Experts: A Single Nuclear Warhead Delivered By North Korean Satellite Could Blackout National Electric Grid And Kill 90% Of Americans

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Headline News | 102 comments

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    For those who are skeptical about North Korea’s capabilities, there is an excellent article presented by The Hill, entitled How North Korea could kill 90 percent of Americans.”  The article is authored by none other than R. James Woolsey, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and by Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, the Executive Director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security and a former analyst with the CIA.

    Although the President is moving forward with his agenda, he has hit a “stall” in these first two months just on repealing Obamacare: The Republican Party has been the stall, refusing to give him the necessary votes and impetus to overcome it.  As mentioned in previous articles, it will take the President at least 6 months before his actions and effectiveness can be assessed.  Six months is a long time.  In the meantime, the U.S. continues to emplace measures such as THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Aerial Defense) being deployed to South Korea.

    China and Russia view it as an aggressive measure and a threat rather than a defensive strategy to protect South Korea and Japan.  This is partially correct.  The important thing to consider here is that North Koreans and their leader are starting to become more irate regarding the deployment of THAAD, the ongoing military exercises of U.S. and South Korean troops in the latter’s nation, and the demand by Japan for a first strike initiative to occur.

    Here are some excerpts from the article that readers should keep in mind:

    “The mainstream media, and some officials who should know better, continue to allege North Korea does not yet have capability to deliver on its repeated threats to strike the U.S. with nuclear weapons.  False reassurance is given to the American people that North Korea has not “demonstrated” that it can miniaturize a nuclear warhead small enough for missile delivery, or build a reentry vehicle for an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of penetrating the atmosphere to blast a U.S. city.

    Yet any nation that has built nuclear weapons and long-range missiles, as North Korea has done, can easily overcome the relatively much simpler technological challenge of warhead miniaturization and reentry vehicle design.”

    These two paragraphs clearly state that North Korea can miniaturize a warhead.  Once again, the naysayers will only be satisfied that they “can” when either an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapon and/or a nuclear warhead is delivered with either complete loss of power in the U.S. and/or the loss of an American city.  When such occurs, the naysayers will then say nothing.

    The objective is not to be “right” in this debate, but to be aware…to foster such awareness and help others to make whatever preparations they can before such occurs.  Here is another declaration by this article…a deep one:

    “The notion that North Korea is testing A-Bombs and H-Bomb components, but does not yet have the sophistication to miniaturize warheads and make reentry vehicles for missile delivery is absurd.”

    The threat could not be made any clearer than that.  The article goes on to describe assessments made in February and March of 2015 by former senior national security officials who warned this:

    “…North Korea should be regarded as capable of delivering by satellite a small nuclear warhead, specially designed to make a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack against the United States.”

    In April Admiral William Gortney, former Commander of North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) warned at a press conference that the KN-08 mobile ICBM missile system of North Korea could strike the United States with a nuclear warhead.

    Exactly six months later, Gortney declared (based on intelligence analyses) that North Korea has nuclear weapons, the capability to miniaturize them, and is capable of placing them on a missile that can reach the continental United States. This last excerpt of the article is very important due to the gravity of the current situation (the article was written today), the warning it gives, and the denouncement of the MSM (mainstream media) for obfuscating the facts on the matter and “underreporting” an issue of this magnitude:

    “According to the Congressional EMP Commission, a single warhead delivered by North Korean satellite could blackout the national electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures for over a year – killing 9 of 10 Americans by starvation and societal collapse.  Two North Korean satellites, the KMS-3 and KMS-4, presently orbit over the U.S. on trajectories consistent with surprise EMP attack. 

    Why do the press and public officials ignore or under-report these facts?  Perhaps no administration wants to acknowledge that North Korea is an existential threat on their watch.  Whatever the motives for obfuscating the North Korean nuclear threat, the need to protect the American people is immediate and urgent…”

    These men are experts in the field.  Why is the United States (as a whole) being so lackadaisical when it comes to such a problem?  As I have written in the past, it is my fervent wish that it never comes to pass…because the death of millions is not a “fair tradeoff” just to be able to be “right” or “correct” in a point of view.  For me personally, it is not about that.  It is about paying attention to men who make it their full-time business to be aware of the true threat that the MSM does not report, and reporting it here.  In this manner, you may be able to give yourself a small edge to make it by being aware and taking any precautions you can take with your family.  It is better to be aware, prepared, and have nothing happen than to wake up one morning and find an American city has been nuked and an EMP has rendered us without power.  Let us hope that doesn’t ever happen.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. we wont have to worry about “ol Fatty knocking us to the curb..this Enemy Force In Occupation of our government is doing a fine job of this all on their own

        now if they are looking for cover to accomplish this and have a boogy man to point a crooked finger at.. than yes, theres this

        • HEY MAC
          IS THIS LEGIT?

          ht tp://

        • No gonna happen. The Fat Kid will be replaced this year. 🙂

      2. If its any consolation 100% of them would be dead shortly after delivery of the EMP. Its not like we don’t have subs and a surface fleet, etc. to carry on with the carnage. After all, war is what we do ain’t it?

