Random House to House Searches Authorized As Police State Expands

by | May 17, 2011 | Headline News | 55 comments

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    It seems no matter how many laws and mandates government passes, whether on the federal, state or local level, it’s never enough.

    The latest violation of the right to be safe in our homes and our persons comes from the Indiana Supreme Court:

    According to Newton County Sheriff, Don Hartman Sr., random house to house searches are now possible and could be helpful following the Barnes v. STATE of INDIANA Supreme Court ruling issued on May 12th, 2011. When asked three separate times due to the astounding callousness as it relates to trampling the inherent natural rights of Americans, he emphatically indicated that he would use random house to house checks, adding he felt people will welcome random searches if it means capturing a criminal.

    Granted, this is a State Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court could throw out the decision as unconstitutional, we aren’t holding our breath. Just yesterday, the US Supreme Court ruled 8 to 1 that Kentucky police who smelled marijuana at an apartment door, knocked loudly and announced themselves, and then kicked in the door when they thought the drugs were being destroyed did nothing wrong. The similarities in the rulings cannot be ignored. You see, in the Kentucky US Supreme Court ruling, the police officers who kicked in the door had been tracking a criminal in the area. As they were walking around the neighborhood, they indicated that they smelled marijuana, and came to the conclusion that the criminal they were tracking must be the one smoking it. They then kicked the door down. The resident of that dwelling, who had no relation to the original criminal or crime committed, was then arrested.

    No matter your stance on marijuana laws, Karl Denninger highlights why this is a dangerous precedent:

    The primary problem with these sorts of cases, of course, is that the law exists at all on this basis.  We create circumstances in which the police have to manufacture cause to bust in a door behind which adults are peacefully conducting themselves in consensual conduct.  Having passed laws that are logically indefensible from the first principle that you own your person we are then forced to create more and more elements fo an outright police state to “enforce” these misguided and logically defective statutes.

    First the government provided billions in funding for street cameras for just about every major intersection in the country. They required roving bug technology in all new cell phones. They created cyber security divisions whose sole purpose is to monitor internet traffic – everything from email and text messaging to phone calls and online community forums. They even made investments into large internet firms so that they can create and monitor social trends and relationships. To store, process and cross examine all of the data, they created Fusion centers in most U.S. metropolitan areas.

    As if that weren’t enough, the government is now further expanding its power. They tell us what to eat – what’s healthy (e.g. GMO foods and rBST infused milk) and what’s bad for our diet (natural foods, sugar, salt). They tell us when and where to go for health care. They decide who can be groped in public and why.

    Now, they can choose to enter your home, for virtually any reason, and if you happen to be breaking one of the tens of thousands of laws that exist on the books, you are jailed. Even if you aren’t breaking the law, and completely within your Constitutional, State and local rights, you may end up like Mark Fiorino, a 25-year-old IT worker who was recently detained by police for lawfully open carrying a firearm. Police assumed he was breaking the law (apparently they didn’t know the law). He wasn’t. That didn’t stop them from threatening to shoot him. He was eventually released and not arrested for the firearm issue. He was, however, arrested after he released a Youtube audio clip of the encounter. According to police. Fiorino was charged with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct because he refused to cooperate with police.

    Are we living in the same America we did ten years ago?

    Will we recognize America ten years hence?

    Hat tip Big J


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      1. The problem is that “law enforcement officers” actually believe it is within their power to violate the Constitution on behalf of the Corporation.  And they further believe they can not be held accountable.  Besides, it is not their rights being violated, and because they are part of the club they never will be.
        Until these uniform wearing morons have been taught a lesson in freedom, they will continue on in corporate service and gladly take YOUR rights with the understanding the corporation will protect them from responsibility and protect their own rights if the victim tries to hold them accountable.
        The system is corrupted beyond repair.  But it is not the system here that is the enemy.  It is the individual officers who are doing the damage for their own selfish reason.  They are criminals and should be treated as such.
        Now you know why you no longer have Policemen.  A Policeman is a Man.  Now you have Police Officers, who are merely corporate enforcers who assume everyone is a part of the corporation and their personal bitches.
        Everybody’s time will come, and the officers responsible will have no excuses for what they have done.

