Feds Force Reason.com Editor to Rat out Commenters

by | Jun 26, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 105 comments

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    I think we all know how crazy the comment section of any website can get. If you’ve used the internet for more than five minutes in your entire life, you know that anonymity creates an environment where people can say whatever they want; and sometimes, the things they say can get pretty heated. But no matter how vindictive, blustering, or threatening a comment may be, it’s pretty rare for the commenter to act on it in the real world.

    But try telling that to the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. According to an editor for Reason.com, they were subpoenaed by the court after they published an article on the prosecution of Ross Ulbricht. Some of the readers had blasted Judge Katherine Forrest with comments like, she should be “taken out back and shot” and “I hope there is a special place in hell reserved for that horrible woman” among other colorful phrases. The court then tried to force Reason.com to release all information that would identify the commenters “such as IP addresses, names, emails, and other information.” They were later issued a gag order, and weren’t allowed to share this fact with anyone, or even the fact that they were under a gag order.

    The editor has since contended that none of the comments were genuine threats, and that the court’s reaction was completely unnecessary. He even suggests that the court issued the subpoena to punish them for their critical analyses of the trial. I wouldn’t put it past them.

    Read more:
    • Gov Web Bots To Scour Internet for Hate Speech: “Could Potentially Criminalize Thoughts and Expressions”

    • The Noose Tightens: Arizona Law Criminalizes Internet Speech that Would “Terrify, Intimidate, Threaten, Harass, Annoy or Offend”

    • New Obama Policy Would Make “Merely Posting Firearm Information on the Internet” a Crime

    • New Executive Order: Obama Takes Total Control of Internet: Declares ‘National Cyber Security Emergency’


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      1. The end is near very near!!!

        • They are making a list and checking it twice.
          Just to see who is naughty or nice…

          • The liberals and their demonic forces have, “in their minds”, won two important battles for their agenda this week.

            There will be more of what this article speaks of in the coming days and weeks. In their minds they have the gun toting christians and conservatives on the run.

            Even when things turn around against them, they will never accept or believe they are dead men (and women) walking, in the eyes of the Lord.

            Kinda reminds me of their leader. He will never admit defeat until his chains are released and he is given his last hoorah for the final battle. Like I said, DEAD souls walking.

            Just hold on, good and true, Christians, and keep the faith, for our greatest hour is yet to come. When we see, or hear tell of the two witnesses preaching and teaching in the streets of Jerusalem, our reinforcements have arrived. There may be legions of demonic forces on the planet, but along with the witnesses, most likely Elijah and Moses, believe me, there will millions more legions of Holy Angels, waiting in the wings to protect the true Christians of the day and hour.

            A loving Heavenly Father would not bring us this far to leave us to our own devices at that critical time.

            We are on the winning side when it really counts, so actually this day is just a sign to remind us that this world is evil and draped in sin, and it with them, will soon pass.

            Rejoice, all my fellow Believers, Rejoice.

            • Well said, passin.

            • Rejoicing in Him !!

              • Death to the New World Order. Its totally Constitutional !!! 🙂

                • …and DK may I add its death by any means nessessary it falls well within the parameters of the Declaration,The BOR,the Holy writ,the antifederalist papers and so on to desrtoy evil…

            • No Religion will save you, and since you are all sinners you’re all pretty Fcked if you believe that babble crap. So you are better off fighting like a patriot on your feet than on your knees like a slave begging to your religion to save you gullible sheep.

              • According to your faith be it unto you.

              • Whowudda you are a certifiable dumbass. I don’t know why you atheist bastards think we won’t fight. I’ll be praying for guidance on who and when to shoot. Being Christian doesn’t mean you just lay down and let them overrun you. We sinners are saved by Grace paid for by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Get your facts straight before shooting your stupid mouth off.

                • We will pray for our enemies before and after the fight.

                • Zero, u r correct, wwti is whut he is.

              • HERE–HERE!!!!! Now that is what I call a revelation—-Only the will to survive and your gun will make a difference wheather youn live or die. god gave you brains—use them.

              • According to you there is no religion which would mean there is no God so by that account it is all just opinions, meaning there is no difference between good and evil, it is just an opinion.

            • Thank you for this encouragement. Very sorely needed

            • There is no savior coming after the end. It will only be terrible. If it should so happen that you’re right; I spit in the face of the Father for daring to create me when I have always hated this life. Any god who would create this world is guilty by Secondary Fault due to his creation of the problem in the first place.

