Facebook Keeps Track Of A Terrifying Number Of Details About You: Here’s How To See That Data

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 47 comments

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    Facebook is back in the hot seat, and it’s becoming ever apparent why so many seem to be abandoning the social media website. The number of details that Facebook is keeping track of is borderline terrifying, and here’s how to find out what it knows.

    As if the censorship wasn’t bad enough on Facebook, they also use your own personal preferences against you. Recently, it became known that a company called Cambridge Analytica (CA) took data from a reported 50 million Facebook users and built personality profiles in order to serve people with political ads to “target their inner demons,” according Christopher Wylie, the former CA employee who blew the whistle on the situation, as reported by The Observer and The New York Times.

    Facebook banned CA from its platform last week and announced it planned to audit the company to verify whether or not the Facebook data had truly been deleted, as CA had promised it had been years ago. And there’s now a slew of investigations being launched over the matter in the United States and the United Kingdom. But the real questions remain: How could Facebook know your “inner demons”? And what exactly does it know?

    The truth is that Facebook knows a scary amount of stuff on you. Its whole business relies on watching what you do on Facebook, as well as tracking what you do on the internet via social media plug-ins (like the ability to “Like” a news post on a third-party website) and tracking the apps you install on your phone. –Business Insider

    To find out exactly what the social media giant knows about you, log in to Facebook and head to a page called “Your ad preferences.” You can find the page through this URL, or by clicking on the small arrow on the top right of the blue bar and then clicking “settings” and then “ads.”

    After scanning all this stuff you do online, Facebook builds a profile about you, which you can see by clicking on “your categories.” This is info Facebook shares with advertisers. Facebook uses this feature to determine things about your family life, where you live now and have lived in the past, and what kind of technology you use. There is a lot of information about everyone that Facebook keeps track of and then uses to allow advertisers to target ads to people who share similar interests

    Facebook also tracks your location, meaning where you are and where you’ve been, using both Facebook and Instagram. You can tell Facebook not to share your information with some advertisers but the only way to have Facebook NOT track any of your activities is to stop using its services, including the other apps it owns like Instagram. It’s important to remember that Facebook is free because it makes its money by showing you ads.


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      1. “You are being watched… FB has a secret system, a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.”

        • FB is nothng. Imagine what fedgov / NSA has access to. I’m comp sci PhD with data structures and graph theory expertise. If you take all the data available:

          – purchasing / credit card data
          – social network data and graph relations
          – internet usage data
          – every databbase the feds. Have access to

          If I had access to all that data (like they do), I could tell you about everyone you know. I could tell you what you have purchased. I can tell you everything you do in life. Not just on the Internet, but everything. And who you do it with. Think I’m joking? I’m 100% serious! And it is too late to stop it. It was too late the minute we started storing data.

          Now think about the predictions that can be made with that data. All the analysis on that data. They are doing this as we speak. Snowden gave us just a little taste of what is going on, and what is possible. Think about that. He was just one guy in a huge machine. Imagine all that is going on that he doesn’t know about.

          Don’t even get going on the subject of AI. We will see just how catastrophically big this all is within 10 – 20 years. Probablly more like 5 to 10.

          • The government actually goes to places like Facebook to get their tracking technology and implement it as their own.

        • A few yrs ago i joined facebk using a fake name only so i could see what my grand daughter was posting on the public page cuz she won’t talk to me. (controlling boyfriend took away all her friends and family.) I never put anything on a profile page or whatever it’s called. I never posted ANY thing at all. I just signed in and went to my grand daughters page. Well, i tried to close the account a few times and it won’t let me! So i recently went on there to look and guess what? My page was FULL of “friends”….they were all Mexican!!! Really! I never wrote a THING on my page and here i had all these so called friends. I think i deleted them. Also, SOME one had posted pictures of DOGS on my page! Cute dogs. Now how did facebk know i like dogs when i never said ONE WORD on their page? I had used some old gmail account and i forgot what it was so couldn’t use the password to close the account. I tried writing to fakebook and said i want the account closed, but nothing came of it. Oh, i remember now. Creepy how they somehow knew i liked dogs even tho i never posted one word on their site! I just went straight to my grand daughters public page. I won’t go back again. I bet there’s a whole bunch of stuff on “my page” now.

      2. We always imagined the government as “Big Brother”.
        Facebook is Big Brother and it’s just getting started. The government is only the client.

