Farage Warns: “It Will Be Wholesale, Violent Revolution” *Video*

by | May 2, 2013 | Headline News | 212 comments

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    Nigel Farage, well known for his anti-centralized government diatribes in which he has repeatedly targeted European leadership and finance ministers for the destruction of the Eurozone economy, warns yet again that the consequences for the actions of elite politicians and bankers will soon pour into the streets.

    You won’t see straight forward candidness like this from mainstream politicians, because most are terrified of speaking the truth and accepting blame.

    They know it’s coming and the fallout won’t be limited to just Europe.

    My fear is that, in the end, what will break up the Euro isn’t the economics of it.

    It will be wholesale, violent revolution that we see in the Mediterranean.

    What I hate about this is that it’s all so unnecessary.

    This has become a religion… the idea that we must abolish the individual nation states.

    They’ve got a new flag, they’ve even got an anthem. You know, they’ve taken part of Beethoven’s 5th, and it’s the anthem, and every two months in the European parliament they raise the flag and play the anthem.

    Do you think I stand at attention?

    Do I, hell!

    If you have investments, if you have money, based with Eurozone banks, then my advice to you is get your money out of those banks and those jurisdictions as quickly as you can because next… when the next phase of this disaster comes, they will come for you.

    Watch, as Nigel Farage, flanked by contrarian thinkers like Jim Rogers and former Congressman Ron Paul, explains where Europe and the rest of the world are headed next:

    Via Sovereign Man

    Farage Flashback: “This Now Poses Huge Dangers to the Continent” (May 10, 2012)

    We face the prospect of mass civil unrest, possibly even revolution in some countries that have been driven to total and utter desperation.


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      1. Where is the rest of this. Very interesting. I like MR Ni.

        • Any possibility we could trade BO, Congress and the Supreme Court for Mr. N?

          • I wonder if they would just take Pierce?

            • Shootit: Yeah, they can take that slimey limey back any day. If he doesn’t like it here he can always move back, or perhaps to Canada. Sissies like him we’ve got enough of- they’re called (American) liberals.

                • I wonder if any of these gun grabbing, totalitarianism promoting Communist Democrats are intelligent enough to realize that when the Second American Revolution kicks off, that they are going to be cast in the role of the Redcoats?

                  • Tucker, they’ll be well hidden from view and protected.

                  • Tucker: I strongly suspect that the main reason they’re doing this is that they know a hard landing is coming and they’re just buying enough time (more money printing) and distance (fewer guns) from those who will most affected (useless eaters and us). They are prepping just like we are and have lots of safe hidy-holes with contract security to protect them. Most of TPTB know what’s coming and that they can’t stop it. They just want to be safely tucked away when it does. Hoping perhaps in a decade or two we’ve forgotten about them and what they did. Fat chance of that!

              • uh…no thanks. We have enough tards here as it is

                • littlejohn, Sorry for the thumbs down. I misread your comment that you didn’t want Nigel.

                  I now understand you’re Canadian, and you’re saying you don’t want Pierce.

          • There is not one Congresscritter, Senator, Governor, State Legislator, need I continue, that has the balls (or ovaries) to speak like this in the Unites States today. NOT ONE. They are all too busy making sure they get reelected. Today CNN is reporting that the 2016 race for the White House has begun. OMG

            Love Nigel

            • NIGEL!!!!!! HE IS THE MAN!!! I love watching his speeches on YouTube. One of my favorites is where he obliterates the EU President, Herman Van Rompuy in 2010. He let rip!!!!! If you love to see Political leeches and cockroaches squirm, then watch that one. HAHAHAHA!!!! It’s awesome!

              I like Ron Paul, but he just doesn’t have the gift-of-the-gab that Nigel has. If you put Obummer, Hillary, Henry Kissinger, Congress and the worlds banking and financial worms in the same room for a Nigel speech and televised it to the world, America would most likely vote him in to be the next President.

        • Nigel Farage. A real leader who GETS IT !

          • I would recommend a little caution, as far as offering full endorsement of Nigel Farage. Granted, he has made a number of really provocative and truthful speeches and at times, he seems to stand up to the New World Order Communists. But, I’ve also heard him whining and sounding like a hysterical school girl over the long overdue rise of European Nationalist parties and movements throughout the nations of Europe.

            White European ethnic nationalism – and racial solidarity among the White peoples of Europe is a GOOD THING, Nigel. It is the best defense against the evil tyrants who are behind the NWO.

            • Hard to believe Tuckers Post got any thumbs down. The main reason to support White Unity in europe as well as in America too is the Fact, that of about 200 nations in the world today, ONLY EVERY white or “western” nation, also konow as FIRST world countries. Do we see this ongoing 1/2 century long Push and Demand from Lib Kommies everywheres in promotion of “MultiCultic” Immigration.

              The Very Fact that NO Non white nations are mentioned ever in dire need of NON white immigrants flooding over their borders, is Proof solid that Multicultic agendas are by Design intended to make every white nation a “Former” white majority country.

              No such mandate exists for or into any of the remaining aprox.170 nations worldwide. None. Japan=99+% Japs. China=99% Chineese. Vietnam=99% Viets. and so it is for every nation NOT primarily white.

              There is absolutly zero posible doubt this is an ongoing agenda to destroy White Unity and Racial solidarity like it existed for several past Milenia.

              Why is this? Logic and eye witness evidence during Our lifetimes proves Only one single true answer is available.

              Socialistic Kommie Liberals the world over, yet mainly here in usa and the 27 eurozone nations are attempting to foment Hate of and Destruction and Finally, a “Final Solution” of all Whites period.

              Every dem lib in high office positions today all over the usa always promote their vast Love and such caringness of NON whites daily. Yet How many like Bloomberg or Finestien or Hillery actually Reside with or near any non white folks? NONE!

              Their, libs, True Love is Communisim and the worst bloodiest posible End of every white planet wide.

              Not sure if true stats? But I read not long ago that in 1900 ad Whites were nearly 35% total world POP.

              Even if it was less that figure is likly close. What is world white POP today in 2013? It stated between 6.5 to 8% Maximum white world pop today!

              Most were snuffed out by and due to Kommies. Is America next? as soon as they rid europe of whiteys?

              My advice for any white-guilt folks is wake up as there is nothing wrong nor evil in a desire to Like and support your Own kind of whites. Todays whites are Not liable nor guilty of any past historic evils that may have been done by whites against any non whites prior.

              If you are white folk, Refuse to accept responsibility for ANY offence You never committed. Then get in Their Faces big time and accuse Them of antiwhite Racisim!

              There is NO room in America today for any form of Anti White Racisim, antiGentilisim, Anti-Goyimisim- etc.

              if whites reject Their duty to refute such crap all white will pay dearly and sooner than later. Thumbs down? what Juvinnile idiots.

              • An extremely well made an accurate point. The reason the situation is so completely fubar is back in the 1960’s there was a social and political movement to pacify american blacks by a combination of giving them stuff and apologizing for previous generational wrongs committed,(slavery}. This made the liberal white crowd feel good and thought this would make them hip with the black crowd. What it really accomplished was to show fear and worse yet,weakness.Since that time blacks have kept pushing and pushing for more concessions and getting them from petrified white liberals. They should have read Sun Tzu,once you show weakness to your opponent the battle has been lost.And the white guilt liberals of today are as weak as a can of Coors light.

              • The Hart-Cellar immigration act changed this country on purpose. Before 1965 the majority of immigration to the USA was from the founding stock European countries.

                No one is asking China to assimilate and accept more diversity and to provide all government services in all languages.

                Neither is Vietnam, Japan, or any other country that has a non-white majority.

                This illegal invasion is done on purpose.

                Google the term Archons. A race or ideology of psychopaths who thrive on murder, chaos, pain and suffering.

                Haven’t you all noticed how much more rude people are? Or the uptick in black on white crime? Not only is the black on white crime becoming increase, but the level of depravity, and sadistic behavior towards whites.

                • Indeed it has,but it’s increasingly hard to find out about it on any msm news outlets.These stories are quickly buried if they’re even reported one time. Recall the recent shooting of a 1 year old white kid in his stroller by a 17 year old monkey.In addition to that,his food stamp momma and aunt were also arrested for hiding the gun.Talk about your african family values.But the trayvon martin trial is coming in june,bound to be the focus of all msm outlets 24/7.

        • LOL just read on FOX news that 29% of people think there will be a armed revolution in the next 4 years.

          • Initially, when I saw this report – I will sheepishly admit that I felt a small surge of adrenaline flow through my body. However, I tend to always step back and engage the analytical side of my brain and try to examine the news story from as many angles as possible.

            Does it occur to anyone else besides me, that a story like this could be part of a propaganda, disinfo program being directed by the communist criminals who’ve hijacked our government to create the impression in the minds of the public that all-hell and massive chaos is about to break out, and as those of us who are amateur Constitutionalists know – there is specific language in the Constitution that gives the turd who sits in the White House the authority to unleash the military against the population to ‘put down an insurrection’.

            I mean, couldn’t such an excuse be used to justify a declaration of martial law? Assuming they could convince (buffalo) enough of the stupid kwanzombies into believing that a new revolution was imminent.

            Tread carefully, folks. Remember the rope-a-dope technique.

        • I created my own “No Fly List” back in 2001.

          My name is at the top.

          Second; just added four years ago, was Mrs. don’t tread.
          She finished traveling for her last employer, with a bad airline experience; refuses to board again.

          Third; just added four weeks ago, little Dingo.
          He’s the little Rat Terrier with more brains and heart than half the liberals put together.

          Any SHTF prepper friends are welcome to add their names.

          • Dont Tread:

            Names to add to your list please:

            1. Mr Indy Colts
            2. Mrs. Indy Colts
            3. Petey the American Bulldog

            We can’t have kids so Petey is my bugout dog.

      2. I’m willing to adopt that limy and make him an American.
        Naa… That would be too hard.
        We could just sneak him across the southern border.

