FEMA “Preparing for Dollar Collapse”: Martial Law and Complete Social Disintegration In 2017

by | Jan 4, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 105 comments

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    Police and military units have trained under Homeland Security and FEMA supervision to quell riots and suppress civil unrest… effectively, our delicate future is inevitably headed towards martial law.

    This article was written by Amy S. and originally published by PrepperFortress.

    Editor’s Note: This one comes from PrepperFortress, pointing out the behind-the-scenes maneuvers that are building up the next wave of crisis potential with flashpoints in the next administration.

    Before that transition happens, Homeland Security and FEMA are meeting behind the scenes to prepare emergency response during events that may well include economic collapse, civil unrest, rioting, violence protests and demonstrations, clashes with police, natural disasters, man-made weather events, world war or attack on U.S. soil, cyber attack on the grid or communications and terrorism in many forms.

    The response by the system under any future president – unless certain powers are revoked, and the law is reformed – will be martial law. Paramilitary unites affiliated with numerous agencies are preparing right now to take down citizens, prevent uprisings and restore power to the continuity of government by any means necessary – right or wrong, provocation or real events.

    That is incredibly dangerous as the future of this nation tends towards economic ruin, deep social divisions and instability on every front. The facts won’t matter after the takeover is underway, and patriots are already marked as potential domestic terrorists, and will be picked-up preemptively.

    Alert Dollar Collapse – Obama Gives Green Light To UN To Invade America – Martial Law, WW3 And Fema Camp

    by Amy S.

    Alert Dollar Collapse – Alert Obama Gives Green Light To UN To Invade America Martial Law WW3 Fema Dollar Collapse Footage

    This Video is about that Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) issued a Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFO) for fiscal year 2017. Such Notice is to Prepare Communities for Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attacks (CCTA Program). The CCTA Program will provide close to $36 million to state, local, tribal, and territorial jurisdictions to improve their ability to prepare for, prevent, and respond to “complex coordinated terrorist attacks” — in collaboration with the whole community.

    This Video is about that Selected state, local, tribal, and territorial jurisdictions will receive fiscal 2016 CCTA Program funding specifically to build and sustain capabilities according to these qualifications: Economic Collapse Video…

    Alert Obama Gives Green Light To UN To Invade America Martial Law WW3 Fema Dollar Collapse Footage

    To enhance their preparedness for these supposed “complex coordinated terrorist attacks,” here is what they are looking to achieve.

    1. Identifying capability gaps

    2. Developing and/or updating plans

    3. Training to implement plans and procedures

    4. Conducting exercises to validate capabilities. martial law after election,While only state, local, territorial, and federally-recognized tribal governments can apply, there is something BIGGER brewing in the works. martial law dollar update, martial law dollar collapse news, dollar collapse martial law. Meanwhile, as FEMA continues to partnership with local organizations nationwide, along with preparing the nation for “National Emergencies“ and other cryptic events

    — The Department of Homeland Obama Martial law, Fema  2017,Obama martial law dollar collapse 2017, Security (DHS), per the Appropriations Act of 2016, has been funding and allocating for the use of state police crime labs, fusion centers, and other means and methods necessary… in order to “analyze” any information they collect, from both public and private sectors. As Obama’s administration continues to creep closer and closer to tyranny, one could only imagine how far he’d go before Americans started to revolt.

    We all know, Obama is working all hours of the day to try and disarm as much of the population as possible, and although he claims it in the name of American safety, many U.S. citizens know otherwise. But if it were to come to a point where Americans needed to be suppressed in order for the preservation of Obama’s reign to prevail, what would he do?“

    Read more…

    This article was written by Amy S. and originally published by PrepperFortress.


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      1. Old News
        just like 2010, and now 2017?????

        Prep and you won’t have to worry!!!!!


        • Same article as posted last year, only the “2016” has been changed to “2017”. Any bets we’ll see the same re-runs next year?

          • This has got to be the worst article I have ever read on SHTFPlan. The 4th paragraph from the bottom is a bunch of search tags as usually shows up at the end of an article. The picture implies that N forces are already being off loaded here in the US. In one picture they are marching in one direction, in another they are going the other direction. The grammar of this article is hideous

            Come on Mac!

            • The UN does not even have there own army! It is impossible for any country to take our guns away from us. I agree this is the worst article I had ever seen.

