Exposed: UN Vehicles Caught Trying To Hide Logo From Public View While Traveling Inside The United States

by | Jun 22, 2015 | Headline News | 164 comments

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    This report was originally published at the Intellihub.


    Over the last three months there have been dozens of suspicious sightings of military and UN equipment being moved throughout the country coupled with numerous realistic military training exercises with a sharp domestic focus.

    This is all happening in the lead up to Jade Helm 2015 which has sparked a plethora of theories and strong opinions on what is actually happening.

    Now, footage taken in Northern Louisiana is causing even more of a stir after it showed United Nations vehicles traveling down the freeway with their logos intentionally covered with brown paper.

    The video footage shows one UN truck with the brown paper partially peeled off, most likely due to the wind. The other UN vehicle still has its cover on as it travels down the highway.

    Although some have theorized that the vehicles may have simply been purchased from the UN and were covering the logo because they were no longer representing the United Nations, that theory doesn’t seem to add up, especially when you consider the multiple other strange UN sightings in the last three months as well as the unprecedented number of military movements leading into Jade Helm 2015.

    What do you think?

    Is this something the American people should be worried about or is the looming threat of Jade Helm 2015 causing unneeded worry?

    Read more about Jade Helm here

    Intellihub News is a leading independent news agency covering a wide range of issues including globalism, the increasing police state, and the control of media by a small number of corrupt corporations.

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      1. Tagging it with spray paint graffiti would have been better, and no one would know the difference….

        • Relax. Notice they are being haled on a truck. Second, Look at the bright side; someone covered up the UN: They Know what we think and are concerned. They should be. I could care less, I’d hate to shoot at our boys; but the UN, bring them on.

          • It will be our boys assigned to and serving under the UN.

          • The sky blue helmets are perfect for target practice..

          • If it’s White,
            Light it up.

            These vehicles are for U.N. observers in the field during Jade Helm 15.

            OooooooooH! Just had to say it. ;0)

            • Why do they need UN observers? As to being worried, everything this administration does is something to be worried about. I’m even more worried about Hillary and her “fun camps” and her comments on changing our religious beliefs.

              • Sue.

                U.N. observers to insure that Jade Helm 15 is being implemented correctly and make adjustments and corrections as needed. They only worry about failure.

                Vote for Hillary and give the Psychopaths a leader they can rejoice and rally behind.

                • I wouldn’t vote for that bitch, if she was the only entry on the ballot.

                  • EISIAL.

                    Ever notice that in todays world, right is wrong and wrong is right.

                    Hillary in office. The right (Wrong thing) to do.

                    No more armchair generals.
                    Something will be done.
                    Truth will surface.

                    No more complaining only action,

                    • Something mentioned in the prophecies.

                      As a warning.

                  • your voting is what has caused the problems in this country. americans have pretty much voted us into complete slavery.

                    • Charlie2dogs.

                      Not true.

                      I did not vote for that bastard in the White House but some of our Brightest people did it twice. Our educational system is socialistic and breeds the “Give Me Dats” at all levels. So if all of us are not in the “Club” as George Carlin said, then I will vote to give it to them and hope they get all they wanted in spades. And you know many are not going to get shit when it happens.

          • Maybe they are UNCF vehicles but they ran out of intelligence half-way through.

            “UNCF – because a mind is a terrible thing…”

          • Exactly, The only place in the world where full-size pickup trucks are built is the US. Those trucks were being hauled to the port in New Orleans. Nothing to see here.

            • They were seen traveling NORTH…that’s AWAY from the water…

              • Perhaps they’ll be flying south for winter…

                • Perhaps this forum has been overrun by government trolls who suddenly appear with nonsensical, obviously wrong arguments like “they were headed to New Orleans” when the article says they were headed south, in an attempt to flood the forum with confusing bullshit, so that people are unable to differentiate between the lies and the truth.

                  • Perhaps this forum has been overrun by Nazi assholes are incapable of anything but whining on internet forums when everybody else is asleep so they can get they’re little cowardly comments in without having to worry about anyone replying, fucking coward.

            • Perhaps you could tell us all what American manufacturer’s logo is displayed on the vehicles.

              Doesn’t look like any I am familiar with.

              • They’re Fords. That’s the new(est) 6.7 liter badge on the fender. Probably an F350 or 450.

        • Be the first kid on your block to have a blue helmet!

          Rumor has it that the UN is gonna infiltrate California because of the water situation.

          My challenge to the UN: Come take my fucking water!

        • Unconfirmed report from a first responder in Shreveport, LA that Cado Lake will be one of operation base for Jade Helm. Cado Lake is on the Texas Louisiana border east of Shreveport. I-20 runs from Dallas to Shreveport.

