Expert Warns That Unparalleled Financial Destruction Is “Just Six Months Away”

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    The time is nigh.

    The crash is coming. It’s waves can be felt pulsing through the system, foretelling its arrival.

    But how long will it be until it hits, and how big will its magnitude be?

    According to Yale’s Vikram Mansharamani, it is only months away.

    Via London Express:

    FINANCIAL bubbles across the globe are imploding and the problem is only set to get worse... Prices are falling around the world thanks to the collapse of China’s debt fuelled economic growth and this has triggered a succession of disastrous events that are starting to be realised, according to Vikram Mansharamani, an author and, lecturer at Yale University.

    Fears are growing that the world could face a financial crash of unprecedented levels and could even be just six months away.

    Bubbles created by the mountain of cheap money made available by low interest rates since the last financial crisis are now starting to burst, said Mr Mansharamani.


    Mr Mansharamani added: “We’ve got a bubble bursting, I would argue, in Australian housing markets — that is beginning to crack; South Africa — the whole economy; Canada — housing and the economy; Brazil. We can keep going on and on.”

    The details have come out in warnings posted here at SHTF and elsewhere, but the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing program changed the metabolism of the global economy.

    Like a diabetic or a heroin addict, people in the United States, and in countries abroad all borrow on cheap credit, and face a debilitating spike now that repayment is being demanded – all while oil prices have bottomed out and destroyed the fragile livelihoods of those who depended upon these and other commodity prices.

    Nightmares are surfacing. Entire sectors are being destroyed. New technology is causing extreme upheaval in jobs, and economic warfare is subtly sucking away life and stability from the ranks of the hard working, aspiring and once prosperous. It is punishing and leveling out all those who haven’t learned to work inside the system.

    All the rest will end up on welfare, until that collapses too.

    Robots will replace millions of jobs in the next few decades:

    That’s ok, though, according to the guy in the video, because we’re supposed to live in some technologically-planned future where computers figure out how to address the needs of everyone. But that’s not OK, because that leaves no room for freedom.

    When you lose the ability to support yourself independently, you become a government serf overnight. And the rest is history. We are being pushed and shoved into a new collectivist state with strikingly few liberties.

    The criminals who orchestrated the last round of looting in 2008 have grown in power and wealth in the years since, and are now poised to come back for the rest – and use finance as a tool to condition societal behavior. Puppeteer bankers Goldman Sachs admitted that we are entering the third wave of a debt-supercycle that has been unleashed through predatory policy:

    This wave is characterised by rock-bottom commodities prices, stalling growth in China and other emerging-markets economies, and low global inflation, Goldman Sachs analysts led by Peter Oppenheimer said in a big-picture note.

    This triple whammy has its roots in the response to the first two waves of crisis — the banking collapse and European sovereign-debt crisis — and it is all part of the so-called debt supercycle of the past few decades.

    Central banks all rushed to lower interest rates in response to the first two debt-fueled crises, encouraging investors to lend in emerging markets such as China for a decent return.

    Now that interest rates are looking as if they might go up, lenders are heading for the exits and investors are pulling out of commodities, which are closely linked to the fate of the emerging economies.

    Once they are done, everyone you know will be either working for the government, or under close government regulation. Wall Street crimes are instituted as policy, and competition and free enterprise from the little guy is yanked out of the system, and his salary is capped at the level befitting a modern day serf.

    The borg is assimilating the economy and taking everyone as an asset/hostage now.

    Time to make your final preparations, and place any wealth you have in carefully considered positions.

    Read more:

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    Goldman Sachs: The Third Wave of the Financial Crisis Is Upon Us

    Global Economy Grinds to a Halt: We’re “Already in a Recession”


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      1. I notice that some of the stores in my area are really gouging on the price of 9mm ammo. Online prices are good. Get it now.

        • OK, I marked the calendar at the sixth month time frame for when all the sirens will go off.

          • To anyone working on becoming better prepared and more self reliant…

            Being prepared and informed does not mean we go around with a frown on our face. It just means we like to have a ‘heads up’ to the storms (weather related or economic) headed our way.

            “A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”
            Proverbs 22:3

            “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

            Prepare yourself spiritually. This will give you strength to face whatever storm heads our way.

            God did not take Noah and his family OUT of the flood. He took them THROUGH it.

            Don’t give up! Whatever knowledge you have gained and items you have saved will help you and your family. It is frustrating – our money seems to buy less and less these days. Food storage doesn’t have to be fancy foods. Basic foods like dried beans, rice, oatmeal, canned vegetables & tomatoes, pasta, olive oil, etc. are least expensive and have a long shelf life.

            Everyone should have a garden. This will help you in your stocking your pantry. (Note: Container gardening works too. Fancy and expensive large containers aren’t necessary. Plants will grow in inexpensive 5 gallon containers. Just add a few holes in the bottom for drainage.)

            Search out “pick your own” farms in your area. If you can pick your own strawberries, blackberries, apples, etc. and then preserve them, you will save money.

            Get some heirloom or non-hybrid seeds. These are sold as at a number of different places. A number of sites sell “combo packs” – with enough seeds to plant a large garden for under $40. I now store my seeds in the freezer.

            Can or dehydrate your food. I bought a couple dehydrators at an outlet store. They are just basic models, but work fine. I like to dehydrate food, as it takes up less space. I store (and date on label) dehydrated vegetables in empty and cleaned mayonnaise jars. Remember the FIFO rule – first in, first out. (Use older food first.) I use these in making stews, soups, spaghetti sauce, etc.

            I am not an expert in this by any means. I am learning.

            “The Encyclopedia of Country Living” by Carla Emery is an excellent reference. It is the ‘original manual for living off the land & doing it yourself.’

   has volumes of free information on many topics.

            “LDS Preparedness Manual” – free download. This has lots of information about food storage and preparedness.

