Eyewitness to Hitler Warns: “Keep Your Guns and Buy More Guns”

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    Editor’s Note: The warning signs are everywhere. History has shown us exactly what happens to the citizenry of nations who are disarmed by their governments. The comparisons between Nazi-controlled Austria and a socialist-controlled America are frightening. But this time it’s different right? It could never happen in the Land of the Free…

    Watch the speech, read every word and share with friends, family, and those who don’t know any better. 


    Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

    When Katie Worthman was a little girl in Austria, she witnessed firsthand Adolph Hitler’s rise to power and the Soviet communist occupation that followed.  She also witnessed, for decades, the distortions of the media when it came to the reporting of the events.

    From her eyewitness perspective, Worthman said that the whole thing didn’t happen overnight, in a brutal attack, like the media portrays it, but rather, it evolved into a dictatorship gradually, over a period of a few years.  Hitler didn’t come across as someone evil, to be feared, initially.  ”In the beginning, Hitler didn’t look like, or talk like a monster at all. He talked like an American politician.”

    Here are some things that occurred in Austria, according to Worthman, that just might look familiar to Americans:

    • Hitler was elected with 98% of the vote.
    • Hitler destroyed the existing medical system when he brought a national healthcare plan into being.
    • First, people were forced to register their guns to cut down on crime.
    • Then they were forced to turn them in or risk capital punishment for keeping them.

    Worthman’s eyewitness account is eerily reminiscent of what we can see going on in the United States today.

    “In 1938, the media reported that Hitler rode into Austria with tanks and guns and took us over. Not true at all,” she says. “The Austrian people elected Hitler by 98% of the vote by means of the ballot box. Now you might ask how could a Christian nation… elect a monster like Hitler. The truth is at the beginning Hitler didn’t look like or talk like a monster at all. He talked like an American politician.<

    “We also had gun registration. All the Austrian people… had guns. But the government said, ‘the guns are very dangerous. Children are playing with guns. Hunting accidents happen and we really have to have total controlled safety. And we had criminals again. And the only way that we can trace the criminal was by the serial number of the gun.’

    “So we dutifully went to the police station and we registered our guns. Not long after they said, ‘No, it didn’t help. The only way that we won’t have accidents and crimes [is] you bring the guns to the police station and then we don’t have any crimes anymore and any accidents. And if you don’t do that: capital punishment.’

    “So that’s what we did. So dictatorship didn’t happen overnight. It took five years. Gradually, little by little to escalate up to a dictatorship.

    “When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny. But when the government fears the people… that’s liberty. Keep your guns. Keep your guns and buy more guns.”

    Now 84, Katie Worthman is warning America, her adopted country, in the hopes that history does not repeat itself. Watch her powerful presentation below.  If you don’t want to go buy more ammo after that, then you aren’t paying attention.

    Kimberly Paxton, a staff writer for the Daily Sheeple, is based out of upstate New York.

    This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to www.TheDailySheeple.com.


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      1. It would be terrible if we had an economic collapse before the next election.
        People will buy in to “hiltler style” solutions when they are desparate.
        The parallels between austria then and America now are scary as hell .

        • Spend as much on ammo as guns. When someone has two guns and no ammo they will be willing to make you a great trade. Be sure to part friends and leave before they can load.

          • It seems Hitler was just a trial run for the eventual plan of the banksters for the USA.

            Keep your guns, people. Use them when someone comes to get them, but not before then. That will keep the banksters minions at bay. They must never find out for sure who has the guns, and how many.

            • The problem is, if we try to organize, they have the NSA to eavesdrop and find us out. Its important to figure out a way to organize (gain strength, reinforce each other) without them finding out. The underground rail road comes to mind. (??)

              • F##K the NSA , I am right here .
                They know where right here is .
                Organise all you want , the government is populated with cowards , why do you think they want your guns ?
                Do the libtards (socialists) hide their agenda? NO
                Its in your face , get an in your face attitude and run with it .

                • @ Mac. Don’t think this article has impact on someone/ I have been trying to send a comment and I keep getting that 404 error message. Someone doesn;t want something I am writing to be seen. Cowards. I will try to send sections of it in the next hour and see if I can get it through.

                  • You know what these terrible anti-gunners think, if that is what you can call it? That self defense is only a privilege given to a select few. These scum buckets that want to take away your firearms want to alos take away ALL self defense to make a person as helpless as possible. WHY?

                    It is not that someone with pepper spray or a stun baton is going to take on the secret police and win, no. It has to do with mental conditioning. They want people to be WEAK MINDED and thus not want to fight back EVER. A total wimp is someone whom will totally obey and be a good little android. Firearms are the difference with retaining freedom. Non-lethal weapons bans are ONLY to keep the control that a dictator has and keep the insurrectionists at the lowest minmum number. It is called breaking a person’s spirit.

                  • I am going to attempt to send some of the sections of the rest of the paragraph someone is trying to block from others seeing it.

                    This is what EVIL is, they want the person’s spirit and mind turned into mush, turned into being as weak as possible. This is why they call it EVIL. This is why freedom seekers fight so hard to never give a millimeter to these anti-gunners. The more they push freedom back, the further you have to push them to get it back. The more compromises given to the anti-self defense creeps, the more they will take from you in the future. First it is semi-auto rifles, then more handguns, after that most shotguns, then finally ALL guns. Not a millimeter with our freedoms you POS SOB’s, not a millimeter.

                  • Be Informed, good evening, sir, and your posts are definitely having an impact on some POS who is trying to censor you. You know I’m with you all the way. Our rights, including the right to self-defense, come from God, NOT from any manmade government. I still claim these rights, come what may. I’m keeping my arms regardless. Let the scum come to my place for any reason and we’ll see who is still standing when the smoke clears. MOLON LABE braveheart

                  • @ braveheart. You know what is so irritating about that 404 error message is that it is banning just certain combinations of words. It is almost like certain words together create some code or something that someone doesn’t like. It is ridiculous that I have to go through and delete a simply statement that is just that. This is the sporadic censorship that many sites get around the internet that will eventually lead to much, much worse censorship.

                    Already these wiener head sites ban free speech by using terms like bashing articles as reasons to delete comments not favorable to an article or someone else making a comment. This is just plain old censorship that site owner use to their advantage just the same as the government does under the false premise that they are being nice and kind to everyone. Political correctness to aid in someone’s own benefit is what it is about.

                    Then you have the few free sites like this one left and the government hates this and decides to make sure that they intercept certain messages and hit them with a 404 error message that looks like to the sender like something is wrong with their computer or the site. Thus no message sent unless they are like me and go to much effort to weed out what is being sent and be relentless about it. Censorship is nothing but a big fat middle finger to the First Amendment and the Constitution and why I become so upset over this. I like so many of us value freedom as something to always be deeply cherished and worth so much.

                  • BI

                    Hi and hope you have been great.

                    Slowly turning people into mental midgets has been happening for years. It started by making people dependent on government. They are willing to give up everything to keep there free money coming.
                    The government has also slowly redefined history. They don’t want people knowing the real history of the country. They don’t want people to know the bad things that our country has done at times. They also don’t want people to know or realize what made this country great. They also try to redefine our constitution. They slowly chip away at it. They have slowly chipped away at all portions of our constitution. Even the first and second amendments are not near as strong as they once were.
                    I fear what happens when the next crisis comes along. How much will the people be willing to give up for the government to take care of them.
                    That scares the hell out of me. People give up freedom so easy now.
                    Another thing that makes me go ” How did this happen “. Are people really that stupid and lazy?

                    Minorities of the population are also dictating things to the majority. Like prayer in schools or defining marriage. We have small groups saying you cannot call Christmas Christmas. It must be the holidays. You cannot put up nativity scenes. In the work place you must be careful how you word everything. If not you can be fired for discrimination. Counties tell you what you can build on your own property. They tell you where on the property you can build it. They tell you what you can have on your own property like the number of junk vehicles. You cannot organize for protest without the right permits. Our guns are registered when bought. You can only buy a certain number of guns in a certain time frame. They tell you what you can and cannot wear at school. We are now told we must buy insurance. Corporations are told what they can and cannot sell. In places we are told what size soft drink or hamburger we can have. We have zones in our counties telling us where we can build homes or businesses. We have to have permits for everything we build. We have to have our vehicles inspected yearly. If we say the wrong thing on Facebook or even here we may have the F.B.I. at our door. In some places you cannot smoke even outside. valedictorians are told what they can have in there speeches. Social services will take your children if you spank them.

                    We are all slowly being conditioned to give up our freedom.

                    Be Informed I am sorry I went on a rant. You just caused me to consider all that we have already given up.

                  • Yeah… I can see the NSA agents sitting around… “hey guys, BI just called us wiener heads, what should we do ? Give him the usual 404, that shit drives him nuts!” I would recommend upping the meds or going outside and getting some fresh air.

                • +1
                  Im here,
                  Ive got gear,
                  Stick it in yer ear ya buncha bassturds!

                  • Over 60 million were murdered by Judeo-Communism. They weren’t allowed guns either.

                    Interesting that we never hear from the eyewitnesses to that.

                  • Why does the reply button get blacked out on some posts

                  • @newbee

                    I think the replies are too many levels deep. I’ve seen some blogs where the replies went so deep that they were only a few characters wide, not even a single word wide.

              • dead drops are the only way around NSA surveillance!

                • There are unbreakable codes, including one-time pads and book ciphers, such as the Beale ciphers.

              • Forget about organizing, this is ridiculous. The people will not be able to communicate on a national forum to plan anything. Become instead an assassin, an Army of one as they say. You know your land, town and country much better than they do. Use it to your advantage. Put a hole in anyone representing the unconstitutional government, and I mean anybody and their families too, then go home and allow someone else to go target shoot the next Brown Shirt or SS officer to show their face. Make them cower in fear!

                If everyone takes this approach, then the dictators army will have to hole up in their own little safe zones and only travel under heavy escort. Rip up the roads, cut their electricity, put hole in their diesel tanks. Heavy escort travels on fuel. Thanks to the libtards, refineries are not around every corner.

                This is not any different than how the British were beaten. Why reinvent the wheel?

                • Learn to make thermite, a 5 ton vehicle with no engine is just scrap metal.

                  • Justice,agree on thermite,could be a bit risky getting it to desired spot though.

              • Try it the old fashion way: snail mail via USPS, cyphered letters and code words,

                • See also the 1946 The new adventures of Sherlock Holmes “Baconian Cipher” radio broadcast.

              • “”” Its important to figure out a way to organize”””

                No it is not. The corp can beat any organized group or small “militia” type organization. It is much more efficient for the corp to kill those off. Many victims in every attack, with few casualties for the corp.

                What it can’t beat is 150 million individuals with guns that could attack any place and any time. Nothing scares the corp like the idea of a gun behind every tree, or every rock, or every door.

                You can’t attack the corp and win. You must wait for it to come and try to get your guns and be ready to shoot the hired mercenaries, no matter what they may be wearing, when it does.

                That’s the standoff. They will not attack until after the guns are taken because they know the people will shoot back once word gets out of just a few atrocities.

                When that happens, they will end up trading at least one man for each gun they try to take. The People will win that war every time because of shear numbers.

                An army is designed to fight another army. There is nothing that can be done to defeat tens of millions of individuals with a common enemy.

                • Absolutly right GC. Guerilla tactics & lone wolf assaults along with an active resistance. Yet another list I go! Be safe everyone!
                  Standing ready in Daytona

                • That is what people fighting this country figured out. It has happened in every war since Korea. They use gorilla warfare. It is the only way to beat our military. Very hard to defend against too. I trained in light infantry. Our primary mission was to fight behind enemy lines using gorilla warfare tactics.

                  • Yeah boy oh howdy, I don’t want no gorilla after me. I saw the planet of the apes and that shit don’t go around here.

            • You can have all the guns and ammo your little heart desires. It will make no difference. Today, they will not go door to door, unless a catastrophe happens like an earthquake or something that removes whole areas, then they will go door to door.
              Your guns and bullets will have no bearing on the Hellfire Missiles they will level your house down with, or the drones which can fire a missile through your window from 500 miles away.
              The Government no longer uses muskets, son.

              Your guns will have value for protection from burglars and robbers, but they will be no match for Chinese and Russian and American Troops marching through neighborhoods firing fully automatic AK-47’s!

              You are not in an XboX, this is real!!!

              Your pea shooter will have no effect when they come a calling.

              This nation was told, informed and warned that we will have a New World Order, either by consent or conquest!

              • Every war is decided by a man with a rifle. All the fantastic weaponry we can churn out can still be defeated by determined men with will and rifles.

              • I wouldn’t call a 340 Weatherby mag that has 2000ft pounds of energy @ 500 yards a “pea shooter”.

              • The key to maximizing damage to equipment is in knowing how it works. This merely means that he should have a basic working knowledge of various types of technology, just as he is taught to recognize aircraft and vehicles.
                – On an Armored vehicle, commander and driver vision blocks, commander’s sight, gunner’s sight, thermal and other optical devices, computer mast, and external protection devices are all legitimate targets for the sniper.
                A military force is only as effective as its command and control system. Most of the battlefield radios used today are no stronger than their WW2 predecessors, and are not resistant to direct fire. Antennas are easy to locate.
                – Crew-served weapons are a favorite target of the sniper; without them many units are seriously depleted of heavy firepower. If the crews are under cover due to sniper fire, the weapon is not in use, and the sniper has scored a success!

              • What makes you think we all have pea shooters. See that’s why dogs bite people!

              • A .308 round from 800 + yards will only leave a pink mist. Its difficult to fire an ak-47 when you have no head. 100+ million heavily armed infidels can throw alot of lead many distances.

                Stack deep folks, your enemy won’t be taking prisoners.

              • The way the government has been treating military vets, firing military leaders, and generally not caring about our service members will likely work in our favor. Once the SHTF, the soldiers will see the oppression of the people, so will return to their families to help protect their communities.

                So bring on the blue hats. With all the armed citizens plus a large portion of the combat trained military will chew them up and spit them out. It’ll be like the yanks adopting the Indians tactics against the British. They cannot prevail.,

                We must keep our guns, be informed, be prepared.

              • Sadly, i have to agree with you, George.

                No doubt the elites have plans A B C D and E fully practiced (E likely being nuke the nations that are too troublesome).

                There is no resisting this. The only hope our race has left is faith in Jesus Christ: faith in something beyond their control and influence.

          • Hitler gets 98% but Obamas approval ratings are a presidential historic low BUT BO wins 100% of the vote in some counties in FL, VA, OH, PA with over 110% in many others.

        • It would’ve been much better to watch the video without the advertizements in the middle of it…luckily, I’ve seen Ms. Worthman’s speech before, without the interruptions.

        • REALLY SCAREY! I wrote a paper concerning the centralization of our government– taking away control by local governments. Now it all fits together more clearly and is very scary!!!!

          • ANON – right a paper on Agenda 21.
            Its all relative , just another page in the agenda.
            Central control , water rights , gun rights , family farms , government dependancy ALL part of the same plan.

        • Learn to reload your own ammunition safely, and save your brass from the range.

          • For you non-reloaders, remember someone else does reload, so save your brass anyway. Someone will be able to make new ammo for you when it runs dry.

            Good $20 prep : 50 .223 jacketed bullets.

            Good $30 prep : a pound of powder, keep in a cool, dark place, unopened.

            Good $40 prep : 1000 primers in small rifle or large rifle. Store same as powder, separately, and away from all chemicals, especially bleach or fertilizer.

            Good $100 prep : 50 pieces of new brass and 2 pounds of powder, OR 2 pounds of powder and 100 bullets, OR a set of reloading dies in your caliber and 100 pieces of new brass.