              No one wins; everyone loses, and everything can only be terrible. Your hope is as false as your stolen Caananite god…

              • Your knee will bow tech and you will realize too late you are incapable of spitting on Him. I feel sorry for you in your state of ignorance and pride.

              • You’ve lost it already, Souless.

              • “There is no savior coming after the end. It will only be terrible.”


                “If it should so happen that you’re right; I spit in the face of the Father for daring to create me when I have always hated this life. ”

                Good luck with that.

                Maybe you should just kill yourself now, and get it over with?

                I’m sure whatever prepper community you might have found yourself in the midst of will appreciate the absence of you and your defeatism.

                “Any god who would create this world is guilty by Secondary Fault

                Dear clueless asshat:

                God = the Universe.

                The Universe created you.

                Are you really trying to argue against the UNIVERSE, and blame the UNIVERSE for all your troubles? The problem is YOU….not God. Better wise up fast.

                • Being a soulless nihilist is really going to suck when the SHTF and only our personal morality is going to keep the darkness from taking over completely.

            • Amen!

            • Very true, passin.

            • Amen, Brother!

          • Eppe, they’re not the only ones with any kind of lists. Lists do work in more than one way.

            • Make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice in your community, large or small. You are responsible for American Rights where you live.

              The rights you defend, will be your own. Engage. 🙂

          • Yep going after the 1st Amendment. They cant handle the truth that Americans are wide awake ro their scandals, thievery, genocide, rape of our treasury and ransacking our once good standing in the world. They are parasites and psychopaths that fail to take reaponsibility for their crimes foreign and domestic. Break out the chopping block. Any volunteer Axe swingers?

          • Eppe,
            and those of us that were taught by THEM to be naughty will be looked at first, all of us with that in our past must be very careful nowadays as the time appears to be short!

            • A54, we have no idea what will truely happen, so with that in mind, do what you can do, so prep for the worst, hope for the best…
              If you are not prepping, you are inepting…

          • All marriage is, is a binding legal contract to ensure Lawyers a steady flow of clients seeking divorce. I would rather see gays married and off the street where they prey on children. Churches prey on children. Ever do a background check on your priest.

            • My son wwti

              Take your bipolar medication. You forgot it again.

          • “The end is near very near!!!”

            Which “end” is that? So many ends of come and gone, it’s hard to keep track.

            • So, you are saying 8 gazillion years from now, it will all be the same? Reasonably the same? Romans said the same thing… but one day after many centuries Alaric strode through the broken down ramparts and the end did, in fact come.

              Beware of your normalacy bias, mon ami

          • Reason.com:That data was stored on Hillary’s server.

          • Well Eppe, as soon as I seen New York, I knew.
            I’m starting to believe that everything they want to try on the population, “they” (TPTB), try in New York first. Just my pennies worth.
            God bless us all.

        • Yep! Log on anon and on a free wireless away from home. Sucks that the government is such a huge criminal enterprise they will do whatever they can to keep it going.

        • sgt
          have you noticed that ” TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com “” is now off, it’s not opening , is it shut down ?? it was code red and now site is gone…………. please anyone with info let me know, it had charts of events etc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, God Bless you all

        • Simple words that says it all. “Time is short”

          Any one with a little prepping left needs to get er done

        • Maybe someone should inform the Chairman, that according to real history, approximately 3500 (or 30%) of all slave owners were BLACK. Maybe he should be informed that one of the worst slave owners in South Carolina was a BLACK man named William Ellison. A former slave himself, a man who practiced slave breeding, a practice that was not condoned by most white slave owners. Never let a thing like real history get in the way of ignorance.

        • WOW !!!

          This sounds like Jamie Foxx when he made the comment in Django.

          I get to kill all the white people.

      2. Watch out and be careful on what you say, someone is listening or trying to find out who is saying it.
        So I’ll be in trouble after this….
        TPTB. KISS MY ASS!!!!. You all need to be put out to pasture, and like the old movie Wild In The Streets put in a camp and feed LSD 3 times a day.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Instead of Gitamino,
          Could be Tripoutamino…

        • NR, TPTB can kiss my ass also. I would still comment against that judge if I thought she was making any mistakes and I wouldn’t follow any gag order, either.

          • Braveheart, Nothern,
            I am with you !! i don’t seem to keep my mouth closed and so i watch to see when the strange looking vehicles start to show up on my door step one day, they taught me well and they will pay for it when they come to visit!

