Exposed: This Incredible Interview Blows The Doors Open On The New World Order

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    It’s been long theorized that there exists an established global order run by the world’s richest and most powerful. These leaders and ideologues meet on a regular basis, usually without much fanfare, but some of their organizations and initiatives have been exposed through the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and the secretive Bohemian Grove.

    In short, the politicians, central bankers, media personalities and financial leaders who convene at these meetings develop, execute and oversee the global agenda we have come to know as the New World Order.

    In the following incredible interview with SGT Report, researcher James Perloff, author of Truth is a Lonely Warrior: Unmasking the Forces Behind Global Destruction, pieces together the puzzle and the scheming taking place on what former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski calls The Grand Chessboard. Perloff pulls no punches and exposes everything from the names of global influencers to the false flags they use to push forward their narratives and diabolical plans.

    And when we say diabolical, we mean it in the strictest sense of the word, because whether you believe in God or are an atheist, Perloff explains that many of those operating behind the scenes do so with a strong belief in Luciferian dogma. That, of course, explains why they don’t care how many are impoverished or die as a result of the implementation of their globalist agendas.

    If you want to know how the pieces of the puzzle fit together, then watch as Perloff blows the whole thing wide open by exposing the NWO Beast System:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Visit SGT Report for the corporate propaganda antidote and regular news updates, interviews and commentary.

    Read James Perloff’s book: Truth is a Lonely Warrior: Unmasking the Forces Behind Global Destruction and visit his web site at


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      1. best case scenario is we live as slaves under their new world order… worst case, those who fail to follow or choose to rebel will be killed.


        • Sunsabitches, welcome. I’m one of those who refuse to follow the NWO and have already chosen to rebel against it. If it cost me my life then so be it. Every man dies, but not every man really lives. Again, welcome. You’ve come to the right place.

          • STFU stupid fat-ass dork…it will be extremely entertaining to see how a stupid mule like you reacts when the authorities come to get you…”no officers, please forgive me, I didn’t mean that, please I’m sorry…”

            • Tibo,

              Thanks for saying what so many of us here have been thinking. Kudos to you sir!

              • Anon, yeah I know, that’s your biggest fantasy, isn’t it? just dream on, mofo. it will never happen.

                • brainheave,

                  It’s no fantasy, he just called you out for what you are, a big old bag of wind who’ll collapse when shit gets real and it’s no longer confined to cyberspace. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

            • We didn’t on the last revolution . We fought them for 7 years an won.

              • We’ve been fighting the same enemy since the beginning of time. Today it is rearing its ugly head and manifesting under various names, such as world government, global governance, globalization, and Agenda 21. All these terms are used interchangeably and at different times to communicate to different audiences, but they are all basically the same thing. According to the Bible, not all nations will be defeated or bow down to the NWO.

            • A new troll named Tibo? Go f#$% yourself and move your dumb ass along. Don’t worry, I do treat all trolls equally.

          • I been telling you all for years here the NWO and Israel have Hijacked our US Foreign Policy. You dopes serving in today’s Military are working for Israel and the NWO, and Fascist Corporations, and not America. You are Traitors to the US Constitution by waging world war without Congressional Consent. WTF? USS Liberty/ 911/ Boston Bombing/ Whats Next? Kick all the Jews out of America. F-n Parasites.


            • Been saying much the same thing WhoTF. Just not very loudly,I keep it between a few of the same mind.

              What got me chuckling were those who said they’d not follow Trump’s orders if they were un-Constitutional. You listed a some of what they were doing before Trump came along. They been doing UN-Con. stuff for a long time.


            • I just saw your post and wanted to say, “dopes”? Well, I’ve got something for you. You should have your ass kicked and your testicles removed, you dicksplash. If you talked to me like that (me being a veteran and all) you’d be picking your teeth up off the ground and possibly eating through a straw for weeks on end. I know what the Constitution says and apply it to my service each and every day. Don’t you dare denigrate my andy brothers and sisters in arms service because you’re too much of a coward to do it yourself. Pussy.

