Experts Claim Earth’s Magnetic Poles Overdue To Flip: “Could Cause Chaos In Everything”

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 88 comments

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    Scientists are only just beginning to comprehend the dramatic impact that magnetic fields have on our lives, and indeed all life on earth.

    And now, they fear that the poles are rapidly shifting, and could indeed flip in our lifetimes. A state of constant change, and the potential for drastic shifts, has made airline travel, communications, the electric, satellites and other infrastructure incredibly vulnerable.

    Some of the effects have already been experienced on a low level, and we should take heed of the warnings they give.

    Eerily, the very forces of electromagnetism that are used in communications, physics and other branches of science are also integral to brain function, weather patterns – and importantly, the planet’s exposure to solar radiation. Any major disruptions or alterations in this fabric around earth could undo normalcy and trigger utter chaos and destruction.

    via Daily Mail:

    The alteration in the magnetic field during a reversal will weaken its shielding effect, allowing heightened levels of radiation on and above the Earth’s surface.

    Were this to happen today, the increase in charged particles reaching the Earth would result in increased risks for satellites, aviation, and ground-based electrical infrastructure.

    Geomagnetic storms… give us a foretaste of what we can expect with a weakened magnetic shield.

    In 2003, the so-called Halloween [solar] storm caused local electricity-grid blackouts in Sweden, required the rerouting of flights to avoid communication blackout and radiation risk, and disrupted satellites and communication systems.

    But this storm was minor in comparison […] widespread blackouts could result in economic disruption measuring in tens of billions of dollars a day.

    In terms of life on Earth and the direct impact of a reversal on our species we cannot definitively predict what will happen …


    Indeed, our planet’s history includes at least several hundred global magnetic reversals, where north and south magnetic poles swap places.

    So when’s the next one happening and how will it affect life on Earth?

    No one knows if we will see a “big one” type of solar event in our lifetime, but scientists definitely think it is possible, and the timing doesn’t seem to be fixed at all. Moreover, even lesser events could be making important alterations, and could be driving long term trends – whether detrimental or a complete disaster.

    Reports have flooded in over the past decades of shifting poles, and problems for airplanes and navigation, as well as for GPS and satellite based communications.

    The cracking of the ice in Antarctica, and the threats of global melt are also tied to this phenomenon – rather than the CO2 usage of mankind – and appear to be accelerating with important and potentially grave consequences.

    The importance of the surrounding magnetic field cannot be overstated, but it is certainly far from being fully understood by science or the general public.

    But without it, Earth could not sustain life on the planet. However, with its enveloping regulation of solar radiation and the effect of solar and space events, the inhabitants of Earth can enjoy the positive, life-giving benefits of the sun without being scalded and destroyed by its most harmful effects.

    The delicate balance between the positive and negative aspects of the sun is thanks to the complicated and ever changing magnetic belts around our planet.

    As the Daily Mail summarizes:

    The Earth’s magnetic field surrounds our planet like an invisible force field – protecting life from harmful solar radiation by deflecting charged particles away.

    Far from being constant, this field is continuously changing.

    During a reversal the magnetic field won’t be zero, but will assume a weaker and more complex form.

    It may fall to 10% of the present-day strength and have magnetic poles at the equator or even the simultaneous existence of multiple ‘north’ and ‘south’ magnetic poles.

    Geomagnetic reversals occur a few times every million years on average.

    However, the interval between reversals is very irregular and can range up to tens of millions of years.

    There can also be temporary and incomplete reversals, known as events and excursions, in which the magnetic poles move away from the geographic poles – perhaps even crossing the equator – before returning back to their original locations.

    Of course, it has been three-quarters of a million years since the last full pole shift, and tens of thousands of years since the last temporary shift – which lasted some 250 years.

    Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and other seismic disruptions could take place and enact severe destruction upon the earth – and many scientists believe that this has all been tied to past extinction events on earth.

    There are clearly some major disruptions taking place, but the question is, will we or could we live through the most dramatic parts of such a time?

    More conspiratorial viewpoints additionally believe that the huge levels of electromagnetic energy being produced – and emitted – at the CERN Large Hadron Collider are also making significant contributions to the weakening of the magnetic field.