      2. So, did they follow the transporter to it’s destination to see where the trucks were being delivered?

        Fear porn.

        • Nah, of course not. THAT would actually make sense. Fear-porn purveyors are far too lazy as well to document anything.

        • My first guess would be that they are being delivered to one of two Internment Camps or Forts, that are present in each and every state.

          These Camps, or Forts, are designed to keep people “in”, not out.

          I haven’t actually seen one of these, but people that are “in the loop”, actually have seen them.

          You can bet that it won’t be the thugs and drug crazed useless eaters, that get a ticket to visit one.

          • Then you can bet it was not a very long haul to the gate of the camp or fort, a half day at best. Next time, follow the transporter and get some proof. A photo of the letters ‘UN’ on the side of a white truck is not proof of anything.

        • “damn sand in the water.”

          2INCH shallow well eh ?
          Pull the point and replace the screen and quit bitchin .

          • Hammerhead, sounds like he’s talking about his KIDDIE POOL.

        • acid, sounds like maybe your well needs to be dug deeper. You usually have to go deep to get a good supply of water.

          • Yep. Deeper is better. Well, until you hit the artesian. In my area, 250ft and you hit solid limestone. Mine is cased to 260ft and bottom is 285ft.

            Perfect water. It was a little dirty for the first few years but now its clean as bottled. 700 gal/min The level stays at about 230. It cost me $8,000 about 15 years ago.

            • Sweet! The well, I mean. Heard where bottled water is just made to taste good not be pathogen-free. So now I have a lot of water to treat.

        • Acid been dippin in the toilet again.

        • I thought you enjoyed having sticky shit all over you?

          At least all over your appendages and pie hole.

        • your boyfriend leaves a sticky film all over yer face. just shut up pedo boy.

          • Dunjin, I thought acid was talking about his kiddie pool.

      3. I live in Dayton Ohio and have seen massive numbers of foreign and domestic military aircraft (both attack, support, and transport) in the region this week, a huge uptick in uniformed military personnel, double shifts of local police running traffic control as well as monitoring local highways in force. They have also called out the local Civil Air Patrol and Boy Scout troops to assist in these matters. I can document all of it with video and have dozens of local witnesses.

        So I guess this means its the end and martial laws about to start..?

        Nope, we’re holding an air show.

        • I am from PA and do work in Ohio on occasion. The last time I was there, I saw two low flying C130’s doing maneuvers in the Dayton area.

          • The last time I was there I saw 4 glowing green UFO’s doing some low flying too! I think they’re in on all this too!

            • actually, Hanger 18 actually exists at WPAFB. Weather or not it holds dead aliens is a matter of debate.. 😉

          • The C130’s are common here, 445th Airlift out of wright Patterson afb

          • We are back from our two week trip through mid America. The only thing we saw was a C130 landing at Ft. Campbell in KY.

        • Marcus,

          Now that’s hilarious, just goes to show that if you want to believe the end is near, it always will be near, no matter how many centuries it may take to arrive.

          • People thought Pearl Harbor was “practice,” too, and Im sure some were laughing… for a while. Even the radar ops thought it was a flight of B17s.

            Point is, you are right. Often these are false alarms. But not always. Do you think the preppers in Greece – tho not invaded by Turkey or some other nefarious country, or nuked, are now rueing their preps?

            There’s doomer porn…. and then there are prudent precautions – think the 2008 meltdown. I dont know categorically which is which, but intelligent preparedness for a multiplicity of outcomes isnt a bad thing.

          • Anyone who thinks we have years left, let alone centuries, isn’t paying very close attention.

            • Nathan,

              The problem is I’ve been paying attention to the whole worldwide/monetary situation since 2000. I’ve heard way too many stories about silver going to 200 bucks per ounce, gold going to 50 grand per ounce, the financial system was all set to collapse in 2008, then it was 2009, then 2010, etc. I used to like reading guys like Jim Willie and others of a like mind, but came to the realization that their predictions of imminent collapse never occurred, and they have a vested interest in continuing to claim that it will, but I do not. Then all the boogieman stories about people being chipped with the mark of the beast, the government is always seeking out new ways of killing us, killer asteroids, pole flips, the incurable disease dejour, etc, etc. After years of reading about how we were all going to die next month, I simply refuse to let it run my life or the decisions I make, I’ve already wasted too much time worrying about how I’m going to die and what can I do to prolong some type of existence for a fleeting amount of time if indeed a major event does occur. No, I’m all done with that now, I would like to try enjoying life now and with people who aren’t focused 24 hours per day on doom and gloom, it simply gets too old and tiresome, at least that’s my opinion.

