Federal Reserve Insider Alan Greenspan Warns: There Will Be a “Significant Market Event… Something Big Is Going To Happen”

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    With the Federal Reserve printing trillions upon trillions of dollars to keep the economic system afloat, many investors and financial pundits have surmised that the fundamental economic problems facing the United States during the crash of 2008 have been resolved. Stocks are, after all, at historic highs.

    But the insiders know different. And if there’s any single person out there who understands U.S. monetary policy and its long-term effects on domestic and global affairs it’s former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan. As the head of the world’s most powerful central bank for nearly two decades he’s privy to the insider conversations and government machinations that have brought us to where we are today.

    Greenspan recently joined veteran resource analyst Brien Lundin at the New Orleans Investment Conference to share some of his thoughts. According to Lundin, the former Fed chairman made it clear that the central bank is facing a serious problem and one that will have significant ramifications in the future.

    We asked him where he thought the gold price will be in five years and he said “measurably higher.”

    In private conversation I asked him about the outstanding debts… and that the debt load in the U.S. had gotten so great that there has to be some monetary depreciation. Specially he said that the era of quantitative easing and zero-interest rate policies by the Fed… we really cannot exit this without some significant market event… By that I interpret it being either a stock market crash or a prolonged recession, which would then engender another round of monetary reflation by the Fed.

    He thinks something big is going to happen that we can’t get out of this era of money printing without some repercussions – and pretty severe ones – that gold will benefit from.

    Watch the full interview:

    (Watch at Future Money Trends)

    If we are in fact staring a major market event in the face as Alan Greenspan proposes then wealth preservation should be a key tenet of any preparedness strategy going forward. Greenspan himself, somewhat ironically, was a gold bug and proponent of sound money prior to his appointment as the chairman of the Fed. And though he didn’t discuss it much during his tenure, he is now actively saying that we can expect to see gold markedly higher within the next five years.

    His assessment is likely based on concerns over the U.S. dollar which will, as Lundin notes, more than likely suffer a currency devaluation at some point in the future.

    The end has to come at some point… If you look at a chart of the U.S. dollar index it has gone nearly parabolic in the last few months… In any market that is so one sided, that is accelerating so rapidly, that trend will end… it will most likely end in a fairly violent fashion.

    And if gold rises as a result, so too will other resource assets in the energy and mining sectors. What it boils down to is that the assets that are necessary to keep our system operating will always have value, and that is especially true in a situation where the U.S. dollar happens to be crashing. Uranium , for example, powers one in five American homes, which means that it will always be a necessary resource, regardless of what the dollar does or doesn’t do. Lundin’s assessment is echoed by Uranium Energy Corp CEO Amir Adnani, who recently said we may well see a “resurgence” in the price of this and natural resources like gold.

    The same can be said for oil and agriculture resources.

    They will always have value, regardless of whether the dollar is strong or violently collapses under its own weight.

    Thus, when we consider ways to preserve wealth and insulate ourselves from the coming destruction of our currency one must consider holding physical assets. For some that means stockpiling food and other supplies in anticipation of Greenspan’s market event that could adversely affect credit flows and delivery of essential goods. For others who may currently hold stocks, U.S. Treasurys, or cash, diversifying your portfolio with well managed resource-based companies will not only preserve wealth during currency volatility, but build it as the value of real, physical assets rises.

    The man who is essentially the architect responsible for domestic monetary policy under four U.S. Presidents has now said that a significant market event will take place when the Fed is eventually forced to exit their monetary easing and zero-interest rate policies.

    Are you prepared for that day?


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      1. Alan Greenspan is one of the top criminals to hold responsible when this little party kicks off

        Go straight to hell Greenspan

        • Greenspan was/(is?) a big proponent of gold as a sound money and a long-time friend of the late Ayn Rand. He definitely had / (has? Libertarian leanings.

          Brien Lundin actually brings this up in the interview above and says that Greenspan knew that as Fed chairman he couldn’t really do anything that he really believed in or he would have been replaced within weeks.

          I am not trying to justify his actions here, but it is interesting nonetheless.

          • Then he should have spoken out and got fired. “All that is required for evil to win is for good men to do nothing” He did a lot worse than nothing

            • Why do they always make a big deal about the stock market being high. It is always high before the crash. And if you look into recessions and depressions, the stock market always does well. Just not with the original companies. New comers appear and gobble up all the good deals that are to be had.
              Greenspan deserves to go down with the rest. Libertarian or not, he is a traitor.

              • Personally, I am expecting a market crash, deflation, an extended recession, and war. All economies are moving in that direction and global corporate earnings are declining.

                Stick to the basics: long term food storage, water, shelter, money, medical supplies, and lots and lots of ammo.

                Resource companies will be a poor investment in the business environment I describe and your stock in resource companies will be ill liquid. Forget about them. Resource companies are a good bet at the beginning of the next upturn, which I anticipate will be down the road.

                Own what gold and silver you can afford, and keep excess cash out of the banks. United we are invincible. 🙂

                • Personally I believe that what will happen will make the depression look like a good time. The country that stuck it out through that no longer exists and the lawlessness and violence will be huge this time not to mention the lawless schmucks now running govt. FDR was a pig but a boy scout compared to the sociopaths now in charge. The general population is no prize now either.

                  • Look how Massholes are fighting over shoveled out parking places. “They don’t own that. It’s public property.” People feel entitled to the fruits of others’ labor. “FUK courtesy if I can get something for nothing!!!!”

                    • Mass. has 2 Commandments that must be obeyed in urban areas.

                      #1 Thou shall not park in someone else’s shoveled space…..This shall NOT be disobeyed least thee have no tires, battery or windows when thee returns.

                      #2 If there be a yellow light ye must go through and 4 other cars shall follow even if the light turns red. The auto having the green light will not hit thee because he just did the same thing @ the previous intersection while banging an illegal U’e.

                  • John W: I agree. In some parts of the country it will be chaos. In other parts, not so much. Know which part of the country you are in and plan accordingly.

                    Some parts will require a much larger ammo stock. 🙁

                    • There isn’t an ammo stock big enough for where I am. I’m actually HOPING for martial law in Los Angeles because the alternative is (astoundingly enough) actually worse.

                      Quite. A lot. Worse.

                      See, this is what happens when you make absolutely sure that it’s dancing on the edge of a legal knife blade to help ANYONE else. How dare you. The .gov is the only one allowed to “help” *cough* anyone.

                      Then you add recession and economic scarcity.

                      Of course people are killing each other over parking spaces. The .gov has made it so that your neighbors are no longer an asset to you, but a liability.

                    • Arizona….pew pew pew…

                • War is a certainty, especially given the history of the US. War is the profit machine for the elites.

                  Market crash followed by deeper recession than 2008 are highly probable, and soon. Our current economic path is not sustainable, but they will continue kicking that can down the road as long as they can. No one wants the crash to happen on their watch, no mater how detrimental it will be to everyone’s futures.

                • Prior to his appointment to lead the fed, Mr. Greenspan was a harsh critic of the policies of the fed. He was given the position to shut him up.

                  • Greenspan was first appointed by Reagan, who was probably expecting him to follow his Randian principles. He didn’t. Not the only time Reagan expected honorable behaviour from a man and got shit. (Tip O’Neill). Reagan was a very good man, but sadly naive at times.

                  • Yes, at one time, early in his career, I was a big fan. Now he deserves his right to a just and speedy trial. 🙂

                    • Cede: New Russian equipment is good. The problem is that they don’t have enough. That is why they need at least 2 years to build and deliver 400 new planes.

                      There is a hard core Russian military, but it is small by comparison and not tested in battle except in Ukraine. Hard core American troops are more numerous and battle tested. Germany’s troops are well trained and historically good fighters. The Poles are ready for Russia too and have their military and equipment ready. The others? Maybe not in any number.

                      Bottom line, American technology and numbers can beat Russia on the battle field for the next two years, because we control the air.

                      It is CHINA that embraces western culture, not Russians. 🙂

                • I’m just expecting a war. Don’t know about a depression or a market crash. But a war is for sure!! Unfortunately, its not going to be a war of our choosing, with us dictating the when, where or why. And its not going to be us picking a fight one country at a time, on our terms, using our rules.

                  What ever Greenspan is spouting, I’m not buying it. If anything, he’s making a lot of noise about the volatility of the market in order to distract us from what’s really going on. We are being ‘out played’ by Russia and China on every continent right now. What’s really going on, is the fact that the US is fast loosing its hold and control over so many countries at once. I couldn’t give a hoot about the Stock Market.

                  Right now we’re in a currency war with Russia, China and the EU for world financial control. Unfortunately, we aren’t winning and neither are our European and Middle Eastern lap dogs. It’s not the stock market stupid. It’s a Game of Thrones and we’re being tipped off ours.

                  • Cede: Gotta disagree. The NWO IS dictating events, including war. Think of it as a huge Country Club (pun intended) where membership has its privileges.

                    As a Member you get to play the game at the Casino, but like any country club casino, you must buy chips to play, follow the Rules, and pay your dues on time. Like every Casino, the advantage is with the House.

                    The NWO will never be stronger, militarily, with respect to its adversaries, then it is now. This disparity ensures that war will happen soon, which is why the Oil Companies produce at capacity with storage over flowing.

                    They just aren’t drilling new wells and allocating those monies to new storage. Why so much oil? Can you say “continuity of government?” 🙁

                    • I think Russia and China have decided not to play our elites rules anymore. I doubt they give a shit about the country club. They are decidedly bigger than the US and our Allies. The Western NWO has tried hard to beat Russia into compliance lately. Hasn’t worked. India is moving pretty quickly towards buddying up to Russia Militarily for military hardware instead of buying ‘western’

                      I disagree with your view that the NWO is Militarily at its strongest right now. NATO is weak as piss. Former Soviet states like Hungry and Romania and the three Baltic States are too scared of the senior NATO partners. But when push comes to shove ….. I’m guessing the US and Canada will end up being pushed out of Europe permanently.

