Fact: They Are After Your Guns and Here is the Proof

by | Jun 19, 2014 | Headline News | 268 comments

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    This analysis and commentary has been contributed by Joe ‘The Plumber’ Wurzelbacher. Visit Joe for America for daily updates and insights.

    obama-guns-fascist-315x236How many laws have to be passed before you believe they are after your guns? President Obama and the left have an aggressive gun control agenda – and it’s hiding plain sight.

    Yet even in respected circles there are many who believe we only need to enact new legislation further restricting gun and ammunition ownership and our problems with crime and mental health will go away.

    The anti-Second Amendment crowd and the mainstream media cheerleaders who act as gun control first-responders to mass murder by sociopaths have convinced far too many that criminals will stop acting criminally if only more and more laws can be enacted.

    So you think gun control advocates are not trying to take away your right to keep and bear arms? That ultimately their goal isn’t to do away with the Second Amendment and disarm the citizens of the United States one way or another?

    Are you one of these folks who say they support gun ownership, but only want “reasonable” gun laws restricting “military style” weapons and “gun-free” zones will protect students from school shootings like the tragedy that occurred at the Sandy Hook?

    Do you feel sympathetic toward the President when he says a failure to enact tougher gun-control laws is his greatest disappointment in more than five years as president?

    Then I have one more question: What are you, new?

    Do you have any idea the vast amount of gun control laws and restrictions that have been put upon law-abiding gun owners in this country? It would shock the most learned of Second Amendment advocates to ingest the sheer volume of anti-gun legislation passed and proposed. It clearly exposes an obsessive and war-like drive to disarm the nation’s citizenry of firearms.

    Yet our President plays possom, saying in a recent interview; “Right now, it’s not even possible to get the mildest restrictions through Congress and we should be ashamed.”

    Listed below are 8 of the Federal bans, regulations and restrictions sought by liberal lawmakers, courtesy Chuck Cunningham, Director of State and Local Affairs – National Rifle Association:

    1. In 2013, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) proposed an “assault weapon” and “large” ammunition magazine ban that would have banned all detachable-magazine semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.

    NRA-ILA fact sheet: S. 150: The Biggest Proposed Gun Ban in American History.

    2. This year, Feinstein asked President Obama to order the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to tighten restrictions on the importation of semi-automatic firearms and their parts.

    Grassroots Alert article: Feinstein Wants Obama to Pull a Clinton on Firearm Importation.

    3. Last year, legislation was introduced to impose “universal” background checks, which would have amounted to registering all firearm sales and paved the way for registering all firearms possessed.

    NRA-ILA fact sheet: Private Sales Restrictions and Gun Registration.

    4. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has attempted to ban the importation of certain shotguns.

    Grassroots Alert article: NRA Files Comments Opposing Shotgun Importation Ban

    Grassroots Alert article: BATFE Modifies Shotgun Import Ban Study, Still Gets it Wrong

    5. BATFE also considered whether to restrict solid hunting bullets as “armor piercing ammunition.”
    Grassroots Alert article: BATFE Taking Comments on Sporting Purposes Exemption to Armor-Piercing Ammunition Law.

    6. This year, BATFE restricted 5.45x39mm 7N6 as “armor piercing ammunition.”

    Grassroots Alert article: BATFE Publicly Confirms Administration’s Ammunition Import Ban.

    7. This year, BATFE has proposed to excessively expand the categories of persons prohibited under federal law from acquiring or possessing firearms on mental health grounds.

    Grassroots Alert article: NRA Opposes Administration’s Plan to Broaden Reach of Mental Health-Related Gun Bans.

    8. Last year, the Obama Administration signed the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty. Washington Times.com. NRA opposed the treaty.

    It’s not a steady drip or the dreaded slippery slope – this is a constant onslaught of legislation and public relations toward gun confiscation. The resources are mounting and if you think I’m kidding about the obsessive nature of the promoters, here’s what Mike Bloomberg the billionaire ex-mayor in an interview with The New York Times had to say about his gun-control efforts.

    “I have earned my place in heaven.” –

    Bloomberg himself has armed guards of course, as do leftist members of Congress and leftist entertainers, but he may actually believe he’s curried favor with Saint Peter by blowing $50 million on politicians who support gun control. Do you think someone who says they’ve bought a backstage pass into heaven can be reasoned with?

    Barack Obama’s platitudes and Bloomberg’s Sainthood aside, here’s a list of Laws affecting legal gun ownership passed in 2013:


    Magazine Capacity

    House Bill 1224 bans the sale, transfer or possession of a magazine capable of holding more than fifteen rounds of ammunition and any magazine larger than fifteen rounds that is manufactured in Colorado on or after the effective date must include a serial number and date of assembly. HB 1224 was signed into law by Governor John Hickenlooper on March 20.

    Gun Tax

    House Bill 1228 imposes an undetermined fee (gun tax) for undergoing a background check through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation InstaCheck system. HB 1228 was signed into law by Governor John Hickenlooper on March 20.

    Universal Background Check

    House Bill 1229 imposes “universal background check.” HB 1229 was signed into law by Governor John Hickenlooper on March 20.

    (For above bills)



    Ban of online firearm training for concealed carry permit holders

    Senate Bill 195 bans all-online firearm training for concealed carry permits.

    SB 195 was signed into law by Governor John Hickenlooper on May 24.


    Magazine Capacity

    Senate Bill 1094 expands Connecticut’s current ban on some semi-automatic rifles to include .22 caliber rifles with one or more certain cosmetic features. SB 1094 was signed into law by Governor Daniel Malloy on June 18.


    Omnibus Bill

    Senate Bill 1160, omnibus anti-gun legislation, was signed into law by Governor Dannel Malloy on April 4.



    Background Checks

    House Bill 35 which imposes “universal” background checks was signed into law by Governor Jack Markell on May 8.


    Lost or Stolen

    Senate Bill 16 imposes lost and stolen reporting requirements. SB 16 was signed into law by Governor Jack Markell on June 12.



    NICS Background Check

    Senate Bill 69 requires fingerprinting and processing through NICS in addition to the already existing registration requirement on all firearms brought into the state. SB 69 was signed into law by Governor Neil Abercrombie on July 9.



    Firearm Safety Act

    Senate Bill 281 bans the transport, sale, purchase, transfer or possession of commonly owned semi-automatic centerfire rifles that have a detachable magazine and two additional characteristic restricts magazine capacity to no more than ten rounds and requires a state permit-to-purchase, rent or otherwise be in possession of a handgun. SB 281 was signed into law by Governor Martin O’Malley on May 16.


    New York

    Firearm Safety Act


    Ban of Commonly Owned Semiautomatic Firearms/Magazine Capacity/Firearms Registration/Ammunition Restrictions/Mental Health Senate Bill 2230 bans commonly owned semi-automatic firearms and magazines, firearm registration and restrictions on ammunition purchases and requires mental health practitioners to report if someone is a threat to himself or others (without requiring an adjudication) and such person must surrender their gun. SB 2230 was signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo on January 15.


    House Bill 43 requires organizations like the NRA who engage in political speech to immediately disclose the names of virtually all of its donors, including those who pay membership dues. HB 43 was signed into law by Governor Gary Herbert on April 1.


    What no one wants to think about is what may happen if President Obama does with his gun control agenda what he’s doing with immigration policy: Selectively enforcing immigration law, ignoring the Separation of Powers, writing and re-writing legislation and issuing Executive Orders when Congress won’t act.

    The mid-term elections are not exactly looking rosy for Barack Obama and if the pundits and polls are correct (aren’t they always?); the Senate and House will have a healthy bunch of Republicans running Congress. The President may only have until then to get the above proposals through and what if Congress won’t act, as he says so often? Will his pen and phone get to work on gun confiscation?

    Here’s a hint: “Citizenship means standing up for the lives that gun violence steals from us each day. I have seen the courage of parents, students, pastors, and police officers all over this country who say ‘we are not afraid,’ and I intend to keep trying, with or without Congress, to help stop more tragedies from visiting innocent Americans in our movie theaters, shopping malls, or schools.”
    – Barack Obama

    Will the President pursue the last option left to a “disappointed” tyrant? Is it possible that Barack Obama would actually use Executive power to fulfill his obvious disdain for the Second Amendment?

    Ponder that as tens of thousands of children from Central and Latin America, escorted by who knows who are being allowed to cross our southern border illegally. It’s criminal on every level – especially the willful neglect of the President’s Constitutional responsibility regarding the nation’s border.

    Gun control is now a big-time priority for President Obama and the radical liberals who control cities, Governorships and state legislatures around the nation. There’s plenty of legislation coming down the pike here in 2014 – anyone doubting the left’s real anti-gun agenda needs to carry copies of the following around with them, share them and be constantly reminded of what’s really going on here:

    [Click here for full legislative details by state]

    Still think this is about keeping anti-tank bazookas out of the hands of the public? Think again.

    They’re after your guns, and all your rights. After all – isn’t the 2nd Amendment what stands between you and everything in the Bill of Rights? America without the 2nd Amendment is closer to the truth than you think – piece by piece our Right to Bear Arms is being dismantled and you are asleep at the wheel.

    This analysis and commentary has been contributed by Joe ‘The Plumber’ Wurzelbacher. Visit Joe for America for daily updates and insights.


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      1. Paleface

        “Let’s rock.” -A. Bundy

        • Defiant

          It only seems we are asleep at the wheel.
          There’s a hidden rifle behind every tree.

          • Pete Pilgrim

            Amen, brother! There are many of us that are armed and ready. Don’t F with us.

              • JohnFornaro

                SixPack: Thnks for that Lynyrd Skynyrd link.. I posted a 1A comment on that site.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  Bottom Line America: It’s those who just want to be left alone, vs. those who wont leave us alone. The bigger the fatter the Beast, the bigger the fatter the appetite. Its a Perpetual race to the bottom. Help Save America – Starve the Beast.

                  • crazy2medic

                    Congress’s job is to pass laws, unfortunately they don’t care if they pass bad or unconstitutional laws, so like a mindless machine the keep ginning out what the rest of us have to live with, a second American revolution is inevitable, that’s when you tear down to our foundational document and begin again, hopefully our children and grandchildren will never allow the government to gain the power and corruption it has now!
                    MOLON LABE

            • apache54

              history speaks for itself every country that had the citizens guns taken away then become a scumbag country to the citizens, it is fight or flight do you want jail or to be controlled !! it is our choice at the moment if you wait you’ll have NO choice!

              • Julie

                With a gun, I am a citizen. Without a gun, I am a subject.


          • Outlaw

            It only seems we are asleep to GMO.
            There has been GMO free corn in every patriots field for some years now.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              So lets get this strait. Our Government Arms and Trains Terrorists, and tries every way to disarm our own citizens. Whats wrong with this picture? All I see here is Mass Genocide and De-population coming. Folks, The Enemy is already on our shores. Time to wake up the We the Sheeple. Soon America will be Home of the Fee and land of the Slave.

              • Iowa

                God Bless everyone this evening!

              • Iowa

                John 10 11-13

                11“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. 12The hired hand is not the shepherd and does not own the sheep. So when he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it. 13The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep.

                Take care of the His Sheep!

