FBI Is “Concerned” About A Possible Cyberattacks on Critical Infrastructure

by | Mar 24, 2022 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    Once again, a member of the ruling class, FBI Director Christopher Wray, warned the private sector to prepare for potential cyberattacks, saying United States agents were “particularly focused on the destructive cyber threat” from Russian agents. They are setting the stage for a false flag attack.

    The FBI director spoke just one day after The White House warned companies to bolster defenses and prepare for potential cyberattacks while the Russian invasion of Ukraine intensifies as it approaches a month since forces entered the country, according to a report by The Hill. 

    Speaking at the Detroit Economic Forum, Wray mentioned the attack on Colonial Pipelines last year, which shut down one of the largest pipelines on the East Coast for five days. A criminal group based in Russia was responsible for the cyberattack.

    Wray said the FBI and U.S. agents were working closely with Ukraine and allies abroad, but also with companies in the private sector in the U.S., to prepare for any cyberattacks on critical infrastructure. -The Hill

    “Private networks, whether they belong to a pipeline operator, some other kind of victim, or an internet service provider, are most often the place we confront adversaries,” Wray said. “If American businesses don’t report attacks and intrusions, we won’t know about most of them, which means we can’t help you recover, and we don’t know to stop the next attack.”

    When the ruling class and its mainstream media puppets start pushing the notion of anything, we should at the very least, take note.  Prepare for a potential cyber attack and make sure you are ready in case the lights go out if “Russia” decides to “attack” our “critical infrastructure.” Also, keep in mind that most people are not prepared for much of anything, and expect them to react as such.

    Most Mainstream Media Is Fear-Mongering Over A Cyber Attack: Here’s How To Prepare

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      1. These psychos love to let
        you know what they’re going
        to do beforehand, so, the
        fact that all of them are
        “concerned” should worry
        us all. Looks like we are
        being primed & prepped
        for an attack folks.

        • Good morning,

          According to Wikipedia, “When The World Trade Center twin towers were completed, the total cost to The Port Authority had reached $900 million”. Concerning their destruction, no real investigation has been done, to this day.

          A few years ago, blueprints of said towers were found in a garbage bin in NYC.

          Trillions (one trillion is a thousand times larger than one billion) of dollars of tax payers’ money have been spent on post 9/11 wars.

          Why was it decided that instead of doing a reenactment, with a full-scale replica of a WTC tower, dummies and a remote controlled Boeing airplane, it was wiser to spend thousands of times more money to go to war for more than twenty years?

          Could a new administration or a foreign country organize, in a remote location, using available blueprints, dummies, high tech sensors, surveillance equipment, remote controlled scrapped Boeing airplanes and eventually bitcoins and/or givesendgo,
          an international competition for the most realistic reenactment of at least one of the destructions suffered on 9/11/2001?

          Thank you!

          Have a nice day!

        • Yep! False Flag a’comin’.

      2. Nice of him to brag about the next attack on the American people. Bet you $ 5 they blame Russia.

      3. Speaking of bartering, wish
        I could exchange Biden but
        I probably couldn’t even get
        an used sock in return.

      4. Fear

      5. Putin’s gotta try something, he’s losing a war he started against an militarily inferior small country that he wanted to use to show the world how big and powerful he was.

        It will get worse for him, he may end up removed from power in Russia if he doesn’t do something dramatic soon.

      6. Oh you mean like cyber polygon back in October of 2021 with Klaus egghead Berger wasn’t just for fun? Kinda like Event 201 with the Gates of Hell? How coincidental? As V said “ there are no coincidences, only the illusion of coincidences”.

      7. I am ready for our own government to commit cyber attacks against us just as I was ready to refuse the death vax our government commited against us.

        • Woogie, the same here. We have identified the enemy and it’s us.

        • You be dumbfuck.

      8. They might do it before the midterms…..

      9. “The government is
        not your friend and,
        if you look at its’ history,
        who the hell would want
        a friend like that anyway.”

        Once again, we see that it is our own government who is doing every single evil thing.

      10. In the propaganda that reaches us, Westerners, Ukraine was first to participate in the WEF’s Great Reset, and Russia calls it anti human.

        Twitterers of the East Bloc burn the tower of Babel in effigy, in demonstrations against the greatest economy in all of history.

        It is written that some red beast, our ostensible labor colonies, turn against the Great Harlot, consume and burn her with fire, within a single hour.

        Then, the Mark of the Beast.

        Begging the question —
        What was your argument against WEF, then.

        It’s rationing under social credit, whether under the East or West.

        Some people read that the Antichrist would have the symbolic horns of an lamb and ask whether he passes for an innocent conservative.

        • You, too, be dumbfuck.

      11. We’ll, good thing Biden didn’t give Putin a list of our critical infrastructures not to hit…oh wait….
        IF we suffer a cyber attack I’m not sure who would be responsible, but I do know I’ll be too busy surviving to care at that point.
        It’s Biden crazy world and we are just living in it.
        Either way, get ready.

        • Dumbfuck, as well.

      12. If a cyber attack shuts down the grid, millions will be liquidated. Try not to be one of them. Get basics like flour, sugar, beans stocked up. Tallow, lard or oil for cooking.

        Mrs. JRS said how good olive oil was… I should try some.
        I said I would like to try some…but popeye is always around.

        She hit me with the frying pan…

        • Although it emanates from the keyboard of a proven dumbfuck, at least JRS is speaking the prepper language. I wholeheartedly endorse JRS’s recommendation to stock up.

          Also, Mrs. JRS should have hit you harder with that frying pan. And then again. And then again. And then again. And then one more time.

          • My Rascal goes faster than hers…

          • Why don’t you stock up on hot lead to your head Edwin?

        • @JRS, Thank you for
          the laughs. ?

      13. Going to happen. Spring is breaking. Seeds and ammo will prevail. Next winter will determine your future. Better figure it out. What you do now will make the difference. Be wise and God. Bless.

      14. Yeah, they are concerned about it. Concerned that they will get caught like they did with the RU collusion coup/fraud, despite the purposeful ineptitude of Barr and Durham.

      15. Howdy, shitheads! Considering that the Biden administration’s intelligence services correctly forecasted Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, maybe you should take the FBI’s consternation as a warning. And then, after you’ve taken a second to let your brain fire and see what’s going on, go fuck yourselves. You’re all idiots. I just wish you were (at least) smart enough to someday realize what a gullible sap you were and regret this time in your life.

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