FBI Video Shows Deadly Confrontation Between Finicum and Feds *Graphic Video Content*

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    The shooting of LaVoy Finicum by law enforcement agents near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge had left scores of unanswered questions before video of the incident captured by an FBI helicopter camera was released late Thursday evening. Police claim that Finicum, who had been part of the group protesting Federal land grabs in Oregon, reached for a weapon after being confronted by agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    But an eye witness report from Victoria Sharp, one of the passengers in the vehicle shown in the video below, contradicts initial law enforcement statements.

    The video released by the FBI shows a light-colored truck swerving to avoid a police road block and coming to a stop. At this point Finicum exits the vehicle with his arms and hands clearly visible over his head. He is immediately confronted by several law enforcement members armed with handguns and assault rifles.


    Longer version:

    Immediately before he is shot Finicum turns his body and appears to reach towards or across his chest with his right hand. The angle of the camera is such that it obscures what his hands were doing – whether they were reaching for a weapon as the FBI and local Sheriff’s Office suggest, or whether Finicum was merely using his arms to balance as he struggled to walk in ankle-deep snow.

    Though several law enforcement vehicles were present at the scene, the FBI has only released the aerial footage of the incident. The video’s inconclusiveness as to Finicum’s intentions will no doubt lead to intense debate about whether police were justified in the shooting or whether it is another example of trigger-happy officials overstepping their bounds with deadly consequences.

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      1. Damn. Those fools shot him like a dog. Two Federales had their guns on him and he gets shot in the face at point blank range. I hope that Fed has nightmares for the rest of his pitiful life.

        Fricken pathetic.

        • Lavoy appears to be shot by the first guy, and and he drops his arm and turns he’s shot more by the other asshole coming from the left. Chilling. They’re trying to start war. These guys have no conscience.

          • Freedom is going viral out here in Oregon. First day they occupied, everyone freaked out and walked the other way. Within 4 days, all the militia groups had come around and were agreeing. Within two weeks, KrisAnne Hall packed the fairgrounds exhibit hall with 300+ people begging for truth. The next night over 400 showed up. Then the public meeting in the gym was split in half in support of Bundy (when all had been against them two weeks prior).

            The night lf Lavoy’s death, he and Ammon were headed to Grant County where 300 had gathered two hours before their arrival.

            Tonight we did a seminar in Malheur Fairgrounds with nearly 200 present. Tomorrow night is rally and instruction in Jordan Valley and next week in Baker City. For small rural Easter Oregon, hundreds of people packing these events to learn about the Constitution is scaring the shit out of the government.

            BLM building in Baker City today was being guarded by agents with AR platforms and other LEOs. Fish and Game and locking up buildings. Word came tonight that there are over 800 agents surrounding the Refuge compound…for 5 remaining guys, 40 miles away from town in a remote desert compound. Martial law has effectively been implemented in Burns Oregon.

            • You will still sit around and not do a damn time. My GGPa was right. No one is willing to stand up for anything. He was right. Stand back and survive its death was his motto towards the end. He was right.

              • Sad but probably true

                Wise men come with age

            • Freedom….oh how sweet!

              Liberty….not quite the same as freedom.

              Liberty covers all persons involved, and freedom is more of a personal thing.

              Liberty can be thought of as freedom limited by rights, and therefore cannot be abused.
              In the case of USA/America, liberty is only achievable with “limited government”, that has at its roots, Bible principles and laws.
              America has allowed the government to balloon out of control with many layers of bureaucracy and therefore corruption on every level.
              That bureaucratic “ballooned “ government has, at the least, become secular, if not downright evil. Therefore; “liberty” is on the brink of total destruction and elimination. This potus election cycle may be the last chance at getting back some liberty, or we can watch it fade into the sunset.

              The same government, has tried to eliminate “freedom”.
              They can bury it six feet deep, but they can never kill it.

              Freedom comes from our Creator by His authority and jurisdiction of, inalienable rights. We must never forget that important fact, and remind liberal governments of such, as we continue to strive for a life of freedom.

              • Sterling,

                Thanks for the news. Do not grow weary in well doing. Lavoy did not die in vain. I agree to a certain extent Gene Sharp’s ideas are important and the strategy of non-violence is a valid and powerful strategy that can be used to our advantage. Unfortunately it did not work for Lavoy, but he is now a martyr for the greater cause of Liberty, Freedom and the US Constitution. He was a patriot who was willing to lay down his life for his brothers and sisters. He will not be forgotten. Keep up the good work!

                Louisiana Eagle

                • Lavoy was an idiot to follow Bundy in the first place. Everything about this “protest” speaks of stupidity: no strategic vision, no tactical plan, and no intelligent leadership.

                  Bundy made things up as he went along and Lavoys blood is on HIS hands.

                  I have no doubt that during the many minutes in the truck while they were on the road with the Feds behind them,and in front of them, that there was a discussion as to what they were going to do when they discovered they were trapped.

                  Bundy did nothing. For all his bravado, he was sheep led to the slaughter.

                  When Martin Luther King marched into Selma, he went with THOUSANDS of other citizens. When he marched on DC he had a million citizens behind him. He led from the front.

                  The time to organize, the time for town hall meetings, is BEFORE you protest; not after you have occupied taxpayer property.

                  Intelligent leadership with a valid compliant could have organized the ranchers through the local Cattlemen’s Association. They could have PETITIONED the government at both the State and Federal levels about their grievances. Failing at that they could have occupied Congressional Offices like ILLEGALS did without anyone dying.

                  Patriots must ORGANIZE. Patriots must find intelligent leadership. Patriots must use the US Constitution as their most powerful weapon first: because it is.

                  Personal liberty in America has eroded to the point where a large portion of the population HATES their government and is ready to take up arms against it; yet they fail to multiply their power in a group. There is a process in this country that works, even for ILLEGALS, if that process is followed.

                  Armed resistance is necessary ONLY if our guns are outlawed, and or confiscated, or the Republic is dissolved and merged into the North American Union with Mexico.Then and only then should firearms speak for the masses and then Patriots should shoot and scoot; eliminating the Hydra’s HEAD.

                  Bundy is a fucking moron. 🙂

                  • Than step up to the plate
                    You seem to have it all figured out
                    So why arnt you leading?

                    • Maybe I am. 🙂

                    • RS, it’s really hard to lead stupid lemmings, which most everyone posting here is with the exception of maybe 5 people.

                    • check this out from s. Quayle site ( not me )

                      I have an extra large computer screen and it is unmistakable. If you follow the short sleeved uniform policeman you can even see him pulling in the wires of the Tazer as he walks toward the road. Murdered for sure.
                      Steve, I am a former 23 year Indiana Sheriffs Deputy. If you look close
                      Lavoy Finicum was shot from the left by a policeman with a Tazer before he
                      was shot with anything else. He was shot and killed laying on the ground
                      after being rendered helpless on the ground from the wire fired Tazer. I
                      have an extra large computer screen and it is unmistakable. If you follow
                      the short sleeved uniform policeman you can even see him pulling in the
                      wires of the Tazer as he walks toward the road. Murdered for sure.

                      Jan 29, 2016

                  • Maybe it takes one to know one.

                  • when they take the guns, it will be too late!

                  • DK, how many more people have to die before we rise up? How much more federal Bs do people have to tolerate before we act? For all any of us know, this could be the beginning.

                  • @durangokid

                    Eat a dick

              • Wonderful post, PWTW!

                • Thks. TEST.

                  There are a few of us that have it all figured out.

                  The sheeple and goat le/gov/heathen, are going to have a hard time explaining why they have been a part of killing and terrorizing innocent people, when they stand before their Creator. Many will be spending a thousand years in Hell, awaiting the Lake of Fire.

                  If they answer to the Devil in this life, they will spend the rest of their existence in his pit of destruction and darkness.
                  Reap what you sow…goats.

                  That day of judgment will be here before we know it. Time is marching on.

            • SS: thanks much for the update! At least there is some good news!

