Far-Left Group Calls For Murdering Republicans as Revenge For Florida School Shooting

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Headline News | 98 comments


This article was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars

A far-left group on Facebook is calling on people to murder Republican lawmakers who support the NRA as revenge for the Florida school shooting.

The unhinged posts appeared on a Facebook group called ‘Milkshakes Against the Republican Party’ in the hours after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“Dear Crazed Shooters, The GOP has frequent baseball practice. You really wanna be remembered, that’s how you do it. Signed, Americans tired of our politicians bathing in the blood of the innocent for a few million dollars from the terrorist organization NRA,” states one of the posts.

The irony of openly encouraging terrorist attacks as revenge against a “terrorist organization” is seemingly lost on whoever posted the message.

“You remember the shooting at the Republican baseball game?” asks another post. “One of those should happen EVERY WEEK until those NRA-funded sons of bitches do something about this.”

Neither of the posts has been removed by Facebook despite being online for approaching 48 hours.

The mention of GOP baseball practice is in reference to the June 2017 shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise, which was carried out by a far-left Bernie Sanders supporter, James T. Hodgkinson, who was attempting to murder as many Republicans as possible.

These posts again illustrate how extremists on both the far left and far right are exploiting the hyper-partisan environment to spread hate and encourage violence.

Leftists on Twitter responded to a parent of one of the victims who lost his daughter in the school shooting with total vitriol merely because the man was wearing a ‘Trump 2020’ t-shirt.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

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    1. Concerned-Citizen!

      I am so sick and tired of this garbage. HANG ALL left-wing scum buckets and save the nation, the end.

      • Menzoberranzan

        That will only happen when we use force. I just wish more people would wake up and get pissed. There must be enough participating to matter.

      • t-town

        So it’s wrong for the left wing to call for shooting NRA republicans but its ok for you to call for hangings of the left wingers? Please tell me you see the hypocrisy here. I will fight for our rights to carry guns, but I am not willing to call for anyone’s death. You do not help your side of the equation with your statements.

        • john stiner

          He is a Russian troll spreading discord.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            JS. agreed about t-town. His IQ must be under 60.

            • t-town

              If you disagree with some one you go for the personal insults? talk about spreading discord. I expect this kind of behavior from JS but not from you Braveheart. Been on this site for years and Brave, you and I have had many agreeable comments. Sad, apparently the Russians did their job well.

          • laura ann

            John S: I think t-town is a Soros/Antifa freak.

        • vee

          I think what Concerned Citizen meant to say was” HANG all the left wing scum, after a fair trial and conviction…” THAT’S ALL

        • CrackerJack

          “t-town”, is that short for turd-town, as in cesspool?

        • vocalpatriot

          Then don’t read us, dickless.
          At some point force must be met with force.
          Libs don’t understand that what they do to
          others might well be dispensed on them.
          Whenever it is, they scream “UNFAIR”!
          According to them, only the conservative victims deserved the murder they were given, and that President
          Trump is to blame for the liberals that were murdered.
          This is an example of psychopathic narcissism.
          Where did ANY conservative ever say that liberal victims deserved their fate? The answer is nowhere, ever.

    2. Bam Ban 51

      Do they really think we don’t know what happens if we lose our guns.

      • Paranoid

        Lose our guns? Like in boating? Cause there ain’t no way in hell I’m going to lose them any other way.

        • Nailbanger

          Yup, cold dead fingers and from under a pile of ash is the only way i give mine up,,,,

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Nailbanger, same here for me and my family. we’re not giving up shit.

            • vocalpatriot

              Nailbanger and Deplorable, That is the mindset of every patriot in the nation. We likely wouldn’t be alone if the worst happened. I would fight to the end for my family’s and friends rights.

      • john stiner

        They do if they rewrite history, like the are currently doing.

        • laura ann

          John S: Just take a look at W. Europe (few exceptions in E. block), trashed, over run and conquered by Muslims, as their leaders enabled the invasion. No more rights for “infidels now” as rapes and mayhem increase. So brainwashed from gov schools, don’t even know history of any kind, Euro folks xx low IQ, are we next to fall? When older generation dies off, we are finished, perhaps by 2025?

