Expert: Russia Launched Cyber Warfare Against UK With ‘Dirty Tricks’

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    In response to an attack on Syria, Russia has launched a cyberwar against the United Kingdom. This “dirty trick” campaign will be against the United States as well, and Boris Johnson, the UK’s Foreign Secretary, says retaliation plans against Russia should be made now.

    According to The Telegraph UK, Whitehall sources on Sunday night confirmed a Pentagon analysis that showed a 20-fold increase in Russian-sourced “disinformation” being spread online since the cruise missile attacks on Syria in the early hours of Saturday. This ramped up the fears that it could be a precursor to a campaign of cyber attacks by the Kremlin, and the Foreign Secretary said Britain must take “every possible precaution” to guard against it.

    The attack on Syria by Western powers has put officials in the UK on edge. They now feel that Russia will retaliate with a cyber attack against UK hospitals and other services including air traffic control, and one expert believes such an attack is imminent. Counter-terrorism expert Michael Clarke, who specializes in defense studies, has urged the public to be ready for “cyber warfare” within the next two or three weeks.

    “I suspect Russia will choose not to respond in military terms. But cyber warfare is highly likely,” said Clarke. “It will be an attack on national infrastructure, not just upsetting city firms, but getting inside the transport system, or the health system, or air traffic control. It could affect everyone.”

    The UK, US, and France launched 105 missiles at suspected chemical weapons sites in three strikes in Damascus and near Homs on Saturday, and Russian President Putin warned that the US-led strike against Syria would result in “consequences” against the Allied forces, without stating what they would be.

    Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, the UK foreign secretary said relations between both countries (the UK and Russia) had severely declined in the wake of the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, and Saturday’s missile air strikes in Damascus and Homs. Johnson also stressed the “limits” of the intervention were to stop an apparent erosion of the “taboo” of chemical weapons. “The rest of the Syrian war must proceed as it will,” he said, adding that the “primary purpose is to say no to the use of barbaric chemical weapons.” Johnson added that he did not know how Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would respond, saying that if there was a repeat chemical attack, “clearly, with allies, we would study what the options were.”The NHS has proven to be a weak target for cyber attacks in the past.  With an already failing socialist healthcare system, any cyber warfare could be fatal for the UK’s hospitals which are on life support now.


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      1. Unfortunately, our government is seriously lacking in cyber protection. Our infrastructure could be the next big target. There could be just lights out, or rolling blackout across the country as they stay one step ahead of us shutting down systems.

        • Mac tries to link a 20% increase in Russian Internet news as a Cyber hack. Wow. What a leap to deminize Russia. And because they are spreading the truth of the Wests Fraud its now considered hacking and dysinformation. Well here is a clue. I trust RT News over CNN or the BBC. Another BS Fear Propaganda hit piece on Russia.

      2. Well you can pretty much bet there will definitely be some type of a counter-response from Russia or Syria and or possibly China or even Iran…what a bunch of shit bags that is folks. It will be interesting to see if the U.S. goes and tries to pull some sort of False-Flag here at home…As they say, never waste a good crisis, etc, etc.

      3. Anyone expressing a non-conformist opinion = Russian troll. According to our discredited, propaganda-war-losing British goverment.

        • Jay, I realize your govt. leaves a great deal to be desired. But Russians are not exactly angels either. They haven’t really changed that much from the old Soviet era.

      4. So what the he’ll happened? I came here and read this post, made a comment and left. Came back a little later and post was gone. Now it’s back.

        • I thought i was crazy too . I saw this and it disappeared and returned whats going on here

      5. Mac, I read the advertisement from I couldn’t help laughing at the Chinese mistake. Oh well, that’s Chinese for you.

      6. How timely. What an unexpected cohensidence.
        Just when the satanic globalists here in the USA were clamping down on free speech on the internet, ciabook, & tweetybird.

        Expect lights out. In other words, you’re a dead duck.

        _ by deception


        • Print out your contact list.


      7. All governments are run by criminals. No exceptions. There are no good governments. Only victims. The major problem I have with the government in Washington is it doesn’t represent me, my people, or my country. It represents the criminally connected class and the lobbyists. Period. The US demonizes every country that it needs to loot. Currently that country is Syria. But the big prize down the road is Russia. They lied about Iraq and Libya. The American people will never understand. If it’s on TV it must be true, right?