        • MENZ
          I am sure we got 1-2 boomers off the coast waiting for MILLER TIME.

          • Sooner would be better — for the entire world. As long as they hit Washington D.C. and New York City first. Second. And third.

            I am profoundly ashamed at the f**king criminal trash that is running our our country.

          • I’d say that’s a fine bet.

      3. I once thought that this was a preppers site, but it has clearly now become a fear mongering site.

        • Its not fear porn if the threat is real.

          • Yep..the threat IS real, it from North Korea?

        • Yeah Moe, you’re right. Ole Gerri’s been rattling on about N Korea and emp’s for quite a while now but he/she also gives great advice on prepping by buying all your supplies at the dollar store.

        • Fear-mongering is a vital element of prepping. No fear? No threat? No need to prep.

        • If there were legitimately nothing to fear, there is no need to prep. Black, I think we all take this site for what it is: yes, it is not a pollyanna site. And I don’t think Mac thinks that we are going to have Yellowstone blow up the same time the Cascadia fault goes off and Mentall Il Kim Jong launches one of his big boys, the same day the financial world implodes. Rather, this site is just – at least to me – a DEW line (the old Distant Early Warning) system. Some of the threats are catastrophic, some incremental, but I just read this site as a FYI, evaluate what is credible to the best of my knowledge, and go from there. This whole “fear porn” has some justification, but a lot of the “porn” sentiment might come, frankly, from internal to the reader who calls it such (not saying that is you, of course, so don’t take it that way).

          If you were in the USSR in 1918, Hiroshima in 1945, Seoul in the early 50s, the WTC in 2001, fully invested in Sept. 1929, 2000 or 2008, etc., you (I mean “you” generically here) you might feel differently. Moreover, one day there WILL be some major catastrophe. I prefer to to have my radar going at all times.

          I think your concern is valid, Black, but – if I may respectfully submit – perhaps partially seen that way by virtue of the way you are reading this site. But I welcome your correction to this comment….

          • Test: The USSR did not exist in 1918.

      4. this so called missile wont come from NK, and most of us are smart enough to know this .. or figure it out

        It will be brought to you by the E.F.I.O. of our own government , and told to you who they choose to blame it on

        • 100% correct EOS.

          • Genius, did you get any answers to your fish pond question?
            I actually took a course in building your own pond.
            The first question asked was, “how many of you have already started or finished your pond?”
            Several answered…then learned a most important point.
            You have to build your pond with an overhanging edge around it to keep racoons and other critters out of it.
            Flat rock or similar, maybe a flagstone type. It was said the animals won’t go in if they see it hard (or impossible) to climb out.
            For what it’s worth.

            • I’ve had one for years. Large river rocks around it do the trick.

            • “You have to build your pond with an overhanging edge around it”

              That approach may work in those Southern warmer winter States, but not in places like Michigan. Those of us that live with ponds and lakes that freeze over – the ice will eventually tear away and reform it’s own boundaries – as in – that overhang will collapse and be rendered useless.

              Only critter to worry about invading my pond is Muskrats. Don’t matter if you have a boulders and rocks to deter them away, that will not stop them.

              A handy .22 rifle with a mounted 4-16x40mm scope does wonders on those S.O.B’s though. Leg traps, and Live cages do well too if one is overly consumed with critters.

              Never, ever, ever – allow a muskrat to freely roam were it pleases at a pond.
              It will destroy everything about it very, very quickly.

              • P.S.

                If you see one Muskrat – you’ll be sure to see another one quickly.
                They tend to travel in pairs.

                • And they are excellent table fare. Been eating them since I was eight years old. Sold many a’ hide. Now the meat brings more than the pelt (thanks to the cat lovers and bran muffin eaters). They make excellent coats and their fur wears very well. It is often dyed to resemble faux mink.

                  • It was a common source of income for us kids in South Jersey in the early 70s, even some adults augmented their income doing it. Pelts brought in about $7. We ate them too. Lower Alloways Creek NJ Fire House had an annual Muskrat feast. They were called, “Marsh Rabbits”.

                    Interestingly many had tumors. The chemical industry dumped at lot of bad stuff out there in the 20s into the 60s.

