                • flip phone didn’t get the buzz 😛 but heard everyone’s “smart” phones going off lol

      3. All the presidents have had some kind of system like this. why are you singling out trump ? Also you failed to mention that it an emp hit this system using the cell phones will not be functioning at all nor anything else.

      4. Most people haven’t heard about the test. The ones I have told said they were going to turn off their phones.

        I have heard that test may be the go signal for the arrests to begin. Kavanaugh gets confirmed 53-47; Rosenstein is out one way or the other; and arrests begin.

        I bought extra snacks this morning just in case.

        • Be careful who you listen to.

        • 20yr ice cream sandwiches here from Saratoga Farms.


          • I just checked on the ice cream sandwiches. Discontinued.
            Well I have 8cans of delicious styrofoam ice cream sandwiches AKA freeze dried gold left.

        • If everyone knows ahead of time the test was at 2:18est, why would they need a “go” signal? why not just check your watch..?

          • The test has been called off before when the Kavanaugh vote was delayed. It all seems to be tied together. Alert, Kavanaugh confirmation, FISA etc. released, Rosenstein removed, arrests begin, leftists start losing their minds.

            Hannity announced that McConnell has called for cloture, meaning the confirmation can happen by Saturday. He also announced that the FBI check found nothing new.

            I am ready with plenty of snacks.

            Stay away from cities for a while.

      5. Annoying? Why am I getting amber alerts on my phone when a child is “kidnapped” by a parent. First of all, a parent cannot kidnap his own child. PERIOD. In almost all cases, these are parents that violated a court order of visitation. I.e., they took the child without the consent of the divorced parent, or took the child from an abusive divorced parent that they failed to convince a Judge of the abuse, or just a vindictive mother getting back at her divorced husband by claiming she did not give him permission to take the child (when she really did).
        Why am I getting woke up in the middle of the night because some parent violated a court order? I re-iterate; these children have NOT been kidnapped….and I for one am pissed off this madness.!!!!

        • So, turn them off. You can turn them all off event the presidential one. I get none of them.

      6. Got it.

        • Presidential Emergency Alert

          This is a test.
          No action on your part is required.


          • relax, so did everyone else…

      7. I just saluted my phone

      8. Let the whining, and nashing if teeth begin. Fools !!
        Took me 3 seconds to deal with it..
        I am fine with it..

      9. Let the whining, and nashing of teeth begin.
        Fools !!
        Took me 3 seconds to deal with it..
        I am fine with it..

      10. If the Left is crying about it… It must be a good thing…

      11. Interestingly, I turned off one phone, left one on and also left on a not connected phone that I use as a WiFi Web browser. The unconnected phone got the message just like you can make 911 calls on it. The turned off phone got the alert as soon as it was turned back on. TVS and radio also got message.

      12. You want to know what today’s alert was really about? The 10-year treasury just broke above 3.149-percent for the first time since 2009.

        I would stock up on your prep supplies, especially food and water. Inflation of food prices have gone up 12.5-percent just this past quarter. The FED just raised rates. Interest rates and thus prices will go up with interest rates.

        • Food is cheaper around here. People aren’t willing to pay even cheaper prices for meats, so there’s some each week about to go out of date. It’s still good if you cook it now or freeze, so I buy all I can. I’m getting a lot at less than half price. My freezers are filling up.

          Other stuff I usually buy is on sale often enough that I never pay full price. Bread at regular price is 50 cents cheaper than it was 5 years ago.

          And now the grocery store is giving dollars off of future purchases every time you buy something. I got an extra $4 off just today.

      13. No alert came through on my phone or my wife’s, area code 406. So much for nationwide.

      14. Got mine. Just exactly what is Ovaltine?

        • Lol. You got my vote for best comment of the day.

      15. I get the amber alert message BS often up to about 10 of the same messages over a day whether the phone is off or on. It is annoying. The presidential alert message never came, but just another step of tyranny to pump up support for war by a thoroughly corrupt government criminal banking cabal who fleece the citizenry endlessly. Kavanaugh another step to rape civil rights further.

      16. I’m not a liberal. But given what I saw when Hawaii sent out a impending Nuclear attack message, I’m concerned about this system.
        Hawaii has a very good emergency notification system. All of America just experienced what we have had in Hawaii for years. What will happen when some union protected substandard employee mistakenly sends out a Nuclear attack message to the whole country?
        It will be the Honolulu panic many times larger. Wow!

      17. Cell. It’s a book. Jess sayin’

      18. I have basic life skills, for the modern era, but have never grown reliant on the digital leash, I mean cell phone.

        I think, I could probably turn most everything off, and a have a nice, quiet, productive, several months.

      19. I wonder what we are getting conditioned for ?

        • We are being conditioned to freak out, panic, tear out our neighbors eyeballs, and worship at the altar of big government. From the comments here and elsewhere around the internet, it looks like it was a successful test.

      20. If Mr. Trump wants to report an invasion from either the South or from underground, and wants to alert us to that, I’d like to know that because main [LAME] stream media is controlled heavily.

        I hope it’s fair to say that all of here at this site are prepared/prepped ahead of time for just about anything, with the exception of an unannounced supersonic nuclear missile or an extinction level event (ELE).

        Never ever underestimate the inestimable power of Prayer.

        Pray every day, pray for our President, and pray to lessen the impact of World War III.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Act as if everything depends on you, pray as if everything depends on God.” – St. Augustine

      21. The Sixth Plank of Marx’ Communist Manifesto is described thusly: Centralization of the means of communications and transportation in the hands of the State.

        When they tell people to leave, their properties are getting ticketed and processed as though they were abandoned.

        Atrocities were claimed at the Katrina Dome, forcible relocation, and the sell-off of property.

        • Under evacuation orders, the phones will be turned off, for private use. They do this neat trick, at demonstrations, riots, or reason that phonelines are too overloaded for first responders.

          This expensive gizmo, that you have paid for, and paid for, will be useless, except as one of those flashing road signs, like for Amber alerts.

          • I have heard of them being turned off (automatically) at concerts, to prevent piracy.

            Why that is not common practice at fake, phishing expedition traffic stops and the Katrina Dome, idk.

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