FEMA Admits To Making DEADLY Mistakes In Hurricane Maria Aftermath

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    The Federal Emergency Management Agency has admitted they made deadly mistakes in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. FEMA admits that they were not prepared at all to handle the situation in Puerto Rico, and people likely lost their lives relying on the government agency.

    FEMA’s after-action report details how the agency’s warehouse on the island of Puerto Rico was nearly empty due to relief efforts from Hurricane Irma when Maria made landfall last September.  There were no cots or tarps and little food and water available to those who needed it, according to an article by EcoWatch.  FEMA’s own report is described as a follow-up to the 2017 hurricane season.

    Following the 2017 hurricane season, FEMA conducted an after-action review of the agency’s preparations for, immediate response to, and initial recovery operations for hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. The 2017 Hurricane Season FEMA After-Action Report captures transformative insights from a historic hurricane season that will help the Agency, the emergency management community, and the nation chart the path into the future.FEMA’s After Action Report

    If you’ve ever needed a reason to have some extra food and water stored just in case, maybe this is it.  FEMA has proven time and time again that they simply cannot provide for most people, and those who rely on the government agency may suffer much more than those who prepare on their own for a SHTF scenario.


    The FEMA report also finds that the agency was “severely understaffed” and relied on “underqualified” staffers, and that leadership lacked key information on the island’s infrastructure both before and after the storm. The report advises that communities and families in remote areas must prepare independently of the agency for future weather disasters because FEMA is unreliable and inadequate at dealing with much of anything, let alone a disaster situation. And let’s not forget that the United States government is in a massive amount of debt, so FEMA, like all government programs and agencies, will eventually run out of money.

    Many government officials seem to forget about the financial end of emergencies. They can’t seem to wrap their brains around the fact that while they have 200 million dollars a day, most folks do not. This is why financial preparedness is of such massive importance. If you had to live away from home without access to a kitchen, the expenses would rack up pretty quickly. As well, think about how thinly those millions are spread. And FEMA is going to eventually run out of money.The Orgainic Prepper

    The New York Times editorial board described FEMA’s response as “tragically inadequate” and warned that the agency must do better, while FEMA themselves have admitted they are incapable of doing so.  That’s why they have suggested Americas prepare on their own and take their survival into their own hands. “Those closest to the impacted areas are the true first responders during any emergency disaster,” wrote the FEMA administrator in the report. 

    You can read FEMA’s entire report here; the agency is taking little responsibility while blaming their ineffectiveness on the number of disasters in 2017. So, it’s probably time to take matters of preparedness into our own hands and stop relying on ineffective government agencies to solve problems they are ill-equipped to handle.



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      1. No cots, tarps, food, and water.

        Is there any actual relief being done, in terms of matériel, or is this mainly a financial conveyance, to be blunt.

        (Cough, Clintons. Ahem, Haiti.)

        • When they start giving out hand grenades and ammo let me know otherwise, who cares, let the animals (Two legged) starve.

          • Though whites like to say that Eric HHolder robbed them, some crime-ravaged communities, say there is no conventional explanation, for where all the contraband, weapons, etc, came from. Some are saying they have been armed.

        • Puerto Rico, another Welfare state. Like WHY? they offer the US Nothing but their mismanaged welfare and over populations mainly and illegally living in Miami. I say do a full state sweep from north to south in Florida and wash them off the shoreline. All those Cubans swimming back home. Or go to a FEMA Camp for training and slave labor jobs for violating US immigration laws. Drop the hammer. Put em’ to work busting rock.

          • TSB, good points about Puerto Rico. When I lived in Miami I had trouble with PRs all the time. They’re just like the Haitians; refuse to work, think the world owes them something, freeloading on our tax dollars, committing crimes, etc. Totally useless as people. The definitely made their own bed so they need to lie their stupid asses down on it.

      2. Remember in Hurricane Harvey in Houston the Cajun Navy had to come and rescue people?

        The Cajun Navy is a volunteer group from Louisiana that rescues people by boat.

        So, where the fuck was the coast guard?

        • Didn’t the authorities try to shut down the Cajun Navy? They claimed un-qualified floating craft operators were a danger to themselves as well as the people they were rescuing?

          • One completely out of control LEO flagged down a member of the Cajun Navy and gave him enormous grief as that sort ofvehicle is of course breaking the law yet was saving lives when there was zero intial help. And they came down as volunteers at their expense too!

            • I saw a number of videos of the Cajun Navy in action and thought it wonderful. When I saw the above video, I was disturbed at that interaction. Couldn’t believe the senselessness of it.

              If I recall correctly, there were others helping on land and met with similar problems from similar sources. When things are under control, I understand, but the situation was far from control when these various volunteers (who could do some genuine good) were turned away.

