Feds Push For Total Control of Property Rights: “Government is Named as the Owner of ALL the Water”

by | Apr 16, 2015 | Headline News | 190 comments

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    Editor’s Note: The following research and commentary shows just how far the federal government is willing to go. With the help of the EPA and State legislators they are aggressively chipping away at private property rights in America and as you’ll see from Jeremiah Johnson’s report below, they are starting with our most precious resource – water. That includes the creek in your backyard, the well under your house and even the rain that falls on your roof. Once they have control of the water, it will be they and they alone who decide whether or not you can shower daily, or water your crops, or how much drinking water will be allotted for  your family – even if you have an aquifer sitting below your property . But that’s just the beginning. The dangerous precedent about to be set in Montana means they’ll have given themselves the pretext to seize anything they want. The aim, as evidenced by these and other recent actions by local, state and federal government, is to supplant all private ownership in America. 


    Water Rights on the Ropes: The Last Round for Free Montanans vs. the Federal Government
    By Jeremiah Johnson

    This is a “rush” article submitted at the 11th hour of the battle Montanans are fighting to keep their water rights intact.  The average citizen is trying to defend against the onslaughts of the Agenda 21-funded, oligarch-driven EPA (pushing the CSKT water compact) and the Federal Government.  The battle is almost over and it doesn’t look good about one minute to midnight.  This battle is Montana’s “Alamo” of water rights and it is very important for all of us: a loss for Montanans and a win for the Federal Government will set a nationwide precedent.

    If the Federal Government and its lackeys win, the Iron Bell of tyranny will ring, and those reverberations will be felt throughout the U.S.  The feds will have established through state legislation an EPA measure as a means that can be turned around and employed nationally.  Taking the communist “social justice” platform and using Native Americans as the tools in the “downtrodden and protected class” role, the feds will inculcate a foothold into private property rights.  With a win, the federal government will have a new technique to leverage citizens away from their individual and family private property rights.

    My previous article on this subject was posted on 3/18/15, entitled FedGov Moves to Seize Water Rights from 100,000 Montanans: All Surface Water and Wells.  I recommend that you read it for the background history on the Hellgate Treaty and similar actions being taken in other states by the feds.  SB 262 is the bill that will, if passed, ratify the CSKT (Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe) water compact.  There was a piece penned by Montana House Majority Leader Keith Regier, MT HD-4 Representative on 4/11/15 that explained the main concern: many Montanans will lose access to private property, and that access will be given to the Tribal members (who already have access), their heirs, and their “assigns.”

    Guess who these “assigns” are?  They are private companies, outdoor groups (Sierra Club, for example), and tour companies.  They are the Federal Government, and the U.S. Forest Service, and Montana Fish and GameThese latter two, by the way, have supported the CSKT water compact and throughout the compact these two groups wrote language into it that exempt themselves from future legal conflicts.  If this bill passes, the Unitary Management Ordinance will be created; this is a water court made up of a group of members of the tribes and others to serve as the water court of the reservation.

    The aforementioned court will have one main function: to rule on issues that pertain to non-tribal members.  Bottom line: it is a court that is of the tribes that will rule on Montanans by taking all Montanan’s water rights out of the hands of Montanans and placing it in the hands of the Indian Tribes.  Almost 90% of all lands for agricultural use are off-reservation and the landowners have been paying property taxes for many years; however, they will now be under the jurisdiction of the tribes.

    That jurisdiction (as outlined in the first article) will be regulated by the EPA and enforced by the Department of Homeland Security, with authorization of the Bureau of Indian Affairs on behalf of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.

     The Federal Government is named as the owner of all the water defined in the compact.  This is stipulated in writing.

    As of this writing, there are procedural hurdles that are going to be voted upon and the bill is just one step away from being signed by Gov. Steve Bullock (D, MT), the same governor that just vetoed a bill that prevented Montana’s Sheriffs from being obligated to aid Federal law enforcement from any kind of gun grabs or gun bans (pertaining to semi-auto rifles, erroneously and intentionally termed “assault rifles”).  A whole slew of commies are supporting and pushing for this; they’re swaged in “harmonious-sounding” names that falsely bespeak of serving the community: The Ruby Valley Conservation District, and Farmers and Ranchers for Montana, to cite a few.

    There are armies of lobbyists, purchased-puppet-politicians, and advertising campaigns in the millions pushing this communist-statist agenda.  Every day on the radio, their honeyed voices proclaim the “justice, economic benefits, and overall goodness” of a compact that will completely abrogate and nullify water rights and all but end private property.  Every piece of land in Western Montana with a well will now have a regulator coming to tax and control it.

    There will be another vote at the time this writing hits the site.  I would appreciate any and all comments and useful information that you guys and gals can find out there pertaining to this and other power grabs of this nature.  When does it end?  Well, how it will end is not a question for some.  Anyone who sets foot on private land to try and regulate water, perhaps AC/DC’s song, “Have a Drink on Me,” will be cranked up to the max.  Bet you can guess what type of “instrument” will be “playing” in accompaniment to the tune!  Hope you guys and gals are well, and I look forward to hearing from you.  Keep us in your prayers, readers: we’ll need it.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. oh DEAR!!!

        • Nothing is off limits, it seems. They will just keep pushing until someone pushes back.

          • Why don’t you do it, tough guy?

            • As long as your water table isn’t too deep you can install a stealth solar powered well. The cost would be under 1000 bux minus the cost to drill it. As far as gardening goes, you can use aquaponics which uses extremely little water after initial filling of the tanks. Recycling grey water is another option. Or just shoot the bastards 🙂

              • My Dad always called me a drifter.
                Today I don’t think that is such a bad thing.

              • Genius, that last option you mentioned is exactly what it’s going to come to. Water belongs to all of us. I don’t care what govt. or anyone else says. They will have great difficulty trying to enforce it.

                • I didn’t realize there were that many Democrats in Montana. That is the problem.

                  • Yes , they are called indians in Montana though .