    There may be a correlation between the artificial manipulation of these forces by man’s scientific endeavors that could affect us long before the roll of the dice of solar-magnetic events ever take place:

    Science is aware that the global magnetic field is changing. It has weakened and astounding 10% or so since the 1800s, and the trend is continuing, and accelerating. CERN may be contributing to these changes and a depletion of our protective layer.

    A weaker magnetic field (and even very weak magnetic fields) can have dramatic effects on human and animal behavior, and of course, weather patterns. Low frequency EMF forces, like those enveloping the planet are very closely associated with altered behavioral affects and brave wave entrainment.

    Even our core beliefs can drift or be pulled, and have been experimentally modified by science – these changes are driven by, what else, magnets. However, many of these changes are so subtle, they could even be taking place right now, or gradually over time.

    So things could get pretty weird, and pretty ugly, if there is any significant flux in the magnetic grid in our lifetime, and recent scientific findings suggest that it is all too possible, and perhaps imminent.

    Of course, this would have a huge bearing on the power grid, which sustains life in modern society.

    It is now well understood that grid down sets a very short time clock for total chaos and descent into madness.

    Get your preps, and be very careful and calculating about your interactions with and dependence upon the modern grid, delivery and supply system, as well as your relative distance to population centers.

    Everything we take for granted today can be undone in a span of time that may as well be nothing more than the blink of an eye.

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      1. It’s true science proves Marxists Globalist heads are exploding!

        • NASA, Livermore labs, the University of Arizona among others have been monitoring the CHANGES in the earth’s mass, gravity, and magnetism for a couple of decades.

          There is currently a MASSIVE magnetic anomaly in the South Atlantic Ocean where Edgar Cayce said the New South Pole would be after the SHIFT.

          Yeah it could happen. 🙂

          • YEAH, DURANGO!! According to Cayce, (catastrophic earth changes)… will start in the south sea. He said there will first be the “breaking up of some conditions in the south sea; then we will know it has begun” (Maybe not exact quote but pretty close). And what is in the south sea? Only Antarctica.

            After that, watch out for catastrophic changes in parts of North/South Carolina and Georgia.

            Also, the (destruction?) of the west coast, the waters of the great lakes will run into Mexico, etc and eventually the shifting of the poles so that where there was ferns there will be the opposite… basically, everything flips.

            • Years ago, read this book which said that in ancient past, pole shifts occurred as a result of large scale crustal displacement.

              Well, if the earth’s pole can shift as a result of large scale crustal displacement, it makes sense the same thing can occur as a result of large scale ICE displacement!!

              Think of a seesaw and some giant person suddenly sits across from a small kid…

              • Also, the arctic is melting as well… ice displacement, then pole shifts…

                • Concerning “breaking up of some conditions in the south sea” (Edgar Cayce quote)…

                  Years ago, I read that scientists were not concerned about Antarctica being affected by climate change because it was such a humungous piece of ice– miles thick in some areas, like a giant freezer!! Then the Larson ice shelf broke off and they realized they were mistaken. At this point, scientists are more worried about Antarctica than the arctic! (It IS being affected by climate change!)

                  What specifically they are worried about is the ice shelves connected to Antarctica that are below water… if these things break off (and they are about to break off).. not sure the result but I read it keeps climate scientists up at night, it will be so catastrophic. It has them peeing in their pants. I figure it will cause a tsunami, taking out the Carolinas and Georgia.

                  • You guys don’t even begin to see the problem; all the maps and compasses will be wrong. Everyone on earth will be LOST!! Ducks won’t know where to go, all the signs that say RTXX North will be wrong. North Dakota will be South of South Dakota! “Oh the Humanity!”

                    • OH MY GOD!! What about The West? Will West Virginia still be findable? Whose side will the Army of Northern Virginia be on?

        • Earth’s Magnetic Poles Overdue To Flip

          “Flip” is such a derogatory racist word, like “chink”, “spic”, and “nigger”. I’m so offended. Can I go burn cars in the street and riot now? Where can I get my therapy puppies and play-dough?