      3. Never had FB, Never will
        I am one of the few that saw the big picture when it comes to social media , Im not even comfortable commenting here

        • FB is for losers. Other than joining for advertising a business, individual members proliferate in gossiping, bullying, sending selfies and other junk communications. These people don’t have a real life and spend hours on social media of all types. Normal working people don’t have time, instead they have a real life with real friends and hobbies and work. These loser members deserve this hacking for being morons.

      4. Facebook Keeps Track Of A Terrifying Number Of Details About You: Here’s How To See That Data

        Awesome … I’m gonna create an account right away and test it’s limits to see if it’s true! – ツ

        • No social media for me, period. Especially with the race-based censorship they have. Only white people’s accounts get shut down and no one else.

          • Heads-up…

            Brave, I will be in Memphis for 2 days, trouble-shooting / repairing 6-axis machine, early next week.
            ..would like to meet after hrs…

            …you game???

          • Black get shut down too and not just white people! You are narrow minded.

      5. The best way to be free of tracking is to get rid of your i-phone, computer, and city life. The highways are tracking cars. The Cabal has created a virtual prison. The web is here to catch us because to them we are as important as an insect. But through the shared information of their creation, the internet, the predator has become the prey. We, the people, shall defeat them with their own weapon. So it is, so it shall be.

        _ Amen.


        • The Cabal would find my life boring, car tracking me to run errands, dr appointments, grocery shopping or eating out. Yes I have a computer, live in the city, yet live a low key, low profile life style. Not involved in any community/church functions which I find useless anyway.

      6. never used it never will. facebook should be sued by every user

        • I will ask a business that I buy from if their’s was hacked. Hope not. Individuals I don’t feel sorry for incl some family members.

      7. You’re tracked everywhere. This page alone I see nineteen tracking cookies. Among them I see a facebook one and a google one. The facebook one is attached to SHTFplan page so there is no getting around them if you visit.

        I see I have fourteen of them blocked from previous attempts to thwart tracking. I gave up trying to block them all long ago.

        Face it. If you use electronic devices the bosses know everything you do on it. The only way around it is not to use it. That would be the same as not using the scrip of the realm in everyday life. You can’t hardly do it in today’s world. They won’t let you.

        • Folks, detete your cookies and tracking anytime thru out the day. Use CCleaner it is free download.

          • Used CCleaner at one time until I heard it was hacked and is not safe anymore….

      8. It is easy, dont use Fakebook.
        There! Done!

        • It is easy, dont use Fakebook.
          There! Done!

          PERIOD.. End of story.

          Why ANYONE would uses fecesbork is beyond me… it has always been beyond me. I never used it, I never understood why anyone would use it.

          • That guy: Lots of losers that luv to send and receive gossip, tear down others online in their circle, are low self esteem-narcissists, obsessed w/ sending selfies and pics of kids, g’kids. I know about these losers near me, I refuse to speak to them or wave because if they approach u they want to ” show off via cell phone pics”. Duds- older women some retired all shallow idiots, no husbands or responsibilities.

      9. …and if you use a product such as “Ghostery” you would know that this very site has 6 trackers that feed the Beast.

        1. Google Analytics
        2. Google Adsense
        3. Amazon Associates
        4. Sharethis
        5. RevContent
        6. Lockerdome (social media)

      10. At least I don’t have Facebook to worry about. funny how the press wants to blame the Trump campaign for using Facebook and other computer gimmicks for the last election but it was alright for Obama to use it. They all use it,its efficient!

      11. I have worked in IT since the start of the internet revolution and the rise of social media. I have rolled this shit out across the world and seen it behind the scenes. I count as friends and contacts some of the big players in the scene. So, let me paint the picture for you.

        EVERYTHING is logged, tracked and stored. EVERYTHING. This has been the case in some form since the 1980s but was ramped up in two major phases since. The first was the internet revolution of the 1990s; the second was post 2001 after the 9/11 attacks.

        We put backdoor routers in all telecoms exchanges everywhere and also tapped every undersea cable and re-routed comms to listening and hoovering stations around the world. We even linked up most of the world’s CCTV cameras and sent the images to Utah.

        Don’t be grossly naive. The government wants to know what is going on and you do not get to play with these powerful technologies without letting the government listen in. Deal.

        I don’t care what Facebook knows because I send BS to Facebook. When I get ads, I get them for yachts, Mercedes Bens etc. Like I am going to buy a yacht?!

        All the information is used for blackmail. Get any job of consequence and they will drag the dirt out to blackmail you.

        “Hey, Mr. Mayor, congrats on the new job! Now, Bruno and me want to talk to you about a couple of big property projects we would like to see go ahead. “

        You: “I am not interested.”