                  • They’re moving here from all over America like a swarm of red ants. They’ve raised the price of real estate and land to levels that keep most Montanans out of the market. They bring with them their progressive ideology and leftist rot and destroy traditional rural communities with demands of more government services and control over traditional activities such as hunting and trapping. They are suffocating what little freedom we have left and are staining this beautiful place commie red. Is no place safe from these parasites? I shed a tear for my once free and slower paced paradise now turned progressive Hell hole. We have a saying here: Montana’s full, go home.

                    • Isnt it the “republicans” who want you to ask permission to do anything , i.e taking a license ?

                      It is obvious the democrats do the same , but originally it was the republicans .

                    • liberal democrats moved into Oregon and did the same thing to us… They swarm us, change our laws into Commiefornia laws, and buy our land and resell it at California prices….. I think anyone moving out of California should require reeducation into the real world before they are allowed to leave the state

                    • Same thing happening here in Vermont,We’re being regulated and taxed to death.

                • Good luck with pushing back. The common mindset here seems waiting til they come after you then going out in a hail of bullets after taking some of em with you. What a plan. Most of you wont even get started on all that crap food that you are hoarding.

                • The only water that truely belongs to you is what you store in your bladder. And that is only because no one else wants it at the moment:)

                  • What if…
                    all your saints were sinners?
                    and all your sinners, saints?
                    a heaven for losers, a kingdom for winners
                    a world without rules, borders, or constraints?

                    Would it be chaos?
                    Or do you dream?
                    of freedoms unknown, unbound
                    no consequence, nor providence
                    too obscene, extreme, or unsound

                    Progress! Forward! Toward futures, march bold!
                    Lockstep, unthinking, by powers older than old.
                    We are mankinds bright eyed soldiers
                    And we always do as we are told.

                    A shining ideal, a torch held aloft
                    To light our way into the unknown
                    And set the ground beneath us burning
                    for breadcrumbs stolen from each of us
                    and free smart phones.

                    No retreat! shouting “America! Home of the free!”
                    All thinking we are unique, monotone methadone,
                    incremental stepping stones, smog filled skies,
                    and monochrome. You think the Futures bright?
                    Fine. I’ll stand alone.

                    – The New Communism

              • Having a healthy green garden is not very stealth and don’t think the neighbors won’t squeal like pigs. What we need to do is stand together and be willing to give our lives for our freedom or will have neither.

                • Maddog:

                  History seems to have come full circle:

                  Quote from Samuel Adams…

                  “If you love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms.

                  Crouch down and lick the hands which feeds you. May your chains set lightly on you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

                  How many do any of us here know that are willing to stand up? Seems Samuel Adams was dealing with “sheep” even back then. The day is fast approaching to make a choice….I know Maddog you would be one to have in the foxhole.

                  • Thanks POG, I love the Quote, its one of my favorite. I’m sure I can count on you for any and all support needed when the idiots bring the hammer down. Been real busy with “extreme” prepping so I haven’t checked in much, hope all’s well in OR. Just added a steer to the preps last month. Workin on the crops now. Good luck and God bless.

                  • You first coward. I am proud to be a coward.

                    • Then this isn’t the website for you, most here have fortitude stronger than carbon fiber

                • The fact that these scum suckers think they own everything is really pissing me off.. Take your progressive crap and shove it up your leaders azzz.

              • So you are throwing in the towel? Nah. Push back!

              • The government will find a way to make that illegal too Genius.

                They have already made collecting rainwater for your flower garden illegal in many states.

            • I’m here huckleberry.

            • Hide and watch omegabitch. We will and you’ll most likely be of the ones pushed. Semper Fi. III

              • Gdawg are you still in the military or just one of those guys who can never fully leave. Shake the mind control fool. Bet you are one of those guys with a cap that says vietnam vet or some such shit.

                • My my, the trolls are out in full force here.

            • Beat them with their own weps!
              Sue them in court for any flooding, any drought, any water damage!
              Make them prove “the rights of water ownership”, where is coming from, based on what deeds?! Claim your own “natural rights” for water, as long as you are a being and you need water in order to exist! No water, no life! Is breaking the natural human right for life! Sue them in International Court for Human rights!
              The water in “vapor status” (clouds!) is moving freely from one country to another. Make them prove HOW the Feds are exercising the power to control them, to stop from enter and leaving the US border limits!! If they “cannot”, it means they have no control and no claim on any water!
              Use your minds ! 😀

              • “Sue them in court for any flooding, any drought, any water damage!”

                That’s actually not a bad idea. It would force them to either claim ownership and control of the water, therefor responsibility for the damages, or avoid responsibility by claiming that they can’t control and don’t own the water.

                …or they can just blackmail the judge and get the ruling they want, because it’s a matter of “national security”…

          • If you want to push back, we need to do it where it hurts, in the pocket book. STOP PAYING INCOME TAXES AND STARVE THE BEAST! Amend your taxes people and file a 0 income return and get ALL of your taxes back. Perfectly legal according to the IRS code.

            • so how does one…stop paying?

              its not like i can walk into my job and say…he boss, tell payroll to not submit taxes….

              • You can turn in a new W4 to your payroll department to up your deductions so less taxes are taken out.

                • I meant dependents.

          • Mac, We did in Bunkerville and the results where there for all to see. If the people stand up for their God given rights, with their God given right to bear arms and do so intelligently and with conviction the shitbags back down. Not sure who’s idea it was to bring in the cowboys on horseback with six guns to faceoff with heavily armed government contractors but it was brilliant. It was a picture that made it so the government had no choice but to back down. We either continue to stand together in this fashion or we will all be confined together in their fashion, stripes. I pray others will join the fight, we cannot do it ourselves.

            • Absolutely, Maddog.

          • Heres the problem, The tribes, who currently do not have control over non tribal water will be given that control with the legal recourse to be a panel of 90% tribal members deciding who gets what. I’m sure that will be fair and honest

            • Tribe is a code word for you dont belong here white boy. Get your smelly butt-crack off the rez:)

          • Good luck with pushing back. The common mindset here seems waiting til they come after you then going out in a hail of bullets after taking some of em with you. What a plan. Most of you wont even get started on all that crap food that you are hoarding.

          • Would you rather some scumbag rancher owned the water and tells you to keep your smelly butt-crack off his land that he stole from the indians?