      2. I just went to read the actual decision.  It says on page 4
        We believe however that a right to resist an unlawful police entry into a home is against public policy …
        It is certainly not against the law to stop an unlawful activity.  It is only against the Corporations policy, which is what police enforce and the courts protect.
        Mac failed to mention the cops were there in response to a 911 call from the woman who lived there, and the call was about the appellant who tried to stop the officers entry into the house.
        I don’t think the officer crossed a line, as the woman asked the guy to let them in thereby giving her consent for them to enter.  She lived there too.  But the court surely did by issuing such a vague ruling about it.
        It also says repeatedly
        In sum, we hold that Indiana the right to reasonably resist an unlawful police entry into a home is no longer recognized under Indiana law.
        In this case, it is the court taking the liberty of granting the authority to police to make unlawful arrest when it was not asked to do any such thing.  All who reached this decision should be hung for Treason, but that is up to the People of Indiana, and they will have to beat the State of Indiana to do it.

      3. Good reply read GC. 

        I’m going to have to start hiding my incandescent light bulbs before the po po breaks down my door.  If I break a CFL light bulb I will have to fill out a report with the feds.  We’re screwed.

        “The nasty things that you think are coming always take longer to arrive than you think they will, but once they get here, they make up for their tardiness by being worse than you thought they’d be.”
        -Richard Maybury

      4. Sorry, I have already written more about this than Mac … but one more thing this decision shows is that the People no longer have the authority to enforce the law against any public officer, even when they see unlawful activity.  It doesn’t just apply to your local police, but to the dog catcher and every other officer that exists for the harassment of people and revenue generation for the corporation.
        Must be a sad day for those living in the “corporate grid”

      5. I read about this last week and am still pissed about it. If this doesn’t wake the masses up, then nothing will except the knock on their own head  🙁
        GC, what was your email you used when talking with those interested in an internet gig $…we seemed to of misplaced it and are not seeing it in the “sent” folder?

      6. Don’t break the law
        Don’t let people in your home who break the law, or be around people who do.
        Don’t pisses a cop off just shut up
        Don’t walk around in a town or city with a gun on. In this day and time most people do not want to be around someone with a gun on unless they are a cop. I love guns and do not want to be around someone with a gun. KEEP THE THING OUT OF SIGHT
        Follow these simple rules and the chances of come in contact with the law are very slim.
        Trying to prove a point can get you killed or someone else killed.

      7. The real problem is our citizen or too dumb, lazy and selfish to stand up. Then they want to complaign about their rights when it’s too late.

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolution2.osixs.org )
        We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”

      8. Thanks GC  🙂

      9. It’s on the news right now that the US Supreme Court just upheld the right of police to disregard the need to obtain a warrant EVEN WHEN AT THE WRONG HOME (address).  This case is out of Miami, not Indiana by the way.  Further, any evidence obtained in this search (which used to be illegal) is now fully legal and can be used against the occupant.  The only thing the police need is to “smell marijuana and noises from inside”.  Their own pounding on the door constitutes “reasonable cause”.

        Ruth Bader Ginsberg is the only Justice to dissent from this appalling decision.  You, me, and everyone else in the good ole’ USA no longer have any 4th amendment rights what so ever.

        Things like this are what makes me send in stuff like the ultimate bug out home article.  I can’t afford that home, and neither can anyone I know.  However, I can afford to modify my home to be very resistant to these types of “no knock” (no justification is more like it) raids.  If you invest in a real set of high security doors, and make your windows inaccessible, provide yourself a “safe room” on the inside, and teach your family what to do when the pounding starts, you will have bought yourself enough time to get everyone out of the way before the cops come in with guns blazing.

        There is no question that the most serious threat the average homeowner faces is from police home invasion raids.  The US Supreme Court has just ruled TODAY that the cops need no evidence and no (real) probable cause whatsoever to invade your home.  The question is, what are you going to do about it?  Waste your time lobbying bought off politicians or fix your home to resist and give you those precious few minutes?

      10. BJ

        Nothing will wake up the masses until American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Real House Wives and all the other shows go off the air. Do you really think a network station carries a story like this? When was the last time you saw any real news on the news?

        Until the house of cards comes crashing down on the masses nothing will change. Though most of us will know what happend, the masses will wonder what happened.

