Famed Psychic Nostradamus’ 2018 Predictions Are DIRE

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 62 comments

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    Notable psychic Nostradamus put together a series of predictions, which some scholars say point to this year, 2018.  In these predictions, are dire situations such as war, death, and economic hardships.  But there is also a silver lining…

    Nostradamus has predicted terrible things for 2018, however, the good thing could be that life spans after all of this trauma could expand to up to 200 years.  But before that, the French prophet says we have to endure World War 3.

    The most chilling prediction for 2018 is from Nostradamus’ book Les Propheties. It includes a quatrain that some have interpreted as describing the start of the third world war.  “The big war will start in France and all Europe will be attacked, it will be long and terrifying for everyone and then finally there will be peace but only a few will enjoy it,” said Nostradamus.  “A war will start between the two great world powers and it will last for a period of 27 years.” Some scholars have predicted China, Russia, and North Korea will unite to take on the United States.

    As if a worldwide war, likely a nuclear war as well, isn’t bad enough, Nostradamus also predicted that Mount Vesuvius will erupt violently.  The Italian volcano will “shake the earth every five minutes,” and at least 6,000 people will be killed, according to the prophecy. In early 2016, more than 1.5 million people were warned they are were living in the danger zone of the supervolcano. At that time, it was also clarified that the volcano could go off anytime causing a global catastrophe. Half of the three million people living in Naples were told they live in a new yellow danger zone of the Vesuvius supervolcano, the infamous peak which was responsible for the historic destruction of Pompeii in 79AD.

    Nostradamus also appears to have predicted the United States will suffer a major earthquake we’ve come to know as “the Big One.”  According to the prediction, “An earthquake shall concern particularly the western area of the United States. Its power shall be felt in lands throughout the globe.” Worryingly, the US Geological Survey (USGS) carefully monitors seismic activity in the Cascadia Subduction Zone, where there were a series of medium tremors in 2016, and two fault lines in California, including San Andreas. Scientists say both the California fault lines and the Cascadia Subduction Zone are long overdue a major earthquake of magnitude eight or above.

    The Cascadia Subduction Zone appears to be of utmost concern. It runs about 60 miles offshore along the Pacific coast from northern California to Vancouver Island, so major cities including Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver are within its tsunami range, threatening millions of people’s lives and major infrastructure.

    Some also say that Nostradamus predicted an economic collapse. According to his prophecies, “the rich would die many times over.” This is taken by many to mean the global economic collapse as a result of WW3 and the effects of many natural disasters will generate an apocalyptic cumulative effect of despair and disaster.

    But the one bright point is that those who pull through all of these disasters could see their life expectancy skyrocket.  Nostradamus also predicted that humans could live up to 200 years after the apocalypse.


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      1. The only way I can see a 27 year war in the US is an extended guerilla action after the big fireworks.

        But with all the technology available to search and destroy, (Drones, FLIR, bio-warfare, neutron weapons etc. etc).I don’t see how the Resistance could possibly last that long.


        • It’s because the capability of these things is overblown to scare people into submission. There are low tech counters to everything and there are millions and millions of us. I don’t buy some dude’s prediction from the past unless it comes from the Bible. It takes no prophet to see what hell we are headed into though.

          • This article is the ultimate in bogus doom porn. It’s just a collection of some unrelated Nostradamus predictions, none of which actually mention the year 2018. I quit taking Big N. seriously when nothing happened in the seventh month of the year 1999 which he predicted (see below).

            “The year 1999 seven months
            From the sky will come the great King of Terror.
            To resuscitate the great king of the Mongols. Before and after Mars reigns by good luck. (X.72)*”

            • Could he have been off by a couple years? The King of Terror from the sky…911 when the planes came from the sky and hit the buildings? Maybe he was off by a couple years.

          • F E A R….False Expectations of Altered Reality….

        • I’d still wager on the slow fizzle. Maybe yet another war front someplace, but here, probably just a slow fizzle.

        • Well, lets look to history….The Viet cong beat the biggest, most high tech military, with SKSs, AKs, RPGs, riceballs, and bicycles…all while wearing pajamas…..one must be comfortable while winning….After the fireworks….there will be NO high tech…the winner will be able to read maps with a compass and send morse code with a car battery….

          • That “most high tech military” was NOT beaten by the VC, it beat itself because government prevented them from actually fighting the war to win!

        • All that Hi-Tech stuff depends upon a continuous flow of both electricity and cash. That stuff is all just stupid expensive to buy and keep running.