            Excellent reference! Many useful links are here.
            The Self-Reliance Manifesto: More Than 300 Resources to Guide You on the Path to Radical Freedom

            How to Survive Hard Times – website with lots of useful information

            Free medical reference book downloads at:
            “Where There is No Doctor” and “Where There is No Dentist” are both excellent references. These are written in plain language with lots of pictures. They cover first aide, common illnesses, nutrition and a number of medical problems – treatment and prevention.

            Here is a website that I like. http://www.offthegridnewscom They have information about lots of topics and “how to do things” yourself. Type in “medicinal use” in the search bar and you will find links of many common plants and their uses.

            I printed out these articles and added to a binder. I have been planting and growing these plants.

            Hope this helps!

            Take care!
            KY Mom

            • I found this great new site to find locally grown produce:

              One person has fresh eggs, tomato starts, and herbs for a great prices. Great way to get to know other people that like to raise their own food.

              Thanks for the links KYM!

            • A well thought out post. Thanks.

          • It’s funny, because I did the same thing six months ago and so far, no sirens…

            • I love when there is an expiration date on these kinds of warnings.

              It’s true that it’ll happen sometime, but I think my dogs have just as good a shot at guessing when…

          • Money belongs to Satan. It’s very evil stuff. These rich fat cats own it all.Warren Buffet that sext billionear in Mexico all will loose their money. I pray that they do.

            • The good or evil of money lies in what men do with it, not in the money itself.

              • For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves.

                I Timothy 6:10

                It is the LOVE of money that’s the problem

                • Close, but not quite, Andrew Carnegie, Was the worlds richest man for a time, very fond of money. But in the end he gave it all away. He said he really liked making money but it would be a sin to try to take it with him, and not do good with it. It’s the failure to care about people that can be bad, not money

                • Thats not what 1 Timothy 6:10 says. “For the love of money is the root of all evil…” KJ. Those modern translations are whacko;)

              • Wow, 6 more months left to buy more Crap from the site’s add sponsors. Not.

                -WWTI.. I’ve clicked a few links on the left and there is no website. Maybe SHTF already for them. Lol.

            • “Money belongs to Satan. It’s very evil stuff.” WRONG! The earth is the lords and the fullness thereof. God owns everything, right down to the smallest molecule. Neither satan nor people own anything. Money is an inanimate object, it cannot by itself be evil. The problem is the human condition AKA “sin”. Greed, lust, envy, idolatry, etc,etc. are what is evil.

          • Don’t hold your breath. Dates are BS.

          • As a side note:

            World War 2 started Sept 1st 1939. That date is approx 6 months away. At that time it will be 77 years ago that it started.

            Eleven periods of 7 years each.

            I am not saying there is anything significant in this but I find it interesting.

            • If you think WWII started in 1939, your European Bias is showing, China would be happy to tell you it had been going on for years. I say it started Dec 7, 41. Hitler said it started with the rotten treaty that ended WWI. You pays your money you takes your choice.

        • Please google Reese family fast and furious scapegoats?

          seen the face of evil since Aug.2011
          Be Prepared
          Go w/God

        • Hahahahahahahaha…

          Yeah… Same thing was said 6 months ago… and 6 months before that… And 6 months from now…

          Same ol same ol… I’m sure someone will be right eventually… Just not 6 months from now…

          • Another 6 month prediction. Yawn. I predict that in six months we’ll get another prediction for something six months later, etc, etc, etc.

      2. Not to worry because Trump will get elected and fix everything! We will all be eating Rainbow Stew with a Silver Spoon! I don’t give articles that set a date any credibility.

        • It’s worth noting what they see coming.

          Dates matter because it makes a big difference if they say “March or April” instead of saying “by the end of the year”.

        • Me either. I also see the same mentality with Trump voters as I saw with Obama voters in 2008. The facts didn’t matter, associations didn’t matter, experience didn’t matter and neither did past statements, speeches and writings. All that mattered was that some politician was promising to save people from their current lives and did it in a compelling manner. Most people are sheep looking to be shepherded, even if that shepherd is potentially leading them to slaughter. They don’t want to think for themselves, all they want is to have their emotions played with and that is what makes sheeple so dangerous to those of us who have a brain and can think and do for ourselves.

          • We KNOW what we will get with the other candidates (both sides). These are known DC operatives. Trump at least gives us a chance at something different. Maybe good, maybe bad, but at least we get either better as a country or we can get this damn show on the road.

            • Same could be said of Adolf Hitler. He was not a political insider either.

              • So you have a choice of Hillary or Trump.

                Be honest, who do you pick?

                Or you just cop put and let someone else decide for you so you don’t have to make the derision yourself?

              • By that logic we do need a political insider?

              • Exactly right, John Stiner. Turns out Lenin was also not part of the old order in Russia either.

                I will vote Trump if I have to, but the best choice we have left now is Cruz it seems to me

            • GoneTL – I certainly hear you, and understand your point. No more Deep State. But, respectfully, I will vote for Cruz before Trump, tho if if it is Trump who emerges, I will certainly vote for him. A little long, but FYI: Dick Morris takes the middle ground at here Either way, Hilary (or “Free Ice Cream for EVERYONE!” Bernie) will be a zillion times worse than either one, and I will vote for either Cruz or Trump in the end. My take, is that Cruz has been called “the most hated man in the Senate” for a reason: he also won’t play ball with the power brokers. I also think that a person’s moral character – as almost all the Founders wrote – is central to who should be elected. I also worry about Trump’s past support for liberal causes, and lack of definitive answers other than “trust me… I’m successful” (well, Don… how many bankruptcies have you had in the past?). I also think Cruz is incredibly intelligent, has had a demonstrable track record of defending critical freedom issues (e.g., guns, pro-life, etc.) and if one is concerned about his buying into the PTB game, I explicitly recall one of the dean’s at his Princeton law school remarking that “we can’t EVER let anyone like him in here again” (not a direct quote, but close). That, mon ami, is an important comment to consider. And leftist law professor Dershowitz called him “off the charts brilliant” (that IS a direct quote) Columnist Donald Lambro calls Cruz “the most disliked man in Congress.” And the problem is, Mr. Lambro??? I thought that was what Trump was all about… thumbing one’s nose at Washington insiders??? So, vitriolic words and a disdain for the “Deep State” are a positive for Trump, but negative for Cruz?

