Facebook Will FORCE All Users To Accept Being TRACKED Around The Internet

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 24 comments

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    Facebook has finally responded to requests to stop tracking users for advertising. But they aren’t going to. Instead, Facebook is going to force all of those who continue to use their social media service to accept being tracked around the internet.

    “People can choose to not be on Facebook if they want,” said Facebook Deputy Chief Privacy Officer Rob Sherman. Or, they will be forced to opt into being tracked everywhere they go, and that’s just the way it is. This decision was not made in the interest of the users of Facebook, but explicitly to keep the company’s business model “intact,” reported the Independent. 

    Some had suggested that the site will have to make major changes once a new European Union privacy law comes into effect. Many parts of those new regulations seem in direct conflict with Facebook’s business, including new rules about what information can be harvested about users. But that’s exactly why Facebook will explicitly demand that you opt into being tracked.

    Sherman said that the social network will begin seeking Europeans’ permission this week for a variety of ways Facebook uses their data, but he said that opting out of targeted marketing altogether would not be possible.  Therefore, you’ll be tracked if you continue to use Facebook.  “Facebook is an advertising-supported service,” Sherman said in a briefing with reporters at Facebook’s headquarters. Facebook users will only be able to limit the kinds of data that advertisers use to target their pitches, he said, but “all ads on Facebook are targeted to some extent, and that’s true for offline advertising, as well.”

    Facebook, which is still the world’s largest social media network, will use what are known as “permission screens” to notify and obtain approval. “Permission screens” are simply pages filled with text that require pressing a button to advance. The screens will show up on the Facebook website and smartphone app in Europe this week and globally in the coming months, Sherman said. The screens will not give Facebook users the option to hit “decline.” Instead, they will guide users to either “accept and continue” or “manage data settings,” according to copies the company showed reporters on Tuesday.

    Facebook Chief Financial Officer David Wehner warned in February the company could see a drop-off in usage due to the EU law, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But more likely than not, the drop in usage will be due to the privacy concerns many have when using social media.



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      1. Everyone who uses facebook needs to just burn their bridges to those scum. Facebook can go f#$% themselves.

        • They can’t put the crack pipe down.

      2. Mac, SHTFPlan.com is the only “social media” for me.

      3. ya know…most users support their use by saying they like to stay in contact with family/friends/etc. and send pictures–hello!!
        That was the intent of email.

        These folks are addicted to FB, just like alcohol/drugs/food.
        I have NEVER used a FB ad to buy anything..or used a link to FB to buy a product.

        But, what do I know???? I have a flip phone, TracFone!!!

      4. FaceBook is commie garbage and they can suck it, no good rat bastards! the garbage is seriously for a bunch of kids anyways.

        • CC, AMEN to your comment. Have you ever noticed that only WHITE people get censored on social media? “Minority people” can make death threats against white people and nothing ever happens to them.

      5. JayJay, agreed. All I use to stay in touch with the family in GA is phone calls or text or email. No social media for me, period. My biggest thing against them is their censorship.

      6. To Block FaceBook And Other…

        There is a file on Windows and Linux machines called HOSTS.

        Within this file you can edit the IP address to a specific DNS Name.

        Hence http://www.facebook.com would go to which is a loopback address instead of facebook actual IP Address.

        For more Info and a copy of the host file will all the domain name for tracker, ad server, and more from google, facebook and more Goto


      7. Zuckerberg and his gang all need to be found either swinging from the end of a short rope after a long fall or at the bottom of some mud lake chained to a couple of concrete blocks. I’ll be good enough to let them choose.

      8. quit fb in 2011, never looked back.
        not surprised their “solution” is to keep doing what they have been, but force anyone using the site to consent to their nefarious bs.

      9. Make sure you keep an address and phone book. The other side of having your family and friends on Facebook or even just in a contact list is that it can disappear in a fraction of a second; leaving you isolated and not very happy.

        Buy stamps and send letters by the old fashioned method.

        There is something much more personal about receiving a hand written letter.


      10. No FB here. don’t need it, don’t want it.

      11. FU*K YOU FACEBOOK, you going down you as*hole….in fact you will be gone soon…watch…..period

      12. I Dumped FaceBook years ago. I agree with B from CA. Write a letter or use the phone.
        After this move everyone should dump FaceBook.

      13. I had a pretty good feeling about people and their level of intelligence in general, until I joined FB.

        I’ve been off for awhile. I now have family and notifications (via email) of all sorts as to where have you been and have you seen my post?

        To wit I say, well, since your here, tell me about it.

        To wit they respond, just look at it when you get home, OK?

