Experts Admit Conspiracy Theorists Right About Rigged Stock Market: “The Dirty Secret Is Out”

by | Mar 28, 2015 | Commodities, Headline News | 85 comments

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    Are there really secret manipulations of the economy going on in the shadows of Wall Street and Washington?

    Do bears crap in the woods?

    The NY Post’s controversial columnist John Crudele has thrown down the gauntlet, declaring that the market is rigged. And not only does everyone know it, but it is now being admitted.

    The stock market is rigged.

    When I started making that claim years ago — and provided solid evidence — people scoffed. Some called it a conspiracy theory, tinfoil hats and that sort of stuff. Most people just ignored me.

    But that’s not happening anymore. The dirty secret is out.

    Ed Yardeni, a longtime Wall Street guru who isn’t one of the clowns of the bunch, said flat out last week that the market was being propped up. “These markets are all rigged, and I don’t say that critically. I just say that factually,” he asserted on CNBC.

    Yardeni’s claim is the most basic one: that the Federal Reserve won’t do anything that will upset Wall Street and, in fact, is doing all it can to help the stock market.

    So the Federal Reserve is propping up Wall Street, and the economy by extension, not only by issuing free money through QE3, but buying up bonds and shares as well.

    This form of manipulation extends globally, with many other central banks propping up the market, and even the U.S. government… as a means of covert proxy investment:

    The Bank of Japan — and other central bankers around the world — could easily be purchasing shares of American companies to help out the US stock market.

    And Japan could even be doing it with the blessing of Washington, which is afraid any direct intervention in equities on its part would be discovered by nosy people like me.

    Last fall, we learned that one American exchange has made intervention in — rigging — foreign governments easier and cheaper to accomplish. In October, it emerged that CME Group, the Chicago exchange that trades options and commodities, had an incentive program under which foreign central banks could buy stock market derivatives like the Standard & Poor’s futures contracts at a discount.

    According to Crudele, Japan is encouraging its private sector engage in the shadow market boosting as well – you know, for the greater good.

    That’s called rigging the market for a higher purpose, or hoping people who can afford to invest in stocks will make lots of money and spend it.

    Underneath it all, the market rigging creates unfair advantage by operating under false pretenses:

    The bigger problem is this: If stock prices are artificially inflated, nobody can tell what a company is really worth.”

    Recently, SHTF reported that former SEC director John Ramsay also admitted the market is rigged, stating “Today’s rules have been crafted to the benefit of insiders.”

    The same article cited an author following the manipulations of Wall Street:

    “The market is rigged against retail investors, has questioned the tactics involved in using algorithms to buy and sell shares in fractions of a second.”

    Of course, if we listened to comedians instead of experts, we would have known that long ago.

    The late George Carlin said it better than anyone probably could: “The game is rigged!”


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      1. Hurray, Now we feel safe when buying stock. The FED is backing the stock market AND the U.S. Government!! What more can we ask for?

        • I have a lot of fed notes invested in the stock market! Stocks of food, ammo, solar, metals, comms, land, etc. Who says buying stocks is stupid??? 😛

          • Finally The “Very Serious People” Get It: QE Will “Permanently Impair Living Standards For Generations To Come”

            “In the long run classical economics would tell us that the pricing distortions created by the current global regimes of QE will lead to a suboptimal allocation of capital and investment, which will result in lower output and lower standards of living over time.

            In fact, although U.S. equity prices are setting record highs, real median household incomes are 9 percent lower than 1999 highs.

            The report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch plainly supports the conclusion that QE and the associated currency depreciation is not leading to higher global output.

            The cost of QE is greater than the income lost to savers and investors.

            The long-term consequence of the new monetary orthodoxy is likely to PERMANENTLY impair living standards for generations to come while creating a false illusion of reviving prosperity.”


        • I told you so.


            • Who’s the moon-faced dude in the video?

        • Why get angry at the criminals. It is the way of the world. The human race does not deserve to survive.