                • JohnFornaro

                  Oh Good Shepard, feed your sheep.

                  From a Hot Tuna rendition.

              • Anonymous

                “The only way to go is Underground!”– song by gogoordello.

              • Julie

                If I were to become an ACTUAL terrorist, I could get all the weapons I could ever want – for free. It’s only the law abiding folks that will be hurt by gun confiscation.

                Oh, and just because they call them “gun safety” laws does not mean that anyone is or will be safe. FYI. The NRA is the leading gun safety organization in the U.S. They have trained thousands in gun safety.

                The U.S. exports 78% of all the worlds arms. Heck, in Iraq, we are arming both sides!

          • Anonymous

            “I sold my guns years ago and I don’t remember the guy’s name… had a sign posted on telephone pole– “guns for sale” and some guy bought them… no, I don’t remember what he looked like.” (If you are white, say it was a black guy and they all look the same to me! If you are a black guy, say it was a cracker and they all look the same to me!)

            • The Last of the Real

              Nice suggestion. I have another one. Use a description that loosely resembles the cop interrogating you. As long as you never deviate upon subsequent questioning, they won’t ever want that case to make it to court! Remember, charges get dropped all the time if the case could potentially embarrass the cops.

            • sixpack

              I’d just say I didn’t have my glasses on…couldn’t even recognize myself while looking in a mirror.

            • Legion5440

              RE: ” I sold all my guns years ago”

              Depressing & ultimately ineffective long term strategy but good short term tactic.

              >>when its time to bury your guns, its time to use your guns<<

              my name is legion, for we are many. expect us.

          • Feisty Old Broad

            Guns? What guns? I have no guns….(that anyone can find)….

          • Noble Lumpkin

            There is no reasoning with these people so complaining, making phone calls, writing letters, etc. is futile. We will be ready when the time comes.

        • California Resident

          I live in CA where it’s illegal to have anything over a 10 round magazine.

          The law doesn’t seem to bother my purchasing ability for the 30 rounders, though.

          Tell me what else I can’t have, CA. I need more motivation to thumb my nose at you legislative punk-asses.

          You commie fuckers are on notice.

          • kynase

            Nice to know there are like minds here in liberal land. I’m in SoCal. You in the north or south?

            • COF

              DumAss question…..

        • Anonymous

          “Handsome man’s mug shot goes viral on the Internet–he’s a felon, convicted on weapons charges”– Could the MSM be trying to tell us something?

          • sixpack


      2. SmokinOkie

        Clap along, if you feel,
        Like utopia works for you,
        Clap along, if you think,
        That the sheeple really have a clue,
        Clap along, if you think,
        That the government’s good for you….

        • Wilson

          This puts a whole new light on the meaning of getting a case of the clap.

          • ready down under

            OBongo points to Aussie as the shining light in gun legislation and what we did following the ’98 massacre of 35 as the “solution”. Not all there is what it seems either as the legislation was rushed through and there was never an inquest into the deaths – something totally and utterly illegal in Australia when a death results from a crime. Of course the reason given was that TPTB didn’t want to cause any more distress to the families of the victims. Also the perp was “convinced” by his lawyer to plead guilty so there would be no trial, apparently for the same reason.

            The files have been sealed and we will never know the whole truth but we do know that one of the guns the scumbag (I refuse to print his name) used in the State of Tasmania was actually surrendered in the State of Victoria during an amnesty and was sold by the State into Tasmania where they were quite legal.

            Is there more to this? No doubt, but like I said, we’ll never know.

            Hard to sift out the facts from the fallacy but 750,000 law abiding people who never did, and never will, do anything wrong paid a big price to further the anti gun agenda.

            I personally found it intensely offensive the way the anti gun crowd were almost in raptures over this disgusting event and to this day still ghoulishly drag it up and celebrate the act and go into party mode on the anniversaries of the event. The only thing missing are the party hats, streamers and cake with candles.


            • yourmotherwaswrong

              Joe ‘The Plumber’ Wurzelbacher says:

              “Still think this is about keeping anti-tank bazookas out of the hands of the public? Think again.”

              No… Really? I never would have imagined that to be the case!.

              Thank you for setting me straight. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

              • Be informed

                You don’t see free states like Idaho, Wyoming, or Montana putting this sh$% into any bills that go after firearms. More and more states are becoming hell holes like california and new york. The sooner someone relishes freedom gets out of these freedom and protection hating cess pits the better for them and their families.

                Taking away people’s self protection is just about one of the most horrible acts of unfairness anyone can do to anyone. Firearms restrictions are bad enough, but these monsters try to take away EVERYTHING that they consider a weapon. Just ask anyone stuck behind the New Berlin Wall known as england how you are ONLY allowed to carry a type of ID spray so you can tag your murderer so the police can later try to capture them. No pepper spray because the assheads that rule england say this a a firearm.

                This is exactly where this is going in the U.S., where anything that may hurt or frighten the criminal is considered cruel and unusual. We would not want to hurt a maniac’s eyes or a vicous dog’s nose or eyes with a temporary burning now would we?

                Anti-gunners and anti-self defense maggots are the worst parasites there is around. They ONLY have compassion and empathy for the rapist, the robber, or killer. Victims don’t matter, in fact they are somehow responsible for the criminal or vicous animal attacking someone. This is the warped psychoic mind of these ass worms that want to take away our self defense from us. That Medusa feinsteinless has got to have the blackest of souls, and must gets ITS kicks by seeing people helpless against the criminal. Really ITS thrills from seeing the people helpless from a tyranny type government. BO must feel this way, getting all sorts of happy weird thoughts everytime another peg falls away for gun rights.

                Without the 2nd Amendment everything else falls, everything. This is why I and others say, not a micrometer of compromise from our rights to protect ourselves and those around us, not a micrometer movement away from the stance of “don’t you dare touch the 2nd Amendment”.

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  shhh…it’s not a gun problem,…it’s a mental HEALTH problem..pass it on.

                  • NetRanger

                    Its not even a mental health problem. Its a fraud problem. …at the highest levels. You think the mental health problem is organic? Thing again! They WANT ALL THIS to happen. Keep us off balance and on the defensive. Well, I am not longer off balance or on the defensive.

                    THERE IS ONLY ONE LAW. It is the supreme law of the land. To claim it is to trample asunder any color of law statute, code, rule or statement created by the corporation(s) claiming to be your government.

                  • 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

                    no, it’s an EVIL problem

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    Yes it is a mental health problem. The Politicians are F-n Crazy. Its their power status that compounds their need to control more and to rule the world. Sociopath Eric Canter awoke to his nightmare. He spent $5 Million of Dirty money to get 45% of the vote, vs. 3rd party candidate who only spent $200K and got 55% of the vote. Voting Matters Folks to clean out the Pig Sty.

                  • Mark

                    It’s a govt false flag problem.Just like Australia,Sandy Hoax,Aurora and Isla Vista were all hoaxs or false flags.

                • braveheart

                  BI and everyone else, good evening, and once again you’re right on target [pun intended]. I just got freed up some projects that kept me away for the last several articles, so of course I have to give my perspective on this article. There has been a “gun control’ movement in this country going back to the 60s when I was a kid. It started in the wake of the JFK, MLK, and RFK assassinations which I remember all too well. I remember the passage of the Gun Control act of 1968. Before that time I remember guns being available almost everywhere; family-owned hardware stores and even Sears. I remember going to Sears with my Dad in 1965 when he bought a Colt .38 Special Revolver, just filled out some paperwork, paid cash for it, and we walked out with it. No background checks or any other BS in those days. Everyone here knows my position on the 2A and self-defense. Our right s come from God, not from any manmade government. No government has any business tampering with any of our rights including self-defense. Not one single right we have is up for negotiation, period. I know some people think I’m an idiot for saying this, but I don’t care, and I’m repeating it. NEVER, EVER, COME TO MY HOME WITH ANY BAD INTENTIONS TOWARD ME IF YOU VALUE YOUR OWN LIFE. JUST THINK, IF YOU FOLLOW MY ADVICE, YOU GET TO LIVE, AND WON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO FEAR FROM ME. NOW WHAT PART OF THAT DON’T PEOPLE UNDERSTAND? I’ve always lived right. I’ve always worked for everything I’ve ever had. Never stole from anybody in my whole life. never go around having any bad intentions toward other people. That’s one reason I’m still alive today. I’ve got something called “common sense” which I learned in the “school of hard knocks”. BI, most people today have no idea of what common sense is, don’t know how to think for themselves, etc. They are truly SHEEPLE. They will not last long in the upcoming festivities know as TSHTF. braveheart

                  • Dob

                    Absolutely correct but your date is a little off. This actually started with the NFA of 1934. This, and all firearms laws since then have been unconstitutional. The BATFE does not have the authority under the constitution to even exist, nor do ANY gun laws. What the government can own, the people have a right to. It’s that simple. Only frightened draconian politicians and dishonest supreme court justices could have convoluted a very simple message called the 2nd amendment.

                  • Be informed

                    @ braveheart. What you wrote:

                    Never go around having bad intentions toward other people.

                    This is the way that almost all people that simply want the right to defend themselves and those around them from those that mean them harm. This includes humans and beasts. Yet these anti-gunners anti-self defense vermin portray us as some sort of threat to innocent life. They make all of us that cherish freedom and that basic right to defend that freedom as maniacs that are one step from going postal. Those that defend themselves against a vicous dog are even looked upon as people that hate animals.

                    The people simply want something that nature has provided to various life forms in the form of teeth, claws, big whip tails, venom, coils, strength, and other natural defenses. These anti-gunners though, through their totally deformed way of thinking, believe that human beings don’t have that right to defend themselves against ANYTHING. These total retards think that if humans defend themselves, even against a rabid animal, that this makes them vicous and uncivilized. They want to impose their radical philosophy on everyone and everything and FORCE people to wear rings through their noses under a facist government that even controls the way you think.

                    These anti-gunners anti-self defense cancers are THE biggest threat to individual freedom that there is. They are not only satisified with taking our firearms, they want to take your complete right to self defense. Just ask the Greeks what their Nazi government has done to the people over there that can’t even use their fists to protect themselves. Those that would deny freedom to others think of themselves as crusaders and all that crap. Yet they are nothing but sicko supporters and sympathizers to police states that make Adolf Hitler and Stalin look like saints.

                  • JohnFornaro

                    Paragraphs, BraveHeart. My eyes are too old.

                  • Anonymous

                    Jesus Christ chickenheart, get some new fucking material. Same old bullshit about how bad you are, you’re an old geezer and without a gun you’re dead meat. More than probable dead meat with your gun so please give it for Christ’s sake already.

                • Northern Grower

                  As always a great post BI! I totally agree. We are actively looking for a place in ID or MT, just need to get sold out here east of the Mississippi

                • Booger

                  Our Southern border is compromised and we are in threat of being overrun. Time to communicate. BROKEN ARROW, I say again BROKEN ARROW ! Why the hell isn’t the National Guard down there turning away every disease infested illegal from age 1 day to 100 ? Is this more a humanitarian crisis than our Governments failure to take proper care of it’s Veterans ? For one I say hell no. This country is BROKE we can ill afford to provide any assistance to non-citizens. I say that unapologetically. We the citizens pay the damn taxes. We should get first shot at assistance when WE need it. Not some illegal. Thanks. I feel better.