      11. Oh, I’d just *love* to see the local PD pull a boner like that… Sure, they’d roust my house a bit, but then I’d become an instant millionaire in a very short time thereafter (well, depending on settlement, and how good their lawyers are, etc). 

        I figured that, with the number of wrongful search/entry/arrest/etc lawsuits that the various PDs in the Portland Metro area have had to pay out just in the past three years, they might be a little gun-shy (pardon the pun) about busting in. 

        Federal agencies would have a hard time picking my place out amongst the zillions of others, especially since I’m a perfectly law-abiding citizen.

      12. You’re not Chicken Little if the sky really is falling! I don’t know what to say. I’m appalled. I’m all about prepping for things like this, but unless your preps are perfect… If they find one chink in your armor, you and your family are dead or in prison.

        As for “behaving” yourself properly… Soon, it won’t matter. Eventually, they’re going to make a law against something you aren’t willing to give up. Then, the pounding starts on YOUR door.

        I am truly sick to my stomach. I don’t even WANT to know what’s next.

        peace and love to you guys.

      13. Even without this ruling it seems like law enforcement has carte blanche to invade anybodies home. Here in my home town of Tucson, on the 4th or 5th of may, the Pima County Sheriffs Department swat team, while conducting a search warrent, killed a 2 time Marine Corps. Iraqi Veteran while he attempted to defend his property and more importantly, his wife and child! Even though they had a warrent, they had the wrong guy! Appearently they were after this Marines brother. I first read this story on the 12th of May on national blog. can’t remember which one, and it did’nt even make local headlines until the the 13 of may! They shot him 71 times, but when they got to his body with his AR-15 still in his hands, the selector levor on his rifle was still on safe! My deepest condolences to the family of Jose Guerena! 

      14. if they dont serve me a warrent, with place and things to be searched, and they just bust down my door, they will all go out in body bags, how the hell am i supposed to know if they are the cops, or a home invasion?

        I think they could be asking for a lot of trouble in some areas with this mantality..you wake me up bustin down my door and storm trooping my castle..I may get taken out in the end but im going to view this as time to throw down and wait to see what its all about later, Collateral damage? you betcha..there might not be anyone left to cuff and stuff me when i get done protecting whats mine against an illeagal search

        and maybe this is what needs to happen,, they need to relaize we are armed and do have the right to be secure in our places and effects, with out this jack booted mantality..
        I hope (not really) but if it needs to come to it, i hope if they play this card the deck gets a cleansing, if you catch my drift?

        after a few cops that do home invasions as part of doing thier “job” get blown to bits , maybe they will rethink this stupidity

      15. Being a storm trooper has now legalized by the supremes. The god damned piece of paper that Bushista referred to has experienced the final nail in the lid of the coffin – it’s time to pull the respirator…it’s dead, toilet paper like the fraudulent reserve notes used to pay the storm troopers.

        It really is us against them. If you are a LEO, were a LEO or love LEOs you can now rest assured that you are more of a target today than before this ruling. If you took an oath to protect and defend the constitution, you should resign your position, otherwise I would be correct in saying that you are complicit.

        There is much macho talk in the above comments, and I don’t relish the idea of taking a man’s life, but for me I prefer to die on my feet than live on my knees.

        Hitler would be proud of these decisions our courts have made.

        As for me, I am ashamed to call this my country, one which I at one time proudly wore its uniform.

        THE USA IS DEAD!

        GMAFB – no apologies, just sadness…

      16. oh another comment…

        why is it that we are seeing all these cameras, and internet spying and tracing cell phones and texts? Why? because they TPAB are scared as fuck of all of us…and rightfully so. especially how they are running this show

        This is a last ditch effort to continue to control us, even when their system fails and creates a “situation” that is out of control.

        ask yourself this..why would you put cameras on the corner of , ..say…your house?(be honest)
        why? because deep down its out of fear, you want to be informed of whats going on around you and your place of solice..

        same reason TPAB are placing cameras everywhere and snooping into your private life, they are afraid, and want to know when the hit is about to come their way. or when the riots or unrest starts and where..