      3. Its called the TIME OF JACOBS TROUBLE.

        • Yes indeed… and there is no indication of how long this period will persist…

          But one indication of this is the recent dismissal of Tim Tebow…
          TO ALL CHRISTIAN BROTHERS and SISTERS, who happen to like football… we all know why Tim was let go… and, hasn’t had any real offers… the NFL is as corrupt as the governments, the banks, and corporations. The NFL is a corporation.

          Mammon is the god of this world, and it is now being forced down our throats, like it or not.

          I ask, what would the NFL do, if the Christians of this nation BOYCOTTED THE NFL…

          What are your thoughts?

          • I’ve slways had a ‘soft spot’ in my Heart for Nigel…
            he kind of reminds me of Mr Henry..Patrick, that is.


            800 years ago the Hopi said, “…that at the End, those in High Places would be Hunted…that this Would get out of Hand…”



            • I’m kind of looking forward to that “get out of hand” stuff.

          • I have to let the NFL go. I have great memories from childhood on regarding the NFL. However, last season the straw/camel moment for me was that asshat on NBC with his antigun rant. All of the negatives outweigh the few positives about the NFL and I am done with the league at this point.

            • I commend you, Gonetoolong. The NFL has become nothing more than a over-hyped vehicle that glorifies and celebrates the absolute worst and most disgusting elements of black inner city, ghetto and gang banger culture.

              I find myself wondering how the White players, especially the vulnerable quarterbacks who wind up on the receiving end of the increasingly violent, increasingly sadistic, increasingly brutal and unsportsmanlike cheap shots and late hits – can continue to get any pleasure or enjoyment out of playing the game.

              I pay close attention to Tom Brady and, of all the QBs in the league, it seems as if the referees for any game he is playing in will deliberately look the other way and allow these 300 plus pound black defensive linemen to pulverize the poor guy and seldom will they throw a flag on what are clearly late hits and deliberate attempts to physically injure Brady.

              I suspect that across the entire league, there is an effort afoot to drive White QBs out of the game by terrorizing them in this fashion. All part of the Cultural Marxist declared war on White Males, folks.


          • I don’t watch that shit anyway. I don’t enjoy the memory of attempting to play it in school. That was “fun”.

            Go ahead and boycott it. Please. Do it, for real, it’s about time we proved conclusively if that has any effect anymore. At present I’m not convinced, not anymore. Reality’s just become too weird.

            Ask me I’d have loved to see the NFL go bust back circa 1982 but that’s me.

          • “we all know why Tim was let go…”

            …he didn’t say he was gay? Doing that is practically job insurance these days if you play sports.

            By the by, I stopped watching football sometime back in the ’90s, after I left Arkansas (and haven’t given a flying crap about the NFL since sometime during my teen years.)

            We don’t watch the NFL much in the South, but college football is like a religion. Even though I haven’t seen a good college game in years, I still have no problems cheering for the Razorbacks and for any team who plays against Alabama. 😉

            The NFL? Fuck ’em. I haven’t cared about “professional” football in eons. I’d rather watch women’s soccer before I’d watch the NFL if that gives you any indication (though as a dirty old man, watching women playing any sport is kinda cool 🙂 ).

            • That case i suggest we switch interests to professional womens’ volleyball, you see the short shorts they’re wearing as a uniform?

              • Been thinking about starting my own cable channel. The Pro Sports Cheerleaders Network. All cheerleaders, 24 hrs a day. No actual games need be played, the cameras ain’t on them!
                The PSC Network. Wonder what we’d call it for short?
                (mrs okie slaps me as i hit the submit comment button!)

            • I’ve been a Razorback fan for my entire life, and I can’t speak for you, but it seems to me that there is something about that Razorback team and the series of coaches who’ve been in charge of their program that is woefully lacking.

              Over the last decade, for instance, they’ve had some of the best and most talented quarterbacks and have also been strong on defense – but, they keep choking every single time they face any team that is half way decent. They just can’t seem to ratchet up their level of play to compete at the national championship level, and I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve had them let me down in a big game.

              Frank Broyles was their last best coach, and in his day, Arkansas was a college football power to be reckoned with. Not since, though.

              • Arkansas needs a Black coach. Like A&M. That is how you buck ‘keep away’ football…Petrino really screwed up a great title shot last year.

                • Baloney, Black Planet.

                  Go back to the 1969 classic contest between Texas and Arkansas, the #1 and #2 teams in the country. Both teams were rock solid and both teams had rosters of athletes who were not only great football players, but also were academically excellent college students. In other words, both teams consisted of players who were excellent role models for young men and women to look up to and admire.

                  On those two teams, both coaches (Darrell Royal and Frank Broyles) were White men and the rosters on both those teams had zero black players.

                  That, old buddy, was the hey-day of college football. Football players were first and foremost college students who attended college for the purposes of getting an education, and those young men who decided to also play football did so as a secondary option. Thus, when the standards for acceptance to enroll in a 4 year college were based almost exclusively on academic performance and ability, a higher caliber of football player was the end result.

                  Fast forward to 2013, and there are no academic standards at all and this has allowed IQ deficient inner city bred criminals who have no business being allowed anywhere near a college campus to get there based solely on how fast they can run, which is a talent that seems to be prevalent in neighborhoods where the residents spend most of their time running from the cops.

                  Face reality. Nobody with half a brain can survey the criminality and degenerate behavior going on in today’s college athletics programs and not admit that a return to the academic standards of excellence criteria is the only possible solution to restoring the integrity and wholesomeness of college sports.

                  • Black Planet= 200 nations exact duplicates of Africa. Complete with it’s(africas) 10,000 years history of ZERO contributions or Inventions, and a full total lack of what many term as Civilization, or civilized society and culture. If not for White Missionaries most who became Dinner for the Canibals, bringing the savages the art of Making Fire, they the canibals would likly still be eating neighbors RAW! & Uncooked!

                    Black Planet Indeed!

              • Broyles for certain… I almost wept with joy when they fired Ford, though… he was worse than lousy.


          • Word is now that members of the armed forces will be court martialed for sharing Christian views. This goes on because we let it. We outnumber them fifty to one and yet we act like pussies. As long as scum like Boner are the leadershoip of the stupid party there will be no pushback. Time is running out as soon we will be the minority in our own country, then the fun and games will begin.

          • I will lend my football opinion here…(not to shoot down your point entirely) but… Mr. Tebow….is a mans man when it comes to playing the game of football and he gets all of my respect for that, however, that fact, in and of itself, does not make him an nfl level quarterback. He simply does not have the skill set for making the throws and being able to produce the way a starting nfl qb has to. That is the reason he hasn’t got any serious offers. Now…if e switches positions…say to an h-back or even a tight end…he has some serious potential to be a star in the league.

            • I’m not going to argue with facts… as you’re probably correct… however, isn’t this the case with almost all rookie players that come from ‘non NFL’ ball?
              Do they give them some time to grow, learn, to develop and get seasoned?
              Do they all not get a year or two to catch on, learn the team, the plays, the ropes?

              If Tim didn’t have something on the ball, he would have never ended up in the NFL…

          • Piper,
            I quit watching football several years back. Good luck getting the average American on board with that. Men fell obligated to watch football. Most of us anyway. The average male feels he must watch sports to be able to keep up in a conversation with other men. Go back a hundred years and most would have knowledge of how to grow a crop or kill a deer or build a house, not who is the number one draft pick. When I gave up watching idiotic sports it was like being set free. I had so much more time to do what is important.

            • Bulldog,
              I seldom watch any TV, much less sports, and it’s not because I’m a snob but because I just can’t sit in one place at times when I feel like I should be doing something…running, finishing a book, going to a prepping class, gardening, hiking in the woods, fixing a car, riding my motorcycle, or visiting the peeps. Now I’m learning how to trap and track animals, too.
              I gave up Facebook a few weeks ago and now I have even more time to actually live life.
              You’re living right. Remove distractions that make you a passive sponge and actually get in the game!

              • mark,
                good job on dumping facebook. I have never had one and never will. Too much intel being freely put out there on facebook.
                televised sports are nothing more than a distraction from truth. People with no glory in thier own lives watch sports to feel like they did something when thier team wins. All they did was make the players and owners richer and distract from what is going on around them.

          • Amen MP…I boycotted pro and college sports over 20 years ago…Looking at it objectively, it all sucks and nothing good for the earth or humanity comes from it.

            What if, all the money spent on this bs was used to encourage people to grow their own food?

            Rather than be a brainwashed dbag enslaved by the gub/corps.

            Everyone will get exactly what they deserve when this all shakes out…I will be as ready as I’m supposed to be when this challenge presents itself.

          • Spiritual warfare is increasing exponentially every day. The fools are so lost they do not see what is going on around them. The persecution will only increase as time marches on. Pray for all the lost first then for you brothers and sisters.

          • If this is time of Jacobs Trouble, and I for one think so also, then you better make certain that you Know Who the True jacob decendants really are! HINT= They aint who most folks have been constantly told they are. HINT#2- Read what Christ and John said of this in Rev 2.9 and John 8.44. An FYI from a Christian Brother, to, my other Christian Bros and sisters.

            • The Lost sheep, the Lost ten tribes.
              But, we have been suffering under the popular delusion that we are ‘gentiles’.
              There is plenty of proof, but, religious ‘authorities’ don’t want to hear it… the enmity against the dreaded Jew goes back many thousands of years.
              The hatred towards the Jew is the issue that keeps the truth hidden. They want no part of being part of the original tribes.

              Sometimes the truth of a matter is in the original meanings of old words. The Saxons, originally meant, and was spelled Saac’s Sons. Back in those days the leading vowel was often dropped. So at least one of the clans maintained a link to their past; the Son’s of Isaac. It was more modern historians and religious authorities, that respelled and hid the meaning of the words.

              This truth is also revealed in the lesson the tens. The Ten horns represent shofar’s, the leaders of the tribes, the leaders or elite families of the world, the Castle Dwellers, who want to reestablish their kingships over the whole Earth.
              The ten divided Toes of iron and clay, mind vs emotions, the statue of Daniel.
              The 5 wise and 5 stupid virgins.