              We could use someone “off the charts brilliant” right about now….

              And for the rest of you blogosphere types who won’t vote for anyone because no one is perfect enough to fit your criteria, good luck. Maybe things will implode and the system will reset, and everything will be perfect. Or maybe we’ll just have a reset that gives us almost a century of what Russia got when the 18% who supported the Bolsheviks took over the whole country and turned it into the bloodstained Soviet Union (and maybe your BOL will be spotted by drones and you will be sent off to the gulags in Alaska). Of course, innocent people by the millions will die all because your standards of perfection aren’t met.

              I understand the criticisms of Cruz, as well as Trump. I, more than anyone else, want no part of the Deep State. But I am looking at voting track record as it comports with what the candidate has articulated – i.e. what has he SAID, which he backed up by ACTIONS. On that score, knowing that I must return some verdict (not to vote is to vote for Hilary and her troupe of flying monkeys), I feel Cruz is the better bet to try to arrest the slide towards a fascist state. That’s my take.

              • Top Marks there Test. Well thought out & cogent. Agree completely. ExRegAF

          • Cruz. AKA: Zodiac Killer is just another empty suit groomed and sponsored by GoldmanSacs.

            Cruz has never accomplished anything significant. A true insider for the 1%. Wonder who nobody like A him? Everybody has figured out his game and has earned no respect because he does what he is told to do by his handlers. He’s a schlep boring and stiff trying to talk like a tough guy. Conservatism is a dead horse in America. Conservatives don’t follow the Constitution. They follow Jebus. These talk show hosts like Mark Levin and that slobbering crybaby freak Glen Beck are leading their sheep off the Cliff. Good riddince.



            • Another anonymous leftist troll. Yawn. Yeah, not only is Cruz the Zodiac killer, you probably think he is a Klingon, too.

              You fascist leftist trolls really need to get back to your “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chant ins and leave this site to the adults

              • I’m pretty sure that Cruz, like the rest of the Republicans, wants to privatize Social Security and Medicare, give more tax breaks to the rich, and funnel money from you and me to himself and his rich donors. Not to mention everyone in Congress thinks he is an opportunistic snake.

      3. I do believe that we are heading for a collapse, though I a get somewhat tired of the “It will happen in…” portion. We all know it will happen,,,, just prepare.

        For those of you that are just starting out, there was a good article on here yesterday, about stupid things people do. Make sure you read it. In particular the portion about “They Become Hotheads And Tyrants” You don’t want to have all you previsions stored with some that you can’t trust when it does get here.


      4. Give it up Mac! Nobody knows when any SHTF events will happen. And you yourself have proven that by guessing times before.

        • Very true, PPod. I take this site as just general preparedness, and a way to keep my ear to the ground.

          I”m pretty sure Yellowstone, Mt. Tambora, the Cascadia Fault, the New Madrid Fault, that asteroid du jour, a CME along with a EMP, and a financial meltdown all won’t happen next week.

          However, I just like to be informed, and be ready. Of COURSE Mac isn’t saying there is an implosion every week. But I do appreciate reading outside of the leftist, lying, lamestream media, and be aware of the threats. Will we hit hit by an asteroid next week? No. But does this show that NASA doesn’t have everything under control, which is the takeaway for me? I think so.

          Recall that Hitler took almost 20 years to come fully to power from the time of the first Nazi (National SOCIALIST) convention in Munich, Feb. 1920. And for the last decade, I’m sure people accused those warning about him of doomer porn, too. Well… if you were a resident of Dresden in early 1945, you might well have appreciated – and better yet, heeded – that warning a decade earlier. However, I’ll bet 96% of those here don’t even remember the firebombings and subsequent firestorm of Dresden. Here’s primer: for those of you interested. 35,000 and 135,000–were dead. The atomic bomb on Nagasaki killed 39,000–80,000m (Hiroshima was more)

          There is perhaps a 12% chance of a major CME hitting us every decade (I HATE to quote the leftist fascists at PBS, but here’s one link on the topic, ).

          Historically, the New Madrid, as well as the Cascadia fault, seem to go off every 2-300 years. We are due… tho geologic time runs to it’s own train schedule, so who knows.

          Preparedness is not unwise. You have the self-respect of self-reliance (Henry David Thoreau would be disgusted with our generation!) when you do these things, and you reduce the burden on the system. You can help the truly innocent, such as the mentally handicapped or elderly – if something truly catastrophic happens, I would want to live in a world that was compassionate and Christian, not a Mad Max world. And no, I’m not saying one would just give away everything to everyone. St. Paul said if a man won’t work, neither should he eat. This would hold in a grid down situation, where people are able bodied.

          As noted, I read this site to keep updated and informed. I don’t expect – and don’t think Mac expects – that every disaster he writes about will happen next week. Rather, it’s just an over-arching sense of what is out there to keep an eye on.

          Ask the people who were in the stock market Oct 30th, 1929 if they wish they had been a year too early rather than a day too late.

          I will continue to prep, and if it is never used, so much the better. At the end of the year, I don’t say “Darn! I had that house fire insurance and car insurance I paid all that money for, and I am MAD that my house didn’t burn and I didn’t get in a head on car accident so I could have an opportunity to realize all that money I spent on insurance!

      5. Been posting/reading stuff like this since 2006, still waiting for it to happen.

        Ebola, Grexit, Yuan replaces dollar, WWIII, Russia to take over the world, WWIII, FEMA Camps, Civil Unrest, Garb your guns, WWIII, Buy gold, no more food, WWIII,

        Don’t get me wrong, Mac does a great job and I think that he really cares by alerting us to this stuff, like WWIII!

