Farmer’s Almanac Prediction: We Are ‘Calling For Teeth-Chattering Cold’

by | Aug 27, 2018 | Headline News | 57 comments

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    The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a bone-chillingly cold and snowy winter. Managing editor of The Farmer’s Almanac Sandi Duncan said: “We’re actually calling for [a] teeth-chattering cold.”

    The Almanac’s famed weather forecast is out and the editors are already busting myths about their prediction. If you’re not a fan of winter, the news is bleak. But you’ll still want to break out the winter hats and boots early this year because Duncan added that the cold will likely hit us sooner than normal this winter. “We’re summarizing it as ‘cold and wet’ and the interesting thing is, it looks like winter might start a little bit early. We have some winter storms predicted early on,said Duncan according to The Press Herald. 

    “According to the calendar spring 2019 starts on March 20th, however, according to our outlook, winter conditions may delay spring for several weeks,” said Duncan. “People refer to us when they’re planning a vacation, planning a wedding, planning any kind of event,” said company president Peter Geiger. And the chances of the Farmer’s Almanac being correct are much better than the chances that they are wrong.

    Duncan had some added advice for those who particularly dislike the winter months: “When people think of the almanac, right away you think winter,” Duncan said. “But actually there are 16 months of forecasts. If you don’t like the winter forecast, you should keep looking to the summer forecast.”

    And just how do they predict the forecast accurately? Well, they won’t say for certain, but according to the 2019 Almanac: “It’s all very mathematical and astronomical, they say, based on sunspots and tides and the position of planets. The only person who knows the exact formula is an almanac weather prognosticator named Caleb Weatherbee.”

    If the Farmers’ Almanac is right once again, we’re in for a long stretch of beautiful white snow and cold windy winter days. “Contrary to some stories floating around on the internet, our time-tested, long-range formula is pointing towards a very long, cold, and snow-filled winter,” said Geiger as reported by Business Insider, adding, “we stand by our forecast and formula, which accurately predicted most of the winter storms last year as well as this summer’s steamy, hot conditions.”

    You can order your own copy of The 2019 Old Farmer’s Almanac today to see monthly forecasts for your region for winter, spring, summer, and fall!


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      1. “It’s all very mathematical and astronomical, they say, based on sunspots and tides and the position of planets.”

        In other words, Astrology.

        FWIW, Astrology doesn’t have a very good track record at predicting anything with anything approaching accuracy.

        • A BIG WIN for Consumers.

          WIN! Landmark Seventh Circuit Decision Says Fourth Amendment Applies to Smart Meter Data
          08-26-2018 • ht tps://, By: Jamie Williams

          The Seventh Circuit just handed down a landmark opinion, ruling 3-0 that the Fourth Amendment protects energy-consumption data collected by smart meters. Smart meters collect energy usage data at high frequencies—typically every 5, 15, or 30 minutes—and therefore know exactly how much electricity is being used, and when, in any given household. The court recognized that data from these devices reveals intimate details about what’s going on inside the home that would otherwise be unavailable to the government without a physical search. The court held that residents have a reasonable expectation of privacy in this data and that the government’s access of it constitutes a “search.”

          This case, Naperville Smart Meter Awareness v. City of Naperville, is the first case addressing whether the Fourth Amendment protects smart meter data. Courts have in the past held that the Fourth Amendment does not protect monthly energy usage readings from traditional, analog energy meters, the predecessors to smart meters.

          • Millions upon Millions will die in the northern states, when the grid Fails for months on end, in the dead middle of winter. Apartment high rises will burn to the ground as idiots try to start campfires in their chilly apartments to keep warm. Oh the humanity. Meanwhile back at the BOL in FL…… ho hum. We will be BBQ’n at the beach in 75 deg weather, working on our tans.

            • I have found that there is a 45 degree delta in temp at SW Florida to the Mid Atlantic. Minus 10 puts SW Fla in the mid 30s.

              • And having spent over 20 years in Ft. Myers…30 degrees there is much colder than 30 degrees in the Midwest because of the moist air.

            • Cold will help us. The city folks would be wiped out anyway. This way it won’t stink as bad. And it will wipe out a lot of the dogs that were let loose that aren’t used to the cold.
              We’ll be in better shape than you. If the snakes and bugs don’t get you, the multi millions that will swarm to florida will.
              molon labe

          • That’s good news.

            • About the meters… They are due to try to put one on our home soon. I won’t be allowing it.

              • They’re installing them here this month. We have a choice, but they will charge $20 a month extra to read the old meters. I chose not to have the smart meter. The same old dumb meter will do me very well.

                • I can do without being in their smart grid too.

                • We get ours in Feb.

                  $50 charge per month if we don’t take it.