              These mirror us, exactly, but, you must abandon the doctrines of Rome and preacher men, to see.

        • Howdy CL!

          Gee, it seems I CAN post today!!

          Umm, would that ‘party’ be ‘By invitation only…is it BYOG, as well? “Bring your own gun”

          Just curious here…


          • C’mon JOG ole’ boy, surely you can read between the lines?

            It’s gonna be a free-for-all.

            Serious participants will use the NOISE as cover, for executing mission critical work-orders/objectives.



            Best of Luck, bro!

          • More than likely we won’t have a revolution until they want us to…

            Given a lot of thought and a little research into the idea of revolution. A revolution by the people for the people initiated and backed by people with noble intentions has been a rare occurrence throughout the course of history.

            A revolution will be instigated by either current gov’t operatives as a means to finalize their objectives (and in the process cull the population and round up dissenters), a break off faction of the current gov’t trying to gain control, or a foreign gov’t trying to change gov’t for their benefit. China (and the BRICs) especially has the most to gain by the end of US military superiority and the end of dollar hedgemony. China is doing a darn good job of ending dollar hedgemony by negotiating trade agreements with other countries that are not settled in US dollars. Additionally, the BRIC countries are also in the process of setting up a IMF type bank. Once these trade agreements are in full force and their “IMF” bank I could see Russia or China sowing the seeds of a revolution to finalize their objective– the demise of the US.

            Everyone talks about the need for a revolution in this country but few including myself have given much thought to the actual mechanics of it and the probability of success from it. I recently read the book Patriot Dawn that is advertised on the sidebar of Mac’s site. It gives some real food for thought in terms of equipment we as civilians have access to versus what the military has. One example from the book (pardon my lack of tech jargon) was the use of heat seeking technology used by military aircraft. So in order to even have a chance of of launching an ambush or attack– you would have to be aware of the existence of this technology and have the equipment to counter it as well as much more knowledge.

            This knowledge would pretty much have to come from current or former military. Ultimately I don’ think there would be much success without the support and involvement of the military.

            I suspect that may be why the government has been beefing up the DHS and the usage of private contract defense firms as well as trying to disarm veterans.

            • Whats the link to Macs site. Thank you

              • I was referring to the ad for the book Patriot Dawn– the Resistance Rises that is on the right side bar on this site. I don’t know if this site customizes the ad each user sees or not..

                • Chantilly Lady, incase you haven’t yet read this about the US Civil War and Prez Lincoln? Check it out! I bet not many even southerners know this info.

                  The Lincoln Putsch Americas Bolshevik Revolution
                  www dot codoh dot com

                  Much other great info there also!

          • JOG,
            In the Hopi prophecies, they say that the common man must rise up and ‘hunt’ the Leaders of Evil, or the Earth Mother will do it for us… because the rich men are destroying the Earth… it says something similar in scriptures…

            That this is a time of the final battle between good and evil, and most people are seduced by the evil ones, for their survival in The System.

            The Leaders are The Elite, not just politicos, but the bankers and the corporations.

            It is the corporation that is evil, because it has no soul. It is centralization of power that is evil, because it has no spirit.

            We, as a community, cannot join together as One, our individuality and intelligence is our Achilles heel. But, we must come to an agreement, on a Trigger, a red line to use the terms of the mooslim loving Black Caesar.

            Many think it is guns, and it is, but, I wonder… what next?
            When Obamacare was hacked in the Supreme Court, the words “that will never happen in this country”, came back to haunt me, and many others. When looking at the details, all I can see is death… slow… and ‘legal’.

            I see our people standing around in confusion, looking at one another and saying; “You go first…” “No, you…”

            What we must all see, is that we must agree on one thing, and one thing alone. That there are more of us, than there are of them, and together, at the same TIME, there is nothing The Elite could do.

            But, as long as there is breath in our bodies, and the ability to make a living and feed our families, we shall try to endure.

            My thoughts are, that the dollar must crash, and then the Elites will take over our bank accounts, our 401k’s, IRA’s, whatever they can get their hands on, like Cyprus (having set the precedent of the ‘bail in’… with bank contracts written in jello on toilet paper.) When they take my money, they have become nothing but common thieves, worthy of JUSTICE. At that time, there is no Justice in the land, merely; JUST US. It is MY money, taxes paid, not theirs. It is a CAUSUS BELLI, and you my brothers and sisters, are the hands of God’s JUSTICE.

            Thus, in the words of the Hopi, and Enoch, and many Biblical scriptural tenants, we MUST purge the land of evil, to fight the “spiritual wickedness in HIGH places” or Mother Earth will do it for us, and she won’t be so discriminating. This then, is a spiritual mission, not just a physical survival issue. Good will conquer evil in this time, one way or another. But first, the Human Beings must be taught again, to see what evil truly IS. Soon enough I fear… soon enough.

            Evil is all about CONTROL… that takes your JOY.

        • Oh goody, now DHS will say SEE I TOLD YOU and buy 400 trillion more rounds of ammunition.

          • 29% of all registered voters? Good Lord of I was a politician and heard that 10% believed this to be true I would scurry for another country. Nearly 1/3 of all voters think a armed and violent revolution should be carried out to bring sanity back to this country. Yet, like the sheriff in Florida they continue. Are “they” that out of touch with reality? If so we have let the chickens take over the fox’s den.

            Think about it.


            • THEY, think, we are ‘sheep’.

              THEY, don’t understand.
              It is not The Sheep that will come for them…

              • BigB, how many refused to answer? I recall several events where I arose and spoke out in favor of CCW lic issues at various town halls etc. Every time I did it without failure, after the meeting was finished a dozen or more folks there came over to thank me and each said “Gee I am so glad You spoke out like that as it needed be said, and while I looked around at the crowd and saw Most agreed on all you spoke of, NONE seem able to speak out or are simply Afraid to do so”!

                I’d bet the true percentages are way closer to Double or More that feel that way on a revolt. Closer to 65% is likely!

                • But what will be the start? What will be the point where we the people say enough is enough? It all goes back to the same question of where is that line?


                  • BigB, not certain if it actually gives a “Date” or exact type event kick off etc. However if you read and study the protocols all 24 sections(like an entire book to read) you get alot of deep internal inside info, written By the main perps and culprits on their ages old plans to bankrupt all nations, while gaining total gradual control of all what matters in govnt’s and msm’s and universities etc. It Is the Most accurate and so far proves to be The plans which end with a NWO ruled By Them and their Ilk.

                    The original documents used to translate it from Russian into English are contained at a Museum in Britian England archives. Fasinating insights into how we got where we are at Today and how it was acomplished and by whom.

                    Unfortunatly most folks have been told repeatedly that the protocols are a forgery!. Yet those who say that never ever defend that claim. Instead it is used much as the term racist is, to quell debate and scare off would be readers so it remains Hidden, in plain sight so to speak.

                    Once you read even a small portion or section of any of 24 total sections it becomes obviously the Main game plan that has gotten the world and especially america where we are today. Messed up bad and barely hanging by the proverbial thread. If you need a link to it check my Other posts at Ron Paul article as I wrote it down on a couple protocol posts I posted today. Hope this assists in your quest for truths.

      4. Warren Buffet didn’t become a billionaire by earning a high income, but from owning assets, like shares in Berkshire Hathaway. Many know about his acumen in making “safe” investments – but few are aware of the greatest source of such safety for Mr. Buffet in recent years – US Government bailouts. Wealthy citizens like him, who hold the majority of assets in America, benefited disproportionately.
        (Two thirds of all stocks are owned just by the wealthiest Americans.)

        During the 2008 crisis Warren Buffet’s investment portfolio was full of wobbly financial companies like GE and Wells Fargo. In 2 months Berkshire stock – and Mr. Buffets net worth – lost half their value. The Treasury Department and Federal Reserve responded with bailouts to keep troubled financial entities alive, some of them invented specifically for Buffet holdings like GE. Two years later, due to the bailouts, Berkshire stock rebounded sharply, making Buffet billions.

        I don’t particularly dislike Buffet, but every bailout steals money out of the pockets of ordinary Americans. And yes, we’re paying for much of Europe’s bailouts, too.

        • Yes indeedy… this is called the Fascist Business Model.

          The end result is to destroy and/or buy out all the small businesses. These guys don’t take risks, they create sure things, by whatever means…

      5. I like Nigel. Been following him now for quite some time. This guy is the real deal in parliment. Speaks his mind and pisses off the others on EU issues because he does’nt go along with the crowd of payed off politicians. You should hear him speak of his good ole friend Mr. Rumpoy!

      6. It will soon be time to test the strength of the Red Shield. I think 300 years is just about enough of that. Do not be distracted. The zookeeper holds the keys to the cages.

      7. There are a few men like Mr. Farage in every country, but very few ever become prominent or are able to advance, because the power behind the power,will not allow it. And the sheeple really don’t want these kinds of men in power. Sheeple want to follow and be fed, they don’t want to have to feed themselves. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • Not only that Trekker…the masses in America don’t want to hear the truth. You can lead a sheep to water…but no matter how many times you kick it in the nards, you can’t make it think. er…something like that.

          • you sir, are my new hero 😀

        • Beethoven’s 5th is about the Grim Reaper knocking at the
          door. How apropos is that for their new anthem?

          • It does strike me as an odd choice. Slightly better than Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” or Holst’s “Mars, Bringer of War.” But why not the beauty and rationality of Mozart?

            Of course, Copland was an American, so they can’t have “Fanfare for the Common Man” or “Appalachian Spring,” truly uplifting and hopeful music.

        • In regards to your comment about Nigel!!! should he become a real threat, he would be taken!!!!OUT.

      8. The revolution will only get violent if the bankers force the people to get violent. The people always prefer piece the bankers always prefer war.

