Expert Says “Banning Cash” The Only Solution to Negative Interest Market Problems

by | Apr 17, 2015 | Commodities, Headline News | 189 comments

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    As everyone knows by now, the Federal Reserve’s main tool in economic warfare has become hyper low interest rates and, thus, extremely cheap money for large institutions vis-à-vis the controversial reign of QE – quantitative easing.

    Now, the how-low-can-you-go climate has created negative interest rates, meaning not only that many investments carry no return but that many deposits cost money.

    Well-known Citigroup economist William Buiter says the solution to this backwards market is to reign in the appeal of normal currencies like cash – because it is “causing problems” for central bank manipulation:

    When economic conditions worsen, they react by reducing interest rates in order to stimulate the economy. But, as has happened across the world in recent years, there comes a point where those central banks run out of room to cut — they can bring interest rates to zero, but reducing them further below that is fraught with problems, the biggest of which is cash in the economy.

    Negative interest rates are rendered ineffective by the “effective lower bound” – essentially the point at which a reasonable person would stop depositing money into banks and bonds at cost and instead hold cash, which while it doesn’t produce interest, certainly remains liquid and tangible.

    From an economist point of view however, it is cash holders who must be reigned in (not Wall Street or the central banks):

    Fundamentally, the ELB [effective lower bound] problem comes down to cash. According to Buiter, the ELB only exists at all due to the existence of cash, which is a bearer instrument that pays zero nominal rates. Why have your money on deposit at a negative rate that reduces your wealth when you can have it in cash and suffer no reduction?

    Cash therefore gives people an easy and effective way of avoiding negative nominal rates.

    The solution? For these big players, it is a simple matter of banning, or at least penalizing, cash and other straight forward currencies with additional transaction fees:

    Buiter’s note suggests three ways to address this problem:

    Abolish currency.

    Tax currency.

    Remove the fixed exchange rate between currency and central bank reserves/deposits.

    SHTF reported only days ago about the shift in the treatment of cash, with JPMorgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon also called to reign in cash by charging customers the “true cost” of using these everyday instruments:

    Moreover, JPMorgan and other big banks are expanding their policies of charging customers to hold deposits, validate funds and make transactions – charges that JPMorgan sees as the “true cost of moving money.”

    With new measures for cybersecurity, fraud protection and payment verification in mind, JPMorgan is slated to tack on new processing fees and add costs for all transactions, and especially ‘outmoded’ payments like cash and checks and the loafing “free riders” who use them.

    Regarding cash, Dimon stated:

    We need to build a real-time system that properly charges participants for usage, allows for good customer service, and minimizes fraud and bad behavior.

    Will they really ban cash?

    For his part, Buiter admits there are disadvantages to banning cash – particularly for little people who still deal in paper money, the poor, those operating in community markets and for those concerned with privacy. He lists:

    1. Abolishing currency will constitute a noticeable change in many people’s lives and change often tends to be resisted.

    2. Currency use remains high among the poor and some older people. (Buiter suggests that keeping low-denomination cash in circulation — nothing larger than $5 — might solve this.)

    3. Central banks and governments would lose seigniorage revenue.

    4. Abolishing currency would inevitably be associated with a loss of privacy and create risks of excessive intrusion by the government.

    5. Switching exclusively to electronic payments may create new security and operational risks.


    But ultimately, Buiter doesn’t care. To him, these are “weak” arguments against banning cash, and apparently anything and everything should be done to keep the bizarro system of money flowing – and power over the entire economy in the hands of the Federal Reserve.

    Never mind that it will only benefit those at the top, or that it will punish the poor and working classes – even in the most ordinary of transactions – while forcing that masses onto an electronic platform that can be tracked and restricted based upon rules from the top.

    Apparently, that has been the agenda for decades, with plans to control the population through a digital, cashless control grid.

    Once that point is reached, cash won’t just be obsolete, it will be criminal. It is coming. The question is how soon will it arrive?


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      1. Banning cash and cash transactions would be in accord with prophecies, specifically the bearing of a special mark (identification) which is needed to either buy or sell anything.

        Things are happening faster and faster, we can’t know the day or hour but we can know the season and more and more it seems like that season has begun.

        • The mark has nothing to do with a chip or anything like that as far as currency. It has to do with your life and being married to Him, being set apart. Theology needs to be forgotten, seminary school BS and pulpit preached doctrine needs to be forgotten and people just need to read His word, the unadulterated version.

          • The cashless society isn’t all that far fetched. Accepting any system that is run by the Evil regimes that will be headed up by one that calls himself the messiah, is just that…..
            accepting the mark of the beast/one world beast system.

            Things will get so bad that the majority of the world will accept the Antichrist as the real deal, because……

            He comes in “peacefully and prosperously”. Bottom line, people will accept anyone or anything that gives them their homes and bank accounts back. How else does “the whole world whore after him”?

            There will be a few of us wise old, biblical literate preppers that know better, and we won’t be a part of his system, but for the most part, everyone will follow the deceived mega churches and their leaders, and this new butchered up one world religion. Especially when they come up with a reason for the pre-trib rapture having not taken place.

            The stage is being set and it could set off the tribulation this fall, or it could drag out another decade or so.
            I wouldn’t worry too much about there not being a replacement currency. It just won’t be worth as much as the dollar is now. Hell, ole dk might be lucky with his prediction, and the dollar survive right up till the nwo currency hits the vaults.

            • @ oicu812

              Something that has always intrigued me, is how the unlearned have confused the Great Tribulation with the coming of Antichrist.

              It is almost hilarious.

              The Bible is very clear on this. Satan as Antichrist (not a flesh man possessed by a demon) comes in “Peacefully and Prosperously”. Not as hell fire and brimstone preachers, want folks to believe; and that he will be killing everyone in sight that disagrees or refuses to worship him. LOL, he wouldn’t be able to pull off his little side show of convincing the whole world that he is Jesus returned, if he did that crap. He will probably even have fake spike holes in his hands and feet.

              No, the Great Tribulation is worse than anyone can imagine and it happens quickly and horribly for the unbelievers and all the evil followers. It is the wrath of God, which is poured out by the bowls full, one after the other by Christ.
              It happens at the end of Antichrist’s little reign.
              It is so bad that Jesus hanging on the Cross in his last breaths of flesh life, even asked the Father to remove this cup from him.
              Not as in a sign of weakness, but looking ahead to His job of pouring out the “cups of wrath”, when He returns as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
              It will happen, and the day is fast approaching.

              • The expert says ……
                An expert is only an expert
                if someone thinks they are.

                • You would think cash WAS banned around here. Every idiot in front of me at the store uses cards even for a candy bar. “That will be 82 cents sir” swipe the card “sorry your declined”.
                  I buy 130 bux worth of groceries and pay cash and they look at me like “wow you have that much cash”. The public is conditioned with their stupid debit cards and thinking the bank is the best place for your currency. Never a second thought what will happen if the banks computer crashes or worse.
                  The control over people will be absolute if they ban cash. Shut you down for any reason they desire even if it’s a mistake. Don’t like what you posted here? Bamm your currency (credits) are shut down and your screwed. But the sheep will buy into it because they can’t think more than 5 minutes into the future. If this happens you had better be ready and in your place. Because the end will be here.

                  • Excerpts from reviews of Barren Metal: A History of Capitalism as the Conflict between Labor and Usury by E. Michael Jones.
                    culturewars dot com/Reviews/BarrenMetal.htm

                    “An excellent compendium of important, but concealed, history.”
                    John Q. Public

                    “A compelling historical exploration that exposes the fundamental flaws of Capitalism: unjust wages and usury. An entertaining read.” Anthony Santelli II, Ph.D., CEO, AES Capital and Co-Founder, Catholic Finance Association.

