Extremists: “Military Veterans Who Have Fought In Foreign Wars And Are Disgruntled…”

by | May 26, 2014 | Headline News | 150 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    While President Obama lays wreaths and Congressional representatives give lip service thanking our veterans for their sacrifice, the Department of Homeland Security operating under the directives of said Executive and Legislative branch membership warns law enforcement personnel to be on the lookout for domestic extremists who pose a threat to the United States of America.

    At the top of the list, as highlighted by Infowars and From the Trenches, are the very veterans whose service to our nation we are celebrating today.


    These days everyone is a domestic extremist and potential terror threat.



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      1. I honor their service and honor the memory of the ones who gave their lives but at the same time maybe our best of the best were used to protect the wealth of a few and once their service and lives no longer needed they became just an object. I ask myself this question day and night…… Who benefited from the blood of the our honorable war fighters? I reached the conclusion and it only points to one TRIBE.

        • Either you’re part of the machine, or you’re the enemy. “Used to be” counts for nothing, just sends you to the top of the “enemies” list.

          • In their own words: ..disgruntled about the takeover of the US. Really? No wonder us vets are on the hit list.

      2. I am Loyal to My Country always and Loyal to my government when earned

        – ?

        • And your government ain’t your country any more.

          • So, if I am reading this correctly, you cannot have an opinion on anything without the gov being worried that you are a danger. WTF?…..

            Oh, oh….

            Did I just give an opinion?



            • One definition is missing…
              Military veterans who have fought in a foreign war and are ‘disgruntled’ about the care received at a VA facility. 🙁

              • Oh, yeah, I forgot. Senate Committee on ‘Disgruntled Veterans Receiving Incompetent Care at VA Facilities’??
                Call me.

              • …Mandatory “Affordable ‘Healthcare’ ‘screenings'” (interrogations) in which “anything you, your loved ones or others say about you or are “diagnosed” with can and will be used against you” in a “fusion center” that determines that you need to be separated from your loved ones and “quarantined” (imprisoned) and “treated” (…remember Communist China’s “re-education” camps?)–coming soon to (actually, already at) your doctor’s office.

              • it will be in the next report update

          • I guess I became a terrorist when I joined the Cub Scouts back in the 60’s!

            • typo: “…the nicest stuff…”

            • “….ask not what your country can do for you……”

              You should know better than to ask by now, anyway.

              • I think veterans and any America that has not fallen asleep could use a couple of choice words to describe the current state of affairs of the handling of the United States by the government right now and in the future. Frustration and hopeless.

                • “All this for a damn flag???” – Michelle O’Bummer

                  • 🙁

                • The “Flag” is a Socialist rag!

                  Wave one at your own peril!!

                  A free people need NO flag!!!

            • I prefer the term ‘Rogue,’ thank you very much!

          • I would go further, much further.

            Your government never was your country.

            Your government never was “your” government. It has always been “their” government.

        • I am on all these lists…. And I work for them Boohahahaha…. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

          • Man on the inside ,
            Count me in too ,
            we got this memo about 6 months ago most in my unit didn’t sign for it and all tossed it in the trash . I think civil war 2 will first be fought in our own government before it hits the streets . Lines are forming , know your history and what side you are on.
            FREEFOR has its infrastructure in place , TPTB know this , that is why they are going on internal witch hunts, they are losing the moral high ground and they know it .

            In the ‘Stan the Talaban used a thing known as ” Night Letters” anonymous letters identifying what would happen to them if they sided with the OPFOR .

            Demoralize the enemy , make them look over their shoulder, make them feel unsafe where ever they go, seed doubt . Make a list of the regime loyalists for future exploitation.
            This is preparation of the battle ground , develop your own intellengence gathering capability.
            Have friendly AND VETTED elements in the system they are your early warning system.

            Leave messages in public places ,in plain view of the regime ( RESIST , I MISS AMERICA, LOD lliberty or death, the answer to 1984 is 1776, etc.) use your imagination , help others cultivate like minds they will be your Auxillary when the time comes , show you can support them morally and when SHTF occurs physically. In this coming conflict we need to show we can provide what the government cannot,
            SECURITY. Hearts and Minds are what creates a working III% .

            The regime will only take care of it’s own ( THE FREES**T ARMY) The have counted on resources that they only posses in name only , they will not be able to field competent Personel , they are out gunned and out numbered , expect a crackdown , expect anti second admendment laws ,
            Do not comply, let them pass they will not listen anyway , all this it will not last long they will use government sanctioned violence to enforce their edicts , time is not on their side. Withdraw you consent, resist .

            I will make one prediction when this goes down it will happen swiftly , violently and with a finality not common to which we are accustomed . They do not realise they fury of the American public
            when they have nothing left to lose and inaction is not an option. We will experience something that has not been seen since the Nuremberg trails in 1945.


            NO MATTER WHAT

            ANYWAY YOU CAN

            Semper Fi 8541

            resources :

            CONTACT tactical manual for post collapse survival Max Velocity

            A FAILURE OF CIVILITY Mike Garand and Jack Lawson

            RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY Joseph P. Martino

            SURVIVING THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE Fernando Ferfal Aguirre

            BOSTONS GUN BIBLE Revised Boston T. Party

            299 DAYS SERIES Glen Tate ( Fiction what the future could look like )

            • Thanks for your comments, Night Breaker; you make several good points. I will be discussing with some friends. I’d like to correspond with you in a secure forum, if possible.

            • And don’t forget to empty the armory and grab a couple of MRAPS when you bro’s leave… kinda will level the playing feild. Mabey paint “Wolveiens” on the side… Booohahahahaha… Watch “winter solgier”…. that is how it will end up. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

              • Man on the inside ,
                Will not take the MRAPS they are high maintence junk , the STRIKERS are better .
                Hope it does not come down to this and the Deteranent of being willing will suffice.
                But sometimes only having hope is not realistic.

                Semper Fi 8541

                • Falls backs to never make a threat that can’t be carried out, but there are plenty of us and sooner or later they will try us because they didn’t come this far to just give up!

        • Just ask all those mistreated VA Vets how they feel about AmeriKa.

        • If you have ever submitted on this forum regardless of your comment’s content you are on their list.
          They can’t trust someone reading such propaganda regardless of wether you agree or disagree.
          Personally I think if they want to truly establish the NWO then they will eventually have to use force against someone to quell the sheep. Therefore it behooves you to prepare for such an event if you are on “The List” and be ready to be targetted at your most vulnerable moment. Start what iffing and prepare accordingly.
          I have seen a variety of personalities submit on this site from pacifist to psychopaths, I believe all of you and myself will be targeted.
          Am I paranoid? Possibly. But if I am right and those who are repeatedly banging the fear gong are right then using your time to prepare will not go to waste.