          • vocalpatriot

            Not if I have anything to say about it!
            And I do have LOTS to say about it.

          • Black Picard

            I agree with you Laura Ann. I say this with conviction to my wonderful white acquaintances all around the world: “Wake up, the ZOG is trying to reduce the white population! Don’t you see it??”.

            Many whites are oblivious to this agenda. And look at the agenda to turn white males into feminized cucks. They fail to understand the word ASSIMILATE.

            Anywho, a day of reckoning is also coming for the American black sheep who tireless whore or allow themselves to be slaves of the corrupt Demonic Libtard Party/Congressional Black Caucus. When the sh!t hits the fan, these brainwashed blacks will fall like fleas for allowing their minds to be drugged with mass ignorance by the Ziopress. It will be a painful, rude awakening, which I imagine is also going to greatly reduce said population. This is a good thing as we decent hard-working conservative black folk who own businesses don’t like n!ggers either since they ruin EVERYTHING.

            Over the past few years, I feel like I’m living in Bizarro World because this whole planet is so fcuked up. If only I could get the fcuk OFF this insane planet!

            “Beam me up, Chief O’Brien!!” 😉

    3. anti-liberal

      Civil war soon

      • john stiner

        Urban gorilla war soon, Civil War would be between states.

    4. PO'd Patriot

      Well anytime these liberals wanna grow a pair and “bring it” I’ll play. Gas pedal is on the right bitches….stand on it! I’m on the Delmarvalous Pennisula and I’ve got plenty of marsh surrounding me to dump you in and let the hard crabs feast.

    5. PO'd Patriot

      Well anytime these liberals wanna grow a pair and “bring it” I’ll play. Gas pedal is on the right biatches…..stand on it! I’m on the Delmarvalous Penninsula and I’ve got plenty of marsh surrounding me to dump you in and let the hard crabs feast. Btw, this is a copy of my first post that got moderated caused I spelled out the “B” word. (such faggotry).

      • macslavo2

        It takes us a little while to approve comments. We aren’t moderating your comments.

    6. PO'd Patriot

      OK, so the second post got moderated so if they get through later Ok. If not fuck it.

      • john stiner

        That is my motto in life…… Fuck it.

    7. PO'd Patriot

      OK so the third one got moderated. Oh well. I’m out.

      • CrackerJack

        PO’d enough yet?

      • john stiner


      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        PO’d Patriot, don’t leave us. It won’t be the same here without you.

        • Red Hawk

          Maybe when this place recognizes our 1st article Right
          And the resons behind the censoring are game
          Why would the dictionary term for a female dog be regulated speech?
          Why is any word regulated when if we fought for our BoR ,people like this would fail to exist in this country , or have any control over others


    8. Jer

      Why do these groups keep getting described as “Far-Left?” This is mainstream leftism now…not far-left. The entire Democrat Party has gone full-authoritarian and feels any means is justifiable to reach their intended goals.

      • john stiner

        Like arrest climate changer deniers?

        The liberals have gone full retard.

    9. Mountain Trekker

      Believe it or not, there are two forces in this world. They wanted God out of our schools, so now the other has moved in. As we’ve heard before, 50 years ago kids had guns hanging in the back window of there pickup trucks in school parking lots and school shooting were almost non existing. It’s not the guns, it’s the rise of immorality. Prime example is this article, someone that blames the guns now wants to encourage some one to shoot people. Go Figure! Trekker Out

      • Menzoberranzan

        You’re exactly right.

      • Kfilly

        Mountain Trekker,

        Execllent post. You are 100% correct. The rise of immorality has Antonio Gramsci’s fingerprints all over it. If you never heard of him, look him up.

      • Nailbanger

        Cant fix stupid MT,,, these people are dumber than a bag of hammers

        • rrrr

          Maybe a bag of hammers is pretty dumb. But someone who carries a bag of hammers is not dumb, necessarily.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        MT, you nailed it. It’s bad people with bad intentions towards good people whop are the real issue, NOT THE GUNS. I’ll say this again: Let these soccer moms or whoever that are against gun ownership suffer a home invasion, get themselves and their daughters raped or whatever else, THEN see what they say about gun ownership afterwards, IF they live through their experience at the hands of whatever scum is attacking them. Since they’ve never been victims of crime before they don’t have the first clue.

