Expert Warns Of Venezuela-style Hyperinflation: “This Will Not End Well For The United States”

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    Though completely outside the realm of possibility for an entertained, well fed, and oblivious American public dependent on ever-growing debt to make ends meet, there are serious economic, financial and monetary headwinds set to flip the entire system upside down. If there’s one thing we can learn from the collapse of monetary systems in Zimbabwe, Argentina, and most recently Venezuela, it’s that printing money only works until you lose the confidence of your creditors and the public at large, at which point the whole thing detonates with such velocity and speed that millions are left scrounging for even the most basic of necessities.

    According to K92 Mining President Bryan Slusarchuk, this is exactly the kind of scenario Americans should be concerned with because central banks and governments around the world have not only printed obscene sums of money to keep the system afloat, but used even more worthless foreign currency reserves to further prop up their own. As Slusarchuk notes, there is absolutely nothing of real value backing any of it, which spells disaster for Western nations:

    Western nations have central bankers colluding together trying to prop up eachother’s reserve with equally worthless foreign currency reserves that are fiat-based paper. Unfortunately, I just don’t think this ends well for Western countries like the United States and Canada who have lost sight of this…

    In his latest interview with SGT Report, Slusarchuk explains why a hyperinflation scenario akin to what we are witnessing in Venezuela is a distinct possibility and what those who will take the brunt of the pain – the average people on the ground – can do to prepare themselves for this inevitable future reality. As Slusarchuk warns, most people won’t figure out what has happened until it’s already too late:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    …There are lessons [we can learn from Venezuela]… It appears to be spiraling out of control… and this all results from the fact that you had bankers that didn’t understand how to ensure there is a real worth to their fiat currencythis lesson is a lesson we’re going to figure out once it’s too late.

    Some 65% of Americans receive more in federal transfer income than they pay in total taxes. There are estimates that this can grow to 80% in the not-too-distant future. So when you have a situation like this that is clearly not sustainable and you have central banker collusion supporting one another’s worthless paper currencies with more worthless paper currency reserves… it just doesn’t end well.

    Slusarchuk suggests hard assets as insurance against this eventuality. As we’ve seen in Venezuela, core necessities for survival like bread and meat, as well as supplies we take for granted like toilet paper, are the first to go because a country whose currency has collapsed and lost the faith of its creditors can no longer trade with foreign companies to import these goods, nor can they pay domestic workers to produce them. As the President and Director of a gold mining company, he does, of course, recommend precious metals as a currency of last resort to counter the effects of hyperinflating fiat dollars.

    It’s a strategy, notes Slusarchuk, that has protected and preserved wealth for over 5,000 years. And it’s one that’s being aggressively implemented right now by China, who unlike their Western counterparts that have sold their precious metal reserves, are acquiring massive stores of gold.

    A similar strategy, he argues, should be a part of everyone’s collapse-proof portfolio:

    I think it’s so important for investors to consider, not just for the upside, but for protection… for safety… gold and silver as part of their investment strategy.

    And when things don’t end well… It’s going to be very worthwhile to have that real store of value.

    I think people in Venezuela are seeing that today… and you’ve seen that in other countries like Argentina.

    History continues to repeat itself.

    But, central bankers  want to assure us that everything is OK… that gold no longer has real value.

    … as groups and governments in places like China continue to gobble up everything they can get their hands on… you’ve really got to question what side of the trade you want to be on. 

    Venezuela is a great example of the hyperinflationary currency collapse that all countries potentially face when they don’t have true holdings as a store of value that act as a guarantee to redeem promises to creditors.

    Contrarian economists like John Williams have repeatedly warned of hyperinflation in the United States. That some 60% of Americans are now dependent on government subsidies, including nearly 50 million on food stamps, is a critical warning sign. So, too, is the fact that incomes are dropping and meaningful jobs are drying up.

    Media pundits and government shills, just as they have done in Venezuela, continue their propaganda campaigns with many pointing to stock markets as a measure of health and marginalizing those who warn of impending collapse as “peddling fiction.”

    But to those paying attention, even that is a massive warning sign of a system so heavily injected with artificial stimulus that when the central bank’s dope finally runs out there will, quite literally, be a life threatening crash.

    Those without hard assets to get them through the aftermath could well find themselves with no food, no shelter, and no prospects for recovery.

    To learn more about Bryan Slusarchuk and his latest production projects visit

    For more interviews like the one you just watched visit SGT Report.


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      1. I wonder how much PMs are going for in Venezuela? After watching and reading about what’s happening to those people I’d rather have food put back.

        • Food for sure. Guns for sure. Gold for sure.

          If you had gold in Venezuela right now you’d be OK.

          In Greece when gold was around $1000 globally, it was trading for almost $2000 on the street.

          Same in Argentina. Ferfal confirmed this in his book.

          I would prefer to have food though, first and foremost. And a safe place to go.

          • if you had gold in Venezuela you would still be hungry, but you would retain your wealth when everything settled.

            • Yep, if everyone around you is hungry, you had better be hungry, too, or you will not live very long.

              • today, Remus’, in his Woodpile Report listed a few articles on the situation in Venezuela. some gross pictures, and a reality check on the need for food. More so than PM’s which is what this article is selling.

       scroll down a ways to the Surviving in Venezuela section for the articles.

                • I thought old Remus had stopped writing, good to see he is back at it, was one of my favorite stops on tuesday mornings to take a gander at his musings through goggles of another time,

                • Wilson, thanks for bringing the Woodpile Report link. I was an avid reader for a long time, but then he closed his website. I was not aware that he had opened it again.

                  I look forward to reading it again.

              • How do you describe hungry?

                Fat people get painfully hungry too during a famine. They hurt no less than a skinny person. Perhaps they will last a bit longer, but their hunger is just as real.

                • Most hunger is actually withdrawal from food additives.

                  • Chemicals added to food such as preservatives and MSG.

                    • Most all preservatives, such as BHA and what you mentioned, MSG are not what you indicate. BHA remains with you after death. This is why you can dig up a five year old body and they still look nearly as good as the day you closed the coffin lid. Your body is laden with preservatives, but it doesn’t cause premature death or 3rd world ‘eaters’ would be outliving Americans, which they do not!
                      MSG (Mono-sodium-glutamate) is gone from your body in around 24-36hrs for the greater number of ‘eaters’.

                      What you are saying is that if the foods didn’t have these additives to enhance freshness and shelf-life there would be no famine. Okay, if it works for you by all means stick to non-preservative food to totally avert any ‘hunger pangs’ down the road when you find yourself with nothing at all left to eat. I’m gonna eat everything I have, with and without additives, while I continue to add to them with more of the same. Even the fish caught already have additives that I cannot get out of them, and so I consume it as well. (So do you).
                      It seems to me THIS is a much better deterrent from starvation than avoiding some relatively harmless chemicals (that we’ve been eating, speaking of my wife and I), for over 59 years with no ill effects). I have eaten ‘grubs and bugz’, packets of ketchup or mustard, ANYTHING to stave off hunger and gain a bit of energy. And I did that WHILE IN THE NAVY! (They can’t feed you when they don’t know where the hell you are much less out of rations …and so you resort to survival as you were trained).
                      Grubs and bugs can be pretty tasty in that the hungrier you are the better they go down. 3rd Worlders often eat dirt, as there is just a tad to be gotten from it, aside from abdominal distention ‘to the max’. Don’t worry, you’ll love it! There are tribes in Africa AND Sudo America whom ‘dip’ their excrement in a hodge-podge of bush-seasonings, then dip their turds and recycle them …common for them and it works. They do not go hungry and don’t use Scope either …so keep your distance.

                  • Food additives? Bull shit. It is low blood sugar from not eating and spasms from an empty stomach. Where do some of you people get the ideas in your heads?

                    • In Venezuela people are feeding their families with a paste made from corn starch and water so they have something in their stomach to ease the pain.

            • Another MINING ASSHAT CEO predicting hyperinflation to sell you gold. American consumers don’t have any money because QE was all about funding the banks, not the Middle Class; which is why retail stores are folding all across America.

              MASSIVE amounts of cash must reach the GRAZERS and that won’t happen when a half dozen major multinationals are hold the lion’s share of ALL of the cash in circulation.

              Deflation increases the wealth of those with cash. It increases the purchasing power of the Investment Class and PTB. Those who are leveraged and without sufficent cash flow go BK.

              Hyperinflation destroys the currency and that currency is the basis for the wealth and power of the NWO PTB. It is managed on behalf of the NWO by the FED.

              Hyperinflation is NOT going to happen. The NWO PTB will let Americans die first before giving up the source of their wealth and power.

              Since the NWO PTB Investment Class owns the means of production, they will ensure that the GRAZERS have just enough money (provided by the taxpayers – multinationmals do not pay taxes) to support consumption of the items they produce or distribute; like food.

              Don’t worry. Your EBT Cards are safe and so are your dollars … if you have any !!! 🙂

              • Hyperinflation will not happen in the USA. It may happen in China where the CCP has printed FIFTEEN TIMES the number of Yuan as the FED “printed” dollars, in the same time frame.

                Someone here has said several times that the Yuan will become “confetti” to protect its export competiveness. From Zerro Hedge:


                BTW, some of you should note that ZH identifies the Yuan as “PEGGED” to the dollar. Catch up. 🙂

              • Just try and spend precious metals. No one will know how to value them. A one dollar face value coin even though worth fifty bucks will get you one dollars worth of whatever. Until a conversion rate is established. Flashing them around will also get you killed when the crap does hit the fan.

            • State Department sets new single-day record for Syrian refugee approvals
              “Syrian refugees – more people accepted Monday alone than in the entire months of January or February.”

              “(Obama) promised to accept 10,000 refugees from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30. As of Tuesday evening, the administration had approved 2,540 — an average of about 10 applications a day.

              To meet the 10,000 goal, approvals will have to rise to nearly 60 a day.”