          • Dick

            Welcome to the club.

          • That’s not paranoid…it’s spot on…

          • How are Sally and Jane?

          • Just because you are Paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you….


        • Yeah, I guess frequent reference to the Constitution would indicate terrorism since the NEW gov’t we have has DESTROYED the Constitution!

          • They haven’t destroyed the Constitution, they just ignore it or refuse to honor it…but it is still there, waiting for us to free it from the usurpers.

        • So you serve your country in it’s greatest time of need but don’t agree with the current political ideology and can see through the spin and BS you are forcefed every day you are a potential terrorist or subversive?

          Thanks for that …………


        • I am loyal to the Republic and the Constitution. Governments almost always turn in on themselves and become corrupt.

        • First of all, it’s not “my” government. It’s “their” government. They = the global elites who meet at Bilderberg and Davos.

          Second of all, the government is the enemy of your country. How could it ever earn your loyalty? Why would you ever be loyal to it?

      3. seems you were used to take over other countries while your country was lost, and now that you have returned home you are a threat to your own govt. this shows just how smart americans have been

      4. They pose this in such a dishonest way that the masses would consider it reasonable. Truth is the America many of us once knew and loved is gone, and the very ideology we struggled against has corrupted an idea which started out with the best of human intention.

        Disgruntled I suppose is one way to put it, but again they’re dishonest as to the why, “the takeover” as they put it makes clear that an idea and belief other than an American ideal has successfully completed a bloodless coup and undermined the true will of the people. It’s this affront that should be echoed throughout every State and federal hall in the land.

        • Remember GW Bush what said, “either you are with us or against us”. Anyone who questions or speaks negatively of the USSA Gubmint is considered an enemy or a terrorist.

          • Bush although misguided did not own the beginnings of governmental overreach. I place that dishonor squarely in the lap of the original progressive Woodrow Wilson, who Hitlery Clinton as of 2008 most identified with as she attempted to distance herself from the identification of Liberalism.

            When you find a problem in anything you don’t fix what you find, but find the origin of the problem.

          • Bush although misguided did not own the beginnings of governmental overreach. I place that dishonor squarely in the lap of the original progressive Woodrow Wilson, who Hitlery Clinton as of 2008 most identified with as she attempted to distance herself from the identification of Liberalism.

            When you find a problem in anything you don’t fix what you find, but find the origin of the problem.

          • That’s not exactly what he said, and you have taken it completely out of context. He was speaking to the leaders of the other countries of this world.

            He said either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.

            • Considering the fact that Bush and Cheney both signed off on the Israeli Mossad false flag operation on 9-11-01, in order to snooker the not very bright and easily bull-shitted American public into thinking we needed to launch wars of unprovoked, illegal, criminal, and unconstitutional naked aggression against every nation that the blood thirsty psychopaths in Israel hate and want us to attack and destroy for them – while at the same time, using the 9-11 false flag event as an excuse to shred our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and to impose this ever increasingly totalitarian police state upon America – I would like to know how anyone with a brain even slightly bigger than a martini olive would still be incapable of recognizing that the entire Bush family are the biggest gang of treasonous, evil criminals in American history?

              • Do 7 members of the Bush-Cheney crime syndicate read this website?

                How can ANYONE, given the power of ‘hindsight’ – give my analysis of what has happened since Sept 11, 2001 a thumbs down?

                • NEWS ALERT! Update for RED THUMBERS naysayers!

                  “It was (is) the instinctive policy with the mass of the Jewish nation, a deliberate policy with most of its leaders, not only to use ridicule against anti-Semitism but to label as ‘anti-Semitic’ any discussion of the Jewish problem at all, or, for that matter, any information even on the Jewish problem…If a man alluded to the presence of a Jewish financial power in any region, for instance, in India, he was an anti-Semite. If he interested himself in the peculiar character of Jewish philosophical discussions, especially in matters concerning religion, he was an anti-Semite. If the emigrations of the Jewish masses from country to country, the vast modern invasion of the United States, for instance (which has been organized and controlled like an army on the march), interested him as an historian, he could not speak of it under pain of being called an anti-Semite. If he exposed a financial swindler who happened to be a Jew, he was an anti-Semite. If he exposed a group of Parliamentarians taking money from the Jews, he was called an anti-Semite. If he did no more than call a Jew a Jew, he was an anti- Semite. You cannot long confuse interest with hatred, the statement of plain and important truths with mania, the discussion of fundamental questions with silly enthusiasm, for the same reason that you cannot long confuse truth with falsehood. Sooner or later people are bound to remark that the defendant seems curiously anxious to avoid all investigation of his case…I say it was a fatal policy; but it was deliberately undertaken by the Jews.” (Hilaire Belloc, The Jews, pp. 160-161).

                  “It has unfortunately now become a habit for so many generations, that it has almost passed into an instinct throughout the Jewish body, to rely upon the weapon of secrecy. Secret societies, a language kept as far as possible secret, the use of false names in order to hide secret movements, secret relations between various parts of the Jewish body: all these and other forms of secrecy have become the national method.” (Hilaire Belloc, The Jew, p. 99).

                  “Take the particular trick of false names. It seems to us particularly odious. We think when we show our contempt for those who use this subterfuge that we are giving them no more than they deserve. It is a meanness which we associate with criminals and vagabonds; a piece of crawling and sneaking…Men whose race is universally known, will unblushingly adopt a false name as a mask, and after a year or two pretend to treat it as an insult if their original and true name be used in its place.” (Hilaire Belloc, The Jew, pp. 100, 102).

            • And out of that speech was born the TSA. The NSA, FISA, CIA, FBI were all expanded to counter not the terrorists but the American public in the future.

              While we’re at and just for the fun of it, throw into the mix the militarized Police State which we got a good idea of what it will like when the SHTF during the Boston bombing.

              So I say BS. The false flag was used to expand the M.I.C. to counter the American people when they said, enough is enough.

        • That IS where THEY slipped up, by not putting “takeover” in quotation marks! They admit to that “takeover”! It’s opposition to that takeover that’s what gets put on this Nazi-esque, witch-hunt list of theirs.

          • The interesting thing about those “witch hunts”, is that they have never actually caught a “witch”…

            • You will be just as accurate if you substitute the word “terrorist” for the word “witch”…

            • PMS was not then yet realized as the main afliction in “witches” of old eras….Today we all Know its just PMS that causes the witch syndrome.