            Be sure to check with your shop for what powder to get, depends on your caliber. There are pistol powders, shotgun powders, and rifle powders, many different. A good all-round powder for most of the .30 caliber rifle rounds, from .308 to .30-06 to 7.62×54 or 8mm Mauser is H4895 or 4895.

            If you are a reloader, make sure you have a set of dies for .223 and .308, whether you shoot those calibers or not.

            • IMR 4064 is also a great choice of powder that can be loaded
              in many different calibers of rifles. It’s my go to powder for target practice rounds and is loaded in all of my long term storage ammo. Varget is my choice for my long range precision loads. Kinda hard to find right now though.

              • I like 4064, too, thanks for mentioning it. I just wanted to keep the list simple for non-reloaders.

                Hodgdon CFE223 is great for .223 reloads, specially made for the .223/5.56 round. Probably good for 5.45mm AK round, too, but I won’t swear to that.

                H335 is another good powder for .308 and most .30 caliber rounds. Works nicely in my 7.5mm Swiss, for example.

                • Smokey,

                  I haven’t tried the CFE yet, but looking at the loading data, looks pretty good. I think I will try it. You are correct on the H335, love it, works good in 62 grain 5.56 AP

                  Something I was thinking about the other day; what if someone was looking to trade/barter some ammo in exchange for something else. Without weighing each and every round, how would a person know if they are getting powder charged ammo? Seems like a good way to sabotage someones weapon would be to load rounds without powder. I assume the bullet would stick somewhere in the throat, maybe a few inches into the barrel, with just primer pressure when fired, making it necessary to tap out the stuck bullet. Even after 25 years of reloading, I’m not sure if I could distinguish a 223 round that was missing 24 grains of powder. Sometimes with light loads you have alot of space left over and can hear the powder when shaking the cartridge, with max loads, that isn’t always true. Anyway, just thinking out loud here. I guess the same can be said for overcharged cartridges, that could definitely ruin your day, not to mention your weapon.

                  • Yeah, a squib load in a semi-auto will ruin your day. Same with a double charge, but most loads nearly fill the case, so a double charge will spill powder and be obvious. Instead of a true double charge, you’d have a 110% charge, perhaps. That would be a good proof charge, but probably wouldn’t harm your rifle. The only way to tell is weigh each round, bartered or bought. I recently bought some .44 Special reloads at a gun show, 200 for $24 (steal), it took me all of 6 minutes to weigh them all. All were within 3 or 4 grains of each other, I took one apart and checked the load, it was right on, so the variance is the Winchester brass case and primer.

                    As a rule, I don’t buy reloads unless I assist in the loading process, I want to see what’s going on, but I did talk to the vendor first, he sounded knowledgeable, so I bought the stuff.

                    If we’re going to trade reloaded ammo, have to develop a protocol, like assisting in the reloading. Shouldn’t be too difficult to stand beside the press with a light to shine inside each case and visually check the powder depth. My progressive Dillon press is supposed to load 600 rounds an hour, but I do maybe 150 or 200, due to taking my time about each movement and visual checks at each rotation.

                    I have no problem taking a round apart and re-doing it, or scrapping stuff entirely. A 20 cent reload is not worth an eye, hand, or a life, let alone an expensive firearm.

                    In a SHTF environment, a full day of loading, with an assistant, that would be about 2,000 rounds in one caliber, so there’s no need to rush the process, just plan ahead.

        • That is precisely why I think we will have a major economic collapse before the next presidential election. It is the only thing that makes sense.

        • Wake up! Hitler (or Stalin) has already been elected.

        • I don”t care WHAT happens they are not Getting My Means for Self-defense. I say Bring it on Commies, the Party will start that day….What say You?

          Semper Fi

      2. Wish I could afford to! Along with ammo.

        • I know ,right?
          after reading all of Rich99’s posts, and petersons posts I went out and sold all my guns to buy Xmas presents for my kids and family..

          Dam.., figures..
          oh well sticks and stones

          • Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.

            Give a man a fish every day and he says

            Screw Fishing, too much hassle when they

            are doled out for free.

            • Teach a man to fish and he dies from mercury poisoning!

          • VRF, please tell me you were joking about selling your guns and opening the door to God-only-knows-what for you and your family. I know Rich99 and Peterson are morons, but I can’t believe they would affect you that way. Everyone here knows I take on the trolls every chance I get, but it doesn’t make me want to get disarmed. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • BH , it was really an unfourtunate canoe accident , I just didn’t want to embarrass my kid for leaning too far over one side to pull in a set of decoys , she’s learning

              • Mine were all taken in a gun-buyback scheme. Was on my way to the smelter with them all, to get them off the streets, you know, when I got an offer not to be refused.

                Now, what do I do with all these pairs of sneakers?

        • Outlaw, If I was broke with no weapons, I would instead buy the popular brands of ammo. as in.22, 223, 308 and 40cal if/when the curtain goes up my bets are there will be plenty guns to be picked up off the battle field. Also might consider 7.62 x 39.

          • .02:
            I agree 7.62×39 is a very good option. (SKS) or a Ruger 10/22. 22CAl.

            • Howdy, Sgt. Dale. I have a 10/22 myself and love it. Bought it back when they were only $125 new in the box. Have several of the 25-round mags for it and never had any feeding issues. And of course, very well stocked on .22LR. braveheart

          • @02,
            7.62 X 39R to be specific. Less than $150.00. You then have a main battle rifle and what was once one of the premiere sniper rifles in it’s day. More of these made than any other rifle in the world. When they came off the assembly line they had to be able to group 3 shots in a 6 inch target at 100 yards.


            • Big B thats 7.62x54R.. r means rimmed. used in the moisen nagant and dragenov rifles. 7.62 x39 is not rimmed, and is used in the sks, ak clones,and mini 30. The 7.62 39 is on sale in town for 298$/1000 rounds.

          • Every TSA or DHS checkpoint will have at least (4) M4’s, 1000 rounds of 5.56mm, at least (4) 9mm or 40cal pistols, 4 full armor, uniforms, boots, helmets, knives or bayonets, communication gear, at least on Humvee with a hundred gallons of Diesel, and probably a boatload of MRE’s with your choice of sauces.

            What you need to start with is a single shot rifle and at least 1 box of bullets. Go shopping at the Checkpoints for all your needs.

            • Kind of a new Target store, in a way.

          • @.02…RE: 7.62 x 39

            I subscrible to the “Patriot Survival Plan”. Their most recent email by Matt Stevens was about what rifle was the best to have when the SHTF. Interestingly, his recommendation was a 12-gauge tactical pump shot-gun like the Mossberg 19A1. One of the benefits was the variety of ammo which could be used from 00 buckshot for personal defense to birdshot for that turkey needed for the pot. I always thought a Saga with a drum mag was a good bet, but when I went shopping the supply had dried up so I ended up with a Mossberg. Paired up with an AK-47, or AR-15, and a 1911 .45auto, I figure you got all bases just about covered.

            • Good Coverage..I have a M1A for those Special People!
              Semper Fi

            • I don’t actually have a MBR autoshucker because I figure if I am running and gunning against “them” I am in the wrong place/wrong time/screwed up bigtime. BUT, I do have bolt actions in the military calibers, and my hunting buddy has an extra 308 MBR if needed so I have decided not to finance that outlay and concentrate on other things.. Yes folks I am sorry to announce that ole .02 does not have a scary black rifle.

              • Lots of folks don’t have the black rifles. Still a lot to be said for a good scoped deer rifle.

        • Gunnz are good but consider archery too. A bow is silent and no ballistics. A crossbow is good also. Many uses for a bow in guerilla type stuff! I saw the writing on the wall and sold off all my gunnz, just in time it looks like. I will focus on archery until it is illegal. I want to be a good citizen and stay out of trouble.. 🙂

          • I plan on defending myself with a rolled up bath towel…snapping a towel at them should make them leave me alone. LOL. Until they decree THAT illegal.

            • Damn sixpack, that sounds painful! That will send the zombies runnin!

            • I went out and sharpened a stick!
              Figure a poke in the eye with a sharp stick should do.

              • Better to take that sharpened stick dig a pit and insert the stated stick point up, cover with a
                Suitable covering. Pace a white piece of cloth in the tree limbs above to distract attention from the ground below on the trail.

                If you are really having a bad day with OPFOR coat stick with Dog Byproduct.

                This also works with a dead bird being placed in the middle of a trail. Of course you have the distance measured off and your precision instrument zero’d for that range from cover in a prone position.

                Rulw 1. .Be smarter than the OPFOR.


                Rule 3. Worked for Charlie in the big “V” learn from others mistakes it hurts less.

                Next posts.,preparing for the coming Festivities, adapting a highly effective bug out / assault pack
                In conjunction with temporary EVAC and rally points. when you have to leave the BIL for temporary safety.


                ANY WHERE ANY WAY


                Semper Fi 8541

            • Thanks for the laughs yall two.

            • That will work great for me. I will come out fighting with it wrapped around my naked body. All I would have to do is remove it. The sight of that would cause everyone to run away.

              • 🙂

            • Install large lifesize pics of polosi/Hillary/fiendstien ect NAKED along the trail…(using extreme caution as to not look at them as you set them up) rigged to pop up when triggered…then all you gotta do is wait for the screams of agony then just walk in and shoot any survivors who are still alive after they’ve clawed their own eyes out…its gross what with all the blood and puke but it makes taking patrols and and battalion size units down…CAUTION be sure to warn your own people of where these traps are set or youll lose good folks to a hideous fate…one your conscious wont be able to take 🙂

            • @ sixpack…….Crap !! That beats my FLYSWATTER !!……mm

          • Bow,but also,crossbow!That said,will never give up firearms or all the other options a big box building store has to offer!

          • I am all for diversification of ones collection and I am not trying to be rude but the science of “ballistics” is something to be applied whenever you wish to hit ANY given target! Even with a bow!

            bal·lis·tics : noun : the science that studies the movement of objects (such as bullets or rockets) that are shot or forced to move forward through the air
            (above definition courtesy of merriam-webster)

            Have a great afternoon Y’all and Stay Strong!

            • By ballistics I was refering to tracing the projectile to the weapon. Of course it applies to flight path and ft. lbs. of force etc. lol

            • Snisha-

              ..and if I may add to your definitions.

              “targets”: noun: those political & financial cretins scurrying for cover, to escape the field-of-view…of a mil-dot scope!

            • In context it should have been clear that Genius was joking about leaving no forensic evidence. What? No microfiber forensics? No fingerprints on the nock?

              • Ya you would have to be careful about fibers and fingerprints, perhaps disposable gloves and wipe the arrows off with alcohol. I like the sharp stick idea lol 🙂

          • Genius, I may look into archery myself as an extra method of self-defense, but no way I’m giving up my guns. I’ll focus on everything even beyond them becoming illegal. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • You can do a lot more than just shoot people and things with a crossbow. Mine is also a 320 fps delivery system…

              • Damm sixpack, thats awesome! I bet that would deliver a payload of nasty lol. INCOMING!!!!

                • Yeah buddy.

        • Outlaw – just write to Eric Holder or the ATF director and tell them you work for some chimichanga Cartel in Mexico and they’ll give you an Ak or AR for free. It may even comes with free ammo.

      3. The poster is from JPFO.

        Rest in peace Aaron Zelman, may he be known for good.

      4. People like Ms. Worthman are nowadays a rare commodity. An actual eye witness to the lethal destruction of a people and a country at the hands of one man, a dictator.
        45 years ago I read an untouched, un redacted copy of Mein Kampf. That book today is heavily sub authored. There has been a lot of content removed from the original copy.
        This just my take on it.
        Hitler was a common man in the beginning appealing to a common people about a common concern/cause. Debt, Jewish debt. The Germans were a debt poor nation to the Jews. This was the match that lit the fire and hitler figured out how to use it.
        During Hitlers early rise the Germans (pre WW2) were fat and happy, appealing to tradesmen and trade unions. Sound familiar?
        Demonizing the Jews was in the forefront. A common cause that unites the peoples. In the early days no one dared criticize the Jewish domination, they held their debt and feared reprisal. With Hitlers prodding this fear was obliterated and the Germans rose up against the Jews and the debt. The underlying thought was, kill the Jews and the debt disappears and a free Germany and it’s people emerges.
        This may have succeeded if Hitler had kept it inside Germany’s borders but he got a little full of himself and wanted world domination for a thousand years. That’s pretty lofty thinking. And we mostly know how that worked out.
        Let’s play with some numbers.
        Germany 1933 population 66m, total area square miles 137,847
        German Jewish population 505,000. 0.75%
        America. 2013 population 319m, total area square miles 1,794,100
        See a little difference?
        If the sitting administration is audacious enough to think they can pull off a hitler style takeover of the US, they might have in the end have to rethink their options.
        The boiling the frog thing,or however you want to put it.
        This demonizing whites as Hitler did the Jews is going to be a tough nut to crack, here’s why.
        Hispanic US population 52m 16.9%
        Black US population 42m 13.1%
        White US Population 223m 77.9%
        They have a problem in their mantra, their numbers.
        They can’t have or afford a running gun battle on this, simple attrition would attest to that plus the fact that not all in total would participate. Just small factions would be involved and they would be decimated nearly instantly.
        Rounding up whites and cooking them in ovens is shear lunacy.
        They will NEVER get all of the guns in this country, no matter the false flags or pity attacks. If you have ever seen one of these gun buy backs, the weapons that are turned in are mostly junk. If they have any chance of getting quality, the weapons they fear, they’ll have to come and get them. Once that occurs and is known all hell will break out.
        They will have to just keep chipping away at this hoping eventually to get the majority of them without retribution. Good luck on that shit!
        The good thing is, we have elections. This wondering messiah and chief will be nothing but a bad dream in three years. Maybe he will relocate his lovely wife and daughters back to his fatherland, Kenya. He’ll be a hit there.

        People like Ms. Worthman are nowadays a rare commodity. An actual eye witness to the lethal destruction of a people and a country at the hands of one man, a dictator.
        45 years ago I read an untouched, un redacted copy of Mein Kampf. That book today is heavily sub authored. There has been a lot of content removed from the original copy.
        This just my take on it.
        Hitler was a common man in the beginning appealing to a common people about a common concern/cause. Debt, Jewish debt. The Germans were a debt poor nation to the Jews. This was the match that lit the fire and hitler figured out how to use it.
        During Hitlers early rise the Germans (pre WW2) were fat and happy, appealing to tradesmen and trade unions. Sound familiar?
        Demonizing the Jews was in the forefront. A common cause that unites the peoples. In the early days no one dared criticize the Jewish domination, they held their debt and feared reprisal. With Hitlers prodding this fear was obliterated and the Germans rose up against the Jews and the debt. The underlying thought was, kill the Jews and the debt disappears and a free Germany and it’s people emerges.
        This may have succeeded if Hitler had kept it inside Germany’s borders but he got a little full of himself and wanted world domination for a thousand years. That’s pretty lofty thinking. And we mostly know how that worked out.
        Let’s play with some numbers.
        Germany 1933 population 66m, total area square miles 137,847
        German Jewish population 505,000. 0.75%
        America. 2013 population 319m, total area square miles 1,794,100
        See a little difference?
        If the sitting administration is audacious enough to think they can pull off a hitler style takeover of the US, they might have in the end have to rethink their options.
        The boiling the frog thing,or however you want to put it.
        This demonizing whites as Hitler did the Jews is going to be a tough nut to crack, here’s why.
        Hispanic US population 52m 16.9%
        Black US population 42m 13.1%
        White US Population 223m 77.9%
        They have a problem in their mantra, their numbers.
        They can’t have or afford a running gun battle on this, simple attrition would attest to that plus the fact that not all in total would participate. Just small factions would be involved and they would be decimated nearly instantly.
        Rounding up whites and cooking them in ovens is shear lunacy.
        They will NEVER get all of the guns in this country, no matter the false flags or pity attacks. If you have ever seen one of these gun buy backs, the weapons that are turned in are mostly junk. If they have any chance of getting quality, the weapons they fear, they’ll have to come and get them. Once that occurs and is known all hell will break out.
        They will have to just keep chipping away at this hoping eventually to get the majority of them without retribution. Good luck on that shit!
        The good thing is, we have elections. This wondering messiah and chief will be nothing but a bad dream in three years. Maybe he will relocate his lovely wife and daughters back to his fatherland, Kenya. He’ll be a hit there.

