FBI Scandal Unraveling: Susan Rice Email From Inauguration Day Is ‘Disturbing’

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 30 comments

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    As if rational-minded humans needed any other evidence that the “Russian collusion” narrative was fabricated, a disturbing email from Susan Rice has surfaced, adding fuel to that fire. Rice was Barack Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations and is most known for her lying in the aftermath of the Benghazi scandal.

    Rice has been neck deep in several scandals, including the “unmasking” ordeal that unfolded shortly after Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Senator Lindsey Graham has now described one of Rice’s newly discovered emails as “disturbing,” flinging her head first into the invented Russian collusion scandal. The recently revealed Inauguration Day email from Susan Rice detailed former President Barack Obama’s guidance at a high-level meeting about how law enforcement should investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election.

    According to Fox News, the email first surfaced Monday, when Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Graham, R-S.C., sent the Obama national security adviser a letter, pressing for answers about the email by next week. “She’s sending herself an email talking about a conversation on January 5 with the president, reassuring herself, and I guess the president, that this would be done by the book,” Graham said Monday night on Fox News’ The Story with Martha MacCallum. “I think that’s odd and disturbing because we know the investigation regarding the Trump campaign was anything but by the book.”

    Rice’s email, which she sent to herself on January 20, 2017, seemed to document a January 5, 2017, meeting in the Oval Office with Obama, then-Vice President Joe Biden, former FBI Director James Comey, then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, and herself.

    In writing to Rice, Grassley and Graham said, “It strikes us odd that, among your activities in the final moments on the final day of the Obama administration, you would feel the need to send yourself such an unusual email purporting to document a conversation involving President Obama and his interactions with the FBI regarding the Trump/Russia investigation.” The two senators also noted that while Rice said that Obama instructed Comey to proceed ‘by the book,’ the Republicans claim that ‘substantial questions have arisen about whether officials at the FBI, as well as the Justice Department and the State Department, actually did proceed “by the book.”‘

    This major scandal and subsequent mainstream media coverup is slowly unraveling, and it seems there are few high-powered Democrats that aren’t caught up in the corruption.


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      1. Obama knowingly sent emails to Hillary’s illegal , unsecured server he is just as guilty as she is. Those that had security clearances know if you send to a bad server and if you don’t report it it’s a crime. If you or I had done the server it would be 10 to 15 years plus up to two years per classified document received. In addition if you send classified docs to the server you are also looking at two years per doc.

      2. Recognizing that you will be questioned later, and being thorough, about that, are not questionable things to say.

        You don’t have to like her or her politics.

        • I would love to feed this evil woman to the crazed islamic savages.

          • Menzo, if the muzzies were to take out antifa, BLM, feminists, and other lefty groups they would do at least part of our job for us. Then we take out the muzzie trash.

            • Take out the REAL trash that’s ruined this country, annihilate the Juden that’s pulling all the strings, even your muzzies.



      4. What surprises me is that these retards didn’t cover their tracks better.

        • That is because essentially they are stupid.

          • “By the book” must be referring to Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals.”

            Blame the other side for the exact thing you are guilty of.

            • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

              Now that was funny. ?

        • It didn’t occur to them to cover their tracks. They never believed for a moment that Hillary might lose. They knew that when Hillary won, there would never be any inquiries about what happened in the last few weeks and months of the Obama administration.

          • This

          • A case of republican hackers out-hacking dem hackers??!!

          • But can you just imagine the OH SHIT moment they had when Clinton didn’t win!!! Man i wish i could have been a fly on the wall, to watch them freak out. Running around trying to think of a way not to get caught up in the coming shit storm.

            • TallMan,
              Actually it’s frightening how the deep state are killing off all the witnesses.

              There was a Russian who was central in the Uranium One deal and imagine the coincidence, had direct dealings with Christopher Steele and his fingers were in the Trump Dossier. Well he died in that Russian plane crash in Moscow last week along with 70 totally innocent people.

              Flying is one of the safest modes of transportation, unless of course you get on a plane with a key witness against Obama or the Clintons.

        • John S. – call me a stickler for words; but, “disturbing” isn’t the one I think of when I have Rice, Obama, Comey, Hillary…. come to mind. “Disgusting”, “traitorous”, “conniving”, “liars”, “enraging”,……. you complete the list. But the worst words are most probably going to be, “acquitted” or “blameless”. I’d prefer – “incarcerated”, “incinerated”, “dead”.

          • Heartless, agreed. Personally I prefer ‘dead’.

        • John, libturds NEVER have any brains so what did you expect.

      5. Susan Rice’s lying after the Benghazi terror attack (resulting in the loss of 4 American lives) went on for more than a month. This Obama sycophant had no, or little, relationship with the truth while trying to obfuscate the Benghazi story. The often repeated storyline about a rarely seen movie was a total lie.

      6. Mmmmm…get Gitmo ready, a lot of dems will be heading there shortly…….or should.

      7. bet she’s buzy writing all kinds new Dear Diary entries using 15 different pens and claiming they are from years past ….

      8. The most corrupt admin in American history! And everyone is still sitting around saying “were they corrupt?” “Did they break the law?” Take your pick! Which ones do you want to go after? Why don’t you? The sillyness isn’t just over there, it is everywhere!

        • A meeting I’m in is just like it. We are 4 months and many meetings down the road, and they are still arguing about the things discussed in the first meeting. Going around and around, in circles.

      9. As if the Bush 1, Clinton and Bush 2 administrations did not sufficiently destroy the American people’s trust in their government these thugs took it to a new level. I know of no one today who actually trusts the FBI, the DOJ or any of the players in the aforementioned administrations.

      10. Our only hope is GITMO and a Military Tribunal. But don’t count on it.

        • You’re right, OG. I don’t see a perp walk happening from any one of the traitors listed above.

      11. Speaking of “By the Book”, I say throw the book at all these stinking criminals!

      12. This new information has been exposed by accident not investigation. if this is what is found by a stumble what would we find with real effort. this is but the proverbial tip of the iceberg. it has shown us the corruption that exists so now we multiply this by the iceberg ratio. We are in trouble. we have two choices. support our president and help clean the corruption or close our eyes and hope it goes away.

      13. IF you ho;d your breath waiting for AG Sessions to INDICT anyone mentioned in the EVIDENCE that has been presented to the House and Senate committees…YOU will DIE…for Sessions is of the Deep State and will NEVER INDICT…anyone….he will only go after law abiding medical pot smokers….HE needs to be FIRED and Indicted for OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE….imho

      14. There is no book for this sort of thing.

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