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    Anonymous, you totally misunderstand my posts, so I’m not going to waste my time trying to explain them to you, so f#$% you!

                  • Sam Whittemore

                    Cloward-Piven. This is happening with malice and forethought. The timing, the methods, the media sychophants…all part of the plan.

              • skeptic

                In response to yourmotherwaswrong.
                like you don’t think much of Joe the non plumber. At some point after his 15 minutes of fame, it came out that he was not in fact a plumber and he responded “that’s just a piece of paper”. What an insult to the tradesmen of all kinds who have apprenticed and built the country. Having spent most of my adult life in the trades I took this real badly.
                Since I am pretty sure you will review this web site tonight I would be very happy to find out that what I read was not true and you are in fact a papered journeyman plumber. If so I apologize in advance and will forever be humbled. Thanks

                • Archivist

                  Even Wikipedia says that he worked as a plumber during two periods of time. The Democrats said that he didn’t have “papers” and therefore wasn’t a plumber, even though he never said he was a plumber. He just said he was planning on buying a plumbing business. The media named him “Joe the Plumber” I guess because they thought it was funny. You can work as a plumber for someone else, or you can buy a plumbing business, without having any kind of official “plumbing papers.” Even if he was working as an apprentice, he was still a plumber if he was doing plumbing work.

                  I have a cousin who wanted to be an accountant. He couldn’t pass the state exam, so he went to the Middle East and worked as an accountant for an oil company. He saved up his money, came back home, and bought an accounting firm. He still doesn’t have any kind of “papers.”

                  So Joe may not be a “papered journeyman plumber,” but he has been a plumber.

                • Shootit

                  No paper needed. Built my mansion without one permit. Plumbing, Heating, Electrical, Union, or building permit. Once they found it they have been more than happy to TAX it.

              • much ado about nothing

                Think a lot of yourself don’t you? Most of your comments past and present seem to solidify that fact.

                • much ado about nothing

                  above comment meant for yourmotherwaswrong

                • the renegade braveheart

                  Much ado about nothing, your name sounds perfect for you. Because you are ‘MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.”

            • OzDave

              The PA massacre was a staged event. I have photos of Martin Bryant ( supposedly ) walking next to a police helicopter, and walking away from the Broad Arrow cafe, while 3 guys enjoy a beer on the balcony ( remember, there are 22 bodies in the cafe ). They are time and date stamped. Track down “Deadly Deception at Port Arthur” by Wendy Scur and Joe Vialls, available on the interwebulator in PDF format. I still remember NSW premier Barrie Unsworth stating in live TV “that it will take a massacre at Port Arthur before Australians give up their guns”, a month before the massacre. The ink was dry on the gun control legislation before the first round was fired…

            • joe america

              I’d like to commend you in not using that sicko’s name. If media would do the same I believe many of these “almost famous” wanna be outlaws would not be so intrigued to create these horrible acts to help them put meaning to their failed lives.
              The good news in all this is that there is still a majority of us in America and in Congress that are able to stand up and say “No! you will not take our rights.” I know some here believe that voting does nothing and choose not to in protest. That is your right, but I ask that you rethink the matter. Voting is one of the few venues we have to defend the rights that have been paid for us in blood.

          • WHoWuddaThunkIt

            Americans need to stop feeding the beast. This means Cutoff your cable. Quit running the AC, Stop spending all money at all large corporations, Get off the Grid, Pay off all your debt, Do not take on any more debt. Cut your credit cards up, Stop driving your cars, Ride your bikes for all short errands, Heat your homes with wood burning stoves. Slow down paying any taxes, just make low monthly payments, STARVE THE BEAST. Shop at 2nd hand stores, Flea Markets, Local mom and pop neighborhood grocery stores. Barter for items, Have a Yard sale and sell your your Commercialized crap. Get rid of your cell phone and just get a burner phones. Change all your email addressed, and get new passwords. Grow a Garden, Raise Rabbits, Chickens. Starve the Beast into submission. Let them collapse into the ibis. Vote out all embedded career Democrats and Republicans and vote 3rd party. This is the Patriotic thing to do to save America.

            • Grafique

              Big Mouth Advice from someone who’s all about Computers and Internet. Get off the grid yourself.

            • PO'd Patriot

              WWTI, I’m all for getting rid of the telephones and TV as I despise them both. The rest of it, (AC, electric, stop driving) will all come in due time and I ain’t rush’n it.

            • Archivist

              It would be nice if mom and pop neighborhood grocery stores still existed. There have been none anywhere near me for at least 30 or 40 years.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                @Archivist: There are less neighborhood grocery stores due to large corporations squeezing out the little guy. Walmart comes to town and it destroys 30 local businesses. You will soon see when the collapse happens that people will not have money to go drive 10 miles to go to Sams club or ChinaMart and will be walking back to the neighborhood grocery stores. We need to support these little guys now to keep them alive just in case of a collapse.

                • sixpack

                  …and maybe prepare to help defend them WTSHTF…

        • eppe

          The REAL reason we need to keep our firearms…

          An atheist was walking through the woods.
          >>> “What majestic trees!” “What powerful rivers!” “What beautiful
          >>> animals!” he said to himself.
          >>> As he was walking alongside the river, he heard a rustling in the
          >>> bushes behind him. He turned to look. He saw a 7 foot grizzly
          >>> charging toward him. He ran as fast as he could up the path. He looked
          >>> over his shoulder and saw that the bear was gaining in on him.
          >>> He looked over his shoulder again, and the bear was even closer.
          >>> He tripped and fell on the ground. He rolled over to pick himself up
          >>> but saw that the bear was right on top of him, reaching for him with his
          >>> left paw and raising his right paw to strike him. At that instant the
          >>> Atheist cried out, “Oh my God!”
          >>> Time Stopped. The bear froze. The forest was silent.
          >>> As a bright light shone upon the man, a voice came out of the sky.
          >>> “You deny my existence for all these years, teach others I don’t exist
          >>> and even credit creation to cosmic accident.” “Do you expect me to help
          >>> you out of this predicament? Am I to count you as a believer”?
          >>> The atheist looked directly into the light, “It would be
          >>> hypocritical of me to suddenly ask You to treat me as a Christian now,
          >>> but perhaps You could make the BEAR a Christian”?
          >>> “Very Well,” said the voice.
          >>> The light went out. The sounds of the forest resumed. And the
          >>> bear dropped his right paw, brought both paws together, bowed his head
          >>> and spoke:
          >>> “Lord bless this food, which I am about to receive from thy bounty
          >>> through Christ our Lord, Amen.”

          • Outlaw

            And in other breaking news: “Water is found to be wet!”

          • Gonetoolong

            Good one. The wife laughed on that one.

          • eppe

            A biker stops by the local Harley Shop to have his bike fixed. They couldn’t do it while he waited, so he said he didn’t live far and would just walk home. On the way home he stopped at the hardware store and bought a bucket and an anvil. He stopped by the feed store/livestock dealer and picked up acouple of chickens and a goose. However, struggling outside the store he now had a problem: how to carry all of his purchases home.

            While he is scratching his head he was approached by a little old lady who told himshe was lost. She asked, “Can you tell me how to get to 1603 Mockingbird Lane?” The biker said, “Well, as a matter of fact, I live at 1616 Mockingbird Lane. I would walk you home but I can’t carry this lot.” The old lady suggested, “Why don’t you put the anvil in the bucket, carry the bucket in one hand, put a chicken under each arm and carry the goose in the other hand?” “Why thank you very much,” he said and proceeded to walk the old girl home.

            On the way he says, “Let’s take my shortcut and go down this alley. We’ll be there in no time.”The little old lady looked him over cautiously then said, “I am a lonely widow without a husband to defend me. How do I know that when we get in the alley you won’t hold me up against the wall, pull up my skirt, and ravish me?”

            The biker said, “Holy smokes lady! I am carrying a bucket, an anvil, two chickens and a goose. How in the world could I possibly hold you up against the wall and do that?” The lady replied, “Set the goose down, cover him with the bucket, put the anvil on top of the bucket and I’ll hold the chickens.”

            • Tex

              Thanks, Eppe

          • bigben

            Very good, enjoy your humor.

          • braveheart

            Eppe, keep them coming. You’re the best comedian I know of. braveheart

          • Sgt. Dale

            Thanks just got off work and read this. Good to go to bed with a laugh on your breath.
            Thanks Man!!!!

          • JohnFornaro

            Thank you Eppe! Repasted without all the typo stuff:

            An atheist was walking through the woods.

            “What majestic trees!” “What powerful rivers!” “What beautiful animals!” he said to himself.

            As he was walking alongside the river, he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. He turned to look. He saw a 7 foot grizzly charging toward him. He ran as fast as he could up the path. He looked over his shoulder and saw that the bear was gaining in on him.

            He looked over his shoulder again, and the bear was even closer. He tripped and fell on the ground. He rolled over to pick himself up but saw that the bear was right on top of him, reaching for him with his left paw and raising his right paw to strike him. At that instant the Atheist cried out, “Oh my God!”

            Time Stopped. The bear froze. The forest was silent.

            As a bright light shone upon the man, a voice came out of the sky. “You deny my existence for all these years, teach others I don’t exist and even credit creation to cosmic accident.” “Do you expect me to help you out of this predicament? Am I to count you as a believer”?

            The atheist looked directly into the light, “It would be hypocritical of me to suddenly ask You to treat me as a Christian now, but perhaps You could make the BEAR a Christian”?

            “Very Well,” said the voice.

            The light went out. The sounds of the forest resumed. And the bear dropped his right paw, brought both paws together, bowed his head and spoke:

            “Lord bless this food, which I am about to receive from thy bounty through Christ our Lord, Amen.”

        • FuckingPissed

          I stand ready and quite able to kill anyone attempting to disarm me.

          • Acid Etch

            You old people keep saying that but they keep passing more and more laws and you do nothing. Go back to playing checkers, thou keyboard Snake Plissken.

            • FuckingPissed

              No one has attempted to take my firearms yet, asshole.

            • braveheart

              Everyone, listen to this asshole named Acid Etch. He used the term “old people” on us. Who does he remind you of? Hint: his name started with an ‘E’.

              • PO'd Patriot

                One of these days he’ll get his ass kicked by a group of “Olds Peoples”.

              • Anonymous

                It’s TRUE chickenheart! This site is mostly old geezers with one foot in the grave already. You all NEED the world to end so you can crow about your prepping. You’re rooting for the end of the world for God’s sake, how fucking sick is that?

                • the renegade braveheart

                  Anonymous, any one of us “old geezers” are still in good enough shape to kick your ass from point A to point B, and no we’re not rooting for the end of the world. That’s going to happen anyway and there’s nothing anyone can do about it but prepare, which is what I’m doing. What about you? If you’re not prepping, you’re inepting.

              • Shootit

                Forgot about the IRON CROSS

            • NetRanger

              They’re not passing anything. Well, maybe gas. Which, come to think of it, is about as useful and the color of law shitstained paper they produce.