            • Sterling, it’s catching on in more than rural Oregon. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah is weighing the possibility of suing the feds for control of their lands back…here’s a link


          • Having seen the video, read all the comments made here so far, including the excuses made for this idiot using some of the most tortured logic ever conceived, I have to admit I got a huge laugh from the entire thing! Let’s be honest for a minute, all things being equal with one exception, if this idiot was BLACK instead of white, every God damned one here would be saying something like ” can’t fix stupid!”, or ” another winner for the Darwin award!” when the moron tried to run a roadblock by plowing into the snow and acting like an asshole afterward. Had he stopped his vehicle in front of the road block, gotten out with his hands up and surrendered, he’d be alive right now. But no, he had a bug up his ass to go down in a blaze of publicity and that’s exactly what he got. I read a lot of people complain on this site all the time about nobody having any personal responsibility for their actions anymore, but this idiot gets a free pass? One thing is certain about Lavoy Finicum, he’s the new winner of the Darwin award unless he simply was looking for a way to commit suicide, because that was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen somebody do.

            • The road block was set up in the middle of a bend in the road– a nautural blind spot, so the intended victims would not see it until its too late, which is what happened, the driver has to swerve to avoid collision. The Feds had shooters flanking both sides of the road with predetermined fklields of fire, this was a trap; a textbook set up. The ocupants of that vehicle never had a chance and frankly im surprised only one person was killed.

            • He stands quite tall in my book.

              • He is the most brave of all the patriots. His death has exposed the evil that lives within all goobments and most le.

                They think they are doing what is right, but in the end the Great Judge of all will hand down their sentence.

                • He is the most idiotic of all idiots. His death exposed his stupidity, nothing more. There is no sentence to hand down, idiots who want to die via their own stupidity have nobody but themselves to blame. To think that God gives a fuck about some sorry ass old crazy fuck with a death wish is foolishness at it’s highest level. If he wasn’t such a stupid ass he would have been alive now, if you don’t believe it ask God, he’ll tell you he has no time for morons who want headlines and their 15 minutes of fame by acting like a complete asshole.

                  • Finicum had more balls and stood for more truth than you could ever muster you sorry ass POS. Stay behind your keyboard and type your false bravado. Have fun losing everything in the collapse cause you stand for nothing. Asshole

                    • Agreed.

                    • Sterling, no, he’s right, I WAS an asshole, along with the cowards who surrendered like little girls. Funny how they don’t look so tough in their mug shots do they? Now they need people to pony up money for lawyers because they were too stupid to think they would ever need one. Hopefully all these idiots will be sterilized so they can’t reproduce right?

            • Could not have said it better Paul.

          • THREE eyewitnesses said he was shot while his hands were up. In its present un-enhanced (later to be altered) form, the video is consistent with a man reflexively grabbing at the site of the summary execution gun shot wound he had just received. I see no “charging” by Mr. Finicum.

        • Mac,

          Thanks for the video. The triggerhappy Enforcers had no justification for shooting Finnicum. They are murderers. They had surrounded them and were waiting for them in a classic ambush. This was a gross miscarriage of justice and an unnecessary waste of life.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • We are doing something positive out here. These small rural counties can stand up and elect Constitutional Commissioners and Sheriffs (google Sheriff Glenn Plamer, sheriff of Grant County Oregon). Had Sheriff Ward stood on a Constitutional premise, thousands would have rallied behind from the Northwest under his lawful leadership, and this NEVER would have happened. We can change the lawlessness of Washington by changing ourselves and our Counties and using nullification to make a stand.

            • I have read most of what was going on there on a site Organlive, the comment section was unbeleiveable, everybody wanted this guys shot. Is this site liberal and is the area liberal? Thanks for all the info.

              • PF: The western side of Oregon and Washington are liberal. The eastern and rural parts of those states are rural and lean conservative. It is the big cities where the liberals are running amok. The Oregon governor is a bisexual woman and a freak. The lines about who is liberal and who is conservative split based on where people live. Hope this makes sense! Portland is a complete liberal freakshow and Seattle is pretty much the most socialist city in the USSA.

                • Thanks philosopher, nice explanation. I like the parts about the freak show.

            • SS, it sounds like that Sheriff Palmer is NOT bought and paid for by the feds but Sheriff Ward obviously is. THAT’S the difference. When you get fed money under the table, you’ll do whatever they want so you can keep receiving it.

        • Of the dozens of cameras there, this is the least incriminating video. That alone speaks volumes.

          • “D.U.”

            Truer words could have not been spoken. I believe this just show the FED side of this. I want to see mover cams. DASH, BODY cams you and I know that they are there.


            • Millions of socialist minions across this nation are lusting for the bloodletting of Patriots. They WANT and DESIRE to believe that Lavoy was reaching for a weapon tho there is ZERO evidence that he was. This is nothing but a sick hunger-games style reality show for a massive cross section of this country. The actors in government will give them their show.

              • SS: that is the sad truth of this event.

              • The problem here, is classic victim-hood. The resistance to federal land grabs has been framed in such a way, that the citizens are painted as the “victims.”

                The militia is “occupying public lands”, “lands that the people can no longer access because of armed thugs” and the citizenry is responding like attack dogs being deprived of their meat. Meanwhile, the feds are just standing back enjoying the gore.

                The sheeple are too stupid to realize that the feds have been selling off “their lands” already. They have no idea that they don’t own anything. One would think that would’ve been made clear during the sequester, when the govt closed all national parks and arrested the people for trespassing. Or when the govt closed the national monuments and paid guards to keep the people out.

                The sheeple don’t realize it, even when you remind them that they too, would be arrested if they went into “public lands” when the feds had closed them. The stupid sheep are demanding blood, trying to protect something that they don’t own or have any right to.

                The plan is working perfectly. This is what Patriot will need to overcome. Not the government lapdogs…THE STUPID PEOPLE!

                • I absolutely agree sixpack. Even the Limbaugh/O’Reilly “conservatives” don’t get it. I talked to two yesterday that said no matter what, Bundy was wrong because, even if he stood on principle, you don’t taker over federal buildings with arms.

                  I asked where there was a constitutional amendment that gave the feds the authority to own land inside the states outside of Article 1, sec 8. After some conversation, they agreed that the federal gov actually didn’t have authority to own land because the constitution wasn’t amended for it (regardless of whatever the SCOTUS said).

                  So then, how has the federal government been any more “right” to occupy public buildings and lands with arms, with the understanding that they’d defend themselves if they were attacked…how was that different than what they are accusing Bundy and Finicum of doing?

                  They both just looked at me and admitted that they’d never thought of it that way.

        • He wont, in their minds they are justified,,,they will use the same reasoning when they execute us

        • Is it odd that there’s not any dash cam video at all? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sure if there are dash cams in fbi units but it seems like there would be to authenticate situations like this.


        • Philospher,
          what we don’t know is WHAT was he being told to do ie. remove your weapon? that is NORMALLY what they would be telling him , looks like COLD blooded MURDER to me! may those police involved rot in HELL!

          • Nice catch apache, that was exactly what he was being told to do. He had his hands up why at that point would he decide to take on a army.

          • Apache, I agree!

        • not likely..you need a soul for that…

      2. There is no sound to the video.
        Did they shoot him first and then he went for his gun to defend himself or did he try to keep from losing his balance in the deep snow?
        Hard to tell from this video.

      3. Eye for an eye.. Let it Rip!!

        – WWTI..

        • 100 heads.

      4. Florida is about to go- legal for Open Carry for Carry permit holders. Its tough packing heat CONCEALED in FL when wearing just shorts, T-shits and sandals. Maybe a nice matching ankle holster with my sandals are in order. Ha. Or a 5.56 pistol hip holster should scare off would be attackers. Gonna get interesting.

        – WWTI..

      5. If they can convene a grand jury for Michael Brown’s shooting, they sure as hell need to do so for this. This is definitely a questionable action by the feds.

      6. No unanswered questions here
        Its abundantly clear to me that he was murdered

        • Generally speaking, rural preppers are safer. But if you’re on the List, being rural is still not going to stop them.