                    “This is a fantastic book. It is the most thorough economic history of the West. If you want to know the origin of our economic and social ills you must read this book.” Brian M. McCall, Orpha and Maurice Merrill Professor in Law, University of Oklahoma, and Author of The Church and the Usurers.

                    “This is a powerful collection of case studies from almost a millennium of economic history. It examines the human dynamics of the winners and losers of capitalism through its triumphal march to the present. It is good history with enough reflection on theory to provide a crisp critique of economics and its moral connections.” Garrick Small, Queensland University.

                  • Genius, I only keep enough money in my account to pay some bills and for some occasional online shopping. The rest I keep at home in a safe [private banking]. I use cash for all of my prep shopping, including ammo. I use it for most personal transactions so I always have a certain amount of cash on hand. When you go to use a card to buy something and the card machine malfunctions, and you have no cash on hand, what do you do? You go to another store to find what you need and hope their card machine works. I see it happen on occasion and I’ve also been through that once. I’ll never go through that again. I won’t take any chip, national ID card, etc. I’ll be at the BOL before that happens.

                    • This response is the reason they want to ban cash. This is uncontrolled & unsupervised use of funds for the purpose of staying uncontrolled & unsupervised and that is unacceptable to them.

                      Tell your Congressional and state and local government representatives that any type of restriction on the use of cash or coin is anti American and will not be tolerated because it smacks of totalitarianism not Americanism.

                    • Brave, DITTO!

                  • If cash becomes banned,it will effect the entire globe and I don’t think the TPTB/NWO is quite ready for that yet;maybe 10-15yrs from now,but the handwriting is DEFINITELY on the wall so keep prepping everybody.



                  • Genius I agree with your comment 100%, sad part is even us people that deal in cash get caught up in this trap. I have on more than one occassion had to leave a bussiness because their computers were down and they not only couldn’t handle the plastic but were unable or unwilling to make a cash transaction. Besides half of the people working there have grown up in an age where they can’t even make change if the machine don’t tell them how mush change to give back to the customer. Trekker Out. Resist All You Can!

                  • A few months ago I did an informal survey. For a week at every store I went into I asked the cashier ‘Do more people use cards or cash?” and “About how many more people used cards than cash?” They all said more people used cards, about twice as many more. We are already two-thirds there.

                  • Cash is already banned in some cases. Try buying a drink or that overpriced boxed lunch on a United Airlines flight; cards only – they do not accept cash, ignoring the “Legal Tender for ALL DEBTS, public and private” written on every note. Certainly part of the plan to make everyone credit-strapped and owned by the bankster mobs.

                  • “I buy 130 bux worth of groceries and pay cash and they look at me like “wow you have that much cash””

                    They were probably wondering how you had enough balls to DRIVE to the store, knowing full well that if the cops stop you, they’ll keep your evil cash…

                  • Genius: I always use cash in stores that have been breached like
                    Target Home D., TJMAXX, etc. Always pay cash when eating out. Also for smaller purchases. The stupid masses will fall for anything, and banning cash smacks of communism to the extreme. Cash helps folks who work on the side, flea markets, yard sales and private sales and keeps things private. gov wants to know what people are buying by banning cash.

                  • banning cash is getting to be a big idea just look at louisiania and how they want all garage sales flea marts etc to write receipts. and copy down all info drivers license car plates and write descriptions of the person buying items height weight hair etc

                    even for $ 1.00 and under sales

                    BUT pawn shops are exempt

                    local leos say its too cut down on crime and reign in thefts and resale of stolen goods

                    and as far as folks using their cards for 82 cents sales that’s because most 30 and under folks are into pay pal etc as a way to buy stuff.

                    marketing has sold them on using their card and touch pay as far more hip and cool and DONT!! worry about YOUR privacy YOU!!! have none dummies !!!

                    face book etc etc

                • Not to be confused with a politician.

                • Ex = has been
                  Spert=drip under pressure

                • I agree, never put all your eggs into 1 experts basket

              • something is always intriguing me…

                just because the bottom of the USA falls out doesn’t mean the rapture or the second coming or the tribulation or anything Biblical is about to happen.

                There have been many, uncountable even, shtfs over the past two thousand years.

                shtf does not = Christian eschatology

                we may be here a long long time, facing many shtfs.

                that is why we prep, no?

                • just because the bottom of the USA falls out doesn’t mean the rapture or the second coming or the tribulation or anything Biblical is about to happen.

                  There have been many, uncountable even, shtfs over the past two thousand years.

                  shtf does not = Christian eschatology

                  we may be here a long long time, facing many shtfs.
                  It’s not only the US but the entire globe heading for the edge of the cliff. Add all the environmental problems like pollution, warming oceans, dying oceans, ocean acidification, fish and animal die offs, global debt that can never be repaid, along with a highly complex over leveraged financial and banking system. You get to see the shit storm brewing off in the distance that’s just not going to effect the US alone.

                  • Signs That ‘The Elites’ Are Feverishly Preparing For Something Big

                    “What in the world are the elite up to?

                    In recent days, we have learned that the New York Fed is moving a lot of operations to Chicago because of concerns about what a “natural disaster” could do, the federal government is buying 62 million rounds of ammunition commonly used in AR-15 semi-automatic rifles for “training” purposes, and NORAD is moving back into Cheyenne Mountain because it is “EMP-hardened”.

                    In addition, government authorities have scheduled a whole host of unusual “training exercises” all over the nation.”


                    • KY Mom,
                      I worked on military bases for many years and for the last 4 years ALL of them in the southwest, have installed new solar back-up systems for running the majority of the bases need. ( all the important stuff and more) there is just too much evidence that something BIG is coming! question is since these preps started several years ago, are they tied into this new frantic preps or has this been a KNOWN event and have been keeping it quiet! there are also ten times more disinfo agents thane there used to be so, what is your best guess?

              • YOU need to read the Bible, because you are WAY off.

                • Controlled Opposition. That book is just there to get you to buy into life. Life is the problem; not any particular strain of it. ALL OF IT!


                  Because the only Good thing, is Nothing; the only sweet sound, Silence.

            • oicu812

              “The cashless society isn’t all that far fetched. Accepting any system that is run by the Evil regimes that will be headed up by one that calls himself the messiah, is just that…..
              accepting the mark of the beast/one world beast system.”

              I don’t think cash has near as much to do with it as people think. We have all been dooped….romanized and greekified. You rerally have to forget all the conditioning and brainwashing from a life time…..mostly from the pulpits. Our churches…..they ARE a main part in this system you speak of. When His word (unadulterated version) speaks of “the narrow road that FEW find” or “set apart,” how many people or how big a group do you think that is?

              • BJ guess you read Greek and Hebrew?

          • Yes, and people should read the King James (1611) version of the Bible, and not the Knockoff Jew version.

            • Kelsey,
              everyone should read ALL the written information that has been found and released for viewing, interesting enough is that these writings can be found not only hundreds of miles apart and hundreds of years apart BUT, lots of them say almost the same thing! yet people say they don’t after they have made them into what HEY thought it should say! or how they want to slant to there controlling view points!

          • amen, religious fanaticism has led to the problems we have now, and the bad part everyone that is religious swears that they aren’t, this is how stupid they are.