        Them: “Well, you might be after seeing this little You Tube video of you, and, who is that? A 14 year old girl??”

        • Frank, like you – maybe a wee bit more (first began in IT via Control Data in 1973) – I’ve helped usher in this new age. Coupled with the programming, I’ve also engaged in the engineering side of it. Virtually all my working life it has been to build both physically and using software the infrastructure that has been required to see things to this point. Facebook? Sweet Christ!, that’s the mildest of the obvious. What needs to be known is that it now encompasses so much more. What do you all think is the purpose of ‘smart meters’, Bluetooth, WiFi on most all new products, AIS and all other vehicular tracking devices, air traffic and maritime traffic control, GPS, both cable and internet-streaming via the ‘G’ networks; and even more. Portable devices now include sensors of all types – all physical parameters being measured in geo-physical, local space, oceans …. hell, there are WiFi transducers being tossed about that can deal up anything and everything. Facebook. Sh*t. This very post of mine is being read as I type it. Collated, cross-referenced and indexed, filed and included in summary reports generated each micro-second of every single day. Utah is only the publicly known site. There are many more. Many more. The web itself is the storage location. Every single device is a back-up locale for some allocated amount of data. And that includes every single one of our computers and/or mobiles used right here, right now. Get that thought square all of you – in your heads. There is only one way to end it. Totality of destruction of the entire thing. Down to the very last bit of memory in existence. I’m talking about 1800’s level of tech. Nothing less.

          • I worked it out a long time ago how extensive it really was. I would have ideas (Sui generis ideas) because of my field and we chat them out on the phone or email with friends and colleagues. Then see somebody else launch those ideas. At first I thought it just was a coincidence, the zeitgeist. But it kept happening so I did experiments. Leak some shit and count how long it took for somebody to pick it up and run with it.

            Most people don’t realise it has just two real goals: one is blackmail, the other is to steal intellectual property and monitize it. Everything else is just gravy. They don’t really care if the coons riot (hey, somebody can make money fixing the windows!). They don’t really care much about what goes on morally either. Want to screw a goat while smoking a bong? Whatever, as long as you get the bong filler from the CIA and the goat from Monsanto.

            I don’t think we can reverse it either. I worked on the psychological/socialogical side of things and it is just too damn effective. The big thing now is to use the third world trash to keep the whites in check. And that is working a treat. Think of how much of the data is already in the hands of the Chinese and the Indians?

            The best you can do now is to make it work for you. Start a company and work the system.

      12. I never had a FB account and never personally used it, and have convinced at least 3 relatives to close out their accounts. Why would someone put a lot of personal information out for unknown entities to use to piece together a person’s life. It makes no difference, gov’t or corporate private sector, they work hand-in-glove anyway, the citizen is seen only as a consumer/managed resource.
        To me FB is nothing more than a time waster and a huge loss of productivity. The user is seeking nothing more than being entertained or distracted. How is anyone improving their life and circumstances by spending endless hours on FB. Stop with the FB nonsense, it’s causing you to have a sedentary lifestyle, be active and do something useful. Here’s an idea, if you must sit for hours everyday do it reading quality literature.

      13. I really don’t care.
        I bleed RED, WHITE, and BLUE. I’m a Patriot!!!!
        Again I don’t care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      14. Why is anyone on social media? Look at the permissions you are agreeing to. Then when you use Facebook or Google to sign into something else, you give them permission to access all of this info as well.

        • JAS: because there are lots of stupid people today who lack a real life with real people and places. Businesses advertise, which is fine if they keep it strictly biz.

      15. TERRIFYING SCHMERIFYYING… of course they keep track of everything morons (2 Billion Morons) using fecesbork post on the stupid site) What the hell did people think they were doing?

        HERE IS A CLUE!!! If not paying for a product then YOU ARE THE PRODUCT!! Your information is the product these days.

        Why is this even still being talked about? How do dumbazzes not still not know this?

        Why would anyone EVER post all their personal info on websites like that? Go back as far as myspeces I knew this was all a way to get dumbazzes to give away everything about themselves, their friends, their interests… everything.

        It didn’t take being paranoid or even being smart to realize what his crap was all about.

        When something is given away “for free” there is always a catch… how is it 2018 and people are acting surprised about this?


      16. Not on facebook but use the ad preference to pepper my screen with bra and pantie ads….of course Im a guy and its always nice to see pretty and sexy girls….

