Executive Action: Obama To Ban Importation of Ammo, Magazines and Gun Accessories Without Congressional Approval

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Headline News | 474 comments

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    Over the course of the last month, while Americans were distracted with the threat of nuclear war on the Korean peninsula and the devastation wrought by the Boston bombings, President Obama was quietly working behind the scenes to craft laws and regulations that will further erode the Second Amendment.

    Congress, and thus We the People, may have unequivocally rejected federal legislation in March which aimed to outlaw most semi-automatic rifles, restrict magazine capacity, and force national registration, but that didn’t stop the President from ceding regulatory control over firearms importation to the United Nations just two weeks later. What the UN Arms Trade Treaty, passed without media fanfare by 154 counties, would do is to restrict the global trade of, among other things, small arms and light weapons. Opponents of the treaty argue that loopholes within the new international framework for global gun control may make it illegal for Americans to purchase and import firearms manufactured outside of the United States.

    To further his gun-grabbing agenda, however, President Obama and his administration didn’t stop there.

    Now they’re taking another significant step against Americans’ right to bear arms – and they’re doing it through Presidential Executive Action, a strategy that, once again, bypasses Congressional oversight and the legislative process.

    …it appears that the BHO Administration is taking executive action on firearms importation. Take a few minutes to read this: After Senate setback, Obama quietly moving forward with gun regulation. Here is the key portion of the article:

    “The Importation of Defense Articles and Defense Services — U.S. Munitions Import List references executive orders, amends ATF regulations and clarifies Attorney General authority “to designate defense articles and defense services as part of the statutory USML for purposes of permanent import controls,” among other clauses specified in heavy legalese requiring commensurate analysis to identify just what the administration’s intentions are. Among the speculations of what this could enable are concerns that importing and International Traffic in Arms Regulations [ITAR] may go forward to reflect key elements within the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.”[Emphasis added.]

    Depending on how it is implemented, the implications of this change could be huge. With the stroke a of a pen and without the consent of Congress, ATF bureaucrats could make ANY gun part or accessory (including magazines) or ammunition that were originally manufactured or perhaps even those designed for military use no longer legal for importation for civilian use. That might mean no more milsurp parts sets. No more milsurp magazines. No more milsurp ammo. No more milsurp optics. Perhaps not even spare firing pins. This could be ugly.

    I strongly recommend that you stock up on magazines, ammunition and spare parts for any of your imported military pattern guns, as soon as possible! Once an import ban is implemented, prices will skyrocket.

    Source: James Rawles’ Survival Blog via The Prepper Website

    Just five days ago the President vowed to push forward on gun control without Congress and Nancy Pelosi argued that no matter what Congress says, gun control is inevitable.

    This latest round of Executive Actions is what they meant.

    A direct on attack on the second amendment is difficult if not impossible, so they are trying to slither their way in through the backdoor by restricting international trade so we can’t import new firearms, by restricting access to accessories and gun parts, by heavily taxing ammunition and gun purchases, by mandating policies like forcing gun owners to have liability insurance, and of course, by identifying potentially dangerous gun owners and simply taking their firearms because of public safety concerns.

    The President recently suggested that the American people have spoken, and that they want guns to be restricted, banned and heavily regulated.

    If that’s so, then how is that a bipartisan Congress overwhelmingly rejected the President’s bid to restrict and outlaw private ownership of millions of weapons and gun accessories?

    Going through the United Nations and now implementing Executive Actions to bypass America’s Constitutionally mandated system of checks and balances is an act of desperation.

    Those who would take our rights have been left with no choice but to try and force their agenda upon us through dictatorial means.


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      1. I don’t know if 4 years can get here soon enough. But then again maybe 4 years and Patriotic change is just my wishful thinking?

        • We don’t have that long.

          • Hey BO, and I mean BO. How about banning importation of chinese junks and stop giving the ENEMY (China) money to build nuclear arms that one day will be used to blow up the U.S. How about banning chinese crap and thus help to bring back some good paying jobs back to America. Hey BO, why don’t you try just once to try to do something for America, rather than ALWAYS against it.

            • ” … most attractive to Americans, the possession of arms is the distinction between a freeman and a slave, it being the ultimate means by which freedom was to be preserved.”
              — James Burgh, 18th century English Libertarian writer, Shalhope, The Ideological Origins of the Second Amendment, p.604

              Despite the fact that support for gun control continues to fade, they are actively pushing it now. Gun confiscation is being planned for Americans.

              We know that disarming citizens only results in higher crime rates. It won’t matter. New “data” and “polls” will be found to SHOW that disarming citizens is GOOD for us.

              Support for Gun Control continues to fade

              “Gun Free” Chicago Ranks #1 as the Deadliest Alpha World City – More Gun Laws, Bans, Restrictions Just Don’t Work

              Chicago ranks #1 as the deadliest Alpha world city

              • This is great news!!!! Really. Think about it my Peeps. This action will only strengthen domestic production of guns and ammo and make OUR weapons more fungible.

                I love it. I truly do. Barry is a freaking Genius! 🙂

                • Yep, all my guns with the exception of one 1911 are USA made.

                  Barack Obama
                  Your not Black, your not white, you shure as hell arent Hawaiian and YOU SHURE AS HELL ARE NOT AMERICAN

                  • He’s nothing but a piece of shit!

                  • Well said.

                  • Your shure not the owner of a dictionary.

                  • Amen.

                  • @anonymous: You got on his case about spelling…and then misspelled 25% of the words you used while doing it.

                • It may spur domestic production, but who’s to say people will buy? Probably the biggest selling point of Combloc or other imported guns/ammo is cheapness. Somehow I don’t think U.S. prices will ever be as competitive as they are with imports. Quality may be a bit better, but some people like to pay less for something that just gets the job done.

                  P.S. “Barry” and “genius” should never be in the same sentence

                  • I agree, but I do wonder how much 50 year old ammo the world still has out there that we haven’t already bought. I also think that anyone who hasn’t imported all they can get is nuts and lastly; Just exactly how much warning do people need? Is the Gov going to have to tattoo it on their arm.

                  • “I strongly recommend that you stock up on magazines, ammunition and spare parts for any of your imported military pattern guns, as soon as possible! Once an import ban is implemented, prices will skyrocket.

                    Source: James Rawles’ Survival Blog via The Prepper Website”

                    If you go back and read Rawles he used to push to buy domestic vehicles for bugging out, and NOT something foreign because of possible parts shortages for the foreign made vehicles. That opinion has slowly changed and Rawles isn’t so negative about foreign built BOV. At the same time he has been singing the praises of foreign made weapons, particularly Saiga shotguns and FN 91’s. They are glorified in his fictional books. It looks like he should have been paying attention to a possible foreign guns parts shortage. We’ve seen what has happened to ammo supplies and prices in recent months. Just wait until part shortages happen.

                    I’m with Kulafarmer and Red Scare. Domestic production, domestic jobs. Think about it for a moment, just think about it, all of the foreign produced ammo being bought because it was CHEAP. US money flowing to foreign countries, Russia and other former Soviet Union countries and propping up their economies. But many of the same people badmouthing Chinamart because of their CHEAP foreign imports. A bit inconsistent I’d say. As for me and mine: Winchester or CCI primers, Winchester, IMR, Bullseye, Uinque, and Red Dot powders, Hornady, Sierra, Colorado Cast Bullets, and brass with headstamps like R&P, Winchester, Federal, Den 42, LC 52, well, you get the picture. Now I’ll get thumbs down not because of being wrong, but because of pointing out an inconsistency in Rawles’ recommendations. OMG.

                  • Great points not to mention, they can easily put tighter controls on domestic made items, doesn’t matter what these items are. What if powder started to cost $300/pound or primers, although already high, are $500/brick? You can’t do that with imports because those countries will then stop trading with. Whether or not we see it, we already have gun control for what good are guns if you have nothing to shoot out of them? Components for weapons are even getting harder to come by. People need to wake up and fast!

                  • If the SHTF there will be guns and ammo laying around, you just have to stay alive to pick’em up. A solid long gun (SKS) & pistol (S&W) with a 1,000 each, will get you through round if you’re going to make it. If you do make there will be hardware laying around.

                • @durango, agree, but i’m going to miss that cheap brown bear ammo.

                  • Hey just remember we have Mexico right here with all its glory and gangsters.. they are drooling to rape and pillage but will gladly smuggle us weapons.. Thank God for third worlds.. we are one.

                  • EVERY time the anti-christ does something,hundreds if not thoudands of americans lose their job,HOWs living in your car sound to the morons who elected this bastard sound now,bet you aren’t laughing now huh?

                • D.K.

                  At least we have 100% full employment for gun and ammo manufacturers! If colleges and universities were smart, they would created courses for making firearms and ammunition because this will be the hottest market as long as the progressives have political power.

                  • The American college system is what is helping produce the progressives in power

                  • There are some schools that teach gunsmith courses. there is a very reputable community college in Trinidad, CO that teaches gunsmith

                  • BJ,

                    I was being somewhat sarcastic about the universities. Thanks.

                  • The article is a bit misleading in that it impies heavy taxes on ammo, etc. Per Article 1, Sec.8 of the Constitution all taxes must start in the House of Representatives. With a Republican majority that’s not likely to happen. Why, because then is would go to the Sentate which is controlled by the Democrats and they couldn’t even get a background check bill through there. So for now, increased taxes on ammo aren’t likely to happen. Still, it would be wise to continue to make periodic purchases of ammo in the event of real, or fabricated, emergency that would allow for martial law to be declared. The second part about the U.N. treaty is also a bit misleading. Who cares if the whole world wants it including our current administration. Article 2, Sec. 2 of the Constitution says that any treaty must first be ratified by a 2/3 majority in the Senate. And as we just saw, they don’t have near enough votes for that because they can’t even get a background check bill passed. Still, never under estimate these totalitarians who are running this country. Again, some real or contrived national emergency could turn us into a police state. So we should all continue with our purchasing plans, just in case! Remember if possible; use cash, make person-to-person buys,and never store all you goods in one place-just in case!!! Good luck one-and-all.

                  • Let’s not call these folks “progressives”. “Progressive” implies “progress”. They do not represent progress. That is a mistake by Beck. They are commies.

                    This is an attempt by them to re-brand themselves and provide a positive connotation to a despicable Agenda. Don’t be fooled by euphenisms.

                    Free Trade IS Crony Capitalism, Walt, and the Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians ALL push it on US.

                  • Greg8,
                    Your referencing the constitution……they don’t know it, read it, understand it, like it or care about it.

                • No, it’s NOT good news. The easiest thing in the world for the government to do, is regulate any business out of existence. As I posted some time ago, the plan is to cut of incoming weapons and munitions to the people, THEN destroy the American gun manufacturers—two easy steps to nationwide gun control.

                  THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING. It is the beginning of a workaround to destroy our right to keep and bear arms without congressional approval.

                  It must be stopped.

              • The president cannot rule by executive order. This is NOT a dictatorship yet. Congress has the ability to call him on these things. WE MUST INSIST THEY DO SO. Executive orders have to be stopped. They were only supposed to apply for emergency situations in time of national defense. Not whenever the president couldn’t have his way. The people have spoken, Senate ruled That is that! ALSO INITIATE IMPEACHMENT FOR HIS ILLEGALAITY AND TREASONOUS ACTS. THEY CAN ALL BE UNDONE JUST PROVING HE HAS NO RIGHTS TO BEGIN WITH.

                • “The president cannot rule by executive order”—everybody keeps SAYING that, but the truth is, that is EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING. Your normalcy bias is showing.

                • This President seems to think that he can do whatever he desires through “Executive Order.” If we all stand up together and use our voices to DEMAND his IMPEACHMENT by constantly writing and calling our Senators and Congressmen we CAN make a difference!!! What more reason do we need than the LIES he has told us? ObamaCare….Fast & Furious….Benghazi….how he CARES so much about the middle class but continues to everything he can to destroy America…..WAKE UP PEOPLE….Before “We the People” is just a concept for our grandchildren to read about in their history books!!!

                • You say the President can not rule by executive order. Who is going to stop him? No one in Washington has said anything about the executive Orders he has issued. Example: granting green cards to thousands of college age illegals. Did any one try to stop him? NO! We need people to pressure their congressmen and senators on this issue. So, far all the people I have talk to seem to be too busy with their I-phones, I-pads and watching trash TV to give a S–T!

              • Support for Gun control is NOT gaining, you can see that by the amount of Guns being purchased in the US as well as the Ammo shortage. People are buying Guns and Ammo left and right these days, so much so that there is for the very first time a Shortage of both Guns and Ammo!

            • the unknown, communist-incognito illegitimate CEO of america unilaterally and illegally dismantles the constitution. guess who is very happy about this?
              the same tribe who destroyed our financial system, polluted our media and films, pushed abortion, gay marriage, atheism, pornography and womens “lib” promiscuity–


              • You are 100% correct. I’m glad someone can see whats taking place in America.

                • NO2U, 100% correct. NOTE also: That link is to their owned-written-published Oldest and Most widely read publication nationwide in america. Got it yet? Their Tribe owns, writes, Publishes,Buys,Reads,Believes in the “Foreward” publication. The Oldest Most anti-gentile, publication they produce in america. Get it folks?

                  And Nobody affiliated with foreward is a nazi! all are Tribe-Zionists. Is their current massive push for antigun crap a sign of “God will bless america” if we keep kissing jews/israel ass? As so many preachers spew today?

                  Looks alot More like massive CURSES to me!

                  Their Tribe is Americas, and Christians, Misfortune. When will Our 98.5% pop decide to END Their 1.5% population’s crap?

              • Thanks for having the guts to pin the tail on the exact right donkey, No. 2 U. This kind of honesty is beginning to go viral, and we need to encourage it.

              • I am a Jew and served four years in the military in combat arms. I did not vote for this president and am a life member of the NRA as well as a member of oath keepers and would die to preserve the constitution . DO NOT assume that all Jews are liberal! I am not a box car Jew!
                I for the life of me can’t figure out why the Jewish community supports this president. Once he confiscates our weapons we who oppose this new dictator will be hauled off to God knows where. I am a damned good shot and think you would want me on your side.
                Don’t lump us good folk with the morons.

                • “DO NOT assume that all Jews are liberal!”

                  You have to ignore some of the rabid, drooling weirdos who appear here now and then, venting their delusional paranoia.

                  Preppers encompass a wide variety of political beliefs (and fantasies), but most of us are actually normal.

                  MSgt, US Army (Ret)

                • I have noticed that it is mostly the American-Jews that are of the Liberal Trash. Not all of the Jews are and most of those in Israel are not Liberals (as we call Liberals here in the US), that is why they have not moved back to Israel, they would not get away with it there!

            • BI, IMPEACHMENT needs to be started and acted on quickly. There will be too many loose interpretations of this ban coming soon by LEOs at all levels of gov’t.

              • And something else that tics me off; it’s ok for his people(admin) to give guns to criminals, i.e. fast and furious. And Lord knows what other deals we haven’t heard about.

                • Syrian rebels (aka Al Queada), SSA, DHS, IRS (now I’ll be audited), TSA (oh Snap, now I’ll be strip searched and placed on the no fly list)

                • DRD,
                  You made me recall my thoughts, that it is not one world…
                  I have very little in common with these pig fuckers.
                  I’ve said it a thousand times, what’s one more in the scheme of things.
                  They will take from you everything “for your own good”
                  And leave you nothing.

              • Infringement on the 2nd Amendment was ignored in Congress when some progressive Judge had to say with reasonable regulation (there is no regulation in the definition of the word infringe, it was made up by the Judge) can not have a tank why not , they do?? (the tyrannical government). What makes us think they would do it for this. He broke his oath of office when he gave orders to not pursue the Law on immigration and the Marriage act. Still no impeachment.

                • “Infringement on the 2nd Amendment was ignored in Congress when some progressive Judge had to say with reasonable regulation (there is no regulation in the definition of the word infringe, it was made up by the Judge) can not have a tank why not , they do?? (the tyrannical government). What makes us think they would do it for this.”

