FBI Raids Home of Dangerous Doomsday Prepper: Agents Find Legally Owned Firearms, Barrels of Food

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    The Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies blasted alerts all over the country earlier this week advising Americans to be on the lookout for ‘Doomsday Prepper’ Martin Winters, who police say was stockpiling over fifty “high powered” rifles, deadly booby traps and food in preparation for an “end times” event. Neighbors interviewed by mainstream news were terrified about the allegations, leaving some with the impression that Winters was “crazy” because he allegedly claimed that he would kill federal agents if necessary.

    While SWAT officials indicated the likelihood that they would have to engage Winters in a firefight was high, friends and family suggested otherwise, saying that Winters may have had views different from most people but insisting that he is a “good guy” who wouldn’t hurt others unless it was necessary to do so in self defense.

    Police went so far as to suggest that Winters had essentially gone off the reservation and that he didn’t care whether he lived or died, and that he was “plotting” a confrontation with the federal government.

    But the claims and allegations may have been blown way out of proportion. After police obtained a warrant to search Winters’ home based on information obtained from a confidential informant they were probably surprised that not only did Winters have no explosive booby troops set up all over his property as had been claimed, he was also far short of having possession of the fifty high-powered rifles that police said he had been stockpiling.

    Federal agents this week searched the Florida home of a ‘doomsday prepper’ they alleged had stockpiled over 50 high-powered assault rifles and several explosive devices buried around his property as ‘booby traps’.

    However the warrant showed up little more than barrels of food.

    But in federal court on Wednesday, Winters’ defense attorney, Ellis Faught, said the confidential informant’s estimates were wide of the mark.

    The informant had bought four so-called destructive devices from Winters, but they were not buried as booby traps.

    Five guns were found locked in a safe, according to 10 News.

    ‘None of this was there,’ Fraught told the court, the station reported.

    ‘And it’s my understanding that no guns were dug up.

    ‘It was alleged by the government that there were 50 to 60 guns and I’m only aware of five of them that were found and they were found in his house in a safe.’

    Source: Daily Mail

    While Martin Winters’ political ideology and interests may differ from those of most Americans, the government had tried him in a public court before any evidence had been presented or found. Some of his neighbors were terrified of this “crazy” individual after they had been told of his alleged crimes, and the mainstream media was happy to oblige the narrative that this right-wing survivalist extremist was a danger to himself and society.

    The FBI issued the following photo to its media surrogates during the manhunt in an effort to depict Winters as a survivalist who had gone off the deep end:


    His daughters, however, say that Winters is not violent at all and that he is a loving father and grandfather.

    “I think they took the whole context of him being prepared and twisted it,” says his daughter Tracy.

    winters and family

    (Pictured: Martin Winters with daughters)

    Video: “This whole manhunt happened because Winters was trying to protect his family”

    Senator Rand Paul warned Americans about this growing trend of demonizing innocent Americans in a speech he delivered to Congress three years ago in opposition to the National Defense Authorization Act noting that those who don’t subscribe to the status quo could be branded as extremists and terrorists. Paul’s prediction couldn’t have been more accurate, especially considering the manhunt and circumstances surrounding the ordeal with Martin Winters:

    There are laws on the books now that characterize who might be a terrorist.

    Someone missing fingers on their hands is a suspect according to the Department of Justice. Someone who has guns, someone who has ammunition that is weatherproofed, someone who has more than seven days of food in their house can be considered a potential terrorist.

    If you are suspected by these activities do you want the government to have the ability to send you to Guantanamo Bay for indefinite detention?

    I suspect, we’re not talking about someone who has been tried or found guilty. We’re talking about someone suspected of activities.

    We have, unfortunately, reached a point in America where talking about ideas that don’t go along with mainstream thought has become suspicious activity and those engaging in it are now identified as extremists or persons of interest. With the surveillance state rapidly expanding its capabilities to monitor conversations and interactions with those around us, it has become more important now than ever before to keep our personal activities as private as possible.

    OPSEC, a term preppers use to describe operational security, is a key tenet of staying safe in the event of a major disaster. But in this day and age it is a concept that is just as important to implement while everything is seemingly stable, because sharing too much with the wrong people may make you a target, not just to looters and thieves, but overzealous government agents as well.

    Today Martin Winters is a domestic terrorist. Tomorrow it might be you.


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      1. “Dangerous”?
        The government and media are dangerous.

        • This is truly an example of the “Thought Police”. Big Nanny Government didn’t like the idea that someone’s thoughts were independent of the Official Narrative.

          Just imagine! A free American had guns and extra food! He must be arrested and interrogated!

          • Freedom is gone because we allowed a few families to gain total control….

            • The gov publicizes everything we do as a bad
              example, but hides their dirty work as covert
              operations and classified information.

              If anyone remembers the Iraq war under Bush jr.
              when the B52s carpet bombed the Iraqis 24/7
              for a week straight but it was not allowed to
              be televised for American consumption because
              of the horrible devastation. That’s okay.

              But a prepper with supplies, they have to string
              him up as the invasive terrorist rot that the
              country is now falling victim to.

              • This guy was totally set up. This was done as a deliberate smear. I live about 1 hour away from this guy. The Valrico area is mostly comprised of suburbanites with a rural outlying setting. The neighborhood he lives in is home to mostly good people in a rural setting. However, his mistake was telling people in his neighborhood that are completely asleep at the wheel, deer in the headlights, sheeple. It was a couple of those neighbors that got together and called him in. This is what people need to watch out for. The see something, say something, Nazi rat crowd.

                Additionally, the local radio and television were on a massive smear campaign against this guy. He fled into the woods near his home for a day while he figured out a way to get himself turned in. The whole while he was in the woods, the news reports were utterly pathetic. They were talking about how he is an expert survivalist that could live in the woods for months at a time. That he knew all the hiding places and had food and weapons stored all around the woods. If he hadn’t turn himself in, they would’ve killed him for sure.

                So, I was laughing my ass off when he had his wife pick him up, went and had lunch, picked up his two attorneys, then drove himself to the FBI Tampa office. That must have been quite the disappointment to all the trigger happy thugs that wanted to drop him at 200 yards with a .308 sniper rifle. Anyway, he turned himself in and he invoked his right to remain silent. We’ll see what happens next.

                • Your version sounds a lot more credible, thanks.

                  “Today Martin Winters is a domestic terrorist. Tomorrow it might be you.” — I’ve been harping on this for years. I’d now like to amend it. TOMORROW IT WILL BE YOU.

                  Like it or not, it already is.

                  • Most likely,
                    Sorta sucks,

                  • Guilty until proven innocent. This is Napoleonic Law and is completely unconstitutional. There be a massive lawsuit in the making here. In this country there is suppose to be you are innocent until PROVEN guilty in a court of law. False accusations will get individuals sued, the government deserves the same punishment when it oversteps its boundaries.

                    Fortunately when the government F’s up there is lots of coverage from this. That makes others aware of just how capable this government is of going after someone that has done absolutely nothing wrong just because they APPEAR or MIGHT be dangerous. This makes those that might consider the government fair think twice. Those in law enforcement have to realize that one day their asses could also be in the crosshairs for whatever PERCEIVED reason, and also think twice before acting like Gestapo.

                  • One thing I forgot to mention on the internation news. Israel attacks 9 targets in Syria. This is 5 days before the New Moon. Israel uses this window of 5 days before to 5 days after a New Moon to launch attacks. This is why each month I give an advisory about the New Moon as a possible start to an attack on Iran and the start of WW3. The window is now on until July 2, maybe July 3 for military activity to possibly increase in the world because of the lack of light in the night sky.

                • JoeRep, I wonder if this obvious “setup” was hatched from other intel, like maybe he supported Cliven Bundy or even just sent in a donation with his debit card. This sounds like it was planned WAY in advance. All they needed was an “informant” to get their probable cause.

                  I think there is probably more “behind the scenes” and that we need to know about what that was. I don’t believe their informant “just came forward.” I think they may have been sought out to verify OTHER SECRET INTEL they had received, but COULD NOT USE IN COURT OR TO A JUDGE.

                  JR, got anything on that?

                  • Tell us why the FBI needed to perform illegal, covert searches for ‘secret intel’ that may or may not exist, when they have neighbors only too happy to drop a dime on the guy and give false information.

                    Not making sense.

                  • Smokey, most likely, those “neighbors only too happy to drop a dime” had never actually SEEN anything or been physically inside the house or property. Any good cop knows that a neighbor making guesses on what he ‘thinks’ might be going on, without more, is never strong evidence when it comes before a judge. They lose more of those cases than they like to admit.

                    They needed “eyes inside”, not “neighbors only too happy to drop a dime.” Most people who “drop dimes” don’t know their ass from a pickle fork, they’re just mad about something else, and hoping to get even by sicking the cops on their enemy. That’s pretty common, actually.

                    Just imagine the blow back if they had found absolutely NOTHING…they couldn’t make a national media-frenzy story on THAT, now could they?

                    What makes me happy is, THEY WERE STILL WRONG!

                  • Also Smokey, have you heard about LEOs using illegally obtained info from NSA and FUSION CENTERS, in petty criminal cases lately? You know, the info that they couldn’t tell the judge or the DA how they got it, because IT WAS ILLEGAL FOR THEM TO HAVE? Check it out when you have a chance.

                    They have new backscatter technology and much more, and most of it is not yet legal to use by local LEOs or even the FBI…yet.

                    But that doesn’t mean they ain’t using it now. That’s why I’m curious what their primary lead was BEFORE the CI.