          • “BJ says”, you are so right. As if the issue at the end of time is about whether we can buy or sell, that is only the result of having made our decision for or against God. And 666 doesn’t come out of nowhere; we are told to count to get to that number. So we need to know what to count and where to start to find out who the beast is. Just slapping 666 onto something because it looks ominous won’t cut it. And 666 is not the mark of the beast, it’s the number. It’s not a chip in the forehead or hand; it’s a settling into the truth and choosing to be on God’s side and having Him in our mind and actions.

            • That’s thinking spiritually, AnneMarie.

              I believe we have to first think that way before looking at the literal meaning. If the literal/physical/worldly meaning fits in with the spiritual/figurative understanding, then it can be both.

              As in the 666, it is a spiritual feeling and understanding concerning the “coming of Satan as Antichrist”, or the “fake christ returned”; which ever way one wants to word it.

              Actually, I believe it has a real physical/literal meaning also because we are shown that there are events that take place in this physical world/earth that are aligned with Antichrist and his coming.

              The sixth seal is the “understanding” of the event and how,what, and when it takes place. The “seal” part is an actual “sealing” of that mental picture in our minds.

              The sixth trump is the spiritual/ figurative blowing of the trumpet to signal that the actual time of Antichrist “shortened” reign, is about to begin. We that are learned and sealed with truth, know what to look for when he comes, so therefore we aren’t listening for an actual sound of a Heavenly trumpet. It physically and literally takes place when Satan is booted out of Heaven (along with his band of demonic angels) and cast down to Earth. That is the sixth trump event. The seven thousand of his most evil angels, along with their leader, will be here on earth physically. The whole (the largest percentile), on earth, will believe he is Christ returned.

              Shortly after his arrival and near the end of his five month (shortened) reign, the vials/cups of wrath are poured out consecutively. The sixth vial/cup is a biggie. It is the final event upon the earth and the event that signifies that Antichrist reign and (former reign of Satan), is about over, and the final battle called Armageddon is about to begin. It is a physical event at that time but a spiritual/ figurative/allegorical event that should be “sealed” in the minds of every true Christian, now, prior to it actually taking place; at the time that Jesus Christ physically returns, to the Mount of Olives, called the seventh trump and seal.

              Hence, the order of Antichrist is set….666. Sixth seal, Sixth Trump. and Sixth Vial/Cup. There is no reason to look for some other number connections. It is all laid out in consecutive order with the 666 events.

              The following order of the Seventh (trump and vial/cup) is all about the return of the “true” Christ, and the end of all flesh life for ever more.

              There is a meeting in the, “air”(spiritual breath of life body) alright, for all believers, but no flying away. Christ has come here to set up His Kingdom, not take His followers away to another place in a so-called rapture event.

              The true, so-called rapture, which is nothing more or less, than a “change” from these flesh/literal/physical bodies into their spiritual ones.

              Sorry, all you pre-tribbers, it was just a lie orchestrated by Satan and the ignorant followers of his lies, to cover up the lie that Satan is Jesus returned to “rapture” you away from the tribulation hour, and a way to “suck’ more $$ out of your wallets and bank accounts.

              No flesh bodies ever again. the end of the “second earth age”, of living a flesh life, even for the animals. At the beginning of this age when God rejuvenated flesh life again, upon this planet, and started time as we know it, until the King of Kings returns to end time and flesh, as we know it, and begin the eternal/Third Heaven and Earth Age. The seventh trump,vial, and seal all wrapped into one event determines the end of one Age (the second/flesh) and the beginning of the Third Age/Spiritual/Eternal, with the onset being the Millennial Reign.

              There is a meeting “in the air”(spiritual breath of life body), for all believers, and in the “clouds” (billions of angelic bodies),like clouds of birds flying, but no flying away into the atmosphere of physical beings. Christ has come here to set up His Kingdom, not take His followers away to another place in a so-called rapture. We true christians, His bride, will help with His Order and arrangement and teaching the ignorant that were good, but not the mean and bad/evil that had a chance. They are bound for the chains of darkness, and eventual judgment.

              I apologize to all you non-christian folks that prep and don’t won’t to hear truth about what other things we need to prep for, but this is just the way it is. Like it, lump it, or just scroll past; but it won’t change facts and truths about how the end, is to/and will, transpire/unfold.


              Happy prepping and Godspeed until then.

              • Agree: except for one point. My interpretation is that the third/eon/world heavenly age begins after the 1000 year reign of Christ which is before the Great White Throne of Judgment. Otherwise agree with all you stated.

            • Leave it to an American to make an android lies this or a killbot. At least the Japanese make theirs look like hott young chicks. My dream girl…A hott young chick with an off switch.

              • So been watching Chobits or reading Sinfest? 😉

        • I think you are right Sharon. But if there is any conciliation to be had it is that the system will crumble before we get to that point.

          Just as a warning to my friends and family a SHTF Plan:

          On 5/1/2015 Greece is supposed to make a small payment and on I think I is 5/11/2015 it is supposed to make a large payment to the EU / IMF. They do not have the money to do so. They are trying to sell antiquities and even the Nationally owned horse race betting industry to raise the capital. Economists say they will be able to make the smaller but not the larger payment.

          If Greece defaults on either payment it will be the shot heard around the world. The EU members will have no money to buy imports or even make stuff to export. It may even cause the Euro monetary system to collapse.

          Just something to watch out and prepare for. It could be the major financial collapse we have been waiting for. And I say could be because the powers to be are not through fleecing all of us out of what little we have left. They could pull a rabbit out of their ass that none of us can see. They have done it before.


        • How bout just killing all the bankers?

          • Zero,
            HMMMMMM< may not be a bad idea, and lots of there friends as well,
            sure would change lots of things.

        • Wait till the gubernment thugs accuse somebody of violating some ‘law’, no matter how trivial. Guess what will happen to their digital ‘cash’.

        • So what is your point?

      2. The start of “ONE WORLD MONEY”???

        • Eppe, if that’s true, I’ll be back in GA before I realize it.

      3. it’s ALL about one thing


        • It’s more than just that. TPTB see the writing on the wall. This is more of a shakedown and discouraging Bank Runs when the SHTF. You force people to use the Bank which in most cases is charging you to park your money. There’s even the idea of TAXING deposits and accounts. The goal is, they want you to spend it as fast as possible to drive consumption.

          IIRC, Mario Draghi floated similar ideas for the Eurozone.

          • Exactly. The low interest rate/QE environment created by the Federal Reserve has resulted in increasing funds to the mega-banks, but the banks are not lending at a fast pace.

            The US government needs the “velocity of money” to increase in order to spark inflation. They need inflation so they can cut the outstanding value of the US deficit nearly in half. Be prepared for the coming inflation by buying gold, fine art and land.

            • WHICH is nothing more than CONTROL the people and you control the money flow!

            • Kelsey Grammar: I suspect that you are the real “Kelsey Grammar” since you included fine art in your recommendations.

              Not the typical Prepper advice on SHTF Plan, and only relevant to someone with serious jing and sophisticated tastes.

              Not my cup of tea as I am more than a little bit “pedestrian”, but I recognize the historical value that quality art has sustained over time.

              Thank you for decades of laughter as “Frazier”. 🙂

            • Kelsey, did you ever get to bang that Daphne chick? Would love to plow HER back 40!

          • Rodster, “The goal is, they want you to spend it as fast as possible…”

            I guess I’m contributing to that goal, because I spend my $$$ as fast as I can…leaving nothing but change in the bank. I don’t even have to try very hard—once I pay my bills, I’m about broke anyway.