                  I believe that was tony…
                  And he’s supposed to be the “most” conservative on the bench…I think not…he left the door wide… errrr

              • DRD5508
                Inpeachment would be nice but the elite 13 would
                just someone else when the time comes your gonna either
                fight or loose your country then again this could be
                gods plan because our morale decline you told me you were a pastor see the point

                • Agree swampratt. I do understand God’s plan, yet if there are 30 righteous, 20, 10…(get the point?). There are too many with their heads in the sand, especially in the ministry.
                  I enjoy this site because there are so many like minded people here. Many in the ministry wouldn’t check this site out, I know I talk to them. Morality has been in decline in the churches for a long time. NO, I didn’t say all churches, for the thumbs downers.
                  I see many that will reject the Lord before men when confronted with a choice. I feel honored to be the salt in this country.
                  Keep prepping.

                  • DRD5508 thanks

              • won’t happen because the senate is full of democrats so they won’t find him guilty on anything.

              • We cannot Impeach the Usurper! If we were to impeach the Fraud we would be stuck with his unlawful Laws that he has rammed down our throats, that is why they have not done so yet. There is a way for them to get rid of him and all of the crap he has pulled but they have to have certain things in place first and that is what they are waiting for.

            • The Republican party was always supportive of protectionism until Bushitler. Reagan was the most protectionist president in American history.

              We need a 40% tax on all imported goods immediately.

              • Good read E! The Founders designed the Country and Constitution to run on trade and tariffs. You can either allow the American worker, family and taxpayer to bear the brunt of Free Trade or you can institute negotiated bi-lateral Fair Trade.

                Under Fair Trade international commerce is regulated between nations to prevent dumping of goods and services from offshore firms using slave labor, manipulated currencies, and NEW pollution producing factories on the American public.

                Free Trade is not FREE. It has real costs and it has ravaged OUR economy, transferring OUR wealth to a global investment class of elite PTB who want to eliminate OUR gun rights to protect themselves from the aftermath of the Crash they intend to bring to US.

                Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. Its not getting any better out there and WAR is imminent.

                Duck and cover.

                • Agree DK,
                  We are living in the “Great sucking sound ” of Ross Perot, partially brought on by the NAFTA and GATT treaties.

                  Walmart lobbied CONgress for the elimination of over 10,000 tariffs on imported cheap Chinese crap.
                  The Fair Trade tariffs were what built America, and kept her an industrial powerhouse…
                  FREE trade is a euphemism for F**K you trade, as Ross Perot predicted…

                  Thus Sam Walton’s ‘Buy America’ was put in the grave with him by his kids.
                  I do not buy at Walmart… boycott Walmart.

              • One simple trade agreement could be used for all trade partners. Make it look like a mirror.

            • Wasn’t killing Ossama for America? I am not a supporter of Obama but I am tired of hearing people being so narrow minded! More reading, less watching!

              • The supposed killing of Osama was for Obama’s own glory. It was definitely not done for us. He has done absolutely nothing for us and everything against us. Stating facts is not being narrow minded.

                • ARCHIVIST who said he was dead a muslim will not kill amuslim or will order it

                  • I said “supposed killing.”

                  • swampratt: They’re doing it in Syria. They did it in the Iran and Iraqi war for 4 years. News travels slow in the swamps. I like my muskrats with brown gravy and onions.

                • osama has been dead for over 10 years.

                  No way a man on kidney dialysis can live in a cave and on the run this way and be found in Pakistan in 2011.

                  No fucking way.

                  • LASTMANSTANDING
                    i didnt say he wasnt dead i dont believe we killed him
                    it worked great for QUEEN OBAMAS RELECTION

              • funny, not a single sailor out of 6062 personnel on the USS Carl Vinson has come forward saying they saw a burial at sea. there are always hands on deck watching every nook and cranny of that ship, 24/7, yet not one witness of the claimed event. BTW, Osama died in Dec. 2001 from natural causes, some say. if anyone has any info other than Wikipedia or the MSM showing facts, please share it here.

                • Thats because the seals didnt get shit, binladen is a friend of GWB and obammy worships the ground anyone other than americans walk on, binladen is most likely alive and well living in bali or somewhere.
                  Bunch of crap, every last bit of it

                • My bet is he was greased at Tora Bora in a JDAM bombing when he got on an open walkie talkie frequency that was reported by FOX News. He was worth far more “alive” than dead being the poster boy for terrorism and hence a US response. He was on audio at first until passable video was developed. He very timely pumped up the masses when he supported the Iraqi People in their fight with the evil Americans just prior to the Congressional vote to authorize the US attack. How convenient as the “Church Lady” would say.

                  Damn they’re very very good at manipulating public opinion.

              • Re-election slogan circa 2012:obama killed osama to save yo’ mama!

            • ~~~I strongly recommend that you stock up on magazines, ammunition and spare parts for any of your imported military pattern guns, as soon as possible! Once an import ban is implemented, prices will skyrocket~~~

              Would it be possible for the Muslim b*****d to actually have stock in these companies??
              Ya think??

            • My Chinese junk is a norinco mak90 that is more dependable than any ar I have had. I haven’t cleaned it in over ten years and 4000 rounds. Thank you

            • My Chinese junk is a norinco mak90 that is more dependable than any ar I have had. I haven’t cleaned it in over ten years and 4000 rounds. Thank you

          • I’ve never been in favor of term limits but recently I’ve started to realize that they may be necessary. The Republican leadership has been in so long that the enemies of the constitution has some very thick files on them in which to black mail them into obedience. They run unopposed for their office, not because they’re liked or feared but because they’re useful tools for the enemies of the constitution and to the enemies of this republic.

            • Agreed. I believe we’re seeing the results of having compiled those thick files right now.

            • Why can’t I pump my own gas in Oregon?

              • For the same reason you cant in New Jersey. Because the enlightened bunch running the place have determined you’re too stupid to handle such a hazardous material.

                I had to hit both states for work a couple years ago. I started pumping my gas in Jersey and the guy came out saying I cant do that and I swear I thought it was a scam. Had never heard of such BS before.

                • Thats funny.. Actually you can’t pump your own gas in those states due to insurance reasons.. Which is why gas is so much cheaper in those states.. Due to the facttthat the gas stations don’t have to carry the extra insurance.. Cute answer though LoL

                  • Cheap gas in Oregon? Har de Har Har! Years back I had to stop for gas and asked the guy who wouldn’t let me pour my own gas what was the reason. He said it was to give jobs to the disabled who couldn’t find work otherwise. I always filled up in Washington to be able to get to Idaho on one tank due to high gas prices.

            • Term limits, I am afaid are never going to happen with this gang in Washington.

          • Second that, Europe/Eurozone will implode within the next 4 years and that may drag Japan in considering their monetary policy exists in an alternate universe now.

            When Europe goes, its going to set off implosions all over and governments all over will be doing whatever is neccessary to stay in charge, i shudder to think what Barry will do; but the US is not going to see a reversal until its gotten beyond great depression bad.

          • Honestly, before everybody gets cut off from the net, libraries, etc., remember to search for, print off, read, and learn as possible that will allow you to recreate the things they are banning. Everything created had a beginning — search out how they did it and the components (elements) and procedures needed. Educate yourselves.

            • Great post. Be proactive!

              • Somehow, this seems more appropriate than ever:

                “Of all serious crimes under the law, smuggling…
                least violates the consciences of men. It is a crime
                against law and against government, but not against
                morality. The smuggler robs no man. He buys goods
                honestly in one market and sells them honestly in
                another. His offense is against an arbitrary regulation
                of government…. he simply fails to pay its demands.
                Many men otherwise honest are unable to see any moral
                turpitude in smuggling. …government, in exacting toll,
                plays the part of the highwayman.”

                — The Oregonian, Jan. 21, 1886

                • Excellent Burrow Owl…

                  Hey Durango Kid……Are you paying attention?

                  • Yes Walt, I am paying attention. Do you support the massive smuggling of drugs into America that have disabled and incapacitated a generation of young people? Do you support the massive smuggling of Illegals into the country to undermine OUR sovereignty, take OUR jobs and use OUR benefits? Walt do you support the smuggling of missing women and children as sex slaves?

                    What makes the opinion of the Oregonian in 1886 relevant? Nothing.

                    Walt, are YOU paying attention? 🙂

                  • Support the importation of illegal drugs into this country?


                    But I don’t support the “war on drugs” that has done nothing to stop the flow and everything to further strip us of our liberties.

                    This country got by for years with opium and marijuana being entirely legal. Funny…..the country didn’t fall apart.

                    But prohibition works so well doesn’t it? Alcohol prohibition in the 20’s empowered guys like Capone. And the drug war over the last 40 years or so have given us criminal street gangs. Oh yeah….those “wars” on vices have worked wonders.

                    Want to talk about the CIA’s role in bringing drugs into this country? Want to talk about what we do RIGHT NOW in the way of protecting the poppy fields in Afghanistan? If you can pull yourself away from your neocon indoctrination literature for a little while, do a little search for Michael Ruppert (former LAPD) and learn what he has to say about the CIA’s efforts to get crack onto the streets in black communities.

                    As for your comment about human trafficking….I won’t even dignify that with a response.

                    If you knew your history, you’d know that a large percentage of the founders of this country were actively engaged in smuggling. They did it so they didn’t have to pay King George, and they did it as an act of defiance.

                    Maybe someday you’ll grow a pair and understand that while you talk a good game about “engaging” the opposition….that’s all it is….a good game.

                    Here in Texas, we refer to guys like you as “all hat and no cattle.”

                  • Walt: You are NOT paying attention! 🙂 I have fingered the CIA smuggling of drugs into the USA any number of times over the past several years here.

                    Its hard to “win” a drug war when the CIA cries “National Security” and trumps DEA actions.

                    I guess you think Barry’s Pal, Holder could be favorably compared to OUR Founders for running smuggling guns to Mexico?

          • Fortunately, we anticipated his move on guns and ammo in 2009 and weaponed up.
            We have enough ammo for 20 years, well concealed, and we are organized. There are thousands like us.

          • sounds like a great time to start a magazine /firing pin ect company local

          • sounds like a great time to start a magazine /firing pin ect company local

        • Are you under the impression that any of this would be rolled back under a republican administration?

          If you think so, could you please cite the precedent that leads you to believe so.

          • An important point, Not So Much. The precedent damns the Republicans.

            George HW Bush instituted the first of such executive order bans with his own import ban of “assault weapons,” prompted in part by “conservative” Heritage Foundation President Edward Feulner.

          • WHY is it that only homosexuals get assigned to listen in your phone calls?

            Republicans started this silly trend.

          • Convert to libertarianism.

            • You should prolly figure out what it is first….

            • Eisenkreuz says:

              “The Republican party was always supportive of protectionism until Bushitler. Reagan was the most protectionist president in American history.”

              “We need a 40% tax on all imported goods immediately.”

              “Convert to libertarianism.”


              Do you even know what it means to be Libertarian??

              ~Are you familiar with Austrian Economics?

              ~Do you know what the “Non Aggression” principle says?

              ~Do you understand that TARIFFS are NOT Libertarian…ever?

              I suspect…NOT!!!

              Stop pissing on Libertarianism!





                • Eisenkreuz says:

                  “Convert to libertarianism”

                  You know NOTHING of Libertarianism…

                  Libertarian economics or the “Non Aggression” principle.

                  If you had a working grasp of it, you would not maintain the Statist viewpoint on tariffs.

                  Governments institute TAXES…NOT INDIVIDUALS!!

                  Do you get it yet??

                  No, I think not and it’s a lost cause.

                  This is an illustration of why the American Republic is DOOMED!!!

                  Too many Idiots out there!

                  • As if the failure of the free market to prevent or redress the economic crimes of the banksters isn’t enough evidence?

                    The disciples of “Austrian” (read “predatory”) economics remind me of the the Communists so oblivious of the failures of Communism: “Communism hasn’t failed because real Communism has never been tried yet.”

                    What rubbish! If a little arsenic didn’t cure the patient’s syphilis, then certainly more arsenic is indicated. Good heavens, do you people really think that just authority bubbles up from the mob?

                  • @Mark7:9….

                    And Keynesian economics has just worked out so well hasn’t it?

                    Yes sir….the cure for being in debt is……MORE DEBT.

                    Oh yeah….great stuff.

                    Austrian economics has not even been tried in this country. On the other hand….we’ve had close to 80 years of Keynesian snakeoil. As Milton Friedman said…and to which Richard Nixon pretty much assented…”We’re all Keynesians now”

                • A real libertarian would be against tariffs as well as free trade agreements. Both are government methods of control. A libertarian would say, for example, that if Germany makes the best cameras, then we buy cameras from Germany if we want the best. Buy from whoever makes the best products for the best price without any government interference at all. Free trade and free trade agreements are two different things.

                  Austrian economics describes things as they actually work in the real world. Keynesian economics is an artificial construct that rarely predicts economic reality. That’s why, every time the news reports economic news, it’s always more or less than expected. It’s never as expected, because they don’t have a clue. That’s why I got low grades in college economics. The textbook was written by Samuelson. I could not bring myself to write what I knew were incorrect answers on a test just to get the professors approval. Back then I thought I was just having problems understanding. Now I know that I understood perfectly; the course was Keynesian crap written by a Keynesian crap author.

                  I saw your critical thinking when you wrote “TARIFFS IS.” Ha.




                • True.

                  The Geo-Economists are better. (Georgist)

                  Beyond Left and Right.

                  Article from a Georgist


                  Chart Graphic


                  The “Third Way”

                  The “Last ditch” of Capitalism. Excellent.


                  Combined with a sensible monetary policy and regulatory reform, and we might find something that matches today’s needs.

                  The 27 Principles.


                  • Anybody pitching an end to poverty and political turmoil is selling you snake oil. Better? Not so much.

                • Eisenkreuz: We didn’t realize that you knew so much more than even the samrtest economists on the planet. Wow, we’re in the presence of true genius-NOT!! You’re so transparent with all of your posts. You’re nothing more than a Sean Hannity Republican clone (clown) with some slight sympathies with a limited amount of Libertairan views. Dog shit wrapped up is still dog shit Eisencrap. Now get a move on pal, you’re drawing too many flies.

              • YMWW: Libertarianism or Austrian economics for that matter, is not the end all be all. Libertarians promote the FREE TRADE that is destroying OUR economy.

                Lew Rockwell the voice of Libertarianism is a British Crown Agent promoting an economic trade system under the euphenism of Free Trade, when it (Free Trade) is a system designed to enslave the American Middle Class and make them economic serfs under Agenda 21. Lew sells US this ideology as a FREEDOM because Americans love Freedom.

                Where do you think he gets the money to promote this evil system? It comes from the 150 major multi national companies that control 60% of the world’s GDP.

                You are dumber than you look!!! Get a clue!!! 🙂

                • Its not free trade when the agreement is thousands of pages long. I can write a free trade agreement in one sentence. Anyone can trade with anyone else without government interference of any kind. Theres your free trade agreement. Reach around and pull your head out.

                  • Skinnymoose says:

                    “Its not free trade when the agreement is thousands of pages long. I can write a free trade agreement in one sentence. Anyone can trade with anyone else without government interference of any kind. Theres your free trade agreement. Reach around and pull your head out.”

                    And that’s it Skinny!!

                    Free trade…without GOVERNMENT is the solution.

                    But thats not what we have today.

                    We have: “FREE TRADE” + GOVERNMENT = FASISM.

                    There is nothing “Free” about our “Trade”.

                    It’s ALL controlled by GOVERNMENT.

                    If we had true free markets, we would not be in our current malaise.

                  • He can’t pull his head out. He has terminal cranial rectal inversion.

                • Hey DK:

                  You may not have noticed it yet but it wasn’t Libertarians who…

                  “promoting an economic trade system under the euphenism of Free Trade, when it (Free Trade) is a system designed to enslave the American Middle Class and make them economic serfs under Agenda 21.”