          • FS, i think any of us commenting here or on any of these other sites are on the list,,,
            It really doesnt matter anymore does it?
            At peace with the Lord is the most important, from there on none of it matters,

            • Amen!

              Louisiana Eagle

            • You don’t even have to comment, all you have to do now is just show up an read. Stay strong, brothers in arms. As the old saying goes, ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’.

            • Kula, Jesus knows me and I know him.

              Grateful that I can be used by Him to grow the Remnant. There is Life after this earthly life. With God or with Satan.

              I’m free.

          • free slave, i have been on the list for years as i used to work for them MANY years ago doing there crap and i live with that!I woke up one day and became UN-brainwashed to there EVIL ! but they know who i am and i fully expect them to show up one day, and when they do it will be just like they taught me in the old days! end of story!

            • God bless you Apache 54. Help the rest of us by letting us know what to watch out for.

      7. It appears to me that the guy behind him shot him as he turned to see who was sneaking up behind him
        He was blind sided , than murdered

        • Could not agree more. If they wanted these men alive, there were alternatives. It appears this ambush was designed to end in bloodshed.

          • Yes, agreed. Law enforcement should be PEACE officers whenever and wherever possible.

            You have to know that down the road, the guy who did the shooting will never be able to live with himself. These are the kind of people who disappear from the news, then a decade later there’s some page 38 article in the paper saying the person took their life. No one connects the two.

            This just alienates yet more people.

            • Agreed!

            • I beg to differ – but only in their final outcome. I am guessing that after the “all clear” was giving and the DRONE was no longer overhead, these Fucktard murderers gave the shooters a heartfelt “BooYahhh” and High Fived each other. They were elated that they had taken down the “deadly” Y’all Qaeda gang leader. Moreover, the Cockillers probably bought the shooters a round of Drinks at the local Burns Bar and Douchebag Dive.

              I think the best we patriots can hope for is that these Feddickwads fail in satisfying their wives (who then leave them and take half their pension) due to the Male dysfunction brought on by prolonged impotence (caused by their years of steroid use). Then, we can only hope the pricks finally come up against some real ISIA (Islamic State In America – imported by Omulatto). Instead of committing suicide, as regret for the atrocities they have committed, I hope they are forced to their knees and get to watch each other choke on their own blood before their knife-severed heads are finally staked to the pikes on the Whitehouse fencing.

              Wait . . I think I might have said to much??? That dream maybe a little too vivid to shear here on-line?? Ohhh my God – what have I done??

      8. What are those flashes after :50 in the Daily News video? Flashbangs?

        • I think that is the origin of the gunfire to the vehicle??

      9. What I see is a man that stumbled in the snow trying to turn and see who was sneaking up behind him or yelling commands behind him
        When he lost balance and used his arms for balance as we all do insinctively , the fuckin fed used that movement to justify in his mind that LaVoy was “going for a gun”

        I don’t buy it
        This was still a set up still an ambush still murder

        All those operators on this call are guilty of Capitol Murder

      10. REDRUM in no uncertain terms.

      11. What I saw was a reach of his right hand across his chest. Earlier pictures show him wearing a shoulder rig. I have no doubt that he was armed. Now whether the video has been touched up or totally fabricated I can’t say. But I know what I saw. His hands were raised when he walked away from the vehicle, no doubt. But his right hand did move across his body toward his left side, plain as day. He was a grown man, he knew what he was doing. Whether it becomes you or I starting down this same path as time goes on as things fall apart, have no illusions that you’ll survive it all.

        • Oh and BTW before among you get your britches twisted by the above post, let me say that I was sorry to see that Finicum was unable to jerk that pistol and get one or two of them. So much for the rest of them in the vehicle sitting there pissing themselves as Finicum fell.

          • He definitely was going for his piece,,,
            I get where he was at in that moment, and i also see the lesson in it, its up to us how we interpret that lesson, some would say comply, some will say fight to the end, others will say dont be in that situation in the first place.
            I dont know what the answer is, i know that I personally am still sick and tired of the gov interference in our lives and just want to be left alone…

            • Kula,
              he might have been going for his piece BUT think about it!! I can guarantee THEY were telling him to remove his weapon and put it down! they knew EXACTLY how this would appear on a video tape!! they wanted HIM DEAD and a example was to be made of it!

              • apache54

                Damn good point. What COMMANDS were given to him. Where is the audio!

                • They are always yelling commands and should have been picked up on a mic somewhere. Or were the mics turned off?

                  • Like in Chicago?

            • I IMAGINE THEY TOLD HIM THE STANDARD DEMAND – “DROP YOUR WEAPON” – and when he reached for it – BAM! I’ll bet he was motioning to his shoulder holster to let them know he was going to comply, and what he was reaching for it, when BAM, he was on the ground.

              Incidentally, he was still moving after he fell. He slightly turned his head and outstretched his right arm towards the vehicle. He moved his left knee a few seconds later after the camera cleared the treetop.

          • I agree it appears he was reaching for his pistol, but I will reserve judgment until I see a clearer video. Having heard him say that he would never go to jail, I do expect he made up his mind to finish it here one way or another. There still was no reason for it to end this way. These ranchers had not harmed anyone and were no threat to anyone at that time. They knew by now most if not all of their identities and could have just kept the area restricted and let things cool down. Eventually, most of these guys would have gone home to work their ranches and be with their families. For Christ’s sake they were holding an frikking unoccupied building in the middle of bum-fck, Egypt.

            • I can totally understand his reasoning,,,
              Ya aint takin me alive!
              I can only hope my end is as sudden

        • Could it be he was just shot and reached instinctively for the wound? Maybe because he knew he was going down he would try to defend himself?

        • That’s no stumble – You can clearly see him reach for his piece. Perhaps Suicide by cop? or he was hoping to take some with him..

          So much for this obviously tainted testimony by this Victoria Sharp gal, that he was shot with his arms up – how could she even see that if like she says she was on the floor boards after the car got ‘riddled with 120 bullets’. How did she even come up with that number? Counting? Look at the car full screen – don’t see any of that. She’s obviously full of it and her mind filled in whatever blanks with the ‘hollywood’ version of whatever action movie she last saw…

          It’s sad and heartbreaking they shot him, but when the feds have their guns on you and tell you to freeze, you don’t go running around in the snow reaching for your gun unless you want to get shot…

          • Thank you Oregon Bob for being a voice of sanity in a sea of hysteria. One thing the video clearly shows is he acted like a damn fool after he got out of his car, he should have just stopped in front of the roadblock and surrendered without making stupid gestures that are going to get you killed when guns are drawn and aimed at you. He said beforehand he wanted to die rather then go to jail so no problem, he got what he wanted.

          • Just curious. What time of day did this happen? How dark was it at that time of day in Oregon?

            If the feds can cover up what happened to JFK they can cover up, make up any story to fit anything.

            Next you will see a vehicle just like the one Victoria Sharp was in with NO bullet holes. Hide and watch.

            • Around dusk, 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. Not too long until it get darks this time of the year.

          • Just curious. What time of day did this happen? How dark should it have been at that time of day in Oregon?

            If the feds can cover up what happened to JFK, what happened here will be a piece of cake for them to cover up.

            Next up a picture of the same kind of vehicle Victoria Sharp was riding in with NO bullet holes. Hide and watch.

          • Big-O-Bob, can you say “copsucker”? Cause that’s what I’m reading – the reply of a “copsucker.” Most others here cannot see to the utmost or most absolute extent or degree all these “details” that your jaundice eyes so obviously discerns from watching the same Fed-provided Video. Me thinks me smells a troll – or a “copsucker” who “knows” all these detail with seeming absolute certitude – even more than the eye-witness Miss. Sharp.

            Why would we discounted her testomoney, even though she was only feet away from the incident, while placing any credence in yours – safely perched behind your keyboard. How is it that you are able to render “factual” opinions (Suicide by cop?) while knowing “she was on the floor boards.” I’m guessing no one put a “head down” until AFTER those brave Federal Troopers opened fire and murdered Mr. Finicum.

            Stop blatantly “copsucking” and go clean that gooey sticky BLUE discharge dripping off your chin.