      • Sir Padre

        Carried a Case pocket knife from 1st grade through high school; never even considered it a weapon, just a useful tool I could use. Took firearm training at Boys Club back when I was 10.

        On the other hand, I was never told to believe that life owed me anything for existing either; free to earn it, not to be granted “life participation awards”. Lol

      • Yahooie

        Can those people even zip up without hurting themselves? Their reasoning is nonsensical. But then they also claim to be nonviolent (while hurling bricks into window and setting parts of a city afire).

    10. Whatever

      The FBI won’t be able to track down the people making these assertions.

    11. goofygal

      anyone associated with this post should be arrested

    12. Bert

      ‘Milkshakes Against the Republican Party’ … obese unemployable BLACK FEMALE welfare goons that watch The View and Dr. Phil.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Bert, milkshakes can be melted.

        • rrrr

          In fact, even if you don’t do anything, they still melt.

    13. Tpat

      Sick twisted thinking to suggest we abandon God, family and logic and replace it with moral relativism, atheism, hedonism and drugs. What can go wrong with that cesspool poison?
      Party on, dude.

      Ok, maybe a belief in God isn’t necessarily a must, but a belief in something higher than your own singular existence, is.

      Just take your ADD pills, opioids, ineffective big pharma vaccines and obey our MSM mantra and you’ll be fine.

      Sleep. Sleep.

      Programmed stupidity at its height.

    14. B from CA

      Japan has no guns and no violence to speak of. But they make some of the best knives in the world. And, for some strange reason, the Japanese just don’t go around stabbing each other.

      Japan will not allow uncontrolled immigration. The Japanese have maintained their own mono-culture. They do not have a multi-cultural society like that in the USA.


      • Jimmy

        They also have tight nuclear families and no welfare.

      • Historian

        The Japanese have aborted and contracepted themselves into demographic oblivion. The only reason that Japan has not collapsed is because the Japanese overcame their prejudices to encourage immigration of working youth from Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines.

        Many of the once-admired features of Japanese society are gone. They are no longer homogeneous. Jobs are no longer guaranteed for life.

        • CrackerJack

          Japanese women are great cocksuckers.

          • john stiner

            I’ll have to look into that.

            • Red Hawk

              He’s right

              • rrrr

                Well, some of them are not.

                • rrrr

                  And many of them have small mouths.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            CJ, are you sure you’re not talking about trolls? LOL.

            • awed bawl

              his name is BJ. . .LOL. . .

      • Anonymous

        The Japs have something like twice our suicide rate.

    15. Brian

      America should be angry at the creeps who put this crap on Facebook. These creeps make gun ownership necessary.

    16. Jimmy

      This is astounding because all the mass shooting are carried out by radical leftwing loonies.

    17. Old Guy

      A dimocrap Beaner spic commits a horrible act. and killing white republicans will solve the problem? ????

    18. the blame-e

      “Murder Republicans”? Oh, we are getting all kinds of great ideas. [heavy sarcasm]

      And if you still can’t believe our ears — this just in.

      The fool idiots in Florida want to tear down Parkland, the school where the shootings took place. And who is going to pay for that?

      Shades of Newtown and Sandy Hook (they tore down the Lanza home, too). And who paid for that? Connecticut is broke and about to default. Connecticut’s state capital is broke and about to default. But let’s destroy what perfectly good infrastructure we have left.

      Shades of tearing down all those statues of Confederate slave owning Civil War heros. Which means tearing down the statues of just about everybody going back to our Founding Fathers.

      Let’s tear it all down. But let’s not do something actually sane, like going after the real gun crazies — our own endless war and endless war-mongering government.

      • t-town

        Sorry buddy but everything is not always about money. I don’t give a rat’s ass for the cost, if my child had attended there, I too would want it torn down. why traumatize those children and staff on a daily basis when they have walk those halls and hear the fire bell go off? Because it cost money? that’s heartless.

        • the blame-e

          To quote James Howard Kunstler: “[Parkland] is exactly what you get in a society that wants to erase behavioral boundaries. It is especially dangerous where adolescent boys are concerned. The country has a gigantic boundary problem. We have also created perfect conditions — between the anomie of suburbia and the dreariness of our school systems — to induce explosions of violent despair. That’s why these things happen. Until we change these conditions, expect ever more of it.”

