Federal Judge DESTROYS Key Mueller Claim: The Final Nail In Russiagate’s Coffin?

by | Jul 14, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 13 comments

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    In what could be the final nail in the Russiagate hoax’s coffin, a federal judge has destroyed a key claim made by Robert Mueller. A federal judge ruled that Mueller’s indictment of a “troll farm” is not actual proof of it.

    Mueller’s charges against Concord Management & Consulting, the Russian company accused of running a troll farm and sowing discord on social media in the United States back in 2016 during the presidential election, do not establish a link between that private company and the Russian government, US District Judge Dabney L. Friedrich pointed out.  This was a key aspect of Mueller’s Russiagate election interference hoax, and the judge shot holes in it.

    According to RT, the special counsel’s much-publicized final report claims to have established” and “confirmed” Russian government activities based in part on the indictment against Concord, which is a breach of prosecutorial rules, Friedrich said.  For example, Mueller’s report says that Concord CEO Yevgeny Prigozhin “is widely reported to have ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. That’s an assertion, not evidence. However, the mentally manipulated American populace would never read “widely reported” as anything other than a fact, even though it is far from it. 

    Judge Friedrich’s ruling was issued on May 28, but only unsealed on July 1, and went largely unnoticed by the media until this week, when alternative media became to notice. That’s not surprising, given the United States political establishment and the mainstream media’s commitment to the “Russiagate” narrative, journalist and author Daniel Lazare told RT. “It’s quite a dramatic ruling,” Lazare said. “Essentially what it says is that half of Mueller’s case doesn’t make any sense, it has no evidence to back it up.”

    Mueller’s report argued that Moscow sought to meddle in the election by Concord’s sowing discord” on social media while Russian intelligence stole Democrat emails and released them through WikiLeaks, but neither of those assertions is backed by actual evidence, and now the insinuated link between Concord and the Kremlin has been rejected, Lazare pointed out.

    “Americans assume that Russians and Russia are the same thing. But they’re not, any more than an individual American and the Trump administration are the same thing,” Lazare told RT.

    Many Are Calling For The Media To Be Held Legally Accountable For Relentlessly Lying To The American People About Russian Collusion

    The ruling is “a major blow to the entire ‘Russian Active Measures’ talking point, journalist Aaron Maté stated on Twitter. The Internet Research Agency put out juvenile clickbait mostly unrelated to the election, and is a private entity whose connection with the Kremlin Mueller never established, he added. If Mueller was disingenuous in falsely trying to link it to [the] Russian government, what else was he disingenuous about?”

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      1. Mission accomplished by Mr. M.

        I think I read that about 40% of the American public believes that “The Russians” actually changed votes in the 2016 Presidential Election.


      2. I understand that propaganda is intentionally meant to be simplistic and slightly over-the-top, stylistic, perhaps, along the lines of a cartoon or kabuki.

        But, the alt-right could have offered the kind of hard truths, about savages, that you might see on the farm or in a nature documentary. Maybe, that would look like the drudgery of work. Maybe, you might have to sacrifice something, in order to contribute, or you might have to struggle to learn something complicated.

        Instead, it was infantilized eye candy.

        They went through this stage of praising Russia, China, and North Korea.

        There was never any actionable advice or ultimatum. It could be something perfectly civilized, or legalistic, like a law you want to have passed. A deadline, when you will know whether you have succeeded or failed.

        But, there was nothing purposeful or constructive, ever. All futile.

        So, how would it look, if you were just “sowing discord” on social media.

        A carny, used car salesman kind-of character once asked me how I could ID a liar. (A long career of scam artistry. Yes, literally.) I said, liminality and subjectivity.

        What does your own side have to offer, in the here-and-now. A bird in the hand or three in the bush is the most complicated question, as emotional people are blind to what is directly under their nose.

        • drudgery of work and sacrafice. people dont want no part of either today. that would be a hardship. people cry for the gov to do something about hardship nowadays. people act like they will melt if they are out in the rain for a few extra minutes. the whining and pissing and moaning is at epic levels. lazy bums begging when there is help wanted signs everywhere you look. socialism will win because free shit trumps empty promises.

