Expert Warns of Hyperinflation: “The American Way Of Life Will Be Destroyed”

by | Feb 17, 2014 | Headline News | 497 comments

If there’s one thing that’s certain about what’s happening in the world right now  it’s that uncertainty is pervading every aspect of the global economy. From fabricated employment statistics and consumer spending reports to obscene levels of debt and a failing domestic monetary policy, the writing is on the wall.

According to top Casey Research analyst Marin Katusa, who has met with energy ministers and business leaders in over 100 countries, it’s only a matter of time before the world’s reserve currency goes the way of the German Reichsmark and Zimbabwe Dollar.

What we’re talking about here is nothing short of an outright collapse of our banking system, hyperinflation of the US dollar, and a complete destruction of the world as we have come to know it.

This is a must-watch for those trying to understand what’s happening with the economic landscape, how to position yourself for an unprecedented paradigm shift in how Americans live their lives, what to expect as this crisis unfolds, and how to find opportunities when everyone else is in panic mode.

If the petro-dollar ends, the American way of life will be something that will be destroyed.

The inflation will be over 100% because Americans are getting their lifestyle subsidized by the rest of the world.

This is a very complicated issue… but to be summed up quickly, the world has already started trading commodities and oil, not in the petro-dollar.

And if the petro-dollar finally does die, the American way of life is gone.

(Full interview and transcript via Future Money Trends)

When that happens – when the rest of the world finally turns its back on the United States – you’d better be positioned in the right assets… tangible assets.

Failure to do so will leave you exposed to a financial collapse unlike anything we’ve ever seen in America.

You want to invest in gold… and that’s why you really want to invest in tangible assets… because the bank system will crash.

And I’m not trying to be a doom and gloom guy, this is just factual.

You want to invest in silver, and gold, and companies that produce what the rest of the world wants, which is gold and silver.

It should be clear that China, Russia, oil-producing nations and emerging markets are positioning themselves for exactly what Marin Katusa describes. They have already established unilateral agreements to replace their petro-dollar transactions with either their own currencies or gold. When the timing is right, they’ll pull the plug, at which point all hell will break loose.

The only assets that will survive the destruction will be physical goods such as those commodities essential to survival – food, energy, water, etc.

On the monetary front, when the dollar becomes worthless, confidence in the system itself will be lost on a global scale. We saw similar effects in 2008, when banks refused to lend to businesses, individuals and even themselves for fear of counter party risk. This will leave only one viable mechanism of exchange that will be trusted by trading partners. If you happen to own some, then while everyone else is trying to figure out how to acquire food or pay for other needs, you’ll be thriving.

Insiders and the well informed like Doug Casey, Rick Rule, and Eric Sprott who want to protect and preserve their wealth are already diversifying out dollar-denominated assets. Foreign governments are doing the same, to the tune of billions of dollars being used to buy up assets in the gold production and mining sector (something sovereign wealth funds also did back in late 2008 at the height of the crisis):

The money now is showing up. For example, Rick [Rule] went and got Korean money, and then also Chinese Money. That’s a billion and a half dollars that is coming in to this sector. K.K.R, a major fund, has now put up a billion and a half dollars to set up shop in Calgary for the junior resource sector. You see a lot of funds now, starting to say, “hey, we are getting back in to the junior resource sector because it is so cheap.”

If you go to the BRI website, they talk about all of the big shareholders. You have Tocqueville, Sprott, Sun Valley, KCR…

There’s a reason that well known investment firms run by contrarians like Sprott and Casey are buying gold. Because they know what is coming down the pike.

Yellen is going to continue where Bernanke left off, with the troubles. And the reality is, this is going to make a stronger bull market for gold and silver, and it’s going to be even a better market for the junior resource sector.

If gold and silver are heading to new highs it’s because something has gone terribly wrong in our economy and financial markets.

That being said, if gold is rising and the dollar is collapsing then in all likelihood we’ll see stratospheric price increases in everything from food to fuel, so preparing a contingency plan for this scenario is absolutely critical.

The scenario described here, as noted by Marin Katusa, is not just doom and gloom. It’s fact. The system as we know it is under pressure from all sides. When it implodes you’d better be ready.



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    1. rainyday

      There is a collapse heading this way but don’t underestimate the PTB to come up with something to prolong this party even longer to milk us for all they can. The really shitty thing about this is when it does collapse or is about ready to, there will be no way that the PTB allow for any blame to be placed on the bankers by the sheeple. There will be war unlike anything we have ever seen and it will be nuclear. They’ll make a new boogyman so the sheeple have something to blame all their misery on and they will welcome the jackbooted thugs to control their lives with open arms. Hello NWO

      • Max

        Crises always is a method for the rich to get richer. This is no different than any other government that has existed thru out the ages. Once the corruption sets in it is over. It never really mattered if the country was free or not. They all failed.

        • OutWest

          If the rich get richer during a crisis
          of hyperinflation, then we have to figure
          out what they are putting those worthless
          dollars into so we can do the same.

          • eppe

            Like I have said before, “Kill them all, start from scratch again”….
            Maybe you do not agree, but that is what HAS to happen to even the playing field…

            • eppe

              A father watched his daughter playing in the garden. He smiled as he reflected on how sweet and innocent his little girl was. Suddenly she just stopped and stared at the ground. He went over to her and noticed she was looking at two spiders mating.

              “Daddy, what are those two spiders doing?” she asked.
              “They’re mating,” her father replied.
              “What do you call the spider on top, Daddy?” she asked.
              “That’s a Daddy Longlegs.” Her father answered.
              “So, the other one is Mommy Longlegs?” the little girl asked.
              “No,” her father replied. “Both of them are Daddy Longlegs.
              “The little girl thought for a moment, then took her foot and stomped them flat.
              “Well, it might be OK in California or Massachusetts but we’re not having any of that crap in Texas!”

              • Anonymous

                Love it!!

              • Shooter

                The Iranian ship coming to US waters could have an EMP on board that they could set off near our coast, or the administration could claim they had a EMP to stage a false flag attack on our own country.

                • Luther

                  USA had better legalize gay marriage before our currency collapses. We must make abortion legal right up to the moment of birth, or even later, if we are to have any hope of averting crisis. OTC access to birth control will soften the blow. The world is watching.

                • BJ

                  What is the “junior resource sector?”

                • 1braveheart

                  Shooter, I’ve got a similar feeling about those 2 Iranian ships. There might even be a sub nearby to “take them out”.

              • YH

                Excellent! 🙂

                • sixpack

                  You know what I’d like to see? I’d like to see countries start bartering with each other for what their countries need, with what their countries have to trade for it.

                  CUT THE DOLLAR OUT ALTOGETHER. Some might thumb that down but, in reality IT WOULD BREAK THE BANKSTER’S HOLD ON THE WORLD.

                  It would be painful for a while, but in the end, the central banks would disappear when the countries no longer needed the slave loans associated with international trade.


                  A nightmare for the globalists. I’d gladly suffer for that end.

                • JayJay

                  **You know what I’d like to see? I’d like to see countries start bartering with each other for what their countries need, with what their countries have to trade for it.**

                  Nixon started that with oil for defense didn’t he? Now, why didn’t that work? Oh, yeah; something about oil for USD.

                • Them Guys

                  BJ: Thats the Junior sector aka small gold mine stocks that THESE guys Own, and are Hopeing to get You and Many more duped folks to also invest in so Their stock prices soar higher!

                  They also, most of them, Sell Gold and silver..Tons of it!

                  And What is it they ALL Always deamand Your payment to Buy Their metals?…That exact same pile of soon to be worthless US Dollars!!!!

                  In a nut shell they ALL keep saying: Its Bad folks! Soon us dollars will collapse to zero worth! So…You need to BUY Our gold and silver…And Pay Us in…US Dollars!

                  Notice anything goofy about it all? Why are They ALL so eager to get You to send us dollars to Them if they actually believe what They tell You to believe?

                  Trade issues from Gold to Guns ok…Now, if somebody Kept telling you that very soon Guns will be 100% unable to buy or get….Would You sell Your vast pile of Guns?

                  Would You sell all Your firearms for us dollars if following gun bans the us dollar is going to crach to zero worth and its going to occure Very soon!?

                  Funny every one of these guys always refuses to deal with a few Other issues…Such as What If, Fed res switches systems globally to one monetary form that is ALL Cashless debits/computerized cash debits digital etc..

                  Also what if the book of Revelation prophecys are correct?…They never consider That aspect eh…Because its now quite obvious if any type number or Mark is required to partake in buying and selling of ALL things as is written….Then The Most likly candadit for a new global “Mark” aka 666 system seems to be Cashless debits of a global ONE world same “Digital debits” and some form of Chip-Implantable RFID eh…

                  And what is to stop banksters along with all the crooks in politics from creating such a system whenever they desire it?

                  And if such a system is ever done…Chip implant & Cashless Global same for all folks everywheres etc…That gold or silver and ALL other “Things” wont do anybody any good as far as Buying or selling…And once whatever is now owned/stocked supplies or preps is gone, depleted…Good luck buying or selling in any meaningfull method like pay taxes, house property taxes, utility bills Gas for vehicles, school supplies for kids etc etc..

                  ALL who reject such a system will be flat broke, unable to exist, except for “Maybe” some small term barter and then ONLY barter with others in VERY close distances you can WALK to or ride a bike to etc…Of course first time a cop stops you asks to see your ID or lic, how can you Pay for a driver lic or other state issue ID if you reject that cashless chipped money system?..You cant and wont. Thereofre you are going to be taken Captive aka arrested for vagrancy, NO proper ID etc…

                  But not a single article yet has any of these “Experts” ever made a signle mention of These issues huh?

                  Some…”Experts” I say. Oh yeah one More thing they Never address…None Ever say anything regarding a soultion that Includes doing AWAY 100% with USURY/Intrest!! They ALL seem happy and quite content to keep USURY In force as it is eh…Why is That?

              • The Cookin' Mom

                I love TEXAS!!
                gonna be 73° today!!

                Ya’ll keep preppin’

                • 1braveheart

                  Sixpack and JayJay, bartering has worked before and will work again. I’ve lived my whole life without even having any kind of credit score and I’m still alive and kicking. I’m debt-free so I can buy more preps at one time than I would’ve been able to otherwise. Credit? Who the hell needs that?

                • Vicky

                  Happy Birthday and may you have many more. Your expertise will be needed.

                • The Cookin' Mom

                  Noooo …..Vicky!! That’s degrees!!
                  I’m in my 50’s, that’s bad enough!!

                  Y’all keep preppin’

              • 1braveheart

                Eppe, that is SO politically incorrect and I love it. Man, keep it coming.

              • hammondhank

                Yee-HAW! 😀

            • mona

              Don’t worry. When the collapse happens there will be plenty that need to be exterminated just to protect your family.

              • Realtime Prep


                I agree that the possibility of the economy crashing is likely. That being said, there is a reason why our economy hasn’t crashed yet. That is because our country holds all the cards. We have propped up so many countries, including China, that if the US were to fail it would bring CHAOS to the entire world. Not to mention say the country is being steered towards disaster, then TPTB would have to shift enormous amounts of wealth elsewhere. OTHERWISE they themselves would find themselves just as bankrupt as the rest of us. So if there is going to be a planned major economical shift we must look at WHERE the money is going. Also, while precious metals could be used as barter system, lets face it, our GOVT owns the gold, unless you physically have gold bullion in your possession they are NOT going to relinquish back to the public. Back in the 70’s Nixon stopped several countries from allowing them to withdraw gold that THEY OWNED. Is it really foolhardy to believe that the same thing would be applied to the average citizen. For the average prepper, those with limited income, it is best to stay as liquid as possible. Keep your debts down, and little by little, put essentials aside. Constantly be aware or the financial and political climate, and be as organized about your plans as possible. Majority of us will not have the funds to withstand a currency collapse, but what we lack in funds we can make up with in preparedness.


                • Barn Cat

                  No, the US doesn’t hold all the cards. China selling stuff for our worthless paper doesn’t bring them prosperity. We bring inflation to the world because the dollar is the world’s reserve currency. But not for long. It will be the yuan or a gold-backed yuan. Maybe even this year.

          • INDIGENOUS

            stupid honky don’t worry you will probably be dead go back to Europe and STAY OUT OF INDIAN NORTH AMERICA LAND!

        • durango kidd

          “When the timing is right, they’ll ( IE China, Russia, and the Emerging Markets) pull the plug, at which point all hell will break loose.”

          Don’t look now, folks, but it is the GB’s that are “pulling the plug” on Russia, and the Emerging Markets: they are in disarray. That’s the price for not playing by the RULES.

          China is a different story. They want to be number one, and maybe they should be number one considering their population is the largest in the world, and their economy is the number two crony capitalist. Right now, China has many problems and they are not in a position to challenge the US: either economically, or militarily. It would take China at least ten more years to reach parity with the US Military as it is currently configured and funded.

          The BEST that China can hope for is MAD with the USA. When “wealth is glorious” is the mantra of your country and you are one of the richest nations on the planet there is no rational reason to destroy your best customer.

          Economically, China is a distant second to the US, but once the yuan is valued upward, which is the plan, China would be the largest economy, even NOW, if yuans equaled dollars, one to one. As the yuan is valued upward, the excess world export production will exit China for other destinations, like Vietnam, Columbia, Peru, and the Philippines; since Egypt, Argentina, and Turkey are not playing by the RULES.

          As China revalues the yuan upward it will join the Euro, Pound, and the USD as the major world currencies, representing the major world consumers. China will then become an engine of world growth as Chinese consumers take the place of Americans and Europeans in the process of conspicuous consumption and spur internal growth for the 300 million peasants who have been left behind the latest great leap forward.

          American workers will take it in the shorts. You MUST become an entrepreneur. If you expect someone to pay you a living wage or salary, you will be greatly disappointed.
          These are the effects of FREE TRADE and they are reaching a point where they are quickly becoming irreversible.

          Engage your employees or be impoverished and enslaved by them one FEMA Camp at a time. 🙁

          • durango kidd

            BTW, the banks are NOT going to collapse, except in the advent of EMP, nuclear war, or Pole Shift. This is complete fear mongering. I may as well mention here that US Bank accounts will NOT be raided for your dollars to pay off the national debt.

            Why not? Because the FED can steal from the taxpayer through QE quicker and for much larger sums, without pissing off 100 million Americans with guns. That’s why.

            Buy SK won? LMFAO!!! Really! While the SK economy is good, and well managed by the 13 Chebols that run the country, Seoul can be reduced to rubble in a manner of minutes with 20k NK long range artillery pieces zeroed in on the city. Any artillery guys out there? How many rounds can those guns shoot per minute?

            The likelihood of NK attacking SK is much higher than any calamity in the world other than Israel attacking Iran. So while buying the SK Won might be a good investment based upon the SK economy, it is absolutely NOT the place to park your cash if you are expecting the sky to start falling. What will the SK Won be worth when artillery shells start falling on Seoul?

            The US economy might collapse, depending upon your definition of “collapse” but recessions and depressions are not a wild card in the US economy. WE have experienced market crashes many times historically, and the next one is only different in the fact that it is the second leg down in a 70 year K wave cycle like WE experienced in the 30’s.

            No hyperinflation. CASH will be king in the Next Great Depression: American cash, as it was in the last. Stuff number ten cans with ten dollar bills and silver rounds and you will make it through. 🙂

            • Barn Cat

              Banks have at least 100 trillion dollars in interest rate derivative exposure. The entire banking system will crash once bond rates get out of control.

              • durango kidd

                BC: If you believe that, please EXPLAIN exactly how that works and how that happens! 🙂

                • Anonymous

                  Kidd, though I appreciate the prospective, that fact is if you loose reserve status, the fractional system will collaspe in derivatives in quick succession. There wil not be time for deflation, it will go into hyperinflation as dollars become worthless in world medium of trade. That is the agenda, a new world currency, based from the United Nations. New world order crap, you know, agenda 21 stuff. This has been in the making for years. The only thing I’m amazed is how fast this administration has moved to that goal. Like hyper fast.

                • Yuri

                  Please explain how QE steals from anyone if there’s never any inflation?

                  And why would we even have a minor recession if we can always just “print” our way out of it?

                • durango kidd

                  Yuri: I didn’t say that there is no inflation. There is some inflation, but the overall trend is deflationary. Its like an uptick in a bear market. Deflation is also the danger.

                  The FED is trying to balance those opposing forces but they have underestimated the effect of FREE TRADE upon the American economy.

                  It has given away too much to the Chinese. Now it must re-calibrate without crashing China, if they can. I don’t think they can and deflation has a life of its own.

                  Buckle up. 🙁

                • Barn Cat

                  Look it up yourself. You don’t know anything about economics. You think the Fed can print trillions of new dollars out of thin air without having hyperinflation.

                • Shootit

                  BC n DK ~ They have printed it on the books(electronic). There are no new printed dollars to this point. If actual printed dollars hit the market all hell would brake loose.

              • durango kidd

                ANON; What makes you think the GB’s will allow themselves to lose control of “reserve status” of the global economy they have created? All of the countries who have called for a new financial order are getting their asses kicked.

                Not gonna happen. Not anytime soon anyway so all the fear mongers who repeat that mantra need to rethink their positions unless of course its propaganda.

                And it will not happen without a fight. 🙁

                • Barn Cat

                  China and Russia together will protect the countries that want to be part of the petroyuan system. China has a hypersonic missile that our aircraft carriers can’t defend against. And yes, we will have World War 3 over it.

                • Them Guys

                  What’s to stop the same as happened 40 yrs ago from occuring again? I refer to when the us Prez Froze ALL Prices and Wages for one full year.

                  I’d wager that would happen again over night without warning as it did last time if any hyper inflation threat happens. And a freeze of prices will 100% halt all inflation for as long as the terms last. It went a full year last time recall That event? It was Nixon if I recall, or the prez after nixon who did that then.

                  And for one full year nobody could get a Pay raise, and everything You bought, food, gas, bills etc etc Remained at the set price it was at at Midnight on stated day it took effect.(and NO, stores etc were NOT able to fast Hike prices before deadline as feds also had Severe Fines and Jail time for offenders…With a couple Hundred Million consumers willing to call an 800 number and report offenders hikeing prices…)

                  Just cause so called “experts” raise cain on hyper inflation, zimbawbwee or germany 1920 don’t make it Fact now here in usa…Between Global Cashless world money, and price/wage freezes…Those two issues alone can create a situation that allows the Current status to remain and Last another any number yrs or Decades as They desire it to…

                  Why is it every doom and gloom “Expert”, or Most I should state, also SELL “stuff” be it freeze dried food or Gold etc…And while EVERY one states us dollars soon go bust to zero value…At same time they ALL demand us dollars as Payment for their stuff they sell You?

                  How is That not hypocritical on Their part? They tell You “believe Us us dollars worth zero asap SOON!….Then want us dollars from You to buy their stuff..Hmmm..

                  Sounds to me as if They do NOT believe what they tell You to believe on us dollar values etc eh…

                  it also seems PT Barnum was Very correct as many here show…IE: “Theres a SUCKER Born Every Minit!”

                  And plenty of so called “Experts” cleaning up on all them suckers by selling “stuff” for US Dollars that supposedly are going to be valueless very soon…maybe by Midnight Today!

                  That G-20 Nations can hold an Instant meeting, any day they choose to…Then agree and go Live TV, to tell entire world…”ok folks globally…We 20 TOP controler nations decided to Abolish Nations former debts…And switch to a global new type money, Tomorrow, and all you folks has 90 days time to turn in money at banks in exchange for NEW whatever we declare as “IT” now.”

                  And whos gonna stop them/that?….NOBODY will stop them thats who…OR they can do that and NOT abolish nations debts and simply Convert all debts and moneys to a new global money system…Be it cashless debits, EU dollars, China cash, whatever THEY decide and You and me and nobody else will stop or change it.

                  To me that makes way more logic sense than “oh No! Entire 200 world nations will ALL collapse in TWO Mints flat, and then 7 billion folks globally Including RICH Fat Cats, Multi billionaires, Banksters etc too! Will All just…Just exactly What? Stop living? Eating? Working? Paying Taxes?…

                  What happened when European nations ALL agreed to adopt the EU-Dollars? Did europe collapse on itself and a billion folks died or what?…Starved? lost every euro Job?…NO!…European folks had a set amount time, days, aka 6 months or 90 days or whatever to either Spend former moneys of Their respective nation cash…OR…TURN IT IN and Exchange for EU-Dollars…And nobody skipped one beat in the game of Life…So why different this time is it again happens here to us dollars?

                  Then why did them fat cats spend past 350 yrs or so obtaining worlds monetary wealth? so they too can go flat broke and starve?…So they too can NEVER again Buy stuff?

                  Come on already use yer heads for more than Hat racks eh.

                • durango kidd

                  BC: The Navy has developed a laser weapon that can track and destroy hyper-sonic anti ship missiles. Light speed is a tad faster than hyper sonic.

                  Try to keep up. 🙂

                  PS I’m still waiting for your explanation of how interest rate derivatives will crash the markets, the economy and the dollar. If you can’t explain it, you don’t know jack!!! 🙂

              • The Hawk

                Wrong… Debt will be saved at all cost by the FED… And everybody holding dollars will be holding toilet paper… actually probably worse. They will do it to save the “system” but the system will change and international trade will once again be settled in gold. We will still have fiat currency but we will having a floating price in gold (unlike today, as physical is connected to paper gold).

                Lots of changes coming… Gold, get you some!

                BTW- silver will not be making this revaluation trip. Central banks hold gold, not silver…

            • CrabbeNebulae

              “Buy SK won? LMFAO!!!” And not only that… why would anyone but a fool trust a currency controlled by a bunch of ZOG morons anymore than you would trust the US dollar? And… it gets worse. Talk about a bunch of morons!!! The very morons (ROKS) who got tricked into voluntarily turning in their personal gold to pay off their national debt to the ZOG bankers (IMF) back in 1991-1992 to the tune of over 50 tons which then was immediately shipped off the peninsula to a ZOG controlled bank in NYC. Anyone who would invest their money in the South Korean won is a bigger fool than the ones that would invest their money in the US dollar. Go figure…

              • Jibo

                Them guys,

                It was Nixon who did the wage/price freeze, bit it was only 3 months, no longer.

                • Them Guys

                  YES It was Nixon I figured that out after I posted it…NO it was NOT 3 mo it was One Full Year long it lasted. I do recall that correct as I was on verge of getting a pay raise within a week or two when he declared wage freeze to last a year along with price freezes also.

                  I had to wait a full year Longer for that pay hike due to that policy…BUT..On Other hand it was kinda good to know every week at grocery stors and gas stations etc I will pay same as week prior with zero price inflations. That part many folks seemed to like.

            • Yuri

              If cash will be king, why would you throw any away on silver rounds?

              And if the banks won’t fail, why keep anything in number ten cans rather than in the bank?

              • durango kidd

                Yuri: Silver and gold are safety havens for a portion of your wealth through the Changes. Everyone should balance their portfolio of cash and metal to fit their personal circumstances.

                In a depression their is always a shortage of cash. Make sure you have some. If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. That applies to dollars as well. 🙂

                • Yuri

                  Durango kidd,
                  I’m really not trying to be a p.i.t.a., economics on a micro level is something I understand; on a macro level … not so much.

                  Still, you didn’t answer my questions.

                  If cash is king, why bother with precious metals? Buying silver would be cash thrown away.

                  And I still don’t understand your position on QE. Is it a good thing (printing our way out of recession sans consequence) or does it steal from people? How does it steal from anyone if it promotes economic growth, or, at least, prevents economic decline?

                • durango kidd

                  Yuri: Not necessarily. Silver (and gold) is a distinct asset class and historically they have both been a treasured store of value. A smart investor diversifies his assets among and between different asset classes to protect portions of his wealth.

                  In a Mad Max collapse silver might be more useful than dollars, but I am not expecting Armageddon anytime soon. I am expecting a Second Leg Down and in a SLD dollars will be more useful. Have your preps and have what cash, silver, and gold you can afford.

                  Is QE a good thing? I don’t know. The alternative would be ugly. Very ugly. So in that respect it is better than the alternative. The better question is, “Whether it is fair or not?”

                  QE does not stimulate economic growth. That is a lie. It was never intended to stimulate the economy. If it were intended to stimulate the economy, those dollars would be circulating within the economy and we would have hyper-inflation, instead of sitting in the Member Bank digital account at the FED to protect their liquidity ratios and absorb their losses.

                  QE is a continuation of the Great Bank Bailout of 2008/2009 only on monthly installments. What it does in the main is replace the GB losses and makes them whole. It doesn’t make the Middle Class whole who lost their homes to foreclosure, and 40% of their wealth. In that respect it is theft, pure and simple. QE robs from Peter (The American People) to pay Paul (the Gangster Banksters).

                  Does it protect from economic decline? Retail sales would suggest otherwise. Don’t measure economic growth by an exaggerated stock market based upon excessive optimism for corporate earnings and inflated bonuses for Wall Street Execs.