              They’re just trying to convince you they have they right to come and get them. They don’t. They know they don’t but they figure you’re just dumb enough to fall for it.

          • braveheart

            FP, I’m right there with you. If they want mine, they’ll have to get past me with Bertha loaded with 00 buck.

            • Anonymous

              You’ll hand it over when it becomes more than internet bullshit chickenheart.

              • the renegade braveheart

                Anonymous, what makes you think that? How do you know that? The only bullshit I see online right now is you running off your stupid mouth. If you think you can do something, bring it on, mofo, and let’s see what you’re made out of.

      3. Kevin2

        Neal Knox (God Rest His Soul) Attorney and the creator of the NRA-ILA wrote many Second Amendment articles over several decades. One from the 1990s was very interesting which showed the coincidence between mass mad men shootings starting with Patrick Purdy (may he rot in hell) in Stockton California and pending anti gun legislation. The lack of these incidents when such legislation was politically virtually impossible to gain traction was oh so coincidental too. I believe post Mr Knox his theory gained more validity during the Bush 43 Administration when I believe there were fewer incidents.

        How? Who knows but the trend was too obvious to ignore. Manchurian Candidates? Too far fetched? Maybe. Creepy? You bet.

        If anyone remembers this article and knows its location please link it. It was in Shotgun News in the later 90s I believe.

        • braveheart

          Kevin2, I used to read Neal Knox’s articles also. He was one of the few HONEST people at NRA. He was always a straight shooter [pun intended]. braveheart

          • braveheart

            Kevin2, BTW, I always suspected his death to be ‘questionable circumstances’. Maybe NRA and/or the gun control lobby? We may never know.

            • Kevin2

              Neal had prostrate cancer as I remember. I called him on a few occasions having met him through Aaron Zelman of JPFO. Aaron was another great Second Amendment supporter that did a lot with the genocide and gun control data. They were kindred spirits. Their passing was a loss for all of us.

              Neal believed in a no nonsense uncompromising straight forward Right To Keep And Bear Arms.

          • Anonymous

            Can you read chicken heart?

            • the renegade braveheart

              Yeah, mofo, I can read. WTF about you?

        • John Q. Public

          Get a copy of the official autopsy report on Patrick Purdy, then turn to the section on his psychological autopsy. Understand that Patrick Purdy had been abused as a male child prostitute. What is not mentioned in the report: Purdy was passed around in a statewide ring whose patrons were very powerful California politicians.

          When Purdy went homicidally insane, the last thing that the politicians could afford was for the public to turn their eyes on Purdy and ask, “Who was Purdy?” They had to make it about “the assault weapon” because the politicians could not risk their sick satanic behavior being discovered.

          The situation is far worse than you think.

        • John Q. Public

          Because Neal Knox was a true believer and a hard-liner, he and his supporters were driven from the NRA The namby pamby compromisers and police groupies gained control and very well paid cushy jobs.

        • kynase

          You are right…nothing overly serious has been passed, yet. But isn’t the “threat” actually inciting violence in some way?

      4. SmokinOkie

        The Constitution doesn’t confer gun rights (or any other). It merely states in writing the NATURAL, GOD GIVEN rights every citizen possesses. No political leech, and none of the paper they write on, can trump that. Even the United States Supreme Court is subordinate to these rights.
        Therefore- any law, any legislation, any court, any ruling, any ONE or any THING which seeks to curtail the rights of the citizens should be considered the enemy of liberty; the very enemy of God… and treated accordingly.
        Resistance to tyranny is an obligation of every citizen. Do not obey! Do not register! Do not submit! Do not comply!


        • Billy Hill


        • braveheart

          Howdy, SmokinOkie. braveheart is right there with you.

        • NetRanger

          There you go, saying it better than I ever could.

          Do not comply. Why? Because when you comply you give their lies and fraud more legitimacy.

      5. Socrates

        They have been after ‘our guns’ for years and every year they make more and more restrictive laws that prove nothing, other than their true intent- to disarm America prior to the people waking up.

        Everyone knows an armed society is a polite society and a disarmed society is as good as dead. U.S. crime rates are STILL the highest in the states that have the most restrictive laws on the books. The sad part is, they have all kinds of laws that they cannot even enforce now…what makes them think they can enforce still more?
        They can’t and they know it, so they are just going after ALL of the guns.

        Another example of the leftist, liberal mindset at work:
        -Kids in school are traumatized for merely saying the word ‘gun’, making a finger sign of a pistol or playing games like ‘tag’. You can bet that TPTB will not give up or let up, and neither should we!

      6. dazed and confused

        Bullshit. You are just some paranoid delusional addicted to his phallic symbol. If anyone is after anyone else’s rights, it is you psychopaths who would not know reality if it but you in the ass.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Your handle brings shame to the mighty Led Zeppelin!

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            We’re on a Highway to Hell ~ AC/DC – The tipping Point is a coming to a neighborhood near you!! None of these Political Cowards have the Balls to come and take the Guns themselves. They will hire their Flunky Minions to do their dirty work, and we will get to slice and Dice these Prostitutes to pieces.

          • braveheart

            Howdy, Warchild. That ‘dazed and confused’ moron sounds like ncjoe posting under another name. ncjoe, welcome back, you dildo.

            • NetRanger

              I was gonna say “dazed and confused” is not just a handle anymore…

            • Unreconstructed Southron

              You’re right BH, a handle by any other name smells the same. It’s definitely NCJoke.

            • Anonymous

              Dildo? How far back to the seventies did you have to go for that one chickenheart? Oh sorry, I forgot you live in the past.

              • the renegade braveheart

                Anonymous, f#$% you!

        • PO'd Patriot

          Ah……. A second grader’s musings. How cute.

      7. Mike

        And the dictator has literally an army crossing the border looking for a life running into the arms of a tyrant. A promise and a gun away from taking yours.

      8. SmokinOkie

        News Flash to Mike Bloomberg:
        Whatever you do- don’t die right away! Heaven has lost your reservation! Don’t worry, it’ll turn up. Probably just misplaced… like those IRS emails.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          i hope those emails aren’t where obomber keeps his college transcripts and birth certificate!

        • VRF

          Funny thing about those E-mails..doesnt matter if her hard drive was corrupted lost or damaged..all e-mails are stored on the ISP’s servers..so her hard drive and computer is

          Not directed at you S.O. ..But people wake the hell up!!!!

          • Tex

            I worked as an IT guy in an industry where the gubmint REQUIRED emails and office memos be kept forever. I have had to restore emails from older generations of MS Exchange because of a subpoena from a Federal court. Is the IRS, which requires taxpayers to keep at least 7 years records somehow exempt? I call BS on the whole “lost” HDD lie.

            • NetRanger

              They are not exempt. In fact the law requires them to keep a hard copy of every single email that their system sends or receives. This is what makes this crime of deletion even more serious.

              • Shootit

                Next they will say the hard copies burned in a trash can fire keeping the local homeless guy warm.

                What about the White House Copy? NSA? Clowd? Hilary must have had a copy…. Plus whoever blackmailed the Chief Justice of the Suuuuuupreame Court and and and

        • lower40

          “I have earned my place in heaven.”

          For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast.…

        • braveheart

          SmokinOkie, I wouldn’t have any problem with Bloomberg or any other gun grabber going straight to hell. That’s where their reservations are, in a ‘special section’.

      9. Satori

        Texas County Commissioners Accidentally Vote In Approval Of Slavery Reparations


        and here is the operative sentence

        “The commissioners admitted after the Tuesday meeting that they had not read the document before voting unanimously for its approval, ”

        guess it’s not only in Washington where our “leaders”
        can’t read ???

        what other laws have these irresponsible idiots passed
        without reading ???

        • SmokinOkie

          Satori- so typical of the dim bulbs in political office. And the notion of reparations got me to thinking.

          We’ve been hearing about this for years- how the American public somehow “owes” reparations to the descendants of slaves. I have an idea- how about a purely mathematical response? We will pay the reparations, and they pay the difference in standard of living in America versus living in Africa. Sounds fair to me…
          Let’s do the math-

          Total number of persons who were ever slaves 1776 to 1865 (estimate)….just under 10 million. Average number of years of free labor per slave….40. So, 40 years times 10 million persons = 400 million years of free labor.
          Adjusting for inflation, 400 mil years times $20k per year (20k is an estimate based on average earnings of unskilled laborer) = $8 Trillion in free labor extracted from slaves during entire era of slavery in US history.
          8 Trillion Dollars! Sounds like a lot. But let’s look a bit further…into the era of freedom for Americans of African heritage.
          Adjusting for inflation, average earnings (or average received from public assistance) is 20k per year. Multiply that times number of free blacks who have ever lived in America since the end of slavery. Best estimate is approximately 95 million. Average number of years for earning (or receiving assistance) = 50 yrs. So, 95 million times 50 times 20k = 95 Trillion.
          Yep, 95 Trillion! And, we took the 8 Trillion in free labor from them. 95-8 = 87. So, according to my figures, the African-American community owes us about $87 Trillion.
          Minus the value of living in Africa (if we’d left them there in the first place) = $0

          280 million non-black citizens, dividing equally the 87 Trillion they owe us… hmmm. I’d say each of us crackers is due a check from Al Sharpton in the amount of $345,000. Although, knowing Al, I’d rather have mine in cash.

          • braveheart

            SmokinOkie, those are some nice thoughts but they’ll never happen. When those programs start running out of revenue and the ‘gimmedat’ crowd start getting smaller slices of the pie, that’s when TSHTF. The pie is still the same size even with all the newcomers to the public dole every month and the number of producers [we who work and pay taxes] going down every month. the day is coming when the pie disappears, then it’s party time!

            • Anonymous

              You bet it’s party time chickenheart! They’re gonna string your ass up boy!

              • the renegade braveheart

                Anonymous, if you feel froggy, why don’t you go ahead and jump? I don’t think you have what it takes. You don’t know what kind of skills I have. You don’t know what I’ve been through in life. You don’t know what’s in my home. I can hold my own and then some. come on, fucker, let’s see what you’re made of.

          • PO'd Patriot

            Okie, I’ll accept my pay in bulk ammunition, pork rinds (1 bag), and Harp beer (only 12oz longnecks).

        • Slick one

          Cool, now those desendants of slaves can use the money to pay back the working class for all of those decades of EBT,SSI, AFDC, WIC, Section 8 housing, Food Stamps, Welfare checks, housing projects, Head Start programs….

      10. guero

        “shall not be infringed.”

      11. km

        And what did bringing in a bunch of republicans do last time, um – nothing! Wow, americans just never learn! The whole bunch of clueless nuts need to go – all of them! It really does look like it’s way too late for any reform to happen now. That really was the last straw, dragging in all the illegals – it’s totally third world now.

        Apathy really does kill!!!!!!!!!

      12. .02

        Hitlery is the one that is going to implement putting up the road blocks and searching door to door for the evil black rifles. It is not a matter of if the DHS confiscates, just when.