              Apr 08, 2015 · U.S. cities ‘secretly selected’ for importing … into the United States at a rate of 100,000 per … of ‘unscreened’ Muslims flooding U.S.

              “…some of the communities targeted for new arrivals are seeking information on their new neighbors, only to be frustrated by federal bureaucrats and their hired contractors.”

              “Can the communities be assured that foreign nationals with ties to ISIS, al-Shabab and other Islamic terrorist groups won’t slip through the government’s porous screening process posing as “refugees”?”

              Remaking Rutland with Refugees
              “After being kept in the dark since their mayor’s unilateral decision to accept 100 Syrian and Iraqi refugees in October, Rutland citizens should investigate the threatening impact that refugee resettlement has on their own public security, economic stability and community health before it’s too late.”

              There are (short term) incentives for refugee resettlement – “receive federal funding of nearly $2,000 per refugee sponsored in addition to federal grants of up to $2,200 per refugee sponsored.”

              The citizens of Rutland “should also ask who pays for refugee resettlement and for how long. One month after arrival, refugees are provided with taxpayer-funded services such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Insurance, public housing assistance, child care, food stamps, and much more, costing billions of dollars a year.

              However, after a couple of months, government funding runs out, and it becomes incumbent upon the community to take over and provide.”

              Immigration to Swell U.S. Muslim Population
              “According to U.S. Census Data, the United States admits roughly 100,000 Muslim immigrants legally each year…”


              “The importation of Middle Eastern immigrants through the nation’s refugee program has led to the development of pockets of radicalized communities throughout the United States.”

              The government is “letting terrorists into the United States right through our front door…”

              “He listed a number of terror attacks in which the attackers were immigrants voluntarily imported into the United States, including the Boston Marathon Bombing. None of these attacks would have occurred but for immigration sanctioned by the federal government.”

              Refugee resettlement process leaves Syrian Christians in the cold

              • No really, it is the works of Obama that has brought about the mind-bending influx of those who seek our annihilation. This is why he has ignored all USA laws and avoided The Constitution (by buying off those in Congress, for one).
                Those who disbelief that they would never do such a thing didn’t see all those millions of muzzies ‘waggling’ fingers at us saying “You are in for big surprise and America is next to go.”

                They said this with NO trepidation but TOTAL certainty. Also, has nobody else yet realized that now that Geiger counters have been disseminated to border patrol folks, that it is a GIVEN that “the dirty bomb” materials have long since arrived (and no more are due to cross the border …except for one or two ‘fake’ stories of how we “foiled them again” and our heros saved us from certain destruction.

                THAT is the ‘scary’ part. Dirty nukes here and there, even if ‘half-assed’ – would be devastation and death when and where they are deployed and exploded. Everyone is already aware that dirty-nukes/dirty-bombs very well be used to take down our grid (three is all that would be needed). I dunno why, but I am convinced that if there is to be such a thing they’ll darn sure be more than three of them to contend with. And a trillion rounds of bullets would be worthless against it as would any firearm known to man. Nukes are nukes and ‘half-lives’ in terms of 400,000+ years are “quite a length of time” to prep for. Can you imagine having to live the life of “hard survival” every day of the 70’odd years (or more) that you might live before dying or taking yourself out due to depression beyond belief? I can’t…

                • Bud
                  On the dirty nukes.

                  Dirty nukes are devices that have radioactive material that contaminates small areas by a conventional blast. Fallout is the main concern.
                  Detonation of a nuclear bomb is another story for the destruction is much greater. Harder to do and hide.
                  As for the Russian suitcase nukes. They had to have maintenance to keep them alive but the radioactive material could be use in a dirty bomb. I read there were about 100 made with 84 accounted for by the Russians after the breakup of the Soviet Union.
                  NBC readiness is not a main concern of the average prepper. Wait till they get their first wiff of tear gas.

                  • Aye Anon – I’m well-versed in precisely how the ‘dirty-nuke’ is made, sustained and ‘touched off’ …my apologies for not writing this better (I was ‘fresh back from the Emergency Room and under the influence of Fentanyl – – wiped me up,down and all around it did. 🙂 But thanks for the additional info just the same! You do not think one could destroy a transformer? Dynamite would…

          • For eating uses Silver is better than Gold. No Doubt in my mind that 1/2 oz of some silver coins, the people know, will get you fed. 1/2 oz of Gold that anyone knows about gets you killed. SILVER IS TO KEEP YOU GOING; GOLD REBUILDS. As far as food goes yes; it’s great, but you need 1000 lbs per year, per person, unless you have managed to get Freeze dried special stuff and it’s still a rather big pile. Food for 5-5 people for 2-3 years, wow it’s a lot.

            • +5 points Paranoid,

              With a one once gold coin worth $1250 US, who in Venezuela could make change, if you just need a weeks worth of groceries? They’ll likely just kill you for it.

              A couple silver one ounce coins worth $16.00 US should buy some food and make the shop owner happy but not murderous.

              It’s all about purpose. A few gold coins are good to cross a disaster, but silver is better during the disaster for trade.

              • I would think that gold and silver would only be good on the black market.? The stores are empty. If there was anything in public it would be looted. Gangs would control food for trade. And most likely rip you off unless your gang was strong enough to enforse the deal?

                • A war zone like Kosovo isn’t the same as a financial collapse like Venzualia. The infrastructure of VZ is basically intact. People will construct or expand existing smuggling and black markets. Silver is a currency that spans borders unlike failing fiat currency.

                  If people are prepping for a fiat currency failure, PM’s are your ticket.

                  The international drug smugglers run a business as big as Walmart in the US. If Walmart can’t supply food, drug smugglers will just branch out.

              • For a more significant purchase — for instance, very scarce and valuable medical supplies — the seller might insist on gold. For these situations, assorted gold trinkets such as wedding rings, charms from a charm bracelet, and earrings (all hallmarked, of course) will do the job without telegraphing a possible stash of assets, like gold coins might do. A small jar of 2nd-hand wedding rings will be crucial for those “next level” trades where silver just won’t cut it.

                • Good point Karl V

            • You go right ahead and bury your ass in silver and other PMs. I’ll have nothing to do with any of it (as it is not a game of winners, but liars, cheats and felon-bankers).

              I will stick with the materials of the earth that are consumable and life-sustaining, and I am willing to wager my food outdoes your PMs in both the short AND long runs.

              Good Lord the world is on the precipice of being wasted or obliterated and there are still those who will NOT “come out of Babylon.” (Money is the root of all evil, so why in hell drag evil with you into the NEXT scenario, assuming THIS ONE ends in your lifetime)? I don’t need to worry. There’s no way I’ll live to see the end of the upcoming events. No way. I’m 59 and it is foolish to believe for a second that all of this will just ‘fly away’ in a decade or less.

              Things are going downhill and will continue to do so until everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING has hit rock bottom. THEN perhaps a few will start to open their eyes and plant seeds for food …instead of panning sand? There is nothing ‘good’ to be found in ‘riches’. Nothing. If you disagree, that means The Clinton’s are among the world’s finest. Right up there with The Vanderbuilt’s, Soros, Rothchild’s and The Koch Brothers. All outstanding and upstanding examples of human-life at its very, very best. Phfft! I’d rather eat rats than be rich. (which are just as good as bugs and grubs btw).

              If not, say adios to The Human Race. (And all those who hide in their great mountain fortresses tucked away from harm? hahah…sure they are)!

              • Bud,
                I have a feeling that even after things start bouncing off rock bottom most will have their hands out for what they feel the government needs to give them, weve seen it before,
                I like the idea of commerce that transcends money, i will barter a 6″ blade and bag of green beans for that pile of leaf springs,

                • Yeah Kula, precisely that. I was not meaning to impress that there would no base after ‘rock bottom’, it is only that MONEY is the last item I would want to see integrated back into society, as it would all repeat and then my children’s children would find themselves in even greater peril than ourselves? I’ve no clue as to the future, except ‘bad feelings’.

              • Bud

                There is a time and place for everything.
                Better to have it and not need it, then to not have it and need it.
                Some is better than none.
                I will trade in gold an silver.

              • Bud…Not to split atoms, but do feel the need to correct your misquote of the Bible..The proper quote is, “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” By omitting those first two words, you change the entire meaning of the verse (1 Timothy 6:10).

                Money, like any other material possession, cannot be evil.

                Be well.

                • I was not misquoting The Holy Bible, I was quoting “Man’s Saying” which is; Money is the root of all evils. So stop ‘splitting atoms’ as I am SURE you ‘got my drift’? 🙂 Cheers.

              • Actually, it is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil.

                • Emily, that’s what I THOUGHT about “for a comeback” …thus I am glad you expounded upon The Holy Version of the same meaning. WHEN in The Bible does it every portray not being ‘bad’? Money leads to greed (the want of more and more and more) I wrong? If so, then why do so many yearn to be Trumps, Clintons, Rothchild’s and so forth.
                  Umm, “imagining myself in a post SHTF scenaro, if ANYONE came to me “hungry” (single or many people), I would much rather just feed them and have them replace it by fishing (for me AND themselves). Sort of like the old addage, you can feed a man once or you can teach him to fish and he’ll be fed forever (or teach them to hunt, plant …all the things that I thought everyone was surely knowledgeable about, because I grew up with (so I assumed everyone knew how to garden ANYTHING (or how to get milk without the machine), etc. I am FLOORED every time I read that so many “are clueless” …that’s hard to wrap my mind around (for them I mean).
                  What I left out at the beginning is that I would rather show them self-sufficiency and how to forage, than to take ANY ‘metals’ on the premise they are worth anything. I would also be one of the few that would live a lifetime with just a female companion (of good choice) and have no needs for PMs at any time.
                  Hell, there are some very, very, very rich people out there who live like they are homeless. Frugally. My ex-mother-in-law had MILLIONS (seriously), and she’d squeeze a quarter until it screamed in pain. …just saying that I’ve never seen money do much of anything for anyone or, “Money comes with its own price. One that I’d rather NOT pay.”
                  I am becoming convinced I’m not quite at the right site as of yet. PMs HAVE to the ‘teeeniest part’ of prepping that there is, and for me, the very last on the list. (But remember that I am looking at it as never ‘bouncing back’ (during my lifetime), so I see no need to ‘hoard’ any. Again, would rather have eats than get back to an economy based upon greed again (but that’s precisely what will come of it, no doubt). We love repeating ourselves and our errors, even when we know damn well we should not. YOU may do as you wish, and so shall I. Fair enough right? We are all going to have wildly varying “wants and needs” …so I’m going to cling to life and what sustains it. Water and food with “the stocks” to replenish the same again and again and again. Nothing wrong there right? 🙂

        • PMs are about ten times the price in bolivars that they are in the American dollar. You can do an Internet search and see the charts. As expected precious metals are preserving wealth. I already have 50 5-6 gallon buckets and 70 #10 cans in long-term food storage alone, but because I also have precious metals I’m not chained to it. If what is happening in Venezuela came here I could afford to leave it all behind and have enough in PM to start over elsewhere if that proved to be the better option.

