Expert: “What People Have Got to Know is That They’re On Their Own, Literally…”

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    (Pictured: Help is not coming. Sandy victims rummage through trash for food in Bayonne, NJ)

    Over coming weeks millions of Americans will be tuning in to NatGeo’s new American Blackout film about surviving in a post-power grid collapse environment that lacks electricity, fresh water and the normal flow of commerce.

    For most it will be nothing more than standard evening entertainment, but what if such an event turns out to be a future American reality?

    Such a scenario may seem improbable, but just in the last several years we’ve seen it play out time and again all over the world, albeit in situations limited in time and scope. Hurricane Katrina and over 50,000 people stranded at the New Orleans Super Dome with no water, Hurricane Sandy and starving individuals rumaging through garbage cans to find a morsel of food, and various other natural and man-made disasters are an eye-opening testament to what happens when the improbable becomes reality.

    Just a few weeks ago we saw what the panicked hive mentality can lead to when thousands of people stormed Walmart grocery stores following a breakdown in the Electronic Benefit Transfer system for food assistance.

    We’ve become so dependent on others – namely our governments – to assist us when crisis strikes, that this “learned helplessness” in our society has left people in major cities totally unprepared to cope with disasters.

    Via ABC News Australia:

    “What people have got to know is that they’re on their own, literally on their own,” he said.

    “We can’t have a truck or a car at your door when you ring triple-0 in a disaster situation.”

    Experts say people should be prepared to look after themselves for at least three days after any major disaster.

    But Mr Winter says most people have no plans in place.

    “If we turn off power and water, how long will you be able to survive?” he said.

    “When we put to people, ‘Can you survive for 72 hours without external help?’, the reaction is their jaw drops.”

    Such a disaster could mean a loss of refrigeration, no tap water or air-conditioning, as well as transport failures and traffic chaos.

    Mr Winter says cities are particularly vulnerable to these failures.

    “We are more vulnerable in our big cities because we’ve got transport, we live in high rises, evacuations – talk to people about Katrina, in New Orleans, getting people out of the city,” he said.

    In 2009, a heatwave in Melbourne killed more people than the Black Saturday bushfires.

    Triple-0 emergency lines were overwhelmed, hospitals overflowed and the ambulance service was near breaking point after 12 days of temperatures above 28 degrees Celsius.

    “When flooding was occurring, people went to the grocery store and bought frozen goods,” he said.

    “Frozen goods are the first things that you have to throw out. You want people to understand that they’ve actually got to live without the capacity to flick on the light switch or the electric stove or the gas stove.

    “People misunderstand what is likely to occur when they are affected by the disasters.”

    Mr McGowan warns that the Government’s emphasis on cash handouts after disasters is part of the problem.

    “Some of the more recent concentrations on hardship payments and those things have actually started to increase the learned helplessness that many feel during these issues,” he said.

    Just 14 per cent of compensations payouts after the Brisbane floods was spent fortifying homes against similar disaster in the future.

    Given the number of natural and man-made disasters that strike areas of the globe on a yearly basis, there’s a strong likelihood that one day it may happen to you, too.

    Hopefully the disaster will be limited, but even in those cases the government is often overwhelmed. If you think about the possibility of a larger scale emergency, for example a cyber-attack that cripples our power grid as former DHS Secretary Napolitano suggested will happen in the future, there is simply no possible way for first responders to assist everyone who will need help.

    Consider that FEMA has stockpiled at least 140 million emergency food rations in their regional emergency response centers. If a large earth quake, Tsunami or rogue terrorist attack struck a population of 1 million people, those supplies would likely be gone within a month – and that’s a best case scenario because FEMA would have to tap regional distribution centers to acquire supplies from all over the country.

    It took them 3 days to get water to the Super Dome, if that gives you any ideas of how disorganized emergency response will be.

    Given that the United States has over 50 metropolitan areas with populations exceeding 1 million people, you can see how the situation would quickly become untenable if disaster struck just a single major city or region. If it were to go national, striking multiple cities simultaneously, we’d have complete and total pandemonium within a few days.

    The only plausible solution, and one that FEMA and DHS fail to support in any significant manner, is personal preparedness. Every household in this country should be urged to develop a personal preparedness plan by stockpiling food rations, potable water, survival tools, and even precious metals like silver bars to help them cope for at least a few weeks should our power grid go down and traditional commerce exchange mechanisms become inoperable. Those who fail to do so will have to deal with the horrific consequences.

    Americans have been given a false sense of security through the learned helplessness of government assistance programs and the belief that the billions of dollars being invested into emergency planning is somehow going to provide the necessary supplies they’ll need if crisis strikes.

    It’s a recipe for disaster.

    We’re not immune from a massive destabilizing event. In fact, we’re likely more vulnerable now than ever before.


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      1. Holy Shit!

        • I’ve gotta go to work so I’m gonna miss the darn show!

          • “”” the belief that the billions of dollars being invested into emergency planning is somehow going to provide the necessary supplies they’ll need if crisis strikes.”””

            And when you try to tell them the real purpose for spending those billions they roll their eyes. They are for the government in the event of an emergency, not the people.

            I think most of us will be able to survive and cope because we expect what is coming. Those without eyes to see it in advance will have no chance of comprehending it, or surviving, when it comes.

            • Sorry for the thread break folks, but this quote from John Mauldin is sooo funny I had to share it:

              “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth! Son, we live in a world that has unfathomably intricate economies, and those economies and the banks that are at their center have to be guarded by men with complex models and printing presses. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Lieutenant Mauldin? Can you even begin to grasp the resources we have to use in order to maintain balance in a system on the brink?

              I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom! You weep for Savers and creditors, and you curse the central bankers and quantitative easing. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that the destruction of savers with inflation and low rates, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves jobs and banks and businesses and whole economies!

              You don’t want the truth, because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that central bank! You need me on that Committee! Without our willingness to silently serve, deflation would come storming over our economic walls and wreak far worse havoc on an entire nation and the world. I will not let the 1930s and that devastating unemployment and loss of lives repeat themselves on my watch.

              We use words like “full employment,” “inflation,” “stability.” We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline!

              I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very prosperity that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it! I would rather you just say “Thank you,” and go on your way.”

              Read more:

              • Gee, that almost sounds Denninger-ish.

              • Goodun DK. I even’d the ballast out for you on the green side. Guess the dumb asses on the red thumb side just don’t get it.

              • Awsome

          • Think that sucks…I haven’t had cable in 2 years and really want to watch this.

            • I just reread what I just said wanting to watch this bad…I take that back! I wish there was no reason to make this movie, and I don’t want to see the Apocalype in person either!

              God help us.

              • I know that I harp on this, but the more competetion an area has the worse it is going to be to survive. You can have a vast farmland like in India, yet when you have over a billion people vying for that food that is produced you have starvation. There are over 2000 people per sqaure mile of arable land in India, too little land for too many people. This will happen in all big cities when the trucks stop rolling, no food and what is left with be fought for vicously.

                Relocation is alsmot a necessity for true survival when something really awful occurs. Besides the competetion, big cities are TARGETS. That is targets for the enemy both foreign and domestic. I mean domestic as in a beast government that will take the people to the camps or build a giant camp around large cities. Almost like the science fiction movies Escape for NY and LA.

                I ask ANYONE stuck in a big city or other urban area to consider all the benefits from living in a sparsely populated area. First of all almost all any area away from the population has food in the nature around them. In a big city this is not the case. Farmland is nice, but so is praire, forest, steppe, beach, and even desert. There is food to be found, if there is life out there then there is FOOD. Again, in a concrete jungle of an unnatural surroundings in a big city, food is scarce. In nature there is an abundance of food, many weeds are very edible for example. There is a lot more animals which means meat in low populated places.

                Unless you have years worth of food stored up, you will have to find food in nature or grow it. This will likely not happen in a city and if you do then you will have to defend yourself and what you have from hoardes of the hungry. In tiny areas, not only are there not many people, but those people can find food and not as likely to bother you. The small town helpfulness is something else that is a massive plus to having to battle person after person for scraps.

                JustOneGuy can tell everyone what the Sun can do, and has done in the past and will definitely do to the power grids in the future. There is almost certainty that a super virus will break out and people will have to stay isolated to avoid catching it. War is almost certain to break out when the plateau is reached in which there is just too much population for the available resources. Eventually the debt will blow up in everyone’s face. I could go on, but the point is, planning for the future is what preppers/survivalists do for an excellent reason, not to be caught with your pants which happens again and again on smaller scales. Wait until it happens on a mass scale. Of course 99% of the people don’t feel it will ever happen and if it does mr government and BO will save the day. The 1% of those that prepare all deserve a pat on the back and to be commended again and again and again.

                • BI, good evening, sir, and once again, spot on. I still advise newcomers to the site to go to the archives and look up your article from 5-12-12, “How Horrific Will It Be For The Nonprepper?”. There is definitely food for thought in that article and all of your other articles. I believe when SHTF finally hits it will be so overwhelming for everyone that some will have heart attacks or strokes, others will commit suicide, etc. It will be hell on earth. braveheart

                  • Good evening to you braveheart…..I watched the NatGeo show. I was into it for awhile….I’m glad the Manhattan blonde finally took off her high heels, lol…..Anyway, I agree with you. SHTF is coming and those who haven’t started prepping are screwed. I don’t feel sorry for them. They have been warned, over and over again. I’m cleaning the tools of liberty and loading the mags, since we are on our own. No cavalry is coming.

                • The few, the proud, the prepared. I’m one of them. I cannot lie down and quit and I won’t. It’s here and we have to face that fact. It’s decision time and I’ve made mine.

                  • Never lie down, I wish my neighbors thought like you.

                • BI: I have one more odd thing to add to your list of strange occurrences. We heat, primarily, with wood in our two story house, and every year it takes exactly two weeks to get the convection currents started. This year, we had heat upstairs, all the way to the back of the hall, within thirty minutes. We just looked at each other. It’s been an odd year.

                  I think our family is set for almost everything except nuclear war, a house fire, or a tornado, thanks in part, to this community.

              • No one has even considered the fact that if it all goes down: There are thousands of tons of ice cream we must get eat in in that 72 hours. I will have such a headache.

                • Paranoid, thanks for the laugh…better than Sanford and Son I just watched:)

                • 2:30 in the morning, but I could not stop laughing. It is all perspective! Reminded me of when I was a child and we had to leave our home, and father told us we could help ourselves to anything we wanted from the pantry. We were to leave later that night, in the dead of night, abandoning everything we had known, everything we had, with just what we could carry on our backs. I remember eating a can of fruit cocktail all by myself and taking a can of condensed milk. Little did we know what lay ahead as we stepped out into the dark unknown!

              • I didn’t want to see it either but I made myself watch it. I was very surprised by the way the movie was shown. And glad that they actually announced the truth about martial law. All in all, it at least highlighted why everyone should have some preps for themselves and their family. It also showed how ineffective the gov’t is and how quickly they can turn on the population. Open your eyes people and become independent!

                • I watched the movie last night. It did show how quickly society can break down.

                  Transformers were exploding and yet were able to get the power back on in 10 days. Based on what I have read, that is unrealistic. If a nationwide blackout like that should occur, it would take YEARS to restore power nationwide.

                  Limited numbers of transformers are even manufactured in the U.S. anymore. The large extra-high voltage transformers (765 KV) are only manufactured abroad.

                  Below is a link for a radio show on that topic.

                • I watched the Packers-Vikings game instead. The Vikings were woefully prepared to take on the Packers. As a result they got their tails kicked. It too was a great prepping show. The packers had the shotgun. Overall it was a great lesson on being prepped.

              • hey Iowa
                Since you don’t have cable ,do you own a dvd player?
                that way you can either rent a copy of this show or buy it whichever you prefer

            • Nat geo shows are available on Hulu plus. I think you can get a free trial online. Requires a cc though.

            • This must be why Comcast moved NatGeo to a more expensive package. Bastards!!

          • Sorry to disappoint, but the show is a piece of shit. Dumb characters, such as piece of shit yuppies and a prepped who impulsively takes along his daughters boyfriend rather than dropping him off at the nearest corner. Most annoying is a segment in a stuck elevator that turns into some sort of spooky horror movie. Dumb. Sorry I got excited about it.

            • And… Really? The power just comes back on? And everyone’s cool. All those exploding transformers fixed themselves and God bless the UN for helping us out. What a crock of crap!

              • @ Charley Waite. You know the way National Geographic has used Doomsday Preppers as sort of a freak show for the asinine audience to laugh at, I really didn’t expect much from the writers of the show. The one piece that Nat.Geo. did that was fairly good was the effects of Yellowstone erupting. That was actually fairly accurate. The un is the most worthless organization that there is. The un would ONLY be helping BO and other thuds TRY to take away people’s firearms. Screw the un, no F the un.

              • I agree Charley. When the lights came back on, all was forgotten and forgiven. What a bunch of bullshit!

              • I didn’t get a chance to watch the movie but I look forward to seeing the reviews. The irony of UN involvement in the US is that the American tax payer will be billed for everything plus, plus. Shows like this are an attempt at introducing the idea of UN involvement on US soil. TPTB are hard at work to condition and change the mindset of the sheeple to the idea of UN/New World Order takeover of the country with eventual loss of US sovereignty and independence. It is not surprising that National Geographic, whom I have profound respect for even though I know it is a liberal institution, is collaborating with those who would like to bring in a one-world government.

              • Could only stand about 20 minutes of it. You could tell that the prepper’s lazy daughter and her worthless boyfriend were going to be trouble. The girl in the penthouse and the kids in the elevator scenes were a waste of time. If, as Charley Waite says, the U.N. ‘saved’ us then you know this pure bullshit. There is no white knight, no cavalry coming over the hill to save us. I keep telling folks to just do the math. If you add up all military forces; active, guard, and reserve (11-12% deployed outside U.S.) all LEOs, and all of DHS that’s just over 2.6 million people. Now throw in all fire/rescue personnel, 69% are volunteer, and that adds up to around 3.735 million personnel for a nation of 314 million. Ladies and gentlemen, that one potential rescuer of every 84 people in America, and that’s if they can even get to the folks that need them. The show was accurate about the traffic situation, which would mean that rescuers couldn’t get through. It’s always been YOYO time and most of the American sheeple are clueless.

                • I saved time and watched “Walking Dead.” Much more realistic and informative!

              • I thought it was a pretty good portrayal of what might happen. Those things that you thought were stupid were probably things that many people will do because we are surrounded by a lot of stupid people. I agree that there were some things that were pretty far fetched (the elevator people would have all been dead by day 4), but it captured the avg. americans mentality toward an event like this. People do not do rational things when they are scared and unprepared. Yes, the power coming back on all at once would not happen, but i think the movie was trying to illustrate how far people will sink in such a short time. One second there is a knife to a guys throat when there is no power, then he realizes that the power is back on and he sees what he has sunk to. It put a happy ending on several situations and we know how unlikely that is. I agree that natgeo makes the DDPreppers look like cooks, however i thought this was very well done, especially in the first 7 days. Made my stomach turn most of the movie.

            • CW – I was trying to figure out who the news people were talking to….and of course Nat Geo used Fox News. Big surprise there.

              When you hear the guy on the HAM radio telling everyone to load their weapons and be aware of the govt wanting to take them, of course it’s more static than clear. There was an announcement about the govt taking control of all resources. I was surprised to hear them admitting that.

              Overall, it does show that those who DON’T prep are the biggest idiots! We already knew that 😀

              • The two announcements that all resources would have “fair distribution” was to appease BO to make sure we understand that redistribution will take place. All in all, it was good up to he last 3 minutes when the lights came back on…that blew it. That group of thugs all huddled after they had a knife to my husband’s throat would have been in a pile..but this will be typical actions of everyone we know that thinks we have a bean. People will show their true entitled selves to us.

            • charley waite

              I agree it sucked if that’s the way its going to be why have I been prepping???????


            • CW, I called BS on the whole show from beginning to end. And we still have GRID EX staring us in the face on Nov. 13-14. Oh, I forgot, Nov.1 we have to get through first and hope nothing happens with the EBT cards.

          • Peterson, if you missed the movie don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything.

            • Thanks Bubba!

          • You didn’t miss a lot, but if you want to watch it, it will probably be repeated.

            I taped it and watched it this morning. The show just ended. The last we saw was Jason threatening to shoot the guy who was holding a knife to his girlfriend’s father’s throat. I double-checked and i had taped the whole show — all 2 1/2 hours. I wonder if there is going to be a Part II

            • nategeo website say there will multiple parts

            • I’m sorry, I meant all 2 hours. Maybe I missed the last part…………

              • DaisyK – your tape cut off the stupidest part of the movie. Just as the kid is holding the gun on the guys with the knife his cell phone goes off and it’s his mother telling him that the power is back on. The guys drop the knife, the property owner sinks to the ground and gratefully hugs his family forgetting all about the thugs behind him. Right!?! The kids on the roof view all the lights magically coming on and the family is reunited. Hate these things with only half truths!