        People like Ms. Worthman are nowadays a rare commodity. An actual eye witness to the lethal destruction of a people and a country at the hands of one man, a dictator.
        45 years ago I read an untouched, un redacted copy of Mein Kampf. That book today is heavily sub authored. There has been a lot of content removed from the original copy.
        This just my take on it.
        Hitler was a common man in the beginning appealing to a common people about a common concern/cause. Debt, Jewish debt. The Germans were a debt poor nation to the Jews. This was the match that lit the fire and hitler figured out how to use it.
        During Hitlers early rise the Germans (pre WW2) were fat and happy, appealing to tradesmen and trade unions. Sound familiar?
        Demonizing the Jews was in the forefront. A common cause that unites the peoples. In the early days no one dared criticize the Jewish domination, they held their debt and feared reprisal. With Hitlers prodding this fear was obliterated and the Germans rose up against the Jews and the debt. The underlying thought was, kill the Jews and the debt disappears and a free Germany and it’s people emerges.
        This may have succeeded if Hitler had kept it inside Germany’s borders but he got a little full of himself and wanted world domination for a thousand years. That’s pretty lofty thinking. And we mostly know how that worked out.
        Let’s play with some numbers.
        Germany 1933 population 66m, total area square miles 137,847
        German Jewish population 505,000. 0.75%
        America. 2013 population 319m, total area square miles 1,794,100
        See a little difference?
        If the sitting administration is audacious enough to think they can pull off a hitler style takeover of the US, they might have in the end have to rethink their options.
        The boiling the frog thing,or however you want to put it.
        This demonizing whites as Hitler did the Jews is going to be a tough nut to crack, here’s why.
        Hispanic US population 52m 16.9%
        Black US population 42m 13.1%
        White US Population 223m 77.9%
        They have a problem in their mantra, their numbers.
        They can’t have or afford a running gun battle on this, simple attrition would attest to that plus the fact that not all in total would participate. Just small factions would be involved and they would be decimated nearly instantly.
        Rounding up whites and cooking them in ovens is shear lunacy.
        They will NEVER get all of the guns in this country, no matter the false flags or pity attacks. If you have ever seen one of these gun buy backs, the weapons that are turned in are mostly junk. If they have any chance of getting quality, the weapons they fear, they’ll have to come and get them. Once that occurs and is known all hell will break out.
        They will have to just keep chipping away at this hoping eventually to get the majority of them without retribution. Good luck on that shit!
        The good thing is, we have elections. This wondering messiah and chief will be nothing but a bad dream in three years. Maybe he will relocate his lovely wife and daughters back to his fatherland, Kenya. He’ll be a hit there.

        • good post hammerun , i read it twice! LOL
          But it really does show how people that are crushed economicaly , will run to the first safety net they can find. Can you imagine the crackpots running for office if we have a major economic collapse ?
          Hitler was a snke charmer for sure , and the US could easily fall for that kinda BS if the situation was right.

          • Speaking of BS, what is interesting is the China syndrome…their buying up of American land in such huge chunks and Obama allowing them to drain the Great Lakes and import their nasty-ass chicken without having to state where it comes from. Where does Obama fit in their post-WWIII world domination plans? They would have had to have promised him something…which he, obviously, has cheerfully accepted.

            BUT there is NO way a communist Chinese-run world takeover (and I am not talking about USA-assimilated Chinese immigrants) will allow blacks to thrive…nope, they will use them as slaves and then use them up and dispose of them and take their resources…just like Hitler did when he invaded North Africa. Africa is already having trouble with the Chinese who have come to strip-mine their land, so I don’t really see a place for blacks in a Chinese/Muslim-run world other than as slaves. You’d think they would catch on.

            • Dont worry about black Americans , they will accept islam and be just fine .
              You better worry more about white middle class Americans ,because that is the group with a target on its back. The “bible belt” and such is what the NWO types have their sites set on.
              Either way dis-armament is key .

              • Bible belt…the Old South…the Confederacy…Dixie…by any name shes rising again and this time the tyrant wont subjugate her or her peoples!
                t’aint gittin our guns boys…lessin ya kill us all,and that aint fixin to happen this time around… 🙂

                • Settle down there REB, all of that hot air is contributing to Global Warming. You slow-witted rednecks are the same ones who helped perpetuate this Police State by championing the Bush Administration’s “fake war on terror”. Hiding in a tree stand and shooting some defenseless deer as it walks by does not make you a patriot/warrior. Lose Limbaugh, lose the right/left paradigm, lose the “I kill defenseless animals” therefore I am a warrior foolishness, learn to THINK for yourself, lose the “proud to be poor” mentality, and then perhaps your group will be taken seriously, As it is, you’re still stuck in the 60’s and 70’s programming you are hard to take seriously.

                  • Sd mule, you just hold your horses, mister! We rednecks are NOT slow-witted and we’re damned sure NOT perpetuating the police state. that’s the libturds and neocons doing that. we love this country and want to save it. We don’t have the left-right paradigm and know how to think for ourselves. I think you have us mistaken for someone else. I don’t care what you do for yourself, but you watch your mouth about my fellow Southerners. You sound like a troll. MOLON LABE braveheart

                  • @sd mule, You lost me when you said “Hiding in a tree stand and shooting some defenseless deer as it walks by does not make you a patriot/warrior.” It seems you are being disdainful of those families that really need at least 2 or 3 deer in the freezer, to help make ends meet out here in the country. The FED’s QE has not helped small town Main Street at all, it has only helped Wall Street. I think we are poorer now as food prices have gone up, while wages have not. Also, you did know a lot of those guys putting that meat in the freezer are veterans…right? God Bless.

                    “…lose the “I kill defenseless animals” therefore I am a warrior foolishness..”

                  • BIBLE BELT? Aint That the main areas where 50 million Scofield bible brainwashed israel and jew firsters reside?…..How with that many jewdeo kommie enablers you expect to win any fight to save the usa is beyond loony.

                    There will be More such enablers attacking fellow whites and patriots, while they believe Gods gonna bless em for defending jewdeo kommie bolshivk decendants now residing in america, and fully controlling all fed govnt and msm and banks etc. Than Any other likly enemys of domestic origin. Better research Talmudic Noahid fed laws Bush the first signed into fed usc laws before worrying of any sharia law nonsense..Jewdeo communists already overtook america back since 1913 way before the first muslim migrated to usa.

                    Has anyone noticed that figure for how many jews were in germany at hitler era? 505,000…So what? 5 1/2 Million More jews Went there to get killed? or is that 6 million famous claim Invalid?(Bingo!)….Oh and them Ovens were used to dispise of already Dead folks…Dead due to Typhus. Too Bad that women forgot to mention that in 1933 Worldwide jewery Declared WAR against Germany eh..

                    And same as usa rounded up ALL american Japs due to not sure which were loyal or not…Well due to so many invading bolshevik russian and polish jews swarming germany to assist the already present Eliet jews that had total govnt and msm etc control like they do in usa today…The german govnt hitler headed copied americas jap internments only it was kommie jews they rounded up.

                    Oh and as for Fat and Happy germans? No…They were suffering under worse depression than usa was due to wiemer troubles post WWI, and that versai treaty pre designed to finsih off germans for good after WWI.

                    So when do we get to see a Video first hand account of how 20+ yrs Before hitler or nazis were ever heard of, bolshevik jewdeo kommies began the TRUE Holocaustings and Mass exterminations of White Christian folks all over more than a Dozen eastern european nations to the tune of over 150+ Million?…And unlike 505,000 jews in germany that need Majikal scams to Grow that into SIX million…Those mass murdered By kommie jews didn’t need majikly inflate their dead numbers…Maybe Thats why we never see such proof videos eh?…Because thats the Real Truths and will really put a huge dent into current jewish Mojos and Hoaxes once folks realize just whom is the real deadly foes and bloodthirsty demons.

                  • So true about Scofield! He was funded by the same Samuel Untermeyer who spearheaded the 1933 World Jewish Congress declaration of war on Germany.

                    Maybe we should hold our breath that Spielberg and the rest of H✡llyw✡✡d and talmudvision will treat us to daily movies about the real holocaust, the one perpetrated by the synagogue of Satan against Christians? …more than 60 million murdered!

                  • Muley…Mmmmm, I bet you’ll taste like chicken.

                  • braveheart,
                    I’ll say whatever I want to say, to whomever I want to say it to. The South voted heavily (red states, remember?)for G.W. Bush, not once but twice. The second time was AFTER 9-11, AFTER the patriot act was put into effect, and AFTER the invasion of Iraq. The South voted heavily for McCain and Sarah Palin, after 8 disastrous of Busn/Cheney, if you can believe that. So, yes you do believe there is a difference in the right and the left.If you believe in the right/ left paradigm then you are NOT thinking for yourself. A person who thinks for themselves does not listen to the right wing SHILL, Rush Limbaugh. Or Hannity. Or O’Reilly, Or Beck.Or Maddow. Or any of the major news networks. By the way, to call me a troll because I don’t follow your programmed way of looking at the world is a sign of weakness, that is the kind of thing a politician would do. If you are operating from a position of strength, you let the facts do the talking.

                  • tayronachan,
                    If you want to shoot two or three deer a year, knock yourself out. My opinion is, that this does not make you a patriot/warrior. The deer cannot shoot back, it can try to run away, but it cannot shoot back. This concept that a Southerner will survive because they have guns, are great hunters, and can live off of the land is comical at best. Perhaps there are a few who would be able do this, but most are in no shape physically or mentally for that kind of task on a medium to long term basis.

                  • And you accuse me of hot air?…no intelligent input just insults and putdowns?…that’s okay I dont hold it against you,you have a great day now, y’hear? 🙂

                  • REB,
                    Show me where what I said is NOT true!!

            • Obama is doing what he was told. The Chinese own a huge amount of our debt, and surely no one thought they’d just let it ride forever. They knew what they wanted a long time ago. China has had water problems for a long time and this is their solution.

              If this govt was to be overthrown, does that mean all bets (and contracts) it made are off?

              • @six – as long as we still have a functioning congress all treaties are to be in force , thats why the small arms UN

                • I have no idea why it posted before i hit the button.
                  But @six the UN treaty will have to be honored if ratified . thats what the constitution says.
                  As far as financial agreements , i suppose we could tell the chicoms to go pound sand .
                  I think they would be upset , but really no recourse outside of war.
                  THIS is why we need to remain the last armed free people on the planet .

                  • Let the fed, the corps and the bankers settle up with the chins with THEIR FUCKING MONEY!!!

                    I’m in the mode for them to all pound sand…this bs paradigm is short time. Shadow banking, stock market, mortgage back securities, derivatives, taxes, etc. etc., etc…

                    When it finally blows, they won’t have enough balls to come and get it. I pity anyone dumb enough to come looking in their name.

                  • But with respect its also been decreed that the constitution does not protect/defend/uphold anything that damages it…it is the supreme law of the land regardless of its current impotent enforcement…its up to us to send the chinks packin emptyhanded…. we the people owe them nothing the federal govt and it cronies made these illegal debt/deals and they can pay em even if it comes outta their hides…china/et al own nothing!

                  • I thought the constitution forbade putting foreign laws over our own constitutional ones. Our independence hinged on independence from foreign rule. They drafted our founding documents accordingly.

                    Giving the UN or any other foreign interest, the power to usurp OUR CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY is expressly forbidden.

                • “””@six – as long as we still have a functioning congress all treaties are to be in force , thats why the small arms UN”””

                  Unless those treaties violate the Law of the Land. Then they are, like all US codes in the states, null and void.

                  • NO! That’s the problem. The Supreme Court says Treaties can supersede the Constitution.

                  • “”The Supreme Court says Treaties can supersede the Constitution.”””

                    The Supreme Court can not supersede the Constitution…nor can it’s opinions.

                  • Look at Bond v. United States, an upcoming case, the Court could very well say a treaty trumps the Constitution.

                    If it does, watch out.

              • You bet! 😉

              • Chinese land and water are polluted by chemicals. Only the poorest chinese eat food grown in china. The government and rich people and foreigners have food flown in from other countries and shop in special stores only open to the elite. China wants USA for its rich land and clean water; they will kill Americans and keep the land.

            • I’m not a republican (I don’t believe in either party!), but I saw a cool video in which this republican politician spoke out (congressional meeting?), saying that if they try to take our guns, it will result in civil war/ Revolution.

          • typo: …warm fuzzy feeling…

          • I don’t know how in the hell I posted that three times. Apologies … Two times. LOL

        • Besides the tribe’s economic crimes, neither Eisner’s Judeo-Communist 1918-1919 murder of thousands in their Bavarian Socialist Republic nor the World Jewish Congress’ 1933 declaration of war against Germany gave Germans a war fuzzy feeling about the tribe’s own crimes against humanity.

          CAUSE AND EFFECT—They had made themselves a declared internal enemy!

          • Another Ignorant Bigot. This site’s infested with the vermin.

            • Since you think you are so smart, Silver Sax, please tell the folks here about the thousands murdered by Eisner and his other Jewish Bolsheviks in Germany… by Bela Kuhn (Cohen), Matyas Rakosi and their other Jewish Bolsheviks in Hungary… by Henrykas Zimanas and his other Jewish Bolsheviks in Lithuania… by Moshe Pijade and his other Jewish Bolsheviks in Yugoslavia… by Jacob Berman, Jacek Rozanski, and their other Jewish Bolsheviks in Poland…. and Russia, etc. etc.

              Since you think you are so smart, Silver Sax, please tell the folks here about the 1933 declaration of war on Germany by the World Jewish Congress, a declaration published worldwide then, but somehow missing from textbooks published by Jews.

              Or are you the one who is ignorant about history???

              It is the genocidal murderers of the goyim who are the “bigots,” NOT those who expose the hidden truth.

              • There is no “hidden truth” about the Jewish people, you Jew hating ignoramus. I knew that the very mention of hitler would have you bigots clawing at each other to be the first one to do Satan’s bidding and spew more lies, slander and revisionist history. You people call yourselves Christians? From what I’ve read in the comments section of this website, all you Jew haters worship at Satan’s feet. Jesus Christ was born a Jew, lived his life as a Jew, and died a Jew. He never turned his back on the Jewish people except those he saw as corrupt, and never repudiated Judaism. Do you think Jesus would be proud of you for spewing your filth? Or would Jesus cast you aside as he did the money- changers? You Jew haters need to revisit what it means to be a Christian, a follower of Christ. From what I’ve seen here, you are not Christians.

                • Jesus of Nazareth was a Gallilean. NOT a Judean.

                  Jesus of Nazareth and His Holy Family practiced God’s commandments as delivered by Moses, NOT the Pharisees or others that Jesus damned for “mak[ing] void the commandments of God for the traditions of men” Mark 7:6-9

                  Judaism FOLLOWED the Pharisees and JESUS HIMSELF damned the followers of the Pharisees as “two fold children of Hell” more than the Pharisees themselves. Matthew 23:15 Jesus did indeed “repudiate Judaism.”