                      Waving the Globalisation flag has been a fantastic rallying point to bring as many countries together as possible to create the NWO. Seems like a lot of countries don’t like the smell of a few of the countries (corporate Nazis) who’ve put them selves in charge.

                      My bet is – that Russia is pretty close to kicking Metro Sexual Europe in the nuts.

                    • Cede: Except for nuclear weapons, NATO is better armed and has 3-4 times the population base of Russia: necessary to win a prolonged conventional war.

                      Everyone, you including, likes to lump Russia and China together as if this were the ’60’s. China is totally independent of Russia as designed by the NWO; and a Full Partner with the NWO Globalists in world economic domination.

                      Russia has its nose to the glass, looking in, by their own choice. They are afraid to compete by opening their economy to the West.

                      US and China economies continue integrate, by design, with a constant flow of investment into both the USA and Europe to match the NWO investment in China.

                      While the Old Guard CCP is hesitant to embrace the West fully, the younger generation and the Chinese people LOVE everything Western and emulate everything Western.

                      You can’t keep ’em down on the farm once they’ve seen Paris! 🙂

                    • Durango. The Russians don’t want to embrace the west and our values. Sure, there’s a LOVE of western materialism and having things. But embracing us as a culture? No way!! We, and I mean the US, have a culture of vehicular mobility, materialisum, militarism and some of the poorest quality food outside the third world ….. If we can categorise chemicals as food that is. We’re as culturally shallow as water on a mirror.

                      NATO has 5 times the population base compared to Russia. You’re right. But I’d bet that a Regiment of Russian soldiers would prove tougher on the battle field compared to an American, Dutch, Spanish, British or German unit of equal size. Our biggest mistake as Americans is comparing the Russian Military (and equipment) of today with the Soviet Militay of 25-26 years ago. Sun Tzu would be choking on his Rice Crispies trying not to laugh at US over confidence in our own abilities.

                      Think for a second. If we went to war against Russia for say two years ….. Would we loose 200 or 300 service personal killed? Or even 4-5000 killed like in Iraq and Afghanistan? It would be Total war like we’ve still yet to experience. Our efforts in Europe during WWII are still small in comparison, compared to the Russian fronts 2-3 thousand mile long front.

                      Militarily our newest fighters like the F35 are slow hacks compared to new Russian stuff. The Russians have proved they can completely shut down our onboard, ship and plane weapons systems, leaving us blind and dead in the water. They have the ability to knock out our satelites which would level the battlefield completely. As for not having a decent Navy? They don’t really need one. Naval warfare has evolved massively since the end of WWII 70 years ago. Look at a map of Russia and you’ll see they don’t need a navy.

                      Russia needs us like they need a hole in the head. We need Russia though. We need them to stop using there own currency for trade, because if we can’t force the world to conduct business using the Reserve currency ….. We loose everything.

                  • Of course were going to war!!! the Bible tells me so. and its not the battle fought in the valley. on a brighter note ,I JUST 15% ON MY CAR INSURANCE……

                    • They wrote the bible. Why do you think it is playing out exactly as it is and has been.

            • That would’ve gotten him dead.

            • this is the reason that poor asses like you arent involved in the power structure in this country, and that goes for all those who gave you a thumbs up, your dogooder ideas dont work in the real world.

              • BULLDOG- Your refering to PARANOIDS comment ?

                “Dogooder” ideals have served me well in the “real” world.
                Both in business practices and in my personal life.
                So tell me again how being a “dogooder” makes you a “poorass”.
                Makes no sence to me , The whole reason this country is all f##ked up is because we dont have enough “dogooders” in positions of authurity in government. SHEEZZZ

                • Hammerhead.

                  Do Gooder’s

                  Two types.

                  One that goes out and helps people but does not infringe upon their rights.

                  The second one is the Holier than thou and I know what is best for you. The do as I say and not as I do crowd.
                  They will say, This is for your own good and do it for the children. They prey on your sympathy and misfortune to advance their agenda. If these people had a choice to save an animal instead of a human life they would chose the animal. Or the Tree Or the rat. Most of all they like to make laws that constrict others beyond what is needed in a civilized society. Like Fienstein, Poloesi or Boxer

                  • Well i sure wouldnt consider Fienstien , polosi and boxer to be Dogooders.
                    Theyre just plain ol communist control freaks .

                • the country is messed up because idiots voted for those who sold their ass out.

                  • Your vote doesn’t matter. If it would make s difference, it would not be allowed.

            • By delaying the inevitable collapse, he made it possible for me–and you–to educate ourselves and to get ourselves and our families prepared.

              Would you rather face it with what you knew and had 30 years ago?

              • Interesting choice, material stuff now or 30 years younger. I think i would have to go with the 30 years.

          • Mac –

            Your statement surprised me, I couldn’t agree or disagree with it. Though it was all thumbs down until your last sentence was put into place. I understand where you coming from, but there is simply no justification for what this guy got himself involved in. Treasonous Activities –

            Does Greenspan seem remorseful?
            Answer: absolutely NOT

            • May his place in Hell be a little cooler than some.

          • Oy veh!

            First shemittah and now a “just following orders” apologia for the tribal arch-looter, the architect of our misery.

            • JQP, I can’t wait for Ben Shalom Bernanke article to be published next. And then Janet Yellen.

              Who gives a ……. about these corrupted SOB’s? Really who does?

              • Okay, Just for a change, not to be snarky, do you guys understand how an economy grows? Anyone? Anyone? No. Okay, an economy, gold backed or fiat, makes no difference, has to have a growing money supply. If there is not an increase in the money supply, “the pie is finite”. if the pie stays the same size and the population gets bigger, everyone gets poorer, including the rich, actually. If the money supply grows (a shitload of gold and silver is discovered under the White House, OR we print more money) then the economy can expand. The problem with the fiat system, is that you depend on the “integrity” of the money managers to maintain an honest system. If you depend on gold/silver, you depend on the miners to find more “money”. Here is a scenario. A guy goes into an inn. He asks the innkeeper if he has really nice rooms. The innkeeper says “yes, they’re very nice”. The guy tells the innkeeper that he wants to look at the rooms and he’ll leave $100 at the desk, but if the rooms aren’t as nice as he wants, he wants his $100 back, to which the innkeeper agrees, and the man goes to look at the rooms. The butcher walks into the inn, and asks the innkeeper if he can pay his bill. The innkeeper gives the butcher the $100. On the way back to his shop the butcher runs into the baker, whom he owes $100, and he pays up. The baker goes into his shop and hears a knock at the back door. It is the local “massage therapist and stress counselor”, to whom he owes $100, and since the wife is coming near he pays her and off she goes. The local “lady of relaxation” goes to the innkeeper, and pays her $100 debt, for services rendered. The guy comes downstairs and tells the innkeeper that the rooms aren’t to his satisfaction and would like his money back. The innkeeper hands him $100 and the man goes on his way. HOW MUCH MONEY IS THERE? It doesn’t matter whether it is gold or FRNs, it would happen the same way. Don’t bother answering, economists don’t have an answer either. Money, in a social setting is a very difficult thing to understand, grasp and control. NOW DON’T GET ME WRONG, I’M NOT DISMISSING THE CRIMES OF THE KEEPERS. But before one casts the first stone, shouldn’t one understand WHY THEY ARE CASTING THE STONE? EH? As smart as I THINK I AM, I don’t have a clue. There is something inherently wrong with printing money, but how else does the economy grow? If it is PM based, and there aren’t enough PMs to match the growth of the population, then how would the economy EVER grow. Remember, there has to be more “money” per person, if the economy is to grow and expand. Otherwise the economy stagnates or even deflates, to match the “money” supply. Debt, is easy to understand, but the money supply isn’t. Some cogent thoughts, please. Anyone?

                • The people are not allowed to play the money supply game in the way you say.
                  Each of them must pay 20% of that 100 dollars to the the gvmnt, so poof its gone!
                  Then they also have to supply goods and services in that amount into the system to continue to trade. Then they have to house themselves, feed themselves, and pay the myriad other taxes imposed on every part of their lives.
                  Its a big game of monopoly at the moment, and people are dropping out to become wards of the state at an increasing rate. , sucking even more from the ones with a few pennies left. It is not sustainable it will collapse. Putting it off is just making it worse.
                  A sharp decrease in population and starting the scheme all over seems to be the plan on high. We here to talk about how to not be shorn when the time comes.
                  Acknowledge the problem is the first step 🙂

                • I a pretty sure the economy could grow with a stable money supply, the value of each dollar would have to increase(deflation). Deflation is good for savers. It is something we have not seen in the last hundred and thirty years.

                • you said, ” If it is PM based, and there aren’t enough PMs to match the growth of the population, then how would the economy EVER grow. Remember, there has to be more “money” per person, if the economy is to grow and expand.”
                  MK: Then wouldn’t PMs increase in value? As in supply and demand.

          • Another “Im just doing my job” sheeple

            • Yup, just as full of shit as his Depends are. Somebody hand him a napkin, it appears he’s droolin’.

              • Ya know,
                As a kid i went to Catholic school, remember the teachings to some degree, one tidbit that stuck was Jesus chasing the moneychangers from the temple,
                Our world has been overrun by moneychangers and greed.
                It is overrun by false prophets,
                Its just mind boggling the level of corruption and even worse the short memories of people,
                Things gotta take a turn

                • I couldn’t agree more Kula.