      2. This is another one of those things that the only thing surprising about it is that anyone is actually surprised.

        • Sharon

          In essence what we have is a national if not global Stockholm syndrome. The power over the system is so omnipotent that the masses cope by ignoring its existence.

          • look at it another way; If nobody is concerned, where are 30-50 Billion rds of ammo and 9 million new guns going each year? Any possibility that’s what has Homeland Assholes worried?

        • welllllll since the SEC & CFTC cant do anyyyyyyyy thing about the manipulation

          I guess we dont need to fund these useless government agency’s. So close them down & save the tax payer’s some money.

        • Exactly. Those who invest in the market and others who don’t but read the news once in a while, have known about the fed’s policy for a very long time. Many, if not most, of the commenters here seem to think that someone admitted that all trades are rigged or the market is rigged intentionally against the smaller investor. All that has been admitted is that the fed is taking the reaction of the U.S. stock market into account when it considers whether to raise interest rates. Keeping those rates low has allowed many of us to at least temporarily obtain a very good return on our money. Watch CNBC once in a while and you’ll see the conversation go toward the Federal Reserve often – it seems like it’s at least once an hour or more. Where is the news here? The reason the people who read this column are surprised is that they don’t pay attention to anyone but other conspiracy and hate America nuts. As soon as one writes a column like this they don’t even bother to read the whole thing and they mistakenly believe someone has gotten a scoop when in fact this is very old news.

      3. What we all concluded about the market some time ago, the “experts” are finally waking up to the conspiracy “facts”.

        “Daddy, why am I moving around in circles? Shut up kid or I’ll nail the other foot.”

        • good one

      4. Invest in sound tangible assets, gold, guns, and ammo lots of ammo!!!! besides the return is much greater!!!

        • Best advice, and the government hates it.

        • Food is the most crucial asset when speaking in terms of quantity. In war ravaged area’s, food is hard or impossible to come by. Guns can be picked up off the enemy, food not so much. Stock a deep pantry, an army runs on it’s stomach.

          • An army ‘MARCHES’ on its stomach.

        • Right. Tell me though: how much would the $600,000 I bought in equities 3 years ago be worth today if I had bought gold, guns and ammo instead of stock mutual funds and a few stocks including Apple and several health and biotech companies? My $600K has doubled to $1.2M in three years by buying equities. Three years ago gold was trading at around $1,700 an ounce and today it’s trading at $1,183. My $600K, if I had bought gold instead of stocks, would be worth about $417,500 today. My equities are worth more than $1.2M. I would have flushed almost $800,000 down the toilet if I took your advice. Now that I’m very close to retiring, I have taken about half of that money out of the “rigged” stock market and put it into fixed assets so I can’t lose it in the market. My wife and I, with our Social Security, her 401K and IRA and my investments are about to live like rich people and neither of us have a college degree and neither of us ever made more than $50,000 in a year ever. Not even our best year. Now tell me how nobody can make it and it’s all rigged and it’s all for the 1% or 10% or whatever your bullshit theory says today. As long as it sounds good to you, you’ll believe it, especially if it says that the U.S. sucks and we are all doomed. Keep your financial advice to yourself. Don’t influence anyone about money because you know nothing and your advice is asinine and will keep the poor poor. Take a look at the guys selling gold. Are they buying or selling? Wouldn’t you be better off doing what they’re doing?

      5. Please tell me something I did not know…
        Oh well If money in bank, your screwed…
        Money in the stock market, your screwed….
        Money in your mattress, your screwed….
        Well hells bells!!! I thought at this age I would not be getting very much SEX. I was wrong!;-}
        I guess I will invest in Beans, bullets, guns, band aids, water and silver. And maybe Viagra!;-}
        S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

        • NR, getting a piece of ass, and getting it IN the ass are two very different things. But I understand what you’re saying—I don’t remember getting screwed this much, since I was in my 20’s…

          • Sixpack:
            Your Right!!!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

          • And then people wonder why i am adopting such a cynical militant stance on this crap,,,

            • Kula:
              I don’t wonder, Hell I been getting ready sense the late 70’s
              S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

      6. Don’t wear yer arm out Reb lol. (had to say it) 🙂

        • Genius:
          I understand all in fun!;-}
          You got me!;-}
          S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

      7. They at least used to make a pretence of covering up their disgraceful activity; now they don’t care who knows, such is their contempt for the untermenschen. They will carry on hoovering up the scoff until the final moments when the trough is finally whisked away – just hope I’m around to see it.

