Fauci: Americans Will Need A 3rd Shot To Be Considered “Fully Vaccinated”

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    Americans will likely need a third shot of the experimental gene therapy in order to be considered “fully vaccinated,” even though by all definitions, these shots are not “vaccines.” While pushing for a third shot, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head medical tyrant said that the decision will ultimately be left up to federal health agencies.

    On Thursday, Fauci told reporters at a Thursday press briefing that Israel is the example and booster shots will be necessary. “From my own experience as an immunologist, I would not at all be surprised if the adequate, full regimen for vaccination will likely be three doses,” he said, adding that the booster data from Israel showed a “very clear” and “dramatic” improvement in protection.

    But not enough. So in comes the new scariant called the “Mu variant.”  It’s “vaccine-resistant” and there’s a reason.  People are going to start to figure out that they are still getting the common cold (which is what they renamed COVID-19) even though they’ve been fully “vaccinated.”  The ruling class has begun covering their asses. They won’t be able to lie about the unvaccinated being hospitalized for much longer because people are able to see with their own eyes that it’s a fabrication.

    While Fauci stressed that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have yet to reach a final verdict on boosters, he said there is “good reason to believe” that third doses will not only produce a “strong” immune response in recipients, but a “durable” one.

    “And if it is durable, then you’re going to have very likely a three-dose regimen being the routine regimen. But we’ll just have to wait to make sure that’s the case when the data gets presented to the FDA,” he said. –RT

    Fauci also said “Mu” isn’t an immediate threat.  He’s more concerned that people keep saying no to the injections he’s peddling. In fact, here’s a fun quote. Let’s apply critical thinking to this and determine what he’s saying:

    “Not to downplay [Mu], we take it very seriously, but remember, even when you have variants that do diminish somewhat the efficacy of the vaccines, the vaccines still are quite effective against variants of that type,” Fauci said.

    He literally said variants will diminish the efficacy of the “vaccines,” but that they are still effective. Does he not understand the meaning of words, or are Americans really this stupid?

    All we can do is remain prepared and alert and keep our critical thinking skills perfected.  It’s getting a lot easier to sense the bullshit considering that’s all that comes out of the mouths of any of the rulers.


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      1. H.R.2316 – Fire Fauci Act117th Congress (2021-2022)

        He’s been blamed for every notorious outbreak, since the 80’s, without mention of disgorgement or other punishment, or why there are any lifelong positions, ever.

        • That’s brilliant! Totally love democracy in action.

      2. Hmm, just wondering, how many more ” boaster ” shots are we going to need, a third, or maybe a fourth or a fifth or more, how many more to get rid of or down size the population to smaller number?

        • Endless booster shots. That was the plan all along. Most of the world population is unarmed and hence powerless. Poor them. Happily, Americans are vigilant and armed. Lucky them.

      3. As you correctly mentioned,
        the king of the doublespeak
        is at it again He said that
        the variants would lower the
        effectiveness of the “not a vaccine” but they are still
        “effective” – so which is it?
        Is it one, the other, both or
        neither? I mean, the lies are just so blatantly thrown in
        our faces now, that I cannot
        believe that anyone would listen to anything this evil Fauci says.
        I read the following somewhere regarding the
        WHO, the CDC, the FDA,
        Fauci and everyone else involved in this massive
        hoax and it describes them
        all perfectly:

        it really is actually amazing. It’s one of the best examples I’ve seen of just open, outright lying by all of these people at the same time.
        The narrative is the narrative, and they exist to serve the narrative.