        • braveheart

          Howdy, .02. When DHS and their allies try it, it will be game on! braveheart

      13. Waiting in Idaho

        Ever notice how every one of these mass shootings occur in liberal states (CO, CA, CT etc), by young men who have very liberal philosophies, raised by liberal, atheist parents. They spend hours mindlessly playing very violent video games, by themselves. The come from homes where the father is absent or aloof. And I’ll bet that most of them were on psycho-tropic drugs for behavior problems. Maybe if Daddy stuck his boot up his ass, made him get a job and go to church once in a while we wouldn’t have these problems and Feensteen could take up a new cause, like spotted owls or something.

      14. TheGuy

        ” we only need to enact new legislation further restricting gun and ammunition ownership and our problems with crime and mental health will go away.”


        THEIR problems with having these issues haunt their Presidential terms will go away.

        The issues? No. But I mean who the hell getting elected cares about that? As long as you can say “see, I did it”… pffft f*ck reality.

      15. TheGuy

        “Right now, it’s not even possible to get the mildest restrictions through Congress and we should be ashamed.”

        That means it’s working AS DESIGNED.

        I guess you really should be ashamed, you guys. You’d think you’d have more nuts. Stopped by a mere “damned piece of paper”… sad ain’t it?

      16. CuzzinJim

        I think the wheels will fall off the cart socially before any kind of gun confiscation takes place. There will be a reset and real criminals will pay a real price for their crimes. Our .gov makes any form of organized crime ie:the mob, hell, MS13 for that matter, seem like a pack of Nuns.

        Don’t get me wrong, I know they would like to turn us all into slaves by taking our firearms. Our founding fathers knew the deal even then. It’s too bad that we don’t have Statesmen as they were, running the country. We would be in much better shape. I’m going to leave it at that, but all of us here are on the same page.

      17. N.O. ;0p

        the ZOG FEDGOV can only do so much at once.

        cover only so much ground.

        resistance in the inner cities will be ferocious as they go door to door forcibly taking guns.


        we still have time to fight back through the individual states legislature and federal courts.

        And if necessary start a Revolutionary Civil War.

        in the end some of us are probly going to have to take a stand in force, shed some ZOG GESTAPO blood.

        arm up stock up prepare

        n.o. ;0p

        • braveheart

          N.O., I got your email on the 16th and went back to the site. It’s definitely more interesting than before. Keep those interesting articles coming. braveheart

        • posseecom

          I would disagree on one point…

          The inner cities..

          Most likely the last place the confiscation would begin as le don’t even venture forth due to the proliferation of automatic weapons within..

          The obvious target areas would be the likes of metro suburban areas where ‘shelter in place” worked perfectly during the home to home searches (without warrants ) after the Boston marathon scenario..

          Compliant ,obedient serfs will be their primary target(s)..


          • N.O. ;0p

            i thought of that

            the most serfs aren’t really that obedient and most are pretty scared and angry right now in zog amerika.

            if someone takes away your means to protect yourself and family PROPERLY

            and your neighbors , surrounding neighborhoods are still armed to the teeth , now preying upon your home , neighborhood because it’s been disarmed , robbing , molesting and raping in your neighborhood what are you going to do???

            call the cops who take 2 hours to arrive after the murder rape robbery has occurred ??? give the crooks your children in trade , let them rape your wife in trade for sparing your lives???

            good luck with that one.

            most fathers will find a way to hide the guns they have or get a now illegal gun off the street to ensure they can protect their families from criminals.

            the gun confiscation will fail for this reason .

            men have a natural right to protect their families from harm. and will do what is necessary to do so.

            including break the law.

            the gun confiscation will fail. just as alcohol prohibition failed. and the drug war failed in amerika.

            n.o. ;0p

      18. Sierra Dave

        We really need a website with a listing of all the anti-gunners. Federal, State, Judges, Sherrifs, Media, Actors, etc.

        Some pictures and maybe quotes and short video clips would be good.

        Mac…Mac Slavo… You there?

        • buttcrackofdoom

          what a great idea sierra d!! thanks for contributing to a great website and making it even BETTER! i’m going to go google that and see if it’s out there yet.

            • braveheart

              BCOD, I went thru that list only briefly but it appears very interesting. I bookmarked it to my computer.

              • buttcrackofdoom

                thanks braveheart! i just remembered i forgot to bookmark it, so here i GO!

        • Anonymous

          Hey Sierra Dave….I don’t think even having a server farm or VM’s(Virtual Machines) would be sufficient from a memory and space perspective to keep track of these SOB’s. The judges, LEs, and all other tyrants who support their masters are only Godless and soulless workers….masters are the ones residing in the central banks.

        • Tex

          Phoenix Program

          • Night Breaker

            Behind every blade of grass.


            Semper Fi 8541

      19. 21Bravo

        Hey zer0…..Molon Labe…!!!

      20. ArmedPatriot

        Our family celebrates “Tyrants Day” July 1st and our nations independence July 4th. What’s Tyrants day? We sit around and drink soda, eat sweets, shoot guns, and ride 4 wheelers… everything that Tyrants do not wish we do… Death to the Tyrants!


      21. Jim in Va.

        I needed money to survive…you know, food,gas,taxes. So I sold my guns to eat,pay electric bill,water bill,phone bill,mortgage,etc. Can’t afford the ammo either. Think the baseball bat by the front door will help? Nobody gets my bat! Molon Labe!

        • buttcrackofdoom

          you can always fall back on the pointy knives in the kitchen…not literally, of course. until the gubmint takes THOSE away to…..wait a minute. if we could just make the food suppliers cut up everything FOR us before we buy it….we won’t need those pointy knives anymore! no more murders! i gotta call my congressman!(sarcasm off)

          • Archivist

            They already sell food that’s already cut up. You can buy onions that are peeled and diced. You can buy cheese that’s cut up or shredded. You wouldn’t believe how many lazy people buy that kind of stuff.

            I can cut my own cheese. (ha ha)

            • buttcrackofdoom

              my wife and kids won’t eat cheese until it’s grated, even though it gets melted on the hot food they are eating it on. yeesh!

        • Smokey

          Molon Louisville !

      22. Grafique

        “…piece by piece our Right to Bear Arms is being dismantled and you are asleep at the wheel.”

        Um, excuse me, but I am a DUES-PAYING MEMBER of the NRA. I have already put my money where my mouth is.

        • Anonymous

          Hey Grafique…Who is dismantling our Right to Bear Arms? I bet is not the ZOG’s according to you. Shame on your stupidity.

          • Grafique

            You’re a Big Man because you can call people names, huh? The truth is that you’re an immature child, imagining that you’re wise and in the know.

            Go ahead. Call me and God’s Chosen more names. Reveal the extent of your immaturity for all to see. I laugh at your impotence.

            • John Q. Public

              How quintessentially hypocritical of you to whine about name-calling.

        • Acid Etch

          The NRA WROTE THE LEGISLATION for mandatory waiting periods, gun permits, and registrations. The NRA has been a GUN CONTROL group for most of its history.

          • braveheart

            Acid Etch, you make a valid point about the NRA, but don’t call my people old people.

            • Anonymous

              The truth is your old geezers chickenheart. Denying it is a fools errand, right up your alley.

              • Grafique

                All Anonymous has is juvenile name-calling.
                May I never, ever, EVER be shoulder-to-shoulder with him in a firefight.
                He’d turn and run for sure.

              • the renegade braveheart

                Anonymous, you sound like a fool on a “fool’s errand” yourself. I know I’m getting on in years, but still in good enough shape to kick your stupid ass or as a very last resort, shoot your stupid ass. I hope I NEVER meet you face-to-face. I don’t want to think about what I would have to do to you.

          • Smokey

            I suppose you want the antigunners to write them?

          • Grafique

            And when your guns have been seized, you’ll curse the NRA for not doing more to help you.

            Why don’t YOU do something to stop what’s happening? At least I took some action. What did you do, besides criticize those who are trying to do something?


            • Archivist

              My right to bear arms is not being dismantled. I do not choose to recognize their attempts to infringe upon my rights.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Me to,just not with a group that will compromise on the bill of rights,I will not willingly compromise any of those rights,why I support GOA.

      23. Warchild Dammit!

        I would say any who wanted a firearm has done so by now,those that do not want to own firearms and see no reason to have one in future is fine also,your choice(gotta love freedom!),no matter how they the powers that try and be wanna distort the bill of rights millions will remain armed,even a constitutional convention and changing bill of rights won’t stop folks from owning firearms if they wish,horse has left the barn many decades ago.

      24. y99

        Rifleman’s Creed

        This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.My rifle, without me, is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will…My rifle and I know that what counts in war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit…My rifle is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will keep my rifle clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will…Before God, I swear this creed. My rifle and I are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life.So be it, until victory is America’s and there is no enemy, but peace!

        • Night Breaker



          Semper Fi 8541

      25. Anonymous

        My Gun(s) are in the same place as Lois Lerner’s emails.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          Anon,then they would be easy to find,the e-mails could be found/too much mirroring ect.,this is just another pre-election stall tactic,those e-mails can be found.

      26. DirtyGreek

        Um here’s what happens: a nutty nut bar with a gun decides to kill people for no reason and soon after,there is a public outcry and politicians must come up with something to stop the sheep from bleating. Usually the Libtards come up with retarded ideas and ban something or restrict something. This shit has been going on for decades.
        Here in the city where I live,the politicians banned the sale of guns and ammo. So now,us law abiding citizens have to drive a bit further to buy our guns and ammo. Last time I checked,the gangbangers dont walk into a store and buy guns and ammo,soooo I dont see any logic to this BUT a Libtard does. Why? Because “We did something about the problem.” 😉

        • buttcrackofdoom

          they make a lot of sense if you don’t stop and THINK about it.

      27. tired of ny bs

        They hafta find the iceberg in the desert that sunk my boat with my guns.

      28. DirtyGreek

        Oh and imagine IF the citizens of eyeraq had the right to bear arms??? Y’all think ISIS would even bother trying to start shit??? Now we all gotta call in the hot damn ‘merikans again! Hot damn ‘merikans and their petro dollar!
        Y’all beware of Obomba! Hes gonna start ta O-bomb-A!!!! Yer children are yet again gonna get spent on protectin’ that petro dallar!!!!
        But hey,its a good trade off,young blood for cheap oil n gas ta fill up yer essss uuuu veees!!!!

      29. White Fox

        Lots of these shootings have lots of unanswered questions, and that to me is highly suspicious. Nevertheless, they absolutely will not stop and will continue to shamelessly use any shooting to shamelessly push the agenda every time. They know full well what they’re doing. They also try to make 2nd Amendment supporters look like a deranged fringe minority, being willfully ignorant and deceptive, exaggerations, pretending to care about the children (tyrants always like to use children in their propaganda-see Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim Jong Un, Obama), ignoring facts, ignoring that their gun free zones have been an utter failure to prevent anything, creatively twisting or misinterpreting the meaning of the 2A, trying to brainwash the people with daily anti-gun propaganda in the media or pep rallies, driven to hysteria over toy guns or anything gun related, clamoring for any gun control that does nothing to stop a future shooter, while acting like they’re the beacons of reason and common sense. You have to understand they have no problem with guns, they just have a problem with your guns, and the hypocrisy is in your face. Dianne Feinstein admits she conceal carries, Leland Yee is busted for arms trafficking to criminals, Michael Bloomberg has armed bodyguards, Holder and Obama are gun running to cartels and terrorists. The goal of anti-gunners is for the state to have the monopoly of force and ultimately the abolition of modern firearm ownership for civilians. This is a death by a thousand cuts. If they can’t get the guns, they’ll just restrict ammo or make it harder to get either. We as a country have to recognize that children in schools are just as worth protecting with guns as money, businesses, and leaders. A school should be the last place a mass shooter wants to go. And there needs to be attention to the effects of the psychiatric drugs, of which many of these shooters were on.