          • Coward 🙂 spark it slave. Hahaha go ahead and fight so some Bundy rancher a-hole can own everything and keep what his grand daddy stole. Hahsha

            • Best thing to do is nothing. I am sure we are all are used to that anyway.

        • This water bullshit is going to be really important in the near future. California is reverting to desert.

          There are mountain fed streams at two of my BOLs, and an ocean at my third, but I do have a lot of neighbors by rural standards. Would these fucking retards start shitting and washing in the streams in SHTF? You bet. How would I control them? Things to think about. Should you get to know your neighbors before SHTF? It’s a big decision you have to answer for yourself depending on where you are. If they know you they might well show up on your porch. My answer is to be seen but not noticed; I take runs and walks in the area and say hi but don’t engage in much conversation except with my immediate neighbors.

          You best have three methods of getting to your BOL and at least two caches buried along the way. It’s best I you have a BOL within 3 days hiking distance AND YOUR BODY WILL PERMIT YOU TO ACCOMPLISH THAT HIKE. Some of you fucking idiots seem to think you don’t need to drop the fat because you have a gun. A GUN DOESNT FUCKING GUARANTEE JACK SHIT. I pound on physical fitness because I am in the woods weekly and I know what I am fucking talking about.

          • Well ranchers in montana used to rent BLM land for grazing at 50 cents an acre. Then the a-holes would not allow you on that BLM land. I helped when the legislature finally passed laws that allow people access to that BLM land so you could at least camp on it without some rancher wanting to gun your family down for camping. Piss on ranchers. They eat their pets .

            • A lot of the new farms and ranches are bought and owned by the chinese. Where were all the protesters when our corporations and property were bought by foreigners with monopoly money? Hmmm ? Hahsha shut up and take it . Bug out to some ranchers land and try to drink his water. His horse will be treated better than you slaves.

            • Ghandi, same shit around sheriden wyo. Lands all fenced off for cattle. They dont want you on “their” land and they aint very friendly in town unless your family has been in the area for a few generations.

              • Yes, i almost was gunned down by some ranch hands in montana because the BLM did not update their maps. Ranchers need to be the first to go in shtf. If i did not put my hand on my 44 mag revolver they would have pointed their 30-30 win lever at us. Ranchers are cowards:). They didnt want to make my day. I have been a competitive shootet since i was 16 and shot on the high school rifle team. I am old now

                • I think the united states feds should give native amreicans tanks so they can sit on top of a mesa and pound the greedy criminal ranchers from a couple miles out. That is just my opinion though.

        • New survey shows 50% of men think their mother-in-law is hot, and 30% of men say their mother-in-law flirts with them.

          80% of men say they get along fine with her.

          • Acid that is right. It all comes out the desire for forbidden sex. And that is fueled by guilt provided by religeons such as christianity. Not only is mom in law your wifes mother but probably also married. Thats a double wammy of forbidden sex thats hard to beat. But you can be sure that most will deny this. Truth is rare in this world.

            • Charles king. Paedophilia!

              • Anon, where do you get paedophilia out of that? Explain.

              • Sorry now I get it. Paedophilia is forbidden sex. Yes you are right.

          • Yes and in colorado 30% of mother in laws are men dressed in drag.

          • My MIL is not hott, but all of my wife’s friends are. Most are nurses, so they will make good additional wives.

            • I like mormons:)

        • As usual, the vast majority of water is consumed by huge corporations, but all of the legislation will be focused on depriving the rights of the little guy.

          Every revolution that has ever occurred, has always been immediately preceded by too great a divide between the rich and poor.

          Still blindly cheerleading for capitalism???

          All this big data mining fucking bullshit, BUY MORE CHEAP PLASTIC SHIT FROM CHINA!!!!!Fuck up our manufacturing base as much as possible!!!!

          I loved it when Hillary fought for women’ rights by getting that child rapist off with a minimum sentence on a technicality and then slut-shamed his 12 year old victim in front of the court. /sarc

          • @ AE

            Capitalism is the dry cleaner in your town cleaning other peoples’ clothes. When his shop’s HVAC needs maintenance, he spends some of his profit there. The HVAC contractor spends some of his profit getting his daughter’s teeth straightened. The dentist takes his Audi to his favorite garage. The tech there takes his clothes to the dry cleaner. Schematic for capitalism. In sharp contrast to GOVERNMENT coercion and theft, all those transactions are voluntary.

            What we have now is crony capitalism, starting with the rich financing our War for Independence, moseying along to the industrialists getting special favors FROM GOVERNMENT like all that land stolen from the Native Americans cheap and and no unions. Continuing on to the Federal Reserve, in which GOVERNMENT grants a privileged few economic power to throttle all of us. In the present day, it’s warmonger corporations making billions off our GOVERNMENT’S endless wars while the cemeteries fill with working class people.

            If you aren’t economically free you are a slave. If I as an individual lack the authority to steal your property I can’t delegate power I don’t have. Doesn’t matter whether ten people or ten million people say so. See here, I wrote a document giving my social peers power over all of you forever. It says so right here that I get to tax you (steal from you) forever.

            So what do you claim respects individual autonomy better than laissez faire capitalism?

            I’m just curious AE. What kind of government dole or benefits are you receiving?

        • Man who lives in war zone Ukraine says:

          Now I want to say about very important theme. May be, it is the most important issue!
          Donbass war have occurred in region of poor people. Many of them have not ANY accumulated money! In direct sense. Thousands of peoples had got money equal one month salary – it near 300-400 $. Many haven’t even this money. When disaster occurred and people float in other cities, they could not rent flat. I have read about temporary camps after New Orleans disaster in USA. In Donbass were more than 1 million refugees – and government does not provide housing and food even 5-10% of this people.
          Many of them were forced to rent house by themselves, but (suddenly!!) very many owners of rent houses didn’t want to let refugees to rent their flats – it was disadvantageously for rent owners who like long-term tenants. And almost all of refugees hoped that would soon come back to their homes. My friend was looking for house in Dnepropetrovsk near month – about ten of rent owners refused him after he said his native town.
          It was cause for massive exodus in summer 2014 and massive return in autumn and winter 2014. People use up all of their money and were forced to return to their half-destroyed cities.
          Government pays about 70 $ in summer and about 30 $ today (Ukrainian hrivna very fast devalues) to refugee – it is critical little money, especially if he rents house.
          I thank God that I had accumulated cash.
          Some help provide volunteers, but it is not enough. Volunteers can help with food and clothes but very rare can provide housing.
          So my conclusion is so: cash is main tool of survivor!