                  The chickens are coming home to roost. 21 GB’s dead. 🙂

                • Yuri

                  I’m still not getting it; but thanks for your patience anyway.

            • Ray

              Your correct ! The U S Government and the Banksters will first raid pensions , 401k’s , IRA’s to get the last bit of wealth of the middle-class ! What the EU is doing to it’s citizens is just a dry run for the BIG Enchelada , the US citizen’s retirement accounts ! Last figured to be at about $ 16 Trillion .

              • JayJay

                Ray, I read more like 50 Trillion in IRAs, savings, 401, and pensions which makes it all the more desirable, since there is said to be a $155 Trillion total unfunded accounts. Sorry, no link.
                But, can pensions be stolen when in reality they ARE part of the unfunded?

                • Them Guys

                  Barn Cat: And a few others here should form a SHTF-Committee of sorts. Then conduct a TEST.

                  Say a Dozen folks here at shtf, as a group individually Call on Phone or email to: EVERY advertized company here and elsewheres they can locate that sell “Stuff” based on their dollars will soon collapse infos..

                  And ASK each seller ad company If: You folks of the group can Instead of remitting us dollars for freeze dried food, Gold, Silver, Fuel additives, various advertized items they sell…Can send in Pounds of Screws or Nails thats worth same dollar valuse as whatever product is sold.

                  In other words Set up BARTER Deals With advertizer sellers Here and elsewheres and ONLY offer anything OTHER than US Dollars for products sold by Them.

                  I can’t Wait to hear how many gold. etc sellers Agree to accept say, 100-Jars canned tomatoes from a women here that cans her entire 180 Acres tomatoes each year!…Or the guys here who have stashed a 100 yr supply of ten penny Nails!

                  or Stashed shoe laces, bandaids, glowstick lights etc etc…

                  Just how many stuff-sellers are going to agree to those terms in lieu of us dollars will we see?

                  Unless you luck out to find one ready to build a new house and they Need lots nails or screws?…I’d wager every single call you make is going to say “Gee We are Real Sorry Mam/sir, and really Would like to barter trade Your Jars of tomatoes or spagettie sauce…BUT…However…we at This time, and as far as the eye can see into the distant future, can ONLY accept us dollars for Our “stuff” we sell”

                  And Yet…Who has been promoting Barter lifestyles, get rid of us dollars etc More so than…Most folks who has ads selling stuff today?…none I can think of.

                  Such a TEST, may reveal much Insight as to what exactly does those folks really think or believe eh…

                  And its well worth doing for some folks who has a 300 yr supply of spagetti sauce jars on a shelf eh!…

                  Any Takers? Whoever does this can then write an article on how it went!…..Barn Cat should assume the lead and control as he has much insight it seems as to how the world operates etc eh.

                  PS: In just my opinion here, I say every one selling stuff is going to Balk or refuse trade barter…So, perhaps you should Remind those sellers how acording to Them, us dollars face imminent collapse, so it IS in The sellers best intrest to trade their Gold for Your items like nails or jars of sauces etc eh…See how goes it. Then report back here so we all can learn ok.

              • Shootit

                If the CORP. steals all retirement accounts it ends up with what? Everyone owns what in their retirement account? That’s right stocks and bonds. Once the CORP. steals everyone’s retirement account they become the holding company for all other companies. Presto instantly controlling 100% of the economy. Talk about a power play.

                • Them Guys

                  Shootit: That sounds like you swiped a Page directly From Portocols of elders of Zion plans!

                  IE: Get control of all Banks, make massive fortunes from Usury interest, use that profits to buy up newspapers(and radio and TV once thats invented, as protocols were orig wrote in last few yrs of 1890’s) then use mass msm media control to make or Break all politiccal hopefulls elections…Then use polititions to pass laws favorable to Tribe of zionists, to, buy up every major corp, then own & control entire world thru ownership of ALL that makes world go…Around!

                  Just remember its Not that the tribe is so smart as they’d have folks believe…No no no! Its that so devious a plan originates with Satan, their father, and like any good daddy, satan likes His kids alot better and assists them in Every way shape or form he can in the total destruction of ALL thats good or righteous within the worlds and its peoples.

          • laeagle


            Thanks for your insightful comments. I always appreciated your upbeat but thorough analysis. I cannot foresee the Chinese becoming consumers at the level of the Western consumers of the EU and North America. For onething, there are not enough resources in the world to provide an equivalent level for the 1 billion plus population. The rich will become richer in China and the poor will remain poor. They certainly will be better off than they were but I doubt they will be living the American dream, perhaps, the Chinese dream, whatever that is! Unfortunately, when America goes down, it will drag the rest of the world as well, especially those countries that are dependent on selling products and goods to the USA.

            • durango kidd

              LAeagle: 300 million Chinese are already conspicuous consumers in China with a taste for luxury goods. !00 million Chinese are so rich (even at 6 to 1 to the dollar) that they have become world tourists, according to Jim Rogers who has the very best analysis of China.

              As the Yuan rises, and it will, albeit slowly, another 300 million who have escaped poverty will climb the Chinese Middle Class ladder, that was once the American Dream and have the purchasing power to buy from Wal mart of Vietnam.

              I get offers every day from beautiful young Chinese women with money wanting me to come to China and marry them. The list is long. The latest a 22 year old Stewardess for Southeast China Airlines who has her own car and luxury apartment: all paid for. She has everything she wants except a Western MAN nd children! (I think that is the real threat to the West. LMAO!)

              Go figure. 🙂

              • Yuri

                I get offers every day from beautiful young Chinese women with money wanting me to come to China and marry them.

                Take the offers, …please.

                • KY Mom

                  Speaking of China…

                  America completely reliant on China for antibiotics

                  “The crucial ingredients for nearly ALL antibiotics are now made exclusively in China.”

                  The Daily Caller

                • durango kidd

                  Yuri: I would take the offers but I am using Mac’s photo.;-) The girls would be disappointed to discover it’s not me. Talking to real people globally is a good way to discover where the people are at mentally and psychologically, and what they really think.

                  It works here too. 🙂

                • Sebastion T.

                  KY Mom:
                  CINNAMON is the strongest herbal antibiotic. It is an anti-microbial which is highly antiseptic and kills a wide variety of micro-organisms.
                  – cinnamon kills MRSA, E. coli, and fungal infections. This spice can be used as an alternative to traditional food preservatives.
                  The addition of a few drops of cinnamon oil not only acts as an effective preservative but improves the flavor of apple juice or broth.

                • Yuri

                  ” I would take the offers but I am using Mac’s photo.;-) ”

                  LOL. Touche.

              • Frank Thoughts

                Are you nuts!? Say YES to any Asian woman who wants to be with you. Asian and Northern European women are on the same level in my books: smart and sexy.

              • laeagle

                DK, Be careful! Hard to believe a 22 y/o has already gotten the American Dream, and all paid for to boot! I’m still working on my mortgage payments. I have travelled extensively in China and have witnessed tremendous advances since 1985. It was hard to recognize some places when I went back years later. I agree that they have made a lot of progress but their standards, infrastructure, still do not compare with some of the more advanced SEA nations like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, etc. 300 million people are a lot of people and they may be climbing the Chinese middle class ladder, but, I do not see them as comparable to US middle class.

                I do tend to agree with you concerning your economic analysis of that region, but, they too have been printing money like crazy and spending it like crazy on various ‘economic development projects and infrastructure’. It is OK to build something, it is quite something else to maintain it. This is where their resources are lacking. China’s great economic leap into the 21st century is another ‘house of cards’ if they continue with ‘Centralized Planning’.

                Like the Lisu, an ethnic minority of China, say, “Live far away from the Authorities and live close to your water supply!”.

                • durango kidd

                  laeagle; A lot of these rich young Chinese women have a rich father who dotes on them and buys their apartment and car for their little “Empress” and only child; and I suspect that is the case with that Stewardess, who like most women in China, just want a home and family.

                  Another very attractive gal has a children’s clothing shop because her father is a pork wholesaler and she doesn’t want to be in that line of business. It is fascinating to talk with these women and see the world through their eyes and get their perspective on the world, and the world they live in.

                  Another is in banking and finance with her mother and her mother’s family. It’s all very interesting to get their take on things in China and around the world. I don’t have the heart to tell them that the Chinese “miracle” is the american nightmare.

                  Its not their fault. 🙁

              • Them Guys

                HEADLINES! DK KIDD goes Coal Burner!

          • Barn Cat

            China considers the US to be its mortal enemy. You can tell that by paying attention to what they say and also based on their choices of friends. Like Russia, North Korea, and Iran: All countries with governments that hate America. China could destroy America without firing a shot. All they have to do is dump all their dollars and all their treasury bonds at once.

            Economically, China could very well be ahead of America right now in GDP since so much US GDP is based on bogus numbers.

            China has vast gold reserves. Once gold price suppression ends, China will be a rich country and America will be a third world country with no manufacturing.

            • durango kidd

              BC: China does NOT consider the USA its mortal enemy. You obviously know nothing about the Chinese people or even the Chinese government for that matter. It does consider US their biggest competition.

              China has embraced the West; particularly the USA. Everyone takes 4 years of English in high school. They have embraced everything bourgeois; including golf and western education. They want to exceed the USA and believe they can by sheer numbers, but they understand that they must emulate US to do so.

              Imitation is the highest form of flattery. 🙂

              • Unreconstructed Southron

                Japan emulated the British at the turn of the century, studying their ways and modeling their navy after them, defeating Russia’s navy in 1905. Then they bombed the shit out of Britain’s colonies in the Pacific.

                • Red Leader

                  The Chinese have little or no real ability to project any type of sustained combat power around the world short of nuclear. (Thanks NAFTA)

                  They have defeated us economically with cheap slave labor taking American middle class jobs. We could never engage in a serious sustained military action like we did in WW2 or the Cold War because we no longer have to ability to ramp up and produce on a war footing. The majority of our lost production ability is now overseas.

                  During the Iraq war we had to buy small arms ammo from our allies. Iraq was a police action compared to WW2 when we had millions under arms. We had more killed on a 285 acre island called Tarawa in 3 days than the first 10 years of the Iraq/Afganistan wars. By the end of WW2 we needed 100,000 replacements a month.

                  Because of this, nuclear may be the only option. Very scary.

                • Kevin2

                  The major difference is it now takes one guided bomb or missile to destroy one target. The US packs more useful conventional firepower today then in the height of WW2. In a couple of weeks the power generating and energy producing infrastructure of virtually any nation could be rendered inoperable. Occupying a country is beyond our reach because the high technology is often rendered useless in a battle with irregulars. Pierce Morgan the anti gun talking head claimed that the Second Amendment was useless because the government possessed nuclear weapons. Actually such weapons are useless.

                • Dave


                • Dave


            • CrabbeNebulae

              @BC “All they have to do is dump all their dollars and all their treasury bonds at once.” I’ve heard that argument so many times from so many people it’s enough to make me puke. I even believed it myself a long time ago. Come on now… where are they going to “dump” all those dollars and bonds? On the beach in San Diego? Don’t forget that the Federal Reserve is in total control of dollars and US treasury bonds and it doesn’t matter who has them or how many they have or in what form. China could “dump” a gazillion quadrillion to the 20th power worth of dollars and bonds and no one would know the difference unless the Federal reserve says so. China dumping their dollars and US treasuries would be controlled tighter than Yellens naked pussy on a dark and snowy night in Siberia. You’d never see it, you’d never smell it and you would never hear it unless she screams about it… after the fact and by then it would be too late and everybody would simply shrug their shoulders and mutter WTFO!!

              • PO'd Patriot

                Why’d you have to say that about Yellen…..that image just scarred me for life. Thanks.

                • laeagle

                  Me too!

              • Them Guys

                At End of WWII: US and Brits dropped 1.2-Phosphours and Incinderary Bombs Per every Two Innocent german civilians in Dresden and a couple other german civilian occupied cities. Our POW Military captured soldiers were also amoung those being so bombed…And BOTH USA and England govnt’s knew of it all.

                READ: 1947 Book, “Greusome Harvest” written by a man IN germany imeadiatly after bombs stop falling.

                Its FREE to read entirely online! Ask me if you need a LINK to that great expose book of what really happened during and especially After WWII ended.

                Germany suffered Far greater death numbers, destruction etc than even Japans two Nuked cities did! FACT!

                Temps recorded 3-4 feet Below Cement street levels, Temps Under cement of streets at 3-4 ft deep, were close to 1700-1800 Celcius degrees!

                Three foot Diameter Trees, fully rooted, were Pulled out of ground due to Tornado winds passing up 150+ MPH, created by the firestorms of bombs…Them 3ft Thick trees were flung several MILES away!…Cars, people building materials every possible thing was thrown everywheres from the fire winds it created same as a huge forest fire does…Much was done after germans officially surrendered and war was supposedly ended…

                US Prez and Churchill were NOT great heros as our history school books teaches. More like Ruthless mass killers rivaling Lennin and trotsky! READ that Book see for yourself.

                You’re most likly logical conclusion will be…US General G Patton was Correct as wrote in His diary…”We have foungt against the WRONG Peoples! we should have sided With Germans instead of kommie russian jewish bolsheviks!”

                no Wonder Patton got assainated also no. he spoke truth!

            • INDIGENOUS

              because stupid stinky whites are illegally in north America ruining it like they made a sh.. hole out of where they came from Europe.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Honestly Unless you are a Millionaire, investing in Gold or Silver is the dumbest investment out there. Your first Hundred Thousand dollars better be in all the basics of survival, like 2 to 4 years of water and food storage, Security Security Security. Live stock, seeds and all the tools to plant a backyard garden, and utilize rain barrel catches. Harden your home site, your house and yard with fencing and pick up multiple rolls of barbed wire and poles to erect a tall fence. Prepare with barbed wire as tangle foot and rebar metal spikes, and creating obstacles to make it hard to even get to your front door. Cameras, and look out points, on the roof with sandbags. Guns and plenty of Ammo 5000 Rounds per gun as a priority over any gold or silver. Prep with lots of Fuels of all kinds, Propane, Charcoal, Firewood, Gasoline, and plenty of gas cans and use PRI-G for long term storage. Have 5 methods of cooking food, and if you have any money left over pay off as many debts as you possibly can. Trying to hoard Gold or Silver without having the hundred thousand dollars in preps in place first, will be a death sentence. When the SHTF, you will want to stay put for the first 6 months, and not wander far from your home or retreat. Let everybody else out there try to barter or buy supplies with silver and gold and watch them get slaughtered. After 6 months passes there will be about 30% to 50% of the population left in the world, and it will still be gorilla warfare, and they wont be fighting over useless Gold or silver, it will be for your guns, ammo, Food and water which is way more valuable than any precious metals. Now if you have Millions of dollars and need a safe haven to safeguard your massive assets, sure go ahead and buy some gold or silver, and get that into your physical possession, not paper, but forget this gold and silver pipe dream. The new Money or monetary exchange will be bartered in Guns, Bullets, water, food and fuels. Something people can physically use.

          • PeakOilEngr

            Wouldn’t it be simpler and safer to use your money to “Get the hell out of Dodge”? Tasmania has fertile soil, low population density, and very few guns…..

            • Red Leader

              Yeah, see how long the white dude with all the stuff lasts in a 3rd world country without the rule of law.

              • PeakOilEngr

                Ahh, Tasmania is a state in Australia Einstein. Hardly third world. It is an island located south of Melbourne. No hand guns, no violent gangs, low population density, lots of agriculture plus old growth woods. Plenty of hydroelectric power. Ocean all around for fishing. Lots of inland lakes for fishing as well. Climate similar to the US Midwest. Paradise for a prepper – if they’ll let you in……

          • Mcdave

            You are correct during the Mad Max phase, brass and lead.
            However if there is a Rebuilding/Recovery phase silver/gold will serve as real currency.
            “How much for that loaf of bread?”
            “Can you make change for a 1500lb beef or a 300lb hog?”
            See they are stores of wealth that are portable and fractional.
            Now I may not make it to that point, but maybe I will or someone I love will.
            Prep for everything!

          • FarmersDaughter

            And… I will trade my food for your gold and silver ;P

            • skittle shittin unicorn

              from the Know your post apocalypse bad guy files

              any one out there know the meaning of the Gang Banger fashion trend of wearing your pants down to show your underwear ??

              it comes from the prison system and its a visual display/ cue for MY ass is yours.

              so all these young gang thugs are saying there gay with out knowing it

              skittle shittin unicorn

              • Them Guys

                Reason Gang bangers wears pants low is due to a condition called…”MONKEY SEE!…MONKEY DO!!”

                My Detroit Biker Pals are opening a New buisness to start a new fad amoung gangbangers…Bikers going to begin selling Fake Monky FUR and Tails for blacks to appear even more monkey like!

                Disclaimer on Package for Tails reads: NOT to be used to suspend self from Tall tree limbs! don’t want any lawsuits eh!

                “Tyroney!! Loooky Der dems new Tails! I Jez gotz ta getz me one Oh dem new monky Tails! Deys lookinz so Real and all that shieeeeeiiiitttt!!!”

                Detroits newest African Gang name= Demz Furry Tailed MonkeyBoyz! In Da Hoodz!

                Now Gangbangers can Hide Up in Trees from cops views, and remain all cozy Warm during harsh detroit winters!

                • skittle shittin unicorn

                  Them Guys

                  normally i disagree with you on most subjects but you got me on this reply

                  very funny

                  let me know how the Biz goes in Detroit and i will invest in a west coast branch

                  skittle shittin unicorn

          • Barn Cat

            I own gold and silver because I’ll need to be able to buy food and gasoline during hyperinflation. Otherwise I’ll have to eat my stored food before the collapse.

            • JayJay

              Wouldn’t you rather have those preps now?
              Like when the price is definitely feasible??
              After a collapse, that can of corn will NOT be .50¢ like now.
              I guess I’m just too stupid to understand why you’d store PMs and buy essentials later when the price will be tripled or even quadrupled, or worse, the supplies won’t even be there.

              • Barn Cat

                No, I can’t buy them now because I buy things like milk, eggs, fresh meat, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables. Sure, I could buy extra canned goods but we already have a year’s worth of food.

              • Them Guys

                JayJay: Barn Cats claims always the ENTIRE worlds folks going Belly up and all 200 worlds nations simply Crash and STOP!….So..where will all that food and gasoline come from then?…Slim existing supplies of a few others?

                Or is entire world to collapse EXCEPT of course for much needed stuff like food or gas?

                Perhaps between so many doom gloom article “experts” and phony false preachermen like john Hagee et al, some folks has gotten the Wrong ideas for the future scenarios eh.

            • Them Guys

              SS Unicorn: Perhaps if you read and research a few Links I and a few others like JQP has posted on the issues we write about, you may find yourself Re thinking things a bit eh.

              Its the method we all used to awaken to these issues we post of usually…IE Various zio and jewdeo kommie issues etc as I assume Thats what you refer to on disagreeing with me…Everybody disagrees…At…First! I did too!!

              Then I began by makeing a List of every bible verse TV preachers like Hagee et al “claims” is the proof on all They say is about israel-zionists and jewish issues.

              I shut OFF their tv shows, began to Read those verses IN full context, and read verses before and After those sepcific ones…Wow! what a huge difference in actual meanings compared to them preachermens swindles and fast talkin scams.

              Then I figured just maybe alot of what we all was told or taught by Our elders, of wwii era, school history text books, major tv news and newspapers etc…Maybe some of That stuff was Lies or propagandfas also eh?

              BINGO! I had Hit that proverbial Jackpot of truth once I did much reading online sources…but Make Certain that info online has foot notes that You can also go read to verify that info as factual etc…Like Peer reviewed papers…

              There are quite a few websites now in last decade or so, that have as many as 800+ Documented PHD historians and professors or ex professors retired from teaching etc..

              Codoh site is one…Michael Hoffman is another, Hoffmans writting is Superb as hes a true christian man, his foot noted documented research is next to none others.

              They call themselves Historic revisionists…They care for ONE main thing…”What is or was the Factual TRUTH?”

              When they finally find it thru exhaustive research they then write articles or books on these findings..

              but also remember since 99+% MSM and hollywood is owned lock stock and barrel By tribe, you are never going to see anybody like Hoffman on Fox tv…CNN, or praised in new york Times papers…

              Bottom line is nobody can factually, or honestly, or truthfully refute their work…Thats reason You wont see nor hear of it on any MSM’s…Check some Out! you May be suprized what you “Thought” was facts on these issues.

              ps let me know if you need any great links to such materials as I will be glad to provide what I can.

          • PJ London

            My son (ex special forces) went to a “Prepper” meeting and joined the mailing list.
            “Did you get any tips on prepping?” I asked. “Are you going to start storing?”
            “No but I got 100 names to visit when the SHTF”

            • gun

              I hope your son realizes that some preppers are also EX. Im sure he was joking with you, otherwise he would be underestamating his prey.

          • KRM

            Actually I have invested in quail and preps for myself. I’d rather not be out there trying to trade. We have a little metal but I don’t want to be involved in trading after SHTF. I want to stay away from people. If I’m out there trading stuff, people might get the idea I have spare stuff. Absolutely bad idea to rely on bartering to survive when there are a lot of folks that will pretend you’re their savior while planning on taking everything you’ve worked so hard to save.

            My plan is close to zero interaction with others.

            • JayJay

              Exactly, KRM..oh, where did she get 12 cans of corn?
              Hmmm..and then they follow you home from the community barter garage.
              And, no, I will NOT be bartering from my home either.

              If it takes an armed guard to go to the barter location, stay home.

          • candle in the wind

            All sounds nice, but do that and you become a big target that cant move. Easy to put down a gang of outlaws with small arms, but how do you stop one tank from rolling right through?

          • Sebastion T.

            CRESCENT CITY, CA — The Department of Defense has confirmed accusations that a $179 million military training program for mountain gorillas was created based on a spelling error in an email between two high ranking Army officers, according to official sources. The admission follows over a year of denials, which were originally sparked by a leaked copy of the email from an anonymous whistleblower.


            • Sebastion T.

              Hey, KY Mom, look! Comment and URL in same block!

        • JayJay

          Max says: They all failed.

          Or they all succeeded??:-(

      • .02

        Not any if about it, only when.

        • Calgacus

          Any of the financial types say to spread your investments around and dont invest heavy in one area. This is the one time to invest in metals or land if you have the spare $ to do it.

          People have been told or taught to save their money. Thats not true anymore. There aint any return on the dollar now. Even food makes a better investment.

        • Genius

          Hmmm the collapse of the fiat fake money game and the birth of another fiat bullshit enslavement scam. Only when the morons of the world relize theyre paper isn’t money will all this shit stop. Easy as pie to fix just QUIT USING FED RESERVE NOTES! Bunch of paper slave zombies make me sick. But as long as everyone treats it as valuable money were all screwed. The end of the american way of life Hmmm, you mean the 9-5 paper slaves that can’t think for themselves let alone be independent and self reliant? Or the walmart zombie crowd that eats at McDonalds after a hard day of buying chinese crap then take theyre 14 medications for all the crap theyre lifestyle has given them that when you stand back and look at are just a bunch of resource consuming worthless idiots? Or the flouridated brainwashed groupthinking retards that are all caught up in the right left paradigm spouting the latest bullshit they heard on hannity? That american way of life? Looking around me I think getting rid of this way of life looks pretty good as long as it can be replaced by intelligent independent self reliant and vigilant people with enough brains to never let psycopaths run theyre lives. OK rant over 🙂

          • Mcdave

            Good one!

          • you don't need to know

            I’ll listen to that rant EVERYDAY Genius!!!

            Life in AMerica in a nut shell!

      • laeagle

        Thank God for Alternative Media. The MSM has become a doting mouthpiece for the TPTB and the administration can do no wrong. There is no difference between the MSM and Pravda or other rags that belong to totalitarian regimes. Everyone is looking for a way to shift blame and the MSM/NYT/WP/LAT are complacent and compliant in acquiescing to the lies and propaganda being put forth by TPTB/NWO. Fortunately for us, AM, will hopefully provide timely and essential news and information going forward as events unfold. Unfortunately, we are too dependent on the internet, but, lets keep using the available communication system as long as we can. Thanks MAC for keeping this up and running.

        • apache54

          La eagle

          Amen to that my friend!

        • durango kidd

          Don’t buy into all the propaganda from Alt Media either. They want you to buy metal to support their balance sheet, and they want you to give them those awful USD in exchange for their monthly newsletter subscription.

          Better yet, buy into their real estate development in Argentina which you will NEVER be able to get to if the shit really hits the fan.

          If you have preps, including ammo, some silver and cash you have NOTHING to fear but Almighty God. I sought the Lord and he heard me and delivered me from all my fear. 🙂

          • Yuri

            “If you have preps, including ammo, some silver and cash you have NOTHING to fear but Almighty God.”

