Ex-DEA Agent Blames Congress And Drug Industry For Opioid Crisis

by | Oct 16, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Headline News | 33 comments

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    Whistleblower Joe Rannazzisi is telling all when it comes to placing blame for the nation’s opioid crisis. He says drug distributors pumped opioids into communities in the United States knowing that people were dying and that the US government is helping.

    Joe Rannazzisi is a tough and blunt former DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) deputy assistant administrator with a law degree, a pharmacy degree, and a growing rage at the unrelenting death toll from opioids. Congress has often been complicit in atrocities, especially when a politician profits off of the removal of the rights of others. So it should not come as a surprise that Rannazzisi is blaming Congress and the drug industry for the opioid epidemic gripping the nation.

    Rannazzisi ran the DEA’s Office of Diversion Control, the division that regulates and investigates the pharmaceutical industry. Now in a joint investigation by 60 Minutes and The Washington Post, Rannazzisi tells the inside story of how, he says, the opioid crisis was allowed to spread. Its quick spread was also aided by Congress, lobbyists, and a drug distribution industry that shipped, almost unchecked, hundreds of millions of pills to rogue pharmacies and pain clinics providing the rocket fuel for a crisis that, over the last two decades, has claimed 200,000 lives.

    The DEA responded to the explosive report that the government is helping keep Americans addicted to opioids so that pharmaceutical companies can continue to boast big profits. The DEA says it has taken actions against far fewer opioid distributors under a new law. A Justice Department memo shows 65 doctors, pharmacies, and drug companies received suspension orders in 2011. Only six of them have gotten them this year. “During the past seven years, we have removed approximately 900 registrations annually, preventing reckless doctors and rogue businesses from making an already troubling problem worse,” the DEA said in a written statement. “Increasingly, our investigators initiated more than 10,000 cases and averaged more than 2,000 arrests per year.”

    But Rannazzisi says this is an industry that is out of control and the DEA isn’t making a dent in this crisis. “What they [big pharma] wanna do, is do what they wanna do, and not worry about what the law is. And if they don’t follow the law in drug supply, people die. That’s just it. People die.” The harsh reality is that the burgeoning issue of the opioid epidemic is lining the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry and the politicians who help fuel it, so there’s no real rush to stem the bleeding of this crisis.

    “This is an industry that allowed millions and millions of drugs to go into bad pharmacies and doctors’ offices, that distributed them out to people who had no legitimate need for those drugs,” Rannazzisi said.

    Most of his anger is reserved for the distributors of opioid drugs. Some of them are actually multibillion-dollar, Fortune 500 companies. They are the middlemen that ship the pain pills from manufacturers, like Purdue Pharma and Johnson & Johnson to drug stores all over the country. Rannazzisi accuses the distributors of fueling the opioid epidemic by turning a blind eye to pain pills being diverted to illicit use.

    “This is an industry that allowed millions and millions of drugs to go into bad pharmacies and doctors’ offices, that distributed them out to people who had no legitimate need for those drugs,” Rannazzisi said. “The three largest distributors are Cardinal Health, McKesson, and AmerisourceBergen. They control probably 85 or 90 percent of the drugs going downstream,” he added when prompted. Rannazzisi said it’s a “fact” that the big pharmaceutical companies knew they were pumping drugs into people unnecessarily for profits and that people were dying.

    In the late 1990s, opioids like oxycodone and hydrocodone became a routine medical treatment for chronic pain. Drug companies assured doctors and congressional investigators that the pain medications were effective and safe. With many doctors convinced the drugs posed few risks, prescriptions skyrocketed and so did addiction.

    Big pharma had a plan. It was solely a business plan. Their plan was to sell a lotta pills and make a lot of money. And they did both of those very well.


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      1. This country has become a truly sad, greedy cesspool!

        • Sadly just another nail in the coffin of humanity as we know it. It is death by 1000 cuts. No one will ever be accountable for the thousands of attacks on the people because the people are too ignorant to see it for what it is. You have only seen a tiny bit of what happens to you if you stand up to the masters. They have total control over virtually every aspect of your life. They can and will manufacture whatever false flag event they desire to keep the sheep in the corral. They can shut off your currency, food, medical, employment, and anything else you rely on with ease. All with a patsy to point to. They don’t need agents to take you out they will just drone you. You may get a few of them but in reality you have virtually NO CHANCE and the masses will cheer them on. Humanity is far too addicted to govt. shit to ever rock the boat as it would mean the end of them. The web of deciet and control is so huge it would kill off 90% of people if it were destroyed. Don’t look to vote your way out of it or fight your way out, it is here to stay and the 90% will make sure of it. Like I always say.. Humanity is too stupid and irresponsible to be free, they never have been nor ever will be. They join up and fight to the death to defend the masters will under the guise of patritism (nothing is further from the truth). Just bend over and kiss your asses goodbye and take a few monsters with you..