      4. No currency??? Right, maybe no dollar bills, I can see that as only another way for the TPTB to control the masses.
        If there is only electronic money how long do you think it would take the hackers to be as richer than TPTB are now. Or what happens if there is an EMP, man made or from mother nature…PUFFF!!!! all gone, can you say good by to your so called money account??
        Plus the good old boy could and would barter for thing so the government would not get there electronic tax dollars. Or that same good old boy would go black market on items they want.
        This is just another way to control the masses and the TPTB to rule over the common man.
        Remember one thing through out history sooner or later those people that rule unjustly get what coming to them one way or another.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

        • Wonder how they will appease the cartels when they have to move millions of tonnage of silver coins that are used to buy their drugs?

          I can see it now, “Naval ship runs aground in route to South America, Billions of dollars in Coins suspected to be the culprit”.

          • The boyz in the hood driving around with the ass end of their Escalades down on the frame, with mtns. of rolled coins, in the back, after a massive night of sniff and crack dealing.

            • The hispanic boys in East LA can’t get their Low Riders to “hop” because the hydralics can’t handle all the extra weight in the trunk.

              Sparks flying off the rear bumpers. “gotta unload some silver over at Juan Jose’s crib…homie”.

              • 🙂

      5. SH_T gettin’ real

        H5N2 strikes more Minnesota farms, South Dakota flock

        ht tp://

      6. when there is a will , there is a way.

        just watch what the crooked nwo zog wash dc jew politicians do , and do as they do!

        if you want to become rich in new zog amerika just do as the jews do.

        • “We need to build a real-time system that properly charges participants for usage, allows for good customer service, and minimizes fraud and bad behavior.” – Jaime Dimon

          This statement was made in reference to, and was applicable to, Hedge Funds who frequently deposit and move very large sums of money through their accounts, continually.

          The large, frequent movements of cash create a problem for the big banks because they cannot adequately manage the flows and make any money off of those deposits while incurring the costs associated with servicing them.

          What this means is that the small, individual depositor is SUBSIDIZING the servicing costs for Hedge Funds.

          By charging Hedge Funds a special fee or requiring them to maintain a minimum balance in their accounts, the big banks can make a profit by providing a service to the Hedge Funds without CONSUMERS subsidizing the costs.

          Its a good thing for YOU. 🙂

          • dk

            I find the ironic humor(sarc) from the king of fraud Jamie “squid” Dimon..

            as follows


            “minimizes fraud and bad behavior”


            • Posse: Dimon is a lot of things, none of which I can state here without exposing myself to a lawsuit, but his statement that was made specifically in the context of Hedge Funds if you read the original.

              Even banks need to make a reasonable profit on their services and if they don’t charge those who incur the cost, they will be charging YOU.

              Enjoy the day. 🙂

            • Except HIS.

        • solus:
          So its the Jews doing all of this, and here I thought it was those Atheist, tree hugging, PEDA, Commie, Gun Hater, Anti-Bill of Rights NWO bunch, Well that what I get for thinking!;-{

          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Jewess Dianne Feinstein’s Husband’s Real Estate Firm Poised to Make $1 Billion Selling U.S. Post Offices

            Washington business model: spouses spot deals with huge upsides.

            California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein is back in the news as the giant real estate investment firm run by her husband, Rich Blum, is possibly poised to earn as much as $1 billion in commissions from selling U.S. Postal Service buildings across the country.

            Several years ago, Feinstein said that she exerted no influence in the process that led to Blum’s company, CBRE Group, then the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm, obtaining an exclusive contract to market USPS facilities—as part of a larger federal effort to reduce the deficit.


          • Yes, it’s the Jewish, Satanic, Atheist, tree hugging, PEDA, Commie, Gun Hater, Anti-Bill of Rights NWO bunch of Bankster Elitists backed by their Zionist Occupied Government of Amerika.
            They aren’t the “Self-Chosenites” for nothing.
            Here’s a portion of their Roll Call:


            Jews make up a small percentage of the population in Amerika (2% give or take), but have a major role in the GOV. , Banking, Mass Media.

        • solus lupus. I AM. YOU AINT. ANYMORE. Fl.

        • That’s one Chimpin’ Out Woman there!
          Granny, was that you on the Video’s Audio?

          Too Bad she wasn’t at the scene of the White Homeless man being shot in the back in Albuquerque, NM. by a freakin SWAT/ CERT Team
          There has been almost No ZOG media coverage of that since he was murdered for living in the desert.
          Alternative Media (internet sites) were the main source of info on that Desert shooting.

        • Angry crowds need to gather at these incidents. I think cops will reconsider their aggressive behavior if, every time they have to make an arrest, they have to call in a SWAT team to control the angry crowd.

          People need to be MAD, and they need to be loud about it.

          They need more loud people to join them, regardless of the color of the skin involved.

          We got the numbers—it’s time we start using them.

      7. “Shockwave Rider” John Brunner, 1975.


        Kabbalah – Jewish Science

        The kabbalah is the satanic creed
        of the Illuminati.
        Apart from from spreading evil in the
        guise of “social change,”
        it destroyed 51 yr old Tony’s 3 year marriage to a 24 yr old russian mail order bride.

        * lol ;0) s.l.

        This refusal caused a lot of friction. She said the teachings and principles were more for men than women: For “it” to work, her man had to be involved. She said that the highest-level people are Kabbalists…and that all others are just farm animals.


        • solus:
          Take a look at what Muslims call you how about atheist and what they call you, don’t forget what some whites call
          Anyway sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me!;-}

          • Don’t forget about what some whites call blacks and some blacks call whites and so on and son on and so on.

            • Doesn’t matter what they call you when they are looking down the business end of a barrel.

          • dude, how can you be see blind to the truth and history?

            france , england , spain , russia , israel , america , ukraine , egypt , palestine , germany – every where the jews go they destroy the banking financial markets , cultures and once sovereign people they infest. it is what jews do!

            make excuses for them and live in denial of their greed driven history all you want.

            i choose to see the true facts and real evidence as they stand.

            none of this really affects me anymore, as i’ve positioned myself in a very safe zone, an have been prepping for the last 6 years and as a prepper i’m prepared to do what is necessary to survive whatever they may do next.

            even kill those who would do me harm no matter what nwo zog fedgov agency they work for or false god and religion they blindly worship!

            you though will die by their hand for your ignorance.

            • SIG HIEL!!!!!!!SIG HIEL!!!!!!!!!
              Everywhere white Europeans has gone they have done the same damn thing and also screwed up there land and water.
              Now that’s real history, and for more real history, look at every nation that went against Israel and the Jewish people. All of them have gone down in flames and never came back as a real true power. By the way “DUDE” you named several of them. This can be found in a true history book wrote by man, yes , but inspired by GOD ALMIGHTY, read it and LEARN young man LEARN!!!!
              S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

              • Ha, ha, ha….. evidently you have not followed news closely.

                The Israeli aggressors, even though much better armed, had to skedaddle out of Lebanon the last few times they invaded. Unfortunately the Master Race still killed thousands of innocents, non-combatant men, women, and children.

                You have a foolish superstition from a false understanding of Genesis 12:3.
                abplefebvreforums dot pro boards dot com/thread/3866/blessings-curses-genesis-12-3

                The tribe is as brave as ghetto gangsters when they can gang up on rock-throwing kids or a couple of guys with potato launchers, but they are cowards even when confronted with men armed only with rifles.

                • Hmmm! Q for quran.