                • Only in the movies…..

          • Peterson,

            The show will be repeated Nov 13th (assuming we don’t lose power before then.) We put it on DVR for our friends who were unable to watch it, so you could ask around. And if it follows the pattern of similar shows, it will be illegally loaded onto YouTube dozens, if not hundreds, of times over the next few years until NGC stops asking YouTube to take it down.

            • Alright thank you!

              • I believe it is being replayed on Tuesday night….. Tomorrow.

          • Did you see the latest on AOL news? “almost 10,000 people died from guns since Sandy Hook?” What a bunch of crock~! If they did, it must of been th military that did it– by orders of US gov.!!

        • As America now has 108 million who depend on EBT, SSI,Section 8 Housing, TANF, SNAP, WIC, AFDC……
          and they wont get off their asses and work now, why would they when the SHTF?

        • As America now has 108 million who depend on EBT, SSI,Section 8 Housing, TANF, SNAP, WIC, AFDC……
          and they wont get off their asses and work now, why would they when the SHTF?

      2. There are so many nice smaller towns in the upper midwest I don’t see why anyone that knows what is coming would live in a large city. Water and good agricultural land is a must, but also a quality lifestyle. What’s a little cold weather when you got firewood? At least that takes care of the refrigeration problem.



          • No one will be coming to collect the debt.

            No one.

            • Au Contraire. Absent the stabilizing influence of law, the creditors will be at your door demanding to collect their “payments” in the form of food, water, and all the other essentials, justifying it all the while as “special case debt collection protocols due to the present emergency”, or some such hogwash. Some of us will of course offer them lead.

              • Yes they will and they will use the local police to get it…. get you arss out of debt!!!

                • Local police will be at home with their own family.

                  …If they’re smart that is.

                  • EXACTLY what I told my spouse last night while we were watching American Blackout. The police, etc will be more worried about defending their own families in a societal breakdown that helping us with ours.

                  • You’re right. Where were the cops during Katrina —- stealing from walmart or just awol.

              • maybe in cities…perhaps I should have said…no one in their right mind.

                Won’t be no internet, no obama fone, no nuttin, if it is a true shtf event.

                Those showing up to collect in most US areas will not be returning home…ever.

                A friend of mine sums it up best on collections…tell Mr. Rothschild that if he wants his money, to come get it in person.

                The pawns who have harassed folks for years in the collection biz will all of a sudden “become awake”.

                Like you, lead will precede conversation.

                Anyone who is worried about debt or taxes and not survival of the fittest ain’t gonna make it.

                In fact, I don’t worry about it now.

              • The Old Coach: What creditors are you talking about?

        • Justice,live in a small town in northern New England.Many though can only find good work near the bigger cities ect.My guess is most folks would like to live more in the sticks but just cannot.As for refrigeration a bit of a bitch during summer!

          • Here is where good lake ice works. Cut in winter, put in ice house with sawdust over top, ice lasts a very long time when you have a lot.

        • You’d like Iowa. Don’t invite any river jumping Shitcagoans though, grrrrrrrr!

          • Hey now!! Lol

      3. I’ve lived my life this way since I left home 42 years ago. I learned a long time ago not to put my faith in any other human other than myself.

        • I have come to the conclusion that people
          either have it or they don’t, when it gets
          down to surviving or not.

          If they weren’t raised up with a “boys-scouts”
          type of attitude”, it will be hard to pick it
          up at this late stage in the game.

        • I’m looking forward to watching it, but confident they will over-dramatize it like they do everything else. Parts of our state lose power here for about ten days every few years so logistically it’s no big deal. In most survival situations panic is the biggest threat. In an incident this large it would be OPP (Other People’s Panic). I’ll put my trust in my retreat community because lone wolves get eaten.

          • Prepared Pastor,

            Previously, I believe you had mentioned having some #10 cans of some baking mix that had to be thrown away.

            Shelf Reliance has a recall for their cans of 6 Grain Pancake Mix that was produced from August 2009 – July 2012. If you have some, they advise everyone to dispose of them and they will replace them with their new pancake mix.

            Before disposing your cans, write down the number of cans you have, the upc code and the manufacturing dates stamped on the cans. That information is NEEDED to get your replacements.

            I had purchased some. The cans were bulging. I am sure they would have burst at some point in the pantry.

            If you have some of this product, log on to

            • Thank you for this warning. Fortunately, I keep a list of all my preps, and my Thrive pancake mix is the 10 grain, not the recalled 6 grain. But you have made a good point. We need to keep up with recalls of our preps.

              I wonder if Thrive notified customers who bought on line about the recall……

              • DaisyK,

                I did receive a letter in the mail about the recall, since I had purchased directly from their website.

                The 6 grain pancake mix was also included in the 1 year food storage package sold at Costco stores a few years ago.

        • I have faith in my friends/family,and hope they know they can to best of my ability count on me.I do though know what you mean wrong,some days it is just a Atlas type battle!

        • That is exactly the way it should be…then you find a suitable mate that doesn’t need you but chooses to be with you. Neither of you really need one another but you bothe realize that together life will be better.

          I love my wife…she is an ass-kicker…we have a plan and will adjust as neccessary.

          See you all on the other side.

          • The final line of my above post should actually be, “see you on the other side”…if you go on utube and listen very carefully at the 24 second mark of Red Riders “Lunatic Fringe” you can hear it faintly.

            Cochrane new wtf was going on then as many did.

            The good fringe must eliminate the evil fringe.

            I just want to be left alone…at this point, I don’t give a fuck what I have to do to keep my family, friends and all good people like me free.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      4. This is so important to be able to take care of yourself and your family. You go to Walmart and you see the people hanging around shopping, no clue. I do wonder what you will do with silver bars. Who is going to have change for a silver bar. I think silver is a good hedge, but not if shtf. Food, water, tools, etc will be what you need. Good luck America…..

      5. Where have all the flowers gone, a long time ago. When will it ever end.

        • I don’t know what you’re talking about. The leaves are budding now, Jesus is coming. And its not the end, its the beginning to forever.

          It’s what keeps me sane in the waiting, Justice. God Bless.

          • Dunce, it’s a song……

            • Well Dummy,

              This is my song.

      6. Good Read. Its unfortunate that most will not prepare. The Gov has conditioned them to wait for help and demand that other people smart enough to to prep, share what they have. That same gov will cut them off someday and also take what we have saved and stored.

        • Gone under, check out the article by BI that I just referred to in my previous post. It is some very serious food for thought. It burns me to no end to see what the “entitlement mentality” has done to the minds of people. Let anyone come to take what I have and see what happens to their stupid asses. I’m making final preparations for Nov. 1. That is allegedly D-Day for the EBTs to be cut off. If that happens, the schumer will hit the air circulation machine! Everyone keep prepping and be ready. braveheart

          • Since the “gov’t shutdown” has been “averted” on Nov 1 the cut-off will not happen. Instead, there will be the previously scheduled small decrease in amt. That doesn’t mean there won’t still be reaction however.

            • SWFL, I HOPE Nov.1 will pass with nothing happening, but I still have the feeling something will go down. Even a reduction in the benefits will not be taken kindly by that crowd.

              • This is pretty much my game plan. Hope and preprayer.

            • Look for sob stories and sad tales of woe on the news. That $36 a month is going to mean thousands of children will be allowed to starve by their mothers, on camera, right in front of our very eyes.

              • All those lotto tickets and the booze that will not be bought. Such a tragedy. Crack sales will also plummet. Oh the humanity!

              • Smokey, then I have to quote the Grinch, “Boo HOO HOO”!

              • Braveheart is right but you are forgetting something that is not being told by the MSM it’s going to be more than a $36.00 reduction you are forgetting sequestration cut on all positions and government services each fiscal year . The $36.00 is from a program instituted in 2008 that will expire on Nov. 1. Remember the conditions the Fearless Leader put in place if the budget was not passed? He is alone responsible for this . I really think TPTB are pushing heavily for a confrontation in order to put in place restrictions to our Liberties. believe very little of what the MSM is saying, it is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the regime. right now there is a civil conflict being fought with in our own government against the statists and the outcome is unclear.

                RESIST NO MATTER WHAT

                WE SHALL PREVAIL



                Semper Fi 8541

              • Well, today is the 3rd and of course, yesterday on the news, “Oh whoa is me” FS stories about the big 21$ cut some family with six kids are going to have to “cut back”. Yep, guess the pepsi and chips will have to go, or wait, no ribeye, have to settle for ground round. Give ’em a drug test for benefits, then watch how few get benefits!

        • The term, theme, and philosophy of “prepping” has become distorted over the most recent years.

          “Be Prepared” (I am an Eagle Scout), has become associated with self centered, screw everyone else, this is just about me and mine.

          My perspective is somewhat different. Several years ago my attitude changed from “I will survive while the sheeple will die via their own ignorance and lack of foresight” to “I prep for the possibility that I MAY survive what is coming” Then again, I MAY NOT.

          There are no guarantees that I am aware of on this dynamic Earth…but I would rather have what I will need SHOULD I survive…than not.

          It makes the “prepper concept” more palatable for some.

          • I make no apologies, my family’s preps are for us and us alone, not ever Tom, Dick and Harry out there who thinks me and mine should go hungry because it isn’t “fair” they have nothing to eat themselves.

            And yes, we might not make it through SHTF but guess what, it is my job – scratch that, my MISSION – to do everything in my power to see my family through that mess. And if that means turning away hungry families to starve, freeze or dehydrate to death or having to employ deadly force against them, so be it. I probably won’t sleep well after doing that, don’t get me wrong I’m still a human being, but I’d rather have nightmares than see my family starve, or worse, because of misguided generosity.

            • …reality is that “fair” is just another four letter word…it means very little in reality…but some folks think it should when it comes to them…me, I started out knowing nothing is fair…fair is just another entitlement mentality idea.

              • “Fair” has at least two meanings

                “Equal” and “in proportion to some worth or value”
                If we are staking cut wood and you stack 50% more than I do. The first fair we get 50/50 payment the second fair we get 60/40 (you/me) payment.

                Fair never means the child’s definition which is “that’s not the way I wanted it”

          • Yental, my wife sold me on the prepper concept back in the 70s and I’ve never regretted it for one minute.

            • Man how blessed you are…. I am alone in it — 3 adult daughters and spouses, grandkids and a wife who, though I love dearly –43 years of marriage — will turn on the tv loudly when i’m talking to my prepper sister in New Mexico… Frankly, it does bother me beyond description. Have been a prepper since the cub/boy scout years and continue to this day. Whether i’m there to enjoy the fruits of it is the real question but it doesn’t matter in the end cause I know how this show ends… pray, prep and protect, djdog

              • I got laughed at a lot for trying to wake the sheeple, but on phrase I use now that has had more acceptance than anything is “What are you going to do if the trucks quit running?” For some reason that gets people thinking, and a few have started preppin!

        • It’s a shame how dependent our population has become. It’s all”Take care of me” and”Boo hoo, I’m a victim”. Whatever happened to living on your own and taking care of your own responsibilities??

      7. A thief breaks into a house and is ferreting around with the aid of a flashlight. He heard a voice that said.
        Jesus is watching you! He froze for a few minutes then continued to unplug the TV, DVD player and attachments when he heard the voice again. Jesus is watching you!
        He froze, and then shone his flashlight around the room before it finally stopped at a cage with a parrot in it.
        Was that you?
        ‘Yes’, said the parrot.
        What’s your name?
        ‘Moses’, replied the parrot.
        Who in their right mind would call a bloody parrot Moses?
        The parrot replied. The same guy who called the Rottweiler Jesus!

        Y’all Beware! Keep Smilin’.

        • Y’all Beware, that was a good one. if/when they come to my place, they’ll be greeted by “Bertha” loaded with 00 buck. braveheart

          • my place will be booby trapped out the wasooly,more than it is now LOLOLOLOLOL..Don’t pick up that can of beans never know what will hapen LOLOLOLOLOL

        • Nice story! Made me chuckle 🙂

      8. OK, everyone, I’ve said this numerous times before and it bears repeating. If you have NOT prepped, if you have NOT built up a stockpile of storable food, water, water purification items, medical supplies, camping equipment, extra clothing i.e. coats, extra underwear, socks, insulated waterproof boots, blankets candles, matches, etc., YOU ARE GOING TO SUFFER TERRIBLY, MAYBE EVEN DIE AS A RESULT! The federal government WILL NOT come riding in like a knight in shining armor on a white horse to save you! Get off your duffs and start buying these items NOW. Also get guns and ammo so you can protect yourselves, your family, and your supplies from anyone who would come to take from you. I haven’t been on here much over the weekend because I’m making my final preparations for Nov. 1 when SOMETHING will supposedly happen to the EBT cards. I advise all newcomers to this site over the past year to go to the archives and look up an article by Be Informed from May 12, 2012 titled, “How Horrific Will It Be For The Nonprepper?”. That article describes perfectly in detail what the nonpreppers will experience in any serious SHTF situation. It is definitely food for thought. I hope Nov. 1 will come and go without anything happening, but we’ll see. Come what may, I AM A PREPPER AND I INTEND TO SURVIVE IT. braveheart

        • I feel the exact same damd way. I’m just getting friggen sick and tired of composing and typing it! If they don’t know it by now, they likely never will. You can bet they will when SHTF. And then we will hear every excuse they can come up with.
          In a prior statement, he said “he wouldn’t ever depend on no one man”.
          He left out the big one ” NEVER DEPEND ON THE GOVERNMENT”!!!!!!!!

          • Hammerun, I read you loud and clear on never depending on govt. for shit!

            • The American Blackout is a softballed joke. It’s going to be a lot worse than they portray.

              • Black out? I thought that was something we wanted to happen in the white house?!!

            • Sh1t is about all you can depend on from the government.

        • Hey brave,

          Just laid in another 400# of rice, beans, split peas etc. Buckets, O2 absorbers, and bulk etc. Cost under $300. I have NO PITY for anyone who doesn’t do even a little. If you have a new xbox or playstation, or a new t.v. you can buy some frickin’ food.

          No pity!

          • Anonymous, I’m with you. People always find money to buy overpriced electronic junk but never can find any to buy storable food, water, etc. all the things that are needed to stay alive in any adverse situation. Then when TSHTF, they cry and wonder why someone else isn’t coming to their rescue. It burns me to no end that people refuse to take responsibility for their own well-being and that of their families. Instead they expect other peoples’ tax dollars to be used to help them. I’ve been out prep shopping myself over the last 2 days getting ready for Nov. 1, supposedly EBT Day. Supposedly there won’t be a cutoff but a small reduction in those “benefits”. Even a reduction won’t be taken kindly by that crowd. braveheart

            • Every household on SNAP has already been notified with a letter from their local welfare office of whatever reduction they will see on next month’s deposit. So most of these people have already been made aware that their EBT will reflect a lowered amount.

              I honestly do not believe that people are going to riot over small reductions, however, should something go wrong and these reductions turn out to be more than what they were told, then I do believe riots will ensue.

              My husband works at a local grocer as a stocker and fill in for people who do not show up to work, and he has told me that the incidences of shop lifting have picked up at an all time high.
              Last week, 7 people in separate incidences have shoplifted the store. This is a lot for our small town. Usually it’s one incident a week or every two weeks.

              Even with these small reductions, I believe the crime rate is going to rise. We’ll see more burglaries and shop lifting. I think the tension will build from there and get worse over the winter.

        • I personally think its too late for the unprepared. For my country’s sake, I hope not.

          • Never to late! If you only put two weeks away it is better than nothing. A 1000 mile trip starts with the first step.

            • Lost,agree totally.Should you have started a long time ago yes!That said,every little thing you can do helps,as I have said repeatedly the smalls do add up.The little ebt snafu finally sent the message to a family member,they went from not ready much at all to pretty well stocked and building on it in a couple of days.I hope that shows like this wake people up,those that wake up and try to do the best they can are the folks we want around long term in this country post whatever disaster either natural or man made.

        • Excellent article, I show it to many as well.

        • There suffering will be short lived. They will die. Not even nowing they did it to thier selves. And the could of live threw it not just survied with very little effort as long as it was done BEFORE.

          The page got in much trouble. Remember I bought a Drone that works from my phone. Well a young person in our group. ( I do not want his mom to know) Brought it up to the hospital. Had to stay a night for a blood tranfer. Well i was flying it in and out of the window in the room and the onsite police saw it They were very unhappy with the page for it. I laugh so hard I actually pulled a stich. They almost shot it. I think it might of made the news. I wish I had recorded all its camera was seeing while I was trying to fly it back in the window while I was laughing.