            • Ketchup, thanks I will keep that in mind. I just wanted to know the best economical way of sealing it. No answers on that yet.

        • EOTS –

          Bravo! … yes … that is the correct scenario.

          Anything else considered, is nothing more than an abundance of fictional, boogyman theatrics.

        • EOTS, if TPTB wanted to, they could take out that NK satellite anytime they want. However, I doubt if they will. I can also picture THEM bringing on the EMP and then blaming Porky and nuking his ass. It’s possible.

        • I agree with this supposition !

        • NK already has two satellites orbitting over USA at exactly 300 miles up and directly over the center of our country every 30 minutes. No doubt they are EMPs. It was a joint operation with China about 2 years ago. So they would likely not need to launch anything as it is already in place thanks to BHO and crew.

          • U talk tech nonense.
            300 miles orbit does not have orbit period of 30 min. or even one hour. Should you be able to multiply two numbers, then u would come close to 100 minutes.

      5. Nooks from Gooks? How about the Sweet Meteor of Death?

      6. The US has the means to knock out his missiles and his

        • This is our future its looking like

        • you need to understand Sgt .. NK even existing, gives the EFIO plausible deniability ..that tons of stupid US Citizens will believe in

          • If “we” knock them out… they wont have them to blame for the EFIO’s actions

        • bacause your government wants to use them on you

      7. I’d like to see alarmist articles like this include the mathematics involved regarding things like the height of the blast and the required intensity of it to overcome the inverse square law of its dissipation over an area and such.

        But that would be asking too much, people would actually have to know what they are talking about to give that kind of information in support of their alarmist claims.

        • inverse square law….??

          You want to add physics to the conversation?

          Good luck with that, too many people assume if it can be shown in a movie (robots takeover, zombies, whatever) it’s only a matter of time before it happens in real life. 🙂

      8. Then, of course, is the issue of the next Carrington Event – we just missed one a few years ago being a few weeks “behind” in our orbit.

        There is a LOT of debate on this one, I know, and I don’t have firm conclusions, either. But for background reading, try:

        An excellent review, one affirming this is serious, the other not, found at (the fellow downplaying it is also important to read – this is the rebuttal)

        Also try Googling Dr. Peter Vincent Pry (he is Exec Dir of Task Force on National and Homeland Security and Director of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum, both Congressional Advisory Boards, and served on Congressional EMP Commission, Congressional Strategic Posture Commission, House Armed Services Committee, and the CIA

      9. NWO might do it. What am I talking about the EMP. Remember the TV program Jericho????? And N.K or Iran gets the blame, and we wipe them from the face of the earth.

      10. Y’all deserve it. Sucking down Cheetos and watching Netflix until three in the morning, driving fuel-guzzling SUV’s and giant diesel pickup trucks spewing black smoke while you hicks are hootin at people walking down the street. Despicable country.

        NUKE AWAY I SAY. Nature will return – and conquer. The fat white boys will all be burning in hell …

        • Ah yes, more H8TE from the black left. Black racism is as despicable as any other racism. God created each person the colour they are, and thus each colour of skin, in and of itself, it sacred. You, Kalil, are as racist as any Klan member. And no one “deserves” a painful death. Nor have I had a Cheetos in a half century… tho is sounds like you are quite familiar with them. I work full time, so – unlike you, apparently – the only times I am up at 3 AM is when I am working to pay for you sorry leftists sitting on your derrieres.

          And how nice of you to wish people to burn in Hell. How thoughtful. You sound like a wonderful person

          Finally, your Arabic name, usually spelled Khalil or Khaleel (Arabic: خليل) is the true epitome of ignorance. The utter and complete stupidity of the black Muslims staggers me. We all agree slavery is bad. On my US side, my ancestors fought and died to end this atrocity. So you really need to simply shut about your blanket condemnation. Iincidentally, half of Iceland is Irish genetically – taken there as slaves; the word “Slav” for the Slavic language speakers comes from the same root as slave, and up until the 1700s there were around1 – 1.25 white Europeans taken as slaves by the Muslims – see Dr. Robert Davis, Ohio State Univ.: Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast, and Italy, 1500-1800 (Palgrave Macmillan).

          Fact is, it was the MUSLIMS – along with other black tribes – that brought captured slaves out to the coast of Africa. Your vaunted MUSLIMS were the first source of slavery… and then you have the ignorant temerity to use the name Kalil (Khalil). There are goodly numbers of slaves TODAY in Muslim countries like Sudan (where the Arab population has MURDERED **millions** of black the past decade or so), Mauritania, etc.