            • Too fat, too stupid, too lazy. It’s actually a good thing, the world will be safer without more US troops to destroy and occupy and rape their countries for the masters.

              • Shut down the CIA, the world’s biggest drug cartel, and let’s see what happens.

                • They are just a branch of the fed reserve. Shut them down and see what happens.

      2. My friend is a medical doctor and I asked him about the Opioid crisis. He told me that about 15 years ago the government made a law that doctor’s must treat pain. By doing so they set up this crisis. My friend told me that if he does not prescribe pain killers to someone and they end up a suicide, the patient’s relatives will sue him. Congress made it impossible for doctors to use their own judgement to determine if someone’s pain is real. My friend told me that 1 out of 10 patients coming in for pain meds are the real deal.

        He also told me that seniors will come in for pain meds and then sell the pills to street dealers.

      3. Who else runs slickly produced over two minute ads on tv over and over? Now they attempt to throw out the side effect mandates for those ads, why not as these drug companies remain untouchable. Who is more powerful besides big oil? Ask your doctor like they are above reproach. A completely fraudulent medical doctor-big pharma-big insurance mafia controlled chokehold on people’s health. The best noncare the most money can buy. A circle jerk of payoff bribes to entrenched politicians who enable the status quo continually.

      4. “a crisis that, over the last two decades, has claimed 200,000 lives.”

        Wozers, lemme put my arms in the air and wave them frantically. Something must be done. /rolls eyes.

        If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that the jack boot imbeciles in the law enforcement have NO IDEAS AT ALL, on solving ANYTHING.

      5. Hcks is back. He/ she/ it snuck in a post in the (knife in the back) article.
        Dude is loosing it worse then ever. Maybe it’s all that info he’s privy to of maybe the spetznas got too him no wait it’s gotta be the moon men out to get our women.
        Yes that was a bit of a troll but he trashes posters in here like never before

        • AB, when he started trashing Jim in VA that was my first problem ever with him. I never really accepted most of what he talked about. I just played along thinking he was decent entertainment. Some of the others were calling BS on him. I was actually agreeing with them but never said so until his attacks on Jim. That’s when I jumped on him. CSS and everyone else was right.

          • AB, BTW I went back to that article and found HCKS post. I gave him one of my usual rebuttals to trolls.

            • That was an epic roast

      6. As I said, they will ALL be arrested and tried in Citizen Tribunals for GENOCIDE, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, CRIMES AGAINST THE ENVIRONMENT, TREASON, SEDITION, AND MANY, MANY, MANY OTHER HIGH CRIMES……get ready for Citizen Tribunals coming soon New Babylon America for ALL the psychopaths destroying our children’s, health, freedoms, and future.

        • Ron, I love ya man but that aint gonna happen. These fookers will follow through with the plan and the braindead public will cheer it on. Look around you, what do you see? Trust me bro, it ain’t happenin’.

          • No bro, it will happen, just as it did in Germany at Nuremberg….the Germans believed as you do now, that the Gestapo(deep state) would never be arrested, tried, and brought to justice, and of course they were and many escaped with the help of the criminal treasonous United States Corporation Government. They also thought the same about the Cheka in Russia, and the Stasi in East Germany. They said the same about the Praetorian Guard before the Roman Collapse…”they will never be arrested for their high crimes and treason” has been uttered time, and time, and time again throughout history, but they always do get arrested and brought to justice…Do you know why Genius?????

            • Because they spread themselves too thin and got their ass kicked in a war and were prosecuted. And the people weren’t dumbed down chemically altered fat fookers.