          • You’re already living it.

            • The only faction fighting for the truth are the ones fighting to implement God’s prescribed law for humans (which has been abandoned by all governments in favor of secular law). and Guess what? all the New World Order powers have directed their forces and military to strike them.
              This faction staying with the truth and not wavering will not win because of number or force, but they will win with their faith and the help of their lord, the creator of heavens and earth. They will remain on this Jihad until Jesus the son of Mary will lead them to victory against the jewish-secular anti-christ.

              • I have to say that many of you don’t know anything about what you’re commenting on! First, God, the God of Heaven is the Father of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, it is Jesus who will ultimately rule the Earth and all the dwell upon it. Jesus was and is Jewish and lived in the land of Israel which God gave to Abraham for all times for him and his descendants to live and possess. Israel is America’s best Allie and as God tells us in the Holy Bible that he will Bless those who Bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel, so who’s side do you really want to be on? We are warned in Revelation about this NWO and that it will one day soon rule over most of the world until Jesus comes and teaches them a lesson on God’s Laws! America has already been tasked with defending and helping Israel and as long as we do so God will pour his blessings upon America unless we continue down this path of immorality that our Govt has led us, we must turn from the murderer ingredients abortionist, we must turn from the scourge of homosexual its and same sex marriage, we must cleanse ourselves of sexual perversions and infidelity and sex before marriage, we must turn away from the drugs that have entranced so many and that our Govt is starting to legalize, well I could go on and on about this but we all know what is happening and we all know where it is leading and if we don’t turn from all of this sin and return to God and put him first in our lives and society we will not have to worry about surviving the NWO.

                • Jeffrey,

                  Thanks for pointing out the truth that has been bastardized by the Jew baiters and haters on this site. There’s no way you’ll reach them, they’re too far consumed by their own irrational hate but thanks again for speaking the truth, some of us here still appreciate it.

                • Blah Blah Blah. Hoodwinked by ancient desert religion.
                  Prove one word. Just one.

                • Jeffrey …show me ONE VERSE in the KJV that say that “Jesus was a Jew.” ONE VERSE. (You will fail miserably, as there are none, as he was NOT a Jew).
                  You are “twisting” The Bible with “what you want to think is correct.” Save it. Let the ‘experts’ do their work, and you stick to what YOU do best. We don’t “cotton” to BS posts around here. We don’t take kindly to loud-mouthed Evangelists either. So beat it, and have a nice life. Cheers.

                  • But you most certainly DO cotton to BS posts around here. In fact, you eat them up with a large soup ladle! Them ole southern baptis’ done be’s a hatin on everbody ain’t they!

                • Demonic puppets have taken over this site! I rebuke all you weak minded, blind eyed, deaf and dumb ears in the Name of Jesus who are puffed up in pride just like satan which caused his fall. You who have no faith, no hope and no love. Just hateful hearts! YOU who hate Jews (not talking about the fakes who call themselves jews) and Christians which you are doing with your words are the stupid puppets on satan’s string and are afraid to die because you don’t really know where you are going! Kneel down, accept Jesus and then you will know where you are going and get the REAL plan,,, the only plan and be on the WINNING side!

                • I believe it is you who are misinformed about the Bible. Israel of the Bible was not a land, but was a nation of people, 12 tribes to be exact. God renamed Jacob (son of Isaac, son of Abraham), Israel, and his 12 sons form the original 12 tribes of Israel. Yes, God gave land in the Mideast to the Israelites (nation of people), but their keeping it was a matter of their obedience.
                  Deuteronomy 28:58…64
                  If thou wilt not observe to do all the words of this law that are written in this book… the Lord shall scatter thee among all people, from the one end of the earth even unto the other; and there thou shalt serve other gods, which neither thou nor thy fathers have known, even wood and stone.