      12. A pathetic miscarriage of the law and basic decency. There is no conscience in these people. And they are breeding them and training them for even more to come. Maybe us…US…

        SS and EOS… I agree. Looks like he was either shot or turning to see who was shouting orders behind him and lost balance.. That snow was deeper than ankle deep, and plowed snow along the road is hard and crunchy with plenty of opportunity for lost footing and balance.

        RIP, Lavoy… We will not forget…


      13. This Murder is no different than Obama dropping bombs on foreign villages via drone KILLING WOMEN AND CHILDREN. And you wonder why they hate us Americans. DUH!! These Murderous Psychopaths need to be executed. Die by the sword bitches.


        • Agreed.

      14. So he is either a fucking coward who was surrendering in spite of previous bravado he wouldn’t or he, as the video seems to show and the gun he had with him gun suggests, wasn’t a coward and tried to pull his gun on the cops to take some with him but got killed in the attempt first.

        You decide which.

        • So your choices are either extremes – “coward” or “suicidal”?

      15. 2 Things I noticed.

        1. Whoever was driving AT HIGH SPEED almost RAN OVER a LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER that will just about every time get you SHOT! for (ATTEMPTED MURDER) of a POLICE OFFICER.


        Unless this guy had some death wish.

        I know I will get gonged for this one but I am leaning in favor of the LAW ENFORCEMENT.

        • I saw that, but see it a lot different than what you claim…

          The driver went off the road to the left, brakes engaged, because he couldn’t stop before hitting the road block (and likely taking out several LEOs). The LEO you insinuate he tried to hit jumped out off the street onto the shoulder almost in front of the moving car just as it came by.

          The LEO went towards the car, NOT the other way around.

          • I concur

            it was an attempt to escalate ..”he was trying to hit me with his car” so they would be able to use that as their high ground to mow this man down

            \you can clearly see him running toward the truck , not away from it, and that aint a natural response

      16. I went up on utube and enlarged my screen.

        At first Mr. Finicum does exit the vehicle and moves away from it. When lowers his arms he is turning around. His left arm is in a pulling back motion as to open the front of his jacket and then his right arm moves across his body as to pull a weapon from its holster. He does not appear to be stumbling but drawing a weapon as he turns.

        I am being honest about this and being objective in what I see in the video. I want the truth as bad as the rest of you.

        • Swat Teams use .308 for sniping. A .308 at close range should have knocked him down with force. Anyone notice blood splatter? Sorry for the graphic wording.

        • So the answer here is NOT TO COMPLY with law enforcement when they tell you to drop your weapon on the ground, so they can’t kill you for reaching for it?

      17. Soo… By FBI standards,
        If i have a confrontation with a Individual and they Reach into/around/or near wear a Handgun maybe concealed…
        I am free to use Lethal Force.

        I shall remember that as a Potential Juror.

        • Or you can wait to see what the person is reaching for…maybe handing you flowers or a smoke!

          • or maybe he was just Walt Kowalski reaching for his lighter

            • Bunch of zipper heads got ‘ol Walt.

        • No no no it doesn’t work that way for YOU, silly.

          Only cops get to do that.

          Which is exactly precisely backwards of how it should be actually.

      18. People will say what they will, mostly those who A) have no idea what any of this is about (in a general sense that government today is operating, unquestionably, outside its delegated authority and towards ends that are diametrically opposed to what was Declared and what is Constituted) and B) have never actually watched this video.

        Here is the fact of the matter, people were PISSED OFF that Citizens dared stand firm in protest to the whole damn thing,that there IS NO remedy outside combining our rights together to get the attention to the fact that even when we are in the right, government refuses to RELENT and will rise to the level of outright murdering a Citizen who calls out their evil ways.

        Agree or disagree about this being the right thing at the right time in the right place, Take Note – The United States Government just engaged in a planned, execution of a Citizen. They set up a roadblock on something of a curve and their intent was clear. Someone was going to die. And someone did. There had to be an example made, so other do not get the idea that this kind of thing would be tolerated.

        They went so far as to have a guy jump in front of a vehicle to claim the ability to turn this into a shooting affair.

        Say what you want but I know this to be absolutely true. There was NO REASON to shot that man. The plain truth is…..Government just committed intentional MURDER. And they will get away with it too.

        They murdered that man. They murdered that man. They murdered that man.

        • Well Stated and agreed. That Officer JUMPED in front of the car on purpose. No other reason!!

          • SpudWeb

            I will have to respectfully disagree with you.

            I have had road blocks and have had cars try to run them by striking my squad or going around my squad.

            I have had a vehicle strike my squad when I was standing behind it. I jumped out of the way so I wouldn’t have gotten hit.

            So did this Officer jump in front of the truck? That would be stupid unless he was trying to commit suicide. Or was he trying to get out of the way?

            Who knows, only he does.


            • Thanks SD. We definitely need your input here on this

            • attempt to escalate

              “He tried to hit me with his truck” so now we can kill him

              you can clearly see him break for that direction once the truck went off the road .. he knew dam well that truck wasnt going to hit any government property

            • Well Sgt. You really need to watch the video again! The officer wasn’t trying to run the other way…he ran right toward that vehicle!

      19. How about this for Fact- REGARDLESS of whether the Idiot “Oathkeepers” or any other “patriot” networks or anyone else thought this was the “Right” fight or not, Regardless of whether Mr Finicum had a weapon or not- REGARDLESS OF ANY OTHER FACTS IN THIS CASE remains ONE, 1 steadfast fact that could have prevented ALL of this- ** THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT OWN LAND OR CLAIM CONTROL OVER LAND THAT IS OWNED BY THE STATES** FACT, PERIOD, END OF STORY!!! Some Asshat Bureaucratic HACK in Washington who got his job because he is someone’s Cousin by Marriage SHOULD NOT be able to dictate how the People of Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona Or ANY OTHER STATE Utilize THEIR LANDS by a MEMO with NO LEGISLATION AT ALL OR INPUT FROM THOSE PEOPLE OR THEIR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE!!! If there were Not so much corruption among Harry Reid and his son, The BLM, and the Federal Government in general and IF the Federal government simply followed the Constitutional Rules and IF the States FORCED them to follow the rules NONE of this would have happened. This man would be home with his 11 Children and 19 Grandchildren Farming to provide food for the Citizens of this country. FACT!!!!!

        • Spudweb:

          Great post!

      20. Was Mr. Finicum armed?

        If he wasn’t then why didn’t Law Enforcement actually see the gun in his hands being pointed, before firing on him. Still enough time for a Kill Shot. Would having the gun already in his hand as to being drawn from a holster made any difference. The “Drop The GUN Command”.

        Right or wrong. Mr. Finicum said he would not go to jail. I wonder if what was said at the refuge by others that was communicated to Law Enforcement which aggravated the situation. Made them more prone to kill by not actually seeing the weapon if he so had one.

        • I think they really didnt like the fact that THIS MAN mocked them

          he sat on the porch with a tarp over him telling the feds Im not hiding im right here in open view, im easy to find Im not running from this , when he was at the refuge

          cant have that open defiance of the Feds , or they will take you out, or try to find a way to make it look like you deserved it

          Feds+all that power, and no accountability = fascist bullys

          • Down Under.

            Same as we do here at SHTF. Most of it is directed at those who would loot, damage and do harm to family. But a few words are made because of the anger towards government.

      21. How many times was he shot, the kill shot was obvious. It looked like they intended to murder him anyways. They shot, he grabbed where they shot and stumbled around, they shot him down. The police say he was reaching his jacket for a gun. The first shot was with his hands in the air. They were prepared, where is the ground video?

        • Thats why its key to get the rest of the story,,,
          My bet is he was un armed, my feeling is they were un armed on purpose, knowing that if anything like this happened they would become the rallying call for those with the balls to stand.

          • I read somewhere that he took 6 rounds. The FBI will only admit that it was in the single digits. The vidio is not the whole story.