        • right now one ounce of gold in Venezuela spot is: 12,193.54 in their currency and silver spot is: 162.48 in their currency

          one US dollar equals 9.94 VEFs

      2. One can never have enough food stored…

        • jeffrey dahmer had enough food…..

          • Jamacian jerk long pig.

            It’s whats for dinner…

            • The other other white meat

          • John Stiner. Dahmer processed his own vittles. No store bought for him.

      3. The hyperinflation scenario will NEVER happen in the US. If you knew the deep rooted system in place in the financial markets as well as the system of checks and balances within the federal reserve to keep things flowing, they can print and print and print and print currency all day, every day and it would not matter.

        BTW, precious metals are about to take a HUGE dive! I wish it weren’t so…………but, it is I’m afraid. Oh well, it was good while it lasted! “Look out below!”

        • You say it can never happen but our currency is based on nothing but belief. Why is a certain stock at a high value? Because people BELIEVE that the company is doing well. If said company says its earnings weren’t so great? The people stop BELIEVING in said company and it tanks. It has (along with every other “stock”) no REAL value outside of what people think.

          It’s truly a “perception makes reality” process. A self fulfilling prophecy if you will.

          • Yup, the world thinks the US dollar is great and a wonder to behold. The day they realize Obama has destroyed the middle class that was the engine that gave that dollar is power, then the fall will come.

            Every 80 to 100 years the world reserve currency collapses. The US dollar is not only way overdue, but the bubbles make it evident.

            Everyone on planet Earth with a brain knows it’s already done fore. We just await the doctor to pronounce the dollar is dead!

        • GDAYM8

          Too many dollars chasing too few goods will cause inflation anywhere Federal Reserve or not. If those dollars don’t get in circulation the preceding cannot happen. If they do its the only result that can occur.

          Lose Reserve Currency Status and “school is out”. TPTB are doing their best to make sure that doesn’t happen and will risk, if not actually have, WWIII to see that it doesn’t. They lose their chief enforcer, thy loose their control.

          • But there really aren’t too many dollars.

            When the Fed started printing like crazy, banks just left it on deposit with the Fed for a 1.5% gain with no risk.

            The money never got into the private sector. The velocity of money never increased. It was never loaned to consumers of business. The bail out money was just hoarded.

            • Obama is financing his trillion dollar annual deficits with money printing. More and more countries are abandoning the dollar for international trade. A dollar collapse is a certainty. The only question is when. I think it will happen this year or next year.

            • Plan twice, prep onceq

              I’m in agreement with you as I stated in the below. The money created cleared a balance sheet. The money that did make it into the system was through the Fed buying T Bills thus monetizing the debt. This helped to finance the EBT / Welfare and war. The economy collapsed with bad loans that were unpaid destroying money faster and greater than the welfare input. Let the USD lose reserve currency status and as I said, “School is out”. Different ballgame.

              “Too many dollars chasing too few goods will cause inflation anywhere Federal Reserve or not. If those dollars don’t get in circulation the preceding cannot happen”

        • Hahahahaha ……… wait hahahaha
          I’ve NEVER called anyone a troll or the like in here but YOU sir are. One indeed. Did you just get your job at the fusion center ? You need better training. Now get the FU@# out ta here before we get Hcks on your trolling ass
          Actually , f@#$ it HCKS !!!!!!!!!! WE GOT ONE FOR YA .

          • HCKS the troll slayer. Called your big brother in for the fight. Well played gday but HCKS is about to call you names, really bad baseless names.

        • I agree with you but for different reasons.
          Hyperinflation is almost always associated with war
          or artificial controls on a market that depends on
          external sources for food or resources.
          North America was and can still be self
          Sure our money is worthless, but when
          I buy #50 of flour it comes from a North Dakota or
          Saskatchewan Co-op that accepts that same useless
          If I buy a feeder steer at $1.47 a pound,
          the feedlot will accept that useless $500
          fiat money for the animal.
          Imported goods are where the inflation will
          come from. What does America import? If
          we killed off government regulations and
          interference what would we still need to import?
          I think depression is more of a possibility.
          I’d be ecstatic if my home dropped 50% in value,
          cows went to $0.50 a pound(on the hoof).
          That new 4WD Diesel Dodge pickup went for $15,000.
          and the newest Iphone was $3000.
          It would be great if Boeing, IBM, Disney,
          et al. had to hire Americans to make things that
          due to our crap money we can longer afford to pay
          foreigner workers to produce.

          • Rellik,

            I had a rich great great that got wiped out in the Great Depression. They owned all the best toys of the age. A big house. Lots of fine furnishings.

            When the depression hit, no one wanted to buy the fancy toys or pretty bobbles they had collected when traveling the world!

            A shame they sold some phenomenal art for peanuts. Poverty became a way of life for everyone, including many of the rich.

        • Chapwood Index points to about 10% inflation year over year in many major cities

          • True the Government is actively hiding the real impact and amount of actual inflation we are having shoved down our throats.

            Long term stored food is a real hedge against inflation as well as a way to survive 99.9% of all major disasters.

            $1200 +- buys a years worth of long term stored food for one. Once bought its immune to inflation. $1200 in the bank making 0.1% interest and subject to 10% inflation, and the possibility of added government confiscation, is a losing proposition.

            Unlike gold and silver, I will admit, yes you can eat stored food!

        • Well of course they will because that is what has happened each and every time before. THEY know precisely how to “take it all” and then create a “makeshift” profit from it ….always with a foundation of quicksand.

          Kula, “the other white meat” ….rofl …too funny…

      4. The $ has been redistributed from the worker to the CEOs and shareholders. The people who think everything is fine are the shareholders or CEOs. They control all the chips people if you work for a living you will barely make it. Go on the dole. The system fucks you screw it back. Sell dope on the side and live like a rock star.

        • Asshat:

        • Thats where im heading,,,
          All those years watching the Hawaiian activist and hippies i finally figured out that they had something, well, they have nothing, but thats something because if you got nothing theres nothing for the wannabe tyrants to take,
          So ill stick with my 20+year old vehicles and odd assortment of busted looking shit and living in someone elses house with no bank account save an overdrawn checking account. Why work to pay taxes when i can garden and do my hobbies for fun

      5. Water, Food, Ammo, Basic necessities (toilet paper, flashlights, batteries, hygiene stuff, etc), and med supplies In that order. If you have checked off all of those then you can start thinking about diving into some PM’s. I still believe that PM’s will never do anything for you in a legit SHTF situation. A $1 gallon of water will be more valuable than a 10oz silver bar. PM’s are for people with a very well established bankroll (hundreds of thousands) and a diversified portfolio who are afraid of losing their assets so they use them as sort of a safety net. You should not be even considering PM’s if your week to week or don’t have a years worth of bills stored away.

        So with that being said, Im trying to up my food storage… So aside from canned food What do you guys store? What would you recommend?

        • Wal-Mart is selling N-Pac in some of it’s larger stores for reasonable prices(Lower than the Nut Case stores). Remember there are some foods that store forever any way. Sugar, salt, you can find the list. Any storage plan will be short of fresh fruits so get good vitamins. Pasta seems to store for years all by itself, so does white rice. Data is everywhere on net just go looking. Sam’s Club is having a sale right now on a years supply of Prepper food, find it online. Good luck

          • Question is, what tastes best???

            • Grow a few heads of cabbage in the garden. Learn to ferment your own sauerkraut. Full of vitamin C and a good probiotic. You can do it using a good, clean food grade bucket or pony up some cash for a fermenting crock. Learn to make your own vinegar using the ‘mother’. Vinegar is good for you and makes a great surface disinfectant.

            • Good Spencer or Porterhouse Steak from a grain feed Angus less than 18 months old, properly aged with mushrooms and onions served with Raspberry cheesecake and French Vanilla Ice cream, with a cool glass of orange Lq ‘ But I’m not sure who V=Packs that; so I;ll Take what I can get.

        • What about your garden? Fruit trees?Nut trees? Heavy bearing fruit bushes? Secret gardens?
          Long term storage food will get you so far.
          Salt- everyone needs salt. Can be as good as gold or better.
          Maybe a tobacco plant or two?

          • I was once told by a Passamaquoddy Indian (dunno about the spelling but they are indigenous to Northern Maine), that “quite likely in my lifetime I would see salt become a commodity). Without it there can be no life, and given the rate of toxins entering into all facets of food supplies globally, it is becoming apparent that it would be wise to have TOO MUCH salt, than just not enough. (And you do NOT get enough salt from the foods you eat …unless you eat preprocessed stuff). When one thinks it over, salt from the oceans will soon be useless (irradiated and slam full of radiation), so that leaves just a tad for each of us …seems one always needs more of something they never thought they’d use to depletion.

          • Also stock some of these items and plant some herbs with healing properties (like garlic).

            Long before pills, our ancestors used these 12 natural antibiotics to survive infections

            “In point of fact, it’s not at all improper to suggest that at some point in the future, our overuse of antibiotics may result in bacteria evolving to the point where nothing on earth can kill it.”