          • Don’t think so as The Fed has started the rate hike that will get it all going. One hike in Dec and 3 more promised for 2017. They threatened hikes every year, which always had neg effects on the markets, but NEVER put them into effect as they knew what the end result would be which they didn’t want or were not prepared for… yet.
            I normally don’t believe any of this crap as it is usually a precursor for, “BUY OUR STUFF!” but The Fed is the one to watch and it doesn’t look good. The economy has been on life support forever and it has to go eventually and it really does look like they are finally going to pull the plug as you can see countries around the world folding one after another.

        • Don’t like it here then go somewhere else troll.

          • why is he a troll? he just expressed his opinion that may be different than yours…by you calling him a “troll” makes you one if we apply your logic; right?

          • Calling Sgt. Dale a “troll” shows exactly how new you are here.

            besides, nothing wrong with creative criticism to improve a site one enjoys.

            Don’t like dissenting opinions, then go somewhere else yourself.

          • Leonard, you’re the f#$%in troll so take your sorry ass away.

        • “We all know, Obama is working all hours of the day to try and disarm as much of the population as possible …”

          Like everything else he touches, OBOLA is doing a piss poor job of disarming Americans. 27 million guns were sold in 2016.

          For all practical purposes, TRUMP is already POTUS. 🙂

          • And Trump won’t have UN troops in this country!

            • French/UN troops will be eager to occupy a country where the local population [like they are used to abusing at will] can and will kill them.

              If the internet, Facebook, etc, go down, people will assume the worst. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be on point in a door-kicking squad.

        • Bring on the FEMA targets. We will also take their shit after killing them. Goes for anyone else trying to take kill or displace us.

        • Bad thing is, there are people on this site that believe this Barbra Streisand!

        • In Real News, someone here said last year or so, several times, that the Peso was declining drastically against the dollar and that he wouldn’t be surprised to see the Peso fall to 16, 18, or 20 to 1 as the NWO prepare to move excess world production from China to Mexico. That was before TRUMP’S election, but it doesn’t stop the NWO from implementing what plans they can.

          Who was that Masked Man ??? It’s in the archives of course. 🙂


        • I prepared many years ago. Nothing happened. Let my stocks go. Now have enough for bad weather. Can’t keep it up. Your food will be taken away anyway.

      2. I dare the impotent UN to invade Montana. We would kick your sorry asses.

        • I would have liked to have seen Montana…..

        • Robin egg blue helmets make excellent 62 grain lap targets.

      3. The original article is a way to get you to buy that freeze dried food , that you can store for years ,but you can’t eat it. 2017 is going to be a great year. The Islamic militant Muslims are going to build a car here in the United States, and everyone will buy one, just like the Koreans did, like the Japanese did and Germans did.look around you and see how many sheep bought,or drives a car from them, after they shot, bombed and stole from the people of this country. Never changes.

        • I can see it now.. “Militant Motors”.
          Hell, maybe THEY will finally start importing the Toyota HiLux I’ve been waiting for.

        • They are already building cars here! Why do you think there are so many of them in Detroit? Ford brought a bunch of them over here during the war. Look at the streets in Detroit, you’d think you were in some middle Eastern country with all the Arabic signs around!There’d a bunch of them just waiting for the elephant eared Mullah in the White House to give the order.

      4. So What? Isnt that FEMA,s job to prepare for worst case events? Just because You I FEMA or anyone prepare,s for something doesn’t mean its going to happen. Im glad they are prepped to handle the DINDUs and Sheeple. That’s their job.

        • Yup, will remove some from the possibility of me having to deal with them,

        • I tend to agree with you, Old Guy.

          Why does everyone think it’s so bad that at least one part of the government is preparing. It could get crazy because people haven’t prepared or couldn’t prepare. Who wants absolute chaos? Not me- as much as I would not authoritarian control, but there needs to be Plans A-E in my opinion. Plan A: Absolute Chaos; Plan B:Business/Banking Failures Plan C:Civil Unrest; Plan D: Disasters/Natural; Plan E: Economic Collapse. Why not? It makes sense to me.

          • Cynthia,
            Most people don’t know that the military or government think tanks have a plan for almost any scenario you could imagine, they don’t normally act on any them as there are literally hundreds, they only rehearse for events they think are likely to occur so with that in mind, keep your eye on what they are training for and you will be ready in case it does occur.