                  • There is no “T” in Anonymous to stand for your Talmud.
                    Maybe use “Anonymous T”

                    • But there is a s in nutcase von nutcase , yah mein furher?

                    • I can see how the trials of the banksters and their accomplices are going to go.

                      Loads of facts, truckloads of documents, and witnesses will give testimony thoroughly documenting their crimes against humanity.

                      Their defense? Name-calling.

                    • I can see how the trials of the banksters, warmongers, enforcers, talking heads, mouthpieces, and their other accomplices will go.

                      The prosecution will presents loads of facts, truckloads of documents, centuries of accounting, and irrefutable eyewitnesses, all thoroughly documenting their crimes against humanity.

                      Their defense? Name-calling.

                    • aiiiieeeee! typo! “…will present…”

        • This Goyim-Infidel-Cracker Is fighting and Will continue to Fight!

      9. Freedom, just another word for nothing left to lose:(. Bobby McGee


        .300win-mag anti-material to kill their vehicles

        30.06 until they get closer

        .308 if they make it that far

        5.56/.223 for that final rush over the wire

        12gauge for the trenches and building sweep

        .357magnum for cleanup

        • Damn, Solus, that was good. I’ll have to start reading your stuff a little more closely.

          My only quarrel is with your 5.56. I’d stick with the 12 gauge double ought buck (9 shots for each trigger pull) for over the wire, and shit can the 5.56, .223, AR15, M16 clone, etc., POS.

          Semper Fi

          • Old Guy, from my Book Of Resistance, Chapter 12-gauge, Verses .380ACP, .22LR, and .30Carbine.

            • Cuz your a disgrace to the family with all those little wuss pop guns. When you gonna stand up and be a man and get something manly like a 45Acp or a 44Mag. maybe a 308 or 300 win.mag. as for the 22 maybe rabbits or chipmunks, but for fighting off bigbrother, No Way. Oh Yeah your gonna feedem lead nutrients, what a joke. The projectiles out of your 380, 22 and 30 cal all added to gether don’t even add up to one 230gr.-45 ACP. Man-up Cuz and make us proud. I know the recoil hurts your little hand, but quit whining and be as tough as you talk. Send more supplies!

              • NGC ,
                They are all good up close and Personel close combat calibers , in an urban environment you dont need range you need shot repeatability with little recoil , a .30 carb is equal to .357 in power
                Excellant for urban combat conditions when getting out is more important than engaging in fire fights . Breaking contact is a VALID concept when out numbered and out gunned .

                Don’t knock it for the money he has assembled a VERY GOOD survival arsenal we can all not afford SCAR’s and M1A’s , it’s the man behind the platform that counts , practice often and vigorously range time and Knowning your primary defense weapon and impact at different ranges when firing on the move is critical . As alway shot placement makes the difference not the caliber , but having enough gun for the situation counts .
                If I was you BH I would add 1 additional weapons that list a surplus 1903A2 Springfield for reach . ( 30-06) . Rugged reliable and made to handle field conditions . A vey common caliber in north America .

                Guys I have been dark on this site for awhile , for a reason , all HELL is about to break loose , use this time to prepare its about to go prime time and get real . JADE HELM , inactive congress , unrest it’s all building to something horrible . This morning on the news it’s being reported bombing attacks in pakistan have been claimed by ISIL , Pakistan has a nuclear arsenal if that country falls you can use your imagination were this bombs are going to show up .never in history has the world faced so many crisis at once . Prepare like there is no tommorow because there may not be.

                Remember every day we are not at war is a day we get to sharpen our hatchets .

                Semper Fi

                • Make that a 1903A1 still early !

                  Semper Fi

                  • Night Breaker, good to hear from you and thanks for that post. One of my cousins has 1903A1 and hunts with it. I’ve actually test fired it once and that is one helluva rifle. There’s another gun show in my area for April 25th-26th. I’ll be looking for a 1903A1. Thanks for the tip.

                    • Look at the 03-A3, the changes are small but I agree with them. Each to their own

                    • Yeah Cuz I remember when you shot my 1903A1 you cried like a baby, you said it hurt your shoulder.

                • “if that country falls you can use your imagination were this bombs are going to show up”

                  You mean the CIA will shuttle them here for terrorist attack false flags?

                  That would be my guess too.

              • NGIC, STFU, you f#$%ing idiot. I agree that the calibers you recommend are proven manstoppers, but NOT everyone can handle the recoil from them. NOT everyone has the same physical abilities. Try out different calibers until you find one that you feel the most comfortable with, the one that you shoot best with. It’s not so simple to become accurate with those heavy calibers. If you have good enough knowledge of firearms, you already know these things. So stop being so disengenuous, moron.

                • I agree, a 22 being used by someone who knows how scares the hell out of me. Truthfully, long ago I knew a former Baseball pitcher that I’d not wish to face with a fist sized rock.

                • Braveheart,
                  ‘you are correct, and may i add that some people ( not you) forget there is a reason that there are so many different guns and calibers they ALL have there place at the appropriate time and or need. BUT the main issue is with any of them if you don’t know how to use it, it will not matter! and just standing at the gun range and pulling the trigger DOES not count, you need to practice using moving unusual attitudes and or targets etc etc. because when the crap does happen you will not be standing calm at a gun range all HELL will be happening and quick!

                • Cuz sometimes I feel like you don’t really love me, you shouldn’t use that kind of language toward your kinfolk. I may come to Memphis this summer to visit, when would it be best for you? I want to see some of those Confedarate Parks before the city renames all of them. Can you imagine them renaming Bedford Park to Sharpton Slum.

                  • Fear the man that owns but 1 rifle. For he likely knows how to use it! 🙂

                  • NGIC, you are my favorite idiot, but still an idiot all the same. On a more sincere note, stay out of Memphis. It’s not the right kind of place to be in. I’ll be out of here sooner than I thought the way things are looking.

        • Tomahawk to chop the fucker’s up.

          • Woodchipper to make fertilizer out of them 🙂

            • “coarse ground”…

      11. Forget fiat currency. BARTER

        • Been doing it for years…Makes it easier when the Whole House of Cards falls.

      12. Hurry everyone, send me all your cash before it becomes worthless!

        • OLD Geezer:
          Dog gone it, you stole my thunder. I was hoping to retire early, NUTZ!;-}
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      13. Lets say they ban cash like this summer. Everything has to be banked.

        When the banks crash, (and banks are planning on it any day now), they’ll have your bank money to steal from your accounts as you know they think it’s not money and not yours since that G-20 summit. Banks can’t go into your home and steal your cash.

        They KNOW the economy will crash soon and they KNOW the FDIC can’t bail out 270 trillion dollars they plan to lose. The bail-in is all set, and why the big banks want everyone to pay for their failures and evil deeds and have their dirty hands all over your money.

        That’s the REAL reason I think why they want to ban cash.

        Well screw those morons, I know what their tricks are. If you get a few days warning a money ban will happen, Gold and silver will skyrocket, buy what remaining preps you need including trade items and PM’s, because the Big banks are going under.

        • I also think that for those people who try to turn i there cash after it is banned will find that you will either be fined or only get a small percent of the face value of the bills denomination. BIG YUP! looks like this summer is GONNA be a DOOOOzy!

      14. Agreed old geezer I take some of those worthless federal reserve notes. Banning cash haha that’s funny I’m banning my labor services then. I don’t care if the country survives really I’m from the me generation. I look out for me. Good thing I’m young and can do all the physical labor to still feed my family. Not so sure about the armchair folks. Ha labor it’s what I do all the time not afraid to work. Yep it seems the collapse is just about here.