                  They failed – and the irrevocable covenant which brings blessings through obedience, also brings curses by disobedience.

                  There is so much more that needs be said, but space and my time do not allow. The Israel of today is a nation state that was “forced” into existence in 1948, and I would humbly advise you to research how that came about.

                • If you care to do any reading you will find that the jews of Israel now are not part of the lost tribe they are kazac jews. around 600ad the czar of Russia had muslims on one side of him Christians on the other to save his people from war he chose to become jewish. I may not be exact on of the dates or what they called their rulers back then, however its all there to read if you like just google kazac jew.The us created israel so are we such pompous ass’s,that we can say that we found the lost tribe!! And just so you know I’m a Navaho Jew and if I can’t cheat you out of it I will burn the sob to the ground.( Just my little private joke no disrespect meant to my Navaho family.)

              • Ask yourselves if Jesus Came down now, will he take the lead of America, champion of gay rights, or will he take the lead of the underdog Islamic Caliphate who champions implementing God’s Law that he prescribed on humans in the Quran.

                Quran, Chapter 19 Titled Mary:

                Verse: 88
                And they say, “The Most Merciful has taken [for Himself] a son.”
                Verse: 89
                You have done an atrocious thing.
                Verse: 90
                The heavens almost rupture therefrom and the earth splits open and the mountains collapse in devastation
                Verse: 91
                That they attribute to the Most Merciful a son.
                Verse: 92
                And it is not appropriate for the Most Merciful that He should take a son.
                Verse: 93
                There is no one in the heavens and earth but that he comes to the Most Merciful as a servant.
                Verse: 94
                He has enumerated them and counted them a [full] counting.
                Verse: 95
                And all of them are coming to Him on the Day of Resurrection alone.
                Verse: 96
                Indeed, those who have believed and done righteous deeds – the Most Merciful will appoint for them affection.
                Verse: 97
                So, [O Muhammad], We have only made Qur’an easy in the Arabic language that you may give good tidings thereby to the righteous and warn thereby a hostile people.
                Verse: 98
                And how many have We destroyed before them of generations? Do you perceive of them anyone or hear from them a sound?

                • Islam
                  “There will be PEACE, when all the world SUBMITS to the will of allah.”
                  (Little ‘a’ deliberate.)

                  You are the Death worshiper, the Green horse of revelation, the Unhewn Rock that falls from the sky and knocks down the statue of Nebuchadnezzar. You will conquer all, but, you will eventually all die.

                  You do not love life.
                  You do not love anything except your own genitalia.
                  You are the Beast, The Animal within man.
                  You are the Sons of Ishmael.
                  You are the religion of Darkness, proven in the moon symbol.
                  You are deceivers, in the Doctrine of Taqiyya.
                  Finally, Mohammad was a child molesting goat f*ker, who talked to demons, who spread your God hating religion by the sword, like the Catholics and by the Gun like the Protestants.
                  We Gnostic Magi, rebuke thee, that love is the Way to Light. Otherwise, you will be ‘born again’ if you’re lucky.
                  The Truth like a double edged sword, now comes out of the mouth of the Lord.
                  All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of the Light.

                  May the Force be with you. But, when you come to America, be careful, be very careful, for the Ten toes of iron and clay, care nothing for quislings, and shall do Exploits.

        • Most will choose to abide and consent to the “New Transformation” that America will undergo – Many will fight against the Global Agenda(s).

          • It seems that the world elite will now meet once a year for a cruise on the Panama Canal. Trekker Out.

            • MT –

              That is a good one!

              Check out this recent Headline of the day:

              Two days after “Panama Papers” released, IRS HQ to be closed all week after basement fire

              Anything suspicious here? … a big resounding YES!

        • It’s not new that the rich and famous don’t care about the masses of poor and average people, it’s been that way since the beginning of empires, Roman, Egyptian, Greek, and so on. The masses have always been used by the elites throughout history, money and title have always been power to be wielded over the regular people. It has a long history of being true so it will probably continue to be true as long as there are people.