        • I haven’t seen the warnings that yesterday N Korea crazy Kim has armed and ready to shoot their nukes posted here yet! The bad thing about this is Kim has lost reality and so has Obama. Who’s minding the fort?

          • North Korea is actually really smart.

            Their country is total shit and the leaders are total tyrants.

            When you are in charge and have totally fucked up everything, what could you do to stay in power?

            Blame America. Every woe North Korea has endured is America’s fault. The populace believes it and Kim Jun Un stays in power.

            So, all his saber rattling is to keep his own people in line, not to fight with others.

        • Interestingly, seminole, Porter Stansberry addresses the same point. He says that we already HAVE had that meltdown, in 2008 and 9. AIG bankrupt. GM bankrupt. 50 million on foodstamps, 100 mm not working. If I had told you that this would be the case in 2005, you would not have believed me, and would have concluded that WAS a Depression. And so it has been. The only thing is, DWTS and Kim Kardashian are still on, so, a la Huxley’s “soma,” people are happy in their chains.

          I think you are right in one sense. We shouldn’t be into doomer porn. On the other hand, there ARE real threats, and one needs to read this site analytically and with healthy skepticism. Of a certainty, one day the New Madrid or Cascadia fault will go; or, it was a couple years ago we JUST missed a CME that might have put all into a permanent blackout.

          This site simply encourages me to be prepared, as EVERY other culture has done, and as everyone in this country did, up until a generation or two ago. It’s not about fear. Rather, if you are prepared, you have much less reason to be afraid, and you have a lot more self confidence and self respect.

          Let’s hope and pray all the stuff Mac is writing about never comes to pass. But there were Jews in 1935 Germany who also called all the warnings about Hitler “doomer porn” too; there were people on the border of France and Germany who thought the war would never happen in 1913. There would people borrowing scads of money to leverage houses in 2005, and I personally have a friend who lost almost a million bucks in the dot com bust.

          Be prepared, while at the same time hopoing and praying for the best. Keep your relationship with Jesus tight and close. In terms of your livelihood (not your spiritual life!) be self reliant. Keep informed. My grandfather – born in 1890 – would prepare every fall for winter. Sometimes they were harsh, sometimes mild. You never knew… then or now. So I am just the same way. Seems pretty simple.

      6. Been hearing that we are getting ready for the next Great Depression, hit with a emp, the start of WW3 for the last couple years. Don’t know where these “experts” are getting their information but think they need to find new sources.

        • As noted, the people fully invested in the stock market, Oct. 28, 1929 said the same thing. German Jews something similar. People in Indonesia had never seen a tsumami as of Dec. 23 of that year it happened.

          You are very right, Thinker. And you will continue to be right… until one day that you are very wrong. And then it will be too late… just like it was for those people in the market on Oct. 30, 1929; or Dec. 27 in Indonesia or the Jews on Oct 10th 1938, the day after Kristallnacht.

          Moreover, you will live in fear, or at least relatively more fear, than you would if you were prepared.

          There have been two times I have been in nice hotels, where someone tried to break down the door (one was a drunk, but I didn’t know that at the time; the other I never found out as security came) at night. Both times I had wished I had been prepared, at least with pepper spray. Both times I was not. Both times happened after many, many, MANY years of nothing happening at all. And if they had succeeding in breaking in, it would have been too late to prepare!

          And besides, for the 48 million on food stamps, maybe – even tho it’s not you – the Great Depression HAS come. Or better, google “tent cities California” or some other state. Look at the pictures you see. Maybe YOU are doing fine, but these people are not.

          And finally, if Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, former Reagan treasury official, now at Boston Univ., is correct, if you count EVERYTHING, total amount of unfunded liabilities is now on the order of $222 trillion. Yes, they may well kick the can down the road for x number of years. But tell me, HOW can that ever play out in a way that is not disastrous?? Reinhart and Rogoff’s book This Time is Different discusses when debt to GDP get to 100% or so (Japan, are you listening?) there has NEVER in history been a nice outcome from that, even if the can was kicked down the road for a bit.

          Well rounded preparedness continues to be for many of us here just a common sense approach to the very real threats that exist. It is just a recognition we live in a fallen world. It is also a recognition that the government is not omnipotent, and that it is nice to have the self respect that self reliance provides. Let’s indeed hope nothing happens. But let’s also not be caught whining like some ignorant adolescent if something does.

          The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. Proverbs 22:3

        • Thinker, they will continue to be wrong…. until one day they are right. And then it will be too late to prepare. Ask the people who got out of the stock market one day too late in October 30, 1929.

          We JUST missed being hit with a CME a couple years ago. Maybe you didn’t hear that, but it is easily googled. We were a couple months “behind” in our orbit. Moreover, I suggest you google “tent cities California” (or choose your state). YOU may be fine, but these people are not. Or go drive through downtown Detroit or Gary,IN. as I have. There are 50 mm on food stamps. 100 mm not working. Maybe you are find, but for these people, it already IS a Great Depression.

          Many of these predictions will be wrong. That doesn’t invalidate the general principle of keeping informed and having your self respect about being self-reliant

      7. It could happen quicker than 6 months from now.

        We should expect dollar devaluations in our future. Just like the ones that Venezuela has experienced. Sudden 35% or 50% dollar devaluations. As soon as Obama denies that the government is considering it, buy all the silver and gold you can. It will preserve your buying power.

        We might have World War 3 this year too.

        • That is actually the government plan. Wipe out the national debt though inflation.

      8. You need to have cash outside the banking system too.

        Now is a good time to sell those computer and electronic items on Craigslist that you don’t really need. That Windows 7 laptop with the i5 processor is still worth $200. You could buy 10 ounces of silver with that. Maybe more.

        • I love craigslist.

          I have bought numerous power tools for dirt cheap.

