Facebook Now Demands That You HATE Targeted People Or You Will Be Banned, Too!

by | May 7, 2019 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News.

    We have now reached the point of total insanity when it comes to extreme censorship by the tech giants. In what actor Rob Schneider calls a “real world Orwellian nightmare,” Facebook has now issued a gag order on 2.2 billion users, demanding that they must HATE certain selected individuals who are named as targets of censorship.

    Those individuals include Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer (see FreeLoomer.com), Louis Farrakhan, Milo Yiannopoulos and others. From this point forward, you are only allowed to post content from these individuals if you express hatred toward them in your Facebook post.

    This is “mandatory hate speech” by Facebook. That’s how insane all this has become now, which is why I have openly announced that every nation on Earth must declare war against Big Tech (or be destroyed by it).

    Then Facebook came for Paul Joseph Watson…

    Breitbart News writer James Delingpole has posted an extremely important article about all this that you absolutely must read. I’m re-publishing it here with credit and a link to Breitbart News, which is also fighting for survival in an age of outrageous Orwellian censorship. Here’s Delingpole’s article:

    President Trump has retweeted a Breitbart News story headline about Facebook’s blacklist of prominent conservatives including Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer.

    Good. Let’s hope this is a sign that he intends to take this problem seriously because right now I’d say Silicon Valley censorship poses one of the biggest threats to Western Civilisation in the world today.

    Of course, there are other threats at least as dangerous: fundamentalist Islam, China, eco-fascism, neo-Marxism, and so on.

    But what’s particularly insidious about Silicon Valley censorship is that it makes all those other threats more pressing and real by making it impossible to speak out against them.

    How, after all, are we going to address the issues of rape gangs and church desecrations and terror plots and homecoming Islamic State terrorists if every time anyone tries to discuss them on social media, Silicon Valley decides to close them down for being racist or Islamophobic?

    How are we going to face up to the growing menace of hard left outfits like Antifa and Hope Not Hate and Black Lives Matter when Silicon Valley gives them a free pass to spew out their hate while banning all their opponents?

    President Trump urgently needs to get on top of this because the people being silenced are his base. And because social media is often the only place left where they are free — or rather, where they were free — to exchange the kind of conservative thoughts, jokes, ideas, and memes the world so badly needs if it is to counter the creeping menace of identity politics, post-modernism, and Cultural Marxism.

    Let’s call out what Facebook is doing for what it is: fascism. It is abusing its extraordinary global power as a publishing platform used by more than 2 billion people in order to impose on all of us its totalitarian leftist new world order.

    It justifies its fascistic behavior by pretending it is protecting the world from “hate.”

    A Facebook spokesperson has claimed:

    “We’ve always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology. The process for evaluating potential violators is extensive and it is what led us to our decision to remove these accounts today.”

    But today violence and hate are almost overwhelmingly the preserve of the angry, aggressive, radical left, not the playful, irreverent, meme-generating right.

    While Antifa is busily laying into Trump supporters with bicycle locks and punching conservatives because, hey, anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders is a “Nazi,” their opponents are fighting back with facts and logic and arguments and wit and jokes.

    Take Paul Joseph Watson — one of the victims of Facebook’s latest censorship drive. What Paul Joseph Watson does is make what he calls “meme videos laughing at Social Justice Warriors.”

    For these crimes he has now had his Facebook account permanently erased.

    As Watson says on his latest video — ‘My final ever video?’ — “this is totally political.”

    “This is nothing less than election meddling. Everyone Facebook has banned was instrumental in getting Trump elected. This is punishment. This is a political purge. This has nothing to do with ‘hate’ or ‘violating terms of service.’”

    No indeed.

    Perhaps the most terrifying threats to civilized political discourse today are the asymmetric standards of behavior between those on the left and those on the right. Though the left loves to seize on every scrap of opportunity it can — the senseless murder of MP Jo Cox, for example, by a loner with serious mental health issues; the largely misreported events at Charlottesville — to promote the narrative that the “far right” is on the march.