        • Blackjack,
          i can tell you they were telling him to remove his weapon and put it on the ground, that is SOP!! IF there is audio I can guarantee
          the audio will show them telling him to do that! now at that point he has to make a decision! he is thinking are they gonna shoot me anyway? and THAT is what we might never know his last thoughts! I will lean towards they set him up and pushed him into that situation ONLY to KILL him and make a example out of this entire mess!

      22. I’ve seen this so often now as the conclusion to anyone standing in the Feds way, I’m really not surprised. What’s also sad is whenever I see a ‘graphic warning’, I have to chuckle. I’ve grown numb to this, and nothing is graphic to me anymore I have to say. That being said, there are several things to learn from this latest Federal shoot down of regular citizens trying to defend their rights. The Fed has been killing the constitution and our rights using death by a thousand blows, incrementally taking everything away. It makes it very difficult to make a stand under these circumstances. You also really need to think through your actions when it comes to grandstanding even if you are in the right. Someone is going to be killed by the government in these situations. They are sending a strong message each and every time to the US citizenry. Sure, you can rebel. And prepare to die for your insurrection against the US dictatorship. In order for anything like this to work, the majority of the US population would have to be behind it.

      23. sorry O/T

        Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Republican leaders will announce Friday they have reached a deal on Virginia’s gun regulations in a surprising moment of compromise on an issue that had threatened to poison the remainder of the governor’s term in office. McAuliffe (D) agreed to legislation that says the state must recognize concealed-handgun permits from nearly all states — a reversal of Attorney General Mark R. Herring’s decision last month to sever the reciprocity rights of gun owners in 25 states. In exchange, Republicans softened their stances on issues that have long been non-starters in the GOP-controlled General Assembly

        reason for this?

        A fuckin huge pile of lawsuits that was going to tear down his governorship in short order

        • That is good. That was just another cluster in the making, as citizens who were not aware of the nonreciprocity got stopped for minor traffic issues, passing through the state.

          Just an observation on LaVoy’s shooting. Comparatively… that is… to some other recent LE shootings, the msm seems destined to treat it very superficially. Will we see in depth interviews past a few days? I don’t think so.

      24. It’s good to remember that “Federal Law Enforcement” agents are not real cops. They have limited experience at traditional police work: car stops, street level arrests, foot patrols,crime suppression in ghettos, and even working a crime scene. The key word in FBI,is Investigation.

        For many Federal Law Enforcement agencies, the “officers” are nothing more than high paid guards of one stripe or another. These are heavily influenced by propaganda from hacks at the $PLC who furnish a large share of training and literature on minority “issues”. The idea running through $PLC “training” is: white man with gun, bad, black man with gun, aggrieved.

        FBI “agents” and others such as ATF are poorly selected, poorly trained, and are supervised by psychopath fake warriors. The “agent” in the shooting, if it was FBI, wanted to be the first cadet in his class to get a confirmed kill. He will make bank on his being at the great Oregon shootout and having survived it. He will teach special classes at the “academy” and generally get his ass kissed by staff and recruits. His hero status will give him great career enhancements of awards and promotions.

        This video already puts the lie to initial FBI propagated babble that had the victim lunging at and running toward the “agent”. Prior to this shooting, there was another involving an SUV in which two women and several men where riding. They had stopped and the “agents” took unprovoked shots and proceeded to plaster the SUV, Bonnie and Clyde style. This is the reason the white truck tried to go around.

        • The SPLC is, IMHO, perhaps the most vile, disgusting group in the US. Check out the leader, Morris Dees (I may have spelled his name slightly wrong). His home was featured in a house beautiful spread (Pam Geller has one review of this at http://pamelageller.com/2011/02/southern-poverty-law-fraud-center.html/

          Yep. Just another Learjet leftist. Just like Al Gore and his BiG GREEN MONEY circus.

          • They are definitely vermin to grind under your boot heel with the greatest of pleasure.

          • T: sounds like the character in Bracken’s books, “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” that worked for the ATF and keep screwing up enough for him to be in charge and live out his sick fantasies all the way up the ladder.

          • Test:

            If this is the same Pam Geller you are siting in your article; you sure prefer strange bedfellows….

            “Pam Geller and husband Oshry were co-owners, along with Christ Tsiropoulous, at least two car dealerships before Gellers divorced in 2007.

            One of their salesman was gunned down while closing the dealership, Universal Auto World, one evening.

            The investigation into the murder uncovered an alleged fraud ring. According to New York Daily News employees enabled “underground characters” including known drug dealers to buy luxury cars using false identities. Eleven people who worked for the dealership were arrested. Somehow Geller escaped unscathed.”

            Her divorce settlement included $$$Millions plus luxury home, etc.

            Her article on the Southern Poverty Law Center people and how they live the high life, is a joke. The pot calling the kettle black.

            The SPLC is one of the public enemies of liberty and should be abolished; that I agree on. But to site the laughing stock Pam Geller as proof of anything legitimate is also a joke. She is pathetic!

            • well granny, you and Pam Geller have at least one thing in common, you’re pathetic also. You’ll site any loony fuck with a computer to post a story on as a ” legitimate” source if it agrees with your paranoid view of everything.

              • court report is another useless troll.

      25. What does this have to do with me and you folks. These articles lately have gotten away from the prepping genre. They are more directed at building anger and exciting violence toward the gov. Don’t fall for this crap. When it comes to violence our collective strength is needed. But otherwise it’s divide and conquor. What a joke SELF reliance is just that yourself. Oh lemme get In my car and drive to Oregon to help a bunch of people that don’t have anything to do with my struggles. I should put my life down for this too ha. I’d suggest people stay away from this propaganda to excite standoffs against a much more powerful opponent finicum is the example of what not to do. Forget being a patriot it’s nonsense. This is not the 1800s when there was only one sheriff to uphold law. The corrupt gov has nazi loyalists working for them and the gestapo will come and kill you. In a few days this will all disappear from the headlines and finicum will be forgotten. His death has not made any gains and it won’t. Cooler heads always prevail.

        • well if we dont stand up against this senseless act of murder , none of us are going to get the chance to eat freeze dried shit out of a can freezing in our burnt out homes

          “a bunch of people that don’t have anything to do with my struggles” are you fuckin serious?

          sorry but like the weavers, the davidians dorner etc.. no they wont be forgotten

          its brought up year after year and at every one of these murders

      26. He is moving well after he lowered his arms. If the first shot was a head shot. Then the officer to the left of Mr. Finicum, fired the kill shot as the body moves away from the shooter due to impact with the bullet. If he was shot from behind the body would have fell forward face down and not to the side.

        The LEO has his arm stretched out as to aim a pistol.

      27. This act is not really new

        they been murdering us like this all over the place

        i give you this

        Dontrell Stephens, 22, told the six women and two men hearing his case that he had his hands over his head and was unarmed when Palm Beach County Deputy Adams Lin began shooting in September 2013. He pointed at a scar on the inside of his right elbow, the bullet still lodged on the outside of the elbow.

        His attorney, Jack Scarola, said outside court that the wound and the bullet’s position bolster Stephens’ testimony that his arms were in the air and contradicts Lin’s statements that Stephens had dropped his arms and was reaching into his back waistband when the officer began firing. If his arms were down, Scarola said, Stephens could not have been hit on the inside of the elbow.

      28. Jan 28, 2016 12:29 pm Chicago police form a line to prevent protesters from entering an expressway on Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015, in Chicago. The Chicago police officer accused of killing 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier just after Christmas says he intends to file a lawsuit against the dead teenager’s estate, alleging that LeGrier assaulted the officer and caused him emotional distress. Officer Robert Rialmo claims he shot LeGrier seven times because the teenager swung a bat at him.

        Is it becoming abundantly clear yet?

      29. my computer is locking up and it is hard to type without interruption. Will try later.

        • ditto here.

          had to leave lap top and come to house computer.

      30. DETROIT — The identity of a woman who was killed by Dearborn police following a chase Wednesday outside the Fairlane Town Center was released Thursday by authorities, who said they are collecting possible surveillance videos and dashcam footage of the fatal shooting.

