Fauci: “We’ve Got To Act Accordingly” As COVID-19 Cases Allegedly Rise

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    Dr. Anthony Fauci says that we are entering a “risk period” and that we should “act accordingly.”  That could be tyrant-speak for: brace for more totalitarian lockdowns and control.

    “We are entering into a risk period and we’ve got to act accordingly as we enter into that risk period,” Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on CNN in late September, as cases began to steadily increase. The “third wave” is officially here, although many of us didn’t know there was a second wave of this scamdemic.

    “What worries me is that in those areas of the country, which is a large country, heterogeneous in many ways, if you don’t have the control now as we get towards the end of September, of getting such a low percentage that it is entirely manageable when things change that work against you, and what works against you now is we’re getting into a weather season where people will be spending more time indoors,” he stated. “Those are things I get concerned about as we get into October and November and December.”

    Here is “solid” scamdemic data compiled by the mainstream media propaganda outlet, Time:

    As of Oct. 24, there was a weekly average of 23.0 infections per 100,000 residents, up from 20.5 on July 19 and ticking rapidly upward. The country also set a new single-day record on Oct. 23 with 83,757 new cases.

    We know now that the third wave will be worse than the second, which was far worse than the first, when cases peaked at 9.7 per 100,000 on April 7. Time

    Take a look at this too:

    The twin threads of the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 Presidential Election that have cornered the headline market all year were perhaps destined to converge, but the timing couldn’t have come any more conspicuously, as deadlines for requesting and submitting mail-in ballots loom or have passed in many states and polling locations scramble to enact safety measures for those who vote in person. Time

    This is purely speculation on my part, but what if they institute a second lockdown right before the election preventing people from voting in person and causing mass hysteria and violence? It’s possible, and reading that blurb certainly makes it seem like they are thinking about it if it isn’t already a part of their grand plan…

    Please make sure your preps are in order. Do an audit, head to the dollar store in your area, and grab anything you might be missing on the cheap now. If nothing happens, at least you are prepared for the next crisis.



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      1. Good advice on buying things at the dollar store.Better to be prepared even if nothing happens.Stock up on the essentials you need.As we know,the next manufactured crisis/pandemic/”virus” is always just around the corner with these guys.Keeping the sheep living in a constant/never-ending cycle of fear and anxiety is what “Dr” Creepy/Fauci do best.Makes you wonder how they ever get anything else done when their primary focus/goal is maintaining everyone living in a constant state of fear?If only there was an abyss where the likes of Fauci/Gates and all these other creepy/evil people could be dumped into-the world would immediately become such a nicer place to live.?

      2. It is possible that nothing happens. The world was supposed to cease functioning at the strike of midnight Y2K. Instead the psychopathic criminal terrorists in control staged the controlled demolition of World Trade Towers and faked pentagon airplane attack, and the faked health emergency Health Scare Scamdemic. Also the year 2000 election was unsettled for weeks without a single incident, and it was also contested without incident. Maybe they tried to implement the same measures for the election in Y2K after system shut-down failed on for new years Y2K. There will likely be less than 33% of the population that felt that the election was stolen from them. My guess is that any rioters over the election will likely be the deep-state itself, including under cover military, fbi, cia agents and not
        the general population with the exception of some extremely out of whack individuals. Voters may be upset, but everyone knows that everyone cannot end up being victorious based on election outcomes when more than one person is running for a particular office. They will get over it, like they always did, until 2016 that is. I think that even if Trump wins again, most of those never Trumpers must be pretty sick and tired of acting like stark raving lunatics, since their complaints against Trump are based on false allegations and totally overlook justifiable reasons to be outraged since the DNC is on board with the justifiably outrageous policies of total tyranny, corruption, and war. Is anyone still even watching Rachel Maddow ? Is she still even on MSNBC? Is MSNBC still even on the airwaves? Maybe I should check Sputnik or RT and find out.

        Andrea Iravani

      3. Fauci is desperate, no one is listening to him anymore, his 15 minutes of fame are over.

      4. Fauci, did you ever clarify the “wear your mask” LIES you told Americans when you made statements on both sides of the issue?

        Fauci, the tally of deaths are grossly overstated. “Cases” are not the problem as you know that deaths develop in old people with co-morbidities. Average death ages are more than 75 years. In a population largely without a connection to God (a philosophy of life and it’s challenges, including dealing with death), many Americans have no ability to cope. These people are easily led down a path to give-up basic human rights with the illusion of safety. Next thing you know is everyone must wear a mask.

      5. I’m prepped and have no intention of locking down or staying inside.Hunting season is open which means they can stick their SCAMDEMMIC up their ass

      6. “We need to lockdown the British to control civil unrest as Brexit crashes the economy and to lockdown Americans because of all the post election violence and rioting. Oh, and we need to lockdown Europeans because of all the Islamic terrorists who flooded into the continent in 2015.” There, I fixed it for you!

      7. Allegedly – the key phrase.
        Yesterday on WBT radio in Charlotte, NC they reported a 2000+ new covid-19 cases in NC at 3:15pm.
        They cant tabulate the new cases in one city that fast, let alone a whole state.
        Gotta’ pump up that covid fear because the election is getting near.

      8. Thank you so very much for using the words “allegedly” or “supposedly” when referring to these “supposed” cases of this b.s. virus.The msm/liars regurgitate these fake numbers repeatedly as if they were based on actual facts when anyone with eyes can see they are not.As we all know,the truth has become an endangered species and not many stand up for us as you do.I send you many thanks on your honest/straightforward reporting on our behalf.Keep up the good work please.

      9. Fauchi and the “experts” know when there will be a surge because they do more testing with swabs containing live virus. That is the purpose of continuing more testing. More testing means more cases…More cases means more lock downs…more lock downs is their way to crash the economy in order to Blame Trump. STOP THE TESTING, STOP THE SPREAD.

      10. Fire this fraud. How many times does one get to be wrong before ya just gotta go.

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