          If we cant laugh what are we trying to save.

          • Awesome 🙂

          • You da man, FP! Prayers for quick healing!

      9. The government is a textbook contradiction- ‘do as I say not as I do’. DHS and FEMA and even the Red Cross have so called civilian emergency procedures they publish… but really don’t do enough to help. Telling people to stock food water for 72 .hrs or more doesn’t mean they will do it or do it right. Case in point- people buying frozen foods they think they will be able to use or cook in the microwave…when there is no power. Doh.

        Water is and always will be the linchpin to life or death for millions. After 72 hours without liquids (esp clean safe water) your internal organs (kidneys, liver, endocrine system) start to shut down.

        The NatGeo show will show people how in just 10 days time your world as you know it, goes to hell. It also looks like the ‘prepared’ crowd will be painted with the brush of envy and cynicism…figures.

        Our very way of life is so dependent on power, esp electricity, it will be like that Twilight Zone episode where the aliens knock out power in a neighborhood…except for one guys house. The other people quickly turn on him with mob mentality and the aliens comment at the end of the episode- “We don’t have to invade this planet- just turn off their power and they kill each other off”.

      10. “The only plausible solution, and one that FEMA and DHS fail to support in any significant manner, is personal preparedness.”

        I’m not sure if I agree with your statement. FEMA has “Are You Ready” which does go through preparedness and that you need at least three days worth of supplies (minimum) and not to expect help for at least a week. It does make it easier for me to teach preparedness (in a public school)when it is stated on a government website.

        I wish they would promote it more and maybe that was your in a significant way.

        • Teacher, personal preparedness is the solution! You are responsible for your own well-being. Not the taxpayers, nor the govt., nor anyone else. If you have not personally prepared, most likely you won’t make it. The govt. is not going to save you. Wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late.

      11. “The only plausible solution, and one that FEMA and DHS fail to support in any significant manner, is personal preparedness.”

        I’m not sure if I agree with your statement. FEMA has “Are You Ready” which does go through preparedness and that you need at least three days worth of supplies (minimum) and not to expect help for at least a week. It does make it easier for me to teach preparedness (in a public school)when it is stated on a government website.

        I wish they would promote it more and maybe that was your in a significant way.

      12. What I hope that folks understand is that the ammo and MRE’s and everything else the government is stockpiling is not for the citizens- it’s for Official use only-Government employees ect. We WILL be on our own .

        I like it that way.. but as all of you who read this know all too well most Americans will expect the government to save them. On a side note:
        The Associated Press revealed Tuesday that a mere $700 million of the $60 billion federal aid package – 1.2 percent of the total funds – has been given to victims of super storm Sandy.

        Nearly a year after the devastating storm, a majority of the 24,000 families that have requested monetary assistance have yet to receive a penny from the federal aid package.

        Read more:

        • Agent P – a large portion of that bill was nothing but pork! I bet the pigs got paid their share!

          They don’t give a sh!t about those really suffering. Odumbass did his little tour right before the elections spouting how he was going to cut all the “red tape” so no one would have to wait for help. When are people going to WAKE UP?! The govt doesn’t give 2 sh!ts about your problems.

      13. I don’t think Big Nanny Government realizes that that’s exactly what most Americans want – to be on their own. I think the reason most preppers look forward to the collapse is because they’ll finally have Big Brother off their backs.

        • SilverSax
          I agree whole~heartedly! If only the gov’t would leave us alone! It’s time to stop trying to stopchewing on the gov’t cud! We the people!!!

      14. FEMA may have over 140 million servings of food stored, but I guarantee you this – NONE of them are for YOU.

        Plan accordingly.

        • You got that right, wormdirt. Besides, what can they do with 140M meals? Feed 4.6M people one meal each for 30 days? That’s not even the population of NYC.

        • Unless you have a ticket to Under Denver Airport.

          • GoneUnder:

            If anyone is wondering about your post they should look up the “scary” side of the Denver Airport.

        • Agreed. Odds are that stockpile is for themselves and the rest of DHS, and possibly to a lesser degree the military. And gold bullion to stale donuts, the really powerful types already have their SHTF shelters already in place and stocked with years’ worth of the high-end stuff and a chef to prepare meals to rival what they eat right now.

          And that includes Cheyenne Mountain and that other bunker for the President and the clowns from Capitol Hill.

      15. What is being developed here in The United States is a oligarchy-Federal Employees/unions and the political class at the top who have a separate set of Laws( or exempt from the laws they pass on us) and privileged status – and then there is the rest of us. Call me envious or jealous but I am just calling it as I see it

      16. I just saw THREE Trident submarines in tight formation leave Puget Sound.
        They are always escorted by multiple Coast Guard, but this time there were several other escort ships with them.

        We see them often,but never more than one at a time…

        Showdown at the Iranian OK Corral?

        • I wonder what Isreal is up to? This could be one of the “dots” to connect.

        • I though I saw them in Hood canal only. Never seen them in Juan DeFuca straight. Never seen them in Admiralty inlet. I followed the Lincoln through Rich passage once, but I have never seen a boat leave Bremerton.
          Where are you?

          • I used to live on the strait and we saw subs frequently.

            • Like the Chilean boat that cut the yacht in half south of the San Juan’s?
              There is a practice and shooting area in that general area.

        • I’m surprised there were three Tridents at Bangor at any one time, that’s asking for a surprise.

        • Relax. Obama probably sold them to the Chinese and they are being delivered. Do you really think that Obama would ever launch a retaliation strike? They probably don’t even have missiles with warheads anymore. I remember when Bush 41 ordered all the tactical nukes removed along with the TLAM-As. They were gone in three days along with the software for launching and targeting.

      17. Just read revelations and you know this will soon be coming!!

      18. Yawn total pandamonium fear porn
        4 days till cannibal zombies ho hum..
        If you are out in the sticks it’s life as normal..
        Even in comifornia…
        Down hear the alphabets will be so busy
        With the city’s and the mexi gangs
        4 th night in a row c 130 @ 500 ft no lights on
        I scored a whole crate of 7. 62x54r today
        Gotta love those Russians they make prepping ammo easy

        • Mosin perchance Nina?

        • Nina,saw yestarday @ moment 7.62x.54 silver tip for sale,just a hair under 200 for 880,will put in site if you wish but do not want to spam unless someone interested.

          • Scored the crate from gunsmith old lady found in garage!
            Paid $500 for 80’s silver tip spam can
            Bullet drop is 19 -21 ft at 1,000 yards depending on wind
            I bought a crate o mosins In Montana already doubled my $

            • Tell me you didn’t pay $500 for a can of surplus 7.52x54R.

        • Wish I had a Spectre, unlimited munitions/fuel and Supermans force field.

          A handful of us could clean up this mess in a couple weeks.

          Freedom worldwide…wouldn’t that be awesome.

          • Last,I had all that would fix things up in a day!

      19. Finish your preparations now! Any preps are better than no preps at all. A saying that has stuck with me … ” Better to be years early than a day late.” That has kept me motivated, I don’t want to be wandering around in the wilderness. I think 2014 may be quite a year!

      20. IT”S A JOKE – A 3 DAY SUPPLY of food & water
        I think someone is doing a diservice to the American people, 3 days, 9 days without power.
        IF a terrerorist were to ONLY take down the power grid for 9 days I would have to say they were ameturers or inept. It’s as easy to take it all down for 10 years to 50 years or forever as it is to take it down for 9 days.
        And IF you think terrerorist would ONLY take down our grid for 9 days to spare us you are delusional.
        From a motel room in Syria with a 10 year old laptop with the right kind of program via the internet they could easily access our control systems for the grid, terminals, generators, transformers all if it and give it false perameters and make it destroy itself so that it could NEVER be fixed.
        Beleive me it can be done and very easily…
        You are better off preparing for a lifetime of NO POWER than preparing for 10 days without power as that is far more realistic.
        Oh and never mind a CME or an EMP that would wipe out all our power capabilities forever. NO cars, NO trucks, NO trains, NO planes, NO boats, NO water, NO sewer, NO PHONE SERVICE, NO heat, NO air conditioning NOTHING – NOTHING Electronic or controlled by electronics will work.
        OH and by the way all 74 or our Nuclear power plants would go critical at once without cooling water for their reactors and the spent fuel pools would over heat and go China Syndrome ALL OF THEM!!!

        • We’ll guess what. On April 15th They’ll get something from me…….a finger!!!

        • No matter how much we prepare materially, and I do, I still feel we are all Fukushima’ed!

          Perhaps we should all work together as a human community to take down these killers of humanity called nuclear power.

        • 3 days?
          If i ate nothing other than the granola bars in my pantry im already at 2 weeks worth calorie wise and that doesnt even scratch canned goods or other stuff in there, let alone the fridge, and that isnt even the storage stuff and my so called “preps” in the basement, nor the stuff still in the field.
          3 days, what a joke!
          If thats all someone has is 3 days, im not sure weather to feel sorry because they are really unfortunate or feel sorry that they are complete idiots!

        • I’m fairly certain nuke plants, whether for on land or in a warship’s guts, would have a purely mechanical safeguard in case of a catastrophic power or computer systems failure. Like the control rods dropping automatically, or at the worst with an old-fashioned mechanical control of some sort.

          As for the spent rods, good question what would happen there.

          • You are right,
            For the two basic reactors there is physical break down systems. Should power be lost automatic solenoids disengage and shut down all reactors.
            For the CANDU design it dumps the heavy water and stops the chain reaction and for the other GE style it drops the graphite control rods down into the reactor which should stop the chain reaction. Not sure how things completely went wrong in Japan. As for the spent fuel who knows what they plan. I used to live 45 mins away from Bruce A and B.
            Figured that I might want to learn a little about them.

      21. Mac,

        Fantastic article! Like so many others of yours. Tonight, not only am I watching, but, also going to DVR the show. For the sheeple who have their heads buried in the sand, you are correct. Just another night of entertainment. For those of us who don’t. Just more reason to keep being prepared. Too all, stay strong, stay the course, and never, never, give up! For the sacrifices we choose to make, when going down those rough roads, will only make us, the prepared individuals, stronger and better.

      22. Set it but dont forget it. Watch it when you can. Those that dont have media to record or watch will see this play out in real time soon enough!

      23. I see a lot about “libtards” who are anti-gun and antiself-defense on this site. As a liberal, go ahead and continue to believe that, please. More and more of us “libtards” are arming ourselves. We do it not because we fear the government. The government is incompetent and cannot find its ass with a map, GPS and butt sniffing dog. You people, however, are a bunch of deluded psychopaths hell-bent on going on murderous rampages against those whom you perceive to be easy targets, i.e. anti-gun, anti-self-defense libtards. We hope you continue in your delusion since it will make it easier for us to counter your naked aggression. Also, I am sure this post wil be collapsed. However, I must ask why? Are you afraid to allow a differing position? Are you afraid if people are exposed to a different viewpoint, they will see you morons for the deluded jerk offs you are?

        • Looking for a fight, joe? Your posts are always confrontational and angry.
          I don’t think anyone here wants to waste time arguing with you when there are far more interesting things to talk about.

          • As one of “you people” I say F*** You NCJOE. You will get what is coming to you soon I predict.

        • NC,many do not care about your political bent on this site,you are getting ready for tougher times and want to help others with thoughts/ideas/plans is all that matters.Yes,on a side note this site has advertising and is a business also which is fine,Mac needs to make a living as we all do.That said,most here just want to help each other plan/prep and exchange ideas,so,do you have any or just want to be cantankerous?!

        • I suppose Im one of those your referring to as YOU PEOPLE. I guarantee those of us who have prepped will not go on Murderious Rampages. Why go after non preppers they don’t have anything? Its the unprepared sheeple who will go on the rampages. If you rampage in the wrong place you will be very sorry.

        • @NC joe

          You misspelled “retard.”

          • He must have used his hooked on phonics, funny when I spelled it out it only said NC joe.
            Sorry I had to say it.

        • ncjoe, you made a valid point about the govt. then you start your attacks on us again. If you would state your position in a more decent and intelligent manner, we’ll listen to it. you also stated that some liberals are arming themselves, but not because they fear the govt.? The why are they arming themselves? I, for one, am willing to listen. that sounds interesting.

        • When it happens we’ll all be in the same boat. Won’t matter your politics or religion. Best if everyone tries to survive and help others if you can. Prepare and you might survive. I won’t be asking anyone their beliefs.

          • I will. I don’t want to help anyone who believes he is entitled to my property. That is the root of our problems.

        • Go eat another bowl of oboma’s doo doo chili and enjoy it while you can.. Idiot..!

          • “That’s-ah SPICY shit-ah ball!” Even liberals are developing an aversion to Obama Brand(tm) diarrhea chili.

        • Joe, good to see you prepping for the bad times coming, but it goes without saying, the folks who are looking to settle a score with their neighbors are not going to last long, left or right.

        • Imagine no ncjoe. Imagine no finx. Imagine no eisen. Imagine no urban dog. Imagine no trolls, period.

          • “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. Someday I hope you’ll whack them, and the trolls will bee-hee-heee done.”


        • Why do I think those who are traditionally unarmed are arming themselves? I think it is because it is going to be the fullest extent of their preps. I believe they intend to use their guns so they get their “fair” share of supplies and comfort at the expense of others.

          I mean, they think everyone should support them now when the times haven’t actually gotten bad yet so how would it be any different when SHTF, right?

          NC Joe, most of us have no intention to “go hunting” once the rule of law becomes a thing of the past. We want to protect ourselves and our families, and our supplies as we have a God-given right to. And if it includes engaging the likes of you with deadly force when you come to our doors demanding we feed and shelter you as you perceive you have a right to “your fair share” of our resources, then so be it. Especially when you say you and folks of your mindset are arming yourselves against actual preppers.

        • Joe – First of all, I have never read anything here about anyone wanting to use the average libtard for target practice after the SHTF…never. We use our firearms for their intended purpose – Defense. Whether that be from an intruder or our own govt. Second, I know plenty of Lefties who own guns. Most are just good old fashioned Dems. Unfortunately, they still follow the Marxist in Chief, just because. I even had one admit to me he voted for our previous Repub Governor, Mitch Daniels.

          Liberals have listened too much to their so called “leaders” who will always perceive those of us not on the left, to be racist, radical, gun toting loons! So you go into a conversation thinking that you already know the thoughts of the other. Try actually going into a conversation without your preconceived notions. You might actually like some of those that don’t think EXACTLY as you do. Just a thought. Like someone just stated – In the end, we will all have the same enemy.

        • @NCJoe,
          You are more likely to be taken out by your own kind. Good luck! You obviously don’t know who your friends are. You really need to have eyes in the back of your head!

        • NC,
          You sound like you’re about 17. You will look back at your rants 30 years from now and squirm in your chair and marvel at how such marvelous equipment as your own human nervous system could have been wasted the way you’ve been wasting yours.
          Nobody here has any plan to hurt anybody at all. None that I’ve read about, anyway. Most here are live-and-let-live types, there are many sincere and committed Christians, and they have full lives and wide and varied skills, interests, hobbies, and thought lives.
          You need to find some productive and satisfying pursuits for yourself. Maybe do some yoga. Just do something to transform yourself from the throbbing hairball of wrath and rage that you are into a normal human being.

      24. Heads up everyone. Check out the article at The Daily Sheeple titled, “Leaked Video: FEMA Preparing Military Police For Gun Confiscation And Martial Law”. They’re going to get those MPs killed for no good cause.

        • braveheart

          Can’tcha just feel the noose tightening.

          I would guess the minute martial law was
          declared, and how long it would take to
          implement a behemoth machine such as gun
          confiscation, patriots would have more
          than enough time to stash a lot of cold
          blue hardware.

          • Sid, I do feel it. It will be interesting to see how much manpower the feds will have for any attempt to grab the guns. I expect DHS along with some other alphabet soup agencies and foreign troops. If it’s time to stash guns, then it’s really time to use them and they’re going to force us to use them. you can bank on that.

            • Braveheart ,
              I can personally promise some of us in DHS WILL NOT COMPLY WITH ILLEGAL ORDERS,
              If push comes to shove hide the good stuff and just turn in crap if this happens , must of us will refuse orders but their are a few troglodytes that will probably follow orders, the Brainless ones are the ones you have to be concerned out.
              By the time this occurs I think a lot of us are going to go FREEFOR It’s getting harder each day to take our superiors seriously there are many in the ranks that will resist the regime and go RONAN.
              In fact the opposite to gun confiscation may occur, we may be coming to your door with weapons and ammo to drop off for the coming festivities you may end up with better hardware without having to fire a shot.
              ” gee captain I don’t know what happened to that load of HK’s they must have fell off the back of the truck”

              “I got out to pee I have no idea where the MRAP went”

              “what Barret I was not issued a barret , check the armory log!”