        Since we’re on the subject of guns, thought I’d talk about SHTF situations should you find yourself without a gun. You do need the right opportunity and you do have to be fast. There’s a lesson to be learned from the movie Children of Men, when the two officers were shot by a rebel fighter from the car, Clive Owen’s character should’ve picked up their dropped pistols and given one to Kee. So they didn’t have to be unarmed in the whole movie. Or hide and be the first to strip the casualties in a moving battle, ambush a bad guy quietly and take his, find an unattended patrol car and go for the rifle between the front seats from the side, find a low security weapons storage area, or just know the right people.

        I am not advocating that anyone go do these things, and I know lawmen like Sgt. Dale might frown on this if he’s reading, but I’m only saying this for educational purposes. Decisions and any consequences are your responsibility.

      30. MARKG

        all I know is that I would like some of that body armor and a HUMVEE and perhaps a fully automatic rifle like the ones left on the side of the road that OUR GOVERNMENT gave the Iraqi people, they arm everyone else and disarm us. WTF?

        • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

          I have had the chance to fire full-auto while working for Uncle Sam. It is overrated. Even 3 round bursts are of limited utility IMHO. That gives you 10 shots before you have exhausted your 30 round magazine, and at that rate you burn through your magazines in no time. Single, well aimed shots are the way to go unless you are clearing rooms, where I would rather have a shotgun than a rifle anyway. Maybe a submachine gun would be useful too, but I never got to play with those.

          Body armor, on the other hand, would be very useful; especially the milspec ones that the DHS is handing out to local police forces like candy. That, and the NVGs would be what I would be after. Funny thing about Iraq; when I was there the soldiers searching houses had to allow each Iraqi household to keep one Kalashnikov for self-defense. More than that would be confiscated, but apparently our government had no problem with Iraqi families to use fully-automatic weapons to defend themselves from their fellow Iraqis.

      31. Acid Etch

        Much has been said about the virgin killer, alpha males, and beta males now. Someone recently make a utoob video to the effect that preppers are the true alpha males.


        Alpha males are people obsessed with material things and status in the herd and conforming to the expectations of the idiot populace and playing idiotic mind games with people and sperminating as many dumb women as possible. Women love the alpha because they want to be paraded around in front of the herd.

        A lone wolf survives in the wild by accumulating supplies, tools, and information. It doesn’t care what society thinks about anything. It doesn’t care what women think about anything. It doesn’t care about status in the herd. It doesn’t do anything flashy to draw attention to itself. Its manner is quiet, conservative, and reserved. Society has a nickname for the lone wolf. They call him a sociopath. Yes, all of us are sociopaths to a degree. Can’t you see it?

        Because the mission of the alpha (leaders) is to control everyone, and the focal point of the lone wolfs existence is that it doesn’t want to be told what to do, the fireworks are inevitable. But the alpha isn’t a killer. He just likes to make noise and scare people into submission. The lone wolf isn’t interested in male dominance games…

        • Defiant

          Very well said, Acid Etch.

        • Night Breaker

          Acid Etch ,
          I was having this same conversation today at lunch with a FBI agent friend , he stated the same thing, problem is most of the sociopaths tend to travel up the change of command to positions of leadership and cause all kinds of atrocities in mass. They pass these laws to create dissent , they need dissent to further their agenda which is total unopposed control of eveyone for their benefit only.

          The second amendment is the equalizer, power distributed to the population is the Deterent to tyranny it is the final say in extreme circumstances of life and death.
          It’s the last vote.


          Semper Fi 8541

        • Educated Sinner

          @ AcidE
          Yes, but some people are just plain cockroaches, or rabid Muslim animals

      32. MARKG

        what the hell is with the moderation? if your gonna run and gun you ain’t got time for that!

          • SmokinOkie

            Funny stuff dat! 🙂

          • PO'd Patriot

            Lord Jesus, there’s a fire…..Sweet Brown, funny stuff.

          • Archivist

            They just had to put in that guy in leotards dancing to “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It).”

            • durango kidd

              Be sure to post the link for Part II. I don’t want to miss dat. Justin Bieber move over! A star is born! (To coin a phrase):-)

      33. MARKG

        MOLON LABE!!!!

      34. Sgt. Dale

        Taking our guns from us will start a war!!!!!
        I have never shot anyone in 30 years on the job. But I have the metal state to do so, and I will take out anyone that tries to hurt me and mine.
        It is your call on how you are going to act.
        If the Feds try to take my guns I will do everything I can to stop them. I really don’t want to hurt anyone but I will if I have to!!!!

        • Mr. West

          AMEN Brother,

          But here is the real deal. The government and this so called president can make any law or EO they want, I don’t care, you do not care. Just like in Connecticut, the people said no, and the government there is unable to do anything about it.

          Law in America is dead, this government and this president killed it dead. They routinely break the law and affront the constitution, so be it.

          Let them pass the law, then we all ignore it and DARE them to enforce it. I see lots of dead government loyalist.

          They do not have to obey or abide, neither do I. I have one 172g match with every loyalist name on it, and I know how to use it.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            @Mr West. Exactly. This “do as I say” by the Government is not cutting it. Respect is earned, and is why the world no longer respects America. When the leadership breaks the law on a daily basis, the population see this and says why should be obey any laws, if our own government breaks laws daily. This is part of the total collapse of our nation and society. No one in our leadership is held responsible. People like GW Bush and Dick Cheney should be hanged for all the world to see, and we will again earn respect. What we are in right now is all out Tyranny, and the Government is gobbling up as much control as they possible can because they know damn well the end is near. This is why the National debt is so large, as the majority of that money was spent on War machines. All to protect their own power. When our Government commits mass Genocide, the people that suffers besides the dead are the American people as we become targets, just because we have the name American on our ID’s. Try being an American and travel abroad. Our Government starts conflicts in other countries to overthrow the leadership. But is the same reason why they want to disarm Americans because they know they are Tyrannical and fear they will lose power as we should be over throwing them right now. That is our Job as citizens. It is the right of Americans to dissent against the Government and protest, and also our right to overthrow our government and replace it with a new one if we choose because of lawlessness. Out national documents say so, as in the 2nd Amendment. Why should anybody in America obey any laws if our government breaks them daily, like arming well known Terrorists, just because it fits their political agenda. Iraq and ISIS is a perfect example. Connect the dots, as most all the general populations in the world just want peace, but the controllers and leaders in these countries just love their chess game of genocide and tit for tat. Their EGOS will get us killed.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              The Seeds of Democracy that America has spread over the last decade has been GMO Frankenstein Seeds. Nothing grows!!

        • Kulafarmer

          How ya doin Sarge, hope the summer is being good to you.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Thanks for asking!

            One of the guys I work part time with got a Chiefs job down by Springfield Ill. Opened up 6 shifts in 7 days and no one wanted to work. Full timers had to take 2 and I work the rest. Not complaining Need new tires and brakes on my F-150. Better to get then now. The way things are going you just don’t know. Was able to add a little silver, and some extra stuff to the prep stash also.

            Good Lord has been looking down on my garden. Plenty of rain and warm and humid weather.

            Haven’t had a lot of time to be on the site lately and I miss that. I miss getting to read what the good folks here have to say.

            How is everything on the Island? If all goes well just might be there in the summer/fall. I’m going out to Ohio to see my two see to of my daughters. My sons-in law wants me to go over their preps. I want to spoil the hell out of my grandsons, all 6 of them.

            Been seeing more and more military equipment being mover around. Been on Rt80 several times over the last couple of weeks and I have seen more than normal. Lots of heavy trucks carrying cargo boxes. Saw then about two weeks ago now. Tons of stuff going into the Guard ground south of me.
            Gog Bless you and yours, and my you have a great summer.

      35. mallardhen

        I’m glad I live in MO as our Governor says all Federal Gun Laws are null & void in his state. And by the way Acid Etch watch your mouth about us old folks bet we could still show you a thing or two, most of us don’t have time for checkers we are way to busy getting our preps, ammo, and everything else in line because when SHTF we will be a whole lot more ready then you young ones who just think they know what it’s all about. We will leave the checker playing to you and yours while us old guys hunker down and survive.

        • Mountain Trekker

          Mallardhen, Missourah has conservative legislators but I find it hard to believe Governor Jay Nixon would make such a statement. He walks lock step with Obama. He must have changed since I lived there. Trekker Out.

      36. MARKG

        Is this site a freekin joke or what. Our country is rotting from the inside and the global economy is melting down and you want to moderate me? what the hell is wrong with you Mac Salvo? Ive been watching this site for well over a year and feel that it has great insight into whats going on in the world but damn if its not a right pain in the ass to get an opinion out to “those of like mind”. I’m not a guy the NSA OR secret service is going to freak out over so whats the hang up for man?

        • the renegade braveheart

          MARKG, try to have patience with Mac, he’s doing something he feels is necessary. the site is not a joke.

          • Anonymous

            Who asked your opinion chicken heart? ST%#UP now.

            • the renegade braveheart

              Anonymous, who yanked on your chain? Come try to make me shut up if you think you have what it takes.

      37. Slick one

        Well naturally the Presidential primate wants to take your guns, his cant have any of his sons getting shot when they try to rob,beat,rape or kill you.
        Gotta protect da brothas, cause if Obama had a son hed look like trayvon martin.

      38. Kulafarmer

        They can have em all,

      39. River Rat

        I’ve said many times, not enough boots. In my rural county with a population roughly 17,000 we have total of 25 LE. Now of that 17,000 50%+ own firearms that’s 8,500+ so if only 50% resisted 4,250 against 25 LE, so to me it’s all about the numbers. Please do the numbers for your county, get the picture. This is why the Government is bringing in all the illegals they are called cannon fodder to do the dirty work. This is the only way the numbers can add up. Along those lines the vast uptick in illegals crossing our borders recently makes one think something soon will be going down (before the mid-terms?). Have a nice day and thank you for visiting this informative web site.

        An afterthought (from river bank) all the LE; be it local ,state, and fed (including military) will be used to keep the cannon fodder in line and not go into the meat grinder. As the SGT. would say AIM SMALL-MISS SMALL.

        Rive Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      40. betrthemichgander

        Please listen to the following audio clip of a speech given at 1961 in Washington DC to get you up to speed on WWI, WWII and why America is being played again for WWIII.
        A speech given from 1961 by Benjamin H. Freedman speaking on the real factors for the causes of World Wars I, II, and soon coming III and how the American public got deceived into WWI, WWII and will get played again into WWIII, remember this is from 1961, over 50 years ago. Benjamin Freedman is speaking at the Willard Hotel in Washington DC. No one can understand the bloody history of the 20th century without listening to his speech. Do you know the “real” reasons why Germany became very upset with Jews in their own country, this before WWII? Learn what the be trails that were done to many nations including Germany. The Zionists are crafty manipulators of nations and this for their own selfish agenda. http://gbppr.dyndns.org/proj/obama/benjamin-h-freedman-1961-speech.html

      41. betrthemichgander

        My take on all of this, the Jews interests are trying to do a repeat to what they did to Germany post WWI. The Zionist bankers (Goldman Sachs many other global Zionists bankers etc) want to bankrupt America and then try to install a socialist “communist” form of government. Obama is a proven hard core Marxist and is following the Communist manifesto, his biggest contributor is Goldman Sachs.