          Your post was both H8TEful and ignorant. One can only hope you try to start thinking a little deeper.

      11. Does anyone have a roof made of Tesla tiles for solar energy? I like the idea very much. Can you use it with a water catchment system? Whether or not there is an EMP, having solar seems like the best option, and these Tesla roofs look great.


        • I’ve been reading about them, too. May look more seriously at some point, depending on cost/benefit. But this is just ANOTHER reason that I am not a Malthuian – which the Agenda 21 fascist/communists use to invoke their New World Order agenda (and which Julian Simon totally destroyed in the Simon/Erhlich wager – and you can google.)

      12. Sarge, I also have that entire Jericho series on DVD. Very plausible scenario for SHTF.

        • Some say Jericho is the blueprint for the corporate take over of there agreed on sections. You will do what your employer says . Kind of like working for Walmart and you can’t quite. Your cooperation makes the rules. Ask anyone that works for haliburton.? You do what they say .but after Jericho you can’t quite. They have secutity to enforce what they want. Ex special forces.

      13. Usually I don’t worry about the DPRK that being said the one thing that does bother me is there satellite in a non conventional orbit, this has been the discussion for a long time, as cocky as the nut is it’s not over his land based missiles.

        The Russians have had a warhead up there since the cold war in the same unconventional orbit it was made specifically for e.m.p the U.S.

        Because of our rod systems ect…. is why we haven’t been hit yet we own weaponized space that’s why the DPRK and the Russians are in a mad dash to put more in space, what a screewed up world.

      14. All I can say is , SO WHAT? life goes on after a EMP blackout. Its WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT THAT MATTERS!!! ALL the whining tells me that you people cannot function without your lazy asses using the technology that relies on electrical power. You are slaves to the convenience and an embarrassment to INDEPENDENCE preferring your master chains and relative life of EASE because you wont or don’t have the ability to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX to come up with alternative means of living after the electric collapse of the grid. Do we REALLY NEED all the computers and electronic devices, or just rudimentary power supplies for very basic concerns like lights and refrigeration… All the rest can be done without EASILY, except that your poor little minds will be bored to death, and you will actually have to WORK for your lives. God help you that you truly become responsible for your own lives and comforts….Oh the unbearable notion of it all.

        • The problem is that it will be very hard for most of us to grow fields of corn, wheat, barley and others and no machines to harvest them and if we did have mechanical machines not needing power we need lots of children to help us grow and harvest the food. We need animals like pigs and cows and they need lots of grain and grasses to eat. I live alone, am older and can’t grow all that food. How will we feed our dogs and cats? We need help and most of us only have a couple children and even they don’t want to help “on the farm” anymore. We have lost all our ability to grow things. We need hand tools and someone to help us more than one or two people. In the olden days they had like six children who all helped with the chores. It’s not easy now.

          • I’ll help Marie! Would love to come live on a farm!

          • NO water will be the real problem, won’t have anything to harvest with no water ? Commercial farming will be gone first day, along with most everything else !

            I would like to see how the people who are addicted to their devices melt down and go berserk in less than a week ? just curiosity and the observer in me ? Things would change very quickly in a day or two.

            It is relatively easy to grow your own food, but you must have a water source.

      15. North Korea do not have nuclear weapons.

      16. Uh Oh! … Iran has had enough of Washington’s rhetoric.

        12:41 31.03.2017

        Tehran’s Message to Washington: ‘US Troops Better Leave Persian Gulf’

        Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan questioned Washington’s military presence in the Persian Gulf, saying that US troops should leave the area. Political analyst Sergei Sudakov, a professor at the Academy of Military Sciences, told Radio Sputnik that Dehghan’s remarks should be viewed as a message to the US leadership.

        “United States President Donald Trump referred to Iran as the number one terrorist state. This is a serious charge which requires proof. Iran is clearly aware that the United States could make even the most radical moves, including a military option. This is why the Iranian defense chief has sent a message aimed at preventing Washington’s aggressive rhetoric [toward Tehran],” the analyst

        FULL STORY:

      17. I agree that we have more chance of being nuked (EMP) ‘in house’ than by that pie face from N.K. The muzzies yes are a concern. The libs are another concern. The in house commies in DC are however the greatest threat we face. Get right and sharpen your blades to a keen edge cause your going to need them.

      18. If there is a nuclear weapon exploded which knocks out the electric grid, will we hear or see it or will there just be no electrical power?

      19. The 90% estimate was posed as a question by what is now a former member of Congress and was not confirmed. Nevertheless, people including the official sounding EMP Commission which isn’t have been misquoting it as links within this article proved years ago.