        Here’s a wake up call to any one thinking I dont know your at my door..Ive already had time to lock and load, and take possition before you stormed my door..but, if you are a cop breaking the law..you are a criminal in my eyes and will be met with the same resistance as the crook

      17. Insanity and retarded stupidity seem to have become normal…..VRF/GMAFB…agreed good points…not being macho,just real in saying dont try it at my refuge,I may die but at a cost to the storm troopers…no one… man or beast attacks me and gets away with it,and when man becomes the beast then all bets are off….
        these bassturds are hard to fight out in the open face to face because they have all the power it seems and the average person has little….but these animals and their enablers cant always watch their backs and justice can(and should) reach out of the darkness when they least expect it and send them to hell where they belong…sad to say but this will be the only way to deal with this as it gets worse….
        I dont relish the thought nor do I advocate it, Im simply stating the obvious as I see it and accepting it as such, time is long passed to “man up”and face reality or cower like a rabbit…I wish it could be different but without a healthy fear and respect of the inalienable rights of man these stormtroopers will only get worse and they cant be reformed,so they have to be removed…..be diligent friends,times short.

      18. as messed up as the original ruling is, this sheriff is not interpreting it correctly.
        The court ruled (unconstitutionally) that people have no legal right to physically stop police from entering their home, even when it is illegal.
        A warrant-less search is still illegal, even after their heinous ruling, so this sheriff is publicly admitting he is going to perform illegal searches just because the court ruled people can;t do anything about it til after the fact?!
        It doesn’t even make sense, the police department could still get sued for that. Once again this just proves that police don’t even understand the laws they are supposed to enforce.


           Hold on a minute:

        1) While agreeing with many of the presuppositions behind the perceived objectionable nature of this article (i.e., the police state is growing at the expense of individual freedoms, which is certainly true), I think this particular article is a bit alarmist, and much ado about nothing.

        2) Consider that in the Kentucky case cited, there was no such infringement of LEGITIMATE freedoms at all: The police kicked in the door of a residence where the law was being broken (i.e., an illegal drug use violation was happening right in front of their noses).  How the “rights” of that man were “violated” are a mystery to me.  Say what you want about marijuana laws, but it IS CURRENTLY illegal, and the police, if they have any honor and integrity, are every bit as obligated to look into that affair as they would be had they heard a woman screaming for help behind that door.

        3) If the man had been doing something legal, but frowned upon by police types (such as playing with a battle rifle or something), then there would be a legitimate infringement of rights worth screaming about, but for this….?

      20. SSPXR
        You are pathetic.  NO LAW passed by any government, anywhere, extends into a Mans home.  That door is a sacred line that must never be crossed by anyone without the expressed permission of the occupants, unless a lawful warrant has been issued based on an oath or affirmation from a harmed Man or Woman.
        I hope the next drug raid gone bad happens at your house.  If you are dumb enough to support the cops kicking in the door of a private home because they SAY they THINK they MIGHT smell the most harmless drug known to Man, nothing short of that will open your eyes.



           Hmm…So if the police happened to be passing by, and heard your wife being raped, they would have to pass on by and pretend they heard nothing.  Interesting.

        • Do you not comprehend the difference between a violent crime, wherein someone is actually being harmed (like rape), and your door being broke down because cops think someone might be smoking pot? Honestly?

      22. It’s that the police didn’t really smell MJ at all, but by saying so, they give themselves cover that cannot be challenged in court.  Furthermore, that cover allows the police to use any amount of lethal force that they desire, and the homeowner no longer has any legal recourse.  

        I saw where Odd Questioner said that he’d be an instant millionaire if this happened to him.  Sorry but it just isn’t so.  More than likely, he’d get no compensation at all.  Here in Washington state, the cops have killed numerous people right out in public, with little or no justification, and not one officer has been held accountable at all.  No cop has even lost a single day’s pay after any one of these killings.

