Feds Visit Family Who Googled Backpacks & Pressure Cookers…But the NSA Isn’t Watching You

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Be careful what you Google….you never know when it might get you a visit from the  federal anti-terrorism task force, despite the government’s claims that information about average Americans is not being analyzed.

What shows up in your search history?  I just checked mine.

In the past week I  have looked up…

  • Pressure canning recipes
  • Guard llamas
  • Where to buy organic fertilizer
  • Wildfires on the West Coast
  • A new crochet stitch
  • A newly discovered antibiotic that is effective against anthrax
  • Healing time for concussions
  • The favorite color of Louie from One Direction

If you put all these things together, does it put together a picture of a terrorist, bent on destruction, or just a newbie homesteader who is also interested in current events and has a tween daughter?

Well, with the algorithms the government is using, those searches might not look so innocent.

Michelle Catalano and her husband were the targets of a visit by federal officials based on nothing more than their Google history.  While the NSA is fervently denying that they are collecting information on average citizens, an early morning knock on the door of this family’s home says otherwise.

Catalano, a writer, told the story on her blog:

Little did we know our seemingly innocent, if curious to a fault, Googling of certain things was creating a perfect storm of terrorism profiling. Because somewhere out there, someone was watching. Someone whose job it is to piece together the things people do on the internet raised the red flag when they saw our search history.

Most of it was innocent enough. I had researched pressure cookers. My husband was looking for a backpack. And maybe in another time those two things together would have seemed innocuous, but we are in “these times” now. And in these times, when things like the Boston bombing happen, you spend a lot of time on the internet reading about it and, if you are my exceedingly curious news junkie of a twenty-ear-old son, you click a lot of links when you read the myriad of stories. You might just read a CNN piece about how bomb making instructions are readily available on the internet and you will in all probability, if you are that kid, click the link provided…

…What happened was this: At about 9:00 am, my husband, who happened to be home yesterday, was sitting in the living room with our two dogs when he heard a couple of cars pull up outside. He looked out the window and saw three black SUVs in front of our house; two at the curb in front and one pulled up behind my husband’s Jeep in the driveway, as if to block him from leaving.

Six gentleman in casual clothes emerged from the vehicles and spread out as they walked toward the house, two toward the backyard on one side, two on the other side, two toward the front door….

…“Are you [name redacted]?” one asked while glancing at a clipboard. He affirmed that was indeed him, and was asked if they could come in. Sure, he said.

They asked if they could search the house, though it turned out to be just a cursory search. They walked around the living room, studied the books on the shelf (nope, no bomb making books, no Anarchist Cookbook), looked at all our pictures, glanced into our bedroom, pet our dogs. They asked if they could go in my son’s bedroom but when my husband said my son was sleeping in there, they let it be.

Meanwhile, they were peppering my husband with questions. Where is he from? Where are his parents from? They asked about me, where was I, where do I work, where do my parents live. Do you have any bombs, they asked. Do you own a pressure cooker? My husband said no, but we have a rice cooker. Can you make a bomb with that? My husband said no, my wife uses it to make quinoa. What the hell is quinoa, they asked.

They searched the backyard. They walked around the garage, as much as one could walk around a garage strewn with yardworking equipment and various junk. They went back in the house and asked more questions.

Have you ever looked up how to make a pressure cooker bomb? My husband, ever the oppositional kind, asked them if they themselves weren’t curious as to how a pressure cooker bomb works, if they ever looked it up. Two of them admitted they did…

…They mentioned that they do this about 100 times a week. And that 99 of those visits turn out to be nothing.

Do you wonder what would have happened to the Catalanos if they’d refused to answer questions, as is their right under the Constitution?  What if they had denied entry when the feds had asked to do a casual inspection of their home, which is also their right?  What if the husband had asked, with his morning cup of coffee in hand, “Do you have a warrant?”  I strongly suspect that if they had chosen to stand up for their rights, the intimidating visit would have gotten a whole lot worse.

When every thing you do is recorded, analyzed, and judged, you are not truly free.  No matter how independent you think you are, someone, somewhere is watching you in a manner so creepy and so intent that no fiction writer has ever captured the full extent of it in even the most gripping spy novel.

Many people are careful, not joining social networks, using proxy servers, and using search engines that are supposed to be private. But with the recent release of information from Edward Snowden, I would be willing to bet that isn’t enough to keep your internet comings and goings out from under the microscope of the NSA.  In fact, those things might make you seem even more suspicious.

These algorithms are designed to “prove” the guilt of anyone that the federal government wants to target.  Back in the 1500s, Cardinal Richelieu knew the truth of this when he said, “If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged.”

What kind of world do we live in when you are always watched?  When doing things openly makes you a suspect but the pursuit of privacy also makes you a suspect?

Well, don’t worry…they’re doing this for your own good.

Do you feel any safer now?

photo courtesy of AltMedia Daily

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    1. Mountain Trekker

      Once again speak freely, but speak wisely. Trekker Out.

      • Paranoid

        I don’t know Trek; I’ve got 3-4 pressure cookers and two pressure canners, plus an electric Pr Cooker, love it. I suppose I’ll have to go down stairs and load my AR; they are not going to get my home canned Salsa or beef while I’m alive. Ignoring the fact they would freak if they saw my supply of ammo, I’m toast. The way I figure it our only hope is they go bankrupt fighting shadows.

        • Paranoid

          Saw a cartoon about 30 years ago showed two “Terrorists” blind folding each other, with hundreds of blindfolded people behind them. One says to the other: Well we have everyone hostage, now what? F the NSA

          • st.augustine

            This is an analogy of the incompetence the nsa will undoubtable achieve.At&T is my internet connection,I had the coaxial cable installed from the poll and intersect with the old phone jack in the house,that’s where the wireless router is.I asked if the cable from the pole on the street could be buried,yes at no cost and was scheduled to be buried by AT&T in a couple days.It’s 45′ from pole to house,I coulda done it but then anything that went wrong would of course be my fault.Three wks. later no bury,I call promised again in a couple days.Sure enough in a day the AT&T guy pulls up and buries the cable.Two days after the bury another AT&T truck,towing a ditch witch arrives to bury the same cable.He says he traveled 11/2hrs. from Jacksonville ,Fl. and he was borrowed from a south fl. town to help catch up cable bury in the daytona area.So he stays in a hotel at co. expence,travels 11/2 hrs. for the 1st. bury and it’s already been buried.Who knows what other suprises lurk around the corner.This is the kicker,,,another AT&T guy pulls up to my house the next day towing a ditch witch ready to bury that damned cable.He drove from the palatka,fl. yard an 11/2hr.to do his job.WTF,,have no fear the NSA will achieve this incompetence as the armed forces have,as the gov’t has,as the police have,you name it,,,it’s all forked up.
            The individuals that reflect this situation the most are Jurasic Jessie Jackass,Bone in the nose Sharpton and hunch back Rangel.
            Love and Peace and I’m gonna kick some azz!!!

          • yourmotherwaswrong

            The Amash Amendment, aimed at defunding the NSA, failed in a 205-217 vote Wednesday.

            Backing continued funding of the NSA program were 134 Republicans and 83 Democrats.

            94 Republicans and 111 Democrats voted to kill the surveillance.

            It’s pretty funny when you have more Liberals voting to kill the amendment than Conservatives.

            It should tell you all you need to know about so called “Conservatives.”

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              Republicans could have begun to rein in the NSA.

              But instead, they voted for what their masters wanted… continued surveillance.

              Still think the system can be changed from within?

              Wake the f**k up!

              • durango kidd

                Mac, I think SHTF Plan should call for a national, “Google Pressure Cookers ‘N Back Pack Day” for Labor Day Weekend. That gives Patriots 30 days to get the word out.

                12 Noon in your timezone might be the perfect time. 🙂

                • eagle eye

                  Absolutely, DK, but not once, all the time. Backpack, bomb, pressure cooker, murder, kill, explode, government scum, and on we go. Put them all in the header of every document, put them in the signature of your email, put them everywhere and give the spastic fuckwits exactly what they want. Send them round and round in ever decreasing circles until they come face to face with their own stupidity.

                  Interestingly, geese are far better guard animals than cameloids. Bad tempered, noisey and they shit everywhere which makes it hard to sneak through their pens, which need to be placed strategically.

              • Wilson

                Based on the information provided I am stunned that the homeowner didn’t ask for identification, tell these clowns to stay outside, allowed them to search the house, answered their questions, I could go on, but you get the picture. While the point of the story is that the government is indeed watching you, I am stunned by the stupidity (for a lack of better word) of these people who allowed this to happen. As you stated: Wake the f**k up people.

                • Wilson

                  Thanks, Daisy, for your contribution.

              • Connor Kenway

                Ahhhh, the good ol’ left/right paradigm. Continue to vote and keep hoping things will change. The only vote we have that matters is with the almighty fiat notes at the register. Become a DIY guy and cut the beast off of its crack addiction. Getting close, very close, to the old adage; pack a gun and pay no tax. Just about time to throw this government off as is layed out in the Constitution. It’s our right, our DUTY. That is not a privilege we have. To quote Durango, ENGAGE……

                Kula, good to see you back brother. Hope the storm didn’t screw with you too much!!

              • possee

                screw the republicans and democrats..all of them

                • Donald Ames

                  Give them all hot tar baths and chicken feathers and air drop over N. Korea at 30K feet. Those that survive will live in total utopia of a stalinist state.

              • Echo

                i think you had best read the reply just above yours….

            • John W.

              Actually the employer of one of the two called after a search of their browsing history revealed accessing pressure cookers and back packs. That is what happens when you browse at work, no privacy and one of them was being terminated. At least the cops were polite and did not shoot the two family dogs.

            • grey fox

              Could I have a link to this please? Just wanting to know the facts.

            • Me here

              Since when, in this day and age, are Republicans Conservative?

          • durango kidd

            Wiley Coyote, Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny, and Daffy Duck should be classified as “terrorists”.

            Just saying.

            • possee

              Be berry berry quiet

              I’m hunting wabbits


            • possee


              try finding any bugs bunny anywhere on cable

              the cabal has put him in the extra classified docs..


              • possee

                May God Bless us all”

                We all grew up walking home miles from elementary school

                We all said the pledge of allegiance

                We came home and collected frogs and turtles

                We came home and went outside to fight and play til mom said be home when the streetlights come on..

                We learned our nations history, cursive writing,sentence structure,geography.art, music, on and on..

                We got home from school..strapped our well earned 22’s and walked to the nearest pits and shot bottles,cans..while the local cops waved us on as we walked with our rifles over our shoulders to the sandpits.

                What have we become?

                a nation of sheep?

                what will it take for good honest citizens to say enough is enough?

                have we all forgotten the country we grew up in?


                • Kulafarmer

                  It is sort of mind boggling isnt it, what the hell happened?
                  The government and their thugs can kiss my ass!

                • BigB


                  “what will it take for good honest citizens to say enough is enough?”

                  Even if the shooting begins I don’t think anyone will say enough is enough.

                  It makes it very easy to understand how so many Jews wemt to the gas chambers like sheep to slaughter. Some thing I have never been able, until now, to comprehend.


                • lower40

                  sound like my life Possee

                  walking 6 blocks to a soft ball game at night time at the elementary school ,and your parents never having to give a thought about your saftey ,fishing at night time around the docks and the cops never bothering you ,my life in my neighborhood seemed like the movie “to kill a mocking bird” Kula ask what the hell happened ,ill tell ya ,we let the lunitics take over the asylum ,life now days reminds me of the old black and white movies of nazi germany i used to watch when i was kid ,where if they cought you defacing pictures of obama …..err i mean hitler they would hang you ,or everywhere you went they ask for your papers ,i am a stranger in a foriegn land

                • wrong

                  Wow possee… That brought tears to my eyes!!! Those were the good times..

                • Yuri

                  what will it take for good honest citizens to say enough is enough?

                  Good, honest citizens have already said it.

                  Look at the number of comments here … that’s more or less the sum total** of the “good, honest citizens” you speak of. They (we) don’t even have to be good or honest — merely aware and desirous of something other than abject State-slavery. They (we) say “enough is enough”.

                  It turns out that:
                  A. saying “enough is enough” isn’t … um, … enough;
                  B. there aren’t … ahem, … enough … of us for it to matter even if we were organized and active (which we aren’t).

                  ** Think there’re a whole lot more of “us”? There aren’t. Multiply the comments by 10 and you’ve got 3000 people. Multiply by 100 and you’ve got 30,000. By 1000 and there’s 300,000. By 10,000 and there’s 3 Million.

                  To have ANY effect on what happens in this country, there would have to be more than 100,000 like-minded “lurkers” for each comment here. If you believe that’s true, I’ve got a bridge I’m looking to sell.

                  You and I, other commenters, and a handful of others, are the only ones reading this and stories like it. The only ones who know or care how dire the national situation is. And my guess is that we comprise about 0.05% to 0.5% of the populace. We ARE the fringe “kooks”. We ARE the extremists (extremism in the name of liberty being no vice).

                  I echo BigB’s feeling that it is now (for the first time) easy to see how the NAZIs did it to the Jews (among others). WE are the Jews now, and the handicapped, and the homosexual, and the gypsies. We are the new “Lebensunwertes Leben”.

                  We DO remember the country we grew up in. And for that we are in danger.

                • KY Mom


                  It is truly sad to think about ‘what we have become’ as a nation.

                  Unfortunately, those are some who have been working for years to break down this country.

                  It reminds me of the ‘Communist Goals for America’ that were found in 1963.

                  #29 Discredit the American Constitution…

                  #33 Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the communist apparatus.

                • possee

                  Thank you all for your wonderful comments..

                  You brought some sense of relief.

                  Nice to know we are not alone in this fight

                  Albeit we are probably hundreds if not thousands of miles apart.


                • Justice

                  Thanks for the trip down memory lane. God I miss those days. More importantly, I miss the fact that my Grandsons wonn’t have those same experiences ! I was only 10 years old and was parading through the neighborhood with my 10 shot Sears and Roebucks 22 on my way to the RailRoad trussel in the swamp. Went there to shoot rats in in old man Hamericks junk yard. My first community service. That’s back when 100 rounds of CCI cost about $ 1.05. Would collect returnable bottles to get the money and buy the ammo myself.

                • Ppod72

                  I agree with BigB. Shooting will begin, cries will shout out, blood will be shed, and people WILL bury their heads in the sand pretending that nothing is going on. It’s like the war on drugs – people have given up. Get your hearts in a good place and face it – things aren’t going to get better, they’re only going to get worse. Band together and work with your fellow man. There is power in numbers. Talk to your surrounding community and band together.

        • Roseman91


          I agree, but where do you get a pressure cooker these days?
          At the local armory? Lol

        • Roseman91


          I agree, but where do you get a pressure cooker these days?
          At the local armory? Lol

        • yental

          @ Paranoid, “I don’t know Trek; I’ve got 3-4 pressure cookers and two pressure canners, plus an electric Pr Cooker”.

          NSA, DHS, CIA, FBI, and your local DOT says: Ve Vill require your current address and “intentions” with respect to these “terrorist devices” by 6:00 am…and include YOUR backpack inventory as well.

          Additionally, your OTHER language capabilities…especially Russkie, Chinese, “Syrianese” and most inflammatory…”IRANESE”!

          HOWEVER, if you are fluent in “HEBREW”, NEVER MIND! Israel is OUR “BESTEST” BUDDY that will “toss us like used toilet paper” as soon as THEY have acquired ALL that can be sucked out of this country/cattle. “Cattle”, that would be YOU/ME!

          Long live ZIONISM…in hell. “Sarcasm button” appears disabled, use your own intuition/discretion. I say “red thumbs” all around. ;)!

          • Them Guys

            Yental: A question for you…How come israel is usa best pals and bestest allies…Yet all the rest in same Mid east region are Not? Reason for my confusion is: Both israeli jewish folks as well as all other mid east folks syria iran iraq egypt etc All are either From Esau aka edomites(turks for sure) or from Ishmael(arabs et al).

            Since at Least 98% of todays jewish people are actually of Esau or edmoites as per recent DNA proof evidence(as I posted here twice already) which DNA from Dec. 2012 has Confirmed Prior DNA proof from another jewish dna expert scientist, a woman that time, in 2001 dna evidence.

            And Published By John Hopkins univ hosp and Hebrew Univ research labs and Bio labs etc, has proved beyond doubt that indeed 98% jews are Khazers of eastern european decent in former khazaria(now lower russia moscow regions). So since Khazers are Turk-Hunn-Mongrel-caucasian mix, at least the Turkic part is in fact Esau or edmomites(check bible for facts on esau and edom and edomites).

            So basically Why are just israel jews are pals? They are First Cousins with most if not all in mid east regions.

            Somethings just not kosher it seems eh. Can it be possible americans are falling for a Good cop Bad cop routine? being played against usa folks by both arabs-iraqs-et al as Bad cop while israel jews plays Good cop part?…..After all theys who uses Hegelian Dialetic methods most often.

            Perhaps we americans especially whiteys and christians are being played for fool suckers in trusting israel as best pals and allies…Maybe israel is really Loyal to their esau and ishmael Cousins is the true truth…Hmmmm

            Which Raises another question: If entire Mid east region Including Israel jews too, is NOT of jacob, and NO they are NOT from Jacob but rather are from Esau and Ishmeal(issac’s brother ishmeal) then WHO is left that IS from Jacob?…Hint…usa whiteys perhaps…Thats who they All from mid east Hate the most is whites from all areas but mainly the usa whites. Maybe folks has been looking the wrong directions to see jacob and His tribes eh.

            One for certain is its not jacobs tribes in ANY mid east nations even israel. Aint the first time americans been fooled eh.

            • BackSpace

              tribe of Manasseh?

              I’m new to this… just trying to pick-up what your layin’ down…


              • Them Guys

                Back Space: I am aware of the ideas that american is manessah. And much evidence seems provable and logical that the Lost 10 tribes, ended up inventing a place now called…Europe! Then migrating to usa regions.

                However even if solid 100% proof can show thats all truth, I do not agree with those herbert armstrong “British-Israel” folks. They are trying to promote the queen and england to again be an emipre but of the entire world with of course jews they think are of judah as top world rulers etc.

                Thats all od testement based ideas. Thats been Replaced by the New testement/new covenant of Christ and christianity. If they really knew their old test bibles well, then they’d see this fact. And stop trying to relive an old covenant no longer viable nor any longer active in Gods eyes. Thats what all My bibles says.

                So basically its like this to me: weather or not americans are manessah? and brits are ephraim? Don’t matter much since all of them folks should be a christian same as the Orig early jews who did convert from talmudic lies and become followers of Christ. What good does it do to be manessah if you covenant with God is replaced?

                The new covenant Is whats deciding things today and that won’t be replaced again ever acording to my bibles. So if we are manessah? probobly means as much as if your name is Joe vs Jim etc. What matters is Christ and His new covenant ith Us. Hope that answer helps as it is just my opinion of it all.

                • Road Runner

                  Them Guys: British Israelism to me is nothing but another Jew construct, as is Mormonism used by the Masonic Brotherhood to divide and conquer Christianity. It is my humble opinion that “he that doeth righteousness is acceptable to God.” The more confusion the more of satan! You who promote this on this site have missed the mark and will proceed no further!

          • Forrest

            The Dam Is About To Burst And Nobody Can Stop It – Episode 100 |


            Jul 16, 2013 … In this report we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. The dam is leaking and leaking bad, it is about to burst and the …

          • troll killer

            actually they speak Farsi in iran

            گروههايبراندازوضدرژيم freedom fighter
            بالشتکپشتي this is back pack

            this is pressure cooker ديگ زودپز

        • brown bottle flu

          Is that canned ammo? Haha!

          • troll killer

            Man i would not want to can ammo just think if the pressure was wrong you could end up with a sky light in your kitchen

            Troll killer

          • Bob

            What if you own canned pressure cookers full of backpacks?

        • legion7

          They can’t go bankrupt chasing shadows as long as they can take our money…

      • Be informed

        Of course you are being watched, especially everyone here because the people here still retain their minds and critcal thinking abilities. Years ago Art Bell the radio talk show host tried something with key words. he suggested that over the telephone that everyone said a t least a few words that would bring up some NSAer’s attention. He said that words like anthrax, kilo, fertilizer, dynamite, caps, various dope names, treason, traitor, and a whole slew of others to see what would happen. To saturate those listening in. People said at least that they got strange clicks over the phone and other sounds.

        Now playing games with the “government” with key words might ot moght not be such a good idea because of the destruction of so many of the rights in the Constitution. The main reason I would say is because the masses have become so ignorant to anything, that they would consider such a person that was testing to see just how far they could go before proving that the state was indeed listening a terrorist instead of a whistle blowing. Just look at the shear stupidity of these totally brain dead retards that were out getting petitions signed to outlaw pressure cookers, a cooking device that people use a lot after a good year in the garden.

        It might be fun though for some people to see how far they could push the limits with words that have absolutely no way in reference to anything other than everyday life. There is something positive to this, IF the government is that manure stupid to be checking up on people purchasing pressure cookers, maybe there is some hope that any martial law plans they have “cooked up”would never work.

        • braveheart

          Howdy, BI, and once again you’re on target. If the feds want to do something useful, go shut down all of the Muslim terrorist training camps that have been in this country since 911. DHS and FBI know all about them. Deport the terrorists and their families. That alone is proof there is no “war on terror”. I may be on lists going back to the Clinton era, but I don’t give a shit. braveheart

          • Paranoid

            Dear Brave, If they want to do somethng really useful they could shut down W DC. and close the borders. Those are the only two groups I’m worried about.

            • braveheart

              Paranoid, I’ll second that motion. braveheart

          • Road Runner

            Braveheart: deport the terrorist and there would be no Jews left. The Blacks and Mexicans would pack up their toys and go home since America would again be free and these asshole commie douchebags would crawl back under their rocks.

        • California Resident

          @ Be Informed

          I’m hearing suggestions on the net that everyone insert these key-words into their email signatures as a form of civil disobedience.

          Just think, trillions of emails with keywords creating wild goose chases, and systematic overload for all these ‘observers’.

        • Ga Doc

          I specialize in women’s imaging and do a lot of medical searches using words like “breast”,”ovary”, “uterus”, “vagina” and “pelvis”. I get a lot of strange ads and email from this. I guess some NSA watcher thinks I’m a first class pervert.

        • Swinging on a star

          Be informed,

          My God man you just spewed all the words that they red flag, should be at your door any minute now! Nice post, I agree with you 100%.

          • Be informed

            @ Swinging on a star. “Oh…., they’re coming to take me away ha, ha, oh they’re coming to take me away ha, ha……….”

            • Facebook Page

              I love that song.