          • Shut up and fight slave. Stop waiting for handouts.

          • In Amerika, you cant leave with cash. It will be confiscated as drug money and the banks will turn you in to the feds for getting much money out of savings accounts. So keep your stupid advice for a free country like ukraine. You will get the amerikan slaves into trouble by being caught with money.

        • Kill the regulators that come… All of them.

        • I lived in montana and i am glad the feds are getting those ranchers under control. They are a bunch of greedy , land grabbing, racist a-holes:). They would not even let me hunt rabbits on their huge spreads of property. Made me rethink how wonderful the show Bonanza was. Those cartwrights were greedy filth.

        • The Constitution limits what the FEDs can own in terms of ground. DC, Military Forts, and little else. They need to be re-educated about what powers were granted to them by the Constitution. There are Supreme Court decisions as far back as 1845 that back this blurb up. All BLM and the rest is illegally held today. All ground is owned by the “State” unless it is a Territory out side the State. States need to start enforcing the 10th Amendment.

          • The “State” does not own the land. Under the Enabling Act all territories had to give their land that wasn’t already taken to the federal government to be given back to the people thru Land Patents. Get a proper Land Patent and you are Sovereign on your own land. Otherwise you are just a tenant on the property, not the real owner. Land Patent, what is own your land is yours, nobody else.

      2. just another piece of the puzzle falling into place. why don’t you montannans surround the capitol and drag these sons of bitches outside and tar and feather them?…hell, you would PROBABLY only have to do it to ONE of them,….then the rest fall in line, after that….daaaaamn!….did i write that out LOUD?

        • Trouble is, those politicians are only the fingertips of Sauron. You don’t get to the root of the problem that way. Find out who their masters are.

          • Jesus-Christ-Almighty –(honor to you, oh Lord)–!!!!

            ..Coach…do you really understand what you’re requesting???

        • Thumbs up!

      3. God owns the water and all of God’s animals have rights to it.
        What is next owning the air? Oh that is right they own the air also!
        Government is why we have a water problem to begin with!!!

        • Sgt

          They think they already own the air. They try to regulate it all the time. They are even trying to figure out how to tax cow flatulence.

          Mac is right. Sooner or later this will come to a head and there will be a very large push back. Hopefully with no blood spilled. Unfortunately at this point I think the tree of liberty is going to require blood.

          • “M”
            Cow farts!!!

            Thank God they were not following me around the other day. Eggs for Breakfast Chinese for lunch and two day old home made chilly with 4 kinds of meat and 5 kinds of beans.

            I would own billions (LOL)

            You know what they say he how farts in church sets in Pew all alone.

            I want to see the silly bastard running around putting a probe by a cows butt waiting for it to fart!

            • Sounds like a task you already have experience in sargy, by the way, it’s called chilli, as in a dish to eat, not chilly, as in it’s cold outside. I guess basic reading and writing has never been important in testing for cops has it.

              • anonymous,
                I am not defending Sgt. what I am defending is that at this point in time these articles and comments DON’T need correct grammar and or spelling, what this is all about is FREEDOM of information!! so even though i know how to spell and even though i have spell check, it doesn’t matter one bit! SOOOO get off your high horse and either shut the F— UP about grammar and spelling and say something useful NOT derogatory, or get off this site! we don’t need your kind of sarcasm here! WE have more important info to share!! GOT IT!!!

                • Shut up and take it slave:)

              • Anon you are a word nazi. You knew what he meant and it could be left at that. He communicated sufficiently. The language is in constant change despite you word nazis. I bet language came first then the control nazis who want to analyze it,quantify it, classify it and make rules for it.

          • Mike in VA, good to see you back. Yes, there will be a push back and someone’s blood will get spilled. I hate to see it coming but the govt. are the ones causing all of the problems. What comes around goes around.

          • Mike, they have proclaimed CO2 as a hazardous material that needs to be regulated and the sheeple say okaaaaay. Clowns their all clowns. Sorry but to wash the commie shit out of our country is going to require copious amounts of blood at this time. We have waited and neglected our responsibilities as freemen far to long.

            • As a professional organic grower, I can call bullsh!t on the CO2 being harmful because it is plant food. I have to deliberatly enrich greenhouses with 1500ppm of CO2! Current atmospheric concentrations are only 380-400ppm. Liberal dummies just dont know what to say in response too that.

        • Honestly i think we have more of a government problem than water problem.

        • Sarge, I agree. God owns the water and all of us have rights to it. It’s irrelevant what any govt. official says.

          • There are no such thing as a right. Only privileges to those with better abilities:) ranchers are garbage. They would never leave the ponderosa to protect some city slickers apartment or family. I hope the feds clownf_ck those ranchers. You aint n Bonanza anymore Dorothy.

      4. Montana! It is time to succeed from the union.
        I wonder what is next? Are thy trying to start a Civil war/Revolution? It sure as hell looks like it.

        “BC” I agree with you 100% That time is getting very close!!!!!


        • Yes, i believe they are

        • You need to check this out sarge. The Canadian military is preparing for a civil war in a “near-peer” country. Only one I know is the US. Remember to add the other “t” in http:

          h tp://www.starnews.ca/news/article_d023da04-ca10-11e2-bf06-0019bb30f31a.html

      5. Time for all Americans & Vets to buy more Guns & Ammo!!!!!

      6. What does the senator from Montana say about this? Any balls there?

        • The Gov of Montana is a lib. They may get control of the water in the big cities, but good luck trying to enforce the rural area. Some just don’t give a damn what laws they pass. they wont comply.

          • We need to ask the feds to make those greedy ranchers share. If the ranchers dont share….? Then they can find out how much buba can stretch their petute in prison.