                • Kula –

                  The reason you probably remember it, is because it was the only documented time when Jesus got pissed off! Moneychangers(bankers) then are no different in today’s terms. Robbing and looting of others has never changed with these organizations, only the faces and names have.
                  Jesus also frowned upon organized religions too, for the very same reason, yet millions of people congregate to them at least every Sunday.

                  Jesus was simple, he said follow me.
                  He didn’t say go to some church to do it, and give your monies away to them.

                  As a child, I grew up in Catholicism as well, and all I got out of it was – I’d rather follow Jesus, then belong to a church.

                  • I like to say im a recovering Catholic,

                    • Kulafarmer.

                      “Nuns” They can beat anybody’s ass. Not many good memories of Catholic school.

          • Mac,

            Methinks Mr. Greenspan has realized after his Fed exit that the masses are awakening ad he is looking to save his own skin.

            He now sees the peasants torches in the distance and knows soon he and his wife Andrea will see the pitchforks too.

            This is gonna be a new Nuremberg I would guess. No more plausible deniability? I was just following orders….

            • The guy sleeps with Andrea Mitchell. What can we possibly do to him that could be worse than boffing that repulsive hag?

              • Damn John W. now I got that stuck in my head. Thanks.

            Having ANY comment from that bastard on this site cheapens and degrades ANY OTHER good information you are trying to put out.
            Greenspan belongs in jail……not lauded here for his financial insight.

            • To be fair to Mr. Greenspan (and Obama and Bush and all others at that level, for that matter) anybody who has taken a position higher than dog catcher pretty much has blood of some type on their hands. The interesting questions are whose blood, and who else’s could have been chosen instead, and why the choice was made the way it was.

              A lot of people throw a lot of stones at people who have visibility, but I’m a lot more careful that way. I know a guy who ran for congress (and who I trust implicitly and who actually sells me PMs from time to time), and he clued me in on some of the stuff he found out in that process. It ain’t pretty even for a Libertarian ticket “statement” candidate who has/had no chance of winning. He’s gotten a lot less vocal and more thoughtful since that campaign, and I’ve sort of followed suit, I guess.

            • I think Macs only printing this because Greenspan credible. We don’t like him, but he is part of the system. He knew this result years ago.

          • Marc, I understand stand what you are saying regarding Greenspan, but he is still one of the MANY necks that should be stretched by the noose! He knew what he was doing when he accepted the position and should accept the consequences from the masses! He profited from this system of lies and deception and I hope he suffers for it!

          • I read that Greenspan was some kind of “protege” of Rand.

            Looks to me like he didn’t learn a damned thing.

          • A couple of Greenspan Quotes:

            “A true measure of a career is to be able to be content, be proud that you succeeded through your own endeavors, without leaving a trail of casualties in the wake.”

            Wonder how he spoke that with a straight face? Possible that the “little people casualties” were no consideration when he uttered this?

            More quotes:

            “The US can pay any debt it has because it can print money to do that. So there is zero possibility of default”.

            “There is no limit to how much the US Treasury can borrow.”

            And for all you Ayn Rand followers:

            “BEFORE I met Ayn Rand I was a logical positivist, and accordingly I didn’t believe in absolutis, moral or otherwise. If I couldn’t prove a proposition with facts and figures, it was without merit.”

            And AFTER he met Ayn Rand?
            A real good read….”When Alan Met Ayn” Atlas Shrugged and Our Tanked Economy.

            Alan is/was just another insider elite who is worried that the “unwashed masses” is waking up to the tyranny he certainly helped perpetrate.

          • Ayn Rand was the long-time mistress of Mr. Phillippe Rothschild, as was Mr. Greenspan, so to speak.

            So, no, he is not in any way a Libertarian.

            He absolutely understands on which side his bread is buttered, and it is not with the common citizen.

            • Any documentation to support your contention that Ayn Rand was one of Rothschild’s mistresses? Or is it just something you learned on the Internet?

              Some factual evidence would be nice. Something besides rumor, preferably.

          • Endless shit, just another day.

          • Uh you can’t change out a fed chairman until his his term is up.

        • Greenie cuts a fart then blames everyone else in power
          as he walks away grinning to himself.

          • Cuts a fart and grins to himself about his $185 MILLION net worth

            • Would that possibly be 180 million fed reserve notes furnished by the same bankers many here profess to hate? The ones that own the government that so many blindly follow into war and enforce theyre bullshit laws? The same bankers that sign the paychecks of theyre mercinary dogs? The ones that are order followers and eat the shit they are fed without questioning it? The ones that blatantly throw the constitution in the trash by enforcing shit without a second thought? Then say they hate the govt. that theyre head is so far up it’s ass they will never see daylight? Then lie some more saying they believe in the constitution? The same govt. that signs theyre checks? Kind of a sick love/hate relationship me thinks…

              • @jeenyus; Jeez, c’mon man. I you’re going to have the handle “jeenyus” at least live up to it, please. Just for you, I’ll do this one more time.
                1. their; denotes ownership of, or close association, as in “that is their house at the end of the road”
                2. there; denotes a place or direction OR an exclamation, as in “There, I told you so!”, or “There is the remote, on the couch.”
                3. they’re (which actually isn’t pronounced the same, except by people that don’t understand the English language very well, but anyway) denotes a contraction of the words “they are” and can be written as “they’re”. Any where you can use the words they are, you can use they’re, as in “They’re going to meet us there.”

                “There! See, the government that tells their followers to obey the orders they’re being given.”

                And now you’ve fallen into the trap of the verb/noun agreement not being correct. e.g. “The ones that are order followers….” actually it’s far worse than that and not repairable. I’m afraid you’ll have to stay after school and repeat some of the 5th and 6th grade grammar lessons, AGAIN. OBTW, it is “mercenary”, not “mercinary”(sic). I wouldn’t use the word “me thinks”(sic) in print to impress anyone as it is “methinks”. I’m sure you were a little excited, perhaps on the verge of premature ejac…oh, well, it doesn’t matter. I just would take time to think of another “handle” as “jeenyus” kind of puts the bar rather high, higher than you’re used to going. It gets people’s hopes up, and yet, so disappointing. Maybe you should consider, “sam”, “bob”, “spot”, “homer”, “bart”, “lisa” or some other name that doesn’t have such high expectations attached to it. Hope this helps jeenyus.

                • Dude, nobody likes a spelling Nazi.

                  And if you want to understand economics, then STUDY it.

                  I took three YEAR worth of classes to get the basics, and then another 15 years after to fully understand all the stuff they do NOT teach at the University, even at the grad levels.

                  Don’t expect anyone to bother handing you answers if you don’t take some effort first.

                  • Only people who can’t spell hate a spelling Nazi. Those who CAN use the language correctly hate to see it abused. The tyranny of low expectations exacerbates the problem. So rock on, TripodXL!

                    Oh, and Tripod is right – a fixed money supply is a guarantee for no growth. He does understand economics.

                  • Genius:

                    THEY’RE everywhere, it seems. THERE goes one of them spouting off again, one of THEIR tribe, trying to show us “goyim” how much smarter THEY’RE than the posters here at SHTF.

                    They can take THEIR troll, tripod and shove him up THEIR….where the sun desn’t shine THERE.

                    So THERE….

                    • There, there child, get over it.

                    • Granny, obviously you haven’t listened to me and gotten that psychiatric counseling you urgently require. Once again you’re ” surrounded ” by the evil tribe and their ” trolls” whose only purpose in life is to ” get” you at all costs. By the way, did you find out who was behind the EVIL thumbs manipulation you were so freaked out about last time? Keep on ’em granny, I’m sure you’ll find out the entire evil plot against you originated in Tel Aviv and D.C. I’m sure they’re spending billions to stop you anyway they can including ” red thumbing” you at every possible opportunity.

        • Ship him to ISIS…..

          • On the surface, it would seem ideal. Though, per reports, ISIS only attacks Muslim countries and recently have targeted Christians…
            Leads me to think that Greenspan would quadrupole his money and have the contacts to greatly expand their theater of operations…


          • Man othi: if we do the savages will greed him as one the tribal bosses paying their money and equipment’s.

        • “LOADS OF GOLD” Hah Hah Hah.

        • Greenspan is owned by the Bank of England…as are other well-known WDC clowns.

      2. Sounds like somebody trying to cover their butt. Of course there will be a significant event! but when? Seems that TPTB sure know how to kick the can down the road! God Bless. James

      3. Wow. First he says buy gold and now is warning of ‘something’.

        Yeah, he’s probably evil but maybe is having an attack of conscience?

        Perks my interest up when TPTB are warning about having gold and crashes.

        Sleep tight folks.

        • The chickens are coming home to roost. Remember the golden rule “treat others as you would have them treat you”. Well how would you feel and what would you do if a foriegn army blew the shit out of your country and occupied it and stole all your resources? How would you feel if some foriegn bank undermined your economy and gave you shark loans then repossessed all your resources (oh wait that has happened here), How would you like it if some foriegn asshole dictated what your poilicies will be or else? What would you think of some asshole bully with military bases in over 100 countries? Who would voluntarily fight for such an asshole regime? Who would enforce such tyranny and theft of property for theyre masters? Who would go and kill people they don’t even know that are trying to stand up to these punk assed brainwashed thugs? Who would be stupid enough to believe the shitload of pure propaganda put out by such a tyrannical country?

          THINK ABOUT IT! 🙂

          • KARMA IS A BITCH!

            • and if you are lucky

              she lets you watch

              • She usually likes the lights off!

          • BINGO!!!

            Genius nailed it
            When a Nation such as ours, goes screwing around with other sovereign Nations – sooner rather than later the consequences will catch up to itself.

