Explosive Interview: I Just Got Off The Phone With Ryan Bundy And You Won’t Believe What He Told Me!

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Headline News | 170 comments

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    bundy-brothers2 bundy-brothers(Ammon Bundy and Ryan Bundy speak with the press outside the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon)

    I just got off the phone with Ryan Bundy who represents the armed group Citizens for Constitutional Freedom currently occupying a federal building at an Oregon wildlife refuge and you won’t believe what he said!

    “I am actually pretty disappointed in that but I do understand their decision. It was the Hammond’s decision themselves to turn themselves in,” Ryan Bundy told me.

    My personal feelings are—well I had a direct conversation with Dwight Hammond just two days ago and I asked Dwight: is this really what you want? Do you really want to go to prison? Is that what you really feel you want to do?And well he got angry at me. He said, of course not, of course not. But he said they will put a bullet in my head. He goes they will kill me without hesitation. And he goes, and they will throw me in the back of the truck. And he goes, I will not be the only body there. […] They—meant anyone else supporting them.

    And so he reported to prison not out of duty, not out of respect for the government, not out of guilt for crime that they say he committed, it was simply out of fear of the oppressive government.


    Our groups ultimate goal is to restore and defend the Constitution and particularly the rights of the people in this county.

    Do you guys plan to make a stand or do you plan to retreat at this point?

    Regardless of what they are doing does not weigh bearing on what we are doing. I mean obviously we are here because of what’s happened to them and the many others, but their [the Hammond’s] retreat does not dismay us at all.

    The FBI has a long history of inserting provocateurs into these type of things. Do you believe that any provocateurs have been planted on scene?

    Well you know, we are aware of such things that take place, you know, and we try and catch that etcetera. I see lots of proctors online, so to speak. But yeah we’re weary of that, but what are you going to do.

    Do you realize that a good portion of the mainstream media has actually turned Americans against you and have even labeled you a terrorist?

    “Well they labeled us terrorists several years ago so that’s not new. You got to look at the definition of terror.”

    “Define it for me. You define terror for me,” Ryan Bundy asked me.

    I responded, “I guess something that scares someone.”

    “Would you say that terror is extreme fear,” Ryan asked.

    I answered, ‘I would say the word has a heightened sense of fear.’

    “Alright so extra fear. Alright so a terrorist is one that uses extreme fear to control a situation. To control a political situation or any particular situation, so that would define terrorism,” Ryan said.

    That’s what terrorists have done,. They have used bombs and bomb threats […] in public crowds […] like the Boston bombing. […] They were using extreme terror to try to control or gain position or something. […] terrorism is extreme fear to control the situation.

    Dwight Hammond, he was in fear of being shot in the head. He was fearful for his life, his family’s life. He was fearful of others around him. So who has been using those tactics against him? The government has. So who are the terrorists?

    When I asked Ryan Bundy if President Barack Obama’s announcement of executive action on firearms this week is related to the timing of their demonstration, he said, “[…] somewhat.”

    Now if they [the government] come there and try to provocateur and escalate the situation will you guys try and defuse it?

    Ryan responded:

    “Those are questions far and beyond what I will answer at this time.”

    Ryan also told me that he has no knowledge of any minerals, precious metals or uranium being located on or near the Hammond Ranch which was speculated to be a potential motive of the federal government to do what they are doing.

    Ryan also said he has seen absolutely no sign of any government official or law enforcement agent on scene.

    Full Intellihub Interview:

    Shepard Ambellas is an activist, journalist, filmmaker, film producer, radio talk show host and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub. Established in 2013, Intellihub.com is ranked in the upper 1% traffic tier on the World Wide Web. Read more from Shep’s World.


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      1. These guys are batshit crazy. If they keep at it they are going to get Waco’d.

        Wrong battle. Wrong time.

        • Anon……Watch the movie” Braveheart”. He screamed “FREEDOM” as they were cutting him into pieces. I guess that’s a definition of CRAZY FREEDOM LOVING PATRIOTS.

          • Herr Proud of your NAZI ancestors, Braveheart was a make believe Hollywood film. It wasn’t historically factual.

            • Anon, uh, you should do some research before you make a post like that. That movie is based upon a true story. Historians in the UK tried to debunk it but couldn’t. They know the true history of the British Royal Family but will never admit to it. Like the narrator in the movie said, “History has been written by those who have hanged heroes.”

              • The film is pure, unadulterated bunkum! Why do you Yanks keep believing the tripe disgorged by the dream factory? The lead role of William Wallace was played by a deranged Australian, Roman Catholic fanatic who re-wrote history to romanticise his flawed view of history.

                As one who styles themselves as “Braveheart” I would suggest you withdraw your head from your anus and check history yourself. Stop. deluding yourself that you’re a descendent of a failed traitor! History, as far as most Americans are concerned, stems from Hollywood.

                The only truth in this fairy tale is that William Wallace did exist. Prove to me otherwise or shut up!

                • Anonymous, I’m assuming you’re English by using the word Yank. I’m not descended from William Wallace. My ancestors came to these shores from STRATFORD-ON-AVON, SHAKESPEARE’S BIRTHPLACE in west central England. But I’ve never been proud of my English heritage because of the true history of the Royal Family, English oppression and atrocities against other countries, like India. Google the British East India Company AND the Royal Family. Not exactly any honor or integrity in the royals’ bloodline. Oh no, mate, it’s your own bloody historians who have written a false version of history. I’ve know both Scotsmen and Irishmen with more honesty and integrity than any Englishman alive, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it, you bloody limey bastard!

                  • As a Limey Bastard myself can I reassure everyone there are still a few good Englishmen left.

                  • Again, where have I said that I am English? You assume too much.

                    You hate the English yet extol the fact that you come from Stratford, Shakespeare’s birthplace – little bit of pride there I believe!

                    • You really should not hate the English. Your country has had the best of everything, bigger and better than anyone else and all out of debt and a free ride which is coming to an end unfortunately.

                  • Bravefart – and the American empire is blameless? What about the systematic genocide of Native Americans? The slaughter in the Pbilippines? Countless acts of trying (and succeeding) to overthrow democratically elected countries simply because you didn’t like their brand of freedom. The constant provocation in the near east? Your willingness to wage war solely in pursuit of profit. I could go on….

                    Before casting stones make sure you are well armored! You yanks act like spoiled children when you hear something you don’t like, so stop stamping your feet and screaming like a three year old. Grow up and accept the fact that you are bigger Empire builders and exploiters than even the British were.

                    Empires, like the British and American ones were not started by nice people.

                    Oh, nearly forgot, the Scots wanted their own Empire too (starting, in of all places, Patagonia). It failed abysmally, bankrupting the Scots, who then went with their begging bowl to the English.

                    • Don’t think many on this site approve of American empiricism either.

                    • @ Anonymous

                      Methinks that Anonymous at Comment ID: 3498005 is too stoo-pid to realize that most of his drivel is what WE the citizens (the ones that they call crazy) are trying to prevent our government from doing.

                  • Scots, wha hae wi’ Wallace bled,
                    Scots, wham Bruce has aften led;
                    Welcome to your gory bed,
                    Or to victory!

                    Now’s the day, and now’s the hour;
                    See the front o’ battle lour;
                    See approach proud Edward’s power—
                    Chains and slavery!

                    Wha will be a traitor knave?
                    Wha can fill a coward’s grave!
                    Wha sae base as be a slave?
                    Let him turn and flee!

                    Wha for Scotland’s king and law
                    Freedom’s sword will strongly draw,
                    Freeman stand, or freeman fa’,
                    Let him follow me!

                    By oppression’s woes and pains!
                    By your sons in servile chains!
                    We will drain our dearest veins,
                    But they shall be free!

                    Lay the proud usurpers low!
                    Tyrants fall in every foe!
                    Liberty’s in every blow!—
                    Let us do or die!

                    Scots wha have
                    by Robert Byrnes

                    • Another cut and paste lazy non comment!