              • One of My favorite bumper stickers:

                “I’ve Got PMS And A Handgun—ANY QUESTIONS?”

      5. They pose this in such a dishonest way that the masses would consider it reasonable. Truth is the America many of us once knew and loved is gone, and the very ideology we struggled against has corrupted an idea which started out with the best of human intention.

        Disgruntled I suppose is one way to put it, but again they’re dishonest as to the why, “the takeover” as they put it makes clear that an idea and belief other than an American ideal has successfully completed a bloodless coup and undermined the true will of the people. It’s this affront that should be echoed throughout every State and federal hall in the land.

        • Seems I am on the list for eight of the things on that list,no big surprise… I’m on the shit list since the 70’s, had all kinds of “interesting” things happen along the way…it’s been an interesting ride.

        • Howdy, Y99. just remember that nothing this govt. does has any legitimate basis to it whatsoever. All we really owe them are some “lead nutrients”.

          • Yeah. If they show at my place and don’t understand 3 clicks from Bertha, then they will understand the 4th click….

            Sorry braveheart, but I couldn’t resist….

            • Hey Ugly/Brave, will they actually HEAR the 4th “click”? 🙂


              • ready down under

                Enjoy seeing you on here, one of my former soldiers who is like a son to me was just stationed in Alice Springs, think of him, his wife and my kinda granddaughter often, more so when I see you handle.

          • Braveheart

            Always good to see you roaming the thread.

            Agreed, and to Ugly’s point I’m a man of peace until provoked, then it’s the old bull young bull story.

      6. For some time now people I speak to on the phone tell me they hear an echo… but only when they speak to me…

        Gee whiz… whatever could that mean… 🙂

        • I get that too and then my phone just clicks off….strange…


          • Same here PK

        • It means you’re on a “party line”

          • And Heres the “Party” they All belong to!

            WORLD FAMOUS MEN of the past accused the Jews of founding Communism. This charge is well founded. The Communist philosopy was drawn up by Karl Marx who descended from a long line of Rabbis. His ideology of anti-Christian and Socialist thought is outlined in the Jewish “TALMUD” which is the “bible” of the Jews. Of the four political groups which overthrew the Christan Czar of Russia two were 100% Jewish. They were the Mensheviks and The Jewish Bund. The other two were the Socialist Revolutionary Party and the Bolsheviks. Both were headed by Jews but had some Gentile members. Today we now know that Lenin was Jewish and all of the leaders of his first government were Jews. They were Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev and Sverdlow. The wealthiest Jewish banker in the world at that time, Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb investment bank of New York City, gave Trotsky and Lenin $20 million to overthrow the Czar and establish the Soviet tyranny (according to the “NEW YORK JOURNAL-AMERICAN” of February 3, 1949.)

            Heres what One good Queen’s solution was to Rabid Treasonists!

            MARIA THERESA, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia (1771 – 1789): “Henceforth no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome pest within the state than this race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible.”

      7. Guys, you don’t get thrown in jail for being disgruntled. In fact you’d have too br pretty damm “disgruntled” for anyone to even take notice of you. By the time you get around to uttering threats against the government, you sure as hell are a possible threat. To consider you otherwise would not be logical, any more than it would be to ignore the guy who peeks in your windows every other day.

        • A girl has to get up preeeetty early in the morning to catch ME peeking in her windows

      8. Hmmm, looks like they covered all the bases!So basically if one wants to be “free”, then your immediately labeled a terrorist. So in essence this government is inferring that they know all, and control all! Well, I guess that seems to be alright with most folks?

        Thankfully it’s not alright with returning vets! Better pay attention to what they are saying, because they know first hand what government(s) are up to!!

        • it will happen when they think they can win! and so it may linger longer than we wish, because we cannot get better until we eradicate them from office and all who think like there scumbag friends!

      9. Maybe they should cut the benefits some more. That should help, right?

        • Cruelly, that’s how they intend to have veterans on a puppet string–with dependence on benefits, even though the veterans deserve the best of real benefits, especially veterans who are disabled from their sacrificial service. That’s how they also keep the several United States themselves, along with all their county and city governments, and apparently all the foreign governments under their control–by keeping them hooked on U.S. Federal “aid”. When everybody dumps that “aid” and declares independence from the U.S. Government, that will be a major disempowerment of federal control over them.

          • “When everybody dumps that “aid” and declares independence from the U.S. Government”

            Now that is something worth sacrificing for.

            • Maybe the real reason animal sacrafices never got the job done fully is because all along it was Supposed to be Fraud crooks polititions and Their co-ilk that should have been sacraficed an an regular basis.

              If Only some real smart guys can come up with a plan to Test my therory out eh..

      10. There is an excellent article on VeteransToday.com titled The Last Bayonet Charge in Vietnam… Continues. This piece is by a combat marine and reveals the insanity and corruption of that war that led to a repeat performance in Afghanistan.

      11. Love your Freedom?

        Love GOD?

        Love the unborn?

        Love your country enough to serve and possibly die for?

        Love justice for all?

        You are an enemy of the state and history shows you will be dealt with.

        • 300lb Gorilla, I say yes to all of the above and then some. I think I became a terrorist on the day I married a refugee from Cuba who lost half of her family to Castro’s commie butchers. I’ve been an ‘enemy of the state’ for longer than I realized so at least I know I’m in the right kind of company. I understand the vets’ reasons for being disgruntled and they’re out numbered by even more disgruntled civilians who would be willing to join them in a revolution. It’s high time for a ‘reset’.

        • Forgot one of the big one’s:

          Love personal accountability?

      12. Operation Vigilant Eagle: Re-posting part of this article:

        John Whitehead writes: “This is all part of a larger trend in American governance whereby dissent is criminalized and pathologized, and dissenters are censored, silenced or declared unfit for society. Governmental authorities at all levels have made it abundantly clear that they want no one questioning their authority.”

        A soldier in the United States Military pledges to support and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. It is ironic and tragic that the Obama administration has become the biggest threat to the U.S. Constitution by targeting former members of the U.S Armed Forces for exercising their constitutional rights.

        In another attempt to take away the civil liberties of returning veterans, the VA has notified some returning vets that they may be submitted to competency evaluations, and pending the results, “A determination of incompetency will prohibit you from purchasing, possessing, receiving, or transporting a firearm or ammunition.”

        The paranoia of the U.S. Government and the Obama Administration is the real mental illness, a kind of bureaucratic pathology that finds potential domestic terrorists beneath every military uniform.