                  That was promoted and executed by Republicans and Democrats…those in the Criminal/Government class…

                  people who you worship.

                  Libertarians are not the problem.

                  People who think like you are!!

                  You call yourself a patriot??

                  I call you a government bootlicker.

                  • Yes, both Republicans and Democrats have banded together to bless US with free Trade. Both parties are guilty of treason and should hang for it.

                    But don’t dismiss Libertarianism as a panacea for Freedom; particularly when it is used to espouse a false doctrine (Free Trade) to make US believe a lie by a NWO British Agent for the Monarchy.

                    As for me I am a nationalist and yes, I wish everyone believed as I do; which is why I bother responding to you!! Fuckk off butthead!!! 🙂

                  • government bootlicker = closet statist

                    That’s the term I use to describe him.

                    Talks of being free….but in reality he loves big government.

                    “The conservative does not object to coercion or arbitrary power, so long as it is used for what he regards as the right purposes. Like the socialist, he is less concerned with the problem of how the powers of government can be limited than with that of who wields them; and like the socialist, he regards himself as entitled to force the value he holds on other people.”

                    Fredrick Hayek

                  • Durango Kidd says:

                    “As for me I am a nationalist and yes, I wish everyone believed as I do; which is why I bother responding to you!! Fuckk off butthead!!!”

                    And there you have it folks!

                    The Durango Kid admits to being a National Socialist. A Nazi.

                    False patriots are everywhere.

                    “Engage” = “Lean Forward” = a SOCIALIST mind.

                    Collectivists are easy to spot if you just look.

                    DK, maybe you and your “employees” can hook-up with John McCain at the “Boulders” and swap spit.

                    It’s all in the family, right?

                  • ANON: Being a “nationalist” and being a “national socialist” is two different things. apples and oranges. For you to equate the two as being the same thing exposes your ignorance!

                    Engage your employees or be enslaved by them! 🙂

                • See my comment 1522085 above. Free trade and free trade agreements are two different things.

                • Yet it is Keynesian economics that has gotten us to where we are today.

                  Free trade is NOT destroying our economy. Crony capitalism is destroying our economy.

                  This country has not practiced free trade in a long, long time.



                  • Hey Eisencrap…you ignoranus….I’m not the one pushing bitcoin. LOL!

                    It’s obvious you don’t even know what REAL free trade is.

                    Perhaps you should pick your books based on some criteria other than how many pictures they have in them.

                  • Walt: Trade has never been “free” since nation states have organized. Trade has been regulated since Roman times and the codification of civilization. Free Trade as presented today by Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians IS Crony Capitalism.

                    There is a difference between Free Trade (crony capitalism) which is sold to Americans as a Freedom, and the ability to “freely trade” as people like you perceive it.

                    The ability to “freely trade” hasn’t existed since the American Indians allowed white Europeans to establish “Free Trade Zones” on the Continent and populate them with additional traders.

                    How did that work out for the American Indian?

                • Yup.

                  Most think tanks and foundations are like that.


              • @yourmotherwaswrong….

                Good job of exposing Eisencrap’s ignorance.

                Eisencrap is an “ignoranus”.

                An ignoranus is someone who is both ignorant AND an asshole.

              • Free trade works. The big problem with these “free trade” agreements is that they are always a one way street slanted against USA.

            • Libertarianism and Liberalism. Have a lot in common! Smoke Pot and Murder Babies and Marry Queers.WASP

              • @wasp Maybe so however the only one asking(demanding)that you to pay for it is the liberal, it would be unthinkable for a libertarian to ask for someone else to sponsor his/her persuits. Follow the money

              • @wasp…..

                Actually….the Neocons have much more in common with liberals than do libertarians. In fact….the agenda of Obama administration is basically a continuation of GW Bush’s policies. Bush was just Obama lite.

                • Progressives like wasp just LOVE to conflate anarchists with libertarians and smear libertarians as leftists.

                  All the while they completely ignore their own big govt statist desires ala your Hayek quote. FReeptards make me sick the most.

                  • Sorry, Not so Much, but three of the issues that I mentioned in my earlier comment, are darlings of the Progressives. Don’t think I fit there. This country was the greatest on earth, for something over 150 years when it was a True Constitutional Republic. So instead of everyone running to the Libertarians, maybe they should think about the Constitution Party. Hope you get over being sick.WASP.

                  • @Wasp, see Comment ID: 1526290 below.

                    Somehow my reply to you got put at the bottom of the page.

          • Right you are my friend, once they gain ground they rarely relinquish it, sunset is the only way and is rare a bill isnt dealt with befor a sunset.

        • Executive Action is absolute dictatorial power when

          used against the mandates of the Constitution and the

          Bill Of Rights. If left to continue, “WE The People Of

          The United States” are screwed, blued, and tatooed

          • This may bring unintended results, like real jobs for real Americans producing all the import banned products.

            Remember the only real jobs O’crapper has created have been in the Gun industries.

            PS. Gov. jobs are not real jobs.

            • New data to ‘rewrite economic history’

              “The government is about to wave a magic wand and add 3% to our GDP growth.”

              “The US economy will officially become 3 per cent bigger in July as part of a shake-up that will see government statistics take into account 21st century components such as film royalties and spending on research and development.”

              “We are carrying these major changes all the way back in time – which for us means to 1929 – so we are essentially rewriting economic history,” said Mr Moulton.

              “The changes will affect everything from the measured GDP of different US states to the stability of the inflation measure targeted by the Federal Reserve. They will force economists to revisit policy debates about everything from corporate profits to the causes of economic growth.”

              “It isn’t so much that the administration is goosing the numbers, it’s that their defenders won’t mention the changed measurements and use the increase as proof that Obama’s policies are “working.”


              • Would you expect anything less? Unemployment is closer to 15% and inflation is the high side of 10%. You just have to remember these people LIE! Why? They are self-serving kings and queens of Tyranny.

              • KYMOM, If they will count all cash spent on or by the massive number of NON profit think tanks and foundations, such as CFR-Rokefeller Bros-TIDES! ET AL, then perhaps those orgs should begin to PAY fed and State taxes also huh. For over 100yrs now most all think tanks of Both lib and repub type and foundations have been supplied with hundreds of billions of dollars from Most of the richest zilionaire familys and individuals in America.

                What was orig promoted as humanitarian orgs and lib doo gooders orgs has Proven to really be Tax FREE Havens where those richest of the wealthy folks donate massive cash to avoid paying tax at fed or state levels. Or at least greatly Reduce tax liabilities owed by them.

                Maybe if those orgs actually did do alot of “common” good that benifits a vast majority of our nations people, it could be ok. But 100yrs has shown most all such untaxed orgs not only hide rich family wealth, but also what is done usually benifits Them directly or benifits their “Agendas”. Agendas such as Brady Bunch’s antigun crap. And Tons of more anti american unconst crap agendas.

                Yes a small very small few such orgs likly do good, like say, salvation army assists poor folks etc. But for every one like them is another 99 that benifit the very folks who donate billions to avoid taxes. Every single rockefeller based org is s anti american swindle. Same as John Kerrys wifes “Tides foundation” as well as now famous “ACORN” org!…Only top insiders bennifit, along with all the current and long past anti american anti us const agendas they promote. TAX em all! Then see how many fade away fast. You can bet alot of their new method to count GDP etc will include those orgs massive cash flows! While all they do or supply for 99% of us all is crap agendas period.

                • I thing Buffet has arranged his estate so that his children are in perpetual control of such “foundations”. This after denouncing the concept of dynastic wealth.

                • Why would you want taxes or more taxes on anything! Including the rich. The fed,local, and state already piss away everything they get using most of it to oppress us further. I say NO more taxes not on rich not on imports not on nothing. The drunk gov needs to be put in rehab!

                • Few years back the local United Way boss in the state was discovered to be making over 300k a year.

              • Wait till people are told they have to pay back most of their SS COLAs.

            • Shootit, I’m all for jobs but not this way.

              • Neither am I.

                The Keystone XL pipeline is the only shovel ready job “it” had when “it” was elected in 2008. XL was supposed to be finished in 2010. All O’halfafrican has done is stand in it’s way. Transcanada is ready to build, 30,000 high paying construction jobs, 300,000 support jobs, and 5,000 to 7,000 permanent jobs.

                The safest way to transport oil? You guessed it, a pipeline.

                It is supposed to run through my property and have been working with Transcanada since 2007.

                Does anyone has any questions about the pipeline?

                • Hey all, yes im still here. No shoot it. You’re wrong. Those numbers are totally inaccurate keystone employees, are mostly Canadian. The oil thats proceseed from the bitumen will go to the Chinese everyone, so there will be no real benefits for Americans from this project…with godspeed, prep, pray and dont take any wooden nickles.

                  • Have to disagree. They had been asking me for local people that could hire to maintain the pipeline. They haven’t asked in awhile since the delays. No deal so far on the chinese rumors. You are buying all the hype from tree hugging, car driving, oil burning, violent, dope smoking, E gore types.

                    The oil will go to our refineries who are running at 70% capacity due to what? You got it lack of oil. There are a couple of jobs you missed. What makes the oil flow in a pipe? Electric pumps one about every 40 miles. What do they need to purchase to make an electric pump run?

                    Sorry I don’t have more time to set you rumors straight, got to hit the road.

                    No wooden nickels for me. They paid for their easement.

                • Didn’t Canada make an agreement with China to pipe it to the west coast for export to China?

                  • All talk. China wanted it, but Canadian people said no. It could happen in the future if O’bummer keeps up his crappy energy policies.

            • The problem with that theory is that they can’t outsource. ANYTHING. Like even screws or spring pins or ANYTHING.

              … they MIGHT do it anyway but I have to believe they’re screaming bloody murder right about now. I’d expect that ban on sales to the fedgov thing to really go to all out BANHAMMER if the gun manufacturers have any sense.

              • Get some extra mag springs. I use Wolf springs from Midway. Get at least an extra BCG, piston cup and springs,(ARs) extractor and some recoil springs for your Glocks, 1911s and other SA handguns. Make sure you got extra speedloaders for the wheel guns.

            • What American jobs are those? Producing 7.62mm Russian ammo? Building Mosin-Nagant rifles from WWII? The impact on US jobs is going to be nearly non-existant, and may even be negative.

          • –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it

            Nope, were not screwed, we need to stand firm and take these fuckers straight to hell.

          • A majority of u ppl are a bunch of pussies.you see the corruptness and bs from this bs.official amd you just cross your hand like shit didnt happen. Fuck that i will not comply. I oppose everyone against the bill of right.feel how you want take it how you want.im an american.i wnt stand for such bs…fuck u obama ur staff and the feds. If u want a gun free country then leave the us u cocksucker.

            • And exactly what are you doing besides typing on your keyboard there, Tuffy McTufferton?

        • Ripley: How long after we’re declared conquered can we expect a rescue?
          Hicks: [pause] Four years.
          Hudson: Four *years?* Hey man, I don’t wanna rain on your parade, but we’re not gonna last four *hours!* Those things are gonna come in here just like they did before. And they’re gonna come in here…
          Ripley: Hudson!
          Hudson: …and they’re gonna come in here AND THEY’RE GONNA GET US!
          Ripley: Hudson! This little girl survived longer than that with no weapons and no training.
          [to Newt]
          Ripley: Right?
          [Newt apes a salute]
          Hudson: Why don’t you put her in charge?
          Ripley: You better just start dealing with it, Hudson! Listen to me! Hudson, just deal with it, because we need you and I’m sick of your bullshit.

          • …they mostly come out at night, mostly….

            lolololol…love that movie.

          • Game over, man. Game over.

          • “close encounters” was a fluffy feel good first contact scenario…The first two “aliens” are the most likely we would experience…
            Oh wait…they’re already here and living high in dc…

        • these links is to the info that i found. i like to read this info a couple of times. but i have had only a chance skim over this info. hope that it helps.

          i like sites like this because they give great info. but i still like to look up the info for myself so i can make my own opinion up from the raw data.

          this one is the executive order.


          this is the munition list that the executive order covers.


          and these other two links goes along with them some how.



          • I checked the link referring to munitions…

            Just curious…I wonder if that list is from the U.N. arms control treaty they are trying to push through?

        • Ugly, the fools will just re-elect him or elect some boob just like him. My guess. You will see a Moochelle-Hillary ticket.

          Watch for it.

        • Chew on this folks….

          Michele Obama is going to run in 2016…She will automagically get the non white vote, the dem vote, most of the female vote, the immigrant vote and be the darling of the media….Thereby continuing the bamsters policies for another 4-8 years….

          • You are seriously under estimating women! NO WAY I’d ever vote for either of them!!!

            • @ Gopher

              I think that Psyop Soldier is right, just by the percentages.

            • he said, “most of the female vote” We know you won’t.

          • I think I just threw up in my mouth a little…

            • I couldnt even aaak. Hold it aaaakk. It in my aaak

          • oh you can bet its going to happen its how obummer will get his third and fourth terms THEN he will be set to run as dictator for life as putin does

            the real scarey thought is Hillary and Moochelle

            we might for the first time ever see a Female vice president become president

            and america will go down forever ( insert star wars clip here LOL )

            skittle shittin unicorn

          • I’m thinking we may be in the midst of a big civil war before then.

        • How are we supposed to “stock up” when there isn’t any stock available?

          • “Incremental denial of goods and services based on the overall “good”…”

            Now that is a quote from a very attractive young lady, (I had to say young), 😉 who apparently had worked in Brussels…exactly what she did there she won’t tell me…but she’s a lawyer…need I say more…
            She left me with the impression that this has as much to do with “integration” as it does the obvious…

            And suggested, and believe me this is very dry, to start here…


            • BTW, when she did a quick search…this was on the first page…

              • The ONLY Solution to all this “Integration” agendas is for Us to keep Us and Them Seperate…Us and Them Seperate. George Wallace, prez candadit 1960’s.

          • RobertShaw,There is plenty of everything out there to stock up yet…just not at the cheap price you were paying. Go to gun broker and type in any ammo or gun you want and I guarantee at least 10 will pop up, but like I said not at the price we were used to paying before this shit storm started.You will know it’s time to lock and load when you can not buy ammo or guns for any price.

            • No kidding. Our gun shops have not much ammo, precious little reloading components, but go on gunbroker.com and there is no shortage at all. I can get all the stuff I want at about 25% over local retail, if they had it to sell.

              Not yet desperate enough to pony up the high prices, but might be worth it to get enough powder to reload for the season, then wait for the stores to recover.

        • why reference 4 years….what’s in 4 years?

        • Ugly:

          None of this wiil change if Conservative/Republican/Statists were to occupy the White House and Congress.

          There is no real difference between a Republican and a Democrat any more. The only difference I see is the rhetoric.

          The Left/Right paradigm is indeed false!

          Do not be fooled by those who claim “Politics” and “Politicians” will save us. They won’t.

          The American Democracy is a fraud!

          51% can’t vote away the rights of 49%…let alone an individuals rights. And I won’t even get started talking about “Executive Orders”.

          Only Individuals can save us from the path this country is on.

          The Collective/Government…whether “R” or “D” will never do so. It’s not in THEIR interest.

          You exist to serve them, not the other way around.

          • yourmotherwaswrong…..Once again, you are right on target.

            There has not been a significant deviation from the course this nation has been on since Reagan left office.

            GHW Bush….Clinton….GW Bush..and now the Kenyan are all reading from the same script. And 95% of Congress is going right along with them.

        • IF the GOP can get their act together and come up with a quality candidate, four years can’t come soon enough. If they give us another McCain, Romney or God help us another Bush, we may end up with somebody even worse than Obama.

          • What are you smoking? We won’t make it past this summer!

            • Carl Rove and pals are so convinced that This time, after 50 yrs of failures, This time around repubs will for certain get enough black votes to destroy dems party they now have Hannity constantly promoting his latest favorite returning guest on hannitys show.

              That Black repub surgeon guy who gave a speech at some hobammy affair as key note speaker. ONE single nice sounding speech(that tickels their ears) and hannity is all over the guy to run for next prez election as a repub!