        • Yep; that is the argument missed. It will kill the underground economy, and the drug economy. Both of those are an important percentage of the real economy, and a HUGE source of tax revenues as that money floats outward from the original earned source.

          The guy working under the table (or drug dealer) may not pay tax on those earnings, but he SPENDS that money at some point, paying sales taxes, and the merchant bought from does pay income taxes/and so on, from that point on ON THE SAME MONEY.

          By eliminating cash, you eliminate all the layers of taxing that follow the initial generation of those earning. The economy is barely hanging on now….you knock out 20-30% of it (which is what I estimate cash does), and the ripple effect, and you’ll have a depression the likes of which you can’t imagine.

          • When they eliminate cash, many people will decouple from the gubermint system altogether. They can outlaw PMs but will go nuts and burn enormous resources chasing their tails going after every ‘scofflaw’. The American (and world) economy would shrink dramatically.

      15. FDIC insured folks I want my fucking $ and I’m not taking no for an answer. Oh and there is a million others that want theirs too. We gonna get paid and it’s gonna be immediately because if our kids lose 1 crumb out of their mouths there will be hell to pay ptb.

      16. The whole idea of negative interest rates is just ludicrous, its called Game Over at that point. Are they going to outlaw any other forms of currency like gold and silver? Every justification that ever existed for war would be wrapped up in the elimination of cash….

        • They WILL outlaw gold and silver. In fact they’ll confiscate every scrap they can find in one last desperate effort to stay afloat.

      17. JUBILEE.

        Let the drum beat a constant tune to counter the perfidy of The Elite. The only way to conquer them, is, to declare ALL debt, null.

        Hear them scream.

        • I am shocked to agree for once with Piper Michael.

          The supposed “debt” is the product of criminal and sinful activity, fraud like fractional reserve banking, derivatives, selling paper on gold that isn’t owned, and sin like usury, unjust wages, and unjust prices.

          There are precedents for “debt” repudiation:

          lewrockwell dot com/orig11/chamberlain2.1.1.html

          Far and wide we need to spread discussion of debt repudiation as the solution to the tribe’s debt tyranny and their depopulation/enslavement/sin agenda.

          Prosecute the guilty and repatriate their centuries of ill-gotten gains.

          • Ok, why don’t you get the ball rolling on this john q? You’re forever posting and calling for this kind of stuff so why not show us all what you’ve got in mind for us to receive our fair share of all the gains we are owed. I’m looking forward to hearing all of your great plans that I’m sure you’ve got all ready to go!

            • We are still in Phase 1, “Awakening and Education.”

              Only about a third of the population has a glimmer. Click on my red screen name and promote Awakening and Education 🙂

              • Right, STILL in ” phase one, awakening and education”. Listen asshole, you’ve been in ” phase one” for all of your miserable, pathetic life. You’ll die in ” phase one” because you have NO ” phase two”, or any other plans whatsoever than to piss and moan like a spoiled brat. Your some shithead old geezer who thinks bitching is tantamount to action, go to hell.

                • Try your agent provocateur nonsense elsewhere. It won’t work here.

                • Well then show me what you’ve got jonny boy. Put up or shut up, either you produce something worthwhile or let everybody here see you’re nothing but a poser.

                  • Try your agent provocateur nonsense elsewhere. It won’t work here.

                    • My Phase 1 “Awakening and Education,” trumps your name-calling provocations.

                  • It ” trumps” your claims of all your nonsense grandpa. You’ve been spewing the same garbage here for years and never do anything but that. When your challenged to actually put forth some type of action, you CAN’T! You resort to your tear filled excuses of I’m just the messenger. Why don’t you retire now old man, it’s obvious for all here to see you’re nothing but a tired, aging windbag.

        • PM, good to hear from you. How’ve you been?

        • Piper:

          Mind listing names of “them” who will be screaming?

      18. There will always be cash because the drug trade is to good for them to stop. Substantiates the support for many agencies and their covert actions with drug money.

        • I was thinking the same thing Slingshot. But you know they may have that covered as well. These people are not stupid.


      19. What about what the Constitution says!? I guess it doesn’t matter to anyone anyway….

      20. I am already using bartering to obtain some things without cash or to pay taxes. The Amish use this in a lot of their transactions and I trade with an Amish family for things. I assume this will start to get used more as time goes by. I can’t fathom how the IRS is going to be able to tax this type of income since it doesn’t leave a paper trail. The IRS would have to hire thousands of overseers to monitor these trade activities, and this would be very costly to the IRS, probably amount to more than they would get in revenue. The monitors would have to be experts to be able to to put a value on items as they are traded.

        • James, I’ve done some bartering a few times myself. Barter will be KING in any post-SHTF scenario. Better learn how to barter now if you want to survive in post-SHTF.

          • Yeah Cuz you know how to barter. Would you trade me a quart of that shine for this 50 dollar bill. You betcha! Remember that time that ole Georgia boy was standin on the corner with that shoebox, and you ask him if he could get you a quart of shine, and he said yeah and you gave him a 50 dollar bill and he said you can hold onto this shoebox till I get back and I’ll go git the shine, and you waited and waited and after a couple of hours it finally dawned on you he werent coming back, so you opened the shoebox and low and behold there was your quart of shine. Bet you thought I was gonna say a box of BS just like I been feeding you, but you was wrong, we’re honest down here in Georgia, ain’t that right Eppe. But you Memphis dudes never were to smart. But we Love you anyway Cuz.

            • NGIC, I don’t touch any type of alcohol, period. While Memphis does have its share of morons, NOT everyone here is like that. I’m one of the exceptions, so go back to sleep, moron.

              • Yep, Brave….Blog name should end at NorthGeorgiaIdiot.

                Adds nothing here but attacks on you…how quaint….

                You know who the real PTB are and are not afraid to speak out, so get used to it.

                • The personal attacks have the same style. Different names, same dolt?

                • Granny if I did that I’d be using someone elses blog name. Don’t know what happened to NGI but I ain’t stealing his handle. Please don’t call me quaint! Did you ever meet my Cuz, you might like him!

                • POG, I can promise that NGIC is NOT related to me. My family in GA has common sense, something NGIC doesn’t know anything about. He’s just an idiot, so he doesn’t get my blood pressure up at all.

          • Used car dealers are already experts at barter.

      21. They make paper money worthless by printing the hell out of it, and now they will fix it by not having it?????

      22. This scenario of worthless cash is troubling. Say you are saving and holding 25 grand, do you spend it or continue saving? Is this just a way to get people to spend their savings now? Which way is up?

        • aljamo my thoughts are that they will give you a grace period to redeem your cash at a bank and it will go into your electronic account. If you don’t turn it in by the end of the grace period all cash will become worthless. So they won’t just outright steal it, but they will control us. It’ll be just like Direct Deposit they have worked on forcing people into that for years and almost everyone now has to recieve their pay that way. Trekker Out. Always Use Cash When Possible!

        • I’d pay off all debts, buy gold and silver, and invest in farmable land for a share of the crop or farm it myself. I’d also look into other strong assets that are absolutely necessary to replace money for trades.

          The dollar is legal tender by our laws, but it doesn’t mean it is worth a dollar.

          On the other hand, government doesn’t allow gold or silver bars to replace the dollar as currency, although it will be the people who will be the ones to decide what is valuable for exchanges of goods.