                  Jesus did not turn His back on His people, but many of them turned their backs on Him!

                  The word “Jew” has many fluid meanings. Even through the Gospel of St. John you can appreciate how the meaning of “the Jews” changed from meaning the whole of the people to meaning those who conspired against Jesus, murdered Him, and now defame Him and persecute His Church and His new people.

                  It is diabolical indeed that the synagogue of Satan pretends that Jesus was one of them. They now use the Holy Name of Jesus, the One they hate most, the One whose blood they called down on themselves and all their generations, the One they say was an idolater [Sanhedrin 43a, 107b], the One they say was a mamzer [bastard] conceived adulterously in niddah [menstrual filth] by a Roman soldier named Pandera [Kallah 51a] of a whore [Sanhedrin 106a] and that He is now in Hell boiling in feces and, in some editions because Jesus is accused of sexual perversion, semen [Gittin 57a].

                  Do not be suckered by those that God warned are “the synagogue of Satan, those who SAY they are Jews, and are NOT, but do LIE.” Apocalypse 3:9

                  Jesus and the Holy Family were most emphatically NOT one of them.

            • NO! Its You Silver Sax that need wake up. I and JQP both has Posted direct Links to view Actual Newspaper Headlines Dated 1933 that stated “WORLD JEWERY! Declares WAR against Germany!” and attached articles that stated..International Jews worldwide unite! Germans regardless which nation they reside in Must be totally Exterminated…And the nation of germany Must forever Perish from existence…And ALL Gentile shop keepers must destroy all german made products and throw them all out to assist world jewery in the destruction of germany and the german peoples. Germany back when that was declared by Jews in 1933 only produced enough Food stuffs to feed 1/3rd of german Population…Those Jew mandated economic Sanctions etc(sound Familiar to Todays non stop declared sanctions on every country israel and jews Hates?) would have resulted in 2/3rd of german citizens Starving to death if the nazis in power failed to boot Out jew banksters and change their Monetary systems to base dollar/marks values on Labor and what labor worked produced for sale or bater trade for food and fuels etc.

              The jews and we are talking a Vast Majority of worldwide jewery joined in Lock step to destroy germans in the same method of mass starvations as were done in the Ukraine Holodomer(that most folks never heard of thanks to jew controled msm tv and jew owned hollywood wont ever speak of That event) where 7 to 10 Million Ukrainians got starved On Purpous BY Russian Kommie Jews…And You Just Love them so eh!…And All That done before a single Hair of a single jews head was ever harmed by any germans period. Yes it Is You silver sax who needs educating big time.

              Jews Declared war on germany 1933 you fool…Jews are who used words like Exterminate ALL of…Why do you insist on refuseing to research Anything we post be it quoted statements by rabbis and jewish folks or links to websites or yutube videos etc?

              Just admit it silver sax you are a typical brainwashed idiot that FEARS to research and possibly Learn that whatever Your scofiled bible brainwashed pastors has taught You to believe as biblical or historical facts is Wrong, wrong, wrong…You Much Prefere Remaining in a delusional state of mind rather than actually Seek Truth as Jesus Christ Commands christians to do.

              Instead You like a few others here Reject all forms of truth if it involves jews or related jewish issues, and attack and spew name calls at the real truth tellers who Have accepted Christs teachings to Seek, Know and Speak Truth..Nowheres did Christ mention we are to give jews a free pass and ignore all evils done by them.

              That free pass for jews is just More John Hagee crapola you have Fallen for and fallen very Hard for…What a piece of work you are.

              • Dang it Them guys I was hoping she would do the research and find the facts for herself.This way people are more in tuned to wake up instead of someone else supplying the argument. I have decided that sax is a she, don’t tell me how I know, I just do.

                • .02: Yes I agree self done research is best..BUT..At This very Late stage of the game we are fast running Out of time to wait for these foolish deluded souls to make that Leep into researching said truths. And if after being alerted or wised up to the real truths, the fools still reject it…They will be withOUT excuse.

                  Get that Memo foolish Goat-line-rs…Otherwise next stop you join satans kids forever!

                  Worst sound you can hear will be “Depart from Me,you wicked workers of Inequity! I Knew You Not!”

                  But Lord Lord we defended bolshevik jewdeo kommies in Your Name too!…Lord Lord! we were total Enablers of the most evil deadly political system of khazar run kommies that ever existed!…And we did it All In Your Name Lord!

                  Se how phony and nonsensical it really sounds to do what jonny hagee teaches….

                  • There is no chains that bind a man as tight as the chains of belief. Sax is a perfect example.

              • You don’t actually deal in truth, Jew haters, only the lies and slander that Satan gives you as talking points. Your hatred has corrupted your soul, which only the feeble-minded allow to happen. Why don’t you go haunt the Stormfront website where you belong. David Duke is missing his minions.

        • Hammerun, great comment but dont get too worked up over this one. Its more sensational bs that this site is barfing up to scare the hell out of us. We have enough to worry about. We need solutions not stories on the boogy man.

          I for one would sure like some decent posts on serious stuff to help me prep smarter. Like others here I already know the shit is gonna hit big time. Id rather get into more planning than more nail biting garbage.

          • Calgary I come here daily for the commentary. Some of it is useful and some isn’t. I found in order to get mostly useful information this isn’t the site to use. This site is excellent for what it provides — alternative media. AltMedia does provide information useful to most as the topics can be applied to prepping. This article is useful because is stresses the urgency to have a means of defense. How to buy, where to buy, what to buy are all subtopics to this.
            Mac, maybe an shtfplan restoration is in order. Take the Top 10 commentators from this site, ask them to contribute a relevant and useful article and only allow the comments in that article to be relevant to that topic. Example: chickens. How to raise em, how to cook em where to buy em. That would then allow someone’s creativity to go from chicken how-to, to what to do with the manure and gardening. Then canning and cooking. Then disposal of the waste from said canning and cooking. This is true trickle down economics, but in a self reliant sort of way. I believe this can and will revive this site to match Mr. Rawles in readership. Give the people what they want.
            I will start with the first article if you’d allow it. You will know its me based on the e-mail I use to reply to the threads, correct?

            • Chickens!!?

              I was lopping the heads off of chickens
              for supper when I was 12 yrs. old, right
              after I filled the woodbox and slopped
              the hogs after coming home from school.

              I think you are trying to make Mac’s
              SHTF site into a home economics class 101.
              If that’s what folks are looking for,
              then by all means tune in to Rawles site.

              Speaking only for myself, I already know
              what’s for supper, what I want to know is,
              who is trying to take it away from me.
              Thank you for that, Mac.

            • Joke:

              When ordering at a fancy restaurant, a man asked the waiter, “How do you prepare your chicken?”

              The waiter replied, “We don’t warn them at all; we just lop their heads off.”

          • Calgacus, gun control IS something to be worked up about. I could only WISH it was only ‘sensational BS’ about the conspiracy to disarm us, but it’s not. IT IS REAL AND IT HAS TO BE CHALLENGED AND RESISTED! MOLON LABE braveheart

            • Braveheart, sure do get pissed over gun control shit. Its the article’s drama that fails me. Insulting actually.
              Take care now Braveheart.

            • Hey thanks for the link Bad American. Ill check it out later today. I read a couple of good prep blogs and of course survivalblog is the best. I try to put up w/ mother earth news but theres so much lefty slant its a tough one. Like the backwoodshome site too.

          • @ Calgacus——-Yea , You tell em !! If they want to argue religion , tell them to look up my ex-wife !! She’d argue with a fence post ! She use to chase me down the driveway screaming “Come back here I’m not threw with YOU YET “!! Now with new husband ,she’s BIG TIME BIBLE-THUMPER!! Guess I got out just in time !! My religion with God is in the WOODS !!…..Good Luck getting what you NEED !!…….mm

      5. If you want to see some humor, check out this link. Some pencil necked 14 year old looking faggot, along with a cabre of like minded useful idiots, writes a long article on how this woman’s claims are completely exaggerated and it couldn’t POSSIBLY happen here, etc. While it actually IS happening right here and now, of course.


        Our country is chock full of pseudo intellectual dumb asses like this. Which is why we’re so fucked.

        • That’s supposed to be “cadre”; oops. Dumb asses rarely occur in isolation; they always bring their pals along to pat each other on the back and laugh at all the weirdo “Tea Baggers” and their crazy ideas.

          • I read the article and many of the comments. The writer of the article is at best a moron who thinks he is intelligent and logical. He seems to have a high IQ, but his indoctrination is complete to the point that reality is obscured.

            He can not apply his logic beyond what he has been taught as fact. In order to be truly intelligent, one must begin with free thought and this clown is not capable of that.

            In conclusion, the article was really a waste of time for anyone who is not fully indoctrinated and hopelessly confused by living in the fictional reality of the corp as though it was indisputable truth.

        • Anything under the name of : “Rothschild” should be flushed in a toilet 5 times to make sure it goes down for good even though it’ll pollute the earth.

          • Yes, you’re a Jew-hater. We got that the first time.
            See how many more times you can get it in in this article.

            • SilverSax: I don’t who who is faster here…you and your name calling or Federal Reserve printing $. Hate is a strong word and is being used only by weak individuals without substance.

              • No, you’re faster than I am because I don’t say anything to you until you start with your Jew-hating spews. Problem is, that’s every comment you post. You’re obsessed with Jews, aren’t you?

                • SilverSax…. My only two obsessions are:

                  1-To fear the God each and every minute of my life and with every actions that I take.

                  2-To seek the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH.

                  • TACTICAL: Indeed! Truth! like the Lord commanded we seek and speak…Silver Sax ET AL who constantly unquestionally defend all issues jewish, also at the same time Never ever complain or whine crys of “Hater”! when the issues regard Islamics, Mooslims, Blacks, Japs, Chineese, Russians, Mexicans or ANY others that meet the definitions of Gentiles aka Non jews.

                    Thats Always fine and dandy…But any mention factual or truthfull regards jews or state of israel?…OFF Limits totally.

                    It reminds me of a good quote by another websites owner “Incogman” when he stated..

                    “All of You who Seek, and or Speak Truths…They are going to Call You an evil racist Nazi No Matter What!…So…You May as well Go All Out!”

                    Thats every bit as true as a good quote as one from Tommy Jefferson!

                    The jewish folks has at least some excuse since from day of their birth they begin to recieve jew fable spew passed on from their Mothers Breast Milk, which contains that fabled spew of jews are all victims, and The Only victims that ever matter, and all goyim gentiles Are evil Nazis awaiting a chance to Pounce on an innocent and pure as the driven snow jew…Its a DNA thing contained in that breast milk they feed on from birth..

                    However! That does NOT make for any good excuse for these foolish evangelical Enablers of jewdeo kommunists and nation wreckers…Whats Their main excuse?…Brainwashed by scofiled’s bible teacheing preachermen and Hollywood holyhoax movies by the Hundreds?…Or simply Ignorant and very Fearfull of truth?…One just cannot make this stuff up eh Tactical!

                  • @tactical: you ought to fear The Lord as you have a lot of explaining regarding your non-Christian behavior as evidenced by your vilification of the Jewish people.

                    Epic fail on #2

              • If the hate fits, wear it. You are cloaked in it from head to toe. People pointing out your hatred aren’t “weak individuals without substance”, but are calling attention to what is obvious to those who don’t share your rancid views. You can try to deceive yourself, but you are clearly ruled by your emotions, with hate being your favorite one.

        • @shitfless, Good find. That kid is a good writer, very persuasive. And kind of spooky that his last name is Rothschild.

          Kitty Werthmann: History Distorted
          1.7.2013 | by Mike Rothschild

      6. at the rate that people are waking up to the corruption of the WH and others we could have a collapse so HE or IT could stay in office by declaring martial law!

        • These are interesting times we live in apache. They lie to us every day and with straight faces. How many more lies will we put up with?
          You can keep your coverage. Lie
          Raising the dept ceiling doesn’t put us further into dept. lie
          We don’t spy on Americans in the USA. Lie
          The IRS doesn’t target conservatives. Lie

          What’s your favorite lie that has been told?

          • The most important lies IMHO are:

            Republican party is the only choice to save our freedom since they are the only party outside of AIPAC influence.

            IRS and Federal Reserver are being managed by real people who actually believe in God.

          • “They hate us for our freedoms”.

            • Not much to hate huh? lol

              • not much left now, that’s for sure.

            • @sixpack, good one!!

              • So let me get this straight…MSM TV news and newspapers etc always tell us nothing But Lies right?…Except of course when they tell us Israel is our best pals and allies, and any other jewish or israel issues they keep telling us of…THEN they always tell 100% truth right?

                No wonder some folks here believe the insane things they believe! What next a hollywood movie called “Swindlers List”?

                • Yes, Them Guys, this has always darkly amused me—the folks who insist that the public fool system and the media lie about everything will insist with purple face and bulging neck veins that Israel is our innocent and virtuous friend, the rabbis are nice guys in funny hats, and “6 million” died.

                  Ring bell… salivate. Pavlov’s (yes, he was one) brainwashing works. Wash and rinse.

          • @Shooter, Agreed, it’s all lies. My favorite was “Iraq has WMD’s”. There are so many to choose from.

            • Yup that was a whooper! I forgot to mention Benghazi and fast and furious.

              • We could go on for days, with the favorite lies posts, we have SO MANY to choose from it’s sickening.

      7. Hitler was elected with 98% of the vote.
        Obamas approval rating is tanking and getting worse as this healthcare fisco unfolds.

        Hitler destroyed the existing medical system when he brought a national healthcare plan into being.

        Oboma is destroying a busted system that health care already was.

        First, people were forced to register their guns to cut down on crime.

        They keep trying in small steps to pull this off, but this time my gut feeling is it is not going to fly. The sheeple are getting restless and sales of everything gun related is going ballistic.

        Then they were forced to turn them in or risk capital punishment for keeping them.

        Going to be a pile of dead folks from both sides if/when they try this. I always tell the wife, “the feds couldn’t disarm Texas, not to mention the entire nation.”

        • Its kinda like the

          you can fool me once thing..
          were not getting ( or some of us at least) are not getting fooled twice!

          Im not falling for anything out of a politicians mouth, a judges mouth a cops mouth or the loser in “charge’s” mouth

        • .02:
          You and I think alike. I will do my part to pile them up if they come after my stuff. The line is drawn in the sand for me.
          Also I will give mine up after I have put all my rounds down range.

          • I cant think of a worse job than being the shmuck that is talked into disarming the Amerikan people. Not going to be a pretty place when the meds run out and all that is left is 300+ million guns and billions of rounds of ammo. I think I would take a court marshal instead.

        • Ive said before to check the numbers. How many work for the govt and how many govt employees are there. Now how many of those are low level w/ no security clearance. Take those out of the total and whats left?

          And how many gun owners in the US?

          This aint no different than all the other bullshit math the govt tries to feed us about climate change or obamacare or unemployment or you name it. The math dont add up and like every other policy or law or line of shit they cough up, there are still more people w/ basic sense than Obama idiots.

        • .02, I’m with you all the way on that. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • I told my Lady that if they invaded Texas Ill be in Texas…applies to the others too…

          • Reb:
            Wait for me I’ll be there also!!!!!