              NOTE to Rove & Hannity. Forget black votes it aint ever gonna happen. 50 yrs proof says I am right. Meanwhile continue to disown-reject-disenfranchise-ignore-the 2/3 Majority of Whites nationwide, and it won’t matter Who repubs run so many fed up white majority voters will simply reject You all and Your repub neocon swindlers party again. And consider if this happens once more? repubs is who will soon be a NON issue party hasbeen much like those old WHIGS evaporated into oblivion.

            • @nam marine
              I sure hope we dont go beyond this summer, i would rather die fighting for a cause than get lead to slavery by the gov. No more

            • Best guess is fall.

              Just locked in natural gas price for 2 years. Hyper Inflation on its way.

              • That “price lock” means nothing. You can bet there is legalese that allows your natural gas supplier to dump the agreement.

                For all you pubic employees strutting around telling yourself about how your contracts are written into law: Do a search for USSR teachers being paid in vodka.It happened during their meltdown. How many bottles/day equals your salary?

                • It’s called Force Majeure (Sp..)
                  Any contract can be cancelled by “Acts of God”
                  Who do you think they will blame?

        • Ugly, you’re dreaming. The die is cast, the parasites OWN both “parties”. It is way past time for Americans to wake tf up to the truth already. The “elections” are an owned farce.

          • Blutarsky, Psyops, MotherWrong, Anonomous, Nam Marine, Just Me, and others….

            I know what you are saying.

            There is no doubt that something very ugly is being planned for the USA. If we have elections in 2016, they will be fixed unless ‘We The People’ start standing up.

            The Martial Law drill was quite successful in Boston. I’m sure we will see more in next months or year.

            We are like soldiers that are told to occupy an area and then wait for backup troops–the backups don’t show up. Left to defend and hang.

            They want to disarm innocent USA civilians for the sole purpose of an easy kill. Like gangs that attack a helpless defender. I don’t like what I see. I see Revelation unfolding. Hang on dudes !!!!

        • I’m sorry… I’m a little lost…Please forgive the intrusion to the post…Is this where I can read about the “Great Beck Bombshell” I believe it is Tuesday so I was sure it was on here somewhere?…I just need direction to locate it so I can read it as I have been so eagerly waiting so to do…Since this site said “an we suspect that it is” backing Becks validity I’m really interested in reading as to what it was all about…Or at least Mac’s latest comments on the topic…But I just seem to come up empty handed…It seems just to have fallen off the page but I know that would only happen in the MSM and not here so like I said if anyone can direct me to this I would be so grateful…

          Fed Guy 20002

          • I was wondering the same thing???????

        • Hang tight…Wont be all that long…

          Fed Guy 20002

        • Grover Norquist has now officially sold out on immigration reform.

          We are completely surrounded by sissies and sellouts and poseurs.

          Hang tight, gang.

        • Well then..appears my all American made weapons of mass destruction are safe for now..

          Thank you SturmRuger,Keltec,Smith&Wesson and Hi Point.

          Let em even try shutting down all these great gun manufacturers..


        • You assume that there will actually be an ‘election’ in 2016. I don’t. I will be surprised if even the simulation of one occurs, but even if there is, it will already be just another puppet reading his/her lines written by the elite. No positive change for J6P.

          What I expect is that 2016 will find:
          a nation at war with real enemies this time,
          an open and heavy police state at home,
          and a great depression and a failing economy.

          Too pessimistic? Or not enough? Time will tell.

        • 4 years will make no difference. Whatever RINO the Republicans trot out will, if elected, leave these EO’s and regulations in place. When’s the last time you saw a gun law repealed? Don’t count the Clinton Ban, as it had a 10 year sunset built into it. W stated that if Congress wanted to offer a bill to renew it, he’d gladly sign the bill into law…

        • My guess is that four years will mean nothing. There will probably be a much shrunken USA by then, so few will really care other than people in some northern East coast states.

        • “Just can’t decide what song to play while dancing on a grave”- said one poster.
          “8 years setback- gonna take 20 to get it back”- said another.
          “America will stand, and it’s people return- once the putrid crud has been washed from the face of this country”- said another poster.

        • I don’t understand why someone in Congress has not started impeachment proceedings against this president!

        • I don’t understand why someone in Congress has not started impeachment proceedings against this president!

        • Amen! This guy in the White House has no concept of American Tradition. I still believe he is a Muslim planted in the White House with one intention in mind. Weaken the American civilization(while empowering the Muslim Brotherhood), Destroy the constitution, wipe his feet on the American Flag, Neglect those that sacrificed for our freedoms and disregard those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, Steal American Freedoms that our families have enjoyed from generation to generation. He is the worst president since I have been alive. I wish he and his corrupt Administration gone. Sooner than later.

        • Obama needs to be arrested for treason against the American people, what are you people waiting for, he is an enemy to the people.

      2. I’m guessing next my male anatomy will be declared an enemy of the state regardless of my history of always keeping it pointed in a safe direction in anticipation of a discharge.

        • dont look down the barrel….


        • You’re saying that hasn’t happened already?

          Haven’t read VAWA much I take it…

        • Pointed at your hand?

      3. What a douche bag

        • here here!

          • (c)population control

      4. The die has been cast.

      5. Gee, guess someone forgot to tell Ol Barry that all these companies have to do is open a manufacturing facility in….say, TEXAS or another freedom loving state and keep on cranking out those banned from importation parts.

        • Exactly right TSC,

          I already know of one very small arms producer that will be able to manufacture anything you need for AK’s. He is planning on expanding his operations soon!
          The desperation of the so called leaders are nothing but fools. We here and everywhere are a resilient freedom and Constitutional loving Americans.
          Fascism and tyranny will continue to raise it’s ugly head, because everything is out of desperation. They cannot stand seeing “We the People” push back.
          Everything out of the mouths of our leaders is pure unadulterated B*llshit!

          Weapons manufacturing may boom in pro-gun states?

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive
          Manufacturer, Manufacturer, Manufacturer.

          • need new ammo manufacturers, not gun manufacturers……there are plenty of guns, ammo is the problem

        • Cat, that ain’t gonna happen. Trekker Out.

        • hmmm if they come here from other countries to open factories here because that would be the only way to sell their wares here, then they would be making american jobs on american soil. Not to bad if you ask me more american made products less imported. Are you SURE you want to give obama that kind of credit.

      6. EO’s restricting importation of guns, parts, magazines and ammo was inevitable and expected all along. Nobody should be surprised. Get what you can while you can, if you had not already.

        Also, I’d expect eventual restrictions on the sales of body armor and night vision to the public.

        Got God, Grub, Guns & Gold?
        Panic Early, Beat the Rush!

        – Shane

        • Shocking “leaked” memo could reveal Obama’s real plan for guns

          “The National Rifle Association has obtained a Department of Justice memo calling for national gun registration and confiscation. The nine page “cursory summary” on current gun control initiatives was not officially released by the Obama administration.

          The DOJ memo states the administration “believes that a gun ban will not work without mandatory gun confiscation” and thinks universal background checks “won’t work without requiring national gun registration.” Obama has yet to publicly support national registration or firearms confiscation, although the memo reveals his administration is moving in that direction.”


        • Ain’t none to be got…..

      7. God DAMMIT Buckwheat, your really testing my nerves!!!!

        Preppers, arm yourself and buy ammo before it gets out of hand.

        Also, never have your ammo/guns all in one place. If you need reason for having two locations, just read the articles about unlawful search in boston…


        • Unlawful searches occur where commies dominate and the commies are everywhere, particularly in ma, ny, nj, dc, conn, il, co, ca and most other states.

          • Very true Commie hater,

            I glad and proud SO FAR, on the stance Arizona has taken against Obummer… There are becoming fewer pro-gun states left. That’s sad…

            Preppers, stay up to date with your state’s view, opinions and laws in regards to guns, ammo and your 2nd Amendment.


      8. This is pure unadulterated BULLSHIT!!!

      9. American people have spoken, and that they want government to be restricted, banned and heavily regulated.

        there I fixed it for ya.

      10. I briefly skimmed Rawles’s post last night, but I believed he further expounded upon this executive order how how it might affect the SIG’s and Glock’s. Might be worth stocking up on spare parts for these also

        • Sig’s are made in the USA in good ol’ tax free New Hampshire. That includes their rifles.

        • Stick with the 1911, M1 Garand, 03-A3, the 870 and the model 29.

          Screw the commie shit.

          • Plastic sucks. 1911 all the way.

            • No Gloaks that never fail.

              After a long fight to get out of the caverns of the black hole. The PAGE sticks it head from the the cave to see if all are ready for its return.

        • Hmmmm…..might be the time to pick up a Glock 19 and some extra recoil springs for the 36.

        • I shot a Glock once… took time with it to try and sight it in, still couldn’t hit sh*t at 20 yds.
          Picked up my 1911 and I never miss at 30 yds.


          • An Springfield M1A-308 which is over 10lbs weight is a most perfect close quarters confrontation weapon,where antigun libs is concerned. You can flip the rifle around and use the steel plate butt end to bounce it off of the antigun liberals Face, once or twice. Nothing will get their atten faster if you are confronted by say, a group of Million Mommie antigun brady bunch of stupid never will admit they are wrong fools. Just a couple tap-bounces off of their noce and lips region and if they still persist, turn rifle around and try the buisness end next! Oh also Important info, While bouncing butt of rifle off of lib antis Face YELL, Snap OUT of it Bitch!

            • Them Guys,
              I once mentioned that I would bounce the south end of a rifle off somebody’s noggin and caught hell.

              Oh My, how times have change. Cha, Cha, Cha.

              • Slingshot, it is the Christian mercifull thing to do as a last ditch effort, if it don’t work as intended then its time to shoot. Love your enemys, turn your cheek while you Bounce your steel plate rifle butt off of the enemys face. “Bounce! WakeUP, Bounce#2, BITCH!”

        • Don’t have either a SIG or Glock, but just stocked up on magazines and spare parts, ejectors, pins, springs, etc., for what I do have. I think Rawles is correct, imported parts are going to be embargoed and when what is in-country dries up, it’s gone unless you make it.

      11. These vermin digust me. He’s a petulant little man-boy. They all need a taste of the 2nd revolution they’re bringing about.
        Standing ready in Daytona

        • you have allies here in port orange matt

      12. Also, like Wes says, “the only people worse than law breakers are law makers”!!!

        • “The only thing more wicked than the desire to command, is the willingness to obey.” –unknown–

      13. 57. It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. – Voltaire

        • In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. –George Orwell—

        • I though Karl Klang said that…

      14. Just like healthcare if they can make it law, it will be almost impossible to repeal. They will lie about it and SCOTUS will swear to it.

        Short of an uprising or revolution the America I knew and fought for is gone. Most people I talk to don’t know and don’t care what’s going on as long as their life is okay.

        I see signs of the lack of respect and arrogance every where I look. On TV, in the neighborhood, at the grocery store and as I drive to and from work every day.

        I see our 3 branches of government coordinating their attack on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. So if they are in Cahoots; who can stop them???

        If we can’t stop them in 2014 and get total control by 2016 the knock on the door will come in 2017.

        We have seen this time and time again. We the people no longer know the history. In the 20th Century 170,000,000 people perished at the hands of Tyrannical governments. How many will perish in the 21st. Century???

        Remember it always starts with Gun Control, Gun Registration and Gun Confiscation!!!

        • Patriot One

          Like in sports, the Sheep all love to back a winner.

          At the moment, this fascist regime is in the lead.

          If this country still has a sense of patriotism left,

          we’ll see how it ends when the final buzzer sounds.

          • The problem in America is the Sheeple don’t know what a winner looks like anymore. Because we no longer have winners the losers are leading the sheep to slaughter.

            Its the Peoples Temple and Jim Jones is in the WH.

            • Anybody for koolaid?

        • Patriot One,

          Obama recently said he needs Pelosi as speaker of the house, so “he can get a lot more accomplished.” It looks like they are planning ahead for the 2014 elections. BO has already said he “could get alot more done” if Congress had a Democrat majority.

          If the immigration bill passes, they will be one step closer to that goal.

          Congressman: Immigration Bill ‘Worse Than We Thought,’ Legalizes Relatives and Previously Deported

          “It’s hard to believe, but the Senate immigration bill is worse than we thought. Despite assurances, the border is not secured before almost everyone in the country illegally is given amnesty. The bill guarantees there will be a rush across the border to take advantage of massive amnesty.”

          “Rep. Smith says the Senate immigration bill shreds current immigration laws.”


          The Obamacare “navigators” will assist people to enroll in health insurance provided by state or federal exchanges and … register people to vote.

          “Ron Pollack, head of Families USA, has said their effort will be run like a “political campaign.”


          • He really doesn’t need it because half of the republicans are really democrats. Healthcare or not, who is going to be able to afford $7000 a year for the bronze level individual plan?? Who can afford $20,000 for a family of 4??

            Here an idea lets do a reality show on who can decipher Obamacare or the Immigration bill for one season before the bills are voted on. Or how about having a single subject or objective in a clearly written bill without having to reference others statues, laws, or bills. If a congressman or senator can’t read and understand a bill without a law degree or lawyer its too complicated!!!

            Our leaders are packing so much shit into the bills that no one can possibly understand the bill.

            God help us when we need a see’re or prophet to interpet a bill. And I thought the Bible was complicated!!!

        • @Patriot One…

          I sometimes wonder…..in the final days of the Roman Empire….did anyone realize it was about to end? Or did they all just go about their lives…content as long as they had the bread and circus?

          • Well Walt Nero fiddled as Rome burned. I think that’s a good indecation of what will happen if we believe history is our guide.

        • You’re right, Patriot One. When I try to explain to people what’s wrong with the NDAA, or about the 2010 US Army Training Manual for the Internment and Relocation of Americans for among other things, “re-education”, their eyes glaze over. If a subject isn’t discussed on Dancing with the Stars or by announcers during a football game, they don’t want to hear about it…

          • One of my relatives contacts me last night about buying an AR. He didn’t even know about NY new laws and he lives there. He basically thought I was crazy and didn’t know what I was talking about. Even after I sent him the link to NY Safe, he still thought I was mistaken. You just can’t fix stipid!!!

            4 years ago I use to think 70% of the population didn’t know what was going on. Today I think I was wrong, its much higher. Maybe as high as 93 to 97%.

      15. How many times will We The People allow these ‘public servants’ to dictate how we will live, irreguardless of how many times we vote and tell them what we do and do NOT want?
        When the likes of Pelosi, Obama, and Reid insist that they will pass THEIR laws and agenda, despite our insistence that We The People do not want it, THEN we are no longer represented and the government has become one step closer to a tyranical dictatorship.

      16. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! What do they not understand? And, as someone else mentioned: Executive Orders apply only to the Executive Branch, if not, why bother with a Senate and Congress? Oops, I probably shouldn’t have posited that.

        • They do understand what “shall not be infringed” means, but they do not care and will tirelessly pursue gun bans no matter how long it takes.

          • There it is.

            It’s time we wise up to this. THEY DON’T CARE WHAT WE THINK OR WANT.

            This is why I’ve said that it’s time to stop going to them hat in hand….begging them to not pass laws intended to take our freedoms.

            It’s time for us to start telling them…..TAKE OUR FREEDOMS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

        • they understand it perfectly…they DONT CARE….they want power, control, resources, money.

          The questions is….what don’t people understand about THAT? They understanad and know exactly what they aredoing and have for generations…..if it happens in politics, they meant it to happen.

      17. Infringement by EO based upon a misworded CNN poll. Unbeleveable. He has made the larger one inevitable. He wants it. Any takers on a bet we have seen our last presidential election?

      18. First he’ll regulate our ability to get them from foreign countries. Then he’ll send his attack dog EPA to go after domestic manufacturers to make it impossible for them to stay in business due to so many regulations. Holy Crap!!

