Facebook’s “Independent” Fact Checker EXPOSED AS Hillary Clinton Supporter

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    The fact-checkers are finally being exposed! Facebook’s “independent” fact-checker (who suggests which posts get censored and removed) has been exposed as not being “independent.” In fact, she’s a Hillary Clinton supporter.

    International Fact-Checking Network certifier and American University School of Communication professor Margot Susca is unashamedly politically biased but she was responsible for issuing 19 fact-check licenses or reviews for organizations to become fact-checkers, according to Sky News. 

    Facebook fact-checkers have been hired and given extraordinary powers to censor news stories they disagree with, demonetize news organizations, and ban news outlets entirely. And they are far from “independent,” by any sense of the word.

    Susca has issued “licenses” to “fact check” to outlets such as This includes the Associated Press, Check Your Fact, Decrypteurs, Lead Stories, Media Wise, and The Dispatch. She has also appeared on Russia Today to criticize President Trump and has tweeted that it would be a “dereliction of duty” to broadcast his speeches, reported Sky News. In 2019, Susca posted a happy snap with failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton where she admitted “I’ve been on Team Hillary since 08 tbh” and said she was disappointed her likability did not resonate with the public in 2016. “My boyfriend was her nuclear policy fellow for a year when she was in the Senate,” she wrote. “Says she’s the smartest, wittiest, most likable person. It just never came through I guess. So Fucking sad.”

    Facebook Vows To Ramp Up Censorship Of Vaccine Information

    People are finally realizing that fact-checkers don’t actually do any fact-checking.  They simply censor ideas that go against their narrative and try to keep information that doesn’t fit the official narrative of slavery and control from the minds of public. We knew this from the beginning, though.

    “Censorship is to society as cancer is to the human body.” -Brain, High Impact TV


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      1. WHAT a POS as she is Demonic and going to hell!

      2. Nothing coming from her mouth, no matter how pretentious, was going to restore the social contract, in which the WASP, masculinist, single-wage-earner is nucleus of the family.

        Reading from her or her publicist is not going to give anyone leverage, to bring to the bargaining table of politics. This post is not an example of participation.

      3. There’s no point dragging out this tortured election process any longer. The deep state is prepared to do anything to ensure DT is not the Pres., and to ensure the will of the people is silenced. With all the numerous examples of tyranny, unbounded fraud, and the altogether pervasive corruption revealed recently, it is obvious our political and governmental processes have become so degenerate, so rotted, they cannot be saved. The fraudulent election was the icing on the cake. The State is reprobate, it no longer has the capacity to function honestly, or in the behalf of citizens. The gov’t is totally riddled with people who absolutely despise the middle class and working people. It is no longer possible that conventional answers or solutions or processes can rectify the true scope and extent of corruption and depravity, and that justice has been extinguished in our land. The Republic is finished. The only rational, sane course of action now is secession. Without secession, we will be certainly be dragged down to loss of individual rights and liberties, to impoverishment and scarcity, and to all manner of turmoils, and all which will be visited on our children too. If we allow our fate to be left in the hands of the deep state and its entities we will remain powerless and in misery. Start talking to everyone you know and endorse secession. History shows us about the only thing that really gets the State’s attention is secession. Convince everyone you speak to and they will pass it along too. Eventually, a critical mass will exist to cause it to happen. Otherwise, you’ll have to learn to accept your shackles, and get use to the idea your kids will be taught to kiss their shackles too.

      4. Zero Hedge jumped the shark along with InfoWars…..moderating comments, banning people from making comments….just like Drudge, everyone seems to have a price.

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