        • Amen.
          Peace generates profits, war generates windfalls.
          Banksters have always profited more from destruction than construction. Whether houses, companies or whole countries… the method is the same. Pump and dump, then clean house.

      9. I love this guy. He is the only one in the Eurozone that has the nads to tell the truth. You go Nigel, we think you are great.

      10. It’s a good thing there’s hardly ever been any wars in Europe or I’d be worried for them right about now.

      11. There is no Superman to the rescue. Nor Lone Ranger and Tonto. Dirty Harry and Marshall Dillon have retired. Rocky has been punched out and Conan the Barbarian dreams of his Kingdom long ago.
        My what a hollow and shallow nation we live in today.

        • @slingshot:

          Good Day fellow Patriot.

          Need a Hero?

          Look in a mirror, it is what I do. Us, of the independent lot, have always relied on our own personal strengths. We don’t need no stinking batches!

          You ARE the wolf.

          Only the MSM nation is hollow and shallow. Those of us with dirt under our fingernails, sweat on our brow, and determination in our backbone know that the real USA is still alive and kickin’.

          I am a Freeman. I am an American.

          I didn’t start this trouble, but I mean to see it through…..The Shooter.


          ….be safe my Brother……BA.

          • “Need a Hero?”

            “Look in a mirror, it is what I do. Us, of the independent lot, have always relied on our own personal strengths. We don’t need no stinking batches!”

            Immaculate BA…Tip ‘O the Hat Sir!


            • @JOG:

              Thank You Sir.

              Always carry a “hand Up” for our motley Band O’ Brothers.

              I got your six.


              …be safe….stay the course….BA.

          • BA

            We are the Alpha Males-all the rest are just followers

            • @OW:

              Woof, Woof, Sir.



              ….sheared…or feared….you decide….BA.

            • I sure pray there are some alpha males left! I am a woman, and all I see around my neck of the woods are sheeple and sissies.

              • The “alpha male” is a bullshit artist. You women always were too stupid to see through appearances.

                • Whatsamatter, whippersnapper? You upset that the girls don’t like you ‘sensitive’ types?
                  Then again, maybe calling women “stupid” should be removed from your pick-up line repertoire.

          • Bravo sir, bravo!

            Molon Labe

          • …standing with/beside you until a better day comes. lms

      12. Farage is brilliant (Well he looks brilliant when his basic common sense is juxtaposed against the pantheon of idiots running the world, doesn’t he?) but he doesn’t compare Europe to the USA, and neither should anyone else.

        Europe and America? Apples and oranges.

        • apples turning into oranges.

        • Yeah DK,
          But the worm that has eaten out the insides, leaving a stinking moldy interior, is the same..


        Storing food items in plastic buckets is easy, cost – effective, and
        efficacious. I purchase my used food buckets from a nearby donut shop and clean them myself too. Plastic buckets that have held pickles or relish retain an odor, which can only be removed (in my experience) by storing grain in them for 6 months or longer…then the chickens will willingly eat the wheat! But buckets from bakers or donut shops leave no residue or aroma.

        I place a tall kitchen garbage bag (check on pesticide used in the bag) inside the bucket (which provides extra moisture protection), fill the bucket, suck air out with a straw, seal the bag, then seal AND LABEL AND DATE the bucket. Then the buckets are frozen for4 days at 0 F, and are ready for storage!

        A normal food bucket as described above is about 4 gallon capacity, and will
        hold 30 pounds of rice, 25 pounds of pinto beans, about 25 pounds of wheat, but only about 20 pounds of oats. I also store waxed tins of tuna, corned beef, bacon, hams, etc., in buckets, omitting the freezing process. Processed as mentioned above, the contents can be stored for years…for example, I recently opened a bucket of pinto beans dated 1993 that I grew from my own acclimated seed, and they were perfect. Buckets of food stuffs prepared this way may be stored in a crawl space, garage, or outbuilding, thus freeing up space in the home for larger harder to pack items.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Sorry, but that odor can be removed with hot water and simple baking soda overnight–not gone?
          Try another night of hot water and baking soda.
          Like you, I line with odor-free garbage bags, no absorbers, no mylar bags..nothing.
          Just hammer that lid on and it’s good to go.
          Been eating those foods stored for almost 5 years and they are fine.
          Wanta use mylar and 02 absorbers? Go ahead, but I don’t.
          Attitude from the guy who in the 90s started the storing in buckets trend and he didn’t use anything in his buckets.

          • Not eating for 5 years, but eating foods that have been stored for 5 years.
            Started a few months ago to see if all was well–IT IS!!!

      14. I’ve heard Nigel Faraqe on Infowars. He’s a straight shooter, UK’s version of Ron Paul. He’s one Englishman I would allow to become an honorary US citizen. Truman bestowed that honor on Winston Churchill after WW2. he’s right on target about revolution. everyone keep prepping for it and get everything yuou can now. Braveheart

        • Think about it. A leader of the stature of Winston churchill could only get honorary citizenship but now every illegal and third world dirtbag in the world is simply given it. Sir Winston also would never have gotten food stamps or welfare.

      15. I hope all of those men don’t travel on the same aircraft. If I seen them boarding my flight I would cancel my reservations.

      16. When the SHTF most will be caught with their pants down. The normalcy bias prevents rational thinking and will lead to many people being caught unaware. My own daughters think that my fears are unfounded because they do not have the additional perspective of 25 years that I do. When I tell them that the America that they know is vastly different than the one I grew up in I feel like a time traveller trying to explain electricity to cavement.

        I can only hope that when everything falls off the cliff that I have done enough to protect me and mine from the folly of the political class.

        • Your daughters see the apple, as it is desperately propped up on the inside by the mucus secretions of the worms that have eaten the interior…

          We, on the other hand, spend too much time looking inside that stinky looking hole in the side…

        • Dan in Phoenix,
          Exactly! Have you read Rhinehart and Rogoff’s book “This Time is Different – Eight Centuries of Financial Folly”? Or have you watched Kyle Bass’ keynote address to the AmeriCatalyst 2012? People simply believe that it can’t happen in their own back yards (I have been a victim of that way of thinking in the past, and I don’t boast that I haven’t made mistakes in my judgement.)
          And you really CAN’T export your lifetime of experience from your brain and stuff it into the heads of young people! Even the good ones seem incapable of or unwilling to understand! Talk about feeling like a time traveller…
          My dad was in WWII and lived through the Depression in a small town in east Texas. He must feel like he has been transported to another planet! I am going to ask him that question when he comes over this Sunday: “Dad, do you feel like you are living on a different planet than the one you are born on?”

      17. Remember,

        800 years ago the Hopi said, “…that at the End, those in High Places would be Hunted…that this would get out of Hand…”



      18. Friends,

        Just a short time ago, we came four votes away from the United States Senate giving our Constitutional rights over to the United Nations. In a 53-46 vote, the senate narrowly passed a measure that will stop the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

        The Statement of Purpose from the bill read:

        To uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

        The U.N. Small Arms Treaty, which has been championed by the Obama Administration, would have effectively placed a global ban on the import and export of small firearms. The ban would have affected all private gun owners in the U.S., and had language that would have implemented an international gun registry on all private guns and ammo.

        Astonishingly, 46 of our United States Senators were willing to give away our Constitutional rights to a foreign power.

        Here are the 46 senators that voted to give your rights to the U.N.

        Baldwin (D-WI)
        Baucus (D-MT)
        Bennet (D-CO)
        Blumenthal (D-CT)
        Boxer (D-CA)
        Brown (D-OH)
        Cantwell (D-WA)
        Cardin (D-MD)
        Carper (D-DE)
        Casey (D-PA)
        Coons (D-DE)
        Cowan (D-MA)
        Durbin (D-IL)
        Feinstein (D-CA)
        Franken (D-MN)
        Gillibrand (D-NY)
        Harkin (D-IA)
        Hirono (D-HI)
        Johnson (D-SD)
        Kaine (D-VA)
        King (I-ME)
        Klobuchar (D-MN)
        Landrieu (D-LA)
        Leahy (D-VT)
        Levin (D-MI)
        McCaskill (D-MO)
        Menendez (D-NJ)
        Merkley (D-OR)
        Mikulski (D-MD)
        Murphy (D-CT)
        Murray (D-WA)
        Nelson (D-FL)
        Reed (D-RI)
        Reid (D-NV)
        Rockefeller (D-WV)
        Sanders (I-VT)
        Schatz (D-HI)
        Schumer (D-NY)
        Shaheen (D-NH)
        Stabenow (D-MI)
        Udall (D-CO)
        Udall (D-NM)
        Warner (D-VA)
        Warren (D-MA)
        Whitehouse (D-RI)
        Wyden (D-OR

        People this needs to go viral. These Senators voted to let the UN take our guns. They need to lose the election. We have been betrayed.

        Y’all Beware! 46 Senators Voted to Give your 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights to the U.N.

        • Nearly all dems..not a surprise

          • Oh, they are all dems. Two, are just wolves in sheeply independant clothing.


          • The communist party that once inhabited the USA just finally gave up and walked away…

            because the democratic party assumed their platform.

            No shit. The kind of stuff that one can’t make up.

        • Interesting Y’all,

          I NOTE that only a bare fraction of those listed are either a) not from East of the Miissippi or b) not from Kalifonication…oops CALIFOTNIA…sorry, force of habit.

          EXCELLENT post Friend!! ‘Tis time to begin taking Names, in preparation for kicking….well, you know.


        • Interesting Y’all,

          I NOTE that only a bare fraction of those listed are either a) not from East of the Miissippi or b) not from Kalifonication…oops CALIFOTNIA…sorry, force of habit.

          EXCELLENT post Friend!! ‘Tis time to begin taking Names, in preparation for kicking….well, you know. My Thanks!


        • Y’all Beware!

          Excellent list of names. Now all the American people need is an even better list of the home addresses (yes, even the vacation homes)of all these traitors. 😉

          Keep your powder dry…and hidden. You know the rest.

          • Surpring that Mr. Gun Grab Manchin was not on it.

        • Names.