              • yental

                Too bad the “funny farm” isn’t the actual destination. It would certainly be “more fun” than the true “final destination”.

                It appears “some” of us are chronologically “dating” ourselves…”where life is beautiful all the time…

          • OutWest

            Yeah, Be informed—

            We’re probably all screwed now that we have shot
            off our mouths and let Cockroaches Inc. know just
            what we think about their butt-sniffing intrusion
            into our private lives.
            Oh well, I always wondered how good my face would
            look quartered in the crosshairs of a government
            snipers scope.
            Gee, I hope they catch my photogenic side, though.

            • yental

              Planning to “moon them” to ensure THEY catch my best/photogenic side!

              • lower40

                thare ya go yental ,bend over and give them the o’l evil eye

              • Them Guys

                Yental: To the Moon Alice! To the Moon!
                Ralph Kramdon…Honeymooners tv show 1960’s

            • braveheart

              OutWest, you should make sure THEY are in the crosshairs of YOUR sniper scope FIRST. Remember that does work 2 ways. braveheart

              • OutWest

                Braveheart— You bet
                But I never discount the fact that
                they are the many and I am but one.
                I feel I can contribute the most by
                bringing others into the cause with
                my life experiences and love of our
                countries freedom the way it was.
                If I should be taken out in pursuit
                of this noble quest, my reward will
                be that I gave it my best shot.

                Thanks Braveheart, you’re a good man

                • braveheart

                  Thanks, OutWest. I’ll have your six anytime. braveheart

                • Night breaker

                  Best post on the Internet today!

                  Semper Fi 8541

              • Chicken gizzard behind a computer

                Brave dude. You make sense. Finally someone who realizes that imaginary people can kill you while concocting an imaginary shooting. Most here just think about the gonna and bad ass statements like shoot them in the face, gut, head etc. you are the first righteous poster I have seen here. Poster not posser brave dude. Chicken gizzard on a computer I am.

            • JustMe

              “Just don’t hit me in my face.” – Face, A-Team

        • Guesty McGuesterson

          I heard about this on the radio earlier today, and discussed it with a co-worker, who said he “doesn’t have anything to hide, so he has no problem if *they* want to come into his house to ask questions and look around.”

          Astonishing. Sheeple all around me.

          • Them Guys

            Tell that co worker to Prove it by comeing to work stark naked. IE Nuthin ta hide right?

          • SonOfSam

            Hey there Guesty,

            Maybe you should ask your dumbass co-worker if he has EVER heard of a home invasion where the perps posed as LEO. I mean seriously, I know the point of this article is to point out the abuse of power by those Constitution-abusing assholes, but what about the other nutjobs out there with fake badges and intent to do harm?

            NO way in hell would I ever let anyone in my house without a warrant. Maybe the government can harass me, but if THEY stick me in some hole in the ground, at least I’ll probably still be alive. The other class of criminals will bury me in that hole after theyve robbed me blind and raped my wife.

            Kinda sad that its getting harder and harder to tell the difference, isnt it?

            • Leo

              If you hear of a home invasion robbery on the news, it is not what you think. They are almost always after dope. Ask yourself “why that house”. A lot of them are not reported due to the nature of the robbery.
              There are some Asians who keep a lot of gold silver or cash. They also let too many people know.
              The reason the suspects pretend to be police is due to the dope aspect. Victims think its the police and not much will happen to them for the drugs. Less likely to shoot it out opposed to knowing its unpredictable fellow thugs.

        • sixpack

          Mark Dice (the man with the pressure cooker ban petition) isn’t who we need to worry about. His petition was a STUNT, designed to see how many sheeple would sign it.


          Most of them signed reflexively, without even reading the text or understanding what they were signing.

          • braveheart

            Sixpack, you just brought up a very important point. Yes, those are the first kind of people to worry about and it will only get worse from there. braveheart

            • Dave in Id

              Dont worry about them. they will be in line waiting for a ebt card when the economy fails. and waiting…waiting.

              • sixpack

                Probably so, Dave, but before they all die off, they’ll be the eyes and ears of the surveillance state, doing anything to try to jockey for a positive balance on their cards…THAT% would put all of us in even more danger.

          • tired of ny bs

            Like the ones who signed the one trying to ban dihydromonoxide which is the cause of death if you get in your lungs,and if too much is injested.I might have misspelled the word,but what the petition was talking about was water,funny how the sheeple will sign anything to feel good.

          • tired of ny bs

            Like the ones who signed the one trying to ban dihydromonoxide which is the cause of death if you get in your lungs,and if too much is injested.I might have misspelled the word,but what the petition was talking about was water,funny how the sheeple will sign anything to feel good.

      • OutWest

        The first step, in order for us to restore our Constitution, is awakening to the harsh reality
        that it has been truly stolen from us. The fox
        has broken the security code to the henhouse.

        Timely article, Daisy.

      • Road Runner

        This is exactly what these Jew ZOG perverts want. They want to instill fear and make your watch what you say! They want you to be scared shitless that you will be killed or rendered or sent to bumfuck Egypt in the middle of the night. All these articles are well thought out and have a purpose…to stupefy you Goyim. Who the fuck do think controls the big internet outlets and all the publishing and newspaper outlets. Who own AP and Reuters…get a clue people the fix is in and the war is on. Wake the hell up! They purposefully planned and executed this whole contrived episode, just for you and me!

        • yental

          @ Road Runner, I already do “watch what I say”. I attempt to ensure everything I say is as derogatory to the existing FASCIST/COMMUNIST REGIME as possible.

          “BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU SAY” is not a consideration in my commentary or narrative ANYWHERE! And it NEVER will be predicated on FEAR of THOSE whom should FEAR ME/US.

          The next MAJOR/DECISIVE MOVE should be OURS. Sadly, it will be THEIRS. Perhaps that will be the necessary catalyst to AWAKEN the additional numbers of SHEEPLE/PEOPLE needed.

          I believe that “event” and potential “reaction sequence” are VERY CLOSE NOW.

          • braveheart

            Yental, I’m right there with you, especially with be careful of what you say. I may get some red thumbs for this, but that’s OK. Have anyone ever noticed that phrase is only spoken to white people and never to any minority groups? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! braveheart

        • Kulafarmer

          Yea well their psy ops backfired,
          Rather than being afraid its just mostly pissing people off,
          Open defiance of TPTB and the status quo seems like a better route to me.

        • braveheart

          Road Runner, everything you say is spot on. Let them come to my place in the middle of the night and it won’t end well for them. I refuse to live in fear. THEY are the ones who need to fear US! braveheart

          • Road Runner

            Braveheart: everything I say or do is coupled with the fear of God and his will for me. Whatever happens is in his time, season and will…that is how much I trust him. If they come for the wrong ones, if they think they have immunity to do whatever they want they have a rude awakening coming. God has spelled it out and he will complete his promises. They better keep their hands of the ‘little ones’ Jesus warns them about, that is no bullshit!

            • Kulafarmer

              I like that, people no longer get that idea of Gods will.

              • Them Guys

                Go Read Gods will for them edomites aka Khazers! “Jacob I Loved but Esau I Hated!” Gods own words to the prophet.

                Khazer edomites are esau who God Hates and are the ever always Mortal enemys of Jacobs off spring. While we yet do not know for certain who them lost tribes, the 10 northern tribes called ISRAEL are….We Do Know for DNA certain its NOT those who call themselves Jews today…Christ warned us! Rev 2 vs 9 Imposter jews aka synagouge of Satan aka Esau aka edomites! aka Khazers!

                Wake Up America! Its all wrote in Your bibles!

                • Road Runner

                  “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is
                  whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”
                  The Queen, in her presentation to the Congress (during Bush Presidency), let it be known that there was a special arrangement between England and the United States that was contrary to the Constitution of
                  the United States and to the Common Law, which is based on God’s Law and is the bulwark of our Christian civilization. She referred to the special relationship between England and the United States by stating that our societies “rest on mutual agreement, on contract and consensus.” She was referring to Admiralty Law which emanates from the “City” of London, which is that section of London where the Jewish International Bankers rule. She was also referring to the Universal Commercial Code which has reduced us all to chattel peasants. “The turning point in history will be the moment man becomes aware that the only god of
                  man is man himself.”

                • Anonymous

                  Them Guys: the entire American Government, including State and Local is now run totally by OCCULT FORCES, satanic power of forces who look you in the eye and lie to your face. But guess what they are men inhabited with the spirit of antichrist! In the last days perilous times! yea, much more than perilous. A time that has never been before in the history of the planet God created.

                  Occult Synonyms:
                  belie, blanket, blot out, cloak, conceal, cover, curtain, disguise, enshroud, mask, obscure, 1hide, paper over, screen, shroud, suppress, veil
                  THE TRUTH!

                • Road Runner

                  Them Guys: the entire American Government, including State and Local is now run totally by OCCULT FORCES, satanic power of forces who look you in the eye and lie to your face. But guess what they are men inhabited with the spirit of antichrist! In the last days perilous times! yea, much more than perilous. A time that has never been before in the history of the planet God created.

                  Occult Synonyms:
                  belie, blanket, blot out, cloak, conceal, cover, curtain, disguise, enshroud, mask, obscure, 1hide, paper over, screen, shroud, suppress, veil
                  THE TRUTH!

                • Road Runner

                  Them Guys: even the Jewish Encyclopedia admits to the Khazar part of history. For those of you who deny it you are unlearned and unread!

        • Anonymous

          For you semite (Jew) lovers here is a good Rabbis’ quote for you. It will tickle you pink!

          The anti-Semite…understands but one language, and he must be dealt with o n his own level. The Purim Jews stood up for their lives. American Jews, too, must come to grips with our
          contemporary anti-Semites. We must fill our insane asylums with anti-Semitic lunatics. We must combat every alien Jew-hater. We must harass and prosecute our Jew-baiters to the
          extreme limits of the laws. We must humble and shame our anti-Semitic hoodlums to such an extent that none will wish or dare to become (their ‘fellow-travelers.’)”

          So bend over you Christian Zionist and join with Jews in your own diabolical distruction! And you morons who do not know what Purim is go fucking look up that Jewish Fairy Tale! Purim is celebrating the destruction of Christianity…you don’t think so…you are a brainwashed pinko. It celebrates the Jew World Orders conquest of the World. You stupid red thumbing pinko perverts. No amount of truth or scorn will effect that pea brain of yours. The only real enemy of Judaism is Jesus Christ and those who stand with him. You bunch of fuck ups.

          Such is the expression of appreciation Americans are rewarded for having taken in, with the greatest of good will and tolerance, an alien people who represented themselves as harassed and persecuted. Note the likeness of the rabbi’s attitude to that of the Known
          Communists: Communist leaders and their newspapers constantly condemn opponents as anti-Semites, constantly harass anti-Communist leaders, Christians and Patriots, and branding
          them as gangsters, extremists, terrorists and lunatics.

        • Road Runner

          For you semite (Jew) lovers here is a good Rabbis’ quote for you. It will tickle you pink!

          The anti-Semite…understands but one language, and he must be dealt with o n his own level. The Purim Jews stood up for their lives. American Jews, too, must come to grips with our
          contemporary anti-Semites. We must fill our insane asylums with anti-Semitic lunatics. We must combat every alien Jew-hater. We must harass and prosecute our Jew-baiters to the
          extreme limits of the laws. We must humble and shame our anti-Semitic hoodlums to such an extent that none will wish or dare to become (their ‘fellow-travelers.’)”

          So bend over you Christian Zionist and join with Jews in your own diabolical distruction! And you morons who do not know what Purim is go fucking look up that Jewish Fairy Tale! Purim is celebrating the destruction of Christianity…you don’t think so…you are a brainwashed pinko. It celebrates the Jew World Orders conquest of the World. You stupid red thumbing pinko perverts. No amount of truth or scorn will effect that pea brain of yours. The only real enemy of Judaism is Jesus Christ and those who stand with him. You bunch of fuck ups.

          Such is the expression of appreciation Americans are rewarded for having taken in, with the greatest of good will and tolerance, an alien people who represented themselves as harassed and persecuted. Note the likeness of the rabbi’s attitude to that of the Known
          Communists: Communist leaders and their newspapers constantly condemn opponents as anti-Semites, constantly harass anti-Communist leaders, Christians and Patriots, and branding
          them as gangsters, extremists, terrorists and lunatics.

      • Reynaldo

        All politicians are experts in the art of speaking with forked tongues. They tell us the convenient, happy part of the truth in order to hide the darker, sinister half of the truth. It’s like Obama saying “I’d like everyone to know there’s no one sitting there listening to your phone calls”. Well, yeah, that is true. But it’s only half of the truth. Yeah, there’s no one sitting there listening to our calls, but there’s banks of supercomputers sitting their sifting through data, collating, analyzing, data-modeling, profiling, and flagging every scrap of data, in real time, faster and more efficiently than even a room full of 10,000 analysts could ever hope to do. This is the way con men talk, and politicians are con men. Otherwise they wouldn’t have taken those jobs.

      • Road Runner

        Grandee: I’m well beyond flowery speech for assholes. Tired of the stupidity and downright flagrant sweetness of Americans. Our fucking country is about to go into Bolshevik Jew Psychopolitics and you guys haven’t a clue. Well here is a clue for you:

        Stalin’s First Lieutenant, his activities are described in gory detail. For example, Beria kept a
        special room adjacent to his office for the torturing and raping of small children. Beria killed 4 times as many Christians as the number of Jews
        Hitler allegedly killed, yet in school we would never learn about him. And if we did learn about him, or other Jewish communist mass-murderers, the books would never
        mention that any of them were Jews. We never stop learning about what the
        “evil” Germans did to the poor harmless dears.

        The Jews took over Russia with their Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin brought Pavlov to the Kremlin, locked him
        in a room with all the comforts and assigned him to write, “a summary of his life’s work on dogs and other animals; only, he was to apply this knowledge to human beings.

        Forget about bad language, get your head out of your ass and get some fucking fire in your belly. Or your children may be the ones that are written about in the near future…think about that Mr. upright!

        • Road Runner

          But the conquering force itself was always overt. They could be seen coming. But with the marriage of ideas between Oliver Cromwell and the Jews through Manasseh Ben Israel in
          England, the old method changed and was replaced with a new system. It is a system that is so sinister it defies the imagination. It was less than 100 years earlier when Thomas Cromwell, the near ancestor of Oliver,
          brought to England the ideas of the Jewish Venetian traders and of Machiavelli. He also brought with him the idea of secret societies and the occult. All of these, the Venetian
          Traders, Machiavelli, secret societies and the occult were married to the Kaballah and the
          Talmud when Oliver Cromwell and Manesseh Ben Israel combined forces in their attempt to rule the world. It was out of this that Communism was spawned and given to Karl Marx by
          the Kehilla. It has been the secret societies, using the occult as well as all of the other concepts that
          were put together at that time, that have been the work horse for the one-world movements ever since. With that marriage of plans between Cromwell and Manasseh Ben Israel and the Kehilla, we no longer have one individual seeking world power and glory.

          • Road Runner

            For those who cannot see: the very last sentence: we no longer have one individual seeking world power and glory! This is antichrist the scripture talks about!

            • Indy Colts

              Road Runner = NinaO

              • Them Guys

                Yeah right Indy colts. And Indy colts =Dollie Lama, oh wise one!

              • Road Runner

                Indy Colts: thank you…you red thumbing commie pinko bastard! A true compliment. I do hope Ninao pops in once and while and stirs the ‘Red pinko squad’ up again! I miss his Jew ZOG comments. Your trying to stir the hornets nest pinky.

                • Indy Colts

                  Jew haters (themguys, ninaho or whatever handle he/she is using today) on SHTF = keyboard gangsters.

      • Forrest

        just listened to Dr. Guy Mcpherson speech (award winning)… really sad!!! Most people won’t make it… and the way they will go– famine, suicide, war.

        “Twin Sides of the Fossil Fuel Coin” (Not for the faint of heart).

        • Trees

          Anytime some asshole has to mention “award winning” you can bet your bottom dollar the poster and the author are both full of shit.

      • Forrest

        The Twin Sides of the Fossil Fuel Coin – Guy McPherson – YouTube
        47 min – Nov 30, 2012 – Uploaded by greenfieldcc
        Award winning conservation biologist and professor emeritus Guy McPherson visits GCC and …

        • Them Guys

          Stop falling for Peak Oil BS. Its as bad as global warming BS. Both are proven wrong. get over it. It was all a bunch of Lies by enviro whack jobs-libs-more Taxes types-tree hugger atheists-and a few bought off al gore scientists.

          Aussis Just a week ago found MORE OIL Than Saudi Arabia has! or ever Had too! So did Russia a couple yrs ago, and brazil and usa and N dakota and coast of kalif and Fla/Cuba coasts and venesuala and on and on. Every Month another Massive oil field is Found…NO Not too coslty to get out…NO Not all is shale….and NO PEAK OIL BS!

          All thats wrote Based on peak oil and global warming is BS based on False assumptions and is NOT Valid to Fear of as its BUNKOLA. Get it yet.

      • Shootit

        We have been soaking sliced cucumbers since yesterday. My guess is that we will be using some sort of canning device this afternoon. We should be okay because all our caners are untraceable hand me downs with the serial numbers removed.

        • jerrytbg

          🙂 Classic…

      • Road Runner

        Where is the frigging fire in the bones of American Patriots? Where is the genuine outrage of being raped?

      • elev8tr

        the blog as written is untrue. do your research people. stupid people do stupid things.

      • Gfy

        Post test

    2. Interview with the White Cracker

      this white cracker does not plan on creating one job for any obama people.

      Funny how these fuckers cannot survive in our IT department.

      Here’s a story for ya.. I was reading about the explorers who found tribes deep in Africa…they took a phonograph player. They all starting dancing…not one of the fuckers wanted to know how it worked. True story.
      Sorry, they mentally are wired different. But that’s good…makes the world go around..they gave us jazz, rap and other nice things.
      But enough with the affirmative action we are all equal shit.
      We are NOT all equal… all of our brains are different.
      They brought in this Affirmative action bitch….they paid her $15K more than us…we’ve been these two decades. SO…. we all bitched for raises…then left her to her own. If she asked a question it got answered. In time…she failed out and had to be let go. Mostly likely with massive severance.

      The days of socialism are here…so that mean… you keep your skills and knowledge close and don’t train anyone!


      • VRF

        The days of socialism are here…so that means… you keep your skills and knowledge close and don’t train anyone!

        you got that right, the only ones you train are your kids, and you also tell them not to pass it on to anyone but their kids.

        • KY Mom

          Obama’s War on the Middle Class

          “…One of the hallmarks of all socialist countries is the absence of an independent middle class. From the Bolshevik experiment in Russia to socialist Venezuela today, it is necessary for communist leaders to eliminate that class of citizens who are not dependent on government for their welfare.

          Political theorists from Aristotle to Locke understood that a truly independent and prosperous middle class was essential to the collective well-being of any society. The middle class has always, in every society, been characterized by qualities of social restraint and economic realism — a shrewd and skeptical conservatism that serves to restrain the grandiose plans of utopian revolutionaries and embittered reactionaries alike.

          Throughout its history American society in particular has been the beneficiary of an aspiring middle class whose efforts have created the world’s greatest democracy. It is an ominous sign that the political left, with the loyal support of more than a third of our population, is intent on its destruction.”

          The American Thinker

      • grandee

        Anyway we can clean up the language on this site? Is all that profane wording really needed to get your message accross?

        • VRF

          we don’t need any nannies here or in this state or country, just remember no one forced your eyes to read it
          and no one forced you to understand it, which obviously you do , so by that you must have used the language yourself a time or two to comprehend what was said, please we have enough hypocrites in the world , don’t be another one..mmmk?

          • ed

            thanks that was beautiful.

          • braveheart

            AMEN, VRF, AMEN! No nannies in this country EVER! braveheart

            • Road Runner

              That Guy: what yanks my chain is when black men and women have been given so many opportunities to lift themselves up…free to speak and work to strengthen their communities…all they have done is shit on whitey and expect a free ride because of Jew propaganda that whitey fucked them…which they bought into and became part and parcel with the lying Jew ADL, JDL and produced nothing but the likes of Jackson, Sharpton and embraced Farrakhan and the Moslem religion. Martin Luther King came close to truth but never told them the real truth of how they were being used by Jews to divide and destroy America. They have produced no real leaders and no black preachers will even speak out about Jew deception and if they should the NAACP will roast them alive. Ever since they got ‘apparent’ freedom they have not used it to clean up their back yards but have ghettoized themselves because of their lies, hatred and kinship with Jews who pissed on them. They became good commie agents. The True Gospel of Jesus Christ never took root among their people…only lip service using Jesus as example of a good commie leader and bought into the oh poor me syndrome. Never have a people or race been given such an opportunity to grow and prosper and pissed it away.

              • The Truth

                Road Runner and Them Guys, One can only laugh for so long reading the lies, garbage, crap, falsehoods, and bullshit that you spew forth like the Devil himself.I’m tired, time for sleep. One suggestion, PLEASE: TRY and get out of your double wide trailers now and then and get some air. Check out the birds,the trees,the sky, mountains, lakes, and beauty that G-D has given us all. For a day or two, count your blessings. Look, we could be living in the time of the Romans. They crucified hundreds of thousands of people,Jews and non Jews. One Jew of note was JESUS, the circumcised JEWBOY. How cruel those Romans were!!! How would you like to have lived in those times??? So, let’s review. Things are bad in the USA, no doubt, but certainly better than living in those days. Go to your local deli. Order a nice bagel with cream cheese and nova. Have a nice cup of coffee and orange juice, and thank your lucky stars that we live in these times. As imperfect as they are……

              • Road Runner

                The Truth: let everyone who has eyes do a search on this asshole ‘the truth’ and see a true Jew in action and how he defends himself with his obfuscations. Please note the contempt for Christians and Jesus Christ. Note how he tells us how lucky we are to live in this Jew America paradise they have taken over. We should be so happy we have this ZOG gobmt. Finally note how he refers to himself with the moniker ‘The Truth’ in capital letters, by the way this is their typical Blasphemy of The real Truth Jesus Christ but most people will not catch it. It is no accident he uses this moniker…this tells it all. This asswipe does not even know he does live in the time of the Romans…the Empire the Bottomless Pit Jew Zionist have revived and that they are going to suffer the same fate again by the hand of Jesus Christ. If the Jews call Jesus Christ the Devil how much more will they call them of his household. These guys are antichrist to the core and the the only God they serve is their own belly! Piss on you, you pervert. They a murderous pit vipers. Take note they have note changed since the Babylonian captivity. The Old Testament Prophets had them pegged. Left to themselves and not being allowed to steal money from the Gentile nations, Israelis would devour each other. Every time they open their mouths nothing but deceit comes forth. They are a people whose hand is against all men. Time to get all your paid buddies to start posting here! Wait for it!