                  • 20 years after Ruby Ridge people are still doing dumb stuff like helping a buddy make an illegal firearm or explosive device?I don’t care how close a friend you think they are, if anyone asks you to help them do something illegal, that should be a completely slap your forehead wake up call. If some one asks you to “help them make a…..”, just give them the address for how to make a ” whatever” on the I ternet and tell them”I want to warn you that this is illegal, but have at it brother”. The list of folks who have been coerced into doing something illegal by “friends” is a very long list.And no matter how proud of your preps you are, never discuss them in detail with anyone other than family members who have a need to know. Hope he can somehow extricate him self from this tarbaby.

                • “While Martin Winters’ political ideology and interests may differ from those of most Americans” ????

                  Most Americans are ignorant, programmed imbeciles.

                • All it takes is someone who has it in for you to claim things against you. Sadly the yahoos in law enforcement what ever that means don’t bother to verify the truth of what is said. All they want is to try out their toys on live meat.

                  • You have absolutely no idea how correct you are.

                    You think of this in theory.

                    I’ve seen it in practice.

                • There were others arrested in this same sting operation… other members of his preppers group. The FBI had charges/warrants for them too.

                • i used to haul aluminum scrap to this guy about 20 years ago ,he had a small smelter set up and paid well ,at that time he lived in rural riverview went by “Marty”,as i remember he was a very laid back nice guy ,even then the epa was stepping on his balls ,i think they may have even shut him down

                • Well now his cover is exposed..

                  Another one tagged and bagged .

                  Never ever discuss your plans, weaponry, stores, etc..especially now as food prices and overall costs of living are increasing rapidly..

                  It’s unfortunate that we must “blend’ within the crowds and neighbors and work but in order to survive…one must appear as a Roman..”when in Rome”

                  We certainly live in perilous times folks and never know when some one or some rogue agency will drop a dime on us.

                  Another lesson learned..


            • Freedom is only free if you exercise it. Meanwhile the Government stockpiles billion of lethal hollow point bullet ammunition for domestic purposes, Arms terrorist factions and Drug Cartels. Builds FEMA Camps to imprison the masses, Marches around the world killing millions, dropping bombs on innocent children, and has the gall to call a guy storing food a threat? The Government does not want any body prepared for any disaster to they can take full control the masses. The more defenseless we all are the more they can spread their Tyranny with little resistance. Wake up Sheeple smell they Tyranny!! Big Manhunt eh? OPSEC People, Learn it Live it!!

            • just fucking say it you panty waste
              you mean dirty little jews and their Zionist filth
              the whole reason your country is in the spot it is in now
              is because of attitudes like yours unwilling to name names

              the jews are behind all of this
              do you want to know how to get rid of them
              just wait until they cross the line in Canada
              and we will be happy to show you what we do with dirty little mice

          • @ Grafique

            I believe that real root of the problem — in this situation and so many others –is simple:


            Its just a bunch of power mad individuals who want to dig their hands in our pockets and tell us how to live our lives. These POS use the pretext that somehow “the government” is some sort of abstract thing out there somewhere, making decisions all on its own. That way, no one has to take any damned responsibility. Bollocks! Some PERSON made the decision to persecute this man, just like some PERSON made the decision to go after rancher Bundy out in Nevada, just like some PERSON made the decision to “erase” Lois Lerner’s emails, just like some PERSON decided to let a floodtide of illegals into our country, just like some PERSON decided to walk guns into Mexico.

            If there is to be any justice in this country, then everyone of those PERSONS needs to be held personally responsible. If they are not, if they get to hide behind the cloak of “we’re smarter than you, and we know better”, if they get to use the old Clinton excuse that “mistakes were made”, if they get to arrogantly jut out their chin at us like President MomJeans, or stare down their nose at us like the witch Lois Lerner, then they had better get used to the idea that the people who are the true backbone of this country will no longer support them.

            Those of us who have always worked hard, played by the rules, did our jobs, paid our taxes, voted and believed in good government bullshit are DONE waiting for the system to give us justice. TPTB had better start understanding that there are all sorts of justice in this world; each one of THEM is a PERSON who is personally responsible for what they have done, and for what they have failed to do; and that the peoples justice will catch up to them sooner or later.

            Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

            • The “agents” involved should be ashamed of themselves.

              Jesus once said, “Forgive them not, for they know what they do”. He did not say forgive them for they know not what they do as is often quoted.

              Being a Man created by God is now a crime in the eyes of soulless and mindless “agents” created by the state.

              I can forgive them not, lest I be in violation of Gods Law and the instructions of Jesus himself.

              The best I can do is feel sorry for their families to have in their midst such mindless criminals that doom them all to Hell.

              • Luke 23:24 Forgive them for they know not what they do. Seems opposite to me. I can be righteously angry and forgive at the same time. The majority of these people have been brainwashed themselves. Many times I wondered how close I came to being one of them. Thankfully my parents saw this coming and pulled me out of school at 1st grade. I learned more about math, history (real history) and science (real science)that way, and had a good set of morals to boot. The difference between me getting blinded and them? God’s Sovereignty. So yeah, I can get mad at their stupidity, but that doesn’t mean that I wish them to hell either.

              • GC, I’m sorry but that’s not what the Bible says. The Blood of Christ is sufficient even for people who know that they’re sinning.
                Since becoming a Christian, I’ve known each time that I sinned that I was disobeying God.
                The Blood of Christ is enough.

                Every New Testament translation puts it this way. Easy to look up on Google.

                • You should really try reading it in Greek. You know? The language it was written in

              • Jesus cuts my neighbors lawn.

              • @GC,
                Once again you are right, but shed light on a new subject for those still asleep from their 501c3 americanized pulpit liars and therefore will be met with much resistance.


                Read up, you who still slumbers. And when you are done, read the link at the above link on “the fastest way to DISPROVE tithing and stop supporting the “BUSINESS” of church in amerika.


                  • BJ,

                    Thanks for linking to it. I know that the many deceived will continue to be by the very churches recruited by the corp to keep them that way. Give unto to Ceasar, and cast the first stone are two other examples of such deception by man, of man.

                    Why would the line be purposely mistranslated by King James? To protect himself and give the subjects the thought they should forgive him for his sins against them.

                    I expect that many will not like what I say, a lot of the time, because it goes against their mainstream teachings, even those from the “church”.

                    When I want to go to church, I take my bible down to the riverbank and read in solitude, and asking for guidance through my heart and soul.

                    It was after one of those sessions that I was lead to the correction of the quote, and many others truths and “errors” of interpretation have also been found after my “services”.

                    God will lead you, but not if you ask for someone in a 501c corp to lead you to Him. If you go to a 501c church, you are not worshiping God. You are worshiping the states version of IT’s god, which is really man.

            • IMPCALGI, AMEN to your comments. I’ve stated on here many times and will say again: NOTHING THIS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DOES HAS ANY LEGITIMATE BASIS TO IT WHATSOEVER. In my book, this man is a victim of the criminal regime we all live under. I hope he can win. Don’t believe for one minute any of the lies coming from the feds and their mouthpieces in the corporate media. I supposedly fit the DHS’ criteria for being a terrorist, so I know I’m in the right kind of company. I’ve always been independent-minded. I never accept anyone’s propaganda regardless of the source on any subject. Nobody tells me what to think. I get my information from this site and from other sites in the alternative media. However, beware of some other sites in the alternative media that are not reliable. the day is coming when TPTB will have their day to be held accountable for all of their crimes.

            • the UNTOUCHABLES!

            • @IMPCALGI
              in response to your lois lerners emails, here is the PERSON’ this is a quick video 4 minutes or so, of WI rep Paul Ryan drilling irs head on cspan.


            • What they need is to go Jack Bauer on TPTB.
              Only then will we get the answers.
              Fight Fire with fire .
              One of the previous posters stated we have telephone poles linking every road .
              Be creative , be direct , use them for FREEFOR purposes :

              Stick it in their faces , do it so it cannot be covered up by the MSM and where they can see it on their way to work everyday , they REPRESENT US REMIND THEM OF IT.
              Provide handouts post them in gun shops with the owners permission , keep them factual provide information that can be looked up by others on their own.

              This is nothing new It comes from the time of the founders ” Safety Committees” Let them know we are as mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore.

              When the Government fears the people there is liberty , when the people fear their Government there is Tyranny.

              Its going to happen , what time is better than now , maintain the high ground .
              HEARTS AND MINDS

              Fundamental Change starts with US and we will build it .


              Semper Fi 8541

        • If he had a thousand weapons it is his right. Deadly traps are also his right on his property despite what these scum say.

          • A thousand guns doesn’t bother me, either, but in most states it is illegal to set a mantrap of any nature.

            • The traps will be for 2 legged Tyrannical Animals. Fuck their law.

        • Oh, he’s definitely a danger alright. Imagine how long he and his family could subsist on their own food and provisions, instead of taking the mark of the beast and checking into a FEMA death camp! This is totally unacceptable.

          • Wow! So now it is criminal to be responsible for yourself and to plan to take care of your family and not want gov. help??????????????? As for a weeks worth of food on hand- who here doesn’t garden or hunt or raise animals? Some of us only go to the store once or twice a month! WTSHTF the idiots who scorned him will be the first to want help.Hope they starve.

            • Daddy govt doesn’t want anyone to hunt. They want us to line up at walmart for our rations, when the time comes.

            • Nothen G,
              YUP, you got it they know if we can take care of ourselves then they cannot control us, like the rest of the sheeple so they are going to try to make us criminals in the eyes of the average Joe!!

            • The Biggest Threat to Americans are these FEMA Death Camps.

        • While I never considered myself to be a criminal, It looks like before we start on politicians we may need to eliminate Confidential Informers first. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

          • Only problem with that MT,

            The CIs are just like filthy,stinking coons. For every “one” you take out, there are two more waiting in the wings. Believe me, I’ve been aware of the coon situation as well as the stinking rat snitches that walk with the pack.