        For more than ten years now our military people have been fighting in far-off lands with the belief they were defending the US Constitution. It is unconscionable for the US government now to attack them as a threat to the very constitution they put themselves in harm’s way to protect. – Larry Ward Chairman, Constitutional Rights PAC

        Pretty disgusting eh’ folks!!

      13. Those “disgruntled” veterans are the only true government servants who still care about that Constitution that’s such a hindrance to government-supremacy. By being “disgruntled”, they are on guard against the very abuse of government that even having this list chillingly represents.

        • L-majority>-

          Hmmmm….good point!

          I’d guess the overwhelming majority here @ Mac’s, would fall into yet another (future) “govt classification” …soon to be termed DISGRUNTLED PRODUCERS!!!!

          ..you know, we/the hard-working GOD fearing folk, business owners, farmers, vets etc…whom the govt & the gimmie-dats disparage as the “PRIVILEGED!!!”

          Duty/honor/country/family/GOD/personal initiative & success…is evil & not conducive or allowed outside the progressive Obummer-borg agenda.

          Screw the Amerikan/NWO politburo…we’ll succeed in the end…despite their satanic, marxist ideology/mandates!

          The bible speaks of such……….

      14. Interestingly, “Government”–the REAL threat to our real individual liberty and therefore the real threat to our security and that of our loved ones–isn’t on their list.

        • Yes it is. Every govt memo has a header, right at the top. It begins with: “UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF…”

        • So if Disgruntled is whats “Bad” they rather we all be “Gruntled” instead?….How exactly does one be Gruntled?

          See this is the delemas you get when the entire nations run by feminist lzebos, homos, negroes and ziojewdeo kommies. All Failing miserably when compared to old fashioned White Male rule and control that Has proven time and again to be a sure win policy, since thats what Gods plans are…Theres alot of good reasons he made men & women so different from each other…And these current women as so called leadership role models have proven that in spades. IE: Hillery, Jumpin Jack Nappytonto DHS head, Pelosi, Finestine Et Al to many more to list here.

          It looks like they have added to the orig model of NWO, and now are seeking a GNWO aka gay new world order.

          Run by very Militant Bulldykes and lezbos. It is going to fail big time. Faggotry and dykery are so completely Un natural, wrong and perverted that no matter what they attempt to force it upon the world is never going to be accepted by more than a very small percentage of society in general. If you think their former multicultic diversity tolerance mandates have failed badly…just wait and see how worse their new addition of faggotry and lezbo-dykery is going to Fail miserably.

          They Want us to keep attacking all these other issues, when what should be going on is the going after dumbed down effeminitized Males with such contempt that finally they awaken and retake Their roles as true leadership etc.

          Thats the ONE part in it all that actually does have a good chance of success. To RE Man-UP all them effiminatized foolish males that fell for all of the kommie lib females scams and fraud “equalities” that never were a reality and never will be. Nothing and Nobody can ever change how or what God orig designed humans to be when the issue is males vs females.

          Everything the lib femminists has infiltrated to run like or better than males has failed big time…SEE: USA Military full of women and fags and dykes as example-A.

          And the Worst part of it all is…Them fags and dykes and fem kommies are comming for YOUR children!…They cannot reproduce so they Must Recruit…YOUR kiddies!

          Think Not?…Just Look how Many american otherwise Normal hetros etc have already agreed with, NO difference if adopted kids has two daddys or mommies its all the same as a reg normal married Man & Women family folks!

          No its not. But those who Drank that kommie fag koolaide will never admit its wrong now that they fell for it all.

          they Are comming for YOUR children, to fagatize, Lezboitize, Dykeisize, liberalize, Negroeize, and Kommize them till full Ruination takes hold Permanantly.

      15. The USA has been an activist nation in the development of The New World Order since War War I. At that time, it was known as The League of Nations which failed. You didn’t always hear about it.

        Since World War II , It has been The United Nations. They did better this time. As a matter of fact, many of you might have heard the term The United Nation Forces used during some of the newsreels played this Memorial Day Weekend.

        You can hear it quite frequently on newsreels covering the Korean War.

        What has happened is that through infiltration of Local, State and Federal Governments(at all levels) the country has been over thrown and we are are probably one major event away from our form of government being dissolved and a totalitarian government. No, not since World War I has any President been completely innocent of not doing his part to bring about a global government. However, since 9/11, the transformation has extremely picked up speed.

        For those of you who follow prophetic events or study end time
        events, you should be quite excited. Because The New World Order or Global Government will eventually transition to The Kingdom of The Anti-Christ. With all that is happening in the world, in our country, it is quite evident, that right now there is a spiritual war being fought in the spiritual realm.

        If you watched Pope Francis’ visit to The Holy Land this weekend, we saw the first steps to bring the major religions together as we are seeing the realignment of nations and economies.


        That is the way I see it.

        • WW: So true, so true.

          River Rat standing by!!!

      16. Of course anyone patriotic who actually cares about this nation is Dear Leader Obammy’s enemy. These liberals are socialist-globalists and people like that are a big threat to their evil totalitarian agenda.

      17. I guess I hit a home run with that..there should be sirens, bells, whistles and a huge aoogha horn going off where my name is. I qualify for ALL of these areas.

      18. Off topic: Mac when are you going to do a piece on chemtrails? The evidence is overwhelming and whistle blowers are coming out….

        Youtube: “What in the world are they spraying”
        Google patents for weather modification…including snows (which China admits creating)

        Is there a GMO-chemtrail connection?

        by Jon Rappoport

        May 21, 2014


        In a groundbreaking article at farmwars.info, Barbara Peterson makes a stunning connection between GMO food crops and chemtrails. (“Monsanto Patents and Chemtrails”)

        Peterson has looked into a Monsanto patent that expands the genetic engineering of food crops.

        Engineering for what purpose? Overcoming the destructive presence of heavy metals like aluminum and barium in the soil.

        These are metals which have often been reported in globally sprayed chemtrails.

        So is Monsanto going to offer yet another version of low-nutrient fake frankenfood, as an answer to chemtrails? And if so, was this the plan all along?

        As Peterson reports, the Monsanto patent is titled, “Stress tolerant plants and methods thereof.” It has two identifying numbers. The patent application is 11/961962, and the patent number is 7851676. The publication date is 12/14/10.

        Here are quotes from relevant sections:

        “Described herein are inventions in the field of plant molecular biology and plant genetic engineering…The transgenic [engineered] plants are characterized by improved stress tolerance.”

        “Improvement of abiotic stress tolerance in plants would be an agronomic advantage to growers allowing enhanced growth and/or germination in cold, drought, flood, heat, UV stress, ozone increases, acid rain, pollution, salt stress, heavy metals, mineralized soils, and other abiotic stresses.”