      7. everybody succeed but clifornia and dc then water will be worth alot more than oil ever will

      8. They own alot more than the water rights. Anything with your ALL CAPS name is theirs also, including your soul if you think you are your ALL CAPS name. reaperishere.weebly.com

        • When you was a child you was given a name. When you accepted that your name was who you are you took your first giant step into the grand illusion. Your name has nothing to do with who you really are. The real you is the one who is aware of that. Awareness. After you accepted that your name was you, next came me, my, and mine. Possessiveness and want grew out of that. All illusion.

          • As a child, i stepped into the “illusion”,

            i found reality.

            i was who my name is.

            i became fully aware of that.

            when i tried that possessiveness,

            me, myself and i learned real quick

            that Dad was aware that i was who my name is

            and i was aware that Dad was who his name is

            Dad, himself and he taught

            me, myself, and i to share

            I was~~ wait for it~~ reality.

            • You got it all backwards. Such is the grand illusion. You wont wake up until you are ready. Truth needs no defense.

              • backwards is how you got it all

                your grand illusion is such

                defense needs no truth in delussions

                • You like to play with words. That is how the dark side operates. You are defending your beliefs whatever they are with a game of words. You cant see what is right in front of you. Like looking for your glasses when all along they were on your face. Defending your beliefs is a sure sign of mind control. Btw what are your beliefs grandee.

                  • i wear the orange ribbon above the letter “N”

                    i wear the sign of power upon my head

                    i am a freeslave of the Way

                    my Master defends my beliefs

                    • And just how does all that work. And what is the orange and the power on your head and all the rest. You talk in riddles. Hard to debate with that bs.

                    • Nice one brother grandee. peace.

        • Stop with the all caps bs, it would not be a legal agreement seeing how nobody knew but them, and they cant own your soul… geezzzz, seriously! Almost nothing they do is legal stop peddling this crap!

          • Try” I do not consent, and waive the benefit”, or some of the other magic words I see written here. Governments understend one thing–brute force.

      9. The sad think is the bankrupt corporation in DC does not have any jurisdiction over the states. They are a for profit privately owned corporation masquerading as a ligament gv which they are not.

        DC is a criminal origination and nothing more. Without the guns and boots which are few compared to the people no one would give them the time of day. Just say no to the corporate thugs and if they don’t get it, explain it to them.

        18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason

        Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

        18 U.S. Code § 2382 – Misprision of treason

        Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

        • The entire thing is put together with illusion by dark magicians. The number one tool used by the dark side is deception. Remember the Great Deceiver? Btw the Great Deceiver is the god of the bible. That violent psychopath jew god. Jesus and that god are incompatible. The antihuman psychopathic control of this planet is made possible with deception. Nothing is as it seems and that is true all the way to the end of your spiritual path where you find that it is all illusion.

          • Charles King:

            The God of the Bible is God/Jesus Christ/Holy Spirit. The Trinity.

            The anti g-d of the Bible is Satan. And that has been the struggle since Satan deceived Adam and Eve in the Garden; and it is the struggle going on in the world today. The Kenites are the decendants of Cain and their lineage can be traced to the international baqnkster/gangsters today.

            God says in the latter days there would be preacher/teachers teaching blasphemy, he didn’t lie. New Agers are everywhere twisting the Word.

            • This is a world of opposites. Anything that has an opposite is of the world of the virtual reality. Reality has no opposites. If you give jesus an opposite like satan or the antichrist you are confining him to the world which is illusion. Destroy your illusions with awareness. That is the path. Shake the mind control. Love is a good example of illusion. There are two kinds of love. There is the emotion love which occurs in addictive relationships where they fight and make up over and over. The emotion love has an opposite which is hate. Nature always seeks a balance and with emotion love the pendulum will always swing between love and hate. Real love has no opposite. It is only found in the present moment where all life and reality takes place. Real love will always be it cant change to hate. Is your jesus real love or have you assigned that love an opposite. Wake up.

              • charles, you must be dialectic.

                • There you go grandee putting a label on it. Attack the message itself. It stands on its own without labels and names. Most humans want to classify, label, name, quantify and make rules for everything. Thats what science does. Science and religeon. To know something at its depth you must suspend all those things including thought. To know is to be aware. All else is illusion.

            • Humanity has reached the point where we must take a big jump into reality or become totally enslaved and then extinct. A jump into reality requires getting past the stories. The stories keep you stuck on your path. The stories keep truth buried. The stories are of this world. Truth is not of this world and cant be explained by anything of this world. You must experience truth to know it. And you can only experience it after getting past the stories.

            • Anytime you label or name something you no longer know it but on the surface. To know a thing or a person at its depth you must give it your full attention without thought. You must focus on it. To truely love a person you must focus on him without judgement. If you are walking down a street and turn a corner and see the most beautiful sunrise possible you stand there in awe knowing it at its depth. Then you think what a beautiful sunset. At that point you no longer know it at its depth. You have labeled it. You will never know jesus or anything else at its depth while you are stuck on the stories and naming and labeling.

            • Your god of the bible is nothing but deceit. The only way you can hook up jesus and the path of love with that insane antihuman jew god of the bible, is that you are under some real heavy jew mind control.

              • -(buzdt..spark…hum)-

                “..Control Central, to spaceman-agent ..-(wertzzz / ummmfzz)-..Charlie King”..

                ..[[interstellar radio-static]]..

                -(hummmm)-.. “Agent Charlie..your galactic infra-awareness-communication tella-tubby, propeller beanie, has been ..-(buzz-stutter-squelch)- .. recalled by,…Ronco!!!

                …-(burp-hummm-zittzz)- ..please cease all communications with the Earthlings…-(zap-cackle)-..

                ..as you’re making a fool of yourself and..-(zoggg-bzzzzt)-..endangering the mission”..-(screech)-..

                ..-(fzzttddd)-..”acknowledge message receipt!!!

                …Control Central,..out!”


                • Message received and understood. Over and out.

                • Hunter why didnt you just say you have nothing to say instead of that ridiculous mumbling. You christians shove your mind controlled nonsense in everyones face and expect us to shut up and accept it. I was born and raised in the bible belt. Turned 18 and got the hell out of there. The major religeons have turned more people away from the spiritual path than any other dark side force. You are mostly all completely closed minded and repulsive in your ignorance. And you are a major force keeping the people from organizing against the snakes. Few want to be around you.