          Since the greedy banks can’t make enough money to pay their multi-million $$ salaries, you can keep money in the banks (if they don’t go under and take your money when FDIC can’t cover their lost derivatives) but they will charge you something like $5-$10 for every check you write, money you withdraw, hold for you in savings, or deposits you make. Your savings in a bank will dwindle with their monthly charges to keep it there and that’s what this Buiter is wanting.

      23. Everybody spend your cash before they ban it. Sounds like tptb trying to extract every bean out of us. very desperate if you ask me. They better run the press overtime

      24. Going cashless is the total control tool in the bag. Buy to much food, knock on the door, buy to much ammo knock on the door, buy to much TP, knock on the door, get the picture. Folks the SHIT SANDWICH will be served to us open faced soon. It will all come with MARTIAL LAW!

      25. Dirty bomb coming to Jade Helm 15?????? If so, just might start the party. First there was Boston (Test) now the bigger (Test) SW U.S.A, but so much more going on everywhere else I just don’t know anymore is it worth it at all to resist: YOU DAMN RIGHT IT IS!!! I for one will resist as long as I’m still breathing!!!

        Name and SS# is all they should get from anyone if arrested.

      26. When the new 100 dollar bill came out, I thought there would be a day when TBTB would announce some kind of bullshit that they had to be turned in (converted) to stop some terror organization from doing business. By such and such date, the OLD C-note will be null and void. Folks will turn in those hundos and get a deposit receipt.

        They might use photos of mountains of seized drug cartel monies, and say it’s a stab at drug dealers. The drug cartels will still get their normal 60% return on their laundered money that they can legitimately put into investments.

        Whatever way they decide to accomplish a cashless society, it will be some kind of falsehood that they base the need for it on.

        I am wondering how casinos, fairs/carnivals, panhandlers, cannabis industries, etc would handle a shift to cashless?

      27. A cashless society is easier to track and control. Might be a good idea to develope some relationships where barter is the prefered method of exchange.

      28. Citigroup was illegal when it was formed. Promulgated legality. SOP. When your vote doesn’t matter you cease to. Maybe that is sinking in but I will tell you this. You want to guarantee an EMP? Go cashless. Ask NORAD. Yep, promulgated wealth confiscation is a fact of life.
        I was conversing with my grandson about the great seal of the United States. The symbolism. The fact the Eagle carries both arrows for war and an olive branch for peace in its talons. The birds gaze is towards peace. We both laughed and suggested a drone instead of an olive branch and the birds gaze should be straight ahead looking you straight in the eye. And that big white splot just nailed the Bill of Rights. Shitty times, indeed. Created one bite at a time.

      29. AMMUNITION: Currency for a New Millenium.

        • ALZHEIMERS. The future of your Millenium.

        • Guns have only 2 enemies, rust and politicians!

      30. WHAT IS CURSIVE?

        the zionists ‘dumbing down’ of zog amerika’s gentile goyim children is almost complete.

        As we have incrementally come to accept the deliberate dumbing down of the language through acronyms, let me address the importance of cursive and why the Government and public school prison system would love for your children to never learn this art form.

        Wouldn’t it be great if you or your child could never read historic documents such as the Declaration of Independence or the The Bill Of Rights? The global controllers are banking on that. Imagine a future where you don’t even know your basic rights? Not because you don’t care, but because you can’t understand the basic form they are written in. Most may laugh, but a scenario like this is very possible. In 25 years cursive will be extinct by my estimation, and only small pockets of the population will know how to read or write in this form of communication.

        Here is a list of a few important documents written in cursive:

        Declaration of Independence
        Bill Of Rights
        Articles of Confederation
        Emancipation Proclamation
        13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Abolition of Slavery
        Constitution of the United States


      31. Amazing what you can find if you just “let your fingers do the walking”.

        For all you posters that ridicule so-called conspiracy theories….here is a post for you. Take PARTICULAR NOTE OF THE DATE: April 28, 1997.

        William S. Cohen, US Secretary of Defense
        defense dot gov transcripts news briefing April 28 1997
        Presenter William S.Cohen

        Discussion included Senators Nunn and Luger

        “There are some reports, for example, that some countries have been trying to construct something like an EBOLA VIRUS. and that should be a very dangerous phenomenon to say the least.

        Allen Toeffler has written about this in terms some scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ETHNIC specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races, and others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can destroy certain crops.

        Others are engaging even in an ECO-TYPE of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely by the use of electromagnetic waves.

        There are plenty of ingenious minds out there at work finding ways they can wreak terror upon the nations.

        Its REAL, and that is why we have to intensify our efforts. and that’s why it is important.”


        What? Cohen purporting that what some call conspiracy theories, way back in 1977, could come true. He must be listed as CRAZY, don’t you think?

        Fast forward 2015:

        Earthquakes, Volcanos
        Ebola (devastating ethnic group in Africa; threatening Americans)
        Big Pharma
        Monsanto GMO’s
        And the list goes on….

        So much for the ridicule of the uninformed……

        • Indeed! The tribe’s mania about genetics is not just about trying to find “Levites” to bring back animal sacrifice.

          The tribe’s European (Khazarian) roots are quite inconvenient for their genetic biowarfare efforts. Too bad, too sad for their genocidal goals. Lucky for us!

          Who is human? Who is not?
          abplefebvreforums dot pro boards dot com/thread/3714/who-human

        • Indeed! The tribe’s mania about genetics is not just about finding “Levites” to bring back animal sacrfice.

          The tribe’s European (Khazarian) genetics are quite inconvenient for their genetic biowarfare efforts. Too bad, too sad for their ethnic cleansing goals. Lucky for us!

          Who is human? Who is not?
 boards dot com/thread/3714/who-human

      32. The barter economy leaves out tptb taxes and market swings. Let’s make trades we can have national trade amongst ourselves. It’s looking like this is coming soon hope y’all got some good stuff to trade.


        Jewess Dianne Feinstein’s Husband Wins Another Billion Dollars in Government Contracts, California ‘High Speed Rail’ Contract

        the frankenstein zio-jew’s of commie.cali are getting filthy rich via zog fedgov insider tip-off’s and trading off of zog amerika’s destruction!

        • well hello there zio jew masters! funny, you don’t seem much different than the Christian, muslim, or non religious asshole masters I’ve had to work for my whole life. Just wondering what the possible difference could be when they’re ALL assholes, ya know?

          • Yah, I’ll take Jew masters any day.

            They don’t murder Christians on sight, unlike your run-of-the-bog muslim allies.

            Nor do they even have the concept of jizya in their religion.

            Nor do they trade in slaves, as muslims still do.

            Nor to they advocate plural marriage. (Anymore – I admit it was taken for granted in Old Testament times.)

            Nor do they consider using little boys for sex toys an acceptable form of behavior.

            Nor do they condone inbreeding. (Probably why Jews test very high for intelligence, and muslims test just barely above sub-Saharan Africans.)

            How many Jews have won Nobel prizes for medicine, literature, physics and chemistry? How many muslims again?

            How many Jews have built high grade hospitals which are open to all? (D’ya know that many Paliswineans injured by their “intefadas” get treated in Israeli hospitals?)

            Sometime in the future I pray that all the “ZOG” trolls here will be rounded up and deported to, say, Yemen, where they can live under a real religious tyranny. But then, maybe they’d like it – their lust for raping little boys would finally be socially acceptable.

        • Solus:

          Nancy Pelosi called “Gorbachev’s Useful Idiot”.

          I did a whole article on those two’s scam. Kruschev said we would fall from within. He was right on the money.

          Harry Reid, Feinstein, Pelosi, and a lot more should be in a stockade in a town square at the present time; awaiting their trial for treason.