              • “The problem is I’ve been paying attention to the whole worldwide/monetary situation since 2000.”

                The Jehovah’s Witnesses have been predicting this wicked system would end since the 1880s. How do you think they feel? Yet they keep the torch burning.

                “fter years of reading about how we were all going to die next month, I simply refuse to let it run my life or the decisions I make”

                So you haven’t spent 15+ years preparing?

                “’ve already wasted too much time worrying about how I’m going to die and what can I do to prolong some type of existence for a fleeting amount of time if indeed a major event does occur. ”

                Oh, I see. You’re one of those “survival is impossible, why bother?” type quitters.

                “No, I’m all done with that now, I would like to try enjoying life now and with people who aren’t focused 24 hours per day on doom and gloom, ”

                You mean the clueless sheeple? My neighbor is one of those guys. Has no clue about anything…but believes in aliens though. Watches TV 24/7, plays video games, smokes weed, doesn’t think about any of this stuff at all. Can’t stand to be around him much.

                • Nathan,

                  What I’ve told you is obviously something you prefer to cover your ears and not hear, but you twist my commentary into distorted logic to suit your own visions. First, anybody who’s been holding out ” the end is near” sign since the 1880’s and living on that assumption is a damn fool who has wasted generations of life living in a self imposed state of fear, I can’t conceive of anything being more ignorant. Second, who says I haven’t prepped at all during the last 15 years, it obviously wasn’t me, so your own assumption now becomes fact because it’s what you want to hear, not what I said. Lastly, because I no longer choose to focus on gloom on a daily basis doesn’t make me, or anybody else for that matter, a clueless, dope smoking sheeple who has no clue about anything, it means I would rather concentrate on what the future has to offer that’s positive for humanity than walk around with a hang dog look on my face saying the only way to enjoy life is through concentration on all the ways there are to crash and burn as a society and hope it happens because I’ve thrown my life away waiting for it to happen and now I’m running out of time for it so I hope it happens before I die so I’ll be vindicated in my thinking. As far as your neighbor is concerned, if you don’t want to be around him, than you can easily choose to avoid social contact with him , can’t you? And who knows, perhaps he feels exactly the same way about you, along the lines of” my neighbor is one of those 24 hour a day doom and gloomers, can’t stand to be around him much”

                • Hey AJ, I guess you needed to start prepping 130 years ago, man, you’re really running out of time! Obviously you don’t have the faith required to keep the death torch lit for all those years and still keep waiting on it to happen so I’m gonna guess you ain’t a Jehovah’s Witless!

                  • Johnson,

                    Looks like your right, I missed the old prep party by over a century so I’m going to have to live through the consequences of my inactions. One thing I can pretty much confirm here is Nathan klein is certainly not up to an intellectually honest debate, seems to be just another hit and run away type when he can’t compete on an intelligent level of conversation so I’ll know how to handle his infantile tirades from here on out. Take care man.

                    • Actually, Nathan Klein is a future billionaire who has about a billion irons in the fire right now. But don’t let that stop you from believing you’ve won something.

                      How much do you get paid to sell out your country to Satan?

                      How much do they pay you to post here? $11/hr? Or do you do it for free, simply because you hate freedom and love slavery?

                    • Really, This is actually the first time I’ve ventured to this site.. and I see someone who’s not going to be consumed with worry and has said “in my estimation”…. I’ve done all I can do, now I’m just going to live with out worry….
                      Then you have someone who is so caught up in his “head prepping” that he can’t understand anyone who doesn’t feel exactly the same way as he does…
                      Don’t be so tomorrow minded that you’re no good today….
                      Oh,, before you start your crap on my.. I’ve been prepping since the 1970’s.. Remember those?????

              • So I read SHTF Plan because I don’t worry about it anymore????

              • If you are done with it, why are you on this forum? Real question – not trying to be sarcastic.

          • Thanks, I’m not saying there aren’t problems on the horizon, but sometimes there’s a logical explanation.

          • I guess you could say it started with the disciples, back in 35 AD. They had not gotten the message from the Prophet Paul yet, that the second return of Jesus Christ was contingent upon two things taking place.

            So, they had an “any moment” ideology of the return of Messiah.

            They were so caught up in the moment, and the goings on of the Unholy Roman Empire, and the Church, that they forgot what Christ had told them on the Mount of Olives.

            Kind of like today’s Churches; they preach an any moment- fly away doctrine, and yet the bible is pretty clear on the subject.

            Paul says in 2 Thessalonians…2Th 2:3
            Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

            There is only one “son of predition”, and that is Lucifer/Antichrist. There is only one time, in all of time, that the “great falling away, apostasy”, takes place.
            So, there is only one time, in all of time, that the second coming of Christ, can take place.
            That time is “not” until the man of sin has been revealed.