            • I would’ve told that Nazi thug where to go instead of letting him have his way with me. When disaster strikes, YOYO [YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN] UNLESS some local residents step up to the plate and volunteer to help. The Cajun Navy were the ONLY people who made efforts to help. The ‘authorities’, with their stupid anti-public mentality, didn’t lift a finger to help anyone and tried to discourage other people from helping. That’s just another example of what I’ve said all along: LAW ENFORCEMENT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE PUBLIC. THEY SERVE GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC. THE FEDERAL AND STATE SUPREME COURTS HAVE SAID SO MANY TIMES. FEMA IS THE SAME WAY. IF YOU DEPEND ON ANY GOVT. AGENCY FOR ANYTHING, YOU’LL DIE. IF YOU DON’T PREP, YOU’RE INEPT.

        • As the story goes, the cronyist monopolies were interfering with the indies; that’s their purpose in life.

          • FEMA was set up to Fleece Tax Payers. Kinda like the Kings special Army. Like the White Helmets rogue spy agency under the guise of some humanitarian program stationed in Syria. The White Helmets set up the False Flag Gas Attacks in Syria, to try and undermine the duly elected sitting Government. Trump defunded the White Helmets and is now back funding them again. Like HUH WTF?

            FEMA was a power grab LEO Consolidation under the DHS, which was also run by a Dual Citizen Michael Chertoff israehelli Z-I-O-N-I-S-T.. Much of the US is still under siege from this foreign government when we allow these foreign governments security agencies to run the US infrfastructure security under the TSA and DHS. And its all to harass the Americans and our culture with body scans and molestation at airports. Its a restriction of travel. Slavery basically.

            FACTOID: Did you know that 9% of all the US Congress Representatives in Washington DC are DUAL Foreign Citizens with Dual Passports and holding office in the US Congress?????? LIKE WTF do we have dual citizens representing Americans in Congress for? They have no loyalty to us. Kick them all out of office and ban all foreigners and non-born citizens from holding any government positions here period. Like WTF? Drain the Swamp, its plumb full of creatures. Want to know why America’s politics are so screwed up? We been hijacked by enemies foreign and domestic. Its Treason.

      3. Cases of water are on sale for $1.99 at Food Lion in Elizabeth City, NC. People were filling their shopping carts, even though the pallet of water was in the back hallway to the stockroom.

        I also saw a black woman with a whole cart full of cleaning products and a notebook full of coupons. She got the whole cart of stuff for about $14. I told her she was doing good and that stocking up is better than putting money in the bank.

        I’m always ready for a hurricane.

      4. In 2012 when Hurricane Sandy struck the Atlantic Seaboard in the NE, particularly NYC and the surrounding area, it became painfully obvious that FEMA has NO STOCKPILE of supplies for victims only for first responders.

        What happened was a total cluster you know what. They desperately needed bottled water and had almost none. They put a huge order up for bids and luckily soda and brewing companies bottled water to make it on demand.

        This creates enormous lag and is the dreaded outcome of Just in Time manufacturing and inventory practices. No one wants to warehouse anything especially due to hiding inflation.

        Puerto Rica is a US territory that didn’t want statehood or self-determination since 1898! Meanwhile lots of other territories became states.

        What should happen is cut them loose like the Philipines but that will never happen today as it is not politically correct.

        I have zero respect for Puerto Rico.They created their own mess.

        Everyone worldwide calls us an American empire which is absurd since 1898 we have given back practically all gained territory after the Spanish American War!

        How can you even call the American Republic an empire??? If it was then Japan, West Germany, Italy, France, England, South Korea, Okinawa, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc would have to be states!

      5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zOTZgsLVB0

        Here is the follow up to the Hurricane Harvey story where the local PD disavows the alleged officer’s actions and they welcomes such efforts.

        Who knows if the guy is actually a LEO at all or maybe is just a volunteer acting in an unofficial capacity?

      6. The whole concept of preparedness is just an aspect of personal responsibility.


        • In 1920, unless you were a rich person, you relied on home canning from your garden and ALL had well stocked pantries. Old homes dating from that period have walk in large pantries right off the kichen and frequently overflow shelving elswhere for this purpose. And often in the South homes had summer kitchens too due to woodstoves and heat build up and these ALSO had pantries.

          They just didn’t call it preparedness.

          Do the math. Out of 330 million Americans only 6.6 million label themselves preppers. A lot of people would starve because the average amount of food stores according to polls are less than ten days and THAT often includes freezers and refrigerators which would almost certainly be lost after a power outage.

          Trust me. I have experienced a hurricane, a severe ice storm, and a severe wind storm following another hurricane. I experienced 2-3 feet of snow in 1977 that paralyzed traffic and persisted for weeks.