    This is pure projection. It’s the Social Justice Warriors of the radical left and their allies in Big Government, from the Maduro regime in Venezuela to the increasingly brutal Macron presidency in France, who are promulgating and enacting most of the hate and violence.

    Facebook is not doing anything meaningful to stop hate and violence. “Hate” is term so nebulous — its meaning so entirely dependent on the mindset of the beholder, and so debased by cry-bully progressives — that it cannot reasonably be used as any kind of objective criterion for a censorship policy.

    “Violence” is — or at least was, till the left cynically redefined it in order to expand its potential number of victimhood categories — a physical act and therefore quite beyond the proper purview of a site dedicated to words and images.

    Facebook is Big Brother.


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      1. Seems like a double standard – Facebook claims it dislikes hate and will censor those it deems hateful, while at the same time only allowing any references or comments about or regarding the people it targets for censor to be hateful comments.
        So which is it facebook?
        To claim to be against hate and go so far as to censor the platform, while allowing “hateful comments” about the censored is a hypocritical and disgusting stance to take.

        • Why do conservatives even use Facebook? Drop the fucking abomination. I get along just fine without it and other crap like it.

          • so you are ok with whats evolved into one of the largest platforms of media with arguably the largest audience becoming a voice for the far left with no rebuttal?

            I “get along fine” without facebook as well, but why criticize those who wish to use it without fear of censorship?

            I “get along fine” without the left wing rag New York Daily News but would willingly defend them against censorship as well.

      2. Everyone should delete all social accounts. Do not participate in our downfall

      3. Democrats like to live in an echo chamber where they can only hear their own bullshit over and over and over, same as government workers
        Useless all

        • Nailbanger, I couldn’t agree more.

          I hate Dr. David Duke. He certainly must be on the list. His books have been banned from Amazon. I guess people will have to buy directly from Dave’s computer site.

          When you really hate someone some times you just have to listen to them over and over again, it’s so disgusting, sort of like porn.

          If these people weren’t so irredeemable most people would have lost interest in them long ago. But by attacking them and banning them they become interesting. Who wants nice when you can have a bad boy. Guys like Duke and others are Oh so bad, so very very bad, decadent like chocolate and candy, dangerous like MS13, sinful like self-proclaimed nazi George Lincoln Rockwell who said, “they want to be naughty”.


          • Damn Mac, I scrolled back to the 22nd of April and the number of comments on any article didn’t get above 70. Many are only in the teens. I remember years ago when most articles got well over 300 comments. What gives?

            • couple things- during the Obama years the sense or urgency was much greater. With Trump, too many are lulled into a false sense of security. 2- the quality of some of the articles has declined, or does not stir much discussion. too much michael snyder-esque “the sky is falling, I know because I predicted it once 20 years ago” financial generalities and less meat-and-potatoes practical info. Theres been some good editorial stuff, but I know Mac has taken flack over some of the tongue in cheek UFO type conspiracy stuff and I’m sure lost some readership. Unfortunately alot of folks have gotten away from posting useful info in the comments- the comments section make or breaks this site frankly. Alot of good folks here, used to be more. Some were driven out over differences in opinion or other issues. Fair number of the new folks are somewhat dickish at times.

              All in all, I’m readership and traffic fluctuates based on current politics and trends. Its quiet now, despite all the screaming the MSM does. Wait for a downturn and the site will be back, provided we do our part and have meaningful discussions and not just snipe each other:)

              If you want to see a hard hit site, The Daily Sheeple seems to have almost NO readership anymore. They did themselves a disservice by going dark for weeks at a time earlier this year.

              Been visiting Blacklistednews quite a bit, but I’m still here for the comments section 🙂

            • Panther
              It is called Censorship:
              – Real time communication not allowed
              – Comments not allowed
              – FreeThoughts not allowed
              – Open discussion not allowed.

              They must shut us down. There are more of us than the thems. They are shutting down any and all anti war conversations.
              The politicians/”elite”, are starting a war right under your nose! Iran-Venezuela-China-North Korea-Russia? Maybe all at once?