      19. The Majority of Americans voted this man into office. This can not be happening! This is America! They are relentless in their agenda to make us all slaves. Did you think they would stop after a trifle defeat? This circumvention of the Constitution is only the beginning.
        This act will lay the foundation of more restrictions to our future generations of their God Given Freedoms and Liberty. The time is now to forget those whom refuse to listen and carry on with our preparations.

        • slingshot: “The Majority of Americans voted this man into office”.

          Of eligible voters, about 26% voted for Obama. 24% voted for Romney. About 50% didn’t vote for one reason or another. Sad isn’t it. Your post was very good. stay safe

          • Do you believe in the zombie apocalypse?

            We’re living in one.

      20. “President Obama was quietly working behind the scenes to craft laws and regulations that will further erode the Second Amendment.”

        Wonder what O’bamanation is up to with all these stories about Boston going around. Remember, never let a bad incident go to waste.

      21. See…

        You guys had the Republicans. You had ’em. If you just sat back, changed nothing, and worked on the economy a bit, within two election cycles there would have been no Republican party.

        But you just couldn’t resist, could you?

        Now there will be no Democratic party within one election cycle.


      22. OK, I have to get on a roll again! First, DHS is buying up all the ammo it can get its hands on to keep it out of our hands, now they’re trying to reduce the amount of weapons available on the market, imported in particular, trying to do away with spare parts kits for the imported weapons already here, and ban importation of surplus ammo. Both of my .22 pistols are imports so now I’ve got to try and locate spare parts kits for both of them. Also have a Ruger 10/22 and M1 Carbine I’m getting parts kits for. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • I’m thinking that at some point, there’s going to be a lot of guns and ammo laying on the ground for anyone to pick up.

        • Loose lips sink ships.

        • While your at it , why dont you tell us how much food you got stocked dumbass and for that matter, leave your wallet at the mailbox !

      23. Where are the “not one more inch” crowd. This country has gone soft.

      24. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo…

        This desperate action shows they are afraid of us.

        • Unless you are a member of a street gang or a pyco who shoots up schools. They are not afraid of you.

          • Well if Boston is a clue as to the ability of the NWO to locate and deal with one 19 year old kid without any military training, I would say they will have their hands FUL with 100 million American gun owners intent upon keeping their guns.

            The military will not follow a Rogue Administration when push comes to shove and a million American Freedom Cells eliminate the NWO.


      25. this isn’t that big of a deal in and of itself….just another one of the thousanad cuts. And like someone said above….just bring your business to a freedome loving state….or one of the more freedom loving states, the total freedom loving states are all gone!

      26. Obama was NOT elected — he was installed.

        • We should have known that when he took his

          oath of office with his fingers crossed

        • Yeah, like a new urinal…

      27. I guess most have seen where they had the 8th grader arrested for wearing a NRA shirt to school and he wouldn’t take it off. Seems like if they can’t ban it, they will try and intimidate us into submission. This was in Logan Co. West Virginia. If anyone is interested in asking the Logan Co. school dist. if this is their intent. The phone# for the school dist is 304-792-2060 as seen on the video. Again another school teacher that knows better than the parent. This type of shirt wasn’t banned in there dress code. Trekker Out. CATI!

        • I’m beginning to see very little difference

          between the N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un,

          and our Kenyan leader Barack Obama Un.

      28. How is your Political Correctness working for you now?
        Can you feel the yoke of Tyranny being placed upon your shoulders? How many more lies are the American People going to take before you understand they were lies! Many more, like PIGS at the trough. Feed well, my fellow Americans. Your slaughter awaits you.

      29. Lets not get distracted. May 1 is an important day. A push for everyone to buy physical silver is underway. That day.May 1…..we will demand more than our country can produce and watch the results. Visit. Soundmoneycampaign.com for details. Watch their video. This is not a sales promotion. They do not care who you buy from, just buy. This is a big controlled effort to make a difference.

      30. Correct me if I’m wrong (and I don’t have a citation to prove it), but doesn’t the Secretary of the Treasury already have the power to do this (ban certain weapon imports)? And, if so, an executive order, which only can apply to federal agencies, would be expected. While this is bad news, it is fully within the scope of interstate commerce which is supposedly a Constitutional mandate of the Federal government.

        • Originally the interstate commerce clause was used to keep free trade flowing through the states. Vermont couldn’t impose a tax on goods produced in Maine on there way to Mass for example.That`s all the power the feds legally have under that clause. Of course they use it to regulate every aspect of our lives because we have a bastardized illegitimate form of government.

          • You are right. I probably should have also included that the mandate is to “facilitate” commerce not impede it.

        • You are correct that the Sec. of Treasury can do this..

      31. News: The person (Keven Curtis) that was “suppose to” have sent the ricin in the mail has been released. WRONG PERSON AGAIN. This person’s lawyer says that his client was set up. Sound fimiliar? Here we go again.

        • They were desperate to get them a Lone wolf, white man last week. Simple as that.

        • And I’m thinking a distraction to divert attention from……..what?

          That’s just it…..we don’t know what.

          So…looks like it worked.

      32. I see a few people commenting as if things might change for the better in 4 years. I don’t want to be a pessimist but don’t count on it. With the demographics in this country its doubtful a republican will even be elected and if one is….so what…the republicans have never rolled back any gun laws, they have only added to them. Also there is a good chance that TSHF before Barry’s term is up.

        • What happened to Clinton’s assault weapons ban? I’m not great with history or research so maybe you could help me out, and tell me how that one went away?

          • It was allowed to quietly expire in 94.

            • Bush was up for reelection along with others in the House an Senate.

              • sorry meant, 2004

          • It expired after 10 years. Wish all laws were like that.
            Bill J

            • Right it expired on its own…its not like the republicans had to expend any political capital or fight one bit for it to happen. Which is good because if they had to chances are it would still be with us.

        • First case reported in Taiwan from a 53 year old man that worked in China.

      33. Why is it that those who wish to destroy us, the very protectors of Freedom, do not realise , that once we have been eradicated there is nothing to stop a totalitarian state? Will there be one who will say, “What have we done” after their myopic agenda has been fulfilled?

      34. I am unable “Rate This Comment”…any comment…what is going on?

        • ponomo,

          Me either. I thought it was just my computer…

          • Same here, anyone have a solution?

            • Same here…can’t vote at all.

              The DNC must have gotten control of the voting here too.

              • Now that’s funny!

      35. My brass commie Yugo stuff will no longer be imported,on stripper clips.Their a premium IF you can get em.

        • Thanks God this pile of crap is almost done.
          Praying he just retires.

      36. They can keep pushing, and in the near future they will pull over someone with a few “extra” rounds in their mag. Or maybe some similar scenario, whereby they need to confiscate his/her weapons.

        At some point they are going to bump into a person that isnt interested in having their weapons taken away.

        If a factory in Romania can make AK’s and the parts to go with them, Im sure an enterprising person could do the same on this side of the pond.

        The gun control agenda is not going away, no matter who we “elect” to run things. The bankrupt whorehouse in Washington wont be able to keep a lid on things much longer. All you need is a little spark to set off this powder keg.

        • they can try but o bummer will just regulate them out of existence taxes and fees and laws and such what company would want to put up with that?

          look at the almost 4000 pages of regs they have now let alone the thousands more to make guns and gun parts.
          epa regs etc

          some one needs to make parts the old fashioned way Black market
          or we all better invest in small lathes and equip in basements and make our own.

        • If I’m not mistaken, they even make AK’s in Pakistan. ( I wouldn’t want one, but that’s beside the point )

          And you are right….at some point there will be a spark, and it will be on.

          And make no mistake about it, the defacto martial law situation we witnessed in Boston this past week was a drill to practice their tactics. It was both a drill and a probe. A drill to refine tactics and a probe to see what the public will bear if they believe their safety is threatened.

          As we can see…..it did not take much for people to be willing to cast aside their liberties and rights as defined in the Constitution.

          And one more thing…..it was an intel gathering operation…..Don’t think they didn’t identify preppers and others who might “cause them problems” in the future.

      37. If all he’ll is gunna break loose, I wish it would hurry up and to it. I’m gettin to old for these jokers in power.

      38. most people are familiar with the term “normalcy bias”

        but how about “abnormalcy bias” ?


        ““The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does. They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.” – Aldous Huxley – Brave New World Revisited”

        it’s hard being sane in an insane world isn’t it ??

        ever regret taking the red pill ???

        • LOL

        • I was glad to read this, it is my thesis of Systemic Irrationality, tomato – tomatoe.

        • “ever regret taking the red pill?”

          Every day Satori….every stinkin’ day.

          As they say….”Ignorance is bliss”

      39. Good to see so many RWNJ’s getting their knickers in a twist over the “straw men” arguments of other RWNJ’s. Keeps me amused while amazed there are so many loose out there.

      40. Voting doesnt count anymore, its fixed. Republicans and demoncrats are like wwf wrestling, phoney and with a predetermined outcome. You need to stock up on ammo and componants to reload. Firearms usually last a life time without breaking. A small parts kit for your battle rifle is recommended.

        • “If voting could really change anything, it would be illegal.”

      41. This is just more of the same folks, nothing new here. Its a bloody shame that only a handfull of us actually see whats happening. Boston public cheering the cops on for placing them under martial law, I just about threw up on that one.
        Import bans yeah we all knew this was comming. Lets face it gang the Republic is gone and its not comming back. Well not without a fight, and from what I see there is no fight left in the people. This fiasco that Boston was just fed is evidence of that. The general public is fast asleep, clueless, decieved and totally cool with it so much so they lined the streets and made signs clapped their hands and felt justified. 7000+ combat ready troops on the ground in a matter of hours, good grief I was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne and we couldnt do that. This is as dumb as it gets, the gig is up they know it , we see it, and whats more tptb will not only get away with it they will be praised for it. Can I get a blue pill I want out of the rabbit hole. This one is filled with blind people.

        • Not all “blind”. MANY tigers waiting in the “tall grass” for the “RIGHT” moment to pounce.

          As recently demonstrated by several current “single target hunts”, massive resources can be “occupied” rather easily. It isn’t over till the last “tiger” is gone. A very difficult determination to quantify and accurately assess within the geography/demographic of a country this size.

          • Yental I hope for all of us you are right.

          • You’re right! Where were the drones? How come a homeowner found the bad guy, and not the 7,000 jackbooted thugs? They were camped outside of a house all day long, believing the bomber was there. AFTER the boat owner down the street called them, the helicopter with the magic heat sensing equipment was able to “find” the guy hiding in the boat with the homeowner pointing the way.The technology we all fear appears to be as effective as the goverment that deploys it.

        • Well said Boss Hog….Well said.

        • The Boston “lockdown” wasn’t an impromptu event or something planned out in a few days.

      42. Civil WAR

        • nah— We need to throw some Alinsky Rules for Radical moves back at ’em… as I said before mass scale, asynchronous, coordinated civil disobedience..

      43. If a factory in Romania can make AK’s and the parts to go with them, I’m sure an enterprising person could do the same on this side of the pond

        Clyde – it’s been done – improvising, that is.

        Whatever you have – sufficient or not, deal with it. Eventually they will come for you. It’s your choice to do what you will, (or won’t), and don’t think for a moment that US troops will not fire at you. There are traitors at all levels of the military, from the joint chiefs to the enlisted moron who will turn against his own. Trust only your innermost group. What I am stressing here should be common knowledge to those aware. Too late to worry. Trust in the Lord Jesus to point you in the right direction. Brothers in ARMS! Nam era vet here. God be with you all….

      44. “But precisely the moment when the old sky started to fall apart and the Aryan to awaken the Anglo-Saxons, so sinfully committed to the old paradigm, did everything in their power to defend it by means of genociding their awoken ancestors… If their lands now burn with rioting blacks and Muslims after the dollar crashes, shouldn’t we start calling the societal collapse poetic justice?”

      45. More bullshit from you shit for brains assholes. Your brains are shit so you try to distribute shit. Get your facts straight, Obama cannot unilaterally do what you are claiming. It takes congressional action. Get your head out of your ass and get the facts. Oh, I forgot, you have shit for brains, so you like having your head up your ass.

        • crickets chirping………

        • @ ncjo(k)e(r). I don’t usually respond anymore to trolls, but you have gone beyond that. I have seen you over the months go for an irritate to someone that is telling everyone they don’t deserve to live. I have seen your anger boil over like a near eruption of a volcano. You are in my opinion one step away from going totally postal. You need psychiatric help desperately. You can check into a nice mental hospital where they will help you understand why you have become so enraged that it is a miracle you can even log on to the computer.

          You, like so many others that have become so crazed with hate, will find a means to vent that lunacy. Your tipping point was reached recently and I could see you harming a bunch of inncoent people that have done nothing to harm anything. You need to get immediate help for your mental condition. People don’t deserve to suffer because your mind, what’s left of it, finally snapped. Get help now before you can’t reason enough to know anything. I don’t want to hear about you doing terrible things to a bunch of nice people. Get help now.

          • Be informed—Who knows?

            Maybe “Nut Case” Joe is posting from the asylum……

            • He probably runs the place.


            • If I didn’t talk to you Eisencrap, you’d have no one to talk to.

            • Pot and kettle?

        • NC Joe, you’ve been picking your nose too deep. Better put some of that stuff back–the GRAY stuff, not the green. As a matter of fact, Obama CAN issue Executive Orders unilaterally, since nobody else can do it for him.It only takes about 7 or 8 minutes without oxygen for the brain to deteriorate. Please, before it’s too late, pull your head out of YOUR ass…

        • @ncJoe – Calmly remove Chris Matthews’ penis from your ass. I know it gives you a “tingle up the leg”, but all the MSNBC pillow biting is starting to infect your thought process.

      46. Oh thank the saints…..Fricking Baucus is not running again….He is gonna retire! I wonder who put the bug in his hat? and Six other Dems are retiring also along with one Rhino. I know this is off topic but hell I think I’ll celebrate and buy a couple of Mags and another 12GA bandolier…….

        • Montana max. Are you near Libby? Only town I could find CCI. Need .308 150gr flat nose componant before season.

          • Kalispell, and nope dryer than a popcorn fart here, some 30-06 and some 12 GA but its all #7 or #8…..

            • you get low on 38/41/357/45 brass, figure out a way to contact. we can barter. 140 miles W on 2

      47. Bottom line……The Muslim punk does NOT have enough people to enforce SQUAT !

      48. Mother should I trust the Government? NO FUCKING WAY!!! It is truly amazingwhat has happened to this country. Generations of Americans that have fought for and defended or rights &freedoms many making the supreme sacrifice while doing so. We celebrate Memorial Day for this very reason. Seems to me all these Johnny come lately shit bags ( politicians)choose to remember where we came from. They shit on our history while laughing all the way to the bank. Our elected officials don’t work for us. They work on their own personal agenda. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! HISTORY WILL REPEAT ITSELF LIBERTY or DEATH!!! Not communism & FEMA camps

      49. (politicians) choose NOT to remember [sorry my bad]

      50. The American people will start to speak when all the criminals and losers can’t get there free shit from the government because its not in the budget then they start robbing and killing you for yours and you can’t do shit about it because the man says you can’t own a firearm to protect your family but best believe they will all have guarded food and shelter. I thought slavery was ended…. I guess not.

        • Budgets won’t run out for that. Printing money ensures that money is there to feed the sloths of our society.

      51. Some of us have been warning about this UN ‘nonsense’, now here it is, implemented indirectly through the Black Caesar wannabe.

        But, Congress, as we have also said, is now considering ‘regulating’ gun powder and other reloading materials… as some of us predicted after Boston.
        The sad part is this is all so predictable… it is easy to predict evil, it is all about CONTROL and the destruction of liberty.
        We will fight one day… let us be smart about it. Listen to Sun Tzu, the battle always won, is the battle not fought… IOW, pick your battles.


        • This morning’s news report said the powder for the bombs came from fire works, not bullets and not reloading powder. It came from fire works, next thing that will be banned is 4th of July.

      52. UCK BAMMY

      53. ..as I’ve been saying for a while now…the USA is turning into a post-Port Arthur Australia.
        In 12 months you will have single shot bolt actions and that’s about it.