      2. If we have to look to Nostradamus to determine if collapse is going to happen, then no collapse is going to happen.

        Surely there are much more credible and recent sources for SHTF news?

        This website is getting worse by the day. No real stories anymore.

        • well, john, how many ways can you slice the “end of civilization as we know it” story? where’s a BETTER site on the shtfan news?….and why aint you THERE? makes me wonder why you ARE here. all you got to do to know the end is nigh, is to look at a graph of our national debt….buh-BAYUM! thanks, mac, for all the support over the years, the knowledge of what to do when it DOES happen. and thanks go out to ALL the contributors on these forums, even the naysayers, the trolls, and the simps….they ALL give insight into what we are up against.

          • BCOD, you speak truth.

        • John: Seems to be a bunch of garbage. I left for a good year or more, maybe its time to leave for good…bunch of horse shit.

        • J.Stiner: gotta agree, I have deleted several patriot sites already because of boring news. Dave Hodges of: thecommonsense show.com is best. I may delete others now. Even Quayles site is getting boring. I quit Drudge, has turned into sleeze liek the Enquirer and other celebrity rags.

          • hodges?…PFFT!….he ALWAYS takes a half-hour to divulge something that COULD be done in 2 minutes..that i almost ALWAYS already know….no thanks.

          • All Quayle ever talks about is those Giants, but i give him credit for being very smart and kinda interesting.

        • Nostradamus – as the chilluns text … OMG!! Personally I’d rather read the cracks in the pelvis bone of a goat thrown into a fire. It’s more accurate.

      3. The problem with these prophecies is that when I read them they make no sense. I have to rely on someone else telling me what they mean.

      4. It could be interesting to compare Nostradamus prophecies with the ones from Edgar Cayce, Baba Vanga and/or Siener Van Rensberg who had predicted an upcoming civil war in South Africa.

        As for the “Big one”, I’m surprised there’s no mention of the New Madrid Fault line.

      5. My crystal ball says we are all going to die. Sometime. 2018 or later.

        yours truly, Nostril Pukus

      6. Predictions all have one thing in common. They are inaccurate.

      7. “The big war will start in France and all Europe will be attacked, it will be long and terrifying for everyone and then finally there will be peace but only a few will enjoy it,” said Nostradamus. “A war will start between the two great WORLD POWERS and it will last for a period of 27 years.”

        The declared war of Christians versus the Islamic terrorists started WHEN again? Ummmm…1991 and this is 2018…..and who has known peace since then, been going on for how long?

        People got to start looking outside the box. The predictions did not state the war was BETWEEN COUNTRIES..

        Read them again.

        We are nearly at the point where the FINALE happens in this 27 year war…

        • Exactly. I was going to say the two powers are Christianity and Islam.

          France is pretty f’ed up with all the Muslims. They might make a move to take over.

          • The Europeans allow the muslimes into their militaries (tolerance, ya kno), where they will worm their way into the units handling nukes. Once they aquire operational control of the nukes, the final muzzie takeover will then happen at lightning speed.

          • I have no pity for the French. They deserve what they get. They let the Muslims in and it’s too late now to close the barn door. Idiots!

        • I was wondering when some one was going to bring up the current war. You know. The Islamic terrorism that so many don’t want to believe! Frankly whenever anybody says I will behead you! They’ve got my full attention. When they say we will conquer the word, and slay all infidels, I believe that’s what they’re willing to try. The present invasion of Europe points to war. Then let’s add the major powers. I’d be concerned and alert!

      8. Nostradamus used astrology to foresee the future;he should have used more reliable methods like asking his horse. The horse would have told him the future;sh*t out of both ends!

      9. I’m thinking the two powers are Christianity and Islam.

        France is pretty messed up with all the Muslims. They might try and take over there.

      10. Hmmm, delay on replies showing.

      11. I’m thinking the two powers are Christianity and Islam.

        France is pretty messed up with the Muslims right now. The Muslims might try and take over.

      12. Well, have my lawn chair, my beer and my whiskey. Have a great view of mother earth, from my patio, so when it is time, my butt is in the lawn chair, my beer and whiskey in hand, sit back and watch the show.

      13. Is there a prediction of “Last Pope”, and “Last President”, and “Second Coming”, and “War with the Northern Neighbour” perhaps?

        Read it all before, MANY times.