      3. Hold… Hold… Hold… Wait until they have over-run our REMF before firing… Hold…

        None of this is about YOU, but your posterity. You will die with a boot-print on your face. Your posterity… well, they only know what they know in the environment that they grow up in. Just like YOU were/are the New Man to proceed your fathers, your children will be twice, three times, the New Man of you. Wash, rinse, repeat.

        Remember where we were? Here we are. Imagine where we will be?

        Get it?

        • CURTIS , no , i dont get it , kinda….
          This cyber stuff is still young , its a big open world.
          I am sure that the PTB dont need the cooperation of a webmaster to gain info.

          So be it .

          Just for the record , I want my rotary dial phone with a party line back , it was more secure !

      4. ……I hope they haven’t harassed you too much Mac.
        Keep up the good work!

      5. Hahahaha the feds are scared of words

        They can’t afford to not control everything. Like Sgt. Dale said , KISS MY ASS FEDS

      6. Haha not Sgt Dale , damn I can’t read today

        As Northern Reb said , KISS MY ASS FEDS

        • CC, I also said KISS MY ASS and that goes for anyone and everyone who would target me.

        • NBA

          QUESTION ?????????????

          SO are you going to fly the Confederate Flag ?????????

      7. While anonymous idiots seldom make good on their threats, they do, however, make money for the prison industrial complex. Empty cells means lost revenue! Gotta fill ’em! You must understand (I do, now that I’ve studied law…) that arrests and imprisonment VERY SELDOM has anything to do with anything more than keeping the prison business in bizness!

        This country is so damned corrupt. I pray every night for that comet/meteor/asteroid. We really don’t deserve to exist anymore. The level of lies and corruption can never be fixed. Burn it down. Reset. Start over.


        I sincerely hope all of you have supplies ready for whats coming in September. Its gonna be ugly.

        A little gold and/or silver.

        It may pop before then! This gay marriage thing has the religious right all stirred up. I think its dumb. Women marrying women. Men marrying men. Really? Constitutional right? Sure. Since the government can’t seem to read the constitution, specifically the second amendment, HOW THE FUCKING HELL WOULD THEY KNOW IF ITS CONSTITUTIONAL OR NOT! THEY BREAK THE LAW (CONSTITUTION) WITH EVERY BREATH AND MURDER PEOPLE WITH IMPUNITY AND NOW THEY SAY “ITS A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT” TO MARRY YOUR GAY BUDDY???

        I’m in Sgt. Dale’s camp: The End Is Near.

        Keep one in the chamber.

        • Dont wanna raise yer blood pressure or nuthin , BUT…
          When the SCOTUS declared all this homo stuff as legal marriage they have created a protected class under the constitution.
          The union between a man and woman is not mentioned or defined by the constitution , SO , when the court decided that a man on man and woman on woman thing is constitutional , they have created a “protected class” by the constitution.

          So while traditional marriage is not supported “gay” marriage is supported.
          We have transfered power to 4% of the populuce .

          If you own a business you will begin to see all kinds of activism , and i aint talkin cake bakers here .
          Soon we will have quotas much like affermative action.
          This this changes EVERYTHING!!!!

          • Hammerhead:
            You are right. Next there will be polygamy and by the SCOTUS ruling it is now constitutional.
            So I’m going to sit back and watch the show of fools on the news fight over what is right and what is wrong and cry. Knowing that my children and my grand children will have to live is this GOD forsaken country. The USA in DOOMED!!! GOD help us.
            S.T.S. F. P. N. Reb

            • Or people will be marrying animals, because it is LOVE. Love my ass. I’ve been looking at some of the comments on the mainstream media today about the whole gay marriage “WIN”. They say love win’s. Then when someone disagrees with the ruling, the hate comes out. Instead of gay bashing, now there’s religion bashing. This is going to lead to people be charged for “hate speech” against anyone who believes or says being gay is a sin. What 2 people want to do in the privacy of their own home is between them and God. But don’t try to force me to agree or think that this is right. And all this does is make kids think that this is okay and confuse them further. Parents should have the right to teach their children right from wrong, but sadly, we are loosing that right too.

              • The queers will be shocked at the backlash they encounter and won’t be able to get far enough back in the closet.