          • If you want the rudest, political awakening, make just one thing, independently, and make it well. If you build it, they will come. 31 flavors of reprobation aka the free sh- army.

            Learn about what you are making — sincerely appreciate it — and you will be more cultured than everyone in the communist school, fake news, and state church.

      3. America has a problem.
        A significant portion of our population
        are idiots. They vote for and support Democrats.
        That is why we have “blue states” run by big cities.
        The “bluest” of them all is Washington DC, The city that runs the country. Not even in a state but a city that should be
        nuked out of existence at the peak of work hours.
        America will survive and prosper without
        Washington DC.
        New York city.
        Los Angeles.
        Notice I picked cities with significant
        Corporate HQ locations as well as being
        80% Democrat voters. Those two things
        seem to go hand in hand.

        • Rellik, agreed. Eliminate dems, minorities, immigrants, etc. and a lot of problems disappear.

      4. After reading this I think I need a nap….

        • Gen,
          I did take a nap.
          I think I’ll go spray some roundup
          and destroy the world today.
          My post hole digger should be delivered
          next week and I should have the solar
          up by September.
          Most the wire just arrived.
          Ancor tinned marine wire 10 AWG.
          Haven’t ordered the charge controllers
          and connector panels yet but they have
          been selected, based on your advice.
          Keep in mind I went to school with Midnight
          solar and Outback guys. I really
          don’t know what it is about Arlington
          WA other than it is a nice place to live.
          That is where those guys are.
          Still haven’t picked out the batteries.
          I save that for the last.

          • relik, nothing like shtf breaking news to put you to sleep lol. Crown makes a very good forklift battery fyi. MC4 connectors and combiners are cheap on ebay too. Are you building 1 giant rack or several?
            Magnum energy is in WA too and as far as I know they were started by ex Trace Engineering peeps. I have yet to see a magnasine inverter that didn’t fail. Freakin garbage. But hey they sell (reconditioned) inverters with 1 year warranty for about 500 bux off lol. I wonder where they got all the inverters that had to be (reconditioned)? Outback and Midnite is the shit! Good luck my man… 🙂

            • I’m building a open “cow” shed so I don’t have to get a permit.
              Roof will be over 600 sf. I’ll then put the panels on the roof and electronics and battery(s) inside.
              Hawaii has so many stupid rules, it is almost an industry to figure out how to get around them.
              For example you have to get a permit to replace a toilet and only licensed contractors can “pull” a permit which requires licensed engineer stamped plans. That’s what happens when you live in a VERY blue state.

      5. * There is a World Wide Attack on basic human rights. By governments in most countries.
        * Leftist Media controlled by foriegn interests are ATTACKING basic human rights.
        * This web site is censored. Most of Net now censored.

        TECHNOLOGY is a tool of the slave masters.
        Tech allows the few to control the many/masses.
        Tech snitches, snoops,surviellance.
        Mass media LIes, Lies, Lies.

        The foolish masses embrace the tools of their own destruction.
        Robots/AI, might well end humans.

        DEMAND Break up of the Tech censorship monopolies.
        These Tech companies are helping China. TREASON.
        Demand charges.

        Comments -censored
        Discussion -censored
        Free thought -censored
        Alternative media -censored

        They have banned guns in NewZealand so as the people can not defend themselves. Soon they will come after your guns.
        For now they censor you. Control you.
        Tomorrow they will jail you.
        After they take the guns. The Tech Monopoly Leftist NWO control freak governments will KILL you. Genocide.

        Go to BlackListedNews, there is link bottom left on this page, and look up stories on Palantir. Yes you are tracked.
        Censorship is just begginning. Then gun control. Then Genocide.

        Russia is a diversion tactic by leftist NWO Mass media.

      6. It cant possibly hold another nail?

      7. …and from the MSM … crickets, like always. I hope the GOP members of the committee that Mueller is testifying for this week are aware of this. Won’t the Dem’s and Mueller look stupid(as usual) when someone brings this up.

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