          • (Proverbs 29:2) . . .when anyone wicked bears rule, the people sigh.

        • 93% of gay Asians would be interested in dating white men.

          About 60% of gay Asians want to date white men exclusively.

          I haven’t had sex in all of 2016.

          I want to purify myself with God.

          • Acid –

            Your post says a lot, but without you using a lot of words.
            It has the vibe of loneliness, an abundance of anguish, depression and a self-denial of ones’ own identity.

            Maybe you should stop fighting the Dark Side that resides within you and accept the person for who you are.
            Attempting to change or alter your sexual desires is not going to fix what you now believe to be bad, in the view of God, because you found Christianity.

            It don’t work that way – you are who you are. It is said that God created Man in his own image … Did God make a mistake in creating you? Last I knew … God does not make mistakes … and if any Christian wanna-be Pastor tells you otherwise … then you know they are already full of shit.

            Bible is full of contradicting stories & unbelievable magic. No need to take it so seriously.

            “If a person can’t be, who they truly are. Then what is the point of living?”

            • ftw,

              Just make sure that Gods message will only apply to white folks. We can’t have people who ain’t white thinking they were created in Gods image too now can we?

          • Acid, yeah you ought to know.






          Marco Polo traveled in Asia for 20 years circa 1300.

          He commented on how advanced the Chinese civilization was.

          He made a fortune.

          Then 75% of his fortune was stolen on the return trip by who?????

          That’s right, fucking Muslims as always.

        • Brondolini’s Law:

          “The energy expenditure required to refute bullshit is always orders of magnitude more than that needed to utter it.”

          Alberto Brandolini, Italian programmer

      2. funny that for so many years a lot of this stuff and more was laughed at as conspiracy theory

        now we’re finding out that a LOT of it is actually
        conspiracy FACT

        • Satori, it’s only been within the last 10-15 years that some of the globalists have ADMITTED to these plans. When that comes straight from the horse’s mouth, people had better sit up and take notice.

          • Just because this shit is conspiracy theory…

            doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

            I’ve learned an awful lot from the alternative media in the last few years.

            I almost call it “alternative academia” b/c all these narratives are totally absent in our colleges (institutions of higher nonlearning).

            • Neither the wife nor myself bother much with sites like foxnews or cnn and the like. It’s usually 80% presidential race bs and the rest more bs. The real news is to be found within newspapers around the globe (that aren’t being “choked”) like American media is. AP puts out tons of great stuff, and 99% of it is rejected by ‘their’ government-goon who is more or less determining what can be on the air and what can’t. More and more CAN’T be aired these days, and the “noose” started tightening upon we, the people not all that long ago. (Now it’s ‘snugging up’ and getting to be like a too-tight necktie …not comfortable and irritating as hell).
              There’s no conspiracy “theorums” about it. These “things” are “going down” globally and there’s little can be done but revolt, and that’s expected of us …thus, we can assume, up front, that it’s “going to be a bitch” …but we’ll get through it because there is no ‘good’ alternative.

        • Satori

          “now we’re finding out that a LOT of it is actually conspiracy FACT”

          What hasn’t been shown as fact (as of yet) for the most part just hasn’t had the evidence uncovered. Was JFK a coup? There are few facts but there is far more evidence supporting it than bullets that break laws of physics in the official story. I look at connecting dots.

          Twenty five years ago they called you a kook. Twenty years ago they snickered still gainfully employed. Fifteen years ago they raised their eyebrows after 911. Ten years ago, after being outsourced they stopped to listen. Five years ago they asked questions and nodded when given answers. Today they agree. Those that currently don’t see don’t want to know; Some because they’re too busy with self while others glance at the scope and ramifications and are too frightened contemplate it.

          “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”
          President Abraham Lincoln

          • that’s actually about the best summary of folks over the last 25 years I’ve seen. bravo.

