Fault Line Wakes Up: New Zealand Could Be DESTROYED By Massive 9.0 Earthquake

by | Nov 27, 2017 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    A 2016 earthquake has awoken a fault line that was thought to be dormant. Now that it’s becoming active, fears have arisen that New Zealand could be destroyed by a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake.

    The devastating Kaikura earthquake in 2016 has resurrected the Hikurangi subduction zone where two tectonic plates clash and one is pushed down. Geologists are now warning that this trench could cause a massive earthquake on the ocean floor, and could trigger other 9.0 magnitude earthquakes and tsunamis that will reach the western coast of the islands in just seven minutes.

    The Australian plate is heading north while the Pacific plate is heading west, and the combination of these motions means that the Pacific plate, which includes much of the South Island, is moving relative to the Australian plate at a rate of about 40millimeterss each year in a southwesterly direction.

    Ursula Cochran, from the science firm GNS, told The Marlborough Express: “We need to think Japan 2011 basically, because if our whole plate boundary ruptured it would be a magnitude-9 earthquake.” The Great East Japan Earthquake and resulting tsunami smashed through the country’s north-eastern coast killing almost 16,000 people and destroying the lives of thousands more. It also triggered a major ongoing crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

    “One of the biggest hazards of that kind of earthquake is the tsunami that is triggered by a fault rupture offshore.,” Cochran added. “We know from tsunami modeling from a hypothetical earthquake from the Hikurangi subduction zone that the travel times could be very short to the coast, so seven minutes for some of the south Wairarapa coast.”

    One year after it struck, scientists are also warning that the Kaikoura quake was not the “big one” for the Hikurangi subduction zone. The quake on the Hikurangi subduction zone was devastating. The magnitude 7.8 that destroyed houses, lifted the Kaikoura seabed by 2m, tore apart farmland, and wrecked kilometers of State Highway 1, may be minor compared to what could come, Cochran said.

    “One thing about reflecting on from the Kaikoura earthquake is we don’t want people to think this is the big one.” An international team hopes to drill boreholes into the subduction zone and place monitoring equipment there to act as an early warning system.


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      1. really?, is this the best we have for news?

        • It makes me glad that I am not there.

      2. I might give shit if I actually knew ANYBODY in New Zealand.

        • Ehhhhm that’s what happens when you live in an unarmed country lol.

          • They be armed alright and nicely!
            Suppressors allowed

          • firstly i live in that country but far enough away from the coast not to be bothered by a tsunami,
            second, we are not compleaty disarmed we can still buy guns for hunting and target shooting,
            thirdly, if you look at the map the tsunami will only take about 7-8 minutes to reach our capital Wellington and there will be about 90% total devastation, i also give ti about 20-30 minutes to reach our biggest city of Auckland with major damage to the cbd and airport as well as the port.
            i also recommend that you look at a geological map as that map is not accurate, wellington is built on the edge of a bay caused by a fault line.
            ( serology our entire counter is riddled with volcanoes and fault lines for example lake taupo is a super volcano and Auckland is built on a field of volcanoes)

        • Yo John,

          Remember now. Our best bud, Bobane was trying to get us all to go there a couple of years ago when XYZ Apocalypse was going to happen.

          I still have his count down clock bookmarked. 🙂

          I’ll just keep my tail here, in the hills of SC, thankyou.

          Y’all enjoy the evening.

        • Few up north have any idea where New Zealand IS.

          Hint, south west of the Golden Gate!

          “Here be dragons and sea monsters”.

          (OC in Australia)

        • What a selfish comment….

        • About the same care factor by us Kiwi’s if the Yellowstone caldera blew mate. If that happened you’d all be KYAG.

      3. True.
        How unfortunate.
        In November 2016 it had a 7.8 near Christ Church and numerous after shocks.

        Many buildings crumbled.

        The United States will not be exempt.

        There Have Been 698 Earthquakes In California Within The Past 30 Days.

        Everybody expects this. But we need to expect earthquakes in places where we do not expect them. No one is immune.

        We live in a world of change.

      4. OK if their Rugby Union and Cricket side is wiped out to a man!

      5. The M7.8 quake in Kaikoura happened within hours of Sen John Kerry visiting and meeting with then PM John Key on Nov 13. he was probably pushing for NZ to backstab Israel over the UNSC Resolution 2334. Indeed, then-FM Michael McCully led the fight against Israel by passing it. PM Bill English was in favor of it. He has since been voted out of office. The big quake happened as 12:01 a.m. after the meeting.

        “McCully discussed a possible Security Council resolution with the outgoing US Secretary of State, John Kerry, during his visit to New Zealand last month. McCully then travelled to the Middle East to discuss it with others, including Netanyahu.” — http://tinyurl.com/ztnshz2

        On Nov. 14, one day after Key and McCully met with Kerry, the M7.8 earthquake hit Waiau and Kaikoura aimed North towards Wellington, the capitol, and aftershocks have been moving steadily North. Over “100,000 slips (landsides)” cut State Hwy 1 and the country in half.

        Zec 12:3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it ***shall be cut in pieces,*** though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

        Zec 12:9 And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.

        The M7.8 may have been just a warning shot. It is now time to take down the glass and mirrors and prepare for The Big One. It might not be an earthquake. It could be a volcano or something else. There are 48 volcanoes under Auckland alone. It might not be Wellington but will be somewhere with lots of homes because the law of sowing and reaping says in effect, if you take away homes in Israel, God will take away your homes. At least the Israeli Ambassador to NZ stationed in Wellington is safe. Israel recalled him because of this.