                  • hunter has absolutely nothing to say here to anyone that contains even a single grain of importance. All of it’s comments center on it as the focus of attention and the cheap carnival barker’s claim of intelligence. He’s another befuddled, depends equipped relic from days gone by.

      10. Where I work at I see crazy ridiculous government regulation daily. Most people just don’t realize how far it has gotten. Where water is taken from the river it has grass and leaves in it. When we clean the racks and get the grass and leaves it must be piled up. It cannot be put back into the river. By the way 98 percent of that water is returned to river. We have to have studies done to dredge at our intakes. It cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Given to the E.P.A. Just because of a mullet that is endangered in the river. Then people wonder why there electric bill goes up.
        Billions of dollars were spent on environmental controls to remove SO2, all ash, CO2, NOX, and other things from the emissions of coal fired plants. Now they are making rules that will ensure if passed most if not all coal plants will close.
        Hold on to your wallets people. The government is going to grab them even harder.

        • Mike,

          That is what the American people elected Obama to do.

          He even made it a part of his first term campaign.

      11. I assume Montana will claim to own all natural water in the state so how about this? Take out a patent for rainwater that has a trace of radiation in it. Soon almost all rain and all water in America will be irradiated because of Fukashima. This rain isn’t naturally occurring just like Monsanto’s GMO corn isn’t naturally occurring and therefore you can claim patent infringement just like Monsanto if someone else tries to claim this non-naturally occurring water is theirs.

        The government isn’t the only one who can dream up stupid ideas, are they.

      12. We cant win this war against us fighting each issue. There are too many issues. And we become divided into small groups fighting single issues. We must become united in killing the root. Awaking the people isnt happening fast enough. Dont know how to speed it up. Obviously new approaches are needed to get thru generations of mass mind control.

        • ck. You take the biscuit when it comes to being a control FREAK.

          • Wow spank, that sure adds to the debate. Yep, you dont have anything to say either.

            • Charles king. You sure are good at mass debating… Spank that monkey good n hard boy.

      13. If the governor of Montana had any balls, he would mobilize the National Guard and put them on alert. He would also ask the citizens to arm themselves and prepare for the invasion of the Feds. Montana could stop this once and for all and give the Feds something to chew on (lead) that may cause them to re-think their actions. Folks, someone has got to stand up to these federal thugs. This might be the time.

        • “C”
          Maybe this is what Jade Helm is about. Bring in the equipment and supplies you need to fight a war. You set it in an area close to the area you are going to attack. Just a thought!

        • Yeah and then a “terrorist nuke” *cough, mumble* happens…

          WIN WIN isn’t it?

      14. Treason from within, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th amendments are all but gone. War in many instances without congressional consent. Imposed healthcare, tax on top of tax. Fractional banking, and illegal immigrants, cover up, on top of cover up.
        Everything this country was founded on, the very same we fought to get away from has eaten at this great nation like a cancer. The only way to stop it is to cut it out. Otherwise lady liberty is all but dead.

      15. Confederate, not sure but I think the feds took control of the national guards years ago. Which brings me to a point. To win this war against us overthrow of the Pentagon is likely necessary. Control of the big weapons must be by the people. We cant just be content assuring that soldiers wont fire on the people. We must assure that nobody in power would ever give the order. And that military is needed to defend the people against invaders. Right now the usa military takes its orders from nato and the un. Congress and the president arent even in the chain of command. They are only show pieces. Illusion.

      16. paging Mr. Willis
        paging Mr. Bruce Willis
        please pick up the white courtesy phone NOW

        Asteroid On Collision Course With Earth

        ht tp://crooksandliars.com/2015/04/asteroid-collision-course-earth

      17. This is Agenda 21 hitting you square in the face. I suggest everyone read up on this subject. This is just the beginning. The ultimate goal of Agenda 21 is to strip everyone of their property rights and ultimately force everyone into rackem stackem and packed units located in City Center. This is not good. The End…,

      18. I need to replace the floor in the kitchen sometime, so I think I might drill a new well inside. I’ll have to use 6-foot sections of pipe. I also plan to put one in the greenhouse for watering plants. I can do it myself, so no one has to know.

        My house doesn’t have gutters, but there are corners where sections of roof come together and naturally funnel water. I can catch water there without any permanent fixtures. I use small buckets now, but can go to larger containers and use the hand cart to wheel them into the garage.

        If a person has gutters, they could put in a new pipe from the inside face of a gutter through the wall into the garage and collect water inside.

        I also have a swamp out back, and someone would have to watch me 24 hours a day to catch me getting water from there. Of course, that would be a last resort, as I know what kinds of things live in there.

        • Archivist, GOOD PLAN MAN!

        • we have two garage gutter catch systems. they are located on the outside, but in back of the garage. neat idea to bring them on into the inside.

      19. Build a cistern. Every house around here had one before drilled wells and public water. Divert your rainwater into it. Unhook it when the sun shines. No EPA inspector is coming around in the rain. Corporate employees are afraid of mud and getting wet.

      20. Its interesting how there is this constant pressure from the federal government to take control of everything.
        THIS is exactly why I and im sure many others feel they are no longer represented by the government but rather are in the process of being enslaved by them.

        I have no interest in being a part of that!

        Those who derive a paycheck will willingly go along and follow orders, this is and will be true at ALL levels of government, local, state, federal, wont matter, THEY feel it is OUR (you and me) responsibility to pay their salaries, pay their pensions, pay pay pay,,,

        Im done bleeding money to this bottomless pit,

        If you as a government employee are dumb enough to believe that the general population will be the ones on the hook for your wellbeing youve got another think coming my bone headed friends…..

        Yall can go fuck yourselves

        • Thaaaatttsss right,
          All you DMV employees who give people a hard time,
          Building dept peeps issuing fines for improperly constructed buildings,
          Tax department people spending a 45cent stamp and 1 hour of your day to chase down a deficiency of 8$
          The road crews sleeping in the giant crew truck for 1 hour
          After you already took an jour for lunch,
          You TSA assholes yelling at people for saying goodbye to family for longer than you saw fit,

          To ALL the fuckers like you i say i hope you eat SHIT when everything comes unglued,
          Ond oh yes it will vome unglued!