            This low-life prick in our community has been doing “dirty” work for the LE for twenty years. He is a telephone lineman and gets to know everyone in the communities he works in. Because he is a member of the local VFD, he is accepted as an outstanding citizen. He even does illegal wiretaps for LE and no one knows the difference.

            This individual is about as un-christian as they come. He has been a womanizer,adulter, and uses the Lord’s name in vain by G’d-ing every other breath (when not around the right people). He has never attended a church or paid a tithe; the greediest person around. A true low-life scum camoflaged by his wealth and expensive toys.

            There are millions just like him, ready to “rat-out” a man, like the story here suggests. They do it for thrills, and occasionally an extra buck, or to believe somehow they are “above” the law, by working with the law.

            Their day will come when they have to stand before God. Those types will not be in eternity, so we can live in peace, without the two-faced liars to bother any of us.
            Sad to say, but; many of the LE guys that think they are doing the right thing, will be going down the path with their CIs, the path that leads to total destruction of the soul.
            All I can say is, “have a good trip!”

        • This is why you should speak softly and carry a big stick. Keep quiet and prep. Shop locally and pay with cash.

        • Of course… our governement was hi-jacked. We live in a police state now, where black is white and white is black.

        • If you want to see what this wonderful “doomsday” prepper gave to his community and neighborhood go to “Fishhawk Warriors For Truth” and scroll down to the pictures. Built a produce stand to give away weekly food he bought out his pocket. Helped put up Christian crosses throughout the area in high traffic locations. Worked everyday for his neighbors to help them. Distributed food to widows in the area every week to their homes if they could not come to the produce stand. Built and stocked chicken coups for anyone in his neighborhood that wanted one. Built hog pens for neighbors. Took trees down for neighbors. Did all kinds of dirt work for neighbors for free. So many Christian deeds I am not going to mention them all because everyday was dedicated to studing God’s Word, prepping, and helping anyone who needed help. Never asked for a dime.

        • This is the sort of stuff that happens when a fed who’s used to getting their way fabricates testimony to get a cop friendly judge to rubber stamp a warrant without actually looking at how it was obtained.

      2. This man was made an ‘example of’ on purpose. The Feds are struggling for control and they will demonize any and all who threaten their illegal power or the status quo. Not surprised one bit.

        Time grows short people- be ready.

        • Yep, just like awhile back, this young man posted something on facebook (criticizms of the government) and he was picked up, no charges filed, and hauled off by the cops and went through horrendous ordeal. Do you think others will be so outspoken on facebook now?

          That’s a common tactic used by Polic States. As Naomi Wolfe said in her books, “Give Me Liberty” and “Letters to a Young Patriot”, they don’t have to pick up everyone and terrorize them. If they do it to just a few, automatically everyone else clams up out of fear… that is how an open society is turned into a closed society. The only solution is, no matter what, never give up your God given rights… continue to speak out!

        • Right on Socrates. All they have to do is make people fearful, and folks will start ‘informing’ on others. It’s a shame, because most folks who homestead or farm fall right into this category, people at work ask me questions like “so, is homesteading like preparing for grid down?’ I just tell them that it just means I like fresh vegetables and eggs. Then I spread disinformation so they thinki thnk preppers are nuts. Oh, wait…I AM NUTS!

          • Like JoeRepublic alluded to, this guy made the mistake of trying to wake up some of his slumbering, head-in-the-sand neighbors. As many here have likely experienced first-hand, most people in the USSA would prefer to not speak about these uncomfortable truths, and some of them can become downright angry with you. Some of them will even retaliate against you in one of the worst ways imaginable. They’ll snitch you out to the nearest FBI/DHS office and have a dozen jack-booted thugs smashing down your door at 5:00 AM, killing all your pets, and more than willing to kill you too if you even fart too loud in their general direction.

      3. Who’s going to go to prison if the charges against Winters were false or trumped up?

        Lead investigator? Confidential informant?

        Will the media who was complicit in this pay for the slander of this man’s name?

        We need laws to protect average citizens from this kind of government abuse. It happens daily in America and it will continue to happen until people (cops, prosecutors, judges, fake witnesses) start going to prison.

        • “””We need laws to protect average citizens from this kind of government abuse. “””

          There already is Laws for that, they are just not being properly enforced by the People….YET

          • He should sue. When I sued my local town and town officials pro se for violation of my privacy among other things, I wound up getting $20,000 and they had to agree to stop giving out personal info on police reports. I found out later that they would have given me as much as $100k just to make the case go away.

            (Note: I was a victim. Someone tried to steal my dog while I was on the street walking him. The next day they went to the law enforcement center and got a copy of the police report. The report contained my full name, address, date of birth, home and cell phone numbers and my social security number.)


        • @ Ovals : “We need laws to protect average citizens from this kind of government abuse” you say? We already have them and they’re ignored. They’re called the “Bill of Rights” in the U.S. Constitution. A deceased document in AmeriKa.

      4. Yet another example of the FBI’s inability to find their own ASS with both hands. Can you hear the payout$$$$$$?

      5. Imagine what could happen if the Authorities find grain in grain bins?

        • I have what would amount to years worth of food on my farm. Please don’t let the Government know.

          I still recall a “news story” about some poor soul accused of having “bomb making materials” in his basement. I believe it was copper pipe, electrical tape, doorbell wire, and other assorted items. I remember telling my wife that I had every item they listed in my basement as well. Lord help me if they inventory the items in my repair shop.

          • Joe,is amazing what every day usable items can be turned into explosive wise,a 100 bucks and a big box store and you could make some scary items(or have a hell of a 4th fireworks display).Home products such as ammonia and bleach make a very sickening/potentially deadly gas(careful when housecleaning if using such products.Anyone who works on their home/gardens/works on cars ect. has materials to make all sorts of explosive items,or,they just have stuff to do afore mentioned projects.Hell,have gallons of gas in shed,cleaning rags,and a container full of empty bottles,the makings of molatov cocktails obviously!Or,perhaps stuff to go to recycle,rags to check oil levels(in a metal can)and gas for power equiptment.

      6. The “Confidential informant” should stand before a Judge for the lies that he/she told.

        • Damn ßtraight! Someone clearly lied.

        • which judge? One who is a trained tool that protects those who terrorize us? One who makes excuses for those who are already drunk on our money and wish to be drunk on our blood? Or a judge who will actually weigh the facts, and exact justice?

          Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

        • You mean like Al Sharpton’s Tawana Brawley or Crystal Gail Mangum of the Duke lacrosse case? Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

        • Not only that , should be sued for slander and also for pain and suffering in civil court and prosecuted for falsifying information

          • Kula,I do agree/hate informants,that said,did this guy yap his mouth off to a bunch of folks one in bed with govt.,as others have mentioned,op sec.

        • No kidding, some informants need to be put in fear of losing their homes and income. Even if he doesn’t win, the liars will have to spend thousands on defense.

      7. Cops…The biggest liars out there next to govt. officials.

        They will blow anything out of proportion just to make the big bust, the big raid, knock a door down,etc….

        Come and get’em…..

        • I notice nowhere in the nation do the
          police cars have printed on their sides
          ‘To Protect and Serve’ anymore.

          • @Defiant- The cops cars should have “Harass and Enslave” written in the sides. Keep them honest.

          • Ya know, neither have I. Guess I’ve not paid too much attention. Bad me!

          • Because the Supreme Court said that’s not their job.

      8. As things begin to unravel we as Patriots need to be smart.
        1) Keep your mouth shut. If someone does not want to hear about the “crazy prepers” don’t tell them. They will just out YOU.
        2) Know your audience and their politics. I have a friend who has no idea that I prep. Good guy but flaming liberal and one of the first one who will die If and when it gets bad. This sucks but it is what it is.
        3) OPSEC, OPSEC, OPSEC.
        4) Don’t do stupid things. This why we don’t let people on our team that are a lot of bravado. Be like a Jedi and be calm and wise. Do not give to or sell to anyone you don’t know if it is a “questionable” item. If this man did sell an explosive device (not saying he did), then “it sucks to be him” and he will be guilty as charged. You have to be smart and “fly under the wire “ as SELCO and many others have stated.
        5) be a good “citizen”. I work for the government for DHS. Except for a few trusted Oath Keepers at work folks think I love the Prez, and everything we do. I even help FEMA as part of the SURGE team. Puts me on the “inside” were I can help a lot of folks when it goes south. Keep your taxes paid, your debt paid, your tickets paid. Anything you do “on the side….” Keep it close to the chest, low key, and off the radar. Only let very vetted and trusted people into you and your teams inner circle. We have about 12 to 18 months… now is not the time to go spouting off at the mouth. That time is over. (it will return soon enough…). JUST SHUT UP, FORM TEAMS, AND PREP LIKE CRAZY.


        • @ Man on the inside

          Thank you sir for doing your part in the very belly of the beast

          Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

        • I have to agree with Man on the Inside. Keep you friends and family close, keep your enemy closer.

          Playing your cards close to the chest right now is the best option. I don’t even share with my family, my plans, supplies and inventory. They just need to know when I say go, they go. By not letting them know everything keeps things from slipping out and lends to deniability if the need arises.


        • Man on the inside,
          Things are getting really tense at work now ( DHS Too) even though I draw the line at loving his excellency .
          Maybe that’s why I have to redo my e-quip background check and go to universal testing again LOL.

          You are right time , time is short I don’t think,we have 18 months , been very selective on my emergency gear , you can say I got a masters in gear selection. paying cash ONLY for gear and MH Freeze Dried. Been doing some bushcraft classes as a refresher fun stuff.
          Prepping now with a determined trajectory rapidly as resources permit.

          Its about to get very interesting.