        • My wife broke two vertebra at work while employed by Chrysler. She got workmen’s compensation but because they were so big (too big to fail) they were self insured. Chrysler went bankrupt and the workmen’s comp ceased because its broke. The state does not back it up.

          Yep, right out of the 1930s. We’re walking backwards.

        • workmans comp has been down graded for a long time now. it used to pay pretty well if you got injured on the job, but that went out years ago, yes it still pays some ,but NOTHING like it did in years past, and I have NEVER drawn it just been involved with how it did pay versus what it does now, YUP we the people have been on a long roller coaster ride to the bottom for a long time now!! WE need to take our country back!

          • I’m not on Comp, never have been, but I know dozens of people who are living large on workmens comp. around here many cops, firemen go out on comp a few weeks before retirement because it pays more. I know others who are getting disability and there’s nothing wrong with them, they’re nothing but pot heads. the ones who are not beating the system with comp are shacked up with some girl and has 2-3 kids with her and she gets welfare, food stamps, HEAP and her rent and car paid for while he deals drugs on the corner in town.

      8. I’m too poor to have stocks I live week to week and save my money. I want the market to crash I’m jumping up and down when the Dow falls 300 points. Yes I’m nuts but I do want the system to fail. I don’t have anything to lose. I’m ready to do the survival thing the warm weather is around the corner I can hold out. I don’t participate in the consumerism like others do sure we all consume but some are more dependent on the store being open. I could care less really I’m not dependent on meds just need food and water which I have covered. Oh I want a pay raise when it goes down or I’m quitting seriously I’m a local truck driver and the industry is short handed when shtf happens they are gonna have to bend to demands or the public will not have a supply chain. I don’t care I hoarded and saved and I feel I can hold out as long as it takes. I’m not a dick just want better compensation and will use any leverage I can I’d suggest all commercial drivers do the same hold out and don’t come to work. Everything is moved in a truck period. Think about if walmarts drivers didn’t show up to work for a few days. Those shelves would have no food on them. Me I don’t care if others eat. The writing is in the wall it is going down and you had better have food in your house. Drivers are gonna stay home with their family’s till shit is sorted out it could be a while. Don’t be stupid buy the things you need to hold out and survive you think Uncle Sam is gonna force drivers to work I got news for you. The only reason I haul goods and materials is because of the$ . I have no interest in the community’s issues. I’m telling people that they need to have what they need or suffer.

        • I hear ya

        • You contradict yourself when you say you want the market to crash and your companies to fail and when that happens you want a pay raise. Where do you think the money comes from? If they fail, not only will you not get a raise, they may not be able to pay you. Truly you wrote a dumb comment.

      9. Don’t burn your dollars yet,toilet paper is expected to become rare…pick your denomination.

      10. Don’t burn your dollars yet,toilet paper is expected to become rare…pick your denomination.

        • Oh my…a twofer!

          • Two for the price of one. What a bargain.

      11. The Stock Market has always been rigged. It’s just more obvious now than before. The best thing any sensible person could do is stay away from the Stock Market and leave it to professional gamblers to make or lose money at their pleasure.

      12. Please pass the Preparation “H”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        It looks like we are getting screwed no matter which way you turn.
        The stocks I invest in is Beans, Bullets, Band aids, and you know the rest.
        I wouldn’t put my money in the Bank or the Stock market. To day I think it is foolish to do so.
        IF IT ISN’T IN YOUR HAND YOU DON’T HAVE IT. Just that simple.