              HINT : all military vehicles ignitions are push to start no keys needed




              III %

              Semper Fi 8541

              • Added note
                All resistance vehicles will be marked with a recognizable symbol , but still approach with caution.


                Semper Fi 8541

          • Sid
            Instead of stashing it you need to think about using it

            • Robert Paulson, I agree. I made my decision to use mine a great many moons ago.

            • +1 was just thinking the same thing,
              I believe that was what was meant in the wording of 2A.

              • Sorry guys — That’s an old saw that needs some

                Guns that are stashed in other places as well as
                the ones you are using at the moment is just good
                insurance in case you have to run in the face of
                insurmountable odds to be able to live to fight
                another day.

                Last stands are not good guerilla tactics. We
                cannot stand toe to toe with them and expect
                to win against superior fire power. Escape and

            • I am working on a super size white flag to wave. I know when I am outgunned. My BB gun will not be much help. Damn thing does not even bother the rats I bought it for. I end up having to beat them to death. I am getting “I surrender” down in Spanish, Russian and Chinese. I will be ready.

      25. I grew up poor,I personally know what it’s like not to have a single meal for 5 days,Sometimes I was lucky to have half of an onion to last me 3 days,No kidding. Both my parents were druggies and me and my brother suffered heavily.

        From my experience when the 9 to 5 sheeple who are used to stuffing themselves daily run out of food it’s going to be game over and get very ugly fast. Because when their that hungry they’ll do anything to get food(I know this all too well.)

        I have it going steady in life now,and stockpile food every single chance I get. The 9 to 5 folks do not,They spend their money on new phones,I-pads,gadgets and all that. Their not smart enough to see whats going on in this world,They think it’s all jolly good and love their life full of ignorance. It’s gonna bite them in the ass HARD. I mean hard!

        • Mosin, I truly sympathize with you about your rough childhood. It hurts my heart to hear stories like yours.
          But I know lots of “9-to-5ers” who prep at one level or another. I live in a very middle-class subdivision outside Atlanta, and there are lots of yuppie-types around me who prep. I’m one myself.
          I think the reason there are so many preppers around is that most of my neighbors are like me – white, middle-class, Christian conservatives. Almost all of them deplore the direction the liberals have taken the country. They see the massive, overwhelming US debt, growing by $85B/mo and they know it’s unsustainable. Eventually something will give. If not the economy, then it looks like Hussein Obama will allow Iran to get an atomic bomb. Or there could be a devastating earthquake. Or an EMP. You name it.
          I think if there’s one category of the population which doesn’t prep, it’s the low-information crowd who elected Hussein Obama. Their trust in Big Nanny Government will be their undoing.

        • Mosin,some can afford the I pads and the preps(I am not one of them!).I am thrifty but enjoy life,i.e. kayaks/looking into a new motorcycle ect.Tis great to be ready as possible for tough times but lets also enjoy life for today.Live for today,prepare for tomorrow.

          • @ Warchild.. before you buy a MC, ask for opinions here. I have experience.

            • Gone,have had many scoots over the years,British/American and yes even Japanese!I am going to get a FXSTC frame and probably do a S&S motor if the work continues,kinda build partly myself and get exactly (I hope!)what I want.A friend did a S&S motor and has had great performance with it for about 4 years now so probably direction I will head in.

        • Thank you for the look into your life. My mom grew up dirt poor in the depression, and they lived on fried cornmeal. My dad used to climb up on coal trains back in the depression and kick off some coal to take home to heat the house. My dad and grandfather used to collect junk, and would eat onion sandwiches on the road. My dad even when he was dying, used to tell me how lucky we were. I didn’t understand it then, but now I know. We have a roof over our heads and food on the table. We are warm and dry. And millions of Americans take those same things for granted.

          • Every Monday in the Depression, a rail car of coal would be dropped at the siding alongside my grandfather’s hardware/feed/farm store in NE Kansas, and my dad and 2 colored men would empty it, by hand, for $0.25 an hour. They sold it bagged, or you could bring your own scuttle and carry it yourself.

            I thank God I never had to work that hard in my life.

            • smokey,
              A next door neighbor I had who died in 1999 told me the same story of he and his brother emptying coal cars by hand with shovels for a quarter or .35 cents a day. When he was 74 I hired him to dig out some trees for me. He was amazing in what he would/could do. His wife who is now 95 still lives there. His grown son who is now 69 however is worthless and still lives at home with mom.

        • @Mosin 762 continued Just a note, my father was 10 years old when he was kicking coal off the train. Also, it is staggering watching people buy I phones and I pads. My niece pays $300 a month for cellular phone service for herself and husband and kids, but when I tell her to put up some food just in case she snorts and tells me they don’t have any extra money. I give up. Call it coldhearted, but when it hits the fan, I will not help them out.

          • This is for CameronD, Smokey, and later BeInformed.
            Thank you for the insight. Even though I tried very hard to respect my elders and listened I wish that I had of listened harder. Their history and what they did to survive can give lessons for us all.
            I asked my Grandmother about growing up on a homestead.
            She told me how they lived off of the land even though they had animals. The actual livestock were too precious to actually eat. The .22 LR put most of their meat on the table including deer. The massive garden was used to feed everyone for the most part.
            This has got me thinking about BeInformed’s earlier comment about how it is important that you remove yourself from urban centres. Even if you live in a subdivision with neighbors that go away in the event of a breakdown, do you have land that you can grow anything on?
            I once worked in new housing and in every lot the topsoil was trucked away to clear the land for the new homes. Sure there was grass after on the lawns but underneath there was no real soil.
            A person would have to add many pickup loads of topsoil and organic material to a site just to have a poor garden. And even then your average town lot is too small to grow much without lots of chemicals and lots of hauled in water.
            Yes I have carried water in 5 gallon pails to put on my gardens. It surprises you how much it really needs.
            Last year we wound up hooking up an old 500 gallon sprayer tank and towing it to the garden to save time.
            I know what I am doing when I harvest my own food.
            Whether it is from the garden or butchering animals.
            (Deer season is only a couple weeks away, got my tickets already, yah.) But, thankfully my parents are around and I can and often talk to them about what I am doing.
            Usually they just tell me to keep on what I planned anyways but there are other times where they give me golden information that saves so much time and heartache.
            Lucky for me I have them. I also have other family
            like my Aunt Elly who is a fountain of information.
            She collects so many books and magazines that are full of useful stuff.
            Most of my extended family laughed at her over the years when she bought weird things or learned archaic tricks.
            Guess who is laughing now. She lives in the country and should bad things happen she might not even notice all that much.
            For my immediate family it is about wanting that life.
            Every one of us has picked up and moved over 2000 miles from where we were born. I am not completely in that life, hopefully will never be forced into it, but I can be if I want it.
            Giving up on what “everybody else is doing” is and was hard.
            Very quickly you realize that all of it is s%$t.
            If you only get out of the cities to live a better life then you are already a better person.
            I am a man, I fix my own clothes, make preserves, take time to make mud pies, and drink homemade wine.
            I like to grow geraniums.
            I am more than I ever could be living in 7/11 land.
            If you have the inclination then go ahead and try.
            Better to fail now then when it matters.
            I realize that not everybody needs this talk.
            Some of you would make the early settlers envious.
            Put it out of your head that you need to do everything like it is done in fictional novels. I would love to have a long range .50 with night scope too but in reality I do not have the money, nor the ability to use one. That and I will admit that the recoil scares me.
            I would love to have a cool bug out truck, but chances are that my $500 bright blue F-150 will have to do.
            I started prepping with a case of beans, a ’79 monte carlo, and 2 boxes of .303 British.
            Didn’t think of it as prepping, just precautions against unemployment during the winter.
            Now alot of what is called prepping is normal.
            I will not take anything from anyone that is not mine.
            I look at the 3 day plan stuff and while I laugh at it I also think that at least people are willing to do something. It is a start.
            Next time the power goes out they will have candles and they will laugh at those in the dark.
            They will have some food, and hopefully they will think about having more, and the means to get more.
            It reminds me of the old Frank Sinatra movie. “Von Ryan’s Express”. Where the old British Officer tells him “Von Ryan, if only one escapes, it’s a victory.”
            Let’s keep up the little victories.
            Sure we are all sick of telling people anything.
            But this internet thing has many people looking.
            Just look at the Jehovah’s witness.
            They keep trying no matter how many doors are shut in their faces.
            Is their church shrinking?
            Not that I believe in their version of events but you have to admire their stick to it attitude.
            Anywho I have wasted enough of your time and brain cells on this tirade.
            Take care.

        • I understand ya…was talking to my Mom tonight about how tough it was when I was a kid…then I thanked her for all the effort she and Dad put into my life…for helping me get tough so now its easier…told her I wouldn’t change it if I could…it helped make me who I am…

        • Mosin,
          I’m really sorry for your suffering. I hope you find some peace and happiness in this life before it’s all over.

      26. While I abhor DHS and FEMA and would like to see them disbanded as of yesterday, the idea that they haven’t published fairly useful individual preparedness info is absurd. You can see at and many other sites plenty of info, lists to check off, and details about how to survive without help. They may be optimistic in telling folks three days prep, but that’s because most Americans are willing to do ZIP to prepare.

        The problem isn’t that info is not available or .gov doesn’t flog us enough with public service announcements to prepare. The problem is Amerika has become a huge hive of Dreamers and Schemers, filled with humanoids who DREAM about life rather than observe it as it is and SCHEME to have someone else take responsibility for them.

        There is nothing that can be done by us to help them, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences. Nature is going to have a field day culling the useless, the lazy, the delusional and their ilk. Our job is to stay alive long enough to have representatives of real freedom and justice on the other side of the shit storm.

        Forget preps for the masses. They are dead already but don’t realize it…

      27. Assuming SHTF scenario doesn’t happen tomorrow there is still time for folks not yet prepared.I tire of posters who say it is too late ect.Should folks have done it long ago,yes!That said,folks can still get ready and learn from this site and others that are truthful.As I have said before,even on a tight budget just a few bucks a week on smalls adds up quickly towards food/basic med ect.Also,to those just thinking about it,see what you already have that will be helpful in tough times!Folks,you can do this,one of the purposes of a site like this is to encourage/help others,enjoy today,prepare for tomorrow.

      28. If i had only 3 days worth of preps, it would be a damn cold and starvin winter. If they cant follow instructions then ya dont eat. we put up extra this year cause the way its lookin, this might be the worst winter ive seen in 30 yrs! we shall see if it was all worth the trouble. plenty wood stacked and dried, plenty eats in the cellar, plenty homemade beer. WHAT MORE COULD YA ASK FOR? time to feed the girls an get ready for dinner. wildman out PS wash ya hands ya dont know where they been LOL

        • Wild,will wash my hands,I know exactly were they have been!On a side note,thanks for a nice weekend Holly!

        • I saw a woolly worm the other day, and the brown stripe in the middle was over a third of the worm’s length, meaning a normal winter, maybe a little warmer than usual. Of course some scientists say that the worm’s brown stripe is actually a record of the previous winter. Either way, I prepare for a cold winter every year.

          • In the spring and summer I prepare for winter, in the fall and winter I prepare for spring and summer, then the cycle repeats.

          • I have noticed quite a few around my farm as I stack the wood. What’s weird is that some have wide center bands, some had narrow front bands, and I found one that was all black, 100%. No brown band at all. I attribute this to be a sign of a devastating earthquake that will swallow up Antarctica.

        • mini ice age this year.

      29. It’s not a question of whether I can do it alone, but will I be left alone to live my life,

      30. Just make sure that is is a SHTF situation before you start going off the reservation and not 10 day event that might be recoverable. I can see that some may do things that won’t be forgiven after a short term event. They are still looking for people to charge from Katrina… Some are still on the run from that. Defend your house, people, and property, but don’t try to break the law!

        I have seen that some emergencies have helped me show others in area how prepping is smart. When the power is out for whatever, I offer coffee and hot oatmeal for neighbors and they ask about my Kelly Kettle and a few bought their own. They tend to see the importance of being prepared for short term…

        • It is amazing how personal experience’s tend to cause people to want to prepare.

        • I have got to be the biggest butthole ever.
          When TSHTF not if, I’m gonna run up and down the street wearing my headlamp–turned on!!!

          Who’s right now, neighbors?? 🙂

      31. Nobody knows how it will go and end. We just know those dark days are coming here to the USA.

        Much like Revelation 17 and 18, the Fall of Babylon.

        Some people have prepped well and know what they are doing. My hat goes off to them. But most of us are prepping idiots, Ugly included. Thus, keep your food storage and other stuff as simple as possible.

        Learn 5 or 6 basic food items to survive with and make sure you have them and the spices needed to make them tasty. For instance, you can live off of beans, wheat, dehy potatoes, rice, powdered milk, and honey. So buy that and the spices needed. Choose your own 6.

        If you have cake mix in the pantry, then dude you probably are already in trouble in future days.

        This is not a cake walk, but what could be survival period.

        Also, have plenty of seeds that you can use and also share with your neighbors if that opportunity exists.

        Learn to glean.

        Remember, your food storage is only for use as a supplement and not daily use until it is all gone. If and when shtf, you need to use the storage but you also need to be looking for food everyday.

        By food everyday, I mean garden, from farmers, barter from folks, in the wild, etc.


        • Good post ugly…

          I’ve never heard anyone mention this particular product called,LOCK&LOCK…
          For those that don’t know, it’s a food grade plastic container that has four locking tabs, one on each of it’s four sides…they are typically cube shaped…
          The reason I mention them is that are THE best of this type of storage container…
          I put rocks in one and tied it off on the dock after putting it in 5ft of water in the silty mess which typical of canal dockage… 24 hrs later…bone dry inside…what a product!!!
          My tip for the day…carry on. ‘)

          • The woman who sells it on QVC is so happy all the time. We have a set, and it does work as advertised.

            We don’t buy much from shopping channels, but we’ve been happy with almost everything. Of course there was that plastic microwave pressure cooker that melted inside when we used it. My wife called, and they said send it back for a complete refund. I bought a ring for my wife from QVC years ago. It was supposed to be for Christmas, but it didn’t arrive. I called QVC, and they sent a replacement free. They have the best customer service in the world.

            • @ Archivist ~ I <3 Qvc. I purchase items from them frequently, when my budget allows. They do have the best customer service in the world. I one time accidently placed my small pocket calculator in a Qvc package marked return.
              Qvc received my returned package, took my calculator, sealed it in plastic, and mailed it back to me. I have 2 of them, and tore the place apart looking for that 2nd handheld pocket computer. I was very happy to have it returned to me, and called Qvc to thank them.

            • Yea I’ve seen them there…They used to sell them at wallyworld…
              I guess they worked too well…
              can’t let the peasants have quality goods…

        • Spot on Ugly,
          I have told the clan that if we are still eating our stock after Six (6) Months then we are fooked.
          It only back up folks. That means grow as much as you can and hunt the extra including common weeds that are edible. If the SHTF in your zone during winter then stock it is until the spring. If summer at the time then you have a head start. Either way you could be low on externals for about a 4-8 Months at worst. If you still fail after that time. Then your on a slow road to you know where.

      32. What really sucks? This shit would be easy peasy if all we had to do was take care of ourselves. We all know the bitch of it will be fighting for our and our family’s lives. This adds an entirely new dimension to the scenario at hand. It is one thing to stay warm and eat, doing so with the external threat of someone ambushing and killing you for your belongings is entirely another. Good luck to us.

      33. That’s good news. It’s when they try to help that we’re screwed.

      34. I knew we were on our own during and after Hurricane Katrina.. watching that crap on TV gave me chills..Get your house in order the TV show is coming to a neighborhood near you.

      35. Imagine no IRS.
        Imagine no welfare.
        Imagine no NSA snoopers.
        Imagine no liberals…

        • Amend ……. way over DUE !!

          and no Ben Dover!

        • Silver Sax

          AMEN to that and hope it happens yesterday

        • Sounds like a good song.

      36. Hey NC Joe.

        Take it somewhere else. Your BS is becoming a bore. All of us “psychos” are here to exchange ideas etc. If you don’t agree then find another site where you will fit in.

      37. Imagine a world of peace where everyone lived lives full of joy and could not even remember this world of terror any longer. I try to think really far into the future and prepare for that as well. I do prep for now also. I have been hungry and did not like it and know in my being I am incapable hurting another to feed my face. That said, it is just as important to prepare to feed both body and spirit.

      38. One of these DARK of the MOONS (soon) all hell is coming to this world. For me and I’ll say it again the longest we have is Mid Aug. thru Mid Oct. 2014 before the SHTF. If the Sun, a Natural Disaster, or if the Mid-East goes HOT, then that will start it before we reach Aug.-Oct. if not, then look the HELL OUT. These are just my thoughts.