                  Not much of a choice for those of us on fixed income, so we’ll have to take our smart meter 🙁

                • What to do if apt dweller? Its in the basement, sending up its waves of ELM death

        • But But the persimmion seeds all have a spoon when split open this year. You

          ant be more scientific than that? For certain it will be ball freezing colder than a witches tits this winter!

        • However, studying the movements of the heavens has been very reliable, when it comes to the weather. You’re confusing astrology with plain common sense.

      2. ????????
        We will have winter. You get snow and cold weather.

        • You will, we won’t..

          • TSB
            That is true where you ae at you might get a short freeze, and yes we will get the Hell they call winter.

            • My woodshed is full because I’ve busted my ass cutting and splitting.

              • I won’t fight about whether humans can predict the quality of future winters by looking at distant planets, but I’m surprised that anyone thinks everybody’s teeth chatter at exactly the same temperature. Some people don’t even have teeth. What about them? And how about being more definite, and say something like, 40% of people will experience chattering teeth, 50% will prefer to go indoors, and 10% will feel confused, or something like that. When that 10% get their brains frozen things will start to sparkle.

              • Menzo, the woodshed at the BOL has enough firewood for the next 4 years plus there’s still a lifetime supply all around, LOL. Nothing like relaxing by the woodstove on a freezing day. in the winter I wear boots with Thinsulate insulation in addition to heavy-duty boot socks. When it’s below freezing I wear long johns plus insulated jeans and a camouflage jacket with cap when I’m outside. I’ve got 3 pairs of such boots and all have at least 600 grams of Thinsulate. The more grams you have the better off your feet will be. It’s essential to keep your feet warm.

              • Where did you say you live ?

      3. The link in this article needs revising. “The Farmer’s Almanac” is predicting a teeth chattering cold winter:

        The “OLD Farmer’s Almanac” is predicting the exact opposite:
        The OLD Farmer’s Almanac is the one you are linking to in the article (but not representative of the article headline), and is the more traditional (been around longer) model.

        Anyone’s guess for this winter’s weather!

        • Nope. This winter will be worse and longer than the last. And the winter after even worse. Weather is caused by the Sun.

        • Who cares? We’re all gonna DIE!!! Better order more preps.

      4. Predicting bad wetter.


      5. Let it get cold. I hope that SHTF Grid down happens in the Extreme cold. That way the die off will happen faster but the corpse will sorta freeze dry and not be nearly as rancid. The blacks don’t riot in the extreme cold. The extreme cold don’t worry me at all. I like to hunt and trap in the deep snow. easy to see the animal trails.

        • That’s hard core man and I must agree.

          • Insanity and madness

            • A little madness and insanity is good sometimes Kevin. There’s too many scumbags in this country and most won’t live through a disaster. Especially these smart ass liberal/socialist/progressive types. This would be preferable to another civil war. I care only for my family and friends. The world can burn.

              • “A little madness and insanity is good sometimes Kevin.”

                Madness and insanity are never ever good. When broad based tragedy occurs such as adverse weather it paints with a very wide brush. Old people that worked hard are more vulnerable than agile liberal/progressives. Here is a news flash, the liberal/progressive/socialists have all the rights within the Bill Of Rights. That concept is what makes us different.

                • They want the Bill of Rights destroyed. News flash, some of us want them all dead. Again, let the world burn.

                  • Menzo, AMEN to all your comments.

                    • Here here!

              • This would be preferable to another civil war. Exactly I think its not if but when SHTF happens. and much prefer what I think is the lesser evil, Remember this Noah didn’t let everyone aboard the Ark.

                • Got adequate firewood… or I’m ready to exercise the mag springs.

                  • The Bible says God closed the door to the ark. There was a reason for that; God knew when the water began to rise and the desperate screams and beating at the door would cause Noah to feel sorrow for them and open the door.

        • I live in Maine. If you die after the freeze, they can’t bury you until late May and they keep you in deep freeze. I always thought why waste money on that. Just put dead grandma in a lawn chair on the porch with a cold one in her hand until the thaw.

          • Or grandpa.

        • OG,
          I spent a winter working the flight line, grave yard shift in North Dakota(even though I was exposed to temps below -65F). I requested Grave shift for personal reasons, in fact everywhere I’ve worked, if it was available I requested Grave shifts.
          Cold doesn’t bother me. I’ve been in the tropics for 18 years now and still haven’t gotten used to the heat. but I sure don’t miss harvesting and stacking 3 cords of wood for ever winter!

        • Old Guy, my relatives hunt and trap all year round. I agree that snow is the best time so you can see the animal trails. The woods around my BOL and nearby relatives’ properties are a hunter’s paradise. And you’re right about blacks not rioting in extreme cold. They’ll also be too drunk, doped up, or lazy.