            • Road Runner

              Know thy enemy! This is your government America! I’m proud to be an American? Oh whats a couple million dead men, women and children. Its just collateral damage! Wake the fuck up! Get some fucking balls. This quickly coming to a neighborhood near you, read the tealeaves if you haven’t any God given rational sense. Do you have any fucking idea what happened in Fallujah? That is what they plan for patriot neighborhoods. Who can make war with the beast? By the time this is over the world will be sick of murderers.

              This was also demonstrated in Iraq, when the Iraq solders believed President Bush when he told them, if they would lay down their arms and return to Iraq they would be left
              unharmed. So they did. Then after they began leaving and had a caravan about 20 miles long, President Bush ordered the air-force to attack the unarmed troops. Almost 300,000 were
              totally destroyed.
              SLAUGHTERED!!!!Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld promoted by the grand lizard General Collin Powell. Machiavellian murderers.
              and the God-dam Jew Media gloated over this destruction…embedded (in-bed) journalistic whores.

              • Them Guys

                So if we compare Prez Bush and Hitler.

                #1 Hitlers german troops had 300,000 British troops Locked in with zero ammo left and NO way out for them masses of brit soldiers…At Dunkirk. Hitler told his generals “Let them Brits all 300,000 Go! do not kill em but let them ALL go back home alive to england”

                #2 Bush also has 300,000 enemy troops, Iraqi;s stuck with no chance in hell to do any other thing besides Die in war trying…Bush says “Drop yer guns/weapons, leave tanks behind and walk away all is swell and Ok…Then orders usa troops to Murder all 300,000!

                I recall reading and seeing actual photos of usa tanks killing the iraqi men by .50 cal bullets from tanks to the Backs of fleeing iraqi’s then pushing sand over them to cover it all up. Many were still Alive while burried with tons of sand. I think that report was BY a usa army man who wrote the truth of it.

                So if we compare Bush to Hitler…Bush Loses Big! But we americans aint ever supposed to notice this nor speak of it…Right?

              • Road Runner

                Them Guys: great post on the 300,000 GI’s at Dunkirk…good catch! Love it when facts speak louder than 10,000 words!

              • BackSpace

                Them Guys: I also saw pictures of the 20 mile long exodus aftermath… the portion I saw… they were toast.

                Crispy burnt toast.


              • Road Runner

                Backspace: you saw right it was disgusting carnage of human beings who had families to support. All done in the name of Jew Israel and courtesy of the fucking Israeli Lobby AIPAC AND THE ZIONIST CHRISTIAN MF’S.

              • Them Guys

                The Truth=A Joke. Typical Lib jew Spew, You say this and that, yet you show ZERO proof to refute the tons of links and videos and article we Do provide. Believe what you care to it is your loss if you reject truth. Same for tired old usless nonsense like jesus was a jew crap.

                I and others has prior posted much documented well sourced info debunking and proving when the word “jew” was first placed in the bible. And tons of more documented info to prove all we state of jews-kommies-bolsheviks-israel-talmud-rabbis-pharisees-new testement verses spoken BY Christ Condemning talmudic judiacs(jews) and more proof on Factual info on zionists than YOU can possibly Read in Three lifetimes.

                Perhaps You need go Back to reading various fables such as the “Wolf Jew Girl” who escaped nazi camps at age 6yr old, then Hid with an entire Pack of wolves, who fed her and kept her naked starving small body warm and fed for over 2.5 yrs! Untill she was “Found” by a nice young married Swedish couple out “Strolling” the forest, and after the nice swedish couple found her of course they adopted her and “rescued” her from further life with a rabid hungry visious pack of wolves who so well fed her for alomst 3 yrs!

                Oh did I mention, that wolf girl was Outted not long ago.

                Yeah seems she was BORN, almost 10 Yrs AFTER WWII ENDED!!!

                Oh and she finally ADMITED not only her entire book is a Invented Fable she Made up, and besides not BORN untill 10 yrs after WWII ended…

                She admited she is NOT even JEWISH!!! That didn’t stop her from Keeping the $20 Million she got for book sales and a Jew Hollywood movie advance!

                Perhaps we all will soon get another “Spielberg Treat” similar to his last movie…”SWINDLERS List” eh.

                Oh and for Your FYI-Swidnlers list and spielberg were SUED by an Actual woman whos Father or Uncle are spoken of in that movie and she claims its a Bunch of BUNKOLA.

                ps I write MY God with the O…Try it He wont send a lightening bolt down to zap you for adding the O.

                He may be Pissed soon if you jews continue to Reject Christ, and inist on belief in Your perverted evil Talmudic nonsense.

                I am tired of so many jews calling all whiteys so many names like seperatist and raysis etc when ALL Along its been Talmudic zionistic Jews whos talmud teaches Them jews to be and act as all They claim we are!

                Just as in 109 Other prior nations last 2000 yrs, americans Are awkening to the jew. Time shall tell if usa becomes nation #110….Tic Tock Tic Tock talmudist.

        • Kulafarmer

          We sure as hell dont need to temper our FREE SPEACH to cater to people who would deny or regulate what we want to say, its called passionate, like it or not untill Mac says to cut it out we can all say whatever the fuck we want.
          Lame ass

          • Kulafarmer


            • lower40

              this might be a proper time to recite George carlins 7 words you can never say on TV ,but that was to long ago and my brain got old and i cant remember them ,i do remember there were some tits somewhere in there ,and as an older man that thought still makes me smile

              • OutWest

                lower40— lol, I am a huge follower of the
                philosopher/comedian Carlin. The 7 words are:

                and tits

                A big part of George Carlin’s genius was in
                the fact that he was aware that just about
                anything could be said that wasn’t politically
                correct as long as it was cloaked in the guise
                of a comedy format.

                • wrong

                  I remember it as piss shit suck fuck cocksucker motherfucker tits. Hope my mom doesn’t read this….

                • Kulafarmer

                  I miss that guy,
                  The other guy i miss is Belushi, two of the greatest minds our country has produced.

                • Night breaker

                  Hurray lizard shit fuck!

                  carlin was the best!

                  Semper Fi 8541

            • Them Guys

              Quote of the Week: From another website.

              From website of Incogman dot net Where he also allows free thought and never censors posts. Only if a Troll or hasbara type does he stop the poster. They get temporarily sent for incarceration to SpamBlinka “camp” for trolls. Then given a second chance at redemption.

              Quote of the Week

              “Everything that is said here is thoroughly correct. I am one of the very few people in academia who isn’t either a jew or somebody who has cravenly submitted to the jews. The jews in academia are not smart. They are plagiarists. Plagiarism seems to be acceptable within Judaism. The Academy is now a flaming husk. Its hiring-practices are counter-meritocratic. All thanks to this despicable, mendacious menace. I am now convinced, after years of trying to tell myself otherwise, that these people are fundamentally deceptive. In fact, I am now not only convinced of it: I have irrefutable evidence of it. The dean of the institution that employs me has turned said institution into a Laundromat for Zionist-blood-bucks. Western Civilization is being undermined, in the most radical and malicious way conceivable. I urge you to pursue your anti-jewish, anti-Zionist, anti-negro agenda with complete and total prejudice. “Jim Jevons” (not real name)”

              — Jim Jevons
              Nice to see more sites has folks awakening eh. Incogmans site has tons of articles and photos of mass chimpouts never shown on any msm’s.

              • Road Runner

                Them Guys: Home Run!

        • Road Runner

          Grandee: I’m well beyond flowery speech for assholes. Tired of the stupidity and downright flagrant sweetness of Americans. Our fucking country is about to go into Bolshevik Jew Psychopolitics and you guys haven’t a clue. Well here is a clue for you:

          Stalin’s First Lieutenant, his activities are described in gory detail. For example, Beria kept a
          special room adjacent to his office for the torturing and raping of small children. Beria killed 4 times as many Christians as the number of Jews
          Hitler allegedly killed, yet in school we would never learn about him. And if we did learn about him, or other Jewish communist mass-murderers, the books would never
          mention that any of them were Jews. We never stop learning about what the
          “evil” Germans did to the poor harmless dears.

          The Jews took over Russia with their Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin brought Pavlov to the Kremlin, locked him
          in a room with all the comforts and assigned him to write, “a summary of his life’s work on dogs and other animals; only, he was to apply this knowledge to human beings.

          Forget about bad language, get your head out of your ass and get some fucking fire in your belly. Or your children may be the ones that are written about in the near future…think about that Mr. upright!

        • Forrest


          He says, In their Unified Quest speech, the United States army announced on TV– CNBC– that they’re preparing for martial law in the U.S. Just few days ago, Lt. General Boydkin says the dam is just about to break on our economy… justifying Martial Law… and says he has 3 months stored food and guns. Also, said that Obama used the NDAA illegal bill to justify killing 2 TEENAGERS– one a 16 yr. old girl, the other a boy and got away with it. (VIDEO was 2012).

          Really sad video!! So awful!!!! (And he has doctorate degree, won medals).

          • Them Guys

            Is Boydkin that same ret us general always seen on Fox tv and he is a neocon war hawk who believs all israel does is ok and can do NO wrongs?….I may be mistaken…But I do think hes the one I am refering to. Massive pro israel pro jewish war hawk neocon. I know I aint wrong that tv cnbc is 100% jew run zionist run cia-mossad controled Propaganda outlet Number 67…God alone knows the exact total number of jew run zio cia mossad controled propaganda entities them evil bastards own.

            ps the absolute Worst Un american anti whitey ret us military FOX regular guest on all things “terroristic” is that curly haird Colonol ret. Last name is Peters I believe. He in 1994 wrote a us army college of War white paper on how to deal with and destroy USA Patriots who are aginst their NWO plans!!…Gretta Van jewish and Hannity et al at fox Praise that ret col guy as some type God hero. And the two jewish dykes at fox, Main “experts” on all issues israel and mid eat terrorists etc Love that ret col guys crap. All are Pro israel Pro jewish, and anti usa patriot anti whiteys that are against the nwo. Says all you need to know I rekon.

            • Road Runner

              Them Guys: bird of feather always roost in the same area. In this case the same cesspool.

          • Trees

            Like I’ve said before, anytime some asshole has to mention doctorate degrees, awards, medals, it’s a sue bet the poster is just another liberal butt fuck.

            • Them Guys

              Do you mean Professional Univ Students, who has a PHD in most everythibg…Except a, J.O.B types?

              • Trees

                Yes guys, that would be the types.

        • Mountain Trekker

          Sorry grandee, many on this site seem to equate freedom of speech with profanity. But just remember, if you take a stand for morality, you will go down in flames, at least in this life. Seems I had a teacher many years ago that made the statement that people that have to use profanity to express themselves, are basically to ignorant to get their point across without it. Grande you may be new to this site or just using a different name, but I’m here for the long haul, so all out there that don’t agree bring on the red thumbs and slams. Trekker Out. Cause I Can Take It!

          • Dave in Id

            sometimes they are just reall pissed off and cus to express that. Others use capital letters like eisen (where is he?) did.

          • Road Runner

            Trecker: your so fucking right!

      • KY Mom


        I read that article on Zero Hedge too. This is the Obama ‘recovery’…

        953,000 Jobs Created In 2013 — 731,000 Part-Time!

        That is 77% of the ‘jobs created’ are only PART TIME.
        That explains why the numbers on Food Stamp keeps going up.

        • lower40

          Amen KY mom

          there just blowing smoke up the dupa of the sheeple ,’down here in SWFL the only green shoots i see are growing out of the cow patty’s

      • agent provocateur

        ” I’m a cracker- He’s a cracker-She’s a cracker -wouldn’t you like to be a cracker too!
        Be a cracker-a creepy AZZ cracker!
        Be a cracker! A creepy AZZ! ”

        Come everybody lets sing along!!! LOL

      • Forrest

        “…They are mentally wired different”?? Oh, you mean like the little girl on AOL NEWS a couple days ago.. you know, the little four year old black girl who belongs to MENSA– the “club” for geniuses? She has an IQ in the top 1 % of the bracket… yeah, guess that’s what you mean… she’s only 4!! Ha, ha!

        stupid hypocrites!

        • Not so Much

          I support neither of you cretins and have no dog in your fight, but please notice that it was YOU that assumed ‘wired different’ meant ‘stupid’.

          And just what is it that you think hypocrite means?

        • GOP4EVER

          Even you are pointing out the singularity and rarity of a black girl getting into mensa. You are confirming what the Interview w/White Cracker dude is saying: He’s saying they are as rare as hen’s teeth, as you have illustrate so well!!

      • W69

        . Sandyhook
        Plan A was sweeping gun legislation- (aka willing surrender)didn’t happen people instead bought guns and ammo.

        Plan B?
        http:(remove to copy url)//youtu.be/3Lw59iK0lHg

        Bravo! Best investigate reporting I have seen in a long time.
        wonder if author of this is still alive.

      • mountain man 6-1

        Chris ROCK Said ” Everyones talking about ‘Al-Qaeda , Al-Qaeda ,I ain’t scarred of them ,I’m more worried Al-CRACKER !!……….mm Nice Post , DAISY !


      Time to go back to writing letters _ why the postal service only copies the front and back, not the insides [maybe]

      • Sally

        I Agree…I’ve gotten those ‘damaged trying to deliver’ cards with damaged mail, great opportunity for them to check it out…I was thinking the same thing- letter writing…it’s all we have left and even that’s not a great way to go..

        • OutWest

          “The words of the prophets are written
          on the subway walls, and tenement halls”…..

          Simon & Garfunkel

          • Them Guys

            The word of the prophets are written on the Concert Walls!
            RUSH band.

      • twit

        actually the post office has opened some of my letters I sent to my father

      • Reynaldo

        Actually, have you noticed lately that some of your mail has been opened? Not even the PO is safe and people are talking about it all over the net.

        • Kulafarmer

          Ive had that happen lately a lot more than usual, and its all while in the custody of the USPS

          • Shootit

            USPS employes are shoplifting. Looking for cash. They have become TSA.

            • BackSpace

              Half correct…

              The USPS no longer hires career employees, only “PSE’s”. PSE = Postal Support Employee, which are low paid, with no benefits and horrible hours.

              So yes, they are looking for $$. Not TSA.


          • Them Guys

            My mail has been opened or tampered with for 15 yrs now! Ever since I began to write Under the return address area in left upper corner envelope, I’d write stuff like “ATTEN! Ollie North, REX-84!! and a few other similar things. Ever since most mail I get except util bills get tampered with big time. Fully opened before I get it too. Bastards.

        • Merree

          I bought some silver. The package was unopened and it had no identifying information as what was inside. The postman brought it to the door to be signed for and said, “this sure is heavy”. I just agreed with no mention as to what was inside but I could tell he was very curious. I wonder if this places me on some list. I get lots of packages delivered since I often shop online. I wonder how much of it gets Xrayed along the way.

          • sixpack

            If you really want to throw them into a frenzy, next time just off-handedly note that 3D printed guns are still much cheaper to mail than conventional guns…

        • MadAtchew

          Two of three letters I received today were “opened” by extreme crumpling….how convenient. They ARE looking inside. As*holes. Just when I thought I was going to shift more business through the USPS…they piss me off just the same, and it costs the extra price of a stamp to boot. Well, “Two Boots on them, with a stamp and a stomp”.

          They want our economy to crumple, and affecting the USPS is the last local bastion to our civility. If I have no reason to ride into town everyday to conduct honest affairs under the protection of Law, what is the point in contributing to society beyond “taking” what I need when it’s time. Honest and hard working people like most of us on this site are a dying breed and our leaders are mocking us as we counter their “divide and conquer” tactics. They truly have our culture under attack and THEIR EVIL cancer is within every facet of our lives.

          Fuck ‘Em! (1st, Fist and Asterisk)
          (smile when you say Fuck, it’s a comedy!)

          • Leo

            If they wanted to open your letters you would not have a clue. The mail system often eats letters due to automation. The letters that don’t appear to be tampered with are the ones I would look out for.

      • lower40

        that or start speaking in pig latin again

    4. Trailer Park Investor

      I’m affraid to leave a comment.

      • VRF

        oops the word comment is a flag for sure

      • Anonymous

        You don’t seem to be alone. Some of SHTFPLAN topics get 10,000 plus viewers, yet only 200 replies…

        It really surprise me if they start asking, “Have you went online to any preppers sites”? if you answer yes, then would probably say, “Show us all your preps!!!!

        This is the only reason WHY I don’t everything in one spot.

        If you haven’t already, you need to have a plan B


        • Kulafarmer

          Just tell em your a Mormon and that it is Gods teaching for you to be stocked for self sufficiency!
          In my opinion we should register prepping as a religion,
          You NSA gov fellers dont want to get between a man and his religion now,,
          Do you?

          • REB

            Ah…being prepared has always been right there at the top of the “Commandments” that I live by…right up there beside “thou shalt not obey godless govicorp decrees”…just sayin 😉

        • sixpack

          I wonder how many of that 10,000 views are by shills and NSA analysts…

      • braveheart

        TPI, never be afraid to speak your mind. never, ever give in to their whims. that’s what they depend on. Never live in fear of them; it lends them legitimacy. deny that to them. don’t live in fear, that is not living. braveheart

      • yental

        Double F-ing the word “afraid” is one of THEIR “key terrorist” commentary identifying “code words”!

        You may have “outed yourself”, even worse than the likes of me. And it doesn’t get much worse than the “likes-of-me”…

    5. About me

      To the Federal Government…I’ll make this easy on you.
      I’m a highly educated middle class white male. Married for 26 years, living in the same home for 17. Married to the same gal for 23.

      I’m an NRA member.
      I think you guys need to start doing some racial profiling and seek out the real fuckers who will do us harm.

      Also… immigration is a weapon of mass destruction…. once you get these fucker here..they will breed like flies and blow your social programs out of the water.

      I live in peace and have been watching our country go to shit.

      I’m creating my own .com and don’t plan on having any employees.
      Zero obama care employer enslavement.
      Take that you beige mother fucker.

      There’s a subtule backlash against you. You’ll never see it and all the dems and obamas folks can stand at the welfare line.

      • VRF

        ahh, yeah they already know this..its their plan..were just not supposed to know it

      • penCRNA

        @ about me….ditto. except I’m a middle class white female who believes in self sufficiency and have converted my husband. his new goal is to be self sufficient in the burbs of hartford.

        we also belong to the NRA, think that racist blacks should be held to the same standard as racist whites. I’m sick of being called a ‘cracker’ when they have no clue about my character, and many of them are drains on society.

        I am opening a hypnosis clinic next week. I will still work full time and do this part time, but i will be getting certifications in hypnobirthing and pain. this will be my barter skill for after shtf. NSA can stick it as far as I’m concerned.

        I have back packs, am looking to buy a pressure canner for my vegetables, so I’m sure ill have a visit tomorrow. Keep the fuckers busy. too busy. After someone build a pressure cooker bomb once, do they really think it will happen again? dumbasses.

        • Kulafarmer

          Get your pressure canner direct from American Pressure Canner, they also have all the other goodies you need.

          • z-71

            Kulla, Bought a 930AA canner best investment in a while, cans 14 qts. at a time, I’ve canned over 40 qts. of soups and stews looking forward to canning much more just need more jars working on that also. I’m sure it will out last me.

        • braveheart


        • Forrest

          Yeah, I hate all the racist comments too– from BOTH sides of the fence– whether its blacks calling us crackers or whites calling them the N word. Or people like you, saying “they” are a drain on society… disgusting hypocrite!

          • PenCRNA

            not that you even deserve a reply, my point is,it is the ones who milk the system and take everything we’ve worked for that call us ‘crackers’. You find a fiscally responsiblte conservative black, and they call them an ‘oreo’.

            go ahead and twist my words troll. My sister is black so screw you.

        • Forrest

          Anyone who makes racist comments (LIKE YOU) are a DRAIN on society: you pull everyone down with you egotistical, hypocritical remarks. You cause division (the devil is delighted), are the opposite of humility, Love, what Jesus taught. And because of ignorant people like you, TPTB have been able to control and dominate us, using the extremely effective technique of “divide and conquer”.

          Devil: division/delusion.

          God: Love. Think about it (if you can wrap your small head around it!!)

          • Not so Much

            ‘because of ignorant people like you’

            Yea, see above. You prolly aren’t as enlightened as you think you are.

            • Forrest

              Actually, retard, I AM enlightened… the only way to be “popular ” on this website is to be racist… but I don’t give a crap about being popular. And yes, the poster WAS ignorant– ignorance being the opposite of wisdom. Wisdom comes from “enlightenment”. Anyone with a brain KNOWS that disliking others because of their ethnicity is just plain STUPID!! ONLY RETARDS LIKE PEOPLE ON THIS SITE THINK RACISM IS COOL!

          • Not so Much

            “Anyone who makes racist comments (LIKE YOU) are a DRAIN on society”

            Again, please notice what YOU assumed above. Change your name to ‘swirling the drain’, because yera terd.

            • Forrest

              anyone who assumes other colors of people are INFERIOR to them is just plain STUPID! And yes, racist people ARE A DRAIN ON SOCIETY because they pull everyone’s consciousnesses down…. of course, stupid people like you cannot comprehend that… thus, we have the world as it is. However, when TSHTF truly– when global climate hell is upon us, ALL KNEES WILL BEND and if you don’t get over your stupid racism, YOU WILL DIE. PERIOD! REAP THE WHIRLWIND AND CRY.

              • Trees

                You need to go back to your handlers and get a new game plan. It’s the same old tired out bullshit. Global warming, racism, and of course, you’ve been told to interject the words God and love sporadically to appear that you’re really sincere and well meaning. You’re a fool. You’ll continue to be rejected, naturally, and it’s nothing to do with a popularity contest. It’s simply because your tactics are worn out from countless years of spreading lies that are no longer effective. Get some new material or a more updated troll organization, you’re done here.

              • Mountain Trekker

                Forrest you are 100% right, racist ARE A DRAIN ON SOCIETY. Obama, Sharpton and Jackson have proven that. Trekker Out.

              • Them Guys

                Forest proves the quote by Ingogman is truth!

                “You folks who seek and speak Truth, are going to be called a Rayssis and a Nazi, no matter what…So you may as well go All Out!”…..incogman 2012

          • theglimmerman

            There’s hope for the world yet. Good job. When are people going to learn that any tool they can use to keep us divided, they will use. Racism is one of their favorites and oldest tactics. They will always find a bunch of idiots on both sides trying to belittle the other.