            Again, why would you want the preps, … especially the silver … if you have cash?

            And what’s the ammo for if, at worst, we face a cyclical recession/depression?

            And why would you go to a country like Argentina whose currency has already collapsed and is already facing hyperinflation?

            • durango kidd

              Yuri: Armageddon does not start this year. Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. They won’t be making anymore of it after the Changes.

              Silver and gold is a good way to preserve a portion of your wealth through the Changes that are coming.

              I am not suggesting anyone move to Argentina. Casey has a real estate project there that he bills as a safe haven. if you have income from investments moving there NOW might be a good idea as your dollars have good purchasing power there and Argentina needs them.

              Your cash (dollars) would be king in Argentina and so would you! But know one should think that they can get there once SHTF starts.

              It will be too late then. 🙁

              • Kulafarmer

                Im starting to think maybe i should start promoting the islands as a safe haven for preppers,
                Think about it, if thousands move to say Maui, we can change the political landscape here, we have excellent weather, good resources for being self sufficient, yes land taxes are a bit higher, as are other regulations, hence the drive to alter politics here, its a small enough area it could really work, and yet not be in a freezing place like the North western CONUS, if there is any sort of collapse its way more likely to work out ok here than anywhere in the lower 48, far fewer people here and there are resources,
                Have just been thinking about this lately,
                Gotta figure out how to network better i guess

            • JayJay

              Yuri asks: Why have preps now instead of later??

              Well this ole gal says,{Because when this crap comes around, and it will, why pay $5 for a can of corn when it’s .50¢ now? Or, how do we even know that can of corn will make it to the grocer’s shelf??}
              Next question.

              • Yuri


                Not what I asked. My comment was just referring to d.k.’s comment.
                It was a question meant only to get d.k.’s perspective on the future of the U.S. economy.

                Myself, … I’m prepping just as fast as my finances allow and expecting both massive inflation AND shortages, and possibly (probably) much worse things.

          • Red Leader

            If you really want to know what is going on in the world from eyewitnesses on the ground, you must have a Ham radio.

            There is a reason why Ham radio was outlawed in both WW1 and WW2.

            • sixpack

              I can’t afford a HAM radio yet, but I have a portable transceiver radio so I can listen to HAM bands, and police bands, NOAA and CB bands, etc…

              Anybody know where to look for an older HAM base setup?

              • hammerhead

                SIX – the older tube types are the best if you can find one , but most of the time they go for more than a digital unit . good luck , i,m workin on gettin one myself , the more i know, the more it costs .

              • Scout

                Yes you can afford a Ham Radio.

                BaoFeng UV-82 Two-Way Radio


                Frequency Range: 136-174 & 400-520MHz, Dual Band, Dual Display, Dual Frequency, Dual Standby
                A/B band independent operation,128 groups channels storage, Shortcut menu operation mode
                VFO & Memory channels scan, Emergency Alarm ,Tri-color background light selectable
                0~9 grades VOX selectable, PTT & ANI ID,FM radio 65-108MHz,1750Hz Burst, Time-out Timer
                Channel Monitor, Battery Saver, Keypad Lock, Channel Step: 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/25KHz,Low Battery Alert, ROGER SET, Emergency Alert


        • Them Guys

          At Least 98+% if not 100% of ALL worldwide nations “news” Begins at AP and Reuters news services…Both were started in Late 1880-90’s by Two zionist jewish men/families…If I recall right rueters has now become sole owner of Both itself and AP news..

          FROM those Two news sources, it first goes to granddaddy of ALL usa newspapers and tv nwes etc…To the Jewyork Times, of jewyork city….FROM there it travels West from NY-5 AM, till reasches Kalif Kommie newspapers, also jewish owned, at about 4 hrs later or 9 am..

          On the Way to Kalif from JY(newyork) it stops off and is included in every newspaper(jews owned) across the entire usa nation of aprox 2200 papers…

          by 5-6 PM, noon some areas, same fabricated propaganda is shown on TV news shows(Talmudvision)…

          While all afternoon and eve long most every Radio Talk show run by Israeli Mossad agents, spews info FROM said papers, especially graddaddy paper NY/Jy Times..

          You can find the entire orig history of dates and names of folks that first started reuters and AP wire right up to todays infos on it…Its ALL been totally Zionist jewish controled since late 1800’s era…Same as banks! only banks is since 1913 era…Newspapers owned by Tribe since aprox 1920’s…Hollywood is Tribe ever since a couple jewish swindlers Stole Tommy Edisons moive making machine invention and head as Far west as possible to evade cops etc…Today Hollywood is 99.9% Zio jewish owned/run….Why else do ya think hollywood has made close to 1000 ‘evil nazi” movies and WWII stuff, but so far not a signle one made of Russian Bolshevik jewdeo Kommies?…Even today with every last nazi dead, they keep makeing more nazi movies!

          Soon if trend continues zionists talmudics will reach their main Goal of Replace Christs death as Main Central Point of ALL recorded history, with Their main event called the Holyhoax as central point all history revolves around…Calanders will then read dats as…

          BH or AH as in before holyhoax event, or After holyhoax event…That will replace BC and AD eras.

          PC correctness and them as the main source of worlds Only victims that ever matter is how they will acheieve it all…So far its close to a done deal eh!

      • JustMe

        Recall, back in the 1930’s, private ownership of gold was banned; and I’d wager it will be again.

        Americans have been lulled to sleep, and they will get a rude awakening…

        • LObamatomy

          Fool us once… People who hold physical are hyper awar of Bretton-Woods, and the unpegging / revaluation of Au/Ag. In fact many of us welcome the revaluation! for more info- not for the faint of heart and mind btw.

        • Mountain Trekker

          JustMe, your right in the 30’s they did ban gold. Next time they’ll ban Guns and Gold. And very likely stocked up Food. They will call it hoarded. Know anybody right off hand that will be turning their’s in? Trekker Out. Don’t Look At Me!

          • Them Guys

            But theres a huge difference between gun bans and gold bans…Guns folks can refuse to turn in yes…but all fed govnt has to do to ban gold is pass fast law that if any merchants or stores etc accept ANY gold or silver as payments OR Barter trade(like heroin or crack coke now if you tried to use that as payment) the merchants will be fined 1/4 million dollars and get 20 yrs fed prison.

            Good luck then in use of gold anywheres viable.

            Guns are difficult to ban unless folks go along with it.

            You Can bet a bundle every merchant Will Obey whatever sales laws are passed..They may disagree on that law but they Will Obey it to a T.

            One simple such fed law would make gold ownership as risky as heroin or kelos of coke is today..huge difference.

        • sixpack

          Unfortunately, all of my PMs were lost at sea, right along with the ARS, etc… Haven’t been fishing since.

      • Rodster

        Yeah i’m looking forward to that Yuan world reserve currency. Brought to you by the same crooks who pumped 5 times the liquidity into its market as The Fed.

        And India, Brazil, who’s economies and currencies are in the tank. Good luck with that.

        • KY Mom

          Soros bets big on market crash…

          “Soros Put” Hits Record As Billionaire’s Downside Hedge Rises By 154% in Q4 To $1.3 Billion

          “Since this was an increase of 154% Q/Q this has some people concerned that the author of ‘reflexivity’ and the founder of “open societies” may be anticipating some major market downside.”


          • Seong

            Yes, he is one of insider of New World Order. That is why his bet for economic downturn is critical.

            • Seong

              I believe he made a lot of money from 911 too due to insider information. It is sad reality.

              • skittle shittin unicorn


                he is the top of the dung heap .

                he has done more damage to Britain and America then you or i will ever know he is one of the primary reasons that O Vomit is POTUS

                soros should be taken out and hung from a lamp post

                • sixpack

                  without any fanfare whatsoever…

        • hammerhead

          @rod , i’m bettin on the AMERO .
          Dont forget the NAU …..

          • Rodster

            As long as any currency is tied to the rules of centralized banking in collusion with a centralized State it’s doomed to failed. Even if it’s backed by gold.

            • sixpack

              especially since the banks can’t seem to PRODUCE the gold they supposedly have…

        • DaisyK

          Well if JustMe things that there will be a ban on owning gold, and Rodster things that the Yuan will be the new currency, then maybe we should invest in the Yuan instead of gold. That is those who have any money left to invest.

          • Rodster

            I should have inserted [sarcasm] in my quote.

          • durango kidd

            DaisyK; If there is a “global economic collapse”, and I don’t believe it for a NY minute without an EMP, Nuclear War, or Pole Shift; then the best currency for Americans to own would be their own dollar.

            Recession is not “collapse”. Depression is not “collapse”.

            For Chinese and others in Asia it would be the Yuan. For Europeans it would be the Swiss Franc. Italians, Portuguese, Spaniards, and Greeks should just bend over and grab their ass and make sure it is still there. 🙁

            • JayJay

              DK, when a can of beans is $5, it may be a collapse for millions here.

              • durango kidd

                JayJay: Agreed. That’s why we prep. 🙂

        • durango kidd

          Rodster: You are right about that Chinese liquidity, but as I was thinking about that very thing as I was driving down Scottsdale Road today, I was wondering what the liquidity per capital ratio might be; and then how that might compare to other nations.

          Hmmmmmm. Anyone know? 🙂

            • durango kidd

              Yuri: Yes I had seen that chart for January “liquidity injections”, but with 80% of QE going to Member Bank reserve accounts at the FED, you are only talking about $15 billion dollars in “liquidity” reaching the economy.

              Enough to give loans to multinational corporations, boost the market a bit, and provide for Wall Street Bonuses. Again, QE is NOT intended to stimulate the economy. The intent is to protect the Member Banks and maybe, just maybe, keep the economy afloat.

              Retail data would suggest that $15B a month is not enough. 🙁

      • braahaahaa

        Sasori doesn’t like to be kept waiting man.

      • ready down under

        A financial meltdown the likes of which the world has never seen is inevitable and the consequences will be catastrophic – there wont be a corner of the globe that wont be effected.

        That is of course if we aren’t blindsided by a pandemic, WW3 or EMP beforehand.

        Get in, sit down, shut up …. AND HANG ON!!!


      • Arby

        “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste”

      • Anon

        Unfortunately, “rainyday” is correct, about 50% of Americans will likely “fall” for the coming orchestrated or engineered (pre-planned) global economic collapse or reset, and blindly follow along, as the International Central Bankers who own and operate the so-called “Fed” (along with the BIS and IMF) tell them, that a NEW DIGITAL CURRENCY is needed, and that everyone who has a NATIONAL ID CARD, will be able to transact, in the new digital currency. It’s all been pre-planned. Solution: Don’t participate. Start using a local currency, like they did in Ithaca, N.Y., called “Ithaca-Hours”.

        • gun

          Ithaca???? I thought that was a shotgun.

      • Anonymous

        I have a little paper I got years ago– printed it from Re-insurance magazine, back in 2005. According to them, a Pentagon report stated, “substantial evidence exists to suggest significant global warming will occur during the 21st. century… the evidence of an imminent, abrupt shift may become clear and reliable within a decade.”

        I didn’t know exactly what it meant but I knew it was important and so I held onto it. Recently, I learned that according to scientists, we are at the beginning/on the verge of run-away-greenhouse effect. (Run-away means it takes a life of its on; we no longer have the means to stop it).

        Now, I realize what that little paper meant. They knew- back when Bush was president- what we were about to face and they did nothing to stop it. It also explains why they stole the presidency from Gore, who wanted to stop GW. Everyone in Bush’s administration had ties/investments in the fossil fuel industry. They were going to make damn sure no one touched their billion dollars per day in profits! Global warming or no GW!@

        • Anonymous

          And why would presidents/congressmen do nothing to stop peak oil/global warming? Because they do what they’ve always done: BAU (business as usual)– as much money, assets, wealth,stuff for the people at the top… and screw future generations/the people at the bottom. They’re psychopaths, they have no conscience, morals. They are the maffia-elite/fascists who run the world. Presidents and congressmen are just hand-maidens or puppets…step out of line and you get what JFK got.

          Big Banks, heads of big Corporations, Fossil Fuel Industry, the Fed, Rockerfeller– they are all members fo a maffia elite group and belong to certain clandestine organizations– the Trilateral Commission, Counsel on Foreign Affairs, and others. And every big whig at the top, Republican or Democrat, is a member– a gang member– of this corrupt maffia elite group. Hillary Clinton fondly mentioned it; Cheney was head of one of the groups at one time. We vote one of two of their members. That’s all.

      • Anonymous

        Yep! We’re on the brink of shit! Just wish I were in a better position!

      • Balls deep...

        So let’s see… It will be easier to pick up chicks.
        A guy with a case of beans and some MREs will be sure to score. ha

      • 1940justme

        the only thing that can bring us out of the next depression would be a full scale war, one that will scare the shit out of the PTB and rich people. enough so that they think they’re in danger of losing their jobs and money when the dust settles.
        A war with the same people that we’ve been doing business with so we’ll have to open our own factories back up to fight it, other wise it will be business as usual for the rich and politicians, they’ll set back and rake in the cash while the poor go off to war as there are no jobs and the military will be their only option.
        we’d have to get the family farms up and running and all the little shops open that kept them going. we could win the war and make America what it used to be at the same time but it would take yrs.JMO

    2. JoeRepublic

      If anyone is still trying to figure out what the government has been preparing for, this would be the answer. The same answer from 5 years ago. People think these criminals have things under control, HA! The reality is that there’s more than one mafia trying to control the world. Your point of view is being skewed being you live in the Western Mafia’s turf. You forget about the Asian Mafia and Russian Mafia.

      There was a brief time when all 3 gangs were cooperating for the mutual benefit of their respective gang affiliation. Now, however, the Western Mafia is in a turf war with the other 2 that have allied with each other while it remains convenient to do so.

      Nobody knows when, but you can bet your last assets, this shit ends in war. A real big ass war too. Keep dreaming if you think otherwise. If you want an understanding, you’ll start analyzing the precursors of WWI and WWII. It’s always about the resources and who controls them. Prey they aren’t idiotic enough to use Neutron weapons or have some black hole generator up their sleeves.

      • JoeRepublic

        LoL, my Freudian slip is showing. Where I say ‘prey’ should be ‘pray’, but I think we’ll be the prey.

        Here’s a quote for you that I came up with in the early 90s when I started really waking up to the scam that is 501c3.

        “The prophets of profit will prey on your prayer.”

      • Anonymous

        Yep! Read “Climate Wars” by Gwyn Dyer– one of my favorite books!

    3. laeagle

      We all need to be familiar with the ‘Golden Rule’. He who owns the gold, rules. But the case has been made that there may even be more important forms of PMs that will increase in value and practicality with time. Keep on prepping!

    4. ZombieDawg

      Ooohh..another “expert” we’ve never heard of predicting hyperinflation…’s not gunna happen in my lifetime !
      Hyperinflation is what amateur economists say.
      The reality is STAGFLATION as already exists.
      Hyperinflation results in the obliteration of the base currency and believe it or not, the USD ain’t dead nor is it going to die for decades.
      Remember the BS by Lindsay Williams/Infowars – the US dollar will be dead by the end of 2012, according to his high level inside sources.. Yeah well…
      Further collapse in value – yes.
      Digital currencies – yes.
      STAGflation – yes
      Let’s not forget that these so called experts root their beliefs in Keynesian economics – the same BS that caused the mess the world is in now !
      There will NOT BE HYPERINFLATION, get it you stupid economists ????

      • Aurochs

        Ooohh..ANOTHER “expert”

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          …that eats brains.

          • Mcdave

            See, now that’s funny!

      • Anonymous


      • durango kidd

        ZD: The majority of folks here believe in hyperinflation so much that it has become a religion with them. Probably because their Alt Media “heroes” have been repeating that mantra so much, the Sheeple have started to believe it.

        If you tell a big enough lie, long enough …… 🙁

        They do not understand that leverage cuts both ways and that trillions of dollars in value have been destroyed by the real estate crash and foreclosures. Those trillions of dollars lost in equity value represent real dollars, that might have made their way into the economy.

        They do not recognize that a market collapse or even a collapse of the economy, does not equal a dollar collapse. These are three different things.

        In the coming market decline, or “crash” as the deflationary spiral of lower discretionary income affects the purchase of goods and services, lower corporate earnings that reverberate throughout the economy, causing more layoffs, lowering discretionary income, reducing consumer demand for goods and services that are reflected in lower corporate earnings that results in more layoffs …. etc, etc, etc.

        This is the vicious spiral that the FED has tried to manage while protecting the balance sheets of its Member Banks. IT has failed. The Second Leg Down has begun. The consumer is DOA. the consumer does not have money to spend. The consumer is out of excess dollars. The evisceration of the Middle Class is complete.

        Cash will be KING in the SLD. Without excess cash in the hands of the consumer there is no hyperinflation. 🙂

        • Yuri

          So, where does the money go? Back to the Fed?

          • durango kidd

            Yuri: The money that was created by fractional reserve banking disappears the same way it appeared. That isn’t a wabbit they are pulling out of their hat. 🙂

            • Barn Cat

              Can’t happen. The federal government is running trillion dollar deficits. The Federal Reserve creates whatever money the government can’t borrow at artificially low interest rates. The Fed is also propping up the banks by buying the most underwater mortgages that the big banks can unload. The Fed will never sell those without huge losses.

              • durango kidd

                BC: Of course it can. It “disappears” when the value of the mortgage is destroyed when the real estate market collapses. When the FED buys those toxic assets, they “print” the money to purchase them.

                The member banks write the mortgage loans down (losses, ie equal money destroyed), the FED purchases the toxic securities at the reduced value; or conversely the FED can pay the original face value, and place the amount above current value which has been “marked to market” under current RULES in the MB reserve account.

                BC, you don’t have a clue do you? 🙂

        • Arby

          Its very likely that we will experience Inflation and Deflation at the same time. As many factors including income and jobs continue to dry up and go away necessities( food etc.) will continue to increase dramatically. Things like cars, big screen tvs etc. will drop in price because no one can afford them any more.

          • Barn Cat

            No, things like cars won’t decrease in price because the cost to produce them won’t go down.

            We’ll have deflation to the extent that the economy will continue to slow down but we’ll have inflation in regard to higher prices on everything.

            • durango kidd

              BC: You said: “No, things like cars won’t decrease in price because the cost to produce them won’t go down.”

              Wait until Ford starts building those $60k trucks in Columbia, where the average wage is $6,000 a year. That’s the good news for Columbia with respect to FREE TRADE; but for every winner there is a loser and it will be the American auto worker. Kiss the American Dream goodbye!

              Free Trade has real costs. Engage your employees or be impoverished and enslaved by them one Free Trade Agreement at a time! 🙁

        • Kulafarmer

          I think we have a bigger chance of ending up with a universal electronic currency than the chance of hyper inflation,,,,
          We will definitely have inflation of some commodities or stuff like utilities or fuel, stagflation and manipulation of other costs or commodites,
          People just dont have money,
          The gov wants total control,
          Hence a drive for electronic currency.

        • BrewMaster

          As PRICES skyrocket for that which people need then there is less Discretionary Income available to spend on that which people do not need. Thus you get Price Stability, or, even Price Deflation in the prices of luxuries like new automobiles, Home Upgrades, Computers, Smart Phones, and other Goods and Services (Discretionary Sector) while you get a Price Inflation in Food, Energy, and Shelter (necessities).

          When Price Inflation continues to skyrocket in necessities there will be a Price Deflationary Spiral in Discretionary Sectors. As this increases then Unemployment in these Discretionary sectors will grow unabated.

          Specifically even more Specialty Retail Stores will layoff employees and close their doors. This feeds into a Deflationary Spiral of the Discretionary Sector. Thus it is a Stagflationary environment.

          Both Price Inflation and Price Deflation are happening concurrently with elevated unemployment.

          We are currently in a Stagflation. There is no Growth and General Economic Decline while, concurrently, the Currency loses its Purchasing Power. This fact is obfuscated by Government Reporting using revised methods of calculating Economic Data. Food and Shelter Prices are eliminated from the Consumer Price Index. If they had not been, and if the Inflation Rate was reported as it was reported in the 1970s then currently we’d be running a Price Inflation of 9% instead of the less than 2% which the Government currently reports.

          But it is even worse. This also tells me that Food, Energy, and Shelter Prices have been inflating at a much Higher Rate than the Official Rate of less than 2%, It also tells me that Food, Energy and Shelter Prices are inflating at a much higher rate than the Shadowstats adjusted rate of 9% because that rate IS AN AVERAGE.

          If the Inflation Rate of non-essentials is less than 2% and the Average Inflation Rate is 9% then it stands to reason that Food, Energy and Shelter Price Inflation must be substantially higher than 9%.

          The Price Inflation of necessities has been running at 17% or more.

          Here is a small anecdotal example for you to consider. I went to the Grocery yesterday and bought some String Cheese Sticks. They sold at the same Price of 33 cents per stick. However they used to weigh One Ounce. Now they weigh 0.83 Ounces. That is a 17% Inflation, hidden as a reduced weight.

          I usually eat out and rarely shop. I bought other Groceries. But for what I used to spend $30 on, and not too long ago, I paid $40. That was about 33% more out the door.
          When I asked the Cashier if the Club Card had worked she made sure that it had. I was astonished. You could see the worry and concern in her face. Her body language spoke volumes.

          Americans are broke.

          It was the peasants in Weimar Republic Germany that HAD SAVINGS and when they divested those savings in a panic then the Monetary Velocity spiked and that set off the Hyperinflation.

          Americans are not only broke but they are in debt. So the Hyperinflationary Spark will NOT be set off in the United States. They do not have the capacity to set off the panic.

          What you fail to consider is that FOREIGN CENTRAL BANKS will take on the role of the Peasants of Weimar Republic Germany as they have SAVINGS in US Dollars. And as their Economies melt down, and as they need CAPITAL to shore up their Balance Sheets, then they will DIVEST of the US Dollar SAVINGS…IN A PANIC.

          The Emerging Economies will play the role of the Weimar German Republic peasants and spark a Hyperinflationary Inferno in the United States in a magnitude not ever seen before.

          What you fail to understand is that DEFLATION and INFLATION are two sides of the same phenomena. The American consumer is broke. Employment in non essential sectors has declined if not vanished. But it is Moot when considering the cause of the Hyperinflationary Inferno..

          But when the American Consumer cannot afford food then ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

          You can deny that all that you want. I really do not care if you do. Your denial will not serve you well.

          BTW…There is a lack of Snow Pack and California is in a Drought. As California contributes a substantial portion of THE FOOD SUPPLY and needs WATER to grow that food there is a FAMINE coming soon to the United States.

          When people go HUNGRY that is when revolutions happen. A Hyperinflationary Inferno will only serve to guarantee that outcome as the American is already broke.

          Got Gold and Silver?

          • PO'd Patriot

            Gold and silver, yes. Heirloom seed, Hell yes!

          • laeagle

            Brew Master, Excellent exposition. DK, What do you say?

            • durango kidd

              laeagle: I have said before that any global “economic collapse” would be have to start in Europe; mostly because they have one currency and 28 central banks. Small bankers are being eliminated there.

              The ECB is the European answer to the FED but without sovereign control, power, authority, and most important the mechanisms to facilitate an orderly economic system.

              Chaos is coming for much of the third world, and parts of Europe unless the EU members surrender their financial sovereignty to a single political entity. I don’t see that happening, peacefully, but I do see it happening. They have no choice.

              The GB control the world reserve currency, and that world currency, via the generosity of the American taxpayer, has supported the development of the entire world. That development represents the wealth of the PTB and Uber Rich who have enriched themselves through that system. they are not going to relinquish that wealth and power. On the contrary, they are consolidating both.

              The Dollar is KING. It is the Currency of the PTB Elite, and the power behind the throne is NATO and the American Military. Russia cannot compete except with nuclear weapons. China has been made a full partner with the GB and given hegemony over Asia. The resources that China needs are in Siberia. I expect a “color revolution” independence movement to start in Irkutsk any day. 😉

              The emerging markets cannot “spark” a hyper-inflationary inferno in the United States. LMFAO!!! HOW??? HOW??? Big statement. Nothing to support or explain it. Total BS!!! No basis in fact. Zip. Zero. Nada.

              Exactly the opposite is happening NOW to those nations who do not want to play by the RULES. That is current reality and that is not going to change unless the American people engage their employees. In the final analysis, the American people benefit from their currency being used as reserve currency status and the Sheeple don’t care.

              Food prices will continue to rise with Climate Change (which is real) but this will spark urban farming which is more energy efficient, productive, and healthier.

              Changes are coming. Adapt or die. 🙂

              • laeagle

                DK, Outstanding analysis as usual! Thanks!!

          • Scout

            I like your analysis.

            Those with cash will be king, especially at ebay, craigs list, garage sales, and going out of business sales.

            You might be able to pick up some useful tools, etc.

            Maybe an RV.

            Those propane friges might be useful.

          • Jeff


            Great analysis.