          Semper Fi 8541

      9. He made around 15 bombs and getting people to buy guns for him . What hurt him was telling people how he was going to kill cops. Don’t invite the man into your life.

        • Grey D
          a question to you, where did you get this info? are YOU sure it is valid info. or just slander from the MSM?, You are correct about what you say and who you say it to. But as with any person who has the balls to protect themselves and or there family, given some circumstances anyone COULD be put into a situation where you could have to kill someone you really did not wish too!! NOTE, how i worded that last sentence, now think about why i said it in that manner !

      10. Right now, on my local Fox news site, there’s a story about Bobby Jindal saying how Americans are ready to rebel and perform a hostle takeover of D.C. On thurs or fri, the Blaze ran a story on Mark Levin, Will Cain, and others saying same. I think it would be manipulated into a racial war. Are there any scenarios left where all hell doesn’t break loose? I sure as shit don’t see any.
        Standing ready in Daytona

        • No, no! I need one more week to get my water collection system in place!

          • Just got my aqua pod kit. Outside water collection in place. Canning beans this week. Tomatoes coming in. Lots of cabbage to work up. Life is good in my back yard.

        • @ daytona matt

          We live in a nation that has searches without warrants, our “protectors” spy on our emails and phone calls, free speech is only allowed inside animal pens labeled “free speech zones”, and people are persecuted for storing extra food and collecting the rain that falls on their roof. The VERY SAME PEOPLE who are doing their very best to take away our guns have no problem stockpiling BILLIONS of rounds of ammo and are giving machine guns to the FDA and the weather service. Every two years, they whip the sheeple into becoming a herd of moo cows to obediently shuffle into the voting booth; but if they vote “wrong” — like when the people of California said that a marriage is one man and one woman — then they overturn the people’s will with the ruling of some unelected judge. They put on a big show with “Earth Day” but when Americans try to grow real food using real seeds that weren’t cooked up in Frankenstein’s lab, they get targeted as “extremists”. The VERY SAME PEOPLE who spout bullshit about “tolerance” and “diversity” want all of us to act exactly the same, and they won’t tolerate anyone who steps out of line or thinks for himself.

          So I ask you, Daytona Matt, does it not appear that hell has ALREADY broken loose? Or shall we wait until tanks are rolling in the streets and even the fake “elections” have been postponed?

          Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

          • IMPCALGI

            This is far from broken loose. That is a good thing. We have no sound forms of communication and I bet we could not decide if we wanted a bologna sandwich or peanut butter and jelly for lunch. I do not think things will happen till after the elections in November. Vote for Hillary and bring the arm chair generals into the fight. I figure give it all to them and when they turn on their Buddy, Buddy public, the public will feel betrayed. Then we go berserk when they know they want to Kill them. One of those “Oh, Shit” moments.

          • Imp, I agree, it has broken loose. But, I’d say we’ve only reached the 3rd or 4th level of it. When there are tanks in the streets, and we need travel permits to go out of town, then maybe the sheep will wake. I don’t think many will do more than complain or “call their congresscunt” though. It’ll take them WW3 to turn off their TV. But many like some here will do more. A lot more…
            I really like how clearly you lay out what we’re up against!
            Standing ready on Dayton

        • Bobby Jindal is one example of an Indian that makes me like all Indians. He’s a good man and the world needs more like him.

      11. For the government to even say “if you have more than 7 days food on hand you may be a terrorist” are you kidding me…what the hell are we doing.

        • @driftwood

          More than 7 days? How many YEARS of food do THEY have on hand?

          Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

      12. This is good news. (I pray for Mr. Winters for the safe and speedy return to his family.)
        This goes to show you that the Feds are AFRAID, and are trying to make an example out of him, and anyone that is telling them to stick it!!!!
        They failed with Mr. Bundy because the show od support. It might be a good Idea for us to show up at his hearing to show our support.


        The Fed will piss in its mess kit just one to many times and they will get what they are looking for and it aint going to be pretty.

        Just think you can get arrested for having extra food and guns in your house. What has changed? When north America was settled EVERY HOUSE HAD EXTRA FOOD AND GUNS IN THEM! What is the big deal?

        Mr. Winters shouldn’t be in jail the Obullshit administration should be. Why? IRS, Fast and Furious, Bengazi, V.A., Obullshit care, Giving aid to the enemy, turning over the military to UN, NATO. I’m typing this and there are so many things I could put in here.



        • Good evening, Sarge. Yes, the day is coming when this entire evil system will finally fall. My prepping is still ongoing. The situation on our southern border tells me something will happen before summer is over; I can feel it. Our city council just passed their fiscal budget for next year that made some serious cuts to our local police and fire depts. and raised health insurance premiums for our retired city employees. Memphis PD is losing officers faster than they can replace them. They’re already 300 officers short of the amount they really need just to try to keep the lid on things here. When TSHTF here, it’s going to be real ugly. I’m planning another trip for July to move some more supplies to my cousin’s BOL. Regardless of what happens, at least my eggs are already in more than one basket. I smell trouble coming and still preparing for it.

        • You called?

        • From what I heard, this Prepper Mr Winters did NOT have any explosive devices at all, what is being told is that he made a few pipes the size for a 12g round, or a noisemaker round for an intrusion trip wire. They sell those on the Internet as warning alerts. So they set this guy up and charge this guy with making explosive devices. And the undercover actor baited Mr Winters into make a few for him and made sure he paid money, so it created a sale. Sounds like any Jury in the land will dismiss all charges to this phony case. If it even gets that far. Meanwhile Mr. Winters sits in jail eating crappy FEMA Camp Jail Food.

      13. This guy apparently was making some type of device that he should not have been and passed them off to an informant. I think that is all there is to the story. The fact that he was a prepper with guns and stored food isn’t reason for the FBI to show up. If that was the case the FBI would be serving warrants on half the houses in Florida.

        Having legally owned weapons and stored food/water isn’t illegal at all. He probably just wasn’t thinking and crossed the line somewhere. IMHO…

        Based on what I read… he’s just not too smart and runs off at the mouth about what he’s gonna do when SHTF.

        • My, my, you gathered all of that from an informant.. You are not terribly bright, ol’ boy..!!

          • Chantal Designer, welcome aboard, and it’s true that so-called “confidential informants” information has been PROVEN IN MANY A COURTROOM in the past to be false. Those kind of people are not to be trusted.

        • The only one shown to be in error was the informant. Why do you still attack the prepper when the the informant clearly lied? We do not know all of what the “informant” told the police, but it was bad enough to get a warrant. It seems pretty clear a lying sack of shit pretending to be his friend is to blame for police overkill.

          • Bert, we don’t know for sure that Mr. Winters revealed anything to anyone. for all we know he may have had a bad neighbor with some kind of grudge against him, but I do agree about never trusting any so-called informant. I would take such information with an entire shaker of salt, not just a grain.

            • Yes, my point exactly. The informant is the problem. No telling what lies he told about the prepper. What was found was harmless, which indicates the prepper was not what the informant claimed he was.

              • The cops knew, as always, the informant was trying to save their own ass, and would say anything. Cops are only too happy to assist. Taking mere conjecture from neighbors and blowing it up into something huge is normal for cops, and it conviently justifies the cops’ existence.

          • An “informant” is just someone that is some sort of trouble and has to blow in someone else to keep his/her own butt out of jail.

      14. The very human instinct of self-preservation is being outlawed, the fact that a man or woman feels the drive of self-preservation is looked at as old fashion, out dated and unwanted.
        TPTB based on their view of modern civilization believe the right course of action is to make instinct a crime punishable by the collective, individualism is being painted as dangerous and something to be feared.

        The operational tempo of these cases seem to have spiked over the last 6 years, we can definitely take it as a sign of things to come and as it escalates we can see it as a trigger point.

        • Good evening, Y99. Braveheart will continue with self-preservation and doesn’t care what the feds or anyone else says about it. Things are definitely heating up and we still have a long, hot summer to get through. I think things are coming to a head before summer is over.

          • Hey brave, would figure no less. keep your powder dry and hatchet sharp.

            • Y99, braveheart’s powder is dry and hatchet is sharp 24/7/365. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

      15. OPSEC/COMSEC is so important. You’ve got hide in plain sight and blend in with the GDP (generally dumb public). Trust no one.

      16. We must band together & help this man be released..!!

      17. “Police went so far as to suggest that Winters had essentially gone off the reservation and that he didn’t care whether he lived or died, and that he was “plotting” a confrontation with the federal government.”

        1. Police will confidently kill Winters for officer and public safety with clear chest since Winter’s is a bibilical end of times like Waco Complex residents.
        2. Police will continue to normalize shoot to kill into procedure.
        3. Normalizing of Authoritarian Enforcers further entrenched into procedure.

        They’ll probably nationalize Sheriffs and PD completely under Department of Homeland Security when the timing and situation calls for it instead of simple integration of communication and coordination after all placing such under one agency makes it rather easy to accomplish.

      18. Good thing he did not have a family pet. It would have been shot first thing.

      19. Individualism is of God. Collectivism is of satan. Collectivism is the daily narrative of the Establishment.

      20. This guy put himself on the radar . No one else to blame . FED doesn’t care how much food you have or guns, but when you run your mouth about killing people the man will find you and arrest you, and when they find your bombs and machine guns don’t cry about it.

        • Why are you even on this web page when you believe everything you’re told my msm?

      21. Entry team tactics are purposely executed to suffer maximum casualties when an American finally does set a couple of IED’s. 12 guys dressed in full armor will be vaporized in 1/10 second and will the national news have a field day! Are you all looking forward to tanks stationed at every point of egress into cities and towns?

        What puzzles me are that guys that appear to love Natural Rights, specifically high ranking military types like General Amos, USMC…why haven’t they organized a scrubbing of the 3 branches of government and fragged the top 100 shadow controllers???