        The woman was identified as Detroit resident Janet Wilson, according to the Medical Examiner’s Office, which said the manner of death was ruled a homicide and was caused by multiple gunshot wounds. Wilson’s death marked the second fatal shooting involving the department in recent months.

        Michigan State Police First Lt. Michael Shaw confirmed Thursday the woman was not armed with a gun, but said she was “armed with a three-ton vehicle.”

        so we are all suspects as we drive our cars down the road..and because we are driving a “weapon” in their eyes gives them justification to Murder you

        these guys coudnt get out of the way and trap her and apprehend an unarmed woman ? so they murder her ?

        rule of law is dead .. were next

        • Red Hawk, as a lawyer, I can say that the rule of law is dead.


          These progressives destroy the Common Law and create new laws (e.g. what the heck is making terroristic threats? Words are almost never the basis of a crime. You needed action.)

          The rule of law is dead, long live the rule of the jungle. Buy a Ruger Red Hawk 454 Casull Today!

          • well the death of the rule of law has plenty of consequences for the other side they may have not taken into consideration …just yet

            • 454 casull is too expensive to feed

              but yes I understand the comment

              • Well as a driving a large weapon ya might as well go armed so nobody becomes confused. Can’t have confusion, eh?

      31. Hey mac,,,
        I think you got spooks hacking your site,
        Your tax dollars being put to good use eh,,,,,

        • KULA,
          the spooks are EVERY WHERE! they are recording all coms. that is the purpose of the new site in Utah, and they NOW have new programs to extract it is a very short time. used to take weeks or months now takes only seconds or minutes! YUP, seen some the programs that were developed for this. and what you and others probably DON’T know is they are NOT smart enough to develop these programs so they hire the public to do this. MIT does allot of this type of thing. and so do many other universities, they use SMART college kids !!! and brainwash them at the same time to think they are doing the public a favor, SAD very SAD!

          • SPOOKS. Must be coming from DC (Dark Country), CIA,FBI, DEA, M-I-C-K-E-Y(oops wrong one)BLMatter. Lots of spooks in DC.

          • That site is vulnerable. It uses a lot of water to keep everything cool inside. Stop the water and things start getting hot.

      32. First let me say I am so sorry Mr.Finicum was killed. My condolences to his family and friends. May he rest now in peace.

        I have to ask.

        Why did he not just get out of the white vehicle when he had it stopped on the road for over three minutes?

        Why did he try to run the road block?

        Why not drop to your knees in the snow and let it be over?

        Why not live to fight another day?

        Was it murder? or Was it what Mr.Finicum wanted?

        • He was most likely sick and tired of fighting and said screw it,,,

          • Kula YOU could be correct! fighting gets OLD very quickly and REALLY plays on your mind!

            • Its weighs on your soul, not sure your age but if you grew up like me we were taught about how we are free etc etc,,,
              I dont think were in Kansas anymore buddy

              • Thanks, Kula. You always write good stuff.

                IMHO, the key is that we need to **inform and educate**. Our battle is one of the pen, not the sword. Key question: HOW do they find *anyone* to do dastardly deeds, assuming this was one?
                Answer: they propagandize and delude the gullible (can anyone chant “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” right about now!).

                Key thing is that if we can cogently, peacefully and winsomely educate and inform people, there WILL be NO ONE left to carry out the Frankfurt School/Antonio Gramsci/Saul Alinksy evil.

                That’s why I post here, and why I do everything I can to disseminate verifiable information.

            • Again, I’m sure that’s a great comfort to the wife and 11 kids he left behind…….smh.

        • “G”
          I too send my Condolences to his family and friends.
          Watching the long version on YouTube I saw some things that just weren’t right.

          Start with the LEO’s Why didn’t they stop him by using a boxing maneuver two in front and two in back, Then he wouldn’t have been able to run.

          Second why stop him in a bunch of trees when just up the road was a clearing? It shows it toward the end of the video.

          Third Where did the officer come from that was in the woods that came from his right side? Ambush this might answer #2.

          Fourthly why were they firing at the truck? I saw nothing/gun fire coming from the truck. Or were they trying to knock out window to put in gas. (The truck looked like it was still running. Being in the snow pack the carbon monoxide would have knocked them out in about 1/2hr.

          Fifthly This video is from a chopper that wasn’t taking close ups, Why? Where are the dash cams? You would think that the units that stop the chase would have it up and until he hit the snow bank and that following units in the chase would have it on their dash cams. And where are the body cams on all of this?

          Now on the other side.

          #1 Why didn’t he just give up at the first stop.

          #2 When he put the truck into the ditch it looked like he hit a FED with the truck, or just missed him. That is battery if he hit him with a deadly weapon, or if he missed him that is assault with a deadly weapon.

          #3 I watch the video over and over he looked like he was using his right hand and was reaching into his jacket. One of the pictures of him that you see all the time is that he is wearing a shoulder holster with the weapon on his left side, thus he would have to reach of the weapon with the right hand. Or was he trying to surrender the weapon?

          The video shows some but not all. I want to see the dash cams and the body cams of this,. Before I draw any conclusions.

          My God Rest His Soul!


          • Sgt. Stop sticks anywhere would do job. As for him reaching for his gun he just my have been ordered to surrender his gun and was doing just that. The sad thing is we will never know the truth, truly the Government is out of control.

            We The Few!!

            • “I 2”
              good point I didn’t even think about stop sticks.
              yes that would have stopped the whole thing right then and there!


            • What are stop sticks?

      33. And the keyboard coward fascist boot licking brain dead toxic waste dumps peck, peck, peck away huddled in their fear just waiting for their turn to be murdered by their Corporatist Fascist Globalist Police State and their paid mercenary alphabet agency goon squads that make the Gestapo and the Stasi look like saints, all while the boot lickers love and honor these murderous scum of the earth with their filthy vile evil disgusting fascist American Flag representing the most criminal evil government in the history of the world. Are you happy now keyboard cowards, your government murders again while you sit on your apathetic boot licking coward toxic dump asses.

        • Ronald Aherns.

          You do more harm than good.

          • Your apathetic cowardice murdered LaVoy Finicum, you are guilty of apathy that led to his death at the hands of the Globalist murdering mercenaries you love like brothers.

            • Mac Slavo has put up some stories as per your request for coverage. Now you only want to RIP up the poster’s here. I’m trying to get people together and you go off the deep edge and criticize because people have not done what YOU expect them to do.

              Here let me help you with your next post.

              Slingshot, AKA Snowflake is a no good Drunk son of a Bitch, A Keyboard Coward,druggie and a fascist and don’t give a Flying Fuck about his country.

            • Fuck you Ronald Ahrens! And the horse you rode in on!


                • And third off, it you are so “gung-ho” why wasn’t your sorry ass in that SUV with them and armed? Grow yourself a pair to cover that little flap of skin covering your “P7ssy.

        • As James Butler Hickok would say

          “Are you Satisfied!”

        • Hey Ron,

          What about your ” hero” buddies Ammon Bundy and his group? Looks like surrendering was more appealing to them then trying to help their ” friend” wasn’t it?

      34. In case you missed this the first time I posted it. I title this the Children of the Corn and the Millennial Death Cult.

