Facebook Discloses RECORD LOBBYING: Free Speech Is Dead On Social Media

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    Social media giant Facebook has disclosed that they have spent a record amount of money lobbying the government. Much like Big Pharma, because of the money involved, the government will do nothing to protect you and everything to make sure their narrative is pushed throughout Facebook’s social media platform.

    Big Tech spent big money lobbying making sure free speech online is officially dead. Facebook Inc. disclosed late Monday that it spent $4.8 million to influence United States lawmakers and regulators in the third quarter, lifting its year-to-date spending on Washington lobbying to $12.3 million — a level that already nearly matches 2018’s full-year total of $12.6 million, according to numbers reported by Market WatchThis is all happening as Big Tech continues to tow the political line and censor anyone who dares to think outside the vein of the official narrative offered up by the propaganda outlets mainstream media.


    This most recent disclosure comes as CEO Mark Zuckerberg is due to get questioned on Wednesday by the House Financial Services Committee.  Facebook is known for its censorship and political propaganda pushing.  Politicians are the only ones who have free speech online, and as we all know: politicians are all liars.

    The lobbying done was on a wide range of issues, including blockchain policy, election integrity, data security, internet competition, high-tech worker visas, privacy legislation, the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, and bullying prevention.  “Election integrity” has all but boiled down to Big Tech making sure that the government’s narrative remains front and center and all other “unacceptable” thought is pushed down, suppressed, and censored.  We’ve seen this time and time again, and they can call it what they want, but it boils down to social engineering and brainwashing. 


    The Silicon Valley company in recent months has faced scrutiny in particular over Libra, its blockchain-based cryptocurrency, and Zuckerberg is expected to get asked about Libra on Wednesday, as the House committee’s hearing is slated to focus on Facebook’s impact on financial services and the housing sector.



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      2. Wexit update:
        Thank you for a your support.
        The wexit website is down due to traffic. As of today Alberta’s population is approximately 3.5 million.
        We have collected over 300,000 signatures to petition our premier (state senator)Jason Kenny.
        Telling him to support separation.
        He will not hesitate a nationalist that has ambitions in Ottawa.
        He’s already come out against the separatists.
        This will fan the flames higher.
        Saskatchewan is running scared from its separatists. And treading lightly.
        There has been no violence this far.
        I doubt there will be. At least not this early.
        Let me make clear why the west wants out.
        Alberta Saskatchewan and Manitoba
        Are the grain and industrial belts.
        Alberta having the most advanced oil and gas infrastructure makes the most money.
        As such we in Alberta have to make transfer payments to Ottawa then Ottawa redistributes that cash to (have not) provinces. All east of manitobia.
        Since 1950 alberta has handed over 622 billion.
        We also pay 32%of every paycheck dollar in federal taxes.
        We pay 7% gst.
        And now starting January one
        We will be paying 10%carbon tax to federal government.
        Yet at the same time they tax us the east wants out energy sector shut down. Yet demand more money.
        They have blocked every effort to get our oil to international markets.
        Our farmers are ranchers are under attack from all sides our beef industry our mining agriculture all under heavy tax burdens.
        You can follow wexit news on YouTube.
        You can keep trying the website traffic should slow down.
        Peter downing is our separatist leader
        He’s been getting out there as much as possible.
        He is a Canadian veteran and retired rcmp police officer.
        So he’s tough.

      3. Everyone needs to abandon social media. Social media is NOT your friend.

      4. Sask/Alta North West Republic. We need to separate from commie canuckistan as soon as possible.

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