                • What deranged Australian? I thought Mel Gibson played the role.
                  Oh he made a movie about Jesus Christ. So that’s what makes him
                  deranged. No Hollyweird studio would touch it. So the deranged
                  actor/director didn’t have to share the mega millions the film made.
                  Bad goy!

              • Braveheart 1776, I thought you said all Hollywood people are low life? Why are you watching their movies? I actually do too sometimes. All kidding aside, these are not the people or issue we want to be the ambassadors of the militia movement. The grazing issue is tough for many reasons. One is they agreed to lease the land and they got a huge discount on market value of the lease. A man is only as good as his word. Don’t get me wrong, the fed gov has numerous unfair and unconstitutional dealings.
                Bundy has little support and would have more credibility if he wasn’t stretching this one so far. Not a lot of militia groups or regular people are sympathetic to this action. Bundy would be better off keeping his powder dry and not coming across like a media hound. There are numerous causes including the 2nd. Bundy marginalized himself this time.
                So my friend, I agree with you. Wrong fight to fight.

              • Something a favorite teacher once told me is that “History is written by the winners”. I figured out later that the Good Guys DON’T always win, either.

                As for the place sitting atop a pile of uranium or other precious minerals, with the condition of the country’s economy do you supposed anyone even a little bit under the government’s thumb (or in their sights) would shoot his mouth off about THAT?

                William Wallace was a real hero – a 13th century Scot patriot. I don’t think Scots were wearing kilts or armies were wearing uniforms at the time either, but what the hey – it was a great film!

            • Being Scottish and living here under the english jack boot all my 60 years of life, I can assure you we are fighting all the way, again for our freedom against all odds. The only way to beat these con men corrupt officials who presume too much, is to stick together. PS, very little in the movie Braveheart was made up, its at least 90% true.
              Your whole country should be fighting for your constitution, we don’t have one so you are lucky, hold on to it, educate others to do the same, we have the same enemies, our governments, wworldwide.

              • “Living under the English jackpot”? Another whingeing self absorbed Scot holding his hand out for his English dole! Without England paying you huge sums your pathetic little country would not exist.

                I do hope you moaning Jessies get your wish and have another referendum as most English people are sick to death of your perpetual begging. The noblest prospect for any Scot is the road to England.

                Fighting? What for? To retain English subsidies methinks!

                • Listen up Anonymous,

                  It was your banking system that manipulated the London Inter Bank Overnight Rate (Libor) in 2008 that caused the greatest financial crisis of modern times…..all because you NWO types wanted a piece of American Real-Estate pie.

                  Your refusal to do business in the overnight markets with American Banks that day in September has literally caused the demise of millions of Americans.

                  Your backhanded deal with Wall Street such that if we the people de-leveraged the banks with our capital (a.k.a Bank Bailouts) you would allow the resumption of the Overnight Markets and you would in turn get a better Return on Investment is nothing short of a declaration of war against the U.S.A.

                  You’re lucky the esotheric nature of your banking institution’s manipulation has muddied the waters so much so that everyone thinks a bunch of sub-prime borrowers caused this mess….which we are still reeling from to this day. The end result…no repercussions for you and your country.

                  Frig all of you Ian’s….go Man U and Arsenal.

                • anonymous, the Scots are sick to death of your tyranny and oppression going back for two millennia. “The noblest prospect for any Scot is the road to England?!” Yes, that would be the road to travel for a Scot if he or she wishes to continue to tolerate the destruction of their culture, theft, rape, murder, etc. I know they don’t really want that, whether they admit to it or not. look at what you people have done to your own culture with this insane policy of political correctness, especially with muslim immigration. Every day they say they want to destroy you, yet you continue to tolerate that and all of their other BS against your people. do you really approve of that? I’ll bet you have the same thing in mind for Scotland, don’t you? You’re so sorry you don’t even care about your own people, yet you think you can lecture to someone else about something? Go fuck off, limey!

                  • Bravefart – oppression going back 2,000 years? So now you’re blaming the Roman occupation for the woes of the Scots are you? Whatever happened to the evil English?

                    And as for the Scots being victimised they invented the victim culture that you lot moan about! If you want to see your noble Scot fighting for his culture watch him on a Saturday night boozing his dole money in Glasgow/Aberdeen etc.,

                    You really do think history is black and white don’t you?

                • If Scotland and Ireland are such pains in the collective British are then why don’t you Lime’s let them secede? Hmm?

                  • Another baby history/demographic lesson for another ill educated American who thinks he knows the answer to all the problems of the world.

                    Britain comprises of England, (Northern) Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, otherwise known as the United Kingdom. Ireland withdrew from the Union after a bitter struggle lasting from 1919 to 1921,then forming the Republic of Ireland.

                    Northern Ireland elected to stay within the UK fearing sectarian/religious violence against the predominantly protestant majority.

                    “The Troubles” of the 1970’s where Irish republican terrorists slaughtered thousands on both sides of the political divide proved their point. Most of this slaughter was funded by misguided Americans who had a half baked notion of romanticism, without idiot Americans funding the IRA fewer lives would have been lost.

                    It was only when you lot had your first taste of terrorism on 9/11 that IRA funding dried up. It ceases to be romantic when it’s so close to home.

                    The Welsh are a minority within the UK having their own
                    language which very few Welsh people bother learning preferring to converse in English. The Celtic language is still spoken in parts of Brittany, however, few Welshmen elect to live there (Brittany is part of France).

                    The Scots (as far as most English people I’ve met) can have their “freedom”. In fact, they (the Scots) held a referendum last year to leave the Union. Strangely enough these slaves/serfs/downtrodden people voted to stay within the UK.

                    Life is rarely as simple as Hollywood would have you believe.

                    And, to put matters straight, I AM NOT English born, English is not my first language! Looking at the quality of grammar/spelling on this site it would seem most of those contributing are not native English speakers too!

                    I live and work both in the UK and my native born country, travelling quite happily between the two and paying taxes in both lands!

              • OK, Jock, which 90% of this film was true?

              • Ambrose, a very warm welcome to you, sir. I had to put that bloody limey anonymous in his place. I know you speak the truth in your post. I’ll take a Scotsman or Irishman any day over a bloody limey. Again welcome.

          • Stolz, AMEN to the movie you recommended, the one of my namesake, and thank you. It’s also based upon a true story. “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”

            • Brave….Thanks for educating the idiot working late shift in TelAviv.

              • At least my countrymen did not slaughter innocent villagers they were slaughtered by your recent ancestors. Proud of your forefathers – now there’s a sick name tag

                • AnonASS….Go back to your cave and screw your fucking queen and her entire royal leaches. You SOB’s have done more crimes against humanity than anyone else throughout history.

                  Here in America we all came together from different parts of the Europe and we became Americans. And the same Americans who kicked you MOF’s out will do the same very soon. Count on it and never under estimate the true American Patriots excluding those who are under your Royal Zionist island of limey.

                  • Mr NAZI man, it really is amusing seeing a rabid dog biting its own testicles!

                    I really do feel sorry for people like you who are consumed by so much hatred for anyone who is not a WASP. Although, looking through your previous posts you do seem overly interested in homosexuals and what they get up to. Does the lady protest too much?

                • anon, some of your own people are being beaten, raped, robbed, and killed by your beloved muslim immigrants as we speak. Your own culture is being destroyed in order to accommodate those animals. Your own government treats immigrants better than native born UK citizens. what are your thoughts on that?

                • Fuck you asshole…Brits were very FIRST to use Concentration- Camps when they did it against the african WHITE Boers aka boers= Farmers!…..

                  Then the real WWII truth is that germany did NOT desire war…So to Cause WWII against germany, in Cahoots with their Jewish pals whom declared War against germans in 1933 before ANY jew was ever harmed etc…

                  Brits began a Three week straight Carpet Bombing attack aginst german Civilian Cities, to FORCE WWII to occure.