      23. Wo, wait a minute, SSPXR.  In case of rape, a person’s life and personal health and welfare are at risk.  Marijuana use does NOT fall into that category.
        Now, all in all, I just want to say, I read the “facts and procedural history” of this case.  I guess my biggest problem with this is: in nearly any situation, not just this one, police are endowed with (apparently inalienable) rights not to be attacked, accosted, or molested in any way, shape, form or fashion without it being considered “assaulting a police officer” or “resisting law enforcement”.  WHO THE HELL ARE THEY?  Why should they have extra laws that make attacking them more “dangerous”?  Ultimately, they are nothing more than average citizens who are supposed to be protecting the public.  It’s just “Blue Code”. However, I have had law enforcement tell me that they are trained that it’s “us against them”, “us” being law enforcement and “them” being the public. Police academy teaches them this.  No surprise to those who frequent this site and others like it, but it just makes me mad that we are supposed to value them.  Especially, when I know someone who was attacked and shot while she was on the phone with the police who told her it was “too dangerous” for them to come to her aid. She survived, but no thanks to them!

      24. Newton County Sheriff, Don Hartman Sr. is foaming at the mouth (from my understanding, there a quite a number of huge munition caches in some surrounding counties) to do some underwear drawer snooping.
        Mr. Hartman has a choice of resisting such carnal urges and redirecting his OATH to his sworn DUTY and UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION.
        To revoke that oath, his police powers are null and void crossing the threshold illegal entry into a freeman/woman’s domicile. Mr. Hartman is then a criminal trespasser.
        Incidentally, in U.S. vs. John Bad Elk, the U.S. Supreme Court made it clear that resisting an unlawful arrest, even if doing so requires killing the cop, can be legal.
        And we Indiana citizens have the Castle doctrine.
        Wondering where are representatives are upon the recent unconstitutional decision to throw out Hoosier 4th Amendment rights by these 3 clowns on Indiana Supreme Court?
        1) Randall Terry Shepard
        2) Frank Sullivan Jr.
        (Frank E. Sullivan) married to Cheryl Gibson Sullivan
        3) Steven Howard David, married to Catheryne Elaine Pully
        Pretty stupid for a state to be a testing ground to run statist operations who’s citizens are armed to the teeth. Not to mention on the other spectrum the Klan, Aryans, motorcycle gangs. We have open or concealed carry, folder, fixed blade knife carry no minimum blade length (no automatic knives), castle doctrine, 2nd Amendment trumps company policies— arms in locked vehicles on employers property, no seizure or suspended carry of weapons by authorities like what happened during Katrina.
        Time to raise hell:
        Newton County Sheriff’s Department
        (219) 474-3331
        Indiana Supreme Court
        Phone: (317) 232-2540

      25. Law enforcement, like the military, has the option of REJECTING ORDERS, LAWS, EDICTS THAT VIOLATE HIS OR HER OATH TO THE U.S. CONSTITUTION.

        The Oath Keepers is just such a movement, they will be inevitably marching in Indiana at this rate:


        This directly violates rule #2 — “We will NOT obey any order to conduct warrantless searches of the American people, their homes, vehicles, papers, or effects – such as warrantless house-to house searches for weapons or persons.”

        As you can see, there is another issue involved.
        Law enforcement can enter a home any time now right?  Then they will need to know WHO HAS A GUN.  

        And when they arrive for milk and cookies, your gun(s) will be removed from the house.  It’s for the officers’ and greater society’s safety of course.

        There here to protect you.

        You have nothing to hide right?

        Freedom is slavery.

        All weapons will be removed.  Any potential weapon seen will be removed.  Any anti-government literature, manuals, fireworks, etc etc will be reported. What about what’s on your computer?  How about your wife’s panty drawer?

        Any cell phone/video cam will be shut down, no recording allowed.  What is your behavior, tone, dialogue dear fellow serfs with the storm troopers?  Or you “polite”, or does a report need to be filed, with you and family members and home videotaped and logged for future “interviews.”

        This is the slippery slope of tyranny.  We already know how this goes.  We’ve been educated in the proceedings  from the Warsaw ghettos to the trenches in Cambodia, the destructive power/control psyche of maniacs in power with no conscience; that is, dehumanization of humanity itself.

        You see, you don’t have the right to live in their eyes. And, YOU ARE IN THE WAY.

        Hundreds of millions of dead around the world testify to that. More lives have been lost as a result of tyranny than any war in the twentieth century, made possible by a disarmed populace with no civil rights.

        And the police chiefs, law enforcement staff understand how well-armed Indiana is with this new edict. They are aware of the militias, the armed citizenry, and on the other spectrum the motorcycle gangs, the Klan, the Aryan Brotherhood, and bunkers loaded with munitions.