            Some say the Obamanable One is the man of sin. I say he will not even make a pimple on the ass, of that true man of sin, the one that has already been sentenced to die, by name, from the beginning.

            When a leader comes forth, that can snap his fingers and make lightening come down from the skies, then you have him here on planet earth, but not until. He comes in peacefully, and prosperously, deceiving the whole world (about 99%).

            Until that time, there will be many catastrophes and collapses, and deaths. Many wars and rumors of wars.


            • I hear you, but Obama is not done yet. Some say he is IT, others say no. Obama certainly has deceived many. In the long run, it doesn’t matter who is the ‘son of perdition”, what really matters is who is our Savior.

        • Maybe it was because of the annual Vectron Air Show at WPAFB.

      4. what would we be buying used un vehicles for? the us military buys brand new at outrageous mark ups and then sells used for pennies on the dollar

        • If anything, the UN would be buying surplus US and European vehicles and repainting them.

          The US gov’t does not buy used stuff.

      5. im calling bullshit on this one.


        And they are INVADING MONTANA!

        I just talk to all my ex military buddies around Montana and they all say they keep seeing UN. Russian AND Chinese military vehicles ON THE ROADS AND AT WALLY WORLD!




      7. this website has become a joke!

        • Navy Seal???
          Paid Troll.

        • Is it a joke, or are you the joke?

          Do you get paid to post such nonsense, or are you just an idiot?

          When was the last time YOU ever saw a U.N. vehicle driving around like that? I’ve never once seen a U.N. vehicle in my life. Is that a common everyday occurrence in your city?

          • When the trucks were fresh from the dealership and the sign guys covered the transfer so it wouldnt get direct sunlight on it and somebody overlooked removing the masking paper befor hauling out for delivery

            • Thanks for being the voice of reason.

            • Delivery to where? Estonia? Which interstate do they take to get there from here?

            • I put vinyl on UN trucks in Jesup Ga that get sent to ports on flatbeds to ship out, we dont cover it up…the sun cures the vinyl.

              This is odd behavior

          • In 2007, while cruising up I 85, from Atlanta, in my big rig.

            The vehicle had UN in big letters, on the very top and both sides. The person driving the Hum-vee looking vehicle, was wearing a military style shirt, in a drab color.

            I thought it was peculiar looking, and haven’t seen one since.

        • SFC ship fitter chief, rare: Frogs don’t announce, they prounce. Scary shtf occurring, hope you wouldn’t open fire on Americans!

        • +1
          What happened to the prepper/information pieces,,,,

          • Agreed. Less fear porn, more useful info.

            • I’ve lived in a half dozen states, spent 20 years going in and out of bases I was stationed at, been retired since “96 and travel several states monthly for my current job—

              I’ve never seen a UN vehicle in any of these places??????????????????????

            • I really like Modern Survival Blog and Prepper Journal, also Ready Nutrition and Organic Prepper has some good pieces,
              I think we all suffer from Prepper fatigue and info overload,
              IMHO, best to just step away and read a few good books and forget about this crap, or work on a project or 50

              • Thanks, checking out these sites.

              • Prepper Fatigue. It happens.

                After getting a metric ton of long term food storage, I took a long break. A 6 month break, focused on other things. I always drift back to prepping though. The new kick is my 30 foot antenna tower, VHF/UHF antenna, HF End Fed Dipole, worldwide Yaesu comms, and next up is 400 watts of solar panels. Not enough to run the house but enough for lighting and radios.

                I stopped storing bottled water and went for the 55 gallon drums. Not portable but easier to manage. I am coming up on my fourth food rotation. That money I spent a year ago saved me a few hundred today.

                True preppers, it is a lifestyle. Once you know some truths, you can’t put your head back in the sand. Taking action is all you really can do. I find I fear less and less, and these doomer stories are just to motivate the noobs to action.

                Just my .02.

              • Well said.

            • “Agreed. Less fear porn, more useful info.”

              You folks who post comments like this ***just aren’t getting it***.

              You think this is the only site on the internet where people make such complaints? “Less fear porn, more useful info”?

              Do you not realize this is a pattern that is occurring all across the internet? More “fear porn”, less “useful info”?

              Why is that, exactly? Why have all these sites consciously joined together in a great big conspiracy to post more “fear porn”, in your estimation?

              The world is shifting all around us. The signs of these changes are all around you. Pay attention.

              • I’ve been paying attention for quite a good long time young man. Learn to differentiate between good intel and rumor.

                • Rumors ARE good intel. Learn to learn something from everything.

        • Yes it has become a joke. It’s all down hill when you start posting crap from Dave Hodges. That ruined it for me.
          Have a good one.
          Keep your head on a swivel.