            Solutions – Become your own central bank – cash,metals, etc.(even if it is only copper)

            Become a general store – have things that others will need. Food, candy, liquor, cigs., generators.

            Water supply – filters, distillers, storage (buy water at the grocery store by the gallon and save the containers, cheaper too)

            Heat – wood stove, space heaters, propane and accessories.

            Have tradeable skills and tools.

            Just some thoughts.


          • wncmountainboy

            on a lighter note…I have a Belgian saisson and a pale ale in the fermenters now!

            “Hoppy makes me happy!”

            Greetings from the land of beer
            Asheville, NC Beer City USA

          • Arby

            REF: Brewmaster

            Well said. Thanks for explaining what I was trying to say.

            The middle class has felt all of this the most. The Gimme Dats and the elite get what they want basically handed to them.

            I think if you keep your savings in FRN’s you are “voting” for the banksters and their system. If you hold your EXTRA money and savings in PHYSICAL Gold and Silver then you are their enemy and NOT going with the “flow”

        • Barn Cat

          You ever hear of what happened in Weimar Germany? Why can’t that happen here?

    5. Barn Cat

      Hyperinflation is a 100% certainty based on all the Fed’s money printing. The only issue is how bad it will be. Will prices go up 1000% (10-fold) every month once it gets going? Or will they just go up 50% a month? Or somewhere in between? We know the Petrodollar system will die. There are more dollars held outside the US than inside. Governments that used to stockpile dollars in order to pay for oil will dump them. Individual investors outside the country will dump them too. The velocity of the dollar will skyrocket. Even if our hyperinflation isn’t that bad, if prices double every month it won’t be long and there will be mass starvation in America. Government at levels will go bankrupt. The power grid will go down and we’ll see mass anarchy in America. I expect 90% of the American population to die after the coming economic collapse.

      • LObamatomy

        QE doesn’t create HI, unless there is velocity to those dollars. Simply burying those monies in bonds provides no velocity, simple bubble inflation of the bond market.

        • Nopittypartyhere

          Perhaps why the MyIRA…force people to invest in bonds to slow the velocity of money?

        • Yuri

          Will that bubble ever burst? Where will the money go? How do all those digitized dollars get back to the Fed to be “un-digitized” without ever entering the economy at large?

          Asking because I don’t know.

          • sixpack

            “How do all those digitized dollars get back to the Fed to be “un-digitized””

            The FED doesn’t want them undigitized, it’s easier to cook digital books, and there’s no paper trail to bite them later.

          • JayJay

            Way I see it, the only winner here is the rich.
            They don’t need those ‘digitized’ money like we do, so they transfer that ‘digitized’ into gold and hard commodities/assets.

            • Anonymous

              @ JayJay
              Now you understand why to hold PMs.

            • Mcdave

              Now you understand why PMs.
              Not all of your eggs in one basket.

            • Barn Cat

              The rich can win if they put their money in the right places. A lot of people still have a lot of money in the stock market to be lost when it crashes. Or they have it in banks for them to steal. My dad might have $300K in investments. None of it in physical gold and silver. He’ll be wiped out.

          • durango kidd

            Yuri: The 30 year bull market for bonds may be over for awhile, and that money goes to cash looking for opportunities, the stock market, and other asset classes.

            Additionally, dollars in emerging markets which are in turmoil, flow back to the bond market with rising interest rates and to the stock market.

            This allows the FED to “taper” without adversely affecting US markets and getting back to a more normal scenario. that’s the PLAN anyway. Demonic genius to be sure.

            The proof of the pudding is in the eating of it. 🙂

            • Yuri

              “dollars in emerging markets which are in turmoil, flow back to the bond market with rising interest rates”

              That’s the part I don’t understand. I don’t ask you to explain it here, I’ll research elsewhere.

              I’m probably wrong, but it seems that you’re describing an outflow of dollars into the economy OUT OF the bond market, and a flow of dollars out of the (consuming) economy INTO the bond market.

              If the outflow into the rest of the economy were to exceed the inflow into bonds, would that create currency velocity?

      • TimeHasCome

        Right on Barn Cat . My first job in the mid 70s was working in a hardware store . My only responsibility was to raise prices on items . One day I was marking a box of iron pipe tees . They were $1.50 and I was suppose to change them all to $3.50 . I missed one and the owner found it . I was nearly fired.
        This time inflation will be very specific targeting food and fuel. Stock up on things you need everyday .

        • Mcdave

          Went to hardware store yesterday to stock up on Maglite bulbs. Clerk was raising the price on those exact bulbs as I walked up. From 2.99 to 5.99 FOR TWO TINY BULBS!
          She hand marked my bulbs and said to tell the cashier 2.99 because I got there before the price was changed.
          Yea, no inflation here!

          • JayJay

            The ground beef I bought 3 years ago–$2.30.
            Next year, $2.70–.17% increase.
            Next year, didn’t buy.
            This year, $3.30–.25% increase from 2012, and .45% increase from 2011.
            But, no inflation??

            Aldi’s had ground beef, $3.00–but I don’t know what it was fed.

      • durango kidd

        BC: LMAO!!! 🙂

        • Barn Cat

          Why do you pretend to be a Christian? You certainly don’t act like one here.

        • durango kidd

          BC: I will let Jesus judge who is a Christian and who is not. You should too.

          You are a self righteous fool. 🙂

          • Mountain Trekker

            Matt. Chap.5 Last part of verse 22 ” but whosoever shall say,Thou Fool, shall be in dander of hell fire. Trekker Out.

            • durango kidd

              Trekker: I have been to Hell. It looks a lot like NYC. At night the lights of the myriad souls look beautiful in the dark.

              During the Day, with the crystal white light of the Son, you can see the filth, garbage, and vermin.

              Been there. Done that. Not going back. 🙂

      • db427

        I think your right, but your numbers are vague. lets say the petrodollar dies, you could see the price of gas double overnight. that’s all it takes to set off every alarm bell for even the dumbest of americans. the prices of things they don’t need will plummet, but true assets (food / water / hand tools) will jump within a week. the news coverage will be about how big brother is sending aide to those affected, and show concerned politicians ‘working’ hard. but in reality, we know they are broke. within days, there would be a bank holiday (sounds nice, like something we should celebrate) except it will be more like a holiweek. you will see the djia plummet to 4000 (where it belongs anyways) and then you will see people jumping off buildings instead of being pushed. older people will panic, but not riot, most likely hunker down, and call everyone they know. then finally the ever-holy welfare check at the end of the month doesn’t arrive. that’s when it hits the fan, looting / killing for anything. that will be a dark period, and anyone in any sort of populated area will be telling no tales. there will be no police, maybe some military (unlikely ours), and this will go on for about 2-3 months. this is the time we all dread, but know will come. I personally hope it happens in winter. it’s so unimaginable that even us preppers will find we are not ready, yes I do mean all of us. WHEN, now that’s the 17.4 trillion dollar question, isn’t it. well the gov just authorized itself a blank check for another year. does that mean we have another year for preps, I hope so, but wouldn’t bet my life on it.

        • Arby

          OR…the check will arrive but it won’t buy much of anything because prices have risen so much. ” What are we gonna DO?? MY kids are hungry.. you got some….gimme dat….

    6. Barn Cat

      From wikipedia:

      In economics, hyperinflation occurs when a country experiences very high and usually accelerating rates of monetary and price inflation, causing the population to minimize their holdings of money. Under such conditions, the general price level within an economy increases rapidly as the official currency quickly loses real value.[1] Meanwhile, the real value of economic items generally stay the same with respect to one another, and remain relatively stable in terms of foreign currencies. This includes the economic items that generally constitute the government’s expenses.
      Unlike regular inflation, where the process of rising prices is protracted and not generally noticeable except by studying past market prices, hyperinflation sees a rapid and continuing increase in prices and in the supply of money,[2] and the cost of goods.
      Hyperinflation is often associated with wars, their aftermath, sociopolitical upheavals, or other crises that make it difficult for the government to tax the population, as a sudden and sharp decrease in tax revenue coupled with a strong effort to maintain the status quo can be a direct trigger of hyperinflation.

      In 1956, Phillip Cagan wrote The Monetary Dynamics of Hyperinflation, generally regarded as the first serious study of hyperinflation and its effects. In it, he defined hyperinflation as starting in the month that the monthly inflation rate exceeds 50%, and it ending when the monthly inflation rate drops below 50% and stays that way for at least a year.[3] Economists usually follow Cagan’s description that hyperinflation occurs when the monthly inflation rate exceeds 50%.[4]
      The International Accounting Standards Board does not establish an absolute rate at which hyperinflation is deemed to arise. Instead, it lists factors that indicate the existence of hyperinflation:[5]
      The general population prefers to keep its wealth in non-monetary assets or in a relatively stable foreign currency. Amounts of local currency held are immediately invested to maintain purchasing power
      The general population regards monetary amounts not in terms of the local currency but in terms of a relatively stable foreign currency. Prices may be quoted in that currency;
      Sales and purchases on credit take place at prices that compensate for the expected loss of purchasing power during the credit period, even if the period is short;
      Interest rates, wages, and prices are linked to a price index; and
      The cumulative inflation rate over three years approaches, or exceeds, 100%.
      Money Supply[edit]
      This theory claims that hyperinflation occurs when there is a continuing (and often accelerating) rapid increase in the amount of money that is not supported by a corresponding growth in the output of goods and services.
      The price increases that result from the rapid money creation creates a vicious circle, requiring ever growing amounts of new money creation to fund government activities. Hence both monetary inflation and price inflation proceed at a rapid pace. Such rapidly increasing prices cause widespread unwillingness of the local population to hold the local currency as it rapidly loses its buying power. Instead they quickly spend any money they receive, which increases the velocity of money flow; this in turn causes further acceleration in prices.[8]
      This results in an imbalance between the supply and demand for the money (including currency and bank deposits), causing rapid inflation. Very high inflation rates can result in a loss of confidence in the currency, similar to a bank run. Usually, the excessive money supply growth results from the government being either unable or unwilling to fully finance the government budget through taxation or borrowing, and instead it finances the government budget deficit through the printing of money.[9]
      Governments have sometimes resorted to excessively loose monetary policy, as it allows a government to devalue its debts and reduce (or avoid) a tax increase. Inflation is effectively a regressive tax on the users of money,[10] but less overt than levied taxes and is therefore harder to understand by ordinary citizens. Inflation can obscure quantitative assessments of the true cost of living, as published price indices only look at data in retrospect, so may increase only months later. Monetary inflation can become hyperinflation if monetary authorities fail to fund increasing government expenses from taxes, government debt, cost cutting, or by other means, because either
      during the time between recording or levying taxable transactions and collecting the taxes due, the value of the taxes collected falls in real value to a small fraction of the original taxes receivable; or
      government debt issues fail to find buyers except at very deep discounts; or
      a combination of the above.
      Theories of hyperinflation generally look for a relationship between seigniorage and the inflation tax. In both Cagan’s model and the neo-classical models, a tipping point occurs when the increase in money supply or the drop in the monetary base makes it impossible for a government to improve its financial position. Thus when fiat money is printed, government obligations that are not denominated in money increase in cost by more than the value of the money created.
      From this, it might be wondered why any rational government would engage in actions that cause or continue hyperinflation. One reason for such actions is that often the alternative to hyperinflation is either depression or military defeat. The root cause is a matter of more dispute. In both classical economics and monetarism, it is always the result of the monetary authority irresponsibly borrowing money to pay all its expenses. These models focus on the unrestrained seigniorage of the monetary authority, and the gains from the inflation tax.

      The price of gold in Germany, 1 January 1918 – 30 November 1923. Note that the vertical scale is logarithmic.
      In neo-classical economic theory, hyperinflation is rooted in a deterioration of the monetary base, that is the confidence that there is a store of value which the currency will be able to command later. In this model, the perceived risk of holding currency rises dramatically, and sellers demand increasingly high premiums to accept the currency. This in turn leads to a greater fear that the currency will collapse, causing even higher premiums. One example of this is during periods of warfare, civil war, or intense internal conflict of other kinds: governments need to do whatever is necessary to continue fighting, since the alternative is defeat. Expenses cannot be cut significantly since the main outlay is armaments. Further, a civil war may make it difficult to raise taxes or to collect existing taxes. While in peacetime the deficit is financed by selling bonds, during a war it is typically difficult and expensive to borrow, especially if the war is going poorly for the government in question. The banking authorities, whether central or not, “monetize” the deficit, printing money to pay for the government’s efforts to survive. The hyperinflation under the Chinese Nationalists from 1939 to 1945 is a classic example of a government printing money to pay civil war costs. By the end, currency was flown in over the Himalayas, and then old currency was flown out to be destroyed.
      Hyperinflation is regarded as a complex phenomenon and one explanation may not be applicable to all cases. However, in both of these models, whether loss of confidence comes first, or central bank seigniorage, the other phase is ignited. In the case of rapid expansion of the money supply, prices rise rapidly in response to the increased supply of money relative to the supply of goods and services, and in the case of loss of confidence, the monetary authority responds to the risk premiums it has to pay by “running the printing presses.”
      Nevertheless the immense acceleration process that occurs during hyperinflation (such as during the German hyperinflation of 1922/23) still remains unclear and unpredictable. The transformation of an inflationary development into the hyperinflation has to be identified as a very complex phenomenon, which could be a further advanced research avenue of the complexity economics in conjunction with research areas like mass hysteria, bandwagon effect, social brain and mirror neurons.[11]
      Since hyperinflation is visible as a monetary effect, models of hyperinflation center on the demand for money. Economists see both a rapid increase in the money supply and an increase in the velocity of money if the (monetary) inflating is not stopped. Either one, or both of these together are the root causes of inflation and hyperinflation. A dramatic increase in the velocity of money as the cause of hyperinflation is central to the “crisis of confidence” model of hyperinflation, where the risk premium that sellers demand for the paper currency over the nominal value grows rapidly. The second theory is that there is first a radical increase in the amount of circulating medium, which can be called the “monetary model” of hyperinflation. In either model, the second effect then follows from the first — either too little confidence forcing an increase in the money supply, or too much money destroying confidence.
      In the confidence model, some event, or series of events, such as defeats in battle, or a run on stocks of the specie which back a currency, removes the belief that the authority issuing the money will remain solvent — whether a bank or a government. Because people do not want to hold notes which may become valueless, they want to spend them. Sellers, realizing that there is a higher risk for the currency, demand a greater and greater premium over the original value. Under this model, the method of ending hyperinflation is to change the backing of the currency, often by issuing a completely new one. War is one commonly cited cause of crisis of confidence, particularly losing in a war, as occurred during Napoleonic Vienna, and capital flight, sometimes because of “contagion” is another. In this view, the increase in the circulating medium is the result of the government attempting to buy time without coming to terms with the root cause of the lack of confidence itself.
      In the monetary model, hyperinflation is a positive feedback cycle of rapid monetary expansion. It has the same cause as all other inflation: money-issuing bodies, central or otherwise, produce currency to pay spiralling costs, often from lax fiscal policy, or the mounting costs of warfare. When businesspeople perceive that the issuer is committed to a policy of rapid currency expansion, they mark up prices to cover the expected decay in the currency’s value. The issuer must then accelerate its expansion to cover these prices, which pushes the currency value down even faster than before. According to this model the issuer cannot “win” and the only solution is to abruptly stop expanding the currency. Unfortunately, the end of expansion can cause a severe financial shock to those using the currency as expectations are suddenly adjusted. This policy, combined with reductions of pensions, wages, and government outlays, formed part of the Washington consensus of the 1990s.
      Whatever the cause, hyperinflation involves both the supply and velocity of money. Which comes first is a matter of debate, and there may be no universal story that applies to all cases. But once the hyperinflation is established, the pattern of increasing the money stock, by whichever agencies are allowed to do so, is universal. Because this practice increases the supply of currency without any matching increase in demand for it, the price of the currency, that is the exchange rate, naturally falls relative to other currencies. Inflation becomes hyperinflation when the increase in money supply turns specific areas of pricing power into a general frenzy of spending quickly before money becomes worthless. The purchasing power of the currency drops so rapidly that holding cash for even a day is an unacceptable loss of purchasing power. As a result, no one holds currency, which increases the velocity of money, and worsens the crisis.
      Because rapidly rising prices undermine the role of money as a store of value, people try to spend it on real goods or services as quickly as possible. Thus, the monetary model predicts that the velocity of money will increase as a result of an excessive increase in the money supply. At the point when money velocity and prices rapidly accelerate in a vicious circle, hyperinflation is out of control, because ordinary policy mechanisms, such as increasing reserve requirements, raising interest rates, or cutting government spending will be ineffective and be responded to by shifting away from the rapidly devalued money and towards other means of exchange.
      During a period of hyperinflation, bank runs, loans for 24-hour periods, switching to alternate currencies, the return to use of gold or silver or even barter become common. Many of the people who hoard gold today expect hyperinflation, and are hedging against it by holding specie. There may also be extensive capital flight or flight to a “hard” currency such as the US dollar. This is sometimes met with capital controls, an idea which has swung from standard, to anathema, and back into semi-respectability. All of this constitutes an economy which is operating in an “abnormal” way, which may lead to decreases in real production. If so, that intensifies the hyperinflation, since it means that the amount of goods in “too much money chasing too few goods” formulation is also reduced. This is also part of the vicious circle of hyperinflation.
      Once the vicious circle of hyperinflation has been ignited, dramatic policy means are almost always required. Simply raising interest rates is insufficient. Bolivia, for example, underwent a period of hyperinflation in 1985, where prices increased 12,000% in the space of less than a year. The government raised the price of gasoline, which it had been selling at a huge loss to quiet popular discontent, and the hyperinflation came to a halt almost immediately, since it was able to bring in hard currency by selling its oil abroad. The crisis of confidence ended, and people returned deposits to banks. The German hyperinflation (1919-November 1923) was ended by producing a currency based on assets loaned against by banks, called the Rentenmark. Hyperinflation often ends when a civil conflict ends with one side winning.
      Although wage and price controls are sometimes used to control or prevent inflation, no episode of hyperinflation has been ended by the use of price controls alone, because price controls that force merchants to sell at prices far below their restocking costs result in shortages that cause prices to rise still further.
      Nobel prize winner Milton Friedman said “We economists don’t know much, but we do know how to create a shortage. If you want to create a shortage of tomatoes, for example, just pass a law that retailers can’t sell tomatoes for more than two cents per pound. Instantly you’ll have a tomato shortage. It’s the same with oil or gas.”[12]

      Hyperinflation effectively wipes out the purchasing power of private and public savings, distorts the economy in favor of the hoarding of real assets, causes the monetary base, whether specie or hard currency, to flee the country, and makes the afflicted area anathema to investment.
      Enactment of price controls to prevent discounting the value of paper money relative to gold, silver, hard currency, or commodities, fail to force acceptance of a paper money which lacks intrinsic value. If the entity responsible for printing a currency promotes excessive money printing, with other factors contributing a reinforcing effect, hyperinflation usually continues. Hyperinflation is generally associated with paper money, which can easily be used to increase the money supply: add more zeros to the plates and print, or even stamp old notes with new numbers.[13] Historically, there have been numerous episodes of hyperinflation in various countries followed by a return to “hard money”. Older economies would revert to hard currency and barter when the circulating medium became excessively devalued, generally following a “run” on the store of value.
      Much attention on hyperinflation centers on the effect on savers whose investment becomes worthless. Academic economists seem not to have devoted much study on the (positive) effect on debtors. This may be due to the widespread perception that consistently saving a portion of one’s income in monetary investments such as bonds or interest-bearing accounts is almost always a wise policy, and usually beneficial to the society of the savers. By contrast, incurring large or long-term debts (though sometimes unavoidable) is viewed as often resulting from irresponsibility or self-indulgence.[citation needed] Interest rate changes often cannot keep up with hyperinflation or even high inflation, certainly with contractually fixed interest rates. (For example, in the 1970s in the United Kingdom inflation reached 25% per annum, yet interest rates did not rise above 15% – and then only briefly – and many fixed interest rate loans existed). Contractually there is often no bar to a debtor clearing his long term debt with “hyperinflated-cash” nor could a lender simply somehow suspend the loan. “Early redemption penalties” were (and still are) often based on a penalty of x months of interest/payment; again no real bar to paying off what had been a large loan. In interwar Germany, for example, much private and corporate debt was effectively wiped out; certainly for those holding fixed interest rate loans.
      Hyperinflation is ended with drastic remedies, such as imposing the shock therapy of slashing government expenditures or altering the currency basis. One form this may take is dollarization, the use of a foreign currency (not necessarily the U.S. dollar) as a national unit of currency. An example was dollarization in Ecuador, initiated in September 2000 in response to a 75% loss of value of the Ecuadorian sucre in early 2000.
      Hyperinflation has always been a traumatic experience for the area which suffers it, and the next policy regime almost always enacts policies to prevent its recurrence. Often this means making the central bank very aggressive about maintaining price stability, as was the case with the German Bundesbank or moving to some hard basis of currency such as a currency board. Many governments have enacted extremely stiff wage and price controls in the wake of hyperinflation but this does not prevent further inflating of the money supply by its central bank, and always leads to widespread shortages of consumer goods if the controls are rigidly enforced.

      Germany, 1923: banknotes had lost so much value that they were used as wallpaper.
      In countries experiencing hyperinflation, the central bank often prints money in larger and larger denominations as the smaller denomination notes become worthless. This can result in the production of some interesting banknotes, including those denominated in amounts of 1,000,000,000 or more.
      By late 1923, the Weimar Republic of Germany was issuing two-trillion Mark banknotes and postage stamps with a face value of fifty billion Mark. The highest value banknote issued by the Weimar government’s Reichsbank had a face value of 100 trillion Mark (100,000,000,000,000; 100 million million).[14][15] At the height of the inflation, one US dollar was worth 4 trillion German marks. One of the firms printing these notes submitted an invoice for the work to the Reichsbank for 32,776,899,763,734,490,417.05 (3.28 × 1019, or 33 quintillion) Marks.[16]
      The largest denomination banknote ever officially issued for circulation was in 1946 by the Hungarian National Bank for the amount of 100 quintillion pengő (100,000,000,000,000,000,000, or 1020; 100 million million million) image. (There was even a banknote worth 10 times more, i.e. 1021 (1 sextillion) pengő, printed, but not issued image.) The banknotes however did not depict the numbers, “hundred million b.-pengő” (“hundred million trillion pengő”) and “one milliard b.-pengő” were spelled out instead. This makes the 100,000,000,000,000 Zimbabwean dollar banknotes the note with the greatest number of zeros shown.
      The Post-World War II hyperinflation of Hungary held the record for the most extreme monthly inflation rate ever — 41,900,000,000,000,000% (4.19 × 1016% or 41.9 quadrillion percent) for July 1946, amounting to prices doubling every 15.3 hours. By comparison, recent figures (as of 14 November 2008) estimate Zimbabwe’s annual inflation rate at 89.7 sextillion (1021) percent.,[17] which corresponds to a monthly rate of 79.6 billion percent, and a doubling time of 24.7 hours. In figures, that is 89,700,000,000,000,000,000,000%.
      One way to avoid the use of large numbers is by declaring a new unit of currency (an example being, instead of 10,000,000,000 Dollars, a bank might set 1 new dollar = 1,000,000,000 old dollars, so the new note would read “10 new dollars.”) An example of this would be Turkey’s revaluation of the Lira on 1 January 2005, when the old Turkish lira (TRL) was converted to the New Turkish lira (TRY) at a rate of 1,000,000 old to 1 new Turkish Lira. While this does not lessen the actual value of a currency, it is called redenomination or revaluation and also happens over time in countries with standard inflation levels. During hyperinflation, currency inflation happens so quickly that bills reach large numbers before revaluation.
      Some banknotes were stamped to indicate changes of denomination. This is because it would take too long to print new notes. By the time new notes were printed, they would be obsolete (that is, they would be of too low a denomination to be useful).
      Metallic coins were rapid casualties of hyperinflation, as the scrap value of metal enormously exceeded the face value. Massive amounts of coinage were melted down, usually illicitly, and exported for hard currency.
      Governments will often try to disguise the true rate of inflation through a variety of techniques. None of these actions address the root causes of inflation and if discovered, they tend to further undermine trust in the currency, causing further increases in inflation. Price controls will generally result in shortages and hoarding and extremely high demand for the controlled goods, causing disruptions of supply chains. Products available to consumers may diminish or disappear as businesses no longer find it sufficiently profitable (or may be operating at a loss) to continue producing and/or distributing such goods at the legal prices, further exacerbating the shortages.
      There are also issues with computerized money-handling systems. In Zimbabwe, during the hyperinflation of the Zimbabwe dollar, many automated teller machines and payment card machines struggled with arithmetic overflow errors as customers required many billions and trillions of dollars at one time.[18]

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          But yet I appreciate the 200+ who thumbed up…
          Someone has to stand up for the Union of States that we are…

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            Agreed….but not even the Constitution is daily reading material.