      39. I noticed YENTAL has been quiet since his Thanksgiving prediction !

        • Preping a new handle

        • Yental,

          I love your true, informative posts. You are light years ahead of most people and your posts are right on the money.

      40. Recently I purchased an RV water filter that attaches to a garden hose. I have a 12 volt pump that I use for camping, running water is nice in camp, anyways my thought was to pump water out of a creek and through the filter making it potable. My utility trailer has a 12 volt battery and I can pull up on a bridge and then lower the pump into the creek and fill water jugs then scoot out of there. Makes it easier than looking for a spring.

        • Be sure the filter is rated as a purifyer, all filters are not created equal, not worth picking up a parasite, that could ruin your whole groove!

          • It’s rated for bacteria, chorine, heavy metals and particulate matter. I’d like to know more detail but it’s not listed. If I don’t get crypto or giardia then I’ll either be lucky or the product works. I’ll be testing it around thanksgiving when we’re in hunting camp (about thirty miles from home). It looks good on paper.

            • Maybe look into an in line chlorination device, i think they make one that utilizes chlorine pellets or the pool pucks, then use a berkey for drinking water

              • I found more detail on the filter, it’s a 1 micron filter which will filter out cryto and giardia be that C and G are 9 microns.

      41. I promise everyone here that this is all going to happen before Obama’s term ends,I guarantee it. He’s their boy to be in power during this. I’ll put it this way,I will be UTTERLY shocked if Obama’s 2nd term goes by without,and I mean something BIG happening. Guy is Satan himself (and maybe I do mean literally).

        • They might be saving the end for Hillary’s reign of terror…I think she WILL be installed to finish up for obummer.

          • Hi Sixpack:

            I think you are spot on. The Clinton’s are such “good Komrads” and are worshipped by the sheeple even more than BO.

            Wonder “what difference does it make?” to her idiot supporters when they are being herded into the FEMA camps (or worse) when they are no longer “useful” to TPTB.

            What a mess our great country is in. I think the Lord just might have a grand surprise for the Clinton’s and their Komrad friends. I am praying he does.

            • The only difference will be, that the “racist” rhetoric will become feminist arguments, i.e. “you’re only against her for president because she’s a woman.

              NO, I’m against Hillary Clinton holding ANY public office because A) she’s an elitist shill, bent on destroying the sovereignty of the world and B) she has no problem making decisions that get good people killed (see Benghazi).

              ..Her just being a Clinton doesn’t help much either.

          • I am so hoping that Savings and Loan hussy doesn’t run! I got so tired last time ripping stupid women’s faces off! All I kept hearing “I’m voting for Hillary” Then I’d ask why. They would then look at me like I was a complete idiot and they’d answer “Because she’s a woman!” Golly, who’s the idiot! Hint: Not me!!!

            • AMEN FD. The same stupidity got us obummer too—they voted him in because he’s (half) black.

      42. I don’t understand why FEMA says to be prepared for 3 days only. Why not tell people, get prepared for a month at the very least?

        I went to stay with an aunt in Montana in the winter of 2000. We were pounded with so much snow over night, we woke up and found the mailboxes covered deep in snow. Drive way? What drive way! We were stuck. The snow was up to my hip. An hour after waking up to this, the power went out and stayed out for 4 days. My aunt didn’t flinch. She told me, this is how it is sometimes. Her generator wasn’t working, so we packed all of her freezer stuff into the snow, lit a fire, kept warm, and had some great food and conversation until the power came back. She was one of the first preppers I ever knew, but at the time I never picked up on it because I thought it was a Montana thing.

        I think another event that opened my eyes was seeing that woman crying about where the government was after Sandy Hook, and them promising her they would have trucks on the corner. I don’t mean to sound harsh but why in the world would you not prepare if you were told a major hurricane was heading your way? She said they had no food, no water and people were dying. Then why didn’t they go to the store days before the storm and get food and water? Apparently I’m missing something.

      43. *Meant to say Hurricane Sandy.

      44. power was out most of morning today. Wife was cranky without shower. plugged into my solar and kicked on water pump, problem solved. Testing of preps is very important,
        ain’t worth squat if you stash it, and when you need it, it doesn’t work. I don’t watch much tv cuz it pisses me off, but I’m watching tonight.

        • Would you mind sharing what you have exactly? The solar thing? 🙂 Can you tell me more about it?

      45. @ Braveheart. I know each month I talk about the New Moon and Israel attacking Iran, but I have been reading some articles and it seems like they are gearing up for it. Israel could just be flaring out like a peacock, but there have been a huge increase of practice bombing runs of Israeli jets in the past 3 weeks. They attack Iran and we are going to see oil prices skyrocket and a panic not seen since the cold war. I am watching that national Geographic Blackout special and I personally could see the world and the U.S. spiralling down so fast after the first news of an Israeli attack on Iran. The grid going down is one thing, but when you have the Russians and Chinese going to Def Con 2 and likely sleeper cells going off all overy the place, it is beyond terrible.

        I have studied this for a long time, and the attack against Israel IF their enemies decide to will be catastrophic. I worry big time about the biological attacks from Iran, Syria and of course other theatres of war like in North Korea. It reminds of gang like wars that each attack is more severe to punish the other side. It can happen so quickly just like when Syria has hit their enemies before without warning. The only commonality has been when it is dark enough, within 5 days of a new Moon.

        I hate to say it, but I am going to really be watching and waiting starting Tuesday until the following Friday 10 days later. I am especially going to be watching Nov. 3 which is the New Moon and a Sunday which is the start of the work week for Israelis, no religious holidays for Jewish people.

        I think that everyone should be aware of this month’s lunar cycle when the sky is dark enough for such an attack, as there is a lot of talk of it happening before the one month deadline that many news sites are talking about.

        Watch Oct.29 to Nov.8, between 4 to 9 PM eastern time, then after daylight savings time ends next Sunday, 3-8 PM each day eastern time when we will hear about such an Israeli attack on Iran. After this happens it is act immediately because all hell will likely break soon after this.

        • BI, I admit I’m a bit nervous about Nov. As you say, we could be in for some “November Surprises”. I can tell Israel feels more isolated and alone then ever before. I also get the feeling they will finally attack Iran. Even if nothing happens with the EBT cards, we still have the Grid EX drill Nov. 13-14 to contend with. If that drill goes LIVE, all bets are off. It’s possible the attack on Iran could coincide with Grid Ex. maybe even get attacked by everyone at the same time. braveheart

          • Could you and the other serial posters who typically have nothing of substance or usefullness to say, please refrain from filling the comments section? You seem to have very little else to do but live on this site. Your unrelenting, inane remarks about what you plan to do if someone knocks on your door, if someone looks cross-eyed at you, if someone shakes their head at you, have long since become boring, boorish, and irrelevant.

            Please let those who have something substantive to say be noticed and read. It is wearing to sift through the daily multiple remarks from posters like you to find the one useful comment within the haystack.

            I don’t believe I am speaking only for myself when I say that I really don’t care about your emotional expressions and your view of the same things over and over.

            Get a life.

            I know you’ll hate me for this and that I’ll get red thumbs down to the degree that my post disappears, but it needed to be said. You are detracting from the attributes of the site.

            • Thank you Anonymous. At one time this site was loaded with valuable information but has degraded into an old geezer venom spitting forum. It’s always the same group of 25 or so posters, in or near their sixties, nothing left to live for save talking about the good old days back in the 1960’s when they were kids. It takes a lot of filtering to find the useful comments here now and that’s a shame because it wasn’t always like this.

            • Well, “Anonymous” IF you ever come up with something substantive, we’ll read it. Until then, well, you know…

              • Sixpack, you and all your other aging ” red thumb” geezer pack have made Anonymous’ point better than he ever could have.

                • Glad I could help. LOL.

        • I’m with you. Thanks for reminding us.

        • I don’t mind you keeping us up to date on the Israel/Iran situation.. even if you predict something, and its wrong, I still want to hear what you have to say..
          as ive said before, im younger than most preppers, and I tell my friends “hey, Israel is getting pretty serious with Iran” and my friends say “you have been saying that for a few years now” and they laugh at me…
          oh well, im on my own, in the suburbs.

          • Show your young friends what the Talmud teaches that is so hatefull towards all gentiles and especially whites and christians. Maybe that will alert those friends as to just how fanatical and lunatic minded israelis and talmudic judiacs in general actually are.

            There is also a website owned By a former israeli IDF soldier, I cannot recall his webiste name now, but RT TV News just yesterday had him on an interview the entire 1/2 hr show. It was the “Sophie and Co.” show at RT tv.

            That former IDF israel soldier explained that his webiste has Over 900 other former IDF soldiers, who like himself, are speaking out to Expose the total lunatic menatlity taught to every israeli jew from birth. IE: That everybody in Palestine is out to “get a jew” and stab a jew in the back etc. Including palestinian kids and even Babies!

            It is basically the same mindset they are all taught to believe, that all non jewish goyim gentiles are evil nazis and out to get those always 100% innocent jews who never ever do any wrongs to others. It causes a permanant state of Paraniod Psyhcotic behaviors and mindset in them.

            That former IDF guy was spot on and was describing the Many times his superiors/leaders of israel keep ordering idf soldiers into palestineian tarritory for NO other reasons, other than to jump out of military vehicles, begin to shoot guns into the air, and create a mass state of fear against totally innocent downtrodden palestinian folks.

            He said some idf are so brainwashed they hope and watch for some kid to sneek close and toss a rock at the soldiers. Then they jump at their big chance to actually shoot and kill a 5-6yr old kid, who is trowing a rock at idf soldiers, because the soldiers last time destroyed the kids home and killed his mom and dad etc.

            He described in Much detail how one time his own Commanding officer on scene spotted a small child observing their army vehicles etc on the street below, from a rooftop 2nd floor the child was at. His commanding officer fired a warning shot to scare the child, when child failed to move off rooftop, his second shot was aimed directly at the childs stomach! The IDF guy says the Only issue of concern for his leader officer that did the shooting was if his superiors back at HQ are going to punish him etc!..But the former idf guy says all the idf troops there assured the officer not to worry as none ever gets punished for shooting and Killing innocent palestinians even small kids.(some of usa’s best pals and allies?!!).

            It is nice to see that at least 900+ former IDF israeli soldiers have awakened from former brainwashings, much like some usa military has recently, and are speaking out and maintaining a website dedicated to outting such false attacks upon innocents be they in palestine or iraq or South Carolina!

            It proves that sooner or later Truth shall always conquer Lies and propagandized falsehoods and lies.

            Everybody who aint as yet jewized up on whats REALLY going down inside Israel, and the Real actual truths of just how terribly so many totally innocent Palestinians, and that Includes Christians, aprox 400,000 christians there if I recall correct,are constantly treated so badly,even being murdered by IDF soldiers for the Fun and Sport of Killing humans who harmed nobody etc.

            Should consider that 1/2 Hr. Spent viewing and listening to that former israeli idf soldier, just may perhaps be far better spent time as compared to wasting 2 full hrs viewing more NatGeo propagandas designed to make preppers appear as Buffons and Imbecills.

            Plus if I recall correctly, RT or that former idf guy show his website address on that interview so you can also go read some of the other 900+ former israeli soldiers speak out to reveal the Truth and Facts that never ever shall be seen on FOX or CNN type msm tv.

            I must say in all honesty, that former IDF soldier was so, so convinceing and truthfull, that perhaps even pastor John Hagee himself would have new revelations at how wrong headed his ministery is by his pro israel pro jew teachings, which of course are all based on the same basic falshoods you’d expect from fox and cnn msm’s.

            One particular interview part that really hits home with concerning truths, is when that former idf soldier began to describe his struggles in trying to get his own parents, who also live in and were raised(I think parents were also born and raised in israel as was the idf soldier guy), to believe their son is telling the parents the true facts and whats really the israel and idf miliraty agenda, as well as what drives it based on false beliefs that all non jews target jews because, jews are always so innocent of any wrong doings. So far his parents refuse to budge and accept their son knows from personal experience, and is man enough to admit and tell others of it all. Overall one of the absolute Best ever expose’s of reality of inside of israel and palestine you will never likly hear anywheres else, as long as the current zionist jewish culprits owns usa-MSM’s.

            Caliber: If you do decide to show young pals anything talmud related to ‘spark” their intrest?…A good verse to begin with may be that talmudic verse that basically states “Even the Best of the gentile goyim Should be Killed”…I believe it is in answer to a prior question similar to, a jewish rabi asks another rabbi “Is it ever Ok, to kill off gentile goyims rabbi?”…Then the other rabbi asnwers him with “Yes and even the Best gentiles should be killed”…You do not need read much before realizing all of it is speaking of jewish folks killing, stealing from, and lying to, gentiles of every type.

            So keep that in mind if reading talmudic verses. It always revolves around one jew rabbi asking another rabbi for advice or answers as to whats OK and whats never a crime or sin, for jewish folks to do as long as it is done or perpetarted against all non jewish gentiles(like Us! if a non jewish person). If That won’t awaken your young friends about Israel issues and jewish attitudes overall, which is what motivates such terrible actions seen in israel against palestinians, christians too there. Then probobly nothing will wake them up at all.

            Good Luck! Hope to see more posts from you telling us what a great success at waking up those younger friends of yours!

        • @ BI and Iran has just declared nov 4th (the anniversary of them taking our embassy in tehran) “Death to America Day”. the article says it is basically their new official anthem.

        • And just exactly what is it that you think will come raining down on your very own nose, that our Tomahawks, Tridents, carriers, stealth bombers, and other assorted mega-powerful toys cannot handle before it ever gets to your doorstep? Ever considered the fact that there is a humongous body of water on both sides of our coasts that any enemy must traverse or penetrate before getting to your living room? Do you seriously believe that our military would salute and obey if Obama tried to order them the stand down on defense of this country while at risk for a DefCon 5-type of attack??

          Your self-induced hysteria would be laughable were it not annoying.

          As much as you may have “studied” this stuff, you obviously have no clue as to the inner workings of the security apparatus for this nation. I, frankly, have had my hope somewhat restored for the country after learning today that the NSA was listening in on Obama’s conversations with Merkel just as they were listening to Merkel’s conversations with Obama, and, apparently, the entire time, Obama had no idea they were listening…..wonder if his White House toilet can keep up with the flushing action today? :-))

          Stick a little closer to your earthquake material…that at least garners some interest.

        • Be Informed:

          I would like to know where you think Israel got all their weapons to fight any war in the middle east. They are not manufacturing those weapons; America has supplied them.

          Now if America has armed Israel to the teeth, who do yous think Iran and Russia, etc. is going to blame when the shtf there?

          You seem to infer that America will come out unscathed if Iran is hit; I beg to differ.

          From your posts you seem to chose to ignore how and why the state of israel came to be and what their long term goal is. Their scheme from time immorial has been control of the entire world; and the stolen state of Israel was only the beginning.

          You may know a lot about earthquakes; it is almost unbelieveable that you have not bothered to study history enough to realize the “true” history of the Zionists and their plan for the NWO.

          They are stirring the pot in the middle east and their plan, which has been plotted years ago, will lead to a third world war which will issue in their NWO.

          • It always seems like “Israel” is untouchable…they don’t know exactly WHY, but it is…never mind that there are numerous Israelis infiltrating our political system, jockeying for their own interests.

            I’ve said this before — The only way for the United States Government to ever serve the interests of WE THE PEOPLE, is to get all other foreign interests (and their money) OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT.

            …Israel included.

          • Actually, Israel is a major arms manufacturor. Tanks, rockets, drones firearms and electronic eves dropping equipment. The USA supplies them with Planes etc.

            • Well, there you have it–if nothing else, the NSA needs the supplies…but then again, we don’t need the NSA either.

          • @ POG, it doesn’t matter anymore. “Gog” is already well prepared to assume the “ancient throne”. Time is meaningless…the ultimate countdown has already begun. The “gates of despair” have been opened and the heaviness of that fact is palpable and growing everyday.

            The “sheeple” don’t understand it…but they damn sure feel it, and if paying even the slightest attention, see it all around them.

            Tell me anyone has not noticed the change in the overall societal demeanor! Generally speaking, Hate and Anger have replaced tolerance and “the golden rule”.

            By whatever measure/yardstick applied…ALL of the “signs” are now visible. You can run, prep, and console with any self designed EXPLANATION desired…THE FACT REMAINS: TIME IS SHORT. “IT” has already begun. Fukushima!

      46. The last recent power outage I had electricity and sadly, I mean really sadly, only about one in 20 other people had generators with power. 5%, isn’t that sad? Most homes were dark also, like no one had candles. God, what has happened to America? I live in an area where more than the average of people prepare. It is still way too low. I don’t even want to think about other areas where people are even less prepared. Reminds me of a bunch of infant birds totally dependent on being mouth fed to survive.