      3. “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen is the book that first made me aware of what’s really going on back in 1973. Although now out of print, it’s available as a free download online. Download it, print a hard copy, and read it. I highly recommend it and it’s well worth your time. Another one that’s a free download and even better is “Tragedy And Hope” by Professor Carroll Quigley. Bill Clinton was one of his students and considered him a mentor, which speaks volumes.

        • “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen

          Yes, that book is an eye-opener for sure.
          It should be mandatory literature for all Public Schools.

          Then again … it is PUBLIK SKOOLZ and no such thing would be aloud on such premises.

          • FTW, agreed. And you’re right about ‘public schools’ not allowing such literature. Can’t go around giving the sheeple the truth now, can we? [SARCASM]

          • You are exactly right!

          • Thanks for the book title. Will download today!

        • Braveheart1776

          It was that book, then Best Evidence by David Lifton about the JFK assassination, the first wave of “Assault Rifle” bans in NJ and California and exposure to the John Birch Society people who by the way seen all of this coming back in 1958. Multiple books later like, Trading with the Enemy and The Creature From Jekyll Island and sufficient puzzle pieces form a picture.

          Any distractor gets ate alive in a debate within three minuets and most often shuts you down as they’re Official Story has no depth of support. The debate switches to attack as they attempt to change the narrative to, “So man did not land on the moon”? “The earth is really flat”.

          “None are so blind as those who will not see”.

          • As I have seen, the greatest mind opener has been the loss of a good job to outsourcing / Free Trade. This is the glue behind Trump and Sanders popularity and its not going away but only getting larger.

          • Kevin2, I have “Creature From Jekyll Island” but I’ve never read the other one you mentioned. I’ve known a few people with JBS and they’re a good, straight-up organization.

            • Braveheart1776

              They damn sure demonized JBS. It was named in honor of John Birch who was a Baptist Missionary in China pre WWII that became a US Intelligence officer during the war working with the Chinese. Think Green Beret before they existed. He noticed that large quantities of military equipment was intentionally being left for the Chinese Communists once the war ended. He reported it and the chain of command ignored him. He concluded that the US was intentionally supporting the Communists. He was killed under strange circumstances shortly thereafter and is considered by many to be the first casualty of the Cold War.

              Look up the name Congressman Larry McDonald. I’m not a great believer in coincidences.

              • Kevin2, I’m familiar with John Birch and also very familiar with the late great Congressman Larry McDonald. My wife and I actually met him once. He never gave me the same feeling other politicians did. He was one of the few HONORABLE AND STRAIGHT-UP members of Congress back in the day and that was before Dr. Ron Paul. McDonald was killed aboard Korean Air Lines Flight 007 when the Soviets shot it down on Sept. 1, 1983 and no, I don’t believe in coincidences. I’ve always believed that plane was deliberately shot down ONLY because he was aboard it. One more incident we’ll probably never learn the truth about.

        • Braveheart I often hear people refer to the book None Dare Call it Cospiracy, but one that was written even before that, and is a very good read, is “None Dare Call It Treason” by John A Stormer. And I must say if you have read “Tragedy And Hope” in it’s entirety my hats off to you. After about 900 pages I retired it to the bookshelf, someday when I’m to old to trek these mountains, I may finish reading it. Trekker Out. Also Been A Bircher!

      4. The truth of it all is that we don’t know if our ass’s are coming or going. Some cannot separate fiction from reality and the news media is no more than propaganda unless you were a Johnny on the Spot. To avoid confusion make a plan how you are going to react to different scenario’s. You can’t plan for everything. I have not read any of the books you people have suggested to read because by the time you get done reading it changes. That information degrades and it is like another sales pitch. “If you read this or buy that it is going to save you”. Buy a steak dinner instead while you can. As soon as things begin all those names and books will fall by the way side. Really, will you be looking to invest in the stock market while somebody is trying to kill you.