          I’m so disgusted with this liberal tantrum shit.

          • Sorry BlackMoe!

            As predicted, there is now a severe shortage of puppies, and play-dough. The puppies have all been eaten by the f+#=ing leftist rioters, and they have used all the play-dough to make giant dill for themselves.

            Things are going to get REALLY ugly!!

        • WE’RE All going to die….
          That is the message they are sending us.
          Scare the weak minded and help build a consensus that we need more government control of the internet AND our lives.

          • No, it could help scramble your eggs for you while still in the shell. 🙂

          • So “Climate Change” has a new name? Instead of a carbon tax do we now pay the gooberment a new “Magnets, How Do They Work” tax?

      2. If it does there is nothing I can do about it. I have my preps and will use them if the Lord leaves me here on earth.

        • Sgt. Dale,
          poles are moving and appears to be moving faster now, IF or when it happens, the question is how destructive will it be, some say extreme, mass loss of life, others say not so much. From reports and supposedly scientific data shows that certain areas ( around oceans ) will be the worst, but from my reading of those items, it is a very nasty happening and will not be many survivors compared to current pop. all we can do is stay ready and see what happens, sure as H–l cannot stop it.

          • Provide more detail, please, on what you have read, with links. Thanks, good post. And Sgt, you are right: as the old Swedish proverb goes, “pray, and row to shore” (i.e, do both).

            And as a “pubic service announcement” :-), some proof below that, as Talleyrand said about the Bourbons around the time of the French revolution, “they learned nothing and they forgot nothing” is STILL applicable to the willfully ignorant leftists today:

            1) “The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits.” — Plutarch

            2) “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.” — Aristotle

            3) “Justice means minding one’s own business and not meddling with other men’s concerns.” — Plato

            4) “Toil is no source of shame; idleness is shame.” — Hesiod

            5) “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.” – Plato (Hilary, Obama buddy Jon Corzine – you listening?)

            6) “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” — Aesop (Hilary… listening yet???)

            7) “Knowledge becomes evil if the aim be not virtuous.” — Plato

            8) “This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.” — Plato (on the nanny state)

            9) “Those who have virtue always in their mouths, and neglect it in practice, are like a harp, which emits a sound pleasing to others, while itself is insensible of the music.” — Diogenes (on the Hollywierd Learjet leftists)

            10) “We regard wealth as something to be properly used, rather than as something to boast about. As for poverty, no one need be ashamed to admit it: the real shame is in not taking practical measures to escape from it.” — Pericles (boy… he SURE hasn’t been around for the leftist welfare kleptocracy, has he!!)

            11) “Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms.” — Aristotle… which will happen, unless we aggressively fight this)

            12) “The curse of me and my nation is that we always think things can be bettered by immediate action of some sort, any sort rather than no sort.” — Plato (this is the world of the leftist big government!)

            13) “Society is well governed when its people obey the magistrates, and the magistrates obey the law.” – Solon (Again, Hilary – you listening?)

            14) “A system of morality which is based on relative emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true.” — Socrates (think the faux “caring” leftists.

            • there are lots of articles with solid information on the net, most of the stuff i have researched has been over the last 7 years. here is one i kept from 2011, i would have to go back and look for more, the harder ones to get are the discussions between scientists as to the potential threat or not a threat. I will look and see what else in have, I am not at home now and won’t be for a week or two and that stuff is on thumb drives at the house.


              take the space out between the / and the m, and the link will work, If i put it in complete then it will get moderated for several hours on this site

              • Article states “At the current direction, the magnetic north pole is heading directly towards Russia.”

                Leftists and the rent-a-protesters hired by Geo. Soros are now apparently claiming Putin hacked the poles I hear.

              • I follow BP Earthwatch on you tube, he has been studying earths weather and the space weather for 30 years, we have been discussing just this on his page there, I was surprised the writer here mentioned Cern, BP has been talking about Cern and its effects on our magneto sphere a long time now. check it out, the comments there are funny too once in awhile. Its definitely a more conservative site tho, but I like that, when we are discussing end time scenarios and the like! But he studies all the earth events, from hurricaines to Volcanoes and Solar energy and cosmic radiation which has been entering our planet, and he explains the why and how, with charts and graphs, most of which are out there, you just have to understand what it all means and he explins it very well.