      6. When there’s enough snow and ice so it doesn’t thaw during summer, for five or six years, that is when things will get interesting.

      7. What is the track record for accuracy. idk

      8. The weather — like the economy, like the unemployment figures, like the GDP, like the MSM, like the government, like the stock market — is all fully-rigged, manipulated and controlled. We will have whatever winter the “powers that be” PTB want us to have.

      9. can you please make it cold and snowy in phoenix arizona. im tired of satans armpit being so hot all the time.

      10. I must be an old guy too, I agree with him completely except for one thing, As Spartacus and Sura said so eloquently (KILL THEM ALL)

      11. Used to be a Scoutmaster and planned 11 weekend camp outs when the Almanac said it would not rain. It rained on every camping trip. The training paid off. We won the fire starting competition at the boy scout camp that summer. It also rained the week of scout camp.

      12. Something like a four poster bed can be turned into a tent to keep warm in the comfort of your own bed.
        Individual and couple tents can be used inside.

        Skiing outfits (pants, boots, jacket) are useful on cold days, when it rains or snows.

        For even greater protection, there are cold weather clothes for mountain climbing. Taking up mountain climbing isn’t for the faint of heart or frail sick elderly, but might be a good sport for a healthy young man. The knowledge gained could help to save your life and that of others.

        A fireplace, a wood stove, and double windows are important. Rubber on the garage door will keep out critters and keep in the heat. Insulation in the attic and walls helps. Even the type of flooring makes a difference. If you like wall to wall carpet, short not shag with thick padding is easier to keep clean, and better to sleep on if you are sleeping in a tent.

        Sub-zero sleeping bags are a great help. You can use them right in your own bed.

        Lots of wool and alpaca socks, undergarments, longjohns, silk, down feathers, blankets, cots, tarps, pillows, head covers, wool skull caps, rain coats and hats.

        Keep something like a tarp and a jacket in your car always, along with a wool skull cap and gloves. (Even in summer, just in case).

        These are basics which the experienced Preppers are well aware. So, this is for the new kids.



      13. Human history is filled with decades of warmer temperatures and bountiful harvests followed by decades of colder temperatures and reduced harvests. The “Little Ice Age” is the most well-known time of famine. In the past, meteorologists have speculated that a Little Ice Age has returned and they have been wrong. Today, with weather satellites and better understanding of the way that science works, they have become better in their forecasts. There is good reason to believe that we are on the brink of a Little Ice Age lasting decades. i’m preparing for a series of cold winters. The people who cling to the Albert Gore School of Climate forecasting based on human use of fossil fuels are doing humanity a terrible disservice. MSM are cherry-picking weather events that support that theory. If you’re following weather reports globally, expect more years of this, only worse.

      14. Fire Wood I know about. We have heated with firewood for over 60 years. I own 4 good chainsaws. However firewood is bulky. It makes smoke that can be seen and smelled. Its not instant heat you gotta get wood hot before it starts producing the gas that burns. My Bol is a remote cave. We plan to as a last resort hide from others. What I have done and continue to do I fill 100 pound bottles with LP. And use my burro to transport them to remote hiding places. The heat is instant. It doesn’t smoke at all or smell enough to be detected from even 50 feet away. The fact is I really don’t give a durn about most who are not my responsibility. I really don’t care who dies. If they are not me and mine. But I will not intentionally harm others unless its unavoiadable. I don’t want to engage and fight anyone. If My home is attacked we will leave and burn it when we go. Leave poisoned canned goods for the trespassing thieves to find. I think it will become a stone age existence for quite a long time. A wood shed full of fire wood is of little use in a stone age existence. Prior to white men the plains Indians never had firewood. nope they heated and cooked with buffalo chips. Read the Woodpile report he gives some good advice.

        • No buffalo chips available today.

        • OG, I do a lot of the same things. We use wood for heat with propane backup and have a cave for last resort lol. I too will leave some “treats behind” for those who might run me out. Buffalo are kinda scarce around here so maybe “horse chips and cow chips”? Wood is free and plentiful just a lot of work and messy. If you have liberal nutcases in the area maybe burn their house for heat???

      15. Who cares! I will be in Florida.

      16. There was this slum lord who rented to low lifes. One house the renters stripped the board and batten siding off the house and burned it for heat.

      17. Just saying…the weather is changing, winters colder, summers hotter. Check out “Grand Solar Minimum” sometime, it might explain it a little. I’ve got my five cords split and stacked for this winter anyways.

      18. what are you going to eat when you can’t grow food, cows eat grass … there be no milk for the kids etc … get out of there merica, but,don’t come here go to Israel with your friends ..

      19. But this is not the OLD Farmer’s Almanac

      20. appears most of you are in need of a strong tonic to help you shit

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