            “Our ancestors had solutions for healing, utilizing antibiotics from nature which are still as valid now as they were then.”

            Oregano and oil of oregano

            Raw apple cider vinegar




            Grapefruit seed extract



            Extra virgin coconut oil

            Fermented foods

            Colloidal silver

            ht tp://

        • Tos:
          Bob’s Red has healthy food in bulk.
 has some good food, too.

          Sugar, salt, honey.

          Ball canning products on line or at stores.

          • Going out on a limb here but without seeming too radical, I have to say that everyone should have seeds, and that includes cannabis. If it is illegal you should take your legislators to task on this. This plant was grown by the founding fathers for a reason. It provides pain relief with little to no side effects. It helps prevent Cancer, glaucoma, and treats epilepsy and prevents seizures. The plant can be grown for fabric and rope. It also will give a person with depression or lack of appetite life saving relief.

            This valuable plant is the victim of political games because it takes away profits from the plastics and Big Pharma.


              IT’S A FUCKING LEAF



              • and poppies are flowers. alcohol is grain.

              • Hey there Acid E. Yeah, it IS a leaf and “just another plant.” In reality, it has over 3,000 chemicals in it and we don’t know too much about any of them, except for the THC. I agree that since the Founding Fathers planted it everywhere and did all they could to promote it, just as soon as the government started to ‘swing sideways’ the government decided they needed to start a war on something to get us used to being pissed off and on by them …enter their Drug Wars (where folks like The Clintons were using military 130’s or 131’s? to fly it into Arkansas “day and night” around the clock ….making zillions supplying The Entire Mid-South. Okay for them but throw us in prison if you find a seed in any of our ashtrays (even if it isn’t your vehicle or home). Everyone is also well aware that over 2/3rds of our government is snorted white shit up their noses like candy, and that’s another “ok” too, as long as we go to jail or get shot for doing the same.
                And these mofo’s think I am going to abide by anything that comes out of their mouths? Screw that. I honestly do not (because I can’t) use it, but at one time I feel I got my fair share, perhaps for life! It’s okay to drink and drive and kill. Obama put through an EO giving The Police State a “one up” over and above “regular people” (pedophiles, lesbians, gays, ambisextrous what-cha-ma-callems and so forth.
                It isn’t okay to smoke and stay home and bother nobody, which is why they MUST kick down your door and shoot you point blank for daring to oppose their ORDERS to you. And, most are high on opiates (courtesy of Big Pharma) so that they can act 10 times crazier while attacking your ass. And we are supposed to put up with it and not say a damn thing? lol…fuck that shit too. (excuse me ladies).
                As has been ‘stated to death’, THEY have over-reached their authorities on all levels and it is now time to take it all down in any manner deemed necessary. And in no way allow it to “hang over us” any longer. Really now …we have MORE THAN ENOUGH to put them all away. And then, once we had access to their records, what other horrifying shit do you think we might stumble upon?
                Last, everyone needs to pool resources and PREVENT these incoming immigrants from being given a right to vote. That is unfair and it’s all being done to favor Hillary, but of course. She wouldn’t play fairly with her own grandkids at checkers, so I’ve no need to tell you what she’s got in mind for US!
                Back to “leaves”. God said, “…and I give thee every herb bearing seed.” Mary-Jane is an herb that bears seed, and therefore is another gift from God. TPTB “trump” God’s decisions made eons before they were ever thought of? lol…that’s a crock of shit if I ever heard one. I guess they do since they’ve driven Him out of schools, courts and entire cities …and just recently, the cross is now under fire (and some are being taken down). I’d refuse and then find a way to become a nightmare…
                The truth is that they are bringing it into the country and do not wish to lose ANY $$$ by having anyone growing even ONE plant …save Alaska for six-dark months. If there are others, I am drawing a blank…

            • Agree 100%.

              • Tried it a couple of times during the teenage years. Never did have a problem with friends smoking it, just wasn’t my cup of tea. But during hard times comin’ I’d grow it and use it for barter just like anything other item that has value.

        • 20 lb. sacks of rice flour beans. In grey plastic boxes. Cooking oil . Powdered milk . Salt .vitamins . Detergent.

        • If you are low on money then just get rice and dry beans, and maybe some cans of Spam, but i get the cheaper stuff like Treat at Savelot. Rice will fill your belly when hungry and you need the carbs. A little rice goes a long way and add the beans for protein and you’re all set. Lots of salt too for flaver. A little salt goes a long way!!

      6. “You believe what you want to believe, but you don’t have to live like a refugee”.

        Tom Petty.

        Time proves everything when predictions are concerned. I hope the majority of you are ready for what is coming.

        • That was what originally got me reading on this site, now im just another mental frequent flyer, i guess,
          Im not really sure what i am really prepped for, definitely hurricaine season, or other natural stuff, but the sky is falling pieces are sorta tiresome, been going yo fall for a while now, still didnt happen

          • Kula:

            Do we really need a reason to be self sufficient? Inflation will be with us always just like poverty. I bought a wholesale box of laundry soap and gave it to my mother. At first she thought it was silly but years later she remarked how much money it had saved her. I think that is what started me to think about being well stocked. Now, it means I never have to worry if I can’t get out to go grocery shopping. And if the bank screws with my money, I won’t starve.

            • Precisely,,,
              Its nice to know we can just sit tight at home and be fine, if we are well rounded in what we put back for tough times its like the ultimate insurance policy.
              It could be anything, storms, disruption to supply, war, whatever. IMHO better to be able to concentrate on shifting gears into planting bigger garden and adding water catchment capacity with whatever is available, or doing whatever than out standing in line for food or water.
              If people in the states riot over political candidates imagine what they will do when the grocer is empty.

            • One of the beauties of prepping is that once you are ‘hard’ established with all the basics …they’ll never again be able to tear your ass off with inflated prices because no matter what goes up, you can wait them out until it return to normal. Otherwise …you are at their mercy, and they know this and take advantage of it daily, just like the government. Won’t just be the gov going down, but literally everything to the point of just not functioning worth a shit any more. Broke is broke and those fellas are BROKE! I didn’t spend one cent of those trillions they claim we owe, so they’d best get their 1% asses together and get the bills paid or they’ll take the dive too. If we make money, metals and stocks worthless then they are “on the streets dead broke” …and wouldn’t it be nice to see them homeless living under bridges for the remainder of their lives, if they Survive, Evade, Resist and Escape us ALL (for their treacheries against us). (Which they can’t do ….none of them are preppers, showing us their total ignorance of how things that go around have a habit of coming back around….and voila they are back!

      7. To paraphrase Clint Eastwood:
        ‘Are you ready,Punk?’
        ‘Are you really ready?’

      8. Don’t spend $ people in the economy. Focus on self reliance mending your stuff growing your food hunting meat. Buy staples in bulk. That’s it use home remedies. Don’t stop working and hoarding your$ you have to work and take $ from greedy corporations but by living self reliant your not putting it back in their pockets which they use to oppress you and others more. this is hard to do if your keeping up with the joneses and have to have the latest and greatest. The pool of rich scum needs to shrink but the public is too lazy to do their own thing. Basically just living like a normal person not enslaved by the mainstream garbage.

        • Wait a bit here. Obama lifted everything we had on Vietnam so that they’d be a ‘thorn in our side’ on the world market, competing directly with us for global marketing (at 1/10th the prices we charge). The USA Gubmint does not intend to leave ONE DAMN JOB available for ANY man, woman or child. I just read that McDonalds, Wendy’s and others have exclaimed it is better and cheaper for them to buy $35k robots to do the work than to “up” minimum wage to $15.00 hourly. (And even then they’ll not let you get 40 hours a week). Robots, except for maintenance, small repairs, are being assembled at alarming rates so that every last person will lose their ‘gig’ to a machine.
          If everyone has not established self-sufficiency by that time, they will be “at the mercy” with no choice …and that within itself is terrifying. SO! Get’er done! 🙂

          Yes. TP, Boric Acid, Apple Cider Vinegar, fishing line and hooks galore, diving mask, bow and arrow, firearms, knifes (any and all types have their place), canned meats/veggies, Centrum or the like, as many medical supplies as you can handle to include sutures, needles, povidone-iodine, tinctures-of-iodides, and all the other tiny bottles of ‘nice to have fixes’, women’s stuff that is often forgotten such as stuff for yeast infections (OTC),at least five ways to start a fire including a magnesium ‘stick’, (did you know that Germ-X is excellent for starting a fire with ..even in a blizzard with high winds)? Keep a supply of Garlic IN YOUR GARDEN (it just stays buried and happy until needed). Garlic is a natural antibiotic that has saved many a life. Baking Soda is cheap so don’t go without, as is flour (white). Reynolds Wrap (tin foil), one or two spools of heavy string (can double as fish line or trip line (painted nicely), and is reusable, plenty of primers and powder (it is only going to keep going up in price from now on), cuz the word is out! Make sure you can access a metal-lathe man (they are everywhere it seems). DO NOT TRADE AWAY ANY AMMO! NEVVA! lol… Near a base? Ask if you can ‘comb’ their range(s) for brass casings (usually it is already cleaned up and they put it in your Jeep for ya). ALL military brass too, usually Lake City (LC). All NATO brass will have a tiny “cross” or “plus sign” + inside a circle stamped into the primer end, so you can’t miss it. It is always a tad thicker, and so it lasts that much longer. Propane-fueled genset or two is wonderful, and provided you have “worked it out”, you can make a 20lb or 30lb bottle last a very long time (steady running at half-load averages 18 hours for our Generacs, which can “peak” at 3,667 and operate at 3100watts 1/2 load. You’ll need brushes so get those and at least one ‘commutator ring’ as well plus oil (synthetic 30W Mobil 1) One Quart per generator fills them to the top. We have ours wired in by placing the 220 lines into 50 AMP fuses in the Panel (with the main switch OFF (of course). Don’t forget to ‘common-ground both, just use the same ground road and run copper wire from one to the other ‘in line’. NEXT!