                  Because You brits has been totally dominated and under total control of jewish Banksters and rothschilds expecially, since almost 400 yrs ago, when back Then jewish banksters engineered a War between France Vs England so those jewish banksters could earn huge war profits from BOTH sides and which is their Main policy ever since and even for Todays wars and so called conflicts.

                  NONE of these issues would have happened if even farther back in history, You stupid Brits would have Rejected the assinine ideas Via Cromwell and His jewish rabbi type pals, whom convinced Your stupid world domination fanatical Queen back 500 yrs ago that, if only she can convince royals of england to Race mix with jewish folks….Then that would give brits a god granted “Right” to be same as the talmudic jewry and also gain total JWO dominance global rule over the worlds Lesser-Goyim folk.

                  But if they had paid atten. to the new testement parts of their KJV bibles…They would have seen what nonsence that talmudic propaganda realy was and still Is.

                  But after so many centuries of belief in a total british world rulership, and even after American Patriots kicked their stupid ass in not just 1776, but yet AGAIN when due to pissed off jewish Banksters from city of london aka Rothschild zone town, stupid glory seeker brits AGAIN provoked Americans patriots by the 1812 war attack!

                  And LOST that time too, idiots!

                  Yet even now today after all that and 400 years of jewish banksters use of britian to screw and destroy the worlds nations….You limmy brits just cannot see the fuckin proverbial Light of Truths eh!

                  I will Tell you why thats so…Or as my Mother always told me since my youth, “Carefull Who you join with or emulate etc for sooner or later You are Likley to become Just Like They are”…And what will happen when folks Join forces with jewish banksters and talmudic judiazers?

                  SEE past 400 years british ruination and an entire nation today of dumbed down, whitey Guilt ridden self loathing white idiots that still think They is IT!

                  Ok anonamous brit fool go back to Telaviv or mossad and request your pay check for being a Good little Shabozz Goy enabler of their talmudic perfidy.

                  PS: You Brits should Thank Germany for back when 300,000 of englands best army soldiers got hemmed in at, Dunkirk, was it? and Hitlers german armys could have easily killed off every brit and it would have spelled german victory then and There…However to show brits and world that Germans stood above such wholesale slaughter comparable to shooting Fish in a Barrel affair, and wipeing out 300,000 british army that were fully out of Ammo and all other supplies etc…Hitler told his troops to “let the brits go back home to england-Alive!”

                  If tabels was turned?…British leadership would have been Mouth Foaming to order british soldiers or RAF bomber planes to exterminate every single last german and once all 300,000 soldiers were killed, to then resume carpet bombing attacks on Innocent civilain cities so to assist the talmudic’s dream desires of demolsihing Everything that displayed pure White Man genius in Grand european design and architecture and churches etc which prior stood for 800 to 1,000 Years as testiment of said white man genius and inventivness ability that those pharisetical talmudics so envy and despised and hated eh.

                  Or..in other words…You can Royally Kiss Our White Asses Britboy…

                  MAC: please do NOT keep my MUCH needed Reply to this anonamous brit fool languishing in Moderation Purgatory Limbo for days prior to posting it Up asap ok. Thank You.

                  • And what comic book do you color in? For under 7 year olds by the sound of your swivel eyed loony rant.

                    American viewpoint/understanding of history = The National Inquirer.

              • Stolz, you’re welcome. But I think this one must have been working a late shift in LONDON. To me, limeys are no better than the tribe.

                • Brave, You might be correct but London is the host of the tribal disease named the Royal Family and their master pig as the head of BIS. Either way they all can kiss the American patriots behind.

                • Bravefart – is that the best you can do? Once more a Yank shows how ill educated, illogical, and hysterical they are.

                  Where did I say I was English? Where have I shown terrorist/Islamic sympathies? Your rebuttal is nothing more than a little boy stamping his foot in frustration at being made to look silly. Which is what you are.

            • The British are still pissed we kicked their ass twice and then &ha d to bail them out when they picked a fight with Germany.

          • Yep

        • I agree. Armed insurrection must be the direct result of a specific elimination of an enumerated Constitutional Right, like gun confiscation.

          The Liberty Movement must retain the legal and moral high ground if it is to be successful. To be successful, it must have sufficient support from the American People.

          TRUMP’s support is a reflection of the dissatisfaction of the American People with the status quo, and is a good base to build upon.

          Liberty Movement writers like Brandon Smith could have a more profound impact on behalf of the Liberty Movement if he applied his skills to these issues, and a wider audience.

          Such a message should FOCUS on individual rights and liberties and avoid religious themes like “abortion” as an example. Abortion, as an example, has been debated for 40 years without a public consensus.

          The American People as a whole are socially liberal and rightly or wrongly support abortion as a matter of choice. To concentrate upon abortion, as an example, is to lose sight of the bigger picture.

          The American People love FREEDOM. So much so they accepted FREE TRADE when the NWO sold it to them as a FREEDOM. Personal FREEDOM consistent with the values established by our Founders, ought to be, and need to be, sold to the masses again.

          If Americans do not rally around the singular issue of their FREEDOM as annotated by the US Constitution, and preserve it from the NWO; it won’t matter whether abortion is legal, excessive penalties are imposed by judges as minimum sentences, or the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendments are followed by the Courts.

          If the Liberty Movement does not coalesce behind a singular Constitutional issue: the Constitution itself, all of these battles will be lost: America will be merged into the North American Union under UN auspices, and ALL of our FREEDOMS dissolved.

          Engage. 🙂

          • DK, you went off the rails when you went abortion tolerant. Which cashes in as pro abortion. Abortion is premeditated murder of an unborn baby. Abortion is murder for hire.

            Your disagreement doesn’t change the facts.

            • Free Slave: Abortion may well be murder. When I put this question to Brandon Smith here some time ago, he replied: “It depends upon when you believe life begins”. It may also require a specific definition of “life”. Is it just a heartbeat? Or is it consciousness?

              Meaning that if you believe that life begins at CONCEPTION them abortion at any stage of pregnancy is murder. If life, (self consciousness – self awareness in the fetus) begins at a later stage during pregnancy, then murder does not occur with the extinction of the fetus early in the pregnancy.

              Medical science is not accurate enough to distinguish exactly when “life” begins, but the Courts have delineated a specific time frame as well as the circumstances under which abortions are legal.

              I mentioned abortion AS AN EXAMPLE because it is so divisive in America; even after debating this issue publicly for half a century. I am just trying to show that no consensus has been arrived at in all of this time. I am not interested in continuing that debate here.

              I am interested in showing the community that POLITICALLY the Liberty Movement cannot allow itself to be defined by conservative values alone, because Constitutional Values apply to all of US.

              I am interested is showing that Constitutional Freedoms should be the focus of our efforts in the Liberty Movement because every American should be willing to get behind that idea: except of course those nitwits at Yale who want to eliminate Free Speech.

              If we do not get the strong support of all Americans for our Constitutional Values it won’t matter if you have taken a moral stand against abortion. Our Constitution will be gone and all of our Liberties with it.

              Do not focus on abortion. Abortion is primarily a moral issue. Abortion is a DISTRACTION from the more important issue. Americans are morally divided. You cannot gain a political majority on moral issues no matter how right (or wrong) you might be. The Liberty Movement must focus on Constitutional Issues first and limit the debate to enumerated Constitutional Issues if we want to control the moral issues.

              Your opposition to abortion is admirable but politically fatal. Lose the Constitution and we lose all liberties. See? 🙂

              • DK, I enjoy your comments well over 90% of the time. I appreciate the pushback that you give to both authors and commenters on economic matters.

                With regards to your post above, you really can’t make the tactical/strategic move that you want. It doesn’t partition cleanly the way that you want.

                Morality, Legality, Constitutionality, Politics, Objective Truth, Relativism, Judeo-Christian Theology, and other Big Themes are inextricably related. Inseparably intertwined even.

                However, I know your sentiment and your over-arching objective. I get it. I understand. I applaud even.

                That being said, I won’t get into it any further with you because it’s off-topic. And I do appreciate the engagement.

