Fauci: The “Delta Variant” Is The “Greatest Threat” To The Elimination of COVID

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    Dr. Anthony Facui says that the “delta variant” first discovered in India, is the “greatest threat” to the elimination of COVID-19.  Actually, the greatest threat to the elimination of this scamdemic are the political parasites and mainstream media talking heads who keep it front and center all the time.

    We all know by now this fear-mongering campaign is an attempt to get more people to roll up their sleeves and willingly take the experimental gene therapy. The 24/7 propaganda push is all to convince people they are scared and need this. If this was really a pandemic, we’d be seeing it.  No propaganda campaign would be necessary.  Much like the “vaccine,” if people really wanted this thing, the propaganda would be unnecessary.

    Cases of delta have doubled in the past two weeks in the U.S. As of June 19, more than 20 percent of new Covid-19 cases were caused by the variant, up from around 10 percent the week ending June 5. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention deemed delta a “variant of concern” last week. –NBC News

    “Delta Variant” Fear Mongering Reason Confirmed By MSM

    This “delta variant” is meant to do one thing: convince people to take this shot.  The shot that we know is a big part of some kind of sinister agenda, or they wouldn’t be pushing it so hard.

    “With the delta variant now spreading across the country, and infecting younger people worldwide, it’s more important than ever that they get vaccinated,” said  Jeffrey Zients, the head of the White House Covid-19 response team. The “good news,” Fauci said, is that “all vaccines are effective against the delta variant.”

    “We have the tools, so let’s use them and crush the outbreak,” Fauci said. But is the shot really the “tool” to “crush the outbreak?” Considering they have admitted it doesn’t actually provide immunity, it simply “reduces symptoms” or “hospitalization,” it can be determined that it both doesn’t work and is not a vaccine.

    We have to continue to push for truth and ask hard questions. Critical thinking and discernment are essential skills right now.


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      1. Fauci is a goule.
        Fauci is a liar
        Fauci is a whore
        Fauci is corrupt
        Fauci is a ONE World Order soldier
        Fauci is evil
        Fauci has blood dripping from his hands
        Fauci is a mass murder

        Yup he is a Bad dude!

      2. Can’t believe this Fauci turd is still circling the bowl.

        • We have a winner.

          Fauci’s employment and freedom are a testament to the level of corruption in D.C.. I guess they are so accustomed to swimming in the sewer (like drooling pedo Joe) they just don’t recognize yet another steaming turd.

      3. Hey “Dr” Falsi!! Actually the greatest threat to the elimination of phony 19 are paid “experts”/liars and fear mongerers such as yourself.

      4. When is a rock band with the name “Variants of Concern”
        going to be formed?
        The time is now!!!!???

      5. As you mentioned,is the shot really the tool to “crush”the outbreak? I only have one question for that evil sadistic
        leprechaun Fauci : Where exactly is this magical covid “outbreak” that none of us ever sees in our day to day lives – WHERE?!?WHERE?!?

      6. This Fauci guy is a creepy, evil,mean spirited, tyranical,
        bought and paid for piece of trash.Wtf anyone would take advice from this puppet of the evil elite is beyond me?

      7. We had not been getting the almost daily toxic spewing out of Fauci’s
        lying mouth for some time now – it was a welcome break. Unfortunately,as they say in the movies:
        heee’s baaack……….

      8. Fairly
        Individual ?

      9. i will believe him if i can jab his arm with a gene therapy syringe. he never had a puncture of his skin in the video op.

        • @Hank, it’s very hard for a needle to puncture the skin of a lizard(Fauci).???

      10. Dr. Fauci is the greatest threat to the continuation of covid and the end of freedom and democracy.

      11. Fauci has been under attack from the right for months on end now/

        When you’re attacked all you have to do to win is survive.

        Fauci’s still there in his position and unscathed, he won.

        • hope you got the vaccine

      12. Never again Fauci…your credibility is in the minus figures along with the rest of the govt. He needs to go.

      13. We’ve heard nothing but threats, dangers, dire warnings, and outright scare-mongering. The propaganda has been incessant. And when it was determined an official(s) was lying, other officials picked up the lies to carry on to frighten the people into submission. Meanwhile, even as both fed. and state officials were placing draconian rules and mandates over the people, officials were discovered violating their own mandates over and over again. Their gross hypocrisy reveals either personal disbelief in the covid threat they impose on the citizens, or are blinded by their own breathtaking hubris.
        Don’t focus solely on what Fauci says, he is merely a cog in the machine of the State, a minor cog. Everything he says and does is as per the will of the State.
        Furthermore, don’t be confused about the difference between the gov’t and the State (with a capital S). In the USA, the State is not necessarily composed entirely of actual gov’t officials. But it is the collection of individuals that wields the real political, financial, social and national power. In reality, the State is composed of some officials, a variety of financial organizations and financial heavyweights, some secret and quasi-secret entities/organizations, special interest groups, a variety of nameless and faceless people, even some foreign individuals, and other types. The public is not privy to who all these individuals are, and will never be allowed to know.
        Gov’t is merely the agency by which the State exercises authority. Officialdom, though elected or appointed by the elected make up the gov’t, primarily perform the will of the State. That the gov’t represents the will of the people is a grand farce, a sham, a comedy.

      14. Ha! Yes he is. He one of the nine thousand Federal executive bureaucrats that are not elected. Trump could have fired him but he was too scared it would make him look bad. All Trump cared about was his image.

        Trump’s position was an elected one so he was booted.

        • @ either anonymous

        • Trump could have fired him but ….. note the long-term pattern ….. Trump did not take down *any* deep staters. Zero, zip, nada.

          Trump talks the patriot talk but he walks the globalist walk. He’s a card-carrying member of the deep state ….. and a card carrying member of the zionist cult too. How much more “wrong” can a body get?

          • CNN and MSNBC watcher?

            • Nope. Don’t watch the idiot box. 0 hours per week.

              Everything I wrote was *factual*. You gotta quit listening to Trump’s rhetoric and start watching his *actual* conduct.

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