      5. There is probably no greater conspiracy in America than the diabolical conspiracy to suppress the proven successful treatment of Cancer in a humane way while only allowing the barbaric use of chemical poison, radiation, and the sharp blade of surgery. The success rate of standard “treatment” is low. Yet people’s children have been kidnapped and forced into such treatment, when the outcome is poor and the child dies, no accountability for the “untouchables”. Learn your options and choose for yourself. The new eleven part series of “The Truth About Cancer” will be shown on April 12 for free for a limited time. Go to “The Truth About Cancer” and sign up now. You can see the trailer. One third of Americans get Cancer. Find out how you can prevent this from happening to your family. Talk about being prepared. Be prepared with all the information your doctor can not give you in the event you or your family are forced to seek treatment now or in the future. The MSM refused to show this series even though the interviews are with highly qualified medical doctors and professionals with evidence of the many successful treatments available to the well informed, educated individual. Don’t miss it.

      6. Cancer will never be cured. Too big of a Cash Cow.

        Do you think they have the answers to ALL TYPES of Cancer.

        Give them Hope and cure a few. Keep the money flowing into Big Pharma.

        • anon

          As long as TPTB die of cancer I believe that there is no cure.

          • Taking into account the amount of money a person makes and what he can afford and that you do not live forever. Being able to extend your life well beyond the average lifespan is an accomplishment. One that most can not afford or be made aware that it exists. Essentially for all purposes, a cure. The best Medicine reserved for those who can afford it.

        • @anon – Agreed. I believe ‘they’ all have 100% cures for ALL cancers. The ‘chosen ones,’ Lance Armstrong who had advanced testicular cancer which spread to the brain and lungs, or Sharon Osbourne who had colon cancer, they were treated, survived, and are doing well health wise.

          Its all about the money. If you are rich, or, a celebrity you get the cure.

          Let everyone else die off who has cancer, whether they be children, young adults, middle aged, or the elderly.

          Gotta kill them off and cull the herd. If you don’t have money, or, if you are not a ‘name,’ forget it.

          Get fried by radiation, or endure the joys of chemotherapy. Make the docs and drug companies rich, rolling in the dough. That’s the bottom line and what it is all about. Heartless, fake, harpy blood suckers.
          Because, they truly don’t give a shit about you. Even though they act concerned, they really are not.

        • agreed !

      7. If you don’t die fighting the enemy, you can’t get into Valhalla. Your warrior ancestors guard the gate. If there’s no blood on your sword or axe, you don’t get in. Stand in the breach.

      8. Now the people investigating alternative cancer treatments are being taken out. Mass murdering Big Pharma has grown into a monster ripping off consumers bigtime for over 100 years. That with no cures produced for any illness with government collusion. Healthcare is a joke in America, very few can afford it, basically it has become only available to the well off. A friend with no healthcare went to the emergency room for antibiotics for a tooth infection, spending a half hour waiting to be seen. The doctor came in and stayed for less than a minute and the bill was over $2400. Stick that obscene ripoff bill up your ass medical establishment.

        • NB: the best antibiotics are garlic, turmerick, ginger and Cayene pepper. They all leave big pharma medicines for dead.

      9. You know this nation is in deep shit when Big Pharma is in cahoots with the US government to kill as many people as possible with their dangerous drugs. Alternate medical treatments are put out of business or as has been shown lately these alternate doctors have been killed for investigating actual cures. A friend with no healthcare had a bad tooth infection, went to the emergency room for antibiotics, saw a doctor for less than a minute, got a prescription that the grocery store pharmacy gave for free, 2 weeks later received a bill for over $2400. What a sick joke.

      10. 11,000 people die of cancer every week.
        Apparently, it is not enough for the PTB.

      11. ALL of this is in the books of Daniel and Revelation. It’s written in stone, there is no way around it. It will happen. And they are putting the final pieces together now.

        One thing is clear, Christians will not receive the mark of the beast, and we will not be able to buy and sell. So we who are living at this time and are Christians should be doing what we can to get ready for this.