                If you want to discuss off-line, I’m at [email protected].

          • Yours is a well reasoned, well articulated argument for all patriots to study, understand and agree upon so that plans can be acted that will engage the public in a timely debate and inspire in them the desire to actually preserve that precious document which codified the natural laws of God and made it possible for the establishment of a form of governance that would serve, rather than master the people. Unfortunately, whether provocateurs or trigger happy gun enthusiasts, some in the Patriot movement seem hell-bent on reigning hell-fire down upon anyone who simply takes a stand against the government’s over-reach and are openly threatening law-enforcement and advocating for violence as if there were any chance any would survive an all out attack by whatever force is necessary to bring those Patriots under control at this time. It saddens me to know we face our greatest challenge with people who are supposedly Patriotic but lack the education, the knowledge and the understanding of what our forefathers attempted to accomplish over a period of many years through peaceful grievance procedures traveling for many months back and forth across the ocean to address them with the King until there were no more opportunities available and the only thing left was to declare their Independence and fight a war for it. In other words, our founders were not trigger happy, un-educated provocateurs–they, like you, were more than happy to use every available tool at their disposal to reverently and powerfully bring their grievances and demands before the court and hope for a non-bloody resolution that would be beneficial for the colonies and the people of the crown who would be conscripted to fight in the King’s army and Navy against them. As much as tactical training, marksmanship and developing supply lines “in case” things turn nasty may be necessary, what we really need is the kind of thoughtful leadership our founding fathers demonstrated that can help us colace our movement and join our efforts to win–rather than alienate–the hearts and minds of the American people. Thank you for your knowledge and understanding of the principles of freedom and may you continue using your gifts uplift and encourage the Patriot movement toward success in saving our inspired constitution and our beloved nation.

          • DK, I am amazed at your persistence and ability to keep coming back on these threads time after time when you consistently get the shit kicked out of your crazy, biased, and unsubstantiated rhetoric. We originally thought you were a troll, then some kind of lefty propagandist, but now I think we’re just realizing that you’re chuck full of shit. But thats okay. You’re entertaining and so far off the reservation that its like I don’t wanna read your posts without a bucket of popcorn.

            • SS: As long as you read it I have fulfilled my purpose. 🙂

          • Abortion is not a “religious theme.” It is a matter of the freedom of the child to live his life.

            • Yes, I agree, whenever the fetus is “alive”. Some are born dead (still born) without any apparent physical reason for the death except that the heart stopped beating. Many women have naturally occurring miscarriages even when they want to get pregnant, and after conception occurs.

              God only knows.

              The point is that our Constitutional Rights are under attack and a political coalition, a CONSENSUS, has to be formed to protect those rights. Side issues, LIKE abortion have to be taken off the table to form that political coalition because the majority of Americans are socially liberal while financially conservative.

              With respect to abortion, AS AN EXAMPLE, they believe in the best Libertarian tradition, that an individual woman’s right to choose, supersedes the right of the community to force her to birth and raise a child she doesn’t want.

              If Conservatives want to preserve their liberties in the face of the threats from the Left upon our Constitutional Rights; an active majority must emerge to defend those rights besides the Far Right. This requires the support of socially liberal Americans with Constitutional Values, not unlike many TRUMP supporters.

              See the forest through the trees. Individual trees can be a distraction from the bigger picture. Save the forest and the individual trees will still live. 🙂

              • DK

                I appreciate your acknowledgement of the existence of God.

                My personal opinions of abortion aside; there is a simpler way to decide/ upgrade the parameters making abortion an option (while it is still legal).

                Death is decided clinically as occurring at the cessation of certain brain waves. Should not also the existence of life be considered to begin with the inception of those same brain waves (as early as 3 weeks)?

                Abortion after that is undoubtedly murder.

                • Cowboy45: A point well taken. I am not medically qualified to debate the medical pro’s and con’s of abortion, nor do I want to initiate that debate here as it is out of context.

                  I was just using abortion, as an example, of a very divisive, unresolved issue, among Americans, that should be taken off the table while the America People coalesce around their Constitutional Rights.

                  Other “hot button” issues include ILLEGAL immigration and Muslim Refugees, but the vast majority of Americans are in lock step on these issues.

                  Thanks for your imput. 🙂

          • As individuals we have no way to get enough people together that would make any difference on our President or Congress. However, we do have one major uniting force, the NRA. I really think that if the NRA would call us to arms and meet in Washington, there would be more that a million of us show up unless all of those members I know are lying to me. And, we would bring our deer rifles, we may have to leave them in Virginia for Washington DC is anti weapons.

            • Pitchforks and flaming torches might also send a message not soon forgotten. Or the good old tar and feathers.

          • Been wondering the last few days if Brandon Smith is there? My bet is that he is. May the Father protect him and guide him.

            • BJ

              If I remember correctly, I believe I saw him dogging them(the protestors) in the comment section on oathkeepers site the other day, so I would say he is not, but I could be wrong

          • DK, I actually agree with you on this one. Leave abortion out of your politics for once and see the big picture. The left runs a tight ship and they have been using the msm to fracture the conservative movement forever, but people are fed up with it. If abortion is your main gripe, you need a priest, not a politician. Roe Vs Wade is not going away. Deal with it. Fight it in your home, your church and in your social groups but for fucks sake leave it out of your politics unless you want obama light (Hillary or Sanders) in the WH for the next four years. Look at how many people did not come out to vote for Romney as oppsed to McCain, and yet the Liberal left came out in force and fraud for their dear leader…… And Romney and Ryan both went after abortion. Then Ryan becomes speaker of the house and gave Obama tye world.

            That being said, this was a really good article to stay on topic…..


            It goes over the years and focuses on what happened and why the Hammonds are in jail. I think they should have said no, because of the abuse by BLM….. But that is my opinion. There are people on both sides who want a shooting war, and neither side is ready for what will come of it. Sorry to the badasses on both sides who think they are invinceable.

            However, you have to draw a line somewhere.

            Keep your powder dry,

            • Good point about Ryan. IF Romney had been “selected” rather than the Constitutionally-ineligible simian we would STILL have gotten essentially what we have gotten the past 4 years.

              BOTH the R’s and the D’s are but two sides of the same corrupt coin. The corporate fascist one-world-order agenda proceeds unimpeded.

              How does this happen? Investigate the religious affiliation of all in Congress. Do likewise for SCOTUS. Compare your results with the same data for the year 1950. Most enlightening…

              All roads lead to Rome-

          • Abortion is homicide of the unborn child, period, EXCEPT when the mother’s life is in danger or in cases of rape, both of which total less than 5% of abortions.

            God has withdrawn His Divine Protection from our Judeo-Christian nation because of abortion, our taking Him out of the public schools, and several other things.

            If you go to numberofabortionsdotcom, you will see why God will be bringing chastisements to our entire planet UNLESS each of us individually and collectively repent and turn away from sin.

            God WILL intervene because of all the evil in our world because He will not let Satan win too many more souls to Hell.

            Just because He did not intervene yesterday or today does not mean He will not intervene tomorrow.

            The question is: will you and your eternal soul be ready?

            Time is short.

            – the Lone Ranger

            • LR, God is upset with the US for more than abortion. Half the TV programming (guess they call it that for good reason) I’m embarrassed to watch with my cat. Society in general is rather far off from what He intended for people to live.

              I could run on but it would be a whole sermon.

          • Thanks DK for bringing the subject back to the issues in the article. Enough of the Scot, English, tribes thing.

        • I keep seeing this “Wrong battle, wrong time”. Is this going around (GOV) or are you just regurgitating something you thought cool.

          The real questions is, if not now, when? If not here, where?

          • Cal: Armed insurrection is justifiable if and when a Rogue Administration and/or Congress, under ANY pretext, outlaws American gun ownership and attempts to confiscate our weapons.

            History is littered with the bodies of citizens of many nations who acquiesced to government authorities that confiscated their weapons.