        So they’ll need tactical teams. Anyone perceived to exercise their so-called “gun rights” to a police walk-in must be made an example of, submission and obedience, you, your family, pets, alive or dead, you will comply. Hey, it’s the Waco Rules remember? Authorities can kill women and children without reprisal. And your court case will be railroaded, forget “fair hearing” — it’s for the greater good you understand.

        So as loving peaceful Americans without any record of infraction be it speeding ticket,etc, WE HAVE ONE SIMPLE QUESTION to ask Indiana police chiefs, administrators, and judges:

        Since the rule of Law and the U.S. Constitution no longer protects us lowly Indiana commoners, do you believe it still protects you?

        To act with impunity results in grave consequences.

        Perhaps you are familiar with a few of the sayings:

        Scorched Earth
        Old Testament
        Getting It On

        So when a freeman/woman defends their home and is slaughtered because of an unconstitutional edict, it is only fitting in proper “fairness” the targets of opportunity extend to you and your own families. Police departments can be difficult to run as well without functionaries, dispatcher, etc.

        Didn’t the past few years skyrocket sales of arms and ammo tell you anything?

        We are armed.

        And we are EVERYWHERE.


      26. Welcome to your Unionized Police force..thugs for hire..TPAB name the pirce, they name the law they want to use against you..take your pick.

        ever hear the one where the news paper reports, 3 dead in raid..police on paid amin. leave..

        Or the other story, bad cop, no doughnut, but..that bad cop is still getting paid to sit at home or in court..

        Or the steroid rage cop…the one in that audio sure sounds like he could use to have his ass handed to him and taught respect for the citizens that are signing his check, before the union dues are taken out..

        never going to get rid of the bad ones..they are just going to breed like rats in an infested system of “JUST-US”…onlly justice for them, no justice for us.

      27. Anything you say or do, Can and will be used…..Against you

      28. Welcome to your Unionized Police force..thugs for hire..TPAB name the pirce, they name the law they want to use against you..take your pick.
        ever hear the one where the news paper reports, 3 dead in raid..police on paid amin. leave..
        Or the other story, bad cop, no doughnut, but..that bad cop is still getting paid to sit at home or in court..
        Or the steroid rage cop…the one in that audio sure sounds like he could use to have his ass handed to him and taught respect for the citizens that are signing his check, before the union dues are taken out..
        never going to get rid of the bad ones..they are just going to breed like rats in an infested system of “JUST-US”…onlly justice for them, no justice for us.

      29. @Jonny V:

        For your reading pleasure:

        Now mind you, if I ever get pulled over by a state trooper in, say, Arkansas or Alabama, the only words you’ll ever hear from my mouth will be a prompt “yes Sir” and “no Sir”… those boys can get hellishly vicious if they have a mind to. 

        OTOH, there’s no such thing as a constant, and around here, the local PDs have been slapped so many times by payouts for acting stupid, they’ve gotten *very* shy about trying anything like busting into the wrong house. When the Multnomah County PD gets its chief fired and the city/county budgets take millions of dollars in hits? Yeah – not seeing them going all jack-booted anytime soon.

      30. SSPXER said, “Hmm…So if the police happened to be passing by, and heard your wife being raped, they would have to pass on by and pretend they heard nothing….”

        So, if in the normal course of events she was just being made legal passionate love to, you’d be A-ok with the cops bustin’ down the door on that too?

        Every moan is a crime?
        Where do you draw the line?
        Seems like the line has been moved.
        I guess every act needs to be fully inspected for criminal intent?
        That which is not permitted, is forbidden, Soviet style?
        Or is that Stasi style?

      31. You live in a different time, and things are getting more dangerous don’t take unnecessary chances. 
        Play down your profile and do not let people know anything about you, even with your children because they talk, and people can manipulate them to say things against their parents even though it never really happened.

        I believe things the police can:
        a) see,
        b) smell
        c) hear and are of a suspicious nature ……. does give them a certain amount of rights to invade your privacy or whatever they think they have the right to do. 

        So be careful, you are in a different time zone, and are under a different adm.