        The Zionist via their many lobby organizations and bought politicians have been jockeying for this for a long time now. They don’t want to see a repeat of Nazi Germany happening to here in America, where people rise up against those who tried to bring their nation down, the Jews/Zionists, the pro communists.

        Its lessons learned from what Germany felt had to be done to save their nation and only sought to eradicate the communist agendas at play against them and what others had suffered. The Jwes / Zionists are concerned with Americans getting very angry at what has been transpiring against them which includes the bankrupting of America.

        Also this is why you see the unbridled immigration occurring, they don’t want to see a dominate sect of people in America anymore. It’s a form of what is popularly called “ Lebanonization “ creating many ethnic sects of society within a nation that fight amongst themselves, because united you stand, divided you fall.

        So the Lebanonization of America, unbridled immigrations gives the Jews most control over a nation’s people.

        This is also sometimes called “order out of chaos” the spinning of peoples heads through the media, hardships and more so they can not figure out what is really happening to them, that they are being played and manipulated for others agendas.

        The Jews are crafty liars who control the main stream medias, banks and more..

        • Grafique

          Your life will never change for the better until you grow up and stop blaming others for your problems.

          Be a man. Take responsibility for your own faults.

          • River Rat

            Grafique: When all else fails blame the JEWS. I for one feel honored to be grafted in.

            River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE

            • Educated Sinner


              When you say “Grafted in” do you think that when a Gentile accepts Christ they become a member of a Hebrew tribe? Does their DNA change? Do they change their speech, culture, and Family Tree?

              Of course not. What you, I, and all of our Sisters and brothers in Christ are “Grafted into” is God’s Family, the body of Believers, aka The Church or The True Israel.

              Doubt me? Ask yourself these simple questions. Beginning with Abraham, were all Jews saved? Are all Jews saved now? Show me in scripture where a Jew is saved simply by his blood/tribe, not by his Faith.

              “For it is by Faith you are saved, not by works”: The Apostle Paul

              • John Q. Public

                You almost nailed it, Educated Sinner!

                It is Jesus Christ Who is the Root, NOT the carnal Israelites, NOT the synagogue of Satan.

                However… your half-concept misses the necessity of good works.

                Pay attention to what GOD says is necessary to enter Heaven:

                “But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?” James 2:20

                “Not every one that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but he that doth the will of my Father who is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 7:21

                “…But if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.” Matthew 19:17

                “Wherefore, my dearly beloved, (as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but much more now in my absence,) with fear and trembling work out your salvation” Phillipians 2:12

                What shall it profit, my brethren, if a man say he hath faith, but hath not works? Shall faith be able to save him? And if a brother or sister be naked, and want daily food: And one of you say to them: Go in peace, be ye warmed and filled; yet give them not those things that are necessary for the body, what shall it profit? So faith also, if it have not works, is dead in itself. But some man will say: Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without works; and I will shew thee, by works, my faith.” James 2:14-18

                “…Who will render to every man according to his works.” Romans 2:6

                “For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels: and then will He render to every man according to his works.” Matthew 16:27

                “For we must all be manifested before the judgement seat of Christ, that every one may receive the proper things of the body, according as he hath done, whether it be good or evil.” 2 Corinthians 5:10

                “And I saw the dead, great and small, standing in the presence of the throne, and the books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life; and the dead were judged by those things which were written in the books, according to their works.” Apocalypse 20:12

                See also Matthew 25:31-46 (the unrighteous are condemned for failing to do good deeds), 1 Corinthians 13:2 (faith without love is useless), Galatians 5:6 (faith without love is useless), etc., etc., etc.

                There are about 30 MORE verses that testify to the necessity of good works to enter Heaven. I will gladly supply them all.

          • Anonymous

            Be a man. Take responsibility for your own faults? You really are a true POS Grafique. I bet your type accuses the rape victim and not the rapist. You dumb useful idiot. Go to Hell and stay there with your chosen people.

            • Grafique

              I seem to have acquired a fan.
              Do you have crush on me, Anonymous? You follow me around like a little girl.

              • Anonymous

                You just smell really bad Grafique.

                • the renegade braveheart

                  Anonymous, I’ll take Grafique over you any day, so go f#$% yourself!

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Grafique believes the Jews will Save America. Bwhaaaaaaahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa hahha

            • Grafique

              Not sure I believe that, but for sure it won’t be you posers. You’re the problem with America.

        • Kevin2


      42. robthebob from california

        Everything’s available at bargain prices because the world is going out of business
        I don’t know if there has ever been a time when hope has been in such short supply.

        Like a big department store going out of business after many years, the looting of its products has begun. The only thing that matters to most people is the quick score, the short term profit, the gaming of the system in search of serendipitous ill-gotten gain. Even the bargain prices aren’t that important since the world’s financial mechanisms have been revealed as total shams, and you can’t even tell anymore how much money you actually have, since the value of your currency diminishes daily.
        In this era of continuous calamities and liars in every position of authority, looting definitely seems to be the order of the day. With every move they make, it is what our leaders teach the people who teach our children.
        In order to have any hope, you have to be pretty oblivious to all these negative things that are going on, and pretty stunted in the grey matter department.
        People talk about heading for the hills, starting isolated communities with just a few friends, growing their own food, getting off the grid. Few people realize how intimately we are tied into the grid, from the TVs that lure us into la la land to the electric lights that illuminate our reality to the computers by which we depend upon every message that’s important to us.

        If you console yourself by thinking you can do without these things, you’re a fool and delusional. Even if you can skin a rabbit and cook it, or tear apart an engine and put it back together, I’d bet a lot that you can’t tell if that rabbit has chronic wasting disease or if that engine needs a sensor that you couldn’t manufacture by yourself in a thousand years.

        To think you can hide in the wilderness from the predator drones is definitely the tune of a looney.
        Then there are those who think they can run away to Shangri-la, by finding it in Ecuador, Fiji, or Bangkok. Maybe you no longer need contact with the places you grew up, but many refugees are about to find out what it’s like to be a reviled Yankee dog when the American dollar goes the way of the German deutsch mark. Think worldwide Knockout Game.

        I have one friend who has gone permanently on the water, and swipes his Internet connection from other people’s Wi-fi at marinas. Another friend commutes to lower South America, where the locals are building him a house while his family remains in America, incredulous at his attempt to start a pistachio farm.

        Then there are those who have done the environmental math, who cringe at the shrinking Arctic ice and calculate that our blood will be boiling and all vegetation will be parched to death in a mere few decades. These people get along well with those who point their fingers to the sky, to the bizarre white rivulets of smoke we see every day.

        They bellow: “These things are not natural” and insist they are the cause of the trees turning brown and people who don’t smoke coughing their heads off as they wander through the grey overcast days in places where it always used to be sunny.
        So you flip on the TV and see that the really big disease — the great American lie — is still totally in place.

        PNAC signatory Jeb Bush and war mongering harridan Hillary Clinton, both complicit in the 9/11 deception, are still the front runners for president, and endless war is still the main event on the menu, no matter how many Americans must starve to death in order to fund our wars and provide proper support to every single illegal alien we have invited to cross our borders.

        Isn’t it obvious that the feckless flunkies who have managed to win manipulated elections and claim that they are our leaders are out to destroy the country they are supposed to protect?

        Is there anywhere any man (or woman) who can rise up and tell the truth, stop the insane Jewish war machine that threatens to annihilate every happy home on this planet? Can common sense gain any traction in a world that no longer makes any sense at all?

        There is perhaps no greater sadness than realizing that your life has been lived for nothing.
        Usually people escape into bottles before the vista becomes intolerable.

        The long gray sadness affects too many people. There comes a point for everyone where you can’t get your body back, you can’t catch the breath you used to have, and you can’t track down those departed friends who made your life the joy it was.

        Americans are feeling that way now. Investing has become an inside joke, and community effort has gone the way of the hootenanny.

        The once great nation has skidded past its own fantasized glory and metastasized into senseless exhibitions of mass murder around the globe and exploitation and malignant neglect at home.

        And for what? Control of various commodities? While its own citizens twitch in the alleyways, gasping for breath, foraging for food and unable to get proper medical care unless they’re illegal aliens, the government loads up on hollow point bullets, and still, people pretend not to know what’s going on.

        While empty hearted charlatans try to kindle meaningless festivities of so-called patriotism, the whole world can see that America has gone rancid, inflicting severe wounds on itself like 9/11 and Oklahoma City and then claiming it has been attacked by mysterious terrorists, which further intensive examination reveals to be the twisted deceptions of its own intelligence agencies, fabricating massacres that often never happened in order to imprison everyone in the mindlock that benefits only the perverted and privileged few.

        John Kaminski


      43. JRS

        I just want to be left alone to live my life in peace until that day I pass along.

        Why does the organized criminal .gov and it’s enforcers constantly have to poke me with a stick? They consider me guilty until I prove my innocence.

        “Anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based on five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners.”
        —————-Edward Abbey—————-

      44. VRF

        Heads Up!
        They are definitely getting things in place.

        Im a Contractor,Builder, Business owner that works in many Northern states, I get project notices to bid on all or portions of work that may fall into my companies abilities , these packages or notices cover many trades and types of construction

        This is part of a Bid letter and package for a building of considerable size
        Here are some of the parts of a bid package wording that I pulled out of the most recent request that seem to indicate a very secure “hardened building addition” to a pre existing facility..below are their wording on the bid invitation.

        Note: this is a State Police facility that is getting Military upgrades and a Hardened addition.
        so, when someone tells you, were not living in a police state, that will be or already is tied with the military..you are allowed to laugh in their face!

        Some of the wording:
        :approximately 27,000 sq. ft. hardened building addition connected to an existing owned office building known as the General Office Building or GOB.
        the Hardened Building. The first two existing floors of the GOB will be renovated as a part of the project. Each floor is approximately 32,400 sq. ft. of which approximately 55,000 sq. ft. will be renovated. A small section of the third floor will also require renovations

        . In between and connected to the hardened building addition will be pre-manufactured modules for the Department of Military

        The hardened building will be required, but not limited to, meeting the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requirements outlined in the bidding – construction documents. In addition the hardened building will be connected to the State’s Secondary Complex Energy Center via its existing tunnel system.

        Look for these things to be going on around you

        yeah this is getting very interesting

        • Anonymous

          There is no such thing as the “Department of Military.”