        The new GMO food-plants are specifically designed to be resistant to heavy metals, which happen to be present in chemtrails. And as well, the plants are clearly envisioned for the purpose of resisting all manner of pollution.

        On the surface, this might seem like a good thing. But it really means: corporate designed food is supposed to feed people in a world where the actual removal of toxic pollution can be ignored.

        And the new GMO food, if it follows the pattern of what we’ve seen so far, will turn out to be low-nutrient, and will require more spraying of toxic herbicides.

        Are we, in fact, looking at a solution that is worse than the problem? Problem: chemtrails. Solution: More GMO food.

        There is a clear parallel in modern pharmaceutical medicine. Problem: illness (which is often misdiagnosed for self-serving purposes). Solution: prescribe toxic drugs.

        Here, we could be seeing the same sort of pattern. First chemtrails; then new herbicide-drenched low-nutrient food that is supposed to resist the effects of heavy metals. Then, new levels of crop failure and human illness.

        Ask yourself this. What food crop could possibly be engineered to withstand the effects of increasing heavy metals in the soil?

        The kind of natural healthy food you want to eat? Or some kind of chimera of food, a plant that looks like the real thing but is merely an outer envelope with no real substance? A shadow of its former self.

        Talk about staged events.

        “Yes, well, with all this chemtrail activity, and other industrial pollution of the soil and water with heavy metals, we need to create new food crops that won’t fold up and die. We need to stage what looks like, but isn’t, good food. It has to look like a beautiful healthy crop, but of course it’ll be delivering very little nutritive value. Because the heavy metals are very poisonous—and there is no way a real food crop can survive in their presence. So we’ll design fake food. It’ll be like a Christmas party where all the pretty boxes wrapped in colored paper and ribbons are empty inside…”

        • Again, I ask. Why are there no “chemtrails” in eastern NC or any other place I have ever been? Saturday the sky was as blue as it could be. Maybe it’s because I don’t live next to an international airport with hundreds of flights daily. Or maybe it’s because “chemtrails” don’t exist. We have enough real problems to deal with.

          I have never seen a “chemtrail.” I have never seen a UFO. I have never seen a ghost. I have never seen Bigfoot.

          I did see the new X-Men movie this afternoon.

          • Oh yes there is. It is usually daily.

            Prior to Hurricane Irene, heavy chem trails were sprayed North to South.

            Since the start of The Memorial Day Holiday, chem trail activity
            has not been visible.

            In Eastern North Carolina, it is a hot bed for it.

            You might be confusing chem trails as high attitude aircraft contrails which is cold air being cycled through the hot engines.

            Chem trails stay longer…….and they expand…….. that is the key. Also,
            For example. One day near Kinston, NC I was sitting with my mother on her back deck and the sky was as clear as clear.
            I noticed a single aircraft over Kinston and that aircraft, with God as my witness, turned in a 45 degree manner and as IT was turning in its arc, it sprayed a white cloudy mist over Kinston and quit and we watched the mist dispersed as you spray air fresher in your home, if you do.

            Chem trails are sprayed at night also.

            Do a google search on chem trails and then on a sunny day take a look.

            We are not paranoid, it is a fact, weather modification in action…….

          • Archivist: I don’t know why they are not spraying in your neck of the woods…they ARE spraying in mine. If Mac would let us post pictures or video, I could prove it to you. But you don’t WANT to know. Oh, and I live about 3 hours from the nearest airport. Sorry…

            This is SHTF isn’t it? Mac should be posting on this very important topic and ways to rid your body of heavy metals. Mac should be posting more on frankenfoods, Monsanto and how we must start producing our own food. Speculation and articles on various topics are great….but you can’t eat them….

            You can believe in Fema camps, Agenda 21, shadow bankers, but not chemtrails…..

            I don’t get it.


        • PK: I have seen many chemtrails, but today I saw my first one with two different color’s; a bright blue coming from the left wing and white coming from the right wing, again my first one like that. This was over southern Ind.(flying east) around 2P.M.

          River Rat standing by!!!

          • River-Rat: Wow….I have not seen that, but where I live…we no longer have blue sky. Used to you could see for many miles in our clean, clear air…now it is just that silvery haze and stripes in the sky as we watch them pass…

            I film them, I pray against them…but they just keep spraying…

            I will be looking for a link to Megan….forgot her last name. She was in the military and is whistleblowing about chemtrails. I’ll post as soon as I find it.


        • PKLauLau

          Hear you loud and clear…

          Attempting to convince otherwise is a tough road, as most either flatly debunk or, refuse to even delve into a bit of research.

          Then Sec of Defense William Cohen discusses exotic weapons including this “so called” geo engineering project which is under the “guise” of a preventative aerosol program to supposedly combat global warming…

          I’ve done my fair share in the last few years of researching..search.. Dane Wigington..excellent seminars regarding the current drought situation and correlation of chemtrail programs and weather modification..


          • Posseecom: Yup…what I don’t get is why they can believe in all these other things and not chemtrails? And why would I lie about it….

            They must not WANT to believe, because the proof is out there in patents, govt papers, former military talking about it, etc.

            Sad, because we need to learn how to rid our bodies of these heavy metals and chemicals.


          • posseecom: oh, and thanks for the info…I’ll be looking that up..


            • PkLauLau; Possee; RiverRat;
              I’m open to the idea of chem trails as much as I am to any other topic. The part that always make me think its not true is when someone says they no longer have blue skies. Really??

              I live in NJ, one of the most densely populated states. I would think they would be spraying constantly here. But we have blue sky all the time.

              Like I said, I’m willing to look at the info. I asked my Brother-in-law about them (retired navy pilot now a civilian pilot), he is of the opinion that they do not exist.

              Pkll; thanks for the link to Earth Clinic! lots of good info there

              • Ghost…thanks for having an open mind….if MAC would let us pot pics…I could prove it to you….and no, for the most part our blue skies are a thing of the past. Normal clouds are big and puffy with flat bottoms….chemtrail clouds are a line, then the bottom scallops down and then smears out into a haze that covers the whole sky.

                We have lots of farmland here…hmmmm….just curious…is there farm land in NJ? Just youtube all the people from all over the states filming these trails…they are doing this all over the world….

                Google/youtube: USAF Kristen Megan, Bio-environmental engineer/Blows whistle on chemtrails…..

                Look here:


                And Mac….seriously, I am concerned that you are not addressing this…why?