            • Without wacko Obama in the White House, who is going to abuse the American people like this. Sorry, but I just don’t see Trump as this kind of threat.

              Yes, we preppers, just like the government ruminate on potential threats, and make plans to protect our families. I draw the lines when the threat vanishes from realities horizon.

              Obama seems to have tried to create an environment for WW3, and if Islam is a main player, I see that as a huge continuing threat. Obama has pumped billions in arms to the ME and insured Muslims hate us, really hate us. Who can change Islam? The best we could do now is encourage them to kill each other and use up all their ammo!

              There are many threats we have discussed here over the years, but it’s surprising how many were connected to Obama and his administration, which in another week or two will be no more.

              • with out Obutthead in office will help, BUT what he has done and the stages he has started will take a VERY long time to dissolve or maybe not at all. We can only hope that the mid east scumbags will destroy them selves from in fighting and lesson there effect towards the USA.

      5. Finally everybody on this site is starting to wake up. This site repeat the same old stuff year after year.

        • I never get tired of talking about the same old threats.

          Over the years, I’ve used many of my preps repeatedly, because schit happens, a lot.

          I haven’t prepped for the end of the world!

      6. Who the fùck wrote this shît Mac??

        Sounds like a Chinese autobot typed it

        • classic….

        • That is exactly what I thought. Please learn to proof-read and make sure your article makes sense before letting it out into the world.

        • And the video is no better. Had to turn on the ‘Closed Captions’ to understand what was being said!

      7. Finally, everyone on this site is beginning to wake up and see that it’s the same old stuff year to year.

      8. Trump will disband United States participation in the United Nations. Especially after the bullshit with Israel

        • Push the U.N. Building into East River.

          • “Push the U.N. Building into East River.”

            Knock it down in free fall fashion in it’s own footprint, just like the “mysterious” Building 7 fiasco!

            • With the scum foreigners inside

          • Kick out the UN, paint it gold, stick the Trump logo on it, and lease it as overpriced riverfront housing.
            THAT would be a Trump plan I think!

            • Marcus, think how much effort it would take to FUMIGATE that building! Naw, let it go into the East River like someone else here said.

          • Turn the UN into a condo. Trump could buy it as an investment and only allow true conservatives to live there.

      9. FTW, the UN building should’ve been hit instead of the WTC on 9/11. think how much better the world would’ve been by now.

        • Agreed Brave – … and also … I highly doubt there would be “5 dancing Israelis” documenting, and celebrating such an event if it were to take place.

      10. Buy a few good guns and ammo, get a concieled gun Permit , put on your gun like you put on your underwear in the morning ..don’t worry ….you’ll be just fine ..

      11. I am cautiously optimistic for 2017.

        If they ever take away the tweeting Trump does then we will be in trouble. Love the direct contact with the common man. Makes those jerks in Congress squirm when they can’t have their way in secret.

        I would like to have Trump lay it all out on the line and tell the American people what those in financial power can do to the nation and how they will do it. A few names would be nice too.

        He knows it is coming or why would he be in such a rush to keep jobs here in the USA before he takes the oath.
        Soften the blow? Is he trying to head off something bad that he can not stop.

        We shall see.

        • Anon, agreed. I love how he can bypass the scum MSM and talk directly to the people. All the MSM does is misrepresent him anyway.

          • No one on this site understands the charter of the UN! UN troops can come from any one of the UN member states. That includes the US.

            So you idiots who want to “ventilate” blue helmets could be murdering your own citizens. Once again keyboard commandos spout mock heroics.

            I served in two conflicts as a UN soldier – believe you me, the restrictions imposed on you are extremely limiting, much more than as an ordinary grunt in your own army!


            • U.S. troops could be murdering their own citizens too. U.S. cops have no compunction against it. They do it all the time and get rewarded for it. You’ve served alright–and were taught to think just what they wanted you to think. That’s why veterans are often only useful for government’s service. They can’t function without government’s paradigm.

            • I’d still shoot your sorry ass.

      12. As a future witness for the prosecution at the coming Citizen Tribunals for the Secret Society psychopaths who hijacked the US Government long ago, I will be called on to testify against all SWORN Peace Officers, Law Enforcement, and Intelligence Agency cowards that assisted, gave material support, and protected the Secret Society psychopaths who planned the collapse of our economy, the ongoing chemical induced “softkill genocide”, and dumbing down of the American victims through a planned and coordinated chemical attack on the human mind, body, and soul of the now disease ridden, depressed, dumbed down, dying American victims of the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling.