          • Bud, Good Stuff.

      9. Jit food system does not respond well to instability. Greece had food at the docks that did not get unloaded. No gold will pay for that. I am fine with pm but you need to be able to provide potable water and feed yourself. Stacking is okay but this collapse is a slow ride down so far. A year may not cut it… what willyou eat then? Those who are learning to garden or farm are way ahead. Foraging? Better to grow wild edibles as if they are landscaping for opsec. USSR starved Ukraine. .. too fat and you were arrested. Still, soldiers confiscated food. If your stash Iis gone, better have wild edibles than nothing. Even hydrangeas have edible leaves, too stringy, but good flavor. Run them through the blender like wheat grass for high nutrition.

        • Just referring to your Ukrainian remark,
          One thing you are missing is the massacre of the Kulaks occurred because they had no guns. That I know of, history has no record of where a tyrant tried to suppress a well armed indigenous population and succeeded. I think of the battle of Thermopylae as an example.

          I don’t think I’ll have to resort to eating wild edibles if it is a human caused SHTF scenario. I will eat the dead, if I have to.

        • @ Rebecca, that would require real Hard WORK, and most would rather just buy LTS food and feel prepped….until it runs out, gets taken from them, spoils, or burns up in a fire. then they would have to depend on skills, physical conditioning, and location, which most don’t have. Sitting in front of a TV watching a movie won’t do it. Now back to the local program….stack stack stack fail.

      10. Anon,how much can one be ready and actually ready?I am resigned to what is happening and will happen/prepped but ready,no.

        • WD

          Good question.

          Cover your food, water, shelter to carry you out to about one year. I believe there will be 30, 60 and a 90 interval as people die. After that its raiders.

          Must have enough equipment to counter the bad guys. That is ammo and guns. Night Vision and motion sensors and then you get into the nasty shit. Fire is my biggest problem. Am I ready. Yep, except I have to place the extra stuff out. Don’t want the neighbors to catch sight and freak out.

          • Anon, MY PMs, lead and brass aka bullets ALWAYS HOLD PLENTY OF VALUE. LOL.

            • Amen

          • Then master the Dakota Fire Pit and your fires will never be spotted AND masking the smell of food isn’t as hard as it sounds. That’s one good reason for cooking all your meat now, or as soon as the power has been killed if you’ve a propane stove/oven. (A SamSung will also dehydrate, etc. Lovely things and 100gallons of propane ( with normal use can last 18 months (that’s the best we ever managed with NO usage of outside fires/grills). If you can, hide a 500 or 1000 gallon in the ground and pre-run a solid soft-copper pipe so that it just won’t be found. Easy to do with a bit of thought, (seems there is always a way to make it invisible). So when they take your bottles (somehow?), they’ll never know you still have years of fuel on hand that won’t go bad.

      11. I see the thread about the country is on its death bed has now gone into a loop again. It is an attack or the server is screwed up again.

        • You have a point. Running Linux/Unix I am running into all kinds of nasties and people trying to bust into ports that have never been assigned to be used for a thing. Amazing they have nothing better to do that fuck with us ….so turn-a-bout IS fair play. But I don’t wanna mess with their computer. I want to put a solid object to remember me by inside of them. 7.62x51mm or .308 or just the trusty .45ACP will all do it nicely right? Then again, and half-quart of tannerite is something to respect too. (Especially if they attempt to shoot it and hit it when thrown at them). lol…

          I’ve never had the pleasure of mixing ammonium-nitrate and diesel fuel to play with, but I hear when it’s inside a PVC (schedule 40 or 80), with shrapnel mixed in with your black powder, it can be deadly ….so that’s best left alone without a doubt. No sense risking anything right fellas? 🙂

          Candles? A 50lb box of “soy wax” and a metal cylinder to melt it into (with a wick or wicks already in place) will burn hours and hours with no scent. When the candle is depleted the soy wax remains to be remelted and reused over and over and over and…the ones we make are 4-inches across and 7 inches high (1 and two wick for variety). Emergency Mylar blankets (thin FEMA type shiny blankets. We keep them everywhere (car, house, pocketbook …you never know when you’ll need it to treat a ‘shocky’ patient. (And it WILL keep them ‘toasty’ at any temp within reason, and you can always use as many as is needed (they reflect 95% of your heat (so they are excellent for being invisible to night-vision when used as the inside layers (3) of a handmade Pancho. Drop down and you just disappear at night. Just like a Ghillie, they too can exceed 130 degrees so use due cautions. Friggin’ migraine so we’ll catch up laters. Cheers all.

          • Bud.

            Hehehehee! Mylar. Cook you like a roasted pig.

            After a few minutes you body temp can bleed through. Try to have air space to help with that problem. The mylar also crinkles and you can hear it ways off. I did manage to line a poncho including the hood. If you move your head it sounds like an avalanche in your ears. Concealment of hands, face and lower legs is a problem.
            Utube vides some you may end up as a Black blob on IR if you are not a good mix with foliage. I have read military train to pick the outline out.

            Made a Ghuille suit from Spanish Moss with liner. Made sure to kill the critters. The moss hangs low around my area and people would not be able to see an outline if I stay behind the low branches.

      12. Anon,I guess I meant mentally/looking forward to ect.I am ready to vacation in upper Me.,am really not ready for end of world as we know it,though will happily watch a lot of assholes going down with said end.I have plenty of supplies,but No,will never be ready(but will deal with it to best of ability).

        • War, have a great time, offer still stands.

          I still have a vision of your dad cruising in that ’57 Bently convertable.

          Be well sir…

        • Warchild, dunno if you saw any of my posts from the distant past but I am from northern Maine (up there it is called “The County.” It is my second choice for a place to hold up forever unseen. (And so close to Nova Scotia you may well end up there looking around?
          Many deer,bear and moose plus beaver (protected I think), wood-chucks/gophers, fox, HUGE turkeys (protected but not after SHTF), pheasant, wood grouse. Apple trees (wild and everywhere). Fishing is great and plentiful and the water is crystal clear except for “the spring flood” (tons of melting snow headed down the big rivers up there that go all the way to the coastline). Enjoy if you get there! Oh, mosquitoes are thicker than bandits so you’ll want your DEET or equivalent (or you’ll be depleted of blood by morning in the wooded areas or near ANY body of water (where they are the absolute worst). The whole state is that way. Infested with skeeters, big and hungry bastards…

          • Bud,hang a bit north/east of Lincoln,know folks there to a degree and friends have moved that way.I usually hang in N.H. and used to have family/friends in Vt. but for most part Vt. a loner now excepting one old friend and family,need to get in touch with him some time.

      13. Copper Old Guy. Just changed your handle..?. Piss off trolls..

        GDAYM8, YOU PHUCKING AGENCY ASS CLOWN. Busy working as a fake ass bullshit commodities Broker, going Broker day by day as your portfolio shrinks like your little balls. What’s the matter, your clients are busy cashing out to buy gold and silver. Sounds like your phucked. First thing you need to do a stock up on. 1 month supply of water, then order the survival food, since you and your gay lover will be starving to death..or worst blowing people for money..get the phuck off this site..

        YOUR BANNED FOR AGENCY ASS CLOWNRY. The United States will be collasping ass wipe…dumb phuck’s like you do not visit these sites because you and your kind do not prep..Do not come on here trying to project your soft porn bullshit thinking that shtf-effers will stop picking up the extra can of chunky soup. Go back to your bed room and suck you gay lovers cock, and take some dick up your ass while your at it, you liberal bernie, hillary supporting pedofile faggot.

        These are the time that try many trolls.



        The agency ass clown super moderator..

        • Lol atta boy hcks I seen that fuck gay 8 and figured you’d enjoy that keep it one of your best beratings I’ve read yet

        • Awesome HCKS. A verbal beat down befitting a 5th grade boy in back of the school bus. As usual, what is your basis for the statements? Please don’t tell me that your scientist friend said gday is one of us and gay…and an agency clown. I certainly wouldn’t waste my fun time by not directly making light of you.
          A few more questions. Why do you tell people they are banned? (Formerly referred to as band by you). Your fixation with gay sex acts seems to be a vehement form of self loathing.
          I’ve said it before but jousting with you is akin to an MMA fighter beating up a quadriplegic. It’s fun and people should go to hell for laughing but they can’t stop. Your writing has improved and is fluid to the point of being able to understand your ideas. I’m impressed but it is mid week and you likely can’t get too drunk.
          Why are you only the super monitor? You could have bestowed yourself the title of super dooper monitor. Don’t sell yourself short. HCKS..don’t go crying to Mac to “filter” or “band” me. You play and you lose. You have cried about your treatment and tried to get me “band” before. I tried to move on.
          How is the failing business, “fucking black belt”, body builder, real estate genius, homeless, scientist befriending life of yours going?

      14. What Eppe said. Long pork is on the menu soon..

        Like the scientist said, we are in deep, Deep shit and lots of us are going to die and that 2016 is the year that the laughing stops. Venezuela is in the collapse phase and past the SHTF EVENT HORIZON.. WHAT A BUNCH OF STUPID UNPREPPERD dumb phuck’s. Not a single prepped person in Venezuela . Not a single garden, not on person in the entire city who had more than 4 days of food… Good luck I hope you all in that country have lots of seasoning… Like James Wesley Rawles said one time, have plenty of seasoning ready because you may have to eat your dog. And that’s what’s going on.. people will be next..Wait till planet X starts to really stir up the solar system. Or yes folks, this is not gone yet, it’s getting to go wild ass ape shit. The environment the environment the environment.


        Yes. Everything I sat will happen

        • Confusious fortune cookie:

          Do not bring skinny dog to restraunt, only fat dog…

          • Eppe, I’ll take a foot-long dog with mustard and relish. LOL.

        • HCKS, anytime you want to take on trolls who attack me, just be my guest. I admire your spirit.