            • Id be honored 🙂

          • Can I hitch a ride with you? I’ll pay for half the gas and …

            • Got the gas covered Highspeed…patriots and friends ride for free :)…course you can bring all the good food along you want to :)…Okie can tell the jokes…speaking of which…I pray youre alright Okie where ever you are…

      8. Save for the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, there was no armed resistance to the millions of various religious, physically handicapped and political opposition groups herded into cattle cars and shipped off to Nazi extermination camps. The clandestine FEMA camps are the new Auschwitz’s, designated by the government and financial elite as a means of killing off lesser, inferior, consumers of diminishing earthly resources. Meanwhile a brain-dead America electorate tunes into “Ellen”, “Katie” and the myriad of other TV talk shows as distractions to reality. Those who forget or are ignorant of history (aka today’s US grade schoolers) are doomed to repeat it. You are warned. Arm yourselfs now.

        • Katie Couric is being shut down. She’s had her day, played her role in destroying Sarah Palin, and now they’re letting her fade out. Same with Tina Fey. Oprah played her role as a stepping stone for Obama and is likewise being phased out- she’s mad as a wet hen, but nothing will change it now that she’s no longer necessary to the plan.

          • Palin made a huge comeback after she began wearing 87 lbs of Six-Pointed Star jewelry adorned everywhere she could find a body or clothing part to attach said six pionted stars to. Another Zio-Tool to swindle tea party folks with.

        • Based on the International Red Cross count, about fifty to a hundred-fold more people died in Judeo-Communist gulags (run almost entirely by Jews, the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk, etc.) than in German prison camps.

          So, who can be surprised that we never see anything about that from H✡llyw✡✡d or on their talmudvision networks?

          When they were doing all that killing, they couldn’t keep their mouths shut from boasting about how Communism was Jewish. Now that the body count of Christians is known, the Jews deny they ever had anything to do with it and shout down anyone who brings evidence to the table.

          Judeo-Communism and Judeo-Zionism are two-heads of the same command-and-control demons.

          • More of Satan’s talking points.

      9. Use em or lose em! The public is on to this clown and it was healthcare that did it!

      10. That history repeats itself is proof of the insanity of power hungry tyrants and the laziness of the collective.

        Only groups made up of individuals who believe in individual liberty can morally move man into the future, collectivist miss the point of being grounded in God, and so ground themselves in the evil heart of the statist man.

        We’re at a point where a very thin line stands between us/liberty and the mob. As the future seems uncertain remember “the more we sweat in peace the less we bleed in war” prep, practice, train my friends.

        • TPTB/progressive left believe they’ve shed God given instincts, it is the reason they are dangerous, but it is also why they lack any connection to the past beyond using history as a way to retry the same old failing ideas “insanity is doing the something over and over again expecting a different outcome.”

          I believe as many on this site that something evil is not just coming, but is already here and has been for a long time. As someone who has come to know and understand my God given instincts which have been honed over a life time in defense of our country I and none of us can ignore the daily signs of what approaches, our God given instinct won’t allow it.

          It is this fact that makes us far more dangerous, we fight for our souls while they only fight so they can kneel at the foot of man.

      11. I would siggest folks “make ” more firearms for themselves.@ moment still perfectly legal and at moment are not registered with any govt. agency,hell,unless you # your say receiver are no identifying marks on said firearm.I believe this will become illegal at some point but until then,build away(and when illegal build more!).I would also keep stocking up on ammo if you have the money,perhaps basic spare parts like firing pins ect.The irony here is the average person with $100 could go to big box building store and create serious weapons,so,gonna have to close them stores also,oh,and close the gas stations,hell,the list is endless on how to build weapons,really a moot point as the horse has left that barn decades ago!

      12. Hell yeah!!! Keep your guns!!! We’re at a crossroads now. Either we cowboy the hell up or we face the police state, FEMA camps, RFID chipping, death by beheadings…etc. It is TEOTWAWKI!!! We’re on very thin ice! One falseflag attack/economic collapse from losing our freedom, liberty, and prosperity!!! Our poor kids!!! Kit up boys and girls. We’re going to have a wild ride either way. Keep your eyes open and your powder dry. God bless you all on this site!!!

      13. And this is why public schools are nothing but trouble.
        1. they have little kids arrested for pretending to shoot a gun. Terrifying every child who sees or hears of it. Of course, they are afraid of the imaginary gun, not the Nazi’s doing the arresting because they’re told it’s for THEIR own good.

        2. They won’t teach history, not actual history, revisionist history only.

        So, public school kids today will be complacent, unarmed and ignorant.

        God help us.

        • Do the nation a favor and go to the dollar store and buy all of the toy guns you can and have a Christmas party and give every kid a toy gun. I have about 13 kids in the area I live in and see at church. They will all get a cap gun from me again.

          • You rabble rousing instigator, you!…sounds like a plan!

      14. Liberty comes out of the barrel of a gun..and so does a jacketed 230 gr hollow point!

        Bring it on

        • 45 caliber I presume? Or are you into the belted magnums?

          • RE: 45 ACP…

            “American Rifleman Magazine” the publication of the NRA ran an article of” Medal of Honor” winners who got there using the Colt 45ACP. Best winner was a Marine sargent on Tarawa who got shot in both legs. As his men were dragging him back, he then told his comrades to leave him against a tree with his .45 and save themselves, which they did. The Marines then mounted a counter-attack which drove he Japs back. The men then went in search of their guy, and found him dead against the tree with an empty gun and 8 dead Japs at his feet. 8 shots-8 dead Japs. Screw the 9mm. The .45ACP will always be King of the handguns.

            • Q: you know why I carry a 45?

              A: because they don’t make a 46.

                • gimmick and still uses the 45 case.

                  • As the 10mm is to the .40 S&W, the .460 Rowland has a longer case than the .45 ACP.

                    I would not dream of buying a .460 Rowland, especially in times when it is difficult to procure common cartridges.

                    I only mentioned the .460 Rowland as a play on your “they don’t make a 46.”

            • HD:
              That is why I carry a UPS 45ACP(12 rds) on duty and why I carry a Kimber 1911 (10rnd mag) off duty. 230 Hydro Shok.

              • I keep it simple Sgt, 8 shot 1911 Springfield Champion with a couple extra 7 shot mags.

              • Backup is a Gerber Tanto FAST

                • 02-
                  Have you considered a 38 special–Federal produces a 38 special rounds— 158 grains- with lead slugs.
                  Reason- 38’s cost about $21.00/50 rounds. The 45 ammunition is more expensive. But with 230 grains with a 45 slug, it does pack a punch..

                  • I would consider it if I had a 38.. or 357.. but alas I am without. Bought the son some 357 for xmas as he has one.

              • @Sgt. Dale…The US military caved in to NATO in dumping the tried and true .45Auto to give the Italian gunmaker Baretta a contract for its’ 9mm. FBI did the same thing until a bank robbery shoot-out in FL which left 3 agents dead. Forensics did an analysis and found that a pair of the killers had been hit twice by the 9mm’s, but didn’t go down and managed to fire off the killing shots. Funny how everybody forgot the pistol that knocked down all those doped up Moro tribesmen in the Phillipines during the Spanish American war. It’ll always be a 45ACP and 230 grain bullet for my handgun arsenal.

                • HD74MAN

                  Regarding ball ammo I agree but modern expanding 9MM ammo can end a fight quick. If one looks at bullet weight, diameter and velocity a hot 9MM is far over a 38 Special and within 85% to 90% of a .357 magnum and within 90% to 95% of the famed 38 Super (or Super 38 of old).

                  If faced with multiple threats that large capacity magazine and generally higher hit probability has its benefits.

                  If ball ammo is the only choice I opt for the 45ACP.

              • Sarge, for me it’s a Springfield XD40 [10rds], 185-grain Winchester, and of course extra mags. MOLON LABE braveheart

                • Braveheart:
                  Nothing wrong with that!!!

                  • Sarge, I had a 1911 once but could never become accurate with it. 45ACP is a proven manstopper but it’s one tough caliber to try to get accurate with. I’ve had a hard enough time with the .40, but finally got good with it. I had to get away from the 9mm. although the 9 is easier to shoot and become accurate with, just not enough knockdown power. MOLON LABE braveheart

              • @Sgt. Dale…Those are smart, bad-ass carries. With 12 & 10 rounds per clip no less…So much for Glock-Talk!

              • You are a very very smart man. That’s exactly what I carried before I retired when I worked patrol and I carried 2 1911s usually a Colt Series 70 ergonomically adapted and with superior sights, G-10 grips and a Videcki Sped trigger. Also a semi-tricked Springfield; either a Mil spec 1911A1 similarly equipped or a 1911A1 Defender full size with a target trigger when I went into the project and hood as a detective under my suit or sport coat. The H&K was lighter with it’s 12 rounds than many other “pre-expanded” bullets”. Chip McCormick and Wilson Powermags and Beaurocrat mags 10 rnds all in the 1911s. Now I often carry 1 or 2 Walther PPKS with about 4 extra mags and the Hornady super trick Critical Defense rounds with a Glock and 2 17 round mags and usually 2 33 round mags in the truck. I sure do not wanna get popped now after retiring. You just can’t be too well armed in the “skreet” I wish more people on the sites recognized that police take an oath to the Constitution and it is second only to the word of GOD to most of us. More Police especially the older ones are your allies and a good source of intelligence as times continue to deteriorate. Most of the more mature guys see more of what’s happening and can anticipate their “leaders” movements way before the SHTF. I told a young officer about a year ago ” when he said “we are gonna take the guns up” an young socialistically liberal scared baby…. raised but not yet weaned from the War on Poverty and LBJ’s et al Great Society”….I asked him if he knew, with his dumb young ill educated ass if anybody told him about the old plan to back shot any troops who were sent out to confiscate guns with you? we planned that back in like 92 or 93,,…..”Shall not be infringed” DUH We live here too. Pre-expanded bullets rule if you can handle them big guns…..

          • Both 😉

            • that was for .02’s question on the belted mag’s

        • VRF, so does 00 buckshot from the barrel of “Bertha”. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • You betcha!

            • .44 magnum Spaghetti Western (Chiappa) Mare’s Leg
              with UMC Remington 180gr JSP, as this is the only
              “sidearm” we are allowed to carry in Canuckistan.

              Pathetic eh?
              Better than nothing, i suppose.

              • @Slbesky O’G…S & W Model 29 44Mag with an 8 3/8th’s barrel…Besides a Dirty Harry carry, it’ the quintessential grizzly bear gun! Don’t leave home without it, lol!

      15. Food? Check. Weapons? Check. Shit-ton of ammo? Check.

        All of it stashed away someplace safe? Close as I can get…20 wooded acres 90 miles from the nearest city.

        Now if I can only wake up a few more useful people…maybe I can survive the sheep-led shitstorm that is coming. This lady has seen it…yet so many dismiss her warnings. With any luck…they’ll be the first ones shot over the last can of beenie-weenies at the Shop N Go in town.

        • Will:
          I have a felling you are God fearing person. If so talk to him and he will help you find them. Keep you eyes and ears open.
          Quick story. I was a wrestling meet and heard someone say something about the NWO. I talked to him to feel him out. Now he is one of my leaders in our group.
          Just stay alert you will find them.
          GOOD LUCK!!!

      16. Civil war coming.

        Unavoidable at this point.

      17. ‘The boiling frog in water’ parable could not be truer.
        They are systematically taking you down, one right, one life at a time. And the water in the pot gets hotter and hotter till you are slowly cooked. The actual term that is more technically correct though, is FLASHPOINT. This is the temperature that a fuel (wood, paper, etc…)finally bursts into flame after smoldering for minutes or hours.

        We have been smoldering for a LONG time now, and the signs are all around us. High speed, lead, copper and metals are going to be raining all around us before we know it. I don’t think the hard part will be turning back the tide…the hard part will be ‘educating’ all the brainwashed masses that they are in the pot!

        • You’d think that at some point, the frogs would notice the carrots, onions and celery floating along side of them and realize where they are…

          • SIXPACK: They don’t notice because they think as long as its a Kosher cooked boiling pot that its A-OK.

              • It isn’t a tax, ignoramus, it’s a way to assure those who adhere to the kashrut laws that the products they are buying are indeed kosher. Kosher simply means, “fit or proper”, in accordance with Jewish dietary law. Get a clue.

      18. After hearing this I’m going to buy ammo not silver tomorrow. The one I’m low on is 6.8mm. If I can’t find any I’ll get 5.56’s The 6.8 hits harder that the 5.56, just a little liter than the 7.62×51, and my wife likes to use it when I’m carrying my M1A.

        I know you can’t have too many handgun rounds but I’m very well off with 22′, 9mm, 45ACP, 44 mag, 44 spec., 38’s, 357’s, 30 Carb, and 7.62×35’s.

        My 12 Ga. slugs and 00 buck is very good shape. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be looking for more.

        If I can’t find any more of what I’m looking for I’m going to get some more loading stuff.

        I have to go thru my stuff and see what I need.

        My food and water supply and purifiers are ready. Just go another new inverter 2000 watts. This unit is going along with my two 300W and my 800W. I just checked out my 4 deep cycle batteries all are 12.4 volts. My three solar panels are all working well. Still working on my wind mill (Could use it today the is around 30mph. here in central Ill. snow blowing all over.)

        Hearing this video and to hear what she is saying I’m going to need all my preps.

        “Boy”! Can you see the writing on the wall. I see the words CIVIL WAR!!! This is what is coming if they come for our guns. It’s coming!!! GOD FORBID!!!

        Watch out for FLASE FLAGS!!! and more FALSE FLAGS!!!



        • Hi Sarge. Hope all is well. Showed your post to my wife and she said tell Sarge thanks a lot for destroying her Christmas budget since as we exchanged before I have a problem with seeing a box of 5.56 sitting on the shelf and looking for a good home. I am heading out to see if any new boxes need a good home. My therapist couldn’t even help me get over this addiction. I think many of us are suffering with similar addiction. lol

          Regards and take care and stay safe.

          • Tactical,was a fair amount of 69 grain looking lonely @ wally world,despite only buying 2 boxes a day,ended up buying em out over 2 weeks& 5 trips,I hope this means most have a comfortable supply.The stuff I bought has integrated themselves well with the rest.I aqm afraid to go back,not sure how many more orphans can afford till next deposit on a new gig,feels good though to do the right thing and provide these lonely little guys a home!

            • Nothing more heart-rending than a fine firearm or ammo/tool sitting on a shelf somewhere looking all forlorn and batting their eyes at you….can only adopt so many ya know? 😉

          • Tact:
            I would say I’m sorry, BUT I’M NOT. Merry Christmas!!!

            • Merry Christmas to you and yours as well Sarge.

              I checked and she said yes but still insist all of us to continue the therapy to define how much ammo is enough.

              We both know the answer. lol

              Stay Safe.

              • Tact:
                I can’t! I infected my Shrink!!! CDC is going to put me in bubble before I infect any more. They are going to have to catch me first.
                I’m the Typhoid Mary of this new disease!!!!
                And Damn Proud Of It!!!!
                AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

        • Argh,sarge,didn’t bookmark your optics suggestion,if you could give me name promise will bookmark this time!False flag or real SHTF scenario,in the end will not make a difference!I will go on one final party with the bottle and then time for a brave/new world!

          • War:
            Here is what I have on my rifles.
            My sniper rifles I have
            Nikon Pro staff Bullet Drop Comps. (BDC) 3x9x40
            (308’s and 300 Win Mag)

            On my hunting rifles I have Nikon and Bushnell, Leupold. 308, 30-06, 30-30, 223, 35 Whelen These are all 3X9X40 I like the Nikon the best, but it is so close with the Leupold (Wide View). Not to say the Bushnell is a bad scope because it is a great scope too.