          Part of prepping is being able to construct your own items. For that, you will need tools.

      9. Recent bulk shipping bankruptcies include Eagle Bulk Shipping, Copenship, and Winland Ocean Shipping.

        Dry Bulk CEO Warns Of Bankruptcy Tsunami

        “The bottom is about to fall out of the dry bulk shipping market.”

        “The market has never been this bad before in modern history.”

        Once “the dry bulk bankruptcy tsunami is unleashed sweeping away hundreds of ships with it, the next question will be just which (mostly European) BANKS, have the greatest “secured” loan exposure to the dry bulk industry, a sector where we fully expect recoveries on secured loans to be in the pennies on the dollar.”


      10. Well if we have 6 months I’m ready I just worry about my kids. I did my best to teach them on what to do. The problem is two of them live 500 miles away. I just pray that they can get to me when TSHTF. The other two live close and know what to do. GET TO DADS PLACE!!!!!

        Getting some new seeds for the garden, and should have it in with in the next 2 1/2 months. So if we have 6 months I’ll have a lot of fresh veggies.

        Now in the last 2 month the Wife and I have added tons of dries food, Ammo, Magazines, Weapons, Medical, and Water equipment, Bows and Arrows. This is all going on top of the tons of stuff we have.

        Gun Show in two weeks going to look for reloading stuff, and 7.62X39 Ammo. At the end of the month I get my clothing allowance from the P.D. I’m investing in AMMO.


        • The biggest concern i have with long distance relatives is communication. During a crisis or disaster communications may be down. Or the FEDs will shut them down.

          I have solved that with a ham radio, but still that is not entirely reliable.

      11. Good to know that many of us have reached the Terminal Prep Stage and we only have to maintain what we acquired. Plus a few items we really don’t need but are creature comforts.

        One could slip back into the Normal Bias we left long ago. Hmmmmm. Obsessive compulsive behavour keeps us from doing it. ;0)

      12. yep, it’s coming…no matter how much you’ve saved, when it finally DOES happen…you will find out how WOEFULLY inadequite your prepping has been….too bad all these politicians wouldn’t vote for taking out those banks back before obama took office. we could have been on our way to recovery, almost finished with the “greatest depression”…but no, they decided to make things MUCH worse, pouring fuel on the fire……goodbye to america….like margaret thatcher said SOOO many years ago, ” americans will ALWAYS do the right thing, but only after exhausting ALL other possibilities!”

        • Quote was from Churchill, not Thatcher, I believe. But good reminder!

      13. off topic, but maybe to tie’s fishing related but you may need to know how to tie some..

        And, way off topic but could be a way to take your mind off things.(we could use that once in a while)..

        As a puzzle mainly, while you’re bugged out and bored, nothing to do..
        A “strike anywhere” match shooter can be made from the common clothespin. We played with them as kids.
        I don’t remember how it was done, hence the puzzle part.

        Arrange the spring in the clothespin so that there is a trigger, i.e., one leg of the spring, below the wood pins. The two wood pins, possibly rearranged so that the flat sides are reversed and on the inside, can now hold the match pushed in head first to the “breech”.
        Pull the trigger and the match shoots out, LIT.
        How are your engineering and patience skills?
        I haven’t tried making one and I doubt that the clothespin design has changed since I was kid…but we have lots of them as we use an outdoor line all year round. One of these days…
        Oh, and be sure you’re stocked up on “strike anywhere” matches.
        I read once to preserve them in the box, pour melted wax over them…not sure about that..? Humidity gets everything eventually.

        • Magnesium ‘strikers’ are my favorite and moisture isn’t a problem with them. We have amassed several (and waxed our matches as well).
          What’s fun (not really) is going out into the woods on the WORST day, and test yourselves by seeing what you can (and cannot) accomplish (within reason). Most ppl can’t get a fire started in a downpour or in high winds ..gawd, that’s when you’d want the fire the MOST! (rubbing alcohol can be an impressive friend to you in either scenario …and helps make wet things burn, including you). One capful, one ‘strike’ then ‘nuture’ those tiny flames! Clothes lint stuffed into cardboard tubes (like paper-towels or TP) makes a great fire-starter and can be kept dry in ‘cling-wrap’ (plus the clingwrap will burn …so again, one or two strikes sets the plastic on fire then the lint takes off, then cardboard, then kindling. Using an empty milk carton (one gallon-plastic) releases a few toxins yet it’s all you need to start a wood fire (they light easily). Again, a dab of alcohol and it will light that much more easily. Lots of folks who ‘take to the hills’ carry ‘strips’ of those jugs to quick-start fires with.

          • Might wanna be a bit careful about starting fires in the woods in high winds.

            Lotta forests get burned down that way.

            And getting caught is a self induced forest fire is not the best survival strategy for most of us.

      14. Oh man! Not another economic collapse,…again.

        Let’s get to the important stuff: Is that a live animal on Donny Dump Truck’s head, or some sort of device to protect his brain from Alien “Brain Hackers”?

        THIS is important, the old fool might be our next Emperor!

        • Bill Gates you pretty man and warren Buffet you goofy man. You all will loose every thing.Domb ass rich fat cats.

      15. Financial collapse, unprecedented or otherwise, has been imminent for many years now.

        • No Ken….financial collapse has been inevitable….which is not the same as imminent. I’m not sure we are at the point of imminent now, although evidence does seem to indicate it is closer.

          I do know they have certainly surprised me the length of time they have managed to keep the balls juggling…..I would have never thought we could stand the current level of federal debt, for example….and really, without near zero interest rates, we couldn’t….the math of compound interest would have already eaten every incoming tax dollar just to pay the interest.

          Off subject slightly, did ya’ll notice the ZH article the other day on the annual federal audit that shows the total assets of the Fed Govt ? It amounts to 3.2 Trillion bucks….thats every federal acre, ship, plane, desk, and….get ready….LOAN the feds have out.

