Federal Government HHS Whistleblower: “The Vaccine Is Full Of Sh*t!”

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 14 comments

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    A Health and Human Services federal government employee has come forward as a whistleblower over the contents of the COVID-19 vaccine. According to Project Veritas’s new video, one doctor says “the vaccine is full of shit!” The whistleblower, Jodi O’Malley says “this is evil at the highest level,” when it comes to what’s in these “vaccines.”

    O’Malley says adverse reactions are not being reported. When O’Malley was asked if she was afraid of retaliation after coming forward, she said “yeah.” We already know the ruling class is being disingenuous about how they counting the hospitalizations and using the “unvaccinated” to hide cases, deaths, and vaccine injuries in the vaccinated. So what is this vaccine all about? The end goal is for everyone to take it, but why?

    “They are not reporting [adverse effects] because [the ruling class] wants to shove it under the mat,” Dr. Maria Gonzales an emergency room doctor said. “All of this is bullshit. Now probably myocarditis due to the vaccine! But now, they’re not going to blame the vaccine.”

    One of the reactions O’Malley witnessed was a 15-year-old with blood clots. He had been vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine’s first dose. There is no reason for a healthy child of the age of 15 to have a blood clot. Nobody is writing a VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) report because “it takes over a half an hour to write the damn thing,” says Deanna Paris a fellow registered nurse.

    O’Malley was prompted to contact Project Veritas after one of her coworkers was coerced into taking the vaccine, even though she didn’t want to, and eventually passed away from complications due to the vaccine.

    “What’s plaguing this country is the spirit of fear,” O’Malley says.

    As I say often, refuse to live in fear. It only prompts the rulers to come down more harshly on the slaves. Remember, we don’t need them ruling over us.  They need us to believe we need them and that comes from a place of fear.


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      1. Keep killing off your base. How many readers of this blog have already died of Covid? How many more will die before it’s over because they believed you? What’s the red-blue death differential again?

        Those clicks won’t keep coming if they keep on dying. Has your revenue gone down yet?

        • Hey go on, I have an in the box new sheeple nose ring for ya!
          The jab is poison – Have you seen any scientific list of the ingredients of these clot shots?
          We also had a 15 year old boy drown recently in my small own.
          When the autopsy was done – guess what – he died of a heart attack – BTW he also got the jab two days before.
          Its dopes like you that give thinking people a bad name.

          • I had 2 people die in my neighborhood, both died of covid and the autopsies said they died of heart attacks caused from the MASSIVE blood clots all thru their organs.

            • I seriously doubt that!

        • Here in the next couple of years people will be dying in droves and your gonna wonder why? Tell me why very very prominent Doctors have come out and said they suggest no body takes the jab, why did the creator of MRNA technology say not to take it. Why have more cases been reported to VEARS in the last 9 months than in the last 22 years. The proof is all out where anybody can find it or see it. I think your just having a hard time accepting that youve been fooled. But bro, realizing you’ve been fooled will be the best gift of all. Then you can start see the world for what it really is. Wake up from the trance.

      2. They will NEVER coerce or force me to take ANYTHING. I just say no, right up to the point where they cross the homestead threshhold with the kill shot….Thats the moment they will understand what a kill shot can really do.!!!!

        • You don’t understand how this will happen.

          But let me give you a hint, will your resolve be the same when you are hungry and homeless, trying to scavenge out of trash cans, and not allowed medical care or even the comfort of entering a homeless shelter on a cold night?

          That’s how it will be done.

          • Honk honk.

      3. Long ago they used to poison the wells and cause plagues. They used to kidnap christian children and drink their blood adrenochrome, they were cast out then they convinced you that Jesus is the antichrist and his friend the truth giver was a liar. They made themselves into victims, and you embraced them. They desecrated the entire world with their satanic filth dressed up to look like gold, you bought into every lie. You all worship the antichrist people and HATE anyone who tells you the truth calling them haters. Good luck, because every lie you buy, is pushing the entire human race deeper down to Hell and that is their supreme and only goal as the enemies of Christ and yours souls and all that is holy. You can’t discern evil from Good, you have gotten what you deserve=and it will get worse until they bring Lucifer’s kingdom of unholy Hell to the earth and everything dies and then you all spend eternity in Hell. What Adam and Eve did, was up to all of you and all the time you have had to overcome, and you could have made it right, rejected the devils lies and been enlightened to the truth. PRIDE, the worst sin, the one Lucifer counts on, Pride that you are right when you are all wrong, to not know the serpent who lies to you is evil incarnate because of lies from the antichrist people. I feel so sorry for God that he has lost so many of you. You are blind to the truth because of false Pride the serpent’s lies give to you if you believe them. Seek the truth and be set free. Believe lies and those lies will put you all in Hell for eternity.

      4. Well the vaxola is full of crapola…now why am I not surprised. The vaxxed got raw sewage injected into them,well that might be a stretch,but what they got probably isn’t to far removed from that. How stupid can people be? To let someone inject who in the hell knows what into their body?

      5. So the new R.1 mutation of covid will defeat all vaccines and require the strictest of lockdown style restrictions to date to prevent it killing so many people that it will be completely devastating to our country and its future.

      6. Christians are accused of forever speaking in Bible verses.

        Branch Covidians can only speak, using scientific journals.

        Castrated members of their suicide cult refuse all questions, unless one of these paid publications has posted it, first.

        Then, they act as though an unqualified layperson has taken their holy scripture in vain.

        Truth be told, I have no problem with social sanctions being imposed upon the religious view, in competition with me.

      7. Don’t you wonder why so many healthcare workers are getting fired because they refuse the poison death shots? After working with covid patients for 18 months, they would rather be fired than get the injections. Maybe they are seeing first hand the damage the injections are causing.

        Over 14,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries, many permanent, reported to VAERS since December. To report to VAERS the reporting person must know the details of the patient like blood count and blood pressure and some technical medical information only a trained healthcare provider would know. Then a CDC employee calls to get further information. Not just anyone can enter an acceptable report.

        A Harvard study shows only 1% to 10% of all vaccine adverse effects and injuries are reported to VAERS even though it is required by law. Do the math and remember upwards of 40% of our healthcare workers will be fired shortly for refusing the poison death shots. They must know something we regular non doctor types don’t.

      8. Vitamins D, C, K, and zinc are the immune systems best friends vaxxed or not. Along with vitamin B12.

        That said, the vaccines should have been pulled ages ago as they’ve far exceeded the usual allowable numbers of adverse reactions.

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