        • Live stock s

      13. My father said back in the 1960s that the stock market was fixed. The rich people say “market’s going up” and poor people put money in. Then the rich people say “market’s going down” and the people take money out, losing most of it in the process.

        • Archivist there is an old saying. “Everybody gets their ice, the rich man gets it in the summer, and the poor man gets it in the winter” So see everything works out in the end. Trekker Out.


        knowing the truth is half the battle.

        knowing you can’t change things because TPTB the powers that be wont allow you to change them and will go so far as to to even kill you and your family if you expose them or do try is a quarter of the battle.

        excepting ones place in societies great nwo international zio-jew neocon banker theater , and learning to get along then go along to be able to be a earner , have a family , be a good lil’ zog tax debt slave in the last quarter of life’s battle.

        * the trick of it is to simply not be the highest nail sticking up.

        • Hello digs. You’re right, keeping your head down is a good strategy. They cain’t shoot what they cain’t see. God bless.

          • ;0)

        • Cowering is not a Christian trait. Standing up to evil is a mandate. We all need to unify in this stand… not cower. Prepare wisely, work within your sphere’s of influence and unite when it becomes very clear to the sheeple….

          • Mark. Who mentioned “cowering?” Who mentioned Christianity? You fool.

          • Talk about rigged. Christianity is complete bullshit invented to control people. But you’re right about cowering. Killing is a christian trait.

      15. In 1999 I bought penny stocks. I bought penny stock in three restaurants similar to Hollywood Rock Cafe. Matter of fact the ticker symbol was CAFE. Each stock was .12cents. I bought 5000 of them. Everytime I would call to see what the price was they laughed at me. Like it was some joke. It would drop to .06 cents then back up to .10 cents. Back and forth. Finally after I felt like I was being scammed I just sold the darn thing and took a loss. One year later I check on the stock and it went up to $6.00 per share. I lost $30,000 in potential profit. I sold it early because I thought I was being scammed. Should have just let it alone. Waaaaa waaaaaa.

        • Joe in JT, been there and done that, I lost out on 70,000 in just a couple of months. But there is three reasons the little guy never wins. Not Enought money to stay the course, No Patience, and most importantly, No discipline. Trekker Out.

          • And another true saying, you don’t own it, till you hold it. And that goes for PM whether your talking about stock or the metal it’s self. I bougth gold one time many years ago, they got my money, but I never recieved the gold. Ever here of International Gold Bullion Exchange? Becareful this could happen again, never to big to fail or scam. Trekker Out.

        • Did you need the $600 so bad?

      16. Smart men will not piss off tptb in plain sight so they can face retaliation. I look at it as we all should be harassing them and undermining them but not to the point of ugliness. Save that for the collapse then patriots come out in numbers and crush tptb.

        • Two days ago, while on a rock hunting outing, I noticed something unusual. We were about 30 mi east of bend, or. Millican valley actually. Husband saw something at side of rd and wanted to go back to look closer. Turned into a side rd to turn around. Up this side rd about 100 ft was a wht van. Van had a lg N on the back door. I have never seen anything like it in this area.there were no sign of flat tires, no hood up indicating engine problems. What stood out to me was 5 guys standing, 20ish to early 30s, in tip-top physical condition, not looking like anything from around here. The oldest appearing was a little shorter and more stocky and appearing possibly foreign. Others appeared well over 6 ft and more american. Older seemed extremely alert and he and I had a stare down as we turned around. What concerns me is the fact that a very major power line is within about a half mile or so from this rd. Not sure if it connects into california power or not. If I could upset someones applecart today, good.

        • The large N was brown I think.

      17. Of course the game is rigged..

        the entire financial/ quasi govt system is rigged

        all in their favor..

        always has been..


      18. When we used to tell people back in the ’80s the markets were rigged they used to call us loonie lefties. Not so loonie now. Not so left.



        City of Fort Lauderdale, FL invaded by national guard troops, apache helicopters and marching massive group of detained civilians in the streets.