          Well, turns out STUDENT LOANS make up 1.1 trillion of the assets of the govt….right at 1/3 are student loans. If that isn’t a huge joke, I don’t know what is.

          Seems one of the hidden goodies in the 2,000+ pages of Obamacare in 2010 was moving student loans from private banks with govt backing of the loans, to direct issue of the loans from the govt !

          I sure hope I live long enough to see how this joke plays out…..

          • I agree that it is inevitable. But it may be years and years before it happens. Even then, it may not be the punctuated catastrophe that some people think it will be, but rather a continual and controlled slide into further misery.

          • Immanent vs. inevitable. Well put.

            Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, who served under Reagan in the Treasury, and is now at Boston Univ. says if you take ALL the unfunded liabilities in the US, the total amount is $222 TRILLION (see

            You tell me how that will play out, folks. Remember, you have ONLY three options: print money, raise taxes, or cut services. There ARE no other options.

      16. My biggest concern is the prescription meds that keep my husband and I going. We cannot get any extra even if insurance is not paying for them and even though I refill them as soon as possible 90 days is the max supply we could have on hand and it could be much less depending on when “it” happens.

        • then after 90 days you will perish. its gonna be a stone age existance

          • You are probably right Old Guy. We are old too but we will fall on a pile of hot brass when we do and take some of “them” with us. Meanwhile I will make every effort to get some extra meds and prolong the fight.

        • search out alternatives. Natural news dot com is first place I’d look.

        • I hope you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior. Eternity is forever

          • Jesus has been in our lives since childhood and I notice that more people are coming to church now than had not ever been attending, or not for years. The end is near feeling is palpable.

        • Refill your meds the very first day you are able to. They tend to give you a couple of days’ “cushion”, so gradually, a couple of days per month, you can build up a reserve (assuming your meds are a shelf-stable type).

        • As far as high blood pressure prescribed medicine, go to another doctor. Tell them you’d like a checkup. He’ll find the high blood pressure and give you a prescription. Don’t turn that one in to insurance. Just pay it.every month refill it. Before long you will have extra months of pills.

          • Hawthorne regulates blood pressure without side effects~inexpensive, and available OTC!

        • Texan,
          make a trip to Mexico. You can buy all the prescription meds you need there, no limit.

          I got two years worth of blood pressure medicine plus 8 treatments of penicillin on my last trip.

        • Can you talk to your doctor and express your concerns? Could you get extra in Mexico or Canada? Are there substitutes (e.g., for coumadin, things like nattokinase are also blood thinners that are non prescription.

          Just some thoughts

        • 60 to 70% of Americans on prescription drugs are over medicated. Stop taking that Crap. Ween yourself off that little by little, eat healthy, Get some exercise and drink plenty of water. Money a problem?… cut the TV cable and take a walk for starters.


        • Texan, have you asked your doctors for separate prescription for one year to fill outside of your insurance? We do that. We pay cash for it at a separate pharmacy that does not have our insurance information. Our doctors have willing given us the scripts once we explain why. Does not hurt to ask them. Blessings

      17. These authors who set a date and then it passes and nothing happens. It makes me Jaded. They shouldn’t cry wolf

      18. That’s crap. The big crash is always 3-6 months away, just in time to buy all your preps if you start right now. Of course we have been so lucky to miss the same forcast by often the same gurus of doom in 2009, 10, 11 , and of course the mayan calenda thingr in 2012, and the shimetah SP? last year. Next year it will be something else. When I “woke up” in 2009 it was the same story and scared the mess out of me. Ordered my 1 year supply of food and worried the end would be before it got delivered. Prepped everything else like a madman. Now am prepped pretty good, just the constant touchups and not sorry I prepped like crazy because I don’t have to do so much now. Yes, the end will come at some point but I am convinced that none of these gurus know squat and many of them are selling some supplies, a book, or a web news service ect ect. My personal feeling is that the big event will not come with warning, we will be blindsided and no guru will guess it, probably when things are looking up. Prep yes amigos, but don’t worry or believe anybody who has a date for the collapse. KF

      19. zeitgeist, climate change, body by gameboy… BUY MY BOOK. This kid is the problem, not the solution

      20. Look around, its already happening just on a nice slow pace. Its just not to the super painful point yet. More and more people I know are struggling. Prices keep going up on everything and if they aren’t the items are shrinking. Everyone seems to think that its going to be one big event, what if it isn’t, what if its just a long slow process. I keep removing my dependency on external inputs.

      21. Anyone else notice that “experts” are ALWAYS wrong lol like 100% of the time on everything from finances to global warmimg and YET people STILL belive them lol

      22. Different cheeks, same ass, going nowhere but over the toilet seat to dump another load of worthless logs. These prepper sites have become so stupid that even blondes have given up on them.

        • Taxed2,

          Best comment ever! Especially this site in particular, it’s been commandeered by religious psycho’s and nasty little acid bitch. They all seem to be able to post a comment whenever they want with no trouble, never gets held up, they can call whoever they want any kind of vile name and never get censored. Makes you wonder who’s actually running the show here and why some people never have problems with comments being held up for hours or downright deleted. Then we have other posters who are lucky if their comment shows up at all, much less the next day when the conversation is over. It looks like they’re all collectively running out of new doom angles, Duh!. There are only so many ways to die before you start sounding like a broken record, but there’s always a group of faithful idiots who never tire of hearing the same shit every day. How many people think they’re really going to ” show acid etch THIS TIME” by posting a reply to him when they’re too fucking stupid to realize that’s all he wants, good or bad doesn’t matter, it’s all about attention. And Mac will never get rid of him either, he’s too good for business. And these are the people that will supposedly restart civilization after the big doomsday event.

          • Bingo Taxed. The usual suckasses come and post their irrelevant jokes and b.s. with no problem them say oh this site is so great we have a place to vent and post. Its 5th grade mentality they must like to draw, that sells clicks for junk. See if my comment here gets posted in a few days and 5 articles past. Then if you call these sacred cows out we get banned or put out in a FEMA SITE holding moderation pen. There is no free speech here.