        “Nuts.” – General Anthony McAuliffe

      14. Is it really all that bad, what facebook is doing? Close to a billion users and not a lot of complaints. Just what is it you are afraid of? You look at child porn sites? You shop for drugs or guns online? You think FB will turn you over to the FBI? I doubt it. If you don’t do that kind of crap you won’t even know FB is there. Google either. Of course if you make a snide remark about hillary or obama, or praise Trump, you will be banned from FB. So who cares?

      15. Oh Ronna, you know so little about human nature. It’s not about drugs or guns or porn. It’s about FREEDOM. Freedom to be yourself. Freedom to express yourself. Freedom to have an opinion. Once THEY know everything about you, they can control you…totally! Just look at China.
        China just announced that every citizen will be getting a “social score” (similar to a credit score)in the near future. The social score will be based on what you look at, who you talk to, and what you say while on the computer, and whether you criticize the regime. Based on your social score, you will then be given housing, jobs, or education at the finest universities…..Think about that! If you cannot connect those dots, you are helpless. This is coming to a theater near you!!!!

      16. Never been on it. Never will.
        Or any of the rest of “social media”/

      17. The liberal fascist globalist cabal don’t want conservatives on facebook spreading the conservative message about politics prior to the coming November mid-term election cycle.

        It is social engineering. They don’t want patriots and Americans using their social media.

      18. No, Mr. Sherman, the decision was made to keep the GOVERNMENT’s S K Y N E T model INTACT!

        Who are YOU fooling, sir?

        ALL you social media entities have been co-opted and forced by the NSA and the CIA to accept THEIR terms, or face being put out of business or personally arrested on trumped up charges.

        But I suspect some, like Google, might have willingly “partnered” with the dark side in exchange for zillions of dollars and lots of power.

        All you people do is collect data from users, put them into categories, decide who is a threat and who is not based on evil globalist criteria, add then people to the Red list and the Blue list (or whatever list) and surveil them to no end, all so you can kill them, ‘terminate them’, bring them to a death (FEMA) camp, and you do so out of FEAR!

        Fear of TRUE liberty! TRUE freedom!

        Facebook is NOT freedom! Facebook and Google are slavery.

        The Founding Fathers would have shut your monopolies down because you SUBVERT our Constitution!

        But with Americans’ 3000 Cable channels, 400 Apps, everything is designed to STOP the brain from thinking.

        Not mine.

        Not anyone’s here at shtfplan.com

        Note to Mr. Mueller: your seizure of protected attorney-client records means you are bigger than the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine? I don’t think so.

        What’s next? Forcing a Rabbi or Priest to reveal what was confided in THEM?

        The truth is you seized those records because you have nothing! You’re so desperate not to be seen as a laughing stock and globalist stooge that you put yourself in history as that and more, and that’s sad.

        Every attorney in America will now keep her/his records in places you will never find, and your self-righteous arrogance and pompousness are seen by everyone.

        Mr. Mueller, you must use good means to achieve a good end, and you, sir, used both an immoral and illegal means, and to what end?

        You have nothing because, sir, there IS nothing!

        Focus on Mrs. Clinton’s sale of uranium to the Russians. Focus on all those tens of thousands of bleached emails.

        Any person in your position who has to seize privileged records, and as an attorney, you know full well what the adjective “privileged” means to an attorney, should be ashamed of him/herself.

        We don’t want your apology. We want you to change your behavior. Act like the attorney you worked hard to become. Stop acting like a stooge. Surrender your cowardice, reclaim your testicular fortitude and put an END to this travesty. Or some future investigator might illegally seize your own attorney’s records, which would be equally wrong.

        Moreover, if you do nothing, then no professional in any profession who has privilege is safe, nor are their clients, their patients, their penitents.

        And ironically, sir, nor will you be safe because you will not be able to trust your own professional whomever she or he be!

        Withdraw what you did, return the records, disclose nothing about them, and restore decency, honor, integrity, and ethics to their rightful place.

        You have that power. You have that choice. Remember what inspired you to become an attorney. Stand up for what is right. You might lose some friends. But globalists aren’t your friends. And never will be.

        – the Lone Ranger

      19. Soooo glad I never signed up for Fakebuk or it’s cousin Twiitter. I look foreward to the collapse of this bully-boy NSA/CIA spy crapolla.

        Zuckerbug can take a flyin’ leap.

      20. Good luck FB. Anyone with brains will go VPN. We already offer the service. All they will see is our server farm IP Address.

      21. Facebook has a Delete Account process. It does not work. I have tried for 2 days to delete and FB will not allow.

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