        They murder an unarmed man with his hands in the air, trying to save the destruction of our ranches, and the turning over our minerals, especially uranium(Uranium One) for debt obligations to Russian Oligarchs and many other foreign interests, while the keyboards cowards live in their fear, shuttered in like Jews and others throughout history waiting to be picked off by the Corporatist Fascist Globalist monsters murdering and dumbing down their children and destroying their children’s future of disease ridden madness. As a historian, these are epic times to be alive watching old drunken cowards poisoned by decades of massive consumption of GMO filled poisonous toxic fake food denying what is happening right in front of your dmubed down faces. I see the looks on the coward zombies when I go into the cesspool metro areas where they waddle around with depressing looks on their faces, knowing they are being murdered and not caring. Seeing that after waking up four years ago to the softkill genocide, and the denial of the cowards so addicted to booze, Big Pharma poison, and especially the chemical and GMO filled toxic fake food, I was fully prepared for the reactions I would see to the execution fully planned ambush attack and murder in cold blood of a great American patriot fighting for future generations and their children. I asked many people during my time at the refuge if they knew what this evil was that has taken over our country, infected our government, and infected the fascist boot licking cowards who support the Globalist Fascist Police State nightmare we are all in. I did not ask LaVoy that question directly, but someone whose name I cannot remember, I met so many out there, he told me LaVoy did know how evil this was. I assure you LaVoy and hundreds of millions Americans DO NOT know what this evil is and why it is murdering us with softkill genocide. They simply do not have the capacity in their brain to know, it is just too horrifying. They have been engineered victims for decades now. The plan was very very very evil, but also very simple…Prey on the vices, the seven deadly sins if you will, divide and conquer, and then as Orwell said it best “films, football, beer, and above all else gambling filled the horizons of their minds, to keep them in control was never difficult”. Yes the American people have become engineered victims, hybrid humans, without the capacity for empathy and a massive taste for violence, death, destruction and blood shed. I watched it unfold for days in the social media I could stomach, and the comments on the mainstream media I could get through without weeping at the evil this society has become. I call these millennial monsters they have created, and engineered to respect fascist Police State Authority, and to use it to crush with deadly force any opposition to their psychopathic madness, I call them Children of the Corn, after Stephen King’s Novel of evil crazed murderous children wanting and chanting for death and blood, because that is what I saw in their horrifying comments. Most of those horrifying comments came after LaVoy was murdered, they were screaming for more. I also call them a Millennial Death Cult, and I know there are good millennials out there who know what is going on for the most part, but you still for the most part have no idea what the evil is we are dealing with right now in our country trying to kill us with softkill genocide, dumb down our children with poisonous toxic GMO filled garbage and immune system destroying vaccines, constant low frequency input from I Idiot phones and other electronic gadgets, fluoridated and chemical filled water, constant bombardment of every part of your body with toxins if you are in a metro area cesspool where they want to pack you in like sardines, geoengineering they now have to admit too in the skies that rains down aluminum, barium, and other brain damaging metals, the list goes, on and on. Every coward American sees all this, it is impossible not to see the effects on our people and their health, on our children and their diseases and skyrocketing learning disabilities. That is where the engineered victim comes into play again. Americans are engineered to all be victims, without any care or empathy for others and their plights, such as ranchers getting their land stolen for a Globalist Corporatist Fascist takeover of our minerals and resources and to further their de-population agenda. They do not want you eating grass fed beef, they want you eating beef from feedlots, from cows consuming Monsanto’s roundup Ready BT Corn, which is full of all kinds of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals(google what those do if you want to be scared, or be a coward like always), and we know that corn goes in a lot of more products. They also want you consuming lots of processed wheat and other grains doused with glyphosate and grown with even more EDC’s. As I said, LaVoy and almost every American does not want to completely understand what this evil is doing to us and why it has put us under chemical attack, because they are addicted to the garbage. No coward engineered victim American understands the evil that would ambush and assassinate an unarmed hands in the air protester at point blank range without NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE FORCE USED(Tazer, baton, pellets, wood projectile)FIRST, but I do, because I looked in eyes of that evil many, many, many times. After four years of repairing my intestines to where I can consume a few things like sardines, from their New World Order Agenda 21/2030/2050 chemical attack on my body and mind, and after doing thousands of hours of research on how and why I was poisoned-I know what the evil is we are all facing and my family does as well, that is why we went to Burns Oregon, to show we are not afraid of this evil that has consumed our nation, we are not afraid any longer.

        • A **lot** of this – including the BIG GREEN MONEY global warming scam – revolves around the ignorant assumption that Malthusianism is right. It isn’t. Google the famed Julian Simon/Paul Ehrlich wager, and find out why Ehrlich last.

          Incidentally, Ehrlich, like vile Holdren, is a former global cooler now turned warmer. And Holdren specifically advocated things like razing dams, etc. But hey! He’s a leftist, so that was ok. A poor rancher doint 1% of that is a bad guy.

          We truly are back in the westerns movies, with entrenched evil and corruption vs. the little guy. Very sad. But still, the battle is with the pen. We need to turn public opinion, similar to what MLK or Gandhi did.

          I sure wish some folks had put some drones with cameras in the vicinity. Should be some there now!

        • Ron:

          Your post covers it all.

          Maybe LaVoy’s death will wake us up to the Clinton corruption of Uranium 1.

          I study a lot; but until this standoff happened had not heard one word about Uranium 1.

          You are a true, wide awake patriot. Thanks….

      35. I want to say that the important point is not about Constitutional Rights at this moment. It is about whether a man was murdered by authorities. If it is true.
        That would galvanize all the atrocities of the past against the people of the United States into one. The Ones that pay attention to what is happening around them. Or. It will further divide the Patriot Movement and could well move those sympathetic to the cause further away.

      36. Lots of people have Lots of Opinions butHow about this for Fact- REGARDLESS of whether the Idiot “Oathkeepers” or any other “patriot” networks or anyone else thought this was the “Right” fight or not, Regardless of whether Mr Finicum had a weapon or not- REGARDLESS OF ANY OTHER FACTS IN THIS CASE remains one, ONE steadfast fact that could have prevented ALL of this- ** THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT OWN LAND OR CLAIM CONTROL OVER LAND THAT IS OWNED BY THE STATES** FACT, PERIOD, END OF STORY!!! Some Asshat Bureaucratic HACK in Washington who got his job because he is someone’s Cousin by Marriage SHOULD NOT be able to dictate how the People of Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona Or ANY OTHER STATE Utilize THEIR LANDS by a MEMO with NO LEGISLATION AT ALL OR INPUT FROM THOSE PEOPLE OR THEIR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE!!! If there were Not so much corruption among Harry Reid and his son, The BLM, and the Federal Government in general and IF the Federal government simply followed the Constitutional Rules and IF the States FORCED them to follow the rules NONE of this would have happened. This man would be home with his 11 Children and 19 Grandchildren Farming to provide food for the Citizens of this country. FACT!!!!!

        • Spudweb

          I looked up on google to see how much land is owned by the Feds in Florida. A small amount when you compare it to Western States. So on the East Coast this land grab is not in the news as it is out West. Other issues top the news. It appears as this incident works its way through the news it will still be a REGIONAL problem, even though it is a Constitutional Violation.

          Yes if it is UnConstitutional there then it is UnConstitional here in Florida. People don’t see it that way and don’t understand the significance and implications of the Land Grab and WHO is involved in it.

          Will the Press even bring it to light in a manner in which it can be solved.

          I doubt it.

        • all of his kids now know what kind of government they will be dealing with

          what a way to make a bunch of new enemies

      37. I think they are trying to block the video. It won’t come up on my computer.

        • oh now why would they do a thing like that


      39. Fuck the badges.

        They did the same in Waco when they ambushed the bikers. Came in and set up pole cameras and snipers before the restaurant opened and killed them from cover.

        They poisoned public opinion to garner support for their killing as “justified”. It worked there same as it will work here. Divide the people into groups so they will fight each other instead of them.

        Of course, “they were biker scum” and not “patriots”. See how that works?

        They only have rights if they are part of your group.

        • In the case of oregon they labled them as militants, militia, dissidents etc etc,,, never mind that they were mostly disposessed ranchers and a few others who are sick and tired of the shit.

        • they sure are building one hell of a resume .. the back lash if or when it comes will be well earned

      40. Here’s an idea: Let’s all try to resolve our differences peacefully. That includes both sides – police officers should be PEACE officers, and the public should do likewise.

        This does not mean self-defense is wrong, and it does not mean the 2nd Amendment’s original purpose is gone, and it does not mean police sometimes have to use force **when justified, and as a LAST resort. I have two friends, both police, both recently retired, and they have been in some WILD situations where force as needed.

        Sadly, it seems they are turning this into another Waco. Why not just have let them sit there? They weren’t exactly occupying the Capitol Bldg, you know! What? Were they bothering the DUCKS on the wildlife refuge?