          • Dave Hodges has a lot of good insights. It’s comments like this one, and the others you’ve posted, which make me question which side you’re on.

            I guess it doesn’t matter anyway, if you’re in So.Cal, since you won’t survive the collapse of that ‘civilization.’

            • I’m good to go then, since I live in Kentucky. SOC isn’t an abbreviation for Souther California in the Marine Corps.
              You have a good one.

      8. Saturday a Chinook overhead went by and we are in the middle of nowhere Texas.

        Never seen that before?

      9. They look like newly built trucks being shipped to shipping/collection areas for shipment to their “OWNERS”.Could be in this country,Canada,or some other country.Check your facts before crying wolf.TOO MUCH FEAR MONGERING lately.

        • If they were being mass-produced for export, they would be on trains in mass quantities. Being shipped in small quantities by truck means that they are meant to be used here. There are no good reasons for them to be here.

          • “If they were being mass-produced for export, they would be on trains in mass quantities.”

            Furthermore, they would not be painted with logos and such until arriving at their place of usage.

            Do police agencies have their department logos painted on their cars at the factory, or do they handle that locally when it arrives?

            • Where I live, they have an auto/paint/maintenance shop where they install the comms, lights and logos. My brother used to work there about 25 years ago. His job was to install the overhead light racks and radio sets.

              • Exactly. Auto factories do not do such customization work. All that is done further down the chain.

          • I’ve often questioned the plausibility of the argument that they are being manufactured here and shipped overseas. Why would they already have badges and insignias and lettering on them. I wouldn’t think the automobile plants would badge them, more likely they would be shipped naked and plain and stickered or stenciled at their destination. I mean does ford, chevy or dodge stencil police cars or dhs or ambulances? I’m not certain, if anyone knows?? I don’t really focus much at all though on these un vehicle stories. I will know it’s time to be concerned if/when I begin to see convoys driving down the streets in my hometown. But I will say, the fact that they are trying to hide the identity of what they are hauling is more ominous than the cargo itself to me.

      10. Wright-Pat AFB…..

        • Nope. Dayton air show.

      11. I had two Apache Helicopters Fly over my house super low about two weeks ago, here in the East S.F bay area. Been here my whole life and I’ve seen more military here in the last 6 months than in 35 years.

      12. I remember coming back from Nam in the 1960’s and hearing stories about “Millions of Chinese Soldiers across the border in Mexico” ready to invade.

        Pig crap then, is still pig crap, so watch out fur them hogs! (and concentrate on the real stuff like Beans, Band Aids, Bullets, God, Guts, and Glory)

        • It wasn’t crap. It was just 60 years too soon. That is exactly how the invasion will occur.

        • Them beans, bandaids and bullets etc are good for all sorts of situations,,,
          Never go out of style!

        • Oh….oh…oh…we were in San Francisco over the weekend and saw thousands and thousands of Chinese-looking people, obviously just masquerading as “tourists” waiting for their moment to strike at the heart of Gomorrah-on-the-Bay….we are doomed!(and not a one of them even tried to speak English either!!)

          • That makes a lot of sense, TPS.

            They just passed the TPP, and guess who is going to end up owning California? You got it. The Chinese government.

            The deal has already been brokered. The lands of drought stricken Californication, have been rendered to the Chinese gov, for debt of USSAG, that cannot be collected in cash or gold.

            The Chinese have the means to build giant desalinization plants along the coast, and pump unlimited amounts of H2O into the millions of acres of farmland. The little slant eyed phuckers will take over the docks and handle all import/export business up and down the west coast, or: blow the San Andreas and eliminate the need for trillions of gallons flowing down the Colorado, to Southern Cal.

            This I believe has been in the works for decades. When you have two heavy handed republicans that are strongly supporting a presidential empowering law, like TPP; then, you got to know that something smells fishy like sushie.

            Face the facts people, we have voted in the very people that have been selling us out, now for decades.

            There is no turning back, UN vehicles or not, it is game over for the America our Ancestors fought and shed blood for.

            American Sovereignty is History.

      13. Just had an M6.6 solar flare a little while ago. There have been a number of smaller ones the past day or so.

        • M6 is nothing, till there’s an X16, don’t worry. Follow SuspiciousObservers on YouTube

      14. It’s just US Nigras…….cause we be movin’ on up, to the East Side, webe finally gots a piece of the Rock!

      15. They’re really trying to stir up the races now and divide north and south. Saturday, June 27 is supposed to be a national day for burning the South’s battle flag from the war of northern aggression, and they’re calling for SC to take the flag down. I looked at their Facebook page, and you couldn’t find a bigger concentration of pure ignorant racist hate.