        But there will probably come a time when this system is in place that we will be given the chance to die for the one who died for us. I am 52 years old, looking back I believe that God has been preparing us for this for a while now. Will it happen in 10 years? 20? 30? No man knows. But I believe that they could have all of this in place within 10 years.

        One thing is for sure, when you see a man in Jerusalem claiming to be God, it is on. Head for the mountains..

        • Saw a mural (painting) in a photo at the headquarters of the UN depicting our future and as best I could see the Anti Christ is a fair headed German boy. And the only German fair headed boy (bloodline Nazi German Boy) is Prince William who already has the implant chip. Makes a lot of sense. You had to see the painting to believe what they are really up to. Not good at all for the majority of people on this earth.

          • Bitish Royal Family including william the prince claim they are direct decendants from Israel’s ancient King David lines…So that makes it jewish not a nazi.

            Plus one should not rely too much upon ANYthing UN related. Best bet check history of originations of most EVERY sort of current and even past agendas and Orgs like the UN etc…For same as SPLC-ADL-NAACP-ACLU-and 300 More of these orgs were first Created, funded, Staffed and Run by either ALL or mostly all *ewish folk…Most of which came to america From Soviet bolshevik Russia, and Poland and a few from other soviet ussr nations.

            They RAN the entire NAACP untill folks got wized up to it untill late 1980’s…Many naacp honchos and board directors are still of that group…Same for the UN and its tons of NGO’s etc…Yes Fox and CNN and political necons cry always that the UN is never Fair to po po little Israel…But as per usual…Thats a huge fake out smoke screen to hide how huge jewry controls in and of the un and its many ngo’s are.

            It is main reason we are always told to believe they are such a innocent minority Victim of all Others…So nobody will suspect or realize or look for info that dispels the many myths surrounding those controls by them.

            • Did your mother have any children who lived?

      12. Wonder how many of the so-called elites have RH negative blood? Seems quite a few do.

      13. “Making America Great Again,” as Trump says, is not in the Game Plan by Obama or the NWO to destroy our country. The Enemy Parasites within are working over time. No more Commie ZOG Political Correct Psyopps BS.

        ~WWTI… Keep stacking and packing.

        • ‘Their’ plans don’t always come to fruition because ‘they’ are not God. Keep stackin & packin, tho – we’re going into the midst of a fierce battle for the very Soul of America. But also keep praying. Prayer changes things and God is still on the throne. Truth is, satan’s elite are actually running scared because things are NOT going according to their plans.

      14. Mac, I have not changed my email address or name. Why are my links still in moderation? Thank you for your reply.

      15. Any one seen Everything Is A Rich Man’s Game

        I am new here so forgive me if you have watched it already.

        I know how it feels to be laughed & snickered at, rolled eyes…I been at this since I heard play write Myron Fagen’s [may have the name off a bit] long play record albums about the Illuminati & Red Stars Over Hollywood.

        Got a kick out of him saying Lucille Ball was called ‘the flaming red’. Just dated my self;-) I am ’67.

        JBS. YES! Patriots! Larry McDonald, I KNEW instinctively that KAL007 was taken down to take him out.

        USA led to be in very bad place say Lil Mongo. Only God can save US now. Hey, if Father uses the ol Trumpster, wouldn’t be the 1st time Poppa slayed enemies with the jaw bone of an ass! 😉

        Yeah, Mr. T is a bit rough around the edges. Hope he starts acting more like a prez & less like a 7th grader.

        I have been wearing out my keyboard posting for him. After I did a post exposing Heidi Cruz’s CFR work, some one slapped me with DT is getting Richard Hass on his team, CFR prez. Say it ain’t so JOE!!

        Gotta wait & see that this plays out.

        Night Night evey body! Gotta take my medicine & go to bed. Ahh, thank God for Skunk #1! And all her cousins. ;-D


      16. The Whole Problem (and Solution) in Two Minutes

        Most conflict, violence and injustice is the result not of individual malice but of people imagining an obligation to obey a perceived authority; usually government.