          In short, the schools have given up on their students. Parkland, and these other school shootings, represent the students giving up on the schools.

          I say keep the schools. We should all bathe in this sweet cesspool we have created.

          • awed bawl

            We should all bathe in this sweet cesspool (((they))) have created.

        • Genius

          “I don’t give a rat’s ass for the cost, if my child had attended there, I too would want it torn down.”

          Of course you don’t care about cost, YOUR STUPID ASS ISN’T PAYING FOR IT! Get over it with your tramatization crap. Freaking thin skinned neurotic knuckledragger! I’m sick of paying for your kids so what about that? PAY FOR YOUR OWN KIDS A-hole…

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            Genius, sounds like t-town might be a freeloader.

        • Heartless

          t-town, you’re using the same idiotic logic as those who declare the need to ban firearms. “The gun did it!!!”. Or, gotta make all movies or any other mention of a firearm illegal. Bull. Think a second. A building is wood, stone, brick, mortar… it did not kill a child. Money? It must be nice to be rich. So rich that you don’t consider the cost to the people who’d have to pay for a whole new building. But, I’ve read that your wish is coming true. That they will tear down the building. Maybe they should tear down every place that has ever known violence within its bounds. Hell man, most of the world would have to be incinerated.

    19. rellik

      I’m not a Republican,
      although I mostly vote for them.
      I want to obliterate Democrats.
      It is funny that most shootings,
      and mass murder are committed by
      Democrats and Moslem’s.

      • CrackerJack

        Rellik, bingo!!! They all are mentally sick democrats on antidepressants and other pharmaceuticals. Why isn’t the big pharma contribution discussed? No it’s always the gun’s fault. Pills kill, guns don’t.

        • nlightened2

          Why big Pharma isn’t mentioned as the culprit? $6 billion in advertising revenue is why.

        • Black Picard

          What are the chances of a huge well-armed OathKeeper Militia force with broad support arresting every drug-pushin Fortune 100 Big Pharma exec…to be tried for Drug Trafficking and public endangerment??

    20. southside

      Menzo,I’m pissed. Far left a-holes posting an obvious terrorist threat. WTF is the FBI? Meddling in OUR elections and covering their butts since they got caught,that’s where. I DO Not like the idea of retaliation called for by some of the posts here.But I feel myself increasingly agreeing with it. God help me

      • Heartless

        Join the club ‘southside’. I know the feeling – not wanting to agree, not wanting to feel the surge of anger and want to ‘get back’… All I know is that if and when violence breaks out, and should it escalate; then, the path to it being out of control and it sweeping this nation is the highest since the beginning of our country. It would, should the powder explode, would make the Civil War look like a pupper show.

    21. Hunting_lefties

      Foolish leftists will never take my guns away. Doesn’t matter what happens. I can shoot up a school and nobody can stop me unless they are armed (funny how that works), in which case its just a race to see how many I can kill before I go down . They act as if using these dead teens will change minds, LOL. How many mass shootings this year? 8? It’s like they never learn that death will not deprive me of my freedom to kill or be killed. The ONLY cure for a bad shooter is a good one.

    22. Sam Adams

      The person who wrote those comments to hurt the Republicans need to be arrested for enticing to incite violence ..

    23. Anonymous

      If you’re going to advocate starting a war between the people you belong to, between each other, it might be wise to contemplate whether you, your friends, and your family will be among the survivors of it when it comes to an eventual end.

      Civil wars have a tendency to get a bit nasty.

    24. the blame-e

      In my generation, if you wanted to express your teenage angst, and get attention, you would say how you one day hoped to be a “smut writer.”

      This kid, from Parkland. You know what he wanted to be? A “Professional School Shooter.”

      How will the next generation answer this question?

      • CrackerJack

        “Professional nuke bomber”?

    25. Traitor Hator

      Off subject ,sort of? Making BB snake loads for revolvers? For the 44. A 1/1/2 inch square of paper slid to the bottom of case, as a tube,powder ,tissue wad, BBs stack 3,3, for 14 to 21? A little silicon glue , and you have a mini shotgun? BBs are 17 caliber ,21 caliber balls will stack 2,2? For a more powerful mini shotgun?