          • Forrest

            No, Yental, I am not black. And I am not an evil person, which you obviously are. I just don’t like racism. I abhor ignorance– like the stupid person above who made the derogatory comment above, insinuating she was better than blacks, that blacks are a “drain on society”. Obviously I am on the wrong site. I like conversation with enlightened/ intelligent people but unfortunately, its sorely missing this website. Frankly, you make me sick. I am not a redneck, they are stupid. go fuck yourselfs. bye. : )

            • yental

              Don’t let the “door” hit you in your IGNORANT ASS on the “way out”! One less trolling DUMBASS to contend with. BYE BYE!

              • Dave in Id

                He will be back under a different name.

          • Road Runner

            Forrest: you and I do not read the same Bible, my Jesus was RADICAL DUDE! He was no swishy, squishy man with love dripping from his every pore…he spoke truth and pissed them all off! Get a life and soon. Standing up against vile, oppressive, demonic forces is not your cup of tea. Sitting around the Ecuminical campfire is more to your liking! Get a tough outer skin, it is acquired by experience and not learned by a bunch of pusillanimous words.

          • Road Runner

            Yental: them thar are my kind of descriptive adjectives! Modifies the noun Amarkin Patrot.

        • CT Yankee

          Hey penCRNA, we must be neighbors as I live in north central CT. Happy to see you converted your husband as many have a huge problem getting their spouses on board. I didn’t have to do that with the wife as she see’s what I see. Funny thing is I was at the DMV a few weeks ago and talked to some people in line who actually have the same concerns as many here! Guess there’s more and more people waking up to what’s rapidly becoming more clear by the day. And that’s a very good thing.

          • PenCRNA

            I ave 5 neighbors in a 3 block radius with chickens now. another neighbor stopped by when he was walking and saw our coop in the back yard. says its his new project.

            None of my neighbors complain about the accidental rooster, but the democratic town clerk across the street did say she knew where she could get food now if she ever ran out. Actually she and her elderly husband are great people, and I would help them out. we are fortunate to have good neighbors on the block.

          • Prepped in CT

            More CT people!

            I love my country, it’s the government that I don’t trust.

            Wish my husband were totally on board. It would make my life much easier.

            • PenCRNA

              It took me a while to get him on board. I started as ‘couponing and stockpiling to save money”. It has evolved. I still haven’t gotten him to see the light on storing large volumes of H2O, or gas for grill, genny for that matter. but I was surprised when he listed his long term goal in his recent paper as “becoming self sufficient” This southern country girl has brought him around. Seems we may have many neighbor preppers, but i’m just guessing based on all the chicken farming around here!

              • REB

                Every man needs a good “southern country girl” to help him along….glad I got mine 🙂

              • braveheart

                PenCRNA, my wife was a nurse, from Cuba, half Hispanic and half black. she sold me on prepping back in the 70s [I’m in my 50s now]. I survived numerous hurricanes in FL. After my wife was killed and I moved back to TN, I experienced numerous other personal SHTFS but I was prepared for every one of them and survived them all. I was a prepper before the word was even invented and never regretted it for one minute. braveheart

            • LSB

              I was born in CT. Lived for 9 yrs on family farm in Ledyard. My aunt called the little country roads, goat trails. Bet things have changed a lot since the 50’s.

              • PenCRNA

                Out east, north of the shoreline, there is still a lot of ‘country’. Very beautiful out there. Takes a long time to get anywhere from out there though. Enjoying my day today. I picked another gallon of blackberries, and I’m water bath canning jam and jelly. Hopefully the tomatoes will be turning soon.

        • Mark

          My recently deceased mother-in-law, God rest her dear soul, lived with us for the last six years of her life. She often used a pressure cooker. When we lost part of the thing that goes on top of it, I bought another cooker. A larger one that could double as a pressure canner; I’ve canned okra and peppers and stuff for many years using the open vessel method and have recently been advised to get with the program and learn pressure canning. Who in the hell had any idea that something like a pressure cooker, of all things for God’s sake, would be demonized by government bastards?!
          Now I guess all Vietnamese people who make pho (noodle soup with beef broth) will be “possible terrorists”. They cook beef bones all night in a pressure cooker to make the broth that is used in the pho. I have loved pho since Y2K; hope government turds don’t make it impossible to make broth!

      • Lurker

        I don’t know about you but I think it should be spelled “Feral” not “Federal”

      • Reynaldo

        There’s going to be backlash, alright. But that is part of the plan to get a fascist tyrant from the other side of the aisle into office. And guess what? He’s going to be even worse than Obama, and he can claim all the draconian new laws are because of the previous administration’s mistakes. Most of the brain-dead public will fall for it like they do all the other lies.

        • sixpack

          …” He’s going to be even worse than Obama, and he can claim all the draconian new laws are because of the previous administration’s mistakes. Most of the brain-dead public will fall for it like they do all the other lies…”

          You might mean “she”. I believe they’re setting us up for a Hillary in the white house next. It’s a continuation of the plan.

          • Dave in Id

            Hillary? Do you think she will stain Huma’s dress?

      • GOP4EVER

        “….beige Mother F—er….”

        OMG, I can’t breathe!! ROFLMAO!!!

    6. Jim in Va.

      Those boys are going to be mighty busy in the future. What with all the gun owners,people who can their gardening supplies,Ham radio operators,hunters and anybody else that might use the internet.

    7. Kevin2

      If they keep this up they might just chase the enlightened right off the communications grid. Then again that just may be the goal.

      • sixpack

        Then we’ll just start our own comm grid.

        • Them Guys

          Heres a Preper Income Plan we ALL can do as One main org group. Start a religion for Real. Get Millions to Join-preppers-tea partys-occupys etc….Then a couple guys like me and Road Runner perhaps can go to Large Food corps, acting like Jessie jackson to Shake down the corps for Money lots of money.

          Heres the main method to get that Cash! We will Copy the hebrew orthodox rabbis and DEMAND Large Food corps Inlcude OUR religious symbol same as the rabbis Kosher symbols on every product they make and sell.

          Our symbol can be a Circle with a Cross like a crucifix cross inside circle, their kosher symbol is a circle with K, but yesterday I found a website with a photo showing almost two dozen different rabbis symbols. So we too can Expand after we get it going. This earns $6 Billion Per year for rabbis! Think with way More patriots and christians etc how much potential for us to earn way More!

          That website has a copy of the Eaxct downloaded Info and application permit paperwork Rabbis submit to a new company that wishes to include a kosher symbol. As if they have a choice!

          The co Must submit EVERY ingrediant even top secret spices etc and every step used in process to make the food item, and allow rabbi inspectors to visit entire factory operations and inspect it all…Then after they PAY a huge one year fee IN advance, if approved they get to place a kosher symbol on their product.

          Its a massive cash maker swindle as even alum Foil-Toilet bowl cleaners-dish soap-laundry soap etc etc has the kosher symbol and we all pay extra for it as all costs are always passed off to consumers.

          All we must do to convince companies to include OUR Circle with Cross in it symbol on their food items etc is simply copy rabbis and jessie jackson methods…

          Threaten Massive nationwide BOYCOTTS! unless They BUY Our symbols or get RID of all rabbi jewish kosher symbols…They will never get rid of kosker symbols as that will cause jewish boycotts…And crys of nestle foods is antisemitic etc…Well what about Preppers and christians? We can Boycott also right. We can cry anti christian! anti whiteys!.

          Hey no joke a couple dozen rabbis split up $6 Billion per yr in usa! and its done GLOBALLY!! Who knows the grand total global cash them rabbis earns by a legit swindle…..I am dead serious. I Know I can convince corps we mean buisness. They fear any crys of unfairness and Discrimination…Time for whites and preppers and christians to earn Big Cash the easy way like rabbis does.

          If anybodys interested I will copy and paste those rabbis rules and paperwork applications you can read.

          PS: we do NOT need a large number to join Our religion, just as many as needed to be legit. we Do need convince many folks to agree its a worthy thing to Boycott over if corps reject our symbol etc…As long as the coprs “believes” we can cause a huge rukus is good enough.

          If we must pay for a religious symbol on every item we buy weekly at stores…I want to get Paid too for Our symbol. Why not. Who Likes to Pay More for groceries weekly? well You do! and its a few rabbis who gets it. For religious ways 98% of americans do NOT subscribe to.

          Mom and POP stores probobly pays at least $10,000 per year xtra due to Kosher branding symbols…Picture nationwide Krogers. wallmarts stors! etc etc..That adds up Big time cash. I want some too. Lets do it. Nothing to lose for trying eh.

    8. braveheart

      Thank you Daisy for another excellent article. Of course, the feds will claim “war on terror” as the excuse for everything they’re doing, when it’s really war against the people which is their ultimate goal. I’m glad those people survived their ordeal. Had they resisted or even questioned those feds, most likely they would be dead now. How can they claim “war on terror” almost 12 years after 911 when they still allow Muslims into this country and now Obama supposedly has allowed Muslim terrorists into positions of power in DC, especially at FBI, DHS, CIA, etc? The Muslims are always stating their intentions toward us, which are the same as the feds; to destroy we the people and this nation. If I had been the one at that home that was raided, there would’ve been resistance. I might not survive it, but at least I would go out of this world the way I choose. YOU JUST DON’T SUBMIT TO ANYONE WHO APPROACHES YOU HAVING BAD INTENTIONS TOWARD YOU. THAT’S HOW I WAS RAISED. Whatever I look at online, any books I read, etc. is no one else’s concern. The raid on those people’s home had no legitimate basis whatsoever. I understand that it was the homeowner’s decision on how to handle it, but when these agents won’t follow any constitutional guidelines, i.e., established legal procedures, then NOBODY OWES THEM ANYTHING. NOBODY HAS ANY OBLIGATIONS TO THEM. I look at whatever I choose on the internet. ANYONE in government wants to make an issue of it, they do so at their own peril. NOMI CATIMF WOLVERINES braveheart

      • REB

        BH…I am a firm believer in the war on terror…them being the terrorists and we being the ones warring agin em! 😉

    9. California Resident

      I suspect that I browse exactly the same stuff that most red-blooded males of the species browse.

      The government’s perceived power over us relies on its assumption that we can be embarrassed or intimidated by exposing the content of what we browse to people that would judge us.

      God is MY judge. God knows I ain’t no saint, but God also knows I am constantly praying for strength and forgiveness for MY sins. The NSA is therefore outmatched.

    10. warchild

      I have to admit,I also was curious and after the bombings in Boston looked up what makes a pressure cooker bomb work,luckily no unwanted pests came questioning at my door.The thing is,any one with a net connection and or just a mind bent on evil intent can do a lot more damage then what those assholes in Boston did.Have discussed a few ways am surprised folks with evil intent have not used with friends/family,would be much more damaging.On a side note am glad they have not been used and will not discuss with strangers as that one asshole might get ideas.I also if that happened would guess be arrested as I would ask for a warrant,sad we seem to live in such a screwed up environment.

    11. Connor Kenway

      Nothing to see here, just move along. This is all for your safety. No conspiracy, just a need to make sure we useless eaters are doing what we are supposed to be doing….you know, being taxed to death and spending our fiat notes on stupid shit. Keep in mind, you have privileges, not rights and this is all for your safety and continuity of government/society. Go back to your bread and circus. Nothing to see here………

      Sarc. off…..

      Fuck the feds.

      Side note, stevequayle is still down….

    12. Road Runner

      Fear, Fear, Fear, Fear…live in fear you piss-ants…who do think makes sure these and other articles like this get posted and become headlines for the Goyim. Fuck them! We better wise the fuck up to all their fear mongering. Fearful and timid get the hell away from me, you are diseased and wretched! Gods’ people only fear him. Those who still live in fear do not know him (Jesus Christ) yet. All the great preachers and Christians of the past put it all on the line, now these pussies run and fucking hide. Cave dwellers whose lives are not worth living.

    13. Walt Kowalski

      Who is John Galt?

      • braveheart

        Walt, I think you’re referring to http://www.johngaltfla.com. He’s down in FL and has a very interesting website; it’s worth the visit. braveheart

        • Walt Kowalski

          Actually….I was asking the same rhetorical question that is asked in Ayn Rand’s epic novel, “Atlas Shrugged”.

          For those who have yet to figure it out…..The United States of America as envisioned by the founders is dead. Just because they’ve not yet buried the rotting, stinking corpse does not mean that it still exists.

          People claim that the New World Order is coming.

          It is not coming. It is here.

          We are no longer free. That is reality.

          Abandon any hope of “restoring” this country through the political process. It’s not going to happen. Not when you have at least 90% of the population that is too stupid to realize that it’s already happened. And what is worse….don’t care. And not when you have the leadership of both political parties toeing the NWO line.

      • OutWest

        Walt— perhaps he is Edward Snowden,
        champion for the peoples liberties?

      • Archivist

        Me, since 2004. I haven’t missed the company world a bit. I work when I want and how I want. Only put in 13 hours this week. None last week. Might do some more next week. Some jobs pay, some don’t. Even when people can’t afford me, they give me cookies, brownies, etc. The rest of my time is spent eating, sleeping, going to church, working in the yard, and preparing.

    14. Morpheous

      Try to bend the spoon with your mind and then realize
      Thete is no spoon
      Syphenter said what?
      Google is the nsa and the nsa is google
      Your typing on a gov website – hello is this thing on? Testing
      So watch what you type on the gov websearch

    15. Iowa

      Mac, I just called about 50 US Senators and Congressmen about 9/11, Sandy Hook, Bengazi, and the President pushing a Race War. If I don’t comment in 24 hours, I’m in the SS Office.


    16. joebob

      Good thing they will be looking for some guy named Joebob !!! The jokes on them I don’t look anything like Joebob !!!!

    17. mallardhen

      OK now to the statements made by our government that they are not watching us be it either our computers or our telephone conversations, if so, then exactly what are they doing? This not only scares me, but it also makes me MAD; not angry but MAD, we are falling apart as a nation all because someone needs to know everything about our lives and keep a record of it. I am almost willing to search Google for the very same topics as the writer of the article did and let the ball bounce where it may and see where it lands.

      • z-71

        Mallard, I have already searched all those sites bought ammo and also bought a pressure canner on line let them come and chk. me out with a (warrant) and they will find a disabled man who held a Gov. secret security recently with nothing to hide. Just an American prepping for the unknown. I fear not death so what is left to fear?

    18. Gonetoolong

      This pisses me off almost as much as the Congressional staffers getting a pass on Obamacare regs while we peasants shuffle for crumbs. I fully understand things such as child porn being off limits, but I can’t believe people are worried about “screwing up” by looking up benign products such as a pressure cooker and back pack simultaneously. I will look up what I please. But as others have said, if they came to my house, the imagination could make me look like a real loon in the MSM. Gas cans, ammo, guns, food…. you know common everyday items.

      • Road Runner

        Gonetolong: don’t you get it? Child porn off limits, hell that is a mousetrap just like porn. It is all going to be used against you if they have to. I don’t give shit if you accidentally fucked up…they are going to grease your ass if they want to. These guys are murderers, rapists, are a bunch of rump rangers, are filthy degenerate and they think everyone is like them. They are just like the Stasi and KGB. You have no idea…they will lie and invent something if they cant find anything. That is just a fact. Off Limits…no such thing in the Jew NWO.

    19. BlackDog

      Without a warrant, there are TWO WORDS I have for you jack-booted thugs — can you guess what they are? And, without paper, I have some precious metals I will hand out, in 8-round doses, at my leisure. You are Home Invaders without the paperwork. We have gotten really good at dealing with Home Invaders in Arizona. Try us!

    20. Barn Cat

      I wouldn’t throw out a bunch of possible keywords for the snoops. They could use that as an excuse to investigate you and then confiscate your guns and your preps.

      • Outlaw

        Second time I have thumbed you up Barn Cat. You are confusing, but sometimes you dispense good common sense.

        • Road Runner

          Outlaw: your dangerous! Sorry but this comes from experience. I try men’s words.

      • Gonetoolong

        Yeah this is a tactic used by terrorists. They intimidate and change your behavior by the underlying threat. In this case we are supposed to be afraid to look for certain items. It is sucking more and more each day to be an American. What happened to the good old days?

    21. HisArmsWide

      Catalano, a professional writer described the police search in an article on Medium.com. Her initial suspicion that her family’s Google searches were being monitored proved unfounded after the story had already gone viral, when the police revealed in a statement they had been acting on a tip from a local employer who noticed the search history on a work computer.

      • sixpack

        I call BS. Govt still trying to discredit honest people and cover their own shit, because they don’t want all the sheeple to know for sure…yet. There still might be a mentally retarded terrorist out there somewhere…

    22. Tactical

      All of you guys and gals are scaring me with these comments……I am even afraid now to search items for my son’s camping trip……what do you call the stuff in your medical kit? Survival something……ohhh lord someone is at the door. Time to hide.

      • JayJay

        Tactical, throw the pressure cooker at ’em!!:-)

        • Tactical

          LOL. Good one mate.

    23. Road Runner

      Instead of reacting to all their fear induced paranoid psychotic mind numbing bullshit we should be exposing who is doing this shit to us. We are reacting to their stimulus, lets make our own and push back at those who are causing it. They produce all the news and expect us to react like a bunch of programed lemmings. Keep responding to it and they will keep doing it. We have got to expose their lies and those responsible, until then we are being programed. Their news is a sideshow not the main show in the center ring! When Germany was prosperous before the WWI and all the Jews flocked there to get rich they were happy campers. They controlled the press in Germany and were some of the leading industrialists. Then some Jews got the bright fucking idea of how to secure Palestine for the Jews…all of sudden the German press and world press did a 180 on Germany and now they were Atilla the Hun. They (Jewish Oligarchy) control the press and none of you realizes they are feeding you the stories to react to. All planned ahead of time just like the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook. We are buying into this crap, wakeup!

        • yental

          “Sandy Hoaxed” once…shame on this shadow gooberment. “Sandy Hoaxed” again…SHAME ON ALL OF US.

          • Them Guys

            This is what Most folks today KNOWS: usa is being turned to Communisim by fed govnt AND MSM. along with many smaller orgs etc.

            Heres what Most folks Do NOT Get or Know: Communisim is derived donwards from the top. The Top is Talmud, that creates Judaisim, that creates Freemasonery, that creates Communisim. Therfore what folks Must Grasp is that since talmud is ONLY for jews, they created a “Type or Form” of Talmudisim judaisim for Gentiles which we call Communisim.

            Communisim is nothing more than Talmudic Judaisim for Gentiles. Where gentiles are ruled over BY talmudic judiac jews. Get it yet?

            Zionism is Judaism, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists”)

            “Some call it Marxism (Communism), I call it Judaism.” – Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise – The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. (Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism) !!!

            Why do you think jews invented communisim in the first place? To take over russia in 1918 and use it to Force their jew talmudic ways on all other gentiles.

            Once they had 100% control over All eastern europe, they tried to do it to Germany in the 1920-30’s era. If Germany didn’t awaken to threat of commies and resist, the Next step planned by bolshevik kommie jews was to use all of their entire european nation control, manpower-banks-resources-arms factors(thats where germany came in) to then gain total control of USA-Canada-mexico-South americas, and own entir world as a Kommie enterprise owned-run BY jews. The germans is the major reason russian jewish kommies were stopped. But the usa screwd up as General Patton said by sideing with the Wrong nations.

            IF usa joined germans in wwii there would have been zero cold war zero kommies zero jew banksters jew msm jew corps, hollywood etc. Theyd all be in Israel and unable to nation wreck any nations ever again. Every War since WWI usa was in was due to them talmudic judiacs, and nobody BUT they benifited. That includes all wars since WWI. Nam-Korea-WWII-Iraq-all wars we been in last 100 yrs.

            If folks do not awaken to the truths and agree to stop this mad evil march to Hell by these kommie jewish nation wreckers we soon shall see Karl Marx’s grand vision come to pass.

            Karl Marx wrote some papers I read a few yrs ago. His goals of the future were outlined in those papers.

            Karl Marx said his Vision of the Perfect World from his invention of communisim will be seen as: “The total entire world, every square inch of land with everything man made destroyed, all persons DEAD, and everything, all land worldwide Burned beyond recognition”. Marx’s father-granddad-Great grandfather were all Rabbi’s and Karl Marx was Raised talmudic jewish. He became an Atheist and so hated all things of God his goal was total destruction of planet earth because God created it all!

            Thats the Kommies plan for a perfect world! where do ya think Scorched earth policy came from?

            The Only thing these judias talmudic kommies Fear is being OUTTED!…They Fear the masses who Out number their tribe massively if the masses ever get jewised up to what their main swindle really is. Its communisim as I described plain as the Nose on Your Face.

            But due to mass media msm and hollywood they have convinced 99% of america, as well as major portions of europe and other nations as well to believe they the jewish folks are simply whimmpy whiners who can’t never harm a flea. Just poor persecuted innocent folks who nobody can ever seem to figure out why they get so persecuted to often?…Which causes worlds idiots, the 99%, to believe they Must do all to protect these poor innocents folks and turn against all folks who try to Enlighten the fools to the real truths and Origins of these poor evil nation wrecker kommie bolshevik Killers.

            I wish we’d see a few articles posted here and everywheres online that highlite the Truth and real picture of 1918 russian revolt of kommie takeover. Unlike This latest Fake article from a Spoof website, the 1918 russia facts are NO spoof!

            And 1918 russia IS the Plan for 2013 america. How will YOU know whats going on unless YOU know details and whos the enemys who do a commie takeover? Think treating the kommies as the worlds main Victim class, and simple poor persecuted innocents is going to Change facts that they are who did russia 1918, tried to do same in germany 20 yrs later, and are NOW in the usa ready to POUNCE on You and YOUR Families and Children. Then you will see who gets “persecuted”! and BY Whom doing it!

            And our firearms will NOT stop it period. Our guns will help us somewhat for a short while. But we are no match for modern day military equpiment and arms. They is who controls ALL NATO arms and weaponery. Them does. Not us.

            You Owe to yourself to at least view actual russia 1918 photos-actual kommies photos-and Read events done BY such evil you cannot imagiane. They are Ruthless Hunns and Mongrels. Not poor victims who can’t harm a flea.

            Jacob was Not their ancestor…Atilla the HUNN was! mixed with Pagan Heathen Mongrel hoard asians, and Turk Butchers. Like russia circa 1918, over 1/2 of their entire world Population is Now in america. With More ariving from israel lately. DHS a couple months ago Changed Customs Visa rules to allow all israeli jews to enter the usa without a visa and to Bypass strict airport security rules all others even You must adhere to!

            If you are a White and/or Christian…You are Target number One. When will You awaken to this zio jewish kommie threat? before? or After they come for You and Your families? If they were able in 1918 russia and ukraine etc to move fast as Lightening bolts across the entire eastern european theater….How fast could they do it again here in usa with Todays high tech vehicles etc?!