      8. Something is astray pay attention to small things today i have noticed my netflix is dragging ass and not working right also my cell phone isnt running as usual along with web sites i check daily. And my regular internet keeps reseting. None of these are dependent upon the other. Are the instruments being put into place for initiation all at once.

        • GS, could be that it’s Monday, or the hole in the Sun (yes) causing it -. Just read about it a couple of days ago.
          Net is working fine here in Caribbean.

        • GodS, you might have noticed something important. Where I live, we’ve had a Verizon wireless outage…… unexplained and down for around 8 hours a couple of days back. This weekend, of all things the local Dollar Generals all had at first a total shut-down of system going to tortoise-slow later. I’m in the electronics field – nav/comm and IT. I’ve been seeing odd networking outages and slow-downs increasing in frequency/incidence. Both @ customer locations (and that ranges from maritime to land-based) and in my own neighborhood. Sudden speed-ups as well. Of browser functionality and overall general I/O port speeds. Someone’s playing with the ‘throttles’.

        • Hey Godsoldier. Try caching your cookies. Or pray for God to fix it. If he can move heaven and earth. He could speed up your internet service eh. Maybe you need to pray harder. Beg.. Haha.

      9. We had trouble with our Netflix for the last two days as well. Also have had a lot of trouble with the EHR at work being slow off and on for the last few days.

      10. I don’t understand. I think I need some guidance on which gas masks, coveralls, IoSat tablets, and emergency food I should buy because of this Russian cyber malarkey.

        Mac…please advise immediately! I’m confused and lost here!

      11. Russian disinformation? Bull. This entire line of ‘stuff’ from the Skripal poisoning to this supposed chemical attack by Asaad on his own citizens is all a lie. We’re being led down a path I for one don’t care to be on. In fact, I’ll go one more. I have to admire the restraint by Putin in not taking all those ships right to the bottom of the Med. If we don’t look out and stop following this entire load of crap, we’re all going be very sorry. The whole thing is about oil and gas and control over the citizens of this planet by a very very few. There are NO humane reasons for any of this.

      12. They could easily stir things up by leaking the true extent of terrorism and crime in the country brought by its “cultural enrichment” by Islam and others. Or leak on the elites true behaviour.

        • Hey frank look up the 750 Palestinian women and children shot by Israeheeli soldiers sniping pot shot at them from a hilltop Killing 17 of the 750 shot. Why isn’t Trump shoting missles at Israehell for shooting at their own. People? The Fake Gas Attack alleged 60 killed in Syria. This just happened about 5-6,days ago. Where is the outrage? Shooting and killing unarmed women and children. How pathetic. Israehell is a terrorist state. Time to cut off all funding and weaponry and kick and expell AIPAC out of the US. Fn Hypocrits.

          • Because Israel calls the shot’s in this country.

          • Because they were attacking the border. Under international law, all states are allowed to use force to defend their borders from attack. My advice is to not attack a border and you would then not run the risk of dying.

            Israel lives in a tough neighbourhood and has had to deal with illegal Arab attacks on it from day one. Syria was building a massive military to invade Israel and this is why Israel has worked to dismantle this military. Keep in mind: Israel was established under UN mandate and has every legal right to be there. Arabs and Arab states have violated that fact for decades and in turn have paid a price for that violence.

            • Well said, Frank.

      13. There has been a very large hole in the sun’s coronasphere which has made for strong solar winds hitting earth. This has resulted in a geomagnetic storm that has interfered with communications.

        When you think of electromagnetic pulses you think of solar events or nuclear weapons being detonated in the atmosphere, but it wouldn’t be that hard to create an electromagnetic pulse with a limited range. Neighbor playing his stereo too loud and refusing to turn the volume down? Zap!!! Red light cameras? Zap!!! I’m surprised someone has developed such a device.

      14. The Russians just have to tap into the existing crime wave being unleashed by black and Muslim youth in the UK. At present, the majority of violent crime, rapes and theft are committed by this demographic in the UK. A consequence of decades of failed migration policy, bringing groups who would never settle and become peaceful and prosperous (would you loan money to an aggressive youth who is in your face?).

        With the country facing going it alone in the world, can it afford to continue a policy of liberality towards violent populations who turn city areas into gang warfare zones? What foreign investor wants to move to a city area if it is filled with violent youths who might knife you to death for a few crumbs?

        Rather than offering sanctuary to terrorists and criminals, the UK should offer sanctuary to hard-working investors.

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