            The Founders did not want to get itself entangled and or interfere in other foreign countries, unless it was based on a humanitarian effort.
            Well, by now we should all know what “humanitarian effort” really means, and it has nothing to do with being civil.

            Somehow, we as a country need to get back to those roots, and keep people like douchespan and the like out of control and power.

            • Let the BIGGEST thing about to happen be the implementation of the IVAMU Standard For Establishing the Value of Money/Currency

              We KNOW the FED NOTES are worthless and repugnant to the US Constitution. Illegal as Hell, and a genuine threat to all of Humanity worldwide.

              We need to begin thinking in terms of;
              What is money? What ought money be?
              What is the advantage of using Precious Metals?
              What impacts will be most evident in regards to our Liberty and Freedom, when we all begin using Honest Money?

              The existence of the (non)Federal AND (no)Reserve and its Opinion of what money is or ought to be, is OVER.
              All they really know how to do is to operate a Scam. Other than that, they do nothing of Value, and it is now time for them to leave and exit from “the stage.:
              The last act is finished and the fat lady has sung her song.

              If you really desire that Public SERVANTS abiding by our US Constitution LIMITS on their conduct, insist that your State AND FEDERAL Reps, institute a REAL Economy, one that is Honest in every respect.
              The one we have right now is a deadly pretense of an economy. And has been used to DESTROY this nation.

              Is that what we want? Not me, friend.

              Here we BOLDLY PROCLAIM the Solution is doable:


              PLEASE do your part to share this message. Russia and China, plus dozens of other nations are visiting this web site. Should they know more than what you know? Right now, they do.

              It has the Nimrods of our Times running scared.

              • Good message but beware of the Grammer Nazi’s. Needs some proof reading. Then/than errors always make me cringe.

          • Well, jeenyus, if it is such a “shit” place to be, WHO WOULD BE STUPID ENOUGH TO STAY THERE (as opposed to their, and they’re) IF THEY THOUGHT THAT WAS TRUE? WHEN DO YOU LEAVE? I WOULD LIKE TO COME WAVE GOOD BYE, OR ARE YOU STUPID ENOUGH TO STAY THERE? Just wondering. Do you do this on purpose, to the English language, or is this just an act? Surely you went to school, somewhere, right? I’m sure you had a point, and it sounded good in your head, but something happened to it, on the way to the keyboard. Try to be calm, re-read your English books, and relax with peaceful thoughts. The foaming and tongue biting should stop soon. Take care.

          • People that watch Reality TV I would imagine……..complete oxygen thieves.

          • Hmmm, like Saddam invading Kuwait? Seems to me that we rode to the rescue there. Thanks to the running Communist dogs in the MSM, nobody but us old folks even knows that now.

            You wanna live under the Taliban? ISIS? Boko Haram? A Sunni Caliphate? Or a Shia? Please be our guest. No emigration restrictions here. Indeed, we’d rather your attitude self-selected itself right out of the USA, thank you very much. We have evolved past the 7th century, and would like to stay that way.

            As some wise man once pointed out, Americans in the 20th century have defended freedom all over the world, and have asked for no more land in return than is required to bury our dead.

            • Old, Defended freedom? Are you free? Damn man, you are one of the most ignorant posters I have ever seen here, I have read a lot of your posts and I must say, you are part of the problem and the reason we are in the mess we are today.
              A perfect example of someone who is completely brainwashed and stuck in their false belief paradigm. Has sports and coaching taken up all of your available brain space?
              I will not be moving anywhere old man. I was born and raised here and will suffer the consequences of fool’s like you who refuse to see truth. I will defend what little freedom I have, you on the other hand will probably defend the same shit that got us here.
              Thanks for your participation in our destruction, maybe your the one that needs to move idiot! 🙂

              • Tripod, The same goes for you. There is a word that truly intelligent people have for you, “Educated Idiot”. Everyone I know that is an academic type is a truth denier. I could put a stack of proof in front of them and none of them would read it.
                They are the worst of denier’s as they are completely brainwashed into the academic paradigm. Ever tried critical thinking? Somehow I doubt you have the capacity in your grammar nazi, ignoramus mind.


              • More free than you are, Genius. I’m not a prisoner of a narrowly defined anti-American mindset that was trained into me by the “education” system, which has been in control of the radical socialist residue of Communism for the last 50+ years. I actually learned some history, some economics, some psychology, and some math and engineering in college. Never a hint of “the social justice of physics”, which I read is now an actual course at one US institution of “high”er learning.

                Is Europe free? We rolled back Hitler, and then stood guard against the Soviets for 50 years? They’ve backslid, I admit, but they have lived almost four generations of life NOT under a totalitarian Communist Do you not know that? We freed China, too, but failed to defend it from the Communist mindset, and what happened? Do you not know about Greece, and Trieste? Surely you know about the Berlin Wall, but do you know about Hungary in 1956? (Another failure – they revolted against Soviet domination, and we did nothing to help. The Ukraine situation today is an echo of 1956. Let’s talk Iran, or as they prefer, Persia. I had the opportunity to work alongside a couple of Persian software engineers 10-12 years ago. They told me that most of the Persian population hates the ayatollahs, and would have welcomed relief from America. They felt that they were sold out by Carter, whom you probably have in your pantheon.

                A great man once said: “Inside every socialist is a totalitarian screaming to be let out”. Islam neatly bypassed that. They’re totalitarians from the git-go. Are you seriously thinking that a world ruled by tyrants is the best of all possible…?

        • Greenspan says buy gold, that’s a sure sign to sell. Nothing that SOB says has ever been for the average person’s benefit.

          • Expect the price of gold to fall as the SEASONAL demand for gold is over, as it is every year at this time. Buy some more when it looks good to you.

            BTW its in the archives.

            I have explained that phenomena before. Back up the truck if it drops below the cost of production. 🙂

            • DK, rhetorical questions: What is the typical “commission” charged by gold dealers? Do they charge a commission when you sell it back to them? How much must gold rise to break even? Do you EVER break even, given that you’ve paid commissions both to buy and to sell?

              • Coach: Survey the broker dealers for your best deal. I’m a small producer and I don’t use the retail chain. Profit is not taxable until production is sold and I’m not selling.

                I expect gold to spike with the outbreak of war. Then I will sell some. 🙂

              • ” Do you EVER break even, given that you’ve paid commissions both to buy and to sell?”

                Individuals should hold a portion of their family wealth in gold THROUGH the Changes as a form of “insurance”; so why sell? Accumulate. Speculate with silver.

                Hoard your lead. Reduce your trips and time at the range. 🙂

                • Well now, THAT I do. No government reporting for lead buys. And it has a good practical use.

      4. All these elites will be scared SH%tless when SHTF hits these people won’t have were to hide they will be hunted down …….all over the world

        • and there will be no bag limit

      5. Can wait to read in the news how Greenspan died from a self-infected ………you fill in the blank

        • Paul –

          Yea, I agree and the story headline goes along these lines.

          “Greenspan, accidental firearm discharge – took 3 rounds to the back of head”

          • From a long-barrel single-shot shotgun.

      6. He us giving his fellow NWO Masonic Illuminati Luciferian homeys a “heads up” on what is going to occur.

        This is how they converse—- they work I code through the presstitudes.

        It’s sorta like when Obozo “accidentally” said he was a Muslim on ABC. He was relaying to his superiors who he really is.

        Heck, I was watching “The Matrix” on TNT yesterday with wifey. Keanu Reeves’ main character had a drivers license dated “9-11-01”.

        Oh, I’m sure these three examples are all coincidences. Nothing to see here.

        Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, sheeple!

      7. Okay, so.ISIS released a video calling for attacks on malls. Same day us gubmint releases propagandA saying right-wing extremists and sovereign citizens will be to blame. Saw it on drudge. Article on drudge.

        • Nopittypartyhere –

          Iduno, ISIS may be busy over in Sudan. Especially after the other day of what the President of Sudan had to say about ISIS.

          Headline: Sudan’s President: CIA and Mossad are behind ISIS and Boko Haram

          If that isn’t an invitation, then I don’t know what else it could imply.

          Source: Hangthebankers(dot)com

          • He’ll experience “regime change”.

      8. Gold? Silver? Diversified Portfolio?

        Mr. Greenspan likely hangs with different company than I do.

        Let’s discuss my social circle for a moment…

        Midmorning cocktails in liquor store parking lot with Joe the panhandler.

        Happy hour by the burn barrel under the I-81 overpass.

        5 star accomodations in the motel reefer box come dark.

        A windfall for me is getting a full cup from emptying dumpster beer bottles.

      9. Oh, now Greenspan wants to talk about Banking?
        Is he now realizing that he has just so little time on this planet and now his conscience is getting the best of him?

        “The man who is essentially the architect responsible for domestic monetary policy under four U.S.”

        Reality: Continued to do illegal money practices, while knowing this practice would one day destroy the country.
        (…but…but..I was only doing what I was told) — no excuse

        If these Bankers and Politicians were really concerned about the well being of this country, they would of not gutted the middle class and in the process destroy our manufacturing.

        I just love it when a person, regardless of their profession says “I was just following orders, and if I didn’t then I would be replaced”.

        That is a 100% cop-out, and a lame excuse to justify one’s wrong doings. If a person does not feel comfortable about performing a certain procedure – then quit!

        Above 2 paragraphs also applies to Politicians –

        • Tony, that also applies to soldiers and cops and any enforcers. Especially soldiers and cops because they make the ptb so called laws have real effect. Order followers are THE problem and they either have 0 critical thinking ability or are psycopaths that love power and killing. Dumb stupid animals as they have been told to theyre faces,,, 🙂

          • Genius –

            You’re absolutely correct!
            There’s an endless list of traitorous organizations that fill into this as well. The focus here is the head of the snake [bankers & politicians] Without these two – the elite would have nothing going for them.