            But if 99% of americans see them comming and say “Oh its just those always innocent persecuted Victims so no worrys yet”…..Really think we have a chance to remain free and alive? It is wake up time for america folks.

            • Road Runner

              Them Guys: Someone wrote…

              Beria was one of the most reprobate humans that God ever allowed to live on planet earth. He was Jewish and promoted the Zionist Talmudic doctrine
              of hate against all true Christians and anyone who opposed the Communist Talmudic Doctrines. Beria just couched his vitriolic hate of Jesus Christ in the Communist Doctrine of Psychopolitics. Anyone with sense knows that Communism is a reactionary
              government of Judaism created to wipe out all love of God and love of neighbor. Those who have STUDIED Zionism know that the two philosophies
              Communism and Zionism are spitting images of each other. Both promote the same hatreds and world conquest. So wise up Christian, the hour is later than you think. America is on the verge right-now of a communist purge of all that is good, all that is of God! You that preach rapture will incur the greatest contempt in eternity for your lies.

            • JC75

              You need to dig deeper, Them Guys. Look up the Saturnalian Brotherhood. These beliefs are ancient, going back to the civilizations of the Canaanites, Sumerians & Egyptians. Islam, Catholicism, Buddhism, Judaism, Nazism, Communism: all use the same symbolism & it originates from worship of the planets Saturn & Venus.

              • Them Guys

                JC75: Yes they do go far back. BUT what matters Most is This Is whats going on Today and Whom is behind it all etc. Enjoy factual info right from the horses mouth so to speak. This is the Transcript words spoken in a Video found at incogman dot net website, from Date of June 25,2013. This video has a Jewish Heberw languange guy explaining the Talmudic beliefs etc. NOTE his advice to “Christians”!

                Read carefully what this Hebrew-speaking Jew writer says, especially after the 6 minute mark. This is the Supremacist mindset of Talmudism really behind International Jewry. Think about what these people did to Russia back during communism, killing tens of millions of us non-Jews, or what they call “goyim.” Think it can’t happen again? These people’s long-running designs upon the world is the true source to the destruction of our White countries and Christianity, along with the never-ending strife in the Mideast. Wake up to it!

                “When Israel Is Mighty.” Jewish Supremacy explained by activist Jew writer, Yossi Gurvitz. Transcript made for INCOG MAN by commentators “t bone,” “Pat” and “Bailey” – thanks boatloads, guys.

                TRANSCRIPT START: Now, we all know what the rabbis say is the origin of Judaism: Moshe passed the torah down to the elders, the elders passed the torah down to the prophets, etc…all the way down to the Talmud, and there were no changes. The central motif of the Jewish understanding of history is that there were no changes (in the religion). In other words, what the rabbis are saying now are merely minor refinements of what the rabbis had said during the time of the ‘Elders’ – the time of the Mishnah and the Talmud.

                Now, first of all, the problem with this version of history is that it is completely baseless. And second of all, that it has a few historical problems and these historical problems continue to this day, due to the fact that Judaism, as a religion, has been frozen in time for the last 1800 years.

                Generally speaking, Rabbinical Judaism, as it appears in the Talmud – unlike what is generally taught in secular schools – the source of Judaism is not the Bible. The source of Judaism is the Talmud. The people who wrote the Talmud are the ones who decided what books would be included in the Biblical canon. What they decided wouldn’t go in – didn’t go in.(old testement 1st 5 books)

                “The Christian Fundamentalists who send them money apparently don’t understand what they are dealing with.”

                So, for example, while the Catholic Church included the Books of the Maccabees in its version of the canon, Judaism did not preserve them, and in fact only the Greek version of them was preserved. Whether there were Hebrew or Aramaic versions of them is an interesting question, but only Christianity preserved them.

                The Book of Judith. The Book of Tobias. Many other books, mostly dealing with the Jews of the Diaspora didn’t make it into the Jewish Biblical canon, and were only preserved by Christianity.

                Now, the Judaism that preceded Rabbinical Judaism was pretty much erased from history. In other words, there’s not enough information to know what happened then. We know there were Sadducees, there were Pharisees – the Pharisees are the rabbinical Jews – there were Essenes – we don’t know anything about them for certain, and the reason we don’t know anything about them for certain is, that when their enemies were victorious, the Pharisees established more than 10 religious holidays to celebrate their victories over the Sadducees, they simply erased them from history.

                So you have to eke out a fragment [of information] out of a fragment [of information], so you can say, “Maybe it was like this” or “Maybe it was like that” – its impossible to know what really happened. What we do know is this: from very early on, Rabbinical Judaism is a Judaism that hates humans. It defines only Jews as humans – only Jews who believe in the religion as humans.

                Okay, lets get this exactly right: it defines only Jews who believe in the religion and are men – as full humans. And everyone else is some level of ‘other’, that must be pushed aside, or, in extreme cases, destroyed.

                Rabbinical Jewish law does not prohibit – okay, that’s not accurate. Rabbinical Jewish law prohibits the killing of a non-Jew, but it does not punish a person for doing so. In other words, if you kill a Jew, even a Jewish woman, even the slave of a Jew – and here it’s important to note that Orthodox Judaism has never abolished slavery – then there’s a penalty you have to pay. It could come to execution or it could be a fine. They didn’t have jails. But if you kill a non-Jew then you’re guilty, but there is no penalty. God will punish you.

                And that is – how shall I put it? – a bit problematic. When you say something is a crime, but there’s no punishment for committing it, then it’s not really a crime. That’s the Talmud.

                When you come to the writers of later exegesis, especially the Shulhan Aruch, by that point, he is already saying that there are situations where you can kill a non-Jew with impunity. Of course, it’s written in the 16th century, after the expulsion [of all Jews] from Spain [in 1492 C.E.] so he has to write what he wants to say in coded language. So he calls them “idolaters”.

                But just so you know, there weren’t any [pagans] left in that part of the world [by that point] – not in Europe, and not in the Muslim world. So he calls them “idolaters” or other such terms, but everyone knows who he’s talking about [non-Jews].

                The worst case, in my opinion, is the case of Maimonides, who decrees – first of all, he decrees that it is permissible to have sexual intercourse with a 3-year-old girl. That age of consent is – problematic.

                READ THAT AGAIN!^^^^^^^^^^^^!!!!! 3yr old Girls!

                And second of all, he decrees that if a Jew rapes a three-year-old non-Jewish girl, then she must be executed. Her, not him – because she tempted him to sin.

                And for this reason, you have to treat her like an animal that puts obstacles in a person’s way, and he quotes some verse about a bull or something like that.

                And the Rabbis know that the parts of the religion that are misanthropic, that are discriminatory to non-Jews – pose a problem for them. Because if they try to implement them – there are some rules that are very unpleasant, like that 3 year-old girl we were talking about. If they try to implement them, there will be a Pogrom.

                So to avoid that situation, the Talmud defines two different states of reality. There is one called “Darkei Shalom” (Peaceful Ways). In other words, “This is the actual religious law, this is how you are supposed to act.” “However, because it would cause a huge mess, and people will die, so due to ‘Peaceful Ways’, you don’t act that way. ”

                Now, until what point does the “Peaceful Ways” rule still apply? Just as long as the other situation does not exist, which is “When Israel is Mighty.” That’s when there is a Jewish regime. It is independent, and it is merciless, it can do what it likes.

                Under those circumstances – its all over, you go back to the letter of the law. No more “Peaceful Ways”, no more nothing.

                They embarked on campaign of looting and conquest, and at the beginning, during their first 20 years, wherever they arrived, they would destroy the local temples. It was prohibited for a place that was under Jewish rule to have a Pagan temple. That’s what we’re talking about.

                They also forced the Edomites to convert to Judaism on pain of death. It was a forced conversion. Something we learn the [Spanish] Inquisition did later on. They took people and told them: ” Either you’re dead, or you’re converting to Judaism”. And things only got worse from there.

                PAY ATTEN! All JewDeo Christians! ZIONIST INFO!! Read It!

                Now, when religious Zionists look at reality, they say: “We’ve got a state. We’ve got weapons. We’ve got a Jewish army. This hasn’t happened for 2000 years”.

                “What this means is that God wants us to bring about the Messiah, that God wants us to build the temple”.

                They skip over all the conditions that are imposed by the Talmud on what a Messiah must be, and they go back to Maimonides. And they go back to Maimonides. And Maimonides says, “There is no difference between our time and the time of the Messiah, other than the subordination to kingdoms.” In other words, the only difference between the time of Maimonides – he died in 1204 – and the time of the Messiah, is who is subordinate to whom.

                Are the Jews subordinate to “kingdoms”, to other nations? Or can they subordinate other nations? And that is how Maimonides begins his Book of Kings. He explains what the rules are for a king, what a king can do. It emerges from the belief that, yes, there can be a king. You don’t have to first have a temple. You don’t need God to come down from the sky and point at someone and say, “That’s the Messiah”. You can have a king, and if he is victorious, then he’ll also be the Messiah. And then you look at what religious Zionists are doing about this. They want a Messiah. They want him now.

                There must be cleansings. Religious law prohibits contact with non-Jews. Of course, the Kosher laws prohibit you from eating with them. Other laws prohibit you from treating them fairly.

                You are forbidden to return a lost item to a non-Jew – except in order to “keep the peace.”

                There is no prohibition from stealing from a non-Jew – except in order to “keep the peace.”

                You can’t say “hello” to them – unless there is no alternative. And so on and so forth.

                There are all kinds of prohibitions that are entirely psychotic, that are based on a religion of vengeance.

                Religious Zionists have a serious problem with the fact that there are non-Jews here.

                The Land of Israel is supposed to be only for Jews.

                So, ironically, they would manage to get along with the Muslims, more or less, if we weren’t involved in a military conflict with them. Because according to Judaism, Muslims are not idolaters.

                Muslims believe in one God. They don’t have idols, they don’t have statues, they don’t have anything like that.

                So ironically, during the Medieval Era, Jews got along better with Muslims than with Christians.

                Because in general, what religious Zionists want is for the Land of Israel to be for Jews only.

                Now the situation for the Christians, on the other hand, will be really bad, (according to Judaism) they are idolaters, and you will have to kill them, even if they do not resist Jewish rule.

                In Jerusalem, religious seminary students have a despicable habit: they urinate and defecate on Churches.

                If you go and talk to the Church staff, you will hear it from every Church.

                Spitting on clergymen in the street is something that happens every day.

                If the Priest has the gall to hit the person back, to slap him or something similar, then he is deported, quietly. They cancel his residence permit in the country.

                If you want to justify a pogrom, all you have to do is say the words “Missionary Threat”. And from that perspective, Christianity, which is the historical arch-enemy of Judaism, is going to get a serious beating once the religious Zionists are in power.

                The Christian Fundamentalists who send them money apparently don’t understand what they are dealing with.


                Now the situation for the Christians, on the other hand, will be really bad, (according to Judaism) they are idolaters, and you will have to kill them, even if they do not resist Jewish rule.<<<<<<<

                In Jerusalem, religious seminary students have a despicable habit: they urinate and defecate on Churches.

                Doubters & Naysayers! View Video see it IS a Jewish Man says all this Truth on the Talmud vs Christians!

                This is whats ruleing america today thru all Fed Govnt-MSM-Hollywood-Unions-Univ-K-12 schools-All Society's main ideas and messages…They control it all! Based On Talmudic Principals of KILL Christians! Wake UP!

                • The Truth

                  Them Guys, once again, I’m left speechless after reading the foul diarrhea that emanates from your idiotic rantings. How can one person-or should I say, piece of garbage, be as stupid,inbred, uneducated and pathetic as you? Did your pappa screw your sister and have YOU??? What would JESUS, THE CIRCUMCISED JEWBOY think of you??? Really, Them Guys, how can one person be so lost, so wrong,so hateful, so clueless, so hopeless, so pathetic????? WHAT WOULD THE CIRCUMCISED ONE SAY TO YOU???

                • Road Runner

                  The Truth: Jew Zionist Pharisaical Kabalistic Troll. Hater of Truth.

        • Barn Cat

          No, it’s not a HOAX. Real people died. There could have been a second shooter. It could have been a false flag as a way for the government to confiscate guns. But to say it’s a hoax is just brain dead.

          • yental

            A false flag by definition is a “hoax/Lie”. “Real people died” is what was “reported”, never proven. ZERO photo evidence from surveillance cameras that “anything” happened in that facility.

            The entire narrative and “circumstances” surrounding “Sandy Hoax” is simply unbelievable on EVERY level. The “story” changed too many times to recall. Proven “crisis actors” have been exposed.

            Not one, but TWENTY PAIRS of “grieving parents” supposedly ALL AGREED that there was “no need” to confirm that their child was actually dead. Simply buried, via CLOSED caskets. As a parent, I would have DEMANDED time with my “deceased” child.

            I also don’t “buy” the “all bodies” were simply too “blown-to-pieces” to view. And the “local Police Chief” threatening to pursue and prosecute ANYONE printing information not provided specifically by “his office”.

            And the “lying/conniving” Eric Holder makes a “special trip” to coordinate the “STORY”! I could “go-on” for hours, but the information is available for further online research.

            IMO, “Sandy Hoax” was a sloppy, provably false: FALSE FLAG/HOAX.

            • PenCRNA

              Not to mention, charities have paid out very little money to survivors/families of victims. Who’s sitting on that cash and WHY?

              • Them Guys

                Barn Cat: I do not suppose you read the Links provided here by a few posters that Linked to a few articles at “Foreward” publication which IS the Largest usa jewish news publication nationwide eh?….Their Headlines said “Sandy Hook Masacre and ANTIGUN Plans are NOW by a Majority of Jewish orgs and jews take the LEAD to Ban guns” etc etc

                That should tell you all you need know. Antigun moves and whos behind it mainly? jewish intrests and persons. Wake Up! Stop listening to pro jew israel pastors for a change. Try to Think for Yourself at least Once Barn Cat.

                • Road Runner

                  Them Guys: you can’t make this stuff up. Great post and again a good catch!

              • Road Runner

                PenCRNA: that is a no brainer. Who owns and runs all the actor guilds? Who runs the drills and supplies the actors?

                • PenCRNA

                  I get what you’re layin down. It’s all sinister garbage in my book. It was more of a rhetorical comment for those who haven’t watched MSM reports on the charity monies ‘going nowhere.’

              • Emily

                @ PenCRNA ~ The Red Cross is a perfect example of what you just stated.

    24. Unreconstructed Southron

      Everyone ought to google both at the same time.

    25. Forrest

      She wrote, ” no matter how independent (free) you think you are, someone, somewhere is watching you in a manner so creepy and so intent…”

      All I could think of as I read that was story of young boy who went out on a rainy nite to buy candy and soda to bring home to watch TV with, but instead was followed and killed. Obviously, he had no right to defend himself. His killer went free: self defense.

      Maybe he was just the wrong color.

      • Kevin2


        You left out the part where this young man (seventeen is months away from legal adulthood and half a life away from a young boy) decked the guy following him and not satisfied decided to get on top of him while beating his head into the pavement.

        If your going to tell the story tell the complete story.

        • Not so Much

          You can always tell a deranged leftist.

          He immediately says something idiotically raacist, then calls everyone a racist and then moves on to say incredibly iditoic things (Saint Skittles was just a lovey little dove).

        • dave in Id

          @ kevin2… Forrest has to omit parts, just like the media did with the dispatcher and cell phone records, and facebook pics along with showing a pic of a 13 year old decent looking young man instead of a 17 year old flipping the bird. Other wise Forrest and the media cannot put the spin on the story. Dont confuse him with facts, as his mind is already made up.

        • Them Guys

          I KNEW IT! Forest is another LIBERAL Kommie dem. I knew it after he posted here at first, posts on Peak Oil crap. Now its trayvon the poor Yoot monkyboy. Evil whites, rassis all of you guys!…Whats next forest? lemme guess!


          Close Forest?…Forest=Tree Hugger=Envirowhackjob=peakoil=global warming=Liberal Kommie.DemacRAT. Posibly a talmudic perhaps?

          I knew it! My Kommie lib Radar is Always turned ON! So is My always turned on Jewdar alerters!

      • Gonetoolong

        Sarcasm I hope?

        • Road Runner

          Gone too Long: Sarcasm, hell no! Point in fact.

      • JayJay

        Forrest, you don’t get out much, do you??
        ***Purple Drank or Lean is a cocktail that is created by mixing Robitussin or other over-the-counter cough medicines with, you guessed it, Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Juice, the flavor of tea Trayvon Martin was carrying that night.***

        Feel better about that ‘little boy’ with candy and soda now?

      • anymice

        To prevent future down votes, please don’t forget to use the “/sarc” tag at the end of your comments.

      • Outlaw

        If he was a “little boy” why was he allowed to walk to the store on his own on a “rainy nite”?
        Sounds like maybe a case of irresponsible parents?
        Perhaps his parents should be charged with child neglect allowing this “little boy” to walk to the store alone on a “rainy nite”?

        • braveheart

          Outlaw, he was a boy, but not little, and a boy thug at that. braveheart

      • another Jay

        maybe you should look up what “purple drank” is. Sounds like you drank a little too much of the koolaide….

        By the way, do you work for Obama?

      • Kulafarmer

        Your an idiot troll, trayvon got what he deserved, was a punk, guess GZ was more than he could chew,
        I would do the same thing if ever faced with that,

    26. slingshot

      I don’t care no more. Let loose the Dogs of Hell.

    27. Forrest

      according to the nurse, his wounds only required a band aid. According to the witness (NOT the killer’s version), the boy was afraid and ran from him and was later screaming. Even the 911 call made by the Hispanic– he admitted the boy was running away. HE WAS RUNNING AWAY. If someone was running after me on a rainy nite, I might turn around and deck him too… of course, the REAL story might be that Zimmerman attacked the boy first…. that’s the witnesses version (friend on the phone). The KILLER’S version, naturally, was a little different@!

      What if 3 thugs (blacks) were running after Zimmerman on a rainy night, and he turned around and fired at them, missing, and they in return, fired and killed Zimmerman. Would that be self defense too (and the blacks let go free). No. Why? Wrong color!

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        Yeah, I’m sure Georgie Porgy chased down Trayvon “running away.”


      • Kevin2

        The shot occurred when Martin was on top of Zimmerman. The wounds on Zimmerman were consistent with his story of his head being pounded into the pavement. Decking him is assault. You say self defense for Martin. Regardless there was zero justification to continue to beat Zimmerman when on top of him. That constituted grave physical harm. The next blow could easily have been deadly or rendered him permanently disabled when you head is between a fist and pavement. That is what justified lethal force. Any prudent person being subjected to such violence would do whatever they could to end that attack immediately. There is nothing else to do at that point.

        Your leaving out the part where Zimmerman was on the bottom firing upwards. One cannot flee then on their back.

        “What if 3 thugs (blacks) were running after Zimmerman on a rainy night, and he turned around and fired at them, missing, and they in return, fired and killed Zimmerman. Would that be self defense too (and the blacks let go free). No. Why? Wrong color!”

        Big difference. A closer representation of the hypothetical would be to corner Zimmerman get on top of him and fire.

      • dave in Id

        @ Forrest… perhaps you should look at the pics and police report. Maybe you should have read the testimony from the trial instead of watching what Sharpton had to say and repeating it here on SHTF. TM sucker punched him and broke his nose, which would blur Zimms vision making it even more difficult to be defensive with TM sitting on top of him pounding his head into the grass hard enough to break skin and bleed. That is quite a bit of shock to the brain on wet lawn. After reading your comments, I believe you have suffered head trama too.

        • Them Guys

          I bet Forest, also believes Al Sharptons latest I heard yesterday on some tv news.

          Sharpton said “While whitey crackerz was still in Caves for houses, Us africans wuz buildin massive Empires with the latest high tech and inventions blacks invented that took whiteys a few Thousand yrs longer to figure out after us african blacks first invented em all!” and a whole lots more spew by americas foremost Fat Ape Gorillaman in a three piece suit.

          I prefer the side profile of fat ass sharpton while standing. His Sloped forehead with that long slope down to his lower Boot Lipped Blue gummed mouth, kinda like his Neanderthal ancestors. Only Slopier of a sloped slope look…Like a side of a triangle angle slope downward from forehead area.

          Same as a fuckin Ape. I feel bad compareing real apes or monkys as its UNfair to them the real monkys. If They too could speak in english I bet real apes and chimps would be pissed that I compare sharpton to a monky! Sorry real apes and chimps, but Nothing else quite Fits so swell as Monky man or ape man…

          Let that be a Lesson to all kids and Teens…Never ever have sex with any monkys or apes or chimps…We do not need another 2 billion crazy wild savages beasts running wild wrecking the worlds white nations.

          • Dave in Id

            He is not fat anymore. skinny as a rail and looks very ill. Jackasson is real fat now. I seen a pic of holder, jackasson and sharpton together. I also read Jackasson is banging holders wife.

            • Them Guys

              Skinny or Fat assed hes still the same asshole eh. Jessies banging Holders wife! Figures as all it takes is ONE single smack on a Bongo drum and it works like a Sex bell got rung! Any bongo sounds or Rap type crap “music” is all it takes to set em all in to a sex frenzy. Like Pavlovs doggies, who at final point of training, rather attack and try to eat pavlovs dinner bell when it was rung, instead of eating the juicy fat raw steak offered to them dogs. That dinner bell ringing drove em crazy!

              Only difference with africans is replace bell with Bongo drums. Or “RAP” crap. How you think we got so many africans now? I am against abortion…But just picture what usa be like today if 75% of black women did not abort babies!!!!!…We’d have 100 Million more savages than we now do. Sex crazed and destroyers of all ever built. Such wonderfull acomplishments they have given the rest of civilized world folks. Makes me all fuzzy warm every time I see a savage beast like sharpton.

      • another Jay

        the eyewitness (not your telephone witness) seem to contradict your story. Likewise the jury doesn’t seem to believe your story either.

      • MadAtchew

        Must be prejudice…because I RED THUMB FORREST without even looking at his drivel.

        Prejudice = Advanced Placed Instinct!

      • troll killer

        FORREST= self loathing liberal trash

        you just think your better then every one else don’t you ??

    28. Piper Michael


      Now, congressional staffers complained, like the IRS, didn’t want no part of ObamaCare…
      Natch, they got an ‘exemption’, and we will pay for them to keep their Cadillac health care.

      No, I don’t care what the ‘facts’ are, don’t confuse the issue… F*ing Rats.

      Maybe its time to send rat poison to our congress rats, and the IRS rats, and all the other gov rats, pick your favorite rat… and send real rat poison. In droves…
      Now that’s what I call a ‘movement’.

      Burn baby burn.

      • yental

        Better yet, IMO, quit sending ANY OF THEM money. That will KILL THEM faster, and more painfully than rat poison.