        From voter registration rosters, replacement congressmen could be chosen at random to serve 2 years. Shut down dhs, nsa, fbi, cia, dea, doe, dod, etc. as all are fully corrupted! The fed banks? Say bye bye to private central banks and fiat paper. Fresh law school grads could be inserted at random into gigs requiring overview that everyone is following God Given Natural Laws.

        We can all form small squads. Study guerrilla tactics and realize setting IED’s and acting as snipers are two elements of guerrilla warfare that have rained terror on special ops of Russian and USA. Such tactics are indefensible!

        Cops pull over or storm a house. Get on the horn and in 10 minutes, frag the entire entourage. This bullshit of ticketing folks for not wearing seat belts, speeding & other issues involving no victims and no damage must end. Likewise, you idiots that like to play dress up and terrorize folks should expect to be vaporized. I trained with many of you guys and I know some of you are pussycat’s and FOS. Take out some real bad guys like Larry Silverstein and Lewis Eisenberg for insurance fraud and murder on 911, eh?

        This article promotes being emasculated. F that!

      22. Maybe he HAD 50 guns, but lost them like I did on a kayak in the river…

        • Those blasted boating accidents just keep taking our guns and ammo right out from under us… I swear everytime I go out on a boat, I lose more firearms to the lady of the lake. It’s so frustrating… But I guess this problem has been with us since before King Arthur’s time. At least for King Arthur, the lady of the lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, was able to present that sword signifying his rightful place as King of Britain.

          I guess with all the firearms that are being lost in our lakes and rivers these days, someone is sure to hit the jackpot if the Lady of the Lake ever surfaces again to deliver the weapons cache to one blessed soul.

        • Yeah, that’s it. That’s the ticket. Lost all my guns on the Tippecanoe river. tipped me canoe right over 🙂

          • My Dog ate 3 of my AK-47’s, Forgot to feed him before my week-ender out camping in the deep woods.

            • I think I had a dog that was the great, great, great, great, great grandfather of your dog because mine routinely ate my homework in school.

        • RB,am sorry to hear of your loss!

          • Watch out you fishermen! There are some heavily armed fish in my area! If you find one with a Olympia AR-15, try to get my thermal night scope back.

      23. The USA will collapse, but not as fast as you landlubbers want. The roman empire took a few centuries. The US will take at least as long. Your prepper kits are worthless.

        • Graham. No, not worthless. At least one person on this site became unemployed and was saved from hunger by his preps.

          I had a lot of food stored, but with the high cost of groceries recently, I have begun using some of my preps.

          Good thing, too, because you need to practice ahead of time. One thing I discovered is that dried beans last like loaves and fishes. It seems that no matter how much I use out of the bean jar, I seem to have the same amount left next day.

          I need more rice and noodles instead. I suppose other people would find that they needed more flour, eggs, or something else. You don’t know until you try it out for a while.

          • Daisy,seems ok to use em if needed,and helps in rotating/dating stock,keep growing/eyeballing sales to replenish.

          • The jar never goes down. I want whatever drugs she’s on, chaps.

        • Graham

          I’m not sure if I like the cut of your Jib, but can you post the winning lottery numbers to?

          • Spelling! It is “too”

            • Oh man, well let’s end the conversation because of that! Let me ask you this; do you have insurance on your boat? If so your statement is hypocritical because in some form of your life you believe in the unexpected.

        • Graham

          We just pass the nonperishable items on down the line after we die.

        • Graham; apparently you haven’t been to the grocery store recently. for people on a fixed income preps are necessary. There has already been 10% inflation in food and it’ll be double that by the end of the year. Pretty soon people will be knocking on doors looking for food nd you’ll have to protect what you have. By the way,don’t come to my door everything is hunky dory right?

          • It is absolutely essential to have some stored preps. At one time you could live on the amount of food provided by food stamps if you suddenly lost your job or your health.

            But that is harder and harder with food prices up double digits. One way to come out ahead is to buy on sale.

            Stock up on rice when it is on sale, on potatoes when they are plentiful, on canned fruit when it is on sale, etc.

            But you have to have food on hand to begin with. Otherwise, you will not have a balanced diet. One week, you will eat peanut butter, another week it will be tuna, and then maybe cheese every day the next week.

            This week hamburger buns are a real good deal, but the hamburger to go in the buns is priced out of sight.

            • Sams Clubs in my area stopped selling 25-LB Bulk Dry black beans @20.99 a bag all together. Only selling processed beans in the can now. Nobody at Sams Club in the 6 stores I called could explain to me why they stopped selling them. They keep cutting more and more products I usually buy. They will not even let you buy in bulk online and have them shipped to the store to pickup. Pay attention as this folks, as this may be a signal that they are cutting back on bulk items popular to preppers. Plenty of rice still available though. So get all your food stocks in place now while you still can.

          • 10%!!! Dude or dudette, real inflatation is running at 10%. It’s normal.

        • Graham

          It kind of goes like this, “Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it”.

          If your rotating your food stocks it has no increased cost; your going to eat anyway. Being your not getting a pay raise with the rising cost of food your eating at yesterdays prices.

          Suzy Orman should be advising people to do it just for the economic savings.

          • It is better to be a year early than a DAY too late !!

        • If the Government was truly interested in the safety and security of our nation and people, they would promote to the population that Prepping as a good thing, being secure in your house and persons is a good thing. Having plenty of food is a good thing. As the more people that are prepared, the less demand and burden they put on the Government. So none of these actions by the Government make any sense whatsoever. That should be frightening enough, what they have in store for us all coming up. Just makes me keep prepping with a SHTF-Plan more the best I can. Like threatening us they are going to take our Guns away, just reflects why Obama is the Best Guns and Ammo Salesman of the year.

        • Graham, you sound like a useless, Obama-loving troll, so go f#$% yourself!

          • Lissen, lad. Your brain is addled.

            Focus. You are not making the grade in my view.

            • You had better retract your statement to braveboy Graham, mac slavo will censor you for attacking his favorite doom shill. Readership is going down on this site because so many people are realizing the world isn’t going to end in the next few years, but there are always a few who cling to their doom and gloom fantasies.

              • A Graham by any other name smells just as bad.

            • Graham, I’ve already been making the grade for my whole life and will keep making it as long as I’m alive. You’re the one with brain trouble, so go f#$% yourself!

              • My brain has decided that you are sub-human.

                • Graham, if you’re not prepping then you’re inepting. You’re the one who is a subhuman supporting Obama troll. Enjoy that government check while you can because it won’t last forever.

                • Genetics has proved that you’re subhuman.

          • Thank You Brave, well said you beat me to it. As with just about everyone on this site this whole thing with Mr. Winters makes no sense except for the fact he said to much to the wrong people with some luck he will get out of this mess, sure hope he and everyone else has learned a valuable lesson. In school we said “lock your lips” sounds good to me.

        • We’ve lost power here for about ten days three times in the last ten years. Even if it never happens again, $2,000 on food storage with an average life of fifteen years costs only about $11 a month ($2,000/15 years/12 months).

          Practically everything else I’ve purchased has went up in value. It wouldn’t be hard to recoup the $79 I spent on a Mosin M91/30. My airtight wood stove kits will resell for more than the $75 (delivered) I paid earlier this year once they are no longer available after the new EPA regulations phase in. If not, I’ll just use them to replace my existing one when the time comes.

        • TROLL.

        • @ Graham. People don’t just prepare for an economic collapse. There are plenty of other reasons for preparing that have absolutely no control that comes from humans. Earthquakes, volcanoes, solar flares and much more that occur all the time. One of the worst natural disasters that can hit any part of the planet is flooding. Prepper kits worthless????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Come on now. I bet hundreds of thousands of people would have loved to have had prepper kits when the power went out for millions. Which happens all the time.

      24. Weep for your country people, its coming to an end; because we let it happen.

        • Praise the Lord and pass the ammo.

      25. The fact that we are frugal came in very handy recently.
        My spouse had open heart surgery and couldn’t work for a while, we had only my income and our preps.

        During this time frame we also have a small container garden and food plants in among the rose bushes and hydrangeas growing happily.

        My hubby is recovering well, goes back to work soon, and a lot of repairs to our home were also done during this period, because we keep food, I devoted resources to lumber and other supplies to fix things on our home.

        Don’t knock putting stuff back for a rainy day or bad spell, it can be a blessing.

      26. Folks need to remember to not let people know what you have. The less people know the better off you are. This got out of hand because this prepper was outspoken. This agenda will grow, as time goes on. So as the old saying goes – “loose lips sink ships”… Just keep a low profile, and keep prepping. You will sleep better without a knock at the door, and someone saying “FBI SEARCH WARRENT!”

        • I thought they only knocked on 1960s TV shows?

          • Sometime in the last several decades “Dragnet” became “Combat”.

        • Warrant, not warrant.

      27. The government is the danger. after these fools disrupt this mans life. Get his neighbors frightened of him, over nothing! Who in the FBI should get fired over this? The rubbish that they are just being cautious is BS. Harassment is the game. The informant will probably never be known, heck he probably doesn’t exist.

        • It’s against Federal law to make certain types of weapons. Everybody knows you don’t cut your shotgun barrel in half with a hacksaw. That’s the type of things Winters was doing… and in addition he was talking to an FBI informant about it.

          • You can’t talk like that on THIS site Brome, the truth is not welcome here and further violations on your part will be censored.

          • No where did it state he cut the barrels of his shotgun. And you CAN build a firearm for your own use as long as it isn’t an NFA weapon.

          • Brome,agree,only a slack jawed troglodyte would cut a perfectly useful shotgun in half when easy as pie to make a short barreled item to fire shotgun shells as no rifling ect. necc.

