Eye Bleed Fever Outbreak Cover Up? Doctor Confirms Cases As Health Officials Deny

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 11 comments

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    Health authorities in Uganda, in central Africa, have been accused of “concealing” cases of deadly Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF).  This horrific “eye bleed fever” has been confirmed by doctors, yet health officials continue to deny the outbreak.

    In a blazing tweet, Sarah Opendi, Uganda’s minister for health, categorically stated: “there is no Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever in Uganda.” But the Health Ministry had no other choice but to admit there was actually an outbreak after a nine-year-old girl from a village in the Nakaseke district tested positive for CCHF.  One Ugandan doctor even said that if there’s even one confirmed case of this horrifying disease, its an epidemic already. Are health officials covering up the severity of this outbreak?

    Doctors in Africa seem to think so. In a bombshell report, doctors from Nakaseke Hospital claim the death toll has risen to 11, fueling claims officials are hiding cases and lying about this potentially deadly disease.

    Eye bleed fever is a serious infection which causes victims to bleed from their orifices, such as the eyes or anus.  Both Crimean-Congo Fever and the Rift Valley Fever are viral diseases that are found in livestock but can be transmitted to humans. The CCHF virus, which was first detected in the 1940s, causes severe viral hemorrhagic fever outbreaks, with a case fatality rate of 10–40%.

    Because of the nature of this disease, doctors say it’s important to prevent the spread of this infection, but that’s difficult if health officials are covering up the outbreak.

    In a press conference last week, Dr. Diana Atwine, the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, reported additional cases of the serious viral infections. Speaking to the media alongside WHO officials, she said: “Since August 2017, when suspected cases were reported, four cases of the Crimean- Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) have been confirmed and five cases of the Rift Valley Fever (RVF). Unfortunately, we have lost three cases of the RVF from Kiboga, Buikwe and Mityana districts. The latest cases were reported on January 19.”

    Just 24 hours later, Nakaseke Hospital contradicted Dr. Atwine, claiming 11 people have died from CCHF since July last year. According to the Daily Star, hospital superintendent Dr. Bernard Okello revealed the bombshell after a meeting with a committee of MPs. In total, 23 people have been infected by the lethal disease, nine of whom received treatment at the hospital, Dr. Okella said. One patient is currently being treated at the hospital, he said.

    Doctors from the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) accused the Ministry of Health of failing to handle the CCHF outbreak in Nakaseke district and putting the lives of health workers at risk. In an interview with Daily Star Online, Dr. Mukuzi Muhereza, from the UMA, warned the disease will spread further unless action is taken quickly.


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      1. Won’t be long before we are flying the infected here on Gulfstreams for reasons unknown. Just like the Ebola infected. One of these days they will get it right and a bunch of people are gonna die.

        • Mzb, I’d not be one bit surprised if that were the case already. It’ll give a whole new meaning to the phrase, “cry me a river”.

        • EXACTLY what I was thinking.

        • hopefully they will be dying on the other side of the “wall”

      2. The 1918 influenza was covered up by the press except in Spain where the press was open about it, Spain was a neutral country during WWI…therefore the ‘Spanish Flu’.

        • interesting…..

      3. That is not eye bleed fever.

        That is gonorrhea of the eye. That dude needs to stop butterfly kissing butholes.

        • You seem to know what your talking about pretty well..

      4. In addition to influenza, there is another viral pandemic involving the adenovirus. It is not the cause of the bleeding eyes but it does involve possible lasting damage to the eyes and other organs;more so, than influenza. Both are loose in the United States. The symptoms are similar to influenza’s and its loose in the US.

      5. I did a post recently and moderators deleted my post because of the nature of the topic. I am going to tell you all the truth again. We are not going to make it on this planet and 2018-2025 is the end of 97% of entire planets population. THE GLOBLALIST ARE STILL 100% IN TOTAL CONTROL.THEY OWN THE BANKS, THE BUILDINGS, THE ROADS, AND THE FORTUNE 500 CORPS. THEY ARE NOT BACKING DOWN. Trump is full of lies and deceit and is working for that very deep state, and this is just a fact of life and I am not going to sit here and lie to myself anymore. Widening the freeways of Houston, and 290 does not fool me, nor does it bullshit me into believing that they planning ahead to help us, all that is is just business as usual to make us think we have a future, BULSHIT. THIS IS A FACT OF LIFE HERE. I did not listen to the presidents bullshit state of the union address, because I know horse shit when I hear it. They are dropping bio weapons on us, chemtrials are constantly being sprayed on us, and I am literally looking out side my office window watching this going on right now. So even if you keep deleting my post Mac, this is not going to stop what’s coming. We are already dead. Any prepper on this site who has been reading my post for the past 2 years know that something is going on, and it got there attention. How serious is this. I am folding my business, and its doing good right now and I am folding it, and cashing out, selling my car, my business, and I am leaving permanently. And if my girlfriend does not and she does not agree that things are going to go to hell, then he has the option to stay in the city. I know better. You all have seen the UN in Detroit positioned and every time I start to post this type of stuff, my post are going into moderation and getting deleted. If this gets posted, it must have slipped by this time.



        Part 1, George Green. This is not the first time that I have place links about this guy on this site. My source know about him and he is 100% legit about the alien contact, etc.


        Part 2


        Real preppers needs to listen to what he said. Notice how he does not even acknowledge Trump. It’s for a reason. He is 100% legit. Trump is just the delay process to make sure that the bankers and elites get more time to eliminate us. We are being lied to, America will not be great again, its going to collapse, and wars will be in our cities, that will happen. PERIOD. Take the time and hear what he said. He confirms the alien versus wars, and other important info.


        Internationally known, and not respected.

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