          Those are 46 fired Senators come election day.

          Gratifying to see they’re STILL wasting their time with this and STILL getting nowhere, if there can be said to be a bright side to all this.

          They’re doing their political party a lot of damage, I daresay. Hard to imagine someone fucking up their party worse than Bush fucked up the Republicans but it appears they have managed this near impossible feat.

          • The only way Boxer or Fineswine are leaving is either quitting or dying in office. Most likely they will stuff Fineswine and have someone raise her hand to vote.

            • I am afraid you are right. There are times I think I am the only conservative/libertarian living in California. There seems to be NO way of getting these people out of office.

              • I feel the same way about Connecticut!

          • If only they were fired come election day. The ignorant libtards in the state of Chicago will never dump Durbin. I wish they would just secede and leave us downstaters the hell alone!

        • Right on, and this is not over people

          Vice-President Biden: “So I think we’re going to get this anyway. I think this will pass before the year is out, within this Congress.”

          Sen. Chuck Schumer: “I think we will bring the bill back before the end of the year . . .”

          Sen. John McCain: “I . . . agree with Chuck that I think the issue will come back.”

          Sen. Joe Manchin: “We’re going to work it hard.”

          Rep. Carolyn McCarthy: “We do know that a number of Senators have been reaching out . . . if they can work with some of the other members [Senators] who voted ‘no’ . . .”

          Combine the above information with John Boehner’s recent statement that he will “consider” anti-gun legislation in the House and you have a clear, concerted effort to ram gun control into law this year.

          Bloomberg promised tens of millions of dollars to the effort.

          Harry Reid marched to the floor of the Senate vowing to bring the bill back.

          We dam sure better unite on this people, or our goose will get cooked..not that I would expect anyone to comply, but when you cant get parts, ammo, etc..than your right to self protection and your 2nd amendment right will basically have been stolen from you like a theif in the night, all of these so called senators, that are supposed to be working for us, need to know they will be going, its too late for them to go back on thier word..every state that has one of these anti-2nd slime balls needs to get muster to be sure they never work another day in your government or your town.I’ll be doing my part, will you?

          • also,, not one of them from Texas

            • With the exception of the one clown from Louisiana, the one clown from Florida, and the two clowns from Virginia(go figure) I don’t see any names from the south. The rest know better!

            • Surprisingly, not one from NC either.

              • They better not have… grr…

                • None from Indiana or Kentucky on the UN arms bill

        • Lets don’t just call them commies. Let their names stay on our minds and we do what is necessary to make sure they are not re-elected.

      19. Y’all Beware, the BOY in the WH will sign an EO bypassing Congress. when that happens, it needs to be GAME ON! Then we’ll have no other choice but to fight. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      20. hmmm
        it seems BeInformed concerns about biological threats
        are not without increasing merit

        and it seems the Chinese have weaponized the flu

        ‘Appalling irresponsibility’: Senior scientists attack Chinese researchers for creating new strains of influenza virus in veterinary laboratory


        Scientist Repeats Swine Flu Lab-Escape Claim in Published Study


        Vial of deadly virus goes missing from Texas lab


        How secure are labs handling the world’s deadliest viruses


        Evidence Demonstrates the Significant Risk of Laboratory Accidents


        • Ever see “The Stand”?

          • Walt, you are the 4th person who has brought up The Stand to me this week alone. Scary stuff.


          • The Stand…
            wonderful, scary as hell, great ending.

            M O O N… that spells PREPARE…

      21. When they come for our money.

      22. I’m not surprised. Most are democrats with a couple of independence.

      23. So I ask you this…if there was a complete collapse how would you deal with it?

        1. Do you have enough dried long-term goods that last decades….not canned…they go out of date too fast.

        2. Guns and ammo to protect the home front. The way I see it…if the gang bangers come into my neighborhood and there’s a collapse…thinking they have easy prey…they won’t be going back to the “hood”. Don’t underestimate the burbs..and they aren’t just all white guys.. my upstairs neighbor is a nice black gent and we’re on the same page and well armed. Screw all this racism shit.. we’re all tired of it. A punk is a punk.

        3. Do you have a cross section of skills. I can roof a house or build a data warehouse. I can fix a car or change a diaper. I can hug the little old lady across the street who’s old and scared or stare down the worst of them. Zero fear… WHY… read the bible…when you’re done… read it again. Rinse, Repeat!

        4. Do you have enough precious metals to pay everything off when the currency falls flat and you cash in your metals at the end to have a debt free start?

        5. Are you happy… knowing the world is in quite the pickle but you were smart enough and well prepped. So no going on about all this shit to family and friends…just be quiet, well behaved and prepped and be like the cat who ate the canary. That way you won’t lose family and friends.

        6. Look to the future…plan. Read, study for a new certification. What if the collapse never goes down…you’ll look back and feel stupid. But that’s not to say don’t prep up…just don’t make it a lifestyle where you’re waiting for the collapse like a child waiting for xmas. It might not ever come. They could issue a new currency and over night….we’re starting over and everything is reset.

        Your biggest worries are your health, happiness, marriage, pandemic, the weather
        and if you got your colonoscopy and dental work up to date.



        I LOVE being a middle aged guy.
        Folks look at you and they just know they cannot fuck with you.
        You’ve been around the block and people know it.


        IT’S A START.

        • The banksters want us all to take out reverse mortgages instead of working a lifetime to pay for a house and then handing it to our offspring.

        • Ready, me too. Just the other day I was reminded of the gayly (not homos) commercial of using credit cards and then the music stopped because someone used cash. Because I was trying to pay with cash and the person in front of me had to swipe their card 3 times. And finally the cashier tried it, woopie, it worked. Never did hear the music.

      25. I’m getting antsy and tired of standing at the ready…just let it all collapse already!!!!

        • Be careful what you wish for my friend. Everyday that the shit does not hit the fan, is another day you can prepare. We all know that eventually the balloon will rise. Then you are absolutely stuck with what you have (or don’t have). I believe with all my heart that when the shtf, we will all wish we had more time to prepare. Regardless of how well prepped we believe we may be.

          Potato out

      26. Love the wisdom in so many in this thread folks .
        That being said …
        wandered off from here and read up on “Hoarding crimes”, very interesting it seems .

        Would like you to lend me your ear on some thoughts told to me about hard times .
        My father : You better learn to listen to me, as he showed me how to harness a mule . There won’t be another Depression during my life time, thank God . But you are rank sure gonna see one and you better know how to plow .
        Folk always gotta eat . Mules can put food on the table for corn .

        My eldery neighbor woman from the next farm .. Hard times was during the war after the Feds moved through and robbed every body’s food and livestock .
        Women put their own daughters infront hitched to the plow pulling it .
        Some of the menfolk found out and came back . They called them deserters even though they got guns held to their heads to make them go fight in the first place …

        My mother, who’s father had borrowed some money and lost both his job amd the house .. We slept in a barn on grandma’s place . It was so hard . I remember one night getting to sleep by the cow . That cow was so warm .

        • Cont
          My great aunt describing the starvation during the dirty thirties ..
          Folks just ran outta food and had nothing . They had a family move in a old closed store down here . Nobody seen them for a.while so somebody rode over to check .
          They had starved eating leaves and raw acorns . The momma died last and she was trying to hold them all up together . She died sitting up holding their heads for clean air . Her arms was still holding them even dead .
          That was the hardest thing to see . We all walked over to bury them .
          Carried over plenty of lime . I still remember that like yesterday ….

          History repeats .
          I can’t believe the deaf and dumb .
          The writing is right on the wall .
          God bless one and all

          If you can’t speak freely, You are not free!

          • It is hard for people to realize the depth of the depression. It must have been hard on your aunt to deal with this situation. My mother was on a farm during this time, and she talked about her and the other children trapping sparrows to eat. The masses today wouldn’t know a sparrow from a mouse.

            • I keep a couple cases of bird shot around for birds and small game.
              Also some rat traps. Hey, you laugh… starving… and if you caught a rat you’d be happy to eat.

              I did read about a prisoner in Germany who was a field hand and they were starving them to death. He sewed a pocket inside his sleave for worms he found. Ever see how fat baby robins get once they get fed worms. Pure protein. He survived. The guards could not figure out how he was surviving. So they watched him.

              I figure there’s billions of us now. You know the elite are sitting around thinking up ways to thin the herd. One would be a fool to think they are concerned about your welfare.

              I think it will be death by chemtrail or pandemic.

              The chemtrails already have me with the asthma.

              I’ll finish with this.

              All you democrates are nothing but commie bastards in disguise.
              If there’s a collapse, you’ll be the first I’ll slam the door on.
              Not a can of spam is coming your way. STARVE COMMIES.


              • I want to skull phuck a lib with a bite guard.

            • I had a friend that grew up as a child in the Great D. She was telling me how they would do anything to run as efficiently as possible during daily life. Old nails got straightened and reused, clothing was repaired, socks, shoes, you name it. The most interesting however was when she told of taking the wagon down the driveways to make a track in the snow. The birds would come to get access to the ground. A single shotgun shell could then be used to hit more than one bird along the track. They would eat whatever birds were available. Staying resourceful was the name of the survival game.

          • Sounds like a BS story. There was never any shortage of food in the thirties. Jobs maybe but everyone knew or had family with a farm. Over half the country was still mostly rural farms. No one starved unless they wanted to.

            • ‘Tis sad to have only one red thumb for the misinformed .

              Sorry, have gave up wasting my energy trying to fix stupid .
              Please return to your previous programming .


            • John W.: Are you as ignorant about other things as you are about history? Thousand of folks lost their farms and ranches in the Dust Bowl of the 30’s. Forced to leave, these folks hit the road for work else where, and yes, many did succumb to starvation or diseases due to severe malnutrition. Many also died from exposure from having to live outside. And about all those soup lines we saw in the bigger cities? It’s funny, but the history books, news stories and films of the day, along with modern documentaries on this terrible era are all just some sort of conspiracy then, since according to you, no one starved unless they wanted.

