Exposing Government Transgression: Patriotic or Espionage?

by | Nov 30, 2010 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    In the wake of the State Department documents being leaked, Judge Napolitano talks The Constitution and exposing government lies:

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      1. Judge Andy is getting bold.  First he comes out as a truther and now this.  His days are numbered on Fox.  Let’s enjoy them while they last.  Go JAN!

      2. Love that man and he is spot on.

        The feds wanna froth at the mouth about these leaks they already knew about and then call for this mans arrest and imprisonment cause he dares to TELL THE TRUTH… in their own words! There are too many secrets.
        I hope this guys speeds up the collapse of this phoney goverment and all of those who suck the system dry.

        Long live the Republic!!

      3. Comments….. Julian  Assange IMHO is exposing our government for what it is.  Amazing how Obumma has been silent.  Where’s the outrage?  I smell a rat – something just doesn’t seem right.  I’m surprised Judge Napolitano  hasn’t been found dead floating in a hot tub.  What will we find out next about the big financial scam coming out of Wikileaks?  The suspense is numbing.

      4. Can a brotha get an AMEN!?!?

      5. In a society of lies, truth and honor become treason. Napalitano has it going on, for sure!

        Julian Assange is a traitor!!! That is what I would be saying if we had honest men in the house, the senate, the whitehouse and the judicary.

        The problem is THEY are traitors. Them calling Julian Assange a traitor is like Jim Jones (of the Koolaid Temple) calling someone a murderer for swatting a gnat!

        Anything Assange has done wrong, you can multiply it 100,000 times and apply it to any branch of the US Government and know you’re being conservative. Without guys like Assange, our respective governments would run COMPLETELY wild. They’re close to that, anyway.

      6. Comments…..there are times when the truth is far more harmful than the lies/coverups…loose lips sink ships.  and then there is “doublespeak”. read 1984 and learn for yourself what doublespeak is….then read about the forgotten man and the depression…doublespeak has been going on for Years…so many that people have forgotten what happens when they depend upon the government instead of themselves. that soldier is a traitor. assange is a traitor. but, many of those whose secrets have been exposed are traitors as well. the shit is hitting the fans folks and it is gonna get worse. batten the hatches and hunker down.

      7. watch the international fireworks  now that julian has threatened a big american bank.

        i hope it’s the federal reserve…

      8. Comments….. amen.

      9. Thomas Jefferson knew that the free press is all important in keeping the light of day on our government… transparency is everything.
        Quite frankly, we need the press to step up and take responsibility. They’ve fallen down on the job since Watergate was exposed so many years ago. We need more good journalists and we need the media organizations to make sure the journalists are allowed to do their jobs unfettered. Right now, the only real journalism out there is off shore and on the web… you can’t count on Faux News (they’ve hamstrung Napolitano), and you certainly can’t count on CNN or the broadcast networks to cover anything of importance… they’re just offering distraction at best.

      10. Can a brother get a witness?

      11. Comments….. Rumors are flying that it’s BofA.  The Washington Post printed an article about the SEC took leniency with BofA (it’s on Drudge).  I think this is called “damage control.”  Assange has them scrambling and is giving them plenty of time to cover up more of their transgressions against the people.  I don’t know what he’s waiting for, why not put them out there for the world to see.

      12. Never show all of ones cards before the other player bets.

      13. Suzanne: The press is owned by the far left. Literally owned by them.  They have been useing it as a propaganda machine since WWII and have not even bothered to hide it for the past 15-20 years.  Look at your national news on all 3 channels. Same stories, same order,same picture from same angle and many stories are word for word the same on all 3 channels.  One story given to 3 channels is what you get. Look at the Obama campaigne: all 3 national networks openly campaigned for him. Not one word of criticism. Not one question about his voteing record, his association with Rev Wright and the church of hate America etc. Have you hear much about Obamas’ link to the Fanny Mae and Freddie Mack fiasco? Not on the 3 networks you won’t ! His legislation as a senator and then bailout as president have been a large part of what set this nation on the road to all those bailouts.  I’ve listened to Canadian, British, Japaneese news and Fox to get another view and the voices of the 3 national networks have gotten farther left every year.  Now they just tell fairy stories.


        I don’t know what he’s waiting for, why not put them out there for the world to see.

        Goldenfox…I just read it’s so much information and in a ZIP file…it’s sort of like when the FOIA caused NIST to release of all the videos and pictures of 9/11 they had in their possession…when they released the NIST on a program, I downloaded for 24 hours and only got .02 percent!!!
        The report I read said they were breaking it down….releasing so it’s readable…that’s good because the files I received from NIST were chopped and words/phrases of news accounts, etc. were missing.  Intended?? Who knows.

      15. I hope everyone who is kissing up to Assange does not fly or travel overseas or have children in the military.  Assange is a terrorist pure and simple.  He does not know if what he releases is true or false, good or bad.  He simply hates capitalism and thinks if he destroys the U.S. he will destroy capitalism.  He doesn’t care who dies or is killed as a result of his actions.

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