          • Ok that is FUKT. At first I thought that was the video from a couple years ago, but apparently it wasn’t. If people cant see whats going on by now….well…. Most march along with their hands behind their heads, in line all the way to their chains, just like those in the video. God help us all, it’s comin.

      20. “So the Federal Reserve is propping up Wall Street, and the economy by extension, not only by issuing free money through QE3, but buying up bonds and shares as well.”

        This is a lie and the only thing they are propping up is the casion and the bansters who rob the people blind and bribe our leaders using funney money.

        Printing money whilst paying people zero interest on saving takes money out of our pockets and screws the economy with the trickle down effect being nothing more than the bankers pissing on us.

        Now people are starting to get angry we are being lead into race wars and real wars just to defelct from the real enermy.

      21. “So the Federal Reserve is propping up Wall Street, and the economy by extension, not only by issuing free money through QE3, but buying up bonds and shares as well.”

        This is a lie and the only thing they are propping up is the casion and the bansters who rob the people blind and bribe our leaders using funney money.

        Printing money whilst paying people zero interest on saving takes money out of our pockets and screws the economy with the trickle down effect being nothing more than the bankers pissing on us.

        Now people are starting to get angry we are being lead into race wars and real wars just to defelct from the real enermy.

      22. Coming to a city near you.

      23. They have created the free shit army and will crash the markets and banks when it suits them. Then they protect the infrastructure with police and National Guard. Bet you Delta Team is close by.
        The intensity and frequency of these drills should concern us all.

      24. Bingo Mr Smith!

      25. Party meet invitation?
        Time will tell , but how much ?….. Time

      26. I can see why jade helm 15 is here. They had to find a reason to bring in the military hardware to preposition assets backing up what economist V had indicated, that the September 2015 date is when they will face the NAU on us with open borders..go on utube and see economist V, 4 star general leak.

      27. Have’nt all the so called conspiracy theories turned out to be conspiracy facts? It seems so to me.

      28. I knew it was rigged a few years ago when I was getting mail on penny stocks to prop them up and help them go higher. I realized they were a scam so the banks with the most stocks would suddenly sell and walk away with a huge profit, while other investors would be stuck with a worthless stock— the stocks plummeted after the sudden big selloff. I didn’t invest but watched these stocks gain a few dollars and went bust to 50 cents in a day.

        This was penny stocks and I know it is being done for the bankers and elites in big stocks. It happened in 2008 when a billionaire suddenly pulled 4 billion $$ of investments and two days later the stock market crashed.

      29. I worked with a certain government at the highest level during the crisis so I can share some inside info. The whole thing was deliberately rigged and this was done by using the war powers that were passed in the US and the UK in the wake of 9/11. Most people did not pay attention at the time, but these powers mean the government can do whatever it likes. Insiders in the party and in financial institutions pre-positioned themselves to reap the windfall from bailouts and QE. Privileged intelligence is passed on from the mass surveillance and is disseminated via dashboards.

        Why did they do this? Well, apart from making themselves and their friends very rich (notice how members of parliament on just £60,000 seem to all have multiple million pound homes) they wanted to negate the idea that there is anything as such as an independent economy or independent wealth. This is so that when they pull the plug on the current system, they will be able to pull all the levers and control things.

        The best you can do now is to set up systems. Systems will get you through the next phase and the chaos. When they pull the plug on fiat currencies, and confiscate PMs, you will need systems to get you through and to the other side and whatever is the next medium of exchange (a digital something or other). Systems, good friends, good p#ssy.