            If these entities are gone, then we’ll all see if the folks such as the FBI,NSA,TSA,CIA,…etc. still want to support the agenda that they have been thriving on.

            Chances are – they’ll simply vanish into thin air, as if they never existed once their handlers are dismantled.

          • Knowing how to spell Genius doesn’t make him one, anymore than knowing how to spell the word makes me an astronaut.

            • Old Coach, In comparison to you I am a total genius. Perhaps it’s time for you to throw in the towel coach. Your posts are frequently wrong and misinformed.
              It seems you hate truth and refuse to break out of the micro paradigm you exist in. Go back to ANY post I have ever made and refute it, I dare you.

              I seriously doubt you can or will even try. If you can do it I will mail you 20 bux. Just a little incentive for you. Now I will go have a beer and listen to the crickets chirping 🙂

              • Comment ID: 3337713

                I waive the cash reward due to OPSEC.

        • Tony M->

          Nice summary, per the elite & their front-men…but of late..one cannot help, but to notice the myriad articles..posted here & there on the web..

          ..relative to TPTB securing safe/remote bug-out-locations for themselves & their cretinous womb-droppings…

          …ditto, not mention the “banker-weird death virus”..offing/killing near shitloads of ’em, lately!!!

          ..parasites feasting on / killing other parasites???



          ..perhaps we should look deeper into the field of…

          ..parasitical entomology..

          ..(i.e., the modern judeo-khazar-Babylonian life cycle)..

          …currently afflicting / infecting / destroying civilization, on this planet..via a brilliant asymmetrical-assault strategy!!!


          ..call it a hearts & minds thingy…followed by (our) “shekels($$$) & assets”…


          If truly, the phrase: “..Vengence is mine, saith the LORD”…

          ..then please draft me into your army, GOD…’cuz I really want some payback, sir!!!!!

          • And it is worth keeping in mind that just because you neighbor is a pepper, it doesn’t mean he’s a good guy. He just might be a bankster-in-hiding.

      10. …and in other news…
        Putin says Russian military is unmatched.

        MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday other countries should not have the illusion that they can attain military superiority over Russia, Interfax reported.

        “No one should have the illusion that they can gain military superiority over Russia, put any kind of pressure on it. We will always have an adequate answer for any such adventures,” he was quoted as saying in an address dedicated to the Defenders’ of the Fatherland Day holiday next week.

        I believe this threat also includes the financial economic pressure as well imposed by the INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS taking orders from the top 5 richest families in the world.

        Live Free or Die…Red October

        • Good point. This guy has spent his whole life trying to prove that the USSR’s weenie was bigger than the USA’s weenie, and failed. Who knows what’s next?

        • Talon: At this time, the only real response that Russia has to NATO is a nuclear response, and that is very real.

          I expect the West to cede Donetsk and Lughansk (sic) provinces to Russia, but Putin wants more.

          The US needs two years to deploy its star wars lasers. Russia needs at least 5 years to realistically challenge NATO in Europe: ten years to be a global power once again.

          The NWO has used the Middle East adventures as a cover to build and deploy its weapons systems. Russia is using Ukraine and the USA as a straw man to mask its rearmament for its real adversary: CHINA.

          Russia cannot occupy Europe as long as the USA exists and it certainly cannot occupy the USA. China COULD win a nuclear exchange with Russia and then occupy all of Asia; especially Siberia.

          China has boasted that it can withstand a “First Strike”.

          Do you think that message was intended for America who financed the rebuilding of China and buys 20% of its exports to support its economy?

          I doubt it. 🙂

      11. We all know the “What” (its not going to end well) its the when (6 months or 6 years) that I’d like to know.

      12. I wonder where Alan’s bug out location is?

          • LOL – that would make perfect sense European American — I can see it now, Netanyahu,Greenspan, & Kissinger all huddled up next to their little camp fire, praying that the next bomb does not drop on their location.

            • oooh
              Bibi, Greenspan, and War Criminal Kissenger- all huddled over a fire made from the wood of olive trees the IDF ripped up… hey, they’re not crying, its the smoke getting in thier eyes… squatting there on the foothills of Meggidio, shivering… (ironically, it can get ‘colder than hell’ in the desert).

              Funny thing: the Mulims hate the infidels, the Israelis hate the goyim- seems like these guys are more alike than they want to admit. They are both intolerant of any others outside of thier little in-crowd… Isn’t it great to be in an exclusive club? Both Muslems and Jews seem to forever exist in idealogically gated communities, as the centuries grind along, never realizing that through reincarnation all of them have lived as the others at some time…
              Wish somehow these clowns could be cosmologically bitch-slapped into awareness…

              hey, a guy can dream

              • You don’t actually KNOW any Jews, that’s obvious. If Jews felt about “goys” the way muslims feel “infidels”, there would not be a single “goy” left on this planet.

                • You obviously have not read the Talmud, Old Coach. Unless you are one of them you are doomed.

          • Of all the places to be that would be the least desirable one in the reasonably near future, but maybe the best in the long run.

        • Tel Aviv is the promise land for all of the Federal Reserve chairs and their banksters.

          • Don’t forget that the tribe has planned their “Samson option.”

      13. Hold on the RUG is going to be pulled soon not later. If you can jump off before it happens. Get out of all banks,cash in all retirements, stocks, everything or your in for one HELL’VE a ride. Even if some are not on the RUG; it’s still going to be very bad for them also. The Shit Sandwich is on the plate and headed for your table now. Get ready!!!!

      14. So what else is new?

      15. I’m gonna stockpile uranium where can i get some. Gold is too expensive now not a good time to buy it. I bought some years ago the price was right I could dump it for a profit but I don’t need the $. They want you to get all scared the price is gonna go through the roof so you will buy at these high prices . It a good time to sell it if you need $. But don’t listen to me I’m an asshat right. Do opposite what ever the market does it a safe bet. I worked for an oil company and when the barrel price went down he would say the market is up fill up the truck. If the price was up he would say the market is down don’t fill up. This guy is a very wealthy person. Don’t listen to Greenspan the guy will tell you what is best for him and his buddy’s . Make your decisions based on facts. Forget speculating it’s for people trying to get rich quick. There is no more gold rushes in the modern age someone intervened and got in on the top floor. Greenspan will sacrifice his libertarian leaning for $ and you would too. Don’t be stupid and put your belief ahead of financial security. I consider myself a conservative because I work for a living. But if I were writing checks off the tax payers bank account I would think different because a poor choice won’t hurt me on a personal level. When it comes to $ everyone is a stepping stone.

        • Asshat, one thing to consider is palladium. It is mostly mined in russia and used it a number of important industries. The last time it was in a shortage the price went to 1900 an ounce. Silver is the poor mans gold and has been mostly used up as gold is mostly still around. I have read several places that say 90% of the silver ever mined is gone and cannot be recovered, think about that. Silver is a VITAL metal for thousands of applications and people will pay whatever price to get it in a bad enough shortage. Solar panels, medical uses, electronics, bomms used to kill poor brown people all need silver. And the great thing is no one needs to know you have it, no taxes, no reporting, easy to hide, no one can take it, black market currency, the list goes on!

          • Maybe take a careful look at platinum, it’s currently running below gold and that is a rare occurrence and unlikely to last.

            If you’re liking at it as an investment for profit.

            If you’re looking at it as a means of carrying whatever you now have through to whatever the new money turns out to be when it turns out that way, think gold and silver (think about holding confederate dollars vs. gold or silver coin in the Confederate States before and after their defeat to understand this: Confederate money became worthless but gold and silver retained their value.).

          • AssHat, You might try Jeffery City, Wyoming.

      16. Fukushima Alert:
        Let’s get some questions on the table about this recent leak and remain calm, albeit it is a bad situation.
        1. What was the original reading that is now “70 times greater”?
        2. Is that water contaminated with radiation from beta, alpha, or Tritium….or all of it?
        3. What type of isotopes were in the highly radiating water? Was it plutonium with alpha or was it strontium with beta?
        4. How many gallons escaped?
        5. Is there any gamma radiation emitting from the containment?
        6. Which direction did the plume go when it was released?
        7. Does anyone have the water sample results?
        8. The gutter was directing rain water down into storage, so with what did it actually come into contact?
        The Fukushima facility has been in “High alert” and “Emergency” status since the moment the tsunami. The water wiped out the generators that pumped emergency water and the spent fuel pools blew up. It is bad. The nuclear contamination spewing out of that island has been happening since Day 1 on March 11, 2011. As nuclear scientists, we are way past alarm bells at this point.
        FACT: The Earth is in the middle of chronic radiation poisoning throughout the World Ocean, and it will lead to a huge Extinction Level Event. The radiation in the Pacific has wiped out the coral, plankton, sardines, and is making the large fish and mammals very sick. Let’s report facts. Leave the emotion behind…don’t need it…we know Fukushima is bad.
        FACT: The nuclear power industry cannot be held accountable, since the Price Anderson Act released it from any liability over $500 Million.
        FACT: All governments agencies have procedures that direct the emergency personnel, and if they cannot rescue the affected population, then they can ignore the situation. So, Fukushima is in a slow death situation that SHALL be ignored. It cannot recover.

      17. When? When? When?
        It doesn’t matter I’m ready, I hope. I believe I have done as much as I can do.

        • Sarge–>

          A word of advice / caution…dump the suit/badge when SHTF, pronto sir!!!!

          Too many know where/how to secure s select-fire M-4 –(slash)– M-16 w/ mags/ammo….the riot-gun is a benefit gimme too!!!

          ..I think you’re a good one & would hate to see you ambushed.


          Just sayin’, pal.