      32. “Will we recognize America ten years hence?” No, we will not. As a matter of opinion, I can honestly say that I don’t even recognize the America we had as recent as five years ago.Herad an interesting parable awhile back and it goes something like this:

        There once was a farmer who tried ridding his property of a passel of wild hogs that had been eating his crops. The hogs were very wily, avoiding all human contact as much as possible, so he had to outwit them. On the first day of his mission he placed a bushel of corn in an open field with nothing around to frighten the swine. Later, the hogs found the corn, and after being assured that all was well, they approached and ate it all. This went on for a few more days, with each passing day the hogs becoming more and more comfortable with their good fortune.

        After the hogs became accustomed to the feeding and became increasingly emboldened, the farmer placed one lone section of fence next to the corn. Again, but a bit more hesitantly, the hogs returned. After a few days they had become accustomed to the one section of fence and approached it without so much as a pause. The farmer would add a new section of fence every few days until he eventually added the final piece: the gate!

        He then proceeded to leave the gate ajar, hid behind some nearby bushes, and simply waited. Just like clockwork the hogs at their usual feeding time, walked straightway into the trap and began their feeding on the corn. The farmer jumped immediately from behind his cover, closed and locked the gate, and voila!–the hogs were captured without so much as a struggle. Once the hogs realized they were trapped they began squealing and crying to be set free from their captor; but it was too late. Wasn’t long before the once free hogs were nothing more than bacon and sausage.

        Any of this hit a chord?

      33. OATHKEEPERS !


      34. Rambo: There wouldn’t be no trouble except for that king-shit cop! All I wanted was something to eat. But the man kept pushing Sir.

        Trautman: Well you did some pushing on your own John.

        Rambo: They drew first blood, not me.

        Trautman: Look Johnny, let me come in and get you the hell out of there!

        Rambo: They drew first blood…

        Trautman: Rambo, are you still reading me? Company leader to Raven! Rambo! Acknowledge!

        Teasle: He was just another drifter who broke the law!

        Trautman: Vagrancy wasn’t it? That’s gonna look real good on his grave stone in Arlington: Here lies John Rambo, winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor, survivor of countless incursions behind enemy lines. Killed for vagrancy in Jerkwater, USA.

        Teasle: Now don’t give me any of that crap

        Trautman. Do you think Rambo was the only guy who had a tough time in Vietnam? He killed a police officer for Christ’s sake!

        Trautman: You’re goddamn lucky he didn’t kill all of you.

      35. SSPXER
        The cops should take no action for any reason UNLESS
        1)  They SEE an INJURY in progress
        2)  They have been asked for assistance by a Man or Woman who is being or has been HARMED
        The problem is that they act under “Public Policy”, not law.  And the bigger problem is people like you who support unlawful actions by those enforcing “Public Policy”.
        Public Policy is for government employees and officers, not the people.  The officers are just told that Public Policy is the law and everything is regulated by it.
        They are welcome to enter your home at any time, for any reason, because you think they can and will allow it?  I think you only mean that for other people, not yourself.
        They are not coming into my home for any reason because it is MY HOME and the law prevents them from entering.  Contrary to popular belief, I AM THE CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT in my home.  Once a cop steps off the street onto my property, he is out of his jurisdiction and any action he takes other than leaving on DEMAND is a crime against my property.
        Again, maybe the next no-knock drug raid at the wrong address will be at your house.  But I am sure you would just welcome them in if you had time to before they shot you or your children.
        If you don;t want your rights, that’s fine.  There is a FEMA camp somewhere waiting for you and your family.  They will treat you well, I am sure.  After all, the Public Policy is all about protecting people like you from the people who desire and seek freedom.

      36. Try knocking down my door and your will find out what a “_?__ funnel” is the hard way!

        In Unconventional Warfare operations it may be impossible or unwise to use conventional ____?____ as tools in the conduct of certain conditions.  It may be necessary instead to fabricate the required ____?____from locally available or unassuming materials.

        There will be a lot of bodies on my front lawn, if I die or get killed in the process….so be it..Comments…..

      38. Comments…..This is truly tragic..This is the destruction of America. That pig should be fired for being a complete imbecile and forced to pay damages…I trust POLICE, not abusive, despotic scum. Obviously they don’t have enough to do over there. If they pulled that crap in much of the rest of the country they would have serious legal problems.