              • They preach the virtues of diversity and tolerance, but they put restrictions on what that is

        • NetRanger:
          I agree 100% with you and Sgt. Dale. This country will not stand much long because of this courts gay marriage ruling along with the abortion ruling, and there are more.
          We can no longer say that this is one nation under GOD. GODS laws are not being followed any more.
          May GOD have mercy on there souls that have by there laws turned this country into a den of evil.
          I’ll probably catch it over what I said, but I don’t care because I know it is the truth.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • It isn’t just that we are ignoring God’s laws, it’s that we are officially DEFYING them.

            First we turned out backs on God, now we raise our fists against him.

            This is not going to bode well for our nation, it is not going to end well for us.

            • Oh, no, it will bode well for me.

              Remember the story of the tares (briars) that grew up with the wheat? How The Lord said (I’m paraphrasing here) “Let the wheat and tares grow together. When you harvest, separate the two and throw the tares into the fire.”

              I think we will, of course, find that growing up with tares is much more difficult. But, we will see, much to our entertainment, as they “kick against the pricks” provided by The Lord. The tares are under control. Not our control. His control.

              That being said, don’t miss a chance to give a good hand to help out The Creator. In other words, don’t make it easy for them to practice, preach or promote their evil deeds. They can have their “Gay Marriage”, “gmarriage”, “deviant union”, whatever. I have a real marriage to a real woman and they can NEVER HAVE THAT. Never. …and it just eats them up. Sure, the government now, supposedly, recognizes their gmarriages, but, nobody else will. They can force the government corruptocrats to give them tax breaks but they’ll never, ever have a real marriage. Its simply not possible. For all those who wish to resist this deviant endorsement, be sure to never write or consider it a marriage. I’m going to use gmarriage in all of my correspondence in reference to this evil endorsement.

              But, in all things, remember this: God does not hate the sinner, only the sin. However, those that stubbornly refuse to repent will be dealt with harshly.

              Let the dealing begin!

        • Think of the ramifications. What do churches do now. If they refuse to marry a gay couple then what?
          Also if it is a constitutional right then I guess I can now marry my dog? I am serious. How can anyone say otherwise. It has to be legal also for me to marry 50 wives. Nothing is now out of bounds and churches may have to close or go into hiding.

          • But, you will have to prove that your dog is a gay dog.

            Ball licking doesn’t count, unless it is not his own.

          • I said the same thing to my wife yesterday. Why, just why, do I or churches in general have to be subject to the homosexual agenda. I’m not the most religious guy on the planet, but I’m damn sick and tired of having every perverse agenda shoved down my throat. (definitely no pun intended there) The .gov has over stepped every boundary they were supposed to protect. Personally I’m just really tired of normal, law abiding, tax paying (well, our taxes are used to enslave us) citizens being enslaved with unjust laws that the feds and states have no rights imposing on us. Until the wheels fall off the cart and there is a complete reset in this country, it is only going to only get worse. I think we all know here that we need to be prepared. After over 20 years in the military, I am embarrassed what this once great country has become. Our forefathers fought for what was right, now the .mil is just cannon fodder for the corrupt powers that be. It’s sickening, and the sooner the reset comes, which will be entirely painful, the better off we will be in the long run.

            Hell, our moron in chief calls terrorism “workplace” violence, says muslims are our friends, thinks Putin wants to just sell us Vodka, as well as invade a country or two, but hey, who cares about that??????? The uninformed need to remember the Weimar Republic among other things.

            It’s crazy that our “news” outlets are too concerned about a confederate flag to report the real atrocities that our elected officials commit as well as the other world criminals. I realize I’m preaching to the choir, but I’m damn well fed up. The reset is going to be horrible, but it’s going to happen, and the criminals that have projected it on us should pay the price.

            • Cuzzin

              I was so angry the other day after the court ruling I just took a small break. We are done as a country. Period. Me my dog, my horse, my chickens, my pigs, and my 50 wives will all fight to the death trying to make a future for my kids.

              You know homosexuals, muslems, any of them, can live life however they choose. I have that same right. I don’t go to court to try to make people believe in God. People need to stop trying to force me to believe what they believe. I have had enough.

          • We’ll go to in home services, rotating from believer to believer.

            There’s no way for a Christian church to perform a homosexual wedding and remain a church.

            Kind of what they do in the third world countries.

            American freedom for all intents and purposes is gone…

        • NetRanger, it won’t be too long now. After the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage, how could God NOT destroy this nation? We are done as you said.

          • You’re on the money B.H.