          –(please copy)–!!!

          ..and good luck……….

          • Hunter:
            Thanks Man!
            The Family/Group comes first when TSHTF. I will do what I can to help anyone to a point. I have my line in the sand, and I will get rid of the Uniform and Badge then.

            The problem I have is there are tons of people that know me. Not only as a Cop, but things I do in the community.

            The full Auto stuff I’m really not to afraid of. Most people don’t understand it takes practice and training to know how to use it. My stuff is semi-auto and have practiced 2 and 3 shot rapid fire with them, and have gotten very good at it.

            Again thanks for your concern.

            Off. Topic.
            Keep your eyes wide open in any mall/ large gatherings you go to. If you can carry do so if not be very careful!!!!!

            • @Sgt. Dale…

              I would echo what Hunter says. When SHTF, take off your uniform and get home to your family. I realize this runs counter to your training and the ethics that you have built into your life over the years. But you will be facing a different paradigm. The rules will have changed. There will no longer be rule of law. People who are interested in surviving, will not take the time to figure out whether you are one of the good guys in a uniform, or one of the bad guys. They will just off you.

              From my personal view, if the government starts becoming more tyrannical and begins confiscating guns or food, or enacts such similar draconian rule, or if SHTF and we enter all-out civil war…anyone wearing a uniform will become a target. I don’t want it to be that way. And it goes against everything that I have held dear over the years. But it is reality.

              That is the advice I give to any of the good guys wearing a uniform. Take it off. Go home. Take care of your family.

              • Anon2

                Believe me when I tell you I have a line in the sand and when that is crossed I’m done. The uniform and badge comes off, and my Family and Group will come first.

                This is going to be tuff. I’ve got 30 years trying my best to be a good cop and taking care of people, putting them first. Its too bad it has to be that way but it will, and I have to be ready for it. And be ready to take on people I know, but have become Leaches and Zombies. Believe me I know too damn many people.

                Thanks for your concern, and I will take your advise.

                • Sgt. I hope like no one gets confused.
                  You know what I mean!;-}
                  S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

              • anon2–>

                Dammit boy (Southern-speak)!!! …you do have a straight-up/intelligent mastery, of language & prose!

                ..kudos to you.

                ..’Twas a fine post, sir!!!

                ..I wish I’d wrote it, to begin with!!!!


                ..and a tip-o-the-hat…to you Sarge, per the waste of full-auto, spray-n-pray.

                In the end..it’ll be the ‘precision & field-craft’..of “Long Distance Operators”…who’ll likely survive..the coming maelstrom!


                A word of advice to all “operators” here….search “Daisy’s site” (many months ago)..for John Q’s outstanding article on…NIGHT VISION & THERMAL VISION equipment/weapon-sights.

                ..for the layman/old-timer…it just doesn’t get any better than his recommendations/analysis..

                ..which is geared towards such.

                Good Luck..to all.

      18. Greenspan was a huge part of the problem,should have when in office/appointed position stated what he truly believed if he disagreed with what he was doing,which I do not belive he did.He is a huge part of the problem and to a large degree responsible for what happens as a result of the feds actions the last few decades.A look in the mirror will also show folks responsible though albeit to a much smaller degree.

        • Warchild, Just remember your supporting a big Corp. with those goldfish crackers lol. Maybe save your federal brass and reload it and cut them out of the picture too 🙂 How ya doin bud? Have you come back from the stix? I was almost expecting to see you on the tv show “mountain men” lol.

          • The stix,uh,working in a very popular area of Cali.The only stix I will see is perhaps the river Styx or,perhaps the band!).You are right though,the Goldfish thing tis a issue,someone here had a recipe for home made ones,OK,they may not have the bad ass fish look(probably more like animal scat look!)but would taste the same if not better once mastered.I have another month here and with New England weather,eh,land of fruits and nuts not too bad.As for Federal,believe I hear papers rustling in their attorneys office,something like “cease and desist”,like we would obey!

            • Warchild, You never told me you were out of the country. Get back to the U.S asap lol 🙂

      19. Watch a few shows on 16th century living like “Tales from the green valley”…its on Youtube, 12 half hour episodes. When the SHTF you can take that knowledge and add what you know from this century and live quite well. TEOTWAWKI doesn’t have to be a train wreck rather a line change.

        • Live quite well? Like medicine using bleeding and blistering to cure dysentery? Mercury to cure VD? Surgery without anesthetics? Life expectancy of 39 years? Death rate of newborns 40% before the first birthday? Cholera, typhus, plague? All your farm tools made of wood, because steel is more precious than gold, and it all goes to making swords? Dying of famine when there’s food surplus 500 miles away, but nobody knows because there’s no communications, and no way to transport it anyway? Endless war between rival tyrants? That was the 15th century. I’ve spared you the really bad parts…..

          • I did say add what you know from this century not travel back in time.

      20. Greenspan is ugly what the hell is wrong with him. I’m confident I have what I need to make it but it will be one hell of a trip. Maybe we will all end up running into each other out there someday sitting around a fire with some home made booze telling story’s about the days we all ranted on the plan. There will be a lot of see I told you so. Even if we didnt see eye to eye on issues it’s okay by me we all see the world differently. It’s what makes us unique preppers. Experiences mold our view different. I’m sure some people on here have been through things I have not and I have things others have not. Evil is evil whether it’s the gov Isis Russia or any ideology that oppresses us. As long as we agree on this there is hope for the future.

      21. Genius I thought about picking up a couple 100oz bars of silver on ebay I agree it’s a underestimated metal. Do you mean platinum or palladium . I know platinum is big $ it must be rare or hard to mine. I got some pre 1967 half dollars that are all silver I’m pretty sure I don’t know coins really . I would say having a supply of any good metals is a good idea. I like gold myself but it is too much $ right now silver is perfect for a currency collapse and no reporting it is good for preppers it can be hidden from gov eyes.

        • Asshat, I meant palladium because it has more room to go up than platinum. Platinum is a sister metal also mined in russia. Palladium can be used in place of more expensive platinum in catalytic converters too. I would advise against 100 oz. bars because if the price goes way up they will be over the limit of reporting to the irs. Small 1 oz. coins and bars will facilitate barter a lot better and and be a lot more useful. Spend the few extra bux and get small denomination silver 🙂

          • For great deals on metals get a copy of Coin World magazine. The dealers that advertise there are reputable and cheap. Even if you have to get a short subscription to get it do it. Maybe a coin dealer in your area will give you an old copy. Ebay prices can be kind of high imo…

        • AssHat, you either made a typo or you didn’t know,

          Pre 1967 are not all silver, 1967 halves are 40% silver, 1964 was the last year that 90% silver coins were minted.

      22. I think this market event will come from a detonation of a nuclear dirty bomb aboard a container ship anchored in a major harbor.

        There is a warning here. What type is suspect. Greenspan is clearing his conscience.

        Review your NBC procedures and protection.

        • sling…”Greenspan is clearing his conscience”?

          There is no such thing as called “conscience” in the tribe.

          • Stolz->

            Per the laws of natural selection:..

            ..parasites by definition… lack a conscience..as nature in general..is not amused, nor interested in the whimsical debating of…paradoxes!!!!!

            ..nuff said!!!

      23. ‘They will throw their silver into the streets,
        And their gold will be like refuse;
        Their silver and their gold will not be able to deliver them
        In the day of the wrath of the Lord;
        They will not satisfy their souls,
        Nor fill their stomachs,
        Because it became their stumbling block of iniquity.’

        ez 7:19

        • nlightened, Thats because they were to stupid to prep. Only an idiot would stockpile metals before having preps. Besides they could have made antibiotics with the silver instead of throwing it away. Just saying lol 🙂

          • Yes, I agree genuis. I think lead will be worth more than silver before too long but silver might get you a tank or two of fuel. Doesn’t hurt to diversify a little.

        • ‘They throw their silver into the streets, and their gold becomes as filth. Their silver and their gold is unable to deliver them in the day of the wrath of יהוה. They do not satisfy their appetite, nor fill their stomachs, because it has been their stumbling-block of crookedness.

      24. Greenspan and his condescending, snide, hauty ‘wife’ Andrea MitchellSteinBurg (NBC/GE/WMD)… the kind of cold, soul-less people that even dogs that eat diapers won’t go near…
        Alan Greenspan, with his brain spinning at 13,000 rpm (in nuetral), throwing out every big word he can cough up, hard-up to BS the scum he drives past behind that dark tint…
        Alan and Andrea, with that ridiculously expensive, antique living room furniture that is so uncomfortable you get a sore ass in seconds flat…
        The disdain they have for ‘flyover country’ is something they’ve learned to conceal…
        Greenspan: Putrid, repulsive little runt, ‘getting even’ with those jocks back in grade school that called him ‘four eyes’…
        So he mumbles yet more vague, obtuse crap about ‘something might happen at some point’…
        What does it mean? Did Montgomery Greenspan Burns get a chill when he walked past a graveyard lately?
        I think Capt. Crunch is right: Hell is growing impatient, waiting for this worm…

        • I think he will have lots of company there,,
          Itll be real warm

          • No worries I will sell him an air conditioner lol. I will also be selling ice cream and sno cones 🙂

      25. Have any of you heard or know of Ben Fulford?

        • Yes. But I don’t buy what he is selling.

      26. Insanity is running rampant. Now sovereign citizen’s are new enemy because they love freedom and the rule of law. Modern day witch hunts

        “A new intelligence assessment, circulated by the Department of Homeland Security this month and reviewed by CNN, focuses on the domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists and comes as the Obama administration holds a White House conference to focus efforts to fight violent extremism.
        DHS Secretary: ISIS reaching into U.S. to recruit

        DHS Secretary: ISIS reaching into U.S. to recruit 03:30
        PLAY VIDEO

        Some federal and local law enforcement groups view the domestic terror threat from sovereign citizen groups as equal to — and in some cases greater than — the threat from foreign Islamic terror groups, such as ISIS, that garner more public attention.​”


        • Why worry overmuch?