        Imagine THEM trying to “collect” from 100 MILLION, “F-U, I’m not paying another dime until this clusterfu*k is not only admitted, but FIXED ASAP!”

        WE HAVE THE POWER TO DO THIS…when the “will” becomes as “common as the sentiment”: GAME OVER for BUSINESS AS USUAL!

        • Piper Michael

          As long as you’re willing to suffer the consequences, I’m already doing that, by not paying taxes on ‘insufficient income’…
          (I went Galt, long ago.)

          • yental

            Good for you. All important “movements” start “off the radar” before achieving MAINSTREAM status.

          • Kulafarmer

            Same here!

      • leeholsen

        thats how things are there, its like theyre all related to a rockefeller.

        prime example: the gop vp candidate ryan was a congressional staffer early on and he turned it into a lifelong career in DC.

        you think he’s going to do anything to make the real corrections needed in DC ? me neither.

        unless that changes, things will just get worse as the in crowd takes care of and protects its own.

      • Gonetoolong

        They better not ask me to pay another fucking dime on my premiums whilst those fucks up in DC use my tax money to pay their Cadilac plans. It will be my final straw if the insurance company sends me the rate increase letter and essentially places me on welfare because I can’t afford the new govt plans.

      • Them Guys

        Piper: I been sending 1-LB packs of Raw Bacon and a few small Hams to as many synagouges as I can affored to do. Will that work as good as the rat stuff you wrote of?

    29. Man on the inside

      Hey! How’s it going? I’m all right.

      My job is so crummy I wish I could overthrow my boss. It’s like this oppressive regime where only true believers in his management techniques will stay around. I work marathon-length hours and he’s made all these changes that have made it the worst architecture firm to work at in Manhattan. Like he moved the office to the Financial District and fired my assistant. She was the only one who knew where the blueprints were! I need access to those blueprints to complete my job! My life in the Pressure cooker sucks, right? And he keeps trying to start all these new initiatives to boost revenue, but seriously we just need to stick to what we do best. There’s only one true profit center. I seriously feel ready to go on strike at any second.

      I just read this article about how these free radical particles can cause the downfall of good health and accelerate aging. These could actually cause death to millions of Americans. If these particles are flying around undetected everywhere, does that mean we’re all radicalized?

      Have you seen the second season of Breaking Bad? I just finished it. I couldn’t believe that episode where they poison the guy with ricin! That was the bomb! I won’t say any more because I don’t want to reveal the earth-shattering events to come.

      Oh! So I’ve been planning a big trip for the summer. I’m thinking of visiting all of the most famous suspension bridges in the United States. So probably like the Golden Gate Bridge, The Brooklyn Bridge, and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. I’m gonna bring my younger brother and I know he’ll want to go to bars, so I’m thinking of getting him a fake drivers license, but I hope that doesn’t blow up in my face.

      Okay, I gotta run! I’m late for flight school. I missed the last class where we learn how to land, so I really can’t miss another one. Talk to you later!

      Hello….. NSA……

      • BadAmerican


        LOL my friend.

        You missed……”Islamb alright for dinner tonight? Allah be ready after fixing the tr ackbar lighting fixture. Deton ate already, so he won’t make dinner.”

        BE FEARED……..or be sheared……BA.

        • Man on the inside

          LOL LMAO BadAmerican….

      • JayJay

        Now, that’s a good post.

        Hey, NSA, can ya hear me now?? 😉

      • Them Guys

        I thought you Prior said you worked in FED gov or DHS as an “Inside man”????? Perhaps I am mistaken or confusing you with another person here. I could swear you said work in fed govnt though…

        • Anonymous

          I still d

        • Man on the inside

          Them Guys … I still do…. So you buy a tracphone a mall kiosk with 1200 minutes on it (they never expire) pay cash and when activated use a fake name and address. Get on Craig’s list and buy a good laptop… pay cash… make it a quick deal and give no info to the seller. Go home and wipe the computer clean. Reload the computer with new software. Use same fake name and address. Go to your local coffee house with open Wi-Fi and open a Gmail account under a fake name and address. Then a face book account using the same info. Post pictures of (NOT) you as you with your new avatar. Then surf and post away under the radar. Basic simple tradecraft (see today’s survival blog post) I have many friends who work for DHS, Local police, and even FBI. None of us agree with the turn of events of our government over the last 15 or so years. Our team keeps things close to the chest. We don’t beat our war drums and state our beliefs. We do this to protect our family, like minded friends and neighbors. We are ghosts in their machine. We can quietly go about our jobs and gather Intel and wait. There will come a day were many of us will have to quietly resign. When things get worse the government will be coming at us sideways… not head on and this is what you best prepare for. This week they are going on about the Terror threat. What a crock. No up-tic in security at airports, high value targets, or even the white house. This is to sell us all that we need the NSA and its domestic spying. Pchyops… and the media is eating it up. But when you work for these guys you get to see the truth.

    30. leeholsen

      i knew they were this capable.

      i thought it was 10 years off a few yrs ago, but over the past yr i decided they were as capable as they desired to be now.

      i have purchased a 10 yr old car, go without a cell phone as much as possible and pay cash when out for dinner or at events to keep those who think i’m worth tracking in a little bit of darkness, but i am under no illusion. if some govt person wants to do whatever they want to me, they will do so and tracking me down wont be a problem.

    31. t-zulu

      try being part of prp program been out 25 yrs and they still know where I am mistakes of youth (sigh)

    32. Sierra Dave

      Oh shit! I Googled and built a UAV out of Bamboo and an old 286 CPU for a guidance system. And the nuke is made of Bamboo and Coconut batteries and scrapings from an old 1950’s uranium glow in the dark watch.

      I hear knocking on the front door….

    33. yental

      @ “Author Daisy”, considering your recent “ravine ravages”, I believe WE can rule out concussion.

      “All the gears-between-the-ears” seem to be functioning as expected. :)!

    34. Spook89

      I’ll bet those muscle-head feds put the Food Network on the terrorist watch list!

    35. lonelonmum

      The ptb are utterly loopy!

      It’s summer sale time so we’ve just upgraded our elderly sleeping bags for camping at a bargain price. The annual family camping trip is summat every kid should get to experience growing up.

      I’m also finally getting around to doing that declutter of the home, I’ve been putting off for years. As I go through the kitchen cupboards I notice the odd item that needs replacing such as my 40 year plus pressure cooker. (The microwave went in the trash). Did I mention it’s sale time?

      The rising cost of food means more and more people are growing a few veggies, preppers and non-preppers alike.

      When big events happen like the Boston Bomb – why have articles running in the MSM if you don’t want the public to read them?

      None of this makes me a warrior, just an average Mum concerned with the rising cost of and poor quality of store food.

      Bonkers. Unless you feel it’s all about increasing fear of the ptb in the general populace? A scared population is less likely to revolt over rising living costs.

      • JayJay

        The wolfgang puck (yes, that’s the name)food saver is $30 now–I love mine; use it a lot with the mason jar sealer and I paid $50 for it.
        Yeah, just love it when the sales are days after you buy full price! 🙁

    36. pissinwiththewind

      I smell something “big” on the horizon around the middle east.

      The smell just got stronger today as the news alerted that USA is closing down 21 Consulates/Embassies and advising travelers to stay away from the region.

      Is the stage being set for air strikes in October???

      I don’t know, but it seems like there might be something to the reports of some SHittingTF around Oct. 1st.

      I know one thing for damn sure; if I used fuel oil or propane for heating, I would be stocking up now. My heating fuel is standing about 60 yards from the back yard in the form of a dead oak tree that is about 24 inches at the base. Some chainsaw work, and a day or two splitting chunks and my heat for the winter is paid for.
      Plus, I got two more big oaks from last year split, stacked and seasoned out. Gettin’ ready to start bow hunting next month for deer and making mass quantities of venison jerky.

      Once the garden stuff is all done in Sept; I’ll be lookin’ forward to sittin’ by the woodstove, chewin’ some jerky and sippin’ on some homemade wine.

      Let the fireworks begin. The sooner it gets started, the sooner it will be over with and brighter days are then just ahead. That is, for all the believers.

      • VRF

        if its a live oak, think again, you wont be burning that until maybe next year, more then likely two seasons from the time you cut it down

        • VRF

          oh, my bad, I see you say its dead, than maybe 6 good summer dry months and it would be good to go

      • dave in Id

        I just ordered a new string and cable for my bow. Measured the distances around the apple tree in my yard. Wish we had oak up here.

      • cellar spider

        I think the closure of the embassies is a bit more sinister in nature than simply air strikes. Something is odd about the embassies being closed.

        The embassies that are being closed include Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iraq, and Kuwait. These are all allies of the US (except for Libya) and we have strong military presence in each of those countries.

        Take Israel for example. Does anyone really believe there is going to be an attack in Israel. Is there really going to be an attack in Saudi Arabia where we have had a base for 20 years? Kuwait? Iraq?

        No way. This is all about moving foreign relations away from the Department of State and into the United Nations. This administration’s goal is to exalt the UN and minimize the Department of State.

        By moving foreign relations through the UN channel, the embassy system becomes less important and the secretary of state position becomes somewhat irrelevant, almost figurehead in nature.

        This in turn removes the relevancy of senate confirmation hearings; a defacto bypass of the US Constitution.

        Since the real power is now in the UN channel, the real power player is the United States Ambassador to the UN….an APPOINTED position. Recently, Samantha Power has just assumed that role.

        If these closures are permanent, then we’ve got some big problems. I’d hate for everyone to have to get to know the name Ban Ki-Moon.

        • JayJay

          ***Take Israel for example. Does anyone really believe there is going to be an attack in Israel.***

          Not if they gather all those teacher with AKs together!!.

          • Them Guys

            JayJay: them israeli Teachers are all too busy siniper shooting small palestinian kids for sport. They use food inhand or on the ground to entice small kids to come out from hiddy holes. Then shoot the palestinian small child. Then reload and shoot Parents of small child when parents try to give aid and comfort to their shot child.

            Sounds like you been misinformed to believe the isralis as some type heros eh?…Butcher Barbarians is more the Truth. Look at a few yutube videos of prime examples of israli jews in action against helpless Unarmed plaestinians. And to think usa dem jew polititions whined and screamed loudest about aparthid in africa 25 yrs ago!

            When the True real aparthid rassist has all along been them self chozens in israel! Typical MSM…All they report or say is exact Opposite of truth!

            • The Truth

              Ever been to Israel Them Guys? (BTW: That would mean leaving your double wide trailer) Anyway, I’ve been there four times. The most fascinating, beautiful, spiritual place in the world. I sometimes regret not having moved there for good. Absolutely magnificent place, like walking back in time several thousand years.Like living back in biblical times. The birthplace of the worlds three main religions. Incredible! BTW, in my four trips there, I never saw anyone shooting small children, or anyone else for that matter. No, Israel is a beautiful, magical place given to us by Hashem, our G-D. May Israel, it’s mystical capitol Jerusalem, and all its people live in peace and prosperity.

              • Them Guys

                The Truth(?) Spoken like a true jew. All you say of israel is bunk. And as for all live there in peace and prosperity?!! if not for Hundreds of Billions $$$ from USA Taxpaeyers, along with dozens of reperations over and over paid by germans due to Holyhox lies etc, you people would Starve!…The Only parasitic people worse than negroes is jews. 3000+ yrs histroy proves it!

                Go scroll UP to Read my Post of a jewish man IN israel describing the Talmud beliefs and what it means for Christians etc!….ps its OK to include the O in GOD. Thats just another jewish talmudic falacy belife to leave the O our of GOD when writing. Wake up.

                You sound like millions of foolish jewdeo christian zionists who visit israel on some fake preachers Junket tours. As “IF” israeli govnt will Ever allow such “visitors” to see what really occures on the Palestine side. Far too many yutube vidoes has been made recently which Confirm-Prove-beyond all doubt whats truly going on there. And its as the Talmudic Rasist eliets seperatist Teachings Promote for jews to believe and do.

                Its ok though as just as in every nation prior, usa folks are wakeing big time to jew deceptions. 109-nations Booted jews Out since the last 2000 yrs. Many booted jews several times due to jew re infiltrations. You probobly subscribe to the usual hollywood Fables that was all due to jews are always Innocent of all wrong doings. Its always all Non jews that are evil nazis! Poor innocent persecuted wonders of humanity!

                Jesus called em “Of Your Father the Devil Satan!” and “Adversaries of God and of ALL mankind”!

                I 100% agree with Christ and John the Apsotle(john ch 8 vs 44 and Rev. ch 2 vs 9)…Read them and wise up.

      • eeder

        One tree will heat your house for the whole winter!? It might heat mine for two days.

        • Them Guys

          eeder: thats what I was thinking too. If I use 100% wood all Oak all winter long I need between 8-10 full cords of wood. Full Cord= 8ft long logs X 4ft wide X 4ft Tall=2.5 face cords cut and split for firewood. Technically you should get 3 face cords. It never ends up that way though so 2.5 is realistic face cords per full cord.

          here in upper mich a full cord Oak is avg $75 per cord. Must buy min of 10, truck load is 20 full cord $1500 good for Two or more yrs heat! Plus gas and chain oil and costly chain saw etc. a Few chain Files and a new chain per yr usually. Cheeper heat yes…Still not cheep though.

          Am too old and messed up to do that work now, need find a youthfull woman with lagre Chest mussles able to handle saw and powered splitter etc. A well Stacked women able to Stack firewood!! Now yer talkin eh!

          • wrong

            Them Guys

            There are a handful of us here in upper Michigan. Too bad we can’t all get together. I have a new supply of pelosi face targets.


            • OutWest

              I had a friend in construction from Wisconsin
              who wanted to marry one of them thar Finlander
              girls that could carry more than he could.

              He did….. a true definition of “Snow Cow”.

              • wrong

                When it’s cold out at least he has someone to snuggle with.

            • Them Guys

              Maybe one day we will get together us MICH guys! Although if it goes my way soon plan to buy a hauler truck and 5th wheel, Montana brand most likly. Then I will be Gypsy them guys! Perhaps I will make the rounds and spend a week or two at several folks here’s property and we can get to know each other better in person!

              I need be ready to move in 30 min or less if hobammys new plan to integrate illeagles and or blacks into northern white towns. After 43 yrs in detroit I have Had it with them types. I will move to ANYWHERES else that they aint at!….5th wheel life as a gypsy will do swell.

              Plan to buy at least Two or more small acreages, like 1-2 acres with elec and a water well. One in Idaho or Montana and one in some warmer southern area for winter. Then can live very cheeply. More cash left over for Diesel fuel traveling and more ammo etc. I rather live like a Hermit alone with Just forest animals to be free from riff raff idiots. I do like Mich up North though!! Lower Penn.is my local now.

          • PenCRNA

            $200 a cord in CT for hardwood. Fortunately last year my husband offer to take a truckload off a tree service–we ended up with 8 dump truck loads. 16 year old son almost done splitting it. Beats the heck out of $3.89 /gal heating oil at 1600 gal for cold drafty house.

            • Anonymous

              yes, I am on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario about 3 hour drive northwest of Toronto. The winter here is nasty and quite cold. Though I don’t mind really. I have maple, ash and beech on my property for hardwood. I have lots of spruce and cedar for kindling too. I know hardwood is about 90 or so for a cord, mostly maple and ash.

            • Them Guys

              PenCRNA: Wow $200 per Cord wood?! If thats as I described a cord aka full size 8ft long logs X 4ft tall X4ft wide stack of logs per full cord. Then Your cost per truckload aka semi trailer full is $4000!! I bet it be worth travel and fuel to haul logs from mich to Your areas. I pay as a reg consumer $1500 for 20 full cord full truck load.

              But the Sellers get that wood FREE or very Close to free. As they take whats NOT wanted for the saw mill for lunber size logs etc, and logs with knots etc and That goes for firewood. So they do pay a little overall. But its almost like they get firewood free nearly. So it may be profitable to travel so far. If they could sell cheeper than $200 a cord, then many folks would buy eh. I will ask my trucker pal who delivers wood about it.

              If we could use a Ship and travel great lakes etc to bring many more cords in a single trip…Man we could supply your entire region and make a tiddy profit too!

              Not sure if waterways are avail? Probobly not eh.

          • Anonymous

            I chop my own maple and ash mostly on my property. I think it is like 80 a cord. I am in Bruce Peninsula Ontario Canada and the winter is nasty and quite cold.

    37. VRF

      I hope the family met them at the door and told them to go pound sand

      • Gonetoolong

        I am sure that they pussied up and rolled over.

        • VRF

          A dam shame too if they did , because it just emboldens these types , it needs to be ..no warrent signed on oath and affermation or get back in your black trucks and leave my premises.
          These people were giving up their rights , and those jack boots took advantage of them and their 4 th amendment rights

          Should never have answered one of their dam questions either
          Until they are challenged , they will stomp all over those that will allow it

    38. Be informed

      @ Forrest. I know two black people that at least try to prepare. One big time because he was influenced by his grandmother that said to him no matter how good the times seem to be, you can never have enough food in reserve because the world can turn to shit in a blink of the eye. The other black person is just trying to put things away to last about 2 weeks to a month. I respect the hell out of black preppers, white preppers, spanish preppers, asian preppers, any prepper because they have common sense that others of the dummy masses don’t have.

      Black people use to prepare a lot for lean times. I can remember going into this black kid’s house as a child and seeing his mother’s pantry full of food and other needs. Now if a black person tries to protect his or her family that means everything to them, with storing up food, water and other needs they are classified as an Uncle Tom or a white guy’s little brown sugar slave girl. THIS SUCKS.

      Every single person in this country that doesn’t prepare and get ready for what is coming is a jester’s fool, regardless of race. BO and these government a holes ain’t going to do anything to save anyone when this happens. If you want to do some real good for your black friends get them into prepping and survivalism for what is coming. Preppers/survivalists are not just a white person’s thing to do, it is the ONLY thing to do for what is coming for anyone that doesn’t want to die a hard core ugly death come the day when true SHTF.

      • OutWest

        Damn well said, Be informed

      • braveheart

        AMEN, BI, AMEN! Forrest has had way too much of that NAACP Kool-Aid! braveheart

      • Night breaker

        Your August 6 date may be spot on something is going on big time ! saw the article on the daily sheeple about the emergency food acquistion by FEMA/ DHS . The screen shot of the e-mail is legit it is a .gov lotus notes format , it is identical to my email format at work.
        I hope we all have more time to prepare there are always many more items to acquire, I have 2 pistol permits pending any day now, I am really counting on those in my possession before SHTF hits! One of my co- workers has recently acquired a bol in the shenandoah valley, recently they totally wanted nothing to do with prepping. Odd huh?
        Things at work have an unspoken tension in the air.
        This is sort of like watching the tide recede before a tsunami.

        be safe , Watch your 6 , prepare like there is no tomorrow!


        Semper Fi 8541

        • Dave in Id

          whats a pistol permit? what about aug 6? (I dont have a tv)

          • Night breaker

            Dave you are lucky you live in Idaho where I live you have to petition the state to own a handgun then wait for 2 to 6 months for the approval to come in , I live in a small crappy northeast state . Be glad you live in the great American Redoubt! August 6, has a very historic connotation to it things tend to happen on that day , Hiroshima , gulf war 1 Iraqi invasion of kuwait , etc all were also on a Tuesday to boot! See BI post above beware of the new moon on the 6 th.
            Bad Moon Rising
            This is a very unluck day .

            you are one lucky guy to Live where you live.

            Semper Fi 8541

      • Norse Prepper

        Amen BI!

      • lonelonmum

        Hear hear Be informed.

        I know for a fact several black people of my acquaintance are prepping. My neighbour didn’t flee Somalia with 3 small children a couple of decades ago after her husband was murdered to fall foul of the jokers running the show now. If it’s the last thing she ever does her Grandchildren will have a future better than the horrors of her own past. Likewise if you are lucky to meet individuals from Russia, (the rebirth of Christianity in the East is wonderful right now), the former Yugoslavia etc then don’t turn your nose up – LISTEN!

        I think those with eyes to see will understand that sensible Blacks are as likely to heed Jesse Jackson’s advice as White’s are to heed Piers Morgan. e.g they turn off the telly and continue to read their book, tend their garden, put up a few cans etc – all the while shaking their heads at the stupidity of their fellow citizens.

        A fool is a fool whether they be black, white or green with purple spots. None of us have every single skill that might be needed, so it makes sense to befriend those who have the skills our own small circles lack NOW, and to identify the critical thinkers within our midst. It’s foolish to turn your nose up at a potential lifesaver no matter what side of the tracks they originally heralded from.

        That doesn’t mean blow your OPSEC, just identify the “good uns” of your acquaintance now, as well as make a note of whose brother in law has a drug problem, and therefore could be a risk. There’s still time to do this, and you may suprise yourself once you open your mind. Just this last week I’ve met a lovely Nigerian Catholic priest with amazing herbal knowledge and a lovely welsh lady with 7 horses that is willing to teach my son for free. Skill swapping on an informal friendly basis is free, fun & potentially lifesaving come SHTF time.

      • Kulafarmer

        Bi, they used to call it common sense and self reliance, unfortunately the sheeple dont get that these days.

    39. buttcrackofdoom

      ok, this is gettin’ to fukin wierd! i just clicked the like button for a post up above here and got another window opens up andddd……………WTF,,,,it’s a google search result for “pressure cooker”….did someone get hacked? me? shtfplan?…can anyone explain this to me?

    40. buttcrackofdoom

      this is the post i clicked the like button on and i got the google pressure cooker result for a search….too wierd!
      VRF says:
      Comment ID: 1982439
      August 2, 2013 at 7:32 pm

      we don’t need any nannies here or in this state or country, just remember no one forced your eyes to read it
      and no one forced you to understand it, which obviously you do , so by that you must have used the language yourself a time or two to comprehend what was said, please we have enough hypocrites in the world , don’t be another one..mmmk?

      Rate This Comment: Thumb up

      • VRF

        maybe they didn’t like being called nannies..?


    41. AC

      Don’t google ‘suicide llamas,’ just don’t.

    42. tired of ny bs

      What’s with all the embassies being closed Sunday?

    43. tired of ny bs

      What’s with all the embassies being closed Sunday?

    44. The Lone Ranger

      My friends, check out these two resources, the first of which is free.

      http://www.startpage.com [google withOUT the tracking, etc.]


      “A word to the wise is sufficient.” – old saying

      “A word to the bitchy, whiney, complaining, negative, and foolish is wasted.” – new saying

      …you know who you are… 🙂

      – The Lone Ranger

      • JayJay

        Also called Ixquick, I believe.

    45. Theguy

      This is without a doubt the single most retarded thing I’ve ever heard of the government doing, hands down.