            My tactical rifles have Aim sport recon with a chevron optics. M1A, LAR8, 6.8MM Red Green and Blue lighted reticle . If the battery fails you have a black ret.
            I have Aim Point Red, and Green dots on my other 6.8MM 5.56 Ar. and on My H&K 91

            On my 6.8MM and my 5.56 Ar. I have Trijicon Reflex on them these rifles are what I use for the P.D.

            I also have a couple rifles with TASCO World Class 3x9x40 scopes. Believe it or not I must have gotten a couple of their best because these thing just keep working and working well.

            I hope this helps. If you find a scope you like go to Amozon and you will find you will get a better deal. I saved at least round $300.00 on the last 4 scopes I bought.

            • Ah,thanks,was the aim spot was considering with different reticules,will search and book mark immediately as I research,need something for the poor .308 but need to stay within a reasonable budget,might be the one!

              • Look at the Mueller line of rifle scopes. I had one on a .223 I traded away. Dont miss the pos gun, but that 119 dollar 4×14 APV was nice for the money!

              • War:
                Its a chevron rect. I have one on my tact. rifles and they work great. I used my 6.8mm to make a very quick shot on a pig at around 200 yards. I crowned the pigs head with the chevron and squeezed the trigger the bullet struck the pig in the neck about 1/4 inch in front shoulder. Dropped like a box of rocks.
                Aim sport has several different rect. to chose from I like the chevron.

        • I need 5.7×28. Any ideas where to get any?

          • gunbroker.com

          • Check J@G sales in Prescott AZ. They may carry it at times.

            • I even get thumbs down for giving a business address? SilverSax is that you? Is giving a business address a hateful, bigoted comment?

              • Hmmmm…,I also gave a business(link) and yet remain unscathed,perhaps you “adopted”too many little orphans before someone got their finances together!

              • Aren’t some folks still boycotting Arizona after the immigration law they passed? Maybe that’s it.

          • Mad
            Try AMMO to Go.

            • Thanks to all. The government appears to be trying to eliminate the FN 5.7. The gun can’t be found in the local gun shops. Glad I bought two when I did. At least with all your info I’ll be able to get some additional ammo. Bring on the “RESET”.

              • Mad,what is it about that particular firearm that would get extra attention?

                • Armor is useless with an FN5.7. Fires a 40gr 22 cal. @ 2000fps and if you reload as I do you can bump that to a 34g 22cal @ 2400fps. Another great function is hitting targets up to 300 yards accurately with a small light pistol. Sure can’t do that with a 9mm or 40mm. The guns were expensive and now that they are difficult to find I have seen them selling for over $2500.00 in the local swap sheet. Ammo is like trying to 22lr, its sold out same day. Hope this helps.

                  • Great,now I want one!

        • Buy OTC meds and incandescent bulbs too, while you’re at it.

          • yeah, as I understand it, on Jan 1, incandescent bulbs will be illegal to produce and import.

            • Isnt that just the dumbest crap.
              The pigtail bulb with mercury, and all sorts of other crap in em are legal but the one that is glass, a vacuum, some coper and carbon filament are now illegal!
              I fuckin hate our government!

              • Its beyond dumb…stockpiled a bunch of em from 40-100 watts…gonna add some more as I see em… be safe my friend!

                • I read GE is making a new incandescent.
                  Also, the 75 and 100 watt are not being produced; you can still get 40 and 60 after new year.
                  And the 100 and 75 watt now on the shelves were part of manufacturer’s inventory and are to be sold until they run out.
                  What I read a couple years ago.

            • Was looking at my stash of light bulbs the other day.

              I got enough for a 100 years.

              • Even longer if you turn the lights off when you leave the room…

                • Hey Smokey, even longer yet, when the power goes off after one of these EMP’s were always talking about. Trekker Out.

            • I have about 100 stocked. 🙂

              • I definitely need to add some to my stash.

        • YYYEEESSS. I coverted another goldbug to LEADBUG. Sell that fucking gold and buy ammo. You can always trade a 20 round box of 223 for a ounce (or more)of gold after TSHTF.

          • gone under…your dreaming.

            Most with gold have stocked the ammo to keep it.

        • Sgt Dale,
          second that on the m1a, I rarely change magazines it’s faster to use 10 round stripper clips.

          as a back up MBR I also recommend the PTR 91 , not much to look at but hard hitting and dependable , 20 round magazines inexpensive. Unfortunately I live in a gun unfriendly state and have to go with 10 round magazines. I prefer the Steel Hk mags over alloy.

          On the news tonight ABC reported that AT LEAST 19 million Firearms were sold based on background check information. pretty impressive.

          Semper Fi 8541

      19. What truly is horrifying is that IF the American people ever allows themselves to be disarmed, there will be no other entity (as in the past) to save us….no America will come to our rescue.

        • insanity – The US is THE LAST country on the planet earth that still has an armed population.
          Think about it .
          It really is horrifying to think that the last place on earth could be overrun with socialism , but its happening.
          Yea , we cant let gun rights slide , it would mean problems for our nieghbors as well. dont think for one minute that the US having gun rights dont slow down the commies in canada and mexico .
          The NWO party cant continue until the US gives in to UN mandates .

          • III%

            • III%

              • III%

                • Ditto

                  Si Vis Pacem Para bellum

          • Hammerhead and Insanity, when the time comes, we will be on our own. WE HAVE TO BECOME OUR OWN FIRST RESPONDERS. There won’t be anyone coming to our rescue. We either do it ourselves or we are most definitely doomed. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • What about the Swss,and most countries in mid east and africa,plenty of armed civilians in the world still.

          • 1111% 🙂

            • III%

              Semper Fi 8541

        • I.C.:
          You are right. There will be no country to come and save us.
          This is what I feel. True PATRIOTS will rise up and take her back. It will take a long time to do so, and it will be bloody.
          There are folks on this site that will rise up and fight to the death if need be. There are folks on this site that I would be Honored to stand beside and fight with them to take back our Liberty and our Country.
          Stay positive. She may stumble and fall, BUT I KNOW DAMN GOOD AND WELL SHE GET BACK UP AGAIN!!!

          • Sarge, I’m with you all the way on that and I’ll do my part to take this country back. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • Sgt. Dale & braveheart

              True Patriots have no other choice but to
              fight to the death. There is no death a
              Patriot suffers but incarceration. “Give me
              liberty or give me death” is carved in stone.

              I was always fascinated with the wolverines
              at the zoo. Even though they were brought
              there as pups, they were never domesticated.
              They spent all their time pacing in their
              confines, looking past the bars, looking
              through the people, looking for the smallest
              opening to attempt an escape for freedom.

              True Patriots are like the wolverine, only
              alive when they are free, or relentlessly
              in pursuit of freedom.

          • …we’ll all stick together …you can take that to the bank…that’s us cowboys and hippies…the rebels and the yanks…Charley Daniels

            Never fear folks we got TPTB right where we want em… 🙂

        • @InsanityIsContagious, America didn’t go save any other countries from dictators either—we went over there and overthrew their elected govts and put our own puppets in power for our own gains. We tore their countries up over resources.

          We were never ‘saviors’, but in our own minds.

          • Sadly true, Greece, Brazil, Iran and others LBJ could tell you about it if he were not dancing in fire for his wickedness. Him and McNamara et al too..

        • Patriots Militia The Original 911…

          Semper Fi

      20. the spread of this agenda is indeed insidious to those who do not pay attention. for 2 years one of the hospitals where I am credentialed requires flu vaccine. There is a hospital “sick line” If you call out sick, you must call the sick line afterward to report your symptoms. Today I get a letter stating that the school is now strongly recommending reporting of a childs symptoms if they are out sick. to the point that if you don’t call your child out, they’ll call you. Of course you’re not required to give any info.

        What this goes back to is that a few years ago I did some research, and the WHO does indeed have language in their guidelines for vaccine development in Europe to allow for weakened strains of LIVE virus to be added to flu vaccine. The purpose being to ‘test’ the virulence of possible future outbreaks, and whether a particular strain requires a vaccine to be developed. This is where the theory of Swine Flu coming from a vaccine originates. I don’t put anything past these thugs anymore.

        BTW, watched a youtube video last night on deleted Fox news footage 9 – 11 showing building 7 still standing while they were reporting it had collapsed. Liars. all Liars. If you’re not convinced after watching that video, you will probably die with your head in the sand.

        • If anyone gets a flu shot you’re a complete and total retard. About the gal reporter from England reporting on # 7 falling before it was “pulled” you should check out Larry (pull it) Silverstien where he admits giving the order. “I gave them the order to pull and we watched the building come down.” PBS special America Rebuilds. And yet we still do nothing.. sad what we as a people have become.

          • .02, last time I got a flu shot, I got sick only 2 hours after receiving it. someone told me about Dr. Sherry Tenpenny and her research on vaccines. Once I checked out her website and read her book, I’ve never received another vaccine for anything since. Go to http://drtenpenny.info. You’ll find it very interesting and enlightening. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • no flu shot = no job for me. the same goes for my husband. hospitals all over are starting to mandate vaccinations to “protect patients from flu” I say that patients made a choice to get or not get the flu vaccine. What about MY CHOICE? We even had a meeting. a fellow colleague wrote the CEO and had dozens of signatures. His response –“I expected something like this from the housekeeping staff, but not EDUCATED staff.” (notice the unintended(?) negative reference to the housekeeping staff) “They willing rolled up their sleeves right away. I can’t believe we have to have this discussion with nurses and doctors” Maybe his medical and nursing staff are a little more educated and less indoctrinated than he realized.

          • @.02

            Alot of us health care workers are being forced to get flu shots or be terminated from our jobs. No choice about it. Every time I get a flu shot I get the flu, so I definitely don’t want it.

            Country girl

            • NPPH and country girl, click on the link I posted for Dr. Sherry Tenpenny. She came up with information about vaccines that will blow your minds. braveheart

            • ever wonder what else is in that shot besides the flu bug. Might want to goggle thimerosal. If it was get a flu shot or get fired I would probably talk to a lawyer and get fired. If you are in a union, a lot of good they did for the money right?

            • Country Girl:

              Check out Bravehearts suggested site and also go to nomorefakenews. Rappaport has no sponsors so he doesn’t cut the big pharma any slack.

              • POG, et all

                Thanks for you links re vaccines- I have read numerous articles re them and IF I had a choice and was in a financial position to do without my job I would refuse to take one. It isn’t a voluntary choice. It’s your job or the shot period.

                At some point we will all have to make these tough decisions on how much crap we will take. I have heard that this push for vaccinations (forced) arises from Obamacare somehow in regards to funding and reimbursements from Medicare. I have not found actual info though.

                I think vaccinations should be a personal thing, and that NO ONE should be forced to consume or take something in their body to remain on the job. I know that vaccines are full of contaminations such as monkey virus. Tell that to your hospital. They don’t care or they are just ignorant.

                Country girl

      21. larry silverstien pull– google it

      22. How was the Grand Canyon formed? Larry Silverscum dropped a nickle down a gopher hole. Enjoy your money Larry! There’s great shopping in Hell

      23. Always remember desperation is waiting for you. Never compromise.

      24. This website ain’t what it used to be. What with the Ignorant Bigots always railing against God’s People and .02 calling good people “retard”, very little gets said about SHTF/prepping.

        Used to be able to have a decent conversation on here before the immaturity level shot sky-high.

        • We’re ALL God’s people, get used to it.

        • OK Sax riddle me this: What are your opinions on the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty, and the King David Hotel bombings?

          What are your opinions regarding the Federal Reserve, the IMF, and the World Bank being run by the same people?

          What are your opinions regarding the overwhelming amount of dual Israeli citizens that make up the government? The United States is the subservient to Israel. People do not think it is possible because of the size. When you think about the dependency of money and the absolute control of the media they possess, it is extremely easy.

          This is not to dismiss Zionists like Bush, Cheney, and Biden. They have sold all of us out to them. Why do you think only 1.7% of the population is so heavily represented? The absolute insistence to go into Iraq is another example. Look into the Day of Purim in 1991 and 2003. These dates are extremely important as the Israel used the US to massacre the Iraqis that day. The first was the massacre from Kuwait to Basra. The second was the announcement to invade Iraq in 2003.

          Now of course Israel is pissed off at Obama b/c he wont invade Iran.

          The International Jew has been kicked out of over 80 countries throughout history. IF I was to come to you and say, “damn it Sax, I been kicked out of over 80 bars, those damn bartenders/owners are all anti .02 and they should repent. It isn’t my fault, it is them.. You going to be in my corner and take up the fight to reprimand those bad evil ole bartenders, or are you going to rightfully think maybe .02 is an asshole?

        • Or maybe we should consider the Bolshevik revelation and the deaths of 60 million Christians under “them”. You know what Sax? Go fuck yourself.

          • revolution too.. sigh..

          • What a foul mind you have.
            “Go fuck yourself.”
            The Bible’s true – the mouth speaks what the heart’s full of.
            Your heart’s full of dirty, foul, disgusting thoughts.

            • you cant answer the questions so you attack my character, the strategy of the failed tribe member. Sorry, you lose. Now go to another blog as you seem to hate all the “bigots” that just so happen to point out the truth you would rather keep hidden.

            • SilverSax

              There’s never any point in responding to their “questions”. These people see a Jewish-run cabal around every corner, believe that Jews are responsible for nearly everything bad in the world, and want to twist every historical event into an opportunity to create revisionist history where they can conveniently blame the Jews yet again. They know next to nothing about Judaism yet claim they know “the truth”. All I see is weak-minded bigots ruled by their emotions. They are doing Satan’s bidding, but they do not see it.

        • Are you still typing your response to the Lavon Affair and the King David Hotel bombings? Please tell us about Rachel Corrie. Was she planning on carrying out terrorist operations? Ken O’Keefe? The murder of nine civilians, including one American citizen aboard the Mavi Mara?

          Tell us about the five dancing Israelis celebrating at the WTC on September 11.

          You are about to be exposed, my friend. Good luck to you.

          “I know the blasphemy of them who say they are Jews but are the synagogue of Satan.” Rev. 2:9

          God bless Rabbi Weiss, Norman Finklestein, and Shulamot Aloni for putting people and humanity before a Luciferian agenda.

          Look into ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky. He is another hero not going along with the plan.

          “By deception, thou shalt make war.” Israeli Mossad motto

        • By the way, there is a historical topic that can land one in prison in Europe simply for addressing. Can you guess which one it is?

          Now go away troll.

          • Heterosexuality?

          • the Holocaust?

            • Yes Jay, question the holohoax and go to jail. Google ernst zundle.

              • Here’s a better idea – why don’t you go find a Nazi/skinhead/Hitler-idolizers website and practice your bigotry on them, punk?

              • Man, the mind-numbing stupidity of you Jew-haters is beyond belief. How does someone allow themselves to be so brainwashed as to deny obvious historical fact?

                The only answer to that is –
                wait for it –
                You guessed it –

        • SilverSack…wtfu.

          Don’t go away mad…just go away.

          • “Don’t go away mad…just go away.”
            Wow. Even I’m amazed at the immaturity of that comment. I think I heard that on the third grade playground.
            Try something more grown-up and then we’ll see.

            • Ok SS…Go read the “Protocol’s of Zion”…or how about “Rothschild Money Trust” by George Armstrong and get back to me.

              then…go away.

              • You go read Romans chapter 11. Here’s how it starts –
                “I say then, Hath God cast away his people? God forbid. For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin.

                God hath not cast away his people which he foreknew.”

                • SilverSax:

                  Have you ever looked up the way the jews spell God. Some jews on this site have spelled it g-d. Not even a capital G. Please google it and get back to me what jews think of GOD. Thanks…..