        • How dare you try to impede some guy’s right to butt fuck!

        • netranger

          my sentiments exactly. And I’m with you on that asteroid thing too, let it all friggin burn, we don’t deserve any less I’m afraid. My good friend called me last night, he’s a family man, always very upbeat and positive, generally thinks I’m a bit out there and crazy pessimistic about the state of our world. He’s just in the last couple years took a small interest in “prepping” Mostly just got into a gun and knife fever, and a few general survival and medical supplies. But anyway to my point, he left me a voicemail and by the tone in his voice I felt something was wrong. So contrary to my usual routine I promptly returned his call fearing the worst. I quickly ask if everything was alright and he just paused and said……You were right, our country has officially gone to hell.. The defeatism in his voice was chilling to me. And it wasn’t just the whole gay part, he like me could care less for gays to be afforded the right of dosmetic or civil unions or whatever they call it. But the way the gov’t can just change everything that easily against the will of the people, I don’t know That decision yesterday just seemed to really wake him up. Of course he said a lot more to me that I won’t go into, especially after reading this article, if you catch my drift;) Anyhow sorry for the book, but yah hopefully people are starting to wake up. Of course the bad part is we’re all gonna wake up from our peaceful dream just to find out we’re living in a nightmare. I don’t know how it’s all gonna go down, but just know it I going down. Like you said it best…


        • NetRanger, I agree, and sgt, always have been on the same wave length. I must say after yesterday and alex jones at Infowars sounding of CODE RED , WE ARE IN IT NOW, last minute preps. The end is near and I can’t define what the end is, a reset, depopulation or full on the end of times. I don’t know, but it’s very bad,
          HUGS to you all, please keep checking in I think we need each other. BLESSINGS, be safe.

      8. Its really a shame , sooner than later we will have an internet similar to China’s.
        The FCC will ban most of talk radio and probably seize control of satelite rebroadcast shortwave.
        Be ready for the disinfo to really start.

        I dont know how we will communicate freely anymore.

        Every government disent will soon be “hate speach” and the google monster will find you and implicate you for your opinion.

        Thoughts on CB radio ?

        • I have been banned on several sites. I’m very careful about what I say(type). Most people’s real thoughts would put them on a watch list. You’ll never know mine, and the liberals in the world should be afraid, very afraid. I rather liked the DET cord trick.

          • ” I’m very careful about what I say(type). ”

            Your 1st amendment right to free speach has already been restricted .
            I wanna be on EVERY watch list dammit !
            What for ? having an opinion ?

            • I’m a criminal, and proud of it!
              Never been convicted of anything,
              because I’ve never violated any local,
              state or Federal laws.

              • Rellik, you’re probably incorrect on that point. You’ve never been caught because you don’t obviously, publicly and violently violate those laws. They’re not really laws anyway. They’re “color of law”.

                This is the fact: the criminals are those who have created those laws. They have violated the constitution over and over again and yet we are the ones they jail. Perjury, planting evidence, corrupt judges, etc, etc. Basically, its all to fill a prison system that loves your dollars and tax dollars. Fake crimes and illegal laws. Its all just for show and excuses.

                Its gonna come crashing down someday. I hope its soon. The letters of my pleasure will be: LMFAO

                They are so serious and they really get mad when you laugh at them. They ask whats so funny? I tell them its just hilarious that they either actually believe all this fake garbage they’re pushing (most of the time) or they’re such good actors to act like they do. In most cases its the former. They don’t even know. They don’t WANT to know.

                Its all so fake and flimsy anymore that it just makes me laugh. From the fake police (policy enforcer) to other (color of) law enforcement officer to the (acting) judges on the bench. They have prostituted their honor for a paycheck. Let them burn when the end comes. I’ve tried to educate many. It only gets you in trouble. Let them burn. I feel so sorry for them. I’ve tried, I really have. They do not want to listen.

          • Rellik, I’ve been banned from MOST MSM sites and proud of it. People can go somewhere else with that PC crap about watching what I say. I’m beyond caring. bring on the reset.

        • Ham, YES get a cb and or hand helds, it may be our last only reliable communication, I even print this stuff so if things go down I will keep freshly reminded to what we all said before they pulled the plug. CB YES, and scanners…….. asap,

      9. Obomba is kicking this whole sordid evil plan into high gear. Killing freedom of speech on the internet is close at hand, second to taking American’s personal defense weapons away. Talking the truth will be punishable by death. All of the truth websites will be shut down. One crazed gunman false flag after another, yes the Dylan Roof murders are just the latest fake fascist production. The Jade Helm exercise to kill and kidnap true Patriots or anyone who questions official dictates is real. No anti government comments on sites such as this are safe. The evil minions are watching and reading everything. Over reaction on my part, I don’t think so!