          We’ve known this from the beginning, right?

          ..goes back to the jew “Chertoff” & his bullshit…and then some..and across all the other “alphabet-soup agencies also…yes? ..No?


          FYI…fed-stenciled, emblazoned jackets / hoodies / body armor etc…merely denote the “ENEMY”!!!!

          …you sabe????

      27. ^
        With the Federal Reserve printing trillions upon trillions
        0f dollars2keep
        W0T’s THEIRS
        4keeps . . .

      28. I happened to listen to Ben Fulford through youtube, and he said he is a voice of white dragon group from China and the group is fighting with west cabal. Any of you hear his name?

        • Alabama… Fullford is so full of shit! He’s been saying that crap for 10 years. He’s probably the most discredited idiot there is! Anything that fool says is total bullshit. Look into Full(of shit)ford some more, you will see what I mean. I can’t believe he is still peddling that shit lol. He says he has a salamander implanted in his spine and the white ninjas are going to kill the elite ha ha ha.

        • The F in Fulford stands for fake.

      29. Public SERVANTS are engaged in an all out Mutiny against We the people SELF government.

        All hoping to the tune and dance as Ordered by the Bankster (non)Federal AND (no)Reserve.

        Arrogant and Obnoxious to the hilt.

        They bow and worship Lucifer, their lord and master.

        How do we, how can we continue to tolerate the Hell they are seeking to unleash against us? To most of us, it is OBVIOUS what they are up to. They need us to put them DOWN. ASAP.

      30. What happens to the stock market is not of a consequence to most people. What will hurt them is this: rapid currency devaluation, and governments snipping away at the range of benefits and government checks many are now dependent on. Governments will have no choice but to do this by stealth. For political reasons, they are most likely not going to cut the number of benefits but instead to reduce how much they are worth relative to inflation. So, for example, you may continue to receive a pension of US $1,500 a month but it will be crushed by devaluation and inflation so that it will buy just half its worth within a year.

        Inflation and devaluation are the cowardly governments way out of problems and thus it is the preferred policy option.

        • “What happens to the stock market is not of a consequence to most people.”

          Tons of pension money is invested there. Its a real domino effect of the derivatives component. Once that collapses its, “schools out”, no inflationary stealth but a hemorrhage.

          I suspect first it will be the, “price freeze” along with blaming anyone making a profit as unpatriotic and the root cause of the fall which will be very popular with, “progressives” (communists). Shortages would follow.

      31. LET ME GUESS

        BUY GOLD

        BUY SILVER



        • Home Boy –

          Gold and Silver and the likes are only good if one is to survive a full blown crisis and somehow humanity was able to regain itself back to a civilized platform.

          I don’t have a ton of it, but I have enough to get started and back on my feet when and if that time comes. Like many here, I am more heavily invested in brass an lead, and things that go “BOOM”!!!!

      32. First of all

        There are always “events” and “corrections” in the markets..

        By rights the entire thing should’ve have toppled over already


        QE ad infinitum has kept the false liquidity of the markets afloat..

        This entire charade has gone on for centuries now

        and there’s no end in sight

        The bankers always win..always

        Prepare accordingly..


      33. “””Federal Reserve Insider Alan Greenspan Warns: There Will Be a “Significant Market Event… Something Big Is Going To Happen””””
        who would know more than the person who helped put us here?

      34. By 1913, Russia produced about 40% of the world’s cereal crops and exceeded the combined production of Argentina, Canada and the US by 25%.

        From 1890 to 1913, Goodson says industrial production quadrupled and Russian industries were able to satisfy 80% of internal demand for manufactured goods. From 1895-1914, the increase in Gross Domestic product averaged 10%. In 1912, Russia had the lowest rates of taxation in the world because it did not pay interest on fictitious debt.

        “Throughout the period of state banking, there was no inflation and no unemployment,” writes Goodson. – See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2015/02/Central-Bank-Scam-Explains-World.html#sthash.m435Se8C.dpuf

        • And then the Bolsheviks took over……..

      35. The projects is gonna be turned into internment centers and the gov will exterminate the useless eaters with diseases and pestilence so they are not viewed as the cause. Something bad is coming down the pipe very soon it has to come to a head. Currency is shit has no real value just worthless paper once the us falls. The things I see from the gov it’s a wonder anyone has any confidence in government. We all know it’s a huge Ponzi scheme so why play this game. I have not been spending $ lately I’m hoarding it. Gonna file my taxes and hoard the return too. I’m not contributing to this economy anymore not buying any big ticket items. No vacations which I like to take but last few times my kids got sick ruining the vacation so we are staying home for a long time good I save $5000 a year. I’m done spending $. when I go out I only buy what I need that’s it. Don’t eat at restaurants so no need to tip people make coffee at home so no $3 cups of coffee from dunkin. I don’t have a problem going without did it as a kid . I just not into the consumerism thing. I don’t leave my house if I don’t have to.

      36. The New Madrid Earthquake That Will Divide The United States In Half


        doomer porn concerning a New Madrid quake

        THE RIFT
        Walter Williams

        “It starts with the dogs. They won’t stop barking. . . . And then the earth shrugs–8.9 on the Richter scale in the world’s biggest earthquake since 1755.”


        • hey Satori
          I guess that’s one way to secede

      37. Ok Greenspan is a traitor. I got that part, but he is also a messenger. Which do we kill first? Whether you like him or not maybe you should listen to him first.

      38. Entitled to the fruits of my labor because I didn’t build that just how it is. Socialism anyone . What s a right wing extremist anyway is that the good ole boys going rogue. Boy the democrats are so afraid they gotta demonize conservatives. Is their agenda so important that it can’t be slowed down. The terrorists are holding the us nation hostage they are doing a good job at it too.

      39. Greenspan and others are positioning to be able to guide the reset. Those that cause it MUST not be allowed to reset it. This is critical for therein lies real evil. Freedom now fleets. It will pass by again at reset. Time will be short. Make haste and be ready. Think last chance. In these times of manipulated fundamentals every move will make history. The waters are uncharted. I sense much anger in these comments yet all here are victims. We must focus for they care not who makes our laws. Greed is their command and corruption is their vehicle. It is a race now between reset and war. Apparently evolution is out of the question for intelligence fleets now also. Fleeting, like the heat waves rising from the data centers.

        • I suspect we will be on a fully digital financial system by year’s end. The infrastructure is in place and you can tell they are accelerating getting people into digital payment systems. Not a week goes by where one thing or another pushes me into digital payments and transfers.

          Essentially, none of us will have a choice: they will lock us into the digital system and then jerk currencies up or down as they wish to ride out the global imbalances. With digital, they can also quickly add taxes and surcharges and skim this off every time you do something. They have already trained people with airline tickets to now expect about five or six additional taxes and surcharges on every air ticket. This even broke the record for me one time flying through France: I had, I sh#t you not, 10 different surcharges and taxes on my ticket. There was one for using each airport, another for security, several ‘green’ taxes, one for flying over Switzerland, plus fuel duties etc. The actual plane ticket was just a third of the overall cost. That’s how they screw you: bit by tiny bit.

          • They want it all digital FT. Then a solar flare or a false flag EMP and its all theirs. How much do you say you had? It is why gold and silver are non magnetic.

            • Don’t even need that excuse. Say the wrong thing on a blog, and your credit cards don’t work anymore, your bank accounts are all zero, you can’t get a job, can’t even get welfare, all done by a few keystrokes. One victim at a time. Gold and silver? I laugh. One crime that will get you deeveed in an instant will be to try to trade in any kind of PM. Nobody will accept your PMs for fear of being deeveed themselves.

              • I agree: once everyone has been pushed on to digital platforms (and everyone is already in one form or another right now) then it is the easiest thing for the NSA etc. to parse people online and match them with their online statements or real-world behavior. They do something wrong, and then the government just digitally locks them out until they behave well. And you are right about fear: think about all the crap we have been through in the past 10 years and ask yourself how many people you know who have rebelled against it, or even grasped what is going on? In my case, one or two have voiced concerns but all of zero have done anything about it. Everyone I know has just immersed themselves further in an orgy of consumption and debt.

                The only people who will cause trouble will be black people and that will mostly be of the most stupid and narrow-minded violence: general uprisings over various complaints over perceived discrimination or lack of generosity in welfare benefits. No cross-cutting mass movement or building alliances with others.

      40. Beware HT… I’m gonna hunt you down boy.

      41. No shit! Who could have guessed?

      42. Anyone notice that when alternative media outs the agendas psyops
        Like ISIS , Ebola , etc .. That eventually the stories go quiet?
        And they move on to the next fabricated threat?
        I could go on and on listing them from just the past year but that would be redundant
        This is all a war on our minds people , they are trying to see how many of us are suckers for their lies

        Boogie man after boogie man , made up events after event etc even the obvious false flags are to do nothing but produce fear , so we will hesitate or not act at all
        Maybe it’s time to make all their lies irrelevant by paying them absolutely no mind
        And move on with our freedoms and rights
        Live our lives as though their rules and laws no longer apply
        Snuff this beast out by flat out ignoring them and everything they have to say or do
        How do you deal with a bully? Either by beating it’s ass or flat out make the bully irrelevant
        Than sit back and watch them burn out

        • True: notice how Ebola went quiet once they got all the donated money, almost as if the hysteria was all about feeding the development and aid beast (and all the corrupt African governments) just in time for Christmas. Ebola should have come with a big red ribbon on it and a nice silver-wrapped box delivered by a jolly Saint Nicholas.