        • Well, then don’t READ these sites then. I’m confused why you come here.

          • Test,

            I think what they’re saying is guys like you love to censor points of view that differ from your own whenever you get to play site moderator. There, unconfused now?

      23. Knock out any debt,its easier coping without debt. Stock up for a year That should get you over the hump.

      24. I wish my wife would read this stuff. I would be able to buy so much more cool stuff!

        • I was thinking the same thing. Thanks, I needed a laugh…Peace

        • My wife did not believe either, but she came around after
          Hurricane Rita and Katrina. That plus the massive inflation she has seen at the grocery store.

      25. Six months?

        Mr. Yellen better get busy. I like my BAU life and a crash is nothing but starvation, death and root hawggin’ for survival.

      26. Gold market rigged?

        All the proof needed: the gold EFT GLD, now cannot issue new shares because the shares have to be backed by the fund’s ownership of physical gold and it CAN”T FIND ENOUGH TO BUY!. Gold ETF Market Breaks: BlackRock Suspends ETF Issuance Due To “Surging Demand For Gold”. Can you name another market were the complete lack of supply sports only a modest price increase? The supply is also relatively inelastic meaning any increase in supply is slow to come on line.

        And as much as precious metals have outperformed virtually every market sector this year, in an upturn, the gold and silver miners outperform the metals. For example, if you bought the gold producer American Barrick on Dec. 3, you would be looking at about a 90% gain today. If you bought the South African gold miner, DRDGold on Jan. 5, you would would be looking at 96%.

        • Test, I read that article also. Like Ive been saying wanna crush the paper pushers keep buying physical metals and they will start feeling the squeez and the price will climb. I see it as criminal selling 500 to 1 for paper gold for 1 OZ in possession RESERVE. Silver is about 27 to 1. Just keep watching the gold to Silver Ratio which has climbed above 80 in the last few days, and will cause the greatest profit rise in silver prices. At the normal 55 to 1 Gold ratio to Silver, Silver should be selling at about $22.90 right now so look for a $8 upside pop anytime now as Silver is way under Valued. Those in the know will be rewarded soon
          Physical in your hand is the ONLY way to own precious metals.


      27. So the kid thinks computers are going to have their own economy? Buy and sell from each other? Whatever.

        • Yes. For every hit you get on a Utube video you can get paid. There are plenty of kids making money posting their video games on line. In fact, every time you show up to this site you are making bank for Mac Slavo (whoever he is). Paid per click and the money is deposited right into their bank account.

          Your clicks translate to real cash. Obviously not for you. Too bad.

          • It’s called capitalism and a work ethic. You put the time and effort into a game or a blog, you get paid for the effort. You watch tv and read, you get paid nothing for it. Almost anyone can make money if they try hard enough. You don’t have to have a job, just creativity and effort.

      28. So if you go do some digging the myans were right because the guy who did our calander was off by four years….wait for it…that’s right its really 2012 so the myans were right the world does end in 2012 and here this guy is confirming it. Hahaha it will end when it will end and you will never be prepared enough for it. So don’t sweat it but instead why not redeem the time for the days are EVIL and let’s get back to what matters Following the Way of Jesus according to the Bible that thing most people never read and teach our family and friends to walk this way and if we do that when it hits well you will be prepared in the most important way possible. Jesus said I am the way the Truth and the Life best prep you will ever make is for your eternal life and there is only two choices confess Him now or confess Him later…as for me and my house we will serve Yahweh…

        • Hey ItsreallyOverTT. I went on a dive trip to Cozumel Mexico 20 yrs ago and went shopping in the hotel cantina. Bought some trinkets. One was an old looking clay statue. About 10 years later I was looking in a Mayan history book and saw similar clay statues. I contacted an appraiser on the Antiques Roadshow, sent him some photos of the statue which is only 4 inches tall. He said it’s the real deal a Maize (corn) Goddess Dirty, and He appraised it at $3500. I only paid $10 for it which was about 100 pesos back then. It was produced back in 600 to 1200 AD. It had the blue Mayan pigment color as seen in the Mel Gibson movie Apocalipto.

          Of course it was probable dug up and stolen by grave robbers and sold illegally. Of course I lost the Precolumbian artifact in that house fire years back with my guns and ammo.


        • I’ve also studied the Bible and it’s time line is off for the supposed birth of Christ by as much a 5 years. So this man made calendar is not as accurate as you think. Y2K was imaginary like Mikey Snyder’s economic predictions. Hell I can throw darts as good as anybody else. If you put a good shine on your shitola it will sell like fear porn does here. Seeing is believing. Economic collapse is a drip drip drip… and manipulation and papering over fraud like the trillion of derivatives and swap defaults can only go so long till it is no longer accepted as status quo. Just control your home and put a great moat around yourself from outsiders with layers of security from intruders, is what will save you or at least prolong your life. Best advice I can give is Get OUT NOW of all the Cities and Mass Population Center’s for starters. That is where the unprepared Free Shit Army lives and dependent on the Grid. They will die first of riots and looting which will be followed by hunger and disease.


      29. Confiscate WDC pensions for us slaves.

        Where have I heard that before?

      31. off topic

        for your amusement ……………. Bold Guy vs. Parkour Girl

      32. Didn’t Peter Schiff say the same thing 6 months ago and 6 months before that and 6…….
        “The experts” !?!?

      33. As the DOW hovers around 17K. I realize all the numbers given by most financial experts – be they government or private firms – are bogus. I got the U6 – BDI – yadayadayadayada. What’s it gonna take? We get lied to everyday. This upcoming election is a joke – tired of voting against someone. The market has been pumped full of Monopoly money, the rule breakers and govt teet suckers seemed to be doing ok. Seen the mall parking lot lately? All family and friends consider me batshitcrazy if I bring up our entire system being a facade. I’ve found myself withdrawn to most and quietly preparing for WTF I have no idea. I got all the no debt get land buy pm’s, weapons yadayadayada shit. Food enough for a FN division. I’m beginning to look like that crazy fuck Critical Bill in Things to do in Denver when your dead: Geeeezzzz.

