Facebook Says Big Change Is Coming: ‘It’s Time To Pull Out All The Stops Of Censorship’

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 37 comments

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    Facebook is planning a major change to their news feed.  According to those briefed on this change, Facebook believes prioritizing content that’s acted on will reduce the occurrence of fake and offensive content in the news feed.

    The change will decisively favor user content and effectively deprioritize publishers’ content, according to three publishers that have been briefed by the platform ahead of the move, according to Digiday. It looks like it is simply another way to censor dissenting views.

    Facebook told publishers that content from reputable publishers will also be surfaced. It didn’t specify how it would define “reputable publisher” or how their traffic would be impacted, though. The worry for publishers is that such an approach will have the unintended consequence of hurting high-quality content because a lot of legitimate news articles, while they may get read, tend not to get shared or commented on.

    The Daily Sheeple‘s Joe Joseph also believes this is nothing more than a full-blown censorship attempt by the social media outlet. “Big change is comin’,” says Joseph. “It’s time to pull out the stops of censorship because it is going full tilt.”

    “Let me rephrase [what Facebook told publishers] that for people just so we don’t use the term ‘fake and offensive content’,” Joseph says. “It’s any content that Facebook says it doesn’t like. That’s what that is. It has nothing to do with fake or offensive. It has everything to do with anything Facebook doesn’t like or perhaps runs counter to narrative and worldview.” 

    “For people like Facebook, who have dual interests…it really gets kinda murky. And then they have to kinda talk through their a$$ to try to explain it away, which they can’t do,” Joseph added. He says Facebook will fail epically and Twitter won’t be far behind because of this obvious attempt at censorship. But, there’s still a lingering question:

    “The question is, are you going to continue to support it and use it in a way that profits Facebook?” Joseph askes. “To me, the answer is ‘no.’ I certainly don’t do anything that would even remotely profit Facebook. Just because I don’t like Mark Zuckerberg.  I don’t like what he stands for and I certainly don’t like human beings that A. think they know what’s best for us, and B. try to, in some way shape or form, circumvent free will.”

    Are we watching Facebook implode before our very eyes? Here’s hoping.


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      1. “F” Facebook. “F” em with a dead man’s d*ck. “F” the Jewish Mark Zuckerberg CIA/NSA shill.

      2. This is not a problem for me I don’t hardly ever use it. and if goes away I won’t miss it.

        • It’s a way of spreading info. You might not miss it, but it’s still censorship. Shadow banning. They let you think your post is being read, but you don’t get any responses. When you have friends look, they can’t find your post. The government and Facebook and twitter and you tube are censoring pro-Western and anti-communist posts. You live in a totalitarian country my friends. Land of the free, my ass.

          • I’ve had posts moved to the bottom, they’ve also been “disappeared”, I’ve been shadow banned and completely banned from some sites for this very subject. Check your posts and repost when they are missing, even mention the disappearance, this will show in your comment history. To detect shadow banning, open a private viewing window in your browser or use another computer, access your comment section through a google search, then compare it with the one their link takes you to. If they are different you know what’s going on. Check the “rules” for these comment sections, we have no rights here.

        • still wait 4 Zuckerberg to step down ,and Leader to get bk what its theirs…fb is a bs social,for me they can go to hell

      3. Never used FB or Twitter. I see no need to use either.

      4. Private companies don’t owe anybody but their stockholders anything. Censorship? Please!

        • Ah, the obtuse liberal mind at work, based on facebooks pass record of censoring conservative users. And now you can’t see how this “big change” won’t end in the complete censorship of all conservative users, priceless, simply priceless.

      5. Anyone who still has a Facebook account is just ignorant or socially blind. Imagine Mueller were investigating you under the banner, show me the man, I will show you the crime.


        Mac, give me some time to check to see what happened in Detroit. I just got some photos and I have contacted my source to see what that was and it not looking like it was a meteor. They have plans with the UN in the area, so this does not surprise me. Look at the timing. The secret space program cabal may have fired a weapons system to use it as and excuse to roll out the UN, but i am not certain if this is the trigger event since planet X, the meteors have been breaking off all over the solar system starting last nonmember 2017. Meteors do not fall from the sky in a straight line without a fire and smoke tail and other debree is always followed on its tail even once it enters the atmosphere. Mac, I wont even get into it on here with the commenters because I know they are going to call BS on my comment and call it a fake, but I am just giving you a head up that something serious has happened. I am waiting on the intel.



        • Hey HCKS hope you are doing well. I say fuck farcebook. Never had it, never will.

          • I never used face book. But other people do. Some for the purpose of spreading info. This is totalitarian censorship. Everybody needs to be seriously concerned.

            • I would encourage them to stop using it. It’s the most sophisticated spying device ever conceived.

          • I never use any social media and I won’t tolerate anyone trying to censor me.

            • HCKS is back? WOOHOO, fresh entertainment.

        • Relax. It was a meteor.It happens often. Study astronomy and check out sites such as spaceweather[dot]com and The All Sky Fireball Network.

          Wish I could have seen it! I have seen plenty of them. Cool stuff!

        • Oh here we go again,another conspiracy….