      20. Bring it. The sooner the better.

      21. “R. James Woolsey, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency”

        The CIA has a credibility problem. If NK poses this threat then so does every other nuclear armed nation, likewise us to them.

        MIC is looking for more $$$$

        • Only thing is, Kev, is that if Mentally Il Kin Sung feels he has nothing to lose, what then?

          But agreed that he does gain a lot from his good cop/bad cop, or reasonable leader/insane leader, antics to wrest concessions. Then again, a bad cop/insane leader with a nuke is just a teeeny bit of concern.

          One of the issues of the day is how to keep secure and prepared, to not have another Dec. 7, 1941 while at the same time not becoming the military industrial state Ike warned about, or having the standing army the Founders abhorred. Same with freedom vs. the invasive state – how do we prevent another 9/11 vs. losing all our freedoms? A very fine line indeed to walk!

          • TEST

            “how do we prevent another 9/11 vs. losing all our freedoms”

            As the evidence piles on I look at 911 as the textbook case of having lost our freedom already. The new never before released photos of a handful of aircraft pieces supposedly at the Pentagon gives me no comfort regarding the official story. No vertical stabilizer, no wing imprint, no video of the most videoed area in the world, its nonsense and poorly done at that.

            “Same with freedom vs. the invasive state”

            They could start by not inviting in more people that have an ax to grind against the US. Maybe taking the US middle class into consideration when making trade deals. Maybe cease supporting terrorists to be used as a tool to overthrow sovereign nations that are not to the liking of the globalist financial/business interests might be a good start. Only bad government feels that it has a need not to trust its citizenry.

            • Thanks, Kev. You always write thoughtful stuff. Yes, agreed, there is something rotten in Denmark here.

              My point was more general, tho: how do we provide security while preserving freedom **in general**. If *you* (or I) were emperor of the US (perhaps having taken over from Hilary), how would you go about that? I don’t think it is an easy question as to what that Aristotelian golden mean would be.

              But *specifically*, relative to the 9/11 events, that is a separate question. Your bottom comment is 100% spot on. The top comment, I haven’t done enough reading on, but I appreciate your summary there – very helpful. Re. the WTC, I’ve done a little more reading, but no conclusions. My best guess – and only a guess – is that perhaps there was an inside job paired with the official story – viz., thermite, or something similar was spread around under the guise of maintenance in the bldg. Who was the actor doing that? The deep state? Muslims? Some other actor? Then, the plane impact occurred per the official story – but underneath was the real story. I understand NO other steel high rise bldg has ever collapsed in a fire. Then there is Bldg 7. Of course, if this suspicion of mine is correct, but there were nefarious players involved, why would the gov’t hide it? I don’t believe Bush pulled the trigger, while sitting in the background laughing, but there is a LOT more at play here. Unfortunately, this is not the venue for what would take a 100 page tome to just get started. Moreover, this is just my GUESS on the matter, so you other readers dispense with the “idiot” comments, as I submit that I need more information.

              I hope that heart condition you wrote about earlier is doing ok. My prayer goes out to relative to this. Thank you for your thoughtful posts.

              • TEST

                “why would the gov’t hide it?”

                Because the very people hiding it did it.

                911 unleashed the US military to be used with the most flimsy excuses on any nation somehow, once again with flimsy evidence, with a connection to the potential of terrorism. This has morphed into the public, anesthetized by continuous war, supporting any attack from the US on any Islamic country for whatever reason. Gadaffi mistreating his people (who by the way had the highest standard of living in Africa) ostensibly justified the US to use its air power supporting Islamic Fundamentalists (the root of ISIS) to overthrow him. Now its Syria and the US is supporting the terrorists. It is unpatriotic to question any use of the military. Nuts.

                911 let the globalists to use the US military as their “Frank Nitti” personal enforcer.

              • TEST

                “I hope that heart condition you wrote about earlier is doing ok.”

                I function. I don’t plan for end of the world stuff because thats a healthy persons goal. I’m not surviving chopping wood thats for sure. If we go back to a cave man existence I cave in.

                I like to focus on “the big picture” connecting the dots using the method, “who wins, who loses” to fill in the gaps on who and why.

                Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and kind words. I enjoy your posts too. Actually I learn and question everything more because of posts.

      22. There will be nukes going off above and on the 50 states but just like 911 and the TV series Jericho it will be self-inflicted. There is a chance this will not be the case but that scenario is even worse. Our out of control country and wild military adventures attacking every country over the last 200 years may stop when we push China and Russia once too many times. They and Russia in particular would kick the shit out of us with devastating nuke attacks. They don’t want to but our Soros/Rothschilds owners demand war and they will hide while the people who had nothing to do with it will die by the millions. There is no denying the build up to WW3 by NATO on Russia’s borders. Either Russia totally surrenders to the NWO or there will be war. NATO does not want to co-exist it wants a one world government and nothing else. Sgt. Dale is correct. Just like before the false flag of 911 all the buzz in the media for months was about OBL the terrorist. They always tell you in advance what they are going to do and then of course blame it on the current patsy after the event.