        Stan Goodenough wrote The Fist of God detailing how George W. Bush promoted efforts to remove Jews from Gaza and give it to Israel’s enemies. As the last Jew left, a storm formed called Hurricane Katrina and destroyed most of New Orleans. http://preview.tinyurl.com/gvqlxx9

        Fukushima’s tsunami was a judgment of God because Japan sided with the Palies against Israel. Japan’s Earthquake & Tsunami–the Hand of God? — http://tinyurl.com/z3e4qfn

        • In regard to the earthquake event in Japan, that earthquake occurred one year to the day they threatened Israel over the building of housing units in East Jerusalem.

          There is a connection.

          • I will curse those who curse Israel. and Kerry is not an American war hero, he is a North Viet combatant.

      6. Actually, if any of you people bothered following NZ news- its where ALL of our “elite” are buying up all the land and building bunkers. THIS is GOOD NEWS!

        • Yeah, DMONIC… I’d heard the same reports. Golly gee, wouldn’t that just be terrible that when the SHTF those ‘elites’ have to stay right here and face the music? Darn near breaks my heart thinking that we might actually get a chance to put paid to a long list of grievances. Paybacks are hell MF’s!!

        • ” …. those who seek to save their lives (at the expense of others) will lose it ….”

          I have told this community for YEARS that the best locations during the Pole Shift and subsequent Changes are on the INSIDE of the Cordillera.

          Read carefully the predictions of the PROPHETS like Cayce, Scallion, and others, and you will be able to discern a few viable locations to ride out the Changes if properly prepped.

          HINT: Florida is NOT one of them. 🙂

      7. I came to this story thinking it was an overblown matter like the Daily Mail regularly runs. It is not.

        The quote by the GNS scientist is one of the most credible that you can get. I would believe her.

      8. I spent 3 weeks on vacation in NZ. Nice people, very naive. Going there is like rolling the clock back to the 1960’s. The country is powerfully racist and keeps people of color from immigrating. The native Mauri rebelled just a couple decades ago, and have made headway since.

        Crime is very low and they have near total gun control. Limited firearms ownership of specific named weapons all completely tracked and controlled. Ranching and farming requires firearms for animal and pest control. The wealthy can get handguns for home defense, no concealed carry. The island is hundreds of miles from the next nearest country through rough unpredictable seas, so smuggling and illegal immigration is near impossible.

        The country is like one huge amazing national park. The number one killer of people 18 to 55 is accidents hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, boating etc.

        NZ is one of the most geologically active places in the world. They have several active volcanoes, and regular powerful earthquakes. The natural hot springs are a real pleasure.

        I expect the articles quake predictions to have a high probability of happening.

        Interesting about NZ, the modern original native animals were all birds and insects. The earlier reptiles and mammals found in fossils became extinct. NZ has had repeated and regular extinction events. Another one is very likely.

        Anyone who follows Earthquake predictions by DutchSinse understands that deep earthquakes originating in and around NZ are the starting point for most of the earths major quakes that follow a predictable progression pattern, traveling along major fault lines.

        • Powerfully racist? really? I think you need to check your own country first!
          (although there are some real Maori’s thats for sure!
          But there’s plenty of immigrants, coloured or otherwise – They just need skills to get in, unlike your Mexicans!

          Gun control yes, its all by permits etc. (But I think thats the same for MOST of the world, is it not?)

          • If you are a minority and want to immigrate to NZ, you better be educated, have money, serious skills and a job all lined up. Poor ignorant people need not apply.

            That said, many of America’s problems are centered in our mega-cities. NZ not only doesn’t have any mega-cities, the entire countries population is about the same as just NY Cities population.

            A small population like NZ could be overrun quickly, but NZ has strict immigration laws, and existing regulations do effectively keep out minorities.

          • Then, we would be called powerfully racist, for imposing a skill set upon the Mexicans.

            I have read about the Tytler Cycle, and the reports of early explorers, and didn’t find the post offensive, in the least.

            That *is the way of the world. It’s really true.

      9. The Fukushima event is not something the msm and the politicians will reveal fully. What do we really know to this day? The government has some interest in radiation exposure, just not enough to alert the population of the danger.

      10. As an neighbour across the ditch (Aussie) I have an earthquake app that notifies me of any earthquakes around the world. You can set it to those registering 5+ or down to 2+. I’m staggered at the amount of earthquakes New Zealand are recording. Earthquakes are rare in Australia, but in one day we had 3 from one side of the country to the other. Our other neighbour Papua New Guinea has also had a big uptick in earthquakes as well as Tonga and Somoa. Looking at the earthquakes around Yellowstone is eye opening and if you visit Mary Greeley’s YouTube channel, she will tell you that magma is rising under Yellowstone. She also advises that the gov. authority is withholding information but she has access via other channels she advises the public on. She also is in constant contact of people living in the area that will report anything out of the ordinary, like steam coming out of areas it hasn’t vented before. At the end of the day the Bible warns us that there will be signs in the natural and spiritual world. Earthquakes and strong winds as well as turning to false teachings and incidences within the animal and insect world. I believe, as Benjamin Netanyahu recently stated ‘We are witnessing Bible Prophecy unfold before our very eyes.

      11. I’ve just read the comments and am dismayed at the myopic stance of many writers. I’m a New Zealand born Australian former soldier and I share many of the views expressed here each post by the readers. What annoyed me is the attitude about not knowing therefore not caring about any one in New Zealand. Remember, Australia and New Zealand are American allies. Fought along side you guys in WW2, Korea, Vietnam, The Gulf and Afghanistan. Just because the gun lasw aren’t as strong as yours doesn’t mean you should belittle the country. The death toll from gun murders in the USA is reason enough that down under we don’t have to have a gun in every home. Our citizens aren’t as paranoid as many Americans about the Government wanting to interfer in our liberties because they don’t try to. So guys, remember the USA isn’t the centre of the world, and don’t try to piss off your friends otherwise your next war might be fought on your own.

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