        As a certified expert witness on American Law Enforcement and SWORN Peace Officers, I will help my SWORN brothers and sisters all I can by explaining to the Citizen Tribunals that you were just duped toxic dump victims, like the rest of America, of the Chemical attack by the psychopaths controlling our Food Supply and the US Government, but if you continue down the same path as others before, which you already clearly are with Stasi Fascist Fusion Centers and the complete destruction of the US Constitution, and you commit more atrocities as other before, like ambushing and murdering Lavoy Finicum, there will be absolutely NO DEFENSE for you!!!!

        I strongly urge all SWORN Peace Officers in collapsing Police State America to understand that “I WAS JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS”, did not work in the past, and it will not work in the coming Citizen Tribunals after the genocidal treasonous criminal psychopaths controlling the US Government are arrested and put on trial for TREASON, GENOCIDE, AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!!!

        • Hey Ron you scum sucking boot licking psychopath hillybilly, if they ever flush you out of that 8X10 shack in the back of some junkyard on the outskirts of Spokane. You just holler and we’ll come to your rescue. If we don’t get caught enroute with our homemade soverign license plate.

          • Hi SYBIL! How many are there inside you?

            • Every treasonous Stasi Fascist Alphabet Agency of the US Government you worship as a God are crawling up the asses of all freedom and liberty lovers who value health, freedom, and liberty from murderous psychopaths… Do me a favor, and check with your local Stasi Fascist Center coward, and see how far up your ignorant cowardly ass they are!!!!

            • Hecter Saliva you boot licking wetback psychopath you probably can’t even swim and had to wade the Rio Grande so who are you calling SYBIL, and by the way you low life boot licker WHO is SYBIL?

              • It is talking about me memphis, it is the little boy/girl’s coping mechanism, I understand the cowardly dumbed down he/she has no idea what has even happened to it!!

          • Glad you got the lingo down, we can use your talent my friend

      13. FYI-The Drudge Report website is down again, for the third time. It shows: Error 523, Ray ID: 31c0bffed2700a0c • 2017-01-04 18:28:40 UTC

        Origin is unreachable

        Wake up people!!!

        • Obviously the Russians did it

        • Drudge Report back up as of right now.

      14. This is hilarious – irony in the making.

        Initially, I was concerned about FEMA and Obama suppressing “us” (common sense, hard working Americans). Then thought – based on Hillary winning – that Hillary would deploy FEMA against the Sanctuary City eventual food riots (liberal system failure).

        Now I am not sure, could Trump deploy FEMA in Chicago against gangs (domestic terrorists)? Did Obama now set up something to inadvertently or “vertently” destroy his home city and thus his intentions? Can Trump get a Return on Our Investment to employ the United Nations to conduct Sanctuary City Takedowns?

        Wow, as the world turns.


      15. There could NEVER be enough UN troops or even federal and state guardsman to suppress and neuter the American people. We are armed to the teeth (Obamas legacy). Doesn’t matter the scenario. After pearl harbor, Admiral Yamamoto said it best. “I fear we have only awakened a sleeping giant”…..when asked about invading the continental U.S., after the Aleutian island campaigns, he also said “every Japanese soldier that landed on U.S. soil would be met with an armed American behind every tree & bush”. Nothing has changed from then till now. The Obama regime is at an end, and a revolution has begun to take back this country from the maggets that have eroded our freedoms and liberties……the caveat is that we must make it to Jan 20th. The scumbag traitor still has 16 days to destroy the country.!!!!!

        • J, my thoughts exactly. Anyone who wishes to commit suicide trying to tackle 100,000,000 gun owners, just be my guest.

        • They already do it, one at a time. Their mainstream media just reports it as “disturbed”, “terrorist”, or “criminal suspect” captured, killed for “resisting”, or otherwise “suicided” or killed by “assailants”. The rest of the herd just clucks their tongues and says “scumbag deserved it” while they chew their cuds.

      16. Well,just another repeat article with #’s changed as others have pointed out,come on,this site has done better.

        Warchild’s response,”Speedy Stitcher”

          • They’re handy to have around and they’ll fit in a pack.