      23. Even if (big if) NK EMP’d us
        It would still be the assholes in DC’s fault

        And We the People should show them the error of their ways immediately

      24. What leaked lead gave you this fake news, Korea
        doesn’t have rockets to carry any equipment to build
        space station, unless china decide spend trillion dollars
        for Korea get up to speed.

      25. It’s a kombination of paranoia and schizophrenia to think the with 1 nuke warheid an EMP over the entyre US can be provoced with the dead of 90 % of the population, that’s just Fake and False news ! WAKE UP !

      26. “the much simpler technological challenge of miniaturizing,etc” What a total dumbshi.t! It took the USA 20 years of research and hundreds of test blasts to get to where we are today. NK is not even in the ball park! Also, to knock out the power grid with a EMP bomb takes a HUGE multi-warhead bomb, not the firecrackers NK is demonstrating or has any chance of putting on a rocket. The article is total bullshi.t!

        • Ronna,
          The best nuclear EMP weapon is small, exactly like the ones NK has been testing.

          That same small weapon is the perfect first stage ignition source for a much larger hydrogen bomb.

          That same small sized weapon can be delivered by smaller missiles.

          North Korea’s firecrackers are already approaching the max size that can be tested under ground.

          I know enough of the subject to know that anyone minimizing the threat of NK Firecracker nukes is either an idiot or has another agenda.

          • Ronna,
            I wanted to add, sorry about my last sentence in my previous post, it was rude and uncalled for.

            There is an unclassified article here on nuclear EMP weapons:

            In a nut shell, the EMP from a nuclear weapon comes from massive burst in gamma rays that occurs in the first few nanosecond after the explosion starts.

            In most nuclear bombs, to get a higher yield they use thick casings and thick layers of explosives to get and maintain detonation pressures to be as high as possible, and to last until a large percent of nuclear fuel is consumed. Those materials that surround the bomb absorb those gamma rays making for a lousy EMP bomb. The multi stage hydrogen bombs are even worse, because the designers try to maintain pressures even longer and higher and used shaped charge nuclear weapons to detonate the hydrogen bomb section, even less EMP is produced.

            Enter an improvement in atomic bomb making from the 50’s. By using a football shape with a ring like a halo of explosives around each end of the fissile core that acts as a shaped charge, they can get much higher pressures without a heavy casing, i.e. the bomb is much lighter and more powerful. It also has a beautiful window in the center section without thick layers of explosives and housing that let the gamma rays out. The designer might lose some yield, but they can even make the explosive rings off center making the whole thing more directional. You can aim the EMP.

            When one or two NK tests seemed to be weak, that was actually a red flag to me. Were they avoiding a fully symmetrical detonation to enhance EMP at the sacrifice of yield? Understand you don’t need to set off nuclear bombs to perfect core to explosive shape symmetry. In fact you want to build a simulated core from metals with similar characteristics to your nuclear fuel, but that leave your scientist a lump of metal to study after detonation. For 99% of the research to get a nuclear bomb right, you are only blowing up a lump of lead or depleted uranium. Remember the second bomb the US dropped on Nagasaki, was never tested, and it worked better than expected?

            A Q Kahn from Pakistan tutored by Russian scientists, told the entire third world all they needed to make nuclear and thermonuclear bombs! It’s all out there on the web!

            • Plan twice, prep once

              VERY interesting post. Its shocking that such information is available unclassified.

              • The point is atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs and EMP bombs aren’t difficult engineering problems. The US did it with 1940’s technology. No computers. Engineers used slide rules or longhand math to make complex calculations.

                Now you can do simulations on a laptop computer that would take a room full of 1940’s. engineers and mathematicians months to do with trial and error prototype testing.

                The needed engineering knowledge is standard for any engineer with a masters or better.

                To top it all off Clinton in the 90’s just flat out gave much of the world plans for a nuclear weapon. The logic was to insure the third world nuclear powers would at least produce weapons that wouldn’t likely explode accidentally, and might at least be a bit cleaner if they did explode.

                So yeah, it’s all out there.

      27. kIM dUNG YANG and his cablalist buddies in China with Li Ka Shing at it again.


        • Hu Flung Pu?