      Guys… you know how it works right??? Like… anything hollow with strong enough walls to build up pressure GENERALLY works. I mean ANYTHING.

      Those dudes JUST HAPPENED to pick a pressure cooker probably because they JUST HAPPENED to have one laying around.

      Other things that would have worked… pfft fucking… name it. Just about damned anything. Old empty paint can… old piece of garden pipe… fricking ANYTHING…

      • Archivist

        It was nothing more than a really, really fat pipe bomb.

    46. Longsnowsm

      Stop using google. Here is a constantly updated list of open source tools that can help you get your privacy back.


      Get Tor up and running, PGP your email, change your earch providers, install OTR on your chat programs, and get informed. The NSA calls these steps “going dark”, lets get dark on them and fast.

      If your running Microsoft, Apple, Android, or IOS devices your being monitored. They built in backdoors a long time ago on these systems. They might be fine for doing “work” and things that require you to use these products, but on your own time you should be switching to Open Source software and operating systems. Learn how to use them now. There are tons of things to learn from these tools and ways we can communicate even after they hit the kills switch on the internet and start “filtering” what they will allow on the internet. They will tell you it is to protect the kids… yeah right! It is time for a PRISM BREAK today!

      No, I don’t have any affiliation with prism-break.org, nor are they selling anything. I am just using them to help me and my family “go dark”.

      • JayJay


        Take a deep breath. You’re safe here.

        Click here to learn how Ixquick protects you from government surveillance.

      • Archivist

        Half of the TOR network has been compromised.


        Read the article before you go to any more onion sites.

      • Kulafarmer

        Some of us dont give a crap if they are recording every single keystroke,
        MOLON LABE

    47. Rain23

      Thank you for publishing this. We all need to know this is happening. I have a pressure canner, a catnip grow operation, and have been Googling machinery and kerosene to restore a treadle sewing machine. I’m probably on some list to be raided myself.

      Fortunately my husband is rather deaf so I speak very loudly, the windows are open for fresh air, and I have kindly but … observant… neighbors. Get a large FedEx delivery and suddenly porches need sweeping, lawns are tidied, and half the block decides it’s time to stroll down to the convenience store. When a neighbor on parole got a plainclothes visit to check out a report he bought a handgun (he hadn’t), the neighborly interest literally blocked an intersection. I can just imagine the turnout for a black SUV and a couple of suits.

      The more this type of agency wastes their time investigating catnip mice, the better. I am sure there are Constitution respecting LEOs and military who carry out anti-terrorism duties more professionally. They don’t need their jobs made harder by ill will and interference generated by these stormtroopers and their handlers.

      Keyword away guys and show up without warrants, but be prepared for cell phone cameras to go off from every possible angle. They also serve who only stand and prune the rhododendrons.

    48. jimbo

      maybe if i google the Constitution and the Bill of Rights the NSA might just learn something!:)

      • slingshot

        Over at SGT there is an article stating the government is on the verge of buying up survival food. Questions to one supplier was how fast can you deliver and how much.


        • Night breaker

          Yeh, slingshot looks like no one is commenting on the obvious.

          Semper Fi 8541

      • Kulafarmer

        @armed citizen,
        What is the date of that article???

        • Kulafarmer

          Answered it with google,
          Old article, august 9 2009
          Move along, nothing to see here

    49. possee

      the nsa is wasting billions and billions snooping & data mining all of us….


      they release hundreds and hundreds of ALQaeda and Taliban in well organized prison breaks across Libya,Iraq,and Pakistan all week long..

      then..they issue a terror alert worldwide..close down 21 embassies and consulates..

      and now AP connects the dots..

      PARIS (AP) — Interpol has issued a global security alert in connection with suspected al-Qaida involvement in several recent prison escapes including those in Iraq, Libya and Pakistan.

      The Lyon, France-based international police agency says that the alert follows “the escape of hundreds of terrorists and other criminals” in the past month. The alert calls on Interpol’s 190 member countries to help determine whether these events are coordinated or linked, the organization said in a statement Saturday.

      The transparency continues..


      • Mountain Trekker

        Thanks possee, NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. Trekker Out.

        • Emily

          Finally a comment about why all the embassies are being shut down tomorrow. There is also a global alert on travel for Americans until Aug. 31st. Thanks possee.

        • possee


          Was at a family get together today out of state and had some serious time with my brother in law concerning this whole affair re;nsa, irs,Benghazi, terror threats etc etc..

          He is a writer/ journalist/editorial editor for a major new england news org and even he agrees that the Snowden revelations woke him and all his comrades up from their slumber..I asked “are all on board with your point of view?”

          “Yes nearly everyone…”

          ‘So I guess all my tin foil hat conspiracies.are coming true?”

          “Yes..I have to admit.. you were correct all along..”

          So now even the left leaning are seeing the light of all this b.s.

          And they are actively pursuing it like rabid dogs..gotta love it..


          • slingshot


            There is an air of urgency. I suspect they are losing control. Either to be exposed, an horrendous event or both.
            The calm before the storm.

            • possee


              They have never lost control..

              Everything is by design/well planned

              Nothing, nothing, nothing is by accident..

              That being said..

              The likes of us here are but a grain of sand on any beach to them..


              • possee

                When the likes of Jones and all the other so called patriots alt media start spewing the elites are on the run and we are winning..

                Best bet..prep more and often..and run away from these false prophets.. capitalizing on the fears of preppers..

                They are just media hucksters..buy my goods..fear porn extraordinaire..

                Yes prepare…cause those of us who see what;s coming know all too well these media whores will not be at our backs once the shtf..


              • slingshot

                Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong at the most unanticipated time.

                God Bless Murphy’s Law.

                • possee


                  Murphy..along with

                • possee

                  along with

                  William Cooper

                  George Carlin



                  Alfred E Newman..

                  ‘what..me worry?”


    50. Whatever

      it’s all shit. Watch the black get in power and the place will be run like Africa.

    51. NetRanger

      The USA has gotten far away from Common Law and The Constitution. Under common law you get prosecuted for what you do if it us unlawful.

      Under the Uniform Commercial Code (Which we are under by default since the alphabet soup “agencies” are all corporations) you can be punished for whatever they deem proper. The fact is, we need to step out of the little closet they’ve put us in.

      Since the UCC is the defacto law of the land now, it still cannot subvert the common law. As such, you must now decalare your rights upon arrest or detainment. A recent supreme court case (Salinas vs Texas) proved that you do not have the right to remain silent unless you declare it or wait until it is given to you by the Miranda warnings. This recent court decision proved two things:

      1. We are not running under common (constitutional) law. If we were the objects of the bill of rights woudl be up held and the 5th Amendment would be upheld without having to declare it.

      2. Common law is superior to the UCC in that you can always step away from it and claim your rights.

      While we run under the defacto system that we have, a superior system of law can always be declared. It will not be declared for you. While the agents of the defacto system will never clue you in and, in fact, will ridicule you for doing so, the recent supreme court decision I’m refering to almost indicated that you can claim your right to remain silent but it was not in force until you claimed it, verbally. The implications are shocking but refershing. You have your rights, you just have to inform the agents of the corporation.

      In the situation of this family, they should have met the guys at the door, informed them that this was a private residence, that the 4th and 5th amendment of the constitution was in force and that if they wanted to search, they would have to get a warrant. Even if they bust down the door and cuff you, inform them of your rights. Though you won’t hear it in the news, I think you will find their treatment of you will be highly changed.

    52. Iowa

      Mac, still here. I guess my black wife and Gadsden Flag scared the shit out of them. I’ll chLk it up as God’s Providence.


    53. Shootit

      Has anyone heard from E-poop the “iron cross” lately? He was so much more fun than Forrest . . .

      • Mountain Trekker

        Shootit, I think Eisenkraut ran off with Grasshopper. Haven’t heard anything from either of them. You know what they say “Opposites Attract” Trekker Out.

        • OutWest

          Trek— not another Grasshopper and Ant story. lol

        • Shootit

          Must have went on vacation together. F is their sub.

      • Shootit

        Just saw a article about pisslosi asking a reporter about his gooleshit glasses. P’it was nervous. Sure would be fun watching the watchers. 🙂

    54. SRV

      From outside the US I find it amazing that the citizens of a “free” country seem so complacent!

      And worse, that so many actually support the government invasion of privacy for what… to try to prevent some nut from blowing up a few people when 30,000 a year die at the hand of a gun (which most Americans seem to want to defend the right to carry to the death), and about the same number are killed in motor vehicle accidents?

      Why are you not…


      • JC75

        Don’t know where you’re from, SRV, but the founders of our country gave us the right to own firearms in case the government overstepped it’s bounds & became a tyranny (which it is now). Some of us here realize that freedom nowadays is an illusion & are/have been preparing for this day. Our numbers are growing & we’re the only thing standing between the PTB & total enslavement of humankind. Once America falls the rest of the world will soon follow.

        • Them Guys

          JC75: Correction: God, not the “founders” gave us our Rights. All of them are from God and Our Birthright. The founders simply Affirmed our rights and wrote them incase deceptive swindler polititions in the future ever try to say we got zero rights etc. Smart guys eh! Prophetic!

    55. google your favorite gross subject

      I make it a point to GOOGLE disgusting porn every now and then, If the NSA creeps are really watching us i want to gross them out as much as possible, We should all Google VOMIT, and other bodily excretions, would love to be a fly on the wall watching the NSA reach for the puke bucket! HAHAHAHA

    56. Anonymous

      The “victim” (Catalano) later clarified on her blog that the visit form the police was the result of her husband’s former employer reporting suspect internet activity on a company computer and this incident WAS NOT the result of NSA “spying”.

      But don’t let details that would completely discredit your tin foil hat story stop anyone from cutting and pasting this story all over the internet, and then claim EVERYONE ELSE is a “sheep”.

      I’m not saying there is no problem with government intrusions and loss of privacy. I’m only saying this story doesn’t fit the suit. But all you dummies took the bait.

    57. bowlan

      more bull shit
      after boston I researched this shit and never had any problems.
      some one is posting bull shit

    58. RickInOregon

      Someone on this board recommended reading a book “Sailing Alone Around The World” by Captain Joshua Slocum. Sorry, I don’t recall who it was but thanks for the tip, I just finished the book and it was a fun read.

      My son tells me that Captain Joshua Slocum was the Great Grandfather or Granduncle of a friend of his and his family has some of his belongings.

    59. Forrest

      You people think your materialism, collection of “things” is going to save you. WRONG. The only thing that will save you is if you change on the inside– which, of course, you’ll never do… not til its too late. : )

      Have fun screaming when SHTF! Watch out for all those black guys! They’ll be coming at you with pitchforks, matches, and maybe salt and pepper. (People tend to turn to cannibalism when no food to eat!) ; )


      BYE! : )

      • yental

        Sarcasm, even when SPELLED OUT, is apparently not a concept familiar in your limited understanding of the English language.

        “IGNORANT” is a label that truly “over qualifies” your potential. Ignorant can be fixed, STUPID cannot.

        I am quite pleased that I was somehow able to allow you to express “a complete lack of critical thought/intellect”. Resorting to the “proverbial dying gasp of someone out of intellectual ammo, (personal attack/name calling)” as a part of your “farewell address”.

        Makes my day, :)! Are you really going “bye-bye” this time, or are you just “flirting” with me?

      • Road Runner

        Forest: please help us understand! If you believe the Black man has added to the strength of Constitutional America please stand up and document it so we can all have the benefit of your knowledge. Other wise you are posting incomplete thoughts and putting forth nonsense. Facts speak for themself…Oh I see they got the short end of the stick! 50 years of preferential treatment is not enough time to make a valid judgment about a movement.

        • slingshot

          How about it Road Runner!

          Let me just slide in here and cause more hate and discontent. Going to throw stones at everyone. Got your Brain Buckets On?

          Here is 32 years of putting up with the shit. Eight years military and about 24 years working in a military industrial complex. That is my qualifications.

          How many of you were FORCED to go through these classes.

          Race Relations.
          Upward Mobility.
          Violence in the Workplace.
          Sexual Harassment.
          Sensitivity Classes.

          Imagine you have to attend them at least ounce a year. Then if an incident happened you went again. The odd thing about them is that they made people aware of others but every time there was a class you could bet your bottom dollar more complaints were file in the next two weeks than the whole year. Was it Paybacks? Or affirming the law over others just to show they could do it. Work procedures would be questioned with, “You are making me do it because I am black or a woman”. When it was part of the job description. I have been passed over for lesser qualified applicants on certain jobs because they needed a minority to fit the bill. How many dollars did it cost the taxpayer to fix their Fuck Ups. How about a $360,000 non repairable nose landing gear for a
          large aircraft.
          Part of my job was to train and have trained hundreds of people. I found that about 20% could not comprehend the technical information they read. Most were minorities. How many times was I called to the carpet that I was Racist?
          Plenty of times. Each accusation had to be investigated by the Supervisor. I would tell the Supervisor to give the accuser a job and the manual and have him repair the items. NEVER was that procedure performed! I went back to work and that individual had a new trainer and that was then end of it.
          Have I had successes with minorities? Oh,YES! Two are now Division Supervisors and a couple are Floor Supervisors. As I have heard. Was I surprised to their accomplishments. No! They had fire in their bellies to learn long before me. Never complained and asked questions before they performed the job I would assigned them. They truly stood on their own two feet.
          One trainee was with me for three months. He was a young Black Man. In those three months he was able at the end to build a jet engine from scratch. Nuts and Bolts. Passed the test cell run with high performance and DO ALL THE PAPERWORK CORRECTLY! He is a Division Supervisor.
          No Race Relation, Upward mobility, Sensitivity training or other crap. That 18 year old man at the time, took more shit from me.
          So you see he never needed a crutch to get ahead.
          Others would do well to follow his lead.
          I wielded a lot of power being a journeyman mechanic with some years under my belt. Certified in building a few different types of jet engines and their components.
          I wish there were more like him.

          • slingshot

            Road Runner

            This young man entered the workforce at ground level and worked his way up. He blew by the rest of us, up the ladder of success. I stayed a mechanic and he became a Division Supervisor. Both of us had the same opportunity. I was at my comfort level and this young man was reaching for the stars.

            • slingshot

              Nothing I could say, that anyone can not find fault with my words. I have lived a lifetime in a world of hate, as others have also. I am a product of the sexual revolution, drug culture, civil rights, political correctness, multiculturalism, high tech, gay rights, women’s rights, and so on.
              Who is the blame? Jews, Blacks, Christians, Muslims,
              Masons, Bankers, Lawyers, Politicians, Capitalist, Socialist, Communists or Fascists.
              Will we ever be able to heal what is so wrong? Never, because we are not focused. What would do it? A few
              H-Bombs here and there might.

            • Road Runner

              Slingshot: I surrender there is no refuting your logic and superior mental powers oh great one.

    60. Forrest


      When a bunch of black guys said hateful things to my brother (white), I told them off because they were stupid and prejudiced. When this old, fat, white woman said nasty things about blacks, I told her off. (I had a newspaper reoute and a bunch of kids followed me– hispanic, black and white.) We all laughed at her and made fun of her because of her ignorance.

      You people complain about losing the second amendment when you COMPLETELY IGNORE the SECOND COMMANDMENT. Why the fuck should you have the right to bear arms when you completely ignore the SECOND COMMANDMENT? WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? This is God’s world, not yours. Ignore his commandments and reap the consequences. Period. Digest that or end up in hell during SHTF. PERIOD.

      With all your Bible thumping and reading you should have at least GRASPED that concept! Geesh! (idiots!!)

      • Trees

        Take your global warming and ram it between your legs. I mean PLEASE ram it between your legs. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with our compliments.

      • Road Runner

        Forest: the commandments are made for God fearing people who promote the Love of God, not their, I hate whitey and he should pay, pay and then pay some-more like the Jewish lying fucks have done to Germany since WWI. MEN pick themselves up, shake off the dust and get the fuck on with their lives. Look at inner city Ghetto Blacks…do they show a fear of God and love of neighbor…have they pulled each other up by their bootstraps like the early immigrants did? There is reality and there is fantasy…you chose fantasy. They bought in lock stock and barrel to the Jew agenda and that is not our fault!

    61. Forrest

      God is very patient. But at some point, he raises hell. Hell is coming on earth. Expect it by around 2030 or before. Scientists predict “BIBLICAL SCENARIO” (DUE TO GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE). Biblical scenario. Get it? You will.

      • Dave in Id

        forrest… you just broke 2 commandments. You wished yantel to rot in hell and you said you were leaving this site and you have not. Also, I think you are a racist too as you ignored all the evidence and the Jury’s decision on the Zimmerman trial, but you Sharptonized everything. You hate whites. Maybe take a break and try again in a month or two under a different name. you did have one good prep post that got you 8 thumbs up and it didnt have anything to do with race. Good luck.

      • braveheart

        Forrest, I don’t think you’ve really read enough comments here to understand the true nature of our community. We are a community of self-sufficient people who live in the real world, are independent thinkers and don’t accept any propaganda coming from the corporate media, are preparing for what we know is coming to this nation, and we do offer advice to anyone who is new to prepping, regardless of race, gender, etc. We even welcome advice from newcomers on any and all survival-related subjects. THAT is what we are really all about; helping each other with good information to have the best chance of survival in any post-SHTF scenario. I’m not going to debate with you on Trayvon Martin; what’s been done has been done and there is no changing it. It’s not going to do you any good to attack the good people of our community so you need to move on somewhere else. There’s no good reason for you to attack anyone here braveheart

    62. slingshot

      2030 I will probably be dead by then!


    63. Whatever


      Sometimes I like to watch youtube video of accidents to learn from them so I don’t have a SHTF day. Here’s your next prep!!!

      It’s aways excessive speed, not paying attention and not braking early enough….
      The early breaking give the jerk behind you time to react.

      Also…I often go out food shopping when all are at home watching tv after dinner and the drunks are still on the bar stools.

      Good luck friends.

      Final thought..
      If you prepped up nicely…then you can stop worrying about shit.
      You earned the right to walk in peace…currency collapse…who cares…roll over and go back to sleep… bad weather….hit the bunker….no power…fire up the generator.

      No job loss here…I prepped up with many computer books and still hit it.
      I have a double. My kid always bitches about our small house..
      But she just got back from a McMansion and the lady of the house just lost her job the company went out of business. SHTF.

      If it were me… Rent would cover the house payment..and I would not have to buy food for a long while.

      So who is stupid now.
      They have their house on the market and the house is under great stress.

      Live a reasonable life, plan for the worst, hope for the best and live in peace.

      ps. Obama is a commie. We all knew this.

      • Emily

        @ whatever – You do what I do. Tom Hanks said this to Larry King a while back regarding John Q. Public ~ Tom said to Larry, “You learn when to move around.” (meaning avoiding the public) The public is pretty predictable to me. I do alot of shopping, errands, and other things when the public is doing the opposite. Sad, how predictable the sheep are.
        ** “Excessive Speed and Rudeness** are the cause of car accidents, this wisdom statement from my father, whom I greatly respect. So True.

      • Mark

        Many good points there, Whatever. Don’t speed, and if you do, don’t tail-gate and let the guy in back of you tail-gate you. You don’t want to become sandwich meat.
        We had a 15 year mortgage and paid it off in 6 years. Two decent cars that run fine, and food enough to last for a while.
        Better men that me have said Obama is a Commie. I’m skeptical of everything, but I’m convinced…

    64. PA farmer

      Had two Neighboring farmers stop today, to ask me what I thought about the Property taxes almost Doubled, I said I havent looked at my mail in a week.
      I have to tell ya I was having trouble breathing after I heard that, I cant keep up now, my day started at 3:00 am so I could get everything done that needed done today, thats a 18 hr day for me. when is enough anough. JACK ASSES..as somebody on SHTF here said let the pain Begin..

      • Kulafarmer

        Feel for ya friend, they are starting to push us here too.

    65. Sally

      Actually this was in the foreign press today saying that this wasn’t instigated by the NSA but by the husbands employer. Part of that see something say something. I can see that too, my last employer watched every little thing anyone does online. It’s the see something say something campaign. It’s causing a lot of problems for innocent people too…

      • Mark

        If you (or someone who needs to do so) can, set up a home computer that runs SSH (Secure Shell). Allow TCP port 22 (inbound) through your home firewall. Then you can proxy all your web connections from work and the name server lookups for sites, as well, through that SSH-encrypted tunnel.
        On the other hand, if the company forces you to use squid or a like proxy, they know that squid can’t snoop on SSL/TLS connections. So they try to block all “proxy avoidance” sites. Those are known, high-volume sites so, once again, if you want to get around that you can set up your own proxy server that will never be on the blacklist.
        If such things interest you, write me and I can tell you exactly how to do it.

        • Sally

          Oh it’s my former job and it was in the office of a huge people mill company with administrator options on lock down. I’m on a layoff now, maybe that’s why, browsing too many prepper type sites on my lunch breaks… Thanks though!

    66. Watchman

      They call me “The snake in the grass” because it’s there I lay. Like the Snake in the grass I will wait for you pass so I can strike at your unprotected behind.
      War fought like it is in nature, is; THE RULE!

      Keep the FAITH

    67. Be informed

      3 days late, but activity is starting up on the Cascadia fault, 6 pointer west of Vancouver Island just a half of a hour ago. This is the result of the 7.3 South Sandwich Islands earthquake in which the future earthquakes would follow an arc around the globe. Thought it was going to start sooner, just a little late. Other 5 pointers are also following this arc the past couple of days.

      I was looking at the past patterns, and sometimes it goes up to a month or even 5 weeks after the South Sandwich region gets hits that a major quake follows on this arc. Usually it is though within 15 days.

      The two precursor quakes on Easter Island and SW Indian Ridge that both came before the earthquake in Central California in 2003 has only one other commonality, Taiwan. Forgot to mention that the other day that within 15 days of August 1, or August 16 there is a good chance of a large earthquake hitting California or Taiwan. Longer periods of time, within 3 weeks IF California or Taiwan don’t get hit are Chile to Columbia, Soloman Islands region, and the Iran/Pakistan area. This is for the recent precursor quake for Thursday and Friday. Areas to watch very closely, including that arc that still remains active as today shows.

      • W69

        Thanks for the update! I saw that on my Earthquake app this morning after I got up and have been waiting for your take on it. Im about 2 + east of the north Oregon coast (East Portland area). We go to Seaside every summer and I think of horrific it will be for everyone in that community when the Cascadia fault goes!
        The 101 highway is bottlenecked right there, even when there’s a minor accident on the ONLY ROAD OUT, the whole town is trapped for hours.
        As far East from the coast as we live, what do you think would be a likely scenario if maybe an 8-8.5 m would look like here? (Troutdale, Gresham just East, S.E. of Portland)
        Always looking forward to your posts, its always dead nuts on target!