      54. impeach O.

      55. The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of the imaginary -H.L. Mencken

        From my wife and her book of quotes

        • all of them imaginary

        • I’ve got the same quote…

          Been collecting quotes for years. It now comprises some 76 pages in a MS Word doc.

      56. ncjoe, no sarcasm, I sincerely wish I could believe the BOY in the WH CANNOT unilaterally do what the article said, but he’s doing it and Congress doesn’t even care; they’re marching in lockstep with him. All these events taking place are leading up to TRUE SHTF. I’ve been living on razor’s edge lately and don’t like the feeling at all. I’m still prepping all the way to the last minute whenever that will be. One thing I know for sure; I’m not giving up anything I have, PERIOD! NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • Congress could stop all the executive orders, but they don’t. Also, the Supreme Court could stop them by declaring them unconstitutional, but they don’t either.

          So he continues to act unilaterally.

          • why the hell do you think he put the two ugly dykes in he has the supreme court in his hands and control’s it

            the wise latina and the other dyke will always do his bidding. they owe there futures to him and there set up life

            understand he controls them

      57. Chuck, I agree that the freeloaders will “lose it” when their goodies get cut off, but I don’t believe any attempt at disarming us will happen before that. As long as i’m still breathing and have the means to resist, I’m not giving up anything, PERIOD! NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      58. I’ve been pretty quiet the last couple of days.. soaking it all in.. Its been readily apparent to me for some time that not only do we have subversive forces at work in DC and in many cases state capitals that have pretty much completed a coup d’état under our noses. CISPA, gun control, immigration reform and a few other things should wrap it up… They’ve already stolen your money–you don’t own you 401ks or stocks (you are a beneficiary “owner”– unless you get the stock certificate) the money you deposited at the bank makes you a unsecured creditor (bail ins are a coming). They own the media, the corporations, the banks. They produce your food, your medicine, they produce the school books that educate your kids. And if even half of that sovereign citizen stuff is true—

        The military is used to fight their wars to steal more resources for their benefit, the DHS and TSA are their police forces… Supposedly they are getting rid of those in the upper ranks of the military who won’t shoot civilians aka might overthrow them– military junta…

        Times are bad enough but they tread lightly until the 2014 election are behind them. I shutter to think what 2015 brings. Look at Europe– Spain and Germany saying the other Euro countries need to Cede sovereignty if they want to survive– sounds like a threat…it’ll be coming here soon enough.

        I won a $100 gift certificate at a grocery store yesterday and picked it up today. Saw a lady w/ 4 buggies of food and a total of 563 or 653 can’t remember which and she pulled out the ole EBT card. Just shook my head, because history shows those type folks along with any gov’t dissenter types will be the first to go….

        Civil war is a slippery slope because most often civil war is funded, instigated by a dissenting faction of the PTB or even a foreign country…

        Scary times….

        We are quickly being boxed in on all sides

      59. Guys: I read comments on this site all the time and enjoy the info, wit, and sarcasm. I have gained alot of good ideas and sense of support for what we are going through. What I would love to hear from either the author or you guys as commentors is in the future how we are going to communicate . E-mails are already catalogued, cell phones are listened to, and with the new supercomputer center in Utah(?) coming online, how do we communicate without everything being monitored. I have thought of multiple scenarios(i.e. a network of cb radios, possibly shortwave), but I don’t know what will work. Any good ideas?

        • dr. strange 1

          I’ve considered Smoke Signals and Drums, maybe Runners?

          • DR. Strange, about all we got left for comunicating is Link Hands across the usa while singing “We are the WORLD!” along with a stanza or two of “Kumbyah”.

            Unless enough folks awaken fast and agree to let rifles do our talking for a change.

            • Chicago Gang hand signs.

              Damn arthritis. ;0)

        • Hi dr.s1, I’ve brought this up a few times, but it is hard to keep the subject going. I believe there will be few that will have any way to comm. when shtf.

          Naturally, you will need power besides the radios. Power may be sporadic, and if it’s a cme or emp we (my group) won’t be getting the solar panels online until we’ve waited through the chaos. In the meantime we’ll use battery power.

          Anyway, cb’s or ham will be the way to go. Repeaters will not be functioning, so any distance will be with skip for ham otherwise will have to rely on verbal repeat. If you only need a few miles, then you might as well stick to cb. We have modded cb’s, so pushing a lot of miles is no problem. And no-one else will be listening in either.

          If nothing else, just have a shortwave, multi band receiver. Any outside news besides propaganda will be welcome.

          We don’t know what’s real now, how bad will the reporting be when the shtf?
          molon labe

          • Everyone might need to check out the repeaters in their area. A number of them in my area are solar powered now. You might want to consider converting repeaters in your area if they haven’t been already.

          • KM…out here in the sticks we use the Motorola type handhelds. I believe these are only useful in short range comms. CBs would be useful if you live within range of an interstate as you would be able to pick up truckers…possibly some of the best chatter about state to state conditions. I believe there will still be limited 18 wheeler traffic. When all else fails, I will be using my bean cans and some twine.

        • Shortwave radios with encryption for long distance communications and CB or MURS radios for short distance communications, also encrypted or in code, but not the same code as the shortwave, might work. Encrypted packet radio might do it.

          I am not as knowledgeable as I should be, but I think someone else might be able to design an overall system and then distribute it. Something that might work would be for someone to code software to do the encryption and distribute the software online. Then each person would set up their own keys to trade with nearby people they can trust, who would then do the same with others. Eventually there would be a trusted network. If there was a problem with radio, then the same encryption could be used on paper notes or messages hidden by steganography.

          Does anyone here know how to make a system like this work?

          A good reference on the subject of encryption is “Applied Cryptography” by Bruce Schneier. There is a section of source code in C in the back of the book over 100 pages. Files were supplied on a separate disk. You can download the files from www(dot)schneier(dot)com/book-applied-source.html

          You might want to go ahead and download the files while they are still available. I have the first printing of the first edition (got it as overstock for $3 soon after it came out), but the second edition is now in its 5th printing. The Schneier site has corrections, so if you get an older edition, you will still be okay. But the newest edition would be best.

          • I just found the entire 2nd edition online as a PDF capture of a website.

            www(dot)preterhuman(dot)net/ texts/ cryptography/ Bruce%20Schneier%20-%20Applied%20Cryptography, %20Second%20Edition.pdf

            Get it before it disappears.

          • Any encryption can be broken if there’s a need to. As Outwest said, “smoke signals”. This might have been sarcasm, but it could be all most will have. In a severe shtf situation we won’t have to worry about any fancy software programs or encryption. There won’t be anyone that will be able to come looking for or even know we’re out there.

            Most everyone prepping are too busy stocking up essentials to worry about an expensive time consuming setup. Plan something simple. Anything will be better than nothing.

            Pandemic, cme, emp, WW3, economic disaster.
            The grid is going to go down one way or another before we need to become some rebel anti government force like in the movies.
            molon labe

            • Good Evening Kettle,

              “Any encryption can be broken if there’s a need to.”

              That is absolutely correct. Even AES, the “Advanced Encryption Standard’ lauded so highly by all concerned can be ‘broken’ by a sufficiently determined attacker via the ‘brute force’ method of running EVERY single possible key combination against a particular message.

              The issue is how much horsepower? Answer A WHOLE lot. Do NOT draw any conmfort from that inasmuch as two specific points are salient here.

              1) The NSA HAS more than enough “Horsepower” to do so any time it feels the need..though that would have to be someone that the government wanted to capture or exploit VERY, VERY badly. If you are a terrosit then the liklihood that THEY will devote sufficient resources to the task of decrypting your comms goes up quite a bit…get it?

              2) the REALLY BAD part…When the goverment gave ‘the nod’ for the use of AES broadly it also obtained the keys…not a FULL set, as the standard doesn’t physically allow for that in practice…but having WHAT they have makes the procsss quite a bit simpler that it would otherwise be.

              The new NSA facility in Utah is rumored – Yes, i said ‘rumored’ – to have at or near ‘exa-flop’ processing capacity which would allow them – IF MOTIVATED sufficiently – to be able to break any code in existence in less than a day…but it would require thenm to concentrate thier resources to a significant extent. this is not magic, just ‘horsepower’

              Y’all bear this in mind in the future from this point forward as it WOULD APPEAR that the final pieces are being emplaced now…the ‘table’ is nearly set, it only remains to call the guest to sit and ‘eat’.

              One, FINAL time…it is NOT what you say…it IS HOW you say it Folks…..careful, careful, careful…

              NOMI CATIMF


            • Kettle Moraine—You speak with Great Wisdom

              My family settled in the Great Lakes Region,1850s
              Great, Great Grandparents were on island 10 miles out
              Doctor on mainland rowed boat over if needed,treacherous
              Signaled by huge mound of driftwood set afire on beach
              Grandmother got deathly ill,Doctor arrived in two days
              Doctor too late, she succumbed to her illness
              She was twenty-one years old
              That’s the way it was back then, and may be again SHTF

          • Good Evening ‘A’,

            There are several here who could likely present a FAR better response than I am about to give here, that said…

            It IS illegal to ‘encrypt’ shortwave comms under US law, leaving everyone here in a seeming lurch. As it happens there is a caveat here;

            The caveat of which I speak is this: it is common nowadays to FIRST digitize shortwave traffic prior to the actual transmission…the converters for this can be had through a wide variety of retail Radio outlets dealing with such. HERE, is where the ‘rubber meets the road’…

            Any transmission that is ‘digitized’ can be ran through a computer and subsequently ‘hashed’ with a user-generated encryption algorithm of any SORT whatsoever. The catch: HOW do you syncgronize said keys with someone remote to your physical location SECURELY?
            ANSWER: VERY carefully…

            Part of the inherent difficulty associated with modern crytological systems lies in the developmnet of a METHODICALLY SECURE transfer protocol such that the ADVERSARY does NOT obtain the KEY EVER. In practice then from the perspective of those here, you have a problem…
            roughly the size and depth of the Grand Canyon.

            THEY have a looong history of the development of such and are ‘Hell-and-Gone’ past anything that you are going to be able to mimic. That said, the answer lies in ‘Trust’.

            Any such network would have to be based on PERSONAL trust over VERY small groups of People…outside of that circle there IS NO trust…PERIOD.

            A method, pre-agreed upon between party’s involved woud HAVE to be employed WITHOUT fail…as well as a protocol for a ‘fall-back’ position that would allow for a resumption of comms IF FOR ANY REASON the network involved was suspected of having been ‘compromised’… that is a bit beyond what can be described here tonight.

            Dwell on what is posted herein…for a bit.


          • Good Evening ‘A’,

            There are several here who could likely present a FAR btter response than I am about to give, that said…

            It IS illegal to ‘encrypt’ shortwave comms under US law, leaving everyone here in a seeming lurch. As it happens there IS a caveat;

            The caveat of which I speak is this: it is common nowadays to FIRST digitize shortwave traffic prior to the actual transmission…the converters for this can be had through a wide variety of retail Radio outlets dealing with such. HERE, is where the ‘rubber meets the road’…

            Any transmission that is ‘digitized’ can be ran through a computer and subsequently ‘hashed’ with a user-generated encryption algorithm of any SORT whatsoever. The catch: HOW do you syncgronize said keys with someone remote to your physical location SECURELY?
            ANSWER: VERY carefully…

            Part of the inherent difficulty associated with modern crytological systems lies in the development of a METHODICALLY SECURE transfer protocol such that the ADVERSARY does NOT obtain the KEY EVER. In practice then from the perspective of those here, you have a problem…
            roughly the size and depth of the Grand Canyon.

            THEY have a looong history of the development of such and are ‘Hell-and-Gone’ past anything that you are going to be able to mimic. That said, the answer lies in ‘Trust’.

            Any such network would have to be based on PERSONAL trust over VERY small groups of People…outside of that circle there IS NO trust…PERIOD.

            A method, pre-agreed upon between party’s involved would HAVE to be employed WITHOUT fail…as well as a protocol for a ‘fall-back’ position that would allow for a resumption of comms IF FOR ANY REASON the network involved was suspected of having been ‘compromised’… that is a bit beyond what can be described here tonight.

            Dwell on what is posted herein…for a bit.


            PS: Great Job locating the C-code for the encryption protocol! You ALMOST have all the pieces now.

        • dr. strange 1:

          Basic Overview of Radio Types. U.S. Military forces use small handheld radios (like the AN/PRC-126) or backpack radios (like the AN/PRC-77 or AN/PRC-119) with low power and limited range down to the squad and even fire team level, while higher echelons with a need to communicate with more units over greater distances use more sophisticated and powerful radios. Older tactical military radios operated in the VHF FM frequency range of 30.00 to 75.95 megahertz (MHz), while newer radios extend the range up to 87.975 MHz giving 2320 channels. While not approved by higher headquarters, it is not uncommon for U.S. military troops to use privately purchased hands-free voice-activated (VOX) radios, like the Maxon 49 MHz Tracker radios (about $40 to $70) with a 1/4-mile range, for coordination of operations at the platoon level and lower. Such short range VOX transceivers are in wide use by police SWAT teams and would also be useful for Militia tactical operations. Handheld or mobile Citizens Band radios (about $40 to $150) operating in the 26.965 to 27.405 MHz frequency range can also be used for short range tactical communications, but their use should probably be restricted to training and administrative control functions, like vehicle convoys or firing range operations. Under certain conditions, background noise on the AM Citizens Band can make it virtually impossible to communicate even a half-mile away. A better choice for Militia use than a standard CB would be a Single-Sideband (SSB) transceiver (about $170), which gives all the functions of a CB and can also transmit in Upper Sideband (USB) and Lower Sideband (LSB) modes. A standard CB radio transmits a signal when the mike is keyed, which wastes power and reduces its range. In SSB transmission modes, almost no signal is sent until the operator starts talking, giving an effective power of about three times an ordinary CB. With a 102″ stainless steel whip antenna an SSB radio has a range of about 30 to 35 miles under all but the noisiest conditions. Single-Sideband radios can usually be fine-tuned in 1-kilocycle increments between each channel, which effectively gives a capability of 400 channels instead of 40 and three transmission modes (CB, USB and LSB).

          Keep the FAITH

        • The only secure communications will be verbal, face to face, or written, using one-time pad coding.

      60. The U.S. Economic Death Spiral: All the Pieces Are Coming Together

        Off the Grid News dot com

      61. obama is imported…he should ban himself

      62. I urge you all to stop shooting for a bit and just start increasing your stocks (and cache/hide) as much as you can and as fast as you can. Extra parts and extra magazines are essential. Having thousands of rounds of ammo and only one magazine won’t do you much good when the SHTF.

        Collapse is coming and they are trying to starve our ammo supplies so they can easily move on everyone the assault on the people goes down. If you are in the habit of shooting each weekend while the shelves continue to be emptied, you are really going to wish you had taken a break to preserve your supplies. We need everyone ready for when the SH!@ goes down because you know martial law is coming sooner rather than later.

        For those who can’t wait for the Obama administration to end I just want you to know there is little hope anyone else will make positive changes. All presidents are selected, not elected, and they work for the same criminals who really run the country. It is doubtful that – if a republican is elected next time – that he will get rid of any executive orders or try to turn back the police state that has grown in our midst. How conveniently you may have forgotten it was Bush II who kicked off the patriot act, drones, and illegal wiretapping. Only a libertarian will roll back the abuse we face as a nation. We all need to stop voting for the two clown parties who are merely public face of the secret government. Keep voting for the 2 parties and you will continue to be disappointed. They are owned – but not by us.

        • They have some pretty awesome BB guns these days that are very similar in look and feel to a real gun. Now that target ammo –.22 is hard to come by we’ve switched over to bb guns for weekend practice..

          • I use BBs to practice my slingshot. I’m saving the steel shot for wild rabbits and possums. We have some nutria in the area. Are they good to eat?