            Most of us just don’t have time to read that much information.

            For me…if I’m going to read something that long, I prefer to have it in the form of a good old-fashioned book. I simply can’t read and digest something of that length posted on an Internet forum.

            But that’s just me.

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    8. The Universe

      This is all related to energy and debt.

      Coal production in Britain peaked in 1913. World War I began the very next year. This is also when the Reserve Currency status of the British Pound Sterling began to fade as the world began to prefer the US Dollar. This is also around the time that the Federal Reserve was created and the US went mostly off the gold standard.

      Coal production in Britain decreased rapidly again in the late 1920s after coal miners went on strike due to long hours and brutal work conditions. Only a few years later the world was sliding towards economic depression.

      In 1971 US oil production came to a peak and began to decline. The following decade saw two energy crises and extreme economic stagflation. This is also the time when the US went off the gold standard completely.

      In 1987 oil production in the Soviet Union peaked and began to decline. By 1991, after political and economic collapse, the country became the Former Soviet Union.

      In 1998 Argentine oil production peaked and began to decline. In 1999 the country experienced a violent economic and political collapse.

      In 1999 UK North Sea oil production peaked and began a sharp decline. This was followed closely by the popping of the tech bubble, 9/11, a massive war for resources (oil) in Iraq and lots of money printing.

      In 2005 global conventional crude oil production peaked (led by Mexico) and began to decline. Since then we’ve seen a great recession, more resource wars, food price inflation, food riots, the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street and unprecedented amounts of money printing. The Federal Reserved Printed more US Dollars in the last 45 days than existed in 1980.

      According to the press none of that matters now because of the newly profitable oil resources in Texas and North Dakota. The one in North Dakota is called The Bakken and is said to contain about 167,000,000,000 barrels of oil (or more). That is enough to keep the US economy running for 24 years at current rates of consumption.

      24 years doesn’t really sound that great but at least it is something.

      Unfortunately it isn’t going to work out that way.

      The Average Bakken Oil Well

      A single Bakken well costs upwards of $10,000,000.00 to drill, frack and re-stimulate (by re-fracking).

      Once this is complete that well can continue producing oil for up to 45 years.

      In that 45 years the average well produces 665.000 barrels of oil.

      Now that we have the facts we can begin asking questions.

      Q: How long does it take for the world to consume 665,000 barrels of oil?
      A: 643 seconds.

      That doesn’t sound good but all we have to do is drill enough wells and we’re set, right? If we do some math here we can calculate that we will need to drill 1,177,000 wells to reach that target. So now we ask more questions.

      Q: How many wells can be drilled per square mile?
      A: 4

      Q: How big is The Bakken?
      A: 14,700 square miles.

      If we do the math at this point we realize that we can only fit 58,000 tight oil wells in The Bakken.

      If each of those wells produces the average then we can expect no more than 39,102,000,000 barrels of oil.

      Q: How long does it take for the world to consume 39,102,000,000 barrels of oil?
      A: 438 days.

      Plan Ahead – Plant A Garden

      • Scout

        I am upping the gardening effort.

        I got a great deal on cedar raised beds from Home depot.

        They are stackable, but there is a big difference using raised beds vs. regular gardening.

        To get off on the right foot, I called earthcare farms for their raised bed compost which contains fish guts, seashells and regular organic compost. Unbelievable results.

        I compost and am adding my special things into the soil to build it up without chemicals.

        Also got a “stair-step” raised bed that is covered by a greenhouse and super insulated, tomatoes are growing now!

      • gun

        @ Universe…Since you are so good at research and math (no sarc) what is the amount in cubic yards or miles that we removed from underground? maybe the sink holes, earthquakes and volcanos are related?

        • The Universe

          Good question.

          At first a good amount of the resources that came up out of the ground did so under their own pressure but this is mostly a thing of the past other than in a few of the newer deep sea wells.

          At this point (aside from the tight oil) most of the volume of oil removed from the ground is replaced with salt water.

          It is hard to link the geologic disturbances in drilling areas with the actual drilling activity but common sense tends to lead one to that conclusion.

          Drilling anywhere near a fault (like the New Madrid) is, in my opinion, extremely risky but they’ve been doing it in California for 0.000004% of Earth’s history and nothing has gone that wrong yet so it must be safe, right?

          • db427

            how about drilling right into Yellowstone, tap into some free energy down there, what could go wrong?

            • The Universe

              Ever heard the song Ænema by tool? 🙂

      • Them Guys

        Thats Real FUZZY Math there eh..You act as if the entire worlds oil usage is only derived from bakkan oil wells.

        you Failed to Include ALL oil wells in ALL oil nations etc…..Check out all the recent huge oil discoveries in last few yrs…Russia alone has enormous amounts found by DRILLING Not Fracking, Drilling Deeper oil wells…9 Miles deep!

        Oil did not come from dinosaures, its from enzymes deep in earth that eat carbon, and put out oil. Its never going to run out. Its an ongoing process like air we breath keeps being replaced with more by green plants life etc…

        Peak oil is a Myth, maybe usa stopped producing oil 40 yrs ago but thats due to political BS and all they did was Cap off wells…America can go 500+ yrs at current national oil use and not run out just from our Own oil at home.

        Global warming-Peak oil-Population bomb explosion-etc etc are ALL from same group of new ager whacko lib kommies.

        Scams to swindle folks out of more bogus taxes is all…

        now try adding in all nations oil produced to your numbers see what shows.

        I recall back when alaska pipeline was being boo hooed as a huge waste as oil is going to Last Just 6 months long and pipeline will remain off-line after 6 months time..

        Alaska pipeline will kill off and devestate all large animals…etc etc etc…Gee today there are way More caribou, Polar bears(6 times as many polar bears as when libs cried extiction asap if they dont do something!) all types animals LIKE pipelines Heat comming off of it in cold weather times…Caribou Breed under it!

        Liberal new agers= Loony as can be kommies. Why trust Them?

        Well alaskas pipeline has continued to funnel oil 45 yrs and never yet stopped flowing oil…yet where are all them new ager earth worshippers and nay sayers to appoligize for being so wrong?

        Oh yeh kommie libs suffer from mental derangements that wont let libs ever admit when wrong! They just find another issue or thing to whine or cry about…

        • The Universe

          The math is only fuzzy when you squint at it in disbelief.

          It is interesting that you don’t address the actual evidence and merely toss around snarl words like, “kommie,” and, “liberal.”

          I definitely did refer to ALL conventional oil wells in ALL nations when I mentioned the verifiable fact that conventional crude oil production had already peaked and is now declining. This is a fact despite whatever huge oil discoveries you claim have happened in the last few years.

          It is important to note that oil is a global commodity which is why I use global consumption rates in the comparison.

          Feel free to use US consumption numbers only but you’ll find, since the US is the biggest oil consumer, the numbers don’t end up looking much prettier.

          For example, the US consumes more oil in one hour than a Bakken or Eagle Ford well will produce in its 45 year lifetime.

          Also, I single out the Bakken and the Eagle Ford because they’re supposedly going to usher in a new age of energy independence which, if the numbers tell us anything, is a huge lie.

          • Yuri

            “For example, the US consumes more oil in one hour than a Bakken or Eagle Ford well will produce in its 45 year lifetime.”


            “Q: How long does it take for the world to consume 39,102,000,000 barrels of oil?
            A: 438 days.”

            Which is it?

            • The Universe

              I cannot be responsible for your misunderstanding.

              The first deals with a single well. Read it carefully.

              The second, if you followed the logic, dealt with how much oil the entire play will produce if my math holds. Read it carefully.

              • Yuri

                “I cannot be responsible for your misunderstanding.
                The first deals with a single well. Read it carefully.”

                Fair enough. I thought you were contradicting your own numbers. My bad.

          • Yuri

            “The math is only fuzzy when you squint at it in disbelief.”

            It’s called skepticism (what used to be known as science) and reason, and not being sold the Brooklyn Bridge.

            “It is interesting that you don’t address the actual evidence and merely toss around snarl words like, “kommie,” and, “liberal.””

            Them Guys DID address the evidence. His very first sentence annihilated your entire lame excuse for an argument.

            And you’re mistaken about his “snarl” words (do you actually snarl when you say them? maybe physically flinch when you hear them?).

            Them Guys’ statement, “Liberal new agers= Loony as can be kommies”, wasn’t an argument. It was a conclusion. And a valid one.

            • The Universe

              I support skepticism 🙂 A skeptic would have run his or her own numbers to show how mine are wrong.

              Them Guys said: “you Failed to Include ALL oil wells in ALL oil nations etc”

              …which is completely false. My statement…

              “In 2005 global conventional crude oil production peaked (led by Mexico) and began to decline.”

              Includes all of those conventional wells he claims I ignored.

              I’m noticing a pattern with many of you folks. Any logic, science or reason that implicates fossil fuels as a bad guy in any way is immediately considered lies.

              Sounds more like a knee-jerk reaction due to emotional dissonance than rational thought.

              • Yuri

                It was your comparison of what will come out of the Bakken to global consumption as if the Bakken were the only source for that consumption that Them Guys’ comment was addressing.

                You compare global consumption of water to what’s coming out of the well next to my house to create a fear that the entire world will die of thirst when my backyard well runs dry.

                You’re comment on peak production is non sequitur in that context. It’s irrelevant to the “fuzzy math” that Them Guys addressed.

        • The Universe

          Just ran a few more numbers.

          If we assume that I was wrong and that the Bakken could potentially produce DOUBLE the number I estimated above then the entire play would keep the US running for 14 years at current rates of consumption. 🙂

          If the actual is closer to my estimate than the lifetime production from that one play would last no more than 7 years. 🙂

          Math is easy.

          • Yuri

            No more than 7? By itself? With no other source of oil at all?

            Pathetic. /sarc

            • The Universe

              Yes if the US had to rely upon just that resource then yes it would, by my calculations, last no more than 7 years.

              The scary part is that it would take 5 times that long to produce that much.

              Not good…

        • The Universe

          The amount of oil flowing through TAPS is steadily decreasing at about 5% per year.

          It has gone from 2,000,000 barrels per day in 1990 to about 500,000 barrels per day now.

          Just tossing a few facts into your jumbled mumbling.

      • Yuri

        I’m not sure who told you that we were going to shut down every single producing well in the country (much less the world) and try to fuel the entire globe with only what comes out of the Bakken.

        24 years of oil — if those were the only source of oil (domestic OR foreign) — sounds pretty damned impressive given that it is nowhere close to EVER being our only source of oil.

        Peak oil, peak oil, PEAK OIL.

        Except that you listed 5 different peaks and we still have oil. There is a peak of production in every natural resource, and it has nothing whatever to do with running out of that resource. It only means that that “peak” point is the cheapest you’re ever going to see that material. Production drops off in part because the producers cannot make any money when the price of the product is so low (marginal cost exceeds marginal revenue).

        It’s not that there is no peak of production, it’s that a peak of production is meaningless in terms of whether we’re going to run out of a resource. Peak production is purely a matter of the market finding its equilibrium.

        • Them Guys

          Economy being lousy is reason less global demand for gasoline and oil so that means less oil taken out of ground for less demand…War use has also been lower than when bush begn iraq war etc…Folks cant buy gas unless has cash…No buying equals way less oil pupmping.

          If uda halted all wars, military use would drop drastically too. USA Military use is likley 1/2 along with total fed govnt oil/gas useages combined, of all oil usa needs daily.

          If Tomorrow germany or france switched with usa to be cops of globe militarily?…France oil use would sky rocket!…but will lib tree huggers all Move to france?…we Can Pray and Hope eh!

          • The Universe

            The economy is lousy because the price of the energy that runs it is high.

            It is high because the cheap stuff (conventional oil) has peaked globally and is declining.

        • The Universe

          I never claimed that we would run out and Peak Oil has nothing to do with running out.

          It has to do with the peak in production which you seem to understand quite well.

          Do you snarl when you hear the term Peak Oil?

          “I’m not sure who told you that we were going to shut down every single producing well in the country (much less the world) and try to fuel the entire globe with only what comes out of the Bakken.”

          I never claimed that. I presented the data in a way that contrasts a single tiny field with the amount of oil it actually takes to keep this global economy running. I did that because that tiny play and others like are being hailed as saviors of the US economy. They are not.

          “…you listed 5 different peaks and we still have oil.”

          I listed 5 different regional peaks all of which preceded very tumultuous times. My goal was to show that no matter what caused a peak to happen, bad times are sure to follow.

          Then I listed a 6th peak which is global in nature but concerns only conventional crude oil production.

          I then listed several things that have gone wrong since then because they are directly related to that peak.

          In an economy that is almost completely reliant on oil, almost every political and economic issue is an energy issue at its core.

          “It’s not that there is no peak of production, it’s that a peak of production is meaningless in terms of whether we’re going to run out of a resource.”

          Again peak oil has nothing to do with running out of a resource. It has everything to do with the production rate of that resource.

          “There is a peak of production in every natural resource, and it has nothing whatever to do with running out of that resource. It only means that that “peak” point is the cheapest you’re ever going to see that material.”

          See you understand peak oil quite well. The cheap stuff has peaked and is declining which means the price will go up from here.

          It will find stability at certain price points and then attempt to go up again.

          If the price goes up too much it will destroy demand which destroys consumption which in turn destroys GDP.

          Consumption will fall and the price of oil will plummet like it did during the peak of the last Great Recession (which we’ve never actually come out of).

          At the low price people will start consuming again and the price of oil will go up again and find stability for a while.

          This is peak oil.

          The US is printing like a madman right now and the only reason it is working is because US oil production is rising.

          Once production from these last-ditch resources peaks and declines the US dollar will go pop. This will more than likely be within the next few years.

          Of all the reasons to prepare for collapse your bias against fossil-fuel damning science is making you blind to the most important one.

          • Yuri

            You’re lost. I’ve wasted my time.

        • The Universe

          “24 years of oil […] sounds pretty damned impressive…”

          That number assumes that all 167,000,000,000 barrels of oil could actually be produced which it can’t.

          First it is an estimate. Second it is a number attached to a resource, not a reserve. There is a huge difference which you should understand.

    9. no justice

      Why is LP gas and gasoline so high now? Someone else with money must be buying, but what happens when they run out of money. A few countries like India and Brazil are crying because the Fed is doing a bit of scaling back. Wait till we quit buying all the goods produced elsewhere, where will the money that other countries need come from, other than 0bama just giving it away? Europe is struggling and the Chinese with money are moving to Canada.

      I would agree with storing commodities and investing in land, but gold? If gold is so good, why are so many pushing gold to get your money? Keep some cash for the deflation coming. History repeats, droughts, storms, cattle dying, no crops or produce, a perfect storm is brewing.

      • .02

        But this time is different as we have no easy fossil fuels/resources to rebuild with. This time when it all goes down it stays that way. Everyone and everything is going to go in to entropy until there is a balance struck with what limited recoverable resources remain. Planting industrial hemp sure as hell wouldn’t hurt, but in my opinion we are too far over the cliff to build all the infrastructure needed to use hemp to lessen the collapse.

        • SWFL

          At one time in his country made a lifestyle substituting petroleum power for muscle power. Now we are facing a substitution of muscle power for petroleum power. Fortunately we have a surplus of people. Those who serve as a usable source of power will be the ones who survive because they will be the ones worth feeding. Those who are already adjusting ahead of time won’t be among the surplus.
          If you are non-productive now you will be surplus then. When you are surplus, you die or learn to work. When you are learning to work, you need to seek guidance. When you seek guidance, you can fall under the influence of politicians. When you fall under the influence of politicians you commit atrocities.
          Don’t commit atrocities, become productive now.

        • db427

          @ .02
          you are right on the mark, and what you say should be heard by all preppers. many say to stock up on fuel, and I can’t say it’s a bad idea, but long run it is a waste of money. it may buy a few months, but we all should be looking way further down the road than that. I’m starting to look at peak technology before oil. what where they using besides animal power. there may be a convergence of old and new, old mechanicals with newer tolerances. an ox with a seed planter behind the plow sort of thing. (that is if we can find a cow that isn’t genetically modified beyond standing and producing 3 times its normal levels) prepping shouldn’t be ‘turn on the genny’ and lets face it, that rototiller isn’t going to do well without gas either. I’ve been thinking about this stuff for years, some of my planning is now a reality, but I am still finding shortfalls. this giddy’ thought of rebuilding this country is nothing but scary, and none of us are immune. I think there are many intelligent people on this site, and I would like to learn as much as I can from them. that being said, I would like to ask a question to all: what is a good ‘American made’ wind generator company that makes a dependable, long lasting wind turbine that creates approx. 500 watts at say 15 mph winds? I plan on buying 2 of them with a nice battery block, but would like to know if anyone has had a good experience with what they have.

          • Scout

            Setting up a very modest solar system next.

            I just need enough power to run my new super energy efficient freezer and recharge my 12 volt lights, radios, laptop battery, etc.

            Going with a 24 volt battery bank.

          • gun

            My roto tiller will run on white lightning.

            • The Universe

              It is actually better if you don’t till your soil.

              When you till you oxygenate and quickly burn the organic matter out of the soil. It makes it quickly available for plants for a season but quickly depletes the soil.

              You can’t grow a survival garden on depleted soil.

              Build your soil while growing food.

              See: Permaculture

      • PO'd Patriot

        no justice, everybody in stocks are calling to sell….sell! Supposed nobody wanted to buy?……
        OTH, has anyone noticed the uptick in gold and silver. Do I detect a little hesitation in “all’s well”? Is there some that maybe think of looking for a flotation device while traveling on this Titanic……There is no certainty … can you dig it?

        • hammerhead

          i,m pickin up what yer layin down P’O .

        • no justice

          Silver I can go with. and I have some. Most people that buy gold and silver in times like this are panicking. They don’t know what to do. Buy land, farm land where my daughter lives is $9200.00 an acre. Someone with money is buying land because they are worried. And foreigners in Wi. cannot own acreage. Anyone with any amount of money should diversify, that’s how you survive. Forget about a return on your money, preservation is the new game.

          • FarmersDaughter

            In Southeast Missouri, land is going for 1000-5000 per acre. About 20 miles out, there was 300 acres for sale, has a river running through it, a couple of fresh water springs, several ponds, a beautiful house for 700,000. Cheap considering what a condo goes for in NYC.

            • 1braveheart

              And right in the New Madrid Fault Zone.

              • FarmersDaughter

                haha braveheart.. made me laugh. But yes.. that’s true

        • db427

          if I had any brains, I’d be buying stock in coal mining

          • Mountain Trekker

            db425 are you serious? Have you seen what Obuma and the Libs are doing to the coal industry. I wonder how many union miners and railroaders that haul that coal voted for this idiot. Trekker Out.

            • Mcdave

              Well said!
              Circular firing squad anyone?

            • db427

              that’s why its time to buy now. once middle east blows up, coal will back in style, screw the libs

      • ready down under

        Why is the price of gas and LPG so high? Simple, coz that’s what the market will pay. There was a time when corporations were happy with a “margin” but now they want more and more so they can pay the exec’s higher and more obscene salaries and bonuses and contribute more to their political parties of choice!

        Do they care that the little guy is being hurt? Not in the slightest – they really couldn’t give a shit about them!! Oh, and don’t forget Gubbermints take a fair slab of the cost of a gallon/litre of gas in taxes too, and we all know how much they care don’t we???


        • skittle shittin unicorn

          Ready down under

          because O vomit said in 2008 ” your energy costs WILL !! necessary Sky rocket”

          his own words and he meant them because he sold out to the environmentalists to get elected and them gave them the shaft as fast as he could

          now he has Biden out pitching his global warming crap

          skittle shittin unicorn

        • Barn Cat

          It’s called “supply and demand”. That’s why prices are higher.

    10. Basstard

      It’s time. It’s not going to get any better so they might as well just pull the plug and get this over with.

      • db427

        use the time

    11. wrong

      Things don’t look so bright do they?

      And on top of this! We’re having another f*cking blizzard!
      I’m not sure where to put this one. I’m out of room

      • Basstard

        The effing snow is killing me. I’m in the North Quabbin area of Massachusetts. I have my long driveway, a house that we’re flipping and the in laws that are in Florida and the addition I’m trying to get tight at my house but it snows every other day. But you still couldn’t give me a million dollars to move down south.

        • Red Leader

          Go West young man.

        • Mailguy

          Basstard, I know right where you live. Well not stalker exactly, but grew up in western ma and have been to Quabbin plenty of times. You have a pretty good area to hold up, water, fish, game. I’m not far off from you, just south in the hills.

          • Mailguy

            I’m in a small town, upper Ct. In the mountains. I have the best of both worlds. A water supply close by, forest, yet still have some “town” for “friends” and allies. Can’t give away too much because of OPSEC but glad to know there’s others on here close by with the same mentality. Can’t stand this snow either! Lived in fla for ten years, loved the weather, but when it goes down I’m in a better place. No one is safe and we have no clue what’s going to happen. Happy prepping my friend!

          • Basstard

            love the Quabbin. We have a lot of Zombies around here but they will just lay down and die. I live real close to the Quabbin. Walking distance. Plenty of room to hide there.

        • Robieone

          I live Thére

      • OutWest


        If we could put some of this snow in cold storage,
        maybe we could sell it as snowcones to the tourists
        at the cherry festival in July. They buy anything.

        They would think the yellow cones were lemon. Yuk!!

    12. PO'd Patriot

      Fell asleep Barncat, sorry. I hope to lift a few scalps along the way, if not oh well. See you on the hill…..

    13. Anonymous

      No one wants the reserve currency. You have to run a trade deficit when you have the reserve currency in order to keep enough of your currency in circulation and keep it stronger than the others. This is why the US .gov has such a large deficit. Triffens Dilemma.

      The real problem is with the monetary system itself. Fractional reserve banking and excessive leverage.

      All paper in this fiat system is created by a loan with usury attached. It is a debt from the first dollar created on, and the loan plus usury can only be repaid by another loan. When the debt growth stops, the system collapses. We are at the limits to growth now.

      When it collapses…and it will within the next five years…all systems collapse worldwide. When they collapse and the supply lines break, the whole world that depends on them will starve.

      Better get crackin and learn to grow your own food. There will be no “reset” to anything you are used to and a years worth of supplies will not save you. Billions of unfunded liabilities will die.

      Do your best not to be one of them.

      • .02

        You cant grow your own food now in Spokane as the thieves strip everything bare. How we going to grow anything and guard it 24/7 365 when EVERYONE ELSE is starving? Gardens for a couple years are probably not in the cards as all I can see is a good way to die defending/planting. It is damn hard to grow stuff looking over your shoulder all the time.

        • Obtuseangler

          No security is perfect. However, I have a tall fence around my garden. Also, we have plans to get a large dog, once we have the six foot fence extended around the rest of our property. Will put screws, bolts, whatever in cans and tie them around the perimeter fence. Noise starts, dog barks, I show with a 12 gauge. Will I shoot an unarmed man over some tomatoes? No. Will I make him crap his pants? Yes.

          Not a perfect plan, but better than no plan.

          • JayJay

            However, I have a tall fence around my garden???
            And large dog???
            Oh, hell…I forgot..forgive me; no one has wire cutters.
            Where do you folks come from with these ideas?
            Dogs?? You mean those without wire cutters(sarc here) won’t have bullets either??

            • Obtuseangler

              Jay, you are correct on all counts. Please offer us the benefit our your wisdom and experience with some constructive, and realistic, advice.

              If you are going to suggest I shoot my neighbor who is getting in my garden, also please explain what I will do about his cousin who waits on the edge of my property with a scoped rifle the next day. Where I live, everyone has relatives nearby.

              Maybe you think we should employ drones with night vision 24/7 or something else you read in a comic book.

              What do you do on your property to protect your garden and firewood from thieves?

              Educate us, please.

              • Calgacus


              • JayJay

                I do not have a garden; and I do not have a fireplace.:-)

                • JayJay

                  Look, prepare for more than 2 years–if this mess can’t be straightened out in that length of time..then we have bigger fish to fry.

                • Obtuseangler

                  OK, Jay. Thanks for your honesty. Peace, OK?

                  Security of my little place has been something I have thought about, and that I really am open to suggestions about.

                  I lived in a metro area for years. Found out my neighbors, who were constantly in trouble with the law, were stealing my firewood when I saw their tracks in the snow from their house, to my firewood, and back to their house. They weren’t the brightest bulbs in the box.

                  I moved my family to a rural area where crime is low and if I don’t know you I probably know one of your relatives. Everyone, except the occasional California transplants, is armed. I count on my neighbors to be my allies. Trust me, you don’t want them as enemies.


                • 1940justme

                  you’re basically screwed

              • Vicky

                Pyracantha bushes are wonderful as fences; tall, thick and thorny. We have one of the few gardens in our area and most people know about it as we share. All I can offer is giving out free seeds and advice to your neighbors. Most don’t know how to garden, but you build good-will with the offer, which eliminates them as thieves and maybe they will help protect your property. I also planted over a dozen Rosa Rugosa which have large rose hips, full of Vitamin C. They are exceptionally thorny and would make a good inner fence.