        • Archivist
          As much as I don’t like taking down the Stars and Stripes. On Saturday June 27th. the Stars and Stripes will be coming down and the Stars and Bars will be going up. And if they don’t like it they can kiss me were the sun don’t shine!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

          • When living up in the remote reaches of the U.P. Michigan, I was a bit surprised to see the occasional Confederate flag flying here or there, usually on a redneck’s lifted truck. Gives me hope for this country that not everyone buys the official bullshit about this flag and our people.

        • “A”
          MY Stars and Bars is going to FLY that day.

          Now I’m going to rant!!!


          We had a NUT with a gun, and a law in that state that said you can’t bring a firearm into a Church. That is the real problem. (ONLY LAW ABIDING PERSON WILL FOLLOW THAT LAW). They took away their God given RIGHT of self defense, and that is why they died. I would sue the hell out of anyone I could over this. If I had to I would push it all the way to the Supreme Court.


          • Well said Sgt!

          • Thank you SGT
            You said it way better than I

          • Sarge, I agree that was a massacre and an atrocity with no justification at all. The kid should be given the death penalty for killing those people. His father should be held accountable and punished for buying him that gun in the first place. On the Confederate flag, they should just leave that alone.

            • They’ll never let a crisis go to waste, you know.

              Destroy the past and American culture one piece at a time.

              • “Destroy the past and American culture one piece at a time.”

                That’s EXACTLY what they’re doing. Removing our history and our culture in preparation for our consignment into the NWO.

                You may as well say we’re being “neutered”.

            • What if the kid were programmed to do such a thing?

              It’s not the first, and definitely won’t be the last mass killing where psychotropic drugs were suspiciously involved. We never do get the name of the psychiatrist who was “treating” the killer, do we?

              Psychiatry is an evil institution that is being twisted for evil ends.

              • Blow it out your ass you ignorant old fool.

                • I’m 31 years old, you stupid fuck. Any other idiotic assumptions you want to make?

          • SGT.
            Good job Sgt. and you are correct about the states rights.
            By the way I thought there was something that is always brought up around Christmas about the separation of church and State. How can they (TPTB) tell any church what they can take into their buildings. Next they will be telling us that it is not ok to take a cross in because it looks like a sword and could be used as a weapon or candles because, you could burn someone, and wine because you might be over .08 and driving.
            WHERE I go to church that would mean that several of use will be breaking the law. It is none of their business what I carry in my church.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. REB

          • Well said. Slavery was almost over anyway because of the invention of the cotton gin. Slavery was wrong and evil, just as the Trail of Tears was wrong and evil. But the war of northern aggression was wrong and evil as well, and it cost an astounding number of lives.
            Regarding that nasty shit with the gun in Charleston, who deserves to die for what he’d did, why isn’t anyone addressing the root cause? The antidepressant and opiate derivative poison that big pharma is cramming down our throats? Why are we talking about an historic symbol of states rights when we should be hunting down and eviscerating these drug pushers???
            Hells bells!!!!

            • “Slavery was wrong and evil”.

              I say not. Slavery was alive and well, and was not outlawed or even given as sin for owning slaves, in biblical times.

              To the contrary, the bible gives instructions as to handling slaves and how long they are to be used as such.

              The evil part comes in to play when there are evil people administering the work load and punishments for not doing so.

              Many slaves had a better life here in America, than in their homeland of Africa. If not for some of the good plantation owners from the south, the blacks would have been shipped back to Africa when they were deemed useless anymore.

              Many, many slaves were given opportunities as sharecroppers, and worked the land that they eventually would own.

              But, that story line doesn’t bode well with the racial divide and the civil rights organizations, so you won’t hear about those stories. Only those that tell of mistreatment and killings are what the Jesse james Jackson’s, want to be heard.

              • Congratulations! You’ve just won the award for the all time most idiotic statement made on! Please share this award with your kkk flock you love to preach the word’o’God to moron.

                • No kidding. I wonder how he would feel (I assume he) if it were him and his family picking cotton in 105 degree heat and knowing that he and his family were considered property to be sold, punished and dealt with in whatever manner the owner saw fit. Whew…

                  • Hammer,

                    The really scary thing about this guy is he considers himself to be the word of God. If that’s the truth, then I have to assume we’ll be facing a God someday that condones slavery and Nazi principles for life, think I’ll pass on that one if that is what ” Heaven” is going to be like.

                    • Timmer, the really scary thing about YOU is that you’re a fucking moron. If you can’t understand passin’s login, then maybe it’s because you’re too stupid. In which case you should shut your mouth, peon.