      10. If you don’t think that they don’t know how we all are and they can’t pin point each and everyone of us, I hate to say it, but your wrong. Sorry.
        So the only way we are going to be able to lose those close is that all this computer and other electronic stuff get fried from an EMP..
        They already know what you bought for your groceries this week and how much your water or electric bill is.
        They know the last time you seen a Doctor or Dentist.
        He!! were I live they know how many time I flushed the toilet.
        They know, they are just putting up a false wall to make you think that you not under there watchful eye and you are not being monitored.
        So once again I’ll tell them the same thing I said before.
        TPTB: KISS MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • reb

          Ya they were probably just “forcing” them to turn over their records, just to make us think they didn’t already have them anyways. I’m with you, this new digital age, I’m sure they know everything I just typed, if I didn’t have tape over my camera they probably would have watched me type it.

      11. dizziness , lightheadedness, blurred vision, anxiety, irritability or mood changes, sweating, slurred speech, hunger, confusion or drowsiness, shakiness, weakness, headache, fast heartbeat, and feeling jittery.
        diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting may cause a loss of fluids (dehydration) headache, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and anti-liraglutide antibodies in your blood.

        DAMN ,glad i got Obamacare……..only 10,000 deductable !

        everythings gonna be great !

        • Hammer:
          You have Obamaitis… It comes from a commie Muslim community organizer from Illinois that want to destroy The USA.
          The only way to get rid of that illness is to take a stand and tell them to KISS OFF.
          Ok that will be $200.00 and I’ll wave your deductible.
          By the way If you are a welfare mope zombie or illegal, you will not be charge for the services.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Well…. maybe Obamaitis , but really just a strong aversion to socialism in general.
            I aint seen a doctor for anything since the whole electronic / IRS controlled BS started .
            I set my own fractured foot recently… I will not comply , or ask for someone else to kick in and pay.
            Had insurance , they took it away for non-compliance.
            FUCK-EM .
            And i dont swear , much.

            • Amen Hammerhead!Time for nice and civility is over…time for rebellion and a major reset…talking to them has gotten freedom diminished,not enhanced…they know where to find me and Im sure one day they will come but I aint shutting up and I aint sitting down…to hell with them all and their govt…bring back America!

      12. That’s lose those clowns is that……

      13. On the website VeteransToday, one of their best conspiracy writers was fired. James Fetzer was ousted after he accused the head guy there, Gordon Duff of covering up the Boston Marathon bombing false flag truth. Evidence is overwhelming that the event as presented is total lies. Duff also covers up the truth of the Jade Helm exercise, according to Fetzer. I believe Fetzer foremost because he has revealed the truth on JFK’s murder, Paul Wellstone’s murder and leads the truth telling on everything concerning 9-11.

        • You mean the Muslim who left a backpack at the site, on camera, which proved to be blown up and shredded, and later confessed to the bombing, was innocent?

          • “You mean the Muslim who left a backpack at the site”

            So you were told.

            “on camera”

            Are you aware that videos are EASILY faked with modern technology?

            “and later confessed to the bombing”

            To you, personally?

            Where is that guy now? How does one go and speak with him to hear HIS side of the story?

            • So you were told he wasn’t at the site, the video is faked, and the confession is a lie. You have absolutely no personal knowledge of innocence, just some bullshit comments pulled off some conspiracy site somewhere? “We all know videos can be faked”. You can’t possibly be serious in offering such a lame statement as proof.

              If you want to hear his side of the story, buy yourself a copy of the transcript of the court case, or go interview the rat bastard in prison.

              Come on, nutjob, prove he’s innocent. It should be pretty easy to do, given the tremendous evidence you’ve offered in your post about videos and all. Just print out several copies of your post and send them to the court, that should do the trick.

              We don’t have to prove the bastard guilty to you or anyone else. That’s already been done, publicly, in a court of law, to a jury. He’s guilty.

              If you think he’s innocent, prove it. Use something for proof other than the feeble statements you’re offering now.

      14. Where’s uber leftist icon Mario Savio when we need him??? I thought all these mind police WERE leftists, so why don’t they support their fellow leftist icon?