              • Backing up Gregory here
                Both my parents grew up during the depression .
                I grew up listening to their stories .
                My father’s family never lost their farm land .
                His account was that they always ate .

                My mother’s family was much different .
                Her father was a landless laborer who rented in a city .
                They spent a season in her grandma’s barn .
                Then were divided up among various relatives .

                The diseases that swept through the populations certainly killed .
                Be they be called starvation, dysentery, or malnutrition .
                None of those rotted corpses in my great aunts story were even examined .
                They were covered with lime after being thrown in a fresh dug pit and then they filled the pit back up .
                I sincerely doubt they were added to anyone counting anything .
                And your comment, mr john w, slimed my ancestry recounting their history .
                I don’t normally troll joust .
                And intend to no more .
                Time is a wasting
                Good day

              • Gregory, the holocaust, he probably thinks that’s a tale also. Those that made it through the GD told stores of what people traded/bartered just for milk for the babies.
                How many went days without eating.
                John W is calling all the old timers liars.

                • Then there are those who write history and those that lived it.

            • I think John W. is partially correct and I certainly don’t mean any disrespect to anyone or to refute their personal experiences since my grandparents and parents also lived through the great depression. I’m in my late 60’s and my journey through the food matrix has been very enlightening. The only people that I’m aware of that “want to die” of starvation are those who go on “hunger strikes” for political reasons or who are afflicted with other mental problems. I can’t imagine any sane human intentionally “wanting to die of hunger”. Having said that, I do think people die from conditions brought on by malnutrition so essentially, they are in fact dying of hunger but not necessarily because they want to but rather because of the choices they make. I think people die of hunger/malnutrition due to gross ignorance, apathy, false pride and in many cases they are just lazy. The fact is there is simply too much food available in America for anyone to die of hunger and it was just as much a fact back in the 1930’s during the great depression as it is today. The dust bowl of the 1930’s not-with-standing despite the loss of large areas previously under cultivation, most of American agriculture was fairly intact and natural disasters have affected agriculture since the beginning of time through 2013. Unless you live in a desert, dying of starvation is not an option and if someone dies of starvation when there is food all around them, there are much bigger and different problems that need to be dealt with, if they are dealt with at all. While I’ve never actually seen anyone die of starvation, I have seen people go hungry while large, full, grain elevators were just a few miles down the road. I’ve seen people go hungry when food was growing wild all around them and any suggestions given to them of what to harvest and how was met with derision. I’ve seen people go hungry when there were thousands of acres of wheat, oats, or corn growing within walking distance of their dwelling. I’ve seen people refuse to eat field corn and insist that only cows and pigs eat that stuff and have heard folks in my own family say the same. I gave someone a quart of yellow dent corn once and they told me they didn’t know what to do with it. When I showed them all the different things they could make from yellow corn, they sneered and said that was too much work and they would rather go hungry or steal something. That mind set existed just as much during the great depression as it does today. Show someone how to feed a family of four for several days on nothing more than five pounds of flour, a little salt, some wild onions and lettuce and ten pounds of bones and they will laugh and complain all the way to the food bank. There are a multitude of reasons why people starve, but when there is food all around and they still go hungry, it’s their choice. So, in that regard, John W. is correct. If this offends any of you then you are the one with the problem.

              • Crabbe
                Not offensive at all because I could not say it any better
                I’ve grew up hearing depression stories .
                Many held deeper meanings and covered other problems over .
                Here in FEMA region IV, I mean, northern Georgia, transportation was a.serious problem . Travel here till the early sixies meant fording creeks .
                Travel here during the great depression was a nightmare .

                Travel after this mess will be the same .
                Take care

              • There is perhaps some truth in your words. But, there is also a lot of stupid people in this world. Who, once their world is snatched out from under them, they are lost, wandering in confusion and depression. Allowing the darkness to drag them under. They would never think to ‘glean’ somebody elses field, or grind corn into bread, they are not survivors, they are victims of a world they don’t understand, and are not part of.

                They are ‘in’ the world, but not ‘of’ the world. Once the struggle becomes to much for them, they give up.

                This will be seen again in the times that come, for all things there is a season, and there is no ‘new thing under the Sun’.

            • Ah, a corporate koolaide drinker…
              You are mistaken my friend, my mother told me tales of the 1930’s… whole families put out in the cold of winter by the bankers, the hobo’s, the wanderers, the starving, while yes, there was plenty of food available… for those with the MONEY to buy it.
              Trouble was, a depression means WHAT? That there is a shortage of MONEY my myopic friend.

          • thank you for writing. May God bless you for all you have done, and protect you in all you have yet to do.

      27. As I said a few articles back, what do you call a senator who votes against the 2nd ammendment. DEAD !!!

      28. Heh Heh… I like Mr. Farage’s style. There need to be more like him in positions of power among the Europeans.

        • If this thing becomes able to reliably jump from human to human, China is a really good petri dish. All of Asia is, in fact. With modern air travel, we could live “The Stand”.

      29. The really and truly only question now is what is going to trigger it? The more I think about evil, and I am talking about hard core evil, I am beginning to gravitate more towards a black swan event. The more power that evil has is the less prepared everyone is for a catastrophic event. Everyone right now is thinking economic collapse, war, terrorism again, some are thinking geophysical, others are thinking riots and civil war. Now if true wickedness wants to send most everyone into spastic state, what better way with something off the charts.

        Just look at a natural black swan. How many people expected a 9 earthquake in Japan (largest one recorded), then a very large tsunami, then Fukushima, and then the meltdown that is far worse than Chernobyl? Or Deepwater Horizon that continues to pose a tremendous danger to the Gulf Coast, especially with any seismic movement in the area.

        I have a terrible suspicion, and I sure hope I am wrong, but that event could be a fast moving very contagious and highly lethal virus. I don’t think it is the Chinese bird flu either. I have always thought that nature would beat man to the punch on this, but it could be coming from non-natural sources.

        I don’t put off really any black swan event from something like War of the Worlds type scenario to something as bizarre, and as real, as some type of space induced catastrophe like a gamma ray pulse or some unseen by most some sort of gravitational wave hitting the planet. I sort of wonder about the sinkholes that are developing around the country, if all of a sudden you start having some widespread cave ins along populated areas. With a black swan event, your imagination has no boundaries. Science fiction sometimes become science fact.

        One event that could happen, and I have talked about this before is that the plates start moving and don’t relock themselves until faults all over the planet have gone off. There is always a possibility of a kind of domino effect. My best idea for such a scenario would start with a super quake in the 9.5-9.8 range and continued with these momentum to others plates. Like, a smaller example, the southern San Andreas breaking and continuing to the central part, (highly likely), then continuing past the creep zone to the northern portion. This could be close to a 9. Such a break could continue to the Cascadia fault and then on to Alaska. Something like this could affect the whole planet. Not that likely, but still possible.

        Black swans are what is not expected, and actually it seems like it is becoming one of the odds on favorites as the weird and shocking seems to becoming more frequent.

        • @Be informed

          Great thought processes going on there, you are still sharp. 😉 Think even further down the Rabbit Hole however, with a *combination* of events transpiring. Many say mankind is resilient and can handle several different types of disasters…but how many at one time?

          I beleive it is coming down to that and it will basically be real life ‘Shock&Awe’. So horrible it will be beyond anyones imagination (and my imagination is pretty vivid). One scenario you left out is one that is quite plausible as well: ELE (Extinction Level Event)that originates from space. One such threat that was recently announced but quickly faded into the background, is Comet C/2012 S1 ISON set to pass very close to Earth (and our Sun)when it passes within 1.2 million km (730,000 miles) of the Sun on November 28, 2013.

          Read more: http://www.universetoday.com/101920/a-new-view-of-comet-ison/#ixzz2SCH5LtjA

          Some Scientists have recently theorized that a giant meteor or asteroid may *not* have wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, but may have been in fact, a large comet passing in close proximity to our planet and sun.
          There are several theories going around as to what this may or may not do, but I won’t get into that here.

          I just wanted to point out that it may not be a ‘Black Swan’ per se, but more like a ‘bevy’ of Black Swans.

          • I would like more info on comet Ison. For some reason this comet has got my mind working on things like can it effect tides? Tectonic plates? Navigation? Cause that polar shift I have heard about?

            There are some smart people on this board and you know who you are. Dumb asses such as myself are wondering. How about it?


        • Be Informed ! You know you are right on everything you post. but i have a tendency to believe what ever happens as far as an”Event”that starts it of will be a natural event from good old Mother Nature! These “evils” days are numbered I just hope we all don’t go down with them. But it seems we are to few to fight, and the economy will continue on be played with till hell freezes over! For me the only way we will be able to survive is to become self sufficient. We all try to awaken the sheep ,but i am sick and tired of trying anymore.I just want to see that my kids and grandkids are taking care of the best that i can, and be left the freak alone! We have been manipulated for years by these evil bastards and i will not listen or contribute anymore!
          May you all find Peace and Freedom in your Journey!

          One more thing this is for all you old posters as well, And MAC awhile back one the old post had an article on changing “Property”in to “Private land ” can anyone link me to the author or the article??

        • @BI,
          Great thinking… but, what would be the Mother of All Black Swans?


          A red giant, in the upper left quadrant of Orion, that is at the end of its life… thought that it will go nova.
          It is only 400 LY away.
          If it goes, or, went, Nova, 399 years ago…
          We could wake up in a muon storm… like being inside a microwave oven… ultimate ELE.

          This is simply the reason why, humanity must quit fighting and profiting and worrying over techno trivia, and move off the cradle…

          The ‘New Heavens and the New Earth’.

      30. All of the fiat is “theirs” & it is a ghost.

      31. Picked up two boxes of .22 hp ammo today. Almost better than POTUS getting fired…

        • 100 choices.

        • I hear you babe. Every time a buy a brick it feels like winning the lottery. I’m off before sunrise to check my local WalMarts almost ever day of the week.