            The Second Amendment is arguably the most transparent and articulate Amendment of them all when it states: “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.

            In that treasonous event all American Patriots should understand that the NWO can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. Begin with the political hacks that parrot that Party Line in your neck of the woods.

            Shoot and scoot in a general insurrection all across the country. Shoot any uniform or non uniformed officer of any jurisdiction who demands you surrender your weapons.
            Shoot and scoot. Again and again and again.

            That is our Constitutional Right and the PTB had better not cross that line. If they do, they have brought judgement upon themselves.

            While Patrick Henry deemed his Liberties worthy of dying for, MY GOVERNMENT trained me to kill for them. And very effectively at that. Its totally Constitutional to defend the US Constitution from all enemies; foreign and domestic.

            Anyone who demands that you surrender your weapons in a gun confiscation is an enemy of the US Constitution. Kill him. 🙂

            • So they can shoot us in the back, they can pull you over and take your car, cash and anything else by claiming asset forfeiture, they can spy on you in public AND private, they can raid you without warning or a warrant, they can try to steal your land while making false claims against you, they can steal you cattle while making false claims against you, they can steal all your savings and tax you into indebted servitude.

              But your line in the sand is “they’re trying to take our guns” ??


              We’re in deep, deep shit.

              • Billy Hill: As an individual you can do what you want, but without a blanket confiscation of American guns, you are talking about individual abuses that should be addressed at the local level, as all politics are local.

                The abuses you mention are EXACTLY the type of abuses that need to be addressed politically, with a coalition of Constitutionally minded patriots from across the political spectrum, in your neck of the woods.

                Freedom Cells are firstly, political action cells.

                Look at how effective certain minority groups have been in capturing the attention of the media, like “Black Lives Matter” and pressing their agenda. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

                EVERY liberty movement in modern times has had BOTH a political wing and a military wing: one to make war, the other to define the peace. The advantage is OURS because we already have a Constitution and Bill of Rights. We just need to fight for them and penalize those who violate our rights.

                Engage. 🙂

          • Exactly. When is the right time? It’s never gonna happen because the egos are to large. Pisses me off that our own side can’t even agree. We’re doomed.

        • Holing up in a structure never won any wars. Remember the Alamo?

        • You must not have been in the Military to know what freedom is and why we fight for freedoms and fight for lazy liberal POS like you to be free to run down real men that fight for freedom for everyone.

          • Boone1 –

            Please explain to us what freedoms the Military is fighting for us. Sorry, but this is not what I am witnessing.

            I see a Military invading other sovereign nations based on false accusations and lies. I see the Airforce committing genocide on civilian populations by the means of bombing raids and drone strikes.

            While there is death and destruction being committed, there is money to be made. It’s all American Imperialism Business with a touch of population control mixed into the deal. American men and woman being sent to die, all in the name of lies and distortion – because it’s business.

            American Men & Woman being killed, maimed, and mentally distraught because American Foreign Policy must continue on a Global scale.

            Now, I feel bad for those who got conned into joining the Military and or drafted back in the day of VietNam … but there is no excuse for being a part of it in today’s terms.

            Today’s Military is not about protecting a nation nor it’s freedoms. It’s business and having the ability to control over other sovereign nations.

            Now … if you bought into the propaganda of “its your duty to serve” bullshit … then you get what is dished out to you … bullshit & then some!

            “America is not a country … it’s a business”

        • This is, to me, the whole, real picture: “We’re the government. We don’t give a shit what the law says. Do what we want or we’ll kill you, right there in public in front of your children. Then maybe we’ll kill them too. Got it, jerk?”

          There it is in a nutshell. Americans, to “The Great and Holy Government”, exist to serve AS ORDERED or be killed in penalty, and maybe you get to watch your family die FIRST.

          Jefferson would have wept. Then he would have puked. I know the feeling.

        • Gee, what is the “right battle” or the “right time”. I would suggest that the “right” battle or time is when the opportunity presents itself. In this case the government has presented the “right” in both cases as they instigated the event.
          It is plain that the federal government is the terrorist organization in this case. We have devolved from a nation of laws into a nation of men. By extension, a nation of tyrants or, at least, run by tyrants. The very concept that the Hammonds should have to return to prison at the petition of the federal government is dangerous. This may very well be another Waco. If so, rest assured that the government will rewrite the facts, as the media has done now, to make itself as innocent as possible when it is solely responsible for the proceedings.

        • …and ryan is supposed to be the smart one….

      2. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Why don’t they grow up and fight the government by forming a political party and standing for election?

        This is nothing but attention seeking and doesn’t deserve any comment or discussion, sorry.

        • That photo of Ryan Bundy makes it look like he had a stroke.

          • He is trying to keep from shitting himself.

          • I thought the exact same thing!

          • Cliven Bundy’s son Ryan tells how car ran over his head when he was seven and left him with severe nerve damage and face paralysis

            ht tp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3390565/Cliven-Bundy-s-son-Ryan-recounts-moment-car-ran-head-seven-left-severe-nerve-damage-face-paralysis.html

        • “Why don’t they grow up and fight the government by forming a political party and standing for election?”

          How about because it has never worked?

          You can’t even win a local election unless you’re part of the political machine as a D or an R. And in my county, you pretty much have to have a D after your name to have any kind of chance to win an election.

          • Archivist

            Why not challenge the status quo and convince your fellow voters that there is a better alternative?

            It doesn’t have to be the same party called the Democrats!

        • Ya because that’s worked out well. Jeez

      3. Direct Link to Alaskan Superior Court Judge open article – a scathing review of the BLM abuses……..a must read for all patriots…..One of the only Common Law Judges in America.

        ht tp://annavonreitz.com/takeoverofblmfacilities.pdf

        Article ……
        “Regarding the Take Over of BLM Facilities in the Western States”

        “NOTICE to All Members of the Press Corps, All Federal
        Employees, All Members of the American Armed Forces, All
        Sheriffs, United States Marshals, and Others Responsible for
        Public Safety and Peacekeeping”

        Issued by Judge Anna Maria Riezinger
        January 3, 2016

        • Enemy:

          That is one GREAT link. Would that everyone here goes there and digests that info. Thanks!

        • Yup, if you star googling the “Bureau of Land Management” you find it is a corporation incorporated in Puerto Ricco and s a subsidiary of of United States incorporated of LONDON.

          Since the BLM has been deputized and armed by the Federal government they now constitute a foreign controlled army authorized to act on US soil for their own bennifit.

          This is one creepy can of worms.

          • We are living within a corporation, in a corporation. This one entity should drive all freedom loving Americans crazy into the streets for a total ‘recall’ of all elected and all agencies.

        • Great link, great information.
          Thanks enemy.

        • Judge Anna Maria Riezinger, Alaska State Judge, in case any here wondered.

        • Taken from the link above:
          annavonreitz (dot)com/takeoverofblmfacilities.pdf

          The “Bureau of Land Management” is not an actual unit of the American government. It is a foreign
          corporation whose only business here is to provide us with “essential governmental services”.

          OK, I’m not finding any verification of this anywhere. Not that I am willing to call a Judge a lier, but can someone “site” this statement somewhere else as being factual.

          Only finding such like:

          In 1946, the Grazing Service was merged with the General Land Office to form the Bureau of Land Management within the Department of the Interior (Wikipedia)

          The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), created in 1946 through a merger of the General Land Office (GLO) and the U.S. Grazing Service, has roots going back to the creation of the GLO in 1812. (blm(dot)gov) i know, i know. their own site?!?!

          NOTE. I did find something saying the same thing as this Judge here: www (dot) therightplanet.com/2014/04/the-blm-an-agent-of-foreign-principle/

          however this site is unknown to me as being a responsible place for factual information.

          • Check out
            ht tp://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=9450207

            It’s a start, yes Bloomberg has a database with most of the worlds corporations in it.

            Google “Bureau of Land Management Corp”
            Try other search engines as well. It’s scary!

            • Plan twice, prep once, thank you for the info.