            • To the four above comments, what do you think brought the heat down on Randy Weaver. CI and a sawed off Shotgun. What’s worse than sawing your own shotgun off, that’s sawing one off for someone else. You can saw your shotgun off, just stay within “their required length limit”. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

      28. Well, I’m sure we all feel safer that those dangerous barrels of food are no longer in the wrong hands.

        One wonders how many tax dollars were wasted on this FBI investigation, and why they are ever given more.

        • How much money is wasted on FBI? Not as much as DHS which the FBI could handle their job, the BS for DHS started after 911 and what did they do? Now they compete for money so BS is the normal operating procedure, for funding.

      29. This was sent to me via e-mail I do not know where it came from, but thought it interesting.

        The 40% Rule
        If you were going to try and understand why revolts happen, but wanted to limit yourself to a single variable, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something better than the price of food.
        There’s quite a bit of research to support the idea that people who spend above a certain percent of their income on food are more likely to protest, riot, or otherwise become restive. That number seems to have a minimum threshold of 40% of income to food costs, give or take:

        I think we very well just might be there or soon will be.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI should we give///MOLON LABE!

        • Americans as a general rule spend between 8% and 12% of their gross per capita income on food, so most of us have a long way to go.

          • Not me. I spend at least 40% of my meager income on food. No food stamps, no government help, no W.I.C., no social security, no disability, etc. I don’t have much debt since I paid off everything many years ago and live like a pauper in an old log cabin with dirt floors. Otherwise, I would be starving!

        • 0% or 40% its all relative on how much income you have. I draw $1058 per month from the social security Ponzi scheme. if I had children or didn’t grow a large portion of our food we could easly spend 40% or more on food.

      30. FBI= Fucking Bunch of IDIOTS!

        • I don’t blame the FBI, I blame the turd POTUS that sets all of this up by his rhetoric, and perhaps his direct order to go chase patriots down through intimidation.

        • Hahahaha…..awesome!

        • So clever. Did you figure that one out all by your self?

          • Yeah, we’re clever, but you’re not.

      31. Reading this, I feel as if I either fell off the turnip truck or just crash landed at the witches castle in Oz. We have a interminably long winter ahead of us. Personally, I don’t see how this is all going to turn around peacefully. Those entrenched fools and their behind the scenes masters that are ruining this planet with their endless wars, theft, fool economics, and just plain insanity are never going to give up peacefully. As for me, I’m just hunkering down and waiting for the spark that ignites the true fourth turning.

      32. They should be wasting their time with the IRS investigation and not on people like this. You see, you can’t trust anyone or tell your neighbors anything. I don’t know why people are like that. They are anti-freedom and have problems with happy people. Anything he probably said about Obama built up anger and their neighbor at that point made up this story about how he had all this government property and was dangerous etc. Anti-Obama person I bet or anti violence to a point. I had a friend joke at a bar about a bomb and it was exagerrated to the point to where it was a 5,000lb bomb. So the FBI came and all that. It was similar to this but nothing happened. They are paranoid and go after good people that joke a lot. They should be going after the people who don’t talk to anyone and have a bunch of crap, those are the Hitters.

      33. “…he was also far short of having possession of the fifty high-powered rifles that police said he had been stockpiling.”

        Is there a law as to the number of rifles a person may legally obtain and possess? If there is, it is a new one on me. Whether a man has 1, 5, or 500 rifles is NOT illegal. How he obtained then and what he does with them MIGHT be. Then again, it might NOT be. Let us handle people who commit actions that are illegal and not things that MIGHT be illegal. There is no “might” under the law. One either breaks the law or one does not. If not, then leave him alone. This is called freedom and I say this to benefit those Gov thugs who do not seem to know the difference.

        “But in federal court on Wednesday, Winters’ defense attorney, Ellis Faught, said the confidential informant’s estimates were wide of the mark.”

        Is that how an attorney makes note of an outright lie? Seems to me that the word of a liar is now sufficient to get someone arrested and tried in a court of public opinion. People OFTEN render judgments with NO knowledge of the facts whatever. This is a prime example.

        “There are laws on the books now that characterize who might be a terrorist.”

        Yes, there are and many of them have been put there by the very people who are terrorizing law-abiding American citizens with false charges of “terrorism”. It is they and not we who should be jailed for these shenanigans. Merely calling someone a terrorist is now like calling someone a racist. The charge alone is de facto proof of guilt, merely by being made… but NOT proved. Crap of this kind needs to be slapped down. Hard… and so do those who keep bringing it to us.

        • Does anyone know what he’s going on about?

      34. Can’t help thinking about the “thumbs down” people in these posts. One thing is clear, those are dangerous people because those are the people that will rat you out.

        • You’re reaching. I gave two thumbs down in some above posts. One for conflating a bunch of extraneous ‘facts’ that were not in evidence into the story, and the other for loudmouth chest-beating rhetoric. The first is exactly what the ‘informant’ did, make stuff up. The second is what got Winters in trouble in the first place, he didn’t keep his mouth shut and his activities to himself.

        • @David…I agree. If someone does not like/agree with what you comment about, why not open a discussion about it, rather than merely giving thumbs down? To coin a phrase, you never learn anything from someone who agrees with you….
          Sadly, some just merely wish to discourage others from commenting….

        • R u david graham from california…brother of michael?

      35. The old “confidential informant” trick.. (wink wink)

      36. So who really does not hate the federal government? According to the congressional approval rating of 19% of less it is the VAST majority of Americans.

        • I believe their approval rating is actually 7%.

          • That is still higher than my math teacher at 4%….

          • But that’s using Common Core Math!! 🙂

            • Someone else is posting under my name again. STOP IT!!

              The real KY Mom did NOT post this.

              • Mac don’t know if this could be done or how much trouble it would be to add this feature, but once a person logs on to this site with a name and email address that name shouldn’t be able to be used, accept only if used with that email address. This would protect people like KY Mom and anyone else that don’t want someone besmirching their name. Trekker Out. Freedom Ain’t Free!

      37. Found barrels of food and legal weapons found….. HA! That’s what they would find in 99.9% of all of our homes…..

      38. So what if they guy had 1,000 guns? So what? Nothing illegal about that. Besides, he only has two hands, how many guns do these idiots think one man can wield at the same time?

        Ever heard of “Gun collectors”?

        • There are so many ridicules laws that we are all criminals at any given time. I watch Alaskan State Troopers and see them arrest people for having brass knuckles and in other places they arrest people for having switch blade knives, just like gun control this is nothing more than “people Control”. These items are no more or less dangerous than a hammer. If used in an assault prosecute them for using a deadly weapon but other wise a person has a RIGHT to self defense no matter what he uses. New York law say’s a pocket knife with a blade over 2 inches is illegal and in Boston it’s 2 and 1/2 so I would be a criminal in both places because mine is 2 and 3/4. God forgive me, but some laws I just ain’t observing. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

      39. I am not going to stand down!.

        • Me neither. I will fight for all Americans. All 37% of us….

      40. Off topic but relevant to obtaining items which you may need….check out shopgoodwill This is an online auction connected of many goodwills across the US. Like shopping in one of their stores or attending yard/estate sales, you can find older, extinct items which you may be seeking but have not yet found. I share this because on this site I just bought a brand spankin’ new pair of Belleville Boots 390 DES for 20.00….yep, these boots are $154.00 retail and they will last me for the rest of my life. Of course, like Ebay, you must be aware of costs (shipping) but for the most part they are fair.

      41. The problem with these preppers is that they tell everybody and their cousin about their stores of food and supplies. Some are actually so dumb they have websites advertising it to millions. When the balloon goes up, they will have a large amount of armed uniformed men at their door colllecting all that food and supplies for redistribution to the community. Some actually think they could win an armed encounter with said armed men and that they would go away.
        The name Walter Mitty comes to mind.

      42. Where is Walden’s Pond?

        • On Walden’s Farm.

        • Concord,Mass.,ok swimming.

      43. I believe all of you are crazy and the cops should search all who post on this website cause you are all dangerous thugs. I think only cops and military should have weapons and no one else. Obama rules!!!!!

        • How’s the free sh*t working out for you?

          Real good, apparently.

          Bought you cheap, huh?

        • Sorry all, but must respond to the troll…..HAHAHAHAHA…ad infinitum….

        • I agree with you, completely. The people on this site are definitely mostly unhinged.

          I love them, all the same, tho.

        • 1communist, [I will not call you democrat], I think you should go back to your corporate, communist media and get away from our site, you useless Obama-supporting troll. and go f#$% yourself in the process!

        • Go fuck yourself Obamanite!

          • Verbal abuse is the last refuge of the incompetant.

        • go hump obama and his husband michelle.

      44. Just another example of the government using the media to create a hoplophobic society to further its agenda to disarm the populace. The only thing tyrants like better than docile sheep, are unarmed sheep: it makes getting the sheep to the slaughter much easier.


      45. Above there is an individual that thinks that preparation and stockpiling for emergencies is a waste of time. Everytime I hear someone talking about prepping being pointless an image comes to mind that puts true ignorance to rest.

        Many times when people have advanced warning of a flood coming they can prepare and save their homes and much or all of their property. While this preparation is looked upon by those too retarded as a waste of time, again and again people have made it work.

        An image that comes to mind is something of beauty in which a farmer and family knew of the potential of being inudated with water. Instaed of succumbing to the waters destroying his house that his grandfather built, he and his wife and family went to extraordinary measures to save it, or really try to.

        For the next week and a half the farmer and family diked off the parameters of the house and barns with walls of sand bags and other earthen material. Then installed water pumping equipment and generators with lots of fuel to supply the water pumps with enough power to keep them operating consistantly. The farmer also stocked up on enough food, water, and other supplies, including portable toilets.