      14. I can tell the future.
        Everybody will die
        Where are my millions
        for such insight?

      15. Nostradamus has no dates in his predictions.
        This is the same quatrains I’ve been hearing since the 80’s, just tailored to current events.
        Further, people have managed to fit past events into his writings simply because they are vague and the time frame spans centuries.

        Nostradamus is basically a set of ink blots. Everyone sees what they want to see.

      16. Nostradamus never wrote about a big war starting in France as quoted above. He never wrote about lifespans reaching 200 years – but he did warn that there would be 27 years (2001-2028?) of intensifying conflict between Islam and the West, and that due to negligence and apathy, France and the rest of Europe would open a path to Mohammad and that Europe would be invaded, first by immigrants and then by armies. Nostradamus hints that America will be overwhelmed with its own problems and unable to assist Europe at first. WWIII will see at least four cities nuked, including New York and Rome, and it will be OVER around 2028. We already see Europe being destroyed by immigration. How long before the economic collapse and world war?
        Read: Nostradamus and the Islamic Invasion of Europe

      17. ‘According to the prediction, “An earthquake shall concern particularly the western area of the United States. Its power shall be felt in lands throughout the globe.”’

        What a load of TOTAL BS!! It is totally impossible for any of Nostradamus’ predictions to name “the United States” since it was over 200 years AFTER he died that the US became a country. How can anyone believe anything in this article if the author got that issue totally wrong (he had to have made up that statement completely out of whole cloth).

      18. the predictions of the current bullshitters is -=-that they only digest bullshit and comment on it== Nostradamus was a dem0nd inspired crackpot& was probably a drughead and should be ignored

      19. I don’t have anything to say about Nostradamus but the USGS should be concerned about the Cascadia Subduction zone, the plate of Juan de Fuca that is being subducted beneath the Pacific plate. Ground zero is Seattle.

        Good series, called, “Deep Winter,’ explores what it might look like if a massive earthquake along with Mt. Rainier becoming active happened together. The answer? Not good. Interesting fictional series worth reading if you like prepper-type fiction.

      20. Most Nostradamus is nonsense.
        You didn’t reproduce the Quatrain of what he actually said, but somehow before the western hemisphere was discovered, you assert it must pertain to us, and that whatever ambiguous disaster must be an earthquake or supervolcano or something else.

      21. It’s little known that Nostrodamas said the third anticrist would be named . Mabas Alas.? Which could be interpreted as M Abas and allah? Mahmoud Abas is the leader of the Palestinians? And a follower of Allah? Another big maybe? In that we get to see the miracles as in the time of Moses ,and the defeat of satanic rule on this planet? Regardless of the hardships?

        • Good call-I have been trying to figure out who Mabus is for years. Not that I dwell on it, but I definitely thought about it. I tend to believe Edgar Caycee’s predictions more so than Nostradamus. The US Navy map of the future shows Caycee’s predictions. The west coast will be gone and Florida will be inundated with sea water. The middle states surrounding the Miss river will also be flooded. The good news is that I will own beachfront property here in Pennsylvania! The east coast will be gone as well as far west as Delaware.

      22. It these shithole bullshit stories that makes this site like garbage. UFOs, morgellons, chemtrails, ghosts, all Earth man-made GODs… I mean come on now and grow the fuck up.

        • U want PROOF that you are breathing IN the “chemtrail” particulates every time you are outside? Get a strong flashlight, go out at nite in the darkest part of your yard, shine the light up, look about 2-3 inches above the top and you will see Thousands of tiny particulates not just floating, but Swirling around like a blizzard. THIS is the stuff you are now breathing in 24/7. And it’s even in your house if you open the windows or have a window fan or AC.
          Tell me what this “stuff” is if you do not believe that chemtrails are real? The particles are not just floating, they are swirling around. They are electrically charged from HAARP. I am now wearing a face mask every time i go in my yard, and when i leave the car i hold my breath until i get in the store. These are aluminum and barium particulates, and the new word now is Aerosol Spray. I see these “things” in my house with the lights off and using the flashlite. Aluminum is raising the numbers of
          Alzheimers. And Morgellons is real! It’s from the chemtrails….fibers come thro the skin in different colors.We are becoming a human antenna now, and when they want to turn on the “frequencies” they will hit our brain and cause whatever they want….depression, anxiety, rage, suicide, etc. Do the flashlite test and then tell me what you think those “things” are swirling around in the AIR THAT WE BREATHE! And lastly, how insidious to poison the very air that we breathe!