              • Sorry Apache – that was me above. When I posted, I was thinking about your name, and mistakenly put in your pen name instead of mine.

          • Will GOD punish ALL on Earth…I say YES

            • except me. I have a hallway pass.

          • We’re going to float out into space because there is no gravity?
            The Sun is going to burn us to death?
            We won’t have any oxygen to breath?
            This has happened in the past and there is NO mention of said effect – probably because (way back then) people had no concept of the earth being a sphere and the fact that we travel around the Sun instead of the other way around.

        • Sgt. Dale,

          May the Lord bless you during the pole crisis, if there is one. However, I believe all we need to do is send all the Libtards to the negative pole to keep it stable. There is nothing higher than Libtard negativity…

          • Well Sarge, seems we’ve now got to worry about pole flips. I saw that one time in a ‘gentleman’s club’ … this behemoth of a lady actually tried to turn upside down on the stage support and well,…. it flipped. Surprised you didn’t hear it way out to wherever you are!!

            I like to flip pancakes on occasion too. I wonder if the poles flip if that means my skillet will too?

          • Rabbitone,
            that humor was great! needed that today! always good to laugh when you can!!
            on the other side it was also TRUE!!!LOL

          • Shocking no Pollack jokes have come up.

            Sorry, Apache, put in your name without thinking for my nom de plume above. Apologies.

          • Rodger Dodger to that sentiment good buddy.

      3. I thought the “flat-earthers” claim that there are no magnetics…its all part of the grand scheme lie of the illuminati.

      4. It is a fact that the magnetic shield is weak and there is going to be a shift sometime. You can get something to put over your box springs which help you sleep more soundly. I believe it is a magnetic piece. Jeff Rense (Rense Radio) advertises one that he uses. If you have some extra cash, it may help.


      5. An expert is someone who experiences things over and over so many times that they understand the actual event by heart.

        How many times have the poles reversed themselves in these “experts” lifetimes?

        Sorry, I have to call bullshit on these people who call themselves experts.

        • California Resident:

          Before calling something bs, do a google search. There is an explanation of the phenomenon from NASA.

          Doctors don’t experience disease, but they read about it so that even if they have never seen a case because it is rare, they will be better able to recognize and diagnose.

          There is a record in rocks that informs scientists. The “experts” are scientists whose field is in paleomagnetism and related fields.


      6. Yep. I can feel it now as I spin like “Taz” the Tasmainian Devil.

      7. The earths magnetic poles shifted 4 degrees, in 1934, as analyzed and predicted by scientists at the time. It will happen again, for good or ill, and we will still be in G*ds hands, just like we’ve always been. Relax, and gird up your loins. Tomorrow belongs to him who can handle it.

      8. If this happens Chuckie Schumer will blame Trump, yawn!

      9. Think of the opportunity to open a compass repair business….all those North needles pointing 180 out !

      10. According to the ancient text of all major religions this has happened before, that it’s cyclic and that are in counter rotation with a binary twin, siris our close encounter, every 5000 years, causes havoc.

        For a visual explanation, watch the first 12 minutes of “as above so below part 1” on youtube.

        Much of the religions text is actually nothing more than astronomical observations of events past, intended to warn us in the future, and refer these crossings or encounters as a culling or harvesting of souls, etc.

        Apparently these text are not exact as the time of the events, such as the Mayan calendar, which, due to a calculation error, is off by 8 years and the end times begin in 2020.

        You can also seek out Ken McClellan’s channel on Youtube where he breaks down all the religious text into a succinct explanation of what warnings are.

        If any of this is true, our priorities will change.

      11. “The cracking of the ice in Antarctica, and the threats of global melt are also tied to this phenomenon – rather than the CO2 usage of mankind – and appear to be accelerating with important and potentially grave consequences”.

        What’s happening is that the poles are melting (Arctic and Antarctica) BECAUSE OF global warming– obviously!! (Heat causes ice to melt, not pole shift!)