              Trump is a FRAUD. Used car salesman, telling you one thing and doing another, or doing NOTHING!
              He will allow himself to get sucked into war.
              He has allowed hundreds of thousands of illegals released.

              The illegals are bringing in enough Fentenoyl to wipe out cities. WHY IS THIS ALLOWED??????????????????
              Where have all the caucasion people in Texas gone? Are they being killed?

              China inteligence operatives are ALL over Dallas TX
              Have also spotted Russians hacking gas pumps and ATMS.
              Mexicans with a STACK of credit cards emptying ATMS of cash.
              US Government is ALLOWING this. WHY?? Have they already sold us out?

              You are being distracted by media. THEY LIE !
              Comments censored through disqus, and other net comment platforms.

              Or maybe the commentors have already been jailed or killed by government. After all… … that is what they do. Black Op jails are NOW being used in US. You are Snatched-Grabbed-Silenced-no bail-no attorney-you are disappeared-killed by drugged jail drink/food-your organs harvested then sold on black market-your assets confiscated.
              The Law enforcement assets being used for this.
              Patriot and former military people are being “suicided”.

              The days of Free speech are Over.
              Days of open internet are Over.
              Days of peace are Over.

              God’s People LEAVE Babylon.
              I will live in peace
              My children will not be vaccinated with cancer virus
              My blood will not be forcibly drawn by law enforcement.
              My children willk not be made into gays by public education
              My children will not be made into communist by public education
              I will not be cooked by 5g
              So we are leaving ASAP

              does anyone see this post?
              I’m leaving US. Don’t like what I’m seeing. Too dangerous. Like Germany 1938.
              – – – – – – -Good luck.

        • They have benefited all their lives from Freedom of Speech, and a capitalist system that has allowed them to make billions. Now, they think they must own your mind. Silencing you is only the beginning for them.

          They will continue until they eventually shut down the web. There is only one way to stop them. And, no one will stop them.

          • This economic system is not capitalism.

            The actual system starts with the f-word. . .

      4. a few rural towns in my area have voted to be second amendment sanctuaries. I think this is stupid the whole country is a second amendment sanctuary. I’d bet the NRA was all for this cus they are fucking weak. Glad I’m not a member. They are trying to get other towns to become sanctuary towns. Voices from the anti gun groups said there is no power behind this town level legislation. So what will happen when you take your gun through a town that isn’t sanctuary to get to one that is. Do you need reciprocity documentation. So what only rural folks are only gonna be able to own firearms. This is descrimination because rural property is very expensive. That’s what this is looking like is the agenda and the pro 2nd people are in full support. Only rich people will have guns in the future.

        • ” Voices from the anti gun groups said there is no power behind this town level legislation”

          Tell that to Cook County Il.

      5. Nobody forces you to use Facebook.
        At a certain point you have so many Low Information
        people that use Facebook, worldwide, intelligent
        people feel compelled to communicate their message
        to the idiots.
        Give it up, Facebook is going to censor you.
        Most conservatives that know much about computers
        are leaving Facebook, But nature provides the
        Earth with far more stupid people than smart
        ones. By our very nature most smart guys don’t follow
        the crowd, Facebook IS the crowd.

        • Dont use it ever, no thanks

        • I ditched it three years ago, and never looked back. Im not on anything else either. They are timewasters and distractors. Too much else to do. If my relatives and friends want to reach me, they have my cell phone #.

      6. Facebok, and the rest, are nothing more than addictions. You have to “pay” to get your fix.

      7. Nailbanger and Rellik, agreed about farcebook and all other social media. Don’t want them, don’t need them. As long as I can keep coming to this site I’m content. And yes, Nailbanger, the ‘Dems and all other libturds are totally useless.