      17. The investors are complicit.

      18. Facecrook, you can check out anytime but you can never leave.

      19. Google does similar things with your browsing history, including YouTube preferences. Did you ever notice that YouTube offers you some really off the wall topics for viewing? It reminds me of some of the multiple choice personality & psychological tests you corporate dwellers are all too familiar with. You know the type, “do you consider yourself meticulous, or are you detail oriented?” Add that to the subject matter you search for, and you’re screwed.

      20. give them the bronx cheer,..thbbbbbbbbb,

      21. I just checked FB, and they don’t have much of anything on me. That’s because I don’t ever “like” anything, I don’t hook up to anything else using FB, and I don’t tell anything important on FB. I just keep up with friends and family in far away places because it’s free. I don’t even really see the ads any more. My vision automatically skips over that crap.

        I also checked Google the other day to see what they had on me. In most categories, they had absolutely nothing.

        The biggest reason they don’t have anything much on me is that I don’t access either of them with a smartphone. Some bimbo on FB asked me how I could get to Google to check it without using a smartphone. It was all I could do not to tell her how stupid she was. She couldn’t even consider accessing something with a computer instead of a phone.

        I must be doing something right, because many of the ads I see on websites refer to my location as being in various cities that I’ve never lived in. The last time I was in one of those cities was almost 50 years ago. None of them know where I am actually located.

        Stay gray and use proper precautions.

        • I never got a smart phone and never will. I still have a cheap trac phone which i keep in a metal can most of the time. I text only 2 people now and then. I keep the phone in the car in case the car breaks down. That’s the main reason i have a cell phone. I still have a landline. I don’t have a smart tv either. In fact i don’t have tv at all….cept to use it to play a dvd. I never got the digital converter box so i can’t watch tv even if i wanted to. It’s still an analog tv, but no good since it won’t pick up digital signals. I just watch dvd movies on it. I don’t have wifi in the house. I have a cable wire for the computer. Wifi broadcasts a LOT of radiation to the house 24/7. I would never get that.

      22. An article to delete FB – more are doing it, same with cutting the cord.

        ht tps://www.theverge.com/2018/3/20/17142806/how-to-delete-facebook-page-account-data-privacy

      23. I’ve always followed the rule never do anything on the net, you don’t want the entire world to know.
        Because of my Internet now being direct to satellite, most those trackers think I’m in places like Louisiana or Georgia.
        If I log into Home depot to check a price they assign me to a store in the south somewhere.

        Even when I had a Facebook account, they thought I was a 74 year old, married, Lesbian. It really cut down on the pop-up Ads. I dumped that facebook account a few years back.

        Today, I use adblocker to limit my data usage as I’m data metered.
        I also turn off pictures, java scripts, and cookies, when I can get away with it.
        One thing I learned in engineering was rather than give bad data, give no data at all. These guys have lots of bad data on me, so they will make bad decisions.

      24. Great post Mac. You’re on to a crucial issue!

        F-book knows our inner demons because:
        • It’s the ultimate platform for mentally masturbating in public
        • Our words and syntax betray our thoughts

        It’s probably quite easy for smart guys with quantum computers to reverse-engineer FB users’ online musings.

        Re: what exactly do they know? For starters, how to get deeply inside our heads! Now suppose the gubment finds that useful — and is in bed with them…

      25. Amazon Echo Dot devices are always listening and feeding GCHQ and NSA with your private activities.

      26. This reminds me of the story of Gonzo journalism, Ron Tater Salad, and the Walrus song.

      27. Mark Zuckerberg: “Mistakes were made.”

        Translation: Awwww. Poor Mark Zuckerberg. We should give him a pass. And SUCH a nice Jewish boy. And from Harvard, too. Billionaires cannot possibly be BAD people; can they?

        [heavy, deep, deeper than pathos sarcasm]

        “Mistakes” will continue to be made.

      28. I logged-in to fb, and clicked your link, in separate windows. I have looked through all of these selections, and turned them off.

        “But the real questions remain: How could Facebook know your ‘inner demons’? And what exactly does it know?

        If you’re interested in nice things, that’s what FB will show you.

        I know it sounds like Opra-ism (The Secret).

        But, some people have a neurotic drive toward self-discouragement.

        While I am not shilling for social credit, per se, if the spying was apolitical, I would probably be seen as a healthy, altruistic person.

      29. So, I had something similar happen recently and it really enlightened me as to how much the government tracks our data. I was talking to a friend about a product I was interested in buying and within a few hours, without doing any searching on my phone or anything, said product started showing up as an ad. This leads me to believe that just having a conversation in the presence of your phone can lead to data collection based on audio recordings of your conversations.

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