      17. So the joke starts off “FEMA preparing….”

      18. FEMA isn’t going to put anyone in a camp. They’re too incompetent. FEMA was set up to help the government remain in power. They aren’t there to help us.

      19. It will be like handing the keys to the candy store to a bunch of kids. With us being the kids. They know better than to do that.

      20. Im thinking the economy will be good for a minute of 2017 but then go to shit in a blink of the eye. They will wait till the sheeple piss away their big tax refunds and are back to barely getting by. So hang on to all the cash you can cus there will be extream buying opportunity and also a small window of opportunity to get extreamly prep padded. I forsee march april .

      21. Unless they do it from the get go so all the sheeple get a big fat IOU from the gov. Then blame Trump for it in order to get the shit rolling.

      22. And yes im still going to eat the neighbors dog not out of survival so much but more so spite for crapping on my lawn

      23. Where do I get that food that never expires?

        • I believe they’re called Twinkies.

          • Black Moe, Good one.

      24. Same stuff nothing new. This does NOT mean anything will happen. They are prepared and you be prepared end of story. I don’t need their help!

      25. Any Chinese soldiers that enter my city after a false flag will pay a heavy price.


        • Let the world economy fall apart and the Chinese troops will be plenty busy in China. The concern is not foreign but rather domestic as SHTF every nation will be clamping down on their own citizens.

      26. Keep crying wolf thats sure to work, get all the idiots whipped up into a frenzy to buy whatever survival product is being peddled. Honestly i dont think anyone has the guts or nuts to try and forcefully disarm citizens especially citizens in the republic of texas or the handfull of freedom loving states filled with armaments. Personally i hope that the civil war or invasion or whatever disater would hurry up and happen. I have no kids and i have no establishment job im a small farm owner and that is a whole other can of worms regarding regulations and such involving the gov.
        Dont get me wrong im not a complete psycho but instead of slowly ripping our country apart shouldnt we rip the bandaid off quickly via war so we can begin to heal?

      27. The globalists are obviously self assured and all powerful. Obama has done a fine job in their estimation. Talk about a destroyer hidden in plain sight, Obama one upped that. I see the armed forces are honoring him for his anti American treason. What a freaking con job! How in what world are the American people seemingly unconcerned about the future. Masterful manipulation, divided and conquered to the max. Now it is clear that almost all of taxpayer dollars are spent warmongering worldwide with special attention towards the war on the homefront. Is Trump going to throw out executive orders made by Obama? I bet not all of them.

      28. Trump compilation videos are really funny.

        He says he looks really handsome in old videos. And, he wishes he looked like that now.

        I looked better fifty years ago, too. I guess it’s something they put in the water.


      29. Lets see….. Trump was endorsed by the NRA, respects them…..O’shit has been THE BEST GUN SALESMAN…..EVER! That’s 2-3M up to 10-20M that will actually show up and do something, out of the 100M+ gun owners, sounds to me like DJT, plus the MILITARY, has the biggest force in the world. I do know there is no Fed. statute called Martial Law, but the 2nd Ammend, serves the purpose quite well in DEMANDING we, by force, restore a legal Republic, which has become oppressive and corrupt. The “Dick Act” from way back I believe is still on the books, and SC, along w/some others have State Militias mandated by law comprised of all non-convicted citizens. I don’t see a problem. You man a checkpoint, infringe on movements, act aggressively towards a US citizen, AND you are a foreign element……that’s an act of WAR. I don’t see a problem.

      30. I believe this as much as I believe an SF ODA being sent to the Russian border is going to start WW3



      31. Orchestrated war games and riots on cue can be fun and challenging, (insert training music here). Until the reality hits and no one has to say “bang! You’re dead.”, or set off the lazer buzzer to get you to lay down, (how many of these men have actual experience)?

        One only needs to see the failure of FEMA with Katrina and other localized disasters in the past. They will be completely overwhelmed by the armed GimmeMuhFreeGoodies crowd.

        Whose looking forward to sparing off with a squadron of angry 300lb black women armed with metal sauce pans? “Oh not you just didn’t point that gun at me! Come here!” ….God help them.

        Most likely, (after they’ll double assignments with those members whom didn’t go awol andbothered to report), will then cordon off the cities and wait things out. Then go in, open the stadium doors and watch’em pour in like hogs to the feed trough.

        Frankly. Most of us will be on our own, policing our own neighborhoods.