            • Archivist: Yes nutria are very good to eat. Have also dined on beaver as well (four-legged kind). Nurtia are a ball to shoot with .22 as they live on top of the marsh and are easier to see than muskrat. At the currant time I haven’t dined on ‘possum. My grandfather told me he did many times and from his description, I think I’ll pass.

              • Whew! my spelling…. Nutria and current.

          • Chantilly Lady

            Not only are they good for target practice, they will
            dispatch small-game handily. Adult air rifles will put
            down squirrels, rabbits, grouse, doves, etc. no problem.
            They can save your life when there is nothing else to
            eat. Baited live traps and rat traps can harvest a lot
            of small game also. I know you will survive CL. Smart

        • Everyone needs to stock up on gunpowder and perhaps all the materials necessary to make gunpowder and black powder.

        • I truly believe that we have not had a duly elected President since Kennedy. And I believe the Kennedy assassination was a coup…pure and simple.

          And as I look back over the years, and that dark November day in Dallas….I do believe that is when this country really started down the greased skids to hell.

      63. Mac are you a Zionist? Just curious.


        Don’t any of you understand that this nation no longer exists as you have understood it; as constituional republic. Justice Scalia emphasized prophetically IMO, not long ago, that the constitution was “dead, dead, dead”.

        “Patriots” no longer comprise a majority of the population as they had a few short years ago. They are disappearing. The culture is changing, accelerated by out of control illegal immigration, and the current administration is doing all it can to hasten the transformation. Most of the younger folks don’t know or appreciate how this country evolved, let alone what their responsibilities as citizens are. Nor do they seem to care.

        Christian morality is being eclipsed, I’m assuming most of those reading this forum are Christian, and we only have ourselves to blame. Hell, statistically, you can’t even distinquish who is Christian and who is not based on divorce rates, pre-marital sexual behavior, unwed parenthood, contraception and abortion.

        We are following in the footsteps of Europe and are becoming socialist. Our population is increasingly ignorant/dependent/elderly/disabled/ill, so what chance is there to change the direction of this ship of state in the short term?

        Although I completely agree with the thinking and feeling behind the majority of posters on this site, I’m desperately looking for a silver lining. Please help me understand how we can realistically change things, guns or no guns? My guess is that we should devote ourselves to prayer and reflection. Only a (personal first) spiritual transformation (Christian in my case) can achieve the desired result. A second Great Awakening is needed. Guns alone will never get us there. We can not fight our way our of this disaster! God love, bless and have mercy on us all.

        • Very well stated. Kudos.

        • Good Evening Corvus,

          What I say here now – before you dive into a well of despair – I say as a point of long, careful consideration.

          Wheresoever ‘We’ come from, which i infer that you take as ‘The One’, which I do as well. In placing us here, that One would have known that, as with ALL things that are born and grow, there comes a point whereat a ‘transition’, a ‘phase change of the medium ‘ must occur…

          Based on that, and it’s ‘delicate’ character under the auspices of all things resident in the quantum world as Physicists understand it…that being that interacting with a thing CHANGES that thing…then I fear that for a time…Humankind is ‘on their own.’

          Humanity is to be tha ‘Bride of Christ’ at the End as we are told…Who would MARRY thenmselves to that which was immature…who would marry themsleves to a child, which might well never GROW-UP?

          Such as that is what underlies my thoughts now.. Hummankind exists, living literally at the brink of an Abyss today…and must needs ‘Leap’ over that to the other side…or Fail utterly. In THIS He cannot help; He has given all the guidance that He can give…shown all that He can show…it reamins for US to actualize those notions and Laws; into a Fianl Human ‘Adulthood.’

          Is this scary?…terrifying?…YOU BET! It might be the case that We will FAIL in this…the consequences will undoubtedly be “TOTALITY” if so. The Book tells us that at the End, after ‘IT’ has occured, that ‘He will write his Laws and Rules into the Hearts and Minds of ALL Humanity…” Perhaps this will be such because that is ALL that will be LEFT over after what comes, arrives …HERE. Yes, I know…the thought is harsh..in extremeis, but HOW many around you..those in YOUR life
          ‘LOOK’ and do NOT ‘SEE’? Perhaps that ‘is as it is’ and cannot be changed by such as us…

          IF “He” interferes at this point it might irrevocably ‘stunt’ Humanity such that it CANNOT ever come to ‘Fullness’…such is just a thought…’just sayin’ here’

          By all means PRAY…but do so not with the Hope that He CAN intervene..but instead as a tool to focus yourself for the “Great Leap” that wil come…the Leap that We must MAKE…that WE must do…by oursleves, this one time, Alone.

          “May He Blees and Keep Us, ALL of Us….and Recieve Us in the End…Amen.”


      65. The gun-grabbing leftist people will not gaze on their utopia, but will cause a hell-on-earth with the idea that innocent citizens that have done no crime should bend to their evil rules and illegal laws.

        Anyone here or in government give one reasonable opinion or fact that any of these laws will do the intended job. Every law made to disarm people has had the effect of encouraging criminals, that is a fact.

      66. Will the prez also ban imported pressure cookers?

        I would be all to happy to buy made in the US mags even at a small premium. I am hopeful that someone in this country takes advantage of demand and starts to soak up the excess with made in the US supply. I will say that law abiding Americans should be able to buy as they want. I try to by US but many things are not available. Someone posted a list of made in the US items once and I have been buying Texas Jeans ever since. Don’t think they are made in Texas but made in US. So, if you can stamp metal, nothing would make me happier than to keep my $s in the USA and tell the imperial prez to pound sand.

      67. Chantilly…now i’ve heard it all.

        Get yourself a red rider and i’m sure you WILL shoot yer eye out.


        Let me know how the BB gun thing works out against the REAL stuff… dont forget to run up and down the halls in yer jammies….

        your kids must be doozies.

        booga booga booga

        • yep…I’m gonna go play in my blanky fort now.

        • Joe, I think she just recommended a bb gun to to practice marksmanship with. I’m not sure why you thought such a derisive response was warranted.

          • Last week on a sports/shooting chanel on dish network satalite, I saw a 1/2 hr show about the latest SHOT show event. They stopped off at a guys booth displaying new type AIR powered rifles. I think he said made in pakistan(?) or India perhaps?. Anyways these are very bad ass rifles! The Projectile is I believe he said 12mm, and almost same as a .45 cal bullet size and weighs 200 gr!!!

            Top FPS speed of 12mm bullet projectile is just under 800FPS at 200grains!…It had the nearly exact FPS and LBS impact power of a colt .45 handgun!

            He says once filled with air fully it shoots on avg about 11 times per air fill, but also said only the fisrt 6-7 shots are full power rnds. In one word thats DEADLY!

            Guy stated this is That nations answer to total antigun bans there for all private citizens. Also the 3-4 rifles he had on display were very nice. Awsome wood stocks and finely crafted rifles. I only viewed em on a rack display on TV show so wasnt able to determine fit and finish etc. But from all I saw and what all he stated of these rifles they are very well made fine rifles. Wood stocks looked on tv like very fine furniture craftsmanship and finish.

            No mention of prices though. Probobly alot compared to type air rifles we are used to here in usa. As I guess I’d think priced in common with modern remington mod 700 bolt action is very likly. Maybe less, maybe more? Awsome rifles though for air powered!

      68. This stinks of the Dictator in Chief exceeding his authority. May I be so bold as to suggest y’all at least read the Wiki on Executive Order. I”m waiting for a trial attorney with real RKBA chops, such as Jeffrey Weiner in Miami or Stephen Halbrook in northern virginia to take this to federal court. We don’t hafta receive this as a fait accompli and just lie down like the worms they take us for.

        I can’t find the cite this instant but Kristi Ann Hall wrote an article the jist of which was the UN treaty does NOT have superior authority over the Second Amendment.

        There are three ways to contest this. The ballot box, which is a vain waste of time since any candidate who passes muster with the PTB is a statist. In the courts, which has yet to be seriously tried. And in the streets.

        I’m no armchair Rambo. I’m sure I’d pee my britches if a squad of professionals kicked in my door to seize my ability to defend myself. However, I believe it’s die on my feet fighting or die kneeling in front of a ditch in a FEMA camp soon after so my choice is clear. Molon Labe

      69. Please mark your children’s shoe soles.
        As someone who knows quite a bit about tracking,
        I urge you to cut notches in the soles of your children’s shoes .
        Try the outside edge, along the heel . A sharp knife works fine .
        Cut the same pattern in all the shoes belonging to the same child .
        Make a different pattern for each child .
        Let the child walk in soft dirt or mud . Show them their footprints .
        Cut similar but different notches in all family members .
        Get to know what type of shoe print your child has .

        Why am I telling you to do this??
        So if your child wanders away someone like me can walk after them till they are located .
        Having a unique shoe print adds a good chance that someone like me can locate them quickly . When a child wanders off, those notches may save a life .
        Take care
        NOMI and I mean that sincerely

      70. I doubt that there will be massive rioting , looting, etc when the dollar collapses. Other nations currencies have collapsed before. We will be taxed more, and the Gov will print more money to supply EBT cards, causing hyper inflation forming two classes, the rich and the poor, with no middle class. The DHS and Fema are for massive gun confiscation which might happen as early as this year. Preppers NEED thier guns to keep what they rightfully own and to protect themselves as the Gov will not. I think that agenda 21 might fit into this some where. In my opinion.

      71. My Feelings:
        I am sick of watching this death of AMERICA by a thousand cuts. To wit: All of my life, I have endeavored to speak the truth about freedom under a properly functioning republic. Sadly, I am left with damn few friends because of it. Most Americans that I have engaged on the subject look at me like I have 2 heads! “Oh, that can’t happen here” (denial), “you can’t fight city hall” (submission), “yeah taxes are high but not as bad as other countries (relativism).Throughout my adult life I have written letters to congress things, senate scum and state “representatives” there is a common theme in all of their responses. It is one of condescension and outright misrepresentation of facts. Letters about high taxes, NAFTA, GATT, congressional pay raises, the so called Patriot act always met with lies and condescension.

        In the mid-1990’s I dove head first into a study of constitutional law and I.R.S. code. After many months of diligent research I was convinced that there is no law that requires and individual citizen to file or pay a so called “FEDERAL INCOME TAX”. I then drafted a lawful affidavit and had it witnessed and notarized, mailed it certified, receipt requested to 28 individuals in their respective capacities in government, including the local, regional and federal offices of the Internal Revenue Service. I respectfully demanded that they respond with finding of fact and evidence at law if they had any that would negate my claim or contradict my findings. Guess what? NO ONE RESPONDED. NOTHING. NOT A SINGLE RECIPIENT REPLIED. This taught me 2 things: #1– I knocked on the door of the republic and discovered no one was home (the republic is dead) and #2– representative governments doesn’t exist!

        I was raised in a middle class family. My father supported us through hard work in his own business. When He and Mother were ready to retire they realized that the home they now owned free and clear of any mortgage was so heavily burdened with property taxes they could not afford to stay. The property taxes at that time had far exceeded any mortgage payment they ever had to make.

        We now have but one road to travel down, and it is going to be very rough and tricky to navigate, but it is the only one we have. There is no stopping the tranny thrown down on us now, short of full rebellion. It cut to the core of my heart to have said that, but it is true.

        To paraphrase a line from the movie Independence Day; PATRIOTS WILL NOT GO GUIETLY IN TO THE NIGHT!

        Keep the FAITH

      72. The Helots Applaud


        ” The reaction of the surviving population of Boston? A craven and cowardly obedience to the martial law declaration as they are threatened, cajoled and demeaned by thousands of costumed agents of the state entering homes uninvited and most likely taking notes for future terror visits on the populace. And what do the craven and cowardly citizens of Boston do? Not only do they surrender and submit as they shiver in uncontrollable fear at the prospects of both private and government terror visited upon them; in the most sycophantic and servile fashion the Helots applaud.”

        definition of Helot

        “The helots (Ancient Greek: εἵλωτες, heílotes) were a subjugated population group that formed the main population of Laconia and Messenia (areas ruled by Sparta). Their exact status was already disputed in antiquity: according to Critias, they were “slaves to the utmost”,[1] whereas according to Pollux, they occupied a status “between free men and slaves”.[2] Tied to the land, they worked in agriculture as a majority and economically supported the Spartan citizens. They were ritually mistreated, humiliated and even slaughtered: every autumn, during the Crypteia, they could be killed by a Spartan citizen without fear of repercussion


        • Great article Satori.

      73. Obamao and most politicians are criminals. This Kenyan usurper and his entire family are a disgrace.

        • He has lots of company as most voters are commies and commies love bommie, their commie in chief.

      74. Mac,

        Why can’t I vote on comments? This is a new and unwelcome wrinkle today.

        • @ anonymous6.8. I also am experiencing the same problem and it is really bothering me because there are so many good comments above I want to give green thumbs to. Also I want to give ncjoker a red thumb until he gets mental help for his rapidly degenerating psycho state. When ncjoker checks into the booby hatch where he can’t hurt anyone, I will give him a green thumb. Please Mac, fix this. Also please let me know if you plan to use the article about the majority of the masses refusing to prepare. Thank you.

          • BI and Anon6.8….

            Same here. Voted many times and nothing.

            I think this is the future in 2014 and 2016. You push button, but how do you know whom or what you voted for?

      75. Source please?

      76. By the way everyone, another major earthquake right where it should be happening, New Guinea again. 6.5. The Australian plate is in bad shape as I have been warning everyone the past 2 weeks. As you can see on a map the earthquake in southern China was a result of this plate. There is more to come on this plate, likely more east towards Fiji to Kermadec Islands and New Zealand. Still though Mexico to Chile is really primed, and this is where the really large one is coming from.

        • I THANK YOU J.P. Morgan for bringing the market DOWN…

      77. My arrow rating thingy isn’t working.

        • mine too!

          • @Mac….I can’t seem to give thumbs up (or down)…my arrow does not work?? Thought it was just my computer…..also, approx. half way down the page, a black line appears on the left side ??? Started approx. 2 wks ago. Thanx in advance if U can fix, CC

      78. Preppers and Friends–lets take a Dog walk….

        Dogs know humans better than we do. Some dogs growl at someone whom they dont trust. Others, they will lick and allow to rub the tummy. Dogs know! Dogs know whom to trust and whom not to.

        Lets take a Dog walk to Capital Hill and WH and see how many of our trusted canine buddies will allow them (Govt-NWO) to rub their tummy, or will they growl them into a corner.

        Whom they growl, we throw out. Whom gets to rub tummy, we re-elect….

        • Repost…

          Howdy Ug!




        • Can’t trust my dog. She loves everybody. If she could, she’d show the burglars where all the good stuff is for just a pat on the head. She’s a total emotional bottomless pit.

          • Sounds like a Labradore. . .

            • Yup.

          • Great idea Ugly. I think my dog would lift his leg and fill my treasonous senator’s (Toomey) shoe or maybe just hump his leg.

          • my neighbor has a Jack Russell that barks at every ant that walks through the yard
            the damn thing barked for an hour last night !!!

            I’ll be happy to kidnap him and send him to you

            be looking for a postage paid shoe box with some air holes in it !!!

      79. What about the kid at Defense Distributed dot com that is using a 3-d printer to make his own AR lowers? I think his name is Zach Walton. He is publicly sharing his software as he proceeds with his tests and ongoing upgrades.
        Wouldn’t that just frost TPTB if we could just print our own!!!

        • Download the files while they are still available. Also save some old inkjet printers to scavenge parts from. The steel rods that the printer heads slide on would be ideal for making a small 3D printer from scratch. The nylon gears also can be useful.

      80. we
        will never vote democrat again as long as we live

        • Why do you think they want amnesty for all illegals? When they get it, they wont need your vote any way.