                    • logic*

                    • Nathan,

                      If you’re really only 31 years old, I’ll speak for the rest of humanity and pray to God above that you don’t reach your 32nd.

        • Archivist, while I believe that kid who committed that massacre should receive the death penalty, what people don’t tell you is that the hatred is BLACK hatred aimed against WHITE people. While the massacre was totally unjustifiable and inexcusable, this doesn’t justify any race war.

        • Im going to fly my jack right below the stars and stripes and my gadsden on that day,,,,

      16. We used to have ANG flying helicopters and Warthogs over our place all the time. They flew really low. Right over the tree tops.

        It might have had something to do with my wife – she loved to sunbathe in the nude…

      17. The un. Not the U.N. Am I the only one who notices that people no longer use periods to separate words in acronyms?

        This is not a United Nations truck, it’s the un’s truck. What does “un” mean? It’s a prefix that means “not”.

        So, this is a truck that belongs to the “not”. The not what?

        There’s the REAL question. What “not” is the UN working to achieve?

        • When I was taught English, the rule was that initials for organizations always had periods unless the initials were pronounced as a word, such as NASCAR or NASA.

          • That rule was tossed out the window when we began using more and more acronyms to describe things. The periods are redundant and wasteful.

            It’s part of the slow evolution of the English language. Some acronyms will eventually be adopted as ‘standard’ words, although the institution of acronyms in general will continue to grow, as it provides benefits similar to how Chinese characters are constructed from multiple ideograms.

      18. The fact that they are hiding the UN logo is troublesome.
        When the SHTF I would not want to be the driver or passenger in any UN truck, they will become Bullet Magnets for every Militia Group in America.

      19. Ok ambulance with UN making means they are ambulances with UN markings. Big deal. Where did they go? Where they shipped or are they going to be shipped some where or are they going to be here in the US?
        To me this just means they where put together here and someone got some work.
        Now if these were A.P.C.’s with heavy weapons on them and they where being driven down the road then I might get concerned.

        • Sarge, something else to remember is that the US IS a big part of the UN, within our borders the US fills contracts for general equipment from domestic manufacturers, hence no Unimogs,
          Its all just a big game, definitely nothing to lose sleep over,,,

      20. I’m just wondering if some company bought these trucks to refurbish them or convert them into something that they will be selling to the public, or even to some 3rd. world country.
        They only time that they would not make good targets is in a snow storm. ME BAD!;-}.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Reb

          That is very possible too, though I would think that the UN markings would have to be removed before being sold on the civilian market, I don’t know though??

      21. I am not even waisting time monitoring financial institutions and articles anymore. Like the picture shows, the writing is on the wall. What i am monitoing is far worst. Those soldiers who are all exited about invading us, since they are being told that they cant kill who they want, execute who they want and a whole list of attrocities. They are going to face hell on earth. In ww2, physciatric breakdown was the main cause of soliders failing in battle. I have read the book ” On Combat”, just recently. From what i have read in that book, those soldiers who are invading us, they are going to die here. If they think that they can drop bombs right into my city, go on the media, and tell the people that they are hunting terrorist, even the dumbdown techno serfs are going to rise up because its not more driving and texting, no more starbucks, no more movies on the weekend. These idoetic types are going suddenly loose freedom and its going ugly within minutes and hours. The ammo just got wiped out off the shelves recently, as in all the good stuff. They just sold out a whole discplay of knives, daggers and spears recently. Talk about crunch time. The response from the people will be a world war Z type of response See the photo that David Hodges posted on a recent post showing rocks all out in the streets with lunatics walking in mass in a field of rocks in the city. The right article will allow me the time to spill it out. Mac always delivers.

        • “I am not even waisting time monitoring financial institutions and articles anymore.”

          To the people wondering why the so-called “fear porn” articles are proliferating in this day and age: now you have your answer.

          This man is not alone in his thinking.

          • ” This man is not alone in his thinking.” Let’s hope not for everyone’s sake. Folks, if you really want to know how disturbed this guy really is, go back to the article of June 21st, “Obama trying to force a confrontation”. Read his comment # 3405691 where he threatens me with contact from extraterrestrial aliens, and then decide how much credibility you want to afford him before you read his posts, I think you’ll find it enlightening to say the least.

            • How about shutting the fuck up with the ad hominem attacks? If you can’t refute the argument based on its own merits, without reaching back into ancient history to attack someone’s character, then just shut your mouth.

      22. Ready, willing & able….powder blue pansies!

      23. Go buy a pack of blue balloons for target practice. 200, 500, & 800 yard shots, just in case hmmm…

      24. Besides I don’t eat blue bell ice cream. It makes you fat, now blue bell is here to kill us. From serving American families since the sixties, now here to transport weapons to jihadist, Russian, Chinese and other foreigjn national, what a county we have become. Guns and bullets, instead of ice cream.