                  • Since so many people here seem to be completely ignorant about Judaism, let me explain why G-d’s name is written as such. G-d’s true name is secret. The names we have for Him are many in number, Yahweh and Adonai (meaning Lord), as two of the names for the One True G-d. It is mainly a custom of religious Jews, taken from a verse in Deuteronomy, to not write the full name of The Lord since any paper with His name written on it might be erased or discarded. It is forbidden to desecrate the name of The Lord. Just like the commandment to not take the name of The Lord in vain. There is nothing more to it than that, and is not a Kabbalist thing as I’ve seen some mention.

                • Silversax….

                  Please explain to me….How does a culture/religion get RUN OUT OF 119 different countries throughout history ???

                  I still do not understand when people say ” The Jews are Gods Choosen ones ” the part I don’t understand is…… ” Choosen for What ??? ”

                  Now feel free to leave……

                  • They get run out of countries because of people like YOU and your rabid anti-Semitic buddies.

                    The Lord is the originator of the phrase Chosen People. G-d chose us to bring the light of the Torah ( what Christians refer to as the Old Testament) to the world. It does not mean and has never meant that Jews think they are superior to other people.

        • Hey SilverSax: Why don’t you go and read the Jerusalem Post. Only corrupt and weak minds are afraid of awaken people. Sorry dude your tribe can’t hide their crimes against humanity any longer. People all over the world are waking up and thanks to the truth tellers who are being called Bigots, racists, Anti Semite and many other garbage remarks by you and your tribal members.

          • I’ve been called worse than you can come up with. Maybe if your little peanut brain could think of something else besides Bigotry, you could come up with something new.
            I know, I know – that’s asking too much. One thought’s enough.

            • Maybe if you wasn’t such a creep you wouldn’t have been called worse then he can come up with? Dood, you are digging one hellova hole here.. better shut up when you can, or are you not noticing all your down arrows?

              • What’s wrong, 02? Everybody who disagrees with you has to “shut up”, is that it?
                That’s two things you have in common with Hitler.

                By the way, since the down arrows all come from Ignorant Bigots, they don’t trouble me. To the contrary, I’m proud of them.
                What would really trouble me is if people thought that I agreed with your ugly, sick thoughts.

                • You want ugly sick thoughts go read your holy book the talmud. You are going ballistic now that the “bigot” “antisemitic” “racist” attacks are not working aren’t you? Give it up, it is making you look like the madman you are.

                  • No, the ugly, sick thoughts are in your mind and leaking out to pollute this website.
                    What are you talking about – “Give it up”? I don’t give up – especially to ugly racist bullies like you.
                    Why don’t you think about what you’re trying to defend – racist bigotry.
                    Go back through all the articles you care to. You’ll see that I never once started one of these fights. My comments ALWAYS came when someone else started in with the Jew-blaming/hating filth.
                    You give it up. Stop trying to defend bigotry.

                  • Christ doesn’t hate his Jewish kinfolk, and Christ never called anyone “retard”. So don’t pretend that your vomit reflects Christ’s attitudes.
                    No he called them the “sons of Satan” I think that might be a bit worse than retard? He was real fond of the bankers of the day as well. So Sax, if you are so up on the bible and holy spirit, tell me- who are they who say they are Jew and are not?

                  • You won’t like this answer.

                    The synagogue of Satan – those who claim to be Jews but are not – refers to people like you, who say that the Church has taken Israel’s place. That is never, ever found in the Bible. I challenge you to quote the verse which says that the Church will take the place of Israel.

                    If the inhabitants of Israel today are not Jews, why did Paul say in Romans 11, ““I say then, Hath God cast away his people? God forbid. For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin.
                    God hath not cast away his people which he foreknew.”

                    If the inhabitants of Israel today are not Jews, why does John, in Revelation 6, list the 144,000 Jews BY THEIR TRIBES?

                    God will never contradict himself.

                  • Me? I am those who say they are Jews and are not? Me? OMG you are totally out there circling Pluto. Hey Sax I apologize for everything I said about you, I didn’t realize I was arguing with John Hagee, No really, please I am sorry.. Oh and i promise I will never say anything bad about the tribe again as how was I to know I am one but am not? or maybe am and don’t know it, or am??? sheesh i am so confused.. you win I give up.

                  • “God will never contradict himself.”

                    EXO 15:3 The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.

                    ROM 15:33 Now the God of peace be with you all. Amen.

                • oh and shutting up was just a suggestion but I have a feeling you are not smart enough to catch the vibes of this board, simply because your lofty attitude sees us goyim as inferior so you have no reason to take heed in an animals wants or wishes. Isn’t there some illegal human organs you are supposed to traffic tonight?

                  • Ugly thoughts from an ugly mind. Again, I don’t back down and I don’t go away. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I let an Ignorant Bigot get the best of me.
                    You keep on making the same old comments. I’ll be there to challenge every one of them.
                    Oh, I might see “thumbs down”?
                    Imagine my dismay…

                  • oh goody i have a kike stalker.. just what I always wanted.. I thought you guys didn’t do CHRISTmas.. lol

                    Maybe we should let the blood of CHRIST be on your hands.. what do you say?

                  • You know 02, I don’t come here looking for this crap. I come here looking for SHTF/survivalist conversation. But you and your gestapo buddies want to hijack the discussions and vomit your sick spew all over the place. And then you have the nerve to tell me to shut up and go away.
                    You shut up and go away. Or better yet, keep your bile inside yourself.

                  • If you think that simply typing the name of Christ identifies you with him, you’re wrong. What identifies a person with Christ is letting Christ live through him.
                    Christ doesn’t hate his Jewish kinfolk, and Christ never called anyone “retard”. So don’t pretend that your vomit reflects Christ’s attitudes.

                  • I see you cant defend even one of the questions I asked further up the board. How is it my fault that your kind is a bunch of murderers like those before you throughout history. Why is you scream rape while doing the raping? All you have is unfounded attacks on your historic failures, or maybe to you the millions of murders is what? Success? Why am I not alone in the dark if your kind is not guilty? Why did Organized Jewry declare war on Germany first? and when will you ever get off being the poor victim?

                  • I’m not a victim. And you keep calling me Jew and “kike”, but I’m not. What I am is a Christian who knows the Bible and who is filled with the Holy Spirit. I know right from wrong, and I REFUSE to let God’s People get sucker-punched by anyone. You have a problem with Jews? Tell it to the Jewish Jesus Christ! If you can get him to agree with you, then I will shut up.
                    Small chance of that.

                  • .02

                    I’m sure your John Q or some other poster that has burned their bridge on this site. I guess your a great Christian that say F-U and then quotes scripture.

                    I feel sorry for you because your focusing on the wrong issues.

        • I want to start giving a homesteader/prep tip for the day….

          Today’s tip:

          Not all dehydrators are equal. If you are buying one for Christmas, I highly recommend the Excalibur brand. (I don’t work for them or sell them, just own one.)

          Country girl

          • Country Girl:

            Right on. Research shows Excalibur to be the best. I also own one and love it. Just make sure to buy one with the fan; little more expensive but well worth it.

            I made strawberry fruit leather. Just fresh strawberries in a blender, honey to taste, spread on sarah wrap and put in the dehydrator. Easy and yummy!

          • Good post…

        • SilverSax, don’t give up on us. It’s the trolls like Peterson, Eisen, and ncjoe who try to ruin it for everyone else. braveheart

          • Thanks, braveheart. I won’t give up. I just have to fight the good fight, that’s all.

      25. Sixpack,do not include all in your particular viewpoint,tis not right.

        • Warchild, Jesus said that God considers us all his people. If you don’t want to include yourself in that, fine, go for it. I’d have been in error if I presented it as a FACT, but I presented an OPINION, and my opinion can be any damn thing I want it to be.

      26. Daisy come out! Daisy come out of the closet!

      27. A 92 year old man goes to his doctor and tells him he wants to have one more child. The doctor says, “Well, I think we’re going to have to have a sperm sample. ” He hands the old man a plastic container. The old man comes back the next day, and the doctor looks at the empty bottle and says, “What’s the problem? ”

        The old man says, “The problem?!! The problem is I tried with my right hand. Nothin.”Then I tried it with my left hand.Nothin.”

        Then I called the Mrs. in. She tried it with her right hand. Nope. Then she tried it with her left hand.Nope again. Then she tried it with her teeth in. No luck. Then she tried it with her teeth out. Still no luck.

        That’s when we decided to bring Big Helga the Swede from next door to help out. “Wait a minute” the doc said, ” I can see you trying and your wife certainly giving it a shot, but why would you want to get Big Helga involved?”

        The old man says,” Well, we figured if anybody was gonna get the lid off that damn bottle Helga could! “

        • Wrong — I love “old man” jokes.

          The old man went to the doctor for some tests.

          Doc said he would call him with the results.

          Doc called and said there was good news and bad.

          The good news is, you have 24 hrs. to live.

          The bad news is, I forgot to call you yesterday.

          • An old man says to the doctor: “Doctor, I lost my memory!”
            Doctor: “When did this start?”
            The old man: “When did what start!”

          • Two senior couples are walking along, wives in front, husbands in back. Herb says to Sam:” Gee, we went to a new restaurant last night and had the best meal ever. Good prices too.”
            Sam says, “Well, we like to eat out too. What was the name of the restaurant?”
            Herb says: “Your going to have to help me out here a little. What’s the name of that pretty flower, smells sweet, grows on a thorny bush?”
            Sam says, “How about rose?”
            “Yes, yes, that’s it!” cries Herb, then calls ahead to his wife.
            “Rose. Hey, Rose. What was the name of the restaurant we ate at last night?”

          • Old guy goes to the doctor
            “doc i got my arm broke in two places”
            Doc: “stay out of those places”

      28. I’d like to see a meeting of Jewish anti-communists and non-Jewish anti-communists sit down and iron out the who’s who of the Jewish left, so that all Jews don’t get thrown under the bus. The Council of Conservative Citizens New York chapter was largely Jewish. Good anti-communists. A hard thing to get past is the large Jewish support for all things Marxist. Once we figure this out, it will save us time and trouble.

        • No, what’s hard to get past is your amazing bigotry.

      29. While I haven’t watched her video, this 84 year old woman (God bless her) seems to have distorted history here a little bit.

        Hitler was never elected to office. His party never got more than 37% of the vote.

        He was appointed Chancellor by President Paul von Hindenberg.

        After becoming Chancellor he formed a coalition with others and gained emergency powers in 1933 through the “Enabling Act” in the Weimar Constitution (Article 48) much like the Patriot Act here gives the president broad powers.

        He used the Enabling Act to ban other parties and give his coalition a majority of seats, thus taking full control of the Government.

        The vote this woman talks about in 1938 was not an election, but was merely an up or down vote referendum of approval of Hitler’s party. No candidates were listed.

        I agree there are many similarities to the direction the corporate US government is taking.

        • “The vote this woman talks about in 1938 was not an election, but was merely an up or down vote referendum of approval of Hitler’s party.”

          Well then, they DID vote Hitler (and Party) in. You just confirmed it. If they hadn’t voted the party in, he couldn’t have taken over in that manner.

      30. Looks like the paulie-ticians are going to fuck the military pensions instead of their own. That ought to cut back the number of good people with talents while increasing the chances of war on foreign soil and pissing off a few while looking for an opportunity to take guns away. All paulie-ticians should have served in the military and have to put their children or grand children in the next war (front lines) when they turn 18.

        Looking more ripe every day.

      31. Thank you wrong that one made me cry I was laughing so hard


      32. The Stalin’s never show up until,

        the folks are defenseless.

        Then the Stalin’s show up and wipe out the women and children and defenseless men.

        They want you to disarm,
        thus they can show up….

      33. “Perhaps it’s time to stop trying to manipulate the U.N., and start asserting our national sovereignty.
        If we do not, rest assured that the U.N. will continue to interfere not only in our nation’s foreign policy matters, but in our domestic policies as well. U.N. globalists are not satisfied by meddling only in international disputes. They increasingly want to influence our domestic environmental, trade, labor, tax, and gun laws.”
        Noted constitutional scholar Herb Titus has thoroughly researched the United Nations and its purported “authority.” Titus explains that the U.N. Charter is not a treaty at all, but rather a blueprint for supranational government that directly violates the Constitution. As such, the Charter is neither politically nor legally binding upon the American people or government. The U.N. has no authority to make “laws” that bind the American citizens, because it does not derive its powers from the consent of the American people. We need to stop speaking of U.N. resolutions and edicts as if they represented legitimate laws or treaties. They do not.

        • Absolutely right you are. The UN = NWO and nothing more.

      34. “The system of banking we have both equally and ever reprobated. I contemplate it is a blot left in all our constitutions which, if not covered; will end their destruction, which is already hit by the gamblers and corruption, and is sweeping away in its progress the fortunes and morals of our citizens. Funding I consider as limited rightfully to a redemption of the debt within the lives of the majority of the generation contracting it: every generation coming equally by the laws of the Creator of the world to the free possession of the earth He made for their subsistence unencumbered by their predecessors. And I sincerely believe with you that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity under the name of funding is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”

        Thomas Jefferson – In a letter to John Tyler, May 28th, 1816.

        “The act of January, 1875, clothed the national banks with the power of unlimited and unrestricted contraction and expansion of the currency. It gave them absolute control over the volume of money, and consequently over the market value of labor and all kinds of property. It gave them power to inflate the currency when they could make money through the inflation of prices, and when their interests could be better served by panic, depressed prices and general business stagnation and bankruptcy, they had power to accomplish their end through the contraction of their circulating notes.

      35. Quite simply not going to happen. Americans love love love their guns! Just thinking about them makes us happy happy happy! We value our freedom. Anyone crazy enough to try to take them away is begging for an early grave.

      36. Sometimes the MSM / Movie Industry produces a film that in effect sheds a positive light on an armed civilian population regarding the intent of the Second Amendment. One such film was Defiance. Although it didn’t take place in the US its message is clear.

        They just can’t completely rewrite history in a manner that they desire.

        • It’s Missouri I think. Now called Defiance after some alien thing.

      37. their is little proof that Hitler took the guns away, as not many had them in the first place.
        the Communist take over was very brutal to east Germany and Eisenhower’s murder of millions of German’s solders after the last shot of ww2 has been a well kept secert.
        i for one don’t buy in to the fables of the jews

        • Me too. I have had about all I can stand of the propaganda from the Synagogue of Satan. Lies upon lies upon lies. So many, SO BIG, and so ridiculous as to be cartoonish. And people fall for them. Hook, line, and sinker. And woe be to anyone to question the lies.

          The Germans were quite well armed, actually. The only gun control was aimed at those who call themselves Jews, who had already declared themselves enemies of the German people.

        • Red Pill

          Any links to the murder of German soldiers that you claim?

          “their is little proof that Hitler took the guns away”

          You kidding me? Its the NAZI Weapons Law of 1938. He did not disarm everyone. They only disarmed those opposed to him.

          You make a claim W/O evidence and then choose to ignore evidence that exists.

          • Kevin2: I posted a free online Book, “Greusome Harvest” published in 1947, that outlines and Documents with at least 100+ foot notes of the many various newspaers, magazines, other documented reports from us-russian-french-british govnt’s and militaries etc etc…

            That YES AFTER germans agreed to an UNconditional surrender in end of WWII…The allied nations Led by USA and Prez of usa, rounded up several Million german women, kids, old folks and forced them to go to france as free war prisoner labor…AND another not so lucky german Citizens, again most were women and children and old folks were forced sent to Russia where most all ended up Dead at the Hands of jewdeo kommie bolsheviks.

            AND also there were at least 1.5 to 2 million german soldiers Eisenhower had rounded up, forced to Remain out in Open air “camp” under USA army armed guards and left to STARVE to death…Not due to accient but done to spite germans.