      47. Just had lightning hit the front of the house. It came in the steel garage doors, up the garage door openers into two circuits, back to the panel, and off to wipe out several appliances. It also went via the ground to hit the phone and DSL circuit. Had to replace about 3 grand worth of electronics and appliances.

        We are careful shoppers, so many of the lost items were bought at great prices, having to replace it all in short order is expensive. It was a lot like an EMP strike. I had the house up and running the morning after the recent hurricane, but the lighting strike damage wasn’t fixed for a couple weeks.

        Imagine competing with millions of others to replace, or buy alternate electronics and appliances after a major grid failure that also damages your equipment, so even having a generator solar or wind power still leaves you handicapped.

        Two weeks without power from the hurricane was an eye opener. I did have a generator and a weeks worth of fuel. Luckily I could get more fuel. I saved all my food in the freezer and freezer. We could cook, had heat, light, water, entertainment. No communications though, even cell service failed, which means we’d need to drive to the station if we needed police? The security plan was in place. Several people walking on the street showed a strong interest in our generator! Hmmm.

      48. SOLAR ALERT,

        @ 02:03 UTC (roughly 7 minuted ago) NOAA 11882 emitted a flare that just made it to the X-Class…an X-1.0. Depending on whether the flare at hand is ‘impulsive’ or ‘long guration’, the position of 11882 on the solar disk MIGHT mean that a subsequent, geo-effective CME will rseult. As always, consult the WSA-Enilil projection at SolarHam for the valid current prediction as it comes available, ~3-5 hours from now.


        PS: Incidentally, is erroneously posting this as orginating with 11875….BUT the SAM EVE’s clearly show the region of origination being as 11882.

        • MAJOR ‘Oops’ here,

          AT the SAME time (frame-to-frame) of the posting of the SAM EVE’s – post-flare, due to standard ‘lag’ – a flare had commenced from 11882; one whose initial ‘ghost’ was easily visible in the available imaging…in EXACTLY the NEXT frame (AFTER my post above) the genitive source of the X-flare is CLEARLY seen to be originating from 11875.

          …MAJOR ‘face-palm’ here Y’all…ABJECT apaologies therefor. I reiterate, “Oops’…


      49. @ BI..If you are watching tuesday remember to look for the astroid they just found comming in at .7 LD. about 30-70 meters in size. OOps, guess Nasa dropped the ball on that one, and who knows how many others.

        • @ gone under. One lunar distance is between 223-253 thousand miles away. I am not sure which number they use, probably the halfway point between apogee and perigee, the closest and furthest point of the Moon to the Earth. If they use 238,000 miles then .7 would be about 167,000 miles away. For a real danger of an impact it has to get usually under 20000 miles. Something I have noticed is all the new rocks being dicovered that intersect the planet’s orbit close enough. Better detection techiques but there seems to be that the Earth is passing through a larger debris field, and why all these fireballs are appearing.

          The astronomers are so sure that these asteriods pose no danger, and they just know the paths. Well, like a pinball game it only takes something to change those pathways. An impact of something large into another could easier throw many of these pathways off completely. I have always wondered if a comet hit one of these larger astroids and changed its direction. In doing so the asteroid impacted more bodies changing their direction and speeds. I have also wondered about something that would change the gravity around these astroids by a body large enough to do so. I think that these projective pathways of these rocks could vary much under the wrong circumstances.

          • the point is that they discovered it ONLY 2 Days ago. If it was going to hit, that wouldnt leave too much time for you city dwellers to bug out.

      50. just finished the nat geo special, if you missed it don’t feel 2 bad, you didn’t miss much. I was surprised that they had the one liner from that guy on the cb radio half way through, that’s about it.

        for the record, I would have gone cave man on the red head who opened his mouth.

        ug ug thud, get me?

        anyways, it was a care bear version of shtf. ppl really want to know what hell on earth is, research ww1 and trench warfare, and not that toned down glorified shit they put on t.v. you want the ones that talk about walking through trenches filled with sht, pis, bodies, and not being able to put food in your mouth without flys covering it, which leads to sickness and deth.

        yep… nat geo care bear special.

        I played day z on arma 2 for some years… lemi tell you even if you have a nice spot picked out, for some reason even on a 250 by 250 square kilo map you will still manage to run into someone if there are only 5 ppl out there roaming the mountains.

        if you haven’t heard of day z, I suggest you look into it. that’s what enerchy looks like.

        and to anyone listening in on comments.


      51. To everyone: I just finished watching “American Blackout”. Typical liberal propaganda. Of course the prepper family was put in a bad light; that was to be expected. it downplayed how everyone would really react whenever this becomes real and someday it will. Let’s all hope Grid Ex on Nov.13-14 will pass with nothing happening, but I’m not holding my breath. braveheart

        • I also revisited the show in my mind this AM and it’s worse than last night. The whole elevator plot was stupid and the prepper guy going to sleep even after incursions into their property without leaving a guard was stupid.
          Also, just thought how careful NG was not to portray race in this show. The only African American was the college student in th elevator. All looters and bad guys were skinhead types, like the one that got ahold of stupid yuppie woman. I DID like how they used video of Black Friday looting as food riot footage. Nice touch. But otherwise, POS

      52. Shelter in place = do what you are told by the police and government.

      53. After watching the National Geographic Blackout special I can say that one little item stood out on a radiocast and something everyone I know out there feels.

        Repeating that “REMAIN ARMED”.

        The second that ANYONE, governemt or other, takes someone’s firearms they have likely lost. You may not win with firearms, but you won’t lose like a helpless victim.

        I have heard many trolls come on and talk about Rambo wannbe’s on the site. Well, when you have a firearm you have a chance. That chance is severely dimished without a firearm. This is what everyone wants, even the trolls, A CHANCE. Anti-gunners want to take away that chance. The more fire power someone has, the better chance they have for survival. A fool and his gun are so parted, as well as the fool’s freedom and probably their life. ALL ANTI-GUNNERS ARE TOTAL FOOLS.

        It really amazed me what a weak ending this had, the power came back on, everything is back to normal. It is all too true though. Even after 10 days of deep suffering without power and regular needs, how many people would actually learn from this and prepare for next time? I say maybe 5-10%, and that would be optimistic. Tell you what would happen. BO would come on and tell everyone that everything was fixed and the country is in rapid recovery and it will never happen again. Tell the people what they want to hear.

        I suggest everyone look at the Twilight Zone older TV episode the “Shelter”. After the nuclear war fear had passed and the neighbors had destroyed the local doctor’s fallout shelter to try to get in before the nukes hit, something that would happen after almost any panic. NOT, we need to prepare for the next time in case it is real so we can survive. Those total dullards want to have a block party to celebrate, and FORGET about the panic. Not do something constructive about it so they are ready should it happen again, no just dig their heads back into sand and have a party. Denial is one of the strongest and most destructive of human emotions. It really makes me think that the 1% is what is destined to be the survivors of what is coming.

        • BI, I also just finished watching “American Blackout” and the Grid Ex drill came to mind. That drill COULD go live and become American Blackout for real. You have to wonder, what does NatGeo know that we don’t? If EBT cards go down on Nov. 1 or Grid Ex becomes real on Nov. 13-14, either event by itself will make Black Friday look like a walk in the park. I’ll still be prepping until something happens. Hope everyone else is doing the same. braveheart

        • l% + all Government officials and their families

      54. I agree that the ending was weak. The only “real” ending was the penthouse lady who wondered why no one came to save them. Just because the power is returned doesn’t mean food instantly appears and people become civilized once more. Still, the show wasn’t as biased against preppers as I thought it would be. Thankfully!

      55. I watched blackout with my wife. She has been on board with prepping from the beginning. I think the show really made her think about how bad it could get. I have tried to tell her but she does not like hearing it from me. I think it is too depressing for her. The show helped in that respect. We had a talk about what to do if she ever heard of a large power outage taking place. Ironically I work at a power station. Cascading blackouts can and do happen. Information came out on our company’s web site last week about the two engineers that had broken into the scada control systems. I am shocked that it has not happened already. It is far more simple than people think. I had already read the article on shtf plan about it before it appeared on the company’s web site. That was amusing to me.

        Thoughts struck me during the show about how different people in rural areas handle power outages. In the summer of 2012 we had a large line of thunderstorms knock out power here. They called it a derecho. Some people here lost power for two weeks. It took 4 days before you could use debit or credit cards in the small town close to us. We all just helped each other out. There were no riots or looting. Some did complain about the power company taking so long. That was as far as it went. My wife, son, and I made it just fine. Did not need anything from town and none of my neighbor’s did either. Most of the neighbors are my relatives anyway. We are country people and just stick together and lend a helping hand when needed. City people are just so dependent on everything. They depend on there food, water, sewage, heat, and trash removal from the city. They also can live for years in apartment complexes and not even have a clue about who there neighbors are. If a large power outage does happen I pity anyone in the city. Glad it won’t be me.
        If it ever does happen then my one big concern will be getting my second son back from college. I will do that on day one. He is in the Army National Guard and corps of cadets. He plans on a career in the military. If he does not get called up in that situation then he is a great asset to me. Maybe he could give me some refresher courses on things I learned in my time in the military. My wife will pick up her mom and dad and bring them back to our place. Her son has already been instructed to come here if this or any major event takes place. After all we are human and cannot guard everything without help. One last point. My wife’s parents are in there eighties. They survived the great depression. There knowledge will be invaluable. Not to mention I love them both very much.

        • Mike:

          Great Post!

      56. I watched a show on the chernobyl nuclear disaster 20 years after. It showed what must have been 3rd generation house cats that were left behind doing just fine. When their Human masters never returned, when the free food stopped, and the water dish never filled again. They managed to dig deep into their primeval instinct and survive by hunting and finding water, fighting off other predators, knowing when to fight and when to flee and they were bred from 2000 years ago to just be pets. I would hope with our much advanced brain we could do the same thing.

      57. The show started out OK., Good acting. The play out of the collapse was a little slow. I expect food riots within hours in the entitlement communities. Still, shows the sheeples watching it how bad it will get.

        In the first few minutes. They have an announcer state transformers are exploding. And then 10 days later. YAY! Power is back up. All is well. BS!!!!

        Nat Geo just dumped a huge pile of steaming crap again.

        Message sent. All will be well if you hunker down and wait. BARF!!!

        • SD, I also have to call BS on the whole show. It put government, especially FEMA, in a positive light, and showed them responding in only a few days’ time. when the real deal finally hits, it will be the exact opposite of what NatGeo showed. It will be many, many times worse. braveheart

        • Propaganda piece.

      58. I agree with you all on the week ending. I also think it will be a lot worse then how they portrayed it in the cities. I hope that It causes a few people to wake up though. We can all hope right!!!

      59. Fact of the matter is bullies, tyrants, and oppressors operate under the need or desire to seize control of the pillars of civilization as this enables them to attain absolute authority.

        Bismarkianism is a political ideology that centers on trading a breakable promise to pursue central centralization and expansion that branches into several known political ideologies or religious like sentiment upon governmental power. Keynesianism is an economic philosophy re-imaged from an older version aimed to make that desired centralization seem economically feasible.

        Why are both relevant?
        First, FEMA isn’t designed to bring disaster relief; it’s designed to re-establish command-control to desired persons. Think of Katrina and Sandy and FEMA’s response, supplies are exhausted rapidly; therefore, those who do prepare but not long enough attains limited to no relief. Is the take home not that FEMA rewards those who are most compelled to pursue what Keynes described as the Euthanization of savers and therefore preparers or people who don’t require the need to be told what to do?

        Second, the US’s political system centers on attaining absolute power with attaining control of the pillars of civilization. It’s quite typical if you want to live to your own accord within the common laws; you are their enemy.

      60. Check it out terrorists is now using flammable liquids. Gasoline, diesel, lighter fluid, etc. The next False Flag will more than likely be one that uses flammable liquids. Are we being set up for a license to purchase any of these? We very well could be.
        When explosives not available, these offer as great a threat


      61. @BI: Sir this STINKS to high heaven. Correct me but with all the reports out there that they (Iran), could have a bomb in a few weeks, tells me that they will or already have one and just may use it soon. Please your take. Thank you.

        Mystery of missing ayatollah: Ali Khamenei’s three-week seclusion for work on nuclear deal with US
        DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 28, 2013, 9:16 AM (IDT)
        Spy services world wide have been mystified by the unusual absence from public view of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei for nearly three weeks. He was last seen in public on Oct. 5 visiting the military college in Tehran with army chiefs.
        According to one theory, he suffered a relapse from a chronic ailment and was secretly treated in the small hospital installed at his home. Another suggested he had gone into seclusion to escape the furor raging in his regime over the future of Iran’s nuclear program and relations wit the United States.
        This dissonance erupted most recently in conflicting statements issued Friday, Oct. 26: One official reported that 20 percent uranium enrichment had been halted – only to be contradicted by another.
        Khamenei can’t just drop out of sight unnoticed like some other world leaders because he routinely officiates at a heavy schedule of political and religious events.
        His absence was widely remarked, when he failed, for instance, to deliver the keynote sermon at the annual Eid, Festival of the Sacrifice, two weeks ago, with explanation.
        Neither did he send his usual message to this year’s pilgrimage to Mecca.
        Indeed, the Shiite pilgrims abstained from demonstrations in closed tents during the hajj, an arrangement permitted under an agreement with the Saudi authorities after years of violent outbreaks.
        And finally, no messages or blessings came from the supreme leader – not just for Eid but for Ghadir, a most important festival on the Shiite calendar. It is a celebration of the Shiite belief that Prophet Muhammad anointed Ali as his successor before a large assembly of the faithful – a claim repudiated by Sunni Muslims.
        The rumor that Khamenei was undergoing life-saving medical treatment in the privacy of his home was, according to DEBKAfile’s Iranian sources, denied by recent visitors who found him to be in good health and active. They said he had gone into seclusion by choice, to immerse himself in the final evaluation and drafting of the trilateral US-Russian-Iranian accord for resolving the issues of Iran’s nuclear program.
        They add that this accord is already secretly in the bag. But the three leaders have decided not to break the news too abruptly. President Barack Obama is expected to announce publicly in the third week of December that an initial understanding has been reached on the road toward a partial and gradual accord. Ayatollah Khamenei and President Vladimir Putin are planning to drop word of a final agreement unfolding in stages, to avoid shock effects in Tehran as well as in other concerned Middle East capitals, such as Jerusalem and Riyadh.’s-three-week-seclusion-for-work-on-nuclear-deal-with-US

      62. That show was unbelievably idiotic. Did the Obama administration order this stupid show to be made to try and show the world how utterly stupid Americans are? Or to warn us that this kind of scenario will be imposed on us if we don’t get in line with their tyrannical BS!

        • ”’this stupid show to be made to try and show the world how utterly stupid Americans are?”’
          From what I’m told about these shows, DWTS to Kardashians and boo boo baby, they already know!!

      63. By the way, both my brother and his wife worked at the National Geographic years ago when they lived in VA. NG was filled with socialist jerks then, so I knew they would do their level best to help out the regime by twisting reality, then making preppers look like shockingly foolish dummies, as they do on their silly doomsday prepper show.

      64. I liked the factoids that they posted at intervals, such as that there are 700,000 Hams in the US.
        But why wasn’t the elevator filled with crap and yellow pee after three days?

        • I suppose crap and pee don’t make for good TV. Puke, blood, rape, and death are much more to their liking. I missed the 700,000 ham bit…lol! We need more ham!

      65. We all need to try to put ourselves in the position. Where we don’t want of need the Government or anyone else to do anything for us. We just don’t want them to do anything to us. The movie was pretty sucky.

      66. Good Morning Everyone,

        Other than some low grade M-flares ober the last hour ort so northing of note is currently occuring. This morning’s missive is intended to address something else…also something Solar, but a bit ‘left of center’.

        As of last night’s STAR report from the measured 10.7 cm flux (same as the Penitcton Flux I am oft sesn to quote here) as measured through Amsterdam is being given as 166 sfu. This figure sits astride the highest measured flux value we have seen since April of this year, and before that…the ONLY other value measred during this Solar cycle – in it’s entirety – meeting or exceeding that is that given for November of 2011….whereat the flux – as then measured – jumped to almost 187 sfu.

        Hence, what we are SEEING now is not a ‘statistical fluctuation’ but a real departure from all the previous measurements taken over the last several months, as well, all current expectations; ‘Something is UP here…” as it were.

        Additionally, the number of strongly radiating regions currently active on the face of the Sun is equal to anything I can remembber seeing since the start of this cycle…just sayin’ here, Y’all.