        Non-violence is the way forward. This is in sharp contrast, of course, to the left, which – according the The Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, **murdered** over 100 mm last century. And in contrast to disgusting, violent leftist “Prof.” Bill Ayers, who has written in the past: The violent Bill Ayers, Obama buddy and and current faux professor of education at U. of Chicago, who wrote in his manifesto Prairie Fire:

        “We are communist women and men… Our intention is to disrupt the empire, to incapacitate it, to put pressure on the cracks, to make it hard to carry out its bloody functioning against the people of the world, to join the world struggle, to attack from the inside… Without mass struggle there can be no revolution. Without armed struggle there can be no victory.” More violence from disgusting Bill: “Kill the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents…” (Here is disgusting Bill Ayers PENSION info, BTW – talk about rich!! Enter in any name you want on this site, and get the IL. pension of whomever you want. Ex-terrorist Bill Ayers? Why…. he’ll be getting $83,372 per year of YOUR tax dollars (as of right now) for sitting on his derriere in a few years. Here’s the website: http://www.webploration.com/Pensions/Pension_by_Name.php?row=1&Last_Name=Ayers&First_Name=&op=send&PN_submit=Find Pensions.

        And one more from Wee Willy Ayers on LEFTIST violence: “…we’re also going to make it clear that when a pig gets iced that’s a good thing, and that everyone who considers himself a revolutionary should be armed, should own a gun, should have a gun in his house.” – Bill Ayers, leftist activist and confidant of gun control happy Barack Obama, in A Strategy
        To Win, appearing in New Left Notes, September 12, 1969.

        More from the violent fascist left: Bernadine Dohrn a law prof at Northwestern (same one who said about the murders of actress Sharon Tate and retail store owners Leno and Rosemary LaBianca in a speech during the December 1969 Weathermen (Weatherpersons?) “War Council” meeting in Flint, Michigan: “First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into the pig Tate’s stomach! Wild!”),

        Then there is that other violent leftist now working at Columbia Univ. – the place she once tried to blow up – Kathy Boudin – but apparently their violence is OK, and we have to go get some people bothering DUCKS in rural Oregon.

        My prayer is that we could all solve our differences in peace.

      41. My computer problems have stopped for the time being.

        Anyone else.

        • “S”

          My computers is working now. I have had trouble with all the Alterative media sights. I’m thinking TPTB are running scared and are screwing with them. Some thing is going on!

          • Yep info cock blocking that and checking our computers too see what they can find

      42. Too bad someone didn’t have the wisdom to put a drone with a camera in the air!!!

        Keep this idea in mind for the future!

      43. In the video as they stand over his body, officers are stumbling around in the snow too. I’d imagine under stress we all would stumble around in the deep snow! Another thing iI’d imagine all the Leo s had cover behind something,superior firepower ,numbers,and positioning,you think they would be the ones to hold off. The guy stumbling in the snow had none of that,yet they dropped him in and instant. What ever happened to beanbag rounds from a 12ga? Why is it all or nothing with this stuff? They always say they feared for their life. What about that guy with 20 guns pointed at him?? I thought they took oaths to protect and serve.

        • Bet you felt the same way about every black man murdered by cops… Karma

          • As a matter of fact, I *do* feel that way about blacks murdered by police. IF, in fact, they were murdered. ALL human lives are valuable. And black lives shouldn’t be PIMPED for money by Jesse and Al. And there is a big difference between what happened in Ferguson vs. that young boy in Chicago who was shot, or that one in S.C. From what we know, in Ferguson, the man was a thug who assaulted a policeman and tried to get his gun possibly; in contrast, in Rahm “Dead Fish” Emanuel’s thugocracy of Chicago, that boy who was shot was *already* down when the policeman emptied his gun into him. Where there is distance, use something non-lethal! However, my state trooper buddy has noted – and as most of you know already – there is a distance under which a person can close before you can engage with your firearm.

            In sum, ALL lives matter, black, white, red or yellow. Quit playing the race card. That one is worn out and tattered from over-use… and in fact, reverse racism is just as despicable.

        • Not to mention they were already drawn, how hard to shoot a shoulder?
          Leg? Then if he keeps going maybe a fatal shot but just pop dead?

      44. When I first read about the incident at marketwatch.com the article made it sound like a random traffic stop. Looking at the video it looks very planned out. Would be nice to get the audio and other camera angles. Watching this video the officer looks justified.

      45. Why all the questions?

        He was clearly J Walking in the middle of a near empty street and we all know that means a bullet to the head in America.

      46. I’m a female–why were snipers hiding behind trees if this was so innocent??

      47. The questions pile up.

        Was he reaching to cover a wound. Instinctively.
        Non lethal rounds could have been used.

      48. I tried twice to post a link for an account about the shooting–Mac’s site won’t allow it.

      49. Send Obama and Eric Holder to the scene….permanently.

      50. Uniformed Agent Provacateurs

      51. How many times do I need to say it.

        Were there unarmed innocent civilians present?


        Then it’s not justified. Period. Sorry. You don’t like that don’t take the goddamned job. Your purpose is to protect innocent people… guess what someone is until proven guilty? Unless he’s gonna shoot up civilians, you are entirely. Entirely. Expendable.

        Leg shot’s fine… if that makes you feel any better.

      52. I made a comment on this article…..seemes to have disappeared.

      53. Special Agent Gregory T. Bretzing …………..
        shot Lavoy Finicum

        • I was thinking of sending said Special Agent Gregory T. Bretzing
          a small bouquet of flowers with a card attached that read:

          in memory of
          LaVoy Finicum

          9109 NE Cascades Parkway
          Portland, OR 97220
          Phone: (503) 224-4181
          Fax: (503) 460-8088
          E-mail: [email protected]


      54. Where are Stewart Rhodes and the rest of the oft vaunted “Oathkeepers”? Not a peep from them since the drone video showing Lavoy Finicum’s cold-blooded murder at the hands of their “brothers” was released. Why have they not been publicly and vociferously leading the charge to have those responsible for Finicum’s death brought to justice (hung by the neck until dead)? I’ll tell you where they are; they are hiding behind that damned “thin blue line”. “Oathkeepers” my ass! Come on Stewie, grow a spine and prove me wrong!

        • When people say this was a fight they didn’t want to have, a person has to respect that.
          The event has had an impact on many people and there are questions each person has to ask themselves in order to be settled with in their own conclusions. A rigid rightness which may lack perspective is not enough to stand before God with. If we’re found simply doing what we want we are on shaky ground.

      55. Tonight on the news the FBI released the Video to the killing of Mr. Finicum. Stated he repeatedly went for a weapon. Mentioned the few remaining men at the refuge and that was it. That’s All Folks.

        So what happens to all the questions that we have brought up in our small investigation at SHTF.

        I think our questions should be asked whatever they may be. And by all means ANSWERED.

      56. MURDERED. No other possibility. Totally obvious to anyone who’s ever held a gun in their hand. The MURDERER was less than 15 eet away for crying out loud. The poor guy was stumbling around in the snow and the MURDERER was close enough to see if he had a gun in his hand. Made no difference to the thugs whether he reached for a gun or was stabilizing himself in the snow. He wasn’t exactly a young guy you know. They didn’t like him so they outed him. The system will let these bastards go…God won’t.

        I’ll be at the next one. Might as well die for a cause instead of dying for nothing, like dying of lead poisoning wasting away in a hospital.

        Welcome to Nazi America,

      57. I keep saying use Daniel 2 vs 44 the stone isn’t a meteorite it’s the word of god. That word says he will break down all these Kingdoms/Governments and break them to peaces. Presidents, statesmen, whatever it’s all related.
        We can rise with those two as our battle cry’s. lavoys murder and Daniel 2 vs 44.
        the word is the truth not this garbage you’ve been taught.
        When God said to Samuel they don’t reject you, but they reject me in asking a king for they as always have worshiped Idols. Government is and Idol.
        Were being judged because of our Idols.

      58. Expect TPTB to only engage patriots when they have overwhelming force, and an ambush plan.

        Expect them to fire on you, but amazingly miss, and try to get you to pull a weapon, so they can execute you on the spot.

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