    26. Traitor Hator

      I’ve posted before , That a rifled choke tube , not only produces a 1 inch per foot spread, but almost eliminates recoil as the load pulls on the rifling? Perfect for bad aim ,recoil sensitive users?

    27. Anonymous

      But, the terrorist Deep State’s government– that evidently clandestinely facilitates these apparently doped “shadowy” characters who commit these atrocities in order for them to be waved by their mainstream propagandists as bloody shirts to foment the bleat among the sheep for even more vulnerability of the public with nebuluous “gun-control” (instead of the public simply but effectively self-armoring for real defense against weapons)– is allowed to amass more and more “millions of rounds” of ammunition, guns and weapons of mass destruction (bought with “tax” money robbed at government gunpoint from involuntary taxpayers) to massively arm that government to be trusted by the Left-duped masses to “protect”, “serve” and “provide for” them???? Wow! What a naive, nose-led public. Self-defenders will have to be on guard to defend their liberty from the Deep State that looks to be on the march against those who would be free.

    28. Traitor Hator

      Threw some old potatoes out in the weeds, now they are growing like weeds. Clandestine crop?

    29. Traitor Hator

      Magneto burned out in my motorized bicycle, 15 dollars for new one. Peddling for now?

    30. Traitor Hator

      Fully stocked bug out trailer ,at outside storage ,outside of city,ready to roll. Peace of mind?

    31. Overthecliff

      Facebook is intolerant of racism, islamophobia and lgbtxyztransgender stuff. It is ok if conservative whites are targets of threats and worse.. We can trust Facebook to do the right thing.

    32. Bam Ban 51

      What I mean is, We know what Happens. We ain’t gonna give our guns up. Bastards are going to have to COME AND TAKE THEM. I don’t believe it will work out well for them.

    33. The Deplorable Braveheart

      Overthecliff, don’t forget that facebook was started and run by a member of that tribe. He’s also a globalist.

    34. Sgt. Dale

      Bring it biotch, because I’ll take out more of you before you ever get close to me.

    35. Jim in Va.

      Hey leftists….Bring it,reap what you sow!

    36. trketed

      Molon Lave

    37. Anonymous

      I’m teaching my grandchildren how to shoot. Things are getting worse and I what them prepared even though they are very young. Lefties are vicious.

    38. Kevin2

      In the end, in uniform and official capacity or civilian, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The police arriving with guns apparently got this mad man to stop.

    39. Red Hawk

      Are we not all aware that this is classic divide and conquer?


      • Toto

        Jus give us da red shoes an nobody gits hurt.

    40. arizona

      almost all words in the English language, have at least 3 meanings…

    41. Elkhound

      The overwhelming majority of Millenials would gladly trade away their 2A for the latest smartphone available today and wouldn’t give it a second thought..Throw in a little cash to sweeten the deal and Millenials would camp out waiting in line to get their hands on their beloved smartphone..Millenials have been brainwashed into believing that their 2A is worthless to them and they don’t need it..We have lost an entire generation due to brainwashing by Hollywood,media,and our education system..Add to the mix being hopelessly addicted to attention,smartphones,video games,sports,and doctor prescribed prescription pills,and it’s the perfect recipe for dysfunctional..It’s only going to worse,just wait until the generation coming up behind the Millennials reach adulthood..We have only scratched the surface of dysfunctional…

    42. Godsoldier

      We have all seen many a time what the leftists democrat tree huggin gay lovin snowflake melinial but im black and you owe me oxygen theives have shown as to what their extent of violence and unrest they are capable of. In short the civial disobedience is nothing more than a pathetic sometimes annoying brat haveing a temper tantrum. Now if the patriotic hard working avarage American Joe is ever forced into action it wont be live on the news cus it will turn into a war zone not just a civil disturbance. Black people think white people are crazy cus if a black man wants to kill some one they walk in and shoot that person then run.White people shoot the person and every one else. Imagine what a herd of redneck hillbillies would unleash cus unlike the wild west when they had single action 6 shooters they now have ar’s ak’s even the news helicopters would get shot down. Yea it would be an uncontrollable war and military intervintion would only piss them off worse.

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