          • Blowheart. Howdy there big talker. Did you see the best down given to hcks? Stringing a bunch of bad words together is really fun and exciting. But if you ready the post of copper, it seems to be a better ass chewing.

        • i would like to quote john mcenroe, ‘you cannot be serios !’.

          i’m with you that 99% of the world is unprepared for anything and many will die when things go down, but planet x?

          if there was truly a planet in an orbit just outside the first asteroid belt that could affect other planets in the solar system, it eouldnt be a legend; amateurs would have made it public knowledge.

          • But it’s invisible, or too far away and zooming in super fast, or it’s hiding behind the sun until the last minute!

            It doesn’t matter what excuse is used, you can’t hide gravitational effects. If there were a Planet X about to hit us, we would already be seeing devastating effects caused by its gravity. Since we are not seeing those effects, there obviously is no Planet X about to hit us.

            • anyone that just checked ornital speeds of the real planets and thought for a bit would figure out there is no way some giant planet is speeding towards earth now. silliness.

            • A planet x i have a hard time believing,
              A big ass dark asteroid or some such dark non reflective space stone, that could definitely be out there, space is vast, there is a LOT of stuff flying around out there and man has only identified a small portion of what is there.
              Look at the other planets like the moon and all the impact craters, even earth has huge impact craters from eons ago, perhaps theres a debris field that our solar system interacts with every s many million years, perhaps the debris field that forms a ring within our own solar system as the earth traverses it on our wavelike orbital path, seem to remember reading something about that and that we will be seeing more meteorites etc as we move into it over the next few years.

            • Its quite obvious that some folks are reading and believing the Zeta Talk website propaganda. This looney lady Claims to communicate with Aliens who are the Council of worlds. She claims they implanted a communication devise in her head? LOL! She touts Nibiru however there isn’t any viable hard evidence or tangible proof. I actually wish it was true. I would prefer a clatyclism to the mayhem and chaios that is most likely to occur. Humans are very gullible. We can be brainwashed into believing almost anything. Almost every one believes in some sort of invisibile guy in the sky. Be it A god or every where spirit ect. And there isn’t a shred of tangible proof? I tend to be skeptical of most things. Im not certain they landed on the moon in 1969.So If nibiru exist I will cross that bridge when I get to it. I simply don’t believe the story of mary and jesus. A pregnant virgin LOL? Logic tells me someone stuck their dick in her. Man that Joseph Must have been a stupid dumb ass! so im not a gullible Christian. I do however believe in the every where spirit even though it also defies logic so go figure?

        • Long pork curry,,,,

      15. hyperinflation is not likely, there is no velocity of money and there’s no reason for that to happen, BUT things are not going to end well financially for the usa at some point and that is probably within 10 years and maybe within 3.

        europe is about to enter a period of civil war with all the muslims it let in and the decline in economic activity from that will start a worldwide depression.

        then, you have russia and china looking to get out of the dollar.

        finally, you have racial and class division within the usa at the worst in 50 years thanks to obama.

        anyone not seeing that at some point things go real bad for a long time, has their heads in the sand.

        • I agree: I think there is too much debt out there for hyperinflation to occur. All the money they print just gets soaked up by debt obligations. If a point is reached where they cannot print anymore, they will just do a reset of the currency and start again.

          I agree with you the bigger problem is social. Our societies are breaking down and the population is becoming third world in its outlook and complexion. A third world mentality is inherently tribalistic and only focused on the accumulation of baubles for said tribe. They can’t plan, innovate or build anything modern and stable. The classic case is Africa, where people sit on top of the last treasure trove of resources in the world but need to import people from China to do anything with them.

          As for Muslims, they are too self-absorbed in their centuries-long internal religious war. Right now, they are just moving the show out of the despoiled Middle East to a new theater of war, Europe. It’s an invasion but more like an invasion in order to pillage new resources to feed the on-going Sunni-Shia war: think of a football game that has chewed up the grass and needs to go to a new field with fresh grass. Europe and Europeans will just be collateral damage in this war.

        • It will be a SUDDEN BUT TEMPORARY COMA of the financial system unless we get a false flag event within the next few days.
          In that case, five days of financial “FINAL ADJUSTMENT” will follow and will be a good indicator of what will be the residual value of the present money.
          A bank holiday of several months will follow.
          A few months later, Dec. Jan. They’ll introduce the One World Currency.
          Gold will not be a better protection than money in the bank. My opinion only as a retired (35 years) stock broker.

          • Bobane – need some clarification. I thought you said we were going to be hit by a massive solar flare this weekend and that we all needed to move to Asia if we wanted to live. I cannot afford to move to Thailand but plan on seeking shelter in a local Chinese restaurant. So which comes first, the financial coma or the CME? Just want to make sure I do things right. Sincerely, Lazy Bum.

          • Whoa Nellie! Bobane, is THIS what I have been picking up on regarding “something” occurring over the next few days (or on the 4th of next month)? A ‘false flag’ event?

            Given the news headlines of late, seems THAT would be done (under the tables) in Obamas’ desire for heralding in a form of Martial Law. The question would be “all over” and just in the metros and “key” cities where there are large populaces of ALL shapes, sizes, religions and colors.

            Or, perhaps it with fall into what you have suggested. Unique, I must say, and I can say I’ve never heard of it until right now. Would it work ya think?

        • Lena
          If you think it’s Obama’s fault, it means you don’t understand what’s going on. I don’t blame you, most people have no clue what’s going on.
          Prepping will not save you.
          Being on the other side of the planet, might. Tycoons know it, they are all in New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

          The culprit; planet shifting EMP/CME.
          Hardly survivable.

          • You do realize a CME and EMP are two completely different things with different effects.

            • Apparently not dii. I’m hoping when the EMP hits that the pulse blows the jeans right off the wife. Then I’ll say, “Waiter!, check please!

              • PoP


          • if you will please read what i wrote, you’ll note i was only blaming the calss and racial division on obama.

            the financial, economic, immigration and security problems of the usa have been building in some cases, for 50 years; obama has just accelerated the speed to the end or hitting the wall.

            • Obola is just the latest in a long chain of abusers

          • You mean THAT is what is expected to happen in the next few days? Damn ….now, just HOW can ANYONE possibly “predict” when and where a CME would strike? We know about |–| <—THAT MUCH about our Sun! heheh… …and when on tacks on that it will be a "planet-shifting event", NOW WE ARE TALKING ABOUT such a burst of magnetic displacement I should think the entire earth would be bathed in fire (literally), and "this Lord's burning rain" would kill all but what is deepest in our seas. Perhaps THAT is where the 2/3rd of fish will go, cooked to order in salt water. "Blackened or broiled in salt-water." YUUUM YUM! That would certainly have a detrimental effect on our oceans, and thus would have a detrimental effect on us as well (and nobody has any idea just how much of an effect it would be) …as it has never been studied with any precision, that we know of.

            I WOULD believe they went there (New Zealand, et al); as those places are the least likely to be attacked by anyone, at the present time. Something in the back of my mind tells me those countries have their own set of problems, yet I can't remember what, and don't care. Too close to Asia for me anyway. Pretty countries though! And not exactly holding out "welcoming arms" to "immigrants" not intending to leave (just what I heard from Internet blogs …no "primo" sources.
            Hmmm …now I AM wondering if that little Unknown space ship is actually a 'false-flagged-CME' awaiting to be triggered (and nobody would be the wiser, except those with "the need to know" (assuming it is a classified endeavor to make us BELIEVE we were CME'd by old Sol or EMP'ed by an unknown enemy, perhaps to declare martial law (for our own good). Of course, firearm confiscation would be priority #1 in such an event, even though it would carry NO water nor sensible reasons behind it. (I would not comply …and if you like life you'd better not either). Or, they could say IT was hit by a CME, and having a nuke on board caused it to detonate at the worst possible moment directly over The USA.
            I can see that happening far better than a 'fabled' planet that there just isn't any "hard evidence" (for me) to consider as being viable. I've been an amateur astronomer nearly my whole life and can vouch there isn't a thing out there doing a damn thing such as is being said. NO abberations of any planets or moons OR asteroids and 'space junk'/debris'. ….could be wrong of course, but just sayin….

      16. As a hedge against possible hyperinflation and revaluation of the currency, keep a stockpile of coins. Whenever paper currency is replaced, they never bother with the coins because it costs too much and most people don’t have many coins. If the currency is devalued by 100 times, your change will suddenly be worth 100 times more in comparison.

        I have lots of quarters, dimes, and zinc pennies to use in case of currency revaluation. The nickels and copper pennies will be worth more as metal, just as the junk silver dimes and quarters.

        • hello Archivist

          I used to believe that, also.

          However, I’m not real sure about that strategy anymore.

          Do you think they will print larger bills? I don’t. It’s mostly digital money nowadays.

          If your dollar buys 1/100 of what it used to buy, a nickel will still only buy 1/100 of what it used to buy also.

          What am I missing here?


          • Out of all that IS going on, I can “warrant as fact” one thing as being “for absolute certainty” to take place. Within a short period of time, from now, the way we deal with money is just going to be dropped in favor of “electronic money and everyone, who qualifies, will get paid via Debit Cards. Thereby giving The Treasury TOTAL CONTROL (if they want) over absolutely every penny everywhere. The Veterans Administration and Social Security Disability and SS itself are already offering ‘debit cards’ through a bank (I think it is named Comerica), and they will be in charge of keeping up with your MasterCard-based debit-card that the US Treasury will “load up” once each month instead of Direct Depositing Funds. Of course, the story is to protect us from hackers and thieves (and other countries) alike. Already, you can use them as you would ANY OTHER CARD to include getting cash-back when you purchase something, pay bills by phone with it ….ANYTHING that you can do with your Gold Card can be done with these debit cards. Ah! They are called USDirectExpress dot com cards (if you are interested). THAT’s the handwriting on the wall for that much …but does anyone have any idea why it is being done? I ain’t afraid to admit that the business of money was never a strong suit or of any interest to me as we’ve always had enough to be comfortable, and so never had cause to involve our minds in any of it. Military life is drastically different than it is “on the outside” …and that goes triple after you’ve gone over 12-years of service ‘aiming’ for 30+. Back then it was a damn good position to be in and an excellent career. Obama has destroyed all of those things, and in doing so has placed The United States in ‘dire straits’ “across the boards” …and he’s not going to stop until his last 30 seconds. The media has often made him out to be a fool, when in reality he’s a professional doing precisely everything he was taught to do from his Muslim mentors prior to coming into our political system “for the kill”.