          Everybody should at least have a month of food and water. The easiest way to have the water (though risky as it means recognizing that a disaster is unfolding), is to get a waterbob or similar. It is a covered water bladder that inserts into your tub and therefore safely holds quite a bit of water ie about 100 gallons. Then you have 40 gallons in your hot water tank. Then if prepared, you carefully clean your washer and fill that as well. That averages 60 gallons but might have soap residue.

        • That concept is verboten and no longer discussed by most people. We do, but we are the exception.

      7. Just a a question: Is it not possible, that they purposefully intentionally meant to NOT help? Just because they have the word Emergency in their name does not mean they are “going to be there” Truth is, they were there…and lest we forget, all FEMA agents carry guns on their person with authorization to shoot to kill (007) without worry of repercussions. They are just following orders…we know this…most do. To apologize now is BS.

        • MG, I believe that to be the case. If a FEMA idiot pulls a gun on me, he/she better have their insurance paid up because they will get wasted. Someone wants to take something from me they need to forget it if they want to live.

      8. People probably died depending on the government to save them! There might be a lesson there.

      9. The hurricanes can always veer away, maybe not from the southeastern Atlantic coast as that seems a frequent target in the states. There and the gulf coast of Florida around to Texas. People wait until the last minute before fleeing if there is a way out. Many determine it may be OK to ride it out in a smaller storm like catagory one. Saw a show that claimed that some hurricanes were created before leaving the coast of Africa through weather manipulation. You are on your own because FEMA is broke.

      10. How do you change the belief so many people have that the Government will provide relief in a crisis situation. FEMA and Homeland Security haven’t got the means to deal with disasters affecting the nation or a major region. Their focus must be on restoring infrastructure, keeping order, and restoring emergency services. They simply can’t help families. In the event of a major disaster, you have to be prepared. The new FEMA director was right in stressing that each family must prepare to provide for themselves.

      11. The sentence that said it all.
        “people likely lost their lives relying on the government agency”. The only one you can trust is yourself. Repeat Yourself!!

        Don’t trust the Government for anything, because you need it now, and you won’t see it for 3 weeks.


      12. Because of hurricanes, preparedness experts have some manner in which to model how fast groceries emptied during the disasters and what traffic jams would be like with everyone bugging out who could.

        So these examples should tell others what to expect.

        Likewise during the Great Depression, as people lost their life savings and homes, as well as sharecroppers forceably evicted, then this caused an exodus out west as indigent people joined fleeing Dust Bowl farmers. Many of them got “valley fever” by dust and fungal inhalation which today is called coccidioses micosis. That can persist for the rest of your life.

        The result was Hoovervilles which were often ramshackle dwellings, even holes in the ground, just like Civil War irregular militia built to get out of the rain and cold and snow.

        On top of which, the malnutrition then so damaged men that when 1941 and Pearl Harbor happened, volunteers were in a terrible state and desperately were undernourished and with nutritional diseases like pellagra.

        Little things become major attributes which can affect war time readiness.

      13. I’m not worried about hurricane season, I have my SNAP card.
        (Sarc off)

      14. Well I reckon if you are a lone wolf prepper, then you think the Cajun Navy were saps because altruism to help other human beings is stupid.

        Meanwhile your fellow human beings who are American patriots rescued other Americans using their time, talent, and treasure because that is the innate TRIBAL response.

        The lone wolf prepper needs no help and does it all by themselves because they are legends in their own minds.

        Now the hilarious TRUTH is your average lone wolf is a helpless impotent fool who has almost zero ability. They are keyboard warriors.

        Meanwhile the preponderance of altruism in America happens by fellow Christians who help all. Loving God and loving your neighbor are the central tenets of the BIBLE.

      15. Just like how the Human Resources departments in all corporations don’t protect the employees, only the company; it’s the same with FEMA. FEMA isn’t there to save people, just the government.

        After what happened in New Orleans after Katrina, I thought for sure (“Great job there Brownie”), everybody was clear on FEMA’s goals.

        Oh, and FEMA isn’t racist. It’s indifferent to all life.

      16. “Continuity in Government” is the central tenet of Government preparedness. If you have something that will help the Government to continue, they’ll take it. That is what Executive Order 13603 is all about. The Government needs to focus on restoring infrastucture, keeping order, and providing emergency services.

        • The people are the Gov. No doubt in my mind we can do without that snake pit in DC. I’d just as soon DC was required to participate in the Trans Atlantic cement block swim,

          • Paranoid, eventually DC and some other ‘select cities’ will get nuked.

      17. If FEMA was established in 1979 (by executive order) how did Americans survive before then?

        • Before some problems in the 1920s the Federal Gov didn’t respond to state issues. I wish we would go back. Likewise Homeland Security should be exterminated and we should go back to the Feds being responsible for the boarders, DC ; and the States responsible for themselves.

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