      39. Comments…..Everyone from all parts of the political spectrum should be made aware of this KGB behavior. We are turning into a communist police state OVERNIGHT.. We used to have rights in this country which were respected. Write your congressperson.

      40. The story never mentioned how the wife/girlfriend initially called 911, so I have to give some credit to the cops in following through and making sure all was well.
        They owed her that much.

        However, since I break no laws – at least not to justify having my doors kicked in at night, I shall assume that ANY forced entry into my home is being done by extremely dangerous home invaders and I will respond with lethal force, head shots, etc.

        NEVER will I submit to living in a police state.

      41. More detailed info from reporter who broke the story, speaking with Newton County Sheriff Don Hartman, Sr.:
        Donny needs to be reminded of his oath to the U.S. Constitution:
        (his 19 patrolman and reserve officers which include son Don Harman Jr. aren’t quite ready to cross the rubicon are they?)

        Newton County Sheriff’s Department
        304 East Seymour Street
        Kentland, IN  47951
        Administrative: (219) 474-3331

        Donald E. Hartman Sr., 64
        Married to Theresa L Hartman 61
        6372 W 1125 S
        Kentland, IN 47951 (219) 474-6736

        202 E Ray St
        Kentland, IN 47951 (219) 474-6667

      42. The simple fact is that there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of WRONGFUL SWAT raids every year in the United States.  You can sit there hoping they don’t knock on your door, or you can begin modifying your home to defeat SWAT attempts at entry.  The choice is yours.  It don’t cost that much money folks………

      43. I got a better idea, for every botched raid, we raid a Judge, or cops, or politicians home..and anything we find that might be off color..we prosecute to the full extent of our laws until they get the message.

        lets see how they like it. whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

        and if any cops die doing this, they knew what they were getting themselfs into..they took an oath to uphold our constitution..when they participate in actions such as this they full well know they are breaking the law, so if they die that night, it isnt the shooters fault that they were protecting themselfs and family from illegal entry and possible harm with no “legal” warning what its all about…this is where that collateral damage meets stupidity on the police end of things.

        maybe once a few brothers in blue watch their buddies get mowed down for their stupid move, they will rethink this policy.

        I have nothing to hide in my home, so I too will believe the worst is coming and i am being invaded by unlawful action andd will retalliate with like force

        if they die, they were asking for it, If I die, my family will own them.

        I trained with a group for tactical home invasions when i got my cpl.(i paid extra money).im not bragging but every one of my hits went to the face, my excuse to my instructor was…all of them had bulllet proof vests on..I passed with flying colors.

        now that was with a S&W .40 cal, i would never use that as my primary home defense  , so my accuracy on a 1300 pump tactical shot gun goes to 99% on a head shot..and in a total black out defense standing,,i wont know who the fuck they were till my heart rate returns to normal and i have time to process the situation, that could be a few hours. in the mean time any more target rich situations that come up will also be met with a reload and defensive tactics that i have been taught…from their own kind.

        the police union should be all over this…its a bad move and its going to get innocent people killed, and cops will be viewed as the problem all over the country..bad image for sure..

        stupid is, as stupid does

      44. I have pissed off quite a few people above me when I go for full head shots when qualifying.  My score is higher if I go center mass but I shoot much more than I have to qualify.  Something about setting a bad example.  Their rules, my game.

      45. found this…its important to post this

        If the law — the entire police establishment at all levels of government, the high priesthood of attorneys and the courts who are supposed to restrain them within the limits set by the Founders’ Constitution as well as the politicians who shape the legal battlefield — no longer protects us then it no longer protects them either.

        There is no advantage in being law abiding in an essentially lawless society where the rule of law has been supplanted by the rule of man, which is nothing more than the law of the jungle.

        For in the jungle, even the biggest predators can be killed without consequence. The only thing that matters then is the successful completion of the deed by the creature who refuses to be eaten without resistance.

        Are these black robed fools really stupid enough to think that the immutable, eternal Law of Unintended Consequences does not apply to THEM?

        I’m afraid were are going to see that theory tested in a very bloody manner, with murdered citizens, dead cops and assassinated judges littering their self-made jungle’s floor.

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