            • The switch to digital from cash is being done in order to suppress political dissent. No other reason.

              • I fail to see how changing from direct deposit to a plastic card is going to influence my political preferences. If I do NOT vote for Hillary I won’t get paid, or ??? lol….I don’t think so sir.

      17. I see some folks are tired and say they wonder if shtf will happen at all anymore. That’s the propaganda facade working on you. It’s hard not believe everything is fine after all the world is still turning your still eating there is some form of order in society. I can tell you there are cracks in the facade and and they are not being addressed. For example I’m a truck driver so I will give some insight to the logistic infrastructure. There is a huge shortage of drivers and diesel mechanics the facilities used by motor carriers were build to service a certain amount of freight. They are overwhelmed and management is lousy and don’t care. How long can this go on before there is a problem getting goods to market. Don’t believe me look at the age of the truck fleet. We are heading toward shtf. Keep prepping do not get discouraged cause it’s not happening when you thought. The corporate and gov leaders do not know what they are doing they don’t have any plan at all. They take problems one day at a time and don’t have real solutions. Everything is a pinch manouver like a bandaid on a cut that needs stitches. My thinking it cannot go on forever like this. Shtf is gonna happen it just a matter of time and being prepared for it is a long term job. You gotta be in it for long term. Not sayin you gotta buy a bunch of shit. You gotta pay attention to the clues that the cracks are getting bigger and ready to break apart. Prepping is a lifestyle not fill a bag and chuck it in the closet. Self reliance distances you from the failing system. You want to be insulated from other people’s screw ups as much as possible. Ultimately you are on your own when the chips are down. Who do you trust to have your back. It better be yourself. Don’t get discouraged stay the course. You know what you gotta do. Do it. Do it. It will come to a point where you will need your preps.

        • Asshat, man that is one of the best posts I’ve ever read from you put into print. And all of it was info I’ve been digging around for, as one of our nearest neighbors also drives truck from some company (red truck w/sleeper but Internationals …all of them). Anyway, you just backed up everything he’s been trying to pound into my head that’s “going down” out there. (And, out there is a place WE rarely ever go anymore).
          We found it easier to have Amazon and all other companies bring their stuff to us. In two years we have kept from putting over 20,000 on our car …and that much mileage adds up to a lot in savings (dropped our insurance to nothing too, so it works for some, but not all). Of course, when we do go, it is to check out garage sales in summer or flea-markets that might have old-fashioned tools (that I just can’t get enough of, so I make what can’t be found). People are hurting so badly it blows my mind what some items are selling for. For what it is worth, we are canceling our Dish Network quite soon (contract will be up and done forever). Nothing on there that we ever watch as its all lies and mindless bullshit anyway). It also gives THEM a way to pinpoint your position …and such things ‘bug’ the shit out of me.

        • Well said. Thank you.

      18. Hyperinflation isn’t just a possibility for America. It’s a 100% mathematical certainty.

        I have PMs and I have stored food. You should have both.

        For PMs I have silver cons in size from junk silver dimes to kilogram size. I might want to buy a car with silver when the price is high enough and there’s panic buying of PMs. The hard part might be finding one with a clear title.

      19. Hyperinflation won’t be the problem here, control of the people and economy by using the threat of it to institute a cashless total surveillance controlled economic system you will have little choice but to bow down to will.

      20. Remember the date, May 28 thru June 5th this year (like last year) the economy is going to collapse…But surely by 2017. My scientist friend said so, and so did the dead lady on the previous article.

        • The only thing i know for sure is going to hsppen between those dates is going to be me grilling some steaks next monday

      21. Lena. I listened to what Cliff said about planet X and that it’s not possible for the solar system to support such a large planet body but I can tell you that it does exist, and it’s responsible for flipping Neptune on its side in the last passing thousands of ago… it’s already close by and the full effects of it will be felt between now and 2017. It’s responsible for climate change and is responsible fora the flooding and volcanic eruptions all over the planet..The entire planets atmosphere will be permanently altered and it will cause splitting and cracking of the earth’s crust and poisonous gases will drop oxygen levels and kill off the populations from most of the coastlines causing mass extinction and this is the real reason what the built the DUMBS…DEEP UNDER GROUND MILITARY BASES. They exist for two reasons to hide from the destruction and to capture women and take them down there from the surface for survival.. during this destruction phase, women will become almost extinct on the surface of most of the countries. Most women do not prep and cannot survive without men to protect them, leaving a total surface population of under 100,000 globally, with barely 5,000 on the entire continental United States.on the surface worth over 3,000,000 men..The mass die off is the result of soldiers killing them, destroying the women, and the environmental collapse. So war and collapse will be responsible for this extinction with the environmental change..I am just telling you you all what I have been told.. millions of women have been captured and taken underground and it been going on for the past 5 years.. My friend the scientist has contact with and insider who worked for the canal and builds those bases and was told everything that’s planned. I will not be outing any info on who he is besides he no longer works for them..

        Texas, half of the state will be under water by 2025 all th way up to Austin and Dallas and the water level will be over 200 ft deep..Florida Mexico, central America will be gone. That’s why they kicked Venezuela into high gear to stage it.. First they collapse the country to get organized, then they bring out the soldiers to execute the people, then they take who they want.. If the cabal’s operation runs as panned then they will initiate the same here in the United States with a bigger far more lethal plan and in the other countries..

        See Kameron Fally interview 2 with Kerry Cassidy/ project Camelot on you tube and Pete Peterson interview. Its a real. Kameron Fally was accurate about the month of March and April of this year that the economy will shit done before planet X, come into action..its a real..

        See the end result of ..yes they have plans and that’s the plan.. the cabal is not playing games with us this is real.

        this is real and this is why I prep and talk the way I do. It’s already too late and we will not be recovering from the collapse and our lives will be altered in a negative way from July 2016.. Nothing that Trump can do to save us.. He is just free distraction… It’s already too late.. Sorry folks, most of us will die including possibly 90% of us on this side including me. I have to leave the coastline very soon in under two year if we even last that long since we will be invaded after they pull the Venezuela stunt here. They already moved the military equipment in place with Jade Helm 15/16.

        This is why I say it all the time that I am already dead.. now you know what it’s because of what we know and was told.


        • to be clear I am not disputing anything you have said here..
          I just have one thing that bugs me.. If the world is going to open up and crack under the gravitational issues of a large passing planet ,, why would anyone want to go underground? let alone the “smart and educated” rich or rulers including continuity of government types?

          just dont make sense .. they would end up buried by their own subtrainian (sp) (underground dwelling) structures etc

          and likely die of their own stupidity ( not that it would be a bad thing mind you) as i would be one of the types to be pissing down their air ducts , and sticking my tail pipe in it every chance I get or standing at the door waiting for them to come piling out locked and loaded.

          One thing so far i see off the mark for a “Venezuelan type of event here” , is .. we still have our guns( and buddy theres a shit load of them) , and with most armed individuals here, we are clued to what happens when you allow them to dis-arm you

          so that war will have to be fought first and I just dont think TPAB have the stomach for their numbers being diminished due to their own stupidity, because I feel that this war they would want with us wont turn out the way they think it will .. we know who the problem is , and though there will be a lot of indiscriminate killings of all types , I do feel many of the power elite are and will be in the cross hairs if they decide to go full on collapse here and think they can just run underground .. not going to go as planned i dont believe .. they can run, but they cant hide ..
          when you take away all a man has , some of us turn into driven purpose filled machines that will stop at nothing but their objectives, and not necessarily in a bad way

        • i’m not intentionally trying to belittle you, but you really are completely wrong and i would bet you have no scientific background.

          global warming is taking place completely because of the sun. everyone knows that the moon affects the earth’s tides, yet even a planet as close as mars has no effect. if some mysterious planet was actually causing changes in climate; it’s existence wouldn’t be a fantasy.

          no, i am sorry; there is no planet about to sideswipe earth; the changes over the next 100 years will all be on the sun or possibly crazy muslims setting nukes off.

          BTW, you need to move out of houston if its about to flood all the way to austin.

        • Planet X is all nonsense. It doesn’t exist. It’s the invention of some nutcase who said she was in contact with extraterrestrials through an implant in her brain.

          • Makes perfect sense!
            Sarc off

          • Actually several major universities as well as NASA now publicly confirm the existence of Planet X along with a possible sister binary star to our sun that is much smaller, cooler, and quite dark.

            One theory is Planet X has a multi thousand year cycle where it passes through our solar system once every several thousand years, creating hovok on Earth, including extinction events.

            • Nobody confirms the existence of Planet X. It’s an idiotic joke. From wikipedia:

              The Nibiru cataclysm is a supposed disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object (either a collision or a near-miss) which certain groups believe will take place in the early 21st century. Believers in this doomsday event usually refer to this object as Planet X or Nibiru. The idea that a planet-sized object will collide with or closely pass by Earth in the near future is not supported by any scientific evidence and has been rejected as pseudoscience and an internet hoax by astronomers and planetary scientists.[2][3]

              The idea was first put forward in 1995 by Nancy Lieder,[4][5] founder of the website ZetaTalk. Lieder describes herself as a contactee with the ability to receive messages from extraterrestrials from the Zeta Reticuli star system through an implant in her brain. She states that she was chosen to warn mankind that the object would sweep through the inner Solar System in May 2003 (though that date was later postponed) causing Earth to undergo a physical pole shift that would destroy most of humanity.[6] The prediction has subsequently spread beyond Lieder’s website and has been embraced by numerous Internet doomsday groups, most of which linked the event to the 2012 phenomenon. Since 2012, the Nibiru cataclysm has frequently reappeared in the popular media; usually linked to newsmaking astronomical objects such as Comet ISON or Planet Nine.