              • Barn Cat

                I’m a big believer in kerosene. We have kero heaters and kero cooking stoves. It’s best if you have an attached garage or a secure building away from the house to store it. One thing I like about it is that I won’t be putting smoke out my chimney and announcing to the world that I have heat. It’s also more compact when it comes to storage. I think a gallon of kerosene has the same amount of heat as a wheelbarrow full of firewood.

                • db427

                  how much for a gallon of kerosene? wheelbarrow full of wood cost me about 10 cents. not trying to be smart here, just want you to keep your options open.

            • gun

              You wouldnt get 2 wires clipped before the pitbulls rip your throat out. Most dogs would hear/smell you 50 yards before you got to the fence.Bring a gun… the ak47 will be spraying you down for fertilizer. Just because you dont have the guts to defend what is yours, doesnt mean other people wont defend thier stuff.

              • JayJay

                Long scoped rifles??

          • .02

            Works once and then he comes back and ambushes you b/c he now knows your mo.

          • loulou

            look into planting roses, cactus or other thorned plants on the outer perimeter of your fence. If they want to get thru they probably will, but make them work for it!

            • DaisyK


              Roses and cacti are good choices. Not everyone who comes across them would realize they are edible. There are a lot of other crops that most people are unfamiliar with. I guess we should do some research.

              I just read an article about types of grain, etc. and it mentioned that some of the plants would be ignored by the uninformed. I have beel looking for it and now I can’t find it. I will return here if I do.

              • DaisyK

                I think it would be a good idea for all of us to figure out what we could grow on our property. I have a 6 foot privacy fence and lots of sun. Last year I planted a few tomatoes, radishes, etc in my back yard and regularly grow sprouts inside. This year I am going to do some more research to see what might work. Here are a few ideas I came up with that might work for some people. I am sure there are a lot more that we could discover.

                Pinion Pine
                Job’s Tears
                Flax Seeds

                I never did find the article I mentioned.

                • DaisyK

                  That was a good site that Loulou gave. However, it is for Texas and the SW. I will have to research to see how many of those grow in Wyoming. Thumbs up

                  (I couldn’t reply to Loulou as that thread had reached the end of the line, so I replied to my own post. I hope it will appear right after Loulou’s)

                • Calgacus

                  Alfalfa is a perennial grass. Does alfalfa grow in texas? Whats wrong w/ wheat?
                  Mushrooms need wet and dark conditions. Theyre not field grown that I know of. Just get mushrooms as a forage crop if they grow in texas or Grow mushrooms indoors. Not very nutritious though, better to grow foods w/ better value. Dandelions grow wild and are mostly thought of as weeds. Forage for them where they grow, maybe not texas. Pinion pine is a tree aint it? Wouldnt those be found in texas? Cattails grow in marshy pond areas. You got conditions for that?

                • Calgacus

                  I see your other post and your in wyoming. Sorry about that. Same rules apply for what conditions are in wyoming. Probably could get dandelions to grow since theyre best in early spring. Get the seed and scatter in areas where grass grows. Forage greens in early spring. Roots are substitute coffee. Crowns are tender and a delicacy.

                • DaisyK

                  I found these interesting sites for survival gardening:




                  Here is an excerpt from one of them:

                  “First, you need to be able to survive the first year. During this period, people will be starving to death and many will kill for a can of dog food. Any food lying around outside, like your corn patch, will disappear. Either you will be killed for it, or you will fall asleep at night and wake to find it gone.

                  Unless you and your neighbors outnumber the raiders, there is no way to prevent this short of land mines around the fields. You got land mines? The defenders have to be both more numerous and better armed than the raiders, or your garden will be useless.”

                  And this:

                  “Potatoes are your secret weapon crop. Why? Because the average person has no idea what potato plants look like, and there is no obvious food growing to be seen. Plus, digging them by hand is hard work, and most thieves are in a hurry. If planted in an uneven pattern, a potential thief may not even guess you have a garden there. Potato plants look like weeds. Everyone knows what corn looks like, and it is really easy to rip off a few ears and run. Potatoes? Not so much.”

                  There is quite a bit more, so check it out.

                  I think you could grow mushrooms in your basement. No one would see them. You can get pine nuts from any type of pine tree that grows in your area.

                  Some of the other suggestions I made (cattails) would not necessarily be good for Wyoming. You have to adapt to your own situation. However, mushrooms are not without food value. Though low in calories, they are high in B vitamins and essential minerals and they have some Vitamin C and even D. In most parts of the country they would grow in a basement. But I was thinking when I originally suggested them, if they were growing outside your house, most people would be afraid to take a chance on them. As you say, Calgacus, they are low in calories.

            • Eagle Eye

              Holly bushes or hawthorn. Bastard stuff. Grows like a weed.

              • DaisyK

                Holly would be ok as a border, but don’t eat it or let your dog eat it. Let the scavangers eat it. It will make them sick.

              • JayJay

                Kudzu; one foot a day.
                Will hide your house in a month!! 🙂

                • Barn Cat

                  How do you plant it? Drop it and run.

            • Npgh

              That’s what I’ve been doing for years. It is good advice especially if you can get the old roses. They have that wonderful old world rose smell and their thorns are beyond compare! You cannot get past a thicket of them even if you bundled up on clothes because the thorns catch everything. The hips are huge and beautifully red in the fall for making rose hip syrup out of.
              One of the more creative ideas I’ve seen for detecting strangers/predators is from the Nat Geo show on Doomsday Preppers. In one of the earlier segments, a prepper had bird feeders all over his property. The reason being is that the birds will make a commotion at any disturbance they are not familiar with. I’ve tried it and it works! We’ve been feeding the birds for quite awhile and they do get to “know you”. Hell…they are not even afraid of my dogs but the do know when a stranger is around. If the cost of seed is too much or troubling for you at the present then plant shrubs and trees that produce fruit that the birds like. You could kill “two birds at one time” (ha, ha!, I crack myself up), by planting shrubs and trees in a thicket for safety and security of your property and have them attract birds.

            • 1940justme

              barberry and black berry bushes about 4′ deep with page & barbed wire in the middle

              • 1940justme

                many farmers planted barberry bushes in place of fences during WW2 when steel was in short supply to keep their cows home.

          • The Old Coach

            Great Pyrenees – they eat a lot, but you can always feed them the perp carcasses

        • JayJay

          + 1000 thumbs up…this has been stated over and over and folks still don’t get it?
          Get those 5 gallon buckets, fill with cheap rice/beans and learn how to cook variations of rice meals.
          Everyone says you’ll get tired of rice–other nations don’t..they use vegetables and spices.
          Hey how about stretching that beef stew with rice–that’s a novel thought! 😉
          Or rice and spam.

          • Kulafarmer

            I can tell ya one thing for sure,,
            When theres nothing else to eat that rice n beans will be just fine…

            • JayJay

              Damned straight, Kula. I have never been hungry.
              But, I bet if I was, I’d eat rice every day and ramen noodles and be damned grateful to my Almighty.

          • ReFounding Father

            Man can live on a cup of rice a day. Might get pretty boring, but you can spice it up with free condemints from Taco Bell ect. Anything will mix with rice.

            • 1940justme

              you’re right except I believe Taco bell and other fast food joints will be gone when the entitlements dry up

              • ReFounding Father

                @ 1940
                Gotta prep for the condiments now!!!
                Gonna be a whole lot of gone-ness when entitlements end. Remember when the glitch of a couple months ago happened? Don’t be in a city when it happens for real!


          • 1940justme

            fill one pail with bouillon cubes, seasonings and spices

            • 1940justme

              how can an idiot give a neg for the post on spices??

            • Mountain Trekker

              1940 we all have atleast one follower that sticks with us through thick an thin. Notice I didn’t say friend! Trekker Out.

          • Barn Cat

            You can live trap rabbits with a cage and a trip wire. They make an excellent addition to your bean soup.

            • 1940justme

              another neg for an intelligent post like this, some ass hole must just go down and neg everything

        • Anonymous

          That’s why we need to be in groups, .02… You have to be part of a tribe.

          • 1940justme

            Blacks, Orientals from different countries, and Spanish may stick together, but whites can’t even get along or agree in church or police departments.

          • Barn Cat

            I don’t know of a single prepper in my area. Every friend, relative, in-law, and church person who knows I’m prepping thinks I’m crazy. It’s been two years since I talked to someone about prepping. I’m done trying to wake anybody up. After it hits the fan we’re gonna bug in and act like nobody’s home.

        • Hunter


          See Warchild’s(dammit) recommendations for perimeter security.

          Use your imagination/creativity & don’t take prisoners once the balloon goes up!

          ..sorry, but there is…NO OTHER WAY!

          • .02

            Piles of dead corpses over a couple tomatoes, no thanks. And if you can shoot an 8 yo girl and still be able to ever sleep again you are a better man than I.

            • .02

              or maybe not.. I am not sure

              • Kulafarmer

                I think Selco pretty much sums it up that it will haunt you after you foll someone

                • Kulafarmer

                  Kill, damn phone

            • 1940justme

              it’s cruel, but shooting the kid may save her from worse things than you can even imagine, I personally would take a kid in and try to make do somehow. pedophiles and child molesters will not go away with hard times.

              • DaisyK

                Children will be some of the most dangerous people. Don’t risk you own children for a stranger’s kids.

                If the child who is stealing your tomatoes is very young, you could try hollering, “Come here, kid. Let me help you.” Chances are he or she will run away. If not, maybe you could help. But be wary.

            • Hunter

              Touche’…on that one .02!

              Nope, nor could I pop a kid..just no way.

              That said, per this area(out in the country)..we have a rising level of property crimes already(B/E & theft)..mostly dope-heads who’re too damn lazy to work/get a job.

              ..per your kid scenario, they’ll be given food/water..which in the end will likely cost me my life one day.

              • JayJay

                Hunter…1) you are just prolonging the inevitable
                2) are you giving away your kid’s food?

                • Hunter

                  JayJay…I guess those questions boil down to a Hobson’s choice scenario.

                  Where one is damned if they do & damned if they don’t, yes?

                  ..maybe its a character flaw on my part, but young children IMO, are to be cherished/looked after/provided for, as in a SHTP environment..they are helpless & realistically, possessed no foreknowledge or ability/skills/monies to position themselves away from its consequences.

         yeah, I guess I’d have to find a way to stretch my larder some.

                  ..because if I failed to do thus..I’d be forever haunted per the phrase/axiom that reads: -(slightly modified)-

                  “There, but for the grace of GOD..go my grandchildren also”

                • Hunter

                  -addendum to above-

                  ..besides, I live far enough away (for the most part), off the beaten path..that I don’t anticipate becoming the headmaster of an orphanage!

        • IIC

          .002: Would/could u give us a sitrep on Spokane re: garden thieves? First I heard of this. Spent some time there in the past. Thanks!

          • IIC

            sorry @ .02 ..long day

        • Smokey

          Your home garden is not going to work, it will take a community garden, very large, with security 24/7, if you want to protect it and keep fed.

          Protect your neighborhood, not your house. Twenty people working as a unit can protect a hundred homes, but they can’t protect ten homes if they don’t work together.

          • Obtuseangler

            I think you are right about a group being needed to provide security. That would only come about, though, if we were in a collapse se

            • Obtuseangler

              Sorry, in a collapse severe enough that people realized they had no choice but to come together to replace existing government structures, if that makes any sense at all.

              • Smokey

                Makes sense. If the scenario is hungry people taking the food from the weak due to a distribution system that either does not work or is corrupt, folks are going to have to work together to cope with it.

                No one is an island.

                • Barn Cat

                  My family is an island. We have a year’s food and water for 4 adults. You can’t band together with people who don’t have food unless you want to feed everybody for the duration.

          • Calgacus

            Community gardens are more visible and known to more people. Theyre more prone to have food disappear or people hurt in desperate and hard times. Gardens in every yard w/ perimeter guards in a community.
            Its good to grow foods in yards in plain site but not laid out like a regular backyard garden. Grow food in ways that arent like the rectangle gardens or boxed raised beds.

            Food gardens need to be covert so if your serious about growing your food go w/ more perennial foods. Then scatter perennial foods around. Nothing growes all together in the same place and grow foods that arent commonly known like sunchokes or rhubarb or briar types of berries along the woods. Some trees can be in the open areas of forests like pawpaw or hawthorn and walnut. Trees take years to produce but the dwarf fruit trees bear in a few years. Time to plant is approaching. Use fruit trees instead of landscape trees.
            Potatoes are one of the best crops but theres time and labor to get them. Potato thieves would be seen before they got the taters. Grow food producing vines around the perimeter of your house. Squashes, cucumbers, beans, peas work.
            Anyone planning to grow foods but not gardening now, good luck. Might be better to buy that 2 year food supply so you dont starve.

          • 1940justme

            community garden may work with the Amish where they have strict rules and abide by them, but it will not work for the average people in a town, there’s always some group that feels like they are being short changed. once the wrinkles are out of their bellies and the dust has settled, there will be a revolt.. personally, I just want family, I feel that if the SHsTF all my friends will be the silver coins that I have stashed, at least I can count on them.

        • SWFL

          Not a perfect answer but it helps- bulk alfalfa seed from lawn service sources. Sprout under grow lights for fresh greens and complex structures such as some vitamins and enzymes while eating stored food for bulk and protein, stored oil for fats.

        • SWFL

          Not a perfect answer but it might help- bulk alfalfa from lawn service sources, sprout under grow lights for fresh greens with their complex phyto-structures. Eat stored food for bulk and protein and stored oil for fats. No one is likely to live exclusively from a garden, it supplements stored or gathered food.

          • Jimb

            That seed is treated and will not be very good for your health

          • Calgacus

            Yeah but maybe not commercial grass seed. Also you dont need grow lights to sprout seeds, just a window light for best sprouts. Sprouts are high in nutrients. Surprised preppers dont pay attention to sprouting more but oh well.
            Wheat berries to sprouts grow in 7 days or so.
            Save seed from your home grown crops and use for your fresh sprouts. Even if your plants accidently crossed and you dont want the seed for planting, use the seeds for sprouting. Lettuce, spinach, radish, and more. Easy to grow, high food value. Eat raw or add to a quick fry at the last minute.

            • Npgh

              Our local paper had an article on sprouting sunflower seeds. I haven’t tried it yet but it sure looked good!

            • SWFL

              Also you don’t need grow lights to sprout seeds, just a window light for best sprouts.
              – That’s true. I guess I was still thinking of the snowed-in, iced-up, grey-skies-with-no-sun-forever situation some are in now. Plus not wanting to set sprouts in the window where people could see them.

          • 1940justme

            sprout the same wheat that you stored to make breads with.

            • The Cookin' Mom

              That’s exactly what we do. Ready in about 3-4 days.
              great in salads and sandwiches.

        • ready down under

          I am convinced the only way to come out the other side is to be able hunker down out of sight and off the radar until the bulk of the problem sorts itself out – year or two maybe. Unless your place is the remotest of the remote it will be found and having and tending gardens really gives your place a “come loot me look”. Short of having a dozen or more paramilitary defenders (which creates an even bigger signature) you cant defend it. Better to have it look like a semi deserted junkyard with nothing of value within. If it looks like you have nothing of value your chances of getting raided just went way down.


          • Barn Cat

            Yes, and any garden you have will be raided as soon as there’s anything remotely edible. Unless the hyperinflation isn’t bad enough then and the collapse hasn’t happened yet.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Anonymous, so true especially where fuel is concerned. Especially with the tax on it. I had a customer I went to not long ago to fix his heating system (boiler). I presented him the bill and he complained that I was too high and that his son had a lawn service business and didn’t charge as much as I…….I told him that either he could have a nice lawn or be warm, it didn’t make much difference to me. My prices have not changed since 2010. I’m getting to the point where if you wanted it fixed here’s how much it’ll be ….. If not adios. BTW , all the parts are made in China. I’ve been in this line of work for over 25 years. The parts are crap. The equipment even if made in in the USA are crap. Most are made in China. I’ve had so many parts right out of the box faulty it has become a cryin’ shame. Good luck to everyone here…. I see no good coming from this.

        • Arby

          Anyone can do lawn work, HVAC requires training, experience and tools.

    14. REB

      Theres things I can do something about then theres things I havent got any control over…I can work at being independent on a practical scale and I am…I can put back some goodies which I have…learn some skills(daily) and pray alot(moment by moment) but when it comes to international monetary collapse or a comet hitting the New Madrid theres not much I can do…gotta have money to make money as they say…cant buy much gold/silver with no cash income,or anything else for that matter…Ill follow my own advice and do what I can where I am with what I have…we’re gonna make it friends…some of us do it differently than the experts say to but then heck I never was a follower…Ill cut my own path…you can too :)…go for it, don’t let anyone distract you!

      • Northern Reb

        I could not have said it any better.
        All one can do is do the best they can withwhat ever they have.

        I’m lucky I can buy silver but I DON’T buy it from any of those outfits that you see on TV.
        I get mine from a coin dealer and I stay under $1000 everytime I buy any.
        I usually only buy about $300 to 400 at a time every 3 months.
        I work for a living and my wife and I are really trying real hard to prep for this SHTF problem that is coming our way.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • eppe

          Amen brother…

        • Obtuseangler

          Silver at $20/ounce is hard to beat. No shipping cost when you buy from a local guy. Downside, though, is that if you live in a small town the dealer knows who is holding metal. That said, I like to buy from the local guy, too.

          Wish I could buy more than I have with prices so low, but there are other priorities pulling on me. I remember silver at about $49/ounce a few years ago. I expect it to shoot to the moon if we have a currency collapse. Gold and silver are money. Dollars are debt instruments backed by the full faith and credit of the US government. Would you rather trust shiny metal in your hand, or an IOU from Obama? ‘Nuff said. Oh, and by the way, you can’t eat dollars, either.

          • hammerhead

            “Gold and silver are money. Dollars are debt instruments backed by the full faith and credit of the US government. ”

            Backed by WHOM ? LMAO

            BEST OF LUCK

          • Northern Reb

            I can remember buying silver for $16 an ounce, and I did buy it then I also paid up to $49 a U.S. oz. that would be about $45 a troy oz. You pay a little more but you get a little more.
            Troy ounces weighes 12 grams
            U.S. ounces wieghes 16 grams
            I could not aford very much silver at $49 an troy ounce silver
            The last silver run I paid $18.50 a trou oz. I don’t think I’ll see that price in the near future.
            Keep it private so the feds will not know how much you have.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • Smokey

              Reb, you’ve got the Troy vs. Advoidupois thing backward.

              A Troy ounce is just over 31 grams, Advoidupois is a little over 28 grams. 12 Troy ounces is a pound, 16 ounces Adv. is a pound.

              The Troy ounce is heavier.

              Used to buy worn Morgan dollars at $4 or $5 apiece, and not a long time ago, around 1995 or later. Sold all my Dad’s silver accumulation at $13 an ounce, wish I had kept my half for that $48 price. Oh, well, such is the way it goes.

              Local shop here is selling worn Morgan dollars for $25 each, another is at $27.95.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Yeah, I sold all my silver coins when it hit $42 in March of 2012. I laughed all the way out of the Jewelry store, and sold the Gold a year before that. The items to stock up on now is buckets of long term food and water, Guns and plenty of ammo, and many types of fuels. Its never again going to be this cheap. I will never trade a bucket of food for a gold coin. And if they try taking it, I shoot them and steal their gold and bury it in my back yard, and bury them far away. Don’t need no stinking flies buzzin near my home.

            • Northern Reb

              THATS ONE WAY TO DO IT!;-)
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • JayJay

              Who–can I be on your team? 🙂

      • Kulafarmer

        Right on Reb, same here,
        When there is money it definitely isnt going to silver or gold or freeze dried stuff,, hell, most of the time its just barely enough to cover the bills!
        So gotta figure out your own way to do this

        • Northern Reb

          All anyone can do is, just do what you can and do it the best you can. That is all anyone can do.
          I do a little at a time, but I do a little every other day. Sometimes I spend hours on it and there are times that I spend a few minutes on it.
          Just keep prepping It might surprise you how much you have already done and can do.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

    15. .02

      Better start practicing the hunter gatherer nomad skill sets.

    16. Not a psychic


      • Northern Reb

        That is the 17 TRILLION DOLLAR QUESTION!!!!!
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

        • db427

          @ NR
          wow, I just said the same exact thing, great minds..

    17. N.O. ;0p

      saw this coming in 2008 …

      nothing has changed since then …

      everything has just gotten worse AND I MEAN EVERYTHING .

      hopefully most of you shtfplan old timers here are ready .

      if not … lifes a bitch named obammy ;0p .

      most of you still have time to get prepped .

      hopefully you do so now .

      as time is short .

      its inevitable … america is finished as top dog .

      now commie china triad mafia and russian mafia will rule the world markets for the next 100 years .

      prepare to loose 50 % of your wealth value , its here right now and more bad sheeit LIKE WAR ON AMERICAN SOIL is coming to ZOG AmeriKa .


    18. Sheepdog

      I’ll tell ya what will be gold when SHTF, cigarettes and booze, ammo and butt wipe. Folks won’t barter with/for PM’s, only useable/desireable items. Think of the little shampoo bottle in “Book of Eli”, that will be gold.

      PM’s are for civilized trade, what this nation is going to collapse into will be far, far from anything capable of that. Watch “The Road” for a possible glimpse of the “civilization” waiting for us for those who survive the initial onslaught.

      We’ve turned our back on the Truth and the Light, we’ll reap the rewards of lies and darkness…

      • db427

        @sheepdog, better yet… read it.

    19. Snowed In

      How will this affect the takers? 1/3 of Americans lives off government freebies. Will they be better off? (And should we stop working and join them?)

      • Smokey

        You don’t want to join them. A group of desperate leeches is going to turn on itself in very short order.

        If they don’t get you, we will.

      • Mountain Trekker

        Snowed In, they’re always talking about running out of money for Social Security, but you never hear them say there’s no money for welfare. That should answer your question. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • db427

          that’s because old people don’t riot, but even mention cutting welfare will spark an explosion.

        • DaisyK


          That’s because the welfare people vote for democrats and the seniors vote for republicans.

          • Mcdave

            Welfare recipients ARE DANGEROUS!
            Seniors, not so much.

            • Mcdave

              Also, look at the demo. in DC Where the rules are made.
              A little “dark” and scary for most of the melba toast pols. to want to mess with. Know what I mean?

          • gun

            The seniors vote democrat too. endorsed by the aarp and fear porned into voting dem.

            • Mcdave

              Throw Grandma off a cliff?

    20. The Old Coach

      I get tired of repeating this, but….

      A banking system collapse will be a DEflationary event. Vast amounts of “money” (i.e. loans and other instruments) held by these banks will finally be recognized as worthless.

      This is not say that prices for everything will fall. Far from it. Without a banking system to transfer money from commercial buyers and sellers, the logistic system that supports us will break down; many commodities will become extremely scarce. Food and fuel most of all. But prices for non-essentials will crater. Who would, for example, buy a car if there’s no fuel for it?

      Articles like this are propaganda for P/M dealers who sell you gold and silver, taking a fat cut of the value as they do so. That’s value that you will never get back. Might as well go play a rigged game of blackjack.

      • Scout

        You nailed it, scarcity.

        Get your goodies while you can.

        Think imported chocolate, non nuked cento tuna, etc.

        We may see widespread supply chain disruptions.
        Shortages, rationing, or worse, GMO mono crop failure?

        I don’t like the QE but it has given us time to prepare.

    21. SCTV

      If five guys say that you are drunk, maybe it’s time to sit down.