        When the poles are sufficiently melted (that is, a major shift in ice levels)– THIS will cause the shifting of the poles… like, for example, when you have a huge boulder on one end of something and a small object on the other end, a shift occurs…think about it: shifts in tons of ice will cause the shifting of the poles..

        Edgar Cayce predicted the shifting of the poles but only after other catastrophic occurrences– the inundation of the east coast, west coast destruction, etc.

        • oh..edgar cayce…yeah was wondering when he’d get trotted out…LAME…NEXT!!

          • Oh yeah…he’s out there…..

      12. In prehistoric time, there was the shifting of the poles after enormous displacements in earth’s crustal… think about it: if it could occur due to earth’s crustal displacement, then likewise, it could occur due to enormous ice displacement.

      13. And the ice displacement WILL come about when enough of the ice in Antarctica breaks off… Or in the Arctic, but most likely Antarctica… that sucker is HUGE– miles thick in some parts!!

        • Looks like you have been hanging out under some bull’s arse because you are full of it…

          The south pole is located on antartica, a land mass that is above sea level. If the ice was “miles thick” that would make it the highest point of earth.

          • The ice on average in Antarctica is more than a mile thick. And in some spots, thicker. Close enough for government work … and SHTF Plan. 🙂

          • Mount Everest is over 5 miles high. So yes, ice can be miles thick. The average in Antarctica is over a mile.

            • The ice below sea-level is a don’t-care because ice occupies more space than the water that made the ice. When it melts it will occupy less space. (Seems like this would cause sea-levels to drop when this ice melts)

              An iceberg is is essentially a boat. The total weight of the iceberg is displacing the same amount of water (by weight). (Seems like this will have zero effect of sea-levels when an iceberg melts)

              So the only ice melting that will have any significant change to sea-levels, would be ice on land above sea-level.

              I have never seen an abandoned glass of soda overflow the brimm just because all the ice melted but I have definitely encountered beer bottles that burst because they froze.

              The “global warming will make sea-levels rise” is nothing but fear-porn and that seems to be what attracts people to this site.

        • Antarctica is an impenetrable ring of ice. It will never “break off”. It is so vast no one has ever crossed it and no one ever will.

      14. Have any airport main runway numbers been changed due to compass variation?

        • No, those are numbered and stay that way. Nearest ten degrees, anyway, for brevity.

        • there have been several runways that had there numbers changed BECAUSE, the poles have moved enough that the numbers do NOT match up,I don’t remember the specific ones, but they are on google.

        • Actually, yes. Within the past five years runway designations have shifted by ten degrees as the magnetic center has moved slightly west.

          That is far from a ‘polar flip,’ however. A portion of the change (from years earlier) is due to an increased ability to measure direction accurately. More recently, it is due to the movement of magnetic north westwardly.

          This is largely fear porn, and while I like SHTF web site, this stuff is getting old. Yes, things do (and will continue to) happen. And yes (for Christians especially) the Bible reveals some terrible things will happen the nearer we come to Christ’s return and ‘the end of the age.’ However, I hope we can be spiritually prepared, and somewhat physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared for what is coming. Jesus told his disciples that, ‘when all these things begin to happen, stand straight and look up, for your salvation is near!” (Lk21:28, NLT).

          Blessings, look up, and rejoice.

          Son of Liberty

          • The magnetic poles “flip” on average every 200,000 years. That info is locked in the rocks the world over. The last “flip” was over 740,000 years ago, according to science.

            I know. I was there. 🙂 🙂

            • D K,
              and I thought i was old!!! LOL

              • At 54 you’re just a kid. 🙂

      15. I suppose the magnetic shifts were caused by too much methane emitted by farting dinosaurs or farting mastodons, and since they are extinct then so too are we doomed by farting cows and farting humans! If gators and sharks and cockroaches made it through the last changes, I’ll take my chances!