      34. This is my solution to this issue.
        When cash is outlawed.
        Kill every last individual who called for cash to be abolished and the politicians who went along with and voted for it.
        Problem solved.
        If you want to force me at the point of a gun to be a slave to you.
        I will personally work with others to assure your life expectancy drops to very very low numbers.

      35. I went back to using cash for all my expenditures just over a year ago. For me there were many reasons why but mostly it was to enable me to protect my privacy. I’m really concerned with my details being stored on a database so the police and other law enforcement agencies can ‘keep an eye on me’ to make sure I’m not doing anything I shouldn’t be!

        I would encourage everyone to use coins and cash as much as possible as you appreciate the value of money when it’s in your hand and not all on a plastic card. I spend less on rubbish now and my money lasts a lot longer.

      36. Kulafarmer is back.

        I like the honest solution. Have to keep them honest even if they don’t like it.

        • Yea theres a line that delineates survivable situation and EOTWAWKI
          My bet is if cash is outlawed it will be odds of 1:1
          THAT could be worth playing.
          Nuclear winter,,,
          Not so much.

          • Like those odds

          • Welcome back Kula! I wish hackers would publish the addresses of all politicians and bankers and head law enforcement. Make it a lot easier 🙂

      37. WDC has been and is the glaring problem.

      38. Revelation 13
        16And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

      39. Haven’t had a bank account in 3 years. I buy a Walmart reload able debit card to pay a few bills each month and everything else is cash. I am selling ALL my remaining stocks next week and funding a private corporation to convert the entire sum into a land purchase I found near Lake Barkley Ky. Anyone who leaves assets to the mercy of banks and brokerage houses in the next year is nuts. Buy LAND, AMMO, FOOD or any other hold able asset with every penny at your disposal. I just upgraded my boat for riding the lakes near my BOL. I remember as a kid responsible Americans were supposed to save money, now night is day because the only responsible thing seems to me to be convert EVERYTHING into tangible assets. If money is soon to be worthless why should I save it, convert it to something that will have value while you still can.

        • The land you think you are buying is just a bit of paper and if the state wants your land then its gone and if trouble starts then land will resort to anyone who can hold the land.

          its like you are buying a bit of the sea incase the price of water goes up, its no more yours than mine.

          On the other hand if things carry on as they are then you will be reminded via land taxes just who owns that pieace of land so to me you are playing a zero sum game

          • +1…Even when you “OWN” it, you don’t – Cars, land, homes, if you still pay that fine thinly veiled as a “TAX” to keep Unkle Sugar from sweeping you off of it, it’s only yours till the feds go “WACO, TEXAS” on you when you stop paying extortion…

            Any former ex-military will tell you about the “3×3” rule…you only own what is within a square of 3′ by 3′ around you, because that’s the maximum size of space you can hold yourself…

      40. Cash is already banned to a large extent because pulling out more than £1000 at the local nat west get you asked loads of questions by the state or did you forget who owns the bank.

        My cash still jingles when i take it out of the tubes and i would like to see them try to stop me using that as I please

        Why on earth anyone keeps fiat paper in a bank at zero interest rates is above me when the law has been changed to say that its the property of the banks if SHTF

        • A ban on cash (or gold) will be done by making it illegal to accept any for deposit. No way for you to get it back into the “white market” economy. No way to use it to pay your utility bills, mortgage (if you are dumb enough to have one), taxes, car loan payments, credit card bills, even buy an airline ticket or a hotel room.

          We are already close to that – look at the prosecutions of small retailers who deposit a few thousand every week. They get accused of “structuring”, all their money is confiscated, even when they are never charged, not even with a misdemeanor.

        • I often wonder about why people keep their savings in the bank despite not getting interest.

          If I had saving I would keep the cash hidden at home so that the state can’t confiscate it.

          It’s always a safe bet to keep at least some assets away from prying eyes……..and that means cash at home so the state doesn’t know everything about your private life.

          By the way, Nat West, like all banks, require a few days notice for cash withdrawals over £1,200 as they have low stocks of cash.

      41. All of this insanity in the disgusting evil collapsing Orwellian Corporatist Fascist Police State shithole of Murica, and the COWARD BOOT LICKING PUSSIES in this fascist shithole still fly that disgusting vile evil piece of shit Murican Flag, while the dumbed down brain dead ignorant lazy waddling fat ass toxic dumps still actually believe we have a Constitution. The raggedy piece of shit US Constitution which has been spit on, shit on, and rendered NULL AND VOID by the NSA fascist filth, CIA boot licking murdering Corporatist whores, DEA shit stains, FBI scum, and all other Corporatist Fascist controlled shit stain Federal Agencies is nothing but a FANTASY and complete fucking joke in the evil Corporatist Fascist GENOCIDAL shithole of the world. It is over for the evil Corporatist controlled fascist shithole of collapsing Murica, but the COWARD BOOT LICKING FASCIST PUSSIES still cling to the fantasy and lies, because the cowards cannot give up their delusions. It is just too scary for the coward pussies to live in the REALITY of what the collapsing shithole of Orwellian Corporatist Fascist Police State Murica is right fucking NOW, not in the future, and it is not on the way. The Fascist Orwellian Police State is REALITY, it is here, it is happening right NOW, and the coward pussies in the evil vile shithole of collapsing fascist Murica are going more insane by the day in their delusions and fantasies of a county that NEVER was.


          Universal suffrage was a big fat mistake.

      42. It’s funny, but as a small electrical contractor; I was just thinking about how we need to go back to cash just the other day. A general contractor was waiting on a check, so he could pay me, and I needed that money so I could buy some materials for my next job.
        When he got paid, he paid me. However, the bank put his money on a hold so when I spent it my account got put on hold until the original check cleared. If we’d all used cash, I’d have had cash on hand.
        And for those saying I should keep more money in the bank just in case this was going to happen, the whole point of this article is banning cash so they can charge you to hold money in the bank.

      43. …Heads up all!! Keep some cash at home, and other hidden here and there…have SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM…hidden…have enough food for several months…plus water, lead, dogs, small hidden garden, medical, and don’t forget toilet paper, liquor..(for trading, bartering). We do not need cash…we can barter..and people have been doing it for thousands of years. Karen Hudes is trying to set a ‘back to the rule of law’ situation…using a coalition of worldwide hierarchy…see her on YouTube.and there is a 4/30 video…DO NOT ever depend on a corrupt govt…ever…be independent always..and acquire skills, NOW…

      44. Doesn’t banning cash transform credit/debt into the de facto ‘Unit Of Account’?

        If so then, it will make the Fed, whose primary function is converting government checks/debt into spendable credit, obsolete as the very act of deposit creates the credit to pay in one step, there is nothing to settle, the check is paid in full upon deposit, and any bank can do that. Banning cash would totally eliminate government debt. What would they owe? It’s already paid in full at the moment of deposit !!

        What value would a Treasury Bond held by any bank hold? They would no longer be I.O.U. Cash Dollars, they would no longer represent a government debt obligation, as any ‘Promise To Pay’ by government, is paid the instant the banks used it to create credit, paid in full.

        Those fools in the banking system who are promoting the banning of cash are totally outwitting themselves as it will make all centralized banking with its attendant government debt, obsolete!

        With credit as the de facto ‘Unit Of Account’, any credit created by banks using Government Bonds, would have to be returned to the government with the bond as that credit is a product of the bond and is attached to the bond throughout its existence. No bond, no credit. This transforms banks into the primary debtors, effectively reversing the rolls of obligor and obligee.

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