      67. American Blackout was better than I expected, but “gun violence” was mentioned much too often and it is unbelievable that the UN came to to rescue. Without the US, the UN is impotent.

        • This country has plenty of food; the problem in the blackout was distribution. So when the UN arrived with food all is well?!!??

      68. I wish thy would leave me to my own..

        the fact is government has its dirty little fingers in everything, and that’s why they are going to go down like a lump of shit.. micro managing everyones lives is what will be the end of this government , and I cant wait for it to crash, those that cant do for themselves wont be needed , and those that have been on life support ( many ways to interpret that)will be left to their own devices

        some you will have to defend yourselfs against and some that will die on the vine , because they are clueless and will be wondering why their shit hasent showed up on the door step yet

      69. I don’t know how anyone could support BO or most of the other politicians in washington. You look at each dog and pony show that they call the elections, and the ONLY issue that these f’ers care about is their own self interest. As long as they get re-elected and their paychecks and benefits continue to come in, this is ALL that matters to them. There is a rare person in congress that actually cares about America and the people. There is a rare person that takes charge for nothing other than what will help the people and the country. Self interest is a plague in government.

        BO is one of the worst of them all. He is either a total puppet of the elitists, or someone whom patterns their entire life after Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, or Napoleon. No one is so stupid to actually believe that printing money is the way to boost a failing economy, no one. There is an insidous plan behind this by either BO and or his puppet masters to collapse the economy and bring about a police state and total control. Even the libtards have to understand from history that NO economy has prospered from printing up excess paper with nothing to back it. This doesn’t work.

        Yet people like ncjoker, finx, and others continue to support this self destruction of their country. Just like those that supported Hitler all the way to the end of Germany, people continue to support one of the worst “leaders” in BO. Then there is the black issue. So what if BO is part black, his leadership stinks, it reeks. He has proven again and again to turn his back on blacks and yet most black people have this idiotic black brotherhood crap and continue to support BO right to the end of THEIR country. There are of course wise black people that see through this crap and lies of BO and congress and they are called uncle toms.

        Black people that support BO better wise up and understand that if they thought slavery was terrible, just wait until blacks, whites, spanish, asian, everyone is under a police state of martial law. BO will throw everyone under the bus, so would most of those in government would. Yet again and again the masses, black and all races continue to vote in and support bad characters to run a totally failing government. Continue to support a sinking ship and condemn preppers/survivalists that see the writing on the wall long before this. Continue to think that the economy is just fine and the debt is endless and other countries will continue to support the US debt because the US is the king of all economies and infalliable. Continue to support an economy in which in 32 states it is more profitable to be on welfare than work? How bright is that?

        • Good Morning BI,

          Friend…it ISN’T just BO…it’ the ENTIRE wretched system that supply’s those at the TOP with the proceeds of all of humnakind’s profitable fucntioning. Need I remind everyone here that just a few short weeks ago we were given the figure; That only 200 living humans now HAVE more Wealth than the entire BOTTOM 50% of ALL HUMNAITY…WTF (!?!?!?!?), ‘in spades’!

          The Age of BIG is almost over,

          The Age of ‘Multi-Culturalism’ is almost over,

          The Age of ‘external’ authority is almost OVER…

          Think for a monment…WHY did mankind invent and then INVEST in mega-oplolisis’s? Simple, it served the whims and pocketbooks of those who greased the wheels of COMMERCE. Now, that state of affairs has become – clearly – self-defeating; 7 BILLLION mouths to FEED…impossible in an age where damn near every avaliable natural resoucre is already being exploited to it’s fullest.

          The farce which is “Multi-Culturalism’ is equally seen to be inesacpapbly unworkable. Nowhere on this globe where Peoples are ‘mixed’ is there any harmonmy AT ALL. This is NOT ‘racist’, this is SIMPLE observation; Look at the Nordic country’s, look at the Orient…LOOK anyplace that is not ‘Multi-Cultural’ – I’ll grant you that Africa is here an ‘anomoly’, they kill each other there for ‘Sport’ it seems – those places are THRIVING, Why? Again, the ‘Masters of the Universe’ decided long ago that they could continuously get cheaper and cheaper labor ‘pools’ out of a work-force consisting of an “M-C’ populace, usually by the simple expedient of ‘playing one off against the other’….first they used the blacks as labor, then the Irish, the Italians…then when THAT didn’t pan out, they – eventaully – began ENCOURAGING the influx of Hispanics into the country…as THIER/OUR replacements.

          Geez, what a SICK game they are playing…one that WILL get themn ALL hung in the end, rest assured.

          Also, the age of BIG Politics is dying before our very eyes; ‘Control Systems’ that no longer serve THIER purpose(s) (interpret THAT as you will, it can go either way) So, then we end up – today – with a system that is incapapble of “scratching it own ass” with any eficiency.
          Need I mention FEMA? GOOD GOD, did you SEE the latest on the ObamaCare debacle? One of the critical, major processing centers went DOWN overnight taking out ALL 50 states! We live in an absolute “Ineptocracy”…which STILL mamanges to entrall peoples attention to NOT look BEYOND that (I dunno, maybe it’s the current DWTS mentality)) …to what they need to be contemplating; a NEW SOLUTION.

          Mac has THAT ‘in-hand’, right now!!..or at least the ‘germ’ of it..a beginning; I made sure of that before I left. “Little’ is what Humankind WILL become if it wants to survive, NOT Big…small, local, de-centralized… NEVER giving broad ‘Authoritys’ to ANYONE Carte Blanche…ANYMORE, beyond the MOST temporary sense.

          Is it SO difficult to grasp that ALL of the disunction that exist around is the SYPMTOM of the disease, NOT the DISEASE itself? I urge EVERYONE here, to CONSIDER thier lives CLOSELY, to THINK what must next come, for CLEARLY, ‘What we have’ doea not WORK…and CANNOT be MADE to WORK.’ If so, then some bright, ‘enterrprising individual would long ago have found the FLAW and FIXED it, for everyone’s BENEFIT. Want to know what the flaw is? Simple;

          The FLAW IS THE MEGA-RICH.

          There, the ANSWER in ONE SENTENCE.

          The Grand Experiment in Uber-Wealth is DYING before our eyes, the machinations of Morgan, Vanderbilt, Peabody, et al, is DONE. Humankind is GOING to have to WORK it’s ass OFF if it’s wants to continuue LIFE, LIVING. And here I assure you: Humankind WILL benefit for THAT!

          As always, I ask;

          “Who here does NOT know this?”


          PS: the WELFARE in this country is ALSO a sypmtom..NOT the DISEASE. a sypmtom THAT COMES of the efforts of the Uber-Rich to ‘mollify’ the populace while they ‘re-board’ the GAME (like being in the middle of a game of Monopoly and then suddenly trying to convert that to a game of Risk…and they MAKE the RULES for the transfer!) thus continuing thier endless efforts to perpetuate themselves and thier PROGENY on Humanity at large…ENOUGH!


          …START A ‘NEW’ ONE!!! Nuff said, Amen.

          • JOG

            Good one. The hard part is all this depends on the event, determines how we act. That doesn’t happen till it happens. We are stretched from here to Sunday, even with overlapping preps.
            You know JOG, I am waiting for them to say, “How did this happen, we never seen it coming.” Then all the excuses to be the answers.

            I just shake my head in disgust.

            • Howdy slingshot, Granny…and REB too, I see!

              Many Thanks Friends…to all in equal measure. I caught your missive elsewhere – here, somewhere…damn HARD to navigare these dorums with a SLOW connection! – and it struck a chord in me…going into in the Wild is “Walking in God’s own Cathedral’…that is how it feels to me these days; how right you are Brother! Keep up the good work at hand…

              Howdy POG,

              We haven’t had the time to ‘chat’ before this…so I say “Well-met M’am!” When lately , the story ran that so FEW were the OWNERS of so MUCH I knew that the END is near to hand. Those here will do well to remove themselves – and as well, the ones they Love! – from Harm’s way ere it comes ‘hither’, Satori, BI, KY Mom and a HOST of others – HERE and elsewhere – have laid out in clear detail how HORRIBLE it will be when it arrives.

              “May God have Mercy on those who ‘tarry’, having heard the Warning, yet heeded it not, Woe unto them indeed.”

              I wonder if those at the Top think they will granted any Mercy when it comes? Surely, for what they have done in Life; they merit none. WE are caretakers of this World and ALL that is in it…including each other. For the bare truth is that NONE leave this PLACE with more than they came with, be they rich or poor…and those who bend thier live to GATHER up all that is to themselves, impoverishing those around them will have – in the Future to come – ONE Terrible day indeed.

              But enough of that for one night! Instead, now consider HOPE. There is Hope yet Friends…it is NOT dead! So long as ONE of us remains, then Hope also abides, as well. slingshot and I have both been here for long and long, thus he will grasp immediately what I say now;

              There is a long, DARK Night yet to come, but stiffen your resolve for it is NOT ‘endless’. slingshot will remeber that I have promised that a New Light is about to break over the World, allow me here, to give you all a gift…that New Light will come from US…All those who hold Freedom and Self-Determination dearer than money or power. While those who have spent thier entire lives in the venal pursuit of those “lesser things” will – at the End – have nothing that they so bargained for…
              Nothing at all.

              The Gift tonight is this: After the Dark Night has passed, those who yet live to see the New Dawn that is about to break will have a pattern…a NEW Pattern set befor them, that if they so choose will take that New Light to all the World…and all who live in it…and it will come from them, THEMSELVES…not from God, the Creator, but from thier own Hearts and Minds….Mac Slavo is in possesion of the initial ‘seed’ from which that may come…soon, I think, he will lay that before those here, so that thay may see it…and Judge for themselves. You KNOW of what I speak here slingshot, I say to you, “IT IS DONE”…I have all but spoke it forth here before, but it was not yet time, though soon it will BE…and then it will ocme in it’s FULLNESS.

              The Founder’s erred in only one wise alone; What they created, the vessel into whoich they poured their conceptions to form this country was a GOOD START…though limited by thier days and times; what is to come is NOT so limited and embodies all that SHOULD have been included from the start; each thing in it’s righful place, each thing fully formed and comprehensive …drawn of of ALL that Humankind knows, yet allowing for those things which we DO NOT yet know…Here, I have a WARNING for those who read that when the moment comes; Humankind’s Childhood now nears it’s FINAL END…an dat that time we will be REQUIRED ‘to put away Childish things…Forever.” Many of the things that People now cling to – ferciously – MUST AND WILL ‘pass’ as we make that transition…those who do not, will not live to see the New is not FOR them; it is fated.

              I say this to you: This ALREADY exists…it was prepared ere I departed, for I knew not whether I and mine would prosper or perish, and so it WAS left HERE, “Safed” in this place. Be yet patient a bit Friends… for it will NOW be Mac’s choice as to the ‘when’ and the ‘where’…or even the ‘IF’….should it have any merit in his eyes…and if not, then perhaps it is best that it NOT see the light of day. Any who are yet sane must never BELEIVE that they alone posses THE KEY…for that must come from MANY…ALWAYS, and NEVER ONE ALONE… EVER! Yet too, “Even the Jouney of a Thousand Miles begins with one, single step…and the AVALANCHE begins with the fall of a last, single Smowflake…Does it not?

              Thus hopefully – soon – you will see the last, final THOUGHT which I will propose to you here; when you do, I ask that you DWELL upon it closely…there is MUCH in it. But scrutinize it HARSHLY as well….and if need be add whatsoever it lacks, but with a CARE….taking into account what I have said above.

              Till then…and till later Friends…

              I am JUST ONE GUY…nothing more…and NOTHING LESS, – the LEAST of my Father’s Childeren, and happily so – soon the World will WAKEN to a New Dawn,

              …Thank God!! For the nightmare will then END, FOREVER.

              For those that remain will say only to each other; “Thank God!! You SURVIVED!!!” (borrowing that last bit from elsewhere!)


              JOG – Now, Enfolded in the Peace that Passeth Understanding….Hold On Brothers and Sisters, the END is near..Be Joyous therefor!

          • Voice from the Outer World:

            Thanks for your post. Anyone here, from the best informed to the least informed that could possibly begin to believe that the mess America is in is because of Obama has their head buried in the sand; or they want the sheeple to believe Obama runs the show.

            Thank you for pointing out that it is the Mega-rich that is running the WORLD and they control the puppets. Obama is their manchurian candidate and will be sacrificed in an instant if he does not continue to follow their marching orders.

            Your post points out that the Mega rich run the world; now it is up to the people who read this blog to find out just who these families are; that information has been posted time after time on this blog. Anyone who has followed the posts on SHTF has that information and can easily look up the “links” if they need proof.

            Thank you for pointing out to “anonymous” and anyone else who still believes it is Obama, where the problem really is. Why not want to lay the blame in the real culprits lap?

          • Well said!

      70. More bullets bought by DHS than MREs. What is that saying?

        • That they are going to feed us lead bullets and shoot us with yogurt cannon?

      71. Prepping In Port Orange, welcome aboard, and I watched it also. it was BS from start to finish. I’ve already done maintenance on my ‘ventilation equipment’ and loaded the mags. My prepping is still ongoing. braveheart

        • Show on NatGeo was whack. They stated that there was little food on shelves on day 3, and that rioting started heavy on day 4. What in the hell world are they living in? I would give it 3 hrs max before all hell breaks loose. Violence will be the name of the game, unfortunately. Things will get ugly/nasty in a proverbial New York minute. If you don’t believe that, then you are delusional to the core. This was the touchy, feely version for god knows what reason. I guess they just wanted to broach the subject without scaring th shit out of the audiance? I simply don’t know what the timid nature of the screenplay/storyline was. There will be some surprised people out there that think things will remain at all civil on a grand scale if we truly went dark coast to coast in a matter of minutes. Civility will be the exception, not the rule. Sad as it is.

      72. I took a vote from the voices in my head, it’s unanimous, we’re doomed! Hey, at least they don’t eat much.

      73. Dammit, Maudy! Now your voices are in MY head! Oh, well, I guess you’re never alone with a schizophrenic, as Ian Hunter would say.

      74. Anyone here have any advice on protecting yourself from radiation? I know about iodine but any other viable options? Reason I’m asking – Fukushima. No one truly knows (or is admitting) the extent of the damage there & how much radiation is leaking. Now just imagine if another major earthquake (HAARP?), tsunami, or major storm hit that area the radiation would spread everywhere, worldwide. NO ONE

      75. Another moderately big criticism of American Blackout.

        The Ex Military Prepper guy had a sacrificial stash of food but not of fuel. In fact, it seems all his fuel supply was at risk, Now why wouldn’t he do the same with the fuel? Or just have it buried? Another plot hole.

        I also don’t like how his bunker was away from the house. Why do that? Only creates a risky situation when you need to go under ground. Heck, the bunker entrance might have even been a well reinforced fox hole. He coulda popped up and taken shots at the raiders to scare them off!

        God how I hate National Geographi. Buch of retards with a budget!

      76. i dvr’ed this show and started watching it this morning.
        later on my wife and son and i will watch it together and use it as a tool for learning how well we are prepared for such a scenario.Usually when shows like this come on we use it to discuss what we would do in the same situation.
        Our motto around here is “its better to be prepared than not be prepared”. If the worse does not happen; so what, we have back ups for whatever we may need which in the long run saves us money because everything is going to be much higher in price later anyway lol

      77. …in the media is talking about Fukushima & this worries me. You would think some type of international coalition would be formed to get it under control but no….not a word. I really hope the sources I’ve been in touch with are overstating the potential disaster awaiting us all….

      78. BI!!!,

        Get over to the NOAA 6 hour X-plot…something big is about to happen…


      79. I thought the show “American Blackout” was fairly realistic. What I took away from the show was that people should prep based on specific areas of need, not some “survival list” they might find online. The areas of need, in the order they appeared on the show, are:
        1- Communications
        2- Transportation
        3- Water
        4- Medical Care
        5- Food
        6- Looting/Violence
        7- Separation/Scattering of Families
        8- Martial Law/Curfew – Government suspension of rights, seizure of assets
        9- Sanitation and Death/Funeral Services
        10- Infighting/Mistrust of Family/Friends
        11- Rape/Murder

        Based solely on this show, my two greatest areas of weakness are:
        1- A lack of rechargeable phone, radio, batteries
        2- Stage 2 First Aid – Beyond Band-Aids and aspirin, I need sutures/needles, splints etc.

        The one line which stood out most to me was the girl saying, “What are we supposed to do?” She had never given the first thought to prepping.