      7. Anybody wonder why our troops have been protecting poppy fields in Afghanistan over the years that have conveniently coincided with the epidemic? Think of how much black $$ the cia and other alphabet soup agencies can keep off the books by dumping this poison on our streets in the form of heroin. That feeds the need for more militarized law enforcement at home as well as for profit prisons. Big pharma gets their cut, and we the taxpayer pick up the bill. You should be able to tell that there are absolutely NO politician is on our side as they continue to let this go on. One of the many dicks being rammed in our ass by Uncle Sam.

      8. Oh my – is this article saying that there is some sort of connection between our government and getting millions of Americans addicted? I mean, just because we reopened the poppy field in Afghanistan and all, convinced over half of American that they need either to gain massive amounts of fat and/or get hooked on one thing or the other…. Naw, not our beloved republic.

      9. Thanks to all those people in the article, none of the doctors in my area can prescribe anything at all for pain. All they can do now is tell you to take Tylenol.

        • The agenda all along was to get people addicted then pull the plug. Get caught with illegal pills and it’s a felony. Arrest, jail time, fines, prison and a permanent record. If the system got me addicted and then pulled the plug I guarantee I’d still get what I need.

      10. I am a long term 100% disabled victim of fibromyalgia. Only a scheduled medicine protocol allows me to get out of bed every morning.
        The bastards just took what little life I had left and chucked it in the trash.
        What about the seniors who truly need this medicine?

        • My doctor told me to take Tylenol or go to a quack “pain management” doctor for shock treatments or whatever else they think of next.

          • Tylenol is the number 1 cause of liver failure, more than all other causes combined. Ya take some if you hate living…..

        • You have been chemically poisoned and that is the reason for your disease. If you are not on an organic diet you will only get worse and worse as they planned. All the Big Pharma(pharmakeia) poisonous toxic hell is going to do is make you worse. The Oathbreaking drunken bum Big Pharma COWARD whores calling themselves American Doctors only MANAGE diseases with their Big Pharma poisonous toxic hell, they will NEVER cure your disease caused by a planned chemical attack on your body from toxic EDC filled GMO processed fake food horror, toxic tap water, and Big Pharma hell.

        • Pharmaceutical companies are gouging the American public with the corrupt government’s blessing.

          The insurance companies are in on the deal, too.

          Even with the company insurance plan, I can get prescriptions cheaper than my copay…through a Canadian pharmacy.

          Fuckin shame when your copay is more than the drug and shipping together when bought out of this country.

          Everybody is trying to live off someone else. Instead of doing an honest days work they want to prey on the people that actually do work for a living. And I’m including all government from the President down to the town costumed clown, all FIRE workers, and all welfare recipients.

          The government role seems to be to look after poor people, protect the rich people’s money and skim a great lifestyle while doing it. The worker’s role is to pay for all of it.

          Shut up, get back to work, and wave yer flag.

          • Ya waive yer white flag cause yer done.

      11. The DEA believes that there is no legitimate reason for anyone to be taking any kind of pain medication. Whoever decided this may one day need the medication and not be able to get it and then will understand why those that need it are taking it. I see many people with legitimate reasons to take it. 98% of people being prescribed and taking pain medications need them. It’s the 2% of the people who are abusing it that have dedtroyed it for the rest. DEA can’t or will not stop doctors from prescribing the medications so they go after everone else. The wholesale distributors that supply the pharmacies, and the pharmacies that dispense the medications. They the DEA don’t care who they go after even if those that area attacked by the DEA are innocent of ant wrong doing.

      12. How many different classes of felonies have they conjured up concerning illegal pills? A certain ilk has a knack for making things sound worse than it really is. Get legally addicted to pills and you too can become a Class X felon.

      13. star, I hear ya. When I was working, I was “random” drug tested 12 times in 12 years, nothing in my system. Fibro took me down. I get pain pills, sure. 40 mg a day. I also get tested 2x year and “random” to make sure its in my system and that I aint selling. Former stripper going to clinic down the road gets 120mg a day that she sells for $3-5mg. No testing done there. And the “Clinic” I am bound to by “contract” of wifes insurance “network, I cant even fly to legal state and try THC.

        • Dearest Cold in Wi,
          Thank you so much for your reply. The masters have done well by putting a line of foreign, non-white, doctors in our path…which was planned for a long time…to take out the older generations in the us.

      14. Big Pharma is BIG TALMUD – where it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to cure the goy.

        Thus: Mask the symptoms while killing with the “cure”

        Aren’t you dopes aware of that?

        • Which is exactly why I cure myself and others by natural means.

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