          • One thing here. I have read that to deactivate the heavy metal particles in our body is to use a STRONG magnet run all over the body. A Magnetic Pulser would be better, but i read that a strong magnet will do it too. These particulates are NANO particles and they easily cross the brain/blood barrier and go right to the brain.

      23. … I know, this site is a business and you must peddle fear in order to sell seed vaults

        • N also said. The man made mountains in the new city will be plunged into infernment. Sounds a little like 911?

        • Providing an outlet to obtain emergency supplies , seems a noble cause? Or selling used cars.? Some compensation seems fair?

      24. hahaha….ok. I’ll base my future activities on what some folks said some batsh*t crazy Renaissance Alistair Crowley said.

      25. Nostradamus used divination, which means his info came from “familiar spirits”, and is 100% unreliable. As has been proven over and over. Authors like John Hogue have actually admitted to stretching the truth to fit their narrative and theorized interpretations.

        On the other hand, the Bible has shown to be 100% accurate with fulfilled prophesies such is the rebirth of Israel spoken of in the book of Isaiah, and the return of the Jews from all parts of the world where they had been dispersed. How Israel would be surrounded by its enemies, and the world would hate them. The Bible even tells us about the Palestinians of today, and the places where they would be living. People think’ the book of Revelation is the Bible’s prophesy, but is a small fraction. Most of the end of days prophesies are actually in the old testament. And they are incredible!

        • I was told by Christians that the Book of Daniel is a very good book to read as it’s very prophetic.

      26. Your site keeps forgetting me and moderating my comments.

      27. If Nostradamus was born in 1503 and died in 1566, how could he predict “An earthquake shall concern particularly the western area of the United States. Its power shall be felt in lands throughout the globe.”

        I don’t think there was a United States before 1566. Or am I missing something?

      28. “The big war will start in France and all Europe will be attacked, it will be long and terrifying for everyone and then finally there will be peace but only a few will enjoy it,”“A war will start between the two great world powers and it will last for a period of 27 years.”
        The 2 great world powers are not countries, they are religions. This is a war between Islam and Christianity. It has already started in France, and all of Europe is already consumed.

      29. ToS> that’s what a prophet does-see visions of many many years into the future! If anything that tells you what a great seer he was.

      30. “This is a war between Islam and Christianity.”

        I think it’ll be a war between the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses. Quick! Look out the window. They’re going from house to house!


      31. The war coming will be a race war? The third world people who don’t want to work 40 ,60 hours a week , want our stuff? They just don’t want to have to work for it?

      32. The war I could see starting in France infidels vs. Islamists. Given the wide spread of Muslims around the world it could go 27 yrs.

      33. Just put all who have joined a secret society in jail….Council on foreign relations, trilateral commission, bilderbergs, club of rome, committee of 300, the list is long….but don’t leave out the black pope (jesuits) and the Vatican….they are in it up to their eyeballs. Put all these Luciferians in jail and all the problems stop….guaranteed. The global elite at the very top take their marching orders from satan himself…they call him lucifer the lightbringer….because some believe he meant to bring them wisdom but really he only wants to bring death….even to those that follow him…and they lose their souls to boot….sad to think they can be so deceived…the only prophecy that is 100 percent reliable is in the bible and there will be a new world order and a mark of the beast so i guess the Luciferians win the battle but lose the war….get right with Jesus that has only always ever been the solution to man’s plight. We are spirit beings…some will enjoy an eternity of joy and happiness and others will live an eternity in hopelessness and despair….as always the choice will have been theirs.

      34. I have to admit that I have never read so much Bullshit in my entire Life, with so many Grammatical Mistakes, made by so many Contributors to this Garbage. Just lucky That I have such a weird Sense of Humor. It surely helps me to read Stuff like that to the End. Christ, get a Life you strange Creatures who write this Stuff.

      35. People that buy into Nostradamus are naive suckers. He was the National Enquirer fortune teller of his time. The people who try to take his writings and twist the translation enough to fit some idea of theirs, are fooling themselves and those who buy into it.

      36. Agree with Dave and Mark Fisher. Big N knows nothing, but the bible is 100% accurate. The next spiritual event soon is the Rapture of the true church as stated in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 and in Revelation 4 (the 24 elders are the church in heaven, not angels,) just before the great tribulation of Rev. 6-19. Revelation is chronological and we are right up to Rev.4! Then the NWO will commence with the disasters. Worry about that versus Big N all you pagans!

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