      4. You mean the federal vaccine DEATH squads? LOL, this is the Agenda-21 in full swing!

      5. I went to the bank and took my daughter with me this (Friday) morning. There was a taped notice on the glass doors stating that masks were required. I chose to ignore it and went in and stood in a line. In about 20 seconds a man rushed over to me and said masks were required. He was holding out a box of masks and told us if we didn’t have a mask to take one and put it on. I said no thanks. The guy went into instant hysterical mode, he took a few steps back and loudly insisted I had to wear a mask. I calmly ignored him (actually began to laugh a little) but he now had the attention of everyone in the lobby. He literally ran to a side office and without going inside frantically told the person inside loud enough so that again everyone in the lobby could hear him say “dere’s a white man in da line and he don’ have a mask on. A lady came out of her office and the guy pointed me out to her. I made the observation that the “lobby monitor” displayed the same attitude and body language of a ten year old snitching to the teacher on a fellow student. She calmly walked over to me and said a mask was required for service as per the notice on the doors, and she actually ordered me to put one on. Again I said no thanks, but asked why the lobby monitor added a racial component to describe me. She told me to leave or she would call the police. I said sure, but also just loud enough so that others could hear me say I’ll be back to close my accounts, and that the bank down the road has no such mask requirement and probably treats customers with the decorum one would expect in a bank. As I was leaving I looked around and observed almost half the customers were men, all silent, obedient, and passive.
        Tiny numbers win because the majority of numbers are mentally and psychologically weak, and guided by a herd instinct. Easily manipulated, and conditioned (inculcated) to automatically submit fully and instantly to any “authority” without question. The people make it easy to rule over them. If I was a dictator, I would want a country full of people just like there is now.

        • Good for you. Good for us.

        • I wonder if the lobby monitor was a mon back, a do da, or a mo tea?

      6. Let Fauci take those “booster shots” as an example. Since he never saw patients I’m not going to be one of his first.

      7. Glad to hear you extremely intelligent people are still refusing to get any of the shots. Great idea!

      8. Will someone please tell him to stfu? I want to hear his opinion like I want erectile dysfunction.

      9. Oh mooooooooo!!! Never ending convid BS.
        Take your boosters and stickem where the sun dont shine. I am not scared of a lesser flu or sniffle.

      10. How many spaces on clot shot card?

      11. That reminds me of some double-talk by Abe Lincoln to an author who pressed him for his opinion of the boring book he wrote: “For those who like that sort of thing, that’s exactly the sort of thing they’d like.”

      12. “Does he not understand the meaning of words, or are Americans really this stupid”? Obviously, Americans really are that stupid…We have more people vaccinated than ever before, AND we have an infection rate HIGHER than we did before all the vaccinations…Does that not register in the minds of people?…Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, and are now experiencing the highest rate of infections (“surging”) at the same time….And Americans are still getting in line to “flatten the curve” …Remember, when everyone is vaccinated, we will no longer have to wear a mask…OOPS that was the story (lie) last year………..Get the message yet?

        • Progressive reset NPCs are kind of limited in their capacities.

          COVID-1984 is the NPC apocalypse.

          Zombies, are just so demode.

      13. TPTB are pushing the “booster” shot now (the third one), even though more than three-fourths of covid related hospitalizations and deaths are already with the covid vaccinated.
        The “authorities” are going to frame covid deaths this way – even if one has already received the first and second shots but not the booster, and dies from covid, the death will be officially stated as due to non-vaxxed.
        Then, because the authorities are saying another vaccination may be required after the booster for the variants, should a covid death occur after receiving a booster but not yet a fourth one for the variant(s), this will also be label as due to being non-vaxxed. The State knows people are dying from the vaccines, yet it insists everyone gets the vaccines.
        This merely shows at least three facets of the the nature of the State, that people are disposable, that it has no qualms about initiating programs harmful to masses of people, and that it will lie, twist, and manipulate anything to achieve its goals.

      14. Vaxxed or not vitamins D,C, K and zinc are the immune system’s best friend.

        However, you’re probably zombie toast after shot #4. The natural immune system is miraculous but not likely that miraculous.

      15. Mr. Gain of function could use a healthy vax in every major organ for full protection against the super deadly MOOOOOOO VARIANT that all the cows are afraid of! Gotta keep that immune system super primed!

      16. Here in Commierado the city of Denver employees are now 92 percent compliant for the snake oil Rockefeller juice. The DIA international airport only has 1500 openings right now.

        God help us when the simple cold season gets going. This is like a Freddy Krueger nightmare that you can’t wake up from. One world gubermint can kiss my AZZ.
        Yeah try enforcing that shit in a country the size of USA! Good luck ain’t gonna happen.

      17. Drop dead FraudChi the chicom shill. I will not comply. I’ll take what is natural immunity for a 1000 Alex! I wonder how much the Satan Garden Gnome makes for one shit shot with the patents he owns! It’s truly time to end this madness and starting with the big pharma scum Lobby group. Money truly is the root of all evil.

      18. Fry Fraudchi a BBQ all Americans could attend live on pay preview.

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