          • Take a deep breath and relax.
            Feel better?
            Now back to deep breath and relax.
            Exhail and squeeze ever so soft.
            Now you should feel better.

      21. Taking the communist “social justice” platform and using Native Americans as the tools in the “downtrodden and protected class” role…

        What the fuck.


        Who was it that killed them all? I forgot… OH YEAH! The Federal Government, silly fucking me!

        All you useful idiot demographics out there, take note.

      22. Old news. 14/15 years ago as a Police Officer I foolishly guarded the head gates on the Klamath Lake. Klamath Lake is located in Klamath Falls Oregon. The Federal Govt, using junk science shit all water off to the farmers.

        Huge protests followed, and because I knew many many of the farmers and individuals impacted personally, my police department sent me down to the head gates, as the LEO on scene. I did not know then what I know now regarding overreaching govt, agenda 21 etc, etc.

        Sadly I see clearly now, that we in the U.S. Will be physically fighting over water in the near future. Another hearing recently occurred here, in which the
        Klamath Indian Tribe was granted ” physical” wTer right to all surface water in this water shed.
        The Oregon Water Resource board has taken that court finding to include any and all wells within one mile of specific lakes and rivers in the basin.

        Recently the city of Klamath Falls Oregon, the local hospital, and college have all told the OWRB to fuck off, after the OWRC tried to force wells to shut down within the one mile limit.

        Seems that this shot is literally right out of Agenda 21. Our Klamath County Commissioners are not on board with the water take over and are working hard to dispel Agenda 21 and the physical takeover of the regions water resources.

        Dirk Williams

      23. Question???

        Where is ol’ J.W. Rawles with all the money he has made. Should he not be a the fore front, battling this?

        Why? would he not want to protect the Redoubt.

        I go to his site from time to time. (OK, most day’s, just to skim it). 🙂

        Come on JW… Put your money where your mouth is. Show us Lil’ people how the money rolls.

        Don’t mean to piss in anyones corn flakes, just would like to see someone pushing the panic button all the time reinvest their money into the Redoubts future. 🙁

        Y’all play nice. 🙂

        • I think you should piss in the batter of the queers who will sue bakers for not baking a cake for their disgusting agenda. Ok, at least spit in the batter, maybe some drano in the icing.

          • Na, go ahead and piss in it

            • I agree.

      24. “Feds Push For Total Control of Property Rights: “Government is Named as the Owner of ALL the Water”

        A government of the people, by the people and for the people. Right. mmmmm..hmmmm. Right.

        • Humans are at least 60% water – do they own that too?

      25. Your water rights are not in danger. The cabal that claims to be your “government” is only “color of government”. It is a corporation formed in 1871 by the act of the same name. It is a corporation making rules and then illegally enforcing them through corporate agents. When they shoot you or force you to do anything (or claim your property) they are breaking established constitutional law and basic moral tenets. When you kill them, you are enforcing the constitution. Make no mistakes, the revolution started in 1871 and they’ve been fighting it since then. You were just never told or educated. Even the ones that you fight against don’t know they are illegal agents of an evil corporations. (I you know what a corporation REALLY is, you know the very idea is evil.)

        Color of law claims to anything is no more valuable than shit stains on paper. We know the federal government is a fraud. Many of us are in the position of “Fuck You” (YouTube search: fuck you john goodman) and we just don’t give a crap until they try to enforce their lies upon us. Thats when the fireworks start. Time to lite the fuses in Oregon!

        ht tp://www.kdrv.com/news/Mining_Operation_Standoff_Begins.html

        • This system has enforced its lies on us since the start. The people have been deceived for thousands of years.

        • You are right about the 1871 corporate (Corp U.S.) government (here is a history of how it came about – http://teamlaw.org/HistoryOutline.htm ). Though there is nothing illegal about their enforcement, it certainly seems that way without a proper history to put it in perspective. The relationship that people have with them is a voluntary contract that started with the Social Security Act and continues today.

          The good news is you can control them with the proper application of law. I suggest people learn the real truth of the government and take steps to protect themselves, the Land patent would be the first of many steps I would take. http://teamlaw.org/land.htm

      26. Oh my I didn’t realize Government was God!

      27. Well here is another one to add on the ENOUGH LIST. We people will do absolutely nothing to stop this SHIT from going on and on. Just go on living the way you want and when they come to stop you; say FILL YOUR HANDS YOU SON-OF-BITCH’S and go out taking as many as you can, soon or later they will quit coming to the people. Sick and tired of no action. Every night has its dawn.

      28. Lobby people lobby more of us than them.

      29. The human is a holographic biocomputer playing a role in a virtual reality. You the human are programmed. Your dna is your computer program. The real you is the one aware of that. The real you is awareness.

        • Stuff your new age deception garbage. You’re disrupting the flow of these comments.

          • Ha ha what flow. Same old shit going nowhere. If you must label me try something different than new age.

            • How about a “bloviating. egotistical moron”? That suit you better, CK?

              By the way, you don’t want the new age label. Please guide us to a link so we can at least try to decipher what your rants mean.

              • Why not consult your favorite mythical deity for the answers? Perhaps you’re afraid your requests will yet again remain unfulfilled?

      30. The Gov’t thinks they own God. Big Mistake.

        • Whats the difference between God and Government?
          God doesn’t think it is government 🙂

      31. Sugar Pine Mine will be Sugar Pine Theirs next. It’s right there in that pile of EO’s nobody voted on. What is the sport in stealing from people in a coma? That’s the water and the gold for those folks keeping tally.

      32. It’s all coming unglued in this once great country.
        Now we will see the same thing here, what has happen to all great nations in the pass, when they thought they owned everything. CAN YOU SAY S.H.T.F. IT IS COMING.
        As much as I hate to say this the sooner the better before TPTB totally destroys this nation.
        S.T.S.F.P N.Reb

      33. To become aware of who you really are usually you must become aware of who you are not. You are not your body, personality, thoughts, life story, ego, emotions, etc. You are the awareness that is aware of that. I think therefor I am is exactly opposite of truth. YOU ARE NOT THE THINKER. You are the awareness that is aware of the thinker. The ego powers the thinker. Ego sends you a constant train of thought. The ego is all those things that you mistakenly think is you. All the things you think you are dies with the body. The real you survives that death. Awareness is the survivor. That is the real you.