            • Possee: Dane is geoengineeringwatch(dot)org….been watching his stuff for a while. I hope people, instead of just dismissing something, will at least go to the links and search for themselves…


        • aluminium is one of the most abundant metals on the earth
          it has always been everywhere and always was get a old geology book pre 1980 if you want to know

          • Jr23: Do some more research….this is a different type aluminum that doesn’t occur naturally….


      19. Thanks Vets for what you have done and sacrificed. Thanks also to the many Americans that built this country in the past 300 years. Sorry it is heading to its Sad State today.

      20. In fact the United States Government and it’s agencies such as DHS are true domestic Terrorists, ignoring and attacking Our Constitution, The Peoples Constitution and the Rule of Law.
        “WE hold these truths to be self evident.”
        Our Constitution Can Not Defend itself.
        We the People Must Do So.
        It is Our Constitution to keep or to lose.”
        If we continue to allow the lawlessness at all levels of Government, then we have government by Anarchy and we have no one but ourselves to blame.
        Sic Semper Tyrannis !

      21. “An Ancient Evil Stalks this Land, from Sea to Shining Sea.
        It’s Known By Many Different Names, But All are Tyranny !”
        Sic Semper Tyrannis !

      22. I am a disgruntled vet although I did not fight in a foreign war.
        Im anti war specially the kind this gov gets involved with.
        I do not like paying all these stupid taxes we are saddled with.
        I support the militias around the country.
        I read alternative media.
        Im against the open border movement.
        I have some single issue movements I support.
        I support the patriot movements.

        Well…it’s a certainty I’m SCREWED

        • No worries Steve,
          You are not alone!

      23. Reading that DHS page, I assume there will be lots of dead Constitutionalist, Republicans and freedom loving people. Wait till after the elections. Oh they know who you vote.

        • Indeed! Kommies & Capitalists IN BED Together! OyVey!

          NOTE: Does This quoted statement from Mid 1800’s Describe todays America,….Or..What!

          BAKUNYIN, MIKHYL. 19th century Russian revolutionary: “Marx is a Jew and is surrounded by a crowd of little, more or less intelligent, scheming, agile, speculating Jews, just as Jews are everywhere, commercial and banking agents, writers, politicians, correspondents for newspapers of all shades; in short, literary brokers, just as they are financial brokers, with one foot in the bank and the other in the socialist movement, and their arses sitting upon the German press. They have grabbed hold of all newspapers, and you can imagine what a nauseating literature is the outcome of it.

          Now this entire Jewish world, which constitutes an exploiting sect, a people of leeches, a voracious parasite, Marx feels an instinctive inclination and a great respect for the Rothschilds. This may seem strange. What could there be in common between communism and high finance? Ho ho! The communism of Marx seeks a strong state centralization, and where this exists there must inevitably exist a state central bank, and where this exists, there the parasitic Jewish nation, which speculates upon the labor of the people, will always find the means for its existence…

      24. I’M NOT, NEVER HAVE BEEN AND NEVER WIL BE A REPUBLICAN!!! Still, I’m on the list, I’m sure, because I know the Truth about the takeover of our Country, I have a big mouth and don’t intend to give up my Constitutional rights.

        As Mike Ruppert used to say (before he was killed with a bullet to the head)– “if you know the Truth, you’re a terrorist”.

      25. Bush’s whole reign of terror was about destroying America (the Constitution/our civil rights). Why would I vote Republican? The bastards destroyed my Country!! (Obummer’s finishing it off!)

        • It is to bad not enough people have figured out that it doesn’t matter which party you decided to be with, ALL of the parties have been compromised and are just puppet masters, when is the last time you have seen either party REALLY stand-up for the common good of the people?? we need to cleanse all of them before we can heal!

      26. Hand me the shovel, might as well get started digging…..

      27. Look at some of the other groups,,,
        Most of us fit into one or more of those!
        Just another good reason to do your own thing and work towards being off the grid as much as possible.

      28. Forget about yellow ribbon decals. Veterans of foreign wars and other groups give directly to homeless vets. Underware can only be given as new in package. Good cleaned clothing is needed. I see left behind clothing after people vacate properties. Sadly the needs are also childrens clothing as many vets come home not able to support their families and do not know where to turn for help. As a bonus for their service they loose their families. Many self-medicate and get DDs with no benifits and mental problems. The Salvation Army gives some help. The red cross gives little to disscharged vets.

      29. I am now a tree-hugger. I noticed they were not on the list….

        • To estimate board feet?

        • environmentalists are on the list under single issue
          i think the gov worker cut and pasted much of this from
          the SPLC who sees threats in every single living person or group rather than the bureaucrat doing research themselves

      30. The New Moon is Wednesday and will be dark enough for an attack by Israel on Hezbollah and/or Iran and Syria until next Monday June 2. Hezbollah is quoted as saying, “for the next violations of Israel on Hezbollah, Lebanon or Syria they will hit back at once.”


        Hezbollah is estimated to have up to 1/2 million rockets, aboput 10 times what they had in the previuus war with Israel. Israel has hit Hezbollah and its allies in the window of 5 days + or – the New Moon several times in the past months. This could be the trigger for WW3. Something that deserves careful watching because of Hezbollah’s willingness to say they will attack if hit again by Israel.

      31. Anyone going to the south Pacific should be aware that there is about an 80% chance of a very large earthquake coming there, especially FIJI. This one precursor spot on the Indian Ridge has been hit before, and these times before have aimed fiercely at the Australian plate afterwards. After this exact spot was hit 2 years ago, the largest strike slip mega quake ever hit soon followed. Fiji has been hit repeatedly after this same spot was hit before ranging up to a 7.8 seven years ago. Also the Caribbean plate was hit with a 7.4 seven years ago in the Windward islands. The Nazca plate is also affected. An 8.3 hit the Kuril Islands 8 years ago after the exact spot had an earthquake on the Indian Ridge.

        Anywhere from Pakistan to Tonga is now in a state of alert. This is a spot that says about 80% of the time that something quite big is coming within 15 days. More precursors will increase the chances of a very large earthquake by June 11 or maybe June 12. This is a dangerous spot to have an earthquake on it as huge earthquakes sometimes follow, usually though a 7+ though.

      32. Thanks vets. My grandpa was on a PT boat, shot in the knee.. a few family members in the military now. Thank you all.

        I didn’t join. don’t like what were fighting for. im 22.

        Ive been feeling, for the past week or so, that things are calming down. I don’t like it. Its like a calm before the storm.
        Personally, I feel like we are about to be shocked with something. not sure what. nuke, bio-war, martial law(million reasons, excuses, why).
        anyways. ate an expired can of food today, to test it out, perfectly fine (expired 2012).