      34. Resistance – is futile. Your life, as it has been – is over. From this time forward, you will service – us, the elite… peace

      35. Silver keeps going up. Still cheap at less than $16 an ounce. I expect their will be more buying opportunities at less than $15 an ounce. Good!

      36. Joe Miller’s site on the threat of EMP FYI, from Joe Miller’s site (was almost Tea Party) US Senator from Alaska

      37. Thank you,KY MOM for all your postings. I read themm first

      38. We’ve seen a plethora of these types of articles, but it really is starting to feel a bit more rough out there. The pot may be about to boil over. I think being prepared financially, mentally, and preps-wise is great. But what really concerns me is the amount of folks who wouldn’t be prepared should something catastrophic occur. I think this would lead to unprecedented violence. We can talk a big game behind a keyboard about being prepared for it with our guns and ammo, but I really think getting past the waves of violence would be the first of many hurdles to clear.

      39. who writes this crap??

      40. The fake it till you make it economy. The numbers are bogus IMO. It’s up to you whether you wanna believe the lies and propaganda. If you wanna believe the lies just keep up your grandios lifestyle with your lap dog designer clothes Starbucks coffee and luxury cars. For me I’m perfectly happy with my humble pie life hoarding$ and prepping. There will be a revelation by the masses that the fair and equal fantasy is no longer possible one day and the freebies will dry up. It will be a gradual thing. Your not gonna wake up with no food stamps. They will cut your amount down a little at a time. You will go to the doctor and Obummer care won’t cover your procedure. Hell I heard they don’t wanna fix your teeth but they will pull it for you. They will make you pay a higher portion of your subsidized rent. It’s really up to you if you wanna survive. If you don’t that’s good for the rest of us. More resources for us. If the useless eaters die off that’s a good thing we didn’t have to kill them. Unskilled and unwilling to work means your life is worthless. You should just kill your weak and pathetic sorry parasite ass. If the useless eaters die the working folks will have a voice again. It’s time this has gone on long enough. Gotta take the trash out sometime.

      41. The biggest bunch of stun-bunnies has to be the Canadians. They are soooo blind to what is coming their way. With Prime Minister Flaky-Flake in charge, Canadians have been set up for the final pump-and-dump (bailed out banks during the 2008 crisis, blowing up epic housing bubble, turning all Canadians into heavily-indebted dumb-f#cks). They will be selling their resources for pennies on the dollar in desperation to get any money they can coming in.

      42. I continue to prep, but here we ago, same story from 2009, in six months, it’s always seems to be six months from SHTF. Looks like a shampoo bottle directions, apply rinse repeat.

      43. Yeah I’m kind of a prepper also but these articles have gotten so stupid it’s ridiculous. Stupidity like this is what will get these type of websites taken down eventually. Deservedly so.

      44. It’s always ‘six months away’. It’s been ‘six months away’ for decades now.

        • Gerold, with all due respect, then don’t come to the site.

          As noted above, it is true nothing precipitous may happen. Th issue is, as Jim Rickards notes about chaos theory, that – just like an avalanche – the snow may continue to pile up for a long, long time. Then finally, after a LONG time, one final snowflake causes a massive, fatal avalanche. THAT, mon ami, is the issue. And there ARE historical antecedents. The people fully invested in the stock market, Oct. 28, 1929 said the same thing. “Aw, just a bunch of doomer porn” and one of the top financial gurus said the stock market had “reached a permanently high plateau.” German Jews something similar in Hitlers long, long rise to power – and then after many years, it was suddenly too late to get out. People in Indonesia had never seen a tsumami as of Dec. 23 of that year it happened since Krakatoa in the early/mid 1800s. I’m sure people wished anyone who warned about tsunamis would just shut up.

          The cynics here are very right.. and will continue to be right… until one day they become very wrong. And then it will be too late… just like it was for those people in the market on Oct. 30, 1929; or Dec. 27 in Indonesia or the Jews on Oct 10th 1938, the day after Kristallnacht.

          Moreover, the unprepared will live in fear, or at least relatively more fear, than you would if you were prepared.

          There have been two times I have been in nice hotels, where someone tried to break down the door (one was a drunk, but I didn’t know that at the time; the other I never found out as security came) at night. Both times I had wished I had been prepared, at least with pepper spray. Both times I was not. Both times happened after many, many, MANY years of nothing happening at all. And if they had succeeding in breaking in, it would have been too late to prepare!

          And besides, for the 48 million on food stamps, maybe – even tho it’s not you – the Great Depression HAS come. Or better, google “tent cities California” or some other state. Look at the pictures you see. Maybe YOU are doing fine, but these people are not.

          And finally, if Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, former Reagan treasury official, now at Boston Univ., is correct, if you count EVERYTHING, total amount of unfunded liabilities is now on the order of $222 trillion. Yes, they may well kick the can down the road for x number of years. But tell me, HOW can that ever play out in a way that is not disastrous?? Reinhart and Rogoff’s book This Time is Different discusses when debt to GDP get to 100% or so (Japan, are you listening?) there has NEVER in history been a nice outcome from that, even if the can was kicked down the road for a bit.

          Well rounded preparedness continues to be for many of us here just a common sense approach to the very real threats that exist. It is just a recognition we live in a fallen world. It is also a recognition that the government is not omnipotent, and that it is nice to have the self respect that self reliance provides. Let’s indeed hope nothing happens. But let’s also not be caught whining like some ignorant adolescent if something does.

      45. It’s Happening now, you just don’t see it.

        I say SOONER than 6 months.

      46. Robots do not spend. When robots become consumers then, they might be useful.

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