        • What happened in Detroit? What DID happen in Detroit? I haven’t heard about this yet! I am kinda outa the loop on current events. Someone fill me in, please.

      7. I have never used fb or tw or any of their social spy programs. I knew years ago when fb started what it was and I never ever used it on my computers. After ICQ and a few of the other early social places went extinct I never used that again. I still have no accounts for any of them and never will. Why does someone not start a replacement for fb and google? Why is there no alternatives so more can quit this jew run shithole? fb is the real meaning of the presidents terminology. People need to start boycotting there and bankrupt them.

      8. I got the answer just a few mins ago from my Intelligence source. The meteor entered the atmosphere at 28,000 mph and struck that area. Its the real deal. It planet X related. At least now I know what it was for certain. By the war to bad commenters, I wont be responding to you nonsense.



        • HCKS:
          Farcebook, faceberg, whatever was stolen. Mark Zuckerberg never went to prison. He became a billionaire. That’s not justice. But then you tell us Detroit got hit by a meteor, and I realize there’s Justice after all.


        • HCKS, welcome back. We really need some fresh laughs.

        • HCKS..thank you, thank you,thank you for not responding…

      9. Alright boys this is it. Over the hill. Free the people now, do it do it do it do it now. I did not know what Facebook was so a year ago I put my name on there. Every day since then there are scores of messages sent my way when I have not sent or read even one. How do I stop it?

      10. I am not a big time racist and don’t really give a shit whom marries whom but I have noticed recently on any tv channels, including fox news that almost every commercial shows an interracial couple of some variety. I can’t imagine the interracial marriages in the US to be more than a percent or so. Why the huge push? Is it engineering at it’s finest?

        • It is, in a non-technical sense. Not too long ago, mixed marriages were not well received. The Zionists have effectively been diluting the cultures and the “whites” in an effort to promote their agenda of total control. Today the interracial couplings are commonplace. Don’t misunderstand, I am not white supremacist or any of that nonsense. It’s clear when you view things from outside the box. The influx of Africans and Middle Easterners into the predominately white nation states e.g., Britain, Germany, Sweden, etc., makes it obvious. The U$ has it own problems with African imports and Mexicans. In years past, newcomers were expected to assimilate, now the population has been dumbed-down to readily accept “diversity” as being beneficial even though it results in “multi-cultural”. The Zionists adhere to the protocols. It’s been very effective.

      11. Hum … who are the morons going to facebook for news?

        • Not news, info. Actually, not so much on face book, mostly twitter and you tube. They’re censoring all of them. Posts are being removed.

      12. Ive never used facebook/twitter/or the like….never felt it particularly important….Too bad however that it all went the way it did,it could have been a great tool for liberty minded persons…the tech isnt evil/good in and of itself but the ones in charge of it all, being good or evil decide the direction it goes,and evil seems to be their only DNA! Personally I cant stand the sight of zuckerburg and his ilk…..their attitude in my opinion always exudes an arrogance and a condesending air that rubs my fur the wrong way….kinda like their looking down from on high at a bunch of critters in a cage and we at most”amuse” them and at best infuriate them….stupid animals is all we are to them.I (and others) spend my days trying to figure out how to keep the barn water running and the cows feet and the greenhouse from freezing in -25F temps…just trying to live our lives and bother no one ….but these pieces of crap get up and spend their days trying to figure out how to destroy us and everything else…seems to me they’ve had their chance to do good and help folks live freer and better…they failed and should be replaced,just my 2 cents! REB

      13. Somebody come out with competition to FaceBook. Drop FaceBook and go to a competitor that allows free speech!

      14. I have been on Facebook for several years. I was censored about 1 year ago. A major arrest of middle eastern men near the school where I worked (outside the gates of NASA);and I thought it prudent to put on Facebook. They had stockpiles of weapons, etc. No matter who/what you think were the real backers of these men, it was important for people to know. Put it on Facebook. A few people saw it before it was pulled – I put a nasty note to FB about censorship. So, I have first hand knowledge of being censored by them. The only reason I am still on it is I have out of state relatives and I get to see pictures of my sisters grandchildren.

      15. Check out at the daily sheeple, “Chinese Government Propaganda Being Enthusiastically Embraced In US Universities”. Very interesting and disturbing article.

      16. Hey Brave, I am not back. I am just posting a couple comments. I have not been on this site for months, because I am still prepping for the end game event. Just for the record. Look, I am not mad at you. Everything is cool. I jump on here and everyone is raising hell as usual. My business picked up a lot, and I am not complaining because STHF can strike any day now. My opinion has not changed and my sources are still telling me, that we just got delayed, and that the events will commense, that we need to keep getting ready. So preppers must not back down and must keep preparing


        • Great to have you visit even if for a few moments. Your comments are always cause to think. I like thinking.

      17. FB was great idea and all great idea’s they get corrupted.
        My wife lives on FB and gets 95% of her liberal talking points from FB. When she sees a conservative comment or post sent to her she argues with these people. They ultimately get censored but does she,,, no. She is one of them.
        I have a FB account just to keep up with relatives,, give me an alternative and will go there for sure!!!

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