            If You cant find a link to that book? Tell Me I have a link I shall provide…

            Pay close attaen to the Chapter that documents that usa army honchos ordered 45,000 usa army Negroes to go to germany for the SOLE reason of Rapeing WHITE german women, Teens even small girls age of 8 yrs old!

            So to create an end to Pure white german race from such a racial negroe mix due to Rape pregnancys…Thats Facts And I Have already Posted excerpts from that chapter and others as well as the entire books online Link to read it free…It Outlinees ALL the stuff We was never told.

            You may not like such facts if your relatives or father went to WWII as did Mine…But its Truth like it or not.

            What was done to germany in WWII was Purly a jewish kommie zionist instigated, financed, swindle. And ALL allied nations were Complicit Period…They were NOT heros as we was taught…They did the Same as todays bogus wars For jew benifit and zio banksters profits etc…After checking all the numbered listed documented verrifications at books end…Nobody can refute it speaks factual Truth of WWII from an Eye witness writer 2 yrs after war ended….What germans suffered in reconstruction era was worse than the actual War itself…And Brits+USA+France+Jew kommie run Russia as allies IS the bad guys. Let me know if need link.

            • So the genocide committed by the NAZIs was a fabrication and that my Uncle liberating two camps was an illusion? My two great Aunts Polish Catholics were not taken as slave labor never to be seen from again was a myth in my family? My friends father was a young Polish Catholic teen that was forced to load bodies into the ovens. He always wore a shirt at the public swimming pool in the 1960s. Stanley once had it off and the scars were unmistakably from whippings. I guess he dreamed up the entire thing too. Lucky black men. For all that to happen and them not brag about it spreading the great fuck-a-thon story is amazing to the point of being let me say suspect regardless who wrote what. So the US treats German POWs with kid gloves here only to massacre them there. Interesting too.

              Hitler was a mad man who’s evil intent was on par with Joseph Stalin. If your saying otherwise your out of your mind.

              • Mr C my friends father liberated one camp and brought home a pair of home made wooden shoes from that camp. Guess he made up the whole thing too.


                • Lots of jews were in concentration camps. No one denies this. Lots of them died (generally due to typhus, spread by lice. Common in any similar situation) especially towards the end of the war when the Germans couldn’t even supply themselves, much less their prisoners. However, this does not make a “death camp”. There are no gas chambers, never were. No Six Million® dead Jews (there weren’t six million® of them to begin with), no lampshades, no soap, no shrunken heads. Lies, dreams, and fables.

                  • Your revisionist fantasies are just that – fantasies. Pick up some real history books from your local bookstore instead of trolling the internet for more Jew-hating material. The world already has more than enough hate, thanks.

                  • Stophel

                    My friends father took corpses out of the ovens to stay alive at 14 years old. He was a Polish Catholic.

                    Your out of your fucking mind.

              • Hitler was getting some payback with the German people for the financial enslavement the Jewish bankers inflicted on the nation. It’s that simple.

                I always loved asking a liberal profession in school why Hitler killed so many Jews.
                The same standard, canned answer of him being evil and and a madman. But WHY did an entire nation join in? Simple… They killed off their oppressors.

                I’m not an arian dude…but rather seek the truth…
                Human nature.. you fuck with me and mine…we’ll make a sport of fucking with you.
                Got it?


                • Revisionist history. Pretty typical for you bigoted a-holes. You seek no truth, just disinformation and propaganda. True critical thinking is beyond you. This Jew is armed to the teeth. Got it?

          • Its the NAZI Weapons Law of 1938.
            -Coming soon to a country near… oh, wait; that was here in 1968.

      38. There has been a lot of anti-German propaganda, since at least WW1. Charlemagne, Charles the Great, King of the Franks. The Franks were a German tribe. Their leader wasn’t called by the previous two names. He was known as Karl der Grosse by his people. He spoke German and some Latin. In all my years I never saw him called by his real name in a history book. The extent of propaganda in our books is stunning.

        • Charlemagne, Charles the Great,… He was known as Karl der Grosse by his people. He spoke German and some Latin.
          I don’t know if it matters to your point but; Charlemagne, Charles the Great, Karl der Grosse are all the same name in different languages.(Latin and French w/ different pronunciation, English, German)

        • SilverSax, This is a marketing tactic. Let’s see….Saudi’s , Mossad and CIA hire and train man eating muslims from Libya and other tribes in Middle east and africa, send them to Syria to kill innocent and unarmed women and children in both muslim and Christian villages and then someone comes up with one propaganda video recording saying…world you see how good and innocent we are? We are even helping a Syrian child.

          World is smarter than that and is becoming even smarter by each passing day.

      39. I guess I shouldn’t point out that:

        A. Nazi Germany actually relaxed restrictive Weimar era firearms laws.
        B. Hitler didn’t actually say most of what he’s alleged to have said about gun control.
        C. The vast majority of the people killed by the Nazi regime weren’t German.
        D. The people living in those countries had massive, well-trained and well-equipped standing armies that fell to the German military.

        Why bother with facts when it’s so much more fun to spew insane, racist nonsense?

        • Kudos on every point, Gamera.

          Remember too that the Germans were falsely accused of mass murders such as at Katyn Forest that have been absolutely proven to have been committed instead by Jewish Communists, the children of the Father of Lies and murder.

          Jewish history books are also silent about the intentional starvation of nearly 2 million Germans in concentration camps AFTER the war.

        • Gamera

          A. Nazi Germany actually relaxed restrictive Weimar era firearms laws.

          Hitler relaxed weapons laws on those LOYAL TO THE NAZI’s while disarming those he intended to murder. That’s a tad different than “NAZI germany relaxed weapons laws”. Remember its “The whole truth and nothing but the truth”.

          B. Hitler didn’t actually say most of what he’s alleged to have said about gun control.

          Such as?

          C. The vast majority of the people killed by the Nazi regime weren’t German.

          Well he killed virtually every German Jew which accounted for close to a million. He ran out of German Jews to kill. That vast majority he killed elsewhere is meaningless for the debate under these circumstances.

          D. The people living in those countries had massive, well-trained and well-equipped standing armies that fell to the German military.

          Yes and many the partizans fighting as gorillas lived while the unarmed dies. Every German soldier they killed, every German soldier they tied up was one less to contribute to the German War effort. The Bielski brothers with arms saved 1000 Jews. They started with few arms. If they had no weapons to start with the outcome would have been logically different.

          Why bother with facts when it’s so much more fun to spew insane, racist nonsense?

          I kinda like facts.

      40. @ Mike in VA. Rant on, there is plenty to complain about. I live in an area that values Christmas, but I have friends and relatives that live in areas that ban displays of Christmas in certain ways because it “offends” certain sections of the popualtion. Yet they allow a bunch on pedophile sickos have their little fag parades because not allowing them to is a violation of free speech. This is where the fairness issue comes in and goes right out the window.

        I hate banning free speech, even when it comes to a mass of weirdoes dressed like freaks from some post nuclear war movie. To ban displays of Christmas that brings many people a little bit of happiness in one small portion of the year in an otherwise depressing rest of the year just plain sucks. If something is offensive look away, don’t urinate on others’ happiness, especially something as innocent as Christmas.

        When I grew up Christmas was about lights, decorations, Santa Claus, gift getting and giving, trees, a more peaceful time of year. Now we have these lawyered up fungus wads trying to destroy Christmas. These suckers even want trees with lights on them banned. This is almost as stupid as those cretins that wanted to ban pressure cookers because they could be made into homemade bombs. I mean honestly, lights on trees???????? I have gone to amusement parks and seen lights on trees that have absolutely no theme to anything other than it is colorful and a sign of a bit of joy.

        This is what losers want to do, they want to drag us all down to their state of depression and misery. These screwed on too tight heads of these parasites want to destroy happiness, smiles, and joy. If that is not just pure evil trying to blacken everything that gives any hope then I don;t know what is.

        That is why I totally equate those that censor happiness as nothing but pawns of the evil one, the devil, or whatever pure negative energy that defines rottenness to the core. This is why they allow perverts their place and try to destroy anything that symbolizes good, decent, and fair. Yes, I rant on and on too, because this world has not only gone to the toilet, it has been flushed.

      41. Be safe! Be prepared! Be ever vigilant!

        Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. John 15:13
        Between natural disasters , rising fuel prices, food prices, inflation, crime, soon to be food shortages ( due to colder than normal weather , and
        transportation problems ) then the fuel and food riots… time is almost up
        to get even your basic supplies ready and a plan of action. Equally as
        important is finding other like minded people you trust as close as possible
        to you. There is strength and safety in numbers. So check the below links to
        find those close to you and network
        Prepare by making essential preparations for yourself and your family to not just survive, but to thrive, if and when things get very difficult:

        Prepare food, water, clothing (especially for growing children/grandchildren) & shoes, fuel, essential drugs & medicines/vitamins, toiletries, medical supplies, guns, ammunition (when you run out, your guns are useless, and if you don’t have enough, you can’t keep your skills honed, so buy plenty),(gold & silver), and other essentials. If you have the resources, acquire enough for friends, relatives, neighbors, and other peers.

        Get your house in order, if it isn’t already. Prepare temporally and spiritually. Ensure that you will be part of the reason that God will side with us, because we’ve chosen to side with Him!
        For more preparedness info … PLEASE check the sites i help admin… If you have ANY questions at all please ask..

        Osceola County Mercury One http://mercuryoneosceola.org .
        Mercury One website. http://www.mercuryone.org/
        Constitutional Militia links
        SECOM http://www.secom.spruz.com
        SECOM on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Southeast-Constitutional-Militia/112871255452576
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        SECOM http://www.secom.spruz.com
        Main 9-12 Preppers Site http://www.the912project.us/group/preparedness
        9-12 prepper on Freedomworks http://connect.freedomworks.org/node/48205
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        All you can to is hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Of course
        putting your trust and faith in God.

        Good people, families , moms, dads, grandparents, normal people, just
        preparing for what we see is coming. We are willing to help others, in our
        communities but we have to work together. Preparing both spiritually and
        phsyically. “Every Race, Every Tribe, ONE AMERICA!”

        If you havent prepared for yourself and your family yet… do something
        now… time is up!


        support the USA and protect the Constitution! “Every Race, Every Tribe, ONE

      42. And the heavily armed and righteous, shall inherit the earth.

        • Comedy using Jesus misquotes has to be bad. No offense.

        • The meek shall inherit the Gulag.

        • Those who beat their swords into plowshares plow for those who don’t.

      43. I believe white people are of the House of Jacob. Anti-Semite = Anti-White.

      44. Well If we let it go the home of the free because of the BRAVE will be gone for ever Elections are coming up vote every one out and elect new all the time then They do not have as much time to do really stuiped stuff

      45. Seems everyone in my circle of friends and family have been stocking up on the SHTF Essentials – Food, Water, and a lot more Guns and Ammo. Keep Prepping my Friends!!!

        • I’m very happy to hear it. The NWO pricks will be rather shocked when a mob of angry armed Americans are at their door.

          I’ll just say it… A time is coming where you will need to decide what you life really has meant.

      46. Classical Bismarkianism:
        Promote fiefdoms through subsidies
        Promote socialism to form public-private partnerships
        Promote national socialism to form public-private mergers
        In its simplest sense, the conclusion is to form an Authoritarian government.

      47. This is a good time to watch the Movie Patton, When General Patton Slapped the Soldier’s Face who was a Coward. Its time to wake a lot of Cowards up out there, who cower hoping and thinking someone else will take care of this oppression.

      48. Preparing to stop talking and start killing, currently.

      49. The description of Hitler “taking over” Germany is an oversimplification. There was no electoral mandate. There was a lot of fighting. People were assassinated over a course of years. Nazi pawns were put into place. There were grave threats to politicians. The smart ones left, like they left Germany. Those who stayed behind were too poor or too duped.
        I hate the fake prez but to compare the US now to Nazi Germany is a fallacy.

      50. PS I meant “Austria,” of course, not Germany in the first line. Oops.

      51. I just read an article stating the demand for guns had decreased recently. Now, lo and behold, he you are advocating people spend more of their hard-earned money on more guns. I guess the gun manufacturers are feeling the pinch of the decrease demand and must create more paranoia to fund their extravagant lifestyles. I have no doubt the operators are conspiring with gun makers to create fear to drive up demand. In my opinion, the operators of this site must be receiving a kickback from gun makers. That is my conspiracy theory, which is just as valid and supported by the same quality of evidence as yours.

        • Joe, you are an idiot of the first order.

          That’s my opinion, which is valid and supported by the quality of evidence you furnish in your infantile postings.

        • NC joe

          For the most part their employing Americans aren’t they? Call it, “Armed Stimulus”. Seen RUGER stock? It doubled in the last year due to SALES not banker intervention with TAXPAYER money complements of the $45 billion a month from the US Treasury through the Federal Reserve into the coffers of the “Too Big To Fail” banks and then directly into stock purchases by the banks..

          RUGER is creating jobs by actually manufacturing a lawful product and employing Americans in the process. Its a long established practice that was once common in the US.

      52. Thule members wrote The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion through the subduction of deceit by demonic influence too promote hatred of Jews and Zionism, sending copies to Russia and America….Nazis used the same demonic lies as a tactic to justify Jew hatred and blame in order to slaughter millions, after disarming the population…here on this blog many have also fallen for this seductive deceit.

        • The Protocols were proven to be a forgery in the early 1900’s, written by the Tzar’s secret police to incite pogromic violence and get the peasants’ collective minds off the reasons they had for revolt.

      53. The next time some liberal talks anti gun…
        Show them this picture…. Caution…graphic.

        History will repeat.. Disarmed Jews!

        Hitler’s statement…sounds just like Obama doesn’t it?

        “1935 will go down in History! For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead to the future!”


        When they come for your guns…then the masses will meet to decide the fate of the oppressors. The founding fathers fully understood human nature…as it always repeats.

        That would completely be irresponsible of me as a parent and an American.

        Don’t you think all the Jews…when they had their heads shaved, were starved, imprisoned and separated from their families…DON’T YOU THINK THEY REGRETTED BEING SUCK LIBERAL “LAW ABIDING” CITIZENS?

        Merry Christmas to the NRA and all the pro gun groups.

        The more the say you should turn in your guns…the more you need to buy and keep arms for the coming generations.

        I predict an engineered currency collapse..then they will bring in the UN…”peace keepers”.
        Russian and Chinese troops.

        At that time… just revisit your history and how we beat the british.
        Stealth…sniping and taking no prisoners.

        I have faith that someone in the pentagon in the military is having closed door talks on restoring America and purging the UN from our soil.

      54. In fact, the NS did not ban weapons, but encouraged youth to become proficient with firearms. The Jewish Communist regimes did confiscate weapons, however.

      55. I’m sick of these kosher libertardian lies!

        The national socialists did not disarm anyone. It’s a myth, and an easily debunked one at that.




        ZIONIST Lead Gun Control Charge – Brother Nathanael


        “The 1938 German Weapons Act, superseded the 1928 law. The 1938 revisions completely deregulated the acquisition and transfer of rifles and shotguns, as was the possession of ammunition. The legal age at which guns could be purchased was lowered from 20 to 18. Jews were forbidden from the possession, manufacturing or dealing of firearms and ammunition.”

        The German Weapon Act of 1938 didn’t tighten gun control, it loosened it. Shotguns, Rifles and Ammunition were fullyderegulated. You only had not be 18 to get a gun, not 21. Permits were valid for three years, not two. The only thing that strengthened gun control in Germany was the Treaty of Versailles.

        The real enemies of freedom are COMMUNISTS and their ZIONIST capitalist sponsors.

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