        • Demon – be GONE!

          • Jd are you capable of debate? Or just a name caller. Shake the mind control. Your religeon has you so closed to truth.

            • Sounds more like a REAL religious nutjob shook his straight jacket loose. Hope the guards find him before he can hurt himself or anyone else.

      34. Government cannot operate without the CONSENT of the governed. Start DISASSEMBLING things.

        • William:
          Don’t tell the Russians, Chinese, North Korea or Iran.
          I do agree with you about the disassembling things.

      35. Hmmm, now I’m starting to wonder about my property. I need a well ( it’s been there forever or it seems so ) cleaned out on the farm I grew up on and on another piece of property, I need a well drilled or dug for renter’s cattle and other livestock he has. I’ve been wondering in the back of my mind about the epa and how much trouble they would cause.
        And I don’t really want to go the rual ( can’t spell either )water angle.


        This is kinda a poetic report for me by JJ , as i spent today talking to a montana indian tribe reservation economic director on the phone about leasing tribal land for a farm and cattle operation.

        Her primary concern was WATER ACCESS AND USE RIGHTS!

        After getting off the phone with her, i decided i’m better off just buying my own land and drilling my own un-metered well.

        F*CK EM’!

      37. Why does it seem like we getting to experience one of Bracken’s ‘Enemies’ book from the inside?

      38. Thoughts and words can never explain reality. They only point the way they are not the way. Thoughts and words are confined to the virtual reality. Dont get hung up on them. Toss them when they are no longer needed to guide you. Dont worship anyone or anything. Aint about worship. That is a human construct and will enslave you. Follow a guru if you must but dont worship him. Think of jesus as an enlightened brother not a god.

      39. There is a veterinarian – state legislator in Montana, conservative, strongly pro 2 Am, whose name I cannot find. He blogs. Would strongly oppose the water grab, I imagine.

        This is something no self respecting American citizen will submit to.

        • Rep. Krayton Kerns, DVM, Laurel MT

      40. If they own all the water, then they own the water in your blood. They own YOU.

      41. The bill passed third reading – on its way to the governor’s desk for signing.

        This will lead to an uprising. Montana is full of military vets, ranchers and farmers, and gun owners that love America for what it WAS. Handing over our water rights to the tribes is downright TREASON, and many will take up arms to protect Montana from tyranny. Its about to go hot folks.

        Molon Labe.

      42. The last president was Kenny. All others are just ceo s paid by the queen, oboma was paid $500 million and some other Chinese dude another $500 million. The white house and all in it are corporations and so is the military. From this information (check it out) they’re all private corporations for profit. (money, water, air, food, animals, plants, meds, herbs etc everything,) TREASON yes, bush and all president after Kenny are evil. CO2 is plant food check any green house and their CO2 generators. Without the peoples consent the CEO changed the rules to suit their agendas that’s fraud and treason. Check out what Iceland did, banksters be gone. We have the same problems in canada, nothing but crooks.
        Check whats happening at the Buckingham palace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBmYXgweszs

      43. So they own all our water do they now


        As long as we still own all the fire then both side will continue to share or a lot of blood will be lost and i think i know which side will come out on top.

      44. WHERE in their charter “their CONstitution” does it say they own or can own fresh water??
        WATER, is only mentioned ONCE within the body of their CONstitution; it is in Article I, section 8 and reads as follows
        To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

        That’s it folks, the government is over reaching and in Marbury V Madison, “A law repugnant to the Constitution is void.”

      45. King C your constant and repetitive bleating that we all must attain a special “awareness” that only you have been blessed to possess is very tiring. I got you point the first DOZEN times you said it. Jeez get a life.

        • Big b you did not even come close to getting the point. And you are pissed because I challenge your belief system. Otherwise you would just walk on by when you see my name. Dont let your emotions control you. Anyway I am through writing. Just stopped by to rattle a few cages. And god you people needed it. Hope I planted a few seeds. If this site represents the defense against whats coming we are going to

          • The seeds you hoped to plant CK have GMO poison in them.

      46. My land , my water period !There is a lot of talk about standing up for the Constitution and Bill of Rights , yet no one is doing anything , just talk. Well now is the time for action against tyranny , not later. Now is the time for citizens to unite. Come for my water and yes there will be a dispute , non-violent is preferred , if not then me and my group will have sent a loud and clear message DON’T TREAD ON ME !

      47. Welcome to the new world order, but don’t think that this is just starting. It has been happening for many years around the country. I live in Florida and the law has stated for years that even if you have a private well, or collect rain water, you can only use it under the same water restrictions that those on city water have to abide by. And don’t even think about pumping water from that stream running across your property without their permission. The rain belongs to the government to replenish their ground water reserves, so they can sell it to you.

        • As an additional note, here is a link to Utah’s water rights. http://www.waterrights.utah.gov/wrinfo/faq.asp You must purchase a right any water you plan on using in Utah, before you can drill a well on your own property. Not only do you have to purchase a right to the water, it can only be used for those specific uses you were licensed for. If the area you own land in is closed to new water rights, then you are stuck buying all or part of someone else’s water rights and having a deed transferring the water rights to you. Up until 2010, it was illegal to even harvest rain water, but is now legal, so long as you register your system with the state so they know who is collecting it.

          • Dear JAS,

            Thank you very much for your insight into Florida’s situation and for the Utah link.

            Little by little all of our private property rights are being systematically eroded and with such erosion they will try to inculcate control measures that reflect (and then exceed) those of the USSR.

            Please stay in touch. If you hide your e-mail, my editor can pass it on to me and I’ll send you mine so that we can correspond on other issues as well, if you wish.

            Have a great day


      48. It took 3% of the population to kick England out do we have that many today?

      49. The People’s Republic of Montana–who saw that coming?

      50. The land will go back to God and the meek. Sorry, One World Gov., but after seven years, actually after 3.5, God will announce that dominion has been turned over to His people and the Kingdom forever and ever. Daniel 7 Hallelujah!

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