        • I have eaten 10 year old MRE’s. Have found out the Peaches ferment and are really good. The cheese is a no go but the crackers are hard as rocks. Stay away from tomato sauce items. Most solid meat is fine. Look, smell, taste. Hahahaha!

      33. Off topic: The freak boy in California had been in “therapy” since 8 years old, and had been “on medication”.

        • He came from another Liberal Anti-Gun family. How unusual.

      34. Since the govt is so good at tracking and getting terrorists we should all be so very very afraid.

        Dont tread on me, govt bastards.

      35. I will be interested to see the 2 million + list of citizens names on the nsa lists that will soon be released from the snowden downloads,have a feeling many here have made the cut!

        • I am sure the barter economy along with new methods of payment will come about,will be illegal am sure but what isn’t these days,in the long run economies take care of themselves as proven by history time and again,the road there though will be very rough.

      36. brace for impact

        Western Megadrought: Folks, This is No Ordinary Dry Spell


        28 years will be devastating

        100 years ???

        catastrophic doesn’t even begin to describe it

        • The Cali.grow valleys are actually a lucky fluke in regards to water,geological digs have shown most of the time a very dry/desert like climate thru the eons.That said,will make for interesting times,see a lot more folks locally starting gardens,long run might be a good thing that drought is happening as folks will to a degree become more self sufficient.

      37. I have been trying to find a copy of that DHS report without the encirclement and to get a clearer copy.

        Specific to the part about “The Take Over”.

        Have not found any copy with those words included.

        • slingshot-

          The Original document you are looking for (circa 2009) has been updated since then with several line items redacted, changed or removed. MANY people still have the original and yes, the words are there.

          If you folks really want to see an eyeful spend some time out on the site below, and browse the categories of documents there. I know of many who have been ‘archiving’ all of the information there in case it ‘goes away’ for one reason or another.

          h t tp://publicintelligence.net/domestic-terrorism-and-homegrown-violent-extremism-lexicon/

          Another thing not really delved into here was the NDAA of Dec 2012, which has many negative impacts for people everywhere.

          One little slice of that discusses the ‘militarization’ of your local police forces.

          h t tp://publicintelligence.net/u-s-domestic-contingency-purchasing/

      38. I would like to make a comment regarding a posting by BI in regarding potential earthquake activity which is on the rise.

        People need to pay attention because we are in prophetic cycle.
        Earthquakes is one of the signs.

        Another sign is the roaring of the waves and the darking of the sun.

        We, the world have entered a blood moon cycle in which four blood moons within the next 15 moons fall on Jewish feast days which only has happened 4 times since 1493. The first one for this current event was April 14th 2014. The next one is October 8th 2014.

        It was Secy Kerry’s intent to have a peace treaty signed with Israel and the Palestinians on April 29th 2014 agreeing on the creation of a Palestinian state: Comments made it would have been a 7 year interim treaty. It failed because The Palestinians would not recognize Israels right to exist.

        In Joel Chapter 3:15 it speaks of the sun and moon shall being darkened(paraphase) One teacher believe this is speaking of Volcanic action.

        The second is the roaring of the waves. Tidal waves

        To keep this real short, Perry Stone, Believes that if within these next fifteen months we see a significant increase in volcanio action,(which there is) and tidal wave action, (roaring of the waves) then we are in the last of the last of days of this age. I am inclined to agree with him.

        I follow earthquake and volcanic activity and they is on the increase.

        Some of you may scoff at this but don’t. When you have history resulting from an event then you have to give it credibility.

        For example, we know that when hurricanes occur, they have a history of leaving a trail of physical and mental destruction and damage.

        In this manner that I write, we have a history resulting form this type of event and NASA is unable to tell us when the next one will be, that will fall on selective Jewish Feast Days.

        This issue with the VA is unspeakable. It is evil.
        Cold and indifferent hearts of people who have probably never worn the uniform.

        I would hope that these people who are quilty of this crime in selective VA hospitals have never worn the uniform.

        God bless everyone and everybody be safe, yes be safe because you are important……

      39. Another precursor earthquake, this one is on the southern Mid Atlantic Ridge and has lead to very large earthquakes like the one on the Indian Ridge did in the past. After this same spot has been hit, an 8.3 hit northern Japan in 2003, 7.5 off of India in 2009, and several others in Mexico, Peru, and the area of the Soloman Islands and Santa Cruz Islands, most over 7. These outer plates are saying big earthquake(s) are coming. This one makes the chance of a very large earthquake closer to 85% now.

      40. Its obvious the Federal apparatus is designed to protect those in power and their systems versus protecting the country. How convenient it must be to forcefully take money from the “enemy” to shore up defenses and label any criticism and opposition of those unconstitutional actions as “potential terrorist activity”. Nazism at it’s finest. “See something say something”-report your neighbor just like Hitler’s SS thugs.
        The protection of the ruling status elite and status quo is why Fed’s are designing measures to castigate and demonize all opposition as ” terrorist activity”. Fear of the public realizing the lie and broadness of corruption has created a rapid dash to shore up all defenses and protect the corrupt.
        These lifers in fed govt are paid well to ensure that the systems and powers are not threatened by any new ideas or non compliance by the citizens. I am ashamed at the corruption of our govt and its administrators.
        Never forget the 2nd amendment is our ultimate counterweight and specially mentioned as such in all the Founder’s arguments of why we must maintain this self defense right.
        Feds right now are literally scared and extremely paranoid after the Nevada cattle ranch standoff- seeing Americans from across the nation rally around a Nevada farmer to protect his life because American’s insist that there will be no more Waco’s. The citizens show of force was a Lexington moment and despite the corporate owned mainstream media ignoring such a game changing event it proved that Americans are becoming resistant and non compliant to the corruption which increases the feds paranoia greatly.
        I am pleased to see the Feds realize that all these soldiers who had several combat rotations and are trained in the latest tactics of insurgency are considered a grave danger. Perhaps this is why all the armored vehicles are being returned home as my belief is all this is a precursor to the unraveling of the false economy and endless spending. I have advice for these over reaching- power hungry careerist Fed administrators- let that fear of the Vets and a pissed off citizenry be your guide to return to Constitutional enforcement of the law. Let those paranoid feelings and the endless threat assessments maintain that you operate totally within the law and within our Constitutional rights at all times.

      41. China Sinking Fishing Vessel Raises Tensions With Vietnam

        “Vietnam and China traded barbs over the sinking of a Vietnamese fishing boat, their most serious bilateral standoff since 2007 as China asserts its claims in the disputed South China Sea.”