      28. This assertion is completely debunked in a today’s article from Popular Mechanics. They did some tests atop of vehicles and the worst that happened was that you had to restart the vehicle. Those who didn’t see 9/11 coming want to scare the proverbial s out of you so that you comply.

      29. Well now, ya gotta remember that the “Global Elite” want to reduce earth’s population to 600,000,000 and that means knocking off about 6.5 billion people. Hmmmmm, just about the same numbers as foretold in the Book of Revelation and Daniel and Ezekial regarding the Tribulation period in the last days. Food for thought !!!

        Rev. Roy……<

      30. That’s nice. Hum … why is it American’s feel a need to tell the world the best ways to destroy us?

      31. JJ: I have been saying this for years. I read the EMP Commission report.

        My conclusion? Maybe they want 90% of the US population dead. Cheaper.

      32. Might pick up a copy of Blackout Wars, Task Force On National And Homeland Securtity by Dr.Vincent Pry. Very good and deep book about the threat of an EMP. Very good report done by a congressional EMP commision in 2011. VERY DEEP AND TECHNICAL!!! This is a very real threat, or why all of the underground bunkers the elite are building. Just sayin.!!!!

        • change handle to Pakrat vette please

      33. Kill 90 % of us? Or open a window of opportunity to get rid of the Tares . As written the Tares must burn. Like it or not. And who wouldn’t like that? If you don’t want to destroy evil. You are evil.

      34. Stupid yanks don’t understand physics because if they did then more would know that 9/11 was an inside job and that one nuke cannot do this using EMP waves.

        Stupid yanks think that living like we lived in the 1980’s without the use of computer networks will kill every one

        One nuke sent to Israel on the other hand would do the job and set the americans free so that people could once again afford to build a home on the land that belongs to them already.

      35. where are they going to get this technology. the statement would be true if they had the satellite or the capability of bringing it down where the want it with the warhead they haven’t developed yet. if it were the Chinese government I would think about this as a viable threat.

      36. We can knock out all of their missiles? Sometimes defense contractors sell the government stuff that doesn’t always work as good as the contractor claims. Patriot missiles didn’t work perfectly at first.

      37. Would the world be better if PutinNuken tookout DC, Jesuit Vatican, london worldbankers, DenverBunkers in the same day ?

        • Putin had the draft reinstated in Russia. 145,000 new conscripts on the way soon.
          Also they made provisions to start drafting men as old as 37. Smells like a war coming.
          Yes, things will be dicey soon enough. The pentagon wants to send more US troops and
          equipment to the eastern NATO baltic states. They are nudging Mr. Putin and trying to
          get under his skin. He is making his own countermeasures. Not much rhetoric from either

          • All of Europe is re-introducing conscription. They now have it in Sweden, Ukraine, and I will not be surprised if it happens in other Western European states.

            The UK is already threatening Spain with a war over some islands.

            I see a multi-way war happening: a war with Russia, and fracturing of NATO, with a war between the UK and Spain and Turkey against Germany.

            As for Russia and North Korea, both countries are better prepared for war for several reasons. Their populations have been on a war footing for many years. Their populations are not soft and are used to privations. They are racially cohesive and this has been proven to be sturdy in war. And they have a complex underground network to survive a third world war.

            As for America and the West, their populations are soft, fractured and riven with race and ethnic hatred, infested with Muslims looking to build a caliphate at the first opportunity, and without underground facilities for most of the population, just for the elite.

            In any future war the US will be hit and will not be able to avoid blowback.

            • Numbers, conventional weapons, tactics, bravery, they’re all meaningless when the powers battling have nuclear weapons. There is no victory because the loser will go for broke.

              Defined isolated skirmishes over geography and resources, that do not threaten the core power structure of either combatant may be attempted and even that is a very dangerous game.

      38. How quaint, taking old info and calling it news.
        A single nuke will kill 90% of all Americans?
        oh wait, not the nuke but the power outage…
        oh wait, it isn’t proven by any stretch of the imagination.


      39. Hmmmm

        This is classic example of plain old fashioned yellow journalism, nothing more. North Korea doesn’t have the technological capabilities to design, let alone build and successfully deploy such a weapon. In fact, I highly doubt that any of the nuclear powers have anything close to a “dooms day” satellite that by itself could destroy an entire country even quarter the size of the US as the author alludes to here. At this point in time N. Korea is struggling to successfully launch anything with their ballistic missile platform let alone actually deliver a full on nuclear payload on target.

      40. I cut my eye teeth in a 12MW power plant originally built in the 1920s and 1940s (WWII). I started that up twice with no electrical power with a match. All of the accessory equipment was steam driven, boiler feed pumps, ID and FD fans. All controls back then were pneumatic or strictly manual valves. Even the air compressors for instrumentation air were steam driven. In essence a power plant divorced from traditional power.