              Bloomburg says: Bureau of Land Management is a government institution… also: The institution was founded in 1946 and is based in Washington, District Of Columbia.

              Still not seeing where the BLM is a “foreign corporation” as stated by the Alaska State Judge, Anna Maria Riezinger.

              • Grandee,

                Actually Bloomberg is listing this entity in their database of private companies. It is a privately owned government services company, just as the Federal Reserve is and the FDIC or Federal deposit insurance corporation.

                There are also buttons on the Bloomberg page that provide a little more information.

                I find it scary so much information is hidden about what the entities are and who actually owns and controls them.

      4. There is a time and place to take a stand, with the full support of law, and public opinion behind it. This was not the case this time…

        • And what if public opinion is NEVER behind it? For instance, what if due to the media and the Kenyan bastard’s bully pulpit, public opinion becomes overwhelmingly in favor of gun confiscation? Are you going to quietly submit and turn in your guns? Or are you going to take a stand?

          Most people fail to understand that the Revolutionary War was in reality, our first CIVIL war. There was by no means a broad consensus of support for the cause of separation from Britain. In fact, in some southern states, the MAJORITY of the people were loyalists. At best, half the population was in favor of independence. Fewer than 30% supported it materially, and only about 3% ever picked up a rifle and risked their lives for the cause.

          As for support of the law, the founders of this country were, for the most part, smugglers. The Crown considered them terrorists and outlaws.

          Moving on to our second Civil War, the abolitionist movement engaged in active defiance of the law by aiding escaped slaves from the south.

          Many of the acts of those in the cause of Civil Rights for Blacks in the ’60’s were in violation of the law.

          There comes at time at which higher laws must be followed and unjust laws ignored or defied. The opening paragraphs of our Declaration Of Independence affirm this.

          We are fast approaching at day when it will become necessary again. And majority public opinion or “law” be damned.

        • If this instance of state criminal abuse of innocent citizens is not the time for organized, peaceful protest, then the timepiece of American liberty has stopped.

        • We will see logicrazy. The tide of opinion is changing.

          Sterling Silver, I am thinking long and hard about taking a trip up there this weekend. You going to be around?


      5. In 1970 a group of armed thugs calling themselves SAAS took over a Federal Naval Reserve Officers Training Facility. They held the building at gunpoint for five days while their demands were being negotiated . The demands were eventually met and the building was returned over to authorities .
        No charges were ever filed on anyone and one of the terrorist became the 81st United States Attorney General named Eric Holder.

        • You know Enemy, you just cant make this stuff up. Truth nearly boggles the mind.

      6. Germany In Shock After “Monstrous” Attacks, Rape By 1,000 Men “Of Arab Or North African Origin”

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-05/germany-shock-after-monstrous-attacks-rape-1000-men-arab-or-north-african-origin

        as I have stated before,Europe has sown the seeds of its own destruction
        it appears they are now beginning to reap what they have sown

        • No, America has sown the seeds of the destruction of the world!

          Without your ill thought intervention in every part of the planet, your pursuit of greed and lust for an Empire, we would not be in this parlous state.

          America and Americans, beyond parody.

          • You sound like you may be European. Guess you don’t appreciate the fact that Americans gave their lives to save your asses during WWII. Guess you don’t appreciate the fact that we played a very large part in ringing down the wall that divided east and west Germany. Maybe you dumb asses do deserve to live under communism.

            • Americans kept out of both world wars until the last possible moment. The price Britain paid to drag America kicking and screaming into ww 2 bankrupted the country! Very little America does is altruistic!

              America came out of the second world war virtually unscathed and immensely wealthy! A wealth that you lot have squandered.

              And what is it with Americans and communism? You sound like that fag Hoover, forever blaming another ideology for the obvious failings of your own.

              How a country with presidents, several of whom were sexual predators, one suffering from Alzheimer’s, and another who went into hiding when his country was attacked (and was barely coherent), ever became a world power beggars belief!

              • Anonymous-

                If you are in America, get out.

                If you are in Europe, then you will soon see what America has saved you from twice.

                • USMC 1982. So what is your point? America has saved me from what? America seems he’ll bent on instigating yet another war! The USA has been on a war footing since the end of ww 2! Without an enemy you lot wander around looking to cause a war. After all you have all these expensive killing machines may as well use them!

                  Your recent history shows that you’re not even very good at winning wars against little brown/yellow men let alone a real enemy!

                  • Anon-

                    You would be speaking German if not for the US. Soon you will be under sharia, and learning Arabic.

                    Unless you are in the US, dont worry we will protect you. We have guns!

              • Limey, it was ONLY America’s intervention in both world wars that saved your beloved British Empire from annihilation. But I do agree with you about our wealth having been squandered by our own moronic politicians. not all of us Yanks support communism. And we haven’t had even a decent president since the early 19th century.

      7. http://www.thedailysheeple.com/crime-of-a-whole-new-dimension-1000-men-of-arab-origin-swarm-german-city-sexually-assault-women-in-mass_012016


        How much more of this are you idiots gonna stand for?

        Time to fucking grow up, Amerikkka. The only immigrants that should be coming here are none. And if there are they should be white and Christian.

        You can say that out loud. In public. Without training wheels. If you aren’t willing to put your life on the line for freedom, than can you speak words? Is that too much to ask? You fucking wrinkled old cowards. The older you get the more you want to live.

        The country is being fucked up worse with each passing day.

        • “How much more of this are you idiots gonna stand for?”

          You are younger than us Acid Etch … so by all means … please lead the way to fight off the filth that plagues us all. I’ll stay put, and when the filthy plague arrives to my doorstop … then I’ll engage … until then … please suit up in your spandex, cape, and fluffy puff booties with your butt pirate badge and slain these evil doers!

          Thanks in advance,

          Non-homo Azz kickers Club

          • Quick, someone call the fire department. Acid Etch just got burned!!!!

          • FTW, ROTFLMFAO! That’s one of the best I’ve ever heard used on acid.

      8. Cliven Bundy has now won the BALLS OF STEAL AWARD of this new Century. Comes out with Patriots, to support Hammond. But Hammond is pussying out, being a coward that the cabal is going to put a bullet to his head. The chinese soldiers will be putting that bullet you alls heads with the Blue helmets, chinese and russian soldiers. If we dont stand up to tyrany now, this sh..t will continue to happen all over the country. The cowboy with the hat in the photo did a video educating the public as to whats at stake while Hammond senior pussied out. Total joke, what a total joke. You rather sit in prison for 5 years, when in fact your ass got arrested illegally.

        I have to love the revolutionaries. Had this crap happened to those guys in this century, they would have already fired the first shots, and triggered the revolution. My apologies to calling the Oathkeepers pussies. Know i know why Steward Rhohdes pulled out of the ranch. If the support is not there, then they are wasting time. In time the Gun battle of our dreams will commense. Like one cop friend of mine, ex military told me that he and his military team was educated at the fact that China will be implementing a full scale invasion of the United States from Mexico, Cuba, Canada, from Colorado, and will be ready in 5 years, once they gain the ships and heavy lift capability, and are still massing troops in the Us..Chinese Soldiers will take the men to mass graves, shot them in mass and mass rape women and girls. Or you can be a man Mr hammond, and stop them now. You will learn the hard way in the long run, that being a pussy does not prevent you form getting you ass shot in the long run. Everything you have worked for is gone, your ancestors land that they worked for is gone, gone because you are weak, and irresponsible, and nothing but a coward. The founding fathers did not pave the way with thier blood, guts and sacrifice to watch you become a pussy to be over run by the united nations of muslim tyrants.

        Maybe Hammond and team should really listen to the partriots on the Ranch, since they are in they know of whats just mentioned.

        I have personally been threatened by russian Spetsnatz, right here it the Galleria of Houston, then another russian, and chinese female showed up on me with friends at restaurant, and signalled me telling me that he is certain that those phucks are watching me. Needless to say all they could do was watch, as i walked up to them asking them if they have a phucking problem, which they replied that they dont. So when the patriots retreat, the president and his muslim united nations gets the final laugh as they arrested a family illegally, taking there land. Dwight Hammond is a BIG pussy.