        “It was rammed by a Chinese boat,” Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Hai Binh said by phone of the Vietnamese vessel, with the crew of 10 rescued after the scrap. The incident occurred after some 40 Chinese fishing vessels encircled a group of Vietnamese boats in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone, the government in Hanoi said in a statement on its website.”

        Bloomerg dot com

      42. I think the words “disgruntled about the takeover of the US” should concern everyone. DHS is has openly admitted that a takeover HAS occurred. I think everything else is irrelevant. We had better find out what the persons responsible for the takeover have planned.

        • A Systematic design of total destruction to/in Every White nation….Heres a couple examples…

          W. HUGHES, Premier of Australia, Saturday Evening Post, June 19, 1919: “The Montefiores have taken Australia for their own, and there is not a gold field or a sheep run from Tasmania to New South Wales that does not pay them a heavy tribute. They are the real owners of the antipodean continent. What is the good of our being a wealthy nation, if the wealth is all in the hands of German Jews?”

          H.H. BEAMISH, in New York Speech, October 30, 1937: “The Boer War occurred 37 years ago. Boer means farmer. Many criticized a great power like Britain for trying to wipe out the Boers. Upon making inquiry, I found all the gold and diamond mines of South Africa were owned by Jews; that Rothschild controlled gold; Samuels controlled silver, Baum controlled other mining, and Moses controlled base metals. Anything these people touch they inevitably pollute.”

          POPE CLEMENT VIII: “All the world suffers from the usury of the Jews, their monopolies and deceit. They have brought many unfortunate people into a state of poverty, especially the farmers, working class people and the very poor. Then as now Jews have to be reminded intermittently anew that they were enjoying rights in any country since they left Palestine and the Arabian desert, and subsequently their ethical and moral doctrines as well as their deeds rightly deserve to be exposed to criticism in whatever country they happen to live.”

          What Really Caused Rome’s Downfall?

          DIO CASSIUS. Second century Roman historian. Describing the savage Jewish uprising against the Roman empire that has been acknowledged as the turning point downward in the course of that great state-form: “The Jews were destroying both Greeks and Romans. They ate the flesh of their victims, made belts for themselves out of their entrails, and daubed themselves with their blood… In all, 220,000 men perished in Cyrene and 240,000 in Cyprus, and for this reason no Jew may set foot in Cyprus today.” (Roman History)

          And Even from Israel’s TOP honchos!

          “They think they’re bringing heaven, but actually they are messengers of the devil.” Israeli Prime Minister, Shimon Peres, talking about Orthodox Jewish Rabbis on CNN, November 14, 1995

          REV. WILLIAM S. MITCHELL of Philadelphia, quoted in Count Cherep-Spiridovich’s book The Secret World Government, page 194: “If there is an ingrate in history, it is the Jew. In this land which befriended him he as conspired, plotted, undermined, prostituted and corrupted and (hiding to this hour behind the braver screen of other folks), dares to contrive and scheme the death of every Christian principle which has protected him.”

          ST. JUSTIN, martyr stated in 116 A. D.: “The Jews were behind all the persecutions of the Christians. They wandered through the country everywhere hating and undermining the Christian faith.”

          ST. JOHN, Gospel of St. John VII: “After these things Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Jewry because the Jews sought to kill him.”

          Most Honest, Truthfull of ALL Mankind ever!

          JESUS CHRIST, speaking to the Jews in the Gospel of St. John, VIII:44: “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it. – then answered the Jews – ” (which makes it clear that Christ was addressing the Jews.)

      43. I’m a veteran. Most of the guys I know, who are my age, are veterans. I don’t join in all the flag waving and reciting the “Pledge” stuff. Why? It only masks the reality of the situation today. It’s not our government. Soon it won’t be our country. Joining in lock step with the sheep during all the “patriotic nonsense” means that we have signed on with the new “program”. It means we’re willing to let our kids join the military and fight for the very people that destroyed our country. If we can take our government back and then take back our country, then I’ll stand for the Pledge and God Bless America. Good luck.

      44. Obullshisht is messing with the wrong bunch of Patriots.
        That is what you get when you put a prez (small p intended)in that is not an American.
        God Bless the Vet!!! And THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      45. A moderating force in American society are those people referred to as, “The Greatest Generation”. They have a view of the USA that was drawn from their life experiences. They fought, “The Good War” and returned home to great opportunities and a free education if so desired. They overwhelmingly default to trusting their government even when significant evidence suggests otherwise.

        The above people have had their day and their numbers are rapidly diminishing along with the almost as trusting cold war generation. Now the Vietnam generation awakened by the JFK assassination, Watergate, globalization and shrinking opportunities are soon the old people with a different perspective than their parents. The subsequent generations are having negative opportunities, far too many wars ostensibly justified and the internet to find out the truth.

        “You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the all of the time”. They’re loosing the people fooled in droves.

      46. A Slice of Americana that has not gone by the way side:

        Picture an old band stand in a park in the middle of small town USA. People of all ages sitting on the grass listening to the Karl King Band play music by King, Sousa and more. Cornet, piccolo, tuba and trombone. Feel the emotion fill your heart as you sing The Star Spangeled Banner. A church group is still allowed to sell cake, pie, ice cream and lemonade for the attendees. As the last strains of music are heard, the setting sun streams through the many trees around and streaks across the soft carpet of grass. The Flag fluttering in a gentle summer breeze.

        Yes- you can still go back in time. Savor the experience. Hold it in memory. Save it to encourage you in the SHIFT.

        God Bless

      47. SO
        If you fly an American flag on Memorial day,
        Support the Constitution, Support States Rights, Believe in God, Say the Pledge of Allegiance (out loud or in public), Believe in any semblance of Immigration control you are considered a Radical or a bigot. (Like to see you go to Mexico and demand food stamps, medical care, free housing, drivers license etc.) They have a cure for that it’s called a 30 year sentence in one of their rotting, death trap jails.
        I guess the founding Fathers were considered Radicals in their time to. That list of radicals must be millions and millions by now.
        I am glad my parents are dead so as NOT to see what America has degenerated into, Thank You God for that.

      48. the v.a. and dhs should just start euthanizing them.

        the american vets are all either homeless criminals alcoholics and druggies anyways, now useless eaters.

        they’d be doing society a favor.

      49. So I pretty much make that list in every category. I am prepared though. I have a team, weapons, shelter, and preps. They dont know what the public can really accomplish together until we HAVE to show them. Many people are awake now. Its just a matter of time now. Just a matter of when.

      50. Notice the exact wording underlined in red concerning “the take-over of the U.S.” Instead of (belief) of a take-over….

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