          • VRF

            It was their wording..not mine, it is also in a request for Bid written by some General Contractor or Procurement division

            I also think they were talking about the Dept of Military Veterans Affairs (which does exist) in the same bid package so it could have been an abbreviated line in the bid package

            dont believe it, dont make no difference to me “anonymous”

            • VRF

              I also think your missing the point,
              Military (of any type) and the State Police in the same facility a “Hardened” facility

              • VRF

                The Department of the Army, the Department of the Air Force, and the Department of the Navy.

                are these not Departments of the Military?

                these three can be covered by the one statement “Dept of the Military” in a Bid request or letter covering all three.
                Good Day

                • Anonymous

                  That’s not how government procurements and requests for bids work.

                  Your post gives me no reason to question your veracity, but the wording you claim to be in the document does.

                  It would be a good idea to post the actual document.

                  Trust but verify. Always.

                  • VRF


                    ask anyone here if i have ever lied to them

                    Im not a politician

                    I have nothing to gain by lying about this

                    done with an “Anonymous poster”

      45. Educated Sinner

        The Lord commanded Moses, “Thou shall not murder”. In doing this He established both the value of human life and a person’s RIGHT to defend their life.

        Therefore, the RIGHT to defend myself is GIVEN TO ME BY GOD, not the State, and they can’t take that right away from me.

        I don’t give a rat’s ass how many laws they pass, I will never give up that, or any other, of my Rights!

        “From My Cold Dead Hands”

      46. Anonymous

        If the authorities are so determined to confiscate guns, and apparently believe that they have the resources and wherewithall to accomplish it, then…………






        Rupert Murdoch and Sheldon Adelson can and should GET LOST.

      47. Jim Smith

        When the time comes that the criminal governments push the People too far there will be hell to pay. It won’t be pretty.

        • Anonymous

          So you’re all for “Power to the People,” huh?


          (Yet another retired, gray-haired hippie playing on the internet.)

      48. Eagle 1

        Many people have said that they suspect a false flag to go down in the first week of July. I wish I could say I disagreed. Obama is running out of time to push stuff and he knows it. And we know that desperate men do desperate and dangerous things. Another thing… You guys almost seem to want the reset to happen so you can go gun happy. That’s nuts I like my guns but. I’ve had to hold someone at gun point and it was awful. The miracle is that we both lived. Imagine having to deal with it day in and day out and… Nope not really that great sounding to me. (Runs into bunker under a hail of red thumbs)

      49. Jack Hammer

        Bring it on!

        • VRF

          they are, and were not stopping them,, thus far

        • Snowed

          Satori, IIRC that is illegal per the US constitution. so, if a police force becomes military and, therefore, is illegal, are not all staff of that police force then themselves lawbreakers? and subject to citizen arrest even?

          • Snowed

            One can also say the false accusation of “Terrorism” borders on an assumption of a military status. If one police person were to act on such an accusation then they are acting on behalf of the military and not a police force. Unless they are a member of the real military of the USA then they are acting illegally. So, are these farious tendrils of government who take military action actually classified as military? Are they under central command. If not, I think they are an illegal military.

      50. KY Mom

        California pelicans fail to mate, animals dying ‘like a horror show’ – is Fukushima to blame?

        “New reports indicate that the vast majority of California pelicans have simply stopped reproducing, with less than 1 percent of the usual number of baby pelicans turning up for the season.”

        “Massive fish kills linked to Fukushima could be harming pelican reproduction.”

        “Another possibility is the dreaded Fukushima disaster, which may have been linked to numerous mass die-offs of ocean fish that occurred along the California coast over the past several years.

        Just a few weeks ago, in fact, tens of thousands of dead fish washed up in the Marina del Rey harbor, the second time such an event has occurred in the area since 2011.”

        Natural News

          • Grafique

            Keep it up, KY Mom! We love you!

            • the renegade braveheart

              Grafique, I think this is my first time responding to your posts. I’ll take you over this ‘anonymous’ character any day. I know you’re sincere and mean well. I know sometimes I use some bad language here, but I can’t stand trolls like ‘anonymous’. He’s either too scared to identify himself or too stupid. I enjoy Ky Mom’s articles also.

        • Anonymous

          While your intentions may well be altruistic, your presumptuous bent for cherry-picking news articles that you feel should be placed under everyone’s nose is not appreciated by all.

          Everyone here can read.

          Everyone here has internet access.

          If you wish to act as an editor, then get a job as one.

          • jerrytbg

            Back off fool… she provides timely information…

            I might ask… are you our new self appointed moderator?

            How about identifying yourself…

          • Phantom Cheif

            Thank you Anon

            • Phantom Chief

              Try this spelling instead. Pretty DA

          • the renegade braveheart

            Anonymous, you back off from KY Mom. she provides us with articles we might otherwise miss. Get your stupid ass off our site.

      51. swinging richard

        Our elected officials are not representing the will of the majority. It is time to identify the anti- second amendment group and work towards their defeat come election time. We can use this forum to inform our friends. Take back our country.

      52. Snowed

        I’m sure you all know the story about the non-warring nation and the warring nation? Guess what happened to the non-warring one? Same goes for guns. Anyone who wants to disarm you wants to dominate you. Simple animal trait. One really must consider why Feinstein and others want to disarm the citizenry? Do they have a reason to fear the citizens?

      53. Satori

        ***** EBOLA UPDATE *****

        Ebola ‘out of control’: Doctors Without Borders


        “DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — A senior official for Doctors Without Borders says the Ebola outbreak ravaging West Africa is “totally out of control” and that the medical group is stretched to the limit in its capacity to respond.”

      54. Poon Tang

        To whom it may concern, Where does your congressman live? Wouldn’t that be something you would want to know? How could you write them a letter of concern if you didn’t know where to send it? Look it up right now.

      55. KY Mom

        Fourth Largest Bulgarian Bank Seized After Bank Run: “Let’s Not Tear Down Our House” Central Banker Begs

        “The small, impoverished country of Bulgaria may not be in the Eurozone (even though its currency is pegged to the Euro), but it is in the European Union.

        Which is why we find it surprising that there has been relatively little mention that overnight the fourth largest Bulgarian bank, Corporate Commercial Bank (Corpbank) and which in recent weeks has made headlines due to the political exposure of one of its largest shareholders, was seized by the Bulgarian central bank following what Reuters reports was a run on the bank.”


      56. Poon Tang

        After Joe Bidens’ son and John Kerrys’ relative landed jobs at the big energy companies in Ukraine, we now learn that 2 US energy companies are going to operate the pipelines in Ukraine. Overthrow the elected government in Ukraine and take over the energy resources. Same playbook, different country. Nothing changes.

      57. Stew Pedaso

        Hi…Grilling charcoal ground into a fine powder, Sulfur, and Potassium Nitrate (saltpeter). In equal part mix together and you have Black powder…perfectly legal. There is a weird thing about adding the urine of a wino to the charcoal…try it and see is all I can say. You can get saltpeter from a livestock store for calming breeding stallions. cheers

      58. Satori

        ISIS Domestic Terror Threat Created by CIA and U.S. Military


        well what do we know so far ???

        we know for a fact that it was the US government that supplied training,$$$ ,and weapons to alQaeda and Osama binLaden

        we know for a fact that the US government helped Saddam Hussein
        even when he was gassing the Kurds

        we know for a fact that it was the US government that
        helped arm and train ISIS

      59. James Woroble Jr

        In the race for ‘Our guns or Their heads’, all they can do is forestall the inevitable.

        Turn about is fair play. Don’t think for a moment once AmeriKa goes revolution, that the Russians and Chinese won’t be massively shipping arms to US citizens, as AmeriKa has done regarding other national conflicts. The most recent being Syria.

        They would be better served in their survival strategy, not focusing on grandpa’s shotgun in Iowa, but on Russian shoulder anti-aircraft and tank missiles coming through Mexico, in addition to small automatic arms, when the SHTF!

        • sixpack

          This is how they treat EVERYBODY. Smoke pot? This is what you get. On probation? This is what you get. Got an ex who wants custody of the kids? This is what you get. Need somewhere to send the SWAT team, so a real criminal can go free? This is what you get if your address happens to come off the top of his head. Are you speaking our against the Obama administration? This is what you can get.

          I’m beginning to like the idea of booby-trapping entrances…

      60. One Stab

        Wow…A lot of tough-talking Computer Commandos here just like Infowars…

        REALITY: 60 GOP Senators could nullify every Executive order by this Prez. DO SOMETHING for that to happen.

        • Snowed

          I am. Took on our Real-Estate developer bully in the HOA meeting a few weeks ago and am taking on the county now. I think the key to restoring America is for us to start exposing the leaches and crooks.

        • Anonymous

          All this site contains is tough talking tired old people. The tougher the bluff and bravado, the older and more helpless the old man. It’s hard to thumbs down the truth but it’s ALL they can do.

      61. RICH99

        The fact that we didn’t end this criminality before they got so powerful is simply amazing and now they will pick you off 1 at a time and the rest will simply wait for their turn !! They have organization ,

      62. RICH99

        The fact that we didn’t end this criminality before they got so powerful is simply amazing and now they will pick you off 1 at a time and the rest will simply wait for their turn !! They have organization , technology , training and the weapons and we have very little of that ……guess who wins

      63. Seen2013

        “The anti-Second Amendment crowd and the mainstream media cheerleaders who act as gun control first-responders to mass murder by sociopaths have convinced far too many that criminals will stop acting criminally if only more and more laws can be enacted.”

        It’s dressed up as prevention because prevention means transitioning innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to guilty until proven innocent beyond all doubt.
        In order to create a society based on guilty until proven guilty, the government becomes authoritarian by default; there is no middle ground here. Guilty until proven innocent means that the government controls society through authoritarian mechanisms might makes right, the ends justify the means, the greater/greatest good, and etc. This is a society whose very behavior is granted privileges under many guises ranges from welfare to prevention. The evidence is in the ordinances, laws, orders, actions, and directives as well as more than a few judgements.
        In fact, the most dangerous aspect of mental health or otherwise mental defect is that it’s a reimaged feeble minded. In case, anyone needs a remind:
        From 1906 to post World War II, if you were ruled mental defective aka feeble minded, you’re rights were privileges to the extent that you would be denied instinctive reproduction, and many groups like today used it as a women’s health issue. In fact, Robert Engleman discusses the 1992 UN Summit Agreement in “Population & Sustainability” and how the 2008 financial crisis proved that the proper eduction to pursue self interest women would collectively control population to be failing.

        Yes, I’d tend to agree that they want absolute authority

      64. logicrazy

        The government is making banks not want to do business with gun stores. Loans to gun stores will not be insured by government, and that is racketeering. To force stores out of business by way of the banking industry. Is this the 1930’s????

      65. Nam Marine

        A. “They do not have enough people to do squat” !
        B. We outnumber them 10,000 to one !

        MOLON LABE Bring it !

      66. Raven Rostov

        You want to know how to survive? Or you think that Uncle Sam is going to be there to change your pants when the SHTF. No, no, you need uncle spam not Sam, and more. Get a manual written by a Russian who survived the implosion of the Soviet Union. This is written for Americans about ready to be left up the river without a paddle. Believe me this is cheap or free at AMAZON, it’s called Yankee Anti-Zombie Survival Manual, it gets right down to facts, 101 rules to save your self and family. This Russian has seen and smelled TSHTF in his own country. Only experience can be transferred. Read and survive

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