        • Many of the commenters here are naive, gullible or uneducated. They pass on the lies begun by others. It’s kind of sad, but I think they are doing their best and intend no harm. You, Frank Thoughts, on the other hand, claim to know better. You’re a liar who attempts to persuade the un-informed that this country is evil. Nobody should pay you any attention. I can’t stand you and Frank, I am not alone. Crawl back into the hole you came out of and continue discussing this issue with the other rats and weasels

      30. Miss ya Geo. I have never understood the laughter from the audience in this clip. Truth is so rare, you should have been able to hear a pin drop. Guess it proves people who have never experienced it don’t recognize it. The shock laugh. It is like the boot smile.
        The club called “Council on Foreign Relations” has put us all at the mercy of their decision making with no personal liability or mandate and now threatens our very existence. Can you name these non elected people who guide and threaten us all?
        Club Fed has bankrupted at least the next 50 generations of our progeny with no consequence or liability and were rewarded with astrobonuses during a time of national bankruptcy by theft. Can we stop them? Can we prosecute them? Then there is DARPA the Terminator…I could go on ad nauseum.
        Remember any Commission is designed only to bury truth. It is the shovel coming out to back fill, not dig. The Warren and 9/11 Commissions for example.
        Before GH Bush went senile he made a quote everyone should be able to recite by heart; “if the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.” There, right there, is truth. Not so funny is it. That is because the quote was left unquestioned and buried like George. I can hardly wait for Kissinger’s and Brzezinski’s repentance.
        We must listen up and value repentance near death as the sayer of truth that it is and learn to change our boots as we march. And then chuck that removed boot another 200 years hence.
        Is it too late? That boot tread on your face there looks mighty trendy. The new world facelift. Nanny State makes everyone Boot smile now. Because the joke and the boot is on them. Grandpa logic for why the boot smile is like the shock laugh.
        RIP George. Forget the Mammoth, clone this guy, and then our Founders. They will need the laugh.

      31. Ha-Ha I own you all!
        Who makes money on all the beans and rice,bullets,toilet paper that you buy!
        Rich people buy stocks. Poor people buy beans.
        I buy land,gold and souls!
        I own you all!

        • Innocent by reason of insanity.

      32. Good points. In stead of a capitalist, free-market economy; we have a Fed. Govt. manipulated, Fed. Reserve manipulated attempt at fascism-socialism-communism. The poorly named Fed. Reserve is a private corporation established in 1913 by our stupid Fed. Govt. as it gave away control of our currency. Ever hear of crony-capitalism, that’s the end result of a Fed. Govt. sold to the highest bidders (Lobbyists). The Constitution did not guarantee “equal results” for citizens, it was established to provide “equal opportunity.”

      33. Sao Paulo – The Face of Humanity…ce-of-Humanity

        the veneer of “civilization” isn’t even paper thin

        “‘We saw people behave like animals in our building, so imagine 20 million people’.

        California’s Water Crisis – Get Out While You Can…-while-you-can

        “Get out of California while you still can! It will be America’s first “failed State” very, very soon”

        • Satori

          If you would like a more detailed investigation of the above read, “Trading With The Enemy”.

      34. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink!!! The public have had all the WARNING’S we can give them. So if they stay in (or continue what they are doing) market it’s on their shoulder not ours. A tuff decision has to be made and that decision is this; like it or not F~~K’m their death not ours. I for one am getting damn tired of wasting my breath.

        • Copperhead. That’s a shame. There’s lots of good people out there who just need a gentle word or two to alert them to the way things are heading and suggestions on how to cope when things go wrong. We’ve all been suckered by the system, some more than others. The system is a formidable force, that’s why so many people are so dumbed-down. Imagine how crap would be if Mac pulled the plug on SHTF! Even stubborn mules get thirsty.

      35. I use to think it was mostly radical chatter and over the top conspirator believers. But since I have been reading articles like this one through Steve Quayle’s site, and listening to all kinds of experts on Coast to Coast covering all kinds of subject concerning the NWO and a rogue government, I don’t doubt the conspiracy much anymore. Just look how the GOP heads have reacted, pathetic.

        Now I can’t access my bank online and on some sites Discus does not comeup, not even the comment window. This all happened in the last 2 weeks and seems to be getting worse. Orwell was ahead of his time. We are frogs in the boiling pot and the heat is increasing fast!

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