        • The people venturing out after the blackout absolutely dumbfounded me, why the hell would you go anywhere????
          That one idiot got 1 can of peaches and was such an idiot he filayed his hand trying to open the can??? Really, people are that stupid,,,
          The scary one was the guy who bugged out,, my dvr cut off the end of the show but it didnt look like it was going to end well for the retreat!
          Im glad we dont live on the continent, but this show has me rethinking some stuff,
          One of the biggest is charity,,,, i guess a wait and see is the first inclination, but if you assist then get overrun bu those fuckers a day or so down the road…
          Lots to think about, i know i havent been prepping and figuring out how to do stuff like 1800s and such to just give it away, and i dont really think being overrun is a good thing either, but what do you do?

          • They can dream plot the event all they want..It will be nothing like they envision anyways..its dynamic and it will change daily weekly hourly and by the minuet depending on where your at , what and who’s around you.

            a SHTF event in mid Ohio will look nothing like one in say Miami, LA, Bronks etc..

            Kfarmer , just stating a point , I completely agree with you

            • @VRF
              There is really no way to accurately forsee how any of this stuff will unfold, the difference between two different comunities will be totally different and will as you stated be dynamic and fluid. I live on an island where we are 1 week away or less from stores being empty.
              And that is being optimistic, but with that said there are a fair few tens of thousands of old school people here, oh we have the people who will be wondering when the help is coming, or who will quickly follow the government peeps to the aid station, or those who will act like baboons when they cant use their EBT cards, but my hope is they will stay far far away from my place, that said though, ANYTHING is possible. I am more worried about government overreach than anything honestly. I dont trust them.

          • Kulafarmer, my plan for not being overrun is primarily camouflage. I plan on trying to appear destitute. If that doesn’t do the job, I’ll go down fighting. Anyone coming through the door will have to get past 12 ga. .00 buckshot and .45 ACP.
            In addition, I have good neighbors who I can depend on to help organize our street. Maybe working together we can keep the looters at bay.

        • What was really a joke was how long it took before the looting started. In reality they don’t need a reason to loot just an excuse or should I say an opportunity. In most major cities the looting would start the first night the power was out. Trekker Out.

        • Good summary, SilverSax. I didn’t take notes, so this is helpful.

          Everybody should think about getting a Ham license and have at least two HTs and a repeater directory.

          If you work in a big city, consider getting a folding bike. The wife and I talked about this last night. It could take hours, but you could get home.

          I saw the blue potable water barrels in the movie. And the WaterBob. Those are useful, but timing is important. If the pumps go down, you have only so long until there is no pressure at all. Perhaps a neighbor could fill your containers if you were indisposed.

          Consider getting an O2 bottle or two; tell them you’re going mountain climbing. And get IV stuff and saline solution, and get a nurse to show you how to get an IV started. Tourniquets are an absolute last resort if you have somebody with an injured limb.

          Spread your food out between several locations. Likewise with guns and other valuables. Here’s food for thought on caching:

          Get fish antibiotics, everclear alcohol, Betadine, and triple antibiotic ointment. And pool shock.

          A cervical collar or two and some Berman/Guedel airways (“OPAs”), and an evac stretcher. Or just buy a complete ready-made CERT kit.

          In my case:
          1) Several family members are absolutely ignorant and/or vociferously deny that anything bad will ever happen. I am powerless, short of hog-tying them and throwing them in a truck in the event of disaster. Talk doesn’t penetrate their bony heads.
          2) It could be difficult to navigate to our BOL, depending on the circumstances. I am printing out all back-road routes and laminating them in plastic and putting those in a plastic bag with my waterproof KJV.

          • Good suggestions. I have a rain barrel in place and last night I ordered the “Just Water” pressurized filtration system from Monolithic. If you don’t have a decent water plan in place, look this up. Including shipping, it is only $77.08. It will filter 60 gal. of water/day for a minimum of 8 months or much longer if you clean the filter intermittently. I plan on bartering clean water as long as I can.
            There’s a good review of the system at

            • I have a Big Berkey and an MSR portable, but I’m buying one of these. 5 gallon capacity, you have activated charcoal _inside_ the ceramic, and it’s American-made.

      80. “Learned helplessness”?

        I guess this is one case where it pays to be a not so good learner.

      81. they cant stomp on your rights if you know your rights and defend them

        this admin can go ahead and THINK that they are destroying our constitution , They cant destroy whats in you or me

        Don’t give in to them going after your rights, make them pay each inch they try, and than face plant them with civil disobedience when they try

        they can only take away what EACH of us allows

        I don’t care if some schmuck in NY or Cali want to allow to happen to them, that does not remove any of my rights.

        so I say fuck em right up until they are in my face about it..than fuck em even harder

        • I like the way you think friend

      82. Let me try this again… I think that National Geographic clip is inflammatory propaganda to stir people up, turn them against preppers and make them do the wrong thing and it paints preppers in a negative light which will not bode well for the preparedness community in the near term. Having said that… We all have to be prepared to live off grid in one way or the other. PERIOD… No if’s, and’s or but’s about it. PERIOD… That basically means living without electricity or hot and cold running water. Learn to live without electricity and collect and purify fresh water and grow your own food as much as you can. If you are not prepared to live off grid for an extended period, you will either die off, be killed or captured (and killed). I think the killers will likely be government thugscrum, not hungry looters, which will be the end game and a result of all the bad press the preparedness community has gotten over the last few years. Living off grid is not as simple as it appears. It takes a lot of hard work, resolve and tools. Anyone who hasn’t made an effort to collect at least half the tools (gardening / canning) and learn how to use them are simply shit out of luck. I live in a semi-rural area and have been growing most of my own food for a long time and believe me… it takes an enormous amount of work. We have a couple gardens. The small one (30’ x 25’) is close to my house and would probably sustain us for awhile but not over the long term without some modifications in my growing practices (not too big a deal but would take at least one growing season to implement the changes) (That’s where canning comes in handy) The other is an acre in size a couple hundred yards away outside my fenced yard. Anyone who thinks growing their own food is the holy grail of survival or is easy, knows nothing about farming and weather) (Again, that’s where canning comes in handy) Everyone around here knows about my big garden and a lot of folks from not around here also know about it because they can see it from the highway, since I’ve never had any reason to hide or camouflage it and don’t intend to start. Also, a lot of other people around here grow fair sized gardens too. I think the community, as a whole, will survive a government induced meltdown, despite the number of people on disability or retirees around here. Most can take care of themselves despite their infirmities. We eat and can a lot of stuff from that garden, we give a lot of stuff away and sell some to a few people we know really well who also want to can, stuff like snap/butter beans purple hull peas, beets, carrots, okra or tomatoes etc. I suspect people have sneaked into the garden at night and taken a few things now and then but that has never been a big problem and I have never been concerned about it. I have more problems with four and six legged critters than I do with two legged ones, while a little barbed wire discourages the two legged ones from around my home. However, if SHTF I expect a few of the hungry hoards will eventually start helping themselves but I don’t really think people other than locals or a few passing through on the highway or government thugscrum will take much since most of the hungry hoard are looking for instant foods or canned goods, MRE’s, weapons, money etc (easy meat so to speak) and are not likely to have the cooking implements, the skill set or the inclination to pick raw vegetables and prepare and eat them on the fly otherwise they would not be running around hunting for something to steal. The most they would do is vandalize the garden. I think government thugscrum will be our biggest concern during a SHTF scenario. We all need to be mentally prepared for that also. For someone pillaging my big garden, the threat level is not high enough for me to start shooting at them. There are some things in life you simply cannot hide nor can you hide from so it is incumbent on everyone to prepare accordingly. Of course now, if the hungry hoards invaded my yard or home I would treat them as any other criminal and use deadly force to repel them as best as I could, for fear of my life otherwise simply shooting them because they raided my big garden is not an option since I don’t think the threat level at that point is high enough, given all the other circumstances. I read an old saying somewhere that says… “…for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap…” Hell, I might even go out and build a fire in the pasture and cook up a nice big pot of stew… who knows? Who’s to say how many allies I would gain by doing this. (Ok, I can hear all that laughter) I would be armed though and would not invite them into my home but let them know that what you see is what you get so if you pick and eat it all, there won’t be any more and they don’t need to know any more than that. Guess I’ll just have to cross those bridges as I get to them. Just saying. Happy hunting, fishing, gardening, canning and prepping to you all.

      83. Ijust watched the power out proram. not too impressed. Most of the scenes were urban. One rural. They show the rural group as onlone family. We here know that one small group of 5 with one young kid one daughter not intresetd a boyfiend with no idea what the hell is going on. Mother, no firearm experirence. Can’t take care of her self! There preps were good,but not enough training and not enough people. He should have got to know his neighbors, and made friends with them. The folks in town were screwed. It showed no one prepared. Weknow that there are people in the cities that are prepared but they mad it look like no one was prepared.

        Just an idea. This whole thing could be telling us something! This Gov. is so corrupt they could pull something like this to put us under marshall law.

        Leason lerned prepare, form good groups! Most important put your faith in GOD!!!


        • VRF, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! I’m the same way, all the way!

        • your a cop? and that’s how you spell Martial law?


          also.. there is very little chance thy could hold this entire country under Martial Law

          the amount of square miles alone for them to cover would be insurmountable , they still haven’t figured out how to pick their ass with both hands tied behind their back

          • Also one thing I think a lot of people are missing.
            For Martial Law to work. They need us to play along.

            I don’t see that happening , at least not long term, and definetly not every state ,or corner of this country.
            they are dreaming

            small towns or tight cities or areas of a city, maybe..but probably not for long, definetly not out here, where we make the rules when The SHTF.

            Martial law is not a long range plan, it wont last and it will cost the Admin way too many resources that they are too cheap to pay out

            • Any Mouse.

              They will close off the major cities and main interstates.
              Look at Boston. They have had the military flying around out city on an exercise. Purpose to secure the major infrastructure. Forget about the common folk. You’re on your own! Try Googlemap and look at some of the bases around you to see the military vehicles stationed on them. The pictures may be a few months old but you can see them. They could blow the bridges you know.

              • That’s fine, let them play army in the big city..( also realize they only played that game in a small area, they didn’t lock down the entire city of Boston )

                and so let them blow the fuckin bridges..even harder for them to get out when they need to.

                still a lot of people just cant grasp the enormous ideal of Martial Law for the entire fuckin way

                have you ever been IN the Cumberland..or the Great Smokey Mtns? or the back waters of Louisiana..or Georgia ..way out west..etc..

                They can only win with scare tactics and that’s not going to work on me..’cause I know they are never going to work ML into this entire country

                • There are places in the swamps where the cops around there don’t even go, and some places where they thought they could go , but never came back.

                  I have a friend In Mississippi that lives on the edge of some swamp.. while down there working at the electrical sub stations in that area, we were told by the law that they don’t even go in there, and no chance of them changing that way of thinking.

                  you need a lot of boots on the ground, “all of the ground”, to force this countries back woods people from taking you out to pasture.. and even than you will have started a war you wont win

                  no wars are winnable .. there are survivors and the winners

                  • …they never come back from copperhead road… 😉

            • you are brain fart.

              • forgot the word


            • At first i wasnt sure the direction you were going,
              But thumbs up, i think than anything the govt pulls will be predicated on their arrogant assumption that everyone is going to go along to get along, after half of their own people are no shows well see just how arrogant and or stupid and suicidal they sre.
              Big cities, they need to be locked down, that is where the majority of vermin are located, not all, but lots of them, i know my neighbors, and they know me, what i cant see they can, none of them are fema fodder

          • Any mouse: you should have used the contraction for you are (a cop) – it would be you’re (a cop)

      84. Pretty sure this is all true, anyone care to vet it?

        A senior vice president of CGI, the company that built the faulty website, went to Princeton University with Moochelle Obama.
        Toni Townes-Whitley, Princeton class of ’85, is senior vice president at CGI Federal, which earned the no-bid contract to build the $678 million Obamacare enrollment website at CGI Federal is the U.S. arm of a Canadian company.

        Townes-Whitley and her Princeton classmate Moochelle Obama are both members of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni.

        “Class” of 1985 Association of Black Alumni. Spreading the wealth around Moochelle to your people, you fucking cow?

        Some info about this wench by the name of Whitley.

        The Obama’s are looting America on a grand scale, like any other ghetto thieves would. And they all wonder why they are hated.

        • VFR:

          What a shameful black house we have in DC. I am fearful we will never rid ourselves of the rats living there.

          Keep up your posts. Your links are full of good info and no one can keep up with all the information out there.

          • Thanks POG
            I keep digging up shit all over the place, sometimes its hard to vet it for truth or if there is any BS reason that any of it might not be true

            some of it may not be, but im sure there is a lot of it that is true, and if even 1/4 of what we think is for real , it really tells me how sad this country and this government has become.

        • I saw this on Drudge a couple of days ago. And CGI is the same company that is distributing the money to help Hurricane Sandy victims. How’s that working out?

      85. Just wanted to remind you American’s that your India based call center will be open again from Midnight until 8am EST. Our goal is to serve your needs in the most convenient manner possible. and get you signed up

        Your call center deputy assistant to the third vice president of operations.

      86. “What People Have Got to Know is That They’re On Their Own, Literally…”

        expect this for the rest of your life.

        seniors, all sorts of social security and medicare cuts are coming as the govt tries to stay afloat

        families, more taxes, rising cost of living and raising interest rates cmoning for years.

        under 30, years of no jobs over $10 an hour anywhere except for highly technical fields.

        face it folks, 1980-2005 was the pinnacle of the usa; its a long slow decline from here on out. there’s just too much debt and too little US companies left to chasnge it vs. the rest of the world.

      87. My review- probably very similar to everyone else.

        -As I stated earlier in this thread- the ‘prepper family’ were easy pickings for all the reasons I listed.

        -No radio on his person meant prepper dad had nobody to communicate with, which is a dead giveaway that you are a small group, if any and have poor comms. Most sentries would at least alert the rest of their group to a potential threat over the radio using codewords or anything. This guy lone wolfed it and made a fatl mistake- there is power in numbers. The Zombies know this, but he did not? Idiot.

        -FIRE control is going to be a HUGE issue, esp in crowded urban areas. Many areas will be destroyed by fire. Watch the movie “The Road” for a more realistic scenario of what we face.

        -A lot of things were glossed over or omitted in the show and instead they made a blair witch short out of any elevator scene. Really? boring.
        – The sheer unprepared nature, of the Manhattan trader couple. Totally ignorant of the real world around them and them acted very true to form.

      88. Did not watch the show. Went to the woods instead.

        Something I have noticed is the DETOX TIME. The time you leave for the woods, till your body becomes quiet. Over the past couple of years this DETOX has been getting longer. Don’t need no radio. A single old type cell phone for emergencies. No generator. Only flashlight and camping lanterns. I do have a grill to cook meals. The woods have been good to me as many branches fall to the ground for my fire barrel. My dependence is mainly on my 4wdr truck. I like riding the woods roads to see what is roaming around. There is nothing like being alone away from everybody. The sounds of people and their gadgets and noise makers. To sit in the almost dark (Low Burning Fire) and try to think. Or just clear your mind. Not easy.
        Another point is you won’t believe how much crap you eat at home. Because it is right there for you to grab.
        My woods diet is, I eat when I am hungry. A can of Pinto Beans or Beef Stew and I am full. I know there is lots of salt but I do eat less. Stress Factor? Maybe that needs to be figured into the survival equation.
        I look at those people eating out of a garbage bin and if that is any indication of what is to come, it’s not good.
        People believe what they want to believe till it bites them in the arse. As another poster stated, they never learn.
        I was thinking to myself as to how dirty and smelly people are going to become. Lord have mercy if they get Jock Itch. Hahahaha! Woods Humor.
        Just a few thoughts to put out there.

        • Exactly, slingshot! After that “detox” time you are in the zone, and it’s almost a Zen thing that doesn’t require conscious deliberation.
          When you come back. You feel like you’re floating, all alone, on top of the bullshit “culture”.

        • Sorta makes me sick that the gov isnt placing more emphasis on securing our borders, they are more concerned with where you or i travel and what we do than the ridiculously pourous southern border. Its almost like they are not looking out for our best interest!
          Oh, thats right,,,
          THEY ARE NOT

      89. Folks if 80% of the people in the US live in the city, abd only about 5% die (which I think is low) would be around 325,000 people. They kept saying iy was cyber attach, and didn’t say how pulled it off. Don’t you think if it was a country like Iran or N. Korea that WWW111 would start.
        The rioting a looting would start the first or second night in the major cities. N.G. would be out on day three.
        Ham Radio telling PATRIOT to resist Martial Law. Now how many dead? UN forces on the streets now how many dead?
        As far as Maetial Law! You only have to shut down the Major cities and highways. Remember 80% live there. We folks in the country will be OK.
        They showed LEO’s patroling and taking care of the cities. NOT!!!! If the whole country is blacked out they will be home with thier familys. So thier families don’t become some of the death %.

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