      15. Herbert Marcuse popularized the “repressive tolerance” theory of modern progressives. “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left,” Marcuse pontificated. “Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.”

      16. Hmmm….,wonder soon if the fed will be after folks for “disparaging comments”?!I really love this whole disparaging thing,so,let me start,”FUCK THE FED!”

      17. If the IRS, State Department, and OPM can’t keep track of emails, how can they expect private web sites to do all of this tracking?

      18. Let’s see how well that works in my lovely state of Texas. Two prisoners escaped the rogue cops kill one, and is now sending and entire army after the other killer send still can’t even subdue him. Now they are coming after comenters. Jade helm 15 and the heavy equipment is in place ain’t it. Man they are really picking a fight aren’t they.

        We will continue to post. I post because I have seen armored personal carriers driving by my office, shinuk helicopters rattling my office and loosening the bulbs and I am running up and down a ladder every morning. You have certainly gotten my attention. Now you f…ks think I will stop telling what I know. As you f..ks can see, everyone just posted a comment and so did my azz.

        I guess that included the cops who post on this site. Good luck to you elite rat bastards, good luck when you come to texas. Boy, you bankers are really pushing the envelope ain’t ya. As my fellow peers have commented, f…k you stinking elites and the rest of you pedofiles women, and children traffickers and child rapist. You think you have the law in your hands don’t ya..you have nerve trying to pull that crap
        Gee I am so scared, looks like I just posted another comment. Guess you coming for me eh. F…k OFF YOU ELITE RAT BASTARDS, F… K YOU, YOUR FAMILies IS AND WHAT YOU STAND FOR..
        I practice martial arts very week, I prep, all in a sudden I am now shaking out of my wits, ha, you got that wrong..



      19. People say the end is nigh, and it is absolutely true, but most people are so asleep that they won’t know it and won’t wake up until the outpouring of the wrath of God. The last crisis is stealing upon us and it will break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise. Jesus Christ is real, absolutely real, and is returning very soon, when we least expect it. All this proliferation of the gay agenda throughout societies all over the world is yet another direct fulfillment of one of the signs.

        Christ declared, “As it was in the days of Lot, . . . even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.” The daily record of passing events testifies to the fulfillment of His words. The world is fast becoming ripe for destruction. Soon the judgments of God are to be poured out. Christ is coming is great power and great glory! The description of the day of God is given through John by the Revelator. The cry of the terror-stricken myriads has fallen upon the ear of John. “The great day of His wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?” The apostle himself was awed and overwhelmed. The question we each need to ask ourselves is, how is it with our souls?

      20. HCKS,come on guy,tell us how you really feel!I get the impression you are holding back/holding something in!I would say perhaps all posts to all sites should end with “Fuck the feds”,or,whatever phrase you hold dear that is “disparaging” to powers that want to be.

      21. f*ck you barry!

        • barry likey, mr pinky.

          • lol ;0)

            yep you’re right.

      22. Welcome to 1984.

      23. We have laws and the law for treason says that a man can be hanged so i not breaking the law when i say that Tony Blair needs to be hung for his WMD lies.

        Sorry GCHQ and your Google freinds I will not be silenced by arse wipes like you lot.

      24. Dear God, how I wish all of you fellow Patriots could define your enemy, could know who wishes your destruction but it cannot be for they control everything, the Government, the Press, TV, Radio, the education system, yes, the Churches, even the Churches are intimidated and try to be Politically correct and so your minds are totally under their control. I will not name the enemy for it is an automatic negative in your minds and will immediately put the nasty label on me! I can only hope that your awakening will be complete and I pray God, soon, for we are literally out of time!


        AND THE BAND PLAYS ON……………………

      26. They’re just seeking a profile match for road rage types. It’s NOT the DHS, it’s the DMV! Our government needs to keep our roads safe. Removing unstable individuals, and guns concealed in their cars are critical to public safety. I have a wife and child. I’m sure you all value child safety? I’ve been shopping for body armor for car trips and found the government somewhat restrictive on this. Anyway, I’m gonna save up for a used bullet proof gun restrictive elected official car. These guys have lots and lots of experience with staying government safe and we need to trust in their experience and know how. Taking no chances they even have security forces that kill unstable women who drive too close to their legislative quarters. Of course we’re not qualified to secure that kind of hunting license, but they are and they’re here to protect us! Gotta pee gotta go…

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