    22. eppe

      Stupendously Lucky Us
      By Alan Hall

      One of my colleagues says I need a more positive tone in my writing, and I thought I’d give it a shot, at least for today. I first decided not to read any news, having read plenty of depressing stories yesterday. I’ll do something that always cheers me up – taking a look at the big picture, and feeling grateful for beating the enormous odds against being here.
      We are a minority species, living in a thin zone on the surface of a ball of rock, metal and water, hurtling through a vacuum along with an assortment of dangerous flying objects, bathed in deadly radiation. A fickle, feeble magnetic field is our only shield against the radiation and the loss of our atmosphere to solar wind. We build fragile homes on a violently mobile planetary crust that surfs a hot, glutinous mantle. The fractured plates of the crust are exceedingly dangerous near the edges… where we’ve built cities because it is beautiful.
      Billions of years ago, the Earth and Moon were ripped apart by a huge impact, and then pounded into roundness by billions of flying rocks. We didn’t fully understand the power of these high-velocity impacts until 1994, when we saw a comet fragment crash into Jupiter, creating a scar as large as Earth. The impact theory of dinosaur extinction now has wide agreement.
      There are 100 million asteroids larger than ten meters that cross Earth’s orbit. Forecasting their complex movements, even if we could find them all, is impossible. One the size of a house could destroy a small city, and would likely give no warning — invisible until it hit the atmosphere.
      Our dynamic planet’s past is marked with innumerable geo-traumas. Supervolcano eruptions, six mass extinctions, tidal waves, earthquakes, and massive asteroid impacts. These are big things that could have wiped us out… but there is also the small stuff to sweat.
      We are walking, talking, bags of bacteria — with ten times more bacterial cells than human cells in our bodies. Think about that (or don’t — if you’re squeamish). We are totally a product of this planet’s environment, symbiotic with it, and utterly dependant on it. We live in a sea of bacterial life that occupies more space and contains more biomass than all other living things combined. Bacteria live everywhere we have ever looked on Earth – in the hottest, coldest, most acidic, basic, and radioactive places. What good fortune we have, that most bacteria are beneficial to us.
      And then, consider that we have also survived how humans have treated each other. We still herd into war, persecute minorities, encourage immigrants then decry immigrants, use religion to separate instead of unify, wave nuclear weapons like a firebrand in a lifeboat, and set poor examples for our children. Sorry to mention it, but that part doesn’t seem to be getting any better. It’s supposed to be a good thing that we’re now a “global village,” but it appears that one of the first spectacles of our global New Year will be a “public” hanging.
      OK, OK… here is the positive part. We are somehow the inheritors of this beautiful, tumultuous planet, survivors of the remorseless culling of evolution and human folly. The odds against any one of us being here to enjoy this brief spot of time and place are incalculable. As author Neal Stephenson writes, any organism that has survived up to now is an absolutely “stupendous badass.”
      We made it. We have each other, music, food, love, and laughter. We have an unprecedented awareness of what, where, and when we are — and if we could have chosen, we might not have been able to pick a better time to be alive.
      Happy New Year!

      • eppe

        We are just grains of sand in an ocean of life…
        How insignificant we really are…
        I hope you do not take me wrong, but think of us as ants on a huge planet, and any thing that goes on must be preplanned, by GOD perhaps? I really wonder why we all have all survived to this point…
        I often wondered why we have survived this long, considering what has gone on in the past? Could it all be preplanned?
        I have deeeeep thoughts on this all the time, and dreams of the future, but what is to become of us, just ants?
        Please post your thoughts…

        • laeagle

          Eppe, You may be the ugliest guy around but you are considered higher than an Angel because you were created in God’s own image. There is something very special in every human being and that is why we are taught about the sanctity of life.

          I, too, love to gaze at the stars and look at pictures taken by the Hubble looking at other galaxies and wonder about our significance in this great Cosmos that we find our selves in. Certainly, we are insignificant, it seems, standing under the canopy of the heavens in their vastness and grandeur. But, here we are! There is an eternal future for us! This phase on earth is but a brief moment when the seed is germinating and sprouting, the true eternal you is yet to be revealed when we see Him even as He is!

          • eppe

            Thank you sir, spoken in the grandest sense…
            I do wonder what the true truth is…
            With that said, I consider what you said in the upmost respect, and I hope all reach what we call HEAVEN, where ever it is and whatever it is…
            May we all get to the final destination, that is set apart for each of us, where ever it is…
            But we must sustain to the world we are in now, which gets harder every day, with obsticales we must face every day…
            GOD bless all of us, who see the true TRUTH and prep for the worst….

            • db427

              eppe, that was epic.
              thanks for putting things into perspective

          • robert

            on earth the angels are higher. in Heaven we will be higher.

          • Scout


            Life is a gift, and all are unique and precious.

        • eppe

          But then again, I love to post jokes…

          Unnatural Laws”
          Law of Mechanical Repair: After your hands
          become coated with grease your nose will
          begin to itch or you’ll have to pee.
          Law of the Workshop: Any tool, when
          dropped, will roll to the least accessible
          Law of probability: The probability of being
          watched is directly proportional to the
          stupidity of your act.
          Law of the Telephone: When you dial a wrong
          number, you never get a busy signal.
          Law of the Alibi: If you tell the boss you were
          late for work because you had a flat tire, the
          very next morning you will have a flat tire.
          Variation Law: If you change lines (or traffic
          lanes), the one you were in will start to move
          faster than the one you are in now. (works
          every time)
          Bath Theorem: When the body is fully
          immersed in water, the telephone rings.
          Law of Close Encounters: The probability of
          meeting someone you know increases when
          you are with someone you don’t want to be seen with.
          Law of the Result: When you try to prove to
          someone that a machine won’t work, it will.
          Law of Biomechanics: The severity of the
          itch is inversely proportional to the reach.
          Theatre Rule: At any event, the people
          whose seats are furthest from the aisle
          arrive last.
          Law of Coffee: As soon as you sit down to
          a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you
          to do something which will last until the
          coffee is cold.
          Murphy’s Law of Lockers: If there are only
          two people in a locker room, they will have
          adjacent lockers.
          Law of Dirty Rugs/Carpets: The chances of
          an open-faced jelly sandwich of landing face
          down on a floor covering are directly
          correlated to the newness and cost of the
          Law of Location: No matter where you go,
          there you are.
          Law of Logical Argument: Anything is possible
          if you don’t know what you are talking about.
          Brown’s Law: If the shoe fits, it’s ugly.
          Oliver’s Law: A closed mouth gathers no feet.
          Wilson ‘s Law: As soon as you find a product
          that you really like, they will stop making it.

          • Northern Reb

            Thanks again for the laugh I needed it.
            I been pushing this DA$% snow for 9 hours now, First it snowed about 1 inch an hour or more then it stop snowing and now the DA$% wind is blowing at 30 to 35 mph.
            CAN’T WIN. NUTZ!!!!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • eppe

              In the end, it is only those we can trust that we can depend on…
              I consider laughing at ourselves as the the one thing we can look on as what we are, if that makes sense?

            • Northern Reb

              wind at 20 to 25 mph with gust of 30 to 35 mph. typo king here,been a long day

          • Merree

            Technician’s Law: The machine won’t work until the repair mechanic shows up- then it will work perfectly until he leaves.

            • Northern Reb

              If I could I would give you 1000 thumbs up.
              I’m a maintenance mech. at a hospital.
              All I hear is wellhow did you fix that. I tell them I healed it by laying on of hands. It’s a Catholic Hospital!;-)
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • eppe

              Amen sister….
              Amazing how that works…

            • Arby

              Law of the lost tool. You will not find it until you purchase a new one.

          • anon

            sry for thumbs down, meant thumbs up.

            Good post! made me laugh.

      • Archivist

        “Stupendous badass.” I like the sound of that. I’m a stupendous badass archivist.

        • eppe

          That you are…

          • eppe

            In a good sense…

      • OutWest

        Oh thank you eppe, I feel so much better now
        that you’ve taken a more positive tone with
        this post.

        Please give me a pre-comment heads up when
        you decide to really get down and dirty with
        the apocalyptic post to end all posts so I
        can hoof it over to the concrete bunker and
        read it from there. lol

        • eppe

          I am down and dirty, but most cannot handle it…
          But I get your gist, we are ready for what happens, but we may not like it, but someone has to make it happen….
          Let’s go drink a beer before the wall falls…

          • OutWest

            I can shovel guts with one hand
            and eat a hamburger with the other,
            but I think you got me beat, eppe.

            A beer would be nice to wash down
            that hamburger with though, hmmm ……

            • eppe

              You sir are the upmost optimist, and I do agree with all you say, I can never beat most, I am just a person who tries to make others think, with jokes or opinions…
              Alot of people do not agree with me, but what the hell, it is just a blog site, we are free to express our opionions, one way or another…. Right?
              It would be nice to go have a beer with the jokesters here, would it not????

    23. Ugly

      What does $10 bread, $9 eggs, $7 gas, and $8 milk have to do with me?

      • Scout

        Plant wheat, or spelt, or rye, get chickens, and a goat.

        Make your own cheese too.

      • Mcdave

        Is This a riddle?
        OK. I’ll play…
        Nothing, if you are on food stamps.

    24. Be informed

      IF you vote this coming election, IF there is an election. Remember every last member of congress that voted to extend the debt ceiling is an enemy of the people and should not be voted for.

      E to the X is simply a slope that starts out flat and the slope gently starts to rise. E the X is 2.718 times itself with each increase of the number. 2 would be 2.718 times 2.718, and 3 would be 2.718 cubed or about 20. The fricking debt chart is almost matching e to the x slope. Eventually this thing hits infinity, almost a 90 degree slope. In other words an almost perfect vertical line. BO had to, like a true politician without any substance to them, raise the debt ceiling to match this slope of a dead fall line or the truth of what total deep sh%^ this country is in would have come to full view.

      Seriosuly, it is incredible to see the debt matching this so closely. The next benchmark would be 17 trillion times 2.718 = 46.2 trillion. After that 125.6 trillion. Then 341.4 trillion. How about then 927.9 trillion. How is this? 2.5 quadrillion owed on the debt. This is the way the debt slope to we are all totally f’ed is heading. BO options are ugly as history oftens repeats itself identically. War or total martial law. The time frame will all depend on how well they can hide the expontential growth of the debt until, BOOM!

      • eppe

        Some where, some how, something is gonna break…

    25. Anonymous

      and buy guns and gold and silver and hide in a cave and eat beans …good plan you morons.

      • Smokey

        Your plan being….?

        • PO'd Patriot

          He’ll come to your house. You know what to do….

      • 1braveheart

        Another troll? OH, HELL NO!

    26. Be informed

      Want a nice excuse to divert all the attention away from the economy? How about a nice war with North Korea?

      Today the un, in their worthless wisdom, came out with a report that North Korea is worse than Nazi Germany for the atrocities. They even give all sorts of drawing and diagrams showing the North Koreans looking just like the Jewish people during the holocaust. That means this is a call to liberate and save the North Koreans. Perfect timing?

      We know this garbage 25 years ago was going on in North Korean. Okay why now is the un bringing this out in such graphic detail? Yeah why now? This stinks, as everything about the un does.

      • iceman

        Remember, north Korea does have that satellite kms 3-2 still going over us on a daily basis, wonder what’s inside?
        Mr. Rogers would say, hello boys and girls, today’s new word is EMP, does anyone knows what that stands for… hold on a second as I put on my tennis shoes.

      • Them Guys

        oh No! OyVey is that Gaaaaasssssss! I smell?

        Whats next for korea lies? Stripped PJ’s and shaved heads?

        Cant wait for new Lamp shades of human skin to be spread again!…..Did that report mention how the true worse than nazi germans was russian Jewish Kommie Bolhsevik mass murderers perhaps?

    27. Maudy Frickett

      The government is practicing to kill us. The economy is ready to implode. The dollar is toast. It won’t stop snowing. The traffic sucks. Look on the bright side. When you got nothing to lose, when you can’t go any lower, uh, uh, you’re screwed. Good thing I’m not giving the sermon on Sunday.

    28. iceman

      We’re all just waiting for something to happen, maybe nothing will, but when it does it will most likely be right before the next election 2016, so obummer can finish his hope and change when he declares martial law and stays the new dictator of the un-united states of the peoples socialist republic… or obamaland… or you pick the name.

    29. BarackBathHouseAndBeyond

      I have hyper inflation in the mornings if I drink a lot of coffee after eating a lot of lentils the day before.

      Actually, come to think of it, it’s hyper-flatuence. Which should also cause the world to worry.

    30. paul

      infomercial buy braizil

    31. jpl_texas

      Reminds me of the movie “Margin Call”, when Jeremy Irons is finally informed that “the” risk event has occurred – leveraged assets exceed firm value. He knows just what to do (premeditated); trade the toxic asset NOW…and trade it to everybody, people who have trusted them with their financial future. Since it is an “unrealized” risk before he trades it, he holds that the risk is now on the buyer and that he cannot be held responsible for consequences to the buyer. The politicians are knowing salesman dumping the toxic risk on trusting citizens, while they and the risk manager (central banks) flee to safety. Hyperinflation won’t last long; it’ll go assymptotic and then USDs will be worthless as no one around the world will accept them. Then the only power a US politician will have over the people is to send out his armies. Will we see rock throwing here in the US? Divest yourselves of toxic assets, USDs.

    32. eppe

      An old one, but many have not heard it, so be gentle with those who have not heard…. In terms of old computer terms…Amazing how far we ahve progressed…

      UNIX Airways
      Everyone brings one piece of the plane along when they come to the airport. They all go out on the runway and put the plane together piece by piece, arguing non-stop about what kind of plane they are supposed to be building.
      Air DOS
      Everybody pushes the airplane until it glides, then they jump on and let the plane coast until it hits the ground again. Then they push again, jump on again, and so on…
      Mac Airlines
      All the stewards, captains, baggage handlers, and ticket agents look and act exactly the same. Every time you ask questions about details, you are gently but firmly told that you don’t need to know, don’t want to know, and everything will be done for you without your ever having to know, so just shut up.
      OSX Air
      You enter a white terminal, and all you can see is a woman sitting in the corner behind a white desk, you walk up to get your ticket. She smiles and says “Welcome to OS X Air, please allow us to take your picture”, at which point a camera in the wall you didn’t notice before takes your picture. “Thank you, here is your ticket” You are handed a minimalistic ticket with your picture at the top, it already has all of your information. A door opens to your right and you walk through. You enter a wide open space with one seat in the middle. You sit, listen to music and watch movies until the end of the flight. You never see any of the other passengers. You land, get off, and you say to yourself “wow, that was really nice, but I feel like something was missing”.
      Windows Air
      The terminal is pretty and colorful, with friendly stewards, easy baggage check and boarding, and a smooth take-off. After about 10 minutes in the air, the plane explodes with no warning whatsoever.
      Windows NT Air
      Just like Windows Air, but costs more, uses much bigger planes, and takes out all the other aircraft within a 40-mile radius when it explodes.
      Windows XP Air
      You turn up at the airport, which is under contract to only allow XP Air planes. All the aircraft are identical, brightly colored and three times as big as they need to be. The signs are huge and all point the same way. Whichever way you go, someone pops up dressed in a cloak and pointed hat insisting you follow him. Your luggage and clothes are taken off you and replaced with an XP Air suit and suitcase identical to everyone around you as this is included in the exorbitant ticket cost. The aircraft will not take off until you have signed a contract. The in-flight entertainment promised turns out to be the same Mickey Mouse cartoon repeated over and over again. You have to phone your travel agent before you can have a meal or drink. You are searched regularly throughout the flight. If you go to the toilet twice or more you get charged for a new ticket. No matter what destination you booked you will always end up crash landing at Whistler in Canada.
      Windows Vista Airlines
      You enter a good looking terminal with the largest planes you have ever seen. Every 10 feet a security officer appears and asks you if you are “sure” you want to continue walking to your plane and if you would like to cancel. Not sure what cancel would do, you continue walking and ask the agent at the desk why the planes are so big. After the security officer making sure you want to ask the question and you want to hear the answer, the agent replies that they are bigger because it makes customers feel better, but the planes are designed to fly twice as slow. Adding the size helped achieve the slow fly goal.
      Once on the plane, every passenger has to be asked individually by the flight attendants if they are sure they want to take this flight. Then it is company policy that the captain asks the passengers collectively the same thing. After answering yes to so many questions, you are punched in the face by some stranger who when he asked “Are you sure you want me to punch you in the face? Cancel or Allow?” you instinctively say “Allow”.
      After takeoff, the pilots realize that the landing gear driver wasn’t updated to work with the new plane. Therefore it is always stuck in the down position. This forces the plane to fly even slower, but the pilots are used to it and continue to fly the planes, hoping that soon the landing gear manufacturer will give out a landing gear driver update.
      You arrive at your destination wishing you had used your reward miles with Windows XP Air rather than trying out this new carrier. A close friend, after hearing your story, mentions that Linux Air is a much better alternative and helps.
      Linux Air
      Disgruntled employees of all the other OS airlines decide to start their own airline. They build the planes, ticket counters, and pave the runways themselves. They charge a small fee to cover the cost of printing the ticket, but you can also download and print the ticket yourself.
      When you board the plane, you are given a seat, four bolts, a wrench and a copy of the seat-HOWTO.html. Once settled, the fully adjustable seat is very comfortable, the plane leaves and arrives on time without a single problem, the in-flight meal is wonderful. You try to tell customers of the other airlines about the great trip, but all they can say is, “You had to do what with the seat?”

      • eppe

        It is amazing how far we have progressed in computer terms…

    33. wncmountainboy

      Sorry, guys, off topic but odd, nonetheless;

      1530hrs, I-40 near Waynesville, NC

      My brother spotted a vehicle unlike any he’s seen before:

      1 ton Dualie crew cab truck, odd blue/gray mix color, he says almost naval looking.
      Large box on back with very narrow, heavy looking windows.
      Back door on box with what looks like hydraulic staircase.
      Small, black squares about every two feet around the “box” all the way around and would be shoulder height from the inside.
      Box displaying small satellite dish on top, also numerous other antennae
      Windows in cab heavily smoked, but did see four men (bearded!), two in front, two in crew cab.
      NO markings on vehicle of any kind.
      US Government permanent plates.

      He said it was very unnerving driving down the interstate next to it.
      Traveling east on 40 then merged onto I-26 east(which is more south than east).

      He said even his description didn’t do it justice.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Must be lookin’ for ET.

      • Southern Border

        Storm chaser rig probably, bout that time of the year !

    34. Chris

      Is this another article that is sponsored by metal traders/sellers?

      • Ugly

        Chris. If you read closer it is actually an article with subliminal messages for Addidas Running shoes….

    35. Socrates

      “The only assets that will survive the destruction will be physical goods such as those commodities essential to survival – food, energy, water, etc.”

      Those words are 100% true. People that do not have a marketable future skillset need to plan ahead as to what their asset ‘edge’ will be. One of those who like to smoke? As much a vile and horrible thing it is to me, others apparently enjoy/need it. Maybe it would be good to stock up on cigarettes and cigars, matches, lighters. Matches and lighters are cheap right now, but will be worth a ton once they cannot be found at the local 7-11 anymore. If you are the guy with a huge box of matches/lighters, you just created a marketable asset for later on. They don’t go bad that easy and everyone will need some at some point.

      I realize that that there are numerous other ‘positive’ marketable skills or assets besides the example I gave, use your imagination. Be creative and think about how you can make your self, your assets or skills more valuable in the soon to be future. People who have put real thought into it may fare better than those around them.

      • eppe

        Amwn Soc, prepped to the max with that…

      • The Old Coach

        Liquor keeps better.

      • The Old Coach

        Read the original at

        Daily read for anyone who gives a damn about 2A issues. Mike is the guy who originally broke the Fast & Furious story.

    36. ZombieDawg

      Thanks to Durango Kidd for the reply.
      Yes I know most readers of SHTFPLAN (and every other doomers blog) are “believers” in the same way that religious followers “believe”, despite overwhelming evidence and proof to the contrary 😉
      Nonetheless I try to enlighten them. Maybe out of amusement value…
      The more negative rating I get the more I know my statements are true for the things that hurt the most are those closest to the truth, thereby threatening to destroy their pet beliefs.

      But for the doubters who are many, Celente agrees, as does Keiser, Armstrong, Quinn yada yada..
      But go Google it anyway:

      Clicky linky:

      bye bye until next time kiddies !

      • Kulafarmer

        Lucky for me i tend to be a skeptic!
        It gets old all these predictions,

        • posseecom



          It’s really getting old as of late..isn’t it?

          As I stated below…

          It’s all by design..all of it.

          None of these experts have a clue…

          Nor are they privileged to know..

          Meanwhile..we prepare..for any occasion.


        • Mcdave

          Their tryin to wear ya down.
          DONT LET EM!
          “Onward thru the fog.”

      • The Old Coach

        That link goes direct to Google itself. Don’t touch it.

    37. N.O. ;0p


      real live WAR on once free AMERICAN soil in main-street AmeriCa .


      how prepared are you really ???

      for a REVOLUTIONARY CIVIL WAR on AmeriCan soil ???



      are you prepared enough to even LOCK DOWN YOUR HOMES and resist for 24 hrs .

      do you have the proper weapons to truly fight back and protect yourself and family ???

      how much ammo is enough ???



      N.O. ;0p

    38. Frank Thoughts

      The win-lose world is over. Most of this fear-mongering comes from the win-lose paradigm. The US must crush all its rivals; China must crush all its rivals. But this isn’t what is happening.

      Think of the world economy like a giant cloud computing system. The software that runs the system is American-made and American-run. The server farm where the servers hum away are guarded by Americans with the best weapons known to man. That’s the world economy. So, where does China fit into this, or Europe, or the rest of Asia? They are like adding more servers to the server farm, exponentially boosting capacity.

      When China came on line, Americans enjoyed two decades of cheap clothing and electronics. I agree that trend has reached capacity and will slow down. It will now move to the rest of Asia and Africa to feed the next phase: boosting living standards for the rest of China and for the rest of the world. Think of it like this: whereas Americans benefited from this economic innovation, it is now going to be exported to the rest of the world.

      For Americans, I agree you face very important life choices: your economic inequalities are social problems that must be addressed domestically and more needs to be done to educate Americans (how many of you think the sun revolves around the earth?), but Americans are also sitting in the cat-bird seat for global prosperity. Backed up by the best patent legislation and the global hegemon, the US military, it is like playing a football game with you having the Dallas Cowboys on your side, and your opponents a gaggle of Parisian fashionistas and perfumiers.

      • Mcdave

        Have you seen the Cowboys play lately?
        Just sayin..

    39. posseecom

      All these “insiders”and “experts” predicting the financial/economic future remind me of all the “anti establishment/viva la revolution” bands of the 60’s and 70’s.

      They would preach “get out of the system/time for change,time for revolution” to millions of adoring fans..making millions as they drove away in their limousines and off into their private jets..

      What we have here is just another version of “hope and change” for the other side of the equation…playing on the fears of the unwashed raking in untold profits..

      None of these asshats know what is to occur..none of them.

      Nothing is by accident

      Everything is by design..


    40. mark mcbee

      Man jumps to death from JP Mogan’s building in Hong Kong. Employees say he worked in the forex market. More bankers suicide???

    41. Old Vet


      Garlic actually fight off some infections that modern antibiotics can’t kill. Extract of fresh garlic cloves kills or slows the growth of more than a dozen common bacteria. If you feel like you’re going to catch a cold or the flu, chow down on a clove or two of garlic. If you catch an infection in its very early stage, you may not even get sick. Raw garlic seems to fight infections better than cooked garlic, but cooked garlic is good for you too. Cooked garlic may be better at protecting against heart disease. If you are bothered by garlic odor you can take the supplement tablets with an enteric coating. This coating protects the garlic, preventing it from dissolving until it reaches the intestines.

      CLEAR UP CHEST CONGESTION WITH GARLIC. Garlic can also be helpful in clearing up chest congestion that often accompanies respiratory infections. Try this chest clearing ointment you can make yourself:
      Peel and mince seven garlic cloves. Put them into a pint-sized fruit jar; add enough shortening to cover the minced cloves. Place open jar into a pan of boiling water and let boil for three hours.
      for extra effectiveness, add 1/8 teaspoon of eucalyptus oil to the melted shortening. Cool, cover and store. Rub ointment on the chest, stomach and back. Cover with a heavy bath towel. Garlic has been called the “jewel among vegetables.” What a perfect description for an herb that can help you keep your most priceless possession, your health, in sparkling form.

      Put 2 tablespoons of oil, then 2 tablespoons of flour, stir in skillet until flour is a pale, pale brown. Gradually add milk, stirring constantly, until it’s the consistence of buttermilk. Stir and cook until gravy is covered in bubbles (boiling), add milk as needed to keep it from becoming too thick. Make SURE mixture is boiling when you slowly add about 4 tablespoons of canned tomatoes. (I like it with more tomatoes than that, myself). Add salt and pepper to taste, dash of sugar. Simmer on very low heat stirring constantly until gravy is thick and bubbly.

      20 grams of Glucose, 1.75 teaspoons of table salt, 1.25 teaspoons of Sodium Bicarbonate or Bicarbonate of Soda (same thing). Mix with 1 quart of cold water.

    42. watching and waiting

      It will probably cost eventually a days pay to buy bread.

      • Kulafarmer

        Well then thats a good reason why to learn how to make your own flour and bake your own bread!

    43. VRF

      we’ve been in the throws of this for years now..

      just look at what you bought and how much you spent on it just 3 years ago or less..not to mention the silly games they play with content amounts for the elevated price

      yeah some of us not dumb enough to fall for it

    44. KY Mom

      Safety concerns on imported medications

      “India, the second-largest exporter of over-the-counter and prescription drugs to the United States, is coming under increased scrutiny by American regulators for safety lapses, falsified drug test results and selling fake medicines.”

      “India’s pharmaceutical industry supplies 40 percent of over-the-counter and generic prescription drugs consumed in the United States.”