        • Right after that gold and silver plummeted. Before the meeting- ABN Amro required cash settlements on metal contracts and would not allow for delivery, now London won’t allow delivery.. Folks are speculating Comex is next.. something is amiss– its looks like 2008/9 is upon us again– trust between countries and banks are breaking down. One of the things that impacted the market severely a couple of years ago was bank to bank lending– banks stopped trusting other banks collateral and market liquidity was impacted.. This may be happening again as the banks certainly don’t trust pledged assets as MBS, decreasingly sovereign debt and heck most of them probably don’t even trust the gold since its paper…

      81. It’s time to ARREST CHARGE IMPEACH IMPRISON the commie marxist Imposter Traitor-in-Chief .

        United States Constitution
        Article 1 Section 3:
        The Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments. When
        sitting for that purpose, they shall be on oath or affirmation. When
        the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall
        preside: And no person shall be convicted without the concurrence of
        two-thirds of the members present.
        Judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to
        removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office
        of honor, trust or profit under the United States; but the party
        convicted shall nonetheless be liable and subject to indictment, trial,
        judgment and punishment, according to law.
        Article 2 Section 4:
        The president, vice-president and all civil officers of the United
        States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and
        conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and
        Article 3 Section 3:
        Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war
        against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and
        comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the
        testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in
        open court.
        The Congress shall have the power to declare the punishment of
        treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or
        forfeiture except during the life of the person attained.
        Article 5:
        The Congress, whenever two-thirds of both Houses shall deem it
        necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or on the
        application of the legislatures of two-thirds of the several States, shall
        call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case,
        shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution,
        when ratified by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several States,
        or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or other mode
        of ratification may be proposed by the Congress.



        • Half the country communists, the other half cowards.

          Borrowed from Commie Hater.

      82. Evening All,

        First things first…if this has not already been posted here…

        Mac has discovered a major exploit in the software that controls the ‘thumbs’ function here and is efforting himself as of this time to rectify that condition…hence the problems you have been seeing this eve and moreover from this afternoon forward. It IS the case that the thumbs you are attempting to give ARE being registered but a vagary of the modified code operationg at this point is NOT automatically refreshing that page-view after the fact…a simple MANUAL page refresh will ‘show’ the thumb’ you have just given to someone.


      83. He recommends that we stock up on magazines and ammunition? LMFAO!

        How? The last time I looked for ammunition, all I was able to find was a case of 22 caliber ratshot and about 15 .410 slugs. Forget about mags.

        People are buying thousands of rounds to “stock up,” who never fired more then 800 rounds in their entire lives. Don’t think that doesn’t contribute to the problem.

        • And if you had stocked up when it was cheap, you’d be sitting fat and happy, like some of us…
          I stocked up on all my ‘precious metals’ long ago, you know; lead, copper, gold, silver…
          I look in my little closet and smile.
          The only shooting I do now days, is possums that are after my chickens, with my trusty .22…

      84. http://cryptome.org/2013/04/hhs-13-0423.pdf


        HIPAA Privacy Rule and the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

        ACTION: Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.

      85. Eighty years ago President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 which gave the Federal Government the authority to confiscate the personal gold owned by the people. I doubt if a more egregious far reaching law aimed directly at the center of the population has ever been instituted. The lack of Congress to challenge this no brainer violation of the US Constitution speaks volumes.

        In the correct political climate any violation of the Bill of Rights can be authorized without interference. Imagine the potential of what may be in store being were not even in the fear and panic mode. The sheep will give their blessing to the wolves to eat sheep other than them.

      86. Ban BO!

      87. Congress can override any executive order if they have the balls(wishful thinking?). This one needs to be crushed.

      88. When you don’t have to work, it frees up time to learn ‘other things’…

        The “state welfare benefits” must pay well, as Tamerlan Tsarnaev was able to afford a trip to Russia last year.

        Taxpayer Funded Jihad

        “Marathon bombings mastermind Tamerlan Tsarnaev was living on taxpayer-funded state welfare benefits even as he was delving deep into the world of radical anti-American Islamism…”

        “In addition, both of Tsarnaev’s parents received benefits, and accused brother bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan were recipients through their parents when they were younger, according to the state.”

        Boston Herald
        (link also posted on Drudge Report)

      89. Oh here we go. They bought fireworks. I guess that fun’s done too. Doesn’t matter, I guess. What do we have to celebrate on the Fourth of July now anyway?

      90. Can anyone point to the official text on this Executive Action?

      91. Can anyone point a link o the official transcript of this?

      92. Remember this…

        Taxpayer-Funded Shariah

        “A battle against federal taxpayer subsidies for Shariah programs is being escalated to the full 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals after a three-judge panel of the court decided that a U.S. Marine had no right to challenge the government’s financial support for Islamic law.”

        wnd dot com

      93. OMAMA is messing with shtfplan—-cannot rate comments.

      94. It makes me wonder how they can say things like this and still sleep at night.

        in the Philly abortion doctor case…

        Attorney: ‘Ludicrous’ ‘To Say Baby is Born Alive Because it Moves One Time’

        Drudge Report

        • You don’t have to move much or very fast to be alive. I once knew a man that moved so slow that he wouldn’t trip motion sensor lights!

      95. As TL Davis succinctly put it, and only becomes more the truth every day:

        “It is not ours to restore the power of the Constitution. It is ours to show them the wrath of America without the protections the Constitution offers them.”

        “Let them restore it to find refuge from us.”

        It seems Ironic that TPAB will need to hide behind the very document they seek to destroy when the war they are wadging on us, comes to thier doorstep..and it will, and that is thier fear and why they are acting as such

      96. Time to start “whacking” bankers, congressmen and senators…….

        • Soon…

      97. There is a Tanner gun show in Denver this Saturday. I plan to be standing in line at 7:30-7:45AM.

      98. O/T

        Has anyone else been notified that their bank will be off line (on line and mobile banking interruption)
        for 2 days?

      99. Here are a couple of new points, as Beck related them:
        •At the time the event file was created for Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, it indicated he was “armed and dangerous”
        •Alharbi was admitted into the country under a “special advisory option,” which is usually reserved for visiting politicians, VIPs, or journalists. The event file cover page indicates he was granted his status without full vetting.
        •One of the first excuses given by law enforcement when confronted about Alharbi’s pending deportation was an expired visa. But according to the event file, his visa is good until 11-NOV-2016.
        •The event file indicates he entered the U.S. on 08/28/12 in Boston, MA but says he is a student at the University of Findlay, in Findlay, Ohio. He has an apartment in Boston, and doesn’t seem to have been a full-time student in Ohio.
        •When a file is created in the system the author(s) are notified via email when it is accessed, and given the email address of the person accessing, so there is a record within the government data system of who deleted them. It was amended to remove the deportation reference, then someone later went in and tried to destroy both the original event file and an amended versions. Copies had already been made.
        • The original event file was reviewed and approved by two high level agents – Chief Watch Commander Maimbourg and Watch Commander Mayfield.

        Here is the text of the cover of the event file, which reveals still more:



        DOB 03/12/1993


        Subject is an exact match to NO FLY TPN# 1037506192. Derogatory information reviewed by W/C Mayfield and CW/C Maimbourg was found to be sufficient to request Visa revocation. NTC-P is requesting revocation of Foil# e3139541. Subject is inadmissible to the U.S. under INA 212(a)(3)(B)(i)(II). SAO was not completed prior to Visa issuance. Subject is currently in the United States, admitted F1 student, at Boston POE on 08/28/2012. Subject is a student at THE UNIVERSITY OF FINDLAY, 1000 NORTH MAIN STREET FINDLAY, OHIO 45840-3695. Subject has One (1) prior event #1648067, Fins promoted, NT record in place, No scheduled found at this time. [Emphasis added]
        Beck explained: “Subject is an exact match to that no fly order. That means, we have been presented bad information…and it was reviewed, and found to be sufficient. Subject has One (1) prior event…When they opened this when he was at the hospital, they found he’s already in the system!”

        “A 212, 3B is from the Patriot Act…It is the biggest warning we can put on anybody,” he explained for those unfamiliar with the term. “You do not put people’s name on there easily…this is a terrorist designation, and there is a panel of agencies that you have to go and make your case to. It’s not like you’re standing in the hospital room and they say: ‘Make him a 212,3B.’ And if they are, they’re abusing their power….It is so rare that somebody’s name is taken off outside of death, that none of ours sources can tell us that it’s ever happened. It is laughable what Janet Napolitano said yesterday.”
        Was Alharbi considered “armed and dangerous” before the Boston bombing, or at it? Was it related to something they found at his apartment? Was his prior “event” from the days prior, at the bombing, or was it from an earlier period in his life?

        Moreover, how was he admitted into the country under a “special advisory option?” How many students receive that privilege, particularly without property security clearance?

        In Beck’s estimation, the entire situation at the least amounts to an alarming lack of transparency, and at the worst, an abuse of power and cover-up.

        “This is not about this one guy,” Beck noted, “but by the way — where is this extraordinarily dangerous man? Ask that question, you’re not going to like the answer.”

        “That’s what TheBlaze is releasing today,” he continued. “Once they explain away all of this, if you want to continue to discredit me, you will discredit yourself but more importantly, you will put the citizens of this country at stake.”

      100. and the plot thickens

        Chambliss: Law Enforcement Agency May Have Known About Boston Bombing in Advance


      101. WHO says new bird strain is “one of most lethal” flu viruses


        there is still not much evidence about sustained human to human

        but another mutation or two…

        H7N9 may mutate 8 times faster than regular flu


        this is a rapidly mutating virus

        I’d advise bumping your threat level up a notch or two

        • This IS scary Satori.

          This isn’t getting much attention.

          Looks like it might be a plane flight away.

          Scary indeed.

      102. A quote from our president

        “Weapons of war donot belong on our streets”

        as we see all these weapons of war on the streets of Boston during the defacto Martial Law

        And the weapons of war in the hands of police, DHS, FBI..etc..

        To this I say, If you cant lead by example, and you cant stop being a hypocrite..than step away from my Bill of Rights and my Constitution until you can do so, your rules , laws and executive bullshit mean nothing to me

      103. While you were distracted by Boston, and Texas

        Congress passed CISPA

      104. Sigh, off topic I was just at the bank and the girl ahead of me, at least 21 because her license was horizontal not verticle, didn’t know how to fill out a check and needed the teller to do it for her.

        Girl even said she remembered doing a practice check in middle school and that some info goes in the middle and she has to sign it somewhere but doesn’t know how.

        • Could she have been dyslexic? Sounds like that …or she couldn’t read??

          • I’m thinking she couldn’t read.

      105. ok
        now this has got me spooked

        Taiwan reports first imported case of H7N9 bird flu infection


        this statement

        “Three healthcare workers who were wearing protective equipment have developed symptoms of upper respiratory infection. The public health authority will monitor them closely for signs of bird flu infection, the CDC said.”

        if they have H7N9
        this would certainly indicate human to human transmission
        and fairly easily too

        • Eradicate the G Flu: R1, D1, L1

      106. :: floats a series of air-biscuits ::

      107. Just when you things are so screwed up. JACK POT!

        A friend of mine called me up to take some items off his property. Turned out to be 2-55 gal. drums with resealable lids. One 55 gal. blue water barrel and 30 cinder blocks. All brand new. Going to make a charcoal maker for filtration out of one barrel with the blocks. An extra water barrel and the other 55 gal drum for storage. Last week I scavanged a 55 gal. angle iron box frame. It all came together.
        I tell you brothers and sisters, somebody is looking out for me.

      108. LOL, umkay. I guess you’re gonna stick with your little ‘if you agree with a leftist then you are a leftist’ smear. Alinsky much there, poopy pants?

        First off, What -ism exactly do you equate the Constitution to?

        Any one of the leftist authoritaran -isms? Well, no.
        ‘right of center’ -isms? Well, no.
        far right anarchy -isms? Well, no the founders replaced the Articles of Confederation.

        hmmmm… Well as it’s written and as I understand it the const reflects the maximum freedom and maximum responsibility of libertarianism.

        And, I’m gonna go ahead and reject the notion that abortion is a libertarian idea. It’s clearly eugenicist policy and murder and therefore is decidedly leftist and anti-Const.

        So, please explain how supporting the War on Drugs and it’s NUMEROUS violations of the Const and attendant police state is actually not VERY progressive.

        Please cite founding fathers that advocated for and the enumerated powers to prohibit vice and regulate morality.

        Please explain how the completely govt licensed/mandated contract of marriage and it’s legislated benefits can be denied to some people without violating the Const.

        And when you do it, please spare me the idiotic platitudes of destroying the institution of marriage that was destroyed decades ago (see divorce, even among Christians) and how two homos calling each other spouse is going to destroy the country. America’s dead already and the leftists did it without homo marriage.

        Please spare me the platitudes of sex should be in marriage (see teenage pregancy and premarital sex even among Christians).

        You’re sitting there telling me there should be govt intervention in things that are neither enumerated, violate someone’s rights nor are any of your fucking business. Sounds to me like you indeed are progressive.

        You’re sitting there yammering about the const means what YOU SAY it means and somehow I’m the progressive. I may be sick, but you’re stuck on stupid and there ain’t no cure, boy.

        • Profanity and Personal Attacks usually show a mans mentality. And you have pretty well shown yours Sir!WASP

        • Not So Much –

          Cruel, but spot on.

      109. It is time to “EXECUTE” Obama! He is the biggest “DOMESTIC TERRORIST” this country has ever known and should be accorded “all” the power of the constitution to bring him “and” his regime down! We the people have to “DEMAND” Obama’s “IMMEDIATE” surrender for prosecution for “HIGH TREASON” and execute him according to the “current” laws pertaining to this charge!

      110. Obama is a Muslim! He had his 9/11 with the Boston bombing.The FBI let those 2 little Jihadi’s do it so they could lock down Boston with the U.N. Troops…oopppps,I meant DHS! Yeah that’s right,Russians & Jihadis have infiltrated our government! The Holy War is about to come upon us Americans & Christians by Jihadi in charge…Obama!

      111. “Those who would take our rights have been left with no choice but to try and force their agenda upon us through dictatorial means.”

        Yeah? Let’s see how well that works…

      112. Thanks Jan in Port orange! Interested in a meet up? Volusia mall food court, Saturday @ 5:00p to 6:p? I’ll wear a tan wide brimmed hat. Would love to meet some locals! I was one of the founders of Volusia 9-12. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone here! God bless & hope to meet you soon!

      113. @Shifty, in regards to your post to ncjoe,
        I just spit out my french vanilla coffee and cannot
        stop laughing. Omg, too funny!

      114. Good thing Americans are crafty enough to make their own weapons. There are people out there with massive AR components and machines to mill more. I think they are terribly mistaken to think we went from 50% gun ownership to nearly 100%. I bet it’s closer to 300%. I talked with two brothers that 5 years ago had over 650. I wonder what they have now? Sure wish I would have got their names & addresses. BUT WE BOUGHT retrofitted tanks, oxygen, iodide, masks, night/thermo vision plus laser guided missiles, grenades and…Hey wait!! We just paid taxes for them and they are going to use them on us? I’m taking my toys and going home 😛

      115. Comin for Your Guns
        A parody song ©2013
        Based on House of the Rising Sun original author Unknown

        There is a man in the white house
        Some say that he’s the one
        and he’ll be the ruin of the economy
        And the Constitution

        Obama is a gun hater
        who’s chosen all his words
        Knowing he had to get reelected
        now it’s done oh lord

        They say only thing a killer needs
        A semiautomatic gun
        If it looks like it’s military
        You shouldn’t have even one

        He signs his executive actions
        And calls to return the ban
        Only pleasure he gets from the bill of rights
        Is takin’ them away from man

        Obama says we don’t need them
        Not for target, hunting or protection
        But doctors turn your patients into
        the man they call the ONE

        Well it’s one cosmetic feature
        Only one that makes them bad
        Their turnin back the history
        To when rights were not had

        Their goin back Old England
        Our rights are almost done
        Their takin back our liberty
        Comin’ for your guns

        There is a man in the Whitehouse
        Some say that he’s the One
        he’ll be the ruin of the economy
        And the Constitution


      116. P _ _ _ K him and his entire collective marxist scumbags.

      117. Did Obama really banned imports ammos and guns?

      118. RealCat Arms carries a large selection of firearms, ammunition, tactical and hunting gear, as well as apparel and accessories.

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