        • The Deplorable Renegade

          I’m with ya, “As long as I can keep coming to this site I’m content”. This is as close to social media that I come to. I have no facebook account, no smart phone (prefer a Capt Kirk flip open) and no smart TV (I don’t need a TV to watch me while I watch it). I don’t discuss sports and have zero idea who plays who. Popular culture has an absence of culture; I abstain. When I meet people, if it’s likely to get social I bring up one or more of the following, Federal Reserve, Bilgerberg, Oil Peg, World Reserve Currency, if I get a blank stare I switch to weather. Here x know, some are learning, some are too fixated to learn and some (and I’m seeing more of it) are here, possibly paid, for nefarious purpose.

          • Same here. I belong to a couple online sewing groups and that’s about it–no social media. Otherwise, I’d much rather join a local group for inspiration on my interests and hobbies. I come here for intelligent conversation whether or not it’s on topic. I contribute where I can.

            Social media is far too vacuous to be of any use. Someone sharing their latest “shiny object” is a waste of time–theirs and mine. Time is too precious to waste on that. I have to figure out how to do prepping on my own on a lean budget; not impossible, only challenging which I enjoy.

      8. WE are all under Surveillance

      9. I never understood the allure of Facebook and Twitter. Lurking here is about as ‘social’ as I care to be. It seems to me though that this is a situation begging for a free market solution. I mean, if I was a smart young fella or gal who wanted to be the next godzillionaire like Mr. Zooookerberg, then I might be looking into starting a competing platform (or whatever you call it) to Facebook that welcomed conservatives and libertarians. Given an opportunity, they could take their business elsewhere and stampede towards the alternative.

        • Many websites “require” Facebook to fully use them. I have refused to join the mania, but it can limit you. Eventually it will become stale and rejected, like everything else in our society. Suckerberg has his money and won’t care. It is hilarious to see all those people with all those faux friends, that never leave the house and do anything.

        • The problem is this: Facebook, Google etc. were funded and incubated by the government under the dark version of the Total Information Awareness Program.

          As government programs for national security, they are protected. That means any attempt to set up a serious rival will get you a visit from the men in Black.

          Under the PATRIOT Act they can put you in jail without charges forever. They can also declare you a terrorist and send you to Gitmo (hey, you could at least hang out with Julian Assange and become his butt buddy!).

          That’s why Paul Joseph Watson and the other Trump fanboys will eat the hurt. And why Trump won’t do anything to help his fanboys.

          • Frank Thoughts

            It’s sad but you’re correct.

          • Dang, Frank! There’s that van parked in front of my house again. It’s been coming by a lot lately.

            • Don’t worry Fritz, they’re just working on the cable TV, but I can’t figure, that same van has been parked in front of my house and we don’t have cable in this town. Trekker Out

        • I tried to setup and use twitter. I followed Pres. Trump and was kicked out by the end of the day. Did not even get to post any comments. have not been back after the 30 days out the door event. why bother…

        • Mozilla offers free add-ons, which allow you to selectively alter FB’s format — usually a chaotic mishmash of fake news, spam, and people of Walmart, wanting to be your ‘friend’.

          Then, depending on the number of people participating in sales groups, you can post ads on 30-50 different places, at once, to be seen by upwards of 100,000 people, for free.

          Someone has admitted to being a secret shopper. They send fake customers to test your patience and response time.

          My advice, in regards to being a competing platform —
          Anyone with a knack for business makes things go smoothly and does not put up impediments.

          Usurers, rent seekers, and other parasites had best draw lightly.

      10. Facebook, Twitter, etc are the modern equivilant of town squares. There is no way we should cede these things to $h!tlibs without a fight.

        And to heck with the “they’re private businesses they can do what they want” argument. Wait until you’re excluded from any kind of commerce for any belief to the right of Communism no matter how mild, then you’ll see why

      11. Read article recently that stated HALF of Americans are on perscription drugs.
        Note: The other half of Americans are cell phone zombies addicted to smartphones/devices. (Ironicly Steve Jobs did not allow his own children to use the devices.)
        You people are being Played. Suckers. Marks. Don’t buy or use lefty stuff.