        • W69

          …meant 2+ hours east 🙂

          • Be informed

            @ W69. This time the forecast was off on time, and still a major earthquake (6.5+) or larger along this arc has yet to hit. I am my biggest critic as I desperately strive for perfection so I can warn people and be sure of it. The earthquake yesterday on the southern Mid Atlantic Ridge was within about 20 miles of the same area getting hit in 1985, that 13 hours later lead to the 8.0 Mexico earthquake that really damaged Mexico City. This same area of the Mid Atlantic Ridge lead to a 7.6 in New Guniea in 2005 and earthquakes in Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Nicobar Islands of sizes 6.7-7.1.

            If you go to the USGS map site and key in on the options menu all 4.5+ in the past worldwide, it is very impressive to see just how many quakes have been occuring on the outer plate boundaries, especially those that border the Antarctica plate. All of these have a certain signature to them, where the stress was directed FROM that caused these earthquakes to occur. Past records are amazing to look at. When you have a distant precursor quake in one spot and then you have a major earthquake, then several years later or even decades late the same precursor point gets hits and then the same location a major earthquake happens, this is no way a coincidence. This area of the South Sandwich Islands aims from the Pacific Northwest and others areas along the 3 dimensional arc that travels around the planet.

            Being 2 hours east of Portland is real good as this would place you about 240 miles from the fault. Even with 5-6 minutes of shaking you can probably expect at worse what a high 5 near to you would do. Those close to the coast are in deep trouble. It is my firm belief that these earthquakes in southern Alaska region of 7.8 and 7.5 should have triggered the Juan de Fuca plate to go, the Cascadia. The reason that it did not was that there is probably the energy build up of at least a 8.9 that is ready to go. Somewhere in between a 8.9-9.2, and 9.4 being the top worst case. Those earthquakes would have triggered the fault if a 8-8.5 amount of energy was pinned up. Those faults were strike slip and that horizontal movement has a real kncak for triggering other faults. Case in point the swarm of earthquake around the world after the largest ever recorded, 8.7 or 8.6 and an aftershock of 8.2 or 8.1, strike slip went off last year west of Indonesia. It is very different to get that horizontal type of push or pull on the plates than a more vertical type of up thrust.

            Some reports say the Cascadia is capable of a high 9 range, which is almost impossible because of the amount of mass that would be moving. A 9.4 would take the entire fault going plus some true depth of the rupture. Most likely 8.9-9.2. Earthquake magnitudes are calculate by how much energy is released, the more vertical and horizontal displacement, the larger the magnitude. The San Andreas is thought to be mostly horizotal, but new findings show there might be some vertical displacement also deeper down. This would add much to the magnitude of when it breaks. Probably 8.1 to 8.4 if it break from Mexico (Salton Sea region) to Parkfield. If it jumps the creep zone and continues to the north, that magnitude could jump into the high 8 range. The real nightmare would be a break that started on the Southern San Andreas and continued all the way past Northern California to the Cascadia fault to central British Columbia. Extremely unlikely but possible.

            JustOneGuy and I had many discussions about the cooling off of the interior of the planet and causing a more rigid crust. The hotter something is else the more smooth is moves and less stress that builds on plates. Cooler plates would mean some very strong earthquakes when enough tension build up to finally break. The deeper focus earthquakes, like the largest deep focus quake ever recorded happened a couple of months ago and could show this as a symptom of things to come. Also that the 700 km depth barrier being breached several times down towards Fiji for earthquakes also could be a sign of some minimal cooling.

            Something again is building, it should not be too much longer. I think that unless you live right on top of the Columbia River your distance should make you safe. It will be very disturbing to have 5 minutes+ of shaking. Use a timer to see just what 5 minutes is like with the ground moving, not fun.

            • W69

              I appreciate , thanks again Sir! 6 days off on an earthquake prediction still pretty darn close.! … As far as the ground shaking for 5 minutes hell I can barely walk straight as it is LOL

            • Mark

              I did go there, BI. Thanks, and for those who want to know the site’s URL, it’s http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/

              Like you said, the clusters are teeth-dropping. I never dreamed that there have been so many earthquakes in just a few days.
              One 4.5 yesterday close to Tocopillo, Chile. a 4.6 yesterday near La Libertad, El Salvador, a 4.7 today at 1315 Chicago time in Indonesia, and on and on.

              My company has a lot of rock doctors on staff. I’m going to try and get out of my silo and ask one or two of them what the heck is going on!

        • LSB

          If a large earthquake hits that area, Clatsop County, I seriously doubt you would be able to drive out either Hwy 30 or Hwy 26. With all of the rainfall in that area, there are many, many little creeks to cross along roadway. Plus all the big bridges are old. That’s not counting all the timber growing along the roads. Might be a good idea to take your chainsaw, a file, and a large can of gasoline when you are out and about.

    68. possee


      “run forrest run!’

      “stupid is as stupid does”

      “And that’s all I have to say about that.’

      “I’m pretty tired, I think I’ll go home now.’
      please do so..


    69. JC75

      So let me get this straight: a secret cabal of Saturn worshiping psychopaths hatched plans a long time ago to take over the world. Their methods: wars, politics, religions, viruses, mind control, poisons, technology. Their ultimate goal – one world government, one world religion, enslavement of humankind by merging us with technology (singularity, transhumanism). Sounds like an epic science fiction novel doesn’t it?

      I was watching a presentation on chemtrails, nanoparticles & a mysterious condition called Morgellons. I didn’t want to believe the information that was being discussed, but it’s all starting to fit into place. Get right with God, prepare yourself mentally & physically. Rid yourself of fear. The only hope is inside all of us.

    70. Socrates


      That pretty much sums it up.

      Speaking of data leaks and all those fun things that go with it, interesting story here in the EU times issuing a travel warning for the US.


      And here’s another vid with a great time elapsed video of chemtrails being sprayed. For those who don’t understand yet- chemtrails and spraying of harmful particles is real and has been going on for years. Wake up, please.

      Much like the radioactive aerosol spraying of St.Louis residents by the U.S. Army Research Lab. Which just came to light recently and is the basis for lawsuits.


      Yes, there are evil forces busily at work right under your noses. Yet, many stay asleep and ignorant. Sigh.

    71. SmokinOkie

      coded transmission incoming… decryption enabled…

      ‘Just escaped the mothership. Don’t pay the ransom! Have commandeered an escape pod. Will attempt to crash land on top of Capitol building (hope congress is in session). Activating ejection seat in 4…3…2..’

    72. Anonymous

      Sigh…This blog has begun to degrade in

      to an argument about who is the “best” human being. Every new article eventually turns into a mouth battle about trivial things. “I’m better than they are.”

      Just remember that your masters love it when the house slaves look down on the field slaves.

      Ludwig von Mises said “It’s not left versus right, it’s you versus the state.”

      The old posters have left the blog. Very little helpful info on preparing for the hard times ahead is offered any more. 300+ comments and only one or two that offer any helpful insight or tips.

      We don’t need no stinkin helpful tips. Our guns, gold and bullets will save us. Hate to burst your bubble, but you better become more self sufficient than a couple months of preps.

      All that will matter in the coming years (if you can keep your head) is food, water and shelter. The rest of the arguing about this Dem or this Repub or this black or this white is useless if you can’t feed yourself from your own land. When the FRNs fail and you can’t afford any oil based products to survive you will want to be able to grow your own food and have a reliable water source and unencumbered (as much as taxes let you) shelter.


      • possee


        Yes, many of the original commenters have left this site as they are preparing accordingly..

        manos,burt,claymation,daisy and a few others are all relocated to new digs due to many circumstances..

        Me.. I’m still getting ready as we all should and have become an ardent political atheist..

        Let the field slaves argue all day long on the left/right, black/white,repub vs dem vs tea party,etc etc.

        Ludwig von Mises said “It’s not left versus right, it’s you versus the state.”…that about sums it all up..excellent!


      • slingshot

        Pick a subject.

      • Mountain Trekker

        Anon how sad, this was such a great site. But this shows what unbridled freedom looks like. Man will either be Governed by man or governed by GOD. Hate seems to be running rampant now on this site. Trekker Out. I Prep To Live, Not To Kill.

    73. JRS

      Oh nooooo…we’ve been taken over by the “reptile race”. What has this blog degraded into? Black reptilian NWO Goldman Sachs squid vampires rule the world.

      Careful or they may take your precious.

      I’m still waiting on those “mass arrests” that “Too many fake conservatives” said were imminent.

      • possee

        “NWO Goldman Sachs squid vampires rule the world.”

        That’s not far from the truth..albeit the squid vampires are merely the financial instruments of mass destruction for their masters..

        and their tentacles reach every corner of the earth.


    74. SmokinOkie

      coded transmission incoming…decryption enabled…

      ‘Truck located in Searchlight, NV. Ammo missing. Six half-eaten pineapples in cargo trailer. Rosetta Stone language tapes of ‘Bulgarian For Rednecks’ found in truck cab. Driver located near DC, staggering through Georgetown, asking about Powerball numbers. Obviously delirious. Pod missed Capitol building but took out 17th green at Fairfax golf course. Sadly, no politicians injured. Further updates to follow if/when driver regains sanity…’

    75. Mondobeyondo

      I have a pressure cooker. I use it to cook beef stew. You know, cubed beef, celery, carrots, potatoes and onions. After a couple hours, I turn the stove off. No ball bearings or explosive devices are used in this recipe.

      So that makes me a terrorist, right?

    76. Mondobeyondo

      Big Brother is watching you!
      So, why not watch IT?

      Big Brother. CBS TV, Tuesdays at 7pm
      (or whatever time it’s on. I don’t watch it)

      *sigh* It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m bored
      Football season can’t come soon enough.

      • wrong

        try reading a book, exercise, work outside, go for a walk, listen to some music, cook something delish……Kill your TV

        • OutWest

          The Word of Wrong……and it is good

    77. ChickenLittle

      This article is based on a blog that didn’t have all the facts. Turns out the investigation was for things the husband did online at work. Sometimes things are not as they seem. Can’t believe everything you read on the Internet (or TV, Newspapers, or radio).

    78. Watchman

      Unexplained, conflicting US global terror warnings now extend to American homeland
      DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis August 4, 2013, 10:39 AM (IDT)

      Saturday night Aug. 3, the global warnings issued last week by the US State Department and Interpol against terrorist attacks covering almost the entire Muslim world, suddenly reached the American homeland. Sunday morning, Aug. 4, as US missions closed in 22 countries, including Egypt and Israel, the New York Police Department went on high alert. Security was beefed up in high-profile areas outside houses of worship and transportation hubs, although Police Commissioner Ray Kelly complained that “a lack of specific information was cause for concern.”
      Friday, Aug. 2 the State Department issued a worldwide travel alert warning to Americans overseas of potential al Qaeda attacks in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.
      Saturday night, National Security Adviser Susan Rice convened security officials on the situation. The White House stated: “Given the nature of the potential threat through the week, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and counter-terrorism Lisa Monaco has held regular meetings with relevant members of the inter-agency to ensure the US government is taking those appropriate steps.”
      Nothing in this statement specified the nature of the “potential threat.”
      Sunday, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey told the ABC that the threat was “more specific than previous ones” and “the intent is to attack Western, not just US interests.” He reported that the diplomatic facilities closed “range from Mauritania in northwest Africa to Afghanistan.”
      Western and Middle East terrorism and intelligence experts say that in additional to the lack of information, at least six elements don’t add up in the various global warnings released since Thursday Aug. 1:
      1. Thursday, US President Barack Obama ordered that “all appropriate steps” be taken to protect Americans in response to a threat of an al-Qaeda attack. What does this mean? The experts comment that even if all US agencies were pressed into service worldwide, there is no way they could protect all Americans in the vast area marked out in the warnings.
      2. If the threat is specific why does the warning extend to so many countries? Al Qaeda is not even active in all them. If the danger is so immediate, why haven’t any governments in North Africa and as far east as Bangladesh declared their own terror alerts?
      3. US officials reported that some of the intelligence came from terrorist communications intercepted by the National Security Agency over the past days. This too raises questions, considering that al Qaeda leaders are wont to avoid electronic media and satellite phones for their communications on operations, preferring couriers who are not susceptible to electronic interception or eavesdropping. The Internet serves them for propaganda and planting red herrings.
      4. In the past week, US drones conducted three attacks against al Qaeda targets in Yemen, where the organization is defined by US officials as al Qaeda’s most dangerous affiliate and capable of attacking the US embassy in Sanaa.
      The last drone attack Aug. 1 killed five low-profile al Qaeda operatives, who were driving in a vehicle in the Qatan Valley of Hadramouth province (Osama bin Laden’s place of birth).
      All 12 US drone attacks in Yemen of the last eight months targeted Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Although its deputy chief Said al Shiri, a former inmate of the Guantanamo Bay facility, was eliminated, AQAP’s entire high command has remained intact and fully functional. In other words, US intelligence counter-terror agencies have not discovered their whereabouts.
      5. Neither have they run down the location of al Qaeda’s top leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. Tuesday, he released a communiqué accusing US agents of engineering the coup which deposed the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood president by penetrating the Egyptian army. He called for more attacks on America.
      6. Saturday, the international police agency, Interpol, published a global security alert following “the escape of hundreds of terrorists and other criminals” in the past month, including jailbreaks in Iraq, Libya and Pakistan. Interpol feared that the escapees would team up with al Qaeda to hit Western targets. Yet none of its 190 member states have declared terror alerts on this score either.
      7. Finally, the sweeping warnnings from the Obama administration dramatically refute its own oft-heard claims that al Qaeda is no longer a force to be reckoned with, because it has lost its compact central command and control of its component branches, which have split up into regional franchises operating autonomously. Al Qaeda, they have been saying, is no longer capable of large-scale terrorist attacks on a global scale.

      Keep the FAITH

      • possee


        They are just setting up some new boogeymen to keep everyone in fear mode..same old crap as always to rein in the sheep..
        First it was the redskins
        then the black skins
        then the brown skins
        then the muslims

        now it’s everyone else..especially us..and anyone who still believes in the founding principles of the nation once known as the united states..


    79. wardoc

      Solzhenitsyn, in one of his works (can’t recall which) told the story of he and his fellow prisoners sitting around in the gulag prison camp and thinking how is it that an apartment house with 30 or so people so fear authority that they allow a couple of kgb goons cart several of them off to siberia without even a struggle.
      One wonders about amerika…..

    80. Ender

      HA! What a fool for ever letting those spooks near his house, let alone in it. I see spooks taking tactical positions around my place there isn’t going to be any talking, I’m greeting them with lead.

      • Piper Michael

        and you will ‘die well’.

        • Ender

          Yes. Yes I will.

    81. Kulafarmer

      Thats good for some chuckles!

    82. Piper Michael

      China now calling for a “New Bretton woods”…

      Fair warning to all of you, who consider ‘normal’ to be a forever thing.

      The west will fight this viciously, they will lose.
      (This is a veiled threat, and a hidden message, probably of a new international gold standard…)

      • possee


        Correct you are..
        Yao called for more power to the IMF as well to stabilize/manage global liquidity.

        Surely the western powers will put up a good protest for show,but the central banks always win..whatever’s good for them will prevail and their puppet govts will oblige accordingly..

        as always..

        the rest of us can eat cake..
        or at least some stale leftovers..

        Afterall the average world citizen is merely a debt serf/collateral damage/or cannon fodder to these bottom feeders..

        Once we have currency wars ensuing voraciously, the banks will instigate more military conflicts..as history always repeats itself..

        Unfortunately it’s all too predictable given the last 100 years history..


    83. clark

      ChickenLittle, this is for you, from, ‘Is America Going to Hell in a Handbasket?’ you should read the whole thing:

      But the truth is still difficult for many people to handle.

      So, as America has reached Hell in a handbasket, people still would rather believe the myth that government is a “necessary evil,” or that when it gets very, very bad, it can be “reformed.” (Nope.)

      So no, the government is not “We the People.” (Another myth.)

      Does that handbasket have a round-trip option?


      State whoreshippers despise the above.

      • ChickenLittle

        I’m not sure where this was supposed to convince me that believing everything you hear, read, or see (video) is real. I question everything anybody says. Some of us may read something that isn’t factual and we go off… People on any side sometimes do things that are stupid and do the cause some harm. It has been going on for ages. Take a pill or chill. Be prepared for anything…

    84. Swinging on a star

      Armed swat team kills baby deer! Look it up, unbelievable, the rescue shelter didn’t have the proper paper work for the deer so the swat team entered the building without warning, held the employees in one area and then proceeded to find the baby dear and kill it.

      If they can do that to Bambi then they will do it to you without question. Sick, vile, assholes who answer to the devil. I hate this fucked up world.

      • possee

        That link is available on guns dot com

      • VRF

        No kidding, such a deadly threat to mankind that baby deer was..what an act of cowards..

        also , by law did any DNR authorize this killing? were the killers licensed to kill that animal?

    85. VRF

      It has become increasingly clear that an individual has no more dangerous enemy than his own government. The founders of the United States of America would be sickened by what America is becoming.

    86. slingshot

      What food is available in your surroundings?

      Turkey, geese, robins, gator, fish, turtle, snake, deer, hog, squirrel, pigeon, rabbit.

      What diseases do they carry?

      How would you catch or kill them?
      Shoot, trap, snare.

      How do you cook them?

      How many others are thinking the same as you?

      Worried about the Game Warden?

      How about a Night Hunt?

      Substitutes for regular bait and feed. Food Plots.

      How about eatable plants and insects. Acorns and nuts. Worms and grubs anyone. Areas like the plains, woods, mountains and shore lines.

      Just throwing things out there. ;0)

    87. VRF

      Developing Camo..

      do you see where they are testing these ADU’s..and do you
      know why?

      if these uniforms were to be used in another country, they wouldn’t be patterned off these locations, and back grounds..

      these are US topography AND foliage for a reason

      also the ADU’s of desert storm , and the Mid east don’t work here..

      Im just giving you part of the story, hope you have enough critical thinking to fill in the blanks

        • slingshot

          Hide in plain sight.

      • slingshot

        On Camo. A few years back a company was advertising their product on Utube. At first they showed a picture that was just a wooded area. And you looked at this scene for a good amount of time and nothing was doing anything. At the end of the sales pitch about eight persons stepped out of nowhere. I was floored! Of course the camo suits were high end prices.
        Camo with Velcro is very noisy. If you hunt, you destroy your camo clothes by washing them in the brightener laundry detergents. The brighteners attach to the cloth and reflect ultra-violet light which some animals can see. Especially on overcast days. You can bet the military can pick it up.

        • VRF

          Rodger that!

          breaking up your outline is a big part of being camoed so to speak

          also, on the laundering of your food getting camo, it imprints an odor the animal can smell

    88. gettingbored

      its 8/5/13. last new article on this website was 8/2. whats wrong, shtfplan, NSA got your tongue?

    89. Be informed

      The U.S. having this terror alert up sounds like it could be yet another distraction. If someone wants to make the government look better, what better way of doing this with the masses than to raise a terror warning. Then if nothing happens, the feds can say, see what we have done, we have prevented yet another terrorist attack. A terrorist attack that never would have happened this time. If there is a terrorist attack it makes the goverment with the masses look like they are really on top on things and it would have been much worse if they did not alert everyone. Either way it is a stupid win for BO and the government. This is the way the masses are manipulated, and played like a sucker in Las Vegas thinking the house can be beaten.

      • RickInOregon

        When Bush would raise the threat level the left would cry “Distraction”. Now those same lefties are strangely submissive.

        I know that some of you dismiss politics but I see politics as a spectator sport. It has teams, players, coaches, owners, sponsors, play by play announcers, uniforms, playoffs, major league, minor league and “T” ball. I watch the plays and how they are executed and will marvel at a well designed and executed play. This play of shutting down the embassies is known as the “misdirection end around” and it isn’t very creative or well executed. It actually makes the team that’s attempting it look desperate and the fans can see right through it. Can you hear the booing coming from the bleachers.

    90. VRF

      While Egypt was embroiled in a military coup, our Secretary of State was sitting on his yacht in Nantucket – and the State Department lied about it, smearing a CBS reporter in the process, in order to keep Kerry’s incompetence from the American people.
      This should come as little surprise, since Janet Napolitano has done as incompetent a job securing our borders when sitting in her office.

      As Obamba thinks..The Egyptian people are overthrowing the Islamist regime I put in Cairo
      What am I gonna do when the American people decide to overthrow the Islamist regime im putting in Wahhh shington?

      • JayJay

        Why is this surprising?

        They are elite…a tea party representative told at a function she addressed–when she was in DC, they lived lives we can only dream of so lavish and party–party–party.
        They sit and laugh at us thinking we are so gullible thinking they actually do something.
        They even send their staff to vote when they vote!!
        Puh–leeze people–stop voting. It only states you agree with AND condone this farce.

    91. AT

      You are running a little behind on this one. The person in question has already issues a clarification/correction that they were turned in by the husbands employer for these searches:


      We found out through the Suffolk Police Department that the searches involved also things my husband looked up at his old job. We were not made aware of this at the time of questioning and were led to believe it was solely from searches from within our house.

      I did not lie or make it up. I wrote the piece with the information that was given. What was withheld from us obviously could not be a part of a story I wrote based on what happened yesterday.

      The piece I wrote was the story as we knew it with the information we were told. None of it was fabricated. If you know me, you know I would never do that.

      If it was misleading, just know that my intention was the truth. And that was what I knew as the truth until about ten minutes ago. That there were other circumstances involved was something we all were unaware of.

      Thank you.

    92. slingshot

      Road Runner.


    93. facts_not_brainwash

      you think that’s bad? My friends young son was interrogated by Police here in Charlotte, NC in the Charlotte-Mecklenberg because he had a can opener in his pocket. When his mom arrived, he was in uncontrolled crying. School staff said he could be arrested.
      … wait for it …
      He was in first grade. AND functionally autistic (can’t talk to most adults etc.).
      … Mom ended up having to hire a lawyer as the Police required him to take a Training class – which he obviously was incapable of doing because he is autistic.
      talk about Idiots running the government and wasting our tax dollars.

      • facts_not_brainwash

        BTW, YES, the school staff knew he was autistic and had the medical information. The “accuser” was a substitute, though.

    94. slingshot

      Has anyone taken into account on how long they are going to live when doing preps. Like medical and family history. Nothing like being cost effective.

    95. SilverSax

      It turns out that the Feds were brought into this situation by a private citizen (a former employer) who noticed the “pressure-cooker/backpack” searches. This former employer notified a local Police Department, which then alerted the Feds.
      I am by no means defending the NSA’s recent activities, but they weren’t the basis of this action.
      SHTFplan should, in all honesty, do a follow-up column to inform its readers.

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