        The rainwaters came just like forecasted and then some. Every farm around the zone was flooded. The pictures of his home and barns were absolutely breathtaking. Surrounded by many feet of flood waters, the home and barns were completely dry and looked like an island on some sea. Barnyard animals were walking around like nothing was happening. The home had no water around it whatsoever. This continued for over 3 weeks until the waters receded.

        The walls were so well constructed and so much time and effort was put into it that the water pumps worked at a minimal and were only really an issue from groundwater rising around the home and barns. The home and barns were saved from water destruction because someone had the insight to prepare beforehand. Insurance might or might not have covered it. This is besides the point, property was saved because of preparation.

        This is a story that has repeated itself around the world when someone doesn’t listen to the cretins that say that preparation for the whole slew of disasters is a waste of time and money. People have saved their homes, businesses, and much more because they knew that preparing is far less costly than the destruction from just allowing a disaster to take its toll and just give up before even trying.

        This is why anyone that says that preppers/survivalists are alarmists and it is pointless all the effort they put into preparation, are the FOOLS and the ones that need to get their heads out of the sand and wake up the common sense side of their brain.

        • BI.

          Those that fail to prepare will be in for a world of shit. They better not think they are coming to my place and mooch. By their own woods of criticism they have condemned themselves. By their inaction I will know them. With tooth and nail fight them. I am to the point I will NOT even give Medical Assistance to those who inflicted so many insults that apologies become the same.
          I know them. I have worked with them, dined with them, conversed with them. I have seen them run when needed or shirk responsibility. I have watched the videos and listen to them as they have spoke of the needless pain they suffer and plea for help. They call for help from others while they never lifted a finger to help themselves or family.

          It is very simple. They have created a foe, instead of a friend in their time of need. They have been my best teacher.

          Trolls Welcome.

          • Nobody outside the family know what I have stored or where. One close friend knows I am preparing but knows no details. I’ve tried to get him to prep also. He just says he is coming to my house. Every time he says that I tell him I will kill him. I can’t feed his pack of 8 with my preps. He no longer says he is coming to my house if SHTF because he knows I am serious. Moochers are people you know and beggars are people you don’t know. The result is the same though. They will deplete you of your resources like locust and then move onto the next source of goodies. Maybe they will leave you alive, maybe not. Best to not feed anyone anything. Anonymous donations to your local church is the best way. Send all beggars/moochers there.

      46. “People who have more than seven days of food in their home”
        as potential terrorists?

        That characterizes a large amount of people who shop two – four weeks at a time. Ridiculous nonsense there.

      47. It’s TOTALLY all about relying on the Government for everything you need. They will also tell you (control) what you need. Why because we’re here from the Government to help you. Our Government feels threaten by anyone with an in-pendent thought in their head and the desire to be self-reliant. Way too many on their (Government) pay role to allow that type of person to live free. Intimidation and fear are two of the main weapons they will and are using to control the masses. Good-Golly miss Molly someone who really doesn’t need us, we can’t have this.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI should we give///MOLON LABE!

      48. I suppose im a criminal because I haven’t bought health care. I also have more than 7 days of food , guns & weather proofed ammo. and I also have a finger missing! ? Wooptie Doo!

        • Ya wonder how I lost a finger? got it bit almost off by the wife? girlfriend? of a guy I was beating the shit out of in a bar room brawl. It was so mangled I cut off the remander that was holding and wrapped it up with cotton from the truck seat and black tape. never went to the doctor. got my ass kicked good that time. Cured me of hanging around those kinda places and messing with wild womens.

      49. I wanted clarification from FEMA about what to store and how much for a disaster. I know they posted that we should be “prepared” for so many days, but there must have been a disclaimer about over stocking, so as not to be a ‘terrorist’ I wrote them…..shit, I lost the emails….LMAO

      50. and those of the “establishment” wonder why the average American distrusts them and the .gov they so blindly serve…

        PP III to III

      51. This non event story was blown out of proportion to make the stupid fearful. Hell, this is a nice family man who could pass for santa claus. On Bobby Jindal, is’nt he a Rhodes scholar like slick Willie, another NWO shill. Jindal runs that corrupt shithole Louisiana further into the dark ages swamp. Keep voting for either party crooks. Pathetic.

        • The most knowledgeable (schooled) are seldom the wisest.

      52. No more then 7 days worth of food,seems to be they will need a week to pick up all folks for “refugee camps”,want you fed till then.

      53. People were not the majority so watch wtf you say to anyone. Even your own wife if she doesn’t uphold your views can and wll turn you in so watch it.
        We live with pussy ass neighbores so you know they will freak out!
        Sure they may even talk like they uphold your beleifs, but push comes to shove they will turn you in in a heart beat so watch your asses people.
        Heres your war!

        • How about the “RAT-Out” Program in Milwaukee Wisc. Rat on anybody who may have an illegal firearm. This is exactly what will happen coming up. The Government will give $100 to any RAT to tell on any Prepper you know of. So get your RAT Traps ready folks. As the RAT Conquer and Divide scam unfolds.

      54. “PUTIN WELCOMES KIEV’s CEASEFIRE,” reads the headline. But Putin is no dummy. He’s no sucker either.

        He’s got the best and the brightest working for him…not like DC, where wicked Jewish women call the shots.

        Putin is not going to be sucked into a war in Eastern Ukraine unless it’s a defensive war caused by Kiev’s military crossing over into Russia’s borders, now being compromised.

        Putin will not play by NATO’s rules and get sucked into what the Jewish-ruled West wants via Kiev’s provocations with Jewmerica’s counsel and approval.

        And certainly the aim of Jewmerica is to provoke Putin into an ‘aggressive act’ which will justify a NATO base in central Ukraine with its missiles aimed at Moscow.

        As for Poroshenko’s ‘peace plan,’ what it really means is that the South Easterners lay down their arms and surrender.

        Alexander Borodai, Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, remarked, “After the disarmament, our fighters will have to march in columns to the Ukrainian filtration camps.”

        The Poroshenko regime is planning to pass many citizens of East Ukraine through “filtration camps” particularly from separatist Donetsk and Lugansk.

        The creation of this Stalinesque institution in Ukraine was publicly announced by no less than Kiev’s Minister of Defense Mykhailo Koval.

      55. Do you think having 2 jars of marmalade and 2 peanut butter and 2 Black Raspberry is considered being a survivalist? Oh I also have a couple of bags of beans for the salad.
        Hey Ladies and Gents **** F U k C the Government !!!!!

      56. How many of you allowed yourself to be sucked into and hooked on yet ANOTHER new survivalist mind set scenario TV series last night with TNT’s The Last Ship?

        • Better than watching the Kardashians. ;0)

        • Loved it!

      57. This story seals it for me. I’m done trying to help my neighbors understand what is going on.

        Yesterday morning the power went out around 4 a.m. I have a loss of power alarm as well as a battery powered sump pump alarm which both activated. I jumped out of bed and plugged the secondary power cable into the sump pump and plugged the other end of the cable into my generator. Fired up the generator and powered the sump pump, fridge, freezer and coffee pot. Made coffee and sat outside watching the sun rise around 5 a.m. Neighbors walking dogs go by and give me a strange look as I sit in my outdoor chair in the driveway drinking coffee. I engaged them in talk about the power being out and that my sump pump is firing up every few minutes pumping out water (we had heavy rains for the past week). They had not even thought of that and took off to their house to check their basement.
        Another neighbor comes by walking her dog and gives me a “What the hell is that?” look. So I talk to her about the power being out and that my generator is powering all my vital loads including the sump pump. She actually said she should get a generator. I was the only person in my neighborhood with a generator (running). I could hear my neighbors behind my house yelling “The power is out!” like it was the end of the world.

        The power was off for two hours and I’m sure hundreds of homes had water flood in their basements. What if the power had stayed off for a day, a week, a month?

        There are just too many Sheeple out there to deal with. I expect 97% of Sheeple to perish when the SHTF.

        Good riddance.

        • That’s the problem with generators. LOUD AS A MutherFcker and everybody for blocks away will be eyeballing you for help. Here is what you do. Get rid of the Loud Generator and stop buying fridge food in mass quantities. Have an extra freezer and fill that sucker up with containers of water for ice. Here in Florida we had a 4-day power outage and I just kept moving my food to my coolers full of block ice, and not one thing had to be thrown out. My dumb neighbors of course threw out an entire fridge of food. My frozen ice lasted for the entire 4 days. Stop being dependent on Power or Loud Generators that eat gas like a pig. Or switch to solar back up. Run Silent Run Deep!!

          • Wrap your block ice in cloth towels and/or cover your coolers with a blanket in the shade. The ice lasts a lot longer.

            Done the same thing with shaved ice with the blanket cover.

            Once I packed the Fridge with newspaper and had blue ice to fill the air spaces. Worked out fine.

          • When I was in the Army, we’d dismount our 5k gennys from our M577s and dig a pit deep enough to hide it, and ring the pit with sand bags. This would help to muffle the noise some.

          • Good advice friend. After that episode the other morning I started looking at ways to make it quieter. I found several videos on Youtube where people made their generators quieter. One such video is “Quiet Generator”. The guy added a Thrush muffler to the stock setup on his 5,000 watt generator and it dampened the noise considerably. I think by doing this the full power capability of the generator is reduced but I’m not sure about that. I’m going to put a car muffler on mine and see how that works and do some load testing.
            As for solar power I do have five large solar panels and a 4,000 watt inverter but I do not have the battery capacity (yet) to drive the inverter at full load. Besides that, the sump pump start up current exceeds the capability of my power inverter and would either trip it off line or damage it so….I’m sort of stuck using some kind of generator to run the sump pump but I can run the fridge and freezer off the solar power setup once I add more batteries. Also, I have a small 1,500 watt 2-stroke generator that is not loud at all that can power appliances for a very long time. It uses minimal fuel but is a real bear to get started.