        The belief in

        In their daily lives most people accept the non aggression principle – it’s not okay to rob or attack other people. But they’ve been taught that government has an exemption form that rule and that legalized theft and thuggery — taxation and law enforcement — are moral, legitimate and necessary for society.

        Here are three independent proofs that the concept of government is not just susceptible to corruption and abuse, but is by its very nature self-contradictory and insane.

        Disproof of “Authority”
        Can’t delegate a right you don’t have

        There’s no documented procedure whereby any person or group of people can delegate to another a right which the first person or group didn’t have to begin with. Ergo, congress cannot have acquired and does not have the right to do anything that you don’t have the right to do yourself.

        Disproof of “Authority”
        Can’t have a moral obligation to do what is wrong

        You can’t have a moral obligation to do what you think is wrong. Whenever there’s a conflict between what “authority” commands and your own conscience you have the right to disobey. But if that’s true then the one giving orders isn’t “authority” since “authority” means the one with the right to rule you and the one you must obey.

        Disproof of “Authority”
        Can’t alter morality by way of “legislation”

        No documented ritual can alter morality and make an evil act good. Either man-made law matches objective morality in which case the law is redundant and irrelevant or it conflicts with objective morality in which case it is illegitimate and should be disobeyed. Either way, legislation never creates any obligation to obey and therefore has no “authority”.

        Once all of this is widely understood that’s the end of most of the theft, thugery, oppression and war in the world which happens now as a result of the belief in government – meaning a rightful ruling class. If evil were committed only by genuinely nasty people instead of being condoned and committed by almost everyone — all those who imagine that legalizing evil makes it good and imagine that agents of “authority” have rights the rest of us don’t — the world will be a far more peaceful and just place… amen. ~ Larken Rose

      17. I’ve known about the NWO for well over 45 years, longer than most commenters here have been alive. Became very concerned in 1973 with the formation of the Tri-Lateral Commission & its sinister plans for the global economy. The ultimate NWO goal is to take control of the world’s remaining natural resources while simultaneously reducing the aggregate human population by upwards of 98%!The modus operandi has changed but the prize hasn’t. The big problem, the masses really don’t care one iota to do anything about it.

        • They will start catching on about the time they find themselves asshole deep in dead bodies. THEN they’ll consider doing something about it …far too late, but that’s also “carved into stone” and meant to be that way. Those who have believed ‘holy words’ and disbelieved political rhetoric and spent their time assuring and ensuring they and their families would at least have water and food, such as it may be, will be the ones who will be tasked with whatever “matters are at hand” when this has run-the-course.

      18. This is old news. Pawns in the game was written in the 1950’s exposing the Luciferian doctrine of control and the new world order plan. The average person will never understand or believe this, too dumbed down.

        • Craig, what you are speaking of wasn’t EVEN allowed into ANY “Baptist” church or otherwise in those times. And WOW did that bunch ever GROW since those days. I keep hoping this is all just a very, very detailed dream (for me), and I’ll wake up with a hangover. Or, maybe I should arrange for a hangover…HONEY!!!

      19. I’m sorry but I got no further into the video than the introduction… Where the author badly butchers scriptural interpretation and shows how little he understands of it…. Truly amazing how many itching ears there are these days….. Come now children let’s hear another fairy tale.

        The antichrist has been sitting in that temple for nearly FIFTEEN HUNDRED YEARS NOW… You’re looking for events in the future that are long ago fulfilled because you do not understand Daniel 9:24-27 and what that portended to the ” Vineyard “… Heavens you can’t even tell me what the ” Vineyard ” was, or what the banner of ancient Israel had upon it ( it wasn’t any Satanic NWO inspired star that’s for sure )…..

        ” my people perish for lack of wisdom “, yes Lord they most assuredly DO !!

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