        Cliven Bundy, internationally known, locally respected. I honor you with the BRACE BALLS OF STEAL AWARD OF THE CENTURY.

        • If you ever learned to type and/or spell, you would be dangerous. BRACE BALLS OF STEAL indeed

      9. Houston/cypress etc., The only thing that you’ve been threatened with is “They’re coming to take me away, ha, ha, to the funny farm”.

        Grow up and descend from your fantasy tree! Spetsnatz, ha,ha! Actually, I think that’s the best place for a monkey like you, swinging from branch to branch!

        Oh, and how did you manage to steal someone’s balls?

      10. Satori, thanks for that link. EnemyoftheState, good link. People just dont know wtf they are really up against.

        I saw that earlier. Now everyone can get a preliminary of what post calapse looks like. If those phucks are doing that in public in normal society, then what are we to expect in post engineered EMP calpase, with invasion of foreighn armies, by the millions coming at us. Ofcourse some of the ladies who dont like to prep jump on here from time to time to remind me of lack of knowledge, as to how many women will survive in the long run. I have news for you. See my end game prepper formula, and you will get the picture. 1000’s muslims rape and assult women and people in public. Any mass attack in my area involving muslims, 1000’s of them rape, killing us, shooting us, etc. The response will make you jihadist literally piss your drawers. You will wish you never came here and did that. Believe me you jihadist phucks, oh your runing around Germany, raping, killing, assaulting eh. Well we aint low on ammo. Pull that sh..t in my city, me, others, veterans, patriots and cops will liquidate your asses..

        The only president that i recognize, is President Gregory Abbot of the Texas Republic.



        • HCKS. Blowhard! Stop living life behind a keyboard and do something manly….rather than mouthing off in your make believe erectional dysfunctional planet.

          You really are missing something between your legs, little girly boy!

          • Fight…..Fight……Fight……

            • Jerry….jerry….jerry….jerry.

      11. Isn’t that the picture from Acid Etch’s favorite movie -Brokeback Mountain- ???

        I’m pretty certain it is … boy … Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal have really changed!

      12. I’m having trouble with all of this. I don’t know if this is the right time or placed for this, but It has to start somewhere.

        I think that they said this about our Founding Fathers.

        These guys have a right to protest, but because the are armed, and have that RIGHT they are bad. Now if they burn loot and tear down they are worshipped buy the MSM and the Guberment.

        Let see what happens. I said if they are protesting peacefully so be it. If the Guberment comes in with a heavy hand or they use a heavy hand. Then I will pick a side.

        Just heard that, they are cutting the electricity, cell phones, and any food or water coming in. Said that snipers, and drones flying around. There are reports of FBI, and BLM is massing. Unknown if they are true, but it is being reported.

        Let us Pray that nothing happens. If it does my God watch over them.



        • Hmmm I figured they would def. prevent any food/water from coming in but also probably NO MORE back-up…hope you boys have a good number of people, weapons and ammo out there. God Bless! I support you patriots.

        • Hmmm I figured they would def. prevent any food/water from coming in but also probably NO MORE back-up…hope you boys have a good number of people, weapons and ammo out there. God Bless! I support you patriots.

        • “I think that they said this about our Founding Fathers.”

          Sgt. Dale – you are absolutely correct

          The Founders were labeled as terrorist. It shouldn’t be a surprise … considering anyone who is against what a government says or does is deemed a threat.

          A government wants compliant workers, who don’t dispute, question, or argue with Authority. Anything else out of that realm is considered useless to them.

          • You are not comparing the Bundy clan to the founding fathers I hope.

            • Absolutely not Cont Divide – those people have no vision or forethought.

        • With all due respect….

          The government controls its people. We belong to ‘it’. We have been forced to give up our hard earned money to pay for shit we don’t choose; education, food for the welfare seeker, abortion, war, vacations of elite, and on, and on, and on…They take our land, tax us, force health care we don’t want, need or agree with upon us. Our children are brainwashed under their tutelage. It doesn’t take a whole lot of history understanding and study to equate how our government seeks only to enslave and control us. We are more free today than we will be tomorrow, and more tomorrow than the following day and so on and so forth.

          This reminds me of people who wait and hold off on starting a family, business, or marriage because they are waiting for the ‘right’ time. There ain’t never gonna be a ‘right’ time.

          These men have taken a stand, now step to it. No more pussy footing around.

          Again, with all due respect…
          That is enough for me.

        • I read today FBI/BLM don’t want any part of this.

      13. The article title is correct. I don’t believe it. I think it’s BS. I think Ammon Bundy is a liar. He proved it by lying to and misleading people about his intentions, including Stewart Rhodes.

        The basic problem with these guys is they falsely believe that if the constitution doesn’t say it, it doesn’t exist. Is the exclusionary rule, fruits of the poisonous tree, the number of supreme court justices, how congressional districts are drawn, the right to a speedy trial and many, many others found explicitly in the constitution? The answer of course is no. Were the Hammond’s wronged? Absolutely.Do you know who is responsible? YOU ARE. Ammon Bundy IS. I myself am duplicitous to an extent, but I’m not going to compound my mistake by supporting this action. Why? Because we in this nation as a whole, are fat, stupid and lazy. To lazy to vote. To lazy to elect the right people. To lazy ad to cheap to join (insert your favorite constitutional rights or gun rights group or lobby). Why are the Hammond’s in prison? BECAUSE AMERICANS RESPOND TO THE WORD “TERRORISM” LIKE A DOG WHISTLE. WE ALLOWED the law under which the Hammond’s were sentenced to be enacted into law. And not a single damn person here, not you, not Pete Santilli,not Alex Jones, NOBODY is calling for it’s REPEAL. Most of you people reading this won’t even pick up the phone and give your congress critters an earful about Obama’s usurpation of their authority, and YOU RIGHTS that he’s attacking RIGHT NOW. You will just sit their and fume and pound your fists and cheer the Bundy group like so many drunks at a fistfight.

      14. Phuck off Anon, this is a free country the last time i checked. I highly recomend, that you stop having gay sex, and taking dick up your ass. If i knew anyone around you, i would also recomend that your not allowed to go near children. Its seems like i get the point accross. Why should i listen to some piss ass muslim troll working in some fusion center, who leaves work to go home to blow you lovers cock, only to then turn around, bend over and take dick up your ass. Maybe what you meant by calling me a little boy, may mean that you like taking advantage of boys. I think your a pedofile gay child rapist possibly. You should be detained and locked away from society to protect the public from predators like your self. So piss off and eat sh..t. You are probably a black gay guy, or liberal of somekind.

        As for the erectional disfunction. The last time i had my blood testerone checked it was over 690. That explains why i dont get nervous in public around bad people who will try to hurt me or others. And besides i have a girlfriend that is living with me and riding my cock while you are home masterbating to gay porn so phuck off fool.



        Trolls, sometime i have to phucking laugh.

        • Ooh…Gay boy! You sure sound mean when the truth hits home!

          Why do you have to defend your “masculinity” so vigorously? Maybe feelings of homo erotica are creeping into the dark corners of your tiny brain?

          Get back up in your tree, you were more amusing there! Or go and have a drink with your Spetsnatz buddy, Mr Fantasist!

        • Mr HCKS, you really do sound like a sexually repressed homosexual.

          Your constant assertions regarding your masculinity and the statement about your girlfriend “riding your cock” is a sure sign of sexual insecurity/inexperience. No adult male of child reproducing age makes such a play as you do in asserting your masculinity – most heterosexual men just “do it” without constant bragging.

          I suspect that you are a 40 year old virgin and probably still living with your mother. Go back to Bate’s motel.

          • Anon, you can disagree with HCKS all you want, but you’re crossing some lines getting him confused with acid.