            • ht tps://

              Some say yes, some say no. Since all of it is invisible and takes place so infrequently (if at all) there is no way to proof or disprove any of this. (And even IF THIS WAS A BINARY STAR SYSTEM (with a ‘dark’ star), she’d still have gravitational forces enough to easily detect (in the form of a “black hole” ….of which there are none nearby). The ones we SUSPECT are black holes, do not move other than “the red-shift-doppler-effect that suggests the entire universe is moving in one direction (at one end there are PILES OF GALAXIES EVERYWHERE …and at the other, it takes the Hubble WEEKS to pull in a few, faint galaxies). There are NO known HUGE ROCKS or stars or planets or “solar systems” orbiting our sun unbeknownst to us, nor is it a clear possibility. I say “horsefeathers” for what little it is worth.
              If I am wrong, it sucks that we won’t even be able to take pics to show our grandchildren!

        • They just did a jade helm exercise in beech grove indiana mon night helcopters explosions machine gun fire prob blanks

          • All military no police conducted around area of hospital and neighborhood scated the shit out of alot of people had blackhawks and apache helcopters surprised no one shot at them was at night no lights on choppers

        • I agree with HCKS on the Jade Helm Statement. I know someone that is seriously hooked up with Homeland and he said JH was done to preposition equipment and supplies. They expect something big to happen but do not know what. That info is above his pay grade.

          • Horsefeathers! Each and every year, sometimes every quarter but never done on a schedule, all military equipment is moved in-so-that nothing remains in the same position for any length of time. (one can imagine how nice it is for a pilot to have all the planes lined up so they can ‘straffe’ all of them in one run), which happened more than once in other wars, SO NOW WE DON”T DO IT ANYMORE. We ALWAYS, especially in the summers, “rotate” everything (even the arms kept in bunkers (thousands of them all connected by miniature railroads are move from one bunker to another in such a way that it is impossible to determine which bunker is a target and which is not). Unless you blew the entire base (even then the stuff is pretty deep).
            All military-men and vets know these things and I assume that’s what they believe JADE HELM-15 is all about.
            To EVEN ASSUME that OUR GOVERNMENT does NOT KNOW what is going on is simply preposterous. WE are to blame for a “multitude of sins” taking place on the planet, thus we are well aware of EVERYTHING (possible) that is taking place (or at the very least we are watching everything and everyone involved 24/7/365).
            I remember at one time people were freaking cuz there was a mess of tanks all lined up on the Canadian border (their tanks facing The USA). So what? That was over 20yrs ago, and I never caught wind of any attack from our neighbors.
            I will continue to trust our armed forces “to the max” until I am given damn good reason NOT to! Furthermore, if you see an American tank and start taking fire from it, I doubt if there’s an American-crew running her, but rather, NATO Troops or whomever seeking our destruction (and our military is NOT seeking our destruction as it would be THEIR destruction as well). Dammit.

      22. In 1949 When the remnants of the Kuomintang Army fled to Taiwan they brought tons of paper money and spent it freely, resulting in a hideous hyperinflation. Only food had any value. PMs, artwork, collectables, firearms, ammo, you name it, if you could not eat it it had no value. Check out the samsclub special on Augason Farms food package. Or the Superpails from are a great value. We can be self sufficient in food from our mini-farm. We’ve stored diesel, fertilizer, and save gallons of seed each year. Veggie seed is likely to become very valuable in our rural East Tennessee community.

        • Most of augason farms food comes from China, mexico and chile. I guess something is better than nothing.

      23. “Did We Go to War?” Indiana Residents Stunned by Military Drill

        “Callers reported explosions, gunshots and the sound of low-flying helicopters as a simulated raid on the old St. Francis hospital got underway.

        Residents were “upset about the drills,” according to Fox 59, many of whom say they didn’t receive a knock on the door warning them about the exercises.”

        ht tp://

        • KY Mom,
          thanks I appreciate and enjoy reading your information

        • Yep this is the jade helm shit i posted the other day a few articles back live accounts posted on Facebook people called 911 and got a recording in Spanish no one was told they were going to do it it was done at night suppose they are getting ready thats why they used hospital and surrounding neighborhoods like 1 mile perimiter there was explosions and machine gun fire reported blanks surely and no lights on choppers did it with night vision

          • Truly surprised no one shot at the choppers but then again i guess i shouldent be considering they are all sheeple middle of night no info no 911 what to do what to do

      24. They be testing the water thats why no warning see how people react the choppers were tree top flying just imagine

        • People were posting the whole story of what they seen and heard on facebook not just the calm sugar coated dumb down news report

        • Aye, and when everyone across most regions and metros have become conditioned to it, and no longer pay it any mind, the real thing will “come to roost” and THAT, my friends, is how it is done …you civilians reference it as The Element of Surprise.

          Conditioning is an age-old tactic that has never failed to work precisely as it was intended to do.

          So yes, all of this is a ‘testing of the waters” …and I wonder whether or not the police did or did NOT know that it was coming down ….my guess would be “not until the last second” (To prevent an LEO from accidently firing upon what would appear to them to be real, live fire). Especially if running ‘nightvision only’ modes. Biggie bucks was involved in that little exercise, just in night vision expenses alone.

          A man can take elements from decent digital camcorder-like ‘cams’ and quickly change them around to be 1st-generation night vision (a hell of a lot better than NO night vision at all) …except it’s aggravatingly ‘weak’ in a downpour if not totally useless IR.

          I will try to find those schematics as soon as possible… (I had forgotten about them myself until that last post jogged my memory chip).

      25. Im 70 miles east but wife has fb and alot of postings about it was being posted as it was happening all of them were scared hysterical and had no idea what to do silly pathetic sheeple

      26. What I want to know is what type of machine guns they were firing.

        30 cal. browning
        50 cal. A2
        Browning BAR.

        Any RPG or LAWS
        How many Helos and what kind.

        The usual answer, “I don’t know but they sure were loud”.

        The average person could not correctly identify most military or police gear.

        • I know I couldnt,
          Just know what end is the business end

        • On a chopper id imagine m60 or 50 cal i dont know wasn’t there do know they had assult team to take hosp and some secured perimiter and they had others be insurgents

        • True, yet it actually takes BEING THERE several times before you start learning to differentiate between weapons, vessels, subs, jets and so forth. So, I would NEVER expect anyone who had not pulled combat duty to be able to tell much about anything ….except possibly .22s (which are well known and quite distinctive within themselves).

          I can see how easily that could have turned into a ‘goatfuck’ if they’d started firing ‘tracer rounds’ and ‘night-lights’. Most likely SOMEONE would have then fired back out of pure fear …and wouldn’t THAT please ole Obama! That would give him all that he needed to instill “the final call” to “The Final Curtain” (in his mind).

          Oh. There is no way that the USA is going to launch the equivalent of 212 million drones with 212 million hellfire missiles to fire upon each and every home of alleged “potential terrorists.” For one, that’s a police duty, not a military one (to determine probable cause and all of the ‘whole nine yards’.

          Confusion + Fear + False Information + Subliminal Suggestion + doing these drills immediately after announcing that “they are in fear of the American public wishing to revolt against the government. Kinda “smells fishy” to me, but I am naturally untrusting of anyone, especially our government. Since I retired there has been a complete revamping of EVERYTHING I used to think was carved into stone …and it all worries the hell outta me.

          Obama has alienated the best friends we’ve ever had as allies and has solidified relations with The Worst of The Most Hated on earth, such as IRAN, and it’s no secret that ISIS/ISIL was partially funded by Obama via ‘god only knows’ what venue of money. Seems like everytime you read where one of them got killed and that they are ‘hurting’ suddenly there is an outburst proving no such “lameness” exists.

          A game to them?

          • Bud

            Too bad they didn’t have a C-130 gunship taking part in the exercise.

            • Aye, those damned “chopper gunships” make my blood run cold, scare me shitless. When those C-130’s let them ALLLLLL GO it blows away ANY fireworks one can imagine. One has to actually see it to believe it (and to feel the ‘thud’ (explosion compressions) as they hit you and others. roflmao …they would have had a rash of heart attacks for sure! too funny…
              I am still curious as to whether the cops had a heads up or not. It would be OUR MEN (Military) that would have switched (on the job training), swapped the 911 lines to only reply in Espanol so the police would have received nothing at all (dead lines to them). Man oh man, there are so many and TOO MANY variables to even begin to take guesses, as they’d likely be wrong.
              I only say this because it was ONE of my ‘several hats’ worn when I was on ‘a team’ in times past. This “smacks” of military intervention at all levels…

      27. and a big F_CK YOU
        from Congress

        Schumer upends 9/11 Saudi suit bill at 11th hour

        ht tp://

        these people are evil personified

        • Satori,
          Actions like that are all the proof I need that our own government had a hand in the happenings and following coverup. A$$hats like schumer have been in there a long long time, he is complicit and should be helt accountable for that, they need to be cut loose and reamed for this crap

      28. They don’t figure they can be held accountable for something we cannot ever prove happened ….as everyone has “pulled away.”

        We need to stop saying what we truly feel and start just praising all of their work-a-rounds. (lies or not).



      29. This was a PLANNED and CALCULATED take down of their economy and their country just as the other countries that have fallen.
        –EVERY country stupid enough to join the EU is setup to fail even before they have even joined and this will continue to happen to EVERY country stupid enough to join including the United States if we join.
        –Every country who is in the EU needs to LEAVE that corrupt terrorist organization to save their own countries. Only then will they have ANY chance at all to recover.
        -If they remain in the EU they WILL loose everything and will even loose their and as it gets sold off to pay the EU and are committing self destruction.
        –The EU is the largest crime family on the planet.

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