        My family and MY money will NOT support ANY business that does not Love America and respect American freedoms. You can make a difference. Don’t support NWO communist. You do not have to use their “tech”. (time wasters)

        Be Deplorable proud.
        Stand up to “political correctness”. STAND.

      12. Actually, this isn’t really all that surprising of a development, considering the fact that Facebook and Google and Youtube are all controlled by jewish hands.

        I mean, if you think about it – jews both here in the USA and those over in Israel have, dating back to at least the 1947 land seizure that lead to the creation of the State of Israel – have screamed, hollered, stomped their feet, and spewed forth endless hysterical whining and guilt tripping about the so-called ‘holocaust’ – not asking, but aggressively demanding, that the whole world feel sorry for them and that the whole White world is ordered to ‘hate’ whoever the jews and Israel hate and be willing to wage unprovoked, illegal, murderous wars upon nations that are not willing to kiss Israel’s hind parts and who do no agree to bow down to every demand that Israel and their Diaspora contingent of rabble rousers demands.

        So, why should it be surprising that Zuckerberg, who is jewish, would try to demand that the rapidly dwindling number of users of Facebook share his tribe’s hatred for everyone that he and his tribe hate?

        Heck, this is normal, default behavior for this tribe.

      13. Changing the name to Facecrook would be more appropriate. The reality of “”hey look at me” hides the true reality of “dumb ass on display.”

      14. You are being distracted. WAR is about to begin.
        Iran-Venezuela? Both? Russia, if they step in?
        This is bad. Very bad. Russia makes no distinction in war between conventional and nuke. They plan and fight to win.

        Iran-Venezuela-Russia-China-North Korea -vs.- USA.
        Are you counting?

        Face book, Twitter, Alex Jones, others are being shut down prior to conflict. It is planned. intentional.
        The NWO War mongers don’t want a voice of anyone against the insanity of war to be heard. If you speak against war you will be shut down. If you speak against the evil NWO communist vision. You will be shut down and censored.

        Anyone here aware that Israel under attack? Total blackout of this news in USA.

        You are distracted and decieved by those that supposedly run things and supposedly keep you informed.
        No, you are not informed.
        You are a mushroom. Kept in the dark and fed BS.

      15. Paul Joseph Watson — gay sadist
        Laura Loomer — Put the yellow star away. Diet and exercise, before clingy dresses, plz.
        Louis Farrakhan — black and Islamist , wrecks your liquor store in a bowtie.
        Milo Yiannopoulos — personally says he likes big black D, in purple sequin jacket, yellow epaulets, and rococo wig.

        Marxism — When a single, national currency is disseminated from a lending monopoly and trickles down through too-big-to-fails.

        How is Reaganomics structurally different from the 5th Plank.

        These are all false, moral alternatives, which require a misuse of the English language.

        Of which I am aware, the only thing that is not allowed, is independence of food, water, energy, currency, education, business, or public services. When do the libertarians defend your right to be separate, and not to be commandeered. They are too busy defending degeneracy. What are they are literally conserving. Frivolousness and nothing substantial, to support life. Who are they conserving it for?

      16. Time to make Facebook and the other authoritarian social media sites collapse by moving to websites that value your privacy and freedom to speak your mind without worrying if you’ll be banned. Part of the conditions of liberty is that you have to allow the speech of idiots lest you find your own thoughts banned, as is currently happening.

      17. fake-book fags: FU

      18. Since I hate everybody I’m free of Facebook and all the rest. Freedom smells great!

      19. “The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining in. Within thirty seconds any pretence was always unnecessary. A hideous ecstasy of fear and vindictiveness, a desire to kill, to torture, to smash faces in with a sledge hammer, seemed to flow through the whole group of people like an electric current, turning one even against one’s will into a grimacing, screaming lunatic. And yet the rage that one felt was an abstract, undirected emotion which could be switched from one object to another like the flame of a blowlamp.” – 1984, George Orwell

      20. there is a lot of hate in this world why do need it on facebook and the world

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