      16. FUCK! If it ain’t one thing it’s something else trying to kill me.


      17. I’ve been reading about dire imminent economic collapses for the past several years, some of them saying we’d be in mad max scenarios within weeks. Then add the predictions of massive invasions of Chinese armies, global Ebola pandemics, nulclear war, civil war, CERN generated black holes swallowing Earth, asteroid strikes, even mass beheadings by guillotines in FEMA camps. Apparently, none of these panned out yet. We are running out of catastrophes, I guess a pole shift was next.
        Unfortunately, it seems some believe it, and even worse, some want it to really happen. The above article states “experts claim poles overdue to flip”; there is not a single reference in the written article who these experts are, the article simply cannot be verified. One can google a million opposing expert opinions, but no doubt every one of them are conspiring to hide it from the public. Yes, bad things happen, but good grief exercise some critical thinking skills.

      18. Remember what I told you guys about what I was told. When I hear what I need to hear, I wont even warn anyone on this site. You just going not see me posting and that’s when you know that shtf is about to commense.
        Nibiru is real, its all real, its responsible, not just the sun that’s causing the problem. the earth has had many mass extinctions. We are heading for another on between now and 2025. No need to worry single preppers, the women will be coming at you and you will have literally 1,000’s to choose from. 99% of women in Houston have no preps, and have husbands who are out right irresponsible idiots who do not prep. Security in a big house and porche, I am litearlly laughing at these useless idiots.


        • Nibiru IS real. By my rough calculations (which I have posted here several times based upon the 1983 sighting and disclosure) the real time line appears to be about 2030 when it makes it’s pass.

          It will likely be visible and disruptive long before that. AND it could, COULD be the catalyst to CHANGE one of the gas planets into a “Blue Star”. (My speculation.) You heard that here first.

          AKA, the Blue Kachina of Hopi legend. 🙂

        • I remember a few months back you whined about not posting anymore and for us all to go to hell.

          Soooooo you’re gonna do it again?

          Ok, see ya when you cave again next time……thanks man.

      19. Earth changes and of course threats from the Cosmos are sometimes left out when considering SHTF.

        I assure each and everyone of you earth changes and threats from the Cosmos will take their appropriate places in our prepping plans, especially in bug out plans.

        I think we really need to consider the fact that reports of skin cancer will increase and that those products that prevent/treat sunburn should become prepping items as sunglasses,boonie hats,beach hats, and long sleeve garments.

      20. I’ve read a ton of books in my life,but the two best books I’ve ever read were about magnetic reversals/extinction events/ice ages. The books are both written by Robert Felix: “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps” and “Not by Fire but by Ice”. Great books, easy to understand and hard to put them down.

      21. Nibiru is plausible. I am still skeptical. I haven’t seen any real proof. But I think something is up with the planet. I know the climate change isn’t caused by mans activities and man cant mitigate it. And Lastly No person or group has the authority to dictiate just what the supposed normial or optimal climate should be.

        • Did you know Earth has at least one other moon named “Cruithne”.

          It was only discovered a few years ago.

          There are also other near earth asteroids that periodically switch between a solar and a temporary earth orbit.

          There’s lots of stuff in space to dirty and dark to be visible. Cruithne has a wild orbit, and is really tough to track. The best Telescopes see only a few pixels of light from it.

          Point is, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

          As for Nibiru, NASA has started writing papers in it. Information can be found on the web. There are no pictures, but tracking and analysis of outer planet orbits says there is something big there affecting them.

      22. Our flat Earth has only “one” Pole (North). It is Cern creating the climactic chaos. By distorting the boundaries between Dimensions. Nibiru? Nibiru better have one narly set of tools. Because there’s gonna be a friggin mess by the time it gets here! “In like manner, the scientific rulers will provide one kind of education for ordinary men and women, and another for those who are to become holders of scientific power. Ordinary men and women will be expected to be docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless, and contented. Of these qualities, probably contentment will be considered the most important. In order to produce it, all the researches of psycho-analysis, behaviourism, and biochemistry will be brought into play…. All the boys and girls will learn from an early age to be what is called ‘co-operative,’ i.e., to do exactly what everybody is doing. Initiative will be discouraged in these children, and insubordination, without being punished, will be scientifically trained out of them.”