      “American businesses and F.D.A. officials are just as concerned about the quality of drugs coming out of China, but the F.D.A.’s efforts to increase inspections there have so far been frustrated by the Chinese government.”

      “Chinese government has so far failed to provide the necessary visas despite an announced agreement.”

      “The United States has become so dependent on Chinese imports, however, that the F.D.A. may not be able to do much about the Chinese refusal.”


      Medicines Made in India Set Off Safety Worries
      The New York Times

        • The Cookin' Mom

          They’re just trying to block out pet meds.

          Keep preppin’

      • Merree

        Many people get medications from India because they are cheaper. I know people who do this and I have never seen a problem with quality.

        One example, a medication that costs $1200 per month here in the US can be imported from India for under $500. Some meds are even cheaper. Big Pharma is unhappy that people are not locked into their expensive meds and they are trying to shut down the international sources that are less expensive.

    45. svenny

      just read an article about bird flu.
      this quote was in the article- “So far, 178 people are known to have been infected with H7N9 this year, 19 more than in 2013.”

      there has been 19 more infections this year, than in 2013, but its ONLY FEBRUARY. sound like a pretty steady increase.

      • JayJay

        You mean 178 infections of 6 BILLION in the world?
        I’m worried now!! (sarcasm off)

        • Caliber

          no. I meant 178 in 2 months(2014).. try reading next time… compared to 159 in 12 months(2013). ever hear of the snowball effect?

          • Caliber

            and u made me give away my 2nd screen name damnit

          • JayJay

            Wow–of 6 BILLION people on this earth, 178 infected.
            As I said, I’m really worried, now.
            Put it in perspective–there have been 5600 vehicle deaths in the last two months.
            Just saying.

            • JayJay

              AND, that’s just the U.S. 🙁

    46. Maudy Frickett

      6.5 Barbados. Shallow.

      • Be informed

        @ Maudy Frickett. Please see comment 2939379 on 9:11 AM on the US Army Builds Fake City in which it says that the South Carolina/Georgia border earthquake was the result of the Cocos, Nazca, Caribbean, and South American plates having influnce on the New Madrid fault and the Appalachian Mountain chain down to South Carolina.

        To me this was obvious, when you have just such an earthquake in Georgia of 4.1 or 4.4 that those plates are having a bearing on what is happening. I am a bit surprised that the earthquake was so far east as this 6.5 shows a back feed of energy more from the coastline of South Carolina, namely Charleston. Still this is what happens with plates, tension builds up at one point and at a distance from this an earthquake occurs.

        This is all perfectly natural and NOTHING manmade about this at all. The Caribbean plate is way overdue for a Japan or Cascadia size earthquake on this eastern portion of it. The last time this thing went off is estimated to be about 600 years ago. The Caribbean plate poses a real tsunami risk to many places, especially if there is dynamic overshoot like the Indonesia or Japanese earthquakes that shallow sea floor was also moved violently.

        • Kulafarmer

          Do you think that the plate that runs up the atlantic could rupture from barbados area towards African continent? Or a chunking effect? If you look at the shape of thise faults they are horseshoe shaped, and appear to stack but then there is nothing running across the Atlantic, seems to me that could fracture at some point or is that not how it works? Just a curiousity

          • Be informed

            @ Kulafarmer. The Atlantic Ocean is expanding in size, while the Pacfifc is shrinking. IF such a rupture were to develop, which is possible, it would stop at the Mid Atlantic Ridge. This would cause a 700-800 mile split and a wallop of an earthquake maybe even approaching the 9.5 size in Chile in 1960. A tsunami would be likely worse than the Indonesian one in 2004. It would not however go all the way to Africa. I am still more concerned about the Caribbean plate, the eastern and northeastern section breaking like 600 years ago.

    47. KY Mom

      China dumps USA debt…

      China Sells Second-Largest Amount Of US Treasurys In December: And Guess Who Comes To The Rescue

      “at a time when America’s two largest foreign creditors, China and Japan, went on a buyers strike, the entity that came to the US rescue was Belgium, which as most know is simply another name for…

      Europe: the continent that has just a modest amount of its own excess debt to worry about. One wonders what favors were (and are) being exchanged behind the scenes in order to preserve the semblance that “all is well”?”


    48. Norse Prepper

      Another banker jumps…link to follow.

    49. KY Mom

      ‘Satan’ character removed from film ‘Son of God’ because he looked too much like Obama

      “A feature film based on the wildly popular 10-hour History Channel min-series, “The Bible,” will not include the character of Satan.

      Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, producers of the History Channel series and the feature film “Son of God” that opens next month, didn’t want a repeat of the controversey that occurred when one of the episodes in the mini-series featured an Obama look alike Satan tempting Jesus.”

      American Thinker

    50. OhioRiver

      Again, I will say this to everyone.

      Buy canned food today with an expiration date of 3 yrs. This way you are paying today’s prices 3 yrs. from now. You are saving on 3 yrs. on inflation & not paying capital gains to the IRS.

    51. PKLauLau

      Off topic and back to geo-engineering…

      I’m not trying to be snarky to BI. BI challenged my belief and made me do some more homework on this topic (always a good thing). I ran across this congressional bill introduced in 2001 talking (admitting) about the use of weather warfare, HAARP, chemtrails, tectonic plate weapons, ELF/ULF waves, mind control, etc. I don’t know if this bill passed, but that is not the point. It is admitted to by TPTB.

      Really good info here too…..


      • Socrates

        I feel sorry for people who don’t know enough about SRM, or Geo Engineering to accept that it is real and in fact, exists. The HAARP Patents are still readily viewable via the USPTO search or Google. They explicitly disclose weather control via Ionosphere heating and manipulation. Key words there for you non-believers- 1.Weather 2.Control The end game for all of is total control of water and food via weather modification and direct manipulation.

        Here’s an article that came out today that talks about the issues surrounding ‘stopping’ the SRM activities we have been doing all along. For those who still don’t understand what that means, TPTB claim they have continue doing what you say they are not even doing. 😉

        • Archivist

          The article refers to “hypothetical solar radiation management (SRM) technique.”

          The article does not say that SRM is actually being done; it just says that it would not be a good idea to stop it suddenly if we were able to do it. That’s why SRM is called “hypothetical.”

          So it is not being done today, and no one is claiming otherwise in that article.

      • Archivist

        So one representative out of the entire House puts forth a bill that would outlaw every sort of possible or impossible space weapon he had ever heard of, and that is somehow an “admission” by the powers that be, which he may not even be a real part of? That fails logically.

        BTW, the bill did not pass and had no other sponsors. It was shot down in committee by DOD, who doesn’t want any restrictions, even if against physical impossibilities.

        BI has pointed out the mathematical and physical impossibility of causing earthquakes with any amount of energy that humans have ever harnessed. The laws of physics cannot be ignored. You can’t make it rain when there is little or no water vapor in the air. And hurricanes cannot exist unless the ocean is warm enough to keep supplying the energy.

        I still have not seen these “chemtrails” you keep talking about. I have been all over NC, VA and TN in the past couple of years and have never seen any. The sky was just as clear blue as it could be today.

        • Socrates


          Maybe you can try reading between the lines? This has been going on for some time now, and as this article from HomeLand Security Newswire (11-9-2009)points out, even wealthy individuals can accomplish this…not just covert corporations or governments. If you want to see the actual text from the U.S. HAARP patents that directly disclose and illustrate weather control and modification, I can post that too. Weather control IS the ultimate weapon used by governments and corporations today because it is not regulated, acknowledged or even admitted. Also ironic is the mention of severe droughts being the result of weather manipulation and California (and others) are in world record droughts right now.

          U.S. Congress holds hearings on geoengineering
          Geoengineering — the effort to design systems which would change the world’s climate — was once a fringe phenomenon; it has been moving into the mainstream, though, as more and more scientists are growing increasingly concerned that, even if we commit to cutting emissions drastically, we have already waited too long, and that by the time we actually reduce emissions, enough greenhouse gases will have accumulated to cause serious climate disasters

          Plans purposefully to re-engineer the world’s climate got their first serious committee hearing the other day. Kevin Bullis writes that the idea that we might be able to “geoengineer” the planet purposefully to change the climate has moved from the fringes into the mainstream. Momentum has been building in recent years: an essay in an academic journal by a Nobel Prize winning scientist in 2006, articles in the Wall Street Journal and Foreign Policy, a largely private gathering of researchers at Harvard.

          Things are accelerating. In addition to multiple articles and books in the popular media, the U.K.’s Royal Society, the authoritative national academy of science there, issued an in-depth review of geoengineering and President Obama’s science adviser, John Holdren, has repeatedly stated that geoengineering must be on the table as a possible approach to addressing climate change.

          Last week, the House of Representatives’ Committee on Science and Technology held a hearing that its chairman, Bart Gordan (D-Tennessee), said was, “the first time that a congressional committee has undertaken a serious review of proposals for climate engineering.”

          Gordan was quick to say that this does not mean he supported geoengineering, and that the consensus at the hearing seemed to be that no one should deploy geoengineering until we’ve done a lot more research. Bullis notes, though, that the very fact of the hearing confirmed that influential people are starting to take geoengineering very seriously. “It is no longer just a subject for gee-whiz fascination, with science-fiction-like scenarios such a vast parasol launched into space to shield the earth from the sun,” he writes. Now scientists are formulating detailed research plans, start-ups are inventing new geoengineering technologies, and politicians and foreign policy experts are considering what all of this might mean for international relations.

          Why the sudden enthusiasm for proposals to tinker with the climate? These ideas are not new, Bullis writes, but until recently they have been largely kept under wraps while attention has been focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. There are probably three main reasons for the change. First, some view geoengineering as a cheap way to avoid costly conversions to zero-emissions technology, a potential technological fix that could help them stave off climate legislation. With geoengineering as an option, they argue, there is less of a rush. We’ll just cool the planet until we can get around to switching to cleaner forms of energy.

          This could be stupid, Bullis says. One of the most popular geoengineering approaches — shading the earth with a haze of sulfate particles in the upper atmosphere — would very likely lead to severe droughts. There are other potential side effects, but a purposeful act that causes the failure of crops for potentially hundreds of millions or billions of people could also lead to international conflict. Even geoengineering enthusiasts have admitted there’s a chance of war.

          The second reason why geoengineering is getting a serious hearing is that scientists are growing increasingly concerned that, even if we commit to drastically cutting emissions, we have already waited too long. By the time we actually reduce emissions, enough greenhouse gases will have accumulated to cause serious climate disasters. We may need geoengineering, then, in addition to fast cuts in emissions.

          The third reason is that geoengineering is cheap, so cheap that a wealthy individual could do it. There is growing concern that unless we develop a science-based international consensus about the real dangers of geoengineering, someone will go off and do it on their own.

          These last two reasons seem to have been in the back of Gordan’s head during his opening remarks. “Geoengineering carries with it a tremendous range of uncertainties, ethical and political concerns, and the potential for catastrophic environmental side-effects. But we are faced with the stark reality that the climate is changing, and the onset of impacts may outpace the world’s political and economic ability to avoid them,” he said. “This issue is too important for us to keep our heads in the sand. We must get ahead of geoengineering before it gets ahead of us.”

          These people go on to warn us of the dangers of geo engineering, and we are seeing it actually being used today. I will write up an article for Mac for possible future use here at SHTF, since this is a topic that affects us all, right now and in our bleak foreseeable future.

        • PKLauLau

          Archivist: You don’t try to outlaw something doesn’t exist.

          Do you really think a congressman sits at home and thinks up scenarios that aren’t real and then convinces other congressmen to give support to pass a bill against it? Really?

          Oh and I read that the bill was reintroduced several times over the next 8 years, 2003 and 2005, etc. I don’t know what the end result was.

          As far as chemtrails, you are welcome to come to my home, sit on the porch and watch a sunny, clear blue sky turn hazy as you watch the planes streak across the sky with plumes of something that doesn’t dissipate. They leave lines across the sky, lines that stay all day. Often there are 5-8 planes spraying at the same time ALL day long. We have counted 11 at one time. Then the sky is hazy for DAYS. That is not normal here….AZ has clear blue skies, with occasional puffy clouds that is/was the norm. I’ll even make you lunch.

          If you are serious about learning about chemtrails, take a moment on youtube and watch. People have filmed this stuff happening, scientists are talking about it….it’s not hard to find the truth if you are looking.


          • PKLauLau


            I posted all the patents since 1920 about geo-engineering on yesterdays article. Near the bottom (I think) if you are interested.


            • Be informed

              @ PKLauLau. First the person I knew once that discussed weather modification very extensely with me actually was involved with steering hurricanes using the exhaust from very large planes at what is called the feeding mouth of the hurricane. What people don;t understand is volume and shear size. It takes mammouth amounts of energy to heat the ocean enough to create and maintain a hurricane. Just look at the amount of heat is required to heat up any size of water, say even a pool. This is why you have what is called temperature lag with the seasons. Because even THE SUN takes weeks to balance out the temperatures of the ocean. THE SUN takes weeks, and yet HAARP is going to magically create a ride in ocean temperatures that the Sun cannot do that quickly? Hurricanes are fueled by water temperatures, period.

              Changing the water temperatures is difficult enough to do for the Sun. Now the geo-plates are that much more dense and even more difficult to heat or cool down. This is mass that is in some cases more than the Moon that someone is asking for an array to alter. Heat and lack of it is what causes plate motions and rigid points that lead to really big earthquakes. I don’t care how many patents or any other conspiracy sources are out there, it takes super power to move plates or alter them in anyway. I am still skeptical about the power of the Hadron Collider causing earthquakes on the day it was first turned on. At least with this you are talking about extremely high levels of energy, something HAARP would not even come close to.

              Remember you are not talking about triggering an earthquake on a flat plane, it is three dimensional which adds enormous mass. It is not just the fault you are trying to trigger, you are also trying to unlock the plates holding something like the New Madrid fault in place. This is not Star Wars. People are centuries away from harassing that type of power necessary to move millions of cubic miles of mass. I have read article after article about these ideas and one governing flaw comes up with this and that idiotic Canary Island mega tsunami farce, people don;t have the concept of spatial size and what is takes to move something that large.

              I respect Paranoid big time for being quite intelligent. He said try going out and digging a 6 foot hole and see the amount of energy required to do this. Then try to move millions of cubic miles of rock. One other thing about contrails in the sky. We did much research on this in school. It is very interesting to note that IF the atmospheric conditions are not right, no contrails will form when aircraft are flying above. We use to study these contrails being so close to a major airport. You would not believe the amount of these “trails” in the sky after Mt. St Helens went off and Mt Pinatubo in the Philippines. I knew someone that said that every trail in sky was a chemtrail and you could see the vapor trail behind the aircraft. Much of this has to do with a cloud developing from the right size of nucleli for water vapor to form around.

              I have studied Tesla and the basic disruptor that you see in science fiction was a result of transferring energy using radio waves to a target. This is still limited. They even though that Siberian explosion was a result of Tesla using some type of device rather than it being a comet or asteroid impact in the atmosphere. It is all mass, and to move mass you need power. Look at the horsepower required to move small sides of mountains. Even the science fiction TV series like Star Trek fire off photon torpedoes that don;t have much more explosive power than a very large H bomb in this fiction because the writers don’t understand mass and volume. Not to put you or anyone else down at all, but it is way more complex than these article make it seem to be to put something huge into motion and keep it that way, or the amount of calories required to heat an enormous amount of water to keep a hurricane going.

              I watched Sandy follow to the letter exactly what it should be doing with the ocean temperatures, yet people still believe that Sandy was generated from HAARP. I will give you the possiblilty that it was steered somewhat. The weather forecasters in many countries did get the movement correct BEFORE it made landfall several days BEFORE. I did not see anything out of the ordinary with Sandy following hurricane patterns. In fact it resembled Hurricane Gloria remarkably well. Sorry for rambling on too long.

              • PKLauLau

                BI: I really do appreciate your response and knowledge about this stuff….but I still have to disagree. I am posting links from a transcript from the DOD about HAARP. Also a link from the European Parliment (sp?) about the dangers of HAARP. Read these official documents for yourself and if you still think I’m crackers, well…. 🙂


                This is from a DOD briefing by Secretary of Defense, William S. Cohen, 1997

                “Q: Let me ask you specifically about last week’s scare here in Washington, and what we might have learned from how prepared we are to deal with that (inaudible), at B’nai Brith.
                A: Well, it points out the nature of the threat. It turned out to be a false threat under the circumstances. But as we’ve learned in the intelligence community, we had something called — and we have James Woolsey here to perhaps even address this question about phantom moles. The mere fear that there is a mole within an agency can set off a chain reaction and a hunt for that particular mole which can paralyze the agency for weeks and months and years even, in a search. The same thing is true about just the false scare of a threat of using some kind of a chemical weapon or a biological one.

                There are some reports, for example, that some countries have been trying to construct something like an Ebola Virus, and that would be a very dangerous phenomenon, to say the least. Alvin Toeffler has written about this in terms of some scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races; and others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can destroy specific crops. Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.
                So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that’s why this is so important.”


          • Archivist

            I have done plenty of research on “chemtrails” and found very little actual evidence of anything other than regular contrails made of water vapor. There is no evidence connecting contrails to elevated aluminum levels. There is no evidence of planes fitted with tanks and sprayers. Saying the chemicals are in the fuel is ludicrous, because the amounts needed would keep the engines from even running. There are videos of young, obviously uneducated people looking at regular clouds and saying “duh, those clouds look funny.” There was one guy who said that there were supposed to be hundreds of thousands of stars visible at night, but he couldn’t see that many. I can’t a lot of stars either, but a couple of miles farther from the light pollution of town I can see many more. Also, you can only see about 5,000 stars no matter where you are.

            We have had contrails or vapor trails for many years. Depending on the altitude, humidity, temperature, and the type of engine, those trails can be anything from nothing to trails that aren’t very long, to trails across the sky. There are more trails across the sky now because there is more air traffic. More of the trails last longer because today’s more efficient engines put out more water vapor and less of the other chemicals.

            The videos touting “chemtrails” say that the elite are doing this to control the population. If that’s their purpose, they are failing, as the world’s population continues to rise.

            The videos also claim the elite are trying to put millions of tons of aluminum in the air. That amount would take hundreds of planes constantly flying. Someone somewhere would certainly notice that extra number of planes. Also, the millions of tons of aluminum is such a large percentage of the entire world’s aluminum output, that it would be noticeable to world markets. Someone would have said something by now. And as I said above, there’s no evidence of fleets of planes with tanks and sprayers. There is one photo of a plane with tanks in the passenger area, but that came from an article or brochure explaining testing that was done years ago. An airliner company installed tanks of water in a plane, and while flying it, they would pump the water from one tank to another to simulate passengers moving around to see if it would affect flight.

            The videos talk about elevated aluminum levels in Oregon, California, and Hawaii, all western states. If those levels are true, it might indicate that China is the cause, through acid rain caused by unregulated coal burning.

            Aluminum is not much of a poison. Plants and animals tolerate it very well. It is the third most common element in the crust of the earth, after oxygen and silicon.

            I also found in my research that Arizona seems to be a hotbed for “chemtrail believers.”

            I have watched a number of the “fake plastic snow that won’t melt” videos. The best you can say about them is that they provide great entertainment for logical people. They hold a match or a lighter under snow and are totally surprised by the carbon deposits. They can’t see that the water is soaked up by the snow, which is full of air spaces like a sponge. And they wonder about the smell. Well, duh, a match or a lighter smells when you’ve got your face next to it. Hundreds or maybe thousands of people in my area have eaten snow cream in the past weeks, and I haven’t heard of any of them dying yet.

            If this doesn’t explain it sufficiently, I don’t know what will.

            • PKLauLau


              Arizona is a hotbed for “chem-trail believers” because we watch it happen almost everyday. Good heavens, then just come here and look for yourself. I’ve been watching the sky here for 35+ years. I know the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail. Just because it isn’t happening in your neck of the woods, doesn’t mean it’s not real.

              Also, IF you would go to and watch the presentation, you’ll see the difference between the aluminum in the earth and in the sky. You’ll see where they put the chemicals….not in the fuel.

              I don’t know if the snow over the US was fake…but if you looked at the patents it posted you will see that they absolutely can manufacture snow.

              I don’t understand why you can believe in shadow governments and evil bankers and Agenda 21 and not believe that this is part of it?


          • SWFL

            Archivist: You don’t try to outlaw something doesn’t exist.

            -You do if you’re a politician trying to distract attention from something else, or just trying to see your name in print. You really think politicians are bound by common sense?
            I’m not saying you are wrong, this is not an area I know enough about to make an intelligent comment; but that particular (secondary)point you were making does not have much weight to it in my mind.

    52. Achilles Heel

      OK, time for some lighter fare:

      Can I just say that everyone needs to step back and see the opportunity for population control in these SHTF scenarios? The last time I checked, the world adds a net 140,000 people each DAY.
      Whenever I see a “disaster” splashed across the headlines that mentions the number killed, I am always underwhelmed. “3 killed in winter storm,” or “Flash flood kills 17.” My thought is, “That’s all? Dammit!” Let me know when it is one MILLION killed. And just to put that into perspective, for all of you that just gasped, one million dead would be .014% of the world population. One hundredth of one percent. In less than ten days, that number would be replenished.
      Nobody wants to talk about the necessary thinning of the herd. It is as if, to quote Doug Stanhope, “f**king in the front hole will just go out of style” someday, and population issues will naturally go away. Bullshit.

    53. KY Mom

      SHTF in Ukraine

      Ukraine: Deadly clashes around parliament in Kiev

      Ukraine protests – live

      Drudge Report
      (direct links below)

    54. Maudy Frickett

      There’s really a lot of stuff going on. I don’t think I’ve ever seen news stories popping this fast before. Especially with regard to the economy, and foreign uprisings. Bankers jumping off buildings at the same time Soros is betting the market is going to tank. Physical gold going east. Gold vaults in the west reported to be empty. Yes, I know we’ve heard it all before. But it’s picking up speed. We have to move faster, now.

      • posseecom

        Let’s see now..

        Banker that’s an “Olympic event” that I’d gladly watch..

        Perhaps politician jumping would be a new category…hmmm.
        I can think of 535 participants for starters..

        After that..executive branch jumps..scotus jumps….bureaucrat jumps..
        Maybe we could start a new reality series?


      • JayJay

        But, NSA knows how many freckles are on your butt, the name of your hamster, and where you hid the snicker bar!!!

        • John_Allen


          I hid the snicker bar up the hamster’s anatomy. Even the NSA can’t find it there.

    55. Sgt. Dale

      The dollar will be worth less than T.P.
      We here on this site will figure out how to buy things.
      Whether it be with Gold or Silver, Brass, Lead (some people might want to cast their own slugs or sinkers), Food, Knowledge, ECT. Or just plain old BARTER!
      Please folks keep cool. We will Survive!!!

    56. Archivist

      Good news! There is still silver in circulation. I just found a 1955 silver dime in my pocket change. Instead of 10 cents, I now have $1.58 (as of today). I always spread out my change and check for nickels and copper pennies before I put it in the piggy bank. It was shiny and really stood out because of its different color. It is in pretty good condition, as you can see the lines in FDR’s hair and in the torch on the reverse.

      So keep checking your pocket change.

    57. rednek101


      How many German marks it took to buy one ounce of gold
      January 1919 $170
      January 1920 $1340
      January 1921 $1349
      January 1922 $3976
      January 1923 $372,477
      September 1923 $269,439,000
      Oct 2 1923 $6,631,749,000
      Oct 9 1923 $24,868,950,000
      Oct 16 1923 $84,969,072,000
      Nov 5 1923 $8,700,000,000,000
      Nov 30 1923 $87,000,000,000,000

      Scary. Own real property or land? You’ll be a billionaire overnight. That Yugo parked on the back 40 might be worth a million.

    58. Whyte flyte

      I heard it said that some preppers have gold in their back yard. But that would be in Kaifornia. Don’t have to buy it, just go dig it up. I guess the same could be said about Alaska. Would’nt that be nice….

    59. Oldboy

      Bull hockey.

      Hyper inflation is commonplace, and you can easily read what works and what doesn’t. Gold will be banned, confiscated, or made criminal by the state, so you won’t be converting your ounces into wild amounts of cash.

      Based on feedback from co-workers and family in Argentina and Greece, you had better have barter goods and skills, and be skilled in navigating semi-criminal black markets. You had better have enough room for a garden and some chickens.

      • therooster

        Gold won’t be confiscated, imo. If you’re using the history of FDR’s 1933 confiscation, it was not about simply “being mean”. Gold was liquidity and the only true source of liquidity since the dollar and gold had a FIXED peg. Today, the government has a printing press.

        On your second point , why would anyone who really understands gold turn their bullion back into a fiat currency? Gold is currency! They would be best off to turn it directly into the economy or directly into investment. I suspect the tax can only be applicable if turned back into fiat cash too. I have people testing it now. When God closes a door, He opens a window.

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