      32. Thinker, you’re right on target about being self-sufficient to survive. If you ain’t prepping, you ain’t going to survive. Nobody really knows for sure exactly how TRUE SHTF will occur. with everything happening right now, it looks to me like a series of events leading up to the balloon being let loose, but that’s just me. However it happens, i’m still prepping and getting everything i can while i can and all of you do the same. braveheart signing off for the night.

        • Braveheart: hey buddy have you look at the Henry ML (mares leg) lever pistol. I have one and love it to death. Shorts, longs, and long rifle 10 barrel with a short stock, no recoil just tuck your elbow in your side and shool it like a full size rifle.

          Keep the FAITH

      33. Gray hair and tripping down AF1 on FOX or BBCnews. Prices.

      34. The Elitists of the World have an agenda (a goal), to eliminate as many “useless eaters as they can”. Why, it is because they see them as destroying the Beauty and using up the Natural Resources of the Planet that is only for them and them alone to enjoy. Will they succeed in their quest, and the answer is YES THEY WILL. OH but for the Poetic Justice in all of this; in their LUST for POWER, CONTROL, and GREED they too will DESTORY THEMSELVES. Will there be survivors among all of the chaos; yes there will be, but the nightmare to all of this is; we are Humans and in being so, my fear is this– The Cycle will Start All over Again.

        From now on look at each and every SUN RISE and SUN SET as the last one you may see. Draw close, Oh, so close to GOD and your love ones that it HURTS. Till we meet on the other side.

        Keep the FAITH

      35. Spot on Watchman
        For the drums beat
        Bugles sound the clarion call
        Ear to the ground
        Eyes scanning the horizon
        Tactics and logistics are a total furbar
        yet the time comes
        The guards sleep
        Let our aim be true …

        If you can’t speak freely, You are not free!

      36. The masses are so totally messed up in the head. You think people would learn what happened before when they borrowed money to buy up stocks. http://beforeitsnews.com/financial-markets/2013/05/wanring-the-stage-is-set-for-the-3rd-stock-market-crash-of-the-21st-century-2544398.html

        Like the true stupidity of someone actually trying to ban a piece of cooking equipment (pressure cookers), putting yourself into debt to get deep into the stock market, AGAIN!, has to rank as one of the most unbelievable dim witted moves that someone can do, other than standing in front of a fast moving train.

        Retards, utter entrenched feebleminded simpletons, are going to take most of the human race down. Stupid people or stupid anything doesn’t live too long. Too bear witness to just how totally brainless and empty headed the masses have become, and not to learn anything and repeat the same DUMB mistakes over and over again, this should prove to anyone doubting that some sort of collapse is coming and is almost certain.

        • To me, it seems more like the normalcy bias. Many very smart people can accomplish some very stupid ends. I hold with complete contempt the MSM. You can never expect to make good decisions based on faulty information. Who can you really trust???? The Right, The Left, The Anarchists, the Libertarians. Who can you really trust????

          • Sam Colt, John Browning, Mr Smith and always Mr Rogers

        • Amen BI, Amen and A man.

          Like I heard on Fox the other day, Shep Smith…

          “Looks like it time to get in on the action…”

        • Thanks for the site, enjoyed it.

      37. If a small group of anti-American foreigners can orchestrate terror on US soil on the scale of 9/11 murdering hundreds of innocent Americans why hasn’t anything been done about the terrorists that reside in Congress by all those on this board that claim to be fed up with the bs and are “ready” to fight? It’s not like it would be that difficult to find out when/where a large number of these anti-American politicians would be gathering at any one time. The answer is that no one has the balls to do it. There’s a lot of tough talk by ex military etc but the bottom line is even though there’s enough evidence for Obama, his staff and hundreds of politicians and banking figures to be tried for treason no one has done shit about it. I’m sick of reading comments from Internet tough guys who fantasize about how they’re gonna spring into action when the SHTF. By the time it does its gonna be too late. If you’re all in such a big hurry for the S to H T F then I suggest you become the catalyst for the kind of transformation that needs to occur in this country. Instead of waiting for a scenario in which even the baddest Rambo that ever lived might as well put on a frilly dress and courtsy to the DHS agents as they march into his camp to take his weapons and other preps why not put your money where your mouth is and do something that might actually have an impact?? Otherwise, there’s enough good info that’s already been shared on sites like this that one can put to use if they choose to be better prepared for whatever than the next guy but spare us all the bravado bs. It adds nothing of value to spout off how tough and ready to fight you are. We don’t care.

        • Like trying to herd a bunch of cats.

          I do not believe it will be too late, only the beginning.
          No driving event to unite us. All have different opinions on how to operate and you sure can’t get many to get together to do anything.
          Some want OPSEC while others want more time to accomplish preps. We have no single voice that matters and the geographical, physiological, physcological, sociological are so diverse. When we overcome these hurdles things will happen.

        • Because;
          1. They would instantly become ‘terrorists’, and hunted like animals, which most of us agreeing with the Authorities?
          2. Everybody sitting around looking at each other saying;
          “You go first…” “No, you first…”
          3. The General Trigger has not happened.
          4. We are Good people, who will endure through “a long train of abuses…” until, we don’t.

      38. Mac, I forgot to put my name in the box before I submitted a comment a few minutes ago. Will it post under “anonymous” or not at all? Anyone?

      39. Keep your eyes and ears open, and your mind clear, there will be another incident they will orchestrate to push thier adgenda for “gun control”
        This time they need to be busted red handed, or better yet shot and stopped by a lawful gun owner.

        we need it to not become a conspiracy type deal ,, it will need to be in everyones face what they tried to pull..than swiftly prosecute and clean house.

        eyes wide open mind clear folks

        could be a hot summer

      40. And, yet Bloomberg’s state gun laws are apparently legal?
        This is another case of the gov’t directive of “Do as I say, not as I do”:

        U.S. attorney general says Kansas gun law is unconstitutional


      41. Last Christmas many Dick’s customers were sent one mean lump of coal in the form of a gift certificate. All customers who pre-ordered a Troy Carbine from Dick’s for their Black Friday special had their orders cancelled and their money returned.

        Following the Newtown shooting spree, Dick’s Sporting Goods changed their policy and stopped selling AR-pattern and other semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifles, even the guns they had already sold.

        If there’s a silver lining for all the people who were eagerly waiting for that Troy Carbine and were vastly dissappointed, it’s that Dick’s isn’t doing so well in the financial department.

        At a time where the only thing a company has to do to sell firearms, ammo and accessories is to unlock their doors, Dick’s sales have flat-lined. In fact, their sales dropped 2.2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012 compared to 2011 and their shares 10 percent in the last quarter.

        And I bet they havent learned a dam thing, and probably blame it on someone or something else..but we all know the truth..

      42. @ BI
        Within your post lies the problem. Our leaders are without emotion and only interested in passing an agenda on a uneducated public with no morals.
        I wrestle with what I may have to do in a post event and many would ask why I feel that I might have to do bad things, like refusing to feed a hungry person. I have this urge to call them all, Stupid sons of bitches.
        The resentment from being called so many names that are not true in the slightest, will weigh heavy in my decisions but they are only names compared with the need to give aid in its many forms. Even with the possibility of inviting danger upon me.
        That is why I come here to help me decide who or what is worth saving.

      43. I’d take Nigel as our president anyday, over the limp-wristed little half-tone commie kenyan we got.
        Oh, and…somebody buy Mr. Farage a new tie! (it’s always the red one, in every video. what gives? were they on sale, buy one get ten free?)

      44. For the Love of money is the root of all evil.

        • Amen,
          But don’t forget the Knowledge of Money, something we sorely lack.

          “A nation can be conquered by the sword, and by debt.”
          -John Adams

          A friend an I were talking yesterday. He thought “money is just MONEY… and that’s all there is to it…”

          I told him to pull out a bill. “What do you see?” I asked him… after a little wrangling about what I meant… “Look at the words at the top… it says FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE… right?”

          “OK, so what?” he responded.

          “Well, what is a Note?” I asked him… He was dumbfounded… completely clueless.

          “Don’t you pay The Note on your house? Or, your car? Isn’t that what its called… a Note?”

          “So? What’s that supposed to mean?” he says… “It means, every ‘note’ printed is a DEBT to the private central bank created by monsters in 1913. Every ‘note’ is a debt plus INTEREST payable to them. But, the trick is, they don’t print The Interest. Ever hear of the National Debt”?

          I tried to explain the concept of a monetary system that creates a dog eat dog world, but, he, didn’t care…why?

          “Its just the way it is, nothing I can do about it but spend what I got in my pocket.”

          He then went back to talking about the ‘great deals’ to be had by buying foreclosures, fixing them up and flipping them…


      45. I certainly may be wrong, but the Dow just hit 15k. I have to wonder if the big boys were wanting to hit this mental mark as a jump out point. Once they decide that’s it, a move by the big investors could trigger one hell of a fall. The jobs number can be manipulated so many ways and it was just a little better than expected today. If I had lots of cash in the markets, this would be tipping point. But, hey, I am definitely not an investor. I honestly would have bowed out in the 14’s. I think it is a propped up bullshit market on any day at this point. Time will tell.

        • Haha,
          Referring to my previous post about money….
          Where are all those Fed ‘notes’ going…
          Pump and dump, pump and dump, pump and…

          The Wall street ‘Club’ will end up owning what’s left. Those who think that they would not deliberately destroy the dollar (and thus, their holdings), do not understand how the Game is played.

          They know, that the dollar is just a piece of paper, a chip in The Game of Life, that buys them real tangible wealth…
          That, is what their end game is all about. Ownership.
          For a penny on the dollar…

      46. Iraq, Syria, Libya, Mali, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Tunisia, Sudan/South Sudan, Somalia, DR congo, Mozambique, are all in various stages of civil war. China has sent troops into northern India. The south China Sea is up for grabs. The N. Koreans are nuts. Wait until the economy collapses. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

      47. Still another 3-6 to wait

      48. http://www.monex.com/liveprices

        I love the illusion of propserity.
        it drives the price of metals down.
        I still have 25 years a pm buying to do.