      32. So Dollar collapse, so what! Some FEMA UN Blue helmet types will be met with some ANGRY stiff resistance trying to remove anyone from around here. Especially, when its all paid for!
        If I have to do 3rd world I will remain at home. I am sure my neighbors for several miles will also. From what I hear they have some good stuff, very comforting.
        Maybe they will go the DC to arrest those who are responsible.
        This will not be pretty and I predict Americans for the WIN! Except in the northeast, west coast and large cities and maybe Florida.
        I am still more worried about the potus and some small suitcase nuke event.

      33. I really like the look of those special shaped targets on the blue helmets.

      34. Jim-, one day we just might have to target and ‘ventilate’ a whole bunch of those blue helmets.

      35. People will be dumping big SUVs, trucks and some cars when gas prices really start to climb. Gas guzzlers are a hard sell when fuel is high but very economical cars can’t seem to be found.

      36. Poorly written screed. “This video is about that”… blah, blah, blah.

      37. I’m not going to stop what I’ve been doing for “awhile,” but it looks like I’m not the only one that see’s the date change because “they” were all wrong in prior years! Do I think something is gonna happen? Yup. Do I think our gov’t is in on it? Yup. Do I know when or suspicion when? Sorta….when we least expect it. So I’ll keep on keepin on, and not worry about the when!

      38. There will be no way to know what is true until until the grinder starts moving. The UN can’t even protect their own turf on peace keeping assignments. They certainly will not be able to execute an offensive mission. It would be worse than Mogodishu for them if they tried to march into Chicongo or Dallas…I don’t believe we have much to worry about from those fools.

      39. oh for goodness sake… never photograph a black woman eating chicken

        • oops that wasn’t meant to be racism, only that someone just got in big trouble because it seems to be against the laws of the known universe to photograph a person eating food.

      40. Well,saw dollar collapse and thought,shit,dollar store going under!

        OK,to gain something out of this post/repeat article the dollar store is not bad for a lot of little items,smaller boo boo med stuff/lighters/actually best deal locally on toilet paper/bags of beans/a bunch of smaller stuff(and remember,the smalls add up!,sorry)for,well,a dollar.Worth checking out your local one and see if anything a deal,and remember,just because it is in the dollar store still may not be the best deal!

      41. Electing Donald Trump has been glorious for no other reason that it shows just how moronic the liberal Democrats are. Every new day brings a new laugh. Now California, the state closest to Venezuela, is making noises about making an independent course from the nation as a whole. Jerry Brown, Maduro, the head of North Korea, and Raul Castro should form a club.

      42. New year, same fear porn. Been coming to this site for four years now and nothing posted has ever happened.

        • I agree I have come for years. Never hurts to be prepared. I know there are serious flaws in the worlds economic situation. I started coming to this site in 2009. They keep it a float somehow. It might collapse soon and they can use Trump as the scapegoat. I hope not but who knows.

      43. I call total B.S. on this “U.N. Invasion” plan.

        The U.N. cannot even consolidate a few thousand troops for service in crap holes around the world.

        Invade the USA? Give me a break.

        FEMA and the Federal Government … well, that’s a different story.

        But I am fairly confident Trump will restore sanity.

      44. There are no foreign troops in the US to help the government. The only foreign troops in the US are the ones we train. We’ve been training foreign troops for over 50 years. The US doesn’t need foreign troops to oppress us. They do an excellent job without them.

      45. My friend works will FEMA in NY. He told me FEMA can’t even manage their payroll neve rmind prepping for a disaster

      46. That’s pretty much a blatant admission then that government is planning “economic collapse, civil unrest, rioting, violence protests and demonstrations, clashes with police, natural disasters, man-made weather events, world war or attack on U.S. soil, cyber attack on the grid or communications and terrorism in many forms” as their excuse for herding those who will go along with them into their FEMA concentration camps.

      47. Every war is an attempt by one side to impose martial law on the other. In the best wars, only one side is that aggressor. The other side in a “good” war is those who govern only themselves for the well-being of all. They are then the victims who must defend themselves, by the tactics necessary to achieve the strategy of disabling the aggressor, from the aggression of those who attempt to impose their martial law on the already self-governing.

      48. For a no nothing article it sure has got a shit ton of folks knickers in a bind. Save it for when it’s real.

      49. God ya gotta love this site. Always good for a laugh.

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