        “Except for the one matter of loyalty to the World State and to their own order, members of the governing class will be encouraged to be adventurous and full of initiative….”

        “On those rare occasions, when a boy or girl who has passed the age at which it is usual to determine social status shows such marked ability as to seem the intellectual equal of the rulers, a difficult situation will arise, requiring serious consideration. If the youth is content to abandon his previous associates and to throw in his lot whole-heartedly with the rulers, he may, after suitable tests, be promoted, but if he shows any regrettable solidarity with his previous associates, the rulers will reluctantly conclude that there is nothing to be done with him except to send him to the lethal chamber before his ill-disciplined intelligence has had time to spread revolt. This will be a painful duty to the rulers, but I think they will not shrink from performing it.”

        — Bertrand Russell, “The Scientific Outlook”, 1931

      23. Hello,
        Hope all is well.
        I’ve posted this before but had no comments or replys.
        Check out
        suspicious0bservers. Org
        That’s a zero in observers and remove the space after the dot. 🙂
        This guy is brilliant. He and another fellow made a correlation between solar activity and earthquakes. Very accurate predictions. They just released the disaster prediction app.
        Anyways on the website there is a lot of info on the earth’s magnetic shield and more importantly pole reversal. There is undeniable proof that the poles flip every few thousand years. They have also correlated mass extinction events with these pole reversals and explain that the majority of oxygen escapes during the reversal.
        Pretty scary stuff and it’s real and will likely happen in the next decade. I teach workshops on solar PV across the country and recently had a student that did his thesis on pole shift and reversal and he said it’s all true.
        If it happens we’re in a lot of trouble I think.
        Get prepared spiritually! Life is temporary, eternity is forever. Jesus saves!
        SolarGuy out

      24. There are a lot of plausible reasons for a shift. Whatever the real reason, the ancients have warned us in their text and have used the position of the stars as a reliable means to predict the beginning of the next cycle. Which explains their preoccupation with building structures on earth to point to and map out the next occurrence.

        Apparently we are in the beginning of the next cycle, with the earliest start at 2010, for “seven years of plenty” (stack and prep time). Followed by 7 years of famine, or “hollow husks” according to what the Egyptians experienced. They were ready from warnings of the previous cycle.

        As a rule of thumb for a crustal ship, such a knock will incur an 800 ft Tsunami, followed by 640 ft sea levels. Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to consider the nearest hill that’s higher as a bug out location. Also, expect a grid down at that, or certainly after, it will be all you can physically carry if you don’t bury.

      25. I have a compass AND A BOTTLE OF WHITE OUT! I’ll rule the world after the poles shift.

        Cue the evil laugh hahahahhhhhhbhbbrrrp!

      26. WHO CARES you going to live forever? Enjoy your life and not is paranoia.

      27. Here’s novel idea…Let me know what y’all think, ok?:
        So, how about we leave things that are NOT in our control and wait to see what actually does happen. The fear mongering that Preppers are ALWAYS accused of are actually tools of the tyrants, marxist and nazis of the world…
        All I want is for them to leave me the fuck alone.

        • agreed.

        • There’s nothing wrong with being prepared. The trick is not to allow the baggage of fear to both cloud your judgement and force you down an intended path.

          “We often give our enemies the means of our own destruction.” – AESOP, Fables

          “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;” – Shakespeare (or was it Sir Francis Bacon)?