      58. Wow, I just read the other news articles about Mr. Winters. He apparently lived in Plant City, Florida. I lived in Plant City, Florida for many years and only recently moved.

        • Jack Hammer… I thought he lived in Valrico. Hey I was born in Plant City, Florida way back when this state was rural mostly.

          • I would have to go back and read the articles again but I think you are correct about it being Valrico.
            Plant City was a nice place to live but not so much anymore. The citizens are keeping quiet about the hispanic gangs there (MS13 is big in P.C.) and are continually adding more security to their homes and businesses such as video cameras and dogs. I had had enough of the crime from illegals and got tired of dealing with all the damn bugs, snakes, poison frogs, hurricanes, heat and death dealing humidity so I packed up and left Florida in 2007. Moved way up North to Snow Country and love it! I’ll never head back South again.


        I am a female and my dad is a Former Marine.
        With what is going on in this country here is my 10 Commandments.
        One thing thou.

        Are there any laws saying how man firearms you can have ?

        They are going to get this guy on explosive charges.*****

        Now here are the 10 Commandments being that we live in a world of SNITCHES and BITCHES EVERYWHERE.



      60. We’re number one! We’re number one! Well, maybe not anymore. Well, probably not anymore. Well,
        not anymore. Land of the free? Not anymore. What sort of government does this to it’s own people? What sort of government has the NSA spy on it’s own people? What sort of government has Fusion Centers? You know. Don’t you? A totalitarian government. And they’re not done yet.

      61. Civilizations die slowly. Read the post on ZeroHedge.com

      62. Above post is at ZH 6/22/2014 22.22

        • Graham did you ever consider committing an unnatural act upon yourself, if not do consider it as it might just keep you off our site and we will not have to spend time scrolling past you and you stupid comments and taking the time giving you a thumbs down.

          • This is great. I’m really starting to make an impression!

          • Hey, Graham is just trying to help you get the mental health treatment y’all is in dire need of, even more then your precious GUNS!. The good thing for EVERYBODY to read this site is to discover how fucking wacked out and dangerous ” preppers” really are so they know to avoid you at ALL costs. It also illustrates the bullshit of the claims that you’re all ” good Christians.”

            • Thanks man!

              • Hey Graham, have you noticed how braveboy is allowed to post whatever he likes without fear of reprisal? It’s because good ole’ mac slavo fights his battles for him through censorship. Now THAT’S what somebody with a set of balls does alright. No wonder the readership is down and sinking fast, I think the end they’re referring to hear is going to be this site and not the world in general.

            • Graham and anonymous, both of you are useless trolls and the ones in need of mental health treatment being Obama supporters so both of you just move on.

              • Renegade thinks that a troll is anyone who disagrees with him. LOL

                • It’s the ignorant hillbilly logic process Graham. It goes like this ” Anybody who don’t think like me I hates and wants to shoot! There’s only ONE point of view and that’s MINE!” It’s like that with 95 per cent of the old fucks on this site. It’s ok because within 10 years or so they’ll all be dead and gone, the world will go on as it always has and their grandkids will wind up throwing out most of their ” preps” saying ” You know what, grandpa was really NUTS!”

                  • Thanks for explaining it to me.


            • Go fuck yourself.

            • say have you ever heard
              of hurricane katrina, or sandy
              wild fires
              Rodney king los angeles riots
              Prepping is not just oh WW3, prepping is having supplies on hand to feed and take care of your own family in the case of an emergency
              Do you think FEMA actually has its act together.
              If anything bad happens, you are on your own for at least a week.

              • legal Citizen, you do have some good points there, it’s perfectly reasonable to store a few weeks worth food and water in case of a natural disaster, after all, they DO occur from time to time. But when you read the out of control paranoia from some of these nutjob posters on this site, you have excellent sense to AVOID them like the plague, they’re sick, and daily doses of doom porn makes them that way and they’re too far gone to see it. They just don’t get it that if the shit goes down big time, their ” preps” are going to run out sometime and they’ll die like everyone else, just maybe 6 to 12 months later, that’s all.

      63. This is one of our main prepping methods that we use. Is dehydration; (One pound of frozen mixed vegetables from Wal-Mart cost .98). We dry 6lbs. at one time and these will fit into a 24oz container. There are so many things you can dry and they will use a smaller storage space. We have eaten what we had dried from 3 yrs. ago still good. A good dehydrator and extra trays and screens can be bought for less than $125.00 Just think about it.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

        • I have made drying racks utilizing old picture frames, screening, and some hinges….works great!

        • Hmmm…I have a dehydrator. I never considered dehydrating frozen vegetables. Thanks! I’m going to start doing just that.



        WHATS GOING ON ?

      66. I’m looking at a WW2 poster on the wall in my office as I type this. Remember the poster of the Army guy holding an M1 Garand in his left hand and a En Bloc (Garand) clip with 8 rounds in his right as he says “The M-1 does MY talking!

        at the bottom of the poster are these words:

        “Are you CAREFUL what YOU say or write?”

        OPSEC it is….

        Jim out!

      67. Welcome back to High School. We missed you.

        Not one of the popular kids? Hey guess what, now we have guns to deal with your ass, don’t we? Big step up from just beating you up and telling all the girls you’re queer…

      68. The NDAA is martial law. It is part of their process to dismantle the United States. This is a nation of laws and how they take over this country is by operating outside of the law or by using the our laws as a weapon against us. NDAA is used to suspend the normal process. You have to understand that you have no rights under NDAA. That is why Congress needs to remove NDAA completely and all other laws that were design to destroy this country.
        Nero is burning Rome and you know the rest of the story that follows.

      69. How about CCR

        I hear the voice of raze and ruin

      70. I think this website rocks! No where else am I tolerated with such enthusiasm!


        • Graham, thank you for the compliment about our site. all of us EXCEPT FOR YOU rock! And nom nobody here is enthusiastic about you, so move on.

      71. The Germans are pussies, obviously.

        (shake my head icon)

        • Its so bad that exposing this mess could start a collapse. Its Sargent Shultz, “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing”. How frightened can a nation be to be ripped off like this and keep quiet? I suspect the political fall out in Germany will be significant. The body politic will question in modern times if this relationship with the US continues to benefit them.

          There is no way this can be maintained regardless how much power is applied because like communism its all predicated on a lie. Its that Abe Lincoln statement about fooling people.

        • Graham, I dare you to say that to a real German face-to-face and see what happens.

          • My wife is German.

      72. All in a nutshell…have what you need for when you will need it….and be able and ready to leave where you are for parts (for some) unknown. Having years of foodstuffs and water will be merely a donation to those who come to your home after you have had to leave. Depend upon yourself and what skills you have and if possible, hook up with others who have skills which you do not…I do not now believe anyone will be safe “hunkering” down within their homes….after the initial shock we will be nomads until we can all locate each other…and recognize each other….
        Have Faith…in God and in Each Other….

        • I we become nomadic. A human can only carry a limited amount on their person for a limited distance. Travel by public road will not be viable. A pack animal is what I have. You can buy burros & ponys for less than twenty dollars. pick out plain jane ordinary ones. no flashy paints etc. a pack animal and a pair if wire cutters you can travel cross country and carry 250 pounds of supplys. And It might just happen that they will have to become food.

      73. Knew this was going to happen the day that Doomsday Preppers started looking for suckers to parade in front of the cameras. Loose lips sink ships. Don’t let your ego overrule your common sense.

      74. My feeling is that most “secret informants” don’t even exist. It’s like the Sandy Hoax. They tell us it happened and we’re expected to believe it.

        It reminds me of a case quite a few years ago here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again).

        A cop arrested someone after “a member of the public” supposedly complained to him about something or other. When asked who this member of the public was, he admitted that it was him. He didn’t like the man, so he’d “complained” to HIMSELF.

        I’m reminded of the Carl Klang song “It’s dangerous to be right (when the government is wrong)”.

        In my opinion, everybody here needs to read Harold Covington’s book “The Brigade” and be prepared to live it. There’s no other way.

        Those who can’t afford to buy the book can download it free of charge with the author’s blessing. Here’s a link.


        The author’s main site is


      75. all these fools that ridicule preppers, are the ones we see standing on rooftops waving towels at passing helicopters.
        seems its the fanaticial obama supporters who will make up stories to turn you into the feds.
        When the SHTF you will see the obama supporters doing firefights for flat screen tv’s at walmart when there is no electricity.
        Remember every fool who laughs at you will show up on yoru doorstep demanding sanctuary

      76. Marty Winters loved everyone he ever met no matter how lowly they were in society. He would sit on his porch and share with them not only Bible and encourage them, but would fiancially provide for them. If you go to “Fishhawk Warriors For Truth” on Facebook and scroll down the news articles you can see some of his produce stand and him helping put up Christian crosses in the Tampa area. This man never had an enemy and he was truly a mans man. He had balls bigger than anyone I ever knew. Not afraid to stand for what was right, but also truly compassionate and caring. If there is anything to the FBI’s claims, he was definitely setup by two goons. These men have tried to damage a whole caring community

      77. When 5 police goons came to visit me to ask what I knew about the disappearance of Martin Winters, the officer who spoke told me they try to paint fugatives in a very scary fearmongering way so the public will be afraid and call at the least bit of disturbance they hear or see. So Marty was portrayed as a violent crazy domestic doomsday prepper terrorist so the police would get lots of leads. Is this right? NO.

      78. Hehe……Geez, the photo that the FBI put out makes the poor bugger look like all he could be capable of is cuddling a person to death.

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