      25. I see 3 possible options…

        1. Like the article mentions, they were purchased from the UN….
        Ehhh not likely IMO

        2. Purchased by the UN.
        Much more likely, i have wondered if alot of the movement seen is bound for boats to go overseas, the military industrial complex loves to sell shit and make money.

        3. They are being pre positioned for use in the US,
        A pretty likely option as well,
        Once the rubber of these trucks hit the road all bets are off, i have a feeling UN marked vehicles on the streets of America will not go over well, i can honestly say i will never submit to UN control, i will view them as an invading force, PERIOD!!!!!!!!


        • A little thermite in police mraps/un trucks ect. turns em into expensive anchors.

          • Lol, that and any internal combustion engine needs o2 intake, and a means of escape for combustion gasses, a little imagination and its not hard to figure out how to deprive either or both of these… ^_-

          • Firestarting gel or a sterno can on the wiring harness is a lot cheaper than thermite. Save the good stuff for armor.

            Modern vehicles don’t run for crap without the sensor feedback loops and they’re easy to get at. Crank position and cam position along with the front O2s are the best targets to get at from under the front of a truck. Fuel pump and tranny wiring harness too.(further back)

            A coat hanger wrapped through the u-joint yoke and then twisted around the fuel pump wires and brake lines is another dirty trick that works well for cheap fun.

            • Don’t forget wire cutters.

      26. My only concern is that he said it was on i20 headed north. I20 runs east and west not north

        • Thanks, I didn’t realize that.

        • It does, except for the section where it turns north to connect to I-59.

      27. so they are MEDICAL vehicles and there are TWO of them and how man of us? I’m over it.

        • Just because there’s a cross on the back right now, does not necessarily mean they’ll be used for medical purposes.

          I’d refrain from ASSUMING too much, too fast.

        • Right, because those are definitely the only two vehicles like it in the entire United States.

          Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

          Where there’s one cockroach, there’s a thousand more.

      28. Of course there is something going to happen we will not know till the last moment

      29. And they’re doing it all in front of everybody and nothing’s being done about it. It won’t matter “when ‘it’ happens”. Nobody will (or has) or will be (or has been) able to do anything since they’re too scared to act without a horde of supposed comrades to hold their hand and without the junk that their enemy relies on and on which they too are voluntarily psychologically dependent. It’s already happened and is still happening. It’s what everybody thinks is normal and “the American way”–complying with it. Some do, however, do something about it. We hear and read about their supposed “crimes”. Others we hear or read nothing about. The powers-that-be won’t let you know when they are beat. It wouldn’t make them seem invincible and, it might signal the dog pack to indeed burst forth–since that’s what the pack are all waiting for, a whistle. The whistle will, however, be blown by the powers-that-be themselves, to steer that mindless, raving pack of dogs in whatever direction the powers-that-be want to steer them–including in the direction against whoever is “doing something” about the real enemy.

      30. I pray they come down here to southern Arizona. I know a “few good men”who would lock and load on these folks

      31. Most of the 4X4 trucks i’ve seen in action were being used by ISIS and i’ve said all along that the UN is giving them these trucks.

        Funny but when anyone attacks ISIS you have Saudi Arabia attacking them or Turkey steps in to help ISIS so you tell me if these trucks are not being delivered to our foriegn freinds in Syria or not

      32. The single picture is a little thin.

      33. Oh for goodness sake. They’re US manufactured vehicles that are being shipped to peacekeeping missions in Africa. They have nothing to do with the U.S. Plus, U.S. Soldiers don’t serve in UN missions. Take off your tinfoil hats, you look like idiots. And to the PP who says the UN is giving Isis trucks, you’re an idiot. Isis got most of their trucks from the Iraqi army, who got them you guessed it, from the USA.

      34. I-20 goes east-west..not north.. Lost my confidence in the validity of this story right there

      35. and i-20 runs thru Texas

      36. Last week, rail cars full of Humvees going south along crossing Hardy Toll Rd. Traveled on same road for years, never seen this before. Be on the lookout.

        • Headed to the port, loading up on MSC contract ships for overseas, just today they announced build up of forces along eastern Europe.

      37. Hope all of you are buying ammo and preps. It is not a question of IF—but WHEN! Now they are renewing the gun debate, they will try and take our guns before the push. I read a comment yesterday about the US should burn the south and plow it under. Are you getting this? What more does it take to convince people this is coming. Be smart, prepare , wait and listen. The storm is approaching, the pieces are are being moved in place, they think they can win. they cannot. All scenarios have been played out, the US will lose a gorilla war against the south.

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