      28. FEAR PORN ALERT…

      29. There’s no actual evidence for anything said in this article. There’s no EVIDENCE that poles have ever flipped. If you know anything about geomagnetic restriction, there can NOT *BE* any evidence to support theories of magnetic flipping that supposedly occurred 10’s of thousands of years ago.
        It’s pretty funny though, I used this entire concept for the background of my Sci-fi novella I wrote. (Well, I never completed it, stopped about halfway through)
        This is a hoax, just like the “Global Ice age imminent” back in the 80’s and “OMG Global warming will kill us all” of the 90’s and 00’s. Now it’s “Global climate change”… let’s make it INCREDIBLY vague since there is *absolutely* no evidence to support any of it.
        And please, can you tell me Carbon Monoxide stopped being the planet killer and became Carbon Dioxide? Neither one could possibly be true for various reasons.
        (P.S. I made that part up about Geomagnetic Restriction to prove a point… use big words in an authoritative manner and you can convince almost anyone of almost anything.)
        A great deal of “Widely accepted scientific ‘fact'” is not only NOT facts, but are complete speculation with *NO* evidence said in an Authoritative manner over and over so that people believe that they always have been fact. Think ‘old wives tales’ on a global level. Or “It’s a fact that the Earth is flat, and if you go far enough you’ll fall off the edge”. Before you go believing what people are saying as facts: Think! Can they *possibly* even measure, observe, or test to see if this is true? Theory of relativity? Nope Magnetic poles flipping millions of years ago? Nope.
        If they can’t POSSIBLY have evidence: It’s *WILD* speculation.

        • M,
          sorry but you need to go back to school. LOTS of evidence that it DOES and HAS occurred several times, now calculating accurate dates IS questionable, BUT the facts are there it will happen again and the only question will be is HOW destructive will it be!!

        • Pole shift evidence is geologic.

          When volcanic flows cool some elements become aligned magnetically by the earths magnetic field. Once cooled that magnetic orientation is locked in.

          By looking at the magnetic orientation of layered rock from volcanic deposits, the direction and strength of the earth’s magnetic field can be determined over long periods of geological history.

        • Proof abounds that planet (as in “plane”) Earth is flat. We tried and tried to confirm the lie that Earth is a spinning ball, and we could not. Earth is flat! 🙂

      30. I am going to be rescued by the BEOVIANS and taken to BEOVIE
        Riley Martin was there.

      31. The poles finally shift in 3917. (1900 years from now) That’s would be soon or imminent in the the worlds timeclock. And why are we talking about it, or worried. Nothing here. Move On please.!!!!

      32. FYI: The magnetic poles are created by the faster rotation of the earth’s core (which is believed to be in and of itself a magnetic material). For the poles to flip, the core would have to stop… and magically start going the opposite rotation.
        Weakening of the magnetic fields would only imply that the core is slowing down… which makes sense… as there’s this thing called Friction.

        Nothing else would have any effect of them. And magnetic fields wouldn’t have no effect on radiation… Why would it? Radiation aren’t even particles, and even if they were, they wouldn’t be magnetic particles. The protection from radiation comes from our atmosphere, not magnetic fields.

        • It is known the Earth’s core generates more heat than the Earth gets from the sun.

          There is a school of thought that the heaviest elements have collected in the core, including radioactive ones and it is one freaking huge nuclear reactor. It’s so hot the core is a highly compressed plasma neither solid, liquid or gas. That means it’s highly charged. As a charged object rotates it produces a magnetic field. The magnetic field acts as a break, slowing the core, which may tend to oscillate elasticlly like the balance wheel in a watch. When it goes one way it’s N/S and the other way the poles shift S/N. It’s all a natural cycle.

      33. There is silver lining to the “end of the world” scenarios. The “to-do” lists that keep growing and growing no matter how hard you try, will cease to be relevant. Your hair is falling out. Your middle keeps growing. You are having trouble getting sexually aroused. While the world is ending, think about all of this, relax, and smile. What else can you do? You just can’t prepare for some scenarios. Hopefully, there will be some cold beer or ice cream in the fridge.

        • You’re onto something there Brian, the day the SHTF, I get to tear up the wife’s honey-do list!

          I’ll really miss gun shows though.

      34. Somehow, Al Gore is going to try to make a couple of $billion off of this.

      35. Solar Guy welcome to the SHITHITTHEFAN.COM Good to see someone else educating the shtf masses on what’s pending.

        People on here don’t know about all the mass extinctions that have happened in the past 5 billion years. Mass extinction is nature by nature. aliens of a Type @ civilization learned ions ago to find solar systems that are hospitable to survive them. They are farmers and preppers that are advanced, just like how we prep and reposition, they do the same thing, solar system solar system wide, gallatic wide.


        When it hits, it hits.

      36. Could happen tonight, could happen 10 lifetimes from now. Maybe never.

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