        • I fortunately saved the old stationary engineering books.

      41. When CIA fascists start seeding the media with this sort of propaganda I just know that down in the bowels of Langley is a study of how a nuke can be used in a false flag operation. If the staged destruction of the Twin Towers can suspend the constitution, a false flag of this sort would usher in concentration camps and mass exterminations. Anyone who thinks the Nazis lost the war needs to rethink it; they merely re-positioned themselves in the US intelligence system created by the Dulles brothers et al. And their goals are the same.

        • This neuters much of the US power which TPTB depend upon as their global enforcer. Its not that they have any moral aversion to your theory but I don’t see it achieving their present goals.

      42. This is all just misdirection.
        There aren’t any nuclear fission bombs.
        Scientists have never been able to slam two chunks of enriched uranium or plutonium together and create a critical mass explosion.
        Hiroshima and Nagasaki were firebombed just like Tokyo and many other cities in Japan.
        Do some research…
        Yes, enriched uranium can be used to boil water and can be mixed with TNT to fake radioactive fallout.
        But nuclear bombs are a hoax.
        And North Korea is no threat to the US.
        And no, there won’t be any EMP.
        These hoaxes, just like the 911 false flag, are just used to sell weapons and take away freedoms.
        The name of the game is control.
        This should be obvious by now.
        It’s misdirection.

        • GTFOOH

          • GTFOOH and do some research.

      43. For all you that don’t think this is serious, let’s say the odds are 1/100. That equals 3 million probability corrected deaths or more death than all the US wars combined, in less than one year. Just a touch more important than anything the MSN is talking about right now wouldn’t you say? Yah lets focus on multi-gender bathrooms or what some sports star said the other day only interrupted by Viagra commercials.

        A little history lesson, enhanced EMP were always the first weapons used in the cold war era war blue vs. red war games. Why? because they work that’s why? And all that EMP hardened military equipment? Yep same reason.

        These enhanced EMP nukes are tuned to generate gamma rays and thus EMP. So the accidental test that took out power systems 800 miles away was 1/10 as powerful. You do the math.

        You need to read the 2008 EMP commission report. Which was a more detailed study commissioned out of the 2004 report which itself was started after 9/11 by the President to assess what other asymmetrical threats we faced, and EMP by far topped the list as the most likely and deadly asymmetrical attack by far.

      44. The 90% is correct. If an EMP goes off over the Mississippi river in the dead of a cold winter all electricity would go off. Every transformer would be fried and need replacement. Everything would stop running. Every thing that uses electricity think the entire web would go down, ppl would be stuck on elevators and can’t get out, pumps for water won’t work as well – you can die in 4 days if there is no water. No heat, cars won’t start, no gas anyway b/c pumps not work. Hospitals no work either. Ppl can’t get their meds. Can’t even call the cops no phones work either. Personal safety will be big problem as bad guys will go after weak. It will take years to fix electricity. US might not survive as a nation. Congress ignores this problem.

      45. N.Korea is just a tool of the Saxon/Kazarian Cabal which has controlled has dominated our planet for the last approx 200 years.

        Its funny to see these control spots being used to keep everyone in fear around our planet : some old and some new (example – SaudiA-BinSaud, Qatar-ruling family, Turkey-Donmec clan, Singapore-LeeKuanYew family, N-Korea-one family rule is used to threaten S-Kora all the time, Japan-CIA-Yakuza connectons to Bush cabal, Isreal-of course, old HongKong, etc)

      46. The following devalues the entire rest of an interesting article —

        “Although the President is moving forward with his agenda, he has hit a “stall” in these first two months just on repealing Obamacare: The Republican Party has been the stall, refusing to give him the necessary votes and impetus to overcome it. As mentioned in previous articles, it will take the President at least 6 months before his actions and effectiveness can be assessed. Six months is a long time. In the meantime, the U.S. continues to emplace measures such as THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Aerial Defense) being deployed to South Korea.”

        Leave the politics out of it.

        “… 90% of Americans …”

        By whatever theoretical means PROVE it. That number keeps batted around yet I have not seen any analysis in public to back it up. Would there be loss of life in such an event, yes emphatically. 90% is highly suspect. Even at the height of the cold war in a full scale nuke exchange the quoted loss numbers were in the 75-80% range.

      47. What happens to the nuclear power plants after an EMP? Are they hardened or will they melt down? If they melt down, that would be 90 something power plants and untold reactors. That would be a death sentence for the world.

      48. If US can have the nukes, everybody else can have the nukes.

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