          Ho, ho, ho! Merrry screw-job!

          • Yup, exactly

        • Lots of their propaganda is to bolster the dependence on government, it gives the illusion that government is the end all be all of our safety,
          Look at the current threats, terrorist threatening malls, interesting how it coincides with DHS funding issues,
          Biggest problem,
          The treasonous turds in DC have allowed far too many people to just waltze in here, at the same time they have killed our industrial strength,
          A financially distressed population is easier to control.
          Or so they think,
          at this point i dont believe anything coming out of government, i also feel that they prod certain people or groups into doing this crap,
          Domestic enemies and traitors

          • If their lips are moving , it’s a lie , a set up , or a subjugation on our freedoms
            I knew you’d get it
            Just makes me wonder how to go about making them completely irrelevant over night
            So they peter out?
            Or fuckit ,,, kill em all

            • The biggest problem is the idiots who believe communism or marxism or socialism are the answer, our system and society are overflowing with these people who want more on someone else’ back and work,
              But im preachin to the choir,
              I figure i will most likely get swatted by these turds who want to control all, they dont like it when people say NO FuCkOFF!
              So be it!
              That is sadly the reality, economy collapse, natural disaster, war, doesnt matter, we will eventually be like Syria and Ukraine where a small group of us are targeted by the government,
              IMO it is inevitible, Bundy lit the fuse, slow slow sputtering delayed fuse but it woke parts of us up. Im cool with dyin, rather it be from a bullet and on my feet than pissing myself drooling in bed.

          • Kula, you’re right again. You mentioned “allowed far too many people to just waltz in here” and I agree as I saw it in southern CA. We have had a legal immigration system for many decades. Unfortunately the fools in govt. don’t want to enforce the laws. Why should we allow folks to go to the front of the immigration line just because they disregarded our laws and snuck across the border? And how stupid is our country to magically make someone a citizen just because that baby was dropped on this side of the border (with parents from some other country)? I saw numerous hospitals in southern CA fail due to the requirement for them to provide health care for those that could not pay and were from a different country. The current immigration system was set up to restrict immigration to MANAGEABLE levels. Does anyone in Washington, D.C. have a brain?

        • The “alternative media” is the problem, sooo MSM is the answer? Let me see what MSNBC has on because I’m afraid.
          I guess Gruber is correct and Boehner is a Constitutional advocate after all.
          Can I please have some more Feral Reserve Notes?

      43. Speaking of Ayn Rand. She was complicated. I was on the mailing list of her old outfit for a long time. Read some of the books. The books on objective logic really moved me along on my educational journey, such as it is. Her real name was something like Alice Rosenberg. A Soviet Jew. No problem. In order to leave the Soviet Union at the time she left, one would need an exit visa. Otherwise everybody would have left. The problem I have is this, her exit visa was personally signed by Lavrenti Beria, the head of the KGB. Hmmm. Maybe because she was anti-religion. I don’t know if that was the reason for his approval or not.

        • All I know is, her writings read like today’s newspaper. And she had an abject hatred for statists and tyrants.

          Yes, she was an atheist. But if people lived by most of the principles she affirmed, the world would be a better place.

          The one thing I find most interesting about her novel, “Atlas Shrugged”, was the almost total absence of any reference to children. Actually, that’s something I noticed about most of the thing she wrote that I have read.

          I don’t think Rand had a problem with charity per se. But she was totally opposed to “forced charity”, or the obligation of someone to provide for someone else. Of course, that is what our entitlement system today is. Charity toward the “less fortunate” at the point of a gun. Another way of putting it, was that she was totally opposed to the concept of a person’s worth being determined by what they did for their fellow man (or the collective) without compensation.

      44. Considering Venice Florida area for relocation. Any reasonable suggestions? Target shooting and fresh water fishing the main hobbies.

        • Florida? Really? With those hobbies, I’d say Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, maybe Idaho and Montana if you don’t mind the winters. Some fabulous fly fishing places in Idaho. Kentucky if shooting outweighs fishing.

      45. I see a pattern here, ever since the OCT 19, 1987 stock market crash, I notice a seven year stretch between crashes in the stock market. So will this Sept 11,2015 be another day that continues the seven year cycle? Well just have to wait & see..Also notice that the event’s are getting MORE Precise & Intense, with each passing seven years.. Just think of the Possibilities..If YOU prepare, YOU shall not fear..
        1. Black Monday October 19th 1987
        2. Black Tuesday Sept. 17, 2001
        3. Black Monday Sept. 29, 2008
        4. Black Friday Sept 11, 2015 ( Elul 29 )
        I did MY homework, & tried to find the TRUTH, How about YOU..
        May the good lord Jesus look after you & your family, stay safe & may GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS..
        BEST Wishes & REGARDS ROBBIE..

      46. My work tried to tell me I needed direct deposit. They handed me a paper wanting account info. I ripped it up and threw it away right in front of the management and said I don’t use the bank. They looked at me like I had two heads . I don’t trust them they are incompetent just cut me a live check I will do what I want. They try to tell people it saves paper and is cheaper for the company . It’s just better for them not me. They waste so much$ with their stupid ideas. Pay more useless stupidvisors that’s what I call them. I went to the bank friday to make a deposit and they wanted ID they never ask for deposits. They scanned it too they said it’s for security purposes. I hate the fuckin banks too. They are in bed with the state. I will be the first at the door when bank runs start. I have to use them I can’t have that kind of cake in my place. 911 was a prelude to bigger problems and if the towers were a symbol of Americas financial power what happened to the business records and hard drives in the buildings. It was a strategic target of Russia or Iran or North Korea. Yes terrorists did it but they were in on it too. Just like the us gov uses war contractors so they don’t have blood on there hands.

      47. I read a post on Stevequayle.com that chinese war ships, 3 of them ported in Greece along with 500 russian comandos. Looks like Greese just pulled the plug on the Euro and needed military protection. This crash will make the crash of 2008 look like a joke.

      48. I say live it up while there’s still time.

      49. Old 70 I’m not too sure about the half dollars but father in law had them put aside and he passed and wife got them so we put them away. The old man was no slouch so I’m assuming they are probably the 90percent ones. I haven’t bothered to look got some silver certificates and other various moneys. The old man was a state constable for 40 years and retired police officer from the capital city police dept. we miss him he seemingly had the answers to just about anything you could encounter. As I’m in my middle years I understand why my pop told me things. I find myself telling my son these things now. I know he will understand later in life when he is on his own with a family. I enjoy talking to the old timers and I try to absorb the things they share. If not when they too pass the knowledge will be lost forever. Please share any knowledge you have with young people who will listen.

      50. As K said to J in Men in Black,”There’s always an Arquillian battle cruiser, or a Corillian Death Ray, or an intergalactic plague that is about to wipe out all life on this miserable little planet.” I don’t mean to make lite the esteemed opinion of such a smart economist (sarcasm off)….but we’ll know if he is right…..someday. Until then, as someone else has so succinctly put it; Pray, Plan, Prep, Teams.

      51. Yeah totally fucking, “duh”.

        Greenspan’s head shoulda been on a stick
        in an enlightened society
        decades ago.

      52. Yes, stocks are at all time highs. But is employment, industrial production, tax receipts, shipping tonnages of goods, electrical power consumption, gasoline consumption, coal tonnages mined, or labor participation rate at all time highs? No. All of those are either at 40 year or ALL TIME LOWS.

        So, what does this tell us? Well, it SHOULD tell us that we are on the receiving end of a carefully crafted line of BS. No, the economy is NOT improving. It is, in fact, getting worse. The level of employment is shrinking, inflation is rising above 10% now, and the family take home pay amount is less today than it was 10 years ago.

        In spite of all this, our so-called leaders tell us that all is well or at least getting better when it is not. The depression that began in 2008 still rages only the bulk of our dumbed-down population is too effing stupid to realize it. They still think that the “recession” of 2008 ended in 2009. Did it? No, not even close. And it’s no recession because those last about a year and then a recovery happens that creates MANY new jobs. Seen many new jobs that pay well lately? I haven’t.

        In 2010, we voted a lot of the scum-sucker politicians out of office because they were not doing a decent job for America. In 2014, the same thing happened. So, when are the new a$$holes going to up and do something (anything!) that’s good for the country? There is no sign that they are getting anywhere close to such an action. In fact, all we hear now is “When we get the presidency, we will do great things for America”. Well, let’s all just gather together and yell out a rousing, “BULLSHIT!”. These a$$holes have no plan whatever for improving this nation or the situation for our people. All they want is our votes, so they can continue to loot the treasury, suck up a lot of graft and bribes, and pretend that they give a s**t. That’s all. We have crossed the Rubicon, friends, and voting no longer matters because the more we vote for real change the less change there is. This is the classic, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss” routine and it is more than time we stop falling for it. It is time to go Galt on their worthless asses.

      53. him and his tribe are the cause

      54. Folks in touch with the financial world know what is coming: the big shale oil debt default. Is this the event Greenspan talks about? Perhaps. It looks like losses can easily be within the size of the Lehman melt-down:


        Now, will that put an end to QE? It might just do that. The average Joe can not possibly swallow a big oil bail out, even if that means loosing his job.

      55. Good grief. You’re a cheerful bunch at that side of the Atlantic!

      56. Phokile, Its Only because the end is near.

        • You should visit Africa. You can get plenty of training here in preparation.
          We have the whole spectrum of conditions you anticipate: high crime rates, angry mobs, food shortages, undependable electricity supply, shortage of drinkable water, etc. Everything you need to get ready.

      57. If you cannot identify the Jew, you are completely lost.

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