Father Of Daughter Killed In Parkland Slams The MSM For Talking About Guns, Not Safety

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 20 comments

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    Andrew Pollack, whose daughter was killed in the recent Parkland shooting, appeared on Fox News Sunday and finally added some common sense to the media’s anti-gun hysteria. Pollack blasted the media for making the incident about gun control rather than “school safety.”

    Pollack is finally discussing school safety rather than limiting the rights of those who haven’t committed any crime. In the wake of the shooting, the media has remained hyper-focused on gun control, with CNN even hosting a scripted and propagandized “town hall” event featuring students from Parkland.

    The interview began when Chris Wallace asked if what president Donald Trump had proposed will stop mass school shootings. “I want to say right at the start how sorry all of us are for your loss, and what you’ve had to go through. Andrew, when you were at the White House at that very raw, emotional moment, you said, “Look, after 9/11, we fixed the situation; we made it a lot harder for people to get onto planes with guns.” When you hear what Governor Scott just said; when you hear what President Trump is saying; will that fix the problem?”

    Of course, Wallace wanted Pollack to agree that taking guns away from those who committed no crime would be an effective solution. But Pollack did not tow the line for the mainstream media.

    It’s not gonna be fixed because I just heard what you said, what you’re focusing on. Polarizing this event – the murder of these kids. You’re talking about gun control. I just had to listen to you and Governor Scott talk about gun control.

    Gun control is a big issue. No one in America is gonna come together on gun control, Chris. We’re here – you didn’t say one thing about fixing it. The American people, we could get together on school safety, but when you polarize it, this event – and every other media – we don’t care about gun control right now. That’s a big issue in the country and you’re not going to get everyone together on it. But we’re gonna get everyone together on fixing our schools.

    And I just listened to you…you didn’t mention one question to Governor Scott about what are we gonna do about the security for our children – how are we gonna do that?

    But you’re just talking about gun control, which is gonna just give you more ratings…

    Our kids are going to school in Kentucky on Monday – how are those kids safe? How about bringing that up to the media? How about bringing that up to Governor Scott? Not about guns. It’s not about guns now. Today, it’s not about guns, it’s about the safety in our schools. …

    My kid’s not here because the schools weren’t safe – that’s the main thing. You go into a courthouse, the judge is safe; the stenographer’s not worried someone’s coming in with a gun because they can’t get in with a gun. The American people, we just want our schools safe. We don’t wanna talk about guns right now.

    Pollack’s comments are oddly reminiscent of those of NRA spokesman, Colion Noir, who said school safety should be more important than “adding more words to our ‘no bite’ sign.” Noir also suggested armed guards and metal detectors in schools. Afterall, we protect our money and politicians with such safety measures, why not our children?

    You can’t legislate evil! That’s like holding up a “no biting” sign in front of a rabid dog and expecting it not to bite you. So instead of wasting time adding more words to our ‘no bite’ sign, how about we focus on how to stop the evil when it arises. Gun free zone signs don’t keep guns out of school, especially in the hands of mass murders who aren’t phased by signs telling them they’re not supposed to bring guns in schools.-Colion Noir

    But the media obviously has an agenda to push, and they doing it. They need their brainwashing campaign to work, and for all of the those fighting for gun control to be so terrified of their rights that they will cling to the feet of their generated god, the government, and beg for safety. That’s the worst part of all of this; watching fellow Americans demand their rights and the rights of others be taken away because some lunatic committed an atrocity. We’ve all heard the saying by now: “it’s easier to fool someone than convince them that they have been fooled.”

    “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” — Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister


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      1. Chris Wallace is just another big mouth liberal know nothing. He’s a B list journalist living off his father’s fame.

        Mark Levin hosted his first TV show on Fox last night. He interviewed Walter Williams. It was basically a talk radio interview on TV. Dull at times but good conservative points were made. I hope Levin gets it into second gear next week.