        I hope they crash the price.

      49. Howdy,all…

        Had to bug out from here for a while. At times the “real” news gets so heavy I become morose and fatalistic which contradicts my faith. I know who wins in the end.
        We here took the “red pill” along time ago, but at times I take a “blue pill” just for some relief!
        BTW…ammo here still severely dried up.

      50. Watchman, howdy, i’m just now catching your post about the Henry lever pistol. I was thinking about the AR7 but I’ll look at the lever pistol, also. Eisen, go look at yourself in the mirror before you start calling ALL women stupid. Once again, you’re painting with an oversized brush. Braveheart

      51. My family (husband’s side) think I am CRAZY because I believe the dollar is going to crash, I prep, etc. It really hurts my feelings, they are really, really cruel to my face and especially behind my back. They laugh at me and call me crazy, among many other lousy titles. They even harass and pick on my kids. I am going to let them all starve and die. Does this make me a bad person? I do pray for the strength to forgive them but they have really hurt me and my family for many, many years. Thoughts???

        • crazy, there are many here who talk of similar abuse. I am sorry your inlaws are so inclined. We have chosen not to discuss with our family, even though they suspect and would not consider it acceptable to hurt our feelings. Some day soon you will hear cries for help. How you react will be up to you. Hubby and I have said we will help immediate family and prep accordingly. BUT when the time comes we plan to be clear who will be in control going forward and because we have planned and prepped WE will be the ones who family will join..not the other way round. If they cannot go with that then they will need to find another place to go. Now we may be subject to other but not in the future. Good luck C, just remember you are among kindred here.

          • Crazy

            They’re frightened and take it out on you hoping if they stop the messenger they stop the reality of the message; Its the “ignore it and it will go away”. I’ll bet that even if they tried their economics could not be sufficiently corrected to help them weather the storm. You remind them of it indirectly and thats why they’re angry.

            WTSHTF these types believe, “misery loves company”; if i don’t have it either should you. People like that are trouble.

        • Crazy, the greatest gift we can give anyone is forgiveness. You aren’t limited in sight, they are.
          They are either with you or against you. Saying that; you won’t have to say “I told you so”, they’ll know. Be preppared not to stoop to their level, it is the greater victory in one’s life. How? Don’t let people change you nor try to change them; let God do it.
          Be at peace sis.

        • From; The Spirituality of Prepping

          Thus, in my mind, our biggest prep, is to hold on to that part of spirituality you hold dear, to take it through the dark times into what comes, regardless of your personal belief system. If we are ‘saved’… wonderful, otherwise, hang on to morality, skills and knowledge, remember what is right and good. Remember that this is a cold dark world, death is our constant companion and no matter what, when confusion comes to your door, and your spirit is torn, you cannot save them all. Those who prep, led by the spirit, were led to survive, those who didn’t, well… in this life there are consequences for inaction, and may be their last lesson in this life. Sometimes there are only bad choices but we are told to ‘walk circumspectly’. So wise choices must be made while there is still time to make them, soon enough, there won’t be.

          Just like children, who are told ‘no’, in order to build their characters, the same can be said of beggars who make demands. Yes, their situation may be pathetic, not their fault, make up an excuse and it just might be true, but to say no may be the best thing you can do for them at a spiritual level. So that they ‘get it’, before their time is up on this world. To help turn their minds at the last minute, from blaming others, towards looking at themselves. But no itself, can be used to separate the truly evil, from the merely stupid. No, can have a qualifier. Spirituality does not mean ‘nice’ in all situations, in many ways, it is understanding of physical life in a spiritual way… ask a Native American elder. In many ways, being spiritual means being hard as a rock, with an internal constitution of iron and a mind that sees reality as it is, not as we would wish it to be.

          That being said, all my old preps get put in the ‘charity’ pantry. It is an open area of shelves, easily seen, and easily robbed if we are overwhelmed by superior force. By insight, I see that there will be a time of zombies, at least initially, then, the weak will simply die off. This leaves the strong, the evil Elite and The Elect. The Hopi and Enoch clarifies the Bible by saying this would be the final battle of good vs evil, during a time of ‘darkness’. The Unified Field of God proves the darkness is a force of nature, the ultimate force of animal consumption. It is the ‘power of the air’, that turns all men towards evil.

          Yet, true Evil and stupid walk hand in hand, one feeding off the other, in love with darkness. The Clueless, in many ways, cling to ‘normal’ and ridicule anyone who is not like them. This is the lesson of the Tower of Babel and a form of Stockholm Syndrome, where the human mind can twist sideways trying to justify any ‘new normal’ in order to alleviate the pain, and eliminate any guilt associated with evil actions performed, or the need to be seen as ‘normal’. Thus good people can turn evil if the situation demands it, anybody. It has always been this way, has it not? Thus you must know that the stupid are the food of evil, and they will be consumed. They are consumed because they do not have ‘eyes that see’ or ‘ears that hear’. They will turn up on your doorstep like they will mine. I have only one response that will immediately separate the Light from the Dark, “Will you work for your meal? I have chores that need to be done…”

          This will separate the truly good that are merely stupid, from the stupid who lean towards the evil. I have chores, upon chores that need being done. They will scratch out their living from the dust, or unto dust they shall return… This is the base principle of spirituality and Biblical teachings. There is no such thing as a free lunch. ‘Christian’ charity does not negate the necessity of them being told to care for their own. It does not eliminate the requirement to keep an eye on the horizon, to see the storm, and move their stocks into the barn. To see the darkness, trim their wicks, fill their lamps, and hide, having ‘eyes that see’ that Something wicked this way comes.

          This will give them an opening to turn towards the good left within their souls, or to turn against you completely. You must be prepared for either situation. I, will simply ask them to leave, if they get angry, then I will go on guard because there is a good chance they will return to take what ‘is theirs by rights'(of the strong). To the evil, all things are theirs, this is what you must understand. And, you must be prepared to kill the evil ones. If you don’t think you can do this without hesitating, remember, in a confrontation, he who hesitates is dead.

          • Very well said Piper. Your words struck a chord with me.

            Crazy, you will find this site a diverse place with opinions that range from useful to out and out mean but everyone here is of the same mind. It is coming and it is coming soon. Good luck on your preps. I think you should just smile when they give you a hard time. They may just be trying to get your goat and you are taking the bait. If not, divorce yourself from them and carry on. Trust your gut feeling.


        • Noah didn’t shut that door, Crazy.
          The Lord did.

          Genesis 7:16

        • Crazy: Drop the subject completely with those morons. I told folks back in 2007 that things were going to crash and got called names. Well, when the market did crash I made money and they lost upwards of 50% of their 401Ks and other investments. And I’m glad they did because stupid people don’t deserve to prosper or even survive. I also told folks back in 2008-09 that things were far from over and these same idiots still didn’t believe me even though they just lost their shirts. It’s like Ron White says “You can’t fix stupid”. I’ve since retired and moved from the big city to a small town hours away from anywhere because WTSHTF I don’t want them remembering my warnings and coming to me for handouts. You’ve shown your in-laws love and they’ve thrown it back at you. You did what you could so now you don’t owe them a thing. The best thing you can do is keep prepping and distance yourself from them because they are stupid and that makes them very dangerous. Like the folks in Noah’s day, if they don’t heed the warnings, then let them all drown, if not, in a panic they’ll drag you down with them. Talking time is over. Good luck!

          • Gregory8

            Unfortunately family and a few others know we have a couple of bucks to spare. I like you seen this mess coming, warned everyone and damn few listened. We’re now asked to help those “less fortunate” that spent their money on toys and good times.

            If we had it to do over I would tell everyone we’re flat broke and out cry poor mouth woe is me.

      52. He sounds like an American defending the second amendment, except that he’s talking about the nation state instead of an AR-15.

        Come and take it, Jean Monnet!

        I suppose that Europeans have historically shown their capacity for violent revolution, but every time I’ve been there I got the overwhelming sense they’d been completely de-fanged in the last couple of generations.

        I can imagine them getting piss-drunk, urinating all over parked cars, and not showing up to work for a couple of weeks. I just can’t see them laying siege to the government buildings at this point.

        You never know, I guess, but even when they had revolutions there in the past, it was mainly the second tier of the upper class nudging big brother out of the nest.

        The U.S. is the only place in the world where the underdog stands a fighting chance. We like underdogs. It’s a quirk we have.

        • Good post, Selkirk. You made me laugh at the Europeans (even though I know they’re not all one vast pot of homogenized sausage).
          An exception I’ve known about: the Ukrainians in 1990 had a healthy nationalist movement called “RUXH” and they abhorred the Communists and the “Center” (probably most Ukies hated the Center). They were instrumental in bringing about Ukrainian independence during the break-up of the USSR. Those guys were just taxi drivers and book sellers, mostly.
          But I agree that many European revolutions were cooked up by the privileged.
          May the US underdog gain the day, after all. “God bless the Republic. Death to the New World Order.”

          • Yeah, that’s a whole different deal. I can picture certain Eastern Europeans burning down Brussels.

            I’m stuck thinking in nation states too, and was principally visualizing the Western European ones. They’re just far too comfortable with the state in say, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, UK, for example.

            I’m not the most unflinchingly patriotic guy, but our tolerance for and dependence on wild-eyed underdogs thinking out of the box always gets me. When I’m out of the country I miss that… that, and American breakfasts. Holy shit does the rest of the world not know how to make breakfast.

            • Here in south-east Texas we know how to make a hell of a Mexican breakfast, Selkirk!

      53. Manufacturing has dropped, consumption is in decline and cash flow is dwindling. Our leaders have to turn their attention to the specialists in the economic crisis who know what to do to resolve the multitude of problems which have cropped up because of the economic crisis like the ones from the Orlando Bisegna Index who have fixed the problems of unemployment, improved family purchasing power, public finances for counties in financial trouble so as to avoid debt or default.

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