            • Well that was fun! Crossing (s)words with ill informed anti Semitic bigots brought up on a diet of Hollywood and comic books!

              Unfortunately, I have to leave the swivel eyed Looney site for a week or so and re-enter the real world.

              Another person for you to hate has left the building!

      15. Once the public opinion war is won they’ll snipe ’em at range with zero hesitation.

        So far they have the Twitter thing going and now the “kids on the compound” thing going. I’m sure they’re going to take that somewhere.

        Three weeks tops.

        Glad (in a weird way) the Hammonds are at least not going to get shot in the face.

      16. Taking over a building in the middle of nowhere is a pointless waste of time unless one is trying to commit suicide by cop. A closed BLM office, really? And to protest an arson conviction? WTF? Yes, starting a forest fire is arson.

        If they are trying to make a point how about a federal courthouse, a Congress mans office or something with some real effect. Besides, the big mistake is thinking that the US government has decision making power any longer, it has been stated by many educated individuals that we slipped into an Oligarchy by the early 90’s. A government for the corporation, by the corporation. They would be better off occupying Haliburton, Boeing or Koch brothers offices.

      17. Can’t say if they’re right or wrong, but I sure as hell admire their guts!

        Just like the Redneck Patriots at Lexington and Concord.

        Before you criticize these Patriots ask yourself this question, “What have I done to protect the Bill of Rights/Constitution?”.

      18. If this instance of state criminal abuse of innocent citizens is not the time for determined peaceful protest, then the timepiece of liberty has stopped.

      19. Candidates for a drone strike if they are not careful.

      20. So what is wrong with Bundy’s face? it looks like he is trying to cut a fart…..

        • Huh … that’s the same look a 3 year old does when he/she is dropping a deuce in their pants!

          Quick … somebody pull his finger!

          • What kind of person would ridicule someone who appears to have had a stroke?

            • 123456. I don’t know if it’s a comparison or ridicule. He does look like he has Bell’s palsy. It will go away. I was going to say he looks like he has one chromosome too many. Stating someone looks like he has Downs isn’t nice but not exactly ridicule. Enough of the jokes, he is not the person we want as the face of the militia.

              • Possibly he got kicked in the head when he was trying to stump break a horse?

              • FTW lol John Steiner

        • Give that man some colloidal silver! Lol

      21. If the Constitution is indeed the focus here, then the problem is the common man/woman/students of American.

        There is very little understanding of what the Constitution is, what’s in it and why it is important to their lives.

        For Americans in general to even begin to understand why these people are making this protest, they have to understand what the Constitution is and why losing it will negatively affect them.

        No one will come to the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom’s aid or their side until Americans at least understand the basics of their “Constitution(al)” Republic.

        Alas, I fear the Bundy’s will grow old waiting for that to happen. However, I admire their effort and pray they WILL NOT draw first blood.

      22. It doesn’t matter What the MSM calls these people. Most of America knows what is what. And we have to stop letting anything MSM says make decisions on what is actually being said and felt by most of the populace. Word is getting out, people are waking up, and watching this incident. That is a gooood thing.
        Keep it in the public’s eyes.

      23. Pete Santilli and other alternative sources are saying that the fbi is trying to shut down the alternative media people who are trying to cover this event in order to get the truth out.


      24. Pete Santilli is also reporting that school has been called off and the fbi is using the public schools up there as a staging area or a command base

      25. A fund or something should be established so that the Feds never get to exercise that right of first refusal they extorted from the Hammonds if they ever have to sell their ranch. A monument, perhaps a statue of a woman holding the torch of Liberty high. They must never get their hands on that ranch whether you feel the Hammonds are right or wrong.

        • A first right of refusal means that if the property is ever sold, it must be sold to the BLM unless they refuse the asking price, then it can be sold to other people.

          • I can understand why people wither at the onslaught. Maybe the real estate agent should demand physical bullion for the land, go full constitutional on them and enjoy the bluster. “What am I bid”?

            • If the BLM wants the ranch, why not just take it under eminent domain?

              • They (BLM/Gov.) are hiding something.

                If eminent domain, don’t they have to prove/provide a reason for the public good?

                • Its uranium for the corporate good.

      26. We are living in a time where any success of resistance against federal government tyranny must begin silently and anonymously.

        The good meaning patriots in Oregon have dug themselves into a siege situation where they have no chance of success. In any battle you have to have the ability to move and successfully rearrange your forces should the neccessity arise.

        The FBI and every other bottom feeding federal tyrant agency in America have the Oregon patriots surveilled and their avenues of escape cut off.

        An example of the warfare which should begin to take place, would be for a small group of 3 or 4 dedicated and able patriots to quietly form hit teams. When the opportunity presents itself begin eliminating the top tyrants in the federal government and work your way down the list.

        No warning, no talk, no explanations are needed. The reality of tyrant dead bodies piling up will explain everything that needs to be known.

        • No disrespect intended A Friend but I think your thought process is a little naïve. Who are these tyrants? The local policeman, county sheriff, state police? County commissioners, city councilmen, state legislatures, governor’s? Who exactly do you think is first on the list?

          If not Oregon where exactly does the movement start? The reasons for what is happening is real. When do you or anyone else intend to get involved? Where is your line? Obviously the Bundy’s found theirs.


      27. this is why we’re all in the shit… none of you retards know the difference between their, there and they’re. don’t know the mother fucking difference between to, too and two. and you’re the “most enlightened” people in society. give me a fucking break. this country is fucking hopeless. i hope you all go out there and get killed for my freedoms so i can sit at home and do jack shit. consider it payback.

        • If you are going to criticize the grammar of others, may I suggest you start your sentences w/a capital letter.

        • Hey … you didn’t proofread your own post! You failed to capitalize letters where it was needed!

          Who’s the fucking retard now?

        • You’re condescending, hypocritical, and lazy. I see a strong future for you w/the Democratic party.

      28. The states and counties have refused to protect their citizens from the Fedcoats, leaving the citizens alone to resist domestic tyranny.

        It’s time for the states to secede, leaving the Fedcoats with their debt and angry creditors.


      29. “Did we give up our lands at Statehood?”
        If it is possible for a State to secede, then essentially the public lands within must belong to the State, and all sovereignty must lie with the people.

        For resources please see:
        American Lands Council .org

      30. The Bundy rancher is a deadbeat who did not pay his grazing fees. It appears the idiot gene runs in the Bundy family. LOL! The one son shure has a crooked face. The reason why they wear those cowboy hats is to keep what little brains they have from excapeing from the holes in their head.

        • You sound like a 10 year old kid. Your comment brought nothing to the conversation. Great job.

          • Thanks glad you liked it. Question do you really think folks like the Bundys are worth dying for?

      31. I read that as well. And don’t doubt it one moment That the Govt thugs said they’d put a bullet in his head.
        i still think if he’d of taken a stand and asked the Bundies, or oathkeepers they’d of helped him stay our of prison.

      32. I’m not sure why I bothered to stop here and read all these comments, but one thing is for sure. You all have a lot of extra time on your hands to solve absolutely nothing. Very entertaining, however. A lot of Blah, blah, blah and hot air. I’m pretty sure none of your comments will do the situation one bit of good. Just like mine, right here. I am ashamed to have even wasted the 20 minutes of my life I just did. But, like I said, you all are entertaining. Like going to the zoo–for free. Thank you.

        • Exactly how I feel! However, if you do have a spare 30 minutes or so it’s great fun (but way too easy) winding up these semi literate bigots/red necks/Jew haters etc! Their first response is to distort history, truth, logic, followed by a tirade of profanity when they are proven wrong.

          Don’t be ashamed, unless you dislike zoos intensely.

          • Right. So much Jew hate in these comments…

      33. it’s hard to figure out the truth in this situation, but one things for sure, they’re doing something. soon we will all get sucked into the morass of idiot leaders in this country taking our fine country down in a fiery ball of flames. hope we stop fighting each other long enough to go after the leaders that took our country down and make sure they can’t do it again to any other nation in any part of this universe.

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