      2. The powers that be that want to control us constantly tell us that we should just wait for the “Authorities” to protect us. This shooting has shown us that law enforcement are not there to protect us but to clean up the mess and figure out whose insurance is gonna get stuck with the bill…
        As a former police dispatcher, I can tell you that cops, even with their body armor, swat training, and firepower, will arrive, stage and wait for reinforcements so they don’t put themselves in harm’s way.
        Anyone who thinks cops will put your safety before their own is living in a dream world.

        Keep Calm and Carry

        • Oregon, the federal and state supreme courts have repeatedly said that protecting citizens is not part of a cop’s job description. They don’t even care about the public. Their primary duty is collecting revenue for whatever government they serve. When we get into life-and-death situations, as individuals we are on our own. we have to handle the situation ourselves and we have to become our own first responders. If/when I get into such a situation I’ll do whatever I consider necessary. I won’t dial 911 and I won’t be thinking about any LAW.

      3. History Lesson:

        Thomas Jefferson was Secretary of State under George Washington. Although Washington allowed a Central bank, when Jefferson became President he banned the Central Bank. This was the real reason for the War of 1812. The textbooks are bogus.

        All wars are bankers wars.


        Metal detectors are not the answer.


      4. Well, here in Florida the State Fairgrounds gunshow had record attendance. My take on this whole thing is that ‘it’ as in this site’s title is coming. Couple more school shootings, Vegas shootings, homosexual club shootings or whatever and the pressure cooker is going to explode. For interesting reading visit: https://archive.is/pbKJd – seems that this Cruz wasn’t alone.

        • Heartless, agreed. I attended a gun show/survival expo in my area on Sat. I bought some more ammo, freeze-dried food, medical supplies, etc. Gotta keep stacking for what’s coming.

      5. The Deadliest School Attack in the US Was Erased from History Because It Wasn’t Done With a Gun

        “As the media and the government continue to use the tragic shooting at a Parkland, Florida high school to push their various agendas, it is important to remember that psychopaths who want to kill a lot of people—will do so with or without a gun.

        In fact, the deadliest attack on a school to ever take place on US soil was done so without a single round being fired.”

        “In Bath Township, Michigan, 44 people, (38 children and 6 adults), lost their lives when a man by the name of Andrew Kehoe blew the town’s school.

        This attack is often disregarded by history as it paints a different narrative outside of the normal problem, reaction, solution of grabbing guns. As a result, it has largely been erased from the narrative.”

        “Bath Consolidated School, built only five years earlier to replace the scattered one-room schools of the surrounding farmland. It had 314 students from around the region, many the sons and daughters of farmers. Some students were bused in, and all took classes with their peers over the course of elementary and high school.”

        “Kehoe, an electrician, had snapped and become angry after the town’s taxes levied on his farm had forced him into foreclosure.

        “He was notified last June that the mortgage on his farm would be foreclosed, and that may have been the circumstance that started the clockwork of anarchy and madness in his brain,” claimed the New York Times.

        So, while he worked at the school as an electrician, he wired it with explosives. Luckily for half of the students in the school, the timer on one of Kehoe’s homemade explosives failed to go off so the tragedy could’ve been far worse. However, the catastrophe resulting from the 38 children and 6 adults who died was still utterly horrific.”

        ht tp://govtslaves.info/2018/02/the-deadliest-school-attack-in-the-us-was-erased-from-history-because-it-wasnt-done-with-a-gun/

        The 1927 Bombing That Remains America’s Deadliest School Massacre
        — 38 children and 6 adults died a school in Bath, Michigan after an electrician wired the school with explosives.
        ht tps://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/1927-bombing-remains-americas-deadliest-school-massacre-180963355/

      6. “Anyone who thinks cops will put your safety before their own is living in a dream world.” Amen, brother! All police dogs are K9 law enforcement officers. As an officer, the dogs safety comes before yours and mine. I like dogs, but I believe I am worth more than a dog. Are you worth more than a dog? What about your family? Is each one of them worth more than a dog? Think of the children!

        • AB, you just verified what I posted earlier about cops not caring about the public. When I get into life-and-death situation, MY safety comes first before anyone else’s. If I’m attacked by any dog, regardless of whose it is, that dog will die. That’s my right and my obligation to myself in regards to self-defense.

      7. I APPLAUD this gentleman for what he said.

        He got right down to the NITTY GRITTY and SPOKE THE TRUTH.



        WAY TO GO SIR, WAY TO GO …………

        Heartfelt sorrow for the loss of your loved one and to the loss of others.


        Now for all you LIMP DICK POLITICIANS, and YOU LIBERALS and YOU MABBY PAMBIES, WHO spend most of your time CRYING and TEXTING each other WAKE UP! WAKE THE F–K UP AND COME TO REALITY.


        • SS, agreed. Good post.

      8. Aside from the Pharmacy Moguls profiting off Opiods & SSROs …
        The Broward County School Board and Sheriff Israel murdered those 17 children …. NOT my RIFLE. They murdered their own children ….. for Dollar$ Documented PROOF read these twolinks https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/02/exposing_the_deep_rot_in_the_deep_state.html
        https://constitution.com/school-shooting-plot-exposed-wont-believe-set/ School Shooting Plot Exposed: You Wont Believe who Set it Up
        Talk about “FAILURE TO ACT” Why is Sheriff Israel running from camera to camera mouthing off like he is some kind of “hero” when HE was an active accomplice to 17 murders. .
        Sheriff Scott Israel should be on trial as an accessory. When Coral Springs police officers arrived at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14 in the midst of the school shooting crisis, many officers were surprised to find not only that entered the building, but that three other Broward County Sheriff’s deputies were also outside the school and had not entered, Coral Springs sources tell CNN. The deputies had their pistols drawn and were behind their vehicles, the sources said, and not one of them had gone into the school. https://www.puppetstringnews.com/
        Which suggests to me that they may have been told ahead of time NOT to intervene. Sheriff Israel wanted a high body count. To use to attack Your Second Amendment.
        Sheriff Scott Israel is a Hillary Clinton supporter …… they wanted a mass shooting for political purposes …… to undermine Trump for ONE to take guns is TWO ….. There were 22 incidents with just that Hillary-supporting Sheriff’s Department that they ignored. Then there were warnings to the FBI and Lord knows who else. Would Hillary supporters murder innocent children? They did in Libya and WACO.

        • Augustry, this is only one more example of how bogus law enforcement is. The Broward sheriff is also a HILLARY supporter and also supports gun control.

      9. Sadly in America it’s not what you know but who you know. Know the right people it’s clear sailing. That explains the government from A to Z.

      10. How about more people get shown the video of four men dressed in black, coming out the back of the school putting heavy black bags in the back of a white pickup truck? Is thue vid of the student who was talking to Nicholas Cruz while walking down the hall as there was shooting going on on the other end of the school? And she didn’t say anything about there being a gun in his hand( cuz I bet there wasn’t). Donuts to dollars this was a setup. Now some poor kid with a huge inheritance and no real family is going to die needlessly!

      11. I’m sorry, close but no cigar. Mr. Pollack CHOSE to force his child into unconstitutional government indoctrination centers KNOWING DAMN WELL they are literally death traps by design. Tragically, his daughter was murdered.

        What was the lesson he learned? None. He STILL wants government in charge of children’s safety! Take personal responsibility Mr. Pollack and ALL parents: Homeschool your children.

      12. All facets of government were responsible for that tragedy. Not the president not the NRA and not gun owning citizens. Throw out the sheriff, fire some deputies and harden the schools. If we can spend funds to harden airports,county buildings,courts and banks we sure can do the same for our kids. Otherwise keep the kids at home,mom/dad with a shotgun and educational material that will train the minds of said kids.

      13. If you will just turn in your guns we will sehd you to free re-education camps.

      14. Actually, I am related to the peerage Pollacks/Polks. And I wouldn’t